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  • d chose Chespin as his starter, making it the first time a legit Grass Starter was chosen.
  • d traded a Pansage for a Shiny Beldum and a Scatterbug for a female Omanyte.
  • O-Waves enabled d to defeat Viola.
  • Chespin evolved into Quilladin after a battle with a set of twins.
  • The mob managed to lead d through the Furfrou puzzle at Parfum Palace in only about an hour.
  • d finally beating Brains and Brawn Frank and Sly.
  • d defeated the Ledge.
  • Charmeleon evolved into Charizard.
  • Lucario and Charizard Mega Evolving for the first time.
  • Despite a weakened party, d eventually made it to Ramos and defeated him with Mega Charizard X. The chat rioted.
  • d finally changed his clothes and put together a well-coordinated outfit.
  • d has gotten 7 badges in 3 days and defeated Team Flare.
  • After an hour of fumbling through the bag and much item swapping, the Mob was finally able to successfully use the Dusk Stone on Doublade, allowing it to evolve into Aegislash.
  • A mere 4 days and 16 hours into the run, d has reached the Elite Four. The finale (for now) is near...
  • The date: 1 August. Time: 09:00 UTC. TPP X Has been Beaten. IN LESS THAN A WEEK.
  • d and his friends received a parade for stopping Team Flare.
  • While he traded quite a few, d beat the game without releasing a single Pokemon.
  • In the postgame, d defeated CLY's team.