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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon X

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  • d traded several Pokemon for level 1 Pokemon, before the Mob had even gotten to know them.
  • The entire team was wiped to a Corphish. Said team included a Grass Pokemon.
  • The Mob has spent hours unable to leave Lumiose City.
  • Meta example: Before the game started, there was a big push to play as black Serena, on the basis that it would allow for equal gender ratios without repeating May and provide TPP with its first black protagonist. Unfortunately, the required inputs caused them to overshoot and get white Calem.
  • d has consistently blacked out to herds of Nosepass.
  • The Daycare Shuffle of fail that ended with only 3 Pokemon on the team.
  • d can't change his clothes.
  • After trying to keep two open slots for Lucario and Lapras, d caught two Hawlucha, filling the party and necessitating a PC Shuffle.
  • d tried to evolve Pikachu with the Thunder Stone he found, but gave it to his other Pokemon instead. Pikachu was deposited soon after.
  • Party's full, no surfer, d's stuck on a double battle with Frank and Sly. The Mob has grown desperate to overcome any of these problems.
  • The stream's audio and visuals cut out, resulting in Pikachu learning Slam over Electro Ball.
  • d used his Master Ball on a Rotom.
    • That was deliberate. They did however catch another Rotom a little while later without the masterball
  • Poor Lucario gained a reputation as a Memetic Loser for never coming through when it counted.
  • Much like GMYC and Reshiram, d battled Xerneas... and ran.
  • After being awakened and freed, Xerneas decided to help d to atone for the misdeeds Lysandre had used it for. This help came in the form of fainting several of d's Pokemon, frightening him enough to run away, and then blacking him out.