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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon X

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Day 1

  • The game begins. Serena is almost picked, but Calem is chosen and named d.
  • d runs around in his room before finally getting dressed.
  • Chespin is chosen as the starter, being the first legitimate Grass type starter chosen at the beginning.
  • After running around for a while, dekuNukem resets the game to activate the special Vivillon event.
  • d captures several Pokemon. He then trades with Lloyd giving away one of his Pansage and receiving a Shiny Beldum.
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  • d trades a Scatterbug for a female Omanyte named Lady Helix, Pansage for a male Omanyte named Lord Helix (carrying Pokerus), and a Pikachu for a Honedge.
  • d beats Viola.
  • d acquires Charmander from Sycamore, and goes Wi-Fi battling. The Mob's first online battle is against a trainer from Japan who has hatched 337 eggs and gotten a 30 win streak in the Battle Maison. d's team is promptly swept by the Japanese trainer's Togekiss and Chandelure.
  • Wi-Fi is disabled so as to avoid distractions.
  • Chespin evolves into Quilladin after a battle with a set of twins.
  • After the entire team is wiped out to a Corphish, d heads to the store and buys 42 Pokeballs, receiving 1 Premier Ball as a bonus. He then wanders around Lumiose City, increasingly lost, finally escaping approximately three hours later. Beesus reaches her final form.
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  • Qulladin and Lady Helix are deposited, and the Fancy Vivillon is acquired. A Spoink is then captured, and the Mob riots at their lack of a potential Surf user, spurring a trip to the Daycare. Over an hour is spent staring at PR Videos and shuffling Pokémon in and out of both the PC and the Daycare. At no point are Quilladin or either of the Helixes added to the party. Beesus ends up in Box 2, away from everyone else. When everything finally settles down, the party consists of Pikachu, Charmeleon, and the Honedge received in the trade.
  • d catches an Absol, widely said to be a harbinger of disaster.


Day 2

  • d makes it to Cyllage City and attempts to challenge the Gym, occasionally using the PC upon blacking out. The Mob argues over the benefits and drawbacks of rescuing Quilladin from the PC.
  • d heads to Route 10 to grind and finds a Thunder Stone. He attempts to use it to evolve Dr. 0, but fails to do so, and goes to Geosenge Town instead before blacking out against some Nosepass.
  • The Mob reluctantly decides to get the free Lucario and Lapras, abandoning Quilladin and the others. Others of the Mob dislike the plan, and d wanders around Cyllage aimlessly.
  • The Mob defeats Grant, earning the Cliff Badge and TM39 Rock Tomb. d then battles Team Flare. The Mob dance riots to their battle music.
  • d heads to Geosenge Town and buys 2 Repels, 2 Awakenings, a Paralyze Heal, a Super Repel, a Great Ball, and 13 Pokeballs. He receives a Premier Ball for his patronage and continues to battle Team Flare.
  • d catches two Hawlucha, filling the party. He also catches a Snubbull, and defeats Gym Leader Korrina in an unofficial battle.
  • d struggles against Brains and Brawn Frank and Sly, who have a Machoke and a Mr. Mime. The Mob begins to sink into despair as their party is full, they have no Surfer, and are stuck on the battle.
  • On the 6th attempt, d defeats the pair and blacks out to a battle immediately after.
  • Suddenly, the stream's audio and visuals cut out! This results in Pikachu learning Slam over Electro Ball, and Dekunukem restarts his computer to fix the problem. Instead, the screen freezes, and he loses connection with Twitch.
  • The stream recovers, and d resumes grinding. Tierno meets up with d and gives him TM70 Flash. After another few losses to an Ace Trainer, d emerges from the cave and enters Shalour City.
  • d enters the Tower of Mastery with a mostly defeated team, and loses a battle over the Mega Ring to Serena. To the Mob's surprise, Serena acts as though the battle never happened and allows for a rematch, which d manages to win. During this battle, Charmeleon reaches Level 36 and evolves into Charizard, though Wing Attack is not learned.
  • The streamer enables the C-Pad for Shalour City's Gym, which requires the roller blades to complete. Thus enabled, d enters the Gym. Navigating and catching up to the other skaters proves difficult, but the path to Korrina is opened with only a Hawlucha remaining. After a false start, Korrina is challenged, though she defeats the lone Hawlucha. d returns for a rematch and is victorious, earning the Rumble Badge.

Day 3

  • d exits the Gym and heads for the Tower of Mastery again, reaching the top to engage in a Mega Evolution demonstration against Korrina. The Mob activates Mega Evolution properly on the first attempt, though victory is squandered by use of a Hyper Potion. When asked to take the Lucario used in the demonstration along, d refuses. The Mob is divided, though, and a tug-of-war ensues over whether to take it along or not. Lucario is eventually accepted, with Pikachu being sent to the PC to make room.
  • The Mob steers d to the Pokemon Center, as the PC must now be used to obtain or make room for a Surf user in order to progress. The PC is used to deposit one of the Hawlucha and retrieve Vivillon, who is quickly stored in the Daycare after the Charizardite X is received from it. With a free party slot, d heads to Reflection Cave.
  • d enters Shalour City and obtains the HM for Surf and Lapras. Lucario and Charizard are given their respective Mega Stones. Lapras is taught Surf, and d enters Coumarine City and receives the HM for Fly. He battles and defeats Serena using Mega Lucario and enters the Gym.
  • During a battle with a trainer in the Gym, d utilizes his Mega Ring on Charizard, evolving it into Mega Charizard X for the first time. d eventually makes it to Ramos and defeats him with Mega Charizard, earning the Plant Badge and the TM for Grass Knot. The chat riots.
  • After a chat with the Obviously Evil Lysandre, d receives word that Team Flare has hijacked the Power Plant with the goal of transferring energy away from it. He battles Grunts, and along the way Honedge evolves into Doublade. d defeats Team Flare Aliana, freeing the Power Plant.
  • d enters Lumiose City again, meeting Shauna just as the power is to be restored to the rest of the city. When she asks if he knows anything about who fought Team Flare, he fakes ignorance and proceeds to stumble towards the Prism Tower, which houses Clemont's Gym, fighting Lumiose's camera the entire way.
  • Lumiose City's Gym is a quiz Gym, and d quickly proves he has no idea what he's doing. Amusingly, one of the trainers guarding an incorrect answer wonders if d is intentionally getting answers wrong just to fight more. When reaching Clemont, d's team is badly battered, and after an incorrect Awakening use costs him the battle, d is booted back to Coumarine City, as he never visited one of Lumiose's Pokemon Centers.
  • d heads back to Lumiose City, checkpoints, and battles Clemont. On his second attempt, Charizard pulls off a clutch win, earning the Voltage Badge and the TM for Thunderbolt! d celebrates by turning the EXP Share off.
  • d turns the EXP Share back on and has scary encounters with the ghost girl and a sad encounter with an Espurr. He battles Serena and Trevor and changes his outfit at Laverre City. He then defeats Valerie, earning the Fairy Badge and the TM for Dazzling Gleam.
  • d heads to the Pokeball Factory and finds Team Flare up to no good. He challenges them immediately and defeats Celosia and Bryony, earning the Master Ball and a Big Nugget.

Day 4

  • d heads back to Lumiose City and gets several haircuts before returning to a similar haircut to his original one. Then he buys a fedora and wears it.
  • d uses the Master Ball on a Rotom. He names it !6696rsxtv8o, then catches more Rotom.
  • d battles trainers and Team Flare in a tricky ice cavern, rescuing an Abomasnow in the process. Many of his items are shuffled around to the point of uselessness.
  • d heads to Anistar City and gets a lot of Repeat Balls. He learns that there is someone in the city who knows about the Kalos Legendary Pokemon.
  • d enters Anistar's Gym and is confused by the layout of paths and teleporters. He soon reaches Olympia and sweeps her with Absol, earning the Psychic Badge and TM04 Calm Mind.
  • Upon exiting the Gym, d receives a Holo Caster message ssying Team Flare will destroy everyone that isn't them, and he must go to Lumiose City to visit Lysandre's cafe. d doesn't seem alarmed and just walks around Anistar City.
  • d finally makes it to Lumiose and stumbles around the city before entering the cafe and Lysandre Labs. He defeats Lysandre at the start of the lab, but must then contend with spinning tiles and teleporters to pursue him further.
  • After finally getting through the lab, d blacks out against Xerosic's Contrary Malamar. It takes a surprisingly short time to reenter the labs, but a bit longer to navigate the elevator. He then defeats Xerosic and spends ten minutes deciding which button to press, ultimately opting for the blue one. The blue one is the deactivation switch... but Xerosic breaks his word and activates the Ultimate Weapon anyway!
  • d buys 100 Dusk Balls and 13 Quick Balls, ignoring the impending doom. When he finally reaches Geonsenge Town, his first instinct is to take a selfie in front of the Ultimate Weapon. He goes to battle Lysandre once more, but is defeated. A second attempt also fails.
  • Lysandre is defeated, and d goes to confront Xerneas. He's stopped by two Flare admins, but defeats them with Lucario being the last Pokemon standing. Unfortunately, the third Admin defeats Lucario with Golbat and d blacks out.
  • d works his way back and fights Xerneas, eventually escaping the battle. He starts again and blacks out.
  • d battles Xerneas once more, captures it on the first turn with a single Dusk Ball, and boxes Lucario to get it into the party. Lysandre appears and challenges d once more to reclaim Xerneas, but is defeated despite his Gyarados being able to Mega Evolve.
  • Lysandre flies into a rage, claiming that the heroes have doomed the world to a fate of eternal misery and death. Having gone completely insane, he activates the ultimate weapon in an attempt to make the heroes immortal, granting them eternal pain as they watch the world pass by them and slowly decay. d and the others escape as the weapon fires, but due to a malfunction it destroys Team Flare's HQ, with Lysandre still inside. He is presumed dead or immortal, but post-game comments imply he survived.

Day 5

  • d heads back to buy new clothes and grind his new team member.
  • The Mob heads into Terminus Cave and finds a Dusk Stone. It is used on Doublade and she evolves into Aegislash. d encounters Wulfric, who heads back to his Gym. d follows, catching a lot of Pokemon on the way, and enters Snowbelle City Gym. Once the path to Wulfric is clear, Aegislash and Charizard make short work of him. d now has all 8 badges.
  • Having collected all of Kalos's badges, d prepares to take on Victory Road. He catches a lot of Pokemon along the way, and encounters Serena. She gives him Max Revives for defeating her, and d continues on.
  • d finally emerges from Victory Road, checkpointing at the Pokemon Center, and enters the Pokemon League. Several failed runs later, the Mob soon realizes that the Elite Four are not going to crumble as easily as the rest of the game did - each uses a four-mon team (as opposed to the Gym Leaders' three) with more varied typing and smarter movesets.

Day 6

  • d continues to battle the Elite Four, having the most trouble with Wikstrom and Siebold.
  • The Mob coordinate so Xerneas defeats Siebold with Geomancy-powered Moonblasts, while Charizard deals with Wikstrom with Flamethrower. They make it to Diantha a few times but are foiled by Gourgeist, whose Ghost-typing and Shadow Sneak are terribly annoying against d's weakened Pokémon.
  • Finally, on the 20th run, d makes it to Diantha and sweeps her entire team with Xerneas powered up by Geomancy. d has become the new Pokemon League Champion, but at the festivities, AZ appears and challenges him to a battle! AZ is quickly defeated after several Poke Balls are thrown at his Pokemon, but he thanks d for the battle.
  • Suddenly, from out of the sky, a Floette appears before AZ. The very same Floette who died in the war and was resurrected by him only to run away when he went mad with rage and killed many people and Pokemon alike. AZ breaks down crying, overjoyed that his friend has finally returned to him. The others all look on, sharing in the emotional moment. The credits roll.
  • It is announced that there will be 3 days of post-game activity before the game switches back to Stadium 2.


  • The game is restarted. The Mob receives several requests from trainers to trade and battle them. Their first online battle is against a trainer using Pokemon with TPP based nicknames, including Abby, C3KO, and True Prophet (Solareon). The match is forfeited.
  • d trades away nearly all of his Pokemon, including Quilladin, Dr. 0, Xerneas, Aegislash, and Moondoge.
  • d reaches Kiloude City and receives the Vs. Recorder. He continues battling and Wonder Trading. He receives a Groudon (chat erupts in "KENYA"), Vaporeon, Kabuto, and Tepig, among many others.
  • The stream goes down for four hours, and riots ensue. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ÉMEUTE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  • The stream is back online again, and d continues to Wonder Trade and occasionally battle.
  • After more trading shenanigans, d begins Looker's sidequest. He finds all of the Looker Tickets and officially becomes a d-tective! d is tasked with finding Emma, and solves all of the Looker Bureau mysteries.
  • After 3 days of shenanigans, d flies back to his hometown of Vaniville Town, enters his house, and heals with his mom.
  • d returns to his room and sits on his bed, just like how his adventure began, and the Mob departs. The game resets, and the stream goes offline.



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