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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

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The Triumphant Return to Hoenn: Day 1 - Game Start, Littleroot Town to Mauville City

  • 00:00:00 - The game begins again. Welcome to Omega Ruby!
  • 00:00:01 - We are a Boy named !12rtyhaszs
  • 00:00:12 - Torchic is picked as the starter.
  • 00:00:15 - We name it !sssssssarfa5
  • 00:00:25 - Game is saved, reset, and Deku gives us a Shiny Beldum.
  • 00:00:28 - Shiny Beldum is obtained in the game!
  • 00:00:36 - May is defeated!
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  • 00:01:12 - Seedot is captured, no nickname given.
  • 00:01:13 - Poochyena captured, nicknamed uu67 ee
  • 00:01:38 - Zigzagoon captured, nicknamed ♀5tzou5uj tt
  • 00:01:44 - Another Zigzagoon is captured, nicknamed 622mmmmqqcyy
  • 00:02:06 - Our first encounter with Team Magma! We beat the grunt first try.
  • 00:02:37 - First blackout of the run, against a pair of twins using a Seedot and Lotad.
  • 00:03:30 - Caught a Wurmple, but it was sent to the PC. Nicknamed AWWW!2288s.
  • 00:04:10 - Beat the Twins at last.
  • 00:04:13 - Entered Gym #1!
  • 00:05:03 - Challenged Gym Leader Roxanne!
  • Roxanne is eventually defeated. While fighting a Magma Grunt, Torchic evolves into Combusken.
  • After retrieving Steven's letter, a PC war occurs. Beldum, Zizgagoon and Combusken are deposited. Beldum is released.
  • Brawly is defeated.
  • Wurmple, Zigzagoon, and Combusken are released. Immediately after, they receive the TM for Torment from a sailor.
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  • The Mob strategizes to obtain the Cosplay Pikachu and catch mons to rebuild the team. Zubat is successfully withdrawn. A Contest is entered, and the Contest Pikachu is claimed. She is named !.
  • A Minun is also captured, and Satanbat is withdrawn from the PC.
  • Artemis defeats May and earned the Dowsing Machine. He then defeats Wally with Satanbat, earning the HM for Rock Smash.
  • Artemis faces down an old foe: Wattson. The day closes with Arty repeatedly wiping to his Magneton.


Slaughter Saturday: Day 2

  • Rubbing in their losses, the stream receives a donation from Wattson reading "WAHAHAHAHAHA!" Undaunted, Artemis enters the Gym to try again. On the third try, Wattson is defeated! The Mob feeds a red Pokeblock to ! in celebration and ponders their next move.
  • The Mob gets in a battle with a Breeder. Her last Pokemon, Budew, is eventually pitted against !12rtyhaszs' last Pokemon, an Oddish. Both know Mega Drain, but they eventually run out of PP, leaving both participants with no moves that can damage the other, even indirectly. After quite a while, Budew begins to use Struggle, and eventually knocks itself out from the recoil.
  • Immediately after the long battle, Oddish begins to evolve, as the Mob had been waiting for. Shockingly, it fails to evolve! Everyone unsurprisingly blames Jorsun (despite him not having been present) as the Mob realizes that evolutions are no longer forced.
  • ! is accidentally stored in the PC, prompting PC wars in order to retrieve her.
  • Satanbat is released. The chat leaders suspect a botmaster.
  • Oddish is in a position to evolve, but keeps failing.
  • Artemis catches several Whismur, Zigzagoon, a Ninacada and a Skitty, running out of Pokeballs.
  • Oddish, Whismur, and Zigzagoon are released and Wingull and Whismur are deposited, at one point leaving only one Zigzagoon in the party. A Whismur and Minun are withdrawn from the PC.
  • Artemis levels up his team and catches a Marill named !t44444'''tu. After grinding, he buys several Great Balls and Ultra Balls. He catches two Electrike, one named 115ufftivvb and another named w6aa:nn5ekkk.
  • Arty visits the Trick House and battles trainers there, earning the TM for Taunt. He teaches one of the Electrike Volt Switch.

Heat of the Moment: Day 3

  • The Mob continually steers Artemis between the plot and the Trick House, grinding along the way.
  • Flannery is defeated.
  • Arty defeats Maxie, making Team Aqua complain about letting him get away.
  • Art reaches Lavaridge Town, but heads back to Mauville soon after. He heads for Cycling Road, but soon encounters an obstacle: He doesn't have a bike.
  • Arty heads up and down the Cable Car and enters his secret base repeatedly. Along the way, Zigzagoony also reaches level 22 and Evolves!
  • Artemis fights trainers on Route 113 and runs out of Pokeballs trying to catch a Skarmory. He heads to the store and buys more before using them and messing around.

Leisure Time: Day 4

  • Arty enters Norman's Gym and battles trainers there. He reaches Norman, but is defeated by his Slaking. On his second try, Norman is defeated.
  • After battling and defeating Team Magma's Courtney, Latios joins Artemis's party. He deposits his Electrike to make room for him.
  • Arty heads to Sea Mauville and promptly gets lost.
  • Winona is defeated.

The Last Trials: Day 5

  • Artemis heads to the Safari Zone and makes many catches, among them a Pikachu with the hilarious name "Pikachurrroo". Many jokes at its expense follow.
  • Arty gets back on track and confronts Maxie again. He sends Courtney to deal with him, who is defeated easily with a lucky critical hit. Unfortunately,the party is wiped out on the way back down Mt. Pyre.
  • On route to Slateport, Arty wanders into the Berry Garden and spends half an hour picking and planting berries. His newfound obsession with gardening continues, spending another thirty five minutes trying to harvest a single Leppa Berry plant on Route 110.
  • Maxie is defeated, but awakens Groudon, who begins to dry up the world with Drought.
  • Arty catches Groudon and names it 6.
  • In Wallace's Gym, Artemis encounters an obstacle in the form of step-on-each-floor-tile puzzles. Democracy mode is considered and enabled. It flips back and forth between democracy and anarchy as Arty struggles with Wallace's evil Gym layout.
  • With 40 minutes left until the day is over, Artemis completes the third puzzle and fights Wallace. It's a tough fight, but Arty prevails.
  • Artemis wastes the Master Ball on a Trainer's Crobat, but it's returned to him.

Bonds: Day 6

  • Arty uses the Eon Flute and the inputs promptly crash.
  • The Master Ball is used on a Legendary Pokemon: Azelf.
  • Arty runs around his Secret Base and sets his encouraging message to "Dohh6esxf6e? _ gaa"
  • Artemis tackles the final challenge: Victory Road.

And on the Seventh Day...: Day 7

  • Abandoning the League for now, Arty completes the New Mauville sidequest and defeats Cresselia in the process.
  • Whismur v explodes into Exploud.
  • After more shenanigans, Artemis Haze enters the Elite Four building. By Run 12, he's made it to Drake.
  • On Run 16, Steven is challenged for the first time. He defeats Artemis.
  • On Run 18, Steven is defeated. Artemis battles and defeats May afterward, and the main story of Pokemon Omega Ruby comes to a close.
  • The Mob updates deku_nukem's 3DS and starts the OR/AS demo, sending the Glalie to the main file.
  • The Mob prepares for the Delta Episode postgame storyline. They are given 2d 1h 57m until the postgame ends!

Episode Delta: Day 8

  • Arty revives the Amber and Root Fossils.
  • Zinnia is defeated, and Artemis obtains the Meteorite Shard. Steven instructs him to go to the Mossdeep Space Center.
  • The hunt for Zinnia eventually leads to Sky Pillar. She summons Rayquaza, which swallows Arty's Meteorite, challenging him. It is caught in a single Poke Ball.
  • Rayquaza Mega Evolves and heads into space and shatters the meteor, but in doing so releases Deoxys. An epic clash begins, but Deoxys ultimately defeats Rayquaza, sending Arty plummeting back toward the Earth. Fortunately, he survives.
  • After a date at the Space Center with May, Arty is given a Tepig by Professor Birch.
  • The Elite Four are rematched, but remain undefeated at the end of the day.
  • T4 reaches LEVEL 100.

Battle of Gods: Day 9

  • The Elite Four continue to be challenged as the team steadily levels up.
  • Feminum reaches LEVEL 100.
  • Steven is challenged once again.
  • Steven is defeated again.
  • Arty receives Piplup from Professor Birch.
  • Arty ascends to Sky Pillar to face Deoxys. It is killed by a single Dragon Ascent from Rayquaza.
  • Shortly afterward, the Mob finds the Fabled Cave and encounters Reshiram. It is also killed in one strike by Rayquaza, letting out an anguished cry as it fades from existence.
  • Arty messes around with TM moves, then enters several contests. Rayquaza wins the Cool Contest and Cute Contest, earning Arty a Master Contest Ribbon.
  • Arty then tries the Battle Maison, but finds Rayquaza is disqualified from entering.
  • Ho-Oh is captured in a Great Ball.

Until We Meet Again: Day 10 (FINAL)

  • Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • The Mob loses several battles to trainers.
  • The Mob trades a Wingull for a Chespin.
  • The Mob receives an Entei with the Stadium 2 moveset in a trade, offering a boxed Tepig.
  • Rayquaza is traded for a Shiny Archeops.
  • 115 is traded for an exact recreation of Sunshine from Platinum. Feminun is traded for an exact recreation of Solareon from Platinum.
  • Whismur V is traded for a Glalie.
  • An actual Whismur is traded for Air Jordan from Red.
  • Ho-Oh is traded for d's Dr. 0.
  • The run ends, and Battle Revolution begins until the anniversary Red run.

Season 1: END