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Funny / Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

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  • The name of the player character, !12rtyhaszs. He also chose Torchic as his starter.
  • That timing.
  • Just like IGN, Team Magma believes there's too much water.
  • Poor Scarface.
  • The fact that half the chat are actively demanding releases / sacrifices this run because of a Zubat is hilarious enough in itself, but as one member of the mob put it...
    "WTF is up with this satanic worshiping chat!?"
  • More from the Twitch stream chat...
    "It would seem in the absence of Lord Helix, TPP has turned to Satanism."
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  • Wattson and his evil laugh are back! Wahahahahaha!
  • Juju's first chance to evolve occurred shortly before being forced into an endless battle with a trainer's Budew that had to end in one side struggling. After thirty minutes, Budew struggled to death, and Juju finally started evolving... only to be stopped by the (previously unknown) lack of a forced-evolution system. Just to add insult to injury, he then fainted in the very next battle and wiped out the team back to Mauville City.
  • Arty caught several Zigzagoon, and even named two of them Zigzagoony. They call themselves "The Zigzagoonies."
  • Everyle on Reddit has a rather interesting interpretation of how and why Arty stopped Satanbat's reign of terror.
  • After defeating Maxie, Arty headed for Cycling Road, only to realize he didn't have a bike.
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  • While grinding to fight Norman, the mob went to one of the granny houses to heal. When they got there, they ended up checking the TV, and proceeded to get trapped in "TV Purgatory" for a solid hour.
  • Operation Left. Keep going left until we win.
  • Arty's constant trips up and down on the cable car, rivaling A's.
  • !12rtyhaszs was interviewed by some news reporters after a battle. He gave his thoughts on the battle: "3". Said message was then repeated many times as part of the normal BuzzNav rotation, with the reporters referring to his words as "deep".
    • Later on, he battled the same reporters a second time, and gave his opinion on that battle as well: "!ss65 s666". Especially funny if you remember how often the Number of the Beast had come up previously in Pokémon nicknames.
  • One of Arty's Safari Zone catches was a Pikachu named Pikachurrroo. Much fanart followed.
  • Arty fighting Groudon.
  • Arty caught Groudon and named it 6.
  • Team IGN.
  • When the Mob captured Rayquaza with a single Pokeball, things looked good... until Deoxys defeated them both.
  • The mob entered Rayquaza in a cuteness contest. He won.
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  • The Mob traded away the Tepig they got from Professor Birch for Entei. Not just any Entei, the Entei from Stadium 2.