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  • Our hero's name this time around is AIIIAAB. Meanwhile, Blue's name stayed Blue.
  • Blue supposedly chose a Squirtle, but did battle with an Eevee instead. He then managed to defeat AIIIAAB's Charmander with it.
  • The Mob has failed to defeat so many wild Pikachu that they've entered the lore as the Gatekeepers. It took twelve attempts to reach Viridian City.
  • Just like Red, Abe checks Bulbasaur's cry regularly as well as checking the Town Map.
  • Abe picked the Dome and saved immediately after.
  • Abe lost all of his Pokemon to a Swimmer's first Pokemon, a Seadra. It kept spamming Bubble, leading the chat to be afraid of the move.
  • Abe has an unusual way of using the PC.
  • Attempting to beat Misty.
  • Misty was beaten by a Magikarp that hadn't even learned Tackle.
  • Many of the donation messages received are funny.
  • After depositing Charizard in the PC, the Mob was left with only a fainted Mankey, as Generation I games do not prevent you from depositing your only non-fainted Pokémon. As such, upon leaving the PC, AIIIAAB blacked out without having even been in a battle!
  • The chat caught two Meowths in an attempt to have a steady source of money, plus an Exeggcute. What do they do the moment they get to the PC? Release all three. The second Meowth's release has broken the record of shortest release time for catching to release, at around 15 minutes. This release also broke the record for most releases in one TPP run.
  • The Mob retrieved the coveted Great Ball from the S.S. Anne's trash can, their one last hope at the time... and failed to catch a Meowth with it.
  • Catching a Meowth named xSarMnPkPkPkPkPk brought a ton of different interpretations of its name.
  • Sorry, Captain.
  • Meanwhile, at the Rocket hideout...
  • After completing the dreaded Route 9 ledge, the next ten minutes were complete chaos. During that chaos, we randomly taught our Meowth the move Thunderbolt, which prompted a wave of "THUNDERCAT" from Twitch Chat.
  • Abe caught a Magmar and named it AHHHHHHHHH. It was later released.
  • One donation was from the Wall.
    [Donation] $2.00 from Wall: "bph bph bph bph bph"
  • Is it me, or are we destined to become Giovanni?
  • The truth of Abe's quest.
  • The Mob's attempts to cut down the tree leading to Erika's Gym. In the process, they tossed all of their Great Balls, a Pokedoll, a PP Up, and several Fresh Waters.
  • The Mob completed the first spin puzzle in the Rocket hideout. In anarchy. In under five minutes. This triumph was then spoiled when they realized they forgot the Lift Key.
  • Worst case scenario.
  • Abe doing the Thriller Dance.
  • Just like A in Fire Red, Abe completed the maze, defeated a Rocket... and walked right back in.
  • Don't forget, you're here forever.
  • After a series of terrifying glitches involving ghosts, Team Rocket, Charizard M', and a Golduck that became Missingno, someone posted this.
  • Abe finally got the Lift Key... and his inventory was full.
  • A Rocket in Pokemon Tower managed to poison Parasect... until he removed the status effect with his Weezing's Haze.
  • The Battle Tent.
  • AHHHHHHHH the Magmar.
  • Magmar escapes the PC.
  • Giovanni hears of the Splash attack.
  • We have a leech king.
  • Giovanni's offer.
  • Living with Thundercat.
  • Meanwhile, in the PC, Scar is preparing.
  • Several times when attempting to catch a wild Pokémon, Abe instead used the Poké Flute. Resulting in him playing a "catchy" tune.
  • Heir apparent no longer.
  • Abe traded Slowbro for Kadabra... only for it to not evolve due to a programming oversight. Not only that, because of said oversight it can't evolve at all via leveling like it was supposed to in the hack. To add insult to injury, its nickname is Alakazam.
  • After hours of struggle, Abe cut down the tree to Pewter Museum's back entrance... only to jump the ledge and enter the front door, causing the tree to respawn. This happened several times.
  • At one point Parasect tried to use Cut on the PC. Sadly, it had no effect.
  • Abe got trapped in between the burglar and the table, just like Red. The live updaters set up a Burglar Count for how many times he talked to his captor.
    [Snark] This is Mr Mime's Invisible box
  • Sometimes, when you're stuck in the muck, you need a Muk to lead you out of the muck.
  • When going to Viridian City to take on Giovanni the video on the stream broke but the mob could still play using audio cues.
  • After many run ins with glitches, the Mob finally beat the Battle Tent! Only to run into one final bug.... it maxed out their money counter rather than just adding $10,000.
    • The shopping spree in Celadon nets the mob, among other things, eight copies of TM32 (Double Team) and one-hundred and one copies of TM18 (Counter). To quote the live updater:
    Only 46 Pokémon can even learn Counter in generation 1, and yet we have 101 copies of its TM.
  • I had a dream that we released Muk...
  • After days of struggle, Abe completed the Seafoam Island puzzle and battled Articuno. Zapdos defeated it with one critical hit, and didn't even gain experience points.
  • At the Elite Four, Abe fished in Lorelei's room. The chat claimed he was reunited with Baba.
  • Dream Red's defeat quote:
  • Abe caught Articuno and named it A. ...In democracy.
  • Is Moltres still in Victory Toad?
  • Using Democracy to name a Staryu "PIOXYS".
    Pioxys (the commentor the name was based on): YOU ALL SUCK
  • The mob leaves the Viridian Gym as the last one to rematch, and they manage to pass the ledge on the first try and get into the gym. By going into a dead end, they get a sneak peek at the fact that there is a PC standing in Giovanni's place, managing battles until a replacement gym leader can be found.
    • The first thing the mob does is flee in the opposite direction of the PC.
    • When they finally reach the PC, it asks if they want it to initiate BATTLE.EXE. They accidentally refuse, leading to one simple response from it: "CANCEL.EXE" This results in the chat labeling everything as X.exe throughout the fight.
    • The mob's absolute terror quickly fades once Cloyster OHKOs everything on the PC's team. "PC is safe this gym!"
  • Abe caught an Omastar and the voices nearly succeeded in naming it DOME.
  • Abe caught a Venusaur and named it MMMMMMMMM.
  • Even the game knows Helix is the answer.
  • Abe's attempt to checkpoint at the Elite Four in an attempt to reach Moltres went disastrously wrong and he entered Lorelei's room. This means he didn't checkpoint as planned, his team wasn't healed and half decimated, and he had to do the Ledge and Victory Road puzzles again to get back to Moltres. When Lorelei defeated him, he woke up on Cinnabar.
    • Making it worse is that he did talk to Nurse Joy but backed out of the heal, then went to the Elite Four.
    32d 3h 52m Abe exited the Pokecenter and walked over to the Pokemart. Probably to buy chocolate to eat away the shame of that major fail there.
    32d 3h 53m Abe exits the Pokemart, happy with his bag full of chocolate. Well I'm glad you got chocolate Abe, but what about the rest of us!?! How are we supposed to deal with losing hours of progress?
  • Abe caught a Golduck with a really unfortunate name.
    • When its Dex entry appeared, the chat couldn't help but notice that it literally contained the word "Kappa".
  • Abe caught a Kangaskhan named MOM... and sent her to the PC.
  • After beating Blue and the Elite Four by accident, Abe played the SNES.
  • To complete the Pokedex we must do things that have never been done before.
  • The name we gave Blastoise in Democracy.
  • Abe caught a Butterfree and named it "IRQQQHair". Yes, that's an actual word at the end, with proper capitalization. In anarchy.
  • While searching for Jolteon, Abe got on his bike, went over a ledge, and discovered he was trapped. The bike moves 2 spaces at a time and couldn't line up with the one-square staircase on the ledge! And, of course, selecting the bike again to get off it was almost impossible. It took almost 20 minutes for the mob to align him with the door of a Pokemon Center so he could go in and automatically un-bike himself.
  • Upon trying to go to catch Mewtwo, the Mob found themselves unable to surf off of the water onto the stairs, leaving them stuck by an invisible barrier, the mob pinned the blame on Mr Mime, who's been long gone.
  • Did... Did I just get friendzoned by the entire internet? ~Casual_nondeterminism
  • Sometimes, when Mewtwo defeats the Mob, he will leave a message. Here's one:
    Stop throwing sh*t at me.
  • The ending screen is literally Teh Urn.
  • After Anniversary Red was finished, the live updaters started to have a ton of riots and random fun messages, and generally go crazy