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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary

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  • Kakuna dreams of evolving.
  • Growlmander is in a band.
  • New dialogue was spotted in the game. An NPC at the Pewter Museum bought a laptop to watch Twitch Plays Pokemon this time last year.
  • While Magikarp and Kakuna are useless in battle so far, the Mob has taken a liking to both of them.
  • They like me!
  • On attempt nineteen against Misty, Charizard finally learned Flamethrower, using it to Burn Starmie. When she fainted shortly afterwards, though, all was thought lost - that is, until the Mob realized that Starmie could barely do damage anymore due to the Burn. The Pokemon that tanked to victory? Baba the Magikarp, who had not even learned Tackle yet.
  • The World's Best Charizard.
  • After many massacres, Abe wanders around with a small team and not a penny to buy Poke Balls. A Meowth helpfully uses Payday on Onix, who can easily take it, to give Abe some cash.
  • Operation Restoration gives multiple plans for rebounding with what the Mob has left. TPP never gives up.
  • I'll always remember you.
  • Blue made some donations to update Abe on his released party and raise morale.
  • This memorial to Abby and Growlizard.
  • After catching a much-needed Meowth, Abe was so happy he sped around on his bike as the chat discussed strategy.
  • How Diglett, a total underdog that has seen many of its species mercilessly released, scored a victory against the third Gym leader almost all by itself, even knocking out his last Pokémon with Struggle.
  • The chat has been showering the new lead of the team, Parasect, with love every time it manages to do something awesome. It sure helps that it has godly stats and has learned two of the most overpowered moves in Gen I. It was so well-received that the chat couldn't even bring themselves to cancel its evolution.
  • Thundercat's yarn.
  • After Poliwag and Magikarp were released, finally JC the Diglett, after almost single-handedly beating Surge, broke the cycle of releasing the underdog who made it possible to beat Gym Leaders and got to tag along with the team a bit longer, if only to be deposited (but mercifully not released) at the Rock Tunnel.
  • The Mob rejoiced when Meowth evolved into Persian, and when she became low on health Abe managed to heal her.
  • Living with Thundercat.
  • After Onix was deposited, the Mob reacted with an outpouring of love for their former party leader who was now going "into retirement."
  • Scarlet's evolution.
  • The Stone Guardian. Flareon and Persian are asleep together, protected by Onix.
  • They'll be OK in the PC, as long as they're together.
  • Kanto Kripsy Kreams.
  • Sleepless dreams, based on the Streamer loading the wrong save file by accident.
  • When Abe's travels eventually brought him back to Pallet Town, the entire chat cried tears of happiness at the thought of seeing Mom again. Yes, even the ones that rejoice at abusing and sacrificing Pokémon.
  • Comforting You. The Cable Club Girl comforts Abe after the boxes were switched.
  • Sometimes, when you're stuck in the muck, you need a Muk to lead you out of the muck.
  • At the Elite Four, Abe fished in Lorelei's room and was reunited with Baba.
  • Abe the Cartographer is exploring and mapping new areas.
  • Paying respects to Leech King.
  • When the Mob caught a level 19 Dratini after another catastrophic PC shuffle, they didn't box or release it. Instead, they trained it.
  • All the donations of thanks and congratulations and celebration at the end.