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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Touhoumon & Moemon

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  • AAABBHM visited her mom a lot on Mother's Day, albeit due to numerous blackouts.
  • The Mob celebrated when Sanae finally leveled up.
  • AAtatat took a considerable detour after a training session on Day 4 to visit her mom.
  • When Chauzu got perma'd, he was willing to accept it, and gave a rather depressed goodbye on Reddit. The mob, however, was far less willing to accept it, and actively started rallying against the streamer in an attempt to get him unbanned.
    • And the streamer listened, reducing the ban from forever to one week.
    • Prior to the permaban being overturned, they used Democracy to rename one of their BONéKA after Chauzu.
      • The ultimate heartwarming moment came at the very end, when said BONéKA was the last one left standing on the team. Up against five of the Champion's team (Mima had defeated her first BONéKA in a single hit but died to poison right after). She proceeded to dodge every single attack thrown at her (except for one, which left her at almost 50% HP) and sweep the entirety of the opposing team except for the first BONéKA, defeating GREEN on the first try and beating the game.