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YMMV / Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary

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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Some people mellowed on Kakuna after it was released.
  • Base-Breaking Character: The Dome Fossil. While many in the chat continue to reject it, some have embraced it as the new god of Season 2.
    • Kakuna may be on the verge to becoming this, as its deposition, and the subsequent attempts to retrieve it, led directly to the release of over a dozen Pokemon, including Charizard, Magikarp and Krabby, destroying the mob's morale and putting an almighty dent in their plans. Even before Charizard's release, the mob was torn between trying once more to rescue Kakuna, or simply abandoning it on the basis that it was much too risky.
    • The new Flareon. Some wanted a Jolteon or Vaporeon instead. Some wanted Flareon to go with the lore from the original Red run. Some didn't want Flareon for exactly that reason.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Parasect. Paras was being so awesome people didn't stop it from evolving, and now it's buffed stats have made it a reliable favorite.
    • Onix, as the sole survivor of the two day massacre.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Mob tried to use a Fire Stone on Clem the Marowak, but as the recap page put it, "Flareowak doesn't exist". While Marowak is still fully evolved, Fire-type Marowak are now canon.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: The second Poliwag (Trolliwag) seems to be pulling this off. Since the stream crashed midway through Day 2 he's pulled off a string of unlikely victories and earned the Chat's favor again.
    • The donation messages, arguably. Though some trolls still persist, most donations are now purported to be from lore characters such as Lord Helix, Bird Jesus and even the PC, leaving one-line messages and suggestions which the mob then treat as canon (although due to the above base breaker, Dome messages are somewhat controversial).
    • The ROM itself had entered Scrappy territory, due to the intense level curve requiring days of grinding to stay alive in Victory Road and the slightly changed input system making it much harder to get past the pre-Victory Road ledge... not to mention the bevvy of glitches that popped up in the Battle Tent fiasco. Even the hacker had come to hate it. But that all changed once the Elite Four was finally defeated and the mob checked the bed, only to be transported to a dreamscape with the original Red waiting to be challenged. Not only were all his Pokemon level 100, not only did he have the champion music from Gen 2, but he had the most kickass intro of any trainer. This one moment redeemed the run for many.
  • The Scrappy: Kakuna slid into this role early on. Its only move is Harden, it ends up hurting Charmander because of accidental switching, and the only reason it hasn't been tossed in the PC is fear Charmander could be released leaving Kakuna the only Pokemon left.
    • After Kakuna got placed in the PC the mob demanded that Kakuna be retrieved. This led to several Pokemon getting released, including some favorites like Krabby and Magikarp. Then it led to Jynx and Charizard getting released, turning everyone but Kakuna's most hardcore fans against it.
    • The second Poliwag immediately became this to many of the Mob due to not being a Nidoran or Squirtle, and has even gained the nickname Trolliwag.
    • Mr. Mime. Many have declared him an evil mastermind since everyone wanted him out of the party and yet for some reason he was the only one not deposited during the PC shuffle.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The donations window, which pops up at the top of the screen whenever someone donates to the stream. Which is often. If the donator added a long message, it could block a fair proportion of the screen, leading a few trolls to donate just so they could block half the screen with an overly-long message. Many disgruntled mob members have asked for it to be moved or outright removed.
    • It doesn't help that some have been making fake donations (submitting the donation, but then not accepting the transfer), sometimes of thousands of dollars, just so they could promote their YouTube channels, insult the chat, or both. One user, soundandglory, is infamous for doing this three times in a row and basically saying, barely paraphrased: "sub 2 me fgts".
    • As of 11 hours in, the pop-ups every time someone follows, subscribes or donates to the channel appear to have been disabled.
    • The tppmodbot fiasco. This run introduced an aggressive automated moderator, which temp-banned chatters for minor offenses, like using symbols that weren't on a secret approved list, or using the /me command to get colored text. The mob fought back, and managed to get the modbot account banned for 8 hours by making it send messages too quickly (the bot announced each person it banned, so a whole bunch of players intentionally broke the rules at the same time). Streamer was not happy about this, and dropped week-long bans on everyone who broke chat rules while the bot was disabled, in addition to making the bot even stricter. Both of the current chat leaders got hit with the ban, as well as many other people who didn't know about the revolt. Some of the bans were lifted a couple of days later, but the whole mess caused a lot of conflict and stalled progress in the game.
  • Sequel Difficulty Spike: Unlike the original Red, the special TPP Version has been modified to be much harder. Trainers have different Pokemon, and at higher levels.
    • Case in point, it took a level 18 Charmander just to reach Brock, and said Charmander is still only one level stronger than Brock.