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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

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  • The mob's joy and excitement about the stream being back and exploring the game blindly.
  • The Mob seems determined to protect Torchic this time around, especially since he evolved into Combusken. Then he was released.
  • The Mob expressed joy at winning the Contest Pikachu, named !
  • After defeating Wattson, the Mob fed ! a red Pokeblock.
  • Arty loves cute Pokemon and has made most of his team up of cute mons.
  • Most TPP battles are won by one or two mons who are equipped to sweep, with the others assisting a little on the sidelines. Not so against Norman. The fifth badge was earnt through a combination of luck and brilliant teamwork on the part of Arty's team - Zigzagoony's flinch hax, Zapdoge's Static working at a critical moment, T4 successfully walling despite being asleep, Feminun's Fake Tears lowering the second Slaking's Special Defence, Whismur V's Uproar doing impressive damage to Vigoroth, and Nkekev sweeping the last Slaking with Swift. The jubilation and awe of the Mob at witnessing this just cements the Fire-Forged Friends nature of this team.
  • Forget Steven, we just truly beat the game. T4 won the Cool Contest.
  • After catching Groudon, the Mob attempted to nickname it Kenya. It didn't work out and they named it 6, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Boomblast is so OP because the Voices are powering it.
  • In the postgame, several Pokemon were traded for exact replicas of star Pokemon from previous runs.