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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary

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  • Poor Growlmander blacked out innumerable times in the first few hours of gameplay, one of which was to Blue, and was constantly hindered by wild Pikachu and their paralysis moves. The Mob took to calling her the worst Charmander ever.
  • Kakuna dreams of evolving.
  • Immediately after gaining Charizard, a Rocket Grunt blew her up with a self-destructing Graveler. She also did not learn Slash.
  • The mob catches a Pidgey only to accidentally release it just over half an hour later, making it the first casualty of the stream.
  • When the Dome Fossil and Town Map were accidentally deposited in the PC, the resulting debacle ended with Pidgey released and Charizard deposited in Box 1. While Charizard was later recovered, the second Poliwag was released in the process.
  • After blacking out in Diglett Cave, a PC Shuffle occurred. Poliwag, Kakuna, Krabby, and Onix were deposited and Fearow, Paras, and Digletts were released. The PC is out for blood again...
  • Several donation messages while Charizard was in the PC, saying things like "It's dark..."
  • Lola the Jynx was released.
  • After Lola's release and more in-fighting, a donation from Kakuna read "Guys, don't you see? Bill's using me to destroy everything with your fighting...Please...come back for me later. I don't want this."
  • Determined to free Kakuna, Abe headed to the PC... and JJJJtttllu the Diglett and zPP r yyz the Krabby were released. Soon after, Magikarp was also released.
  • It happened. Charizard was released.
    [Shock] I keep hearing the game saved noise by attempting to switch boxes... Charizard is gone, it's impossible to retrieve charizard now... god no... -/u/PokemonGod777
    3d 14h 00m Game saved a few times. Fate is sealed. BibleThump /u/hytag
    [Horror] Oh god why. Our most powerful mon... just... gone... ripped out of our hands -/u/PokemonGod777
    • Abe mournfully listened to Charizard's cry soon after the incident.
  • And in the end Kakuna, the Pokémon they were trying to rescue, was released anyway.
  • "All my friends died in front of me" club meeting.
  • I'll always remember you.
  • People posting "Kakuna means family, family means no one gets left behind" and then Kakuna being released anyways
  • Kakuna talking while in the PC while everything was going down was heartbreaking.
  • This memorial to Abby and Growlizard.
  • The glitches' final form was that of a Charizard, leading to theories that Abe tried to resurrect her but it backfired horribly.
  • Rocket Grunts are jerks.
  • Abe traded Slowbro for Kadabra... only for it to not evolve due to a programming oversight. Not only that, because of said oversight it can't evolve at all via leveling like it was supposed to in the hack. This means that poor Kadabra is stuck the way he is forever, with his evolution's nickname just to rub it in.
  • Sleepless dreams, based on the Streamer loading the wrong save file by accident.
  • Comforting You. The Cable Club Girl comforts Abe after the boxes were switched.
  • By Day 27, even the creator of the ROM hack hated it.
  • At the Elite Four, Abe fished in Lorelei's room and was reunited with Baba.
  • For the first time in the series' history, a signature Pokemon and a member of the Hall of Fame has died post-game. The Leech King has been released.
    • To make matters worse, Dome has been deposited. The tagline of the Crystal run, "No Gods, No Kings, Only 'Mon", has been brought back in the most cruelly ironic way.
      • Even worse than that? Leech King was released on March 15: the Ides of March. Not only is it the same day another well-known king died, but also the same day Crystal was beaten and Helix was destroyed. Thrice the cruel irony.
  • Soon after Leech King's release, the stream's visuals crashed.
    Faislittlewhiteraven: Screen failed. Abe has gone blind with grief again (seriously these blind times always seem to happen whenever something goes horribly wrong for the team).
  • While blind, Abe saved the game, cementing the loss of Leech King.
  • Mewtwo speaks.