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Headscratchers / Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary

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  • Why does the chat want to release Charmander so much? If that happens, they will be stuck with a lvl 6 Kakuna, that cant attack? Why do they even like the Kakuna so much? And why do they always give up on keeping a fire starter?
  • It's worth headscratching about how the whole chat got worked up into a frenzy.... over a Kakuna... that only knew Harden.
    • About 75% of people looking to "get Kakuna" were really trolls who were using it as an excuse to use the PC and thus release everything. The other 25% just felt like Kakuna was the mascot of Anniversary Red and so didn't deserve to be in the PC.
  • How is it taking so long for them to simply find the exit to the rock tunnel?
    • By nature TPP has problems finding 1-tile entrances/exits, now they're trying to guess where they are and where it is in the dark too.
  • How is it every time the battle tent is fixed it somehow still ends up broken?
  • How did AIIIAAB receive money after defeating Dream Red if it was just a dream? Similarly, how did his Pokemon receive EXP?
  • Isn't the plan mentioned on the Epic Fail page (repeatedly winning against the Elite Four, then losing to Blue) a bit counter-productive? You lose half of your money when you lose a battle. You can actually lose money if you do that enough times (or just by losing once when you have enough money).