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This page contain Wild Mass Guesses pertaining to the events of the Twitch Plays Pokemon Red Anniversary run.

Our Protagonist Abe is a traveler of time and the stream...

  • He came back at an unspecified time to prevent something from happening. He didn't get the Helix fossil, because his past self was using it. Blue is also a time traveler, but unlike Red, he chose not to go around under cover (and his grandfather always seems to forget his name anyways).

Our protagonist Abe is not in fact an Alternate Timeline version of Red...

  • ...but is in fact his descendant. He's been dragged into a Lotus-Eater Machine created by either Bill or some other party, the contents of which are based loosely off Abe's ancestor Red's original adventure. The Big Bad's plan is to use this fake world as a means to bring Dome back to life, which can be seen by Abe being influenced to take the Dome Fossil as opposed to the Helix. The Mob, as a result of their majority hatred of Dome, chose to step in (or were made to by the Streamer) and take control of Abe in order to free him from the fake world. But as the selection of the Dome Fossil shows, they aren't in complete control of Abe's actions...
    • And if Bill isn't the one causing it, then the Bill in this fake world might be the actual original Bill, bur he doesn't know that the world is fake either.
      • Or he does know, and is just not telling Abe for one reason or another.
    • Also, if this is a fake world, then the char donation messages are actually people in the real world trying to wake Abe up.
      • Though you realise that means that you have characters from past installments, the gods themselves, Bill, Abe's mother and father, as well as a whole bunch of random people (posssibly the Mob itself) all trying to free Abe at the same time.
    • This theory seems to have become much more likely after the events of Day 9. The glitches could easily be interpreted as the fake world falling apart. That's why we have to complete the Pokedex; to save what pokemon we can and escape the fake world before it falls apart. Also, Abe doesn't necessarily have to be Red's descendant; he could also be a cousin or brother.
      • Alternatively, the glitches could actually be a part of the fake world, designed to stop Abe from progressing any further.
      • Also, the reason Abe has to complete the Pokedex and then do more stuff after that might be the means to some sort of end for either the individual creating the fake world, or the people trying to free Abe from it.

The 'True Ending' we're being promised...

  • ...will involve battles with characters from existing lore replacing the Elite Four and Champion.
    • Guesses include:
      • Original Red, AJ, A, or any other past host for that matter. They will have their original teams, regardless of whether or not those Pokemon were originally in this game version.
      • Bill, who will have Flareon and a Dome-based Pokemon (such as Kabuto) in his roster.
  • Alternatively, it could involve battling Professor Oak. Streamer said it was a possibility, and Oak has battle data already in the game that can be used.
    • Confirmed! After catching all 151 Pokemon and going through the E4 again, Abe encountered Pr. Oak after defeating Blue. Rather than registering Abe, Oak challenged him to battle.

Abe is in fact Red's younger brother, as much of the chat seems to believe...

  • ...and the events of Red Anniversary are occurring some time between the original Red and Crystal, making it a sort of [['Interquel' interquel]] between the two. Abe set out on his journey to try and find his older brother after he vanished upon becoming champion.
    • What if Abe's dream of Red as in fact a flashback to an event that had occurred the previous day that we just didn't see? This means Abe battled him before AJ did. And in that case, Red's original team are more powerful now than they are in Crystal because they weren't fighting at full strength against AJ as part of Helix's 'No Gods, No Kings, Only Mon' gambit.
    • Not only that, but the Blue in Red and Red Anniversary is the same Blue, and he's trying to reclaim his glory the second time around.

The map will become a god...

  • A spirit god of philosophy, and navigation. People are already starting to chant "Praise Map"

The recent PC massacre leaving us with only Onix and three Digletts was caused by the actions of Lord Drive:

  • Lord Drive is seen as the God of Imbalance. The four active survivors are all Ground-types. What could be more appealing to a God of Imbalance than an unbalanced team?

This run will have a team with a Patriotic/American theme.

  • Because we named our trainer Abraham Lincoln. Sam the Flareon could be Uncle Sam, Cash Cat could represent Capitalism, Onix and Leech King could represent America's military because they are currently our strongest members, etc.

There will be an Unknown Dungeon run and a final climactic battle with the False God, Mewtwo!

The False Prophet... Abby and Jay Leno... Bloody Sunday... The corruption of Red... The Admiral... Prince Omelet... The Platinum Game Crash... The No-Button Riot... All of the hardships the Hivemind has faced guiding their trainers to victory have all been caused by... him!!! The False God, The Artificial God, The Man-Made God—Mewtwo!

Created from genetic data recovered from the legendary Mew, Mewtwo was to be Team Rocket's ultimate weapon, one who would topple the "feeble" Poke-gods and allow Giovanni to create his own divine religion, with Mewtwo as its central figure. From his birth, Mewtwo was brought up with the belief that he was the one true god, destined to inherit the earth. One day, the False God escaped from the facility he was being held in and took shelter in the Unknown Dungeon, where he would meditate and hone his psychic powers to prepare for his ascension to absolute divinity. It is said that some members of Team Rocket—including Giovanni and Archer—actually worship Mewtwo as a god...

Now, it's our turn to strike back! We'll take the fight to the False God himself... and we will win!!!

Under the bed with the diploma?
It'll be a marathon session against Bill... with every pokemon we ever released.

Dream Red is Abe's Shadow.

  • He represents Abe's repressed hatred of the voices.