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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary

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  • The Mob has failed to defeat so many wild Pikachu that they've entered the lore as the Gatekeepers. It took twelve attempts to reach Viridian City.
  • The first Pokemon the Mob caught is a Kakuna, which can't do anything but Harden. It was eventually boxed, and released at level 16, during a frantic attempt to save it. It was still a Kakuna after failing to evolve 7 times.
  • After finally defeating Brock, the mob finally obtained some money and managed to buy six precious Poké Balls. They then proceeded to waste all six in a single trainer battle, which they then lost.
  • Charmeleon evolved on schedule, but failed to learn Slash. Immediately afterward, a Rocket Grunt blew her up with a self-destructing Graveler.
  • Charizard lost a battle against a Magmar because it used Leer instead of attacking. This was a common occurrence, often with Growl instead of Leer. By level 50 she still had Growl and Leer (the latter being especially useless because she no longer had any physical-damage moves).
  • Abe lost all of his Pokemon to a Swimmer's first Pokemon, a Seadra. It kept spamming Bubble, leading the chat to be afraid of the move.
  • When the Dome Fossil and Town Map were accidentally deposited in the PC, the resulting debacle ended with Pidgey released and Charizard deposited in Box 1.
  • After finally completing Nugget Bridge and winning the Nugget, the mob chose to go to Bill's house instead of returning to Cerulean to sell it. They made it two-thirds of the way before wiping out, losing $1244, and then tossed the Nugget (which was worth enough for 25 Poké Balls) a moment later.
  • Desperate to make catches, Abe sold TM 45 and bought 4 Pokeballs. He then wasted all of them on Misty's Lapras.
  • After defeating a stubborn Hiker, Charizard was defeated by a Tentacool using Wrap.
  • Abe passed out from poison 4 steps away from completing Bill's teleporter sequence.
  • The majority of Day 4 has been spent fighting over the PC and releasing 'Mon. The 'Mon responsible? A Kakuna.... that only knows Harden. Worse is that it's in a different PC Box than is currently selected, making its retrieval highly improbable and drastically increasing the likelihood of releasing others in the process.
  • Abe tried to catch a Diglett and caught a small army of them instead. While trying to get one from the PC, he released 4 of them along with a few other mons, then changed to a different PC box, trapping a couple of fan favorites in Box 1. And he still didn't have a Diglett, so he had to go catch another one. To top it all off, he was really trying to catch a Dugtrio, but got beaten up by the one or two he managed to find.
  • Abe released Lola, Magikarp, Krabby, and his Level 50 Charizard, then released the Kakuna that started it all.
  • The chat caught two Meowths in an attempt to have a steady source of money, plus an Exeggcute. What do they do the moment they get to the PC? Release all three. The second Meowth's release has broken the record of shortest release time for catching to release, at around 15 minutes. This release also broke the record for most releases in one TPP run.
  • The Mob retrieved the coveted Great Ball from the S.S. Anne's trash can, their one last hope at the time... and failed to catch a Meowth with it.
  • The mob tries to prepare for an Eevee by buying several elemental stones, with the intention of getting a Jolteon or even a Vaporeon. They end up buying four Fire Stones, and waste the rest of their money buying 10 Poké Dolls. And when they go ahead and claim the Eevee anyway, they end up naming it KkksAmv [] [, a name so unfortunate that the mob quickly drags the team back to Lavender solely to rename the now-Flareon. And even this doesn't go smoothly when they scramble other party members' names in the process, including losing the beloved AAIIIIIRJJ.
  • The Mob's attempts to cut down the tree leading to Erika's Gym. In the process, they tossed all of their Great Balls, a Pokedoll, a PP Up, and several Fresh Waters.
  • The Mob completes the first spin puzzle in the Rocket hideout. In anarchy. In under five minutes. What makes this a fail? They forgot the Lift Key.
  • Just like A in Fire Red, Abe completed the maze, defeated a Rocket... and walked right back in.
  • The whole problem with the Battle Tent was a failure on multiple levels. First, the mob messed around its party and got a Golduck / Missingno. hybrid, which crashed the game once it landed an attack. Then, the Mob managed to defeat their first opponent, but this made it worse; entering the Battle Tent automatically boxed three party Pokemon, and winning boxed the other three, leaving Abe with a glitched party of Charizard'M, and causing him to black out every four steps. This was all fixed by the streamer with time, but the worst part? The Mob's determination to go back to the Battle Tent and try to do the whole thing over again.
  • A Rocket in Pokemon Tower managed to poison Parasect... until he removed the status effect with his Weezing's Haze.
  • Onix fainted against a Dodrio even though it naturally resists all of Dodrio's attacks.
  • Abe's first trip to the Safari Zone, which had been modified to give you 3000 steps, ended in him wasting all of his Safari Balls and only catching a single Weezing.
  • Abe traded Slowbro for Kadabra... only for it to not evolve due to a programming oversight. Not only that, because of said oversight it can't evolve at all via leveling like it was supposed to in the hack.
  • After hours of struggle, Abe cut down the tree to Pewter Museum's back entrance... only to jump the ledge and enter the front door, causing the tree to respawn.
  • The Day 15 PC Shuffle. An attempt to get rid of a comparatively weak Mr. Mime ended up in everyone viable being deposited or released except Mr. Mime. To add insult to injury, when Mr. Mime was taught a good move, it was overwritten hours later.
  • At Seafoam Islands, Abe was trapped on a 1 by 1 square of land for hours.
  • After days of struggle, Abe completed the Seafoam Island puzzle and battled Articuno. Zapdos defeated it with one critical hit, and didn't even gain experience points.
  • Abe's quest for 151 was going well... until the PC box filled up. His attempt to manually change it was cut short when he accidentally released a freshly-caught Drowzee. The second attempt to switch boxes went smoothly, until at the last moment Parasect was deposited into the empty box. Abe soon switched to a totally different box. After a lot of struggles with the PC, Muk and Dome were deposited and LEECH KING WAS RELEASED.
  • Abe's attempt to checkpoint at the Elite Four in an attempt to reach Moltres went disastrously wrong and he entered Lorelei's room. This means he didn't checkpoint as planned, his team wasn't healed and half decimated, and he had to do the Ledge and Victory Road puzzles again to get back to Moltres. When Lorelei defeated him, he woke up on Cinnabar.
    • Making it worse is that he did talk to Nurse Joy but backed out of the heal, then went to the Elite Four.
  • When Abe finally checkpointed at the Elite Four, he was out of money. The Mob resorted to challenging the Elite 4 and losing on purpose against Blue so that they can grind money to buy Ultra Balls. Unfortunately, they failed to lose and entered the Hall of Fame, putting Abe back in Pallet.
  • Abe tried to catch Dugtrio and Butterfree in the same patch of grass. But first, he found every possible mon except those two, including a 1% encounter rate Snorlax (Butterfree and Dugtrio had 10% and 20% encounter rates, respectively). When he finally found a Dugtrio, he immediately Psychiched it. Right after that he found a Butterfree, wasted over a dozen ultra balls on it, and then it Whirlwinded to escape the battle. Just to add insult to injury, he later successfully caught a Butterfree... with a regular Pokeball. And when he caught a Dugtrio soon after, it was released almost immediately.
  • While searching for Jolteon, Abe got on his bike, went over a ledge, and discovered he was trapped. The bike moves 2 spaces at a time and couldn't line up with the one-square staircase on the ledge! And, of course, selecting the bike again to get off it was almost impossible. It took almost 20 minutes for the mob to align him with the door of a Pokemon Center so he could go in and automatically un-bike himself.