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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

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  • On the very first day, the Mob managed to release the Shiny Beldum received as a gift.
  • The Mob followed up releasing Beldum by releasing a Wurmple, Zigzagoon, and Combusken.
  • Oddish forgot Absorb for Stun Spore, leaving Acid as its only directly damaging move. It then forgot Acid for Sleep Powder, leaving it with no directly damaging moves.
  • ! forgot the very powerful Meteor Mash for Double Team, a move that seems to only work when the AI uses it.
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  • Juju's first chance to evolve occurred shortly before being forced into an endless battle with a trainer's Budew that had to end in one side struggling. After thirty minutes, Budew struggled to death, and Juju finally started evolving... only to be stopped by the (previously unknown) lack of a forced-evolution system. Just to add insult to injury, he then fainted in the very next battle and wiped out the team back to Mauville City.
  • Satanbat was released, as were Oddish, Zigzagoon, and Whismur. At one point, the only thing left in Artemis's party was a single Zigzagoon.
  • After defeating Maxie, Arty headed for Cycling Road, only to realize he didn't have a bike.
  • Latios, one of the most powerful Pokemon, fainted to a Barboach.
  • Artemis's trek through Wallace's Gym was helped with the enabling of democracy... and hampered when anarchy votes overwhelmed it, causing many failed attempts to complete the Gym.
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  • With only Victory Road and the Elite Four left to go, T4 forgot Rollout for Rock Smash.