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Awesome / Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

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  • Despite heavy losses, the Mob defeated May and earned the Dowsing Machine.
  • Wattson only took 3 tries to beat.
    • And the winning run was finished by Oddish, with only 2 health left, overcoming confusion to use Mega Drain.
  • Zigzagoony evolved into Linoone!
  • The winning battle against Norman was this for every member of the party. Every member of the party did something against Norman's Pokemon, including lucky flinches, paralysing and crits. Even when battered by the genius combo of Encore and Yawn, they pulled through, with the final Slaking essentially being defeated by Feminun's Fake Tears (which lowered its Special Defence enough for Swift to knock it out).
  • T4 evolved into Azumarill.
  • Forget Steven, we just truly beat the game. T4 won the Cool Contest.
  • They caught Groudon. After dying to it once, thinking they softlocked the game, almost killing it, and then using an Ultra Ball. The Ultra Ball worked. It was then named 6.
  • History Repeats as Wallace is once again defeated by an Azumarill with Rollout.
  • The Master Ball is used on a Legendary Pokemon: Azelf.
  • Whismur V learned Boomburst, an extremely powerful move with no downside.
  • The entire Wally battle, for obvious reasons.
  • The Elite Four and Steven were beaten in only 18 runs.
  • The Mob caught Rayquaza. In a single Poke Ball.
  • T4 has reached Level 100!
    • And so has Feminun!
  • Rayquaza gets his revenge in a rematch with Deoxys by defeating it with a single Dragon Ascent.
    • And then it one-shot Reshiram shortly afterward.
  • Rayquaza won the Cool Contest and Cute Contest.
  • Arty Haze has caught Ho-Oh with only Zigzagoony fainting.