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We will see the return of Bird Jesus in TPP: Omega Ruby
Given that you can Mega Evolve Pigeot into Mega Pigeot, this run will see a return of the beloved bird.
We might be going back in time to the time of run 3, and therefore Bill will be alive and will therefore pull a Hijacked by Ganon trope
We will have a similar legendary-catching spree to what we had in Blaze Black 2
The only reason Cly was able to catch so many legendaries was because there were so many that could be caught in the BB 2 ROM hack. Since OR/AS will have a ton of legendaries as well, it's likely we'll at least catch more than one.
The lore of this run will involve a war between the Holy Church of Helix and Satanbat worshippers.
  • Considering Pigeot gets a mega and how people are demanding PC sacrifices for Satanbat...
Satanbat has become the PC instead of being released.
Considering the chat is still demanding PC blood sacrifices, it's possible that Satanbat merged with the PC when it was "released", to remain in control of the Religion of Evil it was forming.