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  • Blue defeated AIIIAAB's Charmander with an Eevee in the first few minutes of gameplay.
  • Meta example, the run started with 12,000 viewers, the most for a TPP run since about Platinum.
  • Wild Pikachu are so difficult to defeat they've entered the lore as the Gatekeepers.
  • After twelve blackouts, Abe finally reached Viridian City and caught his first Pokemon, a Kakuna.
  • Abe's first fight against Brock had Charmander take down Onix against all odds
  • Charmeleon has defeated the Dome! Then lord Helix himself entered the battlefield...
  • Abe managed to defeat the team of Helix and Dome.
  • A level five Poliwag managed to take down a level 15 Onix. Sure, there was a type advantage, but most of the mob had wrote Poliwag off as it kept attacking.
  • New Dialogue spotted in the game! An NPC at the Pewter Museum bought a laptop to watch Twitch Plays Pokemon this time last year!
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  • Charmeleon evolved into Charizard. Not only that, it was the fastest fully-evolved starter on record.
  • Immediately after gaining Charizard, a Rocket Grunt blew her up with a self-destructing Graveler.
  • Onix pulled off a clutch win against a Rocket's Scyther, learning Rock Throw in the process.
  • Abe picked the Dome Fossil. A new age has begun.
  • Abe lost all of his Pokemon to a Swimmer's first Pokemon, a Seadra. It kept spamming Bubble, leading the chat to be afraid of the move.
  • Despite a crippling double-weakness to Water moves, Onix fought quite well against Blue's Vaporeon at Cerulean City on more than one attempt, due to the latter's oft-refusal to use Water Gun. During the successful run, with Onix the last remaining Pokemon (even Charizard had fainted), it managed to survive and outlast the Burned Vaporeon, causing a spectacular upset victory.
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  • Against the Swimmer in Cerulean Gym, Seadra was defeated, but Wartortle was hanging on by a sliver of health. Charizard spent time Leering instead of attacking and was felled, but r yzz the Krabby, who was switched in, survived a Bubble and finished it off.
  • On attempt nineteen against Misty, Charizard finally learned Flamethrower, using it to Burn Starmie. When she fainted shortly afterwards, though, all was thought lost - that is, until the Mob realized that Starmie could barely do damage anymore due to the Burn. The Pokemon that tanked to victory? Baba the Magikarp, who had not even learned Tackle yet.
  • After a potentially devastating PC shuffle, Abe traded his Poliwhirl for Lola the Jynx.
  • It was a time of desolation and despair as nearly every viable Pokemon had been released. The Mob had one last hope.
    If you have nothing left, you have nothing to lose.
  • After hours of work and the loss of Poliwag and the last Diglet, the PC Box 1 is finally reached and a proper team, including Onix, is withdrawn.
  • Operation Restoration gives multiple plans for rebounding with what the Mob has left. TPP never gives up.
  • Blue and Giovanni should be very worried.
  • Fire never dies.
  • Paras evolves into Parasect, who thanks to this romhack is rather OP As in, could rival Mewtwo OP.
    HP: 100 ; ATK: 115 ; DEF: 115 ; Speed: 100 ; Special: 100. Monster? He's better than Mew.
  • After toiling in poverty for a long time, Abe finally catches a Meowth. And one of the first thing he does is fighting off another Meowth by using Pay Day at each other, leaving Abe to take the spoils.
  • Parasect leveled up and learned Spore, the 100% accuracy Sleep move.
  • After what seemed an eternity, Blue was defeated on the S.S. Anne and Cut was obtained.
  • On the way out of the ship and in the midst of trying to teach Cut, Abe was attacked by a Sailor. As defeat loomed, he successfully heals Parasect, narrowly avoiding a blackout. While he lost the battle overall, Parasect leveled up from defeating the Sailor's Seadra.
  • The victory against Surge on the first try. The fight eventually came down to a Lvl.18 Diglett against his Lvl.42 Raichu. Since Diglett was immune to all of Raichu's Electric attacks, it just used Growl until Diglett couldn't do more than a sliver of damage, so much that it actually ran out of PP. What did Diglett do? Knocked. Raichu. Out. With. Struggle. That makes it three Gym Leaders in a row that have been dealt the final blow by underleveled, underpowered Pokémon.
  • Soon after that, a trainer dubbed the Ledgekeeper kept sending the party back to the Pokémon Center each time they managed to cut down the tree in front of her. Then Parasect learned Slash. Curb-Stomp Battle ensued.
  • Meowth was taught Thunderbolt by complete accident.
  • TPP being awesome accidentally.
  • One turn away from having Parasect faint, the Mob caught a Magmar.
  • We just killed Gatekeepers with Leech King.
  • In Rock Tunnel, Meowth survived switching out to both a Level 44 Charizard and a Marowak and leveled up after the battle. Even cooler was that Charizard actually hit Meowth (and Mankey) with Rage and failed to defeat both of them.
  • At some point during the run, the mod bot started timing out (temp banning) people who used /me. Whenever this happened, the bot announced in the chat the reason for the timeout. Eventually, the Mob decided to fight back. A mass effort began to cause as many timeouts as possible to be announced in the chat by the bot at once, because if it sends more than 100 messages in 30 seconds, the bot's IP will receive a global Twitch chat ban for 8 hours. The Mob succeeded.
  • Parasect declared god slayer as the mob fought a trainer who had both Kabutops and Omastar just outside the rock tunnel after finally getting out of there.
  • The Mob completed the first spin puzzle in the Rocket hideout. In anarchy. In under five minutes. This triumph was then spoiled when they realized they forgot the Lift Key.
  • Parasect curb-stomped Erika's Pokemon.
  • Abe beat the first of two Rocket HQ mazes without Democracy! Considering he's beaten the 2nd one twice, but didn't have the Lift Key, it's safe to say Rocket HQ has been beaten in all Anarchy.
    • From the Live Updater, "[Snark] This moment of Anarchy working out is brought to you by Helix Enterprises. Helix Enterprises: If it ain't chaotic, it ain't right."
  • After two horrible losses to the Rocket Grunt guarding the way to skip the maze, Clementine the Marowak put him in his place and defeated his killer Muk and Weezing. Abe then went on to defeat Giovanni.
  • Meowth evolved into Persian after two canceled attempts!
  • Parasect scared Gary Oak away.
  • Abe beats the Safari Zone without needing Democracy. He's now 2/3 in areas that the original Red needed Democracy.
  • After beating the Safari Zone, the Mob visits the PC. Instead of the usual chaos and blood, they walk away with a really strong party consisting of a Parasect, Victreebel, Mr. Mime, and Electabuzz.
    • They then catch a new surfing Krabby, leading to legitimate claims that this "is the final party."
  • When visiting home, Abe finally took out a sweet revenge against the Gatekeepers, defeating several and catching one.
  • Abe caught 50 Pokemon. His quest is a third done, and he can get the EXP. All item.
  • When Abe defeated Blaine, it was thanks to Muk working up its evasion, defense, and Rapidash's AI breaking. The chat heralded the Return of ATV, as Muk's Poison-type was what kept Rapidash spamming the Psychic-type Agility. Even better, it happened one year to the day that ATV defeated Lance's Dragonite in the exact same way.
  • Parasect reached Level 100.
  • The Mob started an operation to deposit Ponyta and replace it with Zapdos. They had to put the old Pokémon in the Day Care (beating the hardest ledge in the game), backtrack to Saffron to get the Masterball, make their way to the Power Plant, reach Zapdos and manage to use the Master Ball without overshooting and canceling the item menu. They made it. On. The. First. Try. And unlike AA-j from Red, Zapdos was added to the party immediately, averting another PC catastrophe!
  • When battling Giovanni, both Parasect and Zapdos had been defeated. The underrated Cloyster came to the rescue, winning Abe the Earth Badge and defeating Team Rocket.
  • At the beginning of Day 20, the Battle Tent deciding not to crash the entire universe and give Abe all the money his wallet can hold for a change.
  • Abe lined up two Jackpots in the Game Corner. In a row.
  • Kabutops leveled to 53 and learned Hydro Pump over Harden.
  • At the Elite Four, Abe fished in Lorelei's room and was reunited with Baba.
  • Abe managed to get all the way to Lance on his first Elite 4 run. Keep in mind that half of his Pokémon were in the 80's one was in the 70's and one was in the 60's (plus Leech King who is level 100 but got knocked out early on). All the Elite 4's Pokémon were above level 90.
    • And, of course, the moment he entered the Hall of Fame for the first time. With Cloyster solo-ing most of Blue's team, no less.
  • The secret from checking the bed post-game? Abe enters a dream sequence. Where he ends up on Mt. Silver. And fights a Dream version of Red using the original 6 legends, all at LEVEL 100, complete with his Crystal theme. And then Abe beats him on the first try, and all he can say in response is "start9".
    • The intro shown in the page picture. The background fades to complete black as a wall of text inputs begin to slowly fill the screen, gradually getting faster and faster until it fades to white. "DREAM RED wants to fight!"
    • Oh, and the caption of that image? A donation quote made during the battle, under the name Dream Red.
  • For the first time in TPP history, the Mob managed to successfully give a Pokemon a proper nickname. They caught a Staryu and named it Pioxys.
    • To be fair, it was in democracy mode.
  • Abe caught Articuno and named it A.
  • Remember the old hoax that said Mew could be found under the truck? This time, it's not a hoax. Mew actually was under the truck, and it fled to a brand-new, custom-made dungeon.
  • Mewtwo gets one for effortlessly dodging every single Poke Ball and Great Ball thrown at it (Gen 1 Mewtwo is programmed so that anything less than an Ultra Ball will not work on it unless it has a status effect.)
  • Abe the Cartographer is exploring and mapping new areas.
  • The mob saves Viridan Gym for last when going through the rematches, passing the notorious ledge on the first try. They then discover that with Giovanni gone, the League has installed a PC to manage battles until a replacement can be found. Cloyster absolutely destroys the optimal version of Giovanni's team, beating everything in one hit. After a year of losing dozens of Pokemon to computers, the mob finally has sweet, sweet vengeance.
    • It should also be noted that every gym leader rematch was won on the first try! Given the struggles with many of them, it shows just how far Abe's team has come.
  • The absolutely epic battle against the PC itself - one that the Leech King manages to win!
  • Abe finally saw and caught Moltres.
  • Abe caught Mew with a single Poke Ball when it had no status effects.
  • Mewtwo is the very last Pokemon needed to complete the Pokedex. It also gained an awesome moment when a patch gave it an attacking move to replace Barrier: Psychic. It promptly used it in conjunction with Amnesia to black out Abe.
  • Abe finally weakened, paralyzed, and caught Mewtwo, then obtained his diploma from Game Freak.
  • The real final boss is Professor Oak. Now is definitely not the time to use that.
  • ICU takes revenge against Pikachu and finishes it off with an Aurora Beam. The run is over. We won.
  • The secret credits sequence.


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