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  • 3 hours in, AAtatat made it to Viridian.
  • When Democracy activated, the Mob developed a strategy to get AAABBHM to Viridian safely by keeping AAtatat stuck in a conversation while they worked on the upper screen.
  • Despite having a type disadvantage against Brock and a less-than-full party, AAtatat got her first badge before AAABBHM.
  • The mob actually managed to switch moves at a key moment, using A's Quick Attack to finish off Brock's CYuugi when both were in the red.
  • After getting the Magikarp Expy in Touhoumon and naming it XXXXXXXXqk, it got transferred to the PC. The mob then willingly started up democracy, went to the PC, switched out a mon, and put XXX in the party, and then put it in the lead, all without releasing a single Touhoumon.
  • After several runs where the Voices accidentally picked Dome or both were forced on them in some way, the Voices finally picked Lord Helix once again for the first time since Twitch Plays Pokémon Red, in anarchy mode to boot!
  • T the Pidgey was evolved to Pidgeotto in Anarchy, and was crucial to defeat Misty.
  • Sanae took a critical hit from Lt. Surge's T Iku (Technical Iku) that also paralyzed her, taking her into the red, but countered with a critical of her own to earn AAABBHM the Thunder Badge.
  • Both girls battled Giovanni at the same time, though only one of them won.
    • The next try makes up for it by having a lvl 15 Goddish take down Giovanni's lvl 25 Onix and lvl 26 Rhyhorn.
  • The mob encounters a rare Bonékanote  (CYuyuko) and catches it through sheer determination (i.e. by throwing easy balls at it until one stuck).
  • After the stream crashed and reset during democracy, everyone who voted "downa" (the command that would select New Game) was hit with a permaban, including prominent mob member Chauzu. The mob outcry from Chauzu's banning was so great that it was switched to a one-week ban. In addition, XXXXXXXXQk was renamed Chauzu in democracy.
  • Cirno is the first mon to survive being released from the PC, cementing her status as "the Strongest".
  • Butterbae versus Blaine. Despite having a type disadvantage, Butterbae took out three of his Moémon, tanking a Fire Blast from his Growlithe and getting pretty much every type of RNG blessing possible (Sleep Powder hitting, Fire Blast missing, multiple critical hits and 10% chances of causing confusion) to defeat his Ponyta and Rapidash without taking any damage at all. Baeporeon finished the job after Arcanine finally took Butterbae down.
  • The first run to even reach the Champion in Moémon ended up being the penultimate run. On "teh urn", Baeporeon hit with all five of its Blizzards.
  • The first run to reach the Champion in Touhoumon turned out to be the urn. And unlike so many other urns, Victory didn't actually depend on a single over-levelled mon, every one of them had somehow contributed to it, and it finishes with some clutch dodges by Chauzu the Satori. A fitting ending for a Bullet Hell-derivative.