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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Omega Ruby

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  • On the very first day, the Mob released the Shiny Beldum received as a gift. They followed that up by releasing a Wurmple, a Zigzagoon, and Combusken.
  • Juju's first chance to evolve occurred shortly before being forced into an endless battle with a trainer's Budew that had to end in one side struggling. After thirty minutes, Budew struggled to death, and Juju finally started evolving... only to be stopped by the (previously unknown) lack of a forced-evolution system. Just to add insult to injury, he then fainted in the very next battle and wiped out the team back to Mauville City. Making matters worse, he was released soon after.
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  • Satanbat was released, as were Oddish, Zigzagoon, and Whismur. At one point, the only thing left in Artemis's party was a single Zigzagoon.
  • The cutscene that plays after defeating or catching Groudon flooded the chat with tears.
  • Zinnia's backstory, which involves the mother of the Whismur that follows her passing away and her looking up at the stars to ease the pain. When she asks Arty if they've ever felt the same way, both he and the Mob reply "I have". A sad reminder of not only Sarfa's release, but all the Pokemon who were released in past runs.
  • When the Mob captured Rayquaza with a single Pokeball, things looked good... until Deoxys defeated them both. Thankfully, both Artemis and his Pokemon survived the fall from space.
  • Rayquaza ended up killing Reshiram. It let out a mournful cry as it died.
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  • Rayquaza was traded away to a trainer with a Shiny Archeops.
  • Feminun was traded for an exact replica of Solareon from Platinum. Before this, Urtiv was traded for an exact replica of Sunshine / Sparkles the Shinx.
  • Whismur V was traded for a Glalie.
  • Urtiv being traded away, then Wannek Being released during wifi postgame.