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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon X

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  • The mob wanted dark skinned Serena, and started demanding the game to be reset the second Blond Calem was picked.
  • d has no qualms trading away his Pokemon to parts unknown.
  • d deposited his starter by accident while trying to deposit Lady Helix. The Mob has no plans to get it back.
  • The truth ain't pretty.
  • On Day 2, the Mob began to sink into despair as their party was full, they had no Surfer, and were stuck on a double battle.
  • d didn't take credit for beating Team Flare.
  • Despite being capable of Mega Evolution and having several attacking moves, Lucario is not often victorious when it matters.
  • d encountered the Espurr who misses its owner.
  • Stupid city.
  • The entire Mob cried when watching the AZ cutscene.
  • After consistently failing to prove himself when it mattered, Lucario was boxed for Xerneas.
  • Battle for the Mega Stone. Poor Serena...
  • The Mob cried during the entirety of the ending, including the credits song.
  • In the postgame, d traded away nearly all of his Pokemon, including Quilladin, Dr. 0, Xerneas, Aegislash, and Moondoge.
  • In the final moments before the post-game ending, the Mob left d the same way they came: with d in his room sitting on his bed.