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"The intrigue, drama, and cooperation in the face of adversity of this rollercoaster has inspired me with new faith in humanity, every victory they score is a victory for all of us. If tens of thousands of people can pull it together enough to collectively progress through a game of Pokemon, there's sill hope for this species."
Coelasquid (author of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)

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  • The collaboration picture, documenting five runs' worth of characters from Red to Platinum. The fact that so many continued to contribute to this project after five runs and counting is one of the most wonderful displays of loyalty ever seen on this run.
  • In the intermission between HeartGold and Black, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was started. The Mob was a Cubone and their partner was a Charmander... who they named Abby with the use of Democracy.
    • In the same game, they named their team "Team Z33k" in honor of the chat leader who announced he was leaving after Heart Gold.
  • To celebrate 150 days of TPP, the Mob enacted Operation Love Bomb and made copious amounts of positive art.
  • In the ORAS demo, the Mob picked Combusken, and declared it to be the return of Zexy from the Emerald run. Given that Zexy's release is widely considered to be one of the most painful losses the Mob has ever suffered, the idea that they found him again is adorable.
  • Operation Show Martyr We Care, another copious art/fanfiction project dedicated to Red's much-maligned Flareon.
  • As the stream was wrapping up its sidegame playthrough of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, the mob realized that they needed a massive amount of tokens - 2008, to be exact - to watch the entire credits. The result was one of the greatest concerted efforts the stream had ever seen, with everyone contributing at least a little bit to the pile. The mob succeeded, and as the tokens rained down, the audience wept at the game's sad ending, sympathizing with the characters.
  • The fact that the Mob has had Character Development over the course of the runs, starting out as a stream of maddening voices in Red's head, but have Took a Level in Kindness in years since and are much more willing to help their hosts.