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FaxImUhLee: And eight hours later, Red was finally convinced that he had thoroughly scouted the area around the gym. Except... wait, was that blade of grass bent that way the last time he circled around?
DogeMichael: For some reason, it reminded him of Bulbasaur's cry. Had it changed, also? Better check.
monkeyjay: A blade of grass... grass.. a grass thicket.. a grss ticket.. ss ticket... S.S TICKET!!.. It sounds crazy, but I should check it just to be sure.
freelanceryork: Sure....sur...Surf. Had everyone learned Surf? Better try, just to be thorough. I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out...
lazyemployer: Left out... le flout... le flute. I should really play the poke flute again! Now that's a catchy tune!
DelanHaar6: Tune...toon...moon... GASP! I'm out of moonstones! I wonder if there are any around here...
Conversation in "Live Updates Day 14"

brick_wall_the_: Guys, remember when we conquered the lavender town tower with basically no attacks against ghosts. WE CAN DO THIS, DOWN WITH THE LEDGE, I WONDER WHERE MY PARTNER WENT ?!?!
No, no, that's exactly the problem!
brick_wall_the_: Damn it you're right!!!! UP WITH THE LEDGE
Conversation in "Live Updates Day 14" thread

This is 10% luck,
20% skill,
15% concentrated power of will,
5% pleasure,
50% pain,
and 100% reason to catch that weedle again.
Jeroz (about how Red had to watch the Viridian Old Man's "How To Catch A Pokémon" tutorial repeatedly; to the tune of Fort Minor's "Remember The Name"), "Live Updates Day 14" thread

at this rate we are going to be able to pick up the giovanni fossil
Mr_OF_COURSE (remarking on the multiple attempts needed to enter Viridian Gym), "Live Updates Day 14" thread

[Snark] I guess Dewgong is already a bit bored of seeing us every few minutes, since he tried to go to sleep right at the start. Have some respect!
X-Keeper in the Live-Update thread, remarking on Lorelei's Dewgong using the move Rest during the umpteenth (eighth?) time of Red challenging Lorelei

3d 5h 46m Napoleon's successfully riding his bike throughout Eterna City, trampling people along the way with a wide smile on his face :D


Twitch Plays Pokemon continues to be my favourite analogy for the human race; a chaotic crowd of assholes, nerds, and nice guys all shrieking in cacophonous unison as they beat up on animals.
— Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku

"I hear voices in my head,
they counsel me, they understand.
They talk to me..."
— The broad synopsis of TPP