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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal Anniversary

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  • After getting shipwrecked in Cherrygrove City, Evan heads to New Bark Town. There, he meets his mom, who is immensely relieved to see her son okay and reminds him that she loves him.
  • Evan has hatched several Pokemon eggs.
  • While most of the Mob thinks Azure is dead, they still hope she's alive in some manner. They're also treating her and Evan as an official couple.
  • After reaching Olivine City, Evan had his path blocked by Team Rocket. He then called his mom, who said she was rooting for him.
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  • After carrying around a baby Squirtle for a while, the Mob decided to leave it at the Day Care instead of boxing or releasing him.
  • The Mob's reactions to receiving phone calls have gradually changed from mild annoyance to positively cheering at hearing from all the people supporting them.
  • Milestone 40. Evan remembers that Azure caught at least 40 Pokemon and vows to catch up and surpass her.
  • When Evan added a Miltank to his party, the Mob declared it to be Tux's Love Interest after the way Whitney's Miltank used Attract on him. Sure enough, she ended up becoming the second-strongest member of the party and cemented their Battle Couple status by learning Surf and gaining the nickname Sailor Moo which works well with the tuxedo-wearing Venusaur.
  • Fox. Underleveled as he is, with many forcing switches so that he gets knocked out first and he's denied Experience, has more than once saved the day against opponents twice his level by using Charm so his friends wouldn't get hurt. He's the face of The Power of Love in the team. The entirety of day 10 was dedicated to level him up.
    • Eventually, he became a key member of the team against Lance, earning him the fame of Dragon Slayer. Then he aided in defeating the Helix Choir, making him a God Slayer as well.
  • Evan and Azure's reunion. One of the first things she said was how relieved she was to see Evan was okay, and given the lore to that point, his reaction was likely quite similar.
    • Yep.
  • This series by T-chan giving an interpretation of the league battle. Azure has been "rescued" from the S.S. Anne and possessed by Olden. Despite having her body possessed, she still defies the monstrosity's attempts to make her give up on Evan and gives Olden a Shut Up, Hannibal! when it claims to be a god and it says that Evan is helpless to save her. The ending? A Big Damn Heroes entrance by Lord Amber, who banished Olden from Azure's body and reunites her with Evan. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • Shortly after defeating Baba in a dream, there was an almost unanimous push for the usually-divisive Democracy Mode, which was at the time broken anyway and didn't properly execute inputs. The sole reason for activating it anyway? The chat wanted to wait4baba. The tribute lasted eleven minutes and had well over a hundred inputs per vote at its peak.
  • Once all the bonus bosses had been beaten, the Mob allowed Kenya to deliver her mail.
    • Also, Rayquaza the Togepi and SPOOKS the Gastly were withdrawn from the PC, reuniting with Evan after so long.
  • In the post-game after Kenya was allowed to return to her mail delivery, all of the core team except FOX was either released or deposited. Unlike the typical train of thought for TPP releases, a happier interpretation of this action took hold in many of the community. Instead of a tragic break up or mass slaughter, most of the mob saw this as the team just doing what Kenya did, their task was done so they ventured off on their own path to a hero's departure. note