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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal Anniversary

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  • When the Mob got the 5 Pokeballs from Professor Oak, they went to Route 1, wasted all their balls on a weak Level 5 Rattata they didn't even want, and caught it on their last ball.
  • The Mob released Bezt the Cyndaquil while trying to retrieve him.
  • While stuck on Route 29, Evan headbutted a tree, causing a Pineco to come out and exploding Evan's last party member.
  • Evan sure trusts his Pokemon. Enough to defeat themselves with recoil damage.
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  • During a Daycare shuffle gone wrong, QH the Omanyte was released.
  • Evan vs. the Electrode at the end of the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany. After taking out the first two, the last one takes out Tux, his final Pokémon, with Selfdestruct, whiting him out.
  • Like Red before him, Evan got stuck between an NPC and a wall.
  • At one point, the stream received a donation with a message telling the Mob to not let Kenya (their last Pokemon) faint. Kenya fainted immediately after that.
  • Evan gets past the dreaded Route 9 ledge, only to go back and jump over it anyway because a proper "checkpointing" also required going down and trolls started spamming left.
  • Evan made it past the first reverse Rocket Hideout puzzle... only to lose to Burglar Simon, blacking out and forced to traverse the maze again.
  • On Day 15 Evan found himself up against Silver in a close battle. Despite having a strong Pokemon that was super effective against Kenya and had a solid type resistance to Queendra, meaning he had a good chance at winning, Silver decides to place both hands firmly on the Idiot Ball and use Explosion. Effectively giving Evan a free win.
    • How is this a fail? Silver simply has honor. (Kappa)