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The Recap Page for Twitch Plays Pokemon Anniversary Crystal.

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     Day 1 - A Genwunner's Dream! Season 3, Begin! 
  • The mob starts the game, but it is delayed a couple of hours due to glitches.
  • Once the game starts properly, the mob chooses the boy. For the first time in TPP history since Red back in Season 1 - a default name is chosen. EVAN.
  • EVAN's rival is not SILVER, but the Girl the mob didn't choose, who turns out to be OAK's granddaughter. She too gets a default name - AZURE.
  • The game starts in PALLET TOWN, KANTO. The mob is confused in which how to progress, but before long Professor OAK is there to help them. This is familiar...
  • Without delay - EVAN chooses Bulbasaur (nicknamed: Tux)! Another first for TPP, as every previous non-randomized Kanto starter selection (Red, X, Anniversary Red, and Moemon) had resulted in selecting Charmander. AZURE chooses Charmander instead.
  • AZURE battles EVAN and soundly kicks his butt. She definitively has this Sugar-and-Ice Personality attitude that the mob is quick to pick up on.
  • EVAN gets OAK's PACKAGE and delivers it to Professor OAK. In return he gets the POKEDEX. Not before whiting out a few times.
  • Before long EVAN reaches PEWTER CITY after catching a Rattata and having an overpowered Tux.
  • After five Attempts, BROCK falls to Tux's high level and type advantage, winning EVAN the BOULDERBADGE.
  • An hour later Tux evolves into an Ivysaur!
  • EVAN buys a Magikarp. Now he has 3 Pokemon.
  • EVAN chooses the HELIX FOSSIL. RED would be proud.
  • Not long after EVAN catches a Farfetch'd.
  • EVAN reaches CERULEAN CITY before the 18 hour mark. MISTY stood little chance against Tux, going down in only two attempts. CASCADEBADGE GET.
  • AZURE proves to be the harder challenge. Lasting three attempts.
  • As the mob continues the story and head to VERMILLION CITY, EVAN catches a Venonat, an Oddish, a Kakuna, a Slowpoke, a Magnemite, a Meowth, a Pidgey, a 2nd Oddish and traded Farfetch'd for SPOOKS the Gastly all before the 1st day ends.

     Day 2 - Continuum Shift! Team Rocket Hijacks the Plot! 
  • Day 2 begins with the capture of a Diglett. Confident that LT. SURGE is next the mob quickly boards the S.S. ANNE.
  • Things quickly go to pot as the stream crashes. It takes one and a half hours before control is given back.
  • EVAN fights AZURE again. Succeeding on the third attempt.
  • EVAN massages the Captain. Who then proceeds to leave port for OLIVINE CITY, JOHTO. Understandably this unsettles the mob.
  • Things go From Bad to Worse as TEAM ROCKET stages a mutiny. EVAN gets knocked out.
  • EVAN awakens, yet his pokemon are fully healed (and not stolen). The mob's confusion turns to anguish as a Man in Green knocks EVAN aside and steals his badges.
  • EVAN goes to face an endless onslaught of TEAM ROCKET GRUNTS. EVAN manages to take down one, yet falls despite Tux being 20 levels higher than his opponents.
  • The S.S. ANNE crashes and sinks. TEAM ROCKET scatters and AZURE is unaccounted for. EVAN awakes in CHERRYGROVE CITY, JOHTO.
  • The MAP GENT takes EVAN to the Pokemon Center to heal and then points him to NEW BARK TOWN where Professor ELM lives.
  • On the way to NEW BARK TOWN, EVAN catches a Spinarak.
  • Apparently EVAN's Mother moved to NEW BARK TOWN, fearing the worst had happened to EVAN. Understandably she's miffed at EVAN for scaring her, and as a result adds the phone app to the POKE GEAR. She says it's been three months since she saw him last.
  • EVAN meets Professor ELM who gives us a pick of JOHTO STARTER. The mob chooses Cyndaquil, because it still has Twitch Plays Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal on the brain. ELM subsequently asks us to go to MR POKEMON's house.
  • On the way, we stare down a Pineco for a good 30 minutes. During this time, Military Mode is enabled. It enables the mob to directly access commands on the menu - rather than just pressing buttons and hope things work. Naturally the mob is on the fence about this mode but not to the point of RIOTING.
  • MR. POKEMON gives EVAN the MYSTERY EGG, and also Professor OAK is there. He is relieved that EVAN is safe and upgrades EVAN's Pokedex. The mob wonders if OAK knows where his granddaughter is?
  • As soon as EVAN steps out someone has stolen a Pokemon from Professor ELM. He tells us to come back to NEW BARK TOWN.
  • At CHERRYGROVE CITY, EVAN runs into the thief. He apparently stole a Totodile. Needless to say it didn't last long against Tux.
  • EVAN reaches NEW BARK TOWN and gives Professor ELM the MYSTERY EGG. In the meantime the Police are there gathering information. The Thief and apparently EVAN's new rival is named SILVER as the mob backs out of his naming screen.
  • Shortly thereafter, EVAN catches a Hoothoot.
  • Back on ROUTE 30 - EVAN battles YOUNGSTER JOEY. JOEY is so awed by EVAN that he gave out his phone number. JOEY has not stopped ringing us since then!
  • In the mean time the mob was debating whether to add Cyndaquil (Z) to the team. One attempt at CHERRYGROVE CITY prior did nothing. On the second attempt at VIOLET CITY however, EVAN ends up releasing Z! Apparently the Fire Curse is still a thing in Season 3.
  • EVAN takes on the VIOLET CITY GYM. Steamrolling all trainers including FAULKNER on the first try due to Tux's bulk. EVAN receives the ZEPHYRBADGE.
  • Not long after Tux evolves into a Venusaur. Shortly after that EVAN captures a Swinub. The mob finds a Larvitar - however both low pokemon health and lack of poke balls makes them reconsider.
  • EVAN then goes to SPROUT TOWER. He apparently cleans it out as he leaves with HM 05.
  • EVAN goes on a bit of a grind to further toughen up his pokemon. Most of his Pokemon are still in the teens or lower in terms of Character Level. Except Tux - who's at Level 42.
  • EVAN returns to VIOLET CITY to pick up the EGG that ELM had. It requires a PC shuffle. No casualties, however Hoothoot and Oddish are boxed and Swinub is removed from storage. Eventually after much bickering - the mob is successful in retrieving the EGG. They reward themselves by continuing to train, by headbutting trees with Tux and using SPOOKS to absorb the damage.
  • EVAN gets to the RUINS OF ALPH, however the inputs from the mob were no longer going through, effectively freezing the stream. Then JOEY rings EVAN.
  • 2 hours later the Stream is fixed, so EVAN finally listens to JOEY's call. After that, he then goes to the RESEARCH CENTER in the RUINS OF ALPH to revive the HELIX FOSSIL that he obtained back in MT. MOON.
  • After 'a while' and fighting through serious lag, EVAN receives an Omanyte (Queen/Queer Helix) possibly Lord Helix's latest incarnation.
  • Naturally once EVAN reaches the Pokemon Center on ROUTE 32, the mob clamors to insert Queen/Queer Helix into the party. Due to the continuous slowdown, the mob was able to deposit their Magikarp for their Omanyte with no casualties.
  • After working his way through UNION CAVE with a measure of success, EVAN meets HIKER ANTHONY. After defeating him, ANTHONY gives out his phone number. That isn't creepy at all.
  • Upon arriving in AZALEA TOWN, the EGG that EVAN had hatched. Togepi (Rayquaza) was born with identity crisis, as it thinks it's a pokemon that doesn't exist at this point of the series.
  • After wandering through AZALEA TOWN, EVAN meets KURT. KURT tells EVAN that TEAM ROCKET is in the SLOWPOKE WELL cutting off Slowpoke Tails. And That's Terrible. EVAN goes into a bit of a freeze before following KURT into the SLOWPOKE WELL.
  • After trying (and failing) to go through TEAM ROCKET the first time, EVAN returns to catch a Wooper. EVAN then continues to wipe the floor with TEAM ROCKET.
  • After rescuing the Slowpoke. EVAN fins SILVER who is itching to pick a fight. EVAN's pokemon pulled through and secured the win after only SPOOKS fainting and Venonat at low health. SILVER doesn't take it well.
  • Upon entering AZALEA GYM, EVAN encounters a familiar face enter the GYM along with him. EVAN fights the now named BURGLAR SIMON and wins. The mob suspects SIMON stole EVAN'S Kanto badges back at the S.S. ANNE as he has the same overworld sprite. Nevertheless SIMON gives EVAN the EXP. SHARE that SIMON was saving for his partner.
  • After beating a pair of twins (AMY and MAY) after experiencing major slowdown, the stream crawls to a stop and crashes once again. The day ends with EVAN listening to a 5 year old noting how strong he is.

     Day 3 - Glitches Galore! Olden Destroys Military Mode! 
  • 2 hours into Day 3, control was given back to the mob. EVAN goes up against BUG CATCHER JOSH. The battle ends in a glitchy mess. The devs reset the game to before EVAN fights JOSH, only for the mob to let EVAN challenge JOSH again. Barely after the battle starts - the game crashes! The mob comes face to face with OLDEN for the first time.
  • The mob tries to battle JOSH twice more, only to end up crashing the game each time (including this humorous error message ). Eventually, the mob gives up and makes EVAN head into ILEX FOREST.
  • After whiting out a couple of times the game was reset and reloaded from the last save. It is revealed that the devs DISABLING MILITARY MODE for extra testing. EVAN once more faces JOSH, but this time the battle is glitch free and ends in a victory for EVAN.
  • EVAN reaches GYM LEADER BUGSY. After two attempts he is defeated, though not before the streamer lamenting that the AI for the game isn't working properly. Nevertheless, EVAN receives the HIVEBADGE.
  • As soon as EVAN leaves AZALEA GYM, the stream BLUE SCREENS! Apparently OLDEN was done yet. however his grip doesn't last long as control is resumed merely 10 minutes later. As a bonus the Party Display (which was having trouble updating up to this point) is finally working correctly. The poor devs finally have something go right.
  • After whiting out a few times to exploding pinecones, EVAN finds the CUTTING MASTERS Farfecth'd. Its sprite looks a bit borked (It has green spots on the edges of its sprite).
  • After fainting to Exploding Pineco some more, Anthony reveals he caught a Cyndaquil. Figures...
  • EVAN catches the Farfetch'd and the CUTTING MASTER gives him HM 01. EVAN immediately whites out minutes later and returns to AZALEA TOWN. At least he also gets CHARCOAL for his trouble.
  • After refusing to leave the CUTTING MASTER's house, EVAN listens to the LUCKY CHANNEL as he tries to teach one of his pokemon CUT. This leads the mob to start having a ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♪ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫. JOEY isn't helping, ringing 6 times in an hour. In the end, having enough of JOEY, EVAN deletes JOEY's NUMBER! AJ will be pissed.
  • Teaching his pokemon various moves (CUT is taught to Tux) EVAN returns to ILEX FOREST. But before registering the OLD ROD to the SELECT BUTTON. Also ANTHONY is becoming a bit too much like JOEY, as he is picking up the phone constantly to call EVAN. It seems that EVAN should've stuck with JOEY.
  • Tux CUTS the bush blocking EVAN in ILEX FOREST and with constant calls from Anthony - he makes it through. He fights POKEFAN BRANDON. Soon after the stream freezes once more. In desperation, the mob turns to Lord Dome and votes for Democracy in an attempt for the game to move forward again. However Democracy doesn't activate despite being past the threshold of 75%. So the Mob votes for Anarchy and gets the percentage down to 9%. That doesn't work either. So the mob waits until the dev team fixes the stream two hours later.
  • After exploring GOLDENROD CITY, the DAYCARE MAN has an egg. Another PC shuffle ensues and the mob immediately makes EVAN release the Wooper that was caught at Slowpoke Well. Gastly, Swinub and Togepi are deposited and Spinarak was withdrawn. The space in EVAN's party allows him to receive the ODD EGG from the DAYCARE MAN.
  • The dev team fixes the clock so that Trainers don't ring EVAN every five seconds. At the same time we find the GUARD that gives us KENYA. Remember him from Randomized Heartgold? In this incarnation he's a Noctowl - because Groudon won't exist until the following generation.
  • EVAN reaches GOLDENROD GYM which is now a Fairy Type Gym due to the updated Type Chart from Gen 6. It took EVAN a couple of tries but eventually he grinds through the gym trainers. WHITNEY only takes two tries before EVAN milks his victory. Whitney once again showing her class, has a tantrum before giving the PLAINBADGE.
  • EVAN participates in the BUG CATCHING CONTEST, with Queer Helix acting as his sole pokemon. He catches a Lv. 24 Weedle, before wasting another ball on a Heracross and ultimately Queer Helix Faints to a Ledyba. It wasn't enough to break into the top three, but interestingly BUG CATCHER JOSH won the contest. EVAN gets $1,000 for his time.
  • During the trek to ECRUTEAK CITY, the stream is taken offline and has been given upgrades to it's AI. It's a rocky start, but things eventually go smoothly - until the mob realizes that to wake the Sudowoodo they need the SQUIRTBOTTLE. Which they don't have.
  • EVAN gets the BIKE while at GOLDENROD, the mob argues whether to assign it to the SELECT BUTTON. EVAN tries to flash the bike seller in thanks. The day ends with the mob rummaging through the menu, but no crashing this time!

     Day 4 - Betrayal! EVAN Ditches Queer Helix! 
  • Day 4 begins with EVAN battling trainers in the GOLDENROD UNDERGROUND, He picks up a COIN CASE meaning he can now go gamble. Also the ODD EGG hatches to reveal a Pichu.
  • After gambling away all his coins (including finding a new mini-game in Voltorb Flip - which was added in the remakes 2 generations later), EVAN eventually receives the SQUIRTBOTTLE from the FLOWER SHOP.
  • EVAN sprays the Sudowoodo. Then he runs from it once he recognizes it. Then it flies away like a bird. Then ANTHONY rings after EVAN blacks out.
  • On the way to ECRUTEAK CITY, EVAN catches Mareep, Snubble, Pineco and Teddiursa.
  • EVAN goes to the BURNED TOWER and meets EUSINE and subsequently SILVER, in which the latter battles us. SILVER goes down in one shot yet again. In the meantime EVAN catches a Houndour and witnesses the Legendary Beasts for the first time - before blacking out to a Magmar. BILL notifies EVAN to change boxes as he has filled it up completely. The dev team reveals that BILL can change boxes remotely with out having to go to a PC (In TPP terms means many a sacrifice). Failure to allow BILL to change boxes means that EVAN cannot throw balls - furthermore; EVAN has to go to the PC to manually change boxes.
  • EVAN Attempts ECRUTEAK GYM, which had its type changed to Dark for more diversity. After beating two trainers in Anarchy, Evan fails the puzzle and gives up. He goes to the KIMONO THEATER instead.
  • EVAN destroys all the KIMONO GIRLS and gets HM 04 for his efforts. It's STRENGTH now compared to SURF in the original games.
  • Ignoring ECRUTEAK GYM, EVAN goes westward and fights a sailor who wants to be an Admiral and he has a Sentret with him. Nice call back.
  • Just after the 6 hour mark Spinarak evolved into an Ariados.
  • In his second attempt to Tackle ROUTE 38/39, EVAN catches an Umbreon, two Flaaffy, a Miltank and an Eevee. Before blacking out to a Houndoom.
  • EVAN tries going east from ECRUTEAK CITY instead, towards MT. MORTAR. Needless to say it ended in a lot of wasted balls, exploding rock pokemon and a very upset EVAN with no pokemon. Back to ECRUTEAK CITY...
  • EVAN then heads south past GOLDENROD CITY and back to the DAYCARE. Another PC shuffle. Ariados was ended up given to the DAYCARE LADY, Pichu is deposited and withdrew Miltank, Eevee and Flaaffy. The biggest casualty of the shuffle was the release of Queer Helix. Good job EVAN, now you pissed off both RED and AJ.
  • EVAN receives a second EGG from the DAYCARE MAN to refill EVAN's party.
  • EVAN makes his way back past GOLDENROD CITY and ECRUTEAK CITY for another crack at Mt. MORTAR. After another failed attempt, time he makes his way to MAHOGANY TOWN! Only to again black out and go straight back to ECRUTEAK CITY.
  • After another attempt at MT. MORTAR and then going back to ROUTES 38/39, gives Flaaffy enough experience to become an Ampharos! EVAN tosses an ESCAPE ROPE away in celebration.
  • EVAN makes it to OLIVINE CITY by the 12 hour mark. As a result he tries getting back on a boat back to KANTO. Dismayed that the boat is inaccessible for now, he does some Retail Therapy.
  • EVAN makes it to ROUTE 40 and the BATTLE TOWER. He makes an attempt at the BATTLE TOWER but loses his only battle.
  • EVAN tries to get into OLIVINE LIGHTHOUSE. He sees a couple of TEAM ROCKET members also try to get in - but are blocked out by a Steelix. With the OLIVINE GYM empty and no way to progress to CIANWOOD CITY, EVAN has no choice but to turn back.
  • EVAN barely makes it to ECRUTEAK CITY, with only Ampharos alive and low on HP. The EGG hatches into a Squirtle. Needless to say he doesn't last long much farther.
  • EVAN is back at ECRUTEAK GYM, and his having trouble with the puzzle there. The mob is forced to invoke Democracy, which AGAIN doesn't activate until 90% of the Mob wants it. Until then, EVAN falls down. A lot.
  • After 3 hours and 270 falls (making this currently the Anniversary Crystal equivalent of Giovanni's Wild Ride), Democracy finally kicks in. Enabling EVAN to reach MORTY, just as Anarchy was enabled. MORTY while valiant was unable to overcome EVAN's team. EVAN receives the FOGBADGE.
  • After roaming Johto for a while, EVAN comes across JOEY again. EVAN re-registers JOEY's number. Because he totally learnt his lesson.
  • The 4th day ends rather anticlimactically. EVAN ends up in GOLDENROD SHOPPING MALL after a botched grinding session.

     Day 5 - The True Path is Revealed! Let Balance be Achieved! 
  • One hour into the 5th day In GOLDENROD CITY, it happens. For the first time ever, an Eevee evolves into Vaporeon under Anarchy.
  • EVAN goes to the LAKE OF RAGE and encounters the RED GYARADOS. Having no balls on him (Wasting them, on Rock Pokemon). The mob is forced to kill it. Weirdly, the Gyarados was close to the shore, negating the use of SURF.
  • The Mob makes it to MAHOGANY TOWN and meddles around in the ROCKET HIDEOUT. It takes a few tries but EVAN manages to make it to the ROCKET EXECUTIVE.
  • Evan after losing to the ROCKET EXECUTIVE a couple of times goes for a stroll on ROUTE 42. Catching a Fearow in the process.
  • Heading farther away from MAHOGANY TOWN on ROUTE 37, EVAN catches a Natu. Returning to NATIONAL PARK, EVAN also catches a Scyther and two Chansey in quick succession.
  • Making their way to the DAYCARE the mob finds out that another EGG is due to be picked up there. EVAN goes to the nearest PC and accidentally releases one of the previously caught Chanseys.
  • EVAN grinds his team along the grass of ROUTE 34. As the only pokemon actually putting up a fight is Tux who is currently 24 levels higher than the next highest level pokemon (Being L the Miltank). Squirtle is still level 8!
  • EVAN wins the Bug Catching competition, and the first prize is the OLD AMBER. Squirtle is left to live happily at the DAYCARE to make room for the awakened Aerodactyl.
  • Returning to the RUINS OF ALPH, EVAN catches a Beedrill and a Bayleef.
  • Aerodactyl is awakened. Has the rather unfortunate name of JHH, which leads the Mob to nickname "Jihad".
  • After grinding some more, EVAN heads back to MAHOGANY TOWN and challenges the ROCKET EXECUTIVE, losing twice more.

     Day 6 - Freezing Blast! Pryce's Harsh Winter! 
  • The day begins with EVAN again attempting to head into the ROCKET HIDEOUT, and less than half an hour in, he finally defeats the ROCKET EXECUTIVE on his fifth attempt.
  • LANCE tells EVAN to attack the Electrode powering TEAM ROCKET's machine. Due to Selfdestruct, EVAN manages to essentially draw the battle, but it counts as a loss. It takes half an hour to get back there to redo the Electrode battles. LANCE then rewards EVAN with HM03, scuttling the idea that he would be returning to KANTO upon arriving in OLIVINE CITY after defeating the TEAM ROCKET in MAHOGANY TOWN.
  • EVAN spends roughly 3 and a half hours trying to get through MAHOGANY GYM, only to discover that the time could've been put to better use grinding as PRYCE absolutely wipes the floor with his Pokémon.
  • Reusable TMs mess with Tux's moveset as he forgets Razor Leaf for Fury Cutter, then replaces it with Flash only to relearn Fury Cutter at the expense of Leech Seed. Half an hour later, L learns Surf.
  • Evan gets smashed by PRYCE yet again, as even the level difference can't keep Tux from being one-shot by Ice moves.
  • Evan beats PRYCE (earning the GLACIERBADGE) and backtracks to OLIVINE CITY. The OLIVINE LIGHTHOUSE is now accessible, and upon entering it Evan is ambushed once again by BURGLAR SIMON, who yields a GOLD LEAF upon defeat.
  • After visiting the OLIVINE LIGHTHOUSE, EVAN uses Surf on nearby ROUTE 40. He Catches a Remoraid, a Seadra and a Horsea.
  • During a PC shuffle, Vaporeon and Ampharos are deposited and replaced with a Seadra. The recently caught Horsea is released in the confusion, and Evan heads for Goldenrod City to try to get a new Eevee. On the way back, they talk to LASS DANA and receive a THUNDER STONE.

     Day 7 - Clash! Chuck's Fighting Spirit, Jasmine's Iron Will! 
  • The day begins with EVAN arriving in GOLDENROD CITY and receiving a second Eevee, nicknamed "FOX,/!!!)u". The Mob works on attempting to use their new THUNDER STONE on it.
  • A RARE CANDY is used on L.
  • Seadra is taught Icy Wind with the TM from MAHOGANY GYM, overwriting Aurora Beam.
  • After an hour and 41 minutes, the stream briefly crashes and the overlay resets. This allows the anarchy/democracy slider to reach 100% democracy, and FOX is evolved into Jolteon before Anarchy is restored.
  • EVAN heads to CIANWOOD CITY, challenging CHUCK and failing twice. After the second failed attempt, Suicune is spotted, but it flees, and MYSTICALMAN EUSINE challenges him with a team of Shinies. Again, he whites out.
  • EVAN heads back to the CIANWOOD GYM, but messes up the Strength puzzle and decides to try beating EUSINE again. EUSINE is nowhere to be found, however. Then the stream crashes again.
  • After an hour or so of doing nothing, EVAN decides to take in some fights to fire up his own fighting spirit. Out-of-Universe Explanation 
  • After another hour and a half, EVAN returns to his journey.
  • Imbued with fighting spirit, EVAN challenges CHUCK again and is victorious! STORMBADGE RECEIVED! Sailor Moo sweeps through his final three Pokémon after Kenya and Tux took out one each.
  • Jasmine proves too tough to beat right now, so "Operation Bug Hunt for Grinding, Profit and FUN" begins. EVAN enters the Bug Catching competition repeatedly to level up Amber and make some money off the consolation prizes. Among the caught are two Caterpie, another Weedle, another Venonat and another Spinarak.
  • Late in the day, Evan challenges Jasmine again. Despite the team being at half strength before the battle even begins, he manages to take out her Magnemite, Magneton, and Steelix before losing yet again and being sent all the way back to Ecruteak. He manages to lose to her a fourth time before the day is done.

    Day 8 - The Unbreakable Iron Maiden! Evan vs. Jasmine, Part 2! 
  • Over half the day is spent either grinding to level up the rest of the team or losing to JASMINE. It took SIX attempts but eventually EVAN succeeds. JASMINE awards EVAN the MINERAL BADGE! The mob is making moves towards BLACKTHORN CITY. However ELM rings and informs EVAN something to do with TEAM ROCKET and the RADIO TOWER in GOLDENROD CITY.
  • Along the way, Evan meets a Level 65 wild Raikou. The Mob is torn between panic and wanting to catch it to replace Jolteon.
  • Evan begins to challenge Team Rocket, but quickly loses. He then goes to the Department Store and attempts to buy a Dragon Scale for Seadra, failing to do so but getting some Ultra Balls instead. A detour to National Park allows him to capture a Skarmory, nicknamed ZZI.
  • After returning to Goldenrod, Evan defeats the first Rocket Executive, then heals up at the Pokémon Center and heads to the underground.
  • Silver is defeated on the first attempt, but after getting through a bunch of Rocket Grunts and Burglars, Evan is defeated by his other nemesis, Burglar Simon. He leaves Goldenrod and defeats a wild Magby, then returns and heads back to the Department Store. He is flush with evolutionary stones (3 thunder, 2 water, and 2 leaf—but no Fire Stones even though he got one as a gift, as he sold them all) but still lacks a Dragon Scale.
  • Evan defeats Burglar Simon and receives a 4th Thunderstone, more than enough to evolve every Pokémon that can use one.
  • Evan rescues the Radio Tower President from the underground and heads back to the department store, selling off, among other things, an Amulet Coin. He also buys two more Water Stones, giving him enough to evolve every Pokémon in the generation that can use them.

    Day 9 - Blast Off! Revenge for the S.S. Anne! 
  • A random NPC mentions how scared her Sentret gets when she goes near the PC.
  • Evan sells a Leaf Stone and a Water Stone and buys another Thunder Stone.
  • Evan heads back to the Radio Tower and loses to a Grunt. He immediately returns and beats the Grunt, giving him access to the Executives. After defeating the first two, the final one defeats him. He returns and proves victorious, then waits atop the Radio Tower for the ROM to be updated.
  • Evan heads to Ecruteak City and meets Suicune at Tin Tower, but is defeated. Furthermore, the current box is full, so he can't catch it anyway. A member of the mob tries to bribe the rest of the chat into implementing democracy for box switching and buying the Dragon Scale by promising a token storm.
  • At the entrance to the Ice Path, Evan runs into the bane of all hosts: A 1-tile wide path with a ledge below it. It takes about 3 hours to get in and another 3 to traverse the Ice Path, but successfully makes it to Blackthorn City and checkpoints.
  • Evan heads south from Blackthorn City, which is a one-way route. Returning without using the Ice Path will require either blacking out or teaching Fly.
  • Evan successfully blacks out back to Blackthorn City, but is considerably less successful at navigating a cliff within the city, since not even up spam is helpful as there's a house to be entered.
  • After a number of tries, Evan passes the ledge and reaches the Blackthorn Gym. He is able to get past all of the trainers in the Gym on the first try, but loses to the Gym Leader, Clair. The mob devolves into chaos as usual, with arguments split between "we've done this in anarchy before, we can do it again" and "we've already proven we can do this in anarchy; let's not waste time with it and use democracy for the redo".
  • After about two hours without success, Evan leaves Blackthorn to grind on Route 45, blacking out multiple times.

    Day 10 - An Earth-Shaking Twist! Giovanni Returns! 
  • Evan goes back to challenge Clair, managing to clear the ledge in just 12 minutes, and after a heated battle where apparently-senseless moves find their usefulness some turns later (FOX uses Charm on Dragonite, preventing it from knocking out Tux with Outrage, and Kenya's Sunny Day gimps Kingdra's Surf) he conquers the Gym and heads off to get his medal at the Dragon's Den.
  • Evan blacks out and has to attempt the ledges again in order to get the badge.
  • After an hour Evan conquers the ledge and enters Dragon's Den. Fifteen minutes later Evan passes the quiz getting the RISING BADGE.
  • Evan receives the Master Ball and gives it to Tux.
  • Evan tries to cross over to Kanto, and in a cave behind Tohjo Waterfalls he finds none other than Giovanni, who challenges him to battle. Evan's weary party loses.
  • Evan returns and faces Giovanni again, winning this time. As Giovanni heads off, Evan continues exploring Tohjo Falls...and encounters Suicune! The Legendary Doge of Water has some unfinished business to settle, and attacks Kenyowl relentlessly, leaving it at 1 HP. Evan flees, but then whites out in a trainer battle.
  • Unfortunately for Evan, running away from Suicune a second time has only strengthened its grudge. It stalks him to his own home, and attacks him again on Route 29. This time, however, Suicune has an INCREASED HEALTH BAR, and takes out Amber with two Bubblebeams. Terrified, the Mob flees yet again, futher enraging Suicune.
  • Evan begins the painstaking process of grinding for the challenge ahead - the Pokemon League. Starting with FOX the Jolteon, it eventually learns Thunderbolt, finally making it a useful asset to the team.
  • The stream crashes again. And then again, to finish out the day.

    Day 11 - Riot! OLDEN Attacks! 
  • After a couple hours of off time, the stream returns, with the streamer saying "by drunk TPP update is a total success." The mob returns to grinding.
  • Evan soon finds out that the Trainer just next to the healing house has transformed into a glitched Trainer, believed to be none other than OLDEN by the Mob, and mops the floor with the party using level 100 Pokémon with bizarre movesets such as a Gastly with Extremespeed and Tackle and a Golbat with Wrap and Rollout. Evan—or rather "ECBB9CBB1CB?9CB682807CB78200336F0231?CB37CD03391?CD03", as he's now apparently known—whites out and finds himself at Cherrygrove. Streamer intervention reverts the game to before the fight, and he sarcastically says that he has to patch TPP while drunk more often.
  • Another patch is revealed to set experience gain to Generation VI standards (full experience to all participants rather than split between them). Seadra then evolves into Kingdra, and the stream crashes again. It's quickly restored. A couple of hours later, EVAN decides to finally attempt to get through Victory Road. He loses two Pokémon before the entrance is even out of sight and quickly reconsiders, however, deciding to return to the healing house to grind on Blisseys.
  • 6 hours into the day, EVAN is finally ready for Victory Road. Since Silver is the only trainer in Victory Road, he has no trouble making it to the end...but loses to Silver and blacks out all the way to Cherrygrove.
  • Youngster Joey is battled and summarily REKT.
  • Evan reaches the Indigo Plateau and beats Will at the second try.
  • After the fourth attempt at the Elite Four, the stream goes down for an AI update. Deku warns the chat that it's happening and asks that they please don't riot. It still sounds like a battle is going on while the "will return shortly" screen is up, complete with Tux's cry being heard.
  • Visuals are restored, and the chat discovers that they're watching the conclusion of their most recent failed run. Which means Evan fell through a time warp for the second time today.
  • After another five losses, Evan defeats Koga.
  • After the fifteenth attempt fails, Evan talks to the Abra Man and is sent back to New Bark Town. He takes the opportunity to return to grinding next to the healing house.
  • Evan returns near the end of the day and challenges the Elite Four, reaching Koga on run 16, then getting to Bruno again on run 17 before blacking out.

     Day 12 - The Quest for the Championship! Evan vs. the Elite Four! 
  • The day begins with Evan heading back in to start Attempt #18 at the Elite Four.
  • On Attempt #20, Bruno is defeated for the first time. Evan manages to take out four of Karen's five Pokémon and severely wounds the fifth before succumbing.
  • Attempt #23 is pretty much dead before it even begins thanks to trolls, and all attempts at making a serious effort cease allowing Evan to lose to Will for the first time since Attempt #1 with a half-fainted party. The same thing happens on attempt #24, and with no end in sight, Abra Man is spoken to again in an attempt to use the home PC to safely deposit all Poké Balls.
  • Eventually success is had, and Attempt #25 begins a bit over two hours after Attempt #24 ended. With the majority of the trolls gone, Evan is able to reach Bruno on each of the next two attempts.
  • Inputs freeze just as Evan engages Will in conversation for Attempt #27.
  • On 30th attempt, stream goes down once again. It comes back after a short riot without losing much of a progress, and the Mob gets so pumped they actually manage to reach Karen for the second time.
  • On run #33, Evan defeats Karen and gets his first shot at Champion Lance. Unfortunately, with Amber being the only Pokémon standing, the fight ends before it can really begin.
  • After one more failed attempt which also reaches Karen, the Voices decide to rethink their strategy and retreat to Goldenrod in order to visit Move Relearner and fix team's movesets. Relearner scares them by introducing himself as HOLDEN, but they move on and trigger Democracy to begin the process. They also use the occasion to pick up some TM moves.
    • Highlights include Amber learning Earthquake and Kenya learning Air Slash and Heat Wave, plugging some holes in Evan's type coverage that Koga had revealed.
  • Before leaving HOLDEN's house, Evan decides to read letter attached to Kenya. It reads "DARK CAVE leads to another road - RANDY". Wondering what does it mean, Mob switches back to Anarchy and begins march towards Pokémon League.
  • Attempt #41 gets off to a brilliant start, with everyone except Sailor Moo still available for the battle with Lance including Queendra and Fox at full health. Evan battles poorly, but beats Lance...only to discover that Azure is still alive, and waiting to battle him as the Champion of the Pokémon League. The party whites out, with the Mob exploding into mixed feelings of triumph and frustration. (Originally it was someone else, while Azure was added in at around Day 9.)
  • Just after this, the "TPP will return shortly" screen briefly goes up, and it's said that it's another AI update. Revo puts up a poll asking whether or not the party should be healed between Lance and Azure on future runs. "Not" is favored, but only slightly. There is also some debate as to which was the initial status.

    Day 13 - Azure and Kanto! The Heartfelt Reunion! 
  • Attempt #42 ends at Lance, as it was definitively determined that the game was designed around healing before Azure and Revo removed it and as such, the leveling we'd need to take it without healing would "destroy the level curve" for Kanto. Despite this, "don't heal" is still winning.
  • After several more attempts, it is decided that the party should be healed before the Azure battle. On Run 47, Evan battles Azure again, and sweeps her entire team with a fully-healed Amber. Evan becomes the new Champion and is entered into the Hall of Fame!
  • After the credits roll, the game returns to the title screen, with no New Game option in sight. Evan returns to New Bark Town and receives the S.S. Ticket from Professor Elm. At long last, he can finally return home.
  • Evan arrives in Vermilion City and encounters Burglar Simon again! Simon is defeated, and says he will give back what he stole...but he gives Evan TM 48 instead of the stolen badges and runs off. It seems that he will have to start all over again from square one. Again.
  • Evan defeats Lt. Surge and gains the Thunder Badge. The northern and southern paths out of Vermilion are blocked by Snorlax, so he heads to Saffron City and enters the Gym, encountering a Psychic with a team of Unown that spell out TWITCH. While Sabrina beats him the first time due to a weakened team, Evan beats Sabrina the second time and obtains the Marsh Badge.
  • Evan arrives in Celadon City and stumbles upon a dilapidated building: the Battle Tent Ruins. Fittingly for its already spooky reputation, there's nothing inside of the building except for a PC, a blacked-out monitor, and a locked door. And the music for the area is the appropriately-creepy Silph Co. theme. The Streamer says that the Mob must complete the Power Plant sidequest first before they can come back and discover the mystery behind this strange place.
  • Evan heads to the Celadon Gym and defeats Erika, earning the Rainbow Badge and TM 19 (Giga Drain).
  • On his way to Lavender Town, Evan defeats a biker gang calling themselves the Helix Choir, which provides several cameo appearances from the original Red run. The first team consists of released Pokemon: DUX, Cabbage, Digrat, and Abby. The next one uses the False Prophet and Dome. The last one only uses a single Pokemon: Lord Helix. All of them are quickly defeated.
  • Evan makes his way to Lavender only to find the way blocked by a Snorlax. He makes his way back to Celadon and decides to read the sign near the Battle Tent Ruins, stating that it's been closed and to check out the Battle Tower in Johto. However, he notices that the door has been opened slightly. Someone is inside! He checks the building again, but nothing has changed. The Power Plant remains unfixed, and must be repaired before the event can occur.
  • Evan heads through Cycling Road, battling trainers who make strange bee-related puns and have cheesy nicknames for their Pokemon. He then encounters a Bird Keeper named Bob who rambles about "happy little clouds and trees". During this time, Kenya reaches level 100.
  • Upon reaching Fuchsia City, Evan checks the Safari Zone. It is locked, so he heads to the Gym to battle Janine. He succeeds the 2nd time and receives the Soul Badge.
  • Evan heads to Lavender Town, but finds nothing there. On the way there, he encounters a trainer with a Tentacruel, a Vileplume, an Azumarill, and a Graveler who talks about buying cabbage on the way home. He immediately heads past it and enters Rock Tunnel, emerging on the legendary Route 9. He surfs down to the Power Plant, and finds that an important part of the main generator is missing. A report comes in that a suspicious character has been spotted in Cerulean City. Evan immediately heads there to investigate.
  • After hopping through the Route 9 ledges, Evan arrives in Cerulean City. He heads into the Gym for a rematch with Misty, only to find a Team Rocket member who speaks a strange language said to be used by Elves. He flees to Route 24, and Evan gives chase, leading to a battle. Emerging victorious, the Grunt says that the Machine Part he stole from the Power Plant is in the center of the Gym, and threatens Evan that his fellow members will return to back him up. This prompts Evan to break the bad news that Team Rocket has disbanded to him, and the Grunt leaves.
  • Evan heads back to Cerulean City and finds the Machine Part, then heads up Nugget Bridge. After succeeding at the challenge, he heads out to the Cape and interrupts Misty's date.
  • Tux reaches level 100 while battling Misty, but it's not enough to prove victorious. His second attempt goes better, and he reacquires the Cascade Badge.
  • Evan attempts to get through Route 9, eventually succeeding, only to undo his success. He gets through again and checkpoints, then makes his way to the Power Plant. With the Power Plant fixed, he heads for Rock Tunnel to try to reach Lavender Town.

    Day 14 - The Battle Tent's Secrets Revealed! An Old Enemy Returns! 
  • Evan arrives in Lavender Town and gets the EXPN card, then heads west and tries to wake up a Snorlax in order to go to Saffron City. After ten minutes or so, he gives up. One of the devs goes on the record as saying that they would've designed Snorlax differently if they'd known the democracy threshold would be so high, so naturally anarchy actually has the outright majority at this point.
  • With Snorlaxes limiting them to only a particular path from one town to another, the mob is forced to send Evan up Cycling Road to get back to Celadon City. They manage, and look to see what will happen in the ruins of the Battle Tent.
  • Evan enters the Battle Tent Ruins, and discovers a secret staircase which was previously unseen. He enters it, and the Mob comes across a familiar, but unwelcome sight - the Original Team Rocket Hideout, now with blocked off paths due to Yoshi-shaped boulders blocking the ways. They must now once again go through the eternal nightmare that is Mr. Giovanni's Wild reverse. Welcome back to Hell.
  • Evan successfully makes it through the puzzle, but finds none other than Burglar Simon waiting for him. The two battle, but due to half of his team being fainted, Evan is defeated and blacks out.
  • While Evan continues attempting to make it through the maze again, the Mob decides to tune in to Twitch Watches Pokemon, which is currently hosting a movie marathon in honor of the series' 20th anniversary. Due to the Mob being represented as a swarm of Unown, it's decided that Molly Hale should be considered a host.
  • Evan makes it through the first Wild Ride once more and faces Simon again, winning this time. He receives the GS Ball as a reward, and continues through the old Rocket Hideout.
  • Evan makes it to a control room, where he activates the Battle Tent generator and unlocks the door. After going up the stairs to the main entrance, he goes through the door which was previously locked...and ends up inside of the arena of the Battle Tent, where Bill awaits. He says that they plan on reopening the Tent at some point, so he was sent there to check. Unfortunately, due to Burglar Simon's meddling, he ended up trapped. He then challenges Evan to a battle, using a team of Eeveelutions. Again, due to a half-fainted team, Evan blacks out.
  • Evan defeats Bill on the second try, and Bill gives him HM 06 before leaving. However, there is another door up ahead. Evan enters, and finds himself in a dark chamber with only a single PC. The PC is none other than the League PC from Anniversary Red, and it asks if he wishes to battle a stronger version of his Hall of Fame team, or a team of some of the strongest Pokemon known to man. Evan chooses the latter, and whites out to a team consisting of 6 legendaries: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Lugia, and Ho-Oh.
  • Democracy is activated in an attempt to wake Snorlax, but it's broken! 15 minutes later, Anarchy returns, but Evan stays in front of Snorlax. After an hour of flailing around without success, Democracy again returns, and is still broken.
  • The mob heads to Celadon City again once Anarchy is restored and goes to the Game Corner, eventually acquiring enough money for a Porygon2. They haven't got the room for it, though.
  • Evan returns to the Battle Tent Ruins and challenges the League PC again, losing once again to Team Legendary. He then fights a stronger version of his own team, winning. He challenges the Legendary Team twice more and is still unsuccessful.
  • A guard at Silph Co. offers Evan a Master Ball for 300,000 Pokéyen, and then the stream crashes. The devs suggest going to the Saffron City Pokémon Center to get a Key Item.
  • Evan gives Copycat a Poké Doll and gets the Magnet Train Pass.

    Day 15 - Snorlax Awakens! Return to Where it All Began! 
  • Evan finally manages to get to the Poké Flute Channel and awakens Snorlax, running from battle.
  • Arriving in Pewter City, Evan defeats Brock on the first try. He then heads to Mt. Moon and loses to Silver.
  • Evan challenges Silver again and beats him, then heads back to Pewter City. As he approaches the museum, he encounters Burglar Simon, who challenges him. He loses the first time, then returns and beats him to get the Old Amber.
  • He does not stay for long, however, as he immediately heads to Cinnabar Island and encounters Blue, who mentions AIIIAAB before departing.
  • Evan notices a bridge leading to a new area. He crosses the bridge and enters CINNABAR VOLCANO. There are boulder puzzles to be solved.
  • Evan traverses through the Volcano, but eventually blacks out and heads for the Seafoam Islands, which is still intact from Anniversary Red. He makes it to Blaine and defeats him, but whites out to a wild Shellder using Explosion.
  • Evan heads back to Pallet Town and goes to his house to find that AIIIAAB's mom is now taking residence there. They discuss the S.S. Anne crash, and how her son has seemingly dropped contact with her due to training. The Mob also checks AIIIAAB's bed but, alas, there's nothing there.
  • In Viridian City, Evan visits the Trainer House, losing to Pokémon Trainer AJ. He blacks out back to Cinnabar.
  • Evan returns to Viridian City and finally manages to checkpoint. He then enters Blue's Gym...only to be greeted by the spinning tile puzzle from the Gen IV remakes. The chat appropriately WutFaces. Welcome to Hell 2.0, Mr. Blue's Wild Ride.
  • Evan finally solves the puzzle and battles Blue, again being left with only FOX against 3 of Blue's remaining Pokemon. In true FOX style, with only 30% of his HP remaining, he sweeps the remainder of Blue's team with Thunder, ending at only 1% health. A flabbergasted Blue gives Evan the Earth Badge and tells him that the TM Depot in Celadon is now open. Evan has now collected all 16 badges!
  • Evan promptly heads back to Pallet Town to talk to Professor Oak. He tells Evan that he is impressed with the fact that he has collected all 16 Gym Badges, but feels as though the Gym Leaders were holding back. Evan must now go back and face all 16 Gym Leaders again, no holds-barred. Welcome to HARD MODE.
  • Overwhelmed by this daunting prospect, the Mob nevertheless pushes Evan to Cinnabar Island, the nearest place he can fight a Gym leader again. Blaine, however, is in a bit of a panic over his lost RESEARCH NOTES, which were lost when the Pokemon Mansion was destroyed in the eruption. Evan decides to traverse the Seafoam Islands in an attempt to find them so that he can have his rematch.
  • Brock doesn't seem to want a rematch yet either, instead telling Evan to head to Mt. Moon if he's interested in Fossils. Evan battles Super Nerd Miguel and receives a Helix Fossil, and Miguel says he can come back another day for another fossil. The devs reveal that this event was programmed before pregame Kanto was a thing and as such you're always programmed to get Helix first because Abe chose Dome.
  • Evan heads to Cerulean City and beats Misty yet again. She has a Suicune. He then heads north and goes to Bill's Secret Garden, which features wild Eeveelutions and also Porygon.
  • Evan heads south to Vermillion and loses to Lt. Surge, then challenges him again with a fully healed team and...loses again. Surge has a Raikou.
  • Evan goes to Celadon City, but Erika isn't ready for a rematch either and mentions the GS Ball. Evan heads down to Fuchsia and loses to Janine, blacking out back to Celadon. He challenges the League PC in the Battle Tent once more and is still unable to overcome Team Legendary.
  • Evan ends up in Viridian City and attempts to view the Old Man's tutorial, but the man is unable to throw a ball due to Evan's box being full. The chat blames OLDEN, even though this glitch existed in the original games as well.

    Day 16 - Welcome to Hard Mode! The True Power of the Gym Leaders! 
  • Evan arrives in Pallet Town, as the devs have been hinting non-stop that a counterpart to Dream Red is available and Evan should go battle it right away. As he sleeps in his old bed, he suddenly becomes trapped in a nightmare atop Mt. Silver. He approaches the summit to find a lone girl standing there: Elf Coach's Baba. She defeats him on his first attempt, ending the nightmare. However, Evan fights her again and wins, allowing him to awaken peacefully from the dream.
  • Evan heads to Pewter City, where ball trolls twice cost him against Brock. The Master Ball is quickly given to Fox for safekeeping.
  • Evan challenges Brock again and narrowly pulls off a victory—Kenya, who lacks any moves that aren't NVE against Rock-types, was the only one still standing at the end.
  • Evan defeats Whitney, using Sailor Moo against her infamous Miltank. It takes five tries, though.
  • Evan gets the GS Ball analyzed and also gets a Lure Ball, then withdraws an Ultra Ball from the computer and buys 4 Great Balls after running into a dilemma where Celebi can't be caught due to the full box, but has to be caught to progress.
  • The PC Wars result in the first release since Day 6: DDCC(llsjj the Caterpie. With one empty spot in the box, Evan returns to Ilex Forest.
  • QQQQQH the Celebi is captured at Level 100! Using a Great Ball. Furthermore, when the box is refilled, Evan accepts Bill's offer to automatically switch. He buys more Great Balls and Poké Balls.
  • Evan needs four tries, but eventually wins the rematch battle against Bugsy. He then encounters Entei in the wild, bringing his "seen" up to 251, and captures a Girafarig and a Smeargle.
  • Falkner won't rematch Evan until he has Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, while Morty won't until he has Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Jasmine will, however, and on the second try, Evan beats her team of nicknamed Pokémon: Shellnut the Forretress, Rusty the Steelix (which is canon), Skarlet the Skarmory, Amphy the Ampharos (also canon), Snips the Scizor, and Magnum the Magneton.
  • Evan catches two Tauros. He then defeats Black Belt Kiyo in Mt. Mortar and receives a Hitmontop. Amber also reaches Level 100.

    Day 17 - The Wildest Ride! Sabrina's Teleporter Maze! 
  • Evan heads to Mahogany Town and defeats Pryce again, who has Articuno on his team this time. He gives Evan the Silver Wing and tells him about Lugia.
  • Evan adds Goldeen, Togetic, Marill, Golbat, Wobbuffet, Slugma, Shuckle, and Graveler to his Pokédex. 67/251 captured.
  • Evan then heads to Cianwood and defeats Chuck on the first try.
  • Evan takes the S.S. Aqua to Vermillion City and beats Lt. Surge.
  • In Celadon City, Evan purchases a Porygon2, then goes to the Battle Tent Ruins and challenges the League PC's ultimate team again. There's a humorous moment where the PC does nothing but switch Ho-oh in and out for awhile (first to Mewtwo, then to Lugia once Mewtwo went down), but once Ho-oh went down, Articuno came out and finished off Evan's team.
  • Evan briefly leaves Celadon to capture an Arbok, then returns and beats rematch Erika on the first try. He then heads to Fuchsia City and gets utterly lost inside the Gym.
  • Roughly 3 hours after entering the Gym, Evan manages to challenge Janine. Janine wins, and Evan manages to navigate the gym perfectly, requiring just eight minutes from whiteout to begin the next challenge. This one goes in Evan's favor.
  • Evan arrives in Lavender Town, then heads west, only to run into another Snorlax. The devs ask the mob to please vote for democracy, as they think they've got it fixed and want to test it out.
  • In democracy, Kenya replaces Sunny Day and Wing Attack with Psychic and Fly, while Sailor Moo loses Double-Edge to become even more of an HM slave, learning Whirlpool.
  • Still in democracy, the Master Ball is taken from Tux and used on Snorlax.
  • Wigglytuff, Kadabra, Primeape, and Mankey are captured, filling the box. The automatic switch is declined, so PC usage is needed.
  • The recently captured Primeape is released, and a Pidgeotto is captured. This time, Evan takes the auto-switch offer, and a Weepinbell becomes the first tenant of Box 4. 76/251 captured.
  • Evan arrives in Saffron City and heads to the Gym. It looks...different. Very different. In retrospect, the devs' insistence that the mob test out democracy should have raised red flags.
  • After about an hour and a half, Evan happens upon the proper solution, but warps away before he can talk to Sabrina. A bit over an hour later it happens again, and then again a bit more than an hour after that.

     Day 18 - Bugging Out! Is This What You Call A Money Spider?! 
  • Evan is still being stymied by the teleporter maze when Day 18 begins, nearly six hours after entering it. After reaching Sabrina three or four times (accounts vary) only to immediately teleport away, the mob fails to achieve democracy (86%) and ragequits the gym, having spent about seven hours there in total.
  • Evan takes the Magnet Train to Goldenrod, then heads north to National Park for a Bug-Catching Contest. He obtains Yanma, adding its entry to his Pokédex, but eventually settles on a different new addition: Scizor. Scizor earns him a victory, and he receives a Sun Stone. He then enters another contest and places second with another new addition, a Metapod, and due to the hack implementing Gen VI's catch EXP mechanic, Sailor Moo is able to reach level 85. Second prize is an 8-pack of Lure Balls. 79/251 captured.
  • Evan uses his new Lure Balls and fails to catch anything. He then enters yet another Bug-Catching Contest and obtains a Heracross, which earns him another Sun Stone.
  • Evan goes to Goldenrod and plays the slots for a bit, then rides the train back and forth. Upon returning to Johto, he enters the Bug-Catching Contest yet again and adds Venomoth and Butterfree to his Pokédex, placing third. He then enters another one and adds Pinsir, winning another Sun Stone. A fourth Sun Stone is won when he captures a Ledian, and since Democracy was activated, the Ledian is named OLDEN in honor of the trainer in Bugsy's Gym that first triggered the glitch. 84/251 captured.
    • Somewhere between these contests, he also enters a contest and then immediately quits, receiving a 1000-Pokéyen consolation prize. Given the dire financial straits Evan's been in all game, this is welcome news.
  • Evan challenges some trainers at the Battle Tower to earn more money for balls, then buys lots of Ultra Balls and takes aim at the Whirl Islands. After a few minutes of battling Lugia, Evan runs away, but immediately rechallenges it. /vuukccccc the Lugia is captured at Level 100! Followed by ,,,,uuuuc the Psyduck, AABBBCDCCC the Quagsire, /W... EOG// the Azumarill, and a Rhyhorn without a nickname. 89/251 captured.
  • Evan returns to Saffron City and solves the teleporter maze in democracy, but loses to Sabrina.
  • Queendra joins the 100 Club, followed by Fox and finally Sailor Moo.
  • Silver is rematched, lost to, then rematched again and beaten. He uses Lance's music for some reason.
  • The Elite Four Rematch is attempted, and in trying to heal up, it's found that a member of the team has Pokérus. Which would be a lot more useful without a full team of level 100s. As it turns out, however, the conditions to trigger the rematch Elite Four haven't been met, and they're still at their original levels. Evan wins easily.
  • Evan buys 89 Poké Balls, and captures a Pineco, a Smoochum, a Quagsire, and a Wooper. About half an hour later, a Misdreavus is also captured. 91/251 captured.

    Day 19 - Lava and Strength! The Mysteries of Cinnabar and the Trials of Blackthorn! 
  • Shortly after Day 19 begins, Evan returns to Saffron City to give Sabrina's maze another go. It takes a few hours, but he solves it in anarchy, only to lose to Sabrina. He solves it again in democracy in just half an hour, then takes advantage of Democracy to protect most of his team from the PC using mail before challenging Sabrina again. He loses yet again.
  • After briefly considering giving the Gym another go, Evan leaves and heads for Bill's Secret Garden. He finds Mew, but it runs away without a battle. He also goes on a catching spree, landing 2 Eevees, 2 Seels, 2 Porygons, a Misdreavus, a Bellsprout, a Poliwrath, and a Ponyta. 96/251 captured. One of the Porygon was released after blacking out during the spree.
  • Evan heads through Diglett's Cave to Viridian City, and Democracy is invoked to quickly get through Blue's Gym. It turns out Evan's still 55 Pokédex entries shy of earning a rematch with Blue, though.
  • Evan then heads to the Trainer House to battle AJ. It's a crushing defeat.
  • Evan captures a Krabby and names it PPPOOO,,. Dewgong, Tentacruel, and Kingler bring the Pokédex to 100, and he arrives at Cinnabar Island having also added Tentacool, Cloyster, and Golduck.
  • As he goes through Cinnabar Volcano, Evan catches Weezing, Ninetales, Magmar, Charmander, Rapidash, Charmeleon, and Growlithe. The last of these comes during democracy, invoked to solve a Strength puzzle, and so it gets named PUPPY. 110/251 captured.
  • At the end of the volcano, Burglar Simon is encountered, but does not fight Evan. Instead, he reminisces about the volcanic eruption 3 months ago, and how he made it out, but he couldn't find any trace of his partner. In a bout of depression over his lost partner, he has no will to battle and just gives Evan the Research Notes, saying he wishes to be left alone.
  • Blaine is battled. During the battle, the Mob actually manages to successfully use a Max Revive on Queendra after she faints, and it may or may not have made the battle as the only other Pokémon still standing besides Queendra was a nearly-fainted FOX. He uses Entei during the battle and the Mob erupts with TriHard emotes.
  • Blaine is defeated, and he gives us a map leading to Mew's location: Guyana.
  • AJ is battled for a fourth time, and this time Evan is victorious.
  • Democracy is enabled in the Seafoam Islands, but it's used to go (via Fly, the Magnet Train, and Fly again) to Blackthorn City. The Move Deleter is visited, and Tux loses Flash while Sailor Moo loses her namesake Water-type HMs. Toxic and Earthquake are taught to replace the lost moves from her moveset while Queendra gets Surf over Hydro Pump.
  • Evan flies back to Goldenrod to find the Move Relearner. Tux is taught Sludge Bomb and Sleep Powder (losing Fury Cutter), while Fox replaces Bite with Growth.
  • Evan then returns to Blackthorn and uses democracy to get past the ledge, entering Clair's Gym. It looks the same on the bottom floor, but there's a new strength puzzle waiting on the second floor. Anarchy reactivates.
  • The devs explain that actually, it's not a new puzzle. It's the original gym. Evan talks to Clair and is told to meet her in the Dragon's Den for the rematch.
  • Evan goes to the Dragon's Den. Clair's tactics are good, switching out at appropriate moments, but Evan and Fox overcome. He then tries to get the Dratini from the elder, but can't because his party is full and the Dratini can't be sent directly to the PC.

    Day 20 - Journey to the South! The Far-Away Land of Guyana! 
  • As Day 20 begins, only four rematch gyms remain. Recognizing that three of these four require capturing more Pokémon (Falkner and Morty both want Evan to obtain legendary trios, while Blue wants him to capture 151 species of Pokémon total), the Mob sends Evan to New Bark Town to try to obtain money from his mother in order to afford more balls. It's quickly discovered that the money withdrawal menu is quite difficult in anarchy, as the cursor starts on the ones digit and it only takes one A press to confirm your amount and one B press to exit the menu. After half an hour, Evan has only withdrawn a total of 104 Pokéyen. He has, however, turned Daylight Savings Time on and off multiple times.
  • Evan buys 26 Poké Balls. He then goes to Battle Tower and spends a few hours earning more money, and gets 109 Ultra Balls and 5 Great Balls (plus 9 Premier Balls). From there, he hops on a ship at Olivine Port and heads to Guyana.
  • Venomoth are apparently native to Guyana, and Evan captures one and names it AABB--TBAI. Humorously, the live updater's automatic replacement script repeatedly renders this as AABB--AmpharosI in reference to TBA the Ampharos. Also native to Guyana are Stantler, Venusaur, Lickitung, Parasect, Pinsir, Sudowoodo, and Victreebel. Evan catches a Parasect as well, naming it ddd!!tttt. A captured Victreebel doesn't receive a nickname, and another Parasect is named LC, which is apparently short for "Leech Czar". A Stantler is captured and named II______/.
  • Surfing in Guyana reveals that Tentacruel and Mantine patrol its waters.
  • With much of the team fainted and the current checkpoint in Cherrygrove, Evan heads back to Vermillion City to try to heal, or at least checkpoint.
  • In Vermillion, a Horsea named ]y[[xfffgg, a Seadra named K, and a Seel named ddneefoenA are captured, though this adds nothing to the Pokédex. Healing is also done successfully.
  • Back in the seas of Guyana, Omastar, Seadra, Kabuto, and Kabutops are found. A Kabuto is captured and named ,,,,.//, and a Kabutops is captured and named YXPPG. 115/251 captured.
  • ZYXXO the Lickitung is also added, then released an hour and a half later upon returning to Kanto.
  • Fox forgets Growth to learn Body Slam, then forgets Body Slam and learns Sunny Day.
  • Evan catches two Raticate, 3 Gloom, 2 Mr. Mime, an Oddish, a Kadabra, and a Vileplume. 120/251 captured.
  • Another session at the Battle Tower nets 170000 Pokéyen. Evan sells off a Protein, a Thunder Stone, an Iron, 3 Charcoals, and 2 Paralyze Heals and buys 132 Ultra Balls, 13 Great Balls, and 3 Hyper Potions, receiving 12 Premier Balls.
  • Another Horsea is captured south of Olivine.
  • In Ecruteak, Evan catches a Poliwhirl, a Mantine, and a Poliwag. He then heads east to Mt. Mortar and catches a Crobat, a Pupitar, a Piloswine, a Swinub, a Corsola, a Larvitar, an Onix, a Hitmonlee, and a Typhlosion. 131/251 captured.
  • Raikou is challenged, but uses Roar to end the battle. The devs promise to patch Roar out of Raikou and Entei's movepools.
  • A Sneasel named RRR and a Murkrow named ELLLLLK are captured. Evan then heads to the Lake of Rage and captures an Octillery, two Magikarp, an Azumarill, a Staryu, a Marill, a Totodile, and a Gyarados. This fills the current box, and Evan switches over the phone, then captures another Magikarp and names it POO, then continues to expand the Pokédex with a Feraligatr. 138/251 captured.

    Day 21 - Catching Fire! Taming the Legendary Gyms! 
  • Running low on Balls again, Evan returns to the Battle Tower.
  • After a number of challenges, Evan buys 61 Ultra Balls and 2 Great Balls, receiving 4 Premier Balls in the transaction.
  • An Espeon, a Seaking, and a Togetic are captured. As Togetic was already in the Pokédex, that leaves Evan at 140/251, just 11 away from being able to rematch Blue.
  • Later, a Politoed, a Poliwhirl, and a Murkrow are captured. Evan then heads to the Ice Path.
  • Evan exits to Blackthorn City with no new species and an extra Piloswine, then battles Suicune.
  • South of Blackthorn, Evan catches a Gligar, a Skiploom, a Donphan, and a Teddiursa. He heads into Dark Cave and captures a spare Larvitar, then blacks out to Olivine and obtains an extra Octillery, followed by a Qwilfish. 145/251 captured.
  • Democracy suddenly activates during a trainer battle. Fox is taught Hidden Power over Sunny Day, and Sailor Moo is taught Whirlpool and Strength and loses Dynamicpunch. Amber loses Hyper Beam in favor of Crunch.
  • Still in Democracy, Evan heads to Saffron City and buys a Master Ball. Not long afterwards, Entei is challenged and captured with the Master Ball. Since Democracy is still active, it is of course named TriHard.
  • With Democracy, Sabrina's gym is handled in just 3 minutes. Anarchy is then reactivated for the battle, and Evan is victorious!
  • On Route 5, Evan catches a Nidorina and a Doduo, then switches boxes and catches a Nidorino and a Persian. 150/251 captured.
  • Evan sells off some unneeded items in order to buy a few more balls, then heads to Lavender Town. The Radio Tower is apparently still haunted, and Haunter is the 151st entry in Evan's Pokédex! Evan flies to Indigo Plateau by mistake, and on the way through Victory Road to get to Viridian, he adds Alakazam and Sandslash.
  • Evan briefly tries to conquer Blue's Gym in anarchy, but leaves and challenges AJ at the Trainer House. AJ wins. Democracy is activated to get through the Viridian Gym, but Blue is too much for Evan.
  • After an hour and a half in which Evan rarely even manages to make it into the gym (in anarchy, of course), he heads north to Route 2, capturing a pair of NidoranM and also a Vulpix. 155/251 captured.

    Day 22 - Beyond Thunderbird! Another Legendary Caught! 
  • The Mob leads Evan to the Battle Tower for a massive money-grinding session due to the 300K price tag on Master Balls. Eventually the live-updaters get bored and decide to poll the chat for memes to place in the live updater in place of commentary on the endless string of battles.
  • 2 Furret, a Magneton, and a Sunflora are captured.
  • Raikou is challenged, but it still has Roar and ends the battle. Evan goes to the Power Plant and catches a Raichu, then warps back to the entrance.
  • Democracy briefly activates, allowing Evan to efficiently checkpoint at the Route 10 Pokémon Center. Anarchy takes over again as he heals.
  • An Elekid and two Voltorb are captured, and then Zapdos is challenged. Zapdos is level 95. It whites Evan out.
  • An Electabuzz is captured, filling Box 9, and Evan fails to switch. Zapdos is challenged again anyway and is defeated twice before defeating Evan.
  • For the first time in the run, a trip to the PC claims two Pokémon: the newly captured Electabuzz and a Flaaffy. Returning to the Power Plant, Evan catches another Voltorb, then catches Zapdos in a Premier Ball and nicknames it !!!!!?????, switching boxes afterwards. 163/251 captured.
  • Koffing, Electrode, Chinchou, and Lanturn are captured. Outside of the Power Plant, Starmie and Rhydon are captured, as are two Pokémon already in Evan's Pokédex, a Goldeen and a Rhyhorn. 169/251 captured.
  • A Magneton, a Doduo, and a Nidoqueen, but only one of these is a new species. With only 88 empty spaces in the PC and 71 more species to capture, worries begin to appear about potentially forcing releases.
  • Evan heads to Guyana and finds a Sacred Ash in the area hidden behind the whirlpool. He then catches an Omanyte and two Sudowoodo before leaving, still unable to get past Mew's ledge. 171/251 captured.

    Day 23 - Release! Somewhat Bloody Tuesday! 
  • Once again, the day begins at the Battle Tower.
  • Evan heads to Olivine with over 170K Pokéyen. He then goes to the PC and releases two Sudowoodo, a Magneton, a Doduo, and an Omanyte, then switches to Box 1 and releases a Teddiursa and a Houndour.
  • Evan buys 143 Ultra Balls and 3 Great Balls and gets 12 Premier Balls.
  • Evan returns to Guyana and gets into the cave at the end of the peninsula in democracy, but not before catching an Omastar. Anniversary Red veterans initially think it's the same map as Mew's hideout in that game, but are quickly proven wrong, and anarchy returns before Strength can even be used on the boulder puzzle. Also there's a new set of Pokémon in the cave, some of which Evan doesn't have yet.
  • A Gengar is captured, named EEeXYZZBBV. Chat starts calling it Zexy's ghost even though it's female.
  • Another Gengar is captured, followed by a Nidoking, a Granbull, a Wigglytuff, and a Heracross. 175/251 captured. Evan then blacks out without challenging Mew.
  • Dugtrio is captured in Diglett's Cave. Charmander and Metapod are then caught on Route 2.
  • Blue is challenged again and defeats Evan. Democracy is then activated to allow Evan to get to Blue again immediately and Evan is victorious. Blue hints that Cerulean Cave is now open.
  • Hypno and Ursaring are captured in Cerulean Cave. Mewtwo is challenged, but overwhelms Evan's party. 178/251 captured.
  • Cerulean Cave is reentered, but Evan fails to even make it to Mewtwo. Hypno, Ursaring, Corsola, and Krabby are released.
  • Gyarados, Rhydon, Shuckle, and Donphan are captured, and Mewtwo is challenged again despite a lack of Ultra Balls. Evan whites out yet again.
  • Evan heads to the Battle Tower. Democracy briefly activates, but is quickly deactivated. The rest of the day is spent at Battle Tower.

     Day 24 - Riot! Frozen Inputs, Steamy Fanfiction, and an Even Bloodier Wednesday! 
  • The Battle Tower session continues onwards, and inputs freeze up multiple times.
  • Evan buys a bunch of balls, mostly Great Balls. A brief flash of menu reveals over 200 Great Balls. The inputs also freeze up again.
  • The chat takes to writing erotic fanfiction, much of it revolving around various members of the Mob. Among the fics are Streamer doing a pole dance for Wizkitty (the user that had previously "bought a democracy session", namely the one that allowed Fox to evolve), a bunch of stuff involving z33k33, and one particularly disturbing (at least, live updater Deadinsky 66 found it disturbing) bit of FaisLittleWhiteRaven X Nyberim S&M fic. (For the record, FaisLittleWhiteRaven was pretty disturbed as well, though amused. Nyberim, on the other hand, just fanned the flames.)
  • The distraction caused by #FanficHour allows democracy to take hold. Once active, the Mob heads to Guyana and makes it through the cave leading to Mew. They end up in a secret spring with ledges and what appears to be a copy of Evan moving up and down rapidly. Evan talks to his clone, and he transforms into Mew. After some loops of running from Mew, it is finally caught at Level 99, being named -----.
  • Evan then heads to Cerulean Cave to again attempt to obtain Mewtwo, but loses yet again. He captures an Arbok and heads to the Battle Tower.
  • Evan heads back to the Battle Tower to fill up on cash. After finishing the run, he saves his game and it is booted back to the start screen. The Mob decides to check for Easter Eggs in the Mystery Gift menu option. Of course, it freezes the game. Democracy is activated.
  • After several more Battle Tower challenges, the Mob decides to get back to capturing. They capture 2 Mareep, 2 Tyrogue, a Sunkern, and a Wooper. 181/251 captured.
  • After reaching Cherrygrove City, Evan accesses PC and releases both Tyrogues, one of the Mareep, and the Wooper. He then compounds this by switching to Box 1, which is full. He then releases a Stantler, a Pidgey, a Tentacool, a Pineco, another Mareep, and an Oddish. He switches to another full box but immediately switches back to Box 1, or "-1JJ RI" as it's now known, and releases a Weedle, a Slowpoke, a Magnemite, and a Meowth, bringing the day's total to 15 casualties and the 2-day total to 25.
  • The Mob decides to honour the massacre by capturing something valuable in place of the victims - namely, Suicune. After confirming that legendary Doge can be found in Tohjo Falls, Evan begins the journey, capturing Hoppip and Sentret on the way.
  • Evan reaches the Falls and surfs up the waterfalls, quickly finding himself in front of Suicune. After suprisingly short battle, Evan captures full-health Suicune at level 100 in Great Ball. Beast is nicknamed VVVVVVVVVV, which is quickly turned into VONG by chat.
  • He then follows it up with a surprisingly efficient catching session, acquiring five new entries in as many captures: Geodude, Zubat, Wartortle, Blissey, and Dodrio. The chat finds it hilarious that they had more than half the legendaries before they had Geodude and Zubat. 189/251 caught.

     Day 25 - Legendary Battles! Raikou and Ho-Oh! 
  • As the Mob waits for it to become Saturday in-game so that Raikou will appear, they catch an Onix and a Rhyhorn, successfully changing boxes after the latter. Neither of these are new entries.
  • Steelix, Quilava, and Marowak are then caught, and all three of them are. A Sandslash, a Graveler, a Machoke (another new entry), and another Quilava are then captured. 193/251 captured.
  • The Elite Four are then challenged again for no apparent reason. Even stranger, Evan actually loses again, making it to Lance. He challenges them again and wins.
  • The last missing Pokémon from Route 29, Magby, is captured.
  • An attempt to capture Raikou is made, but it fails. Evan heads to Saffron City to buy a Master Ball.
  • Evan obtains a Master Ball and goes back to Goldenrod to face Raikou at the Radio Tower. It is named IIIIIII. Chat erupts into Whitney Houston jokes. 195/251 captured.
  • In Ecruteak, Evan buys 84 Ultra Balls, 2 Great Balls, and a Hyper Potion and gets 7 Premier Balls.
  • Evan returns to Morty's Gym to challenge him, having caught the 3 Legendary Doges. Morty is still waiting in the front of the gym, but Evan falls down the hole a number of times anyway. It turns out that Morty hasn't retreated to the rear of the Gym because he is still not ready to face Evan, not when Ho-Oh has just landed on top of the Tin Tower. He tells Evan that he must now capture Ho-Oh before they can battle again.
  • There do not seem to be any stairs in the Tin Tower. After about 15 minutes, Evan talks to the middle NPC (whom the chat decides must be Koga's father), receiving the Rainbow Wing and making the stairs appear. This begins a ledge puzzle. The anarchy/democracy bar swings rapidly back and forth, wavering from the 50s to the 70s and back in a matter of seconds.
  • Evan makes it to the top of the tower, and engages Ho-Oh. Unfortunately, the attempt to catch it ends in failure due to trolls running away from it, attacks constantly fainting it, 3/4 of Evan's team being fainted, and the Mob wasting Ultra Balls when Ho-Oh is at Level 100 with full health, meaning the chances of capturing it are practically a million-to-one without a Master Ball. Ho-Oh stalls out Amber by using Reflect and giving it a Burn with Sacred Fire, whiting Evan out. Having seen that Tin Tower lacks random encounters, the Mob considers grinding for another Master Ball at Battle Tower, but ultimately opts to give Tin Tower another go instead.
  • Democracy is activated as Evan tries to ascend, and it helps it go quickly (when not fielding phone calls). Run trolls allow Tux to be taken down without being able to leave a status condition lasting, and FOX paralyzes the phoenix before succumbing, but Ho-Oh is, after a couple of runs (and after the trolls stalled out Democracy), captured fairly quickly. Its nickname is UUUUUUULL. 196/251 captured.
  • As expected, the Gym puzzle changes now that Morty can finally be rematched. This time, it features dead end paths.
  • Nearly three hours in, a man makes a clear reference to a fan-favorite tune from the PBR intermissions, "Katamari on the Rocks".
  • Exactly three hours after first talking to the Katamari man, Evan reaches the end of the puzzle...and the game immediately freezes. It's down for about 45 minutes, and when it reloads, Evan's back at the top of Tin Tower, having just obtained Ho-oh.
  • Democracy is activated to quickly escape Tin Tower, heal, and get through the puzzle quickly. It takes less than 10 minutes. Morty wins, so Evan tries again, first attempting it in anarchy but quickly switching to Democracy. The second attempt at defeating Morty succeeds.
  • Evan heads to Olivine City and visits Jasmine in her Gym. He then heads to the Battle Tower to grind for more money.

     Day 26 - The Strongest Ever! The Legendary Mewtwo! 
  • Evan heads to Vermillion City on the Fast Ship S.S. Aqua. He then captures a Diglett, both genders of Nidoran, a Vulpix, and a Tentacool. He then continues onwards to Cinnabar Volcano and catches a Houndoom, a Koffing, a Rapidash, a Rhyhorn, a Houndour, another Vulpix, a Ninetales, and a Magmar. 198/251 captured.
  • Democracy is activated, and Evan heads to Saffron City to buy a Master Ball. The guy tells him not to waste it on a Goldeen.
  • The Master Ball is given to Amber for safekeeping.
  • On the way to Cerulean Cave, Evan runs into a Goldeen.
  • He then runs into a Dragonair, but there are no balls besides the one that Amber is holding for Mewtwo.
  • Mewtwo is captured in democracy, but named in anarchy, and becomes known as —-. 199/251 captured.
  • After another grinding session in the Battle Tower, Evan visits Jasmine again. The Mob buys more balls and heads to the Seafoam Islands to capture Articuno. Since they're using democracy, there are some interesting nicknames. Shellder becomes the 200th capture and is named OpieOP, and Articuno itself is #201 and is named "In Anarchy".
  • A Bellsprout, a Weepinbell, a Jigglypuff, a Zubat, and a Clefairy are captured.
  • Drowzee, Geodude, Onix, Clefable, Marowak, Paras and Cleffa are also captured. 207/251 captured.
  • Just before the end of the day, democracy is activated in order to use the PC.

     Day 27 - Never Forget! A TPP Jonestown! 
  • The "Box Release" function is used to eliminate the entirety of Boxes 7 and 10.. And with that, it takes all of 11 minutes for Day 27 to become bloodier than every other entire run except Anniversary Red, including the first 26 days of Anniversary Crystal. A moment of silence is held for the 40 sacrifices to the PC.
  • The Ultimate Team is challenged at Celadon City. Evan loses.
  • A few new Pokémon are captured, including "Kill Cut" the Bellsprout (klllcC??UT). Also among the captures is an Ekans, which was one of the missing species. 208/251 captured.
  • Another Battle Tower run ensues, and then Evan heads to Olivine again.
  • Evan ends up in Cerulean Cave and captures a Golem and two Ditto. He finds a wild Charizard, but it knows Roar and ends the battle prematurely. He blacks out and heads back to Cerulean Cave, leaving after catching a Dragonite. '211/251 captured.
  • Evan heads to Cinnabar Volcano. Since he's going through it in Democracy, he names a Flareon "xD MingLee" and a Magcargo "Pet Semen". He finds Moltres, but it sweeps his team. A second attempt at catching it is successful, and he also catches three Growlithe, a Slugma, and an Arcanine. 215/251 captured
  • With all 3 Legendary Birds caught, Evan heads to Violet City for a rematch with Falkner, who also owns the Legendary Birds. Despite that, however, Evan emerges victorious. Gym Leader rematches complete.
  • Evan heads to Professor Oak to confirm that he has beaten all 16 Gym Leaders again. Professor Oak is impressed, and says that the Elite Four are now ready to challenge him at their strongest, but they have asked him to test Evan and so a surprise battle is initiated! Despite over half of his team fainting, Evan defeats Oak and must now go to Indigo Plateau to rematch the Elite Four.
  • Evan defeats Rematch Will on the first try, with only Fox fainting, but Rematch Koga annihilates him. Four attempts later, he has yet to get past Koga and is only 3-2 against Will. Due to ball trolls, he leaves in search of more Pokémon to get rid of his remaining balls, catching a Phanpy just before day's end. 216/251 captured.

     Day 28 - Genocide City! The Quest for 251! 
  • Evan battles Joey, who now has level 80 Pokémon. He then heads to Dark Cave and captures a Dunsparce. He's ready to leave, but the devs mention that Xatu can be found on the water, so the Mob directs him to find one. 218/251 captured.
  • Due to the lack of box space, and with only 33 Pokemon remaining to be caught, the Mob is left with no other choice but to commit another PC release genocide. The vast majority of Box 7 is released, with a Graveler being the only survivor. (11 releases)
  • Another Battle Tower session is initiated, and Evan buys over 100 each of Ultra Balls and Great Balls.
  • Streamer drama intensifies while Evan captures six Pokémon he already has in his Pokédex.
  • Evan searches for Lapras in Union Cave, but it isn't there. He then goes to the Ruins of Alph and gets an Unown.
  • Evan gets three more repeats before catching Hitmonchan.
  • Another Wooper capture, then finally Lapras.
  • Now with everything from Union Cave except Blastoise, Evan exits south to Azalea Town. He heads into the Slowpoke Well in search of Slowbro and Slowking. He runs from the first Slowbro he finds, then catches three Slowpoke, forcing him to change boxes.
  • He then catches Slowbro, runs from the first Slowking he finds, and captures a Slowpoke and a Wooper. He then gets a Slowking, but before he can get out of the Well, he gets another Slowpoke and a Swinub. He then heads back into the Well and catches another Swinub.
  • Democracy is activated, and Boxes 6 and 7 are emptied. This brings the day's total releases to 51, 7 more than previous bloodiest run Anniversary Red, while also bringing the total releases for Anniversary Crystal to 129, 15 more than the entirety of the first two seasons.
    • Furthermore, Kabuto and Kabutops are among the releases, restoring balance after previously releasing all members of Helix's family.
  • Still in democracy, Evan heads to Guyana, as Exeggutor, Kangaskhan, and Tyranitar can all be found in the cave. Exeggutor is the first to be caught. 224/251 captured. 52 spaces for 27 Pokémon.
  • Tyranitar is captured, followed eventually by Kangaskhan. Back in Johto, a Poliwhirl is caught, and it's also discovered that an Egg is waiting at the daycare.
  • Six more repeats are caught. 43 spaces for 25 Pokémon.
  • An Igglybuff is obtained, but so are nine more repeats including 3 Ledian. 227/251 captured. 33 spaces for 24 Pokémon.

    Day 29 - Is the Carnage Over?! The Quest for 251 Continues! 
  • Evan arrives in Olivine and briefly visits the Gym before heading on to Battle Tower for yet another session. He visits Jasmine again afterwards before heading to Vermillion on the S.S. Aqua.
  • Two Muk, a Bellsprout, and a Grimer are captured. 29 spaces for 22 Pokémon.
  • The League PC is challenged in the Battle Tent Ruins, with the Ultimate Team being selected. After over two weeks since first challenging it, Evan is victorious on Attempt #7.
  • Evan captures a Spearow, a Machop, an Abra, a Poliwhirl, a Croconaw, and a Poliwag.
  • In Cerulean Cave, Dragonair, Machamp, and Charizard are captured, filling the current box. Evan is able to make the switch. 236/251 captured. 20 spaces for 15 Pokémon.
  • Blastoise is captured in Bill's Secret Garden. Pidgeot is then captured west of Celadon. Evan battles a trainer on Cycling Road; the chat believes it's the first time that trainer has ever been batled in any TPP game due to his location being tough to reach in anarchy. On the way back up to Celadon, Evan also catches a Beedrill. 17 spaces for 13 Pokémon.
  • Jynx, Tangela, and Sandshrew are captured. Evan starts towards Routes 24/25 for Aipom, but when Democracy takes hold, he instead flies to Viridian, presumably to search for Pikachu and Exeggcute on Route 1. The Mob gets distracted, however, when they learn that there's a second page to the options menu and it has a sound test. 241/251 captured. 14 spaces for 10 Pokémon.
  • The automatic modbot starts timing people out for "repetitive messages" after the Mob starts trying to optimize by sampling multiple sounds per democracy input (which requires inputs like "rightarightarightarighta" or "righta2righta2righta2"). It doesn't slow the Mob down, though, nor does B actually managing to win a vote forcing them to start scrolling all over again (they just start using "left" instead of "right").
  • There are also allegedly Delibird in Viridian City. Evan can't find any, and heads south to Route 1. Pikachu and Exeggcute are both captured, followed by a Spearow. Evan heads west from Viridian, then south to Route 26 in search of Meganium and/or Jumpluff. 243/251 captured. 11 spaces for 8 Pokémon. Final release count for Day 29: 0.

    Day 30 - KAPOW!! The Final Push for Victory! 
  • The day gets off to an inauspicious start. Neither Meganium nor Jumpluff is obtained, and upon reaching New Bark Town, Evan catches a Pineco and a Hoothoot. Absolutely no one is willing to input the Hoothoot's name into chat for fear of getting timed out by the modbot, as the final four characters are ".xxx" and everyone is certain it'd be interpreted as a "naughty URL".
  • Aipom is captured, but then comes a run of Pineco to fill up the rest of the box, an explosive equivalent to A's Cabbage Patch. Democracy is activated to empty a box.
  • Box 6 is emptied, followed by Box 13 and then a lone Pineco from Box 7, which is the current box. This allows the Mob to deposit Tux. They then valiantly fight off trolls to withdraw a Pineco and feed it a Rare Candy. 245/251 captured. 41 spaces for 6 Pokémon.
  • Forretress is deposited and Tux is withdrawn and given mail. Evan then starts a Battle Challenge before anarchy takes hold.
  • This Battle Challenge is "Hard Mode", and just as the normal Battle Tower trainers correspond to members of the original production team, Hard Mode features trainers whose names correspond to members of the TPP Crystal dev team.
  • After a Battle Tower run, approximately 50 Ultra Balls are purchased. Bellossom is captured, and democracy is activated to get to Dragon's Den. Evan then captures a Dratini. Kanto Dex complete. 247/251 captured.
  • Evan leaves Blackthorn and moves to Ice Path, trying to find Delibird. It takes over an hour of searching, but the penguin Pokémon is finally caught. 248/251 captured.
  • Only three Pokémon need to be caught, but unfortunately, they can be only found during in-game day. Because of that, the Mob comes to the Battle Tower for what might be their final session... and fittingly, they meet a mysterious Sage known only as Streamer.
  • Once session is over, Evan returns to Blackthorn to buy a new reserve of Ultra Balls. Democracy is triggered to use this chance and visit Move Forgetter, allowing Sailor Moo, Tux and Kenya to forget unnecessary HM moves and replace them with better attacks. After using several TMs and quick visit to Move Relearner in Goldenrod, the Mob flies to New Bark and switches back to Anarchy.
  • After going through Tohjo Falls, Evan begins the hunt for Jumpluff and Meganium. The former is found and caught fairly quickly(and nicknamed III), but the latter takes almost two hours to capture - mostly because the Mob has found a Sound Test in the options menu and triggered Democracy just to experiment with it. Once they're done with music and changes to Fox' and Moo's moveset order, they quickly find and catch the penultimate Pokémon for their Dex. 250/251 captured.
  • The final Pokémon that needs to be caught is Chikorita, which leads to flood of WORST jokes. With surprising speed, Evan reaches Route 31 and begins the search. He quickly finds what he was looking for, and despite resistance from Chikorita, after 29 days, 16 hours and 18 minutes, the 251st Pokémon is caught and the National Dex is complete. Predictably, the chat erupts into triumphant riot.
  • Evan then heads to the Ruins of Alph to try to complete the Unowndex and use the remaining Pokéballs.
  • Once the reserves are depleted, Evan takes a trip to Celadon to receive his well-earned Diploma. He finds the designers - based on TPP developement team - and gets his prize, along with 300,000 Pokédollars. Democracy is then turned on to pick up healing items and Shadow Ball TM for Fox. Mob also visits Game Corner and buys enough coins to grab Leftovers.
  • Still in Democracy, Evan moves to Pokémon Center and briefly deposits all party members to recalculate their stats. He also removes mail from Tux, Moo, Fox and Queendra, replacing it with King's Rock for Queen and Leftovers for the rest. With all optimalizations complete, Evan flies to Indigo Plateau to challenge Elite Four for a rematch.
  • Attempt #6 ends at Bruno, the farthest Evan got on the rematch Elite Four.

  • With the usage of several healing items and taking full advantage of Military Mode, Evan completes the Elite Four Rematch challenge on Attempt #7.. Oak tells him that Mt. Silver is now available, and his team is entered into the Hall of Fame once more.
  • Evan reaches Mt. Silver. However, RED (the REAL one, not a dream) greets him at the entrance, facing him with the team from the original TPP Red. He is beaten easily, and responds just as he did as a dream - "start9".
  • Evan makes it to the summit, where he fights Abe in front of a huge mural with the words "YOUR FATE ENDS HERE" written in Unown lettering. Abe is using he second Hall of Fame Team, the one after Leech King's release. After defeating him, a door in the mural opens, leading to a pit which drops him in an area similar to the Ruins of Alph.
  • Evan traverses a pits and ladders puzzle, and ends up in a room with statues of the legendary birds and beasts, with "BEHOLD THE LEGENDS" written behind them. There, a bird Pokémon with an unfamiliar cry flies off, and Evan is reached by Professor Elm, who challenges him to battle.
  • Evan defeats Professor Elm, who congratulates him by referencing the anime's opening theme. The credits roll, and just as in Anniversary Red, a special credits sequence occurs afterward.
  • The game is restarted, and Evan is now back home in New Bark Town. He goes to Route 31 and returns Kenyowl to her rightful owner, leaving the Mob in immense sorrow. An Egg is obtained from the Daycare to fill Kenya's slot.
  • Jasmine is visited again in Olivine. A Pidgeotto is released, and Sailor Moo is deposited.
  • A man is spotted on the water, just turning around, his sprite gray rather than in color. The Mob ignores him and heads to Cianwood. Military Mode stops working on the way there.
  • Shuckie is obtained at Cianwood City.
  • Democracy is activated to fly to New Bark Town. Shuckie is then deposited and Rayquaza the Togepi is withdrawn! Rayquaza shown to Professor Elm!
  • A rematch is started for the Elite Four. Despite the stumbles with Military Mode being disabled and the severely nerfed team, the mob scrapes by a win against Will, facing off Koga with only a lone, injured Tux to battle with. A white-out soon follows.
  • After wandering the center for a while, Evan ends up at a PC, where he soon releases Lord Amber and deposits Queendra. After this, the entirety of Box 1 is released, taking out among others Queendra, Suicune, and many early-game teammates; the only exceptions are ,]y the Rhyhorn and Spooks the Gastly, both of whom end up in the party.
  • Another E4 challenge is made. This time, the AI freezes up, stalling all progress for a couple of hours. When it's fixed, Evan wipes out again. At this point, the streamer posts information concerning the state of the intermission, revealing that PBR 2.0 still needs work, and so in ten hours a run of "Pokemon Diamond" (Telefang) will be played until PBR is finished
  • With that in mind, and with little else to do in the game, a long process of releases are made, beginning with Tux, Spooks, and Rhyhorn. The party is shuffled repeatedly, with Fox and the egg being boxed, and at one point an E4 challenge is made with only a Spinarak in the party.
  • Democracy kicks in after a box switch, and Entei and Zapdos are released. After a few more withdrawals and releases, three Voltorbs are withdrawn, and it's decided to try and form a team around Explosion/Selfdestruct users. From this point on, many, many releases are made one by one, regardless of if the target Pokemon is a legendary or a former team member. Vaporeon and Ampharos are released, Celebi is withdrawn by accident, and Fox is barely spared and is left alone. The box changes and Ho-oh and Raikou are released, among others. Anarchy activates while in the middle of withdrawing a Graveler (II), accidentally taking in a Sandslash (JJJ/!?.V/V) as well.
  • Another E4 challenge is made. Unfortunately, Will's Pokemon outspeed and OHKO the low-leveled Pokemon in Evan's party, and only a single Voltorb manages to get an Explosion off. Celebi and Wobbuffet stall each other before the former finally falls to Counter, and despite Democracy activating JJJ soon falls to Counter as well. White-out!
  • Celebi and JJJ are soon released, as are numerous PC Pokemon such as Mewtwo and Articuno. The total release count for the "postgame" climbs to 101. Mew and OpieOP the Shellder is withdrawn, and after clearing out the current box, the chat teaches Mew Fly so that they can go to Saffron and then Goldenrod. Mew is taken to the Move Relearner and given Explosion over Tri Attack.
  • After KAPOWing at things for awhile, that entire team is released, too, along with the entirety of Box 4 save for OLDEN the Ledian, who becomes the lone member of the party.
  • The countdown ends, and the returning shortly AKA Riot Screen appears. The game ends inside the Pokemon League hall, with OLDEN as the sole party member.



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