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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon XD

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Day One: We return to Orre

  • We name our protagonist ABC

  • By the end of day one, we have four Pokemon, two names beginning with A tossed the water stone in what is now a tradition of Eevee not becoming Vaporeon, and blown up the universe with self destruct. Anyone with exact times of these events please fill it in.

Day Two: The universe is fixed (Probably)

  • Due to Baltoy destroying the universe, the game reset to before the Miror B. fight.

Day Three: In this news report...

  • ABC investigates Cipher's invasion of Phenac City. Meanwhile, the Tv tropes Recap remains incredibly vague on details.

  • We may have rescued the News lady, and boxed Eevee. Newsshipping confirmed!

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