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  • Unlike previous runs where the host's name is usually nonsensical garbage, this Mob selected one of the preset names: Evan.
    • They did the same with his rival, Azure.
    • Then again with his other rival, Silver.
  • When they got the 5 Pokeballs from Professor Oak, they went to Route 1, wasted all their balls on a weak Level 5 Rattata they didn't even want, and caught it on their last ball.
    • Also, due to them not really wanting it, prepare for alot of rage and laughs.
    • The worst thing is that most people were planning on putting him in the PC, but fails to do so every single time.
  • After being stuck in Diglett's Cave for 2-3 Hours, they finally escape the cave, and the chat acts like they been inside a Torture Cellar for forever.
    "Chat": IT'S OVER :D
    "Chat": PRAISE HELIX!! ( つ ◕_◕ )つ
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  • When they were stuck in Route 29, they headbutted a tree, causing a Pineco to come out, exploding Evan's last party member, and sending them to the area they were actually trying to go to, THE POKEMON CENTER.
  • Evan sure trusts his Pokemon. Enough to defeat themselves with recoil damage.
  • Since we released BEST, not that many people saw the tragedy. So the PC is controlling us.
  • The Mob accidentally deleted Youngster Joey's phone number (who has called Evan an unhealthy amount of times), leading to Hiker Anthony calling them every 5 minutes instead.
  • After escaping the Olden message, we actually get THIS IMAGE.
  • A donation message from Azure said she is getting attacked by a flower, and is being adopted by a goat.
  • After beating the Kimono Girls and getting Strength, the Mob found an Egg in the Daycare Couple's backyard and had to deposit a Pokemon to get it. The end result was that the Daycare Man became very rich.
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  • According to Team Rocket Evan is a robot.
  • The Mob finally manages to win a Bug-Catching Contest and is rewarded with an Old Amber.
  • Lass Dana has new text that references PBR betting.
  • Evan vs. the Electrode at the end of the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany. After taking out the first two, the last one takes out Tux, his final Pokémon, with Selfdestruct, whiting him out.
  • Due to Military Mode bypassing the move selection menu, Miltank is able to select and use other moves while storing energy with Bide.
  • "Drinking milk by moonlight, pushing boulders by daylight, running from the PC every night, she is the one named Sailor Moo"...
  • Like Red before him, Evan got stuck between an NPC and a wall.
  • Even the NPC's have the voices.
  • After beating Champion Lance, the chat freaked out, until Evan saw that Azure survived the S.S. Anne crash and she's the true champion.
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  • When Evan finally arrived in Kanto, Burglar Simon stole his badges. Again.
  • Psychic Jared, a trainer in Sabrina's Gym, had a team consisting of 6 Unown that spelled out T-W-I-T-C-H.
  • The Biker Gang on Route 8 who are unhappy with the destruction of the Underground Path have been rewritten as "The Helix Choir", and make several references to Twitch Plays Pokémon Red. The Mob called them the "Forced Lore Gang".
  • On Route 18, the mob encountered Birdkeeper Bob. However, his revised dialogue mentioning "happy clouds and trees" immediately spurned a wave of KappaRoss emotes.
  • Pokefan Joshua, a trainer on Route 13, has a team consisting of a Graveler, an Azumarill, a Tentacruel and a Vileplume and mentions buying cabbage. Once again, the Mob accuses the rom-hackers of forcing lore.
  • When the Mob encountered the Team Rocket member who doesn't speak proper English, they concluded that he must be speaking in Elvish.
  • At one point, the stream received a donation with a message telling to Mob to not let Kenya (their last Pokemon) faint. Kenya fainted immediately after that.
  • The ruins of the Battle Tent were revealed to be the original Team Rocket Hideout. Evan was forced through Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride in reverse.
  • At some point, the mob got bored of navigating the Wild Ride and began watching the 24-hour Pokemon Movie Stream which was being held in honor of Pokemon's 20th anniversary. Naturally, things came to a head during Spell of the Unown, which features both fan "favorite" Entei and a bunch of Unown. The chat began roleplaying as if they were the Unown in the movie, commenting on the events that were happening on-screen and declaring Molly to be another host.
    • Heck, several of the Mob's reactions to the movies count, especially if a Pokemon that has gained memetic status on TPP appears on-screen.
    • This also happened during the third community movie night on Ustream. After the Unown kidnapped Professor Hale in the movie though, a user nicknamed ProessorHale joined the chat and demanded to be released and that his daughter be protected.
    • A video is now available for those who missed the actual event.
  • Kenya is the new Jorsun.
  • On Day 15 Evan found himself up against Silver in a close battle. In the end it was a critically wounded Kenya and Sexy-KKK vs. Silver's level 92 Magneton. Despite having a strong pokemon that was super effective against Kenya and had a solid type resistance against KKK, meaning he had a good chance at winning, Silver decides to place both hands firmly on the Idiot Ball and use explosion. Effectively giving Evan a free win.
  • Evan arrived in Saffron City and headed to the Gym. It looked... different. Very different.
    • After spending seven hours trying to get through the maze and having no luck, Democracy is finally activated...while Evan is all the way out in Johto, in a Bug-Catching Contest. They used it to name their new Ledian "OLDEN".
  • During the bug-catching contest the mob burns their entire cache of park balls on a Butterfree. The Butterfree in question had survived Surf and escaped Whirlpool with only 3HP remaining, and the hail of pokéballs did nothing to deter it. It is speculated that Ash's Butterfree may have found a new home.
  • The attempts to record the capture of a Venomoth in the live updater:
    19d 7h 57m Caught a male Venomoth! Nickname: AABB--AmpharosI /u/tustin2121
    [Fluff] Don't delete that; it's too funny. What happened? /u/flarn2006
    [Info] Its actual name is AABB--AmpharosI. I believe we had an Ampharos named Ampharos or something; apparently a script replaced that or something? /u/flarn2006
    [Fluff] Okay...what??? /u/flarn2006
    [DansGame] Our updater tools have another issue with automatic replacement... /u/tustin2121
    [Correction] AABB--TBAI /u/tustin2121
  • The Mob caught a Magikarp and named it "POO".
  • The Mob managed to catch Entei with a Master Ball. In Democracy. Meaning its nickname was inevitably "TriHard".
  • After countless attempts, foiled by either RNG, sweeps, or a full PC Box, and wasting dozens of Ultra Balls, Evan (just like Chuggaaconroy) managed to capture a Premier Ball. He then proceeded to name it "!!!!!?????" out of the sheer WTF-ness of the situation.
  • The Mob made it through Mew's Cave and ended up in a small garden with a pond and a small corner containing a clone of Evan rapidly moving up and down. Talking to him revealed that he was actually Mew transformed. After capturing Mew, it was named -----, the same name as a glitch Pokemon in Gen IV.
  • Raikou is captured with the third Master Ball in anarchy and is named IIIIIII. The chat's reactions are priceless.
    Maneatinghobo: Raikou has a bit of a stutter Kappa
    Evan: ...You have an interesting accent
  • It seems Morty took some tips from Sabrina and did some...interesting renovations to his Gym. The "Elite Floor" now lives up to that nickname, and is now an Ascended Meme since the gym guide even calls it that.
  • A missed opportunity for comedy came when Mewtwo was caught in Democracy, and several people insisted for it to be named in anarchy. So the chat leaders decided to name it in Democracy so that its name was literally "In Anarchy". Unfortunately the Mob lost too much time arguing about capitalization allowing Anarchy to take over. However, Mewtwo was still named "—-", very fitting given that Mew was named "——-".
    • That opportunity, however, came back when the Mob captured Articuno. It was named "In Anarchy".
  • Evan has released Helix three times, including once as part of the mass murder of Boxes 7 and 10.
  • Evan learns how to count to forty.
  • An NPC was just standing in the middle of Route 40, a water route, turning in circles. Furthermore, he was in black-and-white. Evan just ignored him.
  • In the final dungeon, there are Unown on the walls that spelled out things like "RIOT", "WOWDEKUONEHAND" and "REVOLOVESCHATOT".
    • The last one deserves special mention due to Revo developing a hatred for Chatot at the time. Upon discovering this, he stated that he would fire whoever wrote that from the dev team.
  • Following the break up of the original team, three Voltorb, a Graveler, a Shellder and Mew were all added to the team and had their moves altered so that they all had Explosion as their first move. They then attempted to have all six Pokémon use Explosion in a single battle. It failed miserably.
  • On April 1st, the dev team finally released the finished, tested ROM hack... except literally every variable such as Pokemon names, move names, types, and so on were all changed to "OLDEN".
    • And later on, that version was actually put on the stream for the chat to play.
      • "DBstyle OLDEN is super effective against OLDEN"

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