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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold

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  • Ao defeated the Sprout Tower Elder, obtained the TM for Flash, and celebrated by calling everyone on her PokeGear repeatedly.
  • Ao gave a Caterpie a Poke Doll.
  • At the National Park, Ao took a picture with her team.
  • "I will protect this girl."
  • Stench.
  • Rather than release Groudon, the Mob put it in the Daycare.
  • The so-called "Treaty of Cianwood", an agreement between the proponents and opponents of Groudon, stating that they would leave Groudon in the daycare until Jasmine and Team Rocket were defeated so the other party pokémon could get some experience. In return, Groudon could return on the team afterwards and its opponents wouldn't try to fight it. Aside from one minor push to get Groudon out of the daycare prematurely, the Treaty was honored, which means that the Mob fixed their own Broken Base.
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  • Several users took the release of Kenya and interpreted it as Kenya going back to mail delivery.
  • Soon after Banette was released, Ao caught two more to take its place. Seems like she's done with losing friends.
  • 4's penultimate team was Bug-type, like his Kricketot starter. It shows how much he'd grown to like his Pokemon.
  • 4 and Aurora's tag battle against Clair and Lance. Especially for those of the Mob who believe 4 was trying to track and kill Aurora...
  • Bill's final plan has a heartwarming moment with Zigzagoon.
  • Helix gave Ao a Pretty Dewdrop to add to her Fashion Case.
  • After a very close loss to Alice, Ao took a picture to cheer her team up.
  • Shortly after that photo was taken, Cranidos found his resolve and evolved for Ao.
  • Just before the winning run against Alice, Helix gave Ao another Pretty Dewdrop.
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  • "The Most Important Pokemon Aoi Ever Met"
  • Someone restarted the game to deliver Kenya's Mail.
  • Alice gets a letter from a familiar face.
  • Zigzagoon vs. 4.
  • She has her eyes.


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