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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon X

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  • d chose Chespin as his starter, making it the first time a legit Grass Starter was chosen.
  • Since the game is played on an actual 3DS, TPP fans have traded Pokemon with d. He got two Omanyte named Lady Helix and Lord Helix, as well as a shiny Beldum.
  • He wasn't alone.
  • d bought Lucario a Colorful Shake.
  • d finally changed his clothes and put together a well-coordinated outfit.
  • The Cryot at AZ's tale.
  • d doesn't want to give anyone bad dreams.
  • The Hawlucha sisters.
  • Lil d's guardian angel.
  • Heroes of the past.
  • In the postgame, Moondoge was traded, but went to a good home.
  • Also in the postgame, the streamer manually paused the inputs and traded Aegislash to Dracyoshi (aka Joseph, who had originally sent it as a Honedge) for a Garchomp because he asked for it back. After seeing the chat's reaction, Dracyoshi decided to give it back to the stream. They accepted the trade request and traded back the same Garchomp, without a single attempt to cancel the trade.
  • After 3 days of postgame shenanigans, d flew back to his hometown of Vaniville Town, entered his house, and healed with his mom.
  • Despite a lot of the Pokemon being traded throughout the journey, not a single Pokemon was released.