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We love video games. We love to watch people play video games. We especially love when these moments happen while we watch people play video games.

Miscellaneous Let's Plays pertaining to certain games

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    Captain Garlic's Icewind Dale 2 
  • CaptianGarlic's LP of Icewind Dale 2 is wall-to-wall hilarity, particularly with Urggzob, a psychotic half-orc barbarian/fighter whose every line is pure gold.
    Kruskrack: "One of them was about to have your leg off, Urggzob."
    Urggzob: "That's what it is for! It detaches for extra crushing antics!"
    • Or...
      Marty: "Good gods! Dead yeti fiesta!"
      Urggzob: "Aha ha ha! Urggzob is like a party planner, but instead of boxes full of presents, he gives bodies full of mangled organs!"
    • Or...
      Narrator: "Naturally, the fight begins with Heronius setting everything on fire."
      Heronius: "In fairness, I got more goblins than party members this time."
      Marty: "I really should just get fire-retardant clothes, shouldn't I?"
      Urrgzob: "There needs to be a word for crushing and burning!"
      Pip: "Burcrushning?"
      Urrgzob: "Very good, words man!"
    • Pretty much any line by Urggzob is like that.
      Urggzob: "Urggzob is like a small country whose primary exports are pain and crushing!"
      • And whatever it is, Urggzob is always ten of it. Ten soldiers, ten miners, ten lumberjacks...
        Urggzob: "Take that, out-of-place fauna!"
        Kruskrack: "Urggzob, how do you even KNOW that word?"
        Urggzob: "Urggzob is ten zoologis—"
        Kruskrack: "Forget I asked."
    • There's also Heronius Napalm V esq., whose penchant for setting his own party members on fire is only matched by his insufferably unnecessary arrogance that constantly gets the party in unnecessary fights. For example, he openly insults the shortness of a fortress of duergar, while hip deep in them.
      Napalm: Kruskrak, my fair apprentice. Answer me a question.
      Kruskrak: I'm not your apprentice.
      Napalm: Why is it that we've been running amok doing odd jobs for midgets?
      Marty: I think they don't like being called that, man.
      Napalm: Bollocks! Short people don't have the mental capacity to be angry at Heronius Napalm V, esq.
      Clobberella: Bold new frontiers of bigotry, ahoy.
      Pip: I don't think you should be saying that when there's dozens of them all around us, 'Ronius.
      Kruskrak: Can I leave? Before something terrible happens?
      Napalm: No, you can't. Anyway, I'm off to prove all you silly sausages wrong. One moment.
      Urggzob: Urggzob thinks sausages are overrated foodstuffs.
      Napalm: Ahem. Attention midgets! You're all reprehensible burdens on an otherwise productive and well-organized society of persons of normal height!
    • Or he insults the bodyguard for a merchant, making the whole group attack him. In fact, in a case where the enemy attacks unprovoked....
      Narrator: Venturing east, we find more driders. They attack without giving us chance to be insulting, however.
      Napalm: Uncultured bastards!

    Nakar's Ultima 
  • Nakar's LP of the majority of the Ultima series, with his character, a female druid named Steve, doing everything in her power to get every valuable/useful treasure possible while killing everybody that she feels needs killing (some multiple times) throughout Ultima IV-VII and Martian Dreams. The best moments come from Steve's adventures starting from Ultima VI, where, to reflect on the fact that Origin has started giving NPCs better dialogue and characterization, Nakar has provided even more glaringly obvious clues that Steve really isn't the best person to be Avatar, and given other characters extra lines that they probably would not have said had they not met someone as misanthropic, selfish, and insane as Steve. For example, when Steve shows off her new enchanted staves in Ultima VI:
    Steve: LB, great news! I've finally remembered how to cast 7th Circle spells for like the fifteenth time since I started coming to your chickenshit country!
    Lord British: You're not going to try Kill on me again, are you? Because that doesn't work.
    Steve: No no, this time I've used my powers for constructive purposes, with the spell Enchant!
    Lord British: Really? ...well I'll be damned. I guess you can sometimes do something without being a complete jackass.
    Steve: I have enchanted one of these two staves with the In Corp (Kill) spell, affectionately dubbed Killstick. The other is enchanted with Vas Mani (Great Heal). Behold as I, without the expenditure of magical points or reagents, heal Shamino of all injuries!
    [With In Corp]
    [On whom: Shamino]
    Steve: ...did that work?
    [Lord British waves his hand, and Shamino is resurrected!]
    Lord British: My God, is this what she's like when you guys aren't here?
    Iolo: I'm afraid so.
    Lord British: And people put up with this?
    Shamino: Well, not exactly. She-
    Dupre: Shhhhh!
    Seggallion: She shot everyone in Skara Brae with a cannon, for one thing.
    Steve: Dude! Be cool!
    Sherry: She made me have sex with some lady!
    Steve: That was a birthday present! Mice have birthdays, right?
    Lord British: Steve, are you fucking serious? No wonder everyone hates me.
    Steve: I'm not the one who goes running off to Doom every five games. You know how many mirrors I've been trapped in before? I mean besides the time I went into the mirror to rescue you. And that one time in Ultima II. But other than those two times never.
    Lord British: If I let you go to the gargoyle world unaccompanied I just know you're going to fuck everything up. I'm coming along.
    Dupre: Wait, what?
    [Lord British joins the party]
    Lord British: Right, because we can completely trust Steve after everything she's done so far.
    Iolo: That's........... a surprisingly solid point, your majesty.
    Lord British: Alright prom queen, let's mosey.
    • Also, Steve's magnificent scheme to acquire a triple crossbow in Ultima VII. From Iolo's store. To give to Iolo.
      Steve: I got you guys a present.
      Iolo: You performed an elaborate ruse in order to rob my store for a weapon you will now give to me.
      Steve: Yep.
      Iolo: Jesus.
    • Then, to round it off, they rob the bank.
      Steve: Well, since certain assholes spent all the money we ripped off the wisps last time we were here, we're gonna need to rob the bank.
      Spark: Couldn't we just work for it?
      Steve, Iolo, Shamino: Hahahahahahahahha.
      Steve: Seriously though I have a brilliant plan.
    • Not going to spoil the plan, but let's just say it all goes fine until:
      Iolo: Steve, I feel you should know...
      Steve: What!?
      Iolo: That wasn't Cynthia.
      Steve: ...
      Iolo: You switched targets after Cynthia rushed ahead of us going into the Blue Boar.
      Steve: Then who the hell did we just poison to death?
      Shamino: Candice, the museum curator.
      Steve: [picks up Candice's body] Whoooooooooopsie-daisy!
      Spark: Are we in trouble?
      Steve: No, no, we just have to take her to Lord British. He'll be able to fix this.
      [cut to Lord British's dining room, where Lord British is in the middle of eating]
      Steve: Hey guys! Hate to interrupt, but-
      Lord British: I hate you so much, Steve. [resurrects Candice]
      Candice: Where am I? Why am I standing on a table? Am I a hooker?
      Steve: If I say yes, will you take your dress off?
      Lord British: ...get out of my castle.
    • Then the plan goes exactly as, uh, planned. Another trip to LB's castle later...
      Lord British: You know what? At this point I just don't care anymore. I'm going to raise this person and then I'm going to go lie down.
      [cut to Lord British in bed with Steve while her party stands around]
      Lord British: I don't recall asking you to join me.
      Steve: Sure, like you need both sides of your bed.
      Iolo: Is it okay if the rest of us just hang out here?
      Shamino: I got Uno.
      Spark: Awesome! This should be a fun night.
    • And then when Steve forces Dupre to carry a piece of a boat for her:
      Dupre: Say, you're not going to make me carry a boat again, right?
      Steve: Oh no, no, not a boat. [hackmoves the ship's hold to Dupre] Just part of one.
      Dupre: I don't think it's actually physically possible to carry the hold of a ship, Steve.
      Steve: You're just not trying hard enough.
      Dupre: I think I tore something in my arm. I say something because this is a pain unlike any other I have experienced in my life and it seems I have sundered tendons which until quite recently were only assumed to exist within the human body.
      Shamino: More booze, then?
      Dupre: Please.
    • When Steve decides that she really needs to clean out all of the useless stuff that she's been carting around in her ship's hold in her backpack, she decides to remodel the museum (shutting up Candice with two backpacks filled with more gold than what is normally considered possible) by disposing of much of the ancient Sosarian/Britannian legacy and putting up all the things that were really important for the Avatar (ie. her). This includes the ferryman from the recently-obliterated Skara Brae (replacing the Avatar statue), enough exotic weapons that are "too shitty for us to actually bother using" to outfit all the residents of Lord British's castle (including one that shouldn't exist), extra sets of magic armor, a crate (set next to the "thing" that reads "Britannia's Greatest Military Achievements"), and a live baby (it's really a portable processing device for one of the most powerful weapons in the game). However, the best part is when Steve shows off her centerpiece exhibit, created from the aftermath of a live demonstration of what happens when you combine a misanthropic Designated Hero with remote-controlled stable explosives, explosive dominoes, and one person that we all love to hate.
      Candice: I... suppose it is a unique display. People will definitely be interested in part of this at least. Actually... you know what? This is better. That old stuff sucked balls.
      Iolo: Speaking of which, where did you put all the old exhibits, Steve?
      [cut to a shot of Lock Lake, where all the old museum exhibits now reside, amongst a pile of garbage]
      Steve: Ummmmmm, I put them in storage.
    • Of course, this is peanuts compared to when Steve manipulates Iolo into getting detained for the second time in Serpent Isle.
      Steve: And then, and then, Iolo decides it's the proper time to declare allegiance to Lord British. Right in front of the fucking queen or whatever she is.
      Shamino: He never did have good judgment, did he?
      Dupre: I can't help but think it should've been me in there.
      Steve: Yeah, but it isn't.
      Dupre: True.
    • And then responds to the corrupt trial with her own brand of cheating. Which does absolutely nothing to help Iolo's case. Because abusing Iolo is one of her favorite pastimes.
      Steve: Now then, let us really begin with this defense.
      Lady Yelinda: I'm not sure I understand, Avatar. You've already ca-
      Steve: I call Death Cannon to witness before the Oracle.
      Shamino: Oh crap, duck and cover!
      Steve: No, I mean, as an actual witness.
      Dupre: That actually makes less sense than what we thought you were going to do with it.
    • And later:
      Batlin: [on phone] B-Dawg. Talk to me.
      Steve: Hahahhaha. I mean, uh, IS THIS BATLIN?
      Batlin: ...boss?
      Batlin: Who is this? Is this the Avatar?
      Steve: Ummmmm... no?
      Batlin: What the hell, Steve! Do you even know where I am? I barely even get a signal up here. My plan is going to fucking wring me dry thanks to you, the roaming fees are outrageous. Who even gave you this number?
      Steve: Uh, well...
      The Guardian: I was under oath, man, what was I supposed to do?
      Batlin: You told me this was for emergency calls only.
      The Guardian: We were just calling to ask about Iolo.
      Batlin: Well that is great, boss, that is just fucking fantastic. You called me to talk about Iolo. Iolo. That fat prick licks more of Lord British's asshole than his knocked-up chambermaid. Why the hell would you waste my time plotting against you and the Avatar and pretty much everybody while I'm freezing my nuts off to talk about Iolo?
      Steve: Lord British, is this true?
      Lord British: Yeah, he's a total asslicker.
      Dupre: Where did he come from?
      Steve: No further questions. I'll come by and kill you later buddy.
      Batlin: Yeah, I'd like to see you try.
    • And So The Parade Of Witnesses Continued...
      Steve: I call Pharaoh Man to witness before the Oracle.
      Pharaoh Man: Why would you even call me? I'm not in this game.
      Steve: Oh. Well, I guess you're not. Carry on then.
      Guy From Excitebike: Can I go too?
      Steve: No, you have to stay Guy From Excitebike. I may yet have need of you... or your bike.
      Lady Yelinda: What the hell, is anything sacred to you?

    Synth Orange's Princess Maker 2 
  • Lets Play Princess Maker 2 is a relatively obscure game. SynthOrange's Let's Play is a solid, unbroken chain of hilarity. The best part? It's hosted by Gendo Ikari Shinkicker.
    Lizzie Shinkicker: Daddy, why dont I have a mommy like the other children at school?
    Gendo: We've been through this before. I dont want to discuss it.
    Lizzie: Daddy, please tell me. Who's my mommy?
    Gendo: We're not having this discussion.
    Lizzie: Daddypleasedaddypleasedaddypleasedaddypl...
    Gendo: oh no
    Lizzie: ..easedaddypleasedaddypleasedaddypl...
    Gendo: ALRIGHT! Alright, shut up already ...sorry, Daddy didnt mean to yell at you. I'm a little... tired... right now. Come out from under the table and I'll tell you why you don't have a mommy.
    • "No, Lizzie, for the last time, I don't know where God's pressure points are!"
    • Or Lizzie's first tournament
      Lizzie: My first opponent is, um... Jennifer the Queen.
      Cube: Oh no... Please tell me you had nothing to do with this!
      Gendo: I've got no idea what you're talking about. What's wrong with Lizzie's opponent?
      Cube: Aside from the fact that Lizzie herself is only 10 and you've entered her into a Combat tournament? Take a look in the arena.
      [Lizzie's opponent]
      Cube: Yeah.
      Lizzie: Miss, miss! I think you forgot to finish dressing today!
      Cube: I can't watch this!
      Gendo: I can't stop watching this!
      [Lizzie is defeated.]
      Cube: Why's everyone cheering? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!
      Gendo: MORE! GIVE IT TO HER!
    • And shortly after that...
      Gendo: Liz, did you know that February is National Fence Until Your Arms Drop Off Month?
      Lizzie: No it isnt!
      Gendo: It is now.
      • Which leads into:
        [A challenger appears!]
        Bizarro: The master isn't here? I'll go take the sign right away then!
        Lizzie: One moment. I'll fight you!
        Cube: This is going to be horrible...
        Gendo: I'll call the mortuary.
        Lizzie: Thrust! Spin! Parry! Yeeek!
        Bizarro: I feel like such a dick.
        Lizzie: Hadouuuken!
        [Bon-Bon Bizarro yields.]
        Gendo: Oh...
        Cube: My...
        God: Me.
        Bizarro: It's no use! I can't win!
        Gendo: You gigantic pussy.
    • Lizzie made it home from an adventure unharmed for once!
      Gendo: Cube, shouldnt you be bringing Liz's sorry ass back here right about now?
      Cube: Uhm, she actually made it back home unhurt today sir.
      Gendo: Well I'll be damned...
      God: Hey, quit reading the spoilers!
    • Lizzie's growing cynicism is hilarious as she gets older.
      Sister Lee: Hello, I'm Sister Lee from the church.
      Gendo: I'm Gendo from the house by the bridge.
      Lizzie: I'm Lizzie from the basement of the house by the bridge.
      • Lizzie's growing is hilarious, too...
        Cube: It looks like we're having a heatwave, shall I have the Mistress change into her summer dress?
        Gendo: Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Sure. But why are you asking me?
        (That's why.)
        Gendo: Gott in Himmel!translation
    • And then Gendo trying to pick up with his last kid...
      Gendo: What... No! This isn't the ending I wanted! [Kaworu and Shinji making out] NOOOOOOOOOO!
      Lizzie: Wow, that's really screwed up.
      Satan: I've seen some sick shit in my time, but that...
  • Lizzie brings up a good point about the Church's patrons and gets a wonderful response.
    Lizzie: Don't you think it's odd that the church is empty on a Sunday?
    Gendo: Beats me, why don't you ask the big guy?
  • Lizzie's time at the bar (which is the only way to increase her conversation skills consistently) makes her more and more stupid.
  • The melding of several obtainable endings. Especially funny is the melding of "Marriage to Lucifon" ending to "Take over Hell" ending.
    In-Game Narration: At first, Lucifon held the advantage, but gradually Lizzie's violent sword thrusts put him on the defensive.
    Lucifon: Woah, WOAH, OW! Jeezus Keerhist! I'm not into any of that kinky shit, woman!
    In-Game Lizzie: Today is the day I will take your life.
    In-Game Cube: Really. That's incredible! Then the Mistress...
    Out-Of-Game Narration: That's right. They made Cube watch.
  • The Shinkickers' first meeting with the Travelling Merchant and one particular item he has for sale.
    Travelling Merchant: "Greetings, sir. Wouldn't you like to buy one of these rare items from discount lands?"
    Gendo: "Really? What sort of things? Hmm, nice ring. Say, what are these... pills..."
    [Three pictures of the Bust Enhancement Pills, with the next larger than the first.]
    Lizzie: What.
    Gendo: The.
    Cube: Fuck.

    Didja Redo's Riviera: The Promised Land 
  • Didja Redo's take on Riviera: The Promised Land has many moments, such as:
    • Ghetto Hector. Hilariously gangsta.
    • Every time the Logic Bomb is invoked.
    • Didja's narrative of the LP also qualifies.
    • Ledah's threat backfiring hilariously:
      Ledah: Really? This is how we're getting rid of demons now? By throwing rocks at them?
      Ein: Oh, I'm so sorry for not giving you the chance to twirl your big, red phallus around. I know how much that excites you.
      Ledah: What's that, Lorelei? You want me to stab Ein in the eye socket if he ever makes fun of you again? Of course. For you, anything.
      Ein: what you're telling me here is that Lorelei is into skullfu-
      Rose: EW EW EW SHUT UP EW
    • This Exchange:
      Fia: Don't worry. Lina and I shall protect you.
      Lina: That's right!
      Ein: Well, great. I'm glad we managed to clear that up without completely emasculating me.
    • This moment, immediately following coming across a trapped chest:
      [party finds another chest]]
      Lina: Yay! Another chest! Lucky!
      Lina: I'm sorry, but all I understood in that sentence was "Open that chest!"
      [Lina opens chest, party is surrounded by ghosts]
      Ein: Lina, I don't want to offend you, but you are basically terrible in every conceivable aspect.
    • Isher as Usher. 'Nuff said.
    • The powershroom scene:
      Fia: This is a Powershroom. It's a healthy fungus that'll boost your power...
      Ein: Yoink! [eats shroom]
      Fia: ...but it has also been known to cause testicular atrophy.
      Ein: did that on purpose.
      Fia: [innocently] Did what on purpose?
    • Also:
      Lina: Team Spirit?
      Ein: Sorry. The team spirit's been exorcised.
    • How to deal with getting lost in the Four Seasons Forest? By burning the shit out of it, of course.
    • In the Drowned City of Tetyth, we have a glorious moment upon saving an Undine (which is subverted by Cierra's ongoing Heroic BSoD):
      Ein: The Undine escaped.
      Rose: (What was it doing this far out of the water anyway?)
      Ein: Maybe she just wanted to be here. Up where they walk.
      Rose: (Up where they run.)
      Serene: Wanderin' free...
      Lina: Wish I could be...
      Cierra: ...
      Ein: Cierra! Finish it up!
      Cierra: And like a dying lady, lean and pale, Who totters forth, wrapp'd in a gauzy veil, Out of her chamber, led by the insane And feeble wanderings of her fading brain.
      Ein: ...OK, it's been a while since I heard it, but I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes.
      • Then they come out and Fia sings the last line.
    • The Volleying Insults between Lina and the Twin Sages at Teyth:
      Red Sage: I didn't think that Fool would lose. I underestimated you. But not this time, you group of bullies!
      Lina: Lina isn't a bully!
      Red Sage: Oh yes you are, you bully!
      Blue Fool: Meanie!
      Red Sage: Jerk!
      Lina: Dummy!
      Blue Fool: Varmint!
      Red Sage: Rapscallion!
      Serene: Bitch!
    • And the sages' reaction afterwards is the icing on the cake.
    • Cierra's Heroic BSoD triggered by Ein replacing her fire staff with a holy-elemental one.
      • Her reaction upon getting a new fire rod is to set everything in the area on fire including Ein, Selene, and herself.
    • Lina: This is The Best Apocalypse EVER!
    • How to deal with the game's most blatant Idiot Ball moment? Like this:
      Ein: Serene ain't no dirty vampire. And I wouldn't care even if she was.
      Lina: But Ein! The demons who obviously do not have our best interests at heart said she was a vampire!
      Cierra: Surely you can't be suggesting that they are either lying or mistaken?
      Ein: ...OK, apparently everyone went and turned into idiots when I wasn't watching? Either that or you're intentionally being dicks.
      Rose: (One way or another, you're obviously rubbing off on them.)
      Ein: Allow me to set everyone straight by way of logical discourse.
      Vampires suck
      Serene does not suck
      Cierra: Wow. Brevity, pithiness, AND a Double Entendre? I'm convinced.
      Lina: Me too.
      Vampire: The veracity of those points has yet to be established! That is a bald assertion fallacy!
      Serene: I've got a fallacy for you. It's called "Argumentum ad falx in facie."note 
    • The Fire Emblem Elibe crossover scene when the party gets an item of the same name. But especially:
      Magi Hector: Alright. Which one of you gangly fuckers is Hector?
      Lord Hector: I am!
      Magi Hector: Wrong.
      [Blasts FE Hector out of existence]
      Magi Hector: I am Hector, and this is MY HOUSE.
    • The whole Ein/Fia bickering until they get to the Kiku-Ichimonji sword. And Lina's speech to end it, just because their arguing got in the way of her loot.
      Lina: Both of you shut up! You're compromising the integrity of the party with your arguing and I'm sick of it! The way you're behaving is an absolute disgrace!Have you both forgotten the reason why we're here? Have you so little respect for our cause that you're willing to risk undoing everything we're fighting for, just to indulge in your stupid, pointless, CHILDISH bickering?! You will NOT do this anymore! NOT WHEN THERE IS LOOT TO BE HAD! UNDERSTAND?!
      [After she gets the sword.]
      Lina: Alright. You two can fight all you want now.
    • Lina comparing relationships to looting.
      Bypass the defences, grab everything you can get your hands on, run away laughing.
    • And her reaction to the Zombie Dragon not dropping any loot. Lina is a fountain of these in Mireno.
    • From the recap:
    • The Censors and the Fairies. That's all.
    • The entirety of Ledah's Battle with Ein.
    • Ledah realizing that his Heroic Sacrifice was pointless.
    • In what doubles as a Moment of Awesome, Ein desconstructing Malice's whole "sacrificing her future" thing.
    • And Serene's speech after fighting Malice.
    • No. This is the Underworld. Okay? Land of the dead. The birthing place of demons. An entirely different plane of existence from Riviera. It's not somewhere you can just stumble across by accident. You do not get here by taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque. So I'm going to ask you once, and I want to hear a straight answer: How. Did. You. Get. Here?
    • You don't fool Lina into opening a empty chest only to ambush the party. It will not be pretty...
    • "You know, the Underworld is a cold place. Very cold. Very dark, too. And you can start a fire, and it'll be warm, but you'll still feel cold. Because it's not just in your body, you see. It's in your head. The chill. The atmosphere. The whole place. It worms its way into your head and it never lets you forget, even for a second, that you're dead. It's a little too much to bear sometimes, even for me.So thank you for this. Because now, when it is too cold and too dark, I'll remember this moment. I will say to myself, "Ein got the shit kicked out of him by fairies." And then I'll be fine. I'll be just fine."
    • Ledah's reaction to Isher being the father of Lindwurm/Linda's children.:
      Ledah: What. The. Fuck.
      Ein: Okay. I could explain this to you, or we could just kill them all and pretend it never came up.
      Ledah: Option two. Dear God, option two.

    Various Pokemon Let's Plays 
  • Modernday's Let's Replay Pokemon Leaf Green is good, but the best part is it's not just a Let's Play, it's more like a crossover Fanfic with actual game play rather then text.
    • Then there's Alfred's master plan.
  • Not Pigeon's Let's Play of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, starring Trielo the Treecko and Floyd the Squirtle, which can be found here. It features such highlights as:
    • Linking to TV Tropes in just about every sentence.
    • Lampshading the fourth wall instead of staying behind it
    • A multitude of hilarious characters, such as Trielo the Deadpan Snarker, Nether the Ledyba who tries to be gangster, Jan the bipolar Nidoran (there's a fair amount of gender confusion there as Jan is a male Nidoran, (but Not Pigeon said that in this LP, pink Nidoran= female) and later addition Kevin is a female Nidoran), Norman the stuttering Hoothoot, and Scrappy the Magnemite, who the main character hates like hell.
    • Completely mocking the plotline and antagonists (although, to be fair, an antagonist called 'Team Meanies' was seriously begging to be laughed at) and making fun of the speeches, such as Team Meanies telling the antagonists their plans for world domination.
    • Singing I Am The Walrus in Mt Steel since they had to do something between floors.
    • Trying to introduce Christmas in a world with no night.
    • Pointing out just about every possible Double Entendre in a sentence, such as this:
      Ekans: Caterpie's mama will give us a generous reward-
      Nether: Wait, what? That's sick. Y'all are sick mother-
      Floyd: Hey, language!
      Trielo: Even not reading into it, your logic is pretty goddamned stupid. Butterfree's a middle-class housewife. Not the kind of person you can extort large sums of cash out of.
    • Having a female Nidoran who should be male, who loves hugs and is very very bipolar.
  • Even better: Not Pigeon recently finished the former LP, changed the ending and moved the two main characters to his latest LP: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.
  • Lets Play Pokemon Quartz. One word: BAROOOOOO!!!
  • Brisulph's LP of Pokemon Blue has one spectacular moment after he defeats Lance and wonders who the Champion could possibly be. Prepare to laugh.
  • In this update of Metroixer's Pokemon Blue LP, he takes a break to show glitches from the Yellow version instead. His interactions with Pikachu are highly entertaining.
    Met: ...If you were to level up Glitchizard to level 255 it will evolve into either a Magnemite or a Geodude. What determines this, no one seems to know, but these pokemon then evolve into their own respective evolutions i.e. Magneton and Graveler. Technically, Graveler could then evolve into a Golem, so you could end up with a Golem that knows moves normally only fire types would know. It's a bit too much trouble, but if you're looking for something special, there ya go.
    (Pikachu looks completely uninterested)
    Met: God fuck you
    • That entire LP is comedy gold. There's also this update with Fatty the Raichu and his chain of glitched-out evolutions:
      " What? FATTY is evolving!"
      Met: My Raichu is EVOLVING!? Wait, does this mean the rumors are
      "FATTY evolved into PRIMEAPE!"
      Met: Wait how did you just
      "9 9 evolved into METAPOD!"
      "FATTY evolved into Clefairy!"
      "FATTY evolved into KANGASKHAN!"
      Met: ...HUH
    • Leading up to that evolutionary chain, Met tries to grind Fatty, resulting in the following sequence of events:
      [Fatty goes up against a Lv. 12 Spearow, but has no visible moves, although one is labeled as "MISTY" type]
      Met: Wait, where are his moves? They're all... Blank, I guess I may as well try out this Misty type one at the very top?
      [The battle screen is filled with graphical glitches]
      Met: Uh-oh what just happened FATTY WHAT DID YOU DO.
      [Fatty, whose name is now "|| MET ||", disobediently turns away]
      [Fatty uses a different attack, which is apparently Hydro Pump]
      Met: Ugh just kill the bird already oh man there's letters flying around everywhere and we're going to have a long talk when we're done about this you fat identity thief how do you know hydro pump anyway.
      [Fatty levels up to Lv. 171]
      Met: what
  • The epic Angrish rants in both Great Cartoonist's and Token's respective Pokémon Let's Plays. Great Cartoonist (also, his Charmander) could only say nothing but GODDAMMIT after learning he had to go back to Pallet Town for a pointless Fetch Quest (this after declaring he would never go back FOREVER), while TokenASSHAT exploded in rage after getting called by NPC trainer Joey just before he was about to fight the final Sage in Sprout Tower, resulting in him issuing death threats to Joey and then saying nothing but FUCK YOU for a long time (though not as long as Great Cartoonist's string of GODDAMMITs) while deleting Joey's number from his list.
  • In Slowflake's LP of Pokémon Red, his reaction to Zapdos being caught with only one Ultra Ball.
    • He does it AGAIN in Platinum, when it's a RUNNER! Zapdos is officially Slowflake's bitch for life. (He does the same with Articuno in Platinum too.)
    • And then in Emerald, that good luck with getting the Legendary Birds comes back to bite him — it takes so long to find a Ralts with Trace that Torchic hits level 16 and evolves! When he finally caught one, Combusken was level 20.
      • In the same game, he changes the Trendy Phrase to "Adult Anime" — basically giving Dewford Town's population a hentai fetish!
      • Also in the same game,, the part were Rayquaza came down from the sky to stop Groudon's and Kyogre's fighting.
    • Pokemon Soul Silver part 98 — Nyancat Ho-Oh.
  • One of his MageKnight404's is playing Pokemon White blind. In universe Hilda the is the trainer and Ray is the one who oversees what she is doing and showing it to his fans. While actually Ray plays and dubs it later. At the part one Hilda finds out that that people are going to be watching her Pokemon journey.
    Ray: So thanks for watching part 1 of Pokemon White.
    Hilda: Wait what? Who are you talking to?
    Ray: My fans. The viewers who are going to be watching this.
    Hilda: Wait WHAT!? People are going to be watching me!?
    Ray: Yeah, didn't I tell you?
    Hilda: No!
    Ray: Oops.
    Hilda: [Starts screaming at the top of her lungs]
  • Marriland's Black and Black2 Nuzlockes, in which he turns the entire plot of the games into a political rally between Ghetsis and Burgh, with Alder as the current president. He voiceacts all the characters, including Lenora, who is turned into a crazy lady obsessed with BONES!
    • A funny running gag is "GHETSIS 2012—I mean, 2016!"

    Final Fantasy 
  • Leovinus' review of FFVIII comes recommended, particularly this exchange from Chapter 4: Christmas for Robert (what he renamed Squall):
    Infiltrate a secure military compound and gain access to their ICBM stock? No problem! Seriously though, this is stupid. Borderline suicidal. No, we're not doing it. It's stupid. Really, really stupid. Whoever goes will be shot on sight. It is a suicide mission.
    Zell: I'll do whatever Robert decides!
    Suicide mission... "Whatever Robert decides!" Suicide mission... "Whatever Robert decides!" Suicide mission... "Whatever Robert decides!"
    • Almost right after above (in which Robert sends Zell, Selphie and Rinoa on the aforementioned suicide mission) we get this gem:
      Robert: We'll steal a train to get back to Garden, because Selphie liked trains, and... haha. Hahahahaha. Ahahahahahaha, this is great.
    • Don't forget the Running Gag with Laguna, especially in Disc 3 Chapter 5. Laguna has aides.
    • And what about Worf's Vaginal Cannon?
    • Kiros' increasingly over-the-top accusations of homosexuality towards every other male, especially Laguna.
    • When he gets, and actually summons, Doom Train.
  • "Hey guys," says Bandunk in this already hilarious Lets Play of Final Fantasy X, "why don't we bring Auron back in so he can gain more XP?" What happens next must be seen to be believed...
    • In addition, the bird squawk that Bandunk makes every single time Valefor/Brrrrrap is summoned.
  • magmawk's Red Mage Solo Challenge Review Thingie:
    magmawk: "BANE spelled backwards is ENAB. ENAB, where--where you have to nab something online."
    [He uses the Bane Sword on Tiamat. "Poison smoke -- Terminated"]
    magmawk: "Wait! WHAT...JUST...HAPPENED?"
    Newspaper headline: "Tiamat Slain In One Hit! Red Mage Baffles World"
  • Oh, we could be here all day long on Let's Break Final Fantasy II!, but what everyone really remembers is the Toads. Once Guido gets the Toad spell up to a decent level, every single battle is reduced to him polymorphing the poor enemy into a harmless toad. Guard captain? Toad! Giant made of fire? Toad! The Emperor's human form? Toad! A giant toad? Toad! It gets to the point where he refers to Tiamat as the "demon goddess of small helpless amphibians", and Astaroth as the "demon lord of getting turned into a toad" or a monster in a box as a "soon to be toad in a box". But the absolute best bit is the final battle, against the final boss who is out-and-out immune to Toad. How does he win? by casting a "protection from Toad" spell on the Emperor, and then having someone else cast Toad 1. The wall blocks the spell, but the animation still goes off; which means that the Emperor turns into a toad, and hops away. Battle. Won. But the absolute best part of that is what the game's battle screen says, in spite of all evidence to the contrary: "TOAD 1 - Failed"
    Fry: What do you think the odds are of someone being turned into a toad, being sent to Hell, overthrowing the Devil, returning to Earth, and being turned into a toad AGAIN?
    Guido: Right now? I'd say they're looking pretty damn good.
    • The plot has a number of similarities to a certain sci-fi franchise. Continued references as the plot progresses drive Action Girl Marty into a violent rage.
    • Speaking of Marty, there's the player's strategy for dealing with the Captain enemies WAY earlier than one can usually kill them, which involves Marty dying over and over. Understandably, she's not happy about it.
    [two screenshots of Marty getting killed]
    Marty: I.
    [two screenshots of Marty getting killed]
    Marty: Hate.
    [two screenshots of Marty getting killed]
    Marty: You.
    [two screenshots of Marty getting killed]
    Marty: Guys.
  • Elentor's send-up of the eternal and forever-stupid Aeris/Aerith argument in his LP of Final Fantasy VII:
    "Well you see I feel like the only way to play this game is to do it the way the devs intended so obviously I'm gonna name her the original Japanese name here like I did with Mr. ARUKARUDO."
    [Screenshot of the flower girl saying "I'm EARISU, the flower girl. Nice to meet you."]
    "I kid of course, I know that both sides (people who want her named Aerith and the people who don't care) need equal representation so:"
    [Screenshot of the flower girl saying "I'm Aerish, the flower girl. Nice to meet you."]
    "I kid of course, I know that Aerish is just a spy so let's rename her to Sephiroth."
    [Screenshot now says "AeriTH]
    "I kid of course, I don't care about you guys who don't care, we Aerith lovers must show the world our devotion to a 'TH' with love and Caps Lock."
    [Name screen says "Daenerys"]
    "I kid of course. You see, Aeris/th is clearly a reference to GRRM's character, so I'm finally now truly naming her as the devs intended."
    [Name screen says "Daeneryth"]
    "Here's something few people know - Daenerys is just a horrible mistranslation from Targaryen-to-English that the editors imposed on GRRM. The intended name was Daeneryth. Which of course is an anagram for 'YEN R DEATH' which is a harsh criticism to the financial situation of Japan etc. We have no choice but to name her the way GRMM intended else we're not paying attention to detail etc:"
    [Final screenshot of having just named her Aeris]
    "At any rate I think we'd rather pay homage to the Mad King so I'll name her Aeris with an 'I' so I don't get sued."
  • Orange Fluffy Sheep's Let's Play of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has him commenting on the ridiculous strength of Clan Beoulve.
    OFS: My clan is starting to sound like two kids on a playground trying to outdo the other's made up superhero.
    "This guy has two giant holy swords! And they're both Excalibur, so he's the doubleking!"
    "Yeah, well this guy is a sage, so he can use his knowledge of the whole universe to cause explosions by thinking about it!"
    "But the doubleking can combine his two Excaliburs into a gigantic holy laser sword!"
    "The sage has a friend who can breathe lightning!"
    "And there's this ninja girl who can turn invisible and kill people by touching them!"
    OFS: What you at home should take from this is that clan Beoulve is getting awesome and powerful.
    • Likewise, from his run on Final Fantasy Tactics, particularly Marquis Elmdor and his attempts to loot his unique EQ:
      "...At this point, If you want to, just listen to the Benny Hill music because it strangely fits."
      [after managing a Teleport / Draw Out that ends Celia and Lede and puts some major hurt on Elmdor] "WHAP. FUCKING WHAP. IT TOOK SIX TRIES TO GET THIS TO HAPPEN."
      "...At this point things start go right, so the Benny Hill theme doesn't fit the failure reel from before. But, it still fits, considering how everyone runs around like headless chickens and Elmdor loses his clothing."
    • Also from Final Fantasy Tactics when Ramza is accused of heresy he throws an axe at Zalmo the man who came to arrest him for heresy. Shortly afterwards Ramza says he's done nothing to be labeled a heretic cue:
    • And another from that LP: frustrations are expressed when the Bull Demon that's supposed to be making eggs of Minotaurus and Sacreds just won't cooperate.
      Hey, wait, guess what's 14 characters?
      [cue cut to OFS renaming his Bull Demon to "HAVE KIDS AUGH"]
    • And a combination moment of Funny and Awesome rounds off the "Rod Breaking Central". He broke a fire rod (breaking rods had become impractical compared to the spells right around the third Gilgamesh battle, and he had been breaking rods over boss' heads since Walse Tower until then) to finish off the battle with Enuo. Completed with one last update to the "Rods Broken" counter.
  • Brickroad attempts and ultimately abandons to finish a Solo Thief run in the original Final Fantasy... a challenge harder than every other solo put together.
    • Below a screenshot of FUKT running away from one of many, many monsters he's not capable of defeating:
      Here's a great picture of FUKT running away. He does a lot of this! It's the only thing he's good at.

      Actually, THIEFs aren't any better at running away than any other class. I think they're supposed to be, but a bug in the code prevents it from being so. So FUKT even sucks at sucking. A new low.
    • And then there's his rant after ludicrous amounts of grinding, using an editor to make all the enemies give buttloads of XP, still isn't enough to beat Astos:
      Because he's earning thousands and thousands of EXP per fight, FUKT reaches L29 on his way back up to ASTOS. At L29, every other class is busy EYE-grinding. They've already toppled the FIENDs, looted all the treasure, gotten their promotions. The game is over for everyone else. An entire team of L29s is trouncing WarMECHs with relative ease.

      FUKT is marching to fucking ASTOS. He hasn't lit a single ORB. He doesn't have a single spell-casting item. He doesn't have a CANOE or an AIRSHIP. He has seen fewer than ten treasure boxes. He's only been inside one major dungeon.


      Do you guys get it? Do you now understand? Solo THIEF is challenging in the exact same way as surviving an airplane crash.

    Silent Hill 
  • The entirety of all of From Earth's Lets Plays of the first four Silent Hill games, with two absolutely stellar Moments tied for the Crown Of Funny:
    • The commentary of the first game's opening.
      ...Harry and his 'daughter' are driving through the West Virginian mountains. Harry's had a bit too much to drink. In this picture, he's debating whether he should a) stop to piss, b) try to piss out of the window while driving, or c) just let it all flow. (Cybil drives past) Oh shit, a cop. So much for plan B. The cop passes Harry. A couple of miles down the road, we see her bike lying in the ditch. Harry, being the pissfaced charmer he is, steps on the gas. (a girl walks onto the road) Trouble ahead! Just before he sees the girl on the road, the fifteen whiskey sodas in Harry's stomach send him into a mild stupor... ...causing him to hit a girl in blue. Meanwhile, on the driver's seat, plan C is put into motion.
    • Not only giving Pyramid Head dialogue, and not only turning him into a Fake Brit who is offended by James' uncouth behaviour, but making him best friends with Eddie.
      PH: Why, top of the morning to you, sir Eddie.
      Eddie: Likewise, baron Head. I say, what brings you to my humble abode on this early hour?
      PH: I am throwing a part-eh tonight... nothing fancy, just some good wine and two or three fine dames, and I was wondering if you'd like to honor me with your presence?
      Eddie: Tell me old friend, do you intend to invite any two-legged dames this time?
      PH: I'm sure something can be arranged.
      Eddie: In that case, the pleasure will be all mine.
      PH: Most excellent! Ta-ta!
  • In L0rd Vega's blind LP of Silent Hill 2, he spent about an hour running around the hospital (and getting lost repeatedly in the process) trying to open five different locks on a heavily chained-up box. And then he finally gets it open:
    Vega: ...WHAT. Th- wh- What does that say. I've become unable to read, what does that say?
    No, wait, there's something...
    You got a piece of hair.
    Vega: ...I got a piece of hair. I got a piece of hair! Five locks. Why did I get a-? Wh-? I don't even know how to express the anger I feel right now. Maria, I'm considering killing you. I got a piece of hair. I got a piece of hair. NO, I DIDN'T FIND LAURA, SHUT UP.
  • The entirety of Quadraxis14's Silent Hill 4 LP, like when they call the bar:
    (dials number)
    Jason: Can I get a large pepperoni pizza?
    (Silent Hill static)
    Jason: It sounds like they're cutting the pizza right now!
    Quady: It's happy chainsaw hour and Bar South Ashfield.

    Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 
  • Schildkrote's playthrough of Persona 3 has some good ones, usually on the Main Character snarking about the people he hangs out with. This goes from deciding that Yukari must be pretty fucked up for having a woman chained to a cow head in her mind, his horror that his teacher is in love with him and his comments about Kenji's infatuation with his teacher.
  • The Persona 4 Endurance Run of Giant Bomb had quite a few under their belt, usually from the players' reactions of the events of each games and the various ways they actually manage to screw up within the game.
    • Especially when the guys get to the level 10 social link scene for Chie. They "roleplay" the whole thing as a drug trip that culminates in Chie pretty much seeing stars and gaining a new persona. "And then we really started tripping out."
      Chie: From me to you.
      Jeff: Um... Herpes! A gift that keeps on giving.
    • There was their horrified reaction of accidentally rolling Abaddon.
    • "This game knows me a little too well."
    • The end of Episode 110 has them getting caught by Yukiko with Ai. The guys end up asking their co-workers what to do, one of them answering "Never admit fault".
    • Their reaction to the power going out and their battery backup holding, especially "nothing stops the endurance run, motherfucker."
  • From RaidouFrost's LP of Shin Megami Tensei I:
    • On the Magnus the Chaos Hero calling him out for wanting to give money to the first bum he sees in post-apocalyptic Tokyo:
      "I thought I told you and your Chaos ways to go die in a hole. The world was destroyed. I think this dude has a valid excuse for wanting some change."
      • ...and then when the bum gives him shit for giving him Yen:
        "...On second thought, say 'aye' if you think we should paint the trees with his entrails."
    • On visiting the Black Baron in Roppongi:
      Black Baron: "How do you like the comfort of Roppongi?"
      RaidouFrost: "Comfort? Your floor nearly killed me."
    • Speaking of Roppongi, he's got a lot to say about Alice:
      Alice: I want a friend. Will you be my friend? Pleeeease?
      RaidouFrost: That depends. Will you allow me to enslave you and summon you at my leisure, allowing me to easily kill anything, ever?
      Alice: Hey, Mister Kazuya, can you buy me a Hiranya?
      RaidouFrost: For fear of being Mudo'd, I'm gonna say yes.
    • When the Law Hero/Darius dies, his primary concern is not that, well, his friend just died (in fact, he mostly laughs at his misfortune), but that he wants his new shotgun back.
    • He loves to humiliate bosses by using the AUTO command instead of fighting them normally.
      • After finally beating his way through a horrendous number of robots at the police station, he finally gets to the top, where a Mad Scientist sics about ten more of them on him at once.
      "Now, the best response would be to systematically take them out using various spells. However, I am a reckless bastard. *hits AUTO*"
      • Fighting Komokuten:
      "Wow, this might actually be diffic- AUTO."
      "See what happens when you play with fire? That's carrying a railgun?"
    • His reactions to meeting Astaroth and Arioch are priceless:
      • From the same episode: Him pulling a Shut Up, Hannibal! on Magnus and the Chaos Heroine / Yuriko / Lilith:
        Magnus: "The sole reason balance exists is so that it can eventually be tipped!"
        RaidouFrost: "That makes no sense. Go crawl back in your corner."

        Chaos Heroine: "You killed Magnus...How can you live with yourself, killing your friend with a straight face!? Have you no remorse!?"
        RaidouFrost: "I have no remorse, because he was a douchebag. It's not rocket science."
        Chaos Heroine: "I'm...actually Lilith."
        RaidouFrost: "Can I fuse you? Please?"
    • The funny continues into his Shin Megami Tensei II LP. He engages Aleister Crowley and finds out what Crowley really means by a Sabbath:
      Crowley: "Dammitall! A full moon is the perfect night for a Sabbath, but Lucifer forbade me from having one!"
      RaidouFrost: "There's always next full moon, or you could just try asking nicely. No reason to get so—"
      Crowley: "Aarrgh! I'm SO FREAKING HORNY!!!!"
      RaidouFrost: "WHOA. Apparently, 'Sabbath' means 'demon orgy'."
      • Shortly thereafter, his encounter with Tiamat:
        "Hell—OH GOD!!"
    • The encounter with the Elders:
      "Destroy me? What are you old geezers gonna do, try and hit me with your cane? Break a hip on me? Maybe you'll—" (the Elders transform into Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel) "OH SHIT!"
      "What are YOU gonna do? Probably try to walk over here and crumble into dust and—" (the third Elder transforms into Archangel Michael) "OH GOD DAMMIT!"
    • The return of Astaroth.
      "Oh, Jesus Christ, it's this asshole. And you still haven't found pants! Didn't you learn your lesson from Kazuya?"

  • The conclusion to this group Let's Play of Mario Party 2. It's not much on its own, but after an hour and a half of watching the players attempt to one-up each other, get increasingly more frustrated as the game length drags on, and generally suffer through any number of both self- and game-inflicted difficulties, seeing the game dramatically reveal that everyone lost to the one computer-controlled player (on easy mode!) is hilarious.
  • In his Super Mario 64 Let's Play, Vicas plays with his feet. Then he tries Tiny-Huge Island, and the thread convinces him to commentate it uncut for a bonus video. The results have to be seen to be believed.
  • Blister's horribly NSFW ramblings in Faceguy and Wogturt's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door LP.
  • From hankgames, in Hank and Katherine Play Super Mario Bros. Wii. The Katherine has a tendency to lose it when get really hard. Particularly in this one, when she starts screaming 'WORLD FIVE FORT!' over and over.
    • Also in part 19, The Katherine's epic freak out over the boos.
    • When their friends Michael Aranda and Charlie McDonnell join in the fun, that's when things really start to go downhill. Charlie's quiet nature and deadpan commentary makes the LP that much funnier. Michael's "special relationship" with the Toad who runs the minigames, in particular, has to been seen to be believed, and his use of "I'm a mushroom," to end arguments between Hank and the Katherine is especially hilarious.
  • In their Co-Playthrough of Mario Party 5, Boogycarl (Boogytroy and Carl10O1) are playing the last board, Bowser Nightmare, when they set off the happening space that causes Bowser to walk around the board and turn all spaces red. Hilarity Ensues with Boogy scolding Bowser and begging him to stop. The best part is they had no idea what the happening space they landed on even did.
  • Azentiger's LP of S Mario, a hard Mario ROM hack, makes a previous level's gimmick even worse.
    Azentiger: ...NOOOOOO! No left! No Spin Jump! ON ICY FLOOR!? YOU! GOTTA BE! KIDDING ME!
  • Chaos Sinful Rose's LP of Paper Mario goes awry after encountering a Game-Breaking Bug in Episode 32 when Sushie's Tidal Wave (known for some lag issues) ends up FREEZING the game after hitting 5 enemies on Chapter 5's boss, Lava Piranha. Stopping midway through the damage calculation.
  • TheRealz3ro does a two-player mode of Super Mario World, and one of them decides to spin jump in Lemmy's castle, and right after that, they say "Oh! No this is a bad idea! THIS IS A BAD IDEA!"
  • Psychedelic Eyeball's Let's Play of Super Mario Bros. 3, which has some funny moments due to his eccentricities and thick Quebecois accent. The most memorable one is the World 2 outtake, where he has trouble getting the leaf in the first level. He finally gets the power-up in the last take, only to lose it right after.
    Psychedelic Eyeball: You can drown in a sea of dicks.
  • DashieGame's Mario Party 10 LP has one part where Dashie (playing as Yoshi) takes on Donkey Kong on Hard difficulty. Hilarity Ensues in various ways from start to finish.
  • skawo's Paper Mario: Color Splash LP has some, either due to Deadpan Snarker comments or the "ORLY?" counter that ticks up whenever a character in the game says something obvious. And then there's this...where the counter overflows and crashes.
  • At a couple points, Psychedelic Eyeball decided to stream various Mario games. With reversed controls. One viewer comment: "[Psych's] not drunk, but Mario is!"

  • 900redyoshi's LP of Mother 3 is quite entertaining. Though, the icing on the cake is his hilarious reaction to finding an old man in a hot spring.
  • Radiation's Let's Play Some game no one cares about. First of all there is the inherent humor to be found in naming Ness "Toast", making his favorite food "Babies", and his favorite thing (and consequently, his signature PSI attack) "Uiuuh", but the real hilarity is all the character-based humor.
    • Toast: *upon meeting the Titanic Ant* "I knew this was going to be a fight to the death. I ripped off all my clothing and threw my bat against the wall, flexing my manly 13-year-old biceps and raising my eyebrows. I licked my lips and leapt into battle."
    • "And then he (Diamond Dog) flashed us a 1,000,000,000,000 dollar smile because his body is made out of god damned DIAMONDS."
    • His... unique ways of using the various assist PSI he gets during the game:
      • Lifeup Alpha and Beta: Licking people on the ear
      • Lifeup Gamma: psychically knitting together wounds and erasing damage. He vows to use this only in emergencies because he loves creeping people out by licking them on the ear.
      • Flash: He... well... flashes his enemies.
    • Everything Ness says whenever he's Mashroomized. EVERYTHING.
      • "Whattttttt am I doiINggg????? I wbnet to bED in a House that wasn't MINE. Onett is surprisingly UP TO DATE on the NOOSE."
      • *upon being asked to get the mushroom removed* "SALLY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Jeff Ted's epic quest to buy the T-Rex's bat, which is a freaking life-sized sculpture of a T-Rex fighting a vampire mounted on a stand with a HILT for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!.
    • Upon meeting his incredibly neglectful father: *Ted used the Broken Pipe.* "WHY WON'T YOU DIE"
    • Toast and Ted mocking the Department Store Spook, utterly annihilating any semblance of scariness that the creep ever had. "BWAAAAGH!"

    Fire Emblem 
  • The aforementioned Didja Redo did a Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light LP here that added a new layer of personality to practically every character.
    • Didja Redo instantly killed Marth while his companions had abandoned him, only to be revived by Anna and told Marth that since he is a Lord, his death means Game Over. Marth takes this revelation literally:
    Marth: "I am Jesus. I knew it."
    • Marth (still believing that he is Jesus) is not pleased at the fact that the pirates can walk on water, as that is supposed to be his thing.
    • Sheeda/Caeda as a Yandere.
    • Cain and Abel's ridiculously smug portraits are accompanied with properly smug personalities.
    Cain (referring to Machis): Look at this guy.
    Abel: I'm looking at him.
    Cain: Tell me what you see.
    Abel: I see many things. I see chaff. I see superfluity. I see "trying too hard". I see a benchwarmer, my friend.
    Cain: Benched-rear end motherfucker.
    Machis: you insult my honour, sirs?
    Abel: Fresh squeezed bench juice.
    Cain: Mmm.
    Abel: Fruity.
    Marth: So you can take all of us at once, huh? Pretty impressive.
    Oguma: You sure you're ready for this? You can always say no!
  • About 2 minutes into this is one of the best Boltage McGammar moments, being both funny and awesome.
    "Now then, I should open that door..."
    "...I should not have opened that door."
    • In the next part, right after Hector and Florina have their A Support... "Romance! Battlefield! Why does this happen?!"
  • From MageKnight404's LP of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, in part 38...
    • Another moment is also on MageKnight404's LP of Radiant Dawn let's play; in part 122 he inserts Getter Robo's STONER SUNSHINE as a replacement to what happens.
    • Pretty much every character's reaction to being warped in the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War LP.
    • His voice for The Black Knight's voice in part 133 must be heard to be believed. In fact, pretty much the entire Radiant Dawn LP is one long CMOF, mostly due to his sheer hatred of the plot.
    • The blooper reel that he put up after the Radiant Dawn LP is quite amusing to watch and just listening to his reactions is amusing.
  • Ggorondie and Egroffie's LP of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones has a lot from the sibling pair; from the two of them squeeing when they realize they're getting a Dancer, to Roffie's Precision F-Strike, to the appropriate songs they sing along the way. Their upcoming one for the Tellius games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, will likely have a lot as well.
  • Fedule's Let's Play of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, where Mist winds up godly post-promotion and during chapter 27, when Ike fights the Black Knight, the LP-er describes how the mechanics work of the fight...and then all of a sudden, the screenshot shows Mist fighting the Black Knight. She doesn't deal any damage, yet she was RNG-blessed enough she survives and doesn't even get doubled.
  • From Artix74's LP of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, we have this:
    Artix: Anyway, Night of Farewells. This chapter is such a disappointment after Battle Before Dawn. Regardless, we now have a little girl with crippling mommy and abandonment issues to turn into a murdering machine, so let's start with that.
    [Artix gives Nino Afa's Drops (which causes the game to declare "Maturity increased") and a Body Ring]
    Artix: First thing is to stuff [Nino] with the Afa's drops so we can see no real benefit from doing so by the end of the chapter. We're also giving her a Body Ring to help that abysmal constitution a little bit. She's still weighed down a little by the Thunder tome, but she's essentially starting with an extra 2 speed because of it, and she needs all the help she can get.
    Alkydere: Thank you Japan for never letting me look at stuff like this without getting at least a bit suspicious about the original writers and/or the translators. Artix explained to me what 'increasing her maturity' does (+5% to each stat's growth), but the fact that you made a little girl more 'mature' and used a 'Body Ring' on her to up her stats just makes me go *facepalm*.
    Fedule: It' possible you may be reading a bit far into this...
  • LordHippoman's LP of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem made My Unit a mage... who only got one stat growth ever in magic. So naturally the LPer reclassed her. When the My Unit finished off the final boss... she got a level up.
    • Said My Unit, named Steve, has a silly-looking customization that makes her face obscured by her bangs and mask.
    • The Running Gag of Steve getting more ridiculous accessories on her head as the game went on.
    • This exchange between Midia and Hardin:
    Midia: Do with my life as you will. But, Hardin... How many people do you think you've killed out of petty jealousy? Enough. Open your eyes!
    (pixelated closeup of Hardin's nightmarish red eyes)
    LordHippoman: Oh shit never mind close them again.
  • LordHippoman then did a Let's Play of the precursor game, Shadow Dragon, told as a flashback by Jagen on his death bed to Steve, the sequel's My Unit. Who has literally every single accessory.
    • Said LP also develops a few running gags, wherein Steve and Jagen interrupt things.
    • When Gotoh contacts Marth in Khadein from Macedon through telepathy, since LordHippoman was unable to get a screenshot of Gotoh's telepathic projection, he uses a substitute. The substitute is to place different filters and rearrange the Gotoh portrait so every one is different.
  • The Big Klingy playthrough for Fire Emblem: Awakening has plenty of these. The longest running joke is to play the female Avatar as a deliberate powerhouse, helped by the fact that the character really does check a few boxes of the archetype. This extends to her son Morgan, whom he keeps nicknaming Gary Stu, once he's recruited. It includes assuming the worse intentions behind relatively innocent dialogue and actually having her "kill" Chrom's other Implied Love Interest Sumia (Big Klingy is a Chrom-Sumia shipper, by the way) so she can marry him instead. However, since he is in reality simply not using her after her debut chapter, Sumia still shows up in cutscenes and the randomly generated barracks discussions. And is officially a ghost. It reaches its pinnacle when he deals with the paralogue in which Sumia's daughter is recruited: thanks to a mix of footage from a playthrough in which Chrom and Sumia were paired and having paired Sumia with one of her alternate suitors offscreen to bring her child into existence in the main playthrough, he makes it look like the group actually runs into the Chrom-fathered version of her from an alternate timeline. He then exploits the fact that this child happens to starts off hostile to have her actually killed onscreen by his story-meddling OC.
  • Mangs does a Lets Play of a Fire Emblem ROMHack called Scarlet Dawn. The cast includes, of all people, Morshu from the Legend of Zelda CDI games. Being that the hack is one big Marathon Level, Mangs decides to take advantage of Morshu being able to place a bomb on the map for enemies to step on. Unfortunately he forgot where he put it, resulting in his own bomb killing one of his men.

    Amnesia and Penumbra 
  • Holy shit, Amnesia! is the best.
    • WHAT DO I DO?!
    • Spoiler Warning's Let's Play is also hilarious, for completely different reasons.
    • On a related note, Lanipinator also did a Let's Play of both Amnesia and Justine. The breakdown after having gotten the 100% completion for Justine (and not realizing that Justine saying "I'm still alive" as a reference to Portal IS the 100% bonus), Lani suffers a Villanous Breakdown, restarting the game and killing every one of the trapped men, along with himself in the final watery chamber.
  • This Let's Yell of Penumbra: Dark Overture.
    • When confronted with a three-page letter:
    (screen reads "AGAIN, YET ANOTHER READING OF AFOREMENTIONED LETTER LATER") " throat hurts after that."
  • 666theheartless666's playthrough of the Amnesia: The Dark Descent gag map "Dark Room" is just non-stop hilarity, especially during the Pedobear chase.

  • From Kung-Fu Jesus' Let's Play of God Hand:
    Kung-Fu Jesus: *with hysterical laughter* Ha ha! I'm cunt punchin' ya bitch!
    Medibot: Can you say "cunt punch" on the internet?
    Kung-Fu Jesus: *completely serious* Oh shit, can you? I think the FDA shuts you down for that.
  • MadMan's Static Discharge angering a Big Daddy by mistake.
  • Cloud 8745's Let's Play of I Wanna Be the Guy has plenty of laugh worthy moments as you would expect from a Platform Hell game, but the Mecha Birdo Boss Battle sequence stands out, as death after death after death at the boss's hands drive the poor guy insane in a freakout every bit as epic as the one from DeceasedCrab above. The first part is the regular part 9 of the Let's Play and the second part is the "outtake reel" that shows everything Cloud went through during the battle in question.
    • Also, he's just made it through the Quickman screen, dodged past a bunch of spikes on his first try... and dies to one of IWBTG's infamous out-of-nowhere traps, not two seconds away from saving his game. There is a moment of complete silence. Then: *singsong tone* "WE ALL SAW THAT FUCKING COMING... FROM A MILE AWAY!"
    • Another moment comes when Cloud is facing Kraidgief. In the middle of the battle, Cloud activates a glitch making the boss freeze so he could get the fight over with faster. While Cloud thinks he may have defeated Kraidgief, he takes the opportunity to run to the other end of the room to go to the next screen. Kraidgief then rises from the floor and destroys the Kid, much to Cloud's dismay. Cloud then responds with "My cockiness knows no bounds...I just got owned" in song fashion.
    • His LP of Gregory Horror Show has this moment. Cloud hides in Mummy Pa's closet to wait for him to put his soul down while Mummy Papa is in his room—therefore, revealing his location would mean certain death. Noticing his health running low, he lets himself out of the closet, heals himself, and then manages to jump back inside and shut the door with only a confused "What the--?" from Mummy Papa.
    • Cloud's Top 10 Funniest Moments.
  • From UltraJMan's LP of the same game, his reaction to the... 'special' death at 8:57.
    • From the same LP, after several quite aggravating tries at navigating this segment, he is just about to make it through when the game chooses the worst possible moment to crash on him. His reaction pretty much says it all.
  • ''Cybershell's LP of Half-Life "2" has one. The player comes across a scientist hanging from a suspended platform. He shouts: "quickly! use the force from my bullets to propel yourself up the ladder!"
    • Cybershell's lets play is loaded with these. From his oversimplifying of what people say ("Gordon, you need to ride the choo choo train to the surface") to his tendency to kill scientists and guards and his dignified memorials for them. Lets not forget his reaction when he figures out he has to turn on another power generator.
    (after killing the scientist) I hope you go to hell where you have to run around and turn on generators for all eternity!
  • Jade Star's LP of UFO: Aftermath has one that also counts as a Moment of Awesome once the Reticulans try diplomacy. As news of the possible peace spreads throughout the Council of Earth bases, various people react in different ways. One response came in the form of graffiti found at one of the European bases:
    • Earlier, the Reticulans single out Valhallan to focus all their wrath upon. Or rather, his crotch.
  • Guavamoment's LP of the original X-COM has plenty of moments, such as Terashell "losing his anal virginity" to Floater plasma fire, and this.
    Terashell: Okay. Who landed this thing.
  • Dwarf Fortress. Boatmurdered. Watch as a once promising mining camp is subjected to a crucible of invasion, madness, and bloodthirsty pachyderms that slowly twists it into a dark and malevolent pit lying at the center of an ashen, bone-studded wasteland. Through the players' (mis)management and some appalling bad luck, Boatmurdered becomes a realm of horror that they realize adventuring parties will be queuing up to delve into.
    • One quote in particular sticks out to me: "DID I MENTION HE IS ON FUCKING FIRE!?"
    • The sections written by "StarkRavingMad" are especially priceless, combining a slow descent into madness with a passionate love of Deadwood. The effect of this combination on his vocabulary is... explosive.
      So the merchants arrive to see blood and vomit everywhere, us hauling corpses en masse to the graveyard, a couple rampaging elephants...
  • Cybershell 13's Sonic 3 and Knuckles LP was punctuated by giving the barrel in Carnival Night Zone an annoyance (Or as it was rendered in the video proper, Cunt-O-Meter) rating of one, using Adobe related nonsense to play it up, "Also sprach Zarathustra" and all, proceeds to mock the "worst" Guide Dang It! moment in all of video games and then acts like an arse for the rest of the video, skipping out on a special stage and everything.
    • It continues into Ice Cap Zone, where he denies what he perceives to be very well liked music (in Ice Cap Zone act 1)... by getting the 7th emerald and proceeding to go through the act as Super Sonic.
    • Kicking off Labyrinth Zone Act 2 with a Cluster F-Bomb about spikes, giving them a well deserved entry on the Cunt-O-Meter to boot: "Spikes are motherfucking pieces of shit cocksucking homo faggot bitchass motherfuckers, that can suck my dick!"
    • There was also the enemy summary for Metropolis Zone in his Sonic 2 LP. Most of the enemies score highly—4 or 5 out of 5 Eggman logos—on the aforementioned Cunt-O-Meter. Then he gets to the Asteron...and the entire background fills with Eggman logos.
    • Asteron is the King of Cunts (the title previously being held by the Bomb enemy from Sonic 1. With a crown and everything. He even made the bomb appear just to take its crown!) The only things to get above a 5 on that meter are the spikes, this enemy, and final bosses. It is unclear where Newtron fits on the scale.
    • When he fights the mini boss in Act 2 of Flying Battery Zone, he describes it as the "Worst Laser in the World" complete with a Stylistic Suck version of the boss theme.
    • His description of Flying Battery Zone's boss: "I don't want to compare him to a dick but Jesus fucking Christ just look at him. He even has those two ball-shaped things at the bottom and spits fire out his head. Goddamn."
  • Paw Dugan's first ever LP, of King's Quest V, is an incredibly funny and sophisticated work for someone who usually just talks about music. Probably the best part is his outrage over not being thanked after returning a woman cursed to be transformed into a tree to normal.
    • Paw finally discovers why he's been carrying around that delicious custard pie: to throw in a Yeti's face.
    • This bit, where King Graham has to jump across a series of stepping stones in the mountains
      Paw: If one of these falls away, I'm gonna be pissed. "No, not that one! Dur hur hur.."
      (stepping stone falls, Graham plummets to his doom)
      Paw: GAAAAHHHHH!!....See, I told you I was gonna be pissed..Now my head hurts.
  • Trask Nari is constantly made to play Let's Plays of the hardest games, such as The Impossible Quiz. Half of his videos involve nervous breakdowns. Case in point: the 110th question of The Impossible Quiz
    • While playing Jumpman, Trask loses his sanity.
      Why, Jumpman, why? Fluff fluff fluff. Farfignoogen. Foooooooninininushnublah! Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! Largle largle largle largle! (singing) I am a bee! I am such a... (stops playing) I need a moment to regain my sanity. Shooshooshooshoosh, shooshoosh shooshooshoosh. ... Is my sanity back yet? No. Bloobloobloobloo...
    • "It is not inevitable. Nope. Not gonna do it. Eh. Ehhh. PANCAKES!!"
    • Trask finds a defective turret and calls it Frank. "No! Frank! Go on without me!" "Attack!" "I hope you're happy with your promotion, Frank. You'll run this company one day, I swear it!"
  • vash12349's runthrough of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has one spectacular moment where he makes Snake's Tear Jerker trek through the microwave hallway into an embittered rant from Grumpy Old Man Snake.
  • Bobdrantz's LP of Godzilla: Unleashed is chock full of these-
    • "I AM A MAN!" *punch!*
    • Bobdrantz singing "Elmo's World" before realizing what she's doing and declaring "Damn you, Sesame Street!"
    • The "Defective M.O.G.U.E.R.A".
      • "Why am I getting sparks!? I want lasers!"
    • Destroyah throwing King Ghidorah and Godzilla around like ragdolls much to Bobdrantz's amusement.
    • "TANKS!"
    • Pelvic thrusts, courtesy of Mechagodzilla.
      • Also, a glitch causes Mechagodzilla II to do....something on a hill much to Bobdrantz's confusion.
      • "Uh, I don't think this is child appropriate...."
    • Whenever two of the same monster appear on the screen, Bobdrantz almost always referrers to one of them as "Bob".
  • "*cries like a girl* I lost to BOOM BOOM?!?"
  • Psychedelic Eyeball's let's play of Blackthorne is pretty funny throughout for it's mockery of various LP tropes like That Reminds Me of a Song and Save Scumming, but when he and slowbeef pretend to be each other in a parody of guest commentary and each other, it elevates to beyond funny.
    • And inspeaking of Psychedelic Eyeball...he has some crazy moments in his Prince of Persia Lets Plays.
      • After he drinks a slow-fall potion...
      Psychedelic Eyeball: HOOOOAAA...It looks like we're baaaaaack! I feeeeel sooooo light! And this...I want to drink the fruit-*it wears off* and diiiie!
      • In his Prince of Persia 2 Let's Play, he makes a Running Gag about how the prince should not dance because it is painful, and a couple times he makes the prince dance only for the prince to be hurt. (Referring of course to the Guide Dang It! way you become the Shadow Prince)
      • The first example includes him dancing a couple times... then he makes the prince run off a ledge to his death, resulting in Eyeball saying "Don't ever dance!"
      • In the second game, when he finally activates the shadow prince powers, he missteps and causes the prince to fall to his death.
      • When he gets the new sword...
      Psychedelic Eyeball: ...there is only one thing we can restore those memories...WE MUST GO ON A RAMPAGE!!! DIE DIE!!
      Psychedellic Eyeball Let's see if he has any advice to say to me ...that is...if I can speak to him. Come on. Hey buddy, I want to speak to you. *Camera Screw* Ah jesus christ. *Jump Cut* HI BUDDY! I'M STANDING ON YOUR TABLE! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I wanna-*Camera Screw* AAAAAH! *Jump Cut* Please! Let me TALK to you! *Jump Cut* Fuck you buddy. HEY! OVER HERE! Your employee here is defective! Please replace him!"
      • "Guillotines are the generator of life and death." In the same video, no less! note 
  • Rooreeloo's Banjo-Kazooie Let's Plays are always good, but there's one part in particular in his Let's Play of Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts that's really great, in which he does a ski jump based challenge using all of his vehicles so far (including fan-made ones that include Shout Outs to Optimus Prime and the Delorean. But the best part is at the end, in which the vehicle starts flying around like crazy until it comes to a complete halt. See it here starting at 10:47.
    • Running over L.O.G. when he mentions Canary Mary.
      • Speaking of whom, his reaction to seeing her in Tooie's Cloudcuckooland is to attack her while still transformed as a no avail.
  • Also, Flare Elevar's Spyro the Dragon Let's Plays are fun to watch, as text commentary is used to make jokes as well as explain things. It comes to a head here when the video is seemingly hijacked by an unknown entity, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • tomers113's LP of Eversion HD: "As you can see, it starts out nice and evil." (everts to World 6-7) "And oh my God, a wall of blood." And within the same episode, World 6 failure + Yakety Sax = Hilarity Ensues.
  • Tiro DVD, Let's Play Cubivore, episode 32. He decides that the epic, multi-boss battle near the end of the game is too boring, so he decides to spice it up. By reading poetry over it. The first poem is by E. E. Cummings, the second one is by Catullus and needs to be bleeped out. Watch it here.
  • LuizPrower needs to be mentioned here; his playthroughs have spawned way too many hilarious moments to count, such as "DID I JUST GET SHOT?". Unfortunately, his account was hacked and his videos were deleted; however, he managed to recover some of them, including the infamous Waddle Dee video. note  Ever since then, he has started over and has generated a few CMoFs:
  • While there's no talking in it, the annotations in Qzecwx's Mega Man 7 and Mega Man & Bass let's play's, provided by the viewers, are really funny.
  • Diabeetus' infamous Battletoads LP has the final contest between PsychedelicEyeball and GuidoAnchovies (with Diabetus playing along unofficially) to see who can get the farthest in one hour.
    • "Clinger Winger!/Turtle Soup!/Toad Soup, whatever!/'Cause we didn't rip off Ninja Turtles!"
  • Icrangirl truly belongs on this page. Whenever she gets startled, she makes these incredibly high-pitched squeaks and screams that clash a lot with her normally deep voice. Her Crowning Moment of Funny came during the second half of part 12 of her Let's Play of Brutal Mario (a Super Mario World 1 ROM hack), when she encountered what she dubbed "pissed-off Bullet Bills". Said bullets were a special flashing breed of bullet that used to be exclusive to that game; they came at the player suddenly and constantly homed in. Halfway through the level, she goes completely batshit and starts screaming at the top of her lungs, making such crazy quotes as "NOT NATURAL! NOT NATURAL!!!" in the process. When she's done, she breathes heavily as if she had just orgasmed, and when a friend who happened to be with her at the time says, "That was hilarious; do it again!" she makes an incredibly bitchy retort of "YOU do it!!!"

    This is also Hilarious in Hindsight due to the fact that after she uploaded that video, a SMW Central user translated Brutal Mario into English. From that translation, it's discovered that this is one of a few levels where you can push R to generate a leaf shield, à la whatever Mega Man game Wood Man was in. Needless to say, I bet Lily is kicking herself! >:D >:D >:D
  • During Hercrabbiness's Let's Play of Laura Bow 2, there were several. However, one of the best ever was when she had to answer a riddle in hieroglyphics. And she repeatedly clicked the "L" one by mistake (thinking she was going to move to the next page). She couldn't erase it, so she just said....
    Hercrabbiness: Ah crap...I can't..erase that? Well I guess you get to see what happens when you get this wrong. I think the answer is, "LLLLLLLLLLLLLL".
    Late Blt: LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO.
    • And another time...because the character Wolf Heimlich goosesteps...
    Hercrabbiness: YAY! Kick the air! Kick the air! Kick the armour...Kick US! Kick the dog.
    Late Bit: Why you kick my dog?
  • This entire video. Even when taken out of is still friggin hilarious!
  • Late Blt has some fun letsplaying an indie game claled Corby's Murder Mystery. He gets frustrated about how many people ask to touch Joe's Afro. And finally he asks Joe about someone and Joe says, he wishes that she'd stop touching his hair. Lateblt starts banging his head (or fist) on the table.
    • Also he makes fun of the spelling errors. "You are the study".
  • How did we go this long with mentioning Sir Ron Lion Heart? I nominate the beginning of Super Mario 64 Episode C where he can only get Mario to obtain the POWER stars by squishing him into a ball.
  • It's hard to pick just one moment from Slowbeef and Diabetus' Lets Play of Dead to Rights, but Chapter 14 is one long CMOF the whole way through.
  • What Faceguy and Wogturt do for their Wollywog bio in part 12 of their Pikmin LP.
  • Also to be watched is Mechanicalhand's Angrish reaction after unknowingly falling into an instant death pit in the Dead Marsh level of Painkiller: Overdose while fighting flying enemies in the same level...and that level's condition for getting a tarot card requires using only the razorcube.
  • Hello, I have diabetes. Is there anything I should know before posting this example from Diabetus/Slowbeef/Scarboy's LP of Captain Novolin?
    • Check you feet.
  • Arglefumph, who specializes in Nancy Drew videos actually makes some funny mistakes or just reacts funny. This and this and this are a collection.
    • Unfortunately they miss several times. Like in Secret of the old clock where he fails at the sewing challenge and once accidentally sends his mouse across the screen several times. And several failures in the chase scene at the end, one where he just yells "EESH! SQUEESH! AJA!!!" and bangs on the desk in frustration.
    • When he didn't realize that the mayonnaise was expired so he accidentally poisoned Nancy within the first 10 minutes of gameplay, and then he screwed up and gave Nancy's host food poisoning. Of course, the sandwich is kind of gross anyway. (Mayonnaise, tomatoes, ice cream)
      • a comment then mentioned that he played the game and gave Katie a "Peanut butter and ice cream sandwich".
    • One of his most famous one is the Jump Scare in Message in a Haunted Mansion, where he screams at the top of his lungs and feigns how afraid he is.
    • In "White wolf of icicle creek", he almost has it and then...misses, falling right on down.
    • There are two moments worth mentioning, one in-playthrough and one meta. A) His voice for Bowser in his Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door walkthrough. B) Fans begged Arglefumph to play Kingdom Hearts. He decided to give it a try by playing Chain Of Memories
    • In his Let's Play of Oregon Trail, he names someone Nancy Drew... who dies.
  • Kuposan3's LP of The Oregon Trail 2. Part one starts rather funny, and the two people (who have to be hopped up on sugar) have more fun in part 2, and part 3 they finally die. There's a second feature where the have more people.
    Supuhstar: And that is a fluffy fox.
    Kuposan 3: Yes it is.
    Supuhstar: I want to cuddle that fox.
    Kuposan 3: It's because it is-
    Game: Extreme cold.
    Both: AAAAAAAH!
    game: Supuhstar has died.
    • And don't forget how they mention other fun when they tip the wagon over around five or six times in a row. Or discover that if you administer peppermint to Cholera, it actually works.
      • Science fact: The menthol in peppermint actually is pretty good for digestive ailments, which is why it works.
    • "Let's wrap the bacon around ourselves!"
    • "Rub affected area with snow! Best idea ever!" note 
    • From the second feature:"We lost a banjo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Helloitsdan and Lithuaniandad's playthrough of Mercenaries 2: World In Flames has a combination CMOF and Moment of Awesome when they assassinate a target by loading a boat with C4, winching it into the skies overhead on a helicopter, and then dropping it.
    • The running commentary between Dan and Dad as they banter back and forth is the stuff of legends, especially when one factors in their naturally hilarious accents and their tendency to make references to Viking mythology - or just silliness in general.
    Dan: I'm not asking you to open your PDA and look up "Strange Road Shapes of Venezuela" on Viking Wikipedia!
    • Also, Dad's laser guided grenade launcher that is perfectly calibrated to target civilians.
    • In Part 12, the two call in a helicopter to extract an HVT. Once the HVT is in the helicopter, a rocket hits it and it plummets into the sea. It still counted.
      • Immediately after, Dan and Dad have an airstrike duel.
    • Later on, on a mission for the AN:
      Dan: And the AN base, as we saw (and were ever so slightly confused at for a while) is getting the, uh, Everloving Christ, is that a fair description? Yes. Getting the Everloving Christ blown out of it. (...) We have to stop them by destroying the Everloving Christ Launchers the Chinese have set up. Fortunately, we've brought an Everloving Christ Launcher!
    Dad: Hold on, I'm going to steal that Christ Launcher....
    • While the guys otherwise mind their own business, a civilian car freaks out when they approach and flips over for no reason. The person driving jumps out, right past their car. Her high-pitched scream makes it even funnier.
      • Really, any time Dan shouts "What the fuck?!", something hilarious has just happened.
    • Dan's issues with helicopters....
      Dan: You know what, I'm through with helicopters. I've become totally disillusioned with them. (leaps out of helicopter in midflight into the middle of a VZ base, then realizes he's out of ammo) Oh, shit, I'm out of rockets! I wish I had a helicopter!
  • Brickroadbrickroad's LP of Shantae. Watch as he meets the incredible wraparound world!
  • A playthrough of Po Po Lo Crois has a rather dramatic moment ruined by the LPers Cell phone ringing while ScottishDuck17 freaks out over the bad timing.
  • Wampalord's playthrough of KOTOR gives us the Jedi Training Montage (at 11:50 during the video).
  • Helloween 4545's playthrough of System Shock 2, which includes him freaking out at the sight of monkeys, outrage when he can't find something, and shock and horror when he finds psychic monkeys.
  • Jamesman's Let's Play of Chulip has his reactions to getting "Poopie", but especially his reaction to getting a "Big Poopie" at the temple!
    James: *The text "Something smells good..." appears* Ooh, something smells go~od... *Recieves "Big Poopie"* Poopie?! Winston, poopie doesn't smell good!
    • "Don't fuck nobody while I'm in jail, baby!"
  • Paw Dugan's at it again with Alice in Wonderland for the Commodore 64. Best part so far: Alice's unusual ducking pose looks a bit odd next to the caterpillar. "Oh, that is suggestive."
    • His Sanity Slippage after an ungodly amount of backtracking gets him access to a new door...which he can't go through. He goes absolutely silent for about three seconds and you can just feel the murderous rage building up.
    • "Backtrack backtrack fucking backtrack gotta do this shit, again! Backtrack backtrack fucking backtrack..." Now available in sing-along format, having originated from Paw's review of Total Distortion.
  • From an LP of Jump Start First Grade, Let's Player Dshban meets the Glop Monster.
    • And later on, the game is nice enough to teach him about his country:
    • Dshban's Let's Play MORE VIDEO GAMES has him playing random licensed games for the NES, which includes the TaleSpin game. He successfully makes Baloo fly the plane upside down through the entire playthrough. This includes him going "skiing" with it and literally dragging Baloo's head along the ground.
    "This is exactly how you fly a plane, ladies and gentlemen."
    "This is how a bear would fly a plane, anyway."
    • Let Us (Not You) Play My Disney Kitchen (Again): Dshban and his friend entering in the contact info with this:
      Name: Fagballs McGillicutty
      Street Address: (random letters and numbers)
      Zip Code: 90210
    • In this game, you are a dog.
    • In his Let's Play of Putt Putt Travels Through Time, Dshban has several of his friends cameo and while they're exploring the Wild West level, they begin talking about how Putt Putt must seem crazy.
    You'd think they'd take him to Ye Olde Asylum and give him a lobotomy. How do you give a car a lobotomy? Remove its transmission, or drain its anti-freeze?
  • Part 14 of TyrantSabre's LP of The Saboteur opens up with a very unusual sight: Sean Devlin being dragged halfway across the Parisian countryside under a train. The laughter of the guest commentators continues almost unabated for nearly a minute, not to mention TyrantSabre's Incredibly Lame Puns:
    TyrantSabre: This is how Sean Devlin shaves in the morning.
    Enigmatic Cardboard: "Hurts like a bitch, but it gives a close shave!"
    TyrantSabre: How is Sean like his cigarettes? They both get taken out for a drag.
    • And when the laughter starts dying down, the train passes a Nazi who spots Sean and sounds the alarm.
      Enigmatic Cardboard: Ooh, you're in trouble now!
    • And when it dies down again, Cardboard provides us a bit of Hilarious in Hindsight:
      Enigmatic Cardboard: This is going to show up in my sleep! I'll be having a normal dream only for some random train to barrel through dragging Sean Devlin!
    • Making this even funnier is the fact that the previous video closed with Sabre finishing a mission and escaping the pursuing Nazis by jumping on top of a train passing under a bridge...and missing, causing Sean's death.
  • The LP of Dante's Inferno has many moments of pure humour.
    • "Only Dante could ask such a question: What does the tower MEAN?" "He's catching on to the symbolism."
    • In the final video there is pretty much all of Murdoch's enraged rants at the nonsensical nature of the plot as well as when he interrupts a discussion of the game's tie-in graphic novel with a mention of the Elephant in the Room:
      John Murdoch: Did it really take me this long to notice Lucifer's...giant...hanging...ball sack?
  • Oyster fighting Heat Man blind, with his navigator, Raocow.
  • When Zeta Plays plays a horse-raising Japanese game, the first thing he does is SELL THE HORSE. And then people start stealing his "coat hanger collection".
    • Then there's also when he plays "Richard Scary's Busytown", and the game promises to be the "Most Fun Game Ever". Needless to say, by the second video he decries it as false advertizing.
    • And in his Minecraft videos, after narrowly escaping death, and attempting to cower behind a tree, he accidentally throws a piece of pork. He freaks out.
  • Slowbeef and Diabetus' Metroid (Prime/Echoes/Corruption/Fusion) LPs. Whether it is slowbeef's total lack of skill or the two doing their Ridley impersonations, every video has something hilarious.
    • Ridley's grand finale in Corruption must be emphasized.
    • Diabetus discovering the evil missile tank in Fusion cannot be forgotten.
      Diabetus: What the fuck?!
      slowbeef: <hysterical laughter> I forgot about that!
  • A mix between this and Moral Event Horizon: In Spoiler Warning's LP of Fallout 3, after being forced to set up Three Dog's satellite in order to "spread the good word", the group shows him their appreciation of what he's done for them... with a grenade to the pocket.
  • concordat's LP of Star Fox 64 is a very well-done subtitle video series, not to mention it boasts excellent background musical substitutes.
    • Most notably, for the "Mission Accomplished" run of Macbeth, in which you have to kill the boss by flipping the eight switches to change the train tracks, driving the train and the boss directly into Andross's factory to blow it up, he uses the only song that could possibly do the explosions justice. Watch for yourself.
    • With regards to the commentary, the line immediately prior to the Sarumarine's appearance;
      Slippy: Something's coming from the sea!
      Concordat: Yeah that's been happening for pretty much the entire level you clownboat.
  • You will find this in EVERY SINGLE ONE of SlimKirby's Let's Plays. No exceptions.
  • Musical_Daredevil, Rainbow Six 3, Operation Falcon Hour. It goes about as well as every other mission he's gone on at this point, until he's trying to escort the hostages out of the area and the AI-controlled Red team steals one of the hostages from him.
  • Dr. Flard's LPs of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion generally have at least one of these per video, but get especially hilarious when Lars Luron (his brother) makes a guest appearance, for those of worlds 6 & 7.
  • Tatsuhiko's LP of The Oregon Trail 2 also have a lot of funny moments. In one, "Bob" gets a sprained ankle, bitten by a rattlesnake, and has a common cold at the same time. So the result?
    Symptoms: Blurred vision, coughing, disorientation, dryness of the mouth, fever, Nausea and vomiting, pain, runny nose, slurred speech, sneezing, sore throat, swelling and internal bleeding, swollen painful joint."
    Tatsuhiko: Holy shit, look at all those af-afflictions! He's like the sickest person in the world right now!
    • Also in his Oregon Trail letsplays, he makes silly mistakes like forgetting to buy clothing and wondering why everyone freezes to death and gets frostbite.
      Tatsuhiko: So they're traveling the trail in their underwear. WHOOPS!
    • Tatsuhiko gets a flooded trail, so he asks for advice.
      Girl: It's awful risky trying to—
      Tatsuhiko: Shut up! What do you know? You're a kid.
      (Tatsuhiko decides to ford the trail, and the wagon tips over)
      Tatsuhiko: DAMN IT! Fuck you!
    • Bitch ends up getting all sorts of ailments and afflictions... and ends up being the only one to survive to the end along with Tatsuhiko.
    • When he meets Natalia Nyasnakovich, he makes fun of her accent and her name.
    • He also gets RNG screwed with the wagon breaking all the time, and has to trade for a part.
      Tatsuhiko: No. No. No. No. Fine fine. *wagon part breaks* GOD DAMMIT WHAT THE FUCK! I hate this game!
  • One Let's Play of Oregon Trail 2 featured a person take a fishing net, but he didn't know how to catch fish with it (which is admittedly a bit of a Guide Dang It! method in the second game). When he needed vegetables...
    "Yeah sure that's a great deal. Not like I ever caught any FISH!"
  • In Dazzling Addar's LP of Donkey Kong 64, while playing as Lanky in Crystal Caves, he reaches the second beetle race and explains how much easier it is than Tiny's race earlier... only to be stopped in his tracks by a Squawks tutorial while the beetle builds an insurmountable lead. After losing this race and getting knocked out of the race by a midair collision from behind on his second attempt, he finally succeeds on the third. To celebrate, he cuts off his commentary entirely, forcing supporting commentators Vicas and Brother Entropy to carry the rest of the video themselves. Blind.
    • Is that all? There are several moments and complete videos throughout the playthrough. One video in particular features the Crystal Caves boss fight and Vicas waits until the end of the video to tell Addar that he (Vicas) couldn't see any of it. Cue splutters from Addar and laughter from the culprit until the video cuts off.
    • Or, Vicas's reactions to Snide's extending boxing glovenote , and the Vampire Frost Tomato from, coincidentally, Lanky's Crystal Caves video.
    • In Creepy Castle, while playing as Diddy, Vicas's and DazzlingAddar's Mad Libs Catchphrases interact in an amusing way:
    Brother Entropy: This is so retarded.
    Vicas: I like it retarded.
    DazzlingAddar: Well, speaking of retarded...
    Vicas: Ooh! I love it retarded!
    DazzlingAddar: You're the worst...
    Brother Entropy: We're getting into a little feedback loop here...
  • HyperSonicX2's Let's Play of "I Wanna Be The Fangame", part 33: At one point, he gets hit by Kamikaze Watermelon. His reaction: ".....uh.... please don't tell me that was the Kamikaze Watermelon.... what the.. that has got to be one of the most random references so far. ...What the hell?" When he double checks to see if yes, it is indeed the watermelon he says he finds it genuinely funny.
  • classichomer and Jourichio play The Invasion 2 (the standard Super Mario Bros. X levelpack) and end up going through the ice world to world 4's "Dungeon of inappropriate phrases". In the level just prior, Jourichio (who frequently ends up getting killed, mostly due to his own ineptness at the game) got a yellow yoshi. What happens next must be seen to be believed. (It also doubles as an Moment of Awesome for Jourichio, considering the trouble classichomer had with the level)
  • In OGT: Life and death 2, there is all sorts of stuff that is only funny because it's in a game. Examples of this include his treatment of drug addicts:
    • "This person's got tiny eyeballs... I know what his problem is. He's addicted to morphine. This is the only condition where you'll find this. There's only one thing to do to addicts around these parts." *he then clicks on the needle, then on the patient's eye*
    • "More morphine! Fuck you!" *stabs the patient's eye*
    • "Oh...I feel bad killing an old woman..." *notices she's addicted to morphine* "Oh you know what? No I don't. This'll cure your drug problem!" *sends her into the MRI when she has a pacemaker*
    • Then finally at the end he just takes the scalpel and covers the entire patient with red.
  • Master Knight DH shows just how amusing Caulder humiliating Greyfield is. Not bad for a math genius.
  • Malus Calibur tends to break into random song to the tune of whatever piece of music is playing. However this time he goes absolutely bonkers at the end when his emulator decides to fail on him.
  • Anything Kikoskia ever does. Especially his let's play of Doom 3. "Super Happy Fun Lift! Super Happy Fun Lift!"
  • This speedrun of the original Mega Man, where, basically, the game itself turns into a glitched mess.
  • Full Hit Points made a Let's Play of The Oregon Trail 2 wherein he and a friend intentionally did terrible things like told someone who was bitten by a rattlesnake to get exercise, rubbing snow on frostbite (Resulting in gangrene) and literally hamming it up when they got sick of Cholera.
  • Epee Em's LP of Mega Man Battle Network 4, 5 and 6 is rife with these. There's the Fuckup Tally that continually rises throughout 4, for one, as well as any instance of the Anger Impact faces being used.
    • One particular moment during his playthrough of 4 is this:
      EPM: The siren call of dark powers... *Loads Infinite Zenny code* I embrace this newfound might. *Adds FastGauge to folder as Regular Chip* Ahh...this is how it should be. Power. Real power. I simply took what was rightfully mine. Pitiful code, weep at the knees of your god. You drag out my progression ridiculously, inhibiting my natural growth. 21 updates in, and my resources are still meaningless. The previous game was concluded by now. What say you, code? What possible retort do you have, in your feeble attemp- (Cue the Blue Moon tournament's first scenario being the Watergod scenario) SON OF AN INFERNAL FUCKING THUNDERCUNT.
    • When ShadeMan.EXE takes a liking to Roll.EXE:
      EPM: We are a single Rope1 chip away from a cheesy Japanese hentai rape scene.
    • When AquaMan's operator Shuko laments about her misfortunes, EPM is more concerned about the mechanisms of Japanese vending machines:
      EPM: Is this how vending machines work in Japan? You're on a timer to make your selection? Is it like one of those gameshows? Hell, that'd make this game hilarious. Having to dodge giant Tetris blocks while carrying eggs in your mouth to spit into a giant chicken ass just so you can use a vending machine.
    • How he interprets 4's Translation Train Wrecks:
      Lan (to his mother): Just leave it to me! I'll jack you into it!
      EPM: Lan proceeds to stuff his mother head first into the microwave, shoving battlechips into her socks and screaming out to use a WideSword.

      MegaMan.EXE:: Strange...Come on, we have to challenge a Netopian bread!
      EPM: BredMn.Exe is a Red Sun exclusive fight.

      Lan (his mugshot is actually on someone else's lines): Now it looks like I'm gonna be the boss again.
      EPM: No, no you won't, Lan. Then again, there have been more absurd candidates for syndicate leaders for sure.
    • "This is MMBN4, you take your brain off before playing. It's just common courtesy, like removing your shoes at the door."
    • Anytime he whips up MS Paint. It starts with Battle Network 4's JunkMan scenario, which is off-limits to him as he is unable to save thanks to the cheats he's been using during playthrough 2. And the results are crappy drawings of the characters involved in the scenario, as well as his interpretations of their lines.
    • It returns with vengeance in his Battle Network 1 LP where he does his own interpretation of the lackluster Operate Shooting Star scenario of the first game's re-release, with equally terrible drawings and a Take That! to Star Force 2's plot.
      ClockMan (with a big anime eye and cat smile): "I really like pretty pink girlth! They're tho kawaii-dethu~!"
      Harp Note (as a screaming skeleton face): "Uguuu! MegaMan Starforce, help me, my savior!"
      Roll.EXE (as a multi-eyed green slime): "Inductive arguments are measured by how cogent or uncogent they are!"
      MegaMan.EXE (using the same drawing from the JunkMan update): I am from the fuuuuutuuure of this LP series!
      Starforce!Mega Man (as a pony): Friendship is magic! And science! Not having enough Facebook friends doomed the dinosaur tribes!
  • In Zorak's Endless Ocean lets play, he and Chorocojo find a polar bear on their ship (around 25:40), leading to an explanation of polar bears with footage of coca cola commercials And brief flashes of bloody mauled baby seals, walruses, whales, and your dog, and ending with:
    Chorocojo: Fuck you bear! go back to Canada!
    Chorocojo: So what did you learn Zorak?
    Cue several seconds of silence with images of the President and a poorly drawn monkey, and a phallic looking chair rapidly flashing, and then cutting to an image of underwater elephants
    Chorocojo: My thoughts exactly.
  • GameChap's videos are filled with funny moments, but some of the funniest are when they are playing with the Herobrine mod in Minecraft. Specifically, when they find a letter "E" made of glowstone, which turns into a Running Gag in all of their other Herobrine videos.
    Gamechap: "Wait a minute - look there's an E over there old boy! E!"
    Bertie: "E!?"
    Gamechap: "E!!"
    Bertie: "I should say-E!"
    Both: "EEE! EEE!"
    Gamechap: "WHERE DID THE E COME FROM?!"
  • Northernlion's let's play of The Binding of Isaac where he states "Never thought I was ever gonna say that in my life" every time after he says something weird.
  • Jedi Jesus ignores someone who has his arm stuck in a wall.
  • A Let's Play of Shenmune done on Livestream by a Xanthus Anon had one episode where he was racing forklifts and crashed into almost everything in sight as he tried to race them, swearing and cursing every step of the way. One of his friends then drew a pic of him driving a forklift saying, "Who the fuck races these things anyways?"
  • And another Let's Play on Livestream of Life and Death 2: The Brain, Digitalpotato proceeds to do all sorts of terrible things to his patients:
    • "There's only one thing we do to drug addicts in THESE parts!" *pokes the patient in the eye with the needle*
      • Another time he got a morphine addict and said, "You're not gonna feel this," as he poked them in the eye with the needle.
    • *draws a lightning-bolt-shaped scar on the patient's head* "She shall be MARY Potter!"
    • When he intentionally fails at a subdural hematoma operation...
    Digitalpotato: Now we just gotta suck this blood up.... *holds the suction too long*
    Game: You sucked out part of the patient's brain.
    • And another time he tried to legitimately do a Subdural Hematoma operation...and turned the head the wrong way.
    • *draws a smile on the patient's face* "Well I did just put a smile on their face... whaddya you think?"
    • Another time he gave the patient a blood beard.
    • After a couple more patient kills, out of nowhere, he picks up the needle... and pokes the patient in the eye and says "Oh I slipped!"
  • In part 2 of Jellykuf's LP of the indie game One Night, he has a minute-long breakdown upon encountering the game first jump-scare.
  • "BikdipOnABus" has some funny moments, but it's mostly due to his utter randomness...
  • Dap 642 has a Let's Play of Morrowind, and as he enters the Disappointing Last Level part of the main quest... he really starts to get frustrated. Especially when he escorts Wisewoman Sinnammu to a dungeon, prompting her to say "Hey wait for me!" a dozen times. He is not amused.
    "If you say that again, I'm going to doom the prophecy and shut off the game."
    "Hey wait for me!"
    "She's just bound to get stuck on something...oh no..come on. Hey! Wait for me! If that happens...Someone's going to pay dearly at the end of the-"
    "Hey! Wait for me!"
  • Nidoking's LP of Rayman has him speeding up the infamous trumpet section of Allegro classical music and Benny Hill. To add to the humor, he only screwed up there twice on that run, just looping those two failures for the audience's amusement.
  • gravyflood's LP of Morrowind gives us the day to day life of Lizard Wizard Mage Mage, an Argonian Nightblade off to save the world. At his own pace of course.
  • supergreatfriend tends to add very humorous commentary to his videos, and his Let's Play of Deadly Premonition has this gem:
    You eat a zombie and you die.
  • shenryyr2 playing Bridge Construction Set: In one of the later missions, the bridge can hold a large train, but somehow cannot hold a small train, although not in the way developers intended. Test was eventually narrowly passed.
  • From ArachCobra and Rhanar Narra Jar's let's play of Guild Wars, Cobra scolding Rhanar for wanting to pull the firing lever on a captured enemy catapult out of curiosity ("What do you think is going to happen when you pull the firing lever on a catapult?"), then later on figuring out that it might be the only way to destroy the other catapults that would kill them if they tried to go further. Which it did. By stampeding a bunch of yaks.

  • In yourleadingman's Let's Play of Geist, at one point he leaves a soldier he'd been posessing in order to go through a slipstream, just as another soldier walks up. Later on he comes across same dead end, with the soldiers still there, and this happens...
    yourleadingman: Look, our guard friend's feeling a little bit- *Notices that the the guard that walked up earlier is walking into the guard that was previously possessed, with the pair touching the ends of of their guns together* what the hell are they doing? *Takes a step back* Yeah, we're gonna leave those two alone...
  • pattythedog615's "comedic overview"/LP of the first Dark Cloud game, complete with lots of jokes, references, and excellent editing. See the first part here.
  • Zorak and Chorocojo's Man vs. Wild LP is full of hilarious moments. The sheer hatred and antipathy that slowly emerges from the two is great, especially with the really stupid surprising shit that happens.
  • Angie Gallant's Let's Play of the demo and full version of Hatoful Boyfriend is filled with hilarious moments, as it follows the adventures of Cloaca Mahoney at St. PigeoNation. In particular though:
    "I LOVE YOU MURDEROUS FAT BIRD" (during Shuu's route)
    "I am filled with pride over a character I named Cloaca Mahoney fighting for her inter-species love. THIS F**KING GAME." (during Ryota's route)
    "[...] In any other context I would find the idea of cuddling up with a narcoleptic and sleeping with them without their knowledge really creepy. But this game has so warped my standards for what qualifies as "creepy" anymore that I find myself ok with this. And that's a pretty horrifying realization." (during Nanaki's route).
    • From Angie's LP of Matches And Matrimony (a Pride and Prejudice Dating Sim), there's her horrified reaction to Mr. Collins. Then, when she's forced to marry him, she considers it the "Bad End". On top of all this, when Angie tries again, she has to reject Mr. Collins three times.
    "Wait, what? I don't get a choice? BUT MY WILLPOWER IS 62 WHY IS THIS HAPPENING"
  • Bacter's Let's Play of The Colonel's Bequest comes with a plethora of supplemental features giving behind-the-scenes information on the game and buildup to a pair of alternate endings written for the LP. This includes the "What's Eating..." videos, which looks deeper into the motivations of the various characters in noir style. And then there's "What's Eating Gertrude Dijon?"
  • Psychedelic Eyeball's LP of Super Meat Boy, during his playthrough of Expert Remix, has his reaction to level 13 and its impossible-to-look-at color scheme.
    Psychedelic: And with that said, I no longer have eyeballs. Thank you and good night, I cannot comment on this one video anymore because I cannot see anything.
  • In Keltena's LP of Exit Fate, they start one update by saying they don't feel up to writing commentary, so they just took the screenshots and handed it over to someone else. Namely, Bruce Erickson. Cue an entire post full of griping about how Daniel gets all the attention, gloating whenever things go badly, and being horrified when they agree on something.
  • From xarph's and Kenlon's Half-Life: Decay LP: the entire Running Gag of Kenlon killing Dr. Keller for no reason whatsoever; this is especially true in the first mission when Kenlon does it right at the very end of the mission, causing xarph to completely lose his mind.
  • In this co-op lets play of Guild Wars 2, one player, ArachCobra, gets an ability that triggers whenever he revives someone. Obviously he wants to test it out, so one of the other players, Warlord, decides to jump off a cliff. The first two cliffs aren't high enough. The third one is, but before the rest of the team can climb safely down, three other player characters come out of nowhere and revive him.
  • Men Drinkin' Coffee's blind run of The Video Game of the Film of the Book The Golden Compass (YouTube videos start here). The whole thing is so gut-busting it ought to have a warning label, mostly because the game, being a tie-in for a not particularly well-loved film based on an imaginative and conceptually complicated book, is, naturally, bad. The thing is, it's bad in ways that are really... special. For one thing, there's the fact that the game designers have done the equivalent of an exhausted parent who doesn't really want to read a bedtime story and just makes shit up based off the pictures with regards to the plot, and watching the team try and piece together what's going on is a hoot. For another, there are the baffling game mechanics, of which we will not dare ruin the fun by revealing them here aside from two words: sloth-whip.
  • A six-player Something Awful Lets Play Race of Sonic 3 & Knuckles went spectacularly off the rails, and wound up being such a long train wreck that the main race video was removed and a "Best moments of..." video was put up in its place. The nonsense that occurs over the course of the race ranges from Dithiannim playing as the wrong character, to comments at the expense of other players' family members, to RatherWatchThem crashing the race chat to do a blind Let's Play of another game, to everyone except Slur and Maswastaken quitting the race to play something else while insisting they were still in the race, but simply stuck on Sandopolis Zone. The video itself is titled "Let's Race Everything Except Sonic 3" due to the sheer number of other games that four of the six increasingly exasperated (and in some cases, intoxicated) players decided to switch to. note 
    Slur: What are you playing, really?
    Catsworth: Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    Slur: ...No you aren't.
    Catsworth: You're just a disbeliever, and that's not very nice.
    • Dithiannim inadvertently encounters the zip glitch in Hydrocity Zone Act 2, much to his confusion.
    Slur: Wait, did you just glitch through a wall again?
    • At one point, Slur leaves the chat temporarily and everyone openly talks about the games they're actually playing. When he comes back, they start making inside jokes.
    • Catsworth sometimes doesn't even bother trying to hide the fact that she switched over to a different game, and when she does deny it, she's very unconvincing: many of the things she says only make sense in the context of the point-and-click Scooby Doo game she's actually playing ("I just don't know where the fuck to use these termites"), and she makes some outright nonsensical claims while insisting that she's playing Sonic.
    Slur: So I'm dealing with two drunk people, uh, somebody who's clearly not playing Sonic, and...
    Catsworth: Totally playing Sonic!
    Slur: You're NOT playing Sonic! You are- you are making no sense in-
    Catsworth: I'm on the... I'm on the Sand-Egg-opolis... Death Zone.
    Slur: Okay, so I'm dealing with three drunk people. I am the only sober person in this race. Fuck me!
    Maswastaken: I'm sober... I'm just boring.
  • Lady Nighteyes' LP of Radiant Historia is about equal parts Lampshade Hanging, snarky jokes, and passionate love of the game... except when there are spiders. The first time one shows up, she explains that they are "basically death incarnate," Turn Breaks it so it can't get in the second turn it needs to KO everyone, and nukes it. But the next one...
    • From the mega-spoiler post at the end:
    Dear, I'm pretty sure you insulted yourself two or three ways in that sentence alone. You might want to shut up now.
  • Geop takes on Dark Souls blind, with Vicas as his navigator. The quest of Goonther ensues.
    • Geop spends most of the game fairly calm and deadpan. Generally, the best moments are when the game manages to genuinely rattle him.
    • Pretty much any time Geop gets invaded by a Black Phantom, especially the second invasion in Anor Londo. Goonther manages to get behind the invader as he spawns, resulting in the invader running through most of Anor Londo before he realizes where Goonther is hiding. Later, it turns out that the invader opened a shortcut, saving Geop and company a lot of misery. Vicas declares him the best invader ever.
    • The first time Geop encounters a Mimic. Goonther finds a message on the floor saying 'Be wary of chest' and then sees a ghost dash in and stab the chest madly. Meanwhile, Vicas and Kuvo try to goad him into opening the chest anyway. Then, Goonther chucks a Fire Orb at it:
    Geop: Aaah! Good God! That is- aaaaah! It's like something out of a Tim Burton movie!
    • The opening to Episode 69, where Geop opens by narrating in a spooky voice and waving a skull lantern at the camera.
    • Episode 70, where Goonther takes on The Great Hollow.
      • Everything that happens after he meets the mushroom people.
    • In New Londo, Geop mentions that he's stopped paying attention to the lore. This comes back to bite him, when he tries to take on the Four Kings - without wearing the Covenant of Artorias. Kuvo, Vicas, and Squint end up in hysterics.
    • "Dark Souls will be right back after a word from our sponsors."
    • When Geop gets to Gwynevere, he finds two of the best messages ever: "Be wary of bleeding" and "Imminent holding with both hands."
  • Starting in August of 2016, Geop, along with TieTuesday, Vicas and Kuvo, play Asura's Wrath mostly blindnote  in what would become known as "Anime Nite: The LP". The quartet manage a delicate balance of basking in the glory of the game's Serial Escalation and mocking the hell out of it.
    • None of the goons get Asura's name right]] despite the patently ridiculous number of times [[Say My Name other characters say it out loud.
    • To help complete the feel of this game being an interactive Anime, Geop inserts actual Japanese commercials during the game's purely aesthetic Commercial Break Cliffhanger. Highlights include:
    • As soon as the goons figure out the game is a giant Cliché Storm of anime tropes, they try to figure out certain plot twists ahead of time. The game seems to be listening and keeps throwing them for a loop. You could make a Drinking Game out of how many times someone says a variation on the phrase "I was expecting that to happen, but not like this!"
    • Geop never manages to properly understand how the Gauge Mechanic works (it temporarily makes Asura invincible and Yasha move really fast while speeding up the movement of your normal attacks) yet, in a mixture of funny and awesome, beats the game anyway.
    • When Geop fights Evil Ryu in the first Lost Episode, TieTuesday starts giving him advice using fighting game terminology, leaving Geop, who has never followed the Fighting Game Community, utterly confused as Vicas and Kuvo try not to die laughing.
  • Dslyecxi is a relatively well known representative of Shack Tactical, often abbreviated to ScackTac, a gaming community who often play more serious "MilSim" games like ARMA and the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. This does not mean he can't be a funny guy, as one incident from his video "Falleujahville" illustrates:
    Dslyecxi: (After chasing an enemy player into a building and spraying the room hitting the enemy only once before the clip empties) Well, this is awkward. (Enemy soldier goes prone and begins to "chase" him as he runs around in circles) HELPHELPHELP HOLY SHIT, HELP!
  • The Time Warriors, consisting of Coolguy and TheLastRoboky, play Transformers: War for Cybertron. A major highlight includes Roboky's astounding Starscream impression.
    Megatron: Starscream, what is taking so long?!
    Roboky: It's very difficult level Megatron, I'm doing the best I can.
    Coolguy: You see all those red things around there? That says "minen". I mean- figure out what that means, I mean just take a wild guess.
    Roboky: Well, it's certainly not yoursen.
  • Two moments from an Italian LPer: an Amusing Injuries moment at the beginning of this montage, and a scare in Outlast caused by him being distracted by a falling bottle.
    Guys, this game's sense of humour is one of the things which leave me the most perplexed, you don't understand WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?
  • Davian Korran's Let's Play of Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura... starring Inspector Javert. Among other things, Javert refers to Virgil exclusively as "Imbecile," concludes that since he's Surrounded by Idiots he must be in England, and seriously contemplates how to put a ghost under arrest. And that's just the first chapter.
    Monsieur le Prefet.
    While I had initially decided against filling out this report until I had means of delivering it, certain recent events bears addendum. Firstly; I am dateless. Ever since my misplacement, I have had no means of measuring time reliably. Secondly; while I have made the field decision the undead are malicious beings to be slewn, preferably with fire, it has now been nearly six months since my last arrest. My dereliction of duty must be noted that I may be disciplined upon my return.
  • Before Roukanken someday receives his own page, let us quote this from his playthrough of Magical Moerin note :
    Moerin: 'Okay~ Let's make our way in!'
    Kirk: "...Why are you ringing the doorbell? Do you expect evil to have manners?"
    Moerin: 'I thought that acting like a moron was part of the whole Magical Girl thing.'
    Kirk: "Ah, excellent point. Continue."
  • This immortal line and moment from hbomberguy's LP of Alone in the Dark 2008:
    hbomberguy: Also, if you try to jump over the car, you die.
  • Kaubocks and Panzer Skank's LP of Saints Row 2 is chock-full of hilarious moments.
    • For instance: Rocket Man.
    • "MY HUBRIS!"
    • The LP ends the way it always went; with Kaubocks being hit by a car and his game crashing.
  • DanTheEnigma during his Chrono Trigger LP decides to have a little fun with the Evil Chancellor by dancing on the human bridge composed of the chancellor and two soldiers. It Makes Sense in Context...
  • Iron Chitlin's Let's Play of Legend of Grimrock is immediately promising with Chitlin's error-prone playstyle, the other commentators riffing on him mercilessly, BestFriendSkull's portrayal of a neurotic insectoid Squishy Wizard, and the mere fact that one of the heroes is named John Galt. And then the party stops to rest and UZWorm pulls out his accordion.
  • nine-gear crow goes through most, if not all, of White Knight Chronicles not only going into detail about the backstory and development of the games, but also doing it in the style of The Dark Id. Many moments of the LP are summed up as: Leonard is dumb.
  • During the Dead Island let's play of the chileans Vardoc and Necromancia 88, they managed to fight the last boss together. Vardoc was preparing himself for an epic battle, but Necromancia 88 killed the boss with ONE HIT, finishing the game and the let's play.
  • In his Let's Play Game Dev Tycoon, the spanish player aLexby11 did something no one has done before in this game: An age progression of himself, finishing his gameplay with his retirement as an old man, and firing one of his first workers.
  • During Psychedelic Eyeball's stream of Organ Trail: Final Cut (full stream, and the excerpt with this moment), one of the party members finds a kitten, and asks to keep it. Upon a response in the afirmative, the kitten becomes food. Psych then shoots said party member.
    Catsworth: WHAAT?! FOOD?!
    Psych: That was not what I meant by keeping the cat!
  • Michael Bachelor from The Sims is such a creep.
    • The "Season finale" before moving onto Livin Large also had Andrew Arcade decide to wrap it up... and then a burglar arrives.
  • In his blind playthrough of Undertale, LPer InvisibleGunslinger1 follows meeting a Team Mom and a pair of siblings with a spur-of-the-moment theory that the game's main cast and the order they're introduced in will reflect the types of relationships people have as they grow and develop - starting with family and moving on to close friendship and romantic relationships. He freely admits he's just throwing ideas out there and that it's not like he actually expects that to be what's going on... and then finds the whole shebang Hilarious in Hindsight when, a while after the player leaves Toriel's house and becomes besties with the Skeleton Brothers, one of Mettaton's performances frames him and the player as love interests. IG 1 jokingly talks about Mettaton and the player's interactions as if it's a Dating Catwoman situation from then on out, and the reveal of Mettaton's handsome humanoid alternate form only ends up encouraging it. Speaking of Mettaton, he immediately types in "legs" in response to the "essay question" in the 'bot's full boss fight - and is completely taken aback when that turns out to be exactly the right answer.
  • During the playthrough of the Minecraft mod "Diminutos 4" the argentinian Natalia (Juan Paradiso) was arguing with his brother Viciosin during the exploration of a Cow structure. Then Viciosin was asking "and what kind of column is this, you piece of... AAAHHHH"... Viciosin fall off through a hole in the floor in the minute 14:34.
  • In Shadyparadox's Lets play of Myst III Exile, one of the first things he does on Voltaic is speculate that an old hermit might live in the stone house. He concludes that such a hermit would either run him off the property, or just be really creepy. At the end of the age, the entire house gets lifted into the air by giant electromagnets.
    Shady: Yeah, take that you stupid hermit!
  • The LaFave Bros.' playthrough of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is rife with their mocking of Oblivion's bugs and voice acting. The end of their 50k subscribers special showcases some of the more memorable moments.
    • In part 25, Alval Uvani glitches, speaking as if he's paralyzed when he clearly isn't, among other bizarre behavior.
  • Master Ov returned to on August 23, 2018. His hilarious moment at 2:30 in this video involving a small Minecraft skin set up an unintentional Brick Joke and (unfortunately subverted) Awesome Moment at 10:55. Minecraft misses an opportunity to take out a huge snake. Master Ov is so infuriated that he somehow pops out of and into Diepio.
    Master Ov (returning to [Incoherent syllables] I don't wanna be on this game; I wanna be on this game. Bah! Gah!
  • Master Ov has another funny moment in the same video, at 10:28 just before the Awesome Moment mentioned above. He is complimenting a red snake on its size, when a huge snake pops in.
    Master Ov: Redskin, you're pretty big — well, in comparison to me, I mean. [Huge purpleskin pops in.] Oh, Jeezzus! [Follows by ranting at another snake who could have taken the huge purple snake out.]
  • Shadypenguinn has shown himself to be quite the Cloudcuckoolander, mistaking Mipha for Zelda and thinking of cutting off the oxygen to put out fire in a dungeon centered around water. This turned out to be a Chekhov's Skill however, as he came up with the crazy outside the box strategy of using Stasis on the ice blocks in the fight with Waterblight Ganon. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Spaghetto goes Innocently Insensitive during his playthrough of Katawa Shoujo. In Part 5, Emi runs into Hisao:
    Spaghetto: Why are you hitting on me? There are other ways to hit on people, like, without your fists. Maybe you can kick me with your feet.
    (Fade to white, fade in. Now the viewer can see the rest of Emi... including her prosthetic lower legs, built more for function than for verisimilitude.)
    Spaghetto: Never mind! (laughs) No! Ah, my impeccable timing! Ah! I'm so sorry! (laughs a bit more)
  • In This Let's Play of The Sims 4, with characters from The X-Files:
    • One video has a background Sim being impervious to being run over with a trolley, due to an animation error. Most of the background Sims in that same video are also scantily-clad and/or wearing ridiculous clothes like fake cat ears.
    • Another video has the Mulder sim peeing his pants, even though he's meant to be a genius. Later in the same video, he thinks about aliens, which is pretty in-character.
  • The Musical Gamer's Let's Play of Octopath Traveler:
    • This gem when he begins Tressa, the Merchant's story.
      (Tressa begins to run out of the house)
      Olneo: Hold your seahorses, little lady. Tell me: what're the three things a merchant needs most?
      The Musical Gamer: Er... money, more money, more money?
    • In episode 93, Therion battles Darius. The two characters have an in-battle dialogue where Darius tells Therion, "I used you and disposed of you because I knew I could do it Jack Jones! I don't need anyone, and I don't need you!" "Jack Jones" is Cockney slang meaning "on my own" in this context, but TMG doesn't get it and wonders if "Jack Jones" is Therion's real namenote .
    • Episode 98: TMG is in the Shrine of the Warbringer, preparing to battle the goddess Winnehild, the Warbringer herself. He steps forward to challenge her... and gets interrupted by a random encounter.
  • From a series of Let's Plays of The Sims 4, about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • In the first part:
    • Part 2:
      • Dukat being all buddy-buddy with Bashir, up to and including inviting him to a party at 4:40 AM.
      • Odo wakes up and he's both hungry and needs to pee. He begins cooking.
        Player: "No! Go pee first!"
      • The Player telling Dax to "do some science thing", because she's the science officer.
      • Dax finding a random plate of hot dogs and attempting to put it in her inventory (which is actually pretty in character).
      • Bashir preparing to tell a joke about engineers... to O'Brien.
        Player: "Julian, no!"
      • Odo telling Kira a vampire joke that somehow involves making chicken noises.
      • Sisko crying and muttering something that sounds like "Simba" (bonus points because The Lion King really is a sad movie and Sisko, Friend to All Children that he is, probably would feel sorry for Simba if he watched it).
        Player: "'Simba'?! Sisko is sad about The Lion King!"
    • Part 3:
      • When Quark (a stingy bartender who's old enough to have a younger brother with a teenage son) and Jake (a teenage boy) are talking, one option is "Ask about WooHoo" (which is Sim talk for sex).
        Player: "Ask about WooHoo?! No! No, no, no, no, no!"
      • Quark, Rom, and Nog's last name ends up being "Ferengi".
      • Garak accidentally setting himself afire.
        Player: "Garak, you are a former Obsidian Order agent! You should know better than to accidentally start a fire! Man, that's out-of-character!"
    • Part 4:
      • The player notices that there are only two beds for Dukat, Damar, and Ziyal. She notes that Dukat and Damar would never share a bed.
      • The player saying that Dukat is planning to "make Cardassia great again".
      • Ziyal apparently calling Dukat a baby.
      • Ziyal cooking at 3:00 AM, and the player worrying that she'll start another fire.
      • Dukat wearing bunny slippers. Later, he embarrasses the player by still being in his pyjamas when Odo, Kira, Quark, and Sisko show up. When she goes to make him change, one of the options is to strip, which the player understandably says no to.
      • Dukat with a speech bubble with a bat in it. The player suggests he's preparing Ferengi to bats.
  • MrBossFTW posts livestreams when Grand Theft Auto Online has updates where he explores the new content from those updates. In the one for The Diamond Casino Heist, he buys the arcade and starts going through the options. Then he comes upon the Neon Art, the bottom row consisting of "L.S. Nights" (a city skyline with Japanese writing), "Penetrator" (a spaceship flying into a wormhole), and "Adult Content" (scantily-clad women with censor bars over their breasts and crotches):
    L.S. Nights. Penetrator. Adult Content. Whoa! (Beat) Get that off the screen.
  • Shadypenguinn had a donation in which a text to speech says "Double you double you double you double you double you double you..." for several minutes. Eventually he makes fun of it by saying "D'billyou di'billyou di'billyou" and it goes on so long he says "I am not doing the Cyrus thing while W is happening." All the while the "W"s repeatedly spead up and slow down.
  • "Big and Small House is the best game ever made":
    • When Small claims that the jazz music playing on the boombox isn't dance-y enough and makes him fall asleep, Luke deduces that Small is allergic to jazz.
    • Small claims that Luke's hand painting is the best in the whole world. Luke retorts that he clearly hasn't seen many paintings.
    Big: Do you need more paper? There's plenty more; try that paper button.
    Luke: No, leave me alone. I'm finishing my masterpiece.
    Big: Get brushing!
    Luke: Don't tell me what to do, Big.
    • Luke doesn't even try to brush Small's teeth, instead making a mess in the bathroom.
    • Later, when the roles are reversed, Luke still doesn't actually play the game right, purposefully missing Big just to hear Small scream.
    • "I think it's time to make Small do some manual labour."