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  • Their Let's Play of the Cold Stream DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 is pretty spectacular as well. At one point, Gavin picks up a grenade launcher. This goes about as well as you might expect.
    Geoff: Don't worry, guys, I'll tell your story.
    Michael: I feel like this is how any situation where Geoff's life is in danger is going to end. With him promising to speak well at our funerals.
    • Michael's battlecry may count as this. Apparently, he backed away from the mic so it wouldn't overload with sound and blow everyone's ears out.

  • In their playthrough of Episode 1 of Spartan Ops:

  • Episode 2 of Halo 4 Infinity Slayer:
    • Gavin hauling ass to get to a Banshee. Only to have it run him over. Michael had already gotten in the cockpit.
    • Gavin using the Thruster Pack to dodge Ray's attempts at killing him during a point-blank firefight. Moving in for an opportunity to melee, Gavin then uses it towards Ray, only to die via getting bashed on the head with Ray's gun.
    • Ray's ridiculous mannerisms when he skillfully slips out of being flanked by Michael and Gavin:
      Ray: *sees Gavin heading towards him while he's fighting Michael* Oh, not going to win this fight *hides in tunnel* HOLOGRAM *Michael is fooled and then distracted by Gavin* HAHA! Run away!!!
      Michael: I am killing Gavin first because he's easier.

  • Let's Play Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Part 2, besides being filled with Moments of Awesome and Heartwarming Moments, has its share of funny moments, particularly as Ray is shown as unusually annoyed, and justifiably so.
    • Gavin was particularly good with his comebacks this round. He's finally learning! 34:13.
      Jack: Goddamnit! *dies* Sorry guys, that was terrible. I'm in the kitchen.
      Gavin: Trust you to die by the fridge, jeez.
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    • Gavin about his "helpfulness".
      Gavin: *after Ray gets freak out when a zombie jumps in front of him* What's wrong, Ray? How can I help you?
      Ray: Um you know, I'm alright.
      Gavin: Have you ever been helped by me in a video game, Ray?
      Ray: Psh, Yeah. Err, you know, that game we played was pretty...
      Gavin: Oh, I remember that one, yeah.
    • Michael throwing zombie meat at Ray, making him an instant target for every zombie on the map.
    • Everyone's trying to figure out what caused the Quick Revive vending machine to stop working. After a fair amount of time, Geoff realizes it might be his fault.
      Geoff: "I got an EMP bomb and I didn't know what to do with it. So I threw it at the Quick Revive vending machine."
    • The guys start talking about Ray's mom. Hilarity Ensues.
      Gavin: "Ray, when are we going to meet Mrs. Narvaez, Jr."
      Michael: "We already met-that doesn't make sense."
      Geoff: "I didn't get to meet her. He waited for when you and I weren't in the office."
      Ray: "I didn't want her to come in and get spit roasted."
      Michael: "Jack was here but he had no wingman."
      Geoff: "Hahahahahaha...Can you imagine-"
      Ray: "Nope. Whatever you are going to say, I cannot imagine."
      Geoff: "PAPPY JACK!!!!"
    • Ray does his best, as always. Unfortunately, his teammate's best isn't really all that helpful. What makes this so funny is the fact that Ray is normally The Stoic, so watching him Freak Out! at his teammates is extremely entertaining.
      Ray: "Gavin, I swear to fucking Christ. I swear to Christ, Gavin. PLEASE, stay up!" (two seconds later, Gavin dies again) "GAVIN, COME ON!"

  • "Let's Play 'Far Cry 3' Part 2":
    Ray: "Whee. I wonder if I can let go early." (Ray lets go.) "Yes I can." (Dies.)
    Michael: "Bye, Ray." (Michael looks down and laughs loudly.) "I have a great shot of going over Ray's dead body."
    Ray: "Hey guys there's fall damage."

  • "Let's Play Far Cry 3 Part 3":
    • Ray with his Stealth Insults when others are picking on him:
    Michael: "Nice engine work, Ray. Imagine if you had skills like that in real life."
    Ray: "Nah, then I wouldn't be able to work here."

  • Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack Episode 2. Plenty of good fun there
    • Michael fires his assault rifle at the windowpane in an attempt to shoot Ray. He uses up a whole clip before realizing it didn't work.
    • Gavin discovering the joy of using a Mantis.
      • And then jokes about how he's compensating
    • One east-to-miss was when Geoff discovered "Kryptonite". He was so fascinated that he completely missed the fact that someone was trying to snipe him. He backed up and was circling the rock so that the shots kept missing and the sniper actually gave up. And no one noticed or commented.
    • When Jack tries to splatter Geoff at one point, he only pushes him to a wall, where Geoff hijacks his Ghost. Both of them are utterly confused, with Geoff cracking up.

  • Things to Do In Halo 4 - Mongoose Jump: Spartan and vehicle invulnerability plus Mongoose plus a boatload of Sticky Detonator rounds equals MAJOR AIR.

  • Things to Do In Halo 4 - Growth Spurt. Basically, Gav and Geoff screw around with the Sticky Detonator to give their Spartans unicorn horns, bull horns, goggles, and of course a boner complete with plasma-grenade "balls"; that last one has Geoff laugh perhaps the hardest we've ever heard, and though Jack isn't technically in the video you can hear him cracking up in the background, too.

  • Throughout the first while of part 2 of Death Craft II (a Left 4 Dead 2 mod), Ray's audio wasn't working, so the guys added in subtitles with "more or less what he rsaid". Usually these are accurate, but sometimes they add in a Catchphrase or Running Gag of Ray's, even if he didn't actually say it, such as "Gavin smeels", "Parkour", or "Roses!"
    • The beginning of Part 2 of Death Craft II is hilarious Ryan debuts his spray which is Geoff's picture of Jack and Gavin's picture of Ray put together with the "Do You Even Lift" meme. Michael and Jack show off their sprays of wet pieces of bread which causes Gavin to gag before he actually leaves to vomit.
    Geoff: Who would've thought Gavin's Achilles' Heel would be wet bread.
    • Also in the same part Michael and Jack keep using their sprays of bread and Gavin keeps running into them as well as Ray's spray of Dan The Man which leads to this.
      Gavin: Everywhere I go it's wet bread, wet bread and Dan!
      Ray: Are you comparing Dan to wet bread.
    • Finally, the boat taking them to rescue appears. Ray manages to get aboard and ends with this classic line.
    • Ray tries to channel Mogar on Ryan. It doesn't go well.
      Ray: YOU SHALL NOT-
      Ryan runs past him.
      Ray: Alright.

  • Game Night: Halo 4: Flood (in Deep Space). Michael spends the entire video keeping Gavin from saying his Catchphrase "What is Game Night?"... by wrestling him to the floor and holding his hand over his mouth. Geoff is laughing too hard to do commentary.

  • Let's Play Sniper Elite V2 Nazi Zombie Army: Gavin missing point blank, with the shotgun, six consecutive times.

  • Lets Play Splinter Cell: Blacklist: This. To sum up: Jack (Merc) is hunting Michael (Spy) when Geoff tells him that he's behind him. However, after turning around, he is then repeatedly told "Behind you!" no matter which direction he faces. Jack freaks out at this and starts spinning around, firing wildly in every direction, allowing Michael to run in for an easy kill, to Geoff's exasperation.
    • Even better; the other person shouting "Behind you!" was Michael himself!

  • The gang plays Call of Duty: Ghosts in order to try out the Onslaught map pack. One of the maps they play on has a little tram that goes around the map, which several of them get on. Jack's turn on it is particularly gold.
    Jack: (guns down one of the others while he's on the train) Choo choo, motherfucker!
    Gavin: The sky is falling! I'm outdoors. [...] I don't care, I'll fight the sky!
    • The previous map had its moments too, including this gem from Gavin after Geoff's camo'd avatar ambushed and killed him.
    Gavin: You look like a tree!

  • "Let's Play: Destiny Competitive Multiplayer" has this great gem not even a minute in:
    (Gavin talking about how he's GavinFreedom instead of GavinoFree because it's a UK account)
    Lindsay: "That's okay, I'm dggeoff right now."
    Michael: "Geoff, you sound like a bitch."
    Lindsay: "Yeah, well, I'm also your boss so you can shut the fuck up right now."
    (Everybody else collectively ooohs)
    Gavin: "Suck a dick, Michael!"
    Ryan: "Came back from Louisiana just to slap that one on you."

  • "Let's Play: The Last of Us Remastered":
    • Around the 15:15 mark there's a completely insane minute where all 6 players converge on one building and start shooting everything they can while being downed, revived and screaming all at the same time.
    • Ryan embraces his madness
    Ryan: *while executing Kerry* "Murder! MURDER! MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDEEEEER! You can't stop it."
    • Ryan shoots Gavin from a fair distance away, downing him and sneaks up to where the Brit has crawled behind an ambulance going "Gaviiiinn..." then comes round the corner to see that Michael was hidden behind the ambulance, has revived Gavin and he's basically walked into an accidental ambush.

  • "Let's Play: The Last of Us Remastered Part 2":
    • One of the gamemodes involves interrogation of downed enemy players. They start out doing the interrogation cutscenes silently, move onto shouting "Where's the box?!" and eventually...
      Jack: (fairly calmly) "Excuse me, where's a good place to rent some movies around here?"
      Kerry: "Hollywood Video!"
      Jack: "Alright!" (murders Kerry)
      • Then after Michael manages to interrogate Ryan successfully and is shot off by Geoff and downed:
        Geoff: "Tell me what he told you!!!"

  • Let's Play - The Last of Gus
    • While they're waiting, they find a player with the gamer name "hymenbuster". They run with that name the entire time.
    • During the first event, Gavin misjudges a window and nearly kills himself with Fall Damage.
    • During the second event, Gus bursts out laughing as an enemy player runs right into his shotgun.
      • Earlier in that round, Gavin lays a bomb down, then quickly realizes that it was a bad spot, but leaves it alone. Further on down the line, two enemy players come down and takes out one of them, Gavin quickly realizing his bomb took him out.
      • Near the end of the round, the entire team suffers a major Epic Fail as Ryan's smoke bomb misses a player, then everyone gets smacked around with clubs before a molotov finishes them off.

  • Let's Play Halo 3: ODST:
    • During a round where the "Black Eye" skull is on, Gavin tries to recharge his shields by getting out of his chopper and punching a grunt. The grunt throws a grenade before dying, which blows up Gavin's chopper.
    • Jack getting stuck by another grunt.
      Jack: Fuckin' Joe Namath just threw a god damn plasma and hit me!
    • Jack manages to stick a brute, on the head, with a spike grenade. They even added a fake "Achievement Unlocked: Bruticorn" graphic.

  • Let's Play Call of Duty 2. Gavin hid Ryan's lego piece and said he crumpled it up and threw it in the trashcan. Ryan believes he knows the best way to solve this problem.
    Ryan: That's alright. I know how to get it back.
    Gavin: No!
    Jack: Uhhh. He's gonna rip it out of Gavin's face.
    • What we get is even better. Ryan dumps the contents of the trashcan onto Gavin! Then Gavin reveals where he hid it.
      Ryan: My bad.
      Jack: My bad he says.
      • Even more, Geoff is on his hands and knees, dying of laughter over it all.

  • Let's Play: Call of Duty 4
    • Ryan is hiding next to the Headquarters absolutely murdering the other team, and his craziness starts to slip through;
    Ryan: "I'm UNSTOPPABLE!" (gets killed, kills Ray with his martyrdom grenade)
    Ray: "Even in death Ryan is unstoppable!"
    (The guys are playing Headquarters on Bog, and Ray shoots Ryan in the back, and gets blown up by his death grenade.)
    Ray: "(sounds of desk being pounded) fucking Martydom!"
    Ryan: (laughing at Ray's misery)
    Ray: The worst part is I can't even be mad, because we have to use default classes, and Ryan wants to use an assault rifle and that's like the only one...

  • Let's Play - Titanfall Frontier Defense
    • During the second match, Ryan attempts to hijack an Arc Titan, a Titan surrounded by an electrical field. Upon his death, he warns Gavin, Geoff, and Jeremy not to do that just as he sees someone leaping onto an Arc Titan.
      Ryan: "No no, don't do it! I just told you not to - oh... Never mind, I was just watching myself do it."
    • Noting that their second match isn't going as well as their first, Geoff states that whoever edits the video should put the second match first, so it would look like the team improved massively between matches. The word "No" very briefly flashes on the screen at the suggestion.
    • Gavin and Ryan get into a heated debate about bullet physics after Gavin complains about the placement of one of Ryan's turrets.

  • Let's Play - Halo 3 Legendary Co-op
    • Not even a minute into the video, everyone starts getting a ton of achievement notifications. Ray gets a little excited.
      Ray: I'M GONNA CUM!
    • When Ryan asks what colour he is, Geoff says he doesn't see that. Ryan comments that Crayola must be really disappointing for him.
      Geoff: "I just don't see them, I don't know..."
      Jack: "You don't see crayons?"
    • While trying to remember how to get up to a skull Ray attempts a grenade jump. Word being attempts.
      • Ryan manages to make it up higher than the others and shows them which way to jump, obviously confused why the others didn't follow him. Ray takes the chance to stick him for the comment.
    • They spend a good bit of Part 2 just trying to remember where the Easter Egg Rooster Teeth provided voices for is.

  • Let's Play - Far Cry 4 Co-Op
    • They journey around the map for some time in a whirlibird that's only just big enough for them both and stalls if it gets too high. Needless to say the first drop had them worried.
    • They go hunting for skins, taking out pigs and tapirs then Ryan gets attacked by an eagle while Geoff laughs his head off.
    • They find a pair of elephants and go jousting.
    • Geoff kills a soldier outside a house and as he's healing, Ryan sees a propane tank. He shoots it. It explodes in a fireball knocking Geoff down.
      Ryan: "Oh those explode...!"
    • Geoff shoots apart a hive on the side of a building. He gets stung to death.
    • Part 2 sees them deciding to journey to a far off tower to liberate it. Geoff manages to need reviving by walking into the blades of the whirlibird.
    • Later they attack an armoured convey while still flying in a whirlibird. While Ryan is trying to set them down Geoff throws a grenade. Which is promptly landed upon and kills them.
    • Geoff enters a tower. Ryan behind him spies a hive hanging from the inside of the tower. He shoots it then laughs and hides as Geoff gets stung. Then Geoff does it to Ryan not a minute later.
    • They get pulled into defending an outpost and Ryan has so much fun murdering he breaks into song.
      Geoff: "Coming down the mountain..."
      Ryan: (slipping into the familiar tune) "... When they come, when they come! They'll be coming down the mountain, when they come..."
      Geoff: "When they come."
      Ryan: "They'll be coming down the mountain... I'll be shooting them in the face," (Geoff laughs) "They'll be coming down the mountain when they come... I'm gonna stab this one, right in the chest! Here I come!" (Geoff laughs some more, Ryan gets shot) "Ow!"
    • Geoff crosses a road and gets hit by an incoming enemy truck.

  • Let's Play - Sniper Elite 3 Part 2. Everyone is having trouble adjusting to how the shots are more realistic so you have to adjust for gravity which leads to some ridiculous close range shots.
    • The longest shot made by both Jack and Michael is 4.2m and Jack had only one kill. In comparison, the longest shot in the game was 203m.
      • Gavin notes that Michael's is more impressive because he had three kills and his longest was still so short.
    • Around 25:50, there was a funny moment where Geoff is shot by Ray who was only 5.1m away. What really sells it is how Ray was lying there prone and serious and Geoff is being really dramatic in his death throes which immediately turns to laughter when he sees Ray. To add to this effect, The camera slowly pans over to Ray for the dramatic reveal.
    • The single most ridiculous shot has to belong to Gavin. At one point, he shoots Jack from 0.0 m.
      Gavin: I pushed the gun against your hat and pulled the trigger.
    • Ryan shoots Gavin:
      Ryan: Ooh, right through the ass. Testicle shot!
      Gavin: What?!
      Ryan: That's an achievement.
      Gavin: Ryan, you know I have trouble with my testicles!
      Michael: Not any more, you don't.

  • Let's Play - Far Cry 4: Multiplayer Part 1
    • The elephants prove more trouble to the defenders than the attackers do at first, with everyone getting trampled at least once.
    • The team of Geoff, Jack and Lindsay discover that one of their abilities is to summon animal spirits. Who are just as deadly as the real-life animals and hostile to the other team.
      Ryan: (as two tigers and a bear charge at him) "It's the Jungle Book!"
    • Geoff getting so distracted that he says for the second set of rounds they're going to "switch out the audience". Everyone else naturally ribs him for it.

  • Let's Play - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
    • Dan is a special guest player for this video. His viewpoint name is '#Dan the Man'
    • Their first attempt at a map on Hard sees first Ryan then Gavin shoot Dan. And Gavin kills him.
      • And their second attempt ends when Ryan accidentally kills the VIP they're meant to be escorting.
      • The third attempt has an early casualty when Ryan gets downed and Gavin goes to pick him up. Then an armoured truck rolls up right next to them and Gavin (who is a Grenadier class) backs out of the revive to shoot. Unfortunately his equipped weapon is a grenade launcher and while it destroys the truck it also destroys Ryan.
        Ryan: "Panic fire with a grenade launcher is especially problematic."
    • They come back after a short break, and Dan has trouble syncing. When Michael says that it'll make the editor want to kill themself the words "Cheers Dan" flash on screen.

  • Let's Play - Destiny: Crota Raid Attempt 1
    • Caleb joins a Let's Play after a long while. Ryan realises in the first minute that for some reason he has Caleb muted which the others find hilarious. Ryan can't even remember why this is the case!
      Ryan: "Oh Caleb I have you muted for some reason..." (laughter) "Leavin' it. I don't even remember the last time I played in a game with you."
    • Upon starting the mission they see a platform over a crater directly in front of them and charge at it thinking they need to jump off. Nope.
      Ryan: "''Cannonbaaaaalll...! This wasn't what you're supposed to do..."
    • The raid location is dark, full of lamps that can be activated and has waves of enemies that can quickly overwhelm. After a few failed attempts fighting them off they decide to do a "keep moving" attempt which eventually results in both Caleb and Ray running around the crevice with a massive ton of enemies running after them.
      • The floor is also full of holes as they all discover many, many times.
    • In a later round Ray manages to take a wrong turn and gets horrendously lost. Then becomes the hero when the others go down and he is able to revive half of them.

  • Let's Play - Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta
    • Ray is playing on Ryan's account because Ray's account hasn't been given access yet to the preview of the game, and Ryan's gone home. The video description still says it's 'Ryan' in the video.
    • They take the chance to snag four digit codetags before they enter the game. Gavin and Geoff grab their usual tags of 'GAVI' and 'BONR' respectively, Ray grabs 'MILK' for Ryan.
    • As they're playing, Geoff tells the story of how Millie took the lyrics of a Katy Perry song literally, believing that she and Taylor Swift got into a knife fight.
  • "Let's Fail - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2"
    • The entire video is their failed first try at the game.
    • Right at the beginning of the video we find out that Dan isn't good at capturing gameplay footage, as we hear the others teaching him how to audio sync.
      Dan will not have footage in this Let's Fail
      He left his recording running all night, using up all the space in Jack's computer
      For that I have left in his first attempt at an audio sync
    • They joke about when Geoff, Gavin and Dan used to play this game years ago, hoping that Dan's mother doesn't come in and turn off his Xbox or the router.
    • They have a little trouble judging the arc of thrown grenades. It even results in Geoff doing a Caboose, with the grenade bouncing off a pole back at him and Geoff panicking enough to get taken out by it.
      • Dan ends up being the last man standing for one run, missing with all his thrown grenades except the last one while trying to take out a tank and not get shot by it.
    • Dan as last man standing comes to an end when he manages to blow himself up with his own weapon in fairly spectacular fashion.
    • The last run of the video sees Team Slow Mo Guys pretty much clearing the map together in fairly impressive fashion... then they realize that neither of them have seen the convey they're escorting in a while and learn that somehow it had been completely destroyed, but the game had bugged out and didn't register it.

  • "Let's Play - Destiny: Crota Raid Attempt 2 Part 1"
    • Gavin replaces Ray from the last attempt. He also manages to jump off the ramp over the crater before the bridge comes up. The others assure him that it's just his initiation to the mission.
      • Riding the safe way down still results in both Jack and Jeremy dying on impact with the ground.
      Gavin: "I just got beaned in the head by a fusion rifle!"
    • The guys have a lot of trouble creating a bridge and crossing it after getting through the dark zone.
    • Gavin literally runs circles around a Gatekeeper.
    • ~The others get really confused when Jack gives them instructions that contain more than one direction.

  • "Let's Play Far Cry 4 Co-Op Part 4":
    • Ryan attempts to storm Yuma's fortress but is foiled when they won't open the door to him. He's reduced to forlornly calling "Hello?" and kicking it.
      Ryan: Believe it or not, that "wall" technology they used to use back in the Middle Ages?
      Geoff: Worked pretty well?
      Ryan: Yeah.
    • Geoff complains about not being able to find any snow leopards. Then he gets mauled by one.

  • "Let's Play - Star Wars Battlefront 2"

  • "Let's Play - Killing Floor 2"
    • Ryan welds himself into a room to avoid being killed by the zombie hordes... but then realizes that he can't get out again. Gavin makes a minor attempt to help, but then they all leave Ryan alone while they go to buy upgrades during the limited time they can between rounds, even refusing to provide the one last grenade needed to break open the weakest of the doors.

  • Let's Play - Star Wars Battlefront Beta
    • Ryan can't say the name "AT-ST", with everyone tossing out other acronyms.
    • When the gang encounters Darth Vader, they devolve into discussing how poor a waiter Vader would be.
    • The complete and utter irony of Geoff being killed by a player named "Dextergriff170". The others soon get frustrated over this when he starts killing them, too.
    • Michael begging a player taking up Luke Skywalker to just get going and stop posing.

  • Let's Play - Destiny: King's Fall Raid Part 1
    • Jack takes the lead in this part, since he's already done the raid. Unfortunately, most of the directions he gives to the rest of the team result in mass confusion and many failures.
    • After making it past the first puzzle, Gavin is the only one to notice and loot a chest. When he asks about a Mouldering Shard, the others become curious how he knows about it and are dumbfounded that they all missed the chest as it was lit up like a beacon as they walked past it.
    • While watching the group jump across a series of pendulums, Gavin is pushed off to his death by Jeremy, and then he respawns on the other side which forces him to make the journey across again.
    • The video ends with he group repeatedly failing against the Warpriest. The video then cuts to a live cam of the group waiting for Andrew Panton at the airport. They need to kick out one of the group to have Panton in the party, so Jeremy gets the axe.

  • Let's Play - Destiny: King's Fall Raid Part 2:
    • After killing the Warpriest, Ryan takes a moment to pretend he's being absorbed into the corpse.
    • As the team fight Golgoroth, the camera cuts to Geoff on the oppoisite end of the arena just sitting there.
    • Geoff becomes The Load for the group during the fight against the Daughters of Oryx. He either fails the platforming segment, or doesn't target the right Daughter, causing many wipes.

  • Let's Play - King's Fall Raid Finale
    • Andrew proves to not be immune to mistakes, as he causes several wipes by forgetting details about the fight against Oryx. At one point he calls for a wipe when he realizes the team has to shoot at Oryx after using bombs dropped by Ogres. His excuse?
    Andrew: I just thought we always shot him for fun.

  • Let's Play - Metal Gear Online
    • The gang has a laugh over the Rocket Punch the game offers. Especially with how slow it is at first.
    • At one point in the first game type, Matt is able to ambush Jack, springing out of his box, crying out "HA HA!" and kills him... only to be killed by Ryan coming around the bend.

  • Let's Play - Halo 5: Guardians - Co Op Part 2
    • Ryan attempts a sneaky method of dispatching some enemies. They end up restarting from last checkpoint a number of times due to the other three messing up either by accident or just through being a Troll to another person.
    • Jeremy uses the wrong word. He rolls with it.
      Jeremy: "I got punched after I committed treason..."
      Ryan and Geoff: "Treason?"
      Jeremy: "Yeah, I was on their side for a while."
    • They get to the elevator and begin ground pounding each other on the way down. Then someone hits the grenade button...

  • Let's Play- Halo 5: Guardians - Co Op Part 4
    • They decide to put in place a 'Battle Buddy' system where each pair is looking out for each other. It mostly consists of the downed player going "Battle buddy..." and almost immediately hits a problem when Gavin is the only player still up.
    • Jeremy attempts to revive Gavin by hiding behind some boxes in cover and gets stomped by a Knight for his trouble.
    • Ryan and Gavin get into an argument about how much damage a certain weapon does. How do they decide who's right? By shooting Geoff and Jeremy repeatedly.
    • Ryan and Jeremy discover that a Spartan sitting on the back of a Mongoose has infinite grenades. They use this to attempt to take out a Knight without getting anywhere near it.

  • Let's Play - Halo 5: Guardians - Co Op Part 8
    • The video opens with a discussion about Ryan's daughter's 2nd birthday, with one of Ryan's comments, thanks to a poor choice of phrasing, suggesting that they got her a single balloon for a birthday present. The others take the idea and run with it.
    • Their decision to make "Chumbawamba!" their new signal for when they get knocked down.

  • Let's Play - Halo 5: Guardians - Co Op Part 9

  • Let's Play - Black Ops 3: Zombies - Shadows of Evil
    • The group expect a zombie mode much like previous entries in the game, but those expectations go out the window when Ryan immediately interacts with a cauldron and turns into The Beast and freaks everyone out.
    • The gang squeeing when they find out that two of their characters are voiced by and resemble Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman.
    • Ryan has a Dude, Not Funny! moment:
      Ryan: (while discussing guns) The Shiva's basically a one-shot rifle. It's uh... (goes silent into thinking) What's that 9/11 that everyone loves?
      Michael: Woah...
      Geoff: C'mon, man...
      Jeremy: You mean the M1A1?

  • Let's Play Star Wars Battlefront
    • Ryan's salty towards Jack because Jack was going to play on the Rebels' side and not the Empire's.
    • Everyone gets facecams, but for some reason, Gavin's doesn't work, so whenever his video comes up, it's a goofy picture of him gawking.
    • Once again, Gavin proves he has no idea who anyone else is.
    • The gang can't decide if they want to stick together or keep away, mostly because the Rebels keep changing their tactics.
    • As the gang is rallying back after losing four straight times, there's one match that ends with Palpatine and Vader vs. Luke. A Rebel player kept trying to shoot them, only for Jeremy as Vader to reflect those bullets... back at Luke, who dies and nets them a win.

  • Let's Play Star Wars Battlefront - Hero Hunt
    • During the game, they encounter a player who is constantly kicking their asses called "Dime Air". The Hunters constantly make airline jokes about him.
    • During one point early on, Ryan gets Princess Leia and thinks one of her powers is an Orbital Strike. When Jeremy gets her, they find out that what she really has is a health power up - Ryan just had lucky timing.
    • They constantly mock Emperor Palpatine's "corkscrew Force Jump" evasion skill.

  • Let's Play - Halo 5 Firefight BETA
    • Everyone teases Geoff in the beginning for his less-than-spirited opening.
    • During the fight, Lindsay declares that she's got Matt's "12". It takes Matt a few seconds to realize she just told him that she's got his front. When Matt dies, Ryan teases her for her excellent protection.
    • Jeremy panics when he thinks he got stuck with a plasma grenade. This goes on to talking about how Jeremy is like one of those wall-crawler toys that end up getting so dirty they get thrown away (or ate by Geoff's dog and shat out.)
    • When the second round starts, Jeremy brings back the "Get yet dicks and tits out" from one of the Trivial Pursuit Let's Plays. This prompts Lindsay to declare that she's already naked, leading to Matt wondering what the sound of skin rubbing together would be. They decide that it sounds like sneakers on a basketball court. When Michael declares that it's the worse sound ever, Lindsay had mentioned it as "the delightful sound of rough sex", she has to double-check if that's what he meant.
    • They get talking about the Shorty Award Rooster Teeth won and how Geoff had to go up there as a formality. They idly mention about breaking it into pieces to share to all of their fans, leading to Ryan mentioning how the titular pants of Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants were cut up at the end of the second movie, leading to Matt to reply in surprise "There was a second movie?!"
      • This leads to talking about Geoff watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which he first calls "My Fat Yogurt Wedding" before they ultimately call it "My Big Fat Greek Yogurt Wedding"
      Ryan: With Jamie Lee Curtis!
      Michael: (singing) Activiaaaa!
    • During an intermission, Ryan spots a Needle floating in the air. Matt and Geoff can't see it, though.
    • Michael tries to get Lindsay to get on his Mongoose, but another player hops on, leading to the two of them to try to figure out how to get rid of him.
    • Matt and Geoff are horrified when the Knights No-Sell Ghost rammings.
    • Matt tries to help Ryan and Jeremy against one Knight:
    Matt: I got 'em! I got 'em! (Knight explodes) You got 'em! You got 'em!
    • The final round is a symphony of chaos as the team hauls out Scorpions and Hannibals to battle the Promethians and if they aren't getting ran over, they're getting hit with EMP, causing a bottleneck.

  • Things to Do In Halo 5 – Bumper Hogs
    • Matt made his map and as they start comments that he feels like he's "forgotten something." They don't find out what he forgot til the end of the round: pits opening in the floor with killballs inside. And they open randomly so not even Matt is able to avoid them!
    • In a surprise turn of events, Brandon proves great at this map solely by not playing it as intended. Where as most everyone else uses their Warthogs as bumper cars, he exits his and uses the Gravity Hammer and dodging. It works until Geoff uses a faux-charge and the Warthog's hand-brake to fake Brandon out into dodge-jumping right into an open pit.
    • This conversation:
      Geoff: Brandon, can I ask you a question? Have you had a friend? In your life, that is?
      Brandon: Well, it depends what you define by "friend".
      Geoff: Uh, I don't think it does.
      Lindsay: Did your mom pay them to hang out with you?
      Matt: Hey, those are still friends!
  • Let's Play - DOOM 2016 Multiplayer
  • Let's Play - Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare
    • Jack forgot to turn off his face cam. The video mocks him for it.
    • During the first match, they get into an argument over the stage they're in and between the American "Foosball" name and the British "Tabletop Football" name.
    • During the second match, Gavin gets a little cocky and brags about how he's doing, causing everyone to be quiet in annoyance.
      • At one point, everyone throws grenades, causing the video to show all six videos of it.
    • During the third match, the gang doesn't known where the flags are until about a minute or two in. They, then, start mocking the more critical viewers who'd throw hissy fits over these sorts of things.
      Michael [dramatically slowed down in editing]: Fuck you, audience!

  • "Things To Do in Halo 5: Avalanche" is seven minutes of pure, hilarious chaos. Some gems include: Jack getting smashed inches from the goal, and near the start of a round Gavin getting nailed by a particularly high-speed boulder ("That one came in like a cannonball!")
  • "Things To Do in Halo 5: Reaper" - fourteen minutes of pure, terrifying chaos.
    • The entire video has everyone making sure they said "reap" and not "rape".
    • Ryan starts singing Christmas songs and when he messes up and they tease him, he keeps going while telling them to shut up.
    • Gavin teases Trevor on how terrifying he can be in games.
    • At 30 seconds or so left, Jack is the Reaper and Ryan, Trevor, and Gavin are still alive. Gavin comments that Jack surely won't be able to kill them all in 30 seconds.
    Mica: Now that you've said that he absolutely will.

  • "Things To Do in Halo 5: Ghostbusters", with such gems as Geoff shouting "BOO!" as he jumps right in front of a survivor... and gets blasted ("I 'oob'ed when I shoulda 'boo'ed..."), Gavin managing to kill himself despite the instant-recharge shields survivors have, and Jeremy doing an a-capella of the Ghostbusters Theme whenever he's sneaking around or making a kill.
  • "Things to Do in Halo 5: Jenga City
    • The entire second round is nothing but Gavin failed, being Hoist by His Own Petard as he's either crushed by his own debris, stunned out of the sky or even hijacked by the other players.
      • The "Bonus Round" takes the cake as Gavin ends up getting stuck trying to kill Matt and Matt kicks Gavin out of his ship. Matt proceeds to get int a dogfight with Jack while Jeremy takes out Gavin. At the end, the guys decide to just hop out of their aircraft and fight each other. Jack goes first and falls out.
  • "Things to Do In Halo 5 - Mortar War"
    • Colton apparently joins the game midway through the first round completely randomly.

  • "Things to Do In Halo 5 - Alien Invasion"
    • The team played this at RTX and it worked fine. They play it here and things go incredibly sideways.
    • Jeremy finds a forklift and asks if he can drive it. Once he does, he stays on it for the rest of the game.
    • After the first game, Jeremy ends up getting kicked. He spends the rest of the first round just messing with things he had left.
    • When Jack gets his first turn, Gavin is able to hijack it and kill Jack. However, he can't end the round by being alive and everyone's refusing to let him run the clock out.
    • Jack spends most of his game with his monitor dying on him. He ultimately is forced to film his gameplay with his webcam.
    • During one of Gavin's runs as the UFO, Jack attempts to use a rock formation to leap onto the UFO and hijack it. However, thanks to sheer perfect timing, Gavin flips and catches Jack with the beam as he leaps.
    • When his monitor goes out, Jack is stuck to fly blind at one point.
    • During Jack's last go as alien, he flips his ship upside down, then proceeds to walk into the light. The others attempt to flip it, only to punch the cockpit and destroy it. They celebrate by cheering their victory, then proceed into the light.
    • During Gavin's last run, everyone focuses on Jeremy riding the forklift, but due to the poor camera placement, it just focuses on his balls.
    • The final round has Gavin trying to hide from Jeremy in the mountains, but when Jeremy finds him, Gavin is knocked out of the barn and into the rest of the map. Jeremy gives chase, allowing Gavin to steal the UFO.
  • Let's Play - Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
    • Jeremy decides to zip-line down from his homebase.
    Jack: Wheeee!
    Jeremy: I thought that was in the game! I literally thought that was in the game.
    • Jeremy accidentally injects himself with adrenaline when trying to climb a ledge.

  • Let's Play - The Legend of Bigfoot: The Adventure Begins
    • The entire premise. Michael, Jack, and Geoff play "Finding Bigfoot," but act like rednecks with over-the-top accents and use fake names for the entire video. If you don't get sick of the voices, the entire video is pure GOLD, full of bad slang and references to noodle incidents start to finish.
    • Any time they refer to the cameras as "Camers."
    • This:
    Trigger (Michael): That 'squatch is comin' wit us tonight. And I'm gon' fuck it.
    Dub (Jack): Wait, what?
    Trigger: Uh, I'm gon' tie it up real good, and we gon' capture it.
    Z-Bo (Geoff): He means metaphorically.
    • Dub shooting a signal flare and Trigger following it only to realize he was running towards the sun
    Trigger: It's an even brighter light.
    • Halfway through, Trigger realizes his webcam hadn't been recording his webcam, but he remains in character the whole time, passing it off as his brother Cletus' (revealed to be Gavin in part 2) fault.
    Z-Bo: Cletus'd do that.
    Trigger: I TOLD 'em. Ya ain't gonna see mah beautiful expressions.
    • Dub keep referring to directions on the map as left, right, up, and down. When Z-Bo tries to translate, Dub has no idea what he's talking about.
    Z-Bo: What da fuck direction is right s'posed to be?
    Dub: If you're looking at a map, it's on the right!
    Z-Bo: You mean east?
    Dub: I don't eat anything!
    Z-Bo: I'm gettin' 'em! I'm gettin' 'em! Uh, uh, uuuuhhhh... Oh shit... Oh shit, Bigfoot shot my friend!
    (Credits roll)

  • Let's Play - The Legend of Bigfoot: The Plot Thickens
    • After Trigger, Z-Bo, and Dub go missing in the last part, Randy Zweiler (Ryan, Z-Bo's brother), Billy-Tim Dub (Jeremy, Dub's brother), and Big Cleet (Gavin, Trigger's brother) go searching for them. Each one of them approach the premise in a very different way. Also, they have no idea Bigfoot is there. Jeremy keeps the redneck accent while Ryan and Gavin don't even bother but maintain the character names.
    • Billy-Tim spends the whole video worried sick about Dub, Cleet tries to explain away his British accent, and Randy, well...
    Randy: Let's just find our brothers so I never have to talk to you ever again.
    • Randy being baffled at Billy-Tim's name.
    Randy: Wait, how is it Billy Tim, is it—
    Billy-Tim: 'Cause my name Billy-Tim, that's what my mother call me!
    Randy: Is it Billy-Tim with a hyphen, are you William Timothy?
    • The reason for Big Cleet's accent? He got abducted and taken to England for ten years.
    • Initially, the gang has no idea what their brothers were doing there, so their reaction to finding the Bigfoot-sized cage is great. As is Randy's complete lack of respect for his brother
    Billy-Tim: Whata they haulin' here?
    Randy: Oh, they're human traffickers.
    Billy-Tim: No, Dub don't get involved in that now.
    Randy: Ah, dammit, my brother... he's just the dumbest. I mean, he goes around calling himself Z-Bo... his name is Francis.
    Big Cleet: Where did Z-Bo come from?
    Randy: We were raised in The Hamptons, I don't know what's wrong with that kid. He fell off a boat one day and just came out of it redneck. I think there was some silly stuff in the water, I'm not exactly sure.
    • At one point, Randy finds a trap placed oddly on top of a rock.
    Randy: Who put a trap here?
    Big Cleet: That might've been me.
    Billy-Tim: You put a tra- what if Dub steps in that?
    Big Cleet: Well then, we'll have him, won't we. We'll know where he is.
    Billy-Tim: Don't you put Dub in a trap.
    Big Cleet: What would you rather have, Dub in a trap, or no Dub?
    Billy-Tim: Don't make me choose, don't make me choose, Cleet. Ya cut to the core ah me wit that question, Cleet.
    • Also, this:
    Billy-Tim: You aren't puttin' meat in those traps, are you?
    Randy: He did.
    Randy: *gasp* Now Dub's definitely gonna step in 'em! Dub can't resist meat!
    • Big Cleet tries to find Trigger:
    Big Cleet: Trigger, Trigger, Trigger...
    Randy: Are you trying to summon him? You got a Ouiji Board?
    Billy-Tim: I can't tell if he's trying to shoot his gun or if he's looking for his brother
    • Big Cleet mentions that he's got a girlfriend back home named Theresa May. This devolves into a discussion about the title given to the spouse of the prime minister. There isn't one
    • Big Cleet losing most of his health by stepping in a trap, then dying by falling off a large rock.
    • Billy-Tim finds Dub's body and finds out Z-Bo shot him leading to him attacking Randy to avenge his brother forcing Randy to shoot him in self defense. Later however...
    Z-Bo: Bigfoot shot my friend's brother! Nooooooooooooooooo! I better get out of here.
    (Credits roll)

  • Let's Play - Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid - Emperor Calus (Finale)

  • Let's Play - Call of Duty WWII - Sensitivity Training
    • Playing the game are the Gents, Jeremy, Alfredo and Millie. Pretty much everybody apologizes to her every time they kill her.
      Millie: *under her breath* Goddammit...
      Geoff: Excuse me, Millicent?!
      Millie: *flippantly* Yeah?
    • From the second round onwards, Ryan starts going nuts with a shovel. He has so much fun with this that the last round is a shovels-and-knives-only melee. In which Millie comes second.
  • Let's Play - I May Have Bipped You - PLAYERUNKNOWNS Battlegrounds
    • Gavin's game kept crashing and killing him, so he just switches over to playing Solitaire off-screen each time he died.
    • Ryan team-kills Michael, and the camera zooms in to Michael's head exploding.
    • Lindsay pops up behind Alfredo and Ryan and puts cat ears on them. Ryan mistakenly calls them "bunny ears".
  • Robo Geoff Must Kill - Things to Do in Halo 5 Robot Rampage
    Ryan: This is the opposite of Rita! "Now watch my monster SHRINK!"

  • Things To Do In Halo 5 - The Slenderman | The Eight Pages
    • Ryan's the first to have a go as Slenderman, so naturally Geoff is screaming his head off. Especially since Ryan kills him in the bathroom.
      Alfredo: Geoff died in the shitter!
    • Alfredo is killed shortly after Matt, prompting this:
      Alfredo: Shit like this never works out for the ethnic guy!
      Matt: At least you didn't die first, we're breaking tropes here.
    • During Alfredo's run as Slenderman, Geoff tries clinging to Matt, but it ends up getting them killed.
      Geoff: Ducks fly together, Matt!!
      Matt: I'm not a duck, I'm a man!
    • It's clear Matt edited the video, because when he has a go as Slenderman, his voice and kills are overlaid with the creepy Slender effects.
    • Trevor and Jeremy adopt silly voices as they bicker before a round. Geoff and Ryan are unimpressed.
    • During Ryan's second run as Slenderman, he kills Alfredo and guns for Jeremy.
      Alfredo: Run, Jeremy! Run like the wind, my sweet boba tea! [dies]
      Jeremy: Oh no, I was his sweet boba tea!
  • Things to Don't in PUBG - Pacifist Party:
    • The guys enter the game as "conscientious objectors" and plan to hole up on their own private island so that they can live in peace without having to kill any other players. Then Ryan runs over Geoff with the boat, killing him instantly. Ryan's defense is that while he's a pacifist, the boat is not.
      Ryan: I didn't do it on purpose! Death just happens around me!

  • Things to Do In Halo 5 - Gang Beasts
    • Matt recreated Gang Beasts with energy hammers and altered gravity. Chaos naturally ensues.
    • Gavin recalls during Grifball's demo pitch to Bungie, they were baffled at him demonstrating the gameplay.
    • Jeremy starts singing "One Week" under his breath, and the others don't catch on.
    • The second Jack wins a round, the game crashed. The second time he won, it crashed again.
    • Gavin discovers that he's been gifted nearly 300 req packs, so he tells the others to proceed without him while he opens his packs.
  • Like PUBG, but Better - Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
    • As the gang prepare to make their drop, they choose where to go... and are shocked that there are two gigantic arrows pointing towards their chosen point.
    • At one point, Michael discovers you can hold your gun "gangsta style" by hitting the G key. This leads to Matt "gangsta styling" his riot shield and Jeremy doing it to his crossbow.
    • When the team get their first win, they end up cheering in victory... until Ryan sees the game proclaim "VICO TORY" and he complains "That's not how it's spelled!"
  • We Snipe Ourselves - Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (#3)
    • Ryan's off screen watching the guys play. A stick figure of him pops up on screen with the occasional comment.
    • Three minutes into the video and Jeremy gets sniped. Alfredo did it. He and Trevor discreetly joined and they spend half the video trying to snipe the others.
    • Jeremy finds a bicycle and gets Jack to ride it with him.
    • Michael is downed and after Jeremy pulls him back up, Jeremy snipes Trevor.
    • Jack is downed by a player wielding a crowbar and Michael kills him in revenge. It's Alfredo again.
    • Jack is attacked again, but it's Ryan this time. Meanwhile, Trevor is shot by Michael, but survives long enough to snipe Jeremy.
  • Cargo Truck of Doom - Call of Duty: Black Ops Blackout
    • During the second round, it's down to Jack in Nuke Town and he is determined to find this one player hiding out in the town. Ultimately, he decides to give up and head towards the circle. As he does, he finds a four-wheeler, gets on... and immediately turn right back around into the town to find the guy, only to be killed by him.

  • Get Fried! - Left 4 Dead (The Parish campaign)
    • The game starts off with Gus discovering that pretty much none of his keys are bound to anything.

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