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General reminder: All spoilers are unmarked on moments pages. This includes the identities of Traitors and Killers in the Trouble in Terrorist Town and
Murder videos. You have been warned.
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    Trouble in Terrorist Town 2015- 2018 
  • Let's Play - Trouble In Terrorist Town
    • The entire video is full of great moments, considering how everybody is struck by Paranoia Fuel... or just offing somebody innocent to be a troll.
    • Ryan shoots Ray for having the same gun as the killer. He's completely innocent and Ray is left speechless. Even better, Michael is the traitor and outplays everybody.
    • "Shadles." A random player named "Shadowlz" was the traitor one round and actually hanged Ray's dead body, to all the AH guys' astonishment. He then proceeded to kill everyone in turn and win the round. The guys corrupted his name to "Shadles" and he's received shout outs in other Let's Plays since then.
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 2
    • The guys discover that, after being killed, you can possess inanimate objects. Hilarity Ensues, including a part where a bunch of them decide to possess the various rides in a playground.
      Jack: Wheeeeee! I'm a tire swing! Wheeeeee!
    • In one match, Jack writes out his name using a crowbar. Kerry comes along and adds to it, turning it into FUCK JACK.
    • And then, in the final match, Ray spends most of his time on a roof, sniping those he thinks are traitors. At the end, he's the only one left alive, aside from one more traitor, so he goes looking for the traitor...
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 3
    • During an early round, Gavin happily shows off a smoke grenade that he found to Jack before the latter goes to investigate one of the fallen hunters. When Ryan kills him, Gavin watches in horror and tosses his grenade in a panic.
    • During the matches, people keep mixing up Jack (who has the name "Gavino Free") with Gavin.
    • The first match with Jeremy ends with him taking Geoff by surprise, causing him to leap out of his seat.
      • Earlier in the match, Michael kills Gavin, causing Jeremy to kill Michael. Jack, who has somehow missed this, mentions that Michael has gone strangely quiet. Michael's face cam shows him, shrugging his shoulders as if saying "because I'm DEAD!"
    • When Michael kills Ryan in one round, Ryan refuses to shut up, declaring he's a vengeful ghost.
      • That same round, Geoff suddenly goes silent as the other five take each other out, making them think that he died already. He's able to live long enough to kill the traitor, Jeremy.
      Jeremy: Geoff's alive, isn't he? SOMEONE'S ALIVE!
    • Geoff pulls a similar trick in another round, hiding in a nearby shed, content to watch the craziness without participating or being accused of being the traitor like he is every round. Gavin spots him and fires a shot, and during the resulting mess of everyone screaming and firing at everyone, Michael blasts him with a shotgun, Ryan throws a grenade in that doesn’t explode until it’s too late and makes everyone think he’s the traitor, and Jack (the actual traitor) takes advantage of the chaos and stabs Gavin in the back.
    • Jeremy ends up the traitor again the very next round and Gavin blasts him out before anyone else realizes it.
    • Gavin's first turn as the traitor ends anti-climatically as Michael spots Gavin behind the window of the nearby building's top floor and starts shooting him — followed by everyone else doing the same — before Jeremy casually puts a bullet in his head. The funny thing is, no one had any legitimate reason to shoot Gavin, as Michael lampshades afterwards; they just began firing at him for the fun of it, and all Gavin did was try to smash a window with his crowbar. The fact that Gavin was even the traitor in this round was all the more funny for the group, including to Gavin.
      Michael: We're such — we're such assholes!
    • The next round has Geoff round a corner to join Gavin, Michael, Jack and Jeremy. Jeremy casually snipes Geoff, who proves to be innocent, causing Jack to burst out into hysterics over his death.
    • Geoff eventually gets tired of constantly being the first killed and calls people out on it.
      Geoff: (spooky voice) "Oooh, the ghost of Geoff is getting annoyed! He wants to play too!"
    • The final round is just a delightful cluster of chaos. Geoff is the traitor, but since he's been killed off instantly in a number of other rounds while innocent, he decides to play up that he's fed up with everyone else by standing in the center of the area completely unarmed. This leads to Jack holding his scope over Geoff, noting how tempted he is to take a shot, Michael killing Jack, Geoff fleeing in panic to isolate himself from everyone else while calling the others murderers, and Ryan putting down Michael and Gavin. Jeremy and Ryan confront each other and they rationalize that Geoff is probably the traitor before teaming up (creating the Battle Buddies) to finish him off. Additionally, everyone finally remembers that they can possess inanimate objects posthumously, so Jack possesses a barrel and leads Jeremy to Geoff's location. 
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 4
    • During one portion of the game, it's down to Ryan (the Traitor) and Geoff (the last remaining Innocent). Ryan has one HP left and Geoff is taunting him to come and find him, where he's hiding in an upstairs closet. Three of the other four dead Innocents - Michael, Jeremy and Jack - are watching through "ghost cam" when Geoff, completely overzealous, opens the closet door and proceeds to throw his shotgun down the stairs, prompting Michael and Jack to burst into laughing and Jeremy to groan out "Oh, my God..."
    • The following round, Ryan and Gavin hide up in the treehouse, leading to Ryan killing Jack in front of Michael. Later, Michael and Geoff are killed by Jeremy, leading Gavin and Ryan to believe Jeremy is the traitor. For good measure, Ryan casually headshots Gavin before he kills Jeremy.
    • In another round, Ryan and Gavin hide in the treehouse before the round starts, but Ryan becomes the traitor, so he executes Gavin on the spot with absolutely no preamble.
    • The next round, Jeremy murders Ryan because he pronounced "reputable" wrong.
    • During that previous match, Geoff, as the Terrorist, is mysteriously killed and he can't understand why. Everyone later learns that C4 has an insanely large blast radius when Jeremy lays down two C4s and they can only disable one of them. The blast is so powerful that Gavin, who had inhabited a pan after he burnt to death, goes flying and lands in the pool.
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 5
    • Gavin has terrible luck in the first few games, consistently being the first one murdered to the point where even Geoff swears that he's not going to shoot him for fun. One of the Youtube comments did some math:
      Youtube Commenter: Gavin's total playtime was eleven minutes, forty one seconds in a fifty five minute, fifty one second Let's Play.
      • Also for some reason the random selection for Traitor really likes Trevor this video...
    • One round sees them all gathering in one area with some barrels and having fun picking them up with the magnetosticks. Jeremy turns around to see one coming sailing at him, which smacks into him and takes 3 damage off. Then while Michael is checking a body, Matt somehow manages to kill Michael with his barrel and his facecam shows him looking horrified at having done so.
    • After Gavin manages to suss out Ryan as traitor and is trying to explain his deduction by saying that Ryan was being 'shifty'.
      Ryan: "I was being exactly the same me I always am!"
      Everyone else: "Yeah!"
      Gavin: "Shifty bastard!"
      Jeremy: "You're not helping yourself."
    • One little funny moment comes from Michael trying to block himself in the garage by stacking up props in front of the door from the inside, trying to stop others from pushing the door open. When Jeremy reveals his Traitor status and starts hunting down Michael, he finds the garage and pulls the door open.
    • In the last round, Jeremy as traitor figures out how to hang bodies, and just has fun baiting Michael and Trevor first to the front of the house where Matt's corpse is hanging from the treehouse, and then to the back where Gavin and Ryan's bodies are swinging from the back porch. He goes full-on Giggling Villain about it.
      Killer: "Tee hee!"
      • Now in animated form.
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town - My Heart Will Go On (#6)
    • The first round Ryan is killed and isn't quiet about it, making a death noise. Besides Trevor asking what it was, everyone ignores it completely.
    • Jeremy finds a room with a stage that has a grand piano and a microphone. Geoff decides to play the piano for Jeremy while the lad sings. The moment they're about to get going, Ryan snipes Geoff in the head. He says he thought it'd make a great "crescendo".
      • Ryan then attempts to convince Jeremy that he did it for fun. Jeremy's kinda convinced. Doesn't matter though as Jack turns up and shoots him through the head in front of Jeremy]].
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town - Sneaky Water Slides (#7)
    • In the last round of the Water Slide map, it gets down to Ryan, Geoff, and Gavin, with the latter two of them being Traitors. Ryan kills Geoff, while Gavin goes quiet. While Ryan wonders who else is left, Gavin hides under the water. He forgets drowning is a thing, getting himself killed and handing the innocents the win.
    • The airplane map gives us one of the strangest innocent victories ever. Jeremy, as one of the traitors, hides C4 and is killed by Detective Trevor. As the other traitor, Alfredo hides after being nearly killed, Jeremy, as a haunted computer keyboard, lures Trevor back to him, allowing the C4 to kill him, Michael, Gavin and Jack, leaving a nearly-dead Alfredo and a still-healthy Geoff left. As Geoff tries to find Alfredo, Alfredo runs to an elevator and two vases, haunted by Trevor and Jeremy try to sneak in. Trevor sneaks in, spooks Alfredo, causing him to shoot the vase, which ricochets around the car and smacks Alfredo in the face, killing him.
  • Beware the Noodle - Gmod Gune - Trouble in Terrorist Town
    • The team, comprised of Ryan, Gavin, Michael, Lindsay, Alfredo and Trevor, decide to implement new rules including no "BLEAGH" noises upon death and people getting hit with a foam noodle should they kill innocents.
    • Ryan ends up getting things off to a strange start when he throws himself out the window.
    • Gavin ends up the first one noodled when he kills Detective Michael because he mistook his actions as holding C4.
    • Michael's second round as a detective has Gavin tell his friend that he won't kill him this time, then Lindsay says she will.
      Gavin: "Traitor!"
      Lindsay: "No, wife."
    • During the third round, Detective Michael is killed without anyone noticing. When Ryan (the murderer) uses the past tense to describe Michael being the Detective after he killed him, everyone else is shocked that he's dead, but nobody questions why Ryan was the only one who knew. Michael pops up on face cam and furiously mimes strangling the other players.
      • In trying to prove his innocence that round, Trevor decides to throw his weapons away. He uses this to disguise the fact that he's throwing an incendiary grenade at the nearby Alfredo.
    • Ryan gets to the roof and moves some explosive barrels into the entrance to the stairs and threatens to blow up anyone who tries to follow him. Gavin and the twins go to look and hover, unsure whether to call Ryan's bluff or not (because if he did blow them up he'd get noodled himself for killing innocents). Trevor has another idea - he simply shoots the barrels himself at a distance and then says "Let's go get him boys!"
    • At one point they're all in a fast food chain map, and the detective is behind the counter while Team Nice Dynamite is in the main seating area messing around. Then Gavin turns to speak to the detective and notes in a casual way that Ryan's sneaking up behind him with a knife.
  • Tase Fist - Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town w/ Fiona Nova
    • Instead of noodling, team kills will be punished by Lindsay punching the offender with a knuckle taser. The crew is justifiably scared of making the wrong call.
      Michael: (in a group of people) Dude, if someone went apeshit and just killed everyone here, that'd be like three tasings.
      Jeremy: Literally they'll turn into Electro.
    • Fiona stumbles onto Jeremy killing Geoff. She ends up chasing him around the room shooting at him while he hastily tries to explain what happened. She realizes afterwards that if she'd killed him, Michael (who would be shocked in her place since she is a guest) would have to get two tasings.
    • Jack inadvertently stumbles into a repeat of "Widdle Sausage" when reading Ryan's name.
      Jack: Who's "Detective Roger Davis"?
      Ryan: (putting on a gruff voice) Detective Roger Davis...
      (Jack and Trevor laugh)
      Trevor: He just repeats his name?
      Ryan: I have no more- that's all my schtick!
    • Jeremy shows Ryan a bridge that the traitor can collapse. Ryan activates it while Jeremy is standing on it.
    • Trevor and Michael accidentally encounter one another in the stairwell, and in a panic, they get into a shootout. Eventually, Trevor manages to gun down Michael, only to find out that Michael was an innocent, meaning he's going to be tased. Made even funnier by Michael's reaction, which hints that getting killed was his intention all along.
      Trevor: I hope I'm not getting tased... (checks Michael's body) I'M GETTING TASED!
    • At the beginning of a round, Jeremy and Geoff run into each other going through a doorway and panic. Jeremy takes a potshot at Geoff, misses and hits an explosive barrel right next to him.
    • While Jack is accusing Geoff of threatening him, Ryan snipes Geoff from across the map, and Jack panics. 
      Jack: Why'd you pull your gun on me?
    • After a long run of rounds with Trevor being the killer, Jeremy declares that he'll gladly take a tasing just to kill him on sight and tails him halfway around the map to do it. Thankfully, Jeremy winds up being one of the traitors that round (successfully pulling off a ruse Jack had previously tried after killing Jeremy).

    Trouble in Terrorist Town 2019 
    • The entire video takes place in a recreation of Bikini Bottom, leading to all kinds of in-jokes from the AH members familiar with the show (and confusion from those who aren't).
    • A lot of mistakes are made with every traitor trap on the Bikini Bottom map harming (or, more often, killing) the person who triggered it. Not being used to traitor traps, they're completely clueless that they can be activated from any distance.
      • Even worse, at one point, Alfredo literally reads the text on the traitor trap (which only the traitors can see) and nobody notices.
      • Trevor gets killed by one - and when everybody converges on his corpse Jeremy's C4 goes off, killing everyone.
    • On Multiple occasions, Matt and Jeremy go into Mr. Krabs' office and start role-playing as him, spooking everyone else that goes in there.
      Matt: (as Trevor walks in) "Get out of me office!"
      Trevor: "Oh my god!" (slams door closed)
    • Alfredo becomes the traitor and proceeds to snipe everybody from around corners and across the map. Unfortunately for him, he accidentally outs himself doing it because he's the only one who's skilled enough to sharpshoot.
    • Geoff gets sniped by Alfredo when Trevor turns his back for an instant, and Trevor flips out when he turns around again complete with Scare Chord.
    • Geoff tries to take pot-shots at Lindsay from around a corner without realizing Jack and Jeremy are watching him. He tries to leave, but the two chase him halfway across the map. Eventually, Geoff walks up to the aforementioned jellyfish trap, activates it, and Jack blows him away without a second thought, sending himself and Jeremy into hysterics.
    • In a one round, Lindsay manages to kill Alfredo, causing everyone to panic (as no one else saw it happen). Geoff, the detective, figures out it was Lindsay, and Ryan, without any hesitation, turns to his right and kills Trevor, the other traitor. He's killed before he can explain himself, but at the end of the round, he says this:
      Ryan: "I turned around and blew you away because I thought I was standing next to Lindsay."
    • Towards the end of the video, the gang figure out that the mysterious key they kept finding lead to an easter egg involving the Krabby Patty Formula.]] The members of AH familiar with Spongebob had a field day with this.
  • CUSTOM ROLES IN TTT - Gmod Gune: TTT (feat. Chef Mike)
    • At one point, Mike walks up behind Matt (while both are holding sniper rifles), just as Matt snipes someone from behind a corner. Matt turns around, is startled by Mike, and runs off. Mike walks around the corner, sees what's happened, and everyone (including Matt) immediately blames Mike for it. Jeremy then put down a visualizer, revealing the killer to have used a sniper rifle right where Mike was standing, condemming him to death.
    • In one round, Gavin playing as a vampire, accidentally gets shot by Trevor and is brought down to 59 health (yelling at him for the misfire). Shortly after that, Gavin eats Trevor's body to regain health, only for Jeremy to find the remains. Gavin then walks out of the bathroom at full health. He wastes no time in putting Gavin down.
    • In another round, the gang decide to take a break from the game and use the Magneto-Sticks to go bowling. Complete with accompanying music.
    • As everyone points fingers in a panic, Lindsay breaks it up by executing Matt at point-blank after noticing him lurking behind a bowling station. The casual way she announces it is also fairly in-character.
      Lindsay: Alright, someone come identify this body, 'cuz Matt was acting mad suspicious and I don't give a fuck.
    • At the end of the video, a dead Trevor manages to get revenge on traitor Jeremy from beyond the grave by rolling up behind Jeremy as a possessed barrel and blowing up.
    • Having finally gotten custom skins working, the gang all have their different player models. Naturally, Lindsay chose a cat. As in, a very small cat. With an equally small hitbox (and a gun floating above her head). This leads to all kinds of hilarity.
      Lindsay: "Where is he? Does anyone have visual?"
      Jeremy: "Hah! The cat running around, 'Where is he?!'"
    • Jack picking up one of the explosive barrels and chasing Gavin with it. Just the image of a human sized Ender Dragon chasing Oddjob is an absurd sight.
    • At one point, Michael and Gavin run into each other and start dancing around as a goof. Thing is, Michael was the Glitch and Gavin was a traitor, leading Gavin to think Michael was a fellow traitor and Jack (the actual second traitor) was the Glitch. Later, Michael started shooting Jack, and Jack killed Michael. This lead to Gavin team-killing Jack. Immediately after the round ends, Jack starts yelling at Gavin while Michael and Gavin break down into hysterics.
    • Later on, Gavin kills Matt right in front of Jack (the Glitch), who says nothing, leading Gavin to think Jack is the other traitor. Gavin then proceeds to kill Lindsay (the actual second traitor). Barely a minute later, Jack kills Gavin, ending the round.
      Jack: "I was a Glitch that whole time."
      Everyone else starts laughing
    • Late in the video, Jeremy correctly guesses Jack is a traitor and attacks in front of Matt (the Detective), who mows Jeremy down on the spot. A second later, Jeremy is heard angrily pounding his desk.
  • Infinite C4 - Gmod: TTT | Let's Play
    • Jeremy disarms the C4 that Gavin planted, and taunts the traitors before getting headshot by Alfredo (the other traitor) from behind.
    • Gavin, as a vampire, calls the detective to the dead body. When Alfredo arrives, he finds Gavin standing over a body that's just been eaten.
    • Fiona, as the Traitor, runs out of bullets before killing Jeremy. How does Jeremy respond? He waits for her to get a new gun and kill him so he can swap with her.
    • The last round has Gavin declare a lightning round. As the traitor, Alfredo immediately goes on a killing spree. He kills Fiona in seconds, Trevor as the killer gets killed by Jack. Alfredo then goes into one of the towers and snipes Jack. As Alfredo tries to finish off the panicking Jeremy, Gavin tries to sneak up on Alfredo, but he turns around and no-scope headshots him, sending him into a laughing fit. Alfredo finally finishes Jeremy off as Michael (the other Traitor) casually remarks that there's C4.
      YouTube comment: Dude, they called Lightning Round and Alfredo just heard "Sanctioned Genocide" and took them all out
      • Trevor's defense as he's getting gunned down by Jack.
        Trevor: Don't kill me, I'm the killer, I'm the killer! I'm innocent-
        Michael: 'I'm the killer, I'm the killer'?
  • Picolas Cage will Float - Gmod TTT: All Gus August
    • Half of the episode's namesake is the reveal of Geoff's custom avatar: A giant pickle with arms, legs and the face of Nicolas Cage.
    • Geoff is finally thrown a bone when he's given the Jester role, thus allowing his Bad Liar tendencies and habit of panic firing to actually help him for once as he rather quickly wins.
    • One particular round deserves special mention:
      • Assassin Geoff shoots Gavin in the back in front of just about everyone else, getting himself gunned down almost immediately for his trouble despite his attempts at defending himself. However, he inadvertently allows Gus to kill Jack during the chaos; his body ends up perched on the railing.
      • Detective Jeremy and Gavin are getting health near Geoff's body when, out of nowhere, Michael, who is a Phantom, guns them both down, leaving them both dead and very confusednote . Gavin then shows Michael his freecamming screen and between Geoff, Jeremy, and Gavin's dead bodies, the area is an absolute bloodbath.
      • Ryan asks Gus if he's a traitor. Gus says no. Ryan assumes that Michael is the traitor. Gus immediately guns him down.
      • Then, after he and Michael are the only ones left, Gus uses several ineffective Blatant Lies to try to keep the rouse up. Predictably, as soon as they see each other, Michael blows him away with a shotgun.
      Gus: He said "it's Michael! He's shooting me!"
      Michael: It's just the two of us!
      • As soon as the round's over, Jeremy confronts Michael about the friendly fire.
      Jeremy: Uh, Michael, the Phantom is an innocent.
      Michael: Yeah, I didn't know that.
      Jeremy: And that's why you wasted the detective and an innocent?
    • During one round a zombie outbreak happens and Geoff, the last remaining zombie finds Jack recovering health. Instead of killing him he stands still long enough for Jack to silently kill him and go back to recovering health sending the spectators into hysterics.
    • At one point Gus is the detective and makes a series of decisions to kill the people around him due to suspecting them of being Traitors, going down a list until everyone else is dead. He then makes an important realization.
      Gus: (the game doesn't end after he kills Jack) Who's left? (Beat then laughter as he realizes what's happened) Gavin!
      Gavin: (on the other end of the map) What?
      Gus: Shit! (laughter)
      Gavin: What's up? (Gus dying of laughter in the background as Geoff sighs heavily) Gus did you make some bad decisions?
      Gus: I made some real bad decisions!
    • In one of the shortest rounds in group history, Jeremy as the Zombie silently kills multiple other people and converts them with the group only revealing that fact as they swarm Ryan to convert him. As they realize Geoff is still alive he tries to convince them he's not a traitor as usual only for Michael to clarify what's happening.
      Geoff: I'm not a Glitch!
      Michael: No, I know! That's the thing, there's five zombies!
      Geoff: (eyes bug out) FIVE ZOMBIES!?
      Michael: (laughing) We're all Zombies Geoff, everyone except for you is a Zombie !
      Geoff: I NEED A BETTER GUUUUN! (cue him trying to crouch jump off the railing to the first floor)
  • Achievement City, Plan G(mod)
    • As the title says, it's TTT in Achievement City. Peak Achievement Hunter applies, so more of the usual calling out the traitors and getting completely ignored by everybody.
    • From start of play to Plan G being activated is less than a minute. In fact the entire first round is over in a flash due to everyone being so focused on staring at the map none of them realize a terrorist is murdering everyone.
    • Lindsay has problems with her cat model; namely that it's so small that she can't jump up even one block height. In one round, she gets stuck in Caleb's pond. Jack tries to help her out by discombobulating her - it works! She pops out of the water and goes straight off the side of the map. This also proves that while her model does have the advantage of a tiny hitbox, that can be a problem for her as much as it helps.
    • Everyone discovers that the Tower of Pimps exists on the map, so a truce is called while they assemble it. No sooner is it clumsily built and the obligatory "Heeeeey~!" cheer starts, Ryan blows Plan G and annihilates Geoff and Lindsay. Which is still fairly faithful to the source map.
    • Ryan's sheer ruthlessness in the penultimate round. After Alfredo falls to his death, everyone mistakenly blames Trevor. To prove his innocence, Trevor jumps to his own death. Without a moment of hesitation, Ryan shoots Gavin leaving Jack as the only possible traitor. Made even funnier since Jack realizes just how screwed he is.
  • We Start a Band! - Gmod TTT | Let's Play
    • Geoff immediately gives himself away by reading out the message "There is a Killer", which only traitors see.
    • Ryan ambushes Trevor, who mistakenly begins to shout Jeremy's name, then dies trying to correct himself thus shouting "Jer- Ry-". The others assume that he tried to shout "Geralt!", so they kill Matt (whose skin is Geralt) thinking he killed Trevor. Even better, Matt is a traitor, just not the one who killed Trevor.
    • During a round where several people had become zombies, Matt kills Michael, the Phantom. When Matt dies, Michael comes back to life and the innocent team assume he's a zombie, and start shooting him.
      Michael: Hey, I'm back!
      Trevor: Michael's back! Put him down!
  • End the Magic Dragon - Gmod: TTT | Let's Play
    • Jeremy fails to disarm a C4, sending Jack (who is also dead at this point) into a fit of laughter for a good few minutes that can be heard in the background of those who are still alive.
    • Gavin and Alfredo end up being the only two Innocents alive, but Gavin is on very low health. When Fredo suggests Gavin be his meatshield, Gavin responds that he'd be a very thin meat shield, the equivalent of ham.
    • The next round Jeremy and Alfredo get into a standoff on either side of a valley with snipers, taking shots at each other as they dance around. Jeremy manages to headshot Fredo and loses it.
  • Party in Room 6 - Gmod: TTT | Let's Play
    • Jeremy corners traitor Gavin from outside a room and tells Matt to go deal with him, not knowing Matt was the other traitor. Matt then forgets that only traitors can see C4 through walls, and spots the one Gavin booby-trapped the room with.
      Jeremy: Matt! Come here, can you do it? You have more health than me.
      Matt: What? Oh, disarm it?
      Jeremy: No, no, you see that- Disarm what?
      Matt: (Beat, guns Jeremy down)
      • When this happens, Gavin, who has already admitted to being a traitor, shouts out that Matt's the traitor right after this goes down. He thought Matt was the glitch only to realize what just happened and that he outed the other traitor. He has to muffle his "Oh Shit" right after. Nobody notices.
      • In almost identical fashion, Gavin states in a later round that he couldn't have sniped someone because he only had a silenced pistol. Ryan points out that the silenced pistol is a traitor weapon, sending Gavin into a stuttering panic.
    • At one point Jack is leading Jeremy, the detective for the round, to a body to determine if it was a traitor or not, hangs a corner and is greeted with a hallway absolutely covered in blood from a shootout Fiona started. He immediately shifts into heavy breathing and nervous laughter just from how much there is.
    • Ryan and Jack swat Gavin off the side of the boat with a crowbar, sending Jack into hysterics. They then peer over the side and see Gavin alive and well because the Swapper can't drown, but he can't get back up.
      • At the same time, a full-on firefight is going on below deck. Half the team has to be muted and the shootout shown later because so much is going on at once.
    • Ryan is outed as a traitor and is pursued by Matt and Alfredo. He ends up briefly losing them and hiding in the bathroom. Matt is so flabbergasted by his supposed disappearance that he gets startled and head shots Alfredo when he appears behind him.
  • Disco Death Train- Gmod: TTT | Let's Play
    • There's a running gag going on throughout the episode as everybody constantly asks each other whether they actually need to put the video out.
    • Jack as a Jester manages to kill three people (including himself) by blasting them off the moving train.
    • In another round, Jack (as the Killer) loses the round by accidentally falling off the train.
    • Ryan also manages to blast Jeremy off the train, which leads to an interesting role interaction: Jeremy was the Swapper, so being killed kills Ryan and gives him Ryan's role, but Jeremy's still off the train so he dies again immediately. Meanwhile, Ryan was the Phantom so Jeremy dying again restores him to life, but he respawns where Jeremy died and dies again anyway.
  • The Temple of Traitor Traps - Gmod: TTT
    • Trevor kicks off the episode by finding a Tiger Woods disc glued to his desk underneath his mousemat, followed by Jack asking Gavin if they need to put out the previous video.
    • Alfredo's camera isn't working, so his facecam is a picture of him with the mouth edited to move.
    • The first round sees a boulder trap triggered with a brief snippet of music playing in-game. Nobody knows what that means until the boulder arrives, killing several people. For the rest of the video everyone panics whenever the music starts playing.
    • During the prep part before one of the rounds started, Trevor shot a barrel and exploded Jeremy to death. Luckily Jeremy comes back to life when the actual round starts.
    • In one round, Ryan is the Swapper, and Jack is the Phantom. Jeremy accuses Ryan of being the Jester. Matt as the traitor kills Jack, and is quickly killed by Jeremy, bringing Jack back to life. The innocent Alfredo kills the innocent Jeremy, and Jack is ready to kill with his sniper scope as Alfredo and Ryan look over Jeremy's body. Unfortunately, Jack misses and kills Ryan, meaning that Jack dies and Ryan is now the Phantom.
      Ryan: Alright...That was a choice...
    • Fiona ends up as the detective, and everything goes wrong for the innocents. Fiona immediately suspects Gavin, and as he's crouching to prove his innocence, Alfredo snipes him. After Fiona confirms Gavin to be innocent, Ryan takes Gavin's body elsewhere. Jeremy approaches, and in a panic, Fiona kills him. Fiona wants protection to confirm Jeremy's identity, so Jack comes in to protect her. As she tries to do so, Jack gets shot, and they instantly suspect Trevor, who was the closest. While Jack kills Trevor, Ryan, as the Hypnotists, revives Gavin. Ryan, Alfredo, and Gavin easily wipe out Jack, Fiona, and the Killer Matt.
    • Gavin's feud with Fiona continues, and ends up biting him in the ass one round when she turns out to be the Jester.
  • Hiding in the Helicopter- Gmod: TTT w/Tom Fawkes
    • How does guest Tom Fawkes introduce himself? By screaming at the top of his lungs.
    • Tom's custom skin is Waluigi, and for some reason his arms are seriously screwed-up.
    • Before the game even begins Alfredo appears in Gavin's face cam stepping on a ketchup packet spraying it onto the door.
    • The map has ladders that the guys have trouble getting down from. In the second round, Gavin decides to jump...and dies from the fall damage, causing Michael, Jack, and Jeremy to crack up.
    • When it's discovered that there are zombies, the gameplay becomes letterboxed, and dramatic music plays as everyone starts to panic.
    • They discover a traitor test, but it's never used properly, partially due to the fact that when they try walking out as the doors close, it kills them.
    • In one round, Ryan immediately kills Jeremy, who's Zoidberg. After Tom, as the Detective, examines him he decides to place Jeremy's body on the stove. His line? "I'm making lobster bisque!"
    • Twice, Jack and Gavin decide to hang out on a precarious ledge by the edge of the ship.
      • The first time, Jack is the Jester, and Gavin manages to push him off and kill him without ending the round. Gavin is later taken out by shots from the Innocent Ryan and Traitor Matt.
      • The second time, Gavin is the one closer to the ledge. As he begs not to get pushed off by the Traitor Jack. Michael, the other traitor, manages to snipe Gavin right in front of him.
    • Gavin ends up as the Phantom. His round consists of him getting killed by the Traitor Ryan, coming back when Ryan is killed, getting killed by the Assassin Matt, and then coming back at the end when Matt gets killed.
    • At one point Jack is stacking barrels into a pyramid and Jeremy grabs one and throws it over the side causing Jack to jump off after it saying he'll catch it.
    • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome: Michael (as a Hypnotist) resurrects Ryan on one rooftop while everyone else is on the other. In the time it takes Gavin to notice he's alive again and Jeremy to announce there's a Hypnotist, Ryan drops all four innocents with four sniper rounds.
      Ryan: That was four shots, four headshots!
      Michael: I brought back a killing machine.
    • One of the Zombie rounds ends with Trevor as the last Innocent and Matt as the last Zombie. Trevor - whose skin is Spider-Man - immediately hides, while singing a parody of the Spider-Man theme song. Matt starts looking for Trevor, and ends up on one of the wing parts of the map. While Matt's back is turned (because he's trying to climb up onto the propeller), Trevor sneaks past him into one of the buildings, making Jeremy and Michael crack up. Finally, Matt ends up running off of the propeller and falls out of the map.
  • Big Chungus, Bigger Trouble - Gmod: TTT
    • The cast gets new skins for this episode, and the first round starts with Ryan, the Jester, throwing a grenade at a gathering of others who are in awe over Michael's Jack Skellington skin. This is followed by everyone (especially Trevor, who sees her close-up) laughing at Fiona's titular "Big Chungus" skin (which is of a vastly overweight Bugs Bunny, t-posing, with no animations). Whether it's the fact that its model has no animations, it holds its gun backwards, or just the fact that it's simply a fat rabbit, the others tend to start giggling around her for the majority of the early rounds, even during calm but tense situations, causing her to get irritated by the fact that the others are unable to take her seriously.
    • In the end of one round, the Innocent Ryan is left facing Matt the Killer. Matt keeps a cheery friendly demeanor throughout the confrontation, even as he mercilessly blows off Ryan's head.
      Matt: Ryan, think for a minute! (headshots Ryan) I'm your buddy!
    • In one round, Fiona is the Jester and is standing between Gavin (Assassin) and Michael (Detective), but Gavin has such terrible aim while trying to kill Michael that Michael becomes confused about which of them is the Jester and gets killed as a result.
    • In the round immediately following the above, Trevor takes out some frustrations on Matt by killing him with an explosive barrel. However, by sheer coincidence, Matt happened to be the Hypnotist for that round.
    • In another, Fiona and Matt are Zombies, and Gavin is a Glitch. Fiona starts making playful zombie noises at him, and without indication he proceeds to shoot her immediately, leading her to have an Oh, Crap! moment and realize that he's the Glitch. She can't kill him because she's already hurt and will die in the battle (along with the knowledge that he is the Glitch), so she runs to Matt and tries to indicate that Gavin's the Glitch without spelling it out. She manages not to out herself and Matt as traitors (despite causing the others to ask her to use her words), but Matt has no idea what she's trying to say, as her attempt to tell him was to gesture at Gavin and cryptically say "This person". Ultimately, Gavin kills her and then goes on to win the round.
    • During a round with Jack as one of the Traitors, Matt has worked that out, and starts shooting him. Jack runs, yelling at Matt for shooting him (keeping up the pretense of being an Innocent) - all while Matt has whittled him down to one hit-point - and then jumps off of a ledge, with the fall damage finishing him off.
  • The Deputy Knight - Gmod: TTT w/ Funhaus
    • Throughout the game Adam has trouble obeying the "Stop talking when you die" rule, usually trailing off with an appropriately Zoidberg-esque mumble.
    • Jack and Ryan continue their feud over explosive barrels, with Ryan preemptively destroying them to Jack's dismay.
      Jack: I have one thing, Ryan! And the audience hates it!
    • Jack is explaining the house rules and various mechanics for the different roles when Jeremy snipes him mid-sentence.
      James: I just wanna know what Jack was gonna say, it sounded really important. He was like "If there's one thing you know going into this, it's that-"
    • Jeremy tries to kill Ryan but fails. His ghost camera appears (with spooky music) to complain that headshots don't work on the Deadpool model. When Ryan insists they do work, Jeremy promises to test that next round.
    • Adam as Detective has Michael kneel so he can "knight" him as deputy. Jack snipes Michael mid-crouch and tries to blame Adam, not realizing he's Detective.
    • As the Assassin, Adam puts everybody at ease by breaking out his his Zoidberg impression. It works so well that he's able to lure Gavin into a room to kill and then downs Ryan in an alley before being outed.
      Adam: I was like "Follow me into this room where I can shut the door."
      Gavin: I didn't even question it, I was like "Okay, where are we going?"
    • Ryan shoots into a stack of three explosive barrels. Two of them explode and send the third right into Ryan's face where it then explodes - killing him.
    • Poor Ryan ends up being this video's Butt-Monkey, with him constantly ending up as Innocent roles rather than the more active murderous role he wants to play. He finally gets to be a Traitor in the last round... only to be found out rather quickly, and he ends up gunned down by Michael. Everyone else notes how sad it was afterwards.
      Ryan: (in response to people accusing him as a Traitor) I'm not a nothin'! (Michael begins shooting him) Ow!
      Michael: I'm sorry Ryan... I'm sorry...
  • Happy Halloween! - Gmod: TTT
    • For this "spooky" episode everyone is in holiday skins. The real standout from the first set is Gavin as a jack-o'-lantern-skinned version of SCP-173 (with a gun for a dick). Nobody knows what it is but they all find it disturbing.
    • They give the Traitor test a try but flub it, with only Trevor's door closing. This causes it to (incorrectly) label him a traitor and he is gunned down before he can say a word.
      Matt: Technology lied!
      • They revisit the tester several times throughout the episode and never quite realize they need somebody in both rooms, not just one.
    • For the second round Trevor thinks he's Chuck E. Cheese again but what he actually gets is a bizarre orange face with legs and arms. Trevor's confused why everyone's reaction to him is a confused "What the fuck" until he dies and sees his corpse.
    • Ryan is Swapper and sees Jeremy kill and revive Gavin. Despite trying to warn everyone and keeping close to Jeremy, he fails to stop the rampage.
      Ryan: You bastard. You made me watch every kill!
    • The guys open what they think is a traitor room and Trevor guns down two of the people in the area thinking it's one of them. They're both innocent. When Matt and Jeremy demonstrate that anyone can open the room, Trevor nearly guns down Jeremy until they shout him down.
    • Jack fires a shotgun right over Lindsay's shoulder. Lindsay doesn't see fit to report it and doesn't even turn around to see who did it.
      Lindsay: Oooh! I just saw... Well, no, never mind-
    • Michael proposes the best way Ryan can prove he's innocent is to kill himself.
    • Everyone has gathered to investigate the death of Gavin, but Trevor keeps carrying the body around until Jack "murders the shit out of him" and is gunned down in turn. Cue everything erupting in flames as the guys randomly gun each other down.
    • In the last round everyone agrees to murder Jack if they see him; good news, he was a terrorist!
      Michael: He's gonna be mad about that!
  • The Alien is Loose! - Gmod: TTT
    • Gavin calls out the location of an explosive barrel and Jack beelines for it. As soon as he's in range, Gavin blasts the barrel, killing Jack.
      Jack: You pulled a me!
      • In retaliation, in the next round Jack spends a good while beating Gavin with barrels before eventually "caging" him in a room with two water barrels, where's he promptly killed by Michael.
    • Alfredo outs himself at the start of a round as a Jester or Swapper by shooting an explosive barrel and failing to make it explode. He gets his comeuppance at the end when he gets in the middle of the final firefight between Ryan and Jack, stealing Ryan's Detective role and winning the round.
    • Jack as Killer and Ryan as a Vampire get into a firefight which draws in the rest of the crew. This abruptly stops mattering when the terrorist trap makes itself known: An Antlion Guardian which proceeds to slaughter the terrified innocents. It proves to be a source of great panic throughout the video.
      Jeremy: Oh, Sigourney Weaver help me! Remember me!
    • Jack goes to grab an explosive barrel per usual. Gavin as the Assassin blows it up, killing Jack, while Jeremy the Traitor provides the cover story that Jack blew himself up by bashing the barrel into the level geometry.
    • When Trevor walks into the trap room, Jeremy closes the door and attempts to place some C4 but accidentally spawns the Alien instead. Cue Trevor running around in terror while the rest of the innocents idly take potshots from the vents.
      Trevor: Dude, the door shut and I was like "Did I get trapped in here?" I turn around and there's an Alien just looking at me and it was so scary.
    • Within thirty second of the round starting, Michael spawns the Alien, Alfredo accidentally blows him up with an explosive barrel, and Jeremy talks Ryan into killing himself by using the golden deagle on an Innocent. Everyone promptly forgets the Alien right up until it starts murdering them again.
    • The round starts and Gavin immediately blows up a barrel, killing the detective and winging Michael. Gavin starts to claim it was Michael only to be shouted down by the fleeing Michael.
    • With the Alien rampaging, Trevor and Jeremy huddle up in a room to wait it out. Ryan places C4 right outside the door and snipes them as they try to disarm.
    • As Detective, Jeremy orders the surviving players to each stand in a toilet stall so he can "pass judgment" by shooting them with the golden deagle. He starts with Gavin but uses a regular deagle instead, killing Gavin instantly. As everyone else tries to work out what happened, Jeremy's cam shows him having a small freak out over his accidental murder. Fortunately for Jeremys' karma, Gavin was in fact a Traitor.
      Gavin: Jeremy said "I'm gonna ask some questions." And fired his questions into my forehead.
      • He then decides to "punish" himself by randomly shooting Jack with the actual golden deagle. Only this outs Jack as the Assassin, allowing the Innocents to win.
    • Gavin and Alfredo are in a sideroom and Gavin decides to showy his Dusky bro that he's innocent by dropping his gun. Alfredo, the Vampire, reprimands Gavin for this out loud while headshotting him. The traitors then proceed to hang his body from the ceiling, sending both traitors and dead innocents into laughing fits.
    • Jack tries to lock Ryan the Detective in his office. Ryan executes him with no hesitation.
    • A round ends like a horror film, with all the lights out and Trevor whimpering in terror as he hears the traitors chattering and stumbles on the corpses of the other innocents.
      • The next round escalates this, with the Alien spawning in, the lights going out, and everyone running around in a panic as the traitors pick off the innocents one-by-one.
    • A zombie outbreak ends with Jack running in terror and screaming for help. Michael panics on seeing Trevor and assumes he's a zombie, gunning him down only to learn he was Jester.
    • Trevor and Alfredo huddle together, making a pact to gun the other down if one of them is Traitor. Trevor gets Assassin and guns down Alfredo... who was the other Terrorist.
    • Trevor goes into his Detective room just as a zombie outbreak comes to surface. He turns around saying he'll need help from the innocents to deal with the zombies only to panic on seeing nearly everyone is a zombie, growling theatrically at the window... while Jeremy the Swapper stands around being ignored. Jeremy manages to slip inside the room and then opens the door from the inside, letting the zombies win.
    • In the last round, the alien is let loose again and the lights go out, killing a few of them in the chaos. Alfredo, the killer, runs away with a dull scream, but takes the time to turn and no-scope Jack before resuming his dull panic.
  • We Get Teletubby Skins! - Gmod: TTT
    • Gavin gets killed by Ryan early on in one round. They decide to create a shrine by placing barrels around a spray of him. This turns into a seance when Gavin possesses one of them and Jack asks the barrel to jump if it's Ryan.
    • A new weapon was added for the Detective where they activate it and a random situation happens. This leads to some great moments.
      • One random person will explode in 30 seconds. As everyone else tries to run away from each other, Ryan tries to bear hug the Detective so that they'll both go if Ryan is the one.
      • When Ryan activates the Random box, the prompt "What did I find in my pocket?" goes up and everyone gets one random item. As Jack happily announces he got C4, Gavin immediately shoots Jack with his new Flare Gun by accident. As Jack runs away in pain, Jeremy bursts into hysterics even though he is supposed to be quiet, though who can blame him?
      • Ryan is stuck in a room with Trevor and suspects him to be a traitor. When Trevor gets spooked and starts teleporting Ryan assumes he's a bad guy and guns him down, only to learn Trevor was a Jester who happened to get a teleporter from the random box.
    • One round has Gavin killed by the Hypnotist Fiona. She accidentally alerts everyone that he's dead when she tries to revive him. Fiona tries to play it off by claiming Gavin's alive.
      Ryan: This sequence of words means 'I'm a hypnotist!' "Oh, so-and-so's not dead!"
    • Fiona outs herself as a traitor almost immediately by killing Gavin the Phantom. This ultimately means nothing as she proceeds to murder the rest of the cast while singing a Dark Reprise of the Teletubbies theme.
      YouTube comment: The TeleTubbies Show is a lot different than I remembered as a kid
  • Custom Roles TTT, but We're ANIMALS
    • At one point a small area contains Jeremy (the Detective) and Jack and Lindsay (both innocents). Jeremy then buys the Golden Deaglenote  and announces he may be about to make a mistake. Then he shoots Jack, killing himself. Jack then proves he wasn't listening by panicking, assuming Lindsay shot Jeremy, picking up the Golden Deagle and trying to shoot Lindsay, thus killing himself as well, leaving Lindsay in the area with two dead bodies just in time for the others to arrive.
  • We Play RWBY in Gmod! - Gmod: TTT
    • The guys are all using skins from RWBY; Weiss is nicknamed "White" in-game because her model practically glows, even in dark rooms.
    • Jack is arguing which of the RWBY characters is best and dies mid-sentence. When he's revived by Trevor, he immediately finishes the sentence he was saying about thirty seconds ago.
    • The first round ends with the dumbest possible game of duck-duck-goose with Trevor and Ryan running back and forth between two doors and constantly missing each other. As everyone else is corpsing, ghost-Michael flat out yells at Ryan to just go in the door.
    • During the second round as Jeremy and Ryan argue over which of them is a Traitor, Jack the Innocent and Michael the Traitor try to play tic-tac-toe. Appropriately for his role, Michael cheats by going twice in a row.
    • Trevor stands on the terrorist trap and is mid-sentence declaring his intention to guard it from Traitors when Ryan, in full view of everyone, activates the trap. Despite this, and Trevor's dying words being to yell Ryan's name, nobody suspects him.
    • Lindsay becomes a Traitor next to Jack and murders him with her melee weapon. Despite Jack yelling that she was killing him, everyone assumes it's just Lindsay being Lindsay.
    • Jeremy guns down Trevor. When the rest of the crew correctly concludes Jeremy is a Traitor, Trevor's webcam pops up with him nodding sadly in agreement and then giving a baffled shake when Jeremy claims Trevor was acting suspiciously.
    • Michael is a Killer but decides to just hang out with the Detective not doing anything for a good chunk of the round. This pays off when he loses a massive chunk of health falling and Jack gives him a healing station. Michael thanks Jack by killing him.
    • Ryan is convinced that Lindsay is a traitor and decides to kill her so Michael won't have to kill his wife. Lindsay's lack of retaliation makes Ryan eventually stop until Michael eggs Ryan into finishing the job.
      Ryan: Well, you convinced me to kill her.
      [Lindsay stares at her webcam and silently shakes her head]
      Michael: Who, me?
      Ryan: Yep.
      Michael: Oh. Well, that's a shame. [kills Ryan for the win]
    • Lindsay calls for a "selfie truce" in the bathroom. Jack drops off an explosive barrel, which causes Ryan to panic and run away. He eventually comes back to save Fiona by taking the barrel only for Trevor to hold the door shut and Jack wedge another explosive barrel in the doorway.
    • Ryan executes Lindsay from behind in full view of Trevor, who immediately kills Ryan. At this, Lindsay pulls off her headset and scoots over into Ryan's webcam to silently glare at him.
    • Jeremy goes into a nook and somehow dies from falling damage despite never falling. He looks baffled at first before eventually breaking into giggles when Jack comes to mourn.
    • Fiona gets tased and her body proceeds to fall off the castle and spin wildly across the floor, sending ghost-Jeremy into a laughing fit.
    • Trevor witnesses Jack being murdered and immediately start accusing Ryan. As he and Michael chase after him, Lindsay comes running in to shoot Trevor. A shoot-out occurs prompting Michael to yell, "Die wife!" What makes it even funnier is that Michael forgets that Swappers deal no damage, leading him to unload multiple rounds into Lindsay while allowing her to reload safely to kill Trevor.
  • Baby Yoda Turns to the Dark Side - Gmod: TTT
    • It's Star Wars time so the video starts with a movie-style crawl declaring this to be "Episode LXV - Maybe? I Kind of Lost Count". It then goes into an explanation of why all the characters(TM) found themselves in the same place.
      This thinly-veiled excuse for a story caused so much confusion that the group just decided to betray each other for 45 minutes instead.
    • Ryan kills the most evil thing he has ever seen: Darth Jar-Jar.
      Michael: Me-sa killed da baby!
    • Accusations are flying back and forth on who the traitors are... and then Lindsay wanders into the middle of the group carrying her traitor-red light saber in full view. And then Gavin outs himself in the exact same way.
    • Gavin the Traitor kills the Phantom and, in the least believable voice, declares he had an "oopsy" with a button.
    • Ryan is skinned as the Mandalorian and Lindsay as Baby Yoda. Tragically, they are Detective and Traitor.
      Ryan: Baby Yoda, don't make it be you.
      Lindsay: Sorry daddy. [kills Ryan]
    • Lindsay's model appears as a giant red ERROR sign for Fiona which leaves her baffled. Fiona becomes convinced that Lindsay, who is dead is a traitor and spends a long time trying to convince Michael who can see her model to do the dirty deed. During this debate, she casually headshots Gavin to cries that she's a maniac.
      Jeremy: [photoshopped as a Sith] I'm a Force Ghost. She's not alive.
      • Because of its size, Fiona can see Lindsay from the other side of the map. While trying to guide Michael to Lindsay her directions are all but useless as she wrongly assumes he's seeing the same glitched model. Michael runs right over Lindsay's body at one point without noticing her.
    • Ryan uses Michael's tased body to beat Gavin with. Somehow this causes Michael to die. Michael's Force Ghost appears, telling everyone to kill Ryan.
      • Fiona flat out says she's going to kill Ryan. When he starts shooting her she complains and he points out it's because she said she was gonna kill him. Fiona eventually promises not to kill him and he relaxes just in time to get gutted by Jeremy.
    • Lindsay is Baby Yoda and, as the guys realize, this round's Traitor.
      Jeremy: Baby Yoda, what have you done?
      Ryan: You were going to be the start of a new franchise!
      Jeremy: You were the Chosen One!
      • Due to the size of her model, when Lindsay crouches she sinks into the floor and is barely visible. The round ends with Jeremy and Ryan panicking and stabbing wildly at the floor with their light sabers while she zips around them like a land shark.
      • Ryan also forgets that he was holding Gavin's light saber, who was the other traitor, and thought the red light was coming from Lindsay.
    • In the last round Jack(who is innocent) and Jeremy(the Jester) have a crowbar fight. Jack tries to jump onto the ledge but goes too far and jumps to his death.
  • Wallace & Gromit Play TTT - Gmod: TTT
    • Ryan plants a bomb and yells there are presents. Alfredo immediately runs over on hearing this and blows both of them up.
      Alfredo: I dove in headfirst. You said presents and I was like "Hell yeah!"
    • Ryan and Michael are the last ones alive and spend a good while running around in circles. When they finally engage in their duel, the video desaturates and goes letterbox as intense music plays.
      • This repeats in a later round when it's down to Michael and Gavin and later with Trevor versus Jeremy.
    • Trevor is deputized with the golden deagle and Ryan immediately starts daring Trevor to shoot him, stating repeatedly that he's bad. After biting his nails in agony over the decision, Trevor shoots... and dies because Ryan was Innocent.
    • Fiona is in the Chungus skin once again and gets tased but her model is too big to pick up. As the others talk about this she complains about getting weight shamed.
    • Gavin walks into the Traitor test without any prompting while the Killer and is promptly gunned down.
      Michael: What a choice.
      Ryan: Gavin just committed suicide.
    • Gavin is Assassin and lures his target Ryan into a closet. Ryan plays along hoping Gavin is the Hypnotist and tries to ask if he wants what Gavin is selling, but when all he gets is silence just caps his would-be killer.
  • Super Mario's Tasing Me! - Gmod: TTT w/ Chilled Chaos
    • As nearly with all TTT, someone must have their footage lost to time. This time is Jeremy and Chilled's footage, only their webcam footage survived.
    • Ryan decides to be a CostCo employee and demands everyone's membership ID. Failure to provide one results in gunshot wounds.
    • In the first round, it comes down to Matt, Jeremy and Ryan (the Traitor). Matt outs himself as the glitch to gain Jeremy's trust, and with a boomerang in hand, of which it will kill anyone it touches, promises not to kill him with it. He sees Ryan in his path and throws it, only for Jeremy to turn the corner as Ryan moves away, killing Jeremy in the process. Matt could only spout Jeremy's name in a vain warning attempt. Chilled, Alfredo and Jack all corpse at the sight of it.
      Chilled: "Good Australian" my ass!
    • Chilled improvises a Traitor test: The testee will stand on a stack of explosive barrels and be tased. If they live, they are innocent. He compares its reliability to the Salem witch trials.
    • When Jeremy is revealed to be the phantom, Chilled (having never played with the custom roles before) pulls out two pieces of paper to check what it does. They come out again later after Chilled kills Ryan... who was the Swapper, meaning Chilled died instead. He rips up the papers in response.

    Trouble in Terrorist Town 2020 
  • Team Rocket Blasts Off in TTT - Gmod: TTT
  • We Shrink Ourselves in Gmod: TTT
    • By far the deadliest player in this episode is a bright pink ladder.
      • First round, Lindsay misses a jump to a ladder and dies from fall damage. The next round Gavin does the exact same thing. And he dies there again in the third round!
        Jeremy: [checking Gavin's corpse] Moron was a Killer.
        Gavin's Ghost: [squeaks]
      • Fourth round, Ryan fails the same jump as Gavin and Lindsay before him.
        Michael: Goddammit, you people are awful!
      • Thirty minutes into the video, Gavin dies to another bad ladder jump. He gets up and stalks away from his desk to vent.
        Michael: Gavin, you moron! He's dead again! He was the Detective!
        Gavin: [in the background] Dammit! Dammit! I suck! Prick!
      • Next round Ryan dies at the same jump.
    • Jack's Ender Dragon model falls apart when tased. This time when he's tased on a high ledge his leg goes hurtling off and lands halfway across the map... and he respawns at the leg instead of the ledge. He returns to the ledge... and is immediately tased, sending his leg across the map. This time he respawns inside the level geometry.
    • Lindsay gets barnacled and dies, haunting Ryan who had set it. He is genuinely confused as she only said she was stuck in the level geometry, having never encountered the barnacle.
    • In the same round, Jeremy decides to buy a lightsaber to kill Ryan with. Unfortunately for him the green light gives his position away, allowing Ryan, who was above, to kill him.
    • Jack is Detective and deputizes Jeremy with a taser. Jeremy thanks Jack by tasing him and Michael guns down the dragon while he's defenseless.
    • Jack gives Gavin a "bullet high-five" and is immediately gunned down as Gavin thought he was attacking. Next round Jack loudly declares it's a high-five... and is gunned down immediately as Gavin was a Traitor.
      Jack: Gavin, all I wanted was a high-five!
      Gavin: I gave it to you, right in the middle of your forehead.
    • During one round with Gavin as the traitor, Gavin sets up a bear trap for the other players, only to accidentally step in it himself. After he realizes what just happened, he just sits there, quietly waiting for his character to die.
    • During another round with Gavin as the traitor, the randomizer sets it up so that everyone starts taking damage. When Lindsey starts getting hurt, Gavin buys a health thing so she can heal, making Jack suspicious. When Gavin doesn't immediately tell Jack what he is, Lindsey starts blasting away, forcing Gavin to flee.
  • We SAVED the Traitors in Gmod: TTT
    • In the first round, Jeremy who is an assassin, killed Ryan who was innocent, for killing Lindsay who was a mercenary. Matt, the detective, stuns Jeremy and throws him off the ledge killing him. Just that sequence alone can describe a casual round in TTT.
    • Fiona ends up as a Vampire and drags Lindsay's body into the basement to devour it, quietly humming "Aria of the Soul" the whole time.
    • Jeremy had the golden deagle and sees at the lighthouse Lindsay acting menacingly. He shoots her, only to find out she was the swapper and dies. Lindsay, however, fails to make any effort saying what happened and instead runs from Michael who kills her dead. Jeremy turns around and his body language is screaming "why didn't you say anything?!".
    • In one round, Michael is the detective, and Jeremy keeps pestering him for the golden deagle. However, Michael already spent his money, so he couldn't give it to him if he wanted to, but Jeremy keeps asking regardless. Michael has gotten to the point of threatening to shoot him regardless if he's innocent or not, but all of a sudden, he walks into the alien trap that can only be freed by an outside help, Michael quickly calls for Jeremy, but to him he took forever and yells out his grief.
      Michael: Jeremy Help! (seconds later) YOU BETRAYED ME!!!
      • Jeremy does help him, and makes fun of his overdramatic situation.
    • Matt sees Fiona keel over in front of Jeremy and declares Jeremy is a traitor. Jeremy hastily tries to explain that he didn't do it and tells Matt to come see his weapons, seconds before Matt's head explodes. The kicker? Jeremy was a traitor but the victims were getting sniped by Alfredo. This leaves a panicked Jeremy desperately trying to explain how the two people in his vicinity are dead but it's not his fault.
  • Why Villain Monologues are a Bad Idea - Gmod: TTT
    • The episode opens with Jeremy and Fiona feeling extremely squicked by Trevor's Jabba skin. When he turns and starts running toward Jeremy, "Psycho" Strings play as the screen flashes red.
    • Jeremy kills Trevor with a trigger trap and a small smirk on his face, then dumps Alfredo into a pit before faux-panicking at Trevor's body. He then claims the map's small size will make getting away with stealthy kills hard.
    • Fiona, the Hypnotist, attempts to revive Trevor's corpse... only to hit the prompt wrong and call the Detective over instead. She's promptly tazed and riddled with bullets for her trouble.
    • Jeremy identifies Alfredo as a Traitor, who breaks pursuit by opening a secret Traitor room. Jeremy and Trevor triumphantly steal the room for themselves... only to get locked in and ask Alfredo to come let them out.
    • As Michael was being vigilant on the tallest building, Ryan appears behind him and pushes him off, sending him to his death. Michael only has enough time to proclaim his death.
      Michael: Who we killin'? [gets shoved] No! No, I've been killed!
    • Ryan has pegged Michael as a baddy and is trying to run him down while blasting away. They go around a corner and Fiona gets caught in the middle where Michael accidentally offs her with a headshot.
      Jeremy: Wait, you massacred Fiona?
      Michael: I didn't massacre, I executed.
    • Ryan warns Trevor about a pitfall just a smidge too late.
      Ryan: Also, you're standing on a-!
      [Trevor falls screaming to his death]
      Ryan: [dismayed] ...traitor trap.
    • Ryan spends a round as a traitor sniping at people from the top of a tower right next to Lindsay, and despite him taking a shot at her, while she was looking right at him, she at no point tries to communicate it before he manages to headshot her off the tower.
      • Meanwhile, a paranoid shootout is going on below them which is only compounded when Lindsay's body lands in their midst.
    • The episode's name comes from the final round, when Trevor points the Golden Deagle at Jeremy and tries to say a cool one-liner, only for Jeremy to shoot him mid-sentence, frustrating him so much that he completely forgets the "dead can't talk" rule.
      Trevor: Jeremy, I've had enou- [shot] NOOOOOO!!!
  • Even MORE Halo, but in Gmod:
    • Trevor, who's not playing, decides to creep on Fiona during some of the earlier rounds, much to her dismay.
    • One early round features an inexplicable win for Lindsay:
      • The traitors are Gavin and Jack, and Lindsay starts as the Swapper. Gavin snipes Michael almost immediately, then plays dead when others ask if he's alive; this leads to Jack attempting to shoot Jeremy when Ryan gives the latter the Golden Deagle, resulting in his own death.
      • Fiona spots Gavin shooting at her (but he repeatedly misses her hitbox). He then successfully hits Lindsay, only realizing a second too late that she's the Swapper. Lindsay gets swapped into the traitor role, and happily announces that she's swapped with Gavin. For some reason the others weren't quite yet convinced that Gavin was a traitor so they don't kill her right away.
      • Ryan then decides to play with Lindsay by tazing her, holding her limp body out of the window and letting it fall. Jeremy sees this, thinks that Lindsay's dead and therefore it must be Fiona, and blasts the latter with the Golden Deagle, killing himself. Ryan believed that the fall would kill Lindsay, but she didn't come out of ragdoll until she was close enough to the ground to nullify the fall damage.
      • Lindsay then blitzes both Fiona and Ryan when the former only has a sniper rifle at close range and Ryan fluffs another tazer shot.
    • Another round is full of failures:
      • Jeremy asks Jack to kill him. Jack obliges. Fiona (the detective) suddenly has trouble bringing up the menu to verify Jeremy's role.
      • Michael finds Lindsay trying to snipe Fiona. He kills her, only for Gavin to kill him in spite of his reasonable explanation.
      • Ryan repeatedly tries to claim Fiona is the traitor, in spite of her being the detective.
      • Jack brings Jeremy back one round right in front of Fiona. Fiona clearly states that Jack is the hypnotist and that Jeremy has been brought back. Gavin responds by asking what she's saying right after she dies.
      • Speaking of Jeremy, he's weaponless when he comes back, meaning Fiona and Ryan are able to kill him before he can do anything meaningful.
      • After Ryan kills Jack, ending the round, Fiona and Michael jump on Gavin over his actions. He explains he didn't hear what Fiona said because he was laughing due to Michael glaring at him over his death.
    • After they call last round, Ryan blows up some barrels, only for Lindsay (the detective) to round the corner right as they detonate, killing her. Ryan loudly proclaims this. He then takes the body over to Jack (a traitor) with the request to kill him, only for Ryan to say Jack's a traitor if he does right before getting killed. Jeremy kills Jack right away. Gavin (the other traitor) takes the opportunity to kill Jeremy (About seven seconds after Ryan's death). Seven seconds later, Fiona (the killer) kills Gavin. Michael is shocked to learn this.
      Fiona: Everyone just killed themselves.
      Michael: What happened? Is it just me and you?
      Fiona: I'm the killer. I was getting ready to kill everyone. Nope. They all shot themselves.
      • Then Fiona tries to hunt down Michael, unable to find him even when he's right next to her, allowing him to snipe her from close range and win the round.
    • Next round, they call last round again. Jeremy immediately hops on a turret and opens fire on Gavin, prompting Ryan to kill him. Then Michael kills Jack, only for Ryan to assume Lindsay did it. Lindsay finds and kills Michael, only for Ryan to shoot her right away.
    • Next round, Gavin calls last round again right after he kills Jeremy. Jeremy's reaction to this was priceless.
      • This is followed by Ryan and Jack pulling out their knives ("Zombie claws") to show each other they're both zombies (due to the round having a glitch). They separate, then Fiona kills Jack because she "hates him." Ryan immediately finds Michael and Gavin in a stand off, then pretends to walk by only to start stabbing Gavin (the detective) assuming Michael is the third Zombie. Once Ryan realizes that Michael is the glitch, he runs to a hiding spot before trying to get behind Michael and Gavin. Due to needing to ride a slow wheel to get back up, Michael finds him and guns him down while he's trapped. Due to Jeremy being the third zombie, this ends the round without any innocent deaths.
  • Fighting Dementors at the Office From THE OFFICE! - Gmod: TTT
    • The first round sees Jack place C4 behind a desk, very close to where everyone was. Jeremy, who outed himself as the Jester, sees the C4, runs up to it, cut a random wire, and completely obliterates everyone except him and Jack.
    • Ryan has Trevor stand still in front of a wall while he slowly shoots his outline with a sniper rifle. Halfway through, Michael guns Trevor down and then revives him. Trevor's rather upset his outline was ruined.
    • After the above, Ryan the Jester keeps mum after Michael quietly tells him to let it happen. However once he's outed as Jester, he tells everyone about what he saw... and is quickly gunned down by Jack who already forgot he was the Jester, winning Ryan the round and sending Jeremy into an existential crisis.
      Jack: [as everyone is yelling at him] I'm an idiot! I'm an idiot! I'm a big, dumb idiot!
    • Fiona is murdered by a zombie right in front of Michael and then pops back to life as a new zombie. It takes him several seconds to work out what just happened.
    • When Lindsay the Hypnotist tries to revive Fiona, Jeremy grabs her corpse and runs away. He proceeds to troll her, stealing any body she so much as looks at and she can't do anything because he's the Jester.
    • Trevor freaks out on seeing Ryan emerge from a Traitor room and manages to convey that something is happening.
      Trevor: Ooh, Ryan's a man! Ryan's a man in the place!
      • After killing Ryan, Trevor manages to get himself locked in the Traitor room and has to plead with Lindsay to come free him. When she finally does come to get him, Jeremy jumps in the way, distracting her, while Trevor teleports to the other entrance, gunning Lindsay down from behind.
    • Trevor and Lindsay are busy exploring a ceiling vent and thus are the sole survivors of a zombie outbreak. They reach a sealed vent and Trevor, being a Jester, has to plead with Lindsay to shoot it open. As this is happening, Trevor looks at the other end of the vent and a Scare Chord plays as Fiona rises into the vent and races toward them. And rather than turning around and gunning the zombie down, Lindsay focuses on the vent and dies.
    • Fiona spawns in the bathroom looking into the mirror. Rather than being the Detective, she ends up spending most of the round there, shit-talking her avatar as the video becomes increasingly warped and tense music plays.
      Ryan: Can you come test Lindsay?
      Fiona: No, I'm having an existential crisis in the bathroom.
    • Fiona is murdered in front of the entire group by Ryan. Jack mourns her loudly... and then declares his intent to use her body as a human shield.
      • Ryan is inside the Traitor room and sees Jack slamming the body against the window, Po's face rubbing up and down on the glass.
      • Jack shoves Fiona's body headfirst into the vent, where Trevor spots her head peeking up and bursts into laughter. Soon everyone has broken down laughing, including Fiona loudly laughing in the background.
    • Assassin Lindsay activates a traitor trap when only Michael, who's the Jester, would be hurt, outing Michael as the Jester. Jeremy manages to deduce what happened.
      Jeremy: If Michael is the Jester, the Traitors would see that, so why would they use the trap on him? (Beat) Where's Lindsay?
    • Jeremy pleads with Fiona to save him for last if she's bad. She kills him first.
    • Boomerangs prove to be either very poorly and very well-suited for this map, as it will bounce near infinitely around the room while remaining lethal. This culminates in one round where it wins the round for the Jester dozens of bounces after it was thrown.
    • Trevor gets stuck in the ceiling and eventually glitches through the ceiling onto the "roof" of the map. Wandering around, he tries futilely to kill people with Traitor traps before finally setting C4 in the vain hope of winning by killing the two surviving innocents.
    • Michael forgets the Glitch role is an innocent, which results in him gunning down Fiona. Jeremy and Gavin share a confused glance with the latter Face Palming and collapsing in a fit of laughter when Michael confesses.
  • Accidentally Winning with the Boomerang - GMOD: TTT
    • First round Lindsay uses a Terrorist trap to lock the Detective and several Innocents in the Traitor test room. This backfires as everyone in the room now knows they're innocent and Michael is very obviously killed by a Traitor, meaning Matt and Lindsay need to die.
    • Fiona correctly deduces there's a zombie outbreak in progress. Jeremy, who is standing next to her, praises her and then pulls out his Zombie claws.
    • Lindsay attacks Gavin, who kills her in retaliation just as Michael appears. When this is explained, Jeremy tells them to "sort it out" while Michael blasts Gavin away. Gavin turns to give Michael the stink-eye, with Michael being completely unrepentant.
    • Gavin follows Matt into a small room and kills him with a boomerang, only for said projectile to pinball around the room and kill Gavin as well. He and Matt both nearly die of laughter.
    • Ryan kills Matt with a boomerang in full view of Jeremy. Lindsay helps gun Ryan down from behind, but he manages to throw out another boomerang in the second before he dies. Jeremy then hears the sound of the boomerang hitting a wall behind him, panicks as he thinks it's Lindsay shooting at him, then it kills him before he can shoot her back. Lindsay proceeds to think she shot Jeremy, and then cowers in terror as the boomerang rebounds out of the room, while Ryan and Jeremy corpse. Ryan's camera even shows him gleefully pumping his fist in the air.
      Jeremy: (panicking) Lindsay, are you bad too?!
      Lindsay: No, I shot Ryan! (Jeremy dies; gasps) I shot Jeremy! (boomerang launches out of room) Oh my god, the boomerang! Ah! Boomerang, go away! Please! Have mercy!
      Michael: Ryan is shaking his fist, that's all I can see.
      Ryan's ghost: [faintly] I got it off.
      • Just moments before Matt was murdered, Jeremy told him he was going to live.
    • Fiona the traitor kills Michael the swapper. This leaves only him and Gavin, who is a glitch. They quickly deduce something's wrong.
      Gavin: What were you?
      Michael: I was the swapper.
      Gavin: Yeah, but what was she? What are you now?
      Michael: What are you?
      (another beat before they begin shooting each other)
  • We Hunt Traitors and Talk Ghosts in Gmod TTT
    • Gavin guns down Ryan and tries to claim it was a mistake, except immediately after he enters a Traitor room in full view of Jeremy. And then Lindsay goes in the room as well, meaning everyone knows who is on the Traitor team.
    • Ryan's corpse gets dragged into the Traitor room where Lindsay proceeds to devour it as everyone outside listens in horror.
      Ryan's ghost: Bleh, you ate me. I'm in Linday's belly now. Ehhh... I can see through your belly button, bleh.
    • The Randomizer gives Michael a red lightsaber which he proceeds to show off to Gavin, who instinctively kills him. Except Michael was the Swapper and was counting on just that reaction.
      Michael: Let me explain what happened. I killed my own teammate because it was very funny.
      • Lindsay also got murdered for having a red lightsaber from the Randomizer but was just a vanilla Innocent.
    • Michael is explaining how a Traitor trap works by firing two missiles from a fighter plane. Ryan, wanting to make sure he understands, stands directly in front of the jet and is promptly blown up when Jack triggers the trap. Cue shots of his death from the viewpoint of everyone watching him at that moment. The topper on this is that Ryan was the Assassin.
      Jack: I'm sorry, Ryan. It was too perfect.
    • Jack manages to get hold of a taser which he uses to stun Gavin before throwing him overboard, wailing that he can't swim.
      • He repeats this later in the round and is gunned down, which wins Jack the round as he was Jester.
    • Ryan fires off the missiles, nearly hitting three people, who all immediately decide it was Jeremy. During the ensuing chaos as they try to shoot his feet as "punishment", almost the entire Innocent team is killed. The Traitors then gather around a health station and chat like it's the office water cooler.
    • Gavin announces the Traitor is Jack. When Jack asks why Gavin responds he can see him in the Traitor Room, namely his Ender Dragon head sticking out a window. Pissed at being outed, Jack jumps out the window to attack... and dies on landing.
      Jack: I'm coming for you motherf—
    • Ryan Force pushes Traitor Lindsay off the boat, but they're currently under Moon Gravity so it takes 15 seconds for her to die, firing her gun and screaming all the way down.
    • Gavin is the Swapper and goes into hiding for a while, so when he returns Michael immediately assumes he's bad. He gives Daniel a golden deagle to use as Gavin runs towards them.
      Michael: Gavin's definitely bad.
      [Daniel shoots Gavin and dies]
      • After Gavin and Jeremy are both dead, Michael turns around and sees Ryan the Traitor casually standing in the doorway. As Jeremy starts cackling, Ryan talks about how crazy things have been.
    • Ryan gets zombified to his dismay, bemoaning the fact that he's a shitty "daywalker zombie" with no claws.
      • Gavin is the sole survivor of the outbreak and has hidden to heal. He finishes up, walks out to get on the ladder, misses, and falls to his death. As Jack breaks down laughing, Gavin walks out of the room.
  • "Waluigi is the ULTIMATE Weapon in Gmod TTT"
    • A new Traitor weapon is introduced in this TTT Let's Play: the one and only Waluigi Launcher. Much panic and hilarity ensues whenever it's pulled out.
      Youtube commenter: Imagine the last thing you see before you die is a gangly flying Italian.
    • Right at the beginning of the first round, Traitor Jack finds a hiding spot where he can test out his new toy in secret... and proceeds to aim it directly at his feet. The footage then cuts to Michael's perspective, just in time for him to witness a distant hail of guns and ammo shoot out high into the air from where Jack stood out of sight.
      • Ryan perfectly describes the resulting commotion around the Waluigi Launcher:
      • Followed by another one of the gang's signature Spoonerisms, courtesy of Michael.
        Michael: Jeremy's about to thruck — thruck? He's gonna throw and chuck!
    • While Jeremy and the others play around with Jack's fallen Waluigi, Hypnotist Fiona silently murders Michael and tries to bring him back as a Traitor, only to be Waluigi'd by Jeremy who was — once again — standing right behind her.
    • In the next round, Killer Trevor does a good job gaining the Innocents' trust, flushing out Vampire Ryan after he sniped Detective Gavin, and helping Michael kill Fiona who is suspected to be a T (but was actually a Mercenary). Trevor then takes the chance to finish off a wounded Michael while he's busy healing, unaware that Jack was watching the murder unfold in horror.
      • During their scuffle, Jack decides to heal at the health station before taking on Trevor, but Trevor nearby hears the distictive noise it makes when used, and Jack stays blissfully unaware that Trevor just hanged a corner and is standing right in front of him until he gets a bullet to the head.
    • In the third round, Phantom Ryan snipes Gavin in the head, but instead finds himself forfeiting his role and life to a Swapper. However, everyone hears Ryan's death cry and immediately accuse Gavin for sniping him, and Detective Trevor misses his two remaining Golden Deagle bullets trying to kill Gavin in the ensuing panic.
    • After a series of events beginning with Traitor Fiona sniping P. Gavin's brains out before being killed by Jeremy, a newly-resurrected Gavin is nearly Waluigi'd by Traitor Michael after the latter killed Jeremy, reducing him to panicked gibberish.
    • In the fourth round, Gavin invites Detective Fiona to be his roof buddy, but too late does he notice Michael is about to Waluigi them yet again. While Michael cherishes every moment of his power trip with childish glee, Traitor Jack then pulls out his own Waluigi, alarming everyone nearby as the pair proceed to blow up Ryan and Jeremy, leaving Trevor to fight off the Traitors all by himself.
      Gavin: You wanna be roof BU
    • In the fifth round, we have Detective Jeremy picking up T Michael's fallen Waluigi, heading towards a Sniper Duel between Jack and Assassin Trevor, then Waluigi-ing the latter while letting out a perfectly timed "Wah!"
    • Come the next round, Detective Ryan decides to use his Randomat-4000, prompting the following message to appear in the middle of the screen:
      A Random Person will explode every 30 seconds! Watch out!
      • In the middle of the ensuing panic, Fiona calls Gavin towards her only to betray him immediately with a Waluigi.
        Fiona: I'm sorry!
      • A paranoid Jeremy then expresses his fear that he'll explode next. He promptly does.
      • Jack in the next person to explode, but he just so happened to be right next to Phantom Trevor at the moment, killing and reviving the latter in an instant.
      • Traitor Fiona then tries to Waluigi Ryan, only for the projectile to hit a wall in from of her and blow up in her face.
    • In one round, Traitor Jack kills Detective Fiona with the Waluigi Launcher while her back is turned, only to receive immediate karma from Michael, who uses the Home Run Bat to send Jack flying. Jester Trevor, standing on the roof of a nearby house, watches as Jack wastes his second jump while high in the air and plummets to his death.
  • Parkour Fails in Gmod: TTT
    • After having been available for a single video, the Waluigi Launcher has been removed again for being too overpowered.
    • During the first round, Gavin the Killer easily picks off everyone and claiming he was the Detective. Jack carries on with his usual trolling of carrying an explosive barrel around. Jeremy, certain that Jack is making a Jester play, turns around to heal before he hears an explosion as shrapnel fly from behind him, and turns back to find Jack dead.
    • One round sees the randomat given everybody random items. Trevor gets the lightsaber, and shoves Fiona halfway across the map to her death.
      • Another later randomat use gives everybody random weapons... but Ryan was scoped in at the time, meaning that for the rest of the round he can't scope back out again. This does however mean he gets a great shot of Michael laying a beartrap, backing up so he doesn't get caught in it himself, and falling off the map.
      • Fiona steps in said trap and tells everyone with some confusion that she's dying. Jack and Ryan proceed to just stand there and watch her die over several seconds.
    • Ryan gets assigned Detective and proceeds to go mad with power. In one round he Force pushes two Innocents to their deaths and in another round he tases Jack while he's mid-jump between buildings, sending him to his doom. Jack happened to be the Killer that round.
    • This conversation happens after a couple rounds of Ryan being Detective.
      Jack: Alright. I'm the Detective. I'm not gonna just absentmindedly murder people like other Detectives.
      Ryan: It wasn't absentmindedly, it was with joy.
    • Moon gravity is on and Traitor Trevor drops a Super Discombobulator on a roof near two Innocents but misjudges its range. Cue Michael staring in awe at the three players flying into the distance, with Trevor's suicide winning the round for the Innocents.
    • The map they're playing has a peculiar traitor trap (intended for rounds with much more players). On four players pressing a button in a building, an axe is released, and should that axe be brought to another building, it arms explosives that bring the whole building down. Or, as Michael finds out, you can bypass needing the axe with three credits. Ryan's reaction to the building collapsing is golden — while taking a sip of diet Coke, he raises an eyebrow when the building mysteriously explodes, then nearly has a Spit Take at the sight of it crumbling down.
    • Fiona is a Swapper and proceeds to act like a gnat, constantly buzzing around people and babbling about the "secret" she figured out about Jack. Nobody pays attention to her story about how Jack is a Traitor because she's so weird about it, being more focused on how much of a pest she's being. During that same round, Jeremy gives Ryan the golden deagle and he immediately blows away Michael, leaving Jeremy and Michael stunned speechless as Ryan explains how he knew Michael was a Traitor.
    • Fiona declares a "rage round" and proceeds to blast Trevor and Ryan away for no reason then demands Michael check them.
    • For the final round the guys agree to just trigger the special trap the legitimate way and not kill each other. The round has barely started before Fiona snipes Gavin and over the course of the round Ryan falls to his death while Fiona bodyblocks Trevor off a bridge to his death, forcing a last last round to get the trap.
  • Hunting for Tiny Traitors in Gmod: TTT
    • First round, Trevor releases the Alien just in time for Gavin to get trapped in the room with it. Matt then confidently declares he's going to deal with the problem, bringing out the Golden Deagle only to discover the Alien is "super Innocent".
      Trevor: Oh, it's going for the detective.
      Matt: Wait, that's me! No!
    • Next round, Detective Gavin gets lost, wanders into the Alien spawn room, and once again a Traitor, this time Alfredo, has it spawn on him. Gavin’s anguished screams cause Alfredo to burst into laughter, effectively outing himself as the Traitor.
      Gavin: [notices that the door has shut] Oh no. Aw tits. [the other door opens and the Alien charges Gavin] Oh, balls! BOLLOCKS! [dies]
    • Gavin shoots the floor while investigating Ryan's corpse and panics thinking somebody shot at him.
    • During his tenure as Detective, Matt manages to off every innocent player. The only reason the traitors kill anyone is because he killed Fiona, who was a phantom, before being killed himself.
    • Poor Fiona dies early on many times. It climaxes when Gavin attempts to kill her with a barnacle, only to end up sparing her out of pity when he botches that. They both break down laughing since he's unable to explain the barnacle without outing himself as a traitor.
    • At one point, Trevor announces to the others that he’s throwing an incendiary grenade at some explosive barrels. Almost immediately after he says this, Fiona walks right where he threw the grenade, and is blown up. Even better, she blames Trevor for ‘not calling it’, when the entire room was silent when he said it.
      Trevor: Things are going to explode! (everyone goes quiet) I’m innocent, and I threw an incendiary by the barrels.
      Fiona: (walks over to the barrels and gets blown up)
      (after the round ends)
      Fiona: Who threw the f***ing incendiary?!
      Trevor: I called it! Oh God, did I call it!
    • At one point Ryan hears Vampire Gavin eating a body
      Ryan: Who's eating?
      Ryan: Someone's eating.
      Ryan: Gavin's eating. *shoots him dead*
  • The Traitors Turn on Each Other in GMOD: TTT
    • Fiona is getting shot at while she looks at Ryan and concludes he's the one attacking her, even though Ryan isn't shooting.
    • At the start of a round Ryan sees a barrel and instinctively blows it up, taking out Jack who was standing nearby. Jack hadn't even had time to check his role.
    • Traitor Gavin is sniping from a tower and somehow mistakes Jeremy's Vampire tag for the Detective tag. When Jeremy goes down, Gavin devolves into helpless giggles as Jeremy's webcam slowly zooms in on his betrayed expression.
    • Gavin tells Fiona to follow him and Ryan immediately declares he's the Hypnotist. Michael follows Gavin and is astounded when he murders Fiona and tries to revive her.
    • Just before a new round starts, Fiona gets stuck under Jack on a ladder, but doesn't want to climb down because of her past troubles with ladders, so she starts hitting him with her crowbar. Unfortunately for her, this decision quickly bites her on the ass, because Jack turns into the Swapper when the round starts, and trying to kill him just kills her instead.
    • Traitor Gavin hides in a tower and places a Barnacle over the entrance to protect him. Alfredo comes to investigate and Gavin shoots him in the head twice, except the Barnacle takes both shots and Alfredo blows Gavin away.
    • Ryan buys a "taser", declares he doesn't know what it does, and then obliterates Michael with one shot. As he protests he didn't know it would kill, Michael's ghost complains Ryan had previously killed him with it.
  • Tiny Traitors with Yogscast - Gmod: TTT w/ Ben and Tom
    • Barely forty seconds into the video, Fiona approaches Ben, whose in a shark skin, and starts singing Baby Shark, much to everyone's ire. A few seconds later, she gets hit by Gavin with a boomerang. Even better is Ben's response to her dying right in front of him.
      Ben: Thank you. Thank you kind stranger.
    • In the second round, after Ben outs himself as the traitor by killing Fiona with a traitor trap, Michael, the other traitor, struggles to find anyone else. As he comments on this, Jeremy sends him flying with the Baseball Bat.
      Michael: Yeah dude, I'm lost. I'm just walking around.
      Jeremy: (silently walks up behind Michael before sending him flying)
    • For the second time in Achievement Hunter TTT history, two equally funny moments happen at the same time.
      • Ben, Fiona, Michael, Gavin and Trevor are all on a staircase. Gavin pulls out the golden deagle and shoots Ben, who was innocent. Trevor accidentally shoots at Ben (but doesn't kill him) as Ben gets tasered by Fiona. Michael sees this and shoots Trevor with golden deagle, resulting in Michael dying. Trevor then kills Fiona, only to realize she was innocent too.
      • Meanwhile, with the traitors, Jeremy, the Hypnotist is given a baseball bat by Tom, who tells Jeremy to use it on him, so Tom can shoot people while flying. Jeremy does so, but everyone else was inside leading to Tom falling to his death without accomplishing anything. Jeremy then revives Tom while trying to not burst out laughing from the incident.
    • The next round is full of hilarity.
      • Everyone declares a "no-kill round". Cut to Gavin getting brutally slain.
      • Shortly after this, Ben proceeds to kill both Trevor and Fiona in the crypts. Thing is, they both shout his name before dying. How does Ben defend himself?
      • Tom goes to a gazebo in order to draw out Ben, which makes Ben out himself as alive. Ben then sneaks around behind Tom and blasts while happily declaring "I survived, Tom!"
    • Gavin declares he is the Detective. Cue FIVE people asking for a stun gun.
      • This undoubtedly led to his early demise, but during the round, Gavin possesses a bucket. Near the end of the round, what item is right next to him? The Stun Gun.
    • Gavin and Fiona hide in a corner behind some crates, making them easy targets for Trevor, who kills them as stands above them.
      • Trevor also tries to hypnotize them, but there is not enough space. He then just shrugs and goes about his business.
    • Ben and Gavin are hiding in the basement when Gavin suggests they go outside. Just before he runs out, Ben sees the shadow of a barnacle, and calls it out while backing away. Thing is, Gavin is the one who put it there.
    • Gavin activates a trap that anyone can activate, which results in Fiona, the Swapper, being trapped and surrounded by fire. Everyone, save for Tom whose dead at the time, goes to see this for themselves.
    • Trevor, as a Vampire kills Michael and tries to eat him. When Gavin attacks Trevor, we get this gem seconds before he kills Ben. Doubles as awesome.
  • Fighting Traitors with... Apples? - Gmod: TTT
    • Trevor tries to let Jack know that he's the Phantom:
      Trevor: Hey Jack, if you kill me, you'll become a fumando.
      Jack: And Trevor, if you kill me, you'll be an aaaasshole.
    • Early in the third round, Traitor Matt kills himself with a Traitor trap with no fanfare at all, leaving Alfredo all on his own and causing some confusion later. Alfredo accidentally reveals himself as a Traitor not long after when his arms poke through the wall of the Traitor room, resulting in him denying it unconvincingly for the rest of the round. He winds up being killed in a snapshot headshot by Jack of all people, causing him to burst out laughing.
    • In the following round, Jack asks Gavin if he's good. Gavin replies that he is. Jack promptly puts him down with the Golden Deagle, and as he's busy laughing his head off about it, Vampire Alfredo, who had already eaten Jeremy and Trevor, kills himself with the zombies.
    • Gavin gets revenge the next round by casually blowing off Jack's head when he asks for him. When Michael calls for a life check on Jack, his camera footage silently spirals across the screen.
      • Gavin meets his own demise quite embarrassingly when he's taking potshots at Alfredo through a window. Alfredo crouch jumps through it, catching Gavin off guard and gunning him down with a terrified squawk.
    • After Alfredo gets killed one round, leaving Jeremy as the only Traitor, he wanders into a room with a Creeper and gets blown up, ending the round just after Detective Trevor was goaded into gunning down Swapper Michael.
    • A sword in the map hurts people when it comes into contact with them, and can be picked up with a magnetostick. Trevor grabs it and menaces Gavin, taking him down to half health and backing him off the ledge, where the fall damage kills him. Barely a second after they realize Gavin's dead, Alfredo Golden Deags Jack, winning the round for the innocents.
    • When his innocence is being questioned, Alfredo taunts Gavin into shooting him with the Golden Deagle:
    Alfredo: Do it. Do it, ya bitch.
    Gavin shoots him with the Golden Deagle and dies since Alfredo was innocent
    • Jester Matt and Traitor Trevor wind up in a Traitor room with Detective Alfredo shooting them from outside. Alfredo manages to put a few bullets into Matt, sending Trevor into a panic.
    Trevor: You don't want him! You don't want him, I'm telling you right now! You don't want that guy.
    • And then despite this, Alfredo kills Matt anyway, winning Matt the round much to Trevor's disappointment.
    • After that round, Trevor sprays the front back shirt on the wall and begins praying to it. Jeremy finds him and sprays Spider Jesus on top of it, prompting Trevor to turn around and gun Jeremey down, winning the round for Jeremy the Jester in under two minutes.
    • Matt and Michael are the Traitors, while Jeremy is the Glitch. The Traitors kill everyone bar Jeremy and set up several barnacles. Michael gets caught, and Matt doesn't save him since he thinks he's the Glitch (much to Michael's fury). Matt then runs into a barnacle himself, winning Jeremy the round.
  • God Save the Queen! - Gmod: TTT with The Yogscast
    • Gavin the Killer rather obviously murders his way through all of the Innocents and continues to claim the entire time that everyone else is bad.
    • Matt walks into a bathroom and finds Lindsay standing outside the tub containing Lewis's corpse. He immediately backs out and declares he has no desire to know what happened.
    • A round starts with Jeremy asking why his karma is so bad, only to immediately remember it's because he keeps flinging random people off the train to their deaths. He immediately does this to Jester Lewis, winning Lewis the round and making Jeremy's karma even worse.
    • In light of his rock bottom karma, Jeremy turns to the Detective, pleading to know what he can do to restore his karma.
      Jeremy: Spiff, I need help. I need to become good.
      Spiff: Yeah, it certainly does sound like you need to git gud, scrub.
      • Spiff gives him a taser so he can "do good". He proceeds to randomly tase people while giggling, inadvertently stunning the two traitors first.
    • Jeremy murders Lewis and then eats his body, out loud thanking Lewis for the "health station".
    • Gavin, Lewis, and Spiff find themselves huddled together on the train and realize they're all Innocent Brits. They decide to unite as Team England for Queen and country while an instrumental of "God Save the Queen" swells in the background.
      Gavin: God save the Queen, lads!
      Spiff: Let's kill everyone else! Come here you slimy bastards!
      Lewis: British Empire rules!
      • During the ensuing chaos, Spiff kills Swapper Jeremy who declares he has now joined the Empire. Afterwards the guys decide Jeremy gained British citizenship while Spiff is now American.
    • Gavin is Detective and nearly rivals Matt in terms of murdering Innocents. He tases Ryan off the side of the train, snipes Lindsay when she saved herself from Vampire Spiff, and mows down Matt just to check if he was bad. He's about five seconds from killing Jeremy until he points out Lewis is still alive.
      Jeremy: I'll be honest, Gav. There's been a couple Detectives this game. So far you're the worst.
    • Matt hides out on top of the train, making Lindsay deeply suspicious. She declares she's in hot pursuit of him... while not moving to follow because she doesn't want to fall off the roof.
    • Detective Lindsay murders Matt for "sitting down on a chair" and then throws the Golden Deagle into a room with three of the remaining players so they can sort it out. Jeremy uses the confusion to murder the rest of the players in the room and then Lindsay.
      • While this whole thing is going down, Traitor Ryan is wandering around topside and asking where all the fun stuff is.
    • Traitor Lewis is nearly dead and crouched in a corner, trying to figure out how the health station works, when Ryan comes around the corner and murders him with a lightsaber. Despite him being Traitor, the rest compare Ryan to Anakin killing the younglings.
    • Lindsay and Lewis jump in the bath together, only for Lindsay to dump a full clip into Lewis who barely survives. He does nothing while she reloads and asks if he has any last words.
      Lewis: I hope you're a Hypnotist.
  • "Boomerangs are better than Lightsabers - Gmod: TTT"
    • The first round starts with Ryan wasting Jack and Fiona, while Trevor goes to revive Fiona, they claim Fiona was shooting them.
      Trevor: I'm just a youngling. I haven't learned those mind tricks yet.
      • This is followed by all three traitors quickly being killed, with Fiona being pinned by Swapper Gavin, Trevor useing a trapped health station that Ryan placed, and Ryan getting 180 by the golden deag.
    • The next round, Michael and Trevor are crouched in front of each other, when Trevor suddenly turns green. Cue Michael shooting him point blank with a machine gun.
    • Jack gives several people tasers. It goes about as well as you suspect.
    • As the title suggests, boomerangs prove very effective in the level's tight corridors. Michael's daughter hears him yelling about boomerangs and comes in to bring him a real one.
      • One round, Gavin is the last Traitor and throws a boomerang down a corridor after the last Innocent. He then proceeds to run into the boomerang corridor and is killed by the bounce, losing the round for the Traitors.
  • Everybody Gets a Tazer!: GMOD TTT
    • Second round Gavin places a Barnacle and is immediately snared by it. Hearing Jeremy calling him an idiot, he asks for help only to be gunned down since Jeremy was the Glitch.
    • Alfredo and Michael get in a standoff and try to "even out" their health, only for Alfredo to do too much triggering an all-out gunfight as Michael screams two Innocents are killing each other. He dies, leading to this zinger in a later round.
    • During the fifth round, Alfredo kills Phantom Matt in front of Michael and then runs off. Michael watches him run around a corner and then turns around and walks back the way he came, just in time to see Matt come back to life (because Detective Ryan killed Alfredo with the Golden Deagle).
    • Later, during the same round, Assassin Jack also kills Matt, screwing up his contract. After he realizes what happened, he runs in front of the cannon traitor trap, shouts "Goodbye, world!", and sets it off, killing him and ending the round.
    • Towards the end of the ninth round, the two sides have been whittled down to Michael and Jack, who tells Michael to come meet him before disguising himself as a barrel. Michael comes out into the open, armed with the Golden Deagle, finds Jack just in time to see him change back, and one-shots him.
    • Jack is Detective and proceeds to spend the entire round just throwing tazers to everyone, completely ignoring everything else. This leads to Jack helpfully tossing a tazer to Alfredo who can only stare at him awkwardly given he just finished a killing rampage.
    • Gavin takes Alfredo down, to Jack's confusion, leaving just Jack, Matt, and Gavin. With Matt obviously the Traitor, Jack goes into the courtyard and offers to give Matt a tazer. Meanwhile, Gavin tries to taze Matt from a nearby tower only to fall in a hole and die, causing Michael and Alfredo to start corpsing.
      Gavin: I don't want to talk about it! I don't want to talk about it!
      • Matt hops down and accepts a tazer after some difficulty and the two agree to a tazer duel. Both whiff all of their shots and have to resort to crowbars which continuously miss due to bad hitboxes.
        Matt: This is the lamest fucking fight!
    • Alfredo spends all of his Detective money to buy everyone a tazer so they can have a laser tag fight. Highlights include Jack's agonized gargling, Ryan becoming immune and continuing to fight despite being tazed, and Jack beating Matt's still-living body against a wall.
    • Alfredo is below a well slowly plipping away at Ryan with a silenced pistol. Hearing about this, people drop in through the well one at a time to help only to get plipped at by a delighted Alfredo and run away.
  • Why Are There So Many BEES?! - Gmod: TTT
    • It wouldn't be a game of TTT without missing footage; namely, Fiona's webcam and Gavin's gameplay.
    • In a mid-game round, Gavin is the Phantom. Alfredo (one of the Traitors) kills him, unaware that Detective Trevor is right behind him. Trevor kills Alfredo, respawning Gavin. When Trevor's back is turned, Assassin Matt kills Gavin again (breaking his contract), unaware that Jack has just come out of the door behind him. Jack kills Matt, respawning Gavin again (but the round continues as there is a Killer). Jack kills Gavin for the lols. Jeremy kills Jack, respawning Gavin for a third time. Fiona kills Gavin for the lols, prompting a Spit Take from Jack. Jeremy kills Fiona, respawning Gavin for a fourth time. Finally, Killer Jeremy kills Gavin for the fifth time, and Trevor is unable to win the battle so Jeremy wins.
    • During a round, Hypnotist Jeremy tries to revive Matt as a Traitor, only for Gavin to steal Matt's corpse and dangle it over the side of the boat. Jeremy eventually hits Gavin with his crowbar, sending both him and Matt's corpse over the side.
    • During the same round, Alfredo discovers Matt's abandoned lightsaber, and later uses Force Block to knock Fiona and then Jeremy off of the boat, complete with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
    • In the second to last round Jack is chasing Alfredo who had thrown a discombobulator. Unfortunately Jack was in his menu and was blown off the side of the ship, drowning him.
  • The Absolute Worst Traitors - Gmod: TTT
    • In one round, Trevor (The traitor) tells Gavin (The detective) that he's worried about crossing a gap. Gavin responds by jokingly pushing Trevor across, only for Trevor to fall in and die. Due to Alfredo (The other traitor) falling into lava and dying earlier, this ends the round after fifteen seconds.
    • The title refers to Gavin and Fiona (who from this video forth have the teamname Chungshwa) after they have a particularly disastrous round. There is a Glitch in the round, but the two of them figure out early that they're both the real traitors. Fiona then proceeds to walk straight into a barnacle Gavin had just placed, completely ignoring his attempt at warning her.
    • Later, Gavin is the last remaining traitor, after Jeremy (the other traitor) got gunned down by Detective Trevor for killing Alfredo. He silently eliminates Michael with a harpoon from less than three feet away, and then has the unfortunate timing to walk around a corner into Ryan while holding another harpoon. Ryan manages to shout out that Gavin has it before dying. Ryan's the Phantom, so the phantom death message pops up - and Trevor immediately proves he wasn't listening by declaring to the other survivor Fiona that Ryan killed the Phantom. Michael gives an astounded facepalm.
      • Gavin then proceeds to yeet both Fiona and Trevor off the map with more harpoons, much to the amusement of the dead spectators.
    • The third round (with Trevor and Alfredo as Traitors) lasts about half a minute and ends with an Innocent win, without a single shot fired - because Alfredo falls into the lava and quickly burns to death (shown as an instant replay), and Detective Gavin accidentally knocks Trevor into a spike pit with Force Push, not knowing that he was a Traitor.
  • Stopping Traitors With Pizza in Gmod: TTT
    • The title of the video comes from a round where Jack somehow manages to place a pizza on a crouched Alfredo, rendering him unable to stand, jump and seemingly unable to even move. This allows Ryan to kill him with ease.
    • Trevor's footage became corrupted during this recording. His webcam instead shows a cardboard cutout of his office, cardboard Trevor puppet included.
    • In a later round Jeremy finds a cube-shaped object that he believes is the key to a hidden secret in somewhere in the map. After searching for a few minutes and nearly giving up twice over when he loses the cube (once when it gets caught in a door and another when he drops it and loses track of it), he finds where he believes the cube should go and it does absolutely nothing. Then Trevor shows Jeremy how the secret really works (putting some nearby stacks of money in the slot), after which Jeremy silently walks out of the room and jumps off the ledge to his death.
  • We Make Our Own Traitor Trap! - Gmod: TTT
    • During the fourth round, Matt mistakenly thinks that Jester Jeremy is the Vampire because he watches him carry off with Alfredo's corpse and sees him crouching over it seconds later. As he starts blasting away with the shotgun, Jeremy tries to convince him otherwise seconds before he's killed.
    • In one round Killer Jack gains Detective Jeremy's trust by killing Matt. Jeremy hands Jack the Golden Deagle and they both camp out in a room while waiting for the Traitor to come in. Jack has the gun aimed directly at the door and shoots Vampire Alfredo dead as soon as he opens the door. Then Ryan comes in and Jack screws himself over by shooting him, killing himself and netting a victory for the Innocents.
      • Jack's position while crouched and holding the golden gun is also a sight to see.
  • Things Are About to Get Interesting - Gmod: TTT
    • After Gavin is killed by Jack the Traitor, Fiona is about to throw his body off the dam when she reconsiders and asks if there is a Hypnotist in play. Jeremy reveals himself and, in the ultimate "content move", Fiona hands Gavin over to be reanimated. Once everyone else is dead, Gavin, Jeremy, Jack and Fiona can't bring themselves to turn on each other, so they opt to "let the bees decide" - standing in a group while the bee weapon kills them one by one.
  • The Jester Against a Horde of Zombies - Gmod: TTT
    • Fiona is an animated puppet again.
    • The map featured in the video has a lot of open pits. Naturally, everybody begins shoving people into the pits with crowbars, Force push/pulls, and the Newton Launcher.
      • A zombie horde is after Gavin, who cheeses it by hiding around a corner and force pushing anyone who approaches into the pit. Fiona solemnly tells him "it's time" and that he's going to let her approach and eat him. She then slowly walks towards him, slashing her knife and Gavin lets her almost get in range before blasting her.
      • During this, Jester Jack is accidentally force pulled by Gavin into the pit but survives as the kill trigger ignores the Jester. He spends a while wandering around in the pit, eliciting some giggles from a dead Fiona when he finds her corpse, until Gavin tosses him a grappling hook to climb back up.
    • An early round has the +50% speed randomat. Ryan and Fiona, the traitors, manage to get shut in a box with Gavin. Ryan immediately whips out a harpoon but owing to the increased speed ends up nailing Fiona to the wall instead.
      • Ryan gets hit hard in his karma for that round, as well as for a later round, where as an innocent the randomat puts a C4 in his pocket. He sets it down with a very long timer. Gavin then comes along, attempts to defuse it and blows it up, taking with it both traitors along with several innocents.
    • Later, traitor Matt gets tazed and dropped into one of the pits. It turns out that the kill trigger in that particular pit doesn't go all the way to the bottom, so being ragdolled helps him survive the fall. He attempts to ascend using a grappling hook and instead gets nailed by the trigger on the way up.
    • Gavin zombifies Lindsay who manages to shout in terror before dying. When the others ask her what happened, she glumly replies a bug got in her room.
      Lindsay: It was a filthy cockroach who attacked me out of nowhere, but I had no choice but to go with him.
    • A no-fall damage round (in which everyone seems to have forgotten the randomat even happening) sees zombies Ryan, Gavin, Jack and Fiona at the bottom of another pit, egging their fellow zombie Matt down to join them, saying that they'll catch him. Matt jumps. He's promptly caught by Ryan... who he Goomba Stomps to death. Everyone goes into hysterics.
    • Gavin asks if Fiona has been turned while opening a door only to come face-to-face with a zombie horde on the other side which instantly obliterates him.
    • One round has Jeremy as the Jester body-block a group of zombies so Ryan, the last surviving innocent, can pick them off one by one.
  • All Aboard the Traitor Train! - Gmod: TTT
    • Alfredo is on an absolute tear this episode thanks to constantly getting the Traitor role and pulling some ace throws with the boomerang. It gets to the point that Jack just breaks down laughing when he learns that Alfredo's evil yet again.
    • Second round Ryan tosses an incendiary grenade at a group of two Innocents, Jack the Jester, and an explosive barrel. Nobody dies but the barrel catches fire and Jack runs out with it, where it blows up right in Ryan's face.
    • One round ends quite abruptly when Jester Jeremy startles Gavin by pulling out a gun, and Gavin snipes him in the head completely by accident out of sheer terror. Jeremy's so shocked by this that he spends the next minute quizzing Gavin over why he killed him rather than celebrate his win.
    • While Jeremy and Alfredo are locked in a tense two-way hunt, Ryan starts a Forest-themed barbecue with Michael's body. Matt and Jack join in waiting for the legs to be done and later add Gavin and Alfredo's decoy body to the menu.
    • Gavin fires into a pile of crates as the Swapper. Since he can't actually break the crates they're instead thrown as physics objects, accidentally killing Alfredo who was standing on the other side. Both give confused looks and Gavin ends up reduced to helpless giggles when he realizes what happened.
    • After he and Phantom Jack both volunteer to test how the death room affects their roles, Matt the Jester manages to kill both Traitors in one round using explosive barrels despite the Jester not being able to blow them up.
  • A Teletubby's WORST Nightmare- Gmod: TTT
    • At one point Matt, the phantom was killed and his killer was killed by Ryan in the hopes he could help him kill the remaining traitor only for Ryan to blast him in the back in the process
      Matt: Ha ha! I'm back!
      Ryan: Kill Jeremy, Matt *shoots Matt in the back* Whoops!
    • During one round where the “everyone explodes but the detective” randomat is played, the last survivors are Jeremy, the detective, and Alfredo who is currently stuck behind some boxes. Realizing that Alfredo will die anyway, and he has no way of getting out, Jeremy chooses to leave him to his fate. Trapped, Alfredo devolves into feral animal noises, and activating every traitor trap, and door within his reach.
      Jeremy: He keeps opening and closing the bookshelf!
      Alfredo: Yeah I am! That’s me, the man behind the bookshelf! Let me out!(Explodes)
  • The Most Amazing Glitch Play — Gmod: TTT
    • To celebrate the release of the Transformers War for Cybertron Siege netflix series everyone picks a transformers skin. Everyone except Gavin that is.
    • In one round Jack, a traitor is swinging around as Optimus Prime on a grappling hook only to be shot mid air
      Jack: You guys, ROLL OUT! *shot*
  • Exposing Our Fellow Traitors — Gmod: TTT with Ify
    • The group is playing with their friend Ify who is unfamiliar with the rules resulting in the following exchange:
      Ify: *looking at fellow traitor Trevor* What does V mean?
      Trevor: Well uhhh.. it means we're on the same team. We're all good here.
    • One round has Ify become the Detective. Michael calls out Gavin as the Traitor after the latter throws harpoons at him, but Ify mistakes Michael for Gavin and guns him down on the spot before realizing his mistake. When Gavin manages to kill Ify anyway, Ify and Michael can only laugh at the comedy of errors that ensued.
      Michael: Gavin's fucking throwing harpoons at me.
      Ify: I'm Detective Doakes, surprise motherfucker! [shoots Michael]
      Michael: What are you shooting me for! [Ify kills him]
      Ify: Sorry, I thought that was Gavin, my bad! [turns a corner and sees Gavin] Surprise, motherfucker! [Gavin kills him, causing Michael and Ify to lose it]
      Michael: [snorting] Ify, what the fuck?!
  • Everything's a Bomb!- Gmod: TTT
    • After Matt kills Trevor the Phantom, Gavin the Vampire tries to eat the body. Unfortunately for him, Jeremy manages to kill Matt when Gavin is only half-done, causing Trevor to spring back to life and gun Gavin down in a panic.
    • Fiona really does NOT enjoy getting hit with the Weeping Angel weapon. At one point she's forced to stare at the statue resulting in the image of a teletubby holding a lightsaber staring down a weeping angel. She even begins begging the others to put her down to get out of this fate.
  • We're All Chungə Now - Gmod: TTT
    • It seems like the editors have caught wind of the recurring "lost webcam footage" in Gmod, so they made a big showing on how they managed to get everyone's footage this time with some glorious music. However, they did note that Ryan was using the wrong camera the entire time without even realizing it. They apologized on his behalf while playing the usual "Technical Difficulty" footage.
    • During one round, Alfredo as the swapper spends most of the time desecrating Gavin's corpse. First dunking his head in the sink and toilet. Then, locking him in the stalls with an incendiary grenade, while shooting at it. Then finally going inside the stall and just beating it with a crowbar, sending Gavin and Fiona into hysterics. He ends up getting trapped in there until Ryan the traitor, and a resurrected Fiona free him.
      • The two traitors then chase Jack into a room full of explosive barrels which he attempts to hold them back with, threatening to blow them up. He successfully kills Fiona, before Ryan blows up the barrel closest to Jack, killing him and winning the round.
      • Fiona does the same thing as Alfredo a few rounds later, but since she isn’t a swapper, she is “freed” via a Jeremy-placed C4.
    • During another round, Michael the swapper constantly calls out the actions and locations of Gavin and Fiona who he knows are the two traitors, and grows increasingly annoyed as the others ignore him and get killed.
      Ryan: What’s happening?!
      Michael: What do you mean what’s happening?! It couldn’t be more obvious!
      • Fiona and Gavin become traitors a few rounds later and head back to the same office (even standing in the same places) before being followed inside by swapper Michael. Fiona loses her shit trying to stop him from repeating himself, tipping Michael off and allowing him to alert everyone else. This time the innocents react appropriately and butcher team Chungə in short order.
    • At the climax of a round, Fiona is the final Traitor vs. Detective Gavin. Thanks to Gavin's Force pulls, Fiona ends up wandering into her own barnacle and spends her final moments throwing an angry fit of insults.
    Fiona: Fuck my life! Suck my dick! SUCK IT! Suck my cock! Fuck you! (dies)
    • Another round has a rather confusing series of events takes place
      • First, Detective Alfredo puts down a possession symbol down which would allow him to take over anyone who walks over it after his death. He then murders Swapper Jeremy, swapping their roles before killing him. Traitor Jack then steps on the possession symbol, resurrecting Alfredo as the swapper
      • While this is happening, Fiona as the Glitch approaches Michael the innocent and tells him that actual Traitor Ryan is the Glitch, before attacking him and being put down.
      • After the above, the others decide it must be either Alfredo, or Gavin. Gavin the Innocent then murders Alfredo, and is swapped with him.
      • Michael then falls onto the train track and gets killed, allowing Jeremy and Alfredo to kill Ryan.
    • In a later round, after Gavin and Fiona have been Traitors together three times previously, Jeremy is the Hypnotist and Fiona the other Traitor. Fiona gets killed and Jeremy reveals that he's the Hypnotist to Gavin, offering to make Chungə for him. Gavin agrees to let Jeremy kill him, so Jeremy does and ends the round, having not realized that everyone else had killed each other during their conversation.
  • How To Escape From A Weeping Angel! - Gmod: TTT
    • Due to Jeremy losing his webcam footage, he's replaced with a version of his face on G-man's body (due to his model being G-man) moving its head and mouth. The funny part is that this is first shown with dramatic music and a slow pan up his face.
    • Similar to the ladder in the shrunken video, a massive fan becomes the greatest killer of the game:
      • In the first round, Ify and Fiona (Both traitors) fail the same jump, and fall into the fan.
      • When Jack and Jeremy are the last ones, Jack calls for a showdown on a walkway over the fan. He is partway through the challenge when he walks into a tiny gap on the walkway to his death.
      • Fiona and Gavin assume that Matt is a jester because he is standing over the fan. Matt proves them wrong by jumping into the fan.
      • Gavin is on a walkway swinging above the fan when a weeping angel spawns in the air above him. He tries to crouch, but the stationary angel instead pushes him off the walkway when it swings that direction, sending him tumbling into the fan.
      • Jack runs over a possession symbol placed by Gavin, who briefly possesses him before they tumble into the fan.
      • Jack also accidentally throws a Matt-possessed barrel into the fan.
    • Fiona is stuck talking to jester Jeremy, when Jack sics a weeping angel on her. She fails to notice, and thus the weeping angel only appears briefly to kill her, sending her flying backwards, and Jeremy into hysterics.
      Gavin: Jack, did you kill Jeremy?
      Jack: No, I didn't. (Jeremy continues laughing) I mean, not literally, I may have broken him.
      • In the same round, Ify gets stuck with an Angel as well, so he goes to a corner where he can stare at it. He zooms in on his gun just enough that the Angel gets out of frame, and when he turns back the Angel is now staring at him, causing him to let out a loud and visceral scream with his eyes and mouth slamming open.
    • The round where Jack gets possessed seconds before falling to his death, he also hits Jeremy with a Weeping Angel. Jeremy finds the used possession circle and tries to get Gavin to possess him, unaware that Jack already got possessed. When he realizes that Gavin hasn't possessed him, he decides to take Matt's offer: Kill Matt, who's claiming Swapper. Unfortunately, Matt was actually the Jester, meaning Jeremy handed him the round.
    • Jack's swapper shenanigans return!
      • Jack first traps Gavin the traitor in a room with barrels, and Gavin-place Barnacles, calling to the others to kill him before seemingly changing his mind.
      Jack: (Staring at Gavin holding a boomerang and a silencer, surrounded by barnacles) Maybe Gavin isn't the traitor...
      • When the others finally come kill Gavin, Jack gets stuck on the barnacle, and asks the others to free him. He is freed, and then immediately walks into another one.
      • Jack then tries to bring barrels possessed by Matt into the battlefield, successfully annoying both Innocents, and traitors alike.
      • Jack then chases Ryan (the other traitor) onto the walkway over the fan. Ryan Activates a trap that sends Jack, the walkway, and the ones above them careening into the fan below to the relief of both sides.
  • The Most Overpowered Traitor Weapon - Gmod: TTT
    • Once again, someone's audio isn't quite right, in this case Jeremy.
    • The group introduces a new traitor weapon, the paper airplane, and quickly discover how insanely overpowered it is; as soon as its fired, it follows its target until it can get close enough to explode, and if the target dies the airplane changes course to follow someone else. At one point, Ryan throws three at once, and the explosion throws Jeremy about ten feet.
    • Ryan finds a traitor tester but can't figure out how to make it work, which leads to Jeremy getting stuck in jail for an entire round while trying to figure out where he is. For bonus points, by the time someone is able to look for him, the only person who can let him out is Ryan, who is a Killer.
      • And how does this round manage to end with an innocent victory? Gavin, the now-dead detective, possesses Ryan's body and ends the round immediately.
    • In one of the most hilariously accidental cases of Refuge in Audacity ever recorded, Michael decides to execute Jeremy right in the open in front of almost everyone and no one shoots him. For the record, Michael was the Assassin, Jeremy was the Phantom (so Michael's now smoking), and Trevor, the Detective, is three feet away, yet Michael walks away unharmed and goes on to win the round.
    • Hypnotist Jeremy manages to silently corner and kill Alfredo without anyone noticing, but for some reason the Brain-Washing Device decides not to work for him, so he spends about a full minute trying to bring Alfredo back to no avail.
      • And then, when he manages to finally bring him back, the two of them trick Michael into saving Jeremy from a barnacle right before Alfredo hits him right into the barnacle with a bat.
    • In one match, Ryan confronts Michael with the Golden Deagle (Michael had been acting suspicious all round, but he's actually innocent). When Michael stops moving to allow Ryan to aim, Ryan takes one second to make a decision, then turns to his left and plugs Matt with it. The best part? Matt was the Assassin, so he goes down immediately.
    • After what happened the previous round, Matt decides to take revenge, finds Ryan, and guns him down on the spot. He gets about one second of victory before it turns out that Ryan was the Jester, giving Ryan the win instead.
      Ryan: Yaaaaaaaaaay!
      Matt: That's it, I quit.
    • The audio and video problems continue, this time with Jeremy's webcam not working (he's replaced with the same image of G-man from a few episodes ago) and Lindsey's audio quitting on her halfway through.
    • The shotgun got a huge damage boost, so at least once a round someone gets an absolutely hilarious one hit kill out of nowhere with a shotgun. In one particular round, Ryan witnesses Jeremy walking down a hallway into a room; Jack, who's in the room, panics and fires, killing Jeremy instantly and giving him the win since he was the Jester.
    • Jeremy keeps making the mistake of trying to read what the new randomats do while standing in front of traitors, so he repeatedly gets killed while he can't do anything.
    • The new randomats themselves are... unique, to say the least. Some of them are great, some of them do nothing, and others break the game.
      • "Get Down Mr. President": the Detective gets 200 health, but if he dies every innocent person dies as well. Naturally, the innocents get thrown into a frenzy, and Jack, the Detective, ends up killing the Jester out of pure paranoia.
      • "Bad Trip": all it does it make everyone that jumps rag doll, which makes the entire round last about a minute and a half before no one can move.
      • "Flu Season": players randomly catch the flu, meaning they can sneeze and pass the flu on to others. In practice, this does absolutely nothing but give Trevor a reason to kill Jack that no one disputes.
      • "Let's Raise the Bar": we'll never know what it would've done because Jeremy gets killed before he can explain it.note 
      • "Come on and SLAM": everyone can use nothing but mines for the rest of the round. It immediately descends into chaos as everyone places as many mines as they possibly can and just as quickly set them all off.
      • "NOT THE BEES": bees instantly cover the entire map. The entire round becomes confused screaming since no one can actually tell what is hurting them.
    • The very first round begins with Gavin making portals and ends with Jeremy glitching into them and being able to fly.
    • At the last round Gavin tries to convert Trevor into a Vampire with his new draining powers. However, Gavin did not realize or see the message on the screen telling him to stop drinking to convert. He ended up eating Trevor instead. Trevor, Matt, Jeremy, and Jack then proceed to possess his bones leading Gavin to proclaim that Trevor is alive.
  • The Most Weeping Angels We've Ever Seen - Gmod: TTT
    • Jack and Jarren traitor team up to hit Jeremy with three weeping angels, resulting in him running around in a panic before the third one finally gets him.
    • Later, Jack wants to hit Jeremy the swapper with a weeping angel, to see what happens, before Alfredo the detective kills him, and swapping before Jack hits him resulting in the new detective having a weeping angel on him within seconds.
      Jeremy: [to Jack] I'll tell you a secret: I can be whatever I want!
      Jack: Let me try something...
      Jeremy: [Alfredo kills him] I could be a detective, if I was in the right state of mind. [Jack Weeping Angels him] OH YOU ANIMAL!!!
    • Gavin, Matt, and Lindsay the detective are hiding from Jack with a sniper behind a wall. When they ask her for stuff, she leaves the cover to buy some, resulting in her getting shot in the head.
    • Jack's gun becomes invisible, and he tells Jarren to edit it back in. Jarren agrees, and edits in a gun-shaped sign saying NO.
    • In one round, the randomat turns everyone into traitors or glitches. Gavin started as the hypnotist, and only discovers that his brain washing device was taken from him after he murders Lindsay.
      Gavin: Oh shit... Lindsay, I can explain.
    • The gang were originally going to play on a Zelda-themed map, but it got too buggy to play. Alfredo makes a comment about hobbits, leading Trevor to confuse the Shire for Dunkirk.
      Gavin: You'll take that ring to Dunkirk.
    • Gavin and Jack end up in a room together and Gavin asks if Jack is bad. He confirms that he is and immediately kills Gavin with a harpoon.
    • In the same round it becomes a Prop Hunt game. Jeremy turns into a barrel but gets stuck at the stairs. Jack tries to harpoon and shoot him, but this only frees Jeremy, prompting him to shout, "I'm free, bitch!"
    • In a Murder round it is down to Jack and Gavin. Matt tries to give Jack an advantage by controlling Gavin's movements after possessing him, but he doesn't succeed as Killer Gavin still manages to kill Jack and win.
      Gavin:[as Matt makes him walk backwards] Who's moving me?! Who's moving me backwards?! AAAHHH! Someone's inside me!
    • Gavin screeching in terror when he sees the Weeping Angel on him.
    • Alfredo manages to kill Jester Gavin without ending the game. In revenge, he starts blocking Alfredo's exit with a shelf while he's in the vents. Jeremy then joins in by blocking the other end of the vent with a metal file cabinet.
    • Gavin discovers that spectators' ability to possess and take control of nearly any prop affected by physics also applies to living players currently in Prop Hunt mode, which turns them into props also affected by physics. This leads to a confused Matt — disguised as a barrel at that moment — getting possessed by Gavin and made to step out of his hiding spot against his will.
    • A randomat results in everyone but Matt the Traitor and Jack the detective being turned into Jesters. They all gather inside a small room around Jack. Matt throws a boomerang into the room hoping to kill Jack quickly. In the process he kills so many Jesters his karma drops to zero and the server automatically bans him!
    • In the bonus rounds on the RT site, Lindsay ends up being the Detective three times in a row and Jeremy keeps wanting to be her deputy. Jeremy gets the golden deagle in the third try and immediately shoots Traitor Matt dead. The camera cuts to Matt with a bewildered look on his face as he hadn't even done anything yet.
    • In the second to last round Alfredo is the Detective and immediately kills himself on Jeremy. Jeremy becomes deputy and shouting "Round four!"
    • In the last round Trevor and Gavin find a freeze bomb which detonates and freezes the both of them. Jeremy rounds the corner and sees both looking at the floor with their guns pointing down.
    • Vampire Matt thinks he's killed everyone until he realizes that Jeremy is still alive. Matt runs off to hide and to snack on Jack. In Trevor's deathcam he watches as Jeremy turns the corner and behind Matt, giving him an easy kill.
  • One Golden Deagle to Rule Them All - Gmod: TTT
    • Since Ify's game is missing Gavin's Oddjob playermodel, Gavin on his screen appears as a giant, red ERROR with guns. Even better, Gavin suffers from the same problem as well.
    • In the bonus rounds on the RT Site, Gavin uses that to his advantage. Ify finds another ERROR and thinks there's something else in the game he's missing, but it turns out that it was a Traitor Gavin hiding from everyone else. Ify gets shot and killed immediately.
    • In a recreation of the Polus map from Among Us, the Innocent Alfredo tries to throw the Golden Deagle into the lava pit in an homage to The Lord of the Rings. Fellow Innocent Jeremy — being Jeremy — knocks him into the lava mid-speech.
    Alfredo: We must destroy the One Golden Gun, Jeremy.
    Jeremy: Oh, are you really gonna — you're gonna Bilbo this off the edge?
    Alfredo: It is too much power — JEREMYYYY!!!
    • Michael and Jeremy are standing on opposite sides of a window when Traitor Ify guns Michael down, thinking he could just kill Jeremy quickly and get away with it. Unfortunately, all the other players are in the room with Jeremy and watch Michael's death with a mixture of horror and amusement.
    • Gavin uses his portal gun to throw people into the lava pit, then when he stops to heal he accidentally throws the healing station into the portal.
    • During a round with Gavin and Ify as Traitors and Matt as the Jester, Gavin points out that Matt's the Jester as soon as the round begins. Matt immediately realizes that Gavin's a Traitor (since only Traitors can see if someone's a Jester/Swapper), and follows him into one of the buildings with Jeremy. When they're all inside, Gavin pulls out a harpoon, only to be gunned down by Jeremy. Seconds later, they see Ify kill Jack, outing himself as the second Traitor, and gun him down, ending the round.
  • Vampire's Holiday Feast
    • Fiona spends one round sitting in the TV room just smoking a cigarette, asking faux-philosophical questions every now and then.
      Fiona: Have you seen God, Lindsay? I have.
      Lindsay: I like to believe I have, yes.
      Fiona: Not that impressive, I'll tell ya that.
      • The same round has Jeremy kill three people on a whim, two of whom were innocent.
    • Jack, alone in the TV room after Michael dies, starts arranging the bodies on the couch to watch TV with them, inviting Lindsay (the only other one alive, and thus a traitor) in to watch with him. He Failed a Spot Check as she snuck in behind him and sat in the smoke.
      Lindsay: I love this show.
      Jack: Lindsay, come on in, whenever you can.
      Lindsay: Just pet the rabbit, Lenny. (Kills Jack)
    • During one round, Jack is jokingly chastising Fiona for swearing. Their conversation is interrupted by Alfredo walking in, blasting her with a golden deagle, then leaving without a word, sending Jack into hysterics.
    Jack: See, you say bad words and this happens!
    • Jeremy is standing with Detective Jack and traitor Lindsay, and looks away to grab a weapon the moment Lindsay attacks Jack, but looks up to find them both somehow dead, to his increasing confusion, as he tries to figure out what happened.
      • Not helping matters is that Jeremy comes upon Trevor and Michael having an argument, leading him to conclude that one is bad, and the other is a jester. This theory is immediately proven wrong when Trevor is killed, and Michael saves him from a barnacle, screwing with his brain enough that he tells Michael to just shoot him.
      • After the round ends, it is revealed that after Lindsay killed Jack, Alfredo walked in and murdered Lindsay, before leaving without Jeremy noticing.
    • In another round where Jeremy the vampire is left with Trevor and Alfredo, he comes upon Alfredo arranging corpses. He then murders Alfredo, and proceeds to eat all of the corpses, before finishing arranging them.
      • While this is happening, Trevor is staring out a window smoking, and rambling to himself until Jeremy finds him. Jeremy starts doing a bit, which is interrupted by Trevor blasting him in the head.
  • The Luckiest Teleport - Gmod: TTT
    • While playing around with his teleporter, Mercenary Gavin accidentally kills Jack when he steps onto Gavin's teleport spot and gets telefragged. Gavin then recreates the incident with Fiona... only to get killed himself, since she is the Swapper.
    • At one point, Fiona, an Innocent, kills Michael, another innocent, by sniping him in the head. Fiona regretted every second of it apparently, claiming she didn't mean to shoot him. Michael just watched, bewildered and annoyed.
    • During another round, Jack decides to cause some chaos, and gifts Fiona the swapper a boomerang. She then proceeds to chase Michael with it halfway around the map, until he jumps off a tall edge to escape from it... but not before walking up to Gavin and blasting his brains out for shits and giggles.
  • Attack of the Ghost Props! - Gmod: TTT
    • In one round, Gavin the Detective tries to put down a Demonic Possession trap on the floor of the map's lobby to no avail, while Michael, Fiona, and Jeremy watch. When Gavin finally succeeds, Alfredo the Killer comes strolling in, casually puts a Deagle bullet in Gavin's temple in full view of everyone, then walks out of the area without uttering a single word. The sheer brazenness of the murder is enough to leave the witnesses standing there in a mixture of amusement and disbelief, never bothering to shoot Alfredo on the spot until he returns shortly after to score another headshot.

     Trouble in Terrorist Town 2021 
  • Making a Detective Sandwich- Gmod: TTT
    • The title moment comes from Gavin and Ify discovering they could trap Detective Lindsay on a ladder by having one of them above them and the other below.
    • At one point Fiona is crossing the train tracks while trying to get Michael's attention. She succeeds and he turns around to see her right as the train comes and hits her.
  • THE Most Dangerous TTT Player - Gmod: TTT
    • At 28:02, Detective Jeremy uses the Randomat and gets "Switch" (which switches a player's position with another's every so often). At the end of the round, Traitor Matt switches places with Alfredo, putting him right in Ify's line of sight. One headshot with a sniper rifle later, the round is over.
  • Big Brains, Bigger Heads - Gmod: TTT
    • In one round Alfredo gets the golden gun and immediately shoots Traitor Jeremy with it. Jeremy's response? A facepalm into his mic.
    • A new randomat effect gives the players huge heads, prompting everyone to run to the bathroom to look into the mirror and see their new looks.
    • Ify's rendition of "Shawty, I Will Take You There" while dragging around Fiona's dead body.
  • New Skins and Exploding Doors! - Gmod: TTT
    • The team try out a new weapon: a bomb which attaches to doors and detonates when someone opens it. This ends up biting Gavin in the ass when Phantom Lindsay gets caught by his trap, causing him to start smoking right next to Jeremy.
    • Gavin accidentally telefrags Michael in two separate rounds, both times to Michael's chagrin. Michael kills Gavin in a later round, but says that Gavin still owes him another murder.
    • Another round has Traitor Matt put a bomb on a door as well as a pentagram on the floor. Jester Michael opens it, killing an Innocent Gavin and causing a dead Trevor to fall out of his chair in hysterics.
  • Big Brain Innocent Plays - Gmod: TTT
    • Throughout the video, Jack's webcam is missing. At the end, he asks if he should have been using webcam.
    • In the first round, Trevor calls for a life check and shouts out Lindsay, Fiona, and Gavin's names. Unfortunately, all three of them were already dead.
      • The context for Gavin and Fiona's deaths. Gavin was chasing Fiona, who hid by an explosive barrel. Gavin shot the barrel, killing both of them.
    • On two separate occasions, Jack accidentally kills another player by flinging a barrel into them.
    • Gavin continues his telefragging when he kills Lindsay with one.
    • This exchange:
      Jack: Hey Gavin, are you bad?
      Gavin: Yeah.
      [Jack shoots Gavin, who was the Jester.]
      Jack: Got Gavin. [the results screen pops up] God damn it!
    • In one round, Fiona complains about something being chucked at her. A dead Trevor, playing as Chuck E. Cheese, asks, "Someone said Chuck?"
    • In one round, innocent Jeremy kills traitor Gavin with the Golden Deagle. Hypnotist Jack tries to bring back Fiona to make the round a Chungə round, but Jeremy convinces Jack to bring back Gavin instead. Jack does so, and immediately Jeremy kills Gavin with the Golden Deagle a second time.
    • A zombie round sees Zombie Trevor put down a pentagram, which he tries to use to possess himself. It fails, and Jeremy executes him. Swapper Matt allows himself to be possessed, causing Trevor to come back as a Zombie. The round after this has Trevor get stuck inside of Matt's body for about a minute.
    • One round has a randomat which forces players who are off the ground to become ragdolls. One by one, every person playing becomes a ragdoll, even jester Jack when he tries beating the other players to death with a barrel.
      • Trevor was the first person to ragdoll, since he was in the air when the randomat took effect.
      • In the end, the randomat doesn't work; the randomat is only supposed to ragdoll players temporarily, but here, none of the ragdolled players are able to move afterward. This prompts Jeremy to use a command to commit suicide, followed by a "Bugs!" screen.
    • In the second to last round, innocent Gavin asks to hang out with Vampire Matt, promising not to expose him as a traitor to everyone else. As Jeremy and Jack were nearby when Gavin said this, Matt executes Gavin, then asks Jeremy and Jack to refrain from killing him until he eats Gavin.
    • In the last round, innocent Jeremy is chasing traitor Trevor through the vents, prompting this exchange:
      Jeremy: I'm chasing Chuck E.! He's hiding in the vents!
      Trevor: That's Mr. Entertainment Cheese to you.
  • THE #1 Traitor in TTT - Gmod: TTT
    • Matt learns that he can "tame" bees by grabbing them with the magneto-stick. Due to the bees in question being reskinned Manhacks, Matt then proceeds to walk around the map and exploit their collision damage properties by rubbing them against other players, and because death by bee doesn't count as a deliberate kill, he is free to kill anyone without his Karma taking a hit.
      • In the last round bees are used again and Jack joins in with the "taming". It is down to just Traitor Jack and Detctive Michael. While Michael is running around the map, Jack is chasing him while holding a bee. Jack eventually catches up to and kills Michael, winning the round.

    Prop Hunt 
  • "Lets Play Prop Hunt Part 1"
    • The Gents' choices of usernames: An Innocuous Barrel/Ryan, NotaBarrel/Jack and I'm not a toilet/Geoff
    • Ray enters the laundry room on the first map and accidentally turns into a washing machine, getting stuck in the doorway. The Gents find him wedged with his back to them, shoot him a bit... then leave.
    • Gavin as a banana.
      Gavin: "Banana on the run!!"
    • Ray's in-game text taunts.
      Ray: (disguised as a milk bottle) Got milk?
      Ray: (disguised as a milk bottle) Moooooooooo!
      Ray: (disguised as a computer tower) Ryan the PC guy. Can't even find me.
    • The best moment was the Lads' turn to hide in the sewer level - both Ray and Michael go for the same prop, resulting in Ray turning into a push-cart and spawning into Michael, preventing Michael from swapping out of the default mannequin form... or moving at all, for that matter.
      Ray: Gavin, it's up to you.
      Michael: Gavin, remember us!
  • "Lets Play Prop Hunt Part 2"
    • Jack finds Michael wedged in a wall as a bookcase and is not convinced he's a prop even when shooting the original prop takes him down to 10 health. His efforts to crowbar Michael to death lead to him getting stuck:
      Jack: "Well I'm stuck in this thing now..."
      Ryan: (in an offhand manner) "Sucks to be you..."
      Jack: "Ryan, we're on the same damn team!"
    • Geoff's efforts to disguise as a prop in the Gents' second turn at it somehow launching a desk across the room as he tries to grab the (small) prop he's after.
    • Everyone trying to remember the name of the oddly-named drink Gavin mentioned in Let's Build Mega Tower Part 2.
      Geoff: "You going to get a... Sport, or a Sprou— what was that fuckin' drink Gavin was talking about the other day?"
      Jack: "Fwit?"
      Geoff: "S-s— Twip?"
      Ryan: "Lust!"
      Jack: "Chomp."
      Geoff: "Blop?"
      Ray: "Zest."
      Jack: "Flit?"
      Gavin: "Yeah, I'll have a lovely swig of 'Twip'."
      Ryan: "Lisp!"
      Jack: "Lint? What was it?"
      Gavin: (sing-song) "Liiilt!"
      All: "Lilt!"
      Ray: "What the hell's 'Lilt'?"
      Jack: "Lilt's the diet version of WONK."note 
    • Ryan's panicked prop changing as he runs from Gavin: from a locker, to a chair, to a drinks machine, to an armchair...
    • At one point the Lads give chase to a fleeing water bottle. Only problem is none of the Gents are a water bottle... The Lads don't believe it though.
    • The crates in the kitchen of one map seem to have a tendancy to explode upwards when they're even barely touched by any player even dead ones.
    • Gavin sacrifices himself to grenade Ryan. It's so funny Jack doesn't even notice when Ray finds and kills him.
    • Michael with a rocket launcher. Nuff said.
  • "Lets Play Hot Seat: Prop Hunt
    • Gavin forgets how to play the game as a Hunter and spends a few seconds attempting to become a mug.
    • The guest on this episode is Max Kruemcke, who tells numerous amusing stories prompted by Geoff. The best one has to be the story of coming out to his father, who didn't get at first that he was bring serious.
    • The Lads still have the same sprays from the last time they played Prop Hunt - cue the return of Jack and Caiti, Dr. Dolph and Bub Rub.
    • Gavin has an impressive chase as a can, then a chair. It's funny just because as it goes on the table and chairs in the centre of the map go flying as everyone ploughs into them.
    • Michael as a book.
      Gavin: "He's got the agility of a paperback!"
    • Ray's "ultimate defense"!
  • "Let's Play - Prop Hunt: Obj Hunt"
    • Brandon has no idea how to play. Doesn't help that he seems to completely ignore every bit of advice his teammates throw out about the controls, asking questions about how to do things five minutes after being told.
    • Team Nice Dynamite hide in the same room and through luck and some careful dodging manage to get both Geoff and Ryan to kill themselves without dying. Then Jack comes in and they have fun dancing around him and leading him a merry chase.
    • In one round, Gavin takes too long to find a prop and panics, forcing him to hide around a corner in a bathroom as the default textureless dummy. At least two people walk in and don't even notice him. It takes the Hunters until almost the last minute to finally find and kill him.
      Michael: (having looked at Gavin's screen, in a laughter-strained voice) "Gavin, what the fuck are you doing...? Are you fucking serious?"
      Gavin; "I buggered up, Michael..."
      Michael: "I'm looking at your screen, what happened? What the fuck...?"
      Gavin: (after a pause, in a small voice) "I didn't make it..."
    • Ryan throws a lamp at box prop-Brandon. It kills him much to everyone's surprise.
    • On the final map, Geoff keeps playing various taunts while the other team is trying to find him. His entire team starts cracking up.
    • Ryan being labeled as MVP by leading the hunters on a wild goose chase and then stealthily turning into a different prop around a corner numerous times.
      • Most notably, Ryan being chased as a box, enters the kitchen and becomes a slice of pizza on the floor, immediately followed by the hunters running past him, wondering where he went.
  • Let's Play - GMOD: Obj Hunt Part 2
    • Gavin's webcam was down the whole game. Right at the start, he states confidently, "I never lose footage. Never."
    • The lads have some fun with the "Epic Sax" taunt. At one point, Ryan starts dancing in his webcam to the music.
    • Some singing:
      Gavin: "Is a two-by-four not a piece of plank?"
      Trevor: (singing) "A piece of plank."
      Jeremy: (singing) "He did the monster plank."
      Jack & Ryan: (singing) "The monster plank!"
      Jack: (singing) "It was a graveyard plank..."
    • The start of round 3:
      Michael: "Who is that over there?"
      Gavin: (Gavin noise)
      Michael: "Okay, I know who that is! 'Who is that?' 'Wooo!'"
    • In round 4, Jeremy doesn't pick a prop, hides pretty much in plain sight, and survives the whole round without being found. At one point, one of the hunters was right next to him. Both Gavin and Michael lost it laughing at how ballsy it was and how the hunters weren't seeing him. Michael's reaction in particular has to be seen to be believed. 
      Michael: (laughing as Ryan is five feet away from Jeremy) "Oh my God! WHAT?!" (Ryan still doesn't see him) "WHAT?!! HOW?!!" (Ryan walks away) "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!!!"
      • Jeremy taunting the entire team through the window as they're sprinting around inside.
      Jeremy: Ooh! Ooh, Jack's got a grenade, he's losin' it!
      Jack: GODDAMMIT!
    • Round 5, Gavin gets frustrated and fires his grenade into an office, and gets Ryan out of luck. Ryan wasn't pleased.
      Ryan: "I hope you died too!"
      Gavin: "No, I didn't die."
      Ryan: "Lame!"
    • Round 6, a disagreement erupts between Jeremy (snowman head) and Gavin (office chair) over which of their props was more obvious. Michael weighed in, and when he saw Gavin was not even hiding, just standing on top of a potted plant, declared Gavin the winner.
    • In round 8, Trevor went upstairs into the barrel room, and while the hunters were distracted with Jack, blocked up the stairs with barrels. When the hunters found out and tried to clear the barrels out, Trevor slipped out past all of them, snuck into another room, and changed props. Trevor continued to change props and move around to thwart the hunters, and Jack had to admit, "I didn't think there was a lot of skill involved in this game, but man, was I wrong!"
    • Round 9, Gavin had his own amazing run while disguised as a glass bottle. He hid in the kitchen, then snuck out past Trevor and hid in the bathroom. When Ryan found him, Gavin sprinted out of the bathroom, ran through the halls, outside and around the wrecked cars, then back into the house before finally getting gunned down in the bedroom.
  • RouLetsPlay: Prop Hunt
    • From the get go it's obvious that Andy has no idea how to play first person shooters, let alone Prop Hunt.
    • Once again the facecam editors have fun as everybody starts singing Bohemian Rhapsody.
    • In the second map, Jeremy is running from the hunters, and in his panic accidentally switches into a huge sales cart and gets stuck. Failed a Spot Check is in full swing as none of the hunters even twig that there's a second cart until Gavin (who's dead) points it out.
    • Towards the end of the same round Jack heads to that spot and also becomes a cart. Jeremy breaks.
      Jack: Shh, shhh! I think I just broke Jeremy! Wow, I've never seen him do that before!
    • After that, Jack gets killed, so he spectates his fellow players to see where they're hiding...
      *Jack spectates Geoff, who's hidden as a turtle plush under a railing*
      Jack: Oh Geoff. Geoff, you are a piece of shit.
      Geoff: *laughs*
      Gavin: Has Geoff gone hard Geoff?
      Jack: Geoff is a dirty p- *switches to Jeremy, who's still a reference pose Dr. Kleiner, starts laughing*
      Jeremy: And then there's Jeremy.
    • A little later that same round, Jeremy is running away from Andy, but encounters Matt. He runs into the same courtyard and becomes a cart again. Every cart now has a compilation.
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Prop Hunt & OBJ Hunt
    • Lindsay has no idea how to play prop hunt, so in the first round Jeremy and Michael take pity on her and show her how to disguise herself as a prop. Then they kill her.
    • Ryan gets distracted trying to get OBJ Hunt working. (Even when he gets it playable, it still doesn't work correctly.)
    • Between the first and second maps the Lads get distracted talking about Bill Cosby.
    • Gavin disguises himself as an axe and hides under the table. What he doesn't realize is that by pressing E to become the prop, he also picked up the axe he was disguised as. Jack sees the axe floating around in midair as Gavin turns his camera, shoots it, and dies. He then starts giving Gavin credit for something he didn't do while Gavin looks first bewildered then facepalms.
  • I'll Never Get Away With This - Let's Play - Gmod: Prop Hunt (#4)
    • The soundtrack for some rounds is the Running in the 90s taunt - which never stops, even after the taunter dies.
    • Gavin attempts a repeat of the 'held floating prop' move he accidentally did a few videos ago. The opposing team doesn't buy it, but they do all gather in the room for a quick party to the aforementioned taint with the floating prop.
    • Ryan throws his hands up to party to the 90s taunt, and Gavin, seeing this, tries to do the same. Only he knocks his mouse and launches his grenade into a room of actual props, which kills him and blows him across the room. Jack, who saw this bursts into hysterical laughter at the sight.
    • Gavin gets distracted from the game by attaching wheels to his actual shoe. Apparently that's the 'pre-vid' for something he's going to record later.
    • At one point Trevor is running through the level trying to find a good prop to be to rehide. Jeremy is in another room hunting, when he turns to the doorway just as Lamp-Trevor appears in the door, who proceeds to make a noise as if he's been caught naked and flees.
    • Once again, Jeremy proves he's a master at the game by hiding as the default dummy twice. The first time, he hides in one of the bathrooms and Gavin and Trevor stumble upon him. They're so taken aback that he manages to escape. The second time, he hides on top of a sconce, impressing Gavin and Michael. 
  • Thumbs Up from the Lava Pit - Gmod Gune - Prop Hunt
    • The very first round Lindsay reveals that Gavin is hiding as a Rupee, angering her teammate and getting calls to Noodle her immediately. They can't because they can't find the Noodle.
    • Ryan forgets his taunt is still "Running in the '90s", thus his team is treated to a round long soundbite.
    • During the second map, Michael finds a molten metal pit and immediately starts referencing Terminator 2: Judgment Day as flames surround his screen. Gavin falls in at one point and, while it doesn't kill him, he helplessly begs for someone to get him out.
      • During that same time, Michael and Trevor find the room where Ryan is hiding. Trevor proceeds to lob a grenade at the back of Michael's head, which bounces off and explodes, killing Trevor instead.
    • The second round in the second map as an Epic Fail for Ryan's team: Not only did Gavin fall into the pit with no one to help him, Ryan and Alfredo couldn't find anyone, even with them staring right in from of them.
    • During the final round, Gavin and Alfredo start throwing balls at each other, sailing over Ryan's head.
      Ryan: Things are flying over my head!
      Gavin: Alfredo's being really childish and throwing yellow balls everywhere.
      Alfredo: Oh really, I wonder who I learned this from...
      • In the same round, Gavin and Ryan hide in the lava pit as the default dummy. Michael comes by and spots Gavin and kills him when Gavin quickly changes into a prop. However, he missed seeing Ryan changing and used a grenade to kill himself and Alfredo. Trevor also falls into the pit and dies from the fall, leaving Ryan and Lindsay the only survivors.
  • We Become Shadow Ghosts in Gmod: Prop Hunt
    • Trevor hides himself as a shoe in a series of dark tunnels. When Ryan's flashlight hits him, a Scare Chord plays as the shadow of his dummy model appears. Cue Ryan having a panic attack at the invincible shadow person running circles around him.
      • This becomes a running theme as many discoveries are made via "shadow people". They have to turn off their custom models to play the game properly.
    • While investigating the second map, Trevor gasps in delight on discovering a turtle plushie with a Valentine's heart appearing on screen centered around the plushie.
  • Prop Hunt in the AH OFFICE! - Gmod: Prop Hunt
    • The guys are playing Prop Hunt in a recreation of the Rooster Teeth building that contains the Achievement Hunter office, joined by Jon Risnger. Poor Jon has a hard time getting used to the game.
    • At the beginning of the video, Fiona's gameplay footage is stated to have been destroyed for reasons that will be known later, namely Gavin's monitor abruptly deactivating on her. Lindsay's footage was also stated to be "tragically lost".
    • Jeremy loudly calls attention to the Gears of War Xboxes that Microsoft sent them that have been recreated in the map. While looking right at Fiona as one, knowing full well she's it. He has to outright tell her before she realises she's been rumbled.
    • Everyone is constantly noting that some areas of the office have since been updated IRL, and lamenting at how clean it is in comparison to their regular office.
    • When they're both the Hunters, Jack gets Fiona to stand on the red "X" in the AH office and once she does, he drops the upside-down bouncy castle on her and traps her inside for the rest of the round. While she's trapped, Jeremy jumps in the window as a can from the Play Pals office, while Ryan (also as a can) dances around her feet, with her unable to hit him. Poor Fiona can only cry that the can has been haunting her when the other Hunters find her.
    • Ryan randomly dies in one round as a Hunter, with no clue as to why, winding up crumbled in a mournful position.
    • Trevor finds a camera and he, Michael and Jeremy decide to do an impromptu Lads Action News, ignoring the Props entirely.
    • Ryan takes immense pleasure in taunting Trevor one round. When Trevor does find him, he lays a rocket on him, but only blows himself up while Ryan survives.
    • One round when Fiona disguises herself as a chair and get spotted, she tries to flee the office only to get spotted, and she runs into Jon as he enters the office and turns into the couch by accident.
    • Jeremy announces that he'll probably die early one round due to messing around. Barely seconds afterwards, he's spotted and killed by three of the Hunters.
    • Fiona finally gets some revenge in the last round when she's the last Prop remaining, sending everyone on a wild goose chase looking for her. A good portion of the Hunters work out her rough location (a banana on a shelf) and shoot a bomb at her, but only end up killing themselves, allowing Fiona to win the round.
  • You're Not The REAL SpongeBob - Gmod: Prop Hunt (GmAug)
    • During one round, Alfredo disguises himself as a burger, and hides behind a trash can. Jack then declares that he is about to blow someones mind, and then the trash can spins around to greet Alfredo.
  • Hiding Behind Seekers in Gmod
    • One round with Matt and Alfredo as the hunters gets cut short when Matt accidentally blows up an explosive barrel, and kills himself. A few rounds later, they get to try again, and Matt promises to not do it again. No less then a few seconds later, he blows himself up again.
    • In another, with Jack and Fiona as the hunters, Alfredo trolls Fiona by changing to a small doll prop and running about beneath her feet. After some struggle, Fiona is able to kill him by blowing up a nearby barrel, before having an accident.
      Jack: How much health do you have, Fiona?
      Fiona: I have 20, but at least I’m alive! (Throws a grenade, and kills herself)

  • Let's Play - Gmod: Murder Part 1
    • Gavin as the murderer by itself is pretty hilarious, due to him struggling with crouch jumping and figuring out how to switch colors with dead players, but the real funny moment kicks in when he attempts to switch to a different color without having picked up any clues yet, to which the ghost of a dead Jack chimes in, complete with a shaky, translucent face-cam:
      Ghost Jack: Iiiii think you need a cluuuuuuuuuue...
      • in that same round, Jeremy is in search of clues and finds a desk lamp. His response? "Save me, Pixar!"
    • During one of Michael's matches, he hides in an alleyway, waiting for someone to come by. Jeremy spots him and promptly shoots him.
    • In one round where Jack is the murderer, Michael knocks down the suspects to between Gavin and Jack and Gavin is adamant that he's innocent, shocked that Michael would turn against him. During the argument, Ryan shoots Gavin dead, allowing Jack to kill them all. The worst part about this is that everyone was still alive at the time except for Jeremy, and both Ryan and Geoff had guns on them at this point. However, because Ryan shoots an innocent person, it freezes his screen and causes him to lose his gun, letting Jack quickly finish him and Michael off while also taking out Geoff before he could react. Michael and Gavin's outraged reactions end up in the intro:
      Michael: I TOLD YOU IT WAS JACK!!!
      Gavin: WHO SHOT ME IN THE FACE?!
      • Gavin gets hit with this again the following round when Geoff is the killer. Jeremy comes up behind Gavin blows him away, leaving both Michael (who was constantly blaming Gavin as the murderer that round) and Jeremy to be left stunned by it.
    • The next round has Michael as the killer and Jeremy essentially showing off his mad jumping skills to evade Michael long enough for Ryan to get the last clue and a gun. Michael gets them anyway.
    • At the end of the final round, in a scene straight out of a horror movie, Gavin witnesses the murderer changing into a new form. After a moment of horrified silence, he runs away with a high-pitched squeal of fear. 
      • Prior to this, the murderer, "Tango", killed Geoff right away, with Geoff managing to squawk out that it was Tango before dying. "Tango" immediately denies that it was them, and proceeds to kill Jeremy, who also chokes out their identity.
  • Let's Play - GMod: Murder Part 2
    • Gavin kills both Jack and Jeremy so fast that neither of them can properly introduce the Let's Play.
      • Ryan tries to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and buy a ticket out of the area. Michael promptly shoots the ticketing machine, declaring it's broken now.
      • It takes them a while to realize the first map has no clues.
    • In the second round, Jack tries to put a bucket on Gavin's head. Gavin guts him with the knife.
      • He fails again in the third with Michael.
        Michael: Jack, Jack I felt so bad as you were doing it, I was like "I'm gonna kill Jack the same way"! 
    • During the third round, Michael fully embraces his role as the murderer after killing Geoff, who had the gun.
      Michael: Now Geoff's DEAD! Come and get me! The gun is GONE!
    • At the end of the third round, Michael hunts down the last two remaining - Ryan and Gavin - and when he finds them, he kills Ryan and sends his body flying.
    • The fourth round has Ryan and Geoff as X-ray. Gavin declares that he's Vav.
      • Michael drops another deadpan gem about the killer's identity:
        Jeremy: Gu-Blue X-Ray! Blue X-Ray's the murderer! *dies*
    • During the fifth round, Jeremy gives himself away as the killer via being unable to count to five.
      Gavin: Jeremy's the killer! Bad math!
    • The sixth round has all the dead players mocking their penchant for ghost talk.
  • Let's Play - GMod: Murder Part 3:
    • In the first round where Ryan was the murderer, he was shot by Jack because Jack thought that Ryan was Jeremy.
    • In a round where Michael is a killer, Trevor was running away from Jeremy who had similar traits to the murderer. While running, they ended up near Ryan who was hiding by the trees of the playing field.
      Ryan: Okay, no. It's not you two.
      (both Jeremy and Trevor gasp when they see Ryan)
      Trevor: What is that fucking Blair Witch bullshit!?
    • In a different round where Michael has a gun, he spots and kills Trevor, who is an innocent bystander. Fortunately, Jeremy was nearby to recover the gun... and immediately blows away Gavin, also an innocent bystander.
  • RouLetsPlay - Murder
    • Geoff continues to accuse anyone and everyone he comes across of being the murderer. In one later round, he goes one step further and starts taking all the clues he finds to make sure no one gets a gun, even though he started with one. He claims it's the only way he can be 'safe.'
    • Jeremy suggests to Matt that he use radiation from a microwave to turn into the Hulk and escape. Matt plays along and "Hulks out"... by murdering Jeremy.
      Matt: RAAAGH! I AM THE HULK! RAAAGH! [draws his knife and kills Jeremy]
      Jeremy: OH GOD!!!
    • On Michael's turn as the murderer, he accidentally gives himself away by commenting on the footprints on the ground, which only the murderer can see. He tries to stop himself mid-sentence, but Jeremy calls him out on it.
  • Let's Play - Gmod: Murder - Peace Bananas (#4)
    • Early on they all realize they've possibly played too much Murder with each other and have begun to notice when people are using their murderer voice
    • As usual, Geoff is highly paranoid, all the time.
    • Three times, Ryan just shoots the murderer dead at the start of the round. The video opens with him doing this to Jeremy, and he later does it to Jack and Gavin.
      Ryan: (laughing) "Why does that keep working??"
    • Michael gets stuck in a wall. He's the murderer, and he kills Gavin by throwing the knife while everyone else is waiting for the guy with the gun to come over.
      • Also when he gets stuck, Ryan places a melon on his head and shouts for the others to get more things to stack atop of Michael.
    • On two separate occasions, Ryan is the murderer and is hunting Jeremy after everyone else is killed. On both rounds, one is killed by the other as they round a corner after having picked up a clue neither of them needed.note 
    • In one round, Gavin is the murderer and only Jeremy and Ryan are still standing. Ryan gets separated from Jeremy (who has the gun) and starts getting nervous, only to sigh in relief when Purple Golf comes around the corner... which immediately turns to horror when he remembers Purple Golf is Gavin Because... , who proceeds to murder him without a second thought.
    • A little while in, Gavin's the murderer three times in a row. Everyone thinks that's pretty unusual. Then he's the murderer again. Surely he can't be again, right? Nope, Jeremy shoots him and he was the murderer again. Then Jeremy makes a confession - he discovered a little while before that he can force people to be the murderer for the next round, and just set the role on Gavin every time. Both Jack and Geoff spend almost a solid twenty seconds laughing. Even better, the very next round was left to the game to pick the murderer, and yet again it was Gavin.
      Gavin: "You son of a bitch! You were toying with me!"
    • The ending's hilarious too. Having baited and dispatched everyone else, Jeremy is tracking down Geoff and Jack, both of whom have guns. Jeremy kills Jack, but then gets stuck in the same position Michael did earlier; then he kills Geoff, who, having missed his first shot, walks in a straight line towards the killer while reloading, by throwing the knife at him.
  • Let's Play - Gmod: 8-Man Murder
  • Rooftop Dance Party - Gmod Gune - Murder 
    • At one point Michael is being chased around the map by Matt, shouting that Matt's the murderer. At that exact moment in an awesome display of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Trevor opens a door to find Gavin with the gun crouched behind it and watching the door and is blown away by Gavin's panic shot.
    • Throughout the video, Trevor has taken to keeping the door to one of the rooms locked, locking one of the gang, usually Gavin, inside. While he kept Gavin locked in the room, he had no idea that Gavin was the killer and both he and Alfredo get killed for it.
    • One of the "noodlings" is Michael getting up from his chair and launching it right at Alfredo's head. He also takes the noodle and smacks Gavin in the head.
    • In one round where Michael was yelling about Geoff being the killer, Alfredo runs into a room where Matt was also hiding. Matt offers him a milk carton.
    • Ryan invites Trevor, Alfredo, and Michael to join him on the roof to dance. Ryan kills Alfredo. 
    • In the final round, Geoff gets his hand on a gun. Gavin pops up, and Geoff confronts him about being accidentally killed in a previous round. Unfortunately for him, Gavin kills him before he could shoot.
      Geoff: Hey Gavin, do you wanna live? (Gavin immediately kills him with a blank expression on his face)
      • Even better, the guys had completely forgotten about him. Because Ryan and Trevor kept accusing each other of being the killer, a completely silent Gavin took the opportunity to take everyone out amid the confusion.
  • Don't Flush Me Bro - Gmod: Murder (feat. Rahul Kohli)
    • One round sees the entire group in a panic because Jack can't accurately describe the colour of the murderer.
    • Trevor is the Bystander with the gun in a round, and keeps shooting it while using the emote wheel.
      Trevor: "I'm trying to emote!"
    • In a round the murderer manages to kill a group of people adding their sprays to a wall and leaves, just as Gavin enters the scene. Gavin then proceeds to wonder why he's 'bleeding out' on the floor and then adds his own spray to the wall before ''finally'' noticing the bodies. The whole time Michael's facecam is onscreen with a "Really...?" expression.
    • One round has them all debating whether to shoot Gavin or not. They eventually all gather and Jeremy asks Gavin who he is. Gavin tells him the name of Rahul's character instead, which is followed by Jeremy immediately shooting Rahul as Gavin escapes in the confusion. Gavin reveals his dupe after the round ends, horrifying Jeremy and leading the others to call him out for murdering the guest.
    • Jack is hidden behind two barrels when the murdered comes across him. The murderer proceeds to dismantle the barricade, placing one of the barrels on top of the crouched Jack before trying to knife him. Somehow the barrel acts as a shield and Jack is left to scream and shout the name of the killer for a good few seconds before he is finally killed.
    • Rahul has a lot of trouble remembering when he can and can't talk.
    • One round has Michael as the killer, with the only innocent left being Ryan. Michael chases Ryan through a room, and Ryan hides in the corner of the room, desperate. It works somehow... Jack and Jeremy's astounded reactions are priceless.
  • The Candle and the Moon Ball - Gmod: Murder
    • At one point, Jack shoots an innocent Ryan, so Ryan takes his revenge by pelting Jack in the arm with a moonball, which then becomes the penalty for friendly fire.
    • Gavin starts following Ryan around, since, in his words, "Jeremy won't have me!" Once Gavin's revealed as the murderer, he goes after Jeremy Yandere style.
      Ryan: I knew you were trying to stalk me and kill me!
      Gavin: I was! [giggles]
      Jeremy: Okay, we got - [sees Gavin approaching] HE'S STALKING ME TO KILL ME! HE'S DOING A THING!
      Gavin: You should have had me! YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD ME, JEREMY! HAVE ME NOW!!!
      Michael: Weird. Very weird...
    • During Ryan's first round as the murderer, Trevor ends up stopping in front of a bathroom mirror while Michael, Gavin and Jeremy are fooling around in the attic. Suddenly, complete with Scare Chord, Ryan appears behind Trevor and kills him, with Trevor only getting out an panicked "OH! OHHHH OH!" and gesturing furiously on his facecam.
    • Before the video started, Michael lit a candle on Gavin's desk. Then he forgot about it. Half an hour later, he and Gavin happen to look at it, and the melting wax has nearly reached the floor.
    • In the middle of a round, Michael gets overexcited in pointing out the killer since the killer was sprinting, to which everybody else replies no, everybody can do that.note  Michael protests that's not possible, since he's been holding down shift to run the entire time and he's not running that fast. A little experimentation proves that his alt key was stuck down, causing 'walk' to appear as his default move speed... and apparently had been for every single Gmod game they've ever played.
    • When Ryan has the gun he orders every surviving player to line up against a nearby wall and crouch. Lindsay doesn't know how.
      Ryan: Everyone crouch.
      [Everyone but Lindsay crouches.]
      Lindsay: [Looking at her keyboard in confusion] Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh....
      Ryan: Alright, yep. I should have known that's how that was going to go. 
    • Michael (who's not the murderer) gets tailed by Trevor (who's also not the murderer), and starts panicking as Trevor silently chases him around the map. Jack (who is the murderer) can only watch and laugh as Michael loops past him through the lobby twice, screaming the whole way.
    • Ryan asks the murderer to ignore him while he searches through menus to help Michael figure out his sprint setting; Trevor doesn't listen and kills him. Ryan is so outraged that he unapologetically breaks the "no talking" rule to out his killer.
    Ryan: Alright, whoever the fucking murderer is, I had- I was- Grey! It's fucking Grey! Who didn't listen!
  • CAN'T MURDER THE DEAD - Gmod: Murder w/ Fiona Nova
    • Ryan at one point is faced with two Green Kilos (one lime and one darker green) and decides that it'll be too confusing. So he shoots one of them.
    • Trevor uses the text chat to tell Fiona that he'll protect her from the murderer. After Fiona calls that creepy, Trevor goes all out, tailing Fiona while talking in a creepy voice about protecting her.
    • At one point a number of them are all in the dark sewer part of the level, and the murderer Jack pulls out the knife. Cue a mass Freak Out from everyone down there while the person with the gun, topside, is trying to shout over the panicking to work out who the murderer is.
    • Geoff is the killer and disguises himself as one of his kills Trevor to try and get closer to the others. After the round:
      Trevor: He wore my skin! I didn't know that Geoff knew how to do that!
    • Again at the sewer entrance another panic happens when the killer Michael tries to start killing. He ends up down the ladder in the sewer chasing one person, and then stays where he is as pretty much everyone else in the area flees down the ladder and into his knife as the gunman Matt watches.
    • Fiona gets to be the killer, and Trevor gets away from her. His panic causes a little bit of literal-mindedness.
      Ryan: What is she? What is she? What is she??
      Trevor: She's the murderer dude.
      Ryan: No, colour and person!
      (Jack laughs)
      • Then it gets better.
        Trevor: I didn't have time to look!
        Ryan: What do you mean? She was chasing you with a knife!! How do you not know what she looks like?!
        Trevor: I was freaking out man!!
    • They discover they can drag dead bodies around the map. Jack then spends most of the round trying to dunk Michael's dead body into the piranha pool. Ends in some Laser-Guided Karma when the murderer kills him from behind and his own dead body ends up landing in the pool.
  • BRICK OF INNOCENCE - Gmod Gune: Murder
    • Poor Geoff is bullied through the first few matches, being killed off usually after only one sentence. It gets to the point where rounds where he's an innocent has him being followed by an entourage or hiding away in a little valley.
    • One round really shows off Ryan's Token Evil Teammate status. He's following Jeremy, the murderer, towards a passageway that has a blind spot. Suspecting that he could be potentially killed, Ryan follows Jeremy up to the place where the blind spot is, and then waits for another of the guys to take the bait. Jack proceeds to walk into the hallway before Ryan. All we hear is Jack's terrified reaction before he's violently cut short.
      Jack: "OH GOD, IT'S-"
    • Alfredo's colorblindness hits Jack one round as they argue over the color of Alfredo's character's shirt (Fredo thinks it's red, everyone else says it's brown/doo-doo).
      • It gets better when Alfredo attempts to call his 'twin' in to back him up.
        Alfredo: "Trevor, is this not red?"
        Jack: "Trevor's colourblind! Why would you ask him??"
        (Jeremy breaks into hysterics)
    • Matt gets a gun and tells Ryan he's coming back to where he just passed him, and then asks Ryan to prove how he's innocent. Ryan also pulls out a gun. Matt panics when Ryan pulls something out and shoots him before his brain catches up with what he's actually seeing.
    • One round ends up having a chase scene that wouldn't be out of place in ScoobyDoo. Alfredo sees Ryan rounding a corner and panics, screaming that he's the murderer. Ryan, being the Troll that he is, decides to chase Alfredo all over the courtyard, the pair running around in circles as poor Fredo tries and fails to get backup. Alfredo was right. Ryan actually was the murderer.
      Jeremy: "Where is this happening?"
      Alfredo: "THE COURTYARD! THE FUCKING COURTYARD! Bring a gun! Bring anything! The police, the fire department, do it!"
    • During one round, Jeremy and Jack learn that they could land on the lampposts outside and they start acting like Batman. Alfredo, the killer that round, sees the two and throws his knife at Jeremy, killing him and causing Jack to panic.
      Jack: "Someone killed Harvey Dent!" (AKA Jeremy)
      Matt: "He could have been trusted!" 
    • In the final round's start, Matt finds out he has a gun just a split second before Ryan throws his knife and kills him. The face cam shows a startled Matt looking behind him trying to figure out who nailed him so soon.
    • During a round with Lindsay as the killer, she transforms from pink Victor to purple Lima, unaware that Jeremy was right behind her. Jeremy sees it, yells "Oh, hey now! Wait a second!", and shoots her in the back.
    • In the first round, it's down to Matt and Ryan as Jeremy has killed everyone else. When Ryan realizes it's down to them, Matt watches as Ryan leaves a room, get flung across the room as Jeremy kills him and Jeremy casually saying "Hi, Matt" as he kills him.
    • The second round Alfredo goes completely nuts as the killer, flinging Millie's body around, casually cutting down Matt, Ryan and Jeremy and causing Trevor to scream like a girl.
    • The third round has Jeremy outed as the killer as, for some reason, he has blood on his back.
    • The fifth round has Jeremy question if there's any punishments for killing innocents. Immediately afterwards, Trevor zips in front of him, scaring him and leading Jeremy to shoot him in the head.
    • One round, Matt and Ryan team up to find the killer. Their "genius" method? Shoot everybody that isn't them. Hilariously enough, it actually works, as the duo manage to narrow it down and kill Geoff.
    • The murderer, Trevor manages to kill every single person save for Detective Roger Davis himself. After a few minutes with no luck finding Ryan, Trevor decides to grab a bust and hold it out of a doorway, pretending he's the survivor, Frederick Jefferson. This ends up giving Ryan the perfect opportunity to grab the gun and sneak up behind "Frederick Jefferson", before executing him with a shot to the back of the head. The room erupted into laughter.
      Trevor: Everything is fine! (Ryan blasts him with the gun from behind)
    • During one round with Jeremy as the killer, Ryan manages to find the gun, and has Jeremy himself confirm that he's the killer. Then:
      Jeremy: Ryan.
      Ryan: Yes?
      Jeremy: Did you find the gun?
      Ryan: Yes. [shoots Jeremy just as he comes into sight]
    • Trevor props Frederick Jefferson up on a toilet and crouches in front of the bathroom mirror. He then walks from side to side very rapidly causing his walking animation to freak out.
  • THE MUG CLUB - Gmod Murder: Ju-Lie
    • When Trevor and Geoff are the only two bystanders left alive, Trevor suggests that they try to Bum Bait the murderer. As Trevor stands in the corner with Geoff on over watch, Michael walks right up and kills Trevor as Geoff misses his shot.
      Ryan: You really put your faith in the wrong person there.
    • One round goes awry when Trevor mistakenly assumes the murderer is automatically an old man and shoots Geoff, leaving Ryan open to stab everyone. Matt gets the gun and tries and fails to shoot Ryan four times before dying, ending the round.
    • Another round begins and ends in about a minute because Alfredo decides to start dancing around the main lobby with a knife out. Jeremy wastes no time gunning him down.
    • At one point, a group of them gets together and starts spamming the in-game "Help" shout. One of them, Ryan happened to be the murderer, and eventually stabs them all.
    • Michael spends a brief round as the murderer with Trevor tailing right behind him. Meanwhile, Jeremy starts with the gun and says he's going to blow away the first person he sees. That person is Michael. Michael wastes no time pointing out that he did the exact thing he hates Ryan for doing.
      Michael: You son of a cunt! Fucking random- random murder!
      Trevor: Nope, no, you were right up my crev!
      Michael: Trevor, you were following ME, you fuckbucket! What are you talking about?!
    • Near the end, Geoff says the murderer of the next round should just confess. Trevor does so and still wins the round.
  • Four in the Tub - Gmod: Murder | Let's Play
    • Geoff's facecam is replaced by an old photo of him that's been animated to have a moving mouth.
    • In this game, there's just a cavalcade of EpicFails by the killers
      • Gavin as the killer attempts to attack Michael when his back is turned. Unfortunately, he ends up stuck on the door, and by the time he frees himself, he's overcommitted, leading to him being shot.
      • Jack, the killer, sees Trevor and Gav standing incredibly close to each other, and attempts to go in for the kill. Unfortunately for Jack, he ends up hitting the boxes next to Trevor, causing him to miss his target and get shot for his troubles.
      • Trevor has a similar fail later on, when he attempts to kill the Detective, Gavin. His stab ends up going in front of Gavin's face, leading to Gav shooting him immediately afterwards.
      • Poor Fiona doesn't even get a second to play before Gavin immediately shoots her on a whim, ending the round immediately. The best part is that they had just declared that that round would be the final one, so Gavin immediately screamed "LET'S STOP!"
    • Geoff sees Ryan pull out his knife, and attempts to shoot him, but misses. While Ryan was standing still. To quote the comments section:
    • The title of the video comes from a moment where Gavin, Geoff, and Fiona all decide to convene in a bathtub they have dubbed "The Tub of Innocence". As with any scenario where a group of innocents try and stick together in a small space, Ryan proceeds to slaughter all of them, with Gavin letting out a horrified scream.
      Michael: "Welp, Gavin's dead."
    • Michael and Jack are the last two survivors, with Ryan being silent. This convinces each other that the other is the killer, causing them to run into each other and quickly dart into other rooms to hide.
    • During one round, Geoff's irritation at being accused (wrongfully) of being the killer causes him to mix his words up.
      Geoff: "So wait, who's the killer?"
      Trevor: "Sounds like Geoff."
      Geoff: "I can't be Geoff, I have a gun, dipshit."
      Michael: "I can't be Geoff... You are Geoff for sure."
      (Jack laughs)
    • At one point, Ryan sees Michael (as Purple India) stab someone, but doesn't see his name, leading him to call out the killer as "A Purple Woman." Less than a minute later later, Geoff (having just picked up a gun) rounds a corner, sees Trevor (Purple Bravo), and blows him away without a second thought. Trevor was livid.
      Geoff: "I saw purple and I killed-"
      Trevor: (breaking the "don't talk once your dead" rule) "I'M NOT A WOMAN!"
    • Michael is the Detective and Gavin serves as his deputy. During the round, they come across Jack, who is one away from getting a gun himself. On Gavin's word, Michael shoots him, and Gavin proceeds to pick up his gun. Ryan raises a valid objection to this.
  • The GREATEST Detective We Have Ever Seen in Gmod: Murder
    • At the very beginning, we see clearly from Lindsay's screen as Ryan murders Jack, but Lindsay just says "hi" and only outs Ryan as she dies. Lindsay claimed she just looked away from the second Ryan did the deed.
    • In what might the best example of Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, Jack and Ryan know that Jeremy is the killer and sees him running towards them. Jack has the gun and had Jeremy dead to rights, unfortunately, Ryan got in the way of the gun as it was fired and dies seconds before Jeremy kills Jack. Jeremy laughs his butt off due to sight of it, Ryan is in disbelief of it and Jack throws a short tantrum at the sheer stupidity of it, calms down and also laughs it off.
  • There Are Dead People In The Vents! - Gmod: Murder (GmAug)
    • Somehow, Ryan as the murderer keeps coming upon Gavin and Jeremy, and killing them both, often with the gunman in the room.
      Jack: Ryan why is it always you and me?!
      Ryan: Its because I always kill Gavin and Jeremy first. I make one watch the other, it's kinda my M.O.
      Jeremy: (Ghostly Voice) Gav, stay away from me!
  • Bad Detectives and Fruits of Innocence - Gmod: Murder
    • Gavin the murderer decides to "hire" Lindsay to be on his side, which pays off when they chase Jeremy around a corner and he accidentally shoots Lindsay instead of Gavin.
    • In the final round, Jeremy and Michael both acquire guns and shoot Gavin and Matt, figuring that they had a good enough chance of one of them being the murderer. Unfortunately they were both innocent, leaving their killers at the mercy of Alfredo the murderer.
      Jeremy: What are the odds we only killed good people?!

    Live Streams 
  • Batman Doesn't Do That! - Gmod: TTT | Live Gameplay
    • To promote the Batman merch, the crew is all playing with a Batman character skin and dressed up as said character in real life. Highlights include Jeremy's voice being muffled by his Bane jockstrap mask (he had been Bane in Gmod for some time by this point), Gavin in an orange t-shirt for Robin, and Ryan complaining that his Deadshot mask is ironically ruining his ability to shoot.
      • Similarly, everyone's changed their names to line up with their characters. Special mention goes to Ryan's "Detective Roger Deadshot" and Trevor's "Paul Ruddler".
    • During the preparations phase of one round, Gavin decides that he's going to kill Jack instantly if he's a traitor. The round starts, and fortunately for Gavin, he is a traitor. Unfortunately for Gavin, Jack was the other traitor. Both of them lose it the moment they realize Gavin's mistake.
    • Jeremy is the Swapper, and Gavin is the Hypnotist. Gavin tries repeatedly to revive Jack, but Jeremy keeps hitting him with his crowbar, dealing no damage, but knockback so that the revival process is interrupted. Gavin goes into Angrish as he can't do anything about Jeremy's trolling.
      • Among his complaints at the end of the round is Jeremy "making him look like trash in front of Fiona".
      • Gavin does get revenge in a later round. When there are some people fleeing from the zombies, Jeremy as the Detective watches Gavin through a sniper scope.
      Jeremy: Gavin, what are you?
      Gavin: Uh...innocent?
      (Gavin gets sniped by Jeremy and swapped. Jeremy covers his face in shame.)
      Gavin: I'm the detective!
    • Ryan gets incredibly lucky in guessing when Jack is the traitor, killing him before Jack does anything wrong, much to Jack's ire. It gets to the point where after Ryan kills him again, Jack gets out of his seat and storms off.
    • As part of an innocent test, they decide to test each other by asking questions about the word "innocent" Ryan asks Gavin what the 5th letter of innocent. Gavin asks Ryan what the 9th letter in innocent is. It takes Ryan a few guesses to realize it's a trick question.
    • In one round, because Gavin is a glitch, Matt kills Jeremy, when both of them are on the Traitor team.
    • The group decide in one round to do a duel between Jeremy and Gavin to decide which one of them is a traitor. (Neither of them are). After a long setup, the duel starts...and Gavin runs away. Everyone decides to kill him.
    • Trevor tries to test Matt's innocence by having him type 'kit-kat' on his keyboard without putting it in chat. After Matt drops dead, Trevor reveals that while he was on Matt's computer, he binded the K key to kill. Turns out Matt was one of the traitors, and fellow traitor Jeremy openly blows his own cover to shit-talk him. Made funnier by how casually Jeremy explains it while he's brutally murdering a terrified Fiona.
      Gavin: Who died? So who died there?
      Jeremy: I'll tell you what happened, alright? I'm a bad person, and here's what- Here's what. Once again, my fucking teammate is Matt Bragg. He's the other killer, and goddamn Trevor convinces him to KILL HIMSELF!
  • GMOD: TTT | Live Gameplay (8/03/2020)
    • One round has Detective Jack get his hands on the Portal gun, so he takes every opportunity to shoot everyone through portals. Traitor Fiona attempts to lure Lindsay into a trap but Lindsay already fell through a portal to her death. Jack then shoots another portal underneath Fiona, and she screams "I FUCKING HATE YOU!" as she dies, sending everyone, especially Jack and Alfredo, into hysterics.
  • GMOD: Death Crab | Live Gameplay (08/10/20)
    • For "Crab Week," the gang decided to play a slightly modified version of Death Snail that replaced the snail with a crab. They make it very clear that the event has nothing to do with Shark Week.
    • The entire stream is full of gems, but the highlight came around the 1:09:00 mark during a round where the group agreed to only speak with the word "crab." Ryan (the crab who had thrown his knife and was waiting for it to return) walks up behind Gavin (standing next to Jack). Jack sees the crab, but Gavin doesn't, causing Jack to start screaming "CRAAAAAB!" at the top of his lungs. Gavin doesn't realize Jack is talking to him, and is completely oblivious to the killer crab behind him. Eventually Ryan gets his knife back and kills both of them.
  • Tenacious Traitors | Gmod: TTT | Live Gameplay (08/31/20)
    • Near the end of the session, Matt uses the randomat and gets an unexpected result: Any time anyone jumps (or falls from a great enough height), their character falls to the ground and is helplessly stuck in place. It doesn't take long for everyone to get stuck with seemingly no way to complete the round (Trevor even gets stuck below the kill-plane, but is still alive). Just the image of Link, Voldemort, Deadshot, Jack of Blades, an Ender Dragon, and The Mask all lying on the ground with no way to move is just hilarious.
      Michael: "Remember when we said 'last round, unless something happens?'"
    • It gets even better when Ryan (a traitor) realizes he's not so helpless.
      Ryan: "I found something I can do! I can throw paper airplanes!"note 
  • We're All Jesters Now | Gmod: TTT | Live Gameplay
    • During one rather confusing round, Detective Alfredo puts down a possession symbol, before being killed by Hypnotist Jeremy.
      • He then possessed Trevor when he walks over the symbol, and while he is in the process of controlling Trevor, Jeremy hypnotizes him, turning him into a traitor while still possessing Trevor.
      • Matt and Trevor then get hit by angels, and Alfredo takes this opportunity to mess with Trevor, dragging him away from the angel, and making him look away.
      • Having pieced all this together, Jeremy allows Matt to kill him to see what would happen.
      • Seemingly the only ones left, Matt kills Trevor, releasing Alfredo who begins glitching around the map, confusing Matt enough threat the angel finally gets him.

  • Lets Play- Gmod Slender
    • The boys play a Garrys Mod game mode based on Slender where one of the players is the titular Slenderman. They make the mistake to let Ryan be Slendy first, and he proceeds to do a very good job at scaring the others shitless. Especially Geoff, who spends a lot of the round jumping at shadows and screaming at nothing.
  • I'm a Dead - Gmod: Deathrun - w/Chilled, Ze, GaLm, & Tom
    • In the opening round, Jack carves his name into the ice and drops dead because he didn't move.
    • GaLm tries to let Jeremy to let him through, and he does...only for the deadly gas in the level to kill him and everyone else.
    • On the gold mine map, GaLm gets revenge by setting off a falling trap that kills Jeremy.
    • Chilled is playing on Michael's account and confused himself for one of the two random players that somehow joined their game.
    • Ze dies at the opening of a round because he slipped off the plank bridge.
    • One of the randoms keeps cursing out the map in French. Jeremy reads one of them in a fake French accent.
      Ray_Zahir: la map étouffe toi sur une bite de baleine (the map chokes you on a whale cock)
    • In the last round, Chilled changes his skin to a giant penguin/Pingu. The others accuse the penguin of hailing Hitler.
      Chilled: "I'm just a penguin! I have no political affiliation!"
  • We Made Our Own Game Mode - Gmod: Death Snail
    • AH had a custom game mode made where one person plays as a super fast snail armed with a knife and the others with guns. You read that right. A super fast snail armed with a knife is the murderer.
    • With one round with Jeremy as the snail, after killing Trevor, he jumps to his death in victory, completely forgetting that Lindsay was still alive.
    • In one round with Gavin as the snail, only Jack is left. He suggests meeting in the streets for a duel. As the two square off, Gavin tries throwing the knife, only for it to sail over his head. Jack makes the decision to walk over to the knife, making it easier for Gavin to kill him and win.
    • The round begins with Gavin killing Michael so quickly a timer was added showing that Michael didn't even last 2 seconds.
    • One round starts with Lindsay killing Trevor almost as quickly as Michael died (complete with timer). Unfortunately for her she promptly heads into a dead end, allowing Gavin to get behind her and kill her with ease.
  • We Make a Horror Movie in Gmod - Gmod: Slasher
    • Another custom game mode where one person is a monster and everybody else hides in rooms or crawl spaces.
    • The second round has Gavin and Jack flank the wall where the elevator the monster comes up is. Jeremy is the monster and completely misses them both when he steps out of the lift.
    • One Lindsay round has Jeremy use Jack as bait before he hides in the cabinet. She finds the Endor dragon on the bunk bed and tries to get him. As she's doing so, Jeremy comes out of his hiding spot and slides away from the room. Cue screams of frustration from Jack.
    • In the last round Jack, Gavin, and Ryan all decide to totem pole on top of each other next to the elevator.
  • Death Snail UPDATE! - Gmod: Death Snail with AfroSenju XL
    • The snail is back complete with snaily voices
    • During one round Snail Ryan hides in a corpse and pops out scaring Jack half to death as he stabs him.

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