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  • A few weeks prior to the episode's release, Geoff let slip they had recorded the longest ever Let's Play. This was that Let's Play.
  • Minus Jack, plus Jeremy, four Achievement Hunters bullying each other again - for two and a half hours. Compounded by the 7-0 rule, which allows the Hunters to keep swapping and stealing each others' hands. Gavin insisted that they play for five hundred points; two hours in he's regretting it.
    • Not only bullying each other, but pretending to be friendly just long enough to backstab each other in the most brutal ways possible, with the help of some well-timed cards. Again and again and again.
      (Ryan drops a Wild +4 card on Jeremy, increasing his hand size to 16)
      Jeremy: Fuck!
      (Gavin puts down a Reverse card)
      Jeremy: Oh, did you throw it to me, Gav? (he puts down a Reverse card as well) Hey Gav, here's looking at you.
      Gavin: Oh, thanks, Jeremy. You know what my favorite color is? Blue. (he puts down a blue Reverse card) Blue for you.
      Jeremy: Oh, really? You know what my favorite hand is? Yours.
      (Jeremy puts down a blue 7, exchanges his 14-card hand for Gavin's 5)
      Gavin: Oh. ...Shit.
      (everyone falls apart laughing)
  • Jack comes in around 35 minutes into the video and expresses disbelief that out of everything that they could have been playing, they're playing Uno.
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  • The sheer number of times victory was snatched away from the contestants is staggeringly funny. For example, Geoff at one point has a single red card, and Jeremy's hand includes a red seven. Hilarity Ensues.
    Geoff: Is it red? Do I have red?
    Jeremy: I don't know, let me check!
    Jeremy pinches Geoff's hand and everyone loses it laughing
  • Jeremy gets into the habit of declaring "Here's looking at you" whenever he uses a card to screw someone else over.
    Gavin: If you say "here's looking at you" one more time, I'll get a crowbar—
    (Geoff starts cackling)
    Jeremy: Hey, Gavin! Here's looking at you.
  • At one point, after a particularly vicious round, Jack suggests that they should have a counter for how many cards they've gone through. Geoff calls for "Editor"... and a message from the editor pops up to go No. Go fuck yourselves.
  • It takes so long that Ryan has to leave, so Jack subs in. A bit later:
    Gavin: Why hasn't the audio crashed or anything?
    Jack: I dunno... we've got a new fucking computer running audio now, goddammit.
    Gavin: The old Mac Mini would've given up long ago.
    Jeremy: It's six o'clock!
    Gavin: Ryan's been gone an hour!
    Geoff: *resigned laughter*
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  • At one point, Jeremy forgets to call Uno when playing his card...and Geoff immediately jumps on him, forcing him to draw two for not calling Uno. Gavin ends the exchange with "You have the call the one left. Uno is one." The last line is put up like some kind of fake artsy inspirational quote image, complete with a picture of Gavin looking warmly at the viewer.
  • The game goes so long that Gavin's computer glitches up a bit, resulting in a purple blob in the center of the screen in the last bit of his play.
  • It actually winds up taking so long that Jeremy has to call his wife to say he'll be coming home late. During said call, which is captured on video via speakerphone, Gavin shouts "It won't end!" while hitting Jeremy with a Draw Two.
    Jeremy: Gavin just gave me two other cards like a cunt so... I- I might be a while.
    Kat: (scoldingly) Gavin!
    Gavin: My bad!
  • When they finally reach the end, their combined Big "YES!" is deafening. Then they improvise songs over the movie's credits, where, which are another six minutes, so after a few minutes of cacophonous, off-key, disjointed singing, everybody gets bored, they start ribbing on the fake namesnote , Michael shares out pretzels, and Jack eventually sends a message out to try and get more people from the office to join in.
    No Michaels were harmed during the making of this video.
    Gavin: Let's stop!
    • The credits include listing both Ryan and Jack as 'playing' Ryan, one of the producers listed as 'Porducer', and somehow Caleb was in the credits, but 'scribbled out' in red while the guys accuse him of cheating his way into the credits.
  • The video has an IMDb page now. With a 9.7/10 rating.
    • The fact that Jack is credited on that IMDb page as playing "Ryan." To the same effect, Micheal is listed as having played himself uncredited.
  • Someone took the time to create a fake movie trailer.
  • The first time Geoff winds up with an entire hand of blue cards, he manages to swap hands with Jack. A few turns later, Jack gives them back... and there are twice as many blues.
    Geoff: THEY MULTIPLIED! [...] What, did you feed them after midnight?!
  • After a 0 by Jack cycles everyone's hands, Gavin ends up with Geoff's hand of 11 cards, none of which are green or a 3.
    Gavin: Now... now you wouldn't think it, but I can't go!
  • A number of times, some of the hands consisted largely of one colour - and the Hunters came up with some funny euphemisms for them. For instance, a hand mostly of green cards was referred to by Ryan as "leafy ammunition," and Geoff had a hand stolen which he referred to as "the ocean."
    • Gavin also refers to a hand of four yellow cards as a "bowl of piss."
  • The fact that the main TV Tropes page treats this two-hour-forty-minute comedic Let's Play web video as an epic quasi-dramatic psychological thriller film. All for your giggles.
  • This top-rated comment is about as funny as the video.
    WolfBlade0001: I was playin' this with friends once, same rules. I kept drawing cards even though I could of put one down. My friends are laughing 'cause they believe I have the worst luck in the world. I got to around 30 cards when I played a seven and switched with a friend who had 3 left. Jason if you're reading this I recorded your scream if anger and I have it set as my ringtone for you.
  • The fact that even the highlight reel for the let's play is forty seven minutes long. Typically Achievement Hunter fan made highlights combine the best of a dozen or so Let's plays and are still only about twenty minutes long.
    • When Ryan comments he's lounging on his monstrous hoard of cards like a dragon, the editor inserts the original drawing of Smaug edited so his gold has been replaced with cards and his head with Ryan's.
  • At RTX Austin 2018, after stating in the movie that they'd never do it again, it was announced that a sequel was in the works.


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