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  • During Part 2, he ends up repeatedly running into the chubby schoolgirl ghost and needs to escape from her. Multiple times, within seconds. And he begins to sound more and more exasperated, whenever she grabs him. And then starts laughing at his repeated mistakes.
  • He has difficulty pronouncing 'Mnenomic Abyss'. After stuttering for a while, he settles on 'mimonic'.

     Deadly Premonition 
  • Exploring the hotel, he finds a picture of corn... and then goes off on a tangent of a Running Gag of his, with a character who is obsessed with corn. All while a picture of corn is flying across the screen.
  • During the third video, he eventually wonders why there is no sound in the game: Turns out he accidentally muted the game and didn't notice until he restarted.
  • When he needs to drive York, George and Emily to the next location, AestheticGamer puts a filter akin to the game's profiling, showing future scenes of him doing one of the races in the town. And his horrendous driving during it.
  • The various Previously On… moment, at the beginning of his videos.
    • Showcasting York's heavy breathing, when he has run too much.
    • Playing back Sigourney's incessant talking while driving her to her home, in order to not let her pot get cold.
    • When York gets hit by a car while waiting for Emily in front of her house, he stumbles around, heavily injured.
      Aesthetic Gamer: Emily! Emily, open the door! I need help! Oh, God! Emily!
    • Replaying the scene of York talking about an old case, where a man used the skulls of his female victims for 'daily necessities'.

  • DreadOut
    • While exploring the town at night, before entering the school, he jumps when the Pochong on Motorcycle runs Linda over. And then laughs when he accidentally runs into the giant ghost later on, with the appropriate Achievement title Attack on Titan.
    • When approaching the red-clad women in the foresty clearing, AestheticGamer gives off a warning, saying that he knows about some Indonesian ghosts that seduce humans and that they might be them. And things could get a little risqué.
    • He actually gives a small gasp during the abandoned mansion/hotel part, when a motorcycle is thrown in the wedding hall.
    • He laughs when Linda is about to sit down and ends up on her ass.
  • Kepers of the Dark
    • In the swampy area, he makes sure to take a picture of the muscely bodybuilder poster.
    • While fighting the two horse-riding ghosts, he starts making more and more horse jokes.
      AestheticGamer: And all the king's horses and all the king's men... went neigh!
      AestheticGamer: They're horsing around.
      AestheticGamer: No! Neigh!
    • After failing to banish the assassin ghost in the Village Outskirts area several times, AestheticGamer decides to head to a different location and try to get this one later. He heads to the Graveyard - and is shocked to be killed by the assassin (or a second one) in this new place.
      AestheticGamer: What the...!? What is he doing here? Are you stalking me?!
    • His reaction to the large Mad Sewer-Dog in the sewer area.
      AestheticGamer: OH, JESUS!! Ahem, sorry. That scared me a bit.

     Fatal Frame 
  • In general, saying that the Strangling Ritual isn't what killed the people. It was the major groping done by the ghostly hands.
  • Epically reading some of the lines from the various notebook scraps.
  • In Part 6, he decides to dash to his next location... and begins playing very upbeat, exciting music.
  • When Miku walks across a small bridged gap and stops, AestheticGamer tells her to keep going. Then insists that the ghost floating from beneath is looking up Miku's skirt!
    AestheticGamer: She's looking up your skirt! What a pervert! And now she's trying to grope your boobies! Get out of there NOW, she's a pedophile!
  • Beginning of the 2nd Night, one of the spirits steals the mirror shard Miku had just obtained and AestheticGamer just deadpans about it.
  • In Part 12, AestheticGamer actually gives a gasp and jump. At a rope in his way.
    AestheticGamer: Oh, jeez! Oh... stupid rope.
  • He begins to pull off a lot of one-liners during the final ghost encounter at the Hellgate. And admits that he's been specifically saving them for this moment.
    AestheticGamer: Smile for the camera, bitch.
    AestheticGamer: This is your Kodak moment.

     Fatal Frame II 
  • He admits that, while liking the game's story, he found it a bit too predictable. That his initial, blind run of the game had him predict how it would end before even entering the village - he still enjoys the story, but thinks that they added a bit too much obvious symbolism in the introductory cutscene.
  • Points out how slow Mio is while running and stating her walking is like the equivalent of sneaking on tip-toes.
    AestheticGamer: This is her idea of running.
  • Wishes that, in the beginning, there was a button to spam and make Mio shout 'Mayu', similar to Luigi in Luigi's Mansion or Cheryl in Silent Hill 3.
  • Admits that All Gods Dam sounds a bit strange in English, saying it's like a constant swear of 'God damn'.
  • AestheticGamer repeatedly pokes fun at Mayu. He apologizes and admits that he doesn't actually hate her, there's just something about her being the useless, psychic sidekick that makes him want to make fun of her.
    Mayu: Mio, don't go too far...
    AestheticGamer: I am like two steps away from you...! I suddenly remember why I like making fun of you.
    AestheticGamer: Mayu. I realized how alone you were downstairs in the ten seconds I was away, so I decided to give you all the pushing you wanted.
    • He even remembers commenting on her butt looking huge at a certain angle during his Xbox playthrough of the game when he reiterates it during the PS2 one.
  • It takes him during his non-blind Let's Play to notice that the ribbons on their clothes are tied to resemble butterflies.
    AestheticGamer: I see your symbolism!
  • He laughs at the "He came" message in the Woman's Notebook, though he admits he knows what was actually meant.
  • He admits that, whenever something is censored with a * sign in Fatal Frame, he has to read it as Fuck and proceeds to do so.
  • He purposefully gets the bad ending first.
    Will you leave Mayu and run away alone?
    AestheticGamer: Of course, I will! Fuck Mayu! Let's do it!

     Fatal Frame III: The Tormented 
  • While exploring Rei's home, he becomes more and more frustrated with Rei's commentary mentioning how Miku is a big presence in the house. To the point that he thinks Miku is a robot, who plunks herself into the house to clean and make it her own home.

     Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse 
  • After showing a trailer of the game at the beginning, which lacked subtitles, he admits that he has no idea what they were saying. But it looked cool.
  • He honestly wonders if any person actually runs up the stairs the way Fatal Frame protagonists do; he actually refers to it as being more of a waddle than walk.
  • He laughs when, upon moving the camera and holding the flashlight in opposite directions, he has Madoka's arm clip through her chest.
  • Meta example: he accidentally deletes Part 22 of his playthrough and cannot reupload it, because he deleted the original video already. Instead, he creates an apology video, where he first uses MS Paint to draw an explanation about what went on in the video and then drops all pretences and shows another video that plays the important part of Misaki's ending.

  • Repeatedly yelling Jerry's name (when he isn't confusing him as James), to call him about hopefully having made progress.
  • His genuine surprise at learning that getting into the blocked-off nursery does require him to rappel down on a rope from the roof, which he thought was just a crazy, first idea of his.
  • When he's crawling through the space of the huge furnace in the basement, he actually jumps when a shadow is passing in front of him.
  • During the third day at the manor, AestheticGamer wants to open the trunk of the car and even thinks of taking the car battery of the truck in the garage, to fix his own car's battery. Repeatedly, he cannot do it. When he eventually finds the eviction notice in the mailbox and Michael realizes that Jerry won't come for him, leaving Michael to find a way back home himself, he finally manages to open the trunk.
    AestheticGamer: Was that so hard? Was that so hard?!
  • After getting the eviction notice, he begins to yell at Michael to sell the antiques and furniture in the house before running away.

     Parasite Eve 
  • He names Aya 'Ayaayaayaayaayaaya'.
  • The various voices he gives to people. Daniel gets a loud, screaming voice; Captain Baker is almost Nixon-esque; Eve is done high-pitched...
  • AestheticGamer laughs at Daniel's crazy driving, since it looks like they are speeding through the streets. And laughs when he learns that this was not him actually driving fast for an emergency. He actually kicks it up when they have to rush to the police department.
    AestheticGamer: And now, due to popular demand... DRIVING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!!
  • During Part 4, he's surprised at finding out about the Bonus Point feature of the game.

     The Wedding 
  • When he pokes the bird and a zombie suddenly rushes out, killing Anima, AestheticGamer screams. He didn't expect poking bird = zombie approaching!
  • During the Golden Ending, he's offended that Anima's mother is more concerned with Metus' safety than her daughter's.

     Clock Tower 3 
  • After the initial scenes of Alyssa returning to her home and meeting the Dark Gentleman, AestheticGamer has a few words about Alyssa. Namely, her idiocy to return home, when her mother said it'd be dangerous.
    AestheticGamer: First of all, um, I should mention this right off the bat... Alyssa is a dumb as hell... I'm not sure how to express this well. But, basically, her mother tells her, "Don't come back to the house, I sent you away six years ago, but don't come back until after your fifteenth birthday. You'll be in danger don't come back until after your fifteenth birthday".... and then she comes back home the day before her fifteenth birthday.
  • His reading of Nancy's Letter, where he begins to adlib what it should say.
    AestethicGamer: Dearest Alyssa, I wanted nothing more than for you to live peacefully. But if you are reading this now, you must have come back to the house, cause I know how much of a dumb shit you are and you didn't listen to any of my letters or any of the things I sent you over several years and came back before your fifteenth birthday, you dumbass son of a...
  • Calling Lord Burroughs 'Burritos' and 'Burridoughs''.
  • When he sees the Final Boss, he expresses his disappointment, because he finds him so boring and funny looking.
    AestheticGamer: You really took on that form? He had a few forms in between that were creepy, but this is, like, his least creepy one. Well, okay, whatever...
  • When checking out the alternate costumes and seeing the leather outfit, he guesses it's a staple of Capcom games to give leather outfits to their protagonists, citing Haunting Ground to have given its protagonist one, too.

     The Coma: Cutting Class 
  • After meeting Ms Song in the introduction, he wonders if the important pendant of hers means she'll try to set him up as a sacrifice.
  • He ends up rather lost in Part 5, rechecking rooms for any missed items. When he heads into the right classroom and finds Yaesol, he's happy that he's finally found what he was supposed to do.
    Youngho: Where've you been? I was looking all over for you.
    AestheticGamer: Literally. All. Over.
  • He initially gives the Shade a deep, creepy voice - until Youngho's narration reveals that she's talking with Seho's voice. He laughs and proceeds to give her the nerdy voice he had given Seho earlier.

     Pineview Drive 
  • He actually jumps multiple times when the clown begins to wander around and laugh.
  • After opening the gate to the cemetery, his next objection Find Linda's resting place appears on the screen and AestheticGamer has a sensible question to the plot.
    AestheticGamer: You already knew she was dead? Then what was the point of coming here 'for closure'?

    Silent Hill 4: The Room 
  • He tells the stream and YouTube viewers to count along how many times Henry says 'What the hell'.
  • He admits that he has no freaking clue about why the burping nursemonsters actually burp.
  • Part 16 has a message in the beginning for the YouTube videos that he unfortunately forgot to hit the recording button for the Forest World 2nd location. Said part of the game is instead a post-stream recording of that world, when he was no longer blind, but explains that things will go back to being the stream-based footage for the next video on.
  • AestheticGamer doesn't know for the longest time that the candles can be used to heal Eileen's health. Though he admits that this is because nothing in the game indicates that that is so.


    White Day (Remake) 

  • Part 1 does a strange cut from the clock to the character carrying a step-ladder. Turns out that, while trying to figure out how to read the other pages of the notes, he accidentally turned his stream and recording off.
  • Although the jumpscare takes quite some time to appear, he still jumps at the ghost popping up at the window with the handprints.
  • AestheticGamer still freaks out when the janitor pops up suddenly.
  • While exploring various bathrooms, he always holds the lighter and looks in the mirror, chanting Bloody Mary... and one ghost actually appears while he's doing so.
    AestheticGamer: Bloody-
    Bathroom-stall door opens, a blood-stained ghost carrying scissors appears
    AestheticGamer: ...hi. You having fun there, with your sci-Oh, geez!
    The ghost disappears
    AestheticGamer: Well, Mary bloodied me there for a bit...
    • After opening the bathroom door to leave, music starts up and he looks around, confused. Then the blood-stained ghost from earlier appears, stares at him for a bit and attacks.
  • He gets affected by the ghost randomly popping out of lockers several times.
  • Despite knowing it's actually curry rice, he says the lunchbox item is ramen.


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