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  • Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas 2:
    • They can model their characters' faces after themselves. It's a strange combination of Uncanny Valley and unstoppable hilarity. Special note to Gavin, who runs around with a look of absolute pants-wetting terror, and Geoff, who spends the entire Let's Play shooting bad guys with a sardonic smirk.
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    • A few seconds into the video it is revealed that some time ago Ray spent a significant amount of time making his character resemble Street Fighter villain M.Bison, who Ray repeatedly tells the others is "the greatest".
    Ray: "Maybe I'll make Dhalsim next..."
    • When Gavin accidentally kills Ray, Ray screams:
    Ray: "What enemy looks like M Bison?!"
    • There was a guard hiding behind a car. Ray tries to take him down, but doesn't find success, while Jack was already killed elsewhere. Jack then goes "Gavin will find him." Gavin dies immediately.
    • Ray tries to climb a rope upside down. "They'll never find me here!" Cue guard immediately popping in. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!"
    • Gavin pulling a Caboose and throwing a grenade directly into the wall in front of him. As Jack watches, he turns and tries to run away from it, but blows up anyway, complete with his character's face having a smile and throwing up his arms in a "Wasn't my fault" way. Jack laughs for about two minutes straight, unable to explain why he's laughing so hard because he's laughing so hard.
    Gavin: B is... B is not cover; B is grenade!
    • Later on, Gavin also supplies this gem:
    • At one point, at the start of a match, Jack spots a couple enemies in a nearby room, so he takes cover and lobs a grenade at them. Gavin promptly charges into the room, ignoring Jack's frantic cries of "GAVIN!!", and gets blown up.
    Jack: You ran into the room and stood on top of it.
    • Finally, Geoff constantly shooting his teammates, killing them a few times and constantly giving rise to a "Come on!" from Ray.
  • In Part 2 of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2: Ray tries to pull off a Call of Duty-style 360 no-scope. This goes about as well as one could expect in a game with such low sensitivity.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six Vegas"
    Michael: Where is this jerk-off? He could be anywhere-
    Ray: He's probably jerkin' it off in the girls' bathroom. *opens door* HAHA! ... he's not in here.
    Michael: You didn't check the stalls. That's where I jerk off.
    Gavin: What would you do, if... nothing in your life changed... but I just told you at one point, I'd cum on you?
    Geoff: Something in your life would change pretty quickly.
  • Let's Play - "Rainbow Six: Vegas" part 2
    • The first several minutes of the game a lot of team-killing through accidental grenade throws. At one point, Gavin manages to kill Ray by accident even when he had purposely thrown one, and he is livid when he dies.
      Ray: WHY!? Fuck-ing why?!
      Michael: Wow! Angry Ray is angry!
      • One of the best instances of these team killing with grenades comes when Michael throws one and manages to kill Ray, Gavin, and Geoff with it within 5 seconds of starting. He instantly begins laughing and throws another grenade to kill himself and end the round- and this was right after he ripped on Gavin for team-killing.
    • One attempt sees Gavin as the last man standing, and after spending some time to grab a shotgun off the floor, walks off a ledge and falls a few feet to his death because he failed to notice a ladder.
    • As Michael checks to see if Geoff's face is on his character, an enemy walks into the room and kills Michael. Geoff, who was looking at the enemy, turns around and instantly dies. This causes Michael to start yelling at him.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Vegas part 3"
    • The shenanigans with Geoff's in-game character continue. He has Geoff's face, but his neck isn't properly rendered, so his head is basically detached from his body.
    • As the round starts on their first attempt, Gavin turns and calmly shoots Ray in the face. Ray's response is completely bleeped out due to just how far over the line it apparently was.
      • Funny thing is, Michael called out Ray for being a little harsh and Gavin merely killing him was because they finished the level already and everyone agreed that there was no point on doing it again. Ray's only excuse was that he was tired of Gavin killing him.
    • The team has a lot of trouble with the University level, and one attempt sees Gavin attempt to blow open a door with a breaching charge, but he doesn't switch out his grenades properly and kills himself when he accidentally throws a frag grenade.
    • Gavin is obsessed with using breaching charges throughout the entire game, which ultimately earns him a second bout of rage from Ray when the latter is killed by the former. Michael is killed moments later, forcing Gavin to take on the rest of the terrorists alone.
      • At the very least, Gavin manage to pull it off and win the round for them, even narrowly missing a Grenade at him
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas Part 4":
    • Ray continues to be the Butt-Monkey of the Let's Play. Early on, as the round starts, Gavin shoots Ray in the back of the head before he even has a chance to move. He's too drained to even be angry.
      Michael: Huh?! Are—are you serious?
      Ray: (Sounding thoroughly broken) Why. I'm not even mad, just "why".
      • Geoff then mentions a Twitter exchange he had with Gavin, where he expresses joy at seeing Ray rage so hard because of Gavin's idiocy, to which Gavin replied "he's always so damn close to my mistakes!"
    • Later, Michael panics and shoots at an enemy coming through a door. Except it wasn't an enemy, it was Ray. Gavin questions why Ray isn't as mad as Michael for killing him; Michael points out he only did it once.
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas Part 5":
    • Their first attempt sees Geoff, Michael and Gavin gets distracted by a green A "shoutout" to Achievement Hunter, leading Ray to take on the first few terrorists without realizing that he has no backup.
    • Michael is the sole survivor of a few attempts. Shame his capture failed so we don't get to see those times from his POV. note 
    • Once Gavin swears that a gun on top of a box is rotating to follow Michael when he moves around it. Michael offers to shoot it for him and does so, finally putting Gavin's mind at rest.
      Michael: "I didn't want you to be a scared ghost."
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas Co-Op Part 1":
    • The guys immediately cheer when they realize that the game still lets their avatars keep their real-life faces.
    • The guys start out their mission on an extended helicopter ride to a town area.
      Ray: This is in real time. We're actually flying to Mexico.
    • After failing the mission for the first time, the guys realize that they have to restart it from the helicopter ride. Gavin decides to temporarily vacate for a bathroom break, figuring that he'll be able to return by the time they're landing. As soon as the helicopter lands, Ray decides to just shoot Gavin's player character in the head and pass it off as his character dying in a helicopter crash. Gavin returns almost immediately afterward and asks what happened to his character.
      Gavin: Did one of you guys kill me?
      Michael: I didn't.
      Ray: The pilot of the fucking helicopter did.
      Gavin: Wait, what?
      Michael: Oh, you died in a plane crash.
      Geoff: Helicopter crash.
      Gavin: Did I, really?
      Ray: Yeah.
      Geoff: Well, I mean, you're not alive, are you?
      Gavin: Did you- did you shoot me, Geoff?
      Geoff: (sputtering) Duh, wh-No!
      Gavin: Geoff...
      Geoff: Gavin! I promise you.
      Gavin: Geoff, tell the truth.
      Geoff: I'm telling the truth. I promise you I did not shoot you. I would never do that.
      Gavin: Ray?
      Ray: (nonchalantly) What's Up?
      (everyone breaks out laughing)
    • After Geoff has to leave, Ryan takes over. He and Gavin eventually get into an argument about iPhone's that turn into a discussion about cameras and pixel density.
      Michael: Geoff's gonna be so upset when he sees how nerdy this got after he left.
  • Let's Play - Rainbow Six Siege BETA - Terrorist Hunt
    • Automatically, things go pear-shaped when Geoff somehow can't move and decides to test if other buttons work... and proceeds to headshot Jack by sheer coincidence. Ryan attempts to rally the others to keep going after Michael kills Geoff, but knowing they're boned, Michael kills Ryan and Gavin kills Michael.
      Gavin: "I win!"
      • Also during that time, Gavin just can't help but check out Jack's pink shoes.
      • In another coincidence, the round begins with Ryan stating that Friendly Fire is on leading Gavin to ask if they could test it. Right after Gavin finishes this sentence, Geoff kills Jack with the headshot.
    • During the second match, Geoff spots a terrorist and attempts to grenade him. He proceeds to lob two grenades that bounce off the wall and nearly blow him up.
      • Geoff proceeds to end the round by getting blindsided by C4. Followed by the replay of it!
    • During the third round, Gavin attempts to attack some terrorists, only to get headshot by Ryan by total accident. Gavin then questions why they go ape when he shoots someone but no one notices when he's the one shot.
    • Later in the same round Ryan is attacked by two bombers. His warning to the others?
      Ryan: "Look out, he's got a clock!"
    • During the fourth round, Gavin is blindsided by the terrorists when he suddenly dies. He thinks the Suicide Bomber that blew up his drone took him out...only for the kill replay to reveal he got hit in the crotch by a grenade and taken out there.
      • A few moments later, Jack and Ryan are the only ones left. Jack attempts to breach a wall and blows it up just before Ryan drops in and proceeds to gun down Ryan in a panic.
    • Gavin asks someone to come blow a trapdoor he's found so they can go to the basement. Ryan runs to him and stands on an explosive.
      Gavin: "Whoa!! What was that?!"
      Ryan: "That would be that beeping noise I was looking for earlier."
    • During one of the late missions, Gavin is somehow able to see a gathering of terrorists behind a wall, but no one else can, which confuses and angers Michael, whom Gavin's trying to warn. Michael finally humors Gavin by firing at the spot...and proves Gavin right by killing one of the terrorists.Reason 
  • Let's Play Rainbow Six Siege BETA - Terrorist Hunt (Attempt 2)
    • Jack and Gavin have another "Jack losing his shit in Rainbow Six" moment when Gavin charges a boarded-up door to knock it down with his sledgehammer. A door that Jack has just applied a breaching charge to and detonates just as Gavin gets close. Jack goes into hysterics again.
      • This means that when he and Michael go outside to find the rest of the enemies, Jack is still laughing too hard and manages to teamkill Michael before he is taken down and they wipe.
  • Let's Play Rainbow Six Siege - Terrorist Hunt
    • The description:
      Jack and Geoff are out, time for Ryan to lead the younger boys on a murdering spree!
    • The video starts with Michael 'initiating' Jeremy to the 4-man Rainbow Six Let's Plays. By team-killing him.
      Jeremy: And thus, I was initiated!
      • Then Gavin and Michael proceed to suck at team-killing each other.
  • Let's Play - Rainbow Six Siege: More Terrorist Hunt
    • Geoff finally gets to join in with the gang, though they are still not exactly gud.
    • Jeremy admires his America-themed gun. Ryan hopes it shoots out bald eagles. Jeremy thinks it'll shoot fireworks. Geoff suggests it shoots out Lee Greenwood.
    • Jack tries to act as the bodyguard by throwing himself in front of everyone with his riot shield. He's promptly shot down to 1 health because Geoff kept shooting him.
      • As well, the two times Jack uses that item, he's blown away, leaving his shield in the air like a Looney Tunes character.
    • At one point, Geoff and Jeremy lay their breaching devices on one another, which cancels out Jeremy's. When Jeremy sets up another, he detonates it behind Geoff.
    • When the group is hit with a flashbang, Matt and Jeremy scream in a panic...followed by a deadpan Ryan.
    • Matt attempts to shotgun one terrorist from long range, but six shots doesn't kill him. Geoff has to follow it up.
    • A suicide bomber attempts to get the team...but suddenly blows up before he reaches them. Ryan thinks he just gave up, but Jack thinks they must have hit his fuse.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Siege - Dustline DLC"
    • The game begins with Geoff spending so much time trying to decide who to play, the game times out and puts him in the default Recruit class as the others tease him about it.
    • Gavin immediately declares he will go through the entire video without team-killing anyone. By the end of the second attempt, he's team-killed everyone except Jack, and the first thing he did in the video was shoot someone on his team directly in the head on purpose.
    • During one attempt, Geoff is killed when one of the terrorists spawns in right in front of him, without any warning.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Siege with Gus"
    • Gus takes Jeremy's spot, sitting in his sky-high desk.
    • Gus is the first to die in the first round, running out in front of Ryan and getting shot by him. Gus spends the entire round snarking at his bad luck
      • When Gus dies, his character faceplants onto the copier, causing Jack to break out into hysterics.
    • The second round, Ryan goes to the roof while everyone else heads into the basement. A series of bad luck causes all but Ryan to die.
    • During the third round, Gus ends up headshotting Jack by accident and, minute later, Jack suggests that the editor do a side-by-side shot of Jack's death from the others' point of view. "Well... okay. If that's what you really want."
    • The fourth round ends in a really painful Epic Fail: Ryan kills Jack, Geoff kills Gavin, Geoff is downed by the enemy, and Gus spooks Ryan and causes Ryan to kill him.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Extraction and Distraction"
    • This exchange:
      Jack: Okay, watch out for the hole on the left, guys, don't fall through it.
      Geoff: Gavin just fell through it.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow 6 Siege: Snow More Terrorists
    • The first round has Gavin lay down a claymore near Jack, only for a terrorist to shoot it, causing it to blast Jack, giving Gavin the team kill. When Gavin is downed a little bit later, Ryan walks past his dying body and Gavin is taken out by a random grenade.
    • The final round: It's down to Jack, Gavin and Jeremy with around 10 terrorists left. They get it knocked down to 4 before Jeremy and Gavin are killed, leaving Jack the only one left. He spends the remaining time turtling in his shield, taking everything given to him and waiting for the right moment to bonk them with his shield, winning the match.
  • Let's Play - Rainbow 6 Siege: Git Gud - Practice Round
    • Wanting to get in more practice before they hop into a big streaming event, the gang attempts to get in some practice rounds.
    • Rounds 2 and 3 prove to show incompetence...from the opposing team:
      • Round 2 had the AH team holed up protecting the hostage, when one member of the attacking team climbing up used an explosive breaching charge on a boarded-up window, killing the hostage.
      • At the start of Round 3, one Defending member is teamkilled and the killer is kicked, leaving it 5-3 in AH's favor. When Gavin finds the hostage, the hostage is killed again as another defender tries to kill Gavin.Reason 
    • Round 4 has Geoff being incompetent with a nitro cell charge and the attackers on the other side of a boarded-up window, forgetting how close the hostage was. All after the team's work to hunker down and hold out.
      Jack: (sounding scandalized) You put a C4 two feet away from the hostage! What the fuck?!
      Michael: That was unbelievable—and now we're on fucking Attack! Goddammit!
  • Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Siege: Git Gud - Not Gud Enuf
    • The gang randomly starts rapping. When it ends, there's a pause before Gavin speaks up.
      Gavin: ...We're idiots.
      [Everybody busts up laughing.]
  • RouLetsPlay - Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
    • Once again the Hunters have fun putting their own faces onto their avatars. Michael's face looks squished, Jack's is squinting and Geoff looks startled. The prize though goes to Jeremy whose face tranferred pretty well which, when combined with his real-life bald head, means that in-game Jeremy looks VERY much like the real-life Jeremy.
  • Let's Play - Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - It's Miglupis!
    • More fun with the face capture. Gavins' is stretched out in his 'smug face' expression, Jeremy has puffed his cheeks out, Ryans' character looks like he is constantly screaming and Michael looks like an alien you'd see on Rick and Morty.
    • Near the end of their final round, Michael has gone off on his own, with Ryan, Gavin and Jeremy together. The three get pinned down in a junkyard area from the second story of an adjacent building. During a break in the gunfire, Ryan throws a grenade up through an adjacent window, unaware that Michael was now in that room, having helped clear out the enemies inside.
      Ryan: Grenade!
      Michael: (Beat) ...OH FUCK, I'M UP HERE!
      [Grenade explodes, Michael dies, everyone laughs]
    • When Michael respawns, he does so next to Jeremy, in an alleyway next to the building. Problem is, he spawns in the open, with 3 enemies firing at him. Fortunately, he is able to take them all out before his respawn-invincibility wears off.
      Michael: Well, that's a hell of a spawn!
  • Things to Do In Rainbow 6: Siege - The Room
    • The boys discover a way to troll a random team-mate: trapping said team-mate in a small room with reinforced walls with only cameras to watch their reaction. Everyone is in hysterics the whole time.

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