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Achievement Hunter's funny moments
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    Let's Roll 
  • Gulps & Gerki - The Red Dragon Inn
    • The entire character of Gerki, a predatory halfling who spends his entire game attempting to get Jeremy's female character unconscious.
    • Gets taken to the next level the second time the group plays. Jeremy, who's now playing as a man, assumes he'll be safe from the things that Gerk in the night...
      Jeremy: That's progressive and I hate it.
    • In their Christmas game Jeremy, Trevor, and Ryan are new characters. Michael? Still up to his old Gerki tricks.
    • The fourth game, Michael is finally someone other than Gerki... which he explains is partly because of COVID-19's social distancing policy being particularly problematic for Gerki.
  • J'Accuses And Giggle Fits - One Night Ultimate Werewolf
    • Partway through the first round Gavin starts to giggle uncontrollably, leading everyone to believe that he's the Werewolf. When time is up and everyone votes for him to be killed, it's revealed that he is the Apprentice Tanner. Trevor, who was the Tanner, had opened his eyes during the Apprentice's turn of the night phase. This caused Gavin to assume he got his role wrong which combined with Trevor's boggled-eyed stare resulted in the aforementioned laughing fit. Needless to say Trevor's reaction when he realized his own mistake is priceless.
    • Gavin wasn't the only one to screw up during the first round. Jeremy had forgotten that he had stolen the Werewolf from Michael and spent most of the round trying to absolve Geoff, who was the Minion.
    • During Gavin's giggle fit everyone, especially Ryan, tries to get him to stop and say who he is. Michael, on the other hand, tells Gavin not to say anything because it was making everyone else mad.
      Michael: No, You don't have to say anything to him. Don't listen to him.
      Ryan: You're not his lawyer!
    • In the second round the final vote results in a tie between Ryan and Gavin, which means they both die. Which also means that Ryan, who had stole the Tanner from Jeremy, wins. Meanwhile Gavin, who was the Apprentice Tanner, gets a double victory since he got the job he wanted only to realize it sucked and immediately succeeding in getting himself killed.
  • Pitches Be Crazy - Snake Oil
    • In one round, Jack has to play a politician while the others make their pitches to him. When it's Ryan's turn to present his "product", he role-plays as a "slightly Russian" gangster-type and threatens to reveal Jack's "death secret" to all the nice people in his constituency; Jack tosses his card to Ryan without saying a word.
  • My Lies Were PERFECT! - One Night Ultimate Werewolf
    • Toward the end of the third round Michael drops a major info bomb: he was the Robber, and he had stolen the Werewolf from Ryan. Everyone immediately begins asking Ryan who the other Werewolf was, and after stalling a bit to congratulate his former colleague reveals that it was Fiona. This, however, ends up screwing Michael over in the end since Fiona had previously lied about being the Troublemaker and swapping his and Jeremy's card, leading Michael to believe that he was no longer the Werewolf when, in fact, he still was.
      Michael: I'm about the blow the lid off this whole fucking thing.
    • Throughout the whole video Alfredo would constantly take the Werewolf token while everyone else was busy talking and put it on himself despite always being innocent.
      Jeremy (to Alfredo): Why do you suck!? Why are you the way you are!?
    • Also across all three rounds Jack would constantly point out moments where Fiona was about to say something but immediately catch herself. By the end Fiona is so fed up with Jack that she is literally jumping in her spot asking him if he wants to fight her.
    • During the night phase of the third round Jeremy and Trevor start messing with each other by crouching up and down (both hitting their head on a bar under the table in the process). When it's Trevor's turn as the Seer to wake up he's caught completely unaware and rushes to do something, nearly making an illegal move by looking at two player cards before he catches himself and looks at just one. He immediately regrets it since he learned nothing useful and spends the whole round hanging back in shame.
  • Too Good To Be True! - Snake Oil - Let's Roll
    • Ryan attempts to sell his product, a belly shovel, which helps put food into one's mouth, to a caveman (Matt). The caveman's response?
  • The Move That BROKE Our Brains - Coup: Reformation
    • In the rules explanation at the beginning of the game, Larry specifically states that there are only three 'duke' cards in the deck available to draw. Round one, Alfredo performs a duke action, Trevor challenges him, Alfredo reveals he has one of the dukes, and as he lost Trevor has to turn over one of his cards, which is also a duke. Then the gears start ticking in everyone's head, expressing varying levels of confusion, but special attention is paid to Jack's bewildered gape. He asks Larry to reclarify that... then turns over his cards to reveal that they're both dukes as well. Then everybody else turns over their cards to reveal that every single card in play is a duke. In between laughing his head off, Larry reveals that they bought five additional copies of Coup just to play that prank.
    • Jack twice ensures Matt is fully eliminated.
      • In game 1 Matt paid one coin to force a free-for-all and let someone else take the next hit... then Jack immediately pays two of his coins to make Matt undo his move; Matt is the first to be fully eliminated.
      • During the second Lightning Round Matt has enough coins to coup Alfredo, who had won both of the previous two games. Jeremy then steals two of those coins, knocking Matt under 7. Matt follows up by invoking his duke's ability - and then Jack coups Matt.
  • Is This Another Uno? - Muffin Time - Let's Roll
    • Right at the start of the video, Alfredo plays "Baby with a Gun" which allows him to steal as many cards as he wants from as many players as he wants. Naturally, he decides to just take everyone's cards.
    • The title of the video comes from Jack drawing "Time of Death", which allows him to declare a new target to win the game. Immediately he asks Larry whether he wants to make the video the second Uno: The Movie.
    • Another such moment comes when Jeremy draws "I'm Crazy", which literally allows him to restart the game. The card passes hands a couple of times before Alfredo decides to play it, resetting the game... and then immediately after the reset it's drawn and played again by Michael.
      Michael: How we feeling?
      Jeremy: We're good, we're good, we're good Michael.
      Michael: You feeling - you feeling good? Cause I'm feeling CRAZY! (plays "I'm Crazy" for the second time)
      • How Alfredo obtained the card deserves a mention too; he played "A Robbery" and successfully called the unwitting Michael's phone, stealing the cards when Michael picked up. Even funnier is that it's Alfredo who needs the game to end, as they need to prepare for streaming in less than half an hour.
    • Following the second reset, Jack plays "I Wanna Die", the Screw This, I'm Outta Here! card, which allows him to completely quit the game. He almost gets away with it... then Jeremy realizes he has "Nobody Likes You" and not only reverses Jack's exit but deletes "I Wanna Die" from play.

    Board and card games 
  • "Let's Play Monopoly":
    • Ray and Gavin in jail. And an apparently dirty bar of soap.
    • Gavin's attempt at trading for Boardwalk. Ray doesn't even hesitate in going NOPE.
      Gavin: Wow, um. Didn't expect you to take up my offer there, Ray.
      Ray: Did I call your bluff?
    • Michael just can't seem to stay out of jail.
      Michael: A twelve? That'll land me right on chance. Maybe I can pay some fuckin' bills... or go right to jail.
      • Or catch a break in general - after going to jail twice, he manages to land on "Luxury Tax" before his first pass of Go, then after passing Go his next turn and the next time, he lands on "Income Tax", resulting in his having less than $100 for most of the game.
    • Their attempt to find a cliffhanger for part two so that they can end the video. Since we're talking about Monopoly here, you can see the difficulties in this.
  • "Let's Play Monopoly Part 2":
    Michael: Ray is, in fact, the only ten that he sees. note 
    • Speaking of the running gag, the gag is especially hilariously used when Gavin only has $14 left and lands on Ray's Tennessee Avenue.
    Ray: "Gavin may need to mortgage his property now."
    Michael: "Why?"
    Ray: (as Gavin lands on the Tennessee Avenue) "Because you're the only ten I see."
    • Gavin going insane when Geoff (who has the most money) keeps skipping over Park Place and Boardwalk by landing directly on Go. He does this three times in a row.
    • Thanks to landing on one of Geoff's hotel spaces and Ray's Tennessee Avenue (see above), Gavin has no money. Thus when Michael lands on Community Chest and Gavin has to pay him $10, he has to sell his last remaining house (all of his others were sold just to pay Geoff) just to pay Michael. The $10 is to get Michael a Birthday present. Cue to Gavin groaning about having to sell a house to buy a stupid gift.
    • Geoff gets lucky when he buys 3 hotels and get an Achievement for it. Then he rolls three doubles in a row and gets another Achievement... and goes directly to jail for it.
    • Ray lands on the last unowned space on the board (Pennsylvania Railroad), and accidentally goes into auction. He still gets his property, but the guys tease him for having to pay $75 extra for the property he wanted anyway.
    • The fact that as the game drags on, everyone grows more and more tired of it. Ray and Gavin are legitimately happy they went bankrupt, with Geoff and Michael becoming increasingly exasperated as the game drags on between them.
    • Gavin's attempts at trading. In Part 1, he had traded all of his properties to Ray just to get Boardwalk and own the blue set. However, with Geoff building up houses on the pink set, and Gavin owning no other properties, he loses money fast. He tries to trade Park Place and Boardwalk (and $10) to Geoff for $500, and Geoff declines. Then he does the same for Michael... who accepts, leaving Gavin with a single property (Connecticut Avenue).
      • Gavin then tries to repeatedly trade cash for cash, which the game won't allow.
      • A particularly funny trade is when Gavin has $90 and needs $10 to pay $100 to Ray. Gavin offers Geoff Park Place and Boardwalk for Baltic Avenue, Water Works and $500:
      Gavin: It's a great deal...
      (Geoff turns down the offer)
      Gavin: WHAT?! That's a great deal!
      Michael: I am fucking deaf. That went right in my eardrum.
      Ray: But yeah, seriously, you still need to pay me.
      (Geoff and Michael laugh)
    • With everyone begging the game to end already as it continues to drag on, the instant Gavin files for bankruptcy, he leaps up from his chair and runs away from the microphone without hesitation.
      Gavin: "Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it— I'M OUT OF HERE, BITCHES!"
      Michael: "Gavin is-- Gavin has left the microphone."
      • Prior to bankruptcy, Gavin and Michael get into a discussion over the phrase "shit your pants", leading to this Ice-Cream Koan gem.
      Gavin: If I wasn't wearing any clothes, would it still be shitting my pants?
      Michael: Yeah, you'd be shitting yourself!
    • Ray's pestering for Baltic Avenue (which Geoff owns, to complete the purple/brown set) turns into both a Brick Joke and Chekhov's Boomerang at the end of the game, when Geoff and Michael are the final two players left. Despite the extraordinarily long game, Michael has been trying to stay alive as long as possible, only mortgaging Park Place and Boardwalk when he desperately needs to. Geoff realizes that he never got around to trading Baltic Avenue to Ray, and since Ray's properties reverted to Geoff when the former went bankrupt, Geoff now owns the set. He decides to put a full set of hotels on them, which is what Ray had wanted to do. On Michael's very next turn, he lands on (you guessed it) Baltic Avenue, and goes bankrupt.
  • "Let's Play Family Game Night 3: Mouse Trap"
    • The intro sound:
    Geoff, Ray, Jack and Ryan: Cheese! (laughter)
    • During the second game it takes a while for them to figure out the mini-game.
    • No one except Geoff is 100% sure what they're doing.
    • Ray's turning the crank even when there's no one under the trap just so he can yell "Mousetrap!" because the adverts said that's what you need to do.
      • When Ryan lands on the crank and turns it with everyone else inside the trap, finally winning the game, Ray shouts "Mousetrap!" gleefully and is quickly joined by the Gents this time.
  • "Let's Play Family Game Night 3: Game of Life":
    • When Ryan lands on the "Get Married" space, he immediately tells his wife (assuming that she's watching this) that his virtual spouse means nothing to him.
    • When Jack Lands on the "Get Married" some random guy is kissing his wife.
    • Just like how Ray's weakness seams to be trivia (a la Jeopardy!), Ryan's weakness is the Concentration mini-game. Ray continuously snarks and pointing out all his wrong moves as he's playing. In the end, Ryan is only able to get two matches right! Ray nearly aces the board in the time it took Ryan to find his first.
    • The entire episode could be called "Ryan #StartTheBullying2014". After his Mouse Trap victory, Ryan has a target on his back, having to pay others' debts, being sued constantly, and having all his LIFE tiles stolen by Jack and Geoff. Though with the last, it was mostly due to his finishing first (about 5-10 turns before everyone else did) and going with the Retirement that would allow him one more Life token... but not safeguard the rest of them.
    • Geoff starts with the doctor career choice, which is one of the better ones in the game. He then loses it on a pink-slip tile. When given the chance he returns to college to repick a better career, and ends up with doctor again. Only to lose it AGAIN. The others make fun of him calling him the worst doctor ever and wondering how many people he killed to lose his doctorate twice.
    • Near the end, the Xbox being used gets disconnected from Xbox Live. Ray interprets this as the Xbox getting fed up with the game and "taking a stand".
  • "Let's Play Trivial Pursuit"
    Ray: "Alright, i'm going with Thailand because I like Sagat."
  • "Let's Play Trivial Pursuit Part 2"
    • Ray spends the first two rounds hoping for the "Sports and Leisure" category, since it's the only one he feels comfortable with. When it finally comes up? "Which of these foods are fruit?"
      Ray: WHAT?! How is that a sport question?!
      • Comes back in the final round where "Sports and Leisure" comes back, only for the questions to be about Boxing or MMA, two things Ray doesn't know.
    • When asked "Which of these classic sitcoms aired earliest?", Geoff panics when he thinks he fucked up - he'd panicked so much about having picked wrong that he belatedly realizes he hadn't picked yet.
    • Gavin, in the lead with both points and wedges in the final round, chokes the victory away to Geoff.
  • Trivial Pursuit Part 3 adds to the hilarity - down to Geoff in the lead by a wedge, and the answers are either "Cat" or "Dog", with the question being "Are descended from Gray Wolves". Guess which Geoff picks.
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit - Part 5
    • Gavin, for some odd reason, never turned off his notifications, so Ryan has to walk him through it to do so. Geoff demands that it be left in and a hand raises up from the bottom of the screen giving the OK sign.
    • They all decide to bet five dollars each, winner takes all. Geoff wins.
    • Jeremy constantly hits skip, thus the guys have no idea how to play the rounds.
    • When trying to pick Greek mythological heroes, Ryan keeps trying to get the others to pick either Ra (the Egyptian god of the Sun) or Thor (the Norse god of thunder, on whom Nora Valkyrie was based).
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit - Part 7
    • At the beginning, Jack, Jeremy and Michael call out Gavin, who is looking up something on his phone. Gavin claims he's just getting a text.
    • At the final question of the first round, everyone chooses the Forbidden City Palace for where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fought because "it was so Bruce Lee".
    • When the second round is "Grab Bag", Jeremy and Jack start singing the Grab Bag theme.
      • Gavin and Michael are dumbfounded that the Silk Road didn't involve trading Judaism and horses, yet Buddhism and Islam was.
      • In choosing what gods are recognized as Egyptian Gods, Jack chooses "Luna" and finds out it's wrong. He ruefully says that that's just "the guy who writes RWBY." They also make fun of the god named Ptah... and Jeremy chooses him correctly.
    • As the third round starts, Jeremy mocks the announcer by declaring "Get yer dicks and tits out!"
      • With a question involving the Pyramids of Giza, Michael gets thrown off by Jeremy's sarcastic comment and chooses Aztecs instead of Egyptians.
      • During the last question, Gavin accidentally hits the Y button, locking in Lou Gehrig while everyone chose Babe Ruth for first sports star on a box of Wheaties. Turns out Gavin's right!
    • Michael is not happy that the him and Jack dive for the same answers during the fourth round and Jack beats him to it.
    • Gavin messes up in the final round by accidentally picking baseball instead of cricket on a question about "pitch" referring to a field and not a play.
    Gavin: I lost it on a cricket question!
    • Michael just utterly loses it at the very end when notifications block him and Gavin from reading a questionnote , putting them out of that round (and the game). However, he's utterly shocked when it turns out that he beat Gavin in points, putting him in 3rd, making Gavin lose it.note 
  • Uno
  • Let's Play - "Trivial Pursuit" with Alfredo
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit - Learn to Math
    • The title comes from Gavin being unable to work out how many squares are on a chessboard.
      • His worst fail came in Round Two, when they were asked which computer-oriented inventions came first - Gavin failed to pick any answer, which is an Achievement Hunter first.
    • There's a loud crash in the background of the audio at one point as Ryan breaks the door down. Gavin taped it shut because he couldn't lock it.
    • During the blitz round of the second game, Jack goes 0 for 0 on which countries use the Euro; having picked England first, his Precision F-Strike is taken as a voice command by his watch, which displays the word back at him, distracting him for the rest of the question.
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit - The Power of Oprah
    • During the Close Call Blitz round, one question asks which Nancy Drew book was earliest. Michael boldly chooses "The Secret of the Old Clock" saying that he actually knows this one. When he turns out to be correct (that's the first book), Michael laughs his ass off admitting he had no idea and just guessed.
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit - Cleaning House (Part 13)
    • This episode was recorded after Between the Games: Smash Bowl, so throughout the video there are occasionally in-cuts to Michael cleaning up, and his shouts of outrage in the background.
      Jeremy: Gavin, Michael did the impossible.
      Gavin: He did! We looked through that, Michael, and didn't know where to start.
      Michael: Well you get on the fucking floor and you clean it up. It's really complicated. "I don't even know where to begin! Oh, you should do it. You know how to-"
      Gavin: We were filming!
      Michael: No, you pick it up!
      • Made funnier in that Michael Failed a Spot Check until Gavin mentioned it.
        Jeremy: I can't believe it took you that long.
        Michael: God! ...Why?! You're back one day! It's al-, it's always you!
        Gavin: It wasn'- Oh, that was me, wasn't it?
        Michael: OF COURSE IT WAS YOU!
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit: UK Edition (#15)
    • The video was filmed before Christmas break, so no one else was in the office, except for their head editor, Larry.
      Gavin: Are you editing this one, Larry?
      Larry: Fuck no.
    • For the first 5 questions, the four of them get two correct.
      Jack: Wow we're terrible! Larry went through an entire round with no points.
      • Leading to an Achievement Hunter first - Larry won the first game by points, as no one had enough wedges for the win by the end of the final round.
    • Gavin accidentally set the game's language setting to British, so they kept getting questions about British and European subjects.
      Jack: [after he got the Hollyoaks question wrong] Gavin, I hate you!
    • Gavin's disdain for Hollyoaks, even though he got the question right.
      Gavin: Hollyoaks?! I wouldn't be seen watching Hollyoaks!
    • The second game almost comes to a premature end when, during some button mashing in the Grab Bag Blitz round, Gavin manages to pause the game and exit to the Xbox Dashboard.
    • During a question where they had to pick karate belt colors, Larry picks the wrong answers "Ebony" and "Ivory". This prompts Jack to start singing "Ebony and Ivory".
  • Let's Play - Trivial Pursuit - Jeremy's Tricep (#16)
    • Michael gets a difficult choice for Grab Bag Blitz in the first game - Entertainment or Entertainment.
    • The title comes from Jeremy somehow hitting the wrong button when going to answer a question in the second round. He was the only one to get it right, and the others had to explain to him that he had because he was too busy describing how he'd hit the wrong button.
  • Couch Potatoes Week - Trivial Pursuit (#19)
    • One of the top comments succinctly sums this video up:
      Roddor: Jack smells like cat food, Ryan's got something in his eye, Jeremy's controller dies, Gavin is Gavin, and Geoff is cheating. Welcome to Trivial Pursuit.
      • The Ryan eye thing gets so bad that Gavin starts filming it, much to the former's annoyance.
    • In the first game Close Call Blitz, in which you have to be very quick to choose your answer, both Gavin and Jeremy raced for same bar, Gavin got it, but immediately regrets it because he didn't want that bar, he wanted the one below it and immediately screams in anguish. Even worse knowing that he chose the worse possible answer too.
      Gavin: Ah, I PRESS THE WRONG BAR!!!! ARGH, NO!!!
    • For the second round, Geoff subs in for Ryan, who decides to Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and play the new Spiderman game instead.
  • Nothin' But Frogs - Trivial Pursuit (#21)
    • The episode opens and within a couple of minutes Gavin's blasted Jack in the face with Febreeze.
    • The first game's Grab Bag round opens with Jack cleaning up on a basketball questionnote  as Trevor's only familiar with the Big 10note , Ryan just doesn't follow basketball, and Gavin being British has absolutely no idea what the question's about or who any of the teams are and spends the whole question loudly protesting.
    • Gavin manages to fumble his controller and it explodes on the floor.
  • WE'RE GETTING DUMBER - Trivial Pursuit (#23)
    • The episode is being played by the unusual combination of Jack, Geoff, Lindsay and Alfredo, so answers that may seem obvious to the viewers are bound to be completely missed by most the players. In particular, Alfredo laments that there are no questions to do with first person shooters.
    • At one point the game has to be paused because Alfredo fumbles his Elite controller and it explodes all over the floor.
  • Are We Smarter in the Dark? - Trival Pursuit (#25)
    • Alfredo starts the video off by warbling "Welcome to Trival Pursuit and we just saw Jeremy's penis!", referring to the moment in AHWU #495. Gavin muses it's going to be an awkward thing for Jeremy to go home and tell Kat about. After the first round, there's a brief interlude where Jeremy reviews and reacts to said footage.
    • The whole premise of the video is that, as it's October and thus Halloween month, Sarah told them not to play Trivia and instead play something spooky. So Gavin just decides to turn the lights off while they play. Ryan lampshades that despite this, they have no webcams running.
  • Trivial Pursuit With BRUTAL New Questions (#28)
    • One of the Grab Bag questions the group gets in the second round is "Which of the following are real nicknames for international soccer teams?" Jack, Gavin and Jeremy all get their first answer wrong, leaving Lindsay the only one able to answer. Jack then starts worrying about a shutout, which would be an Achievement Hunter first. Lindsay proceeds to get every correct answer except for one, solely by picking the nicknames containing things she liked (and despite getting the last answer wrong, the correct answer was her other potential choice), giving her a huge lead when she was already in first place. To top it off, Lindsay remains in Deadpan Snarker mode the entire time until she gets the last answer wrong, while Jeremy gets progressively angrier for each one she gets correct.
  • Gavin is Jack - Trival Pursuit (#31)
    • The episode's title comes from Gavin accidentally choosing Jack's name instead of his own when setting up his character. At the same time, Ryan accidentally misspelled his own name as "Ryn". As a result, the others call them "Jack" and "Ryn" for the rest of the episode.
      • At one point, Gavin misses the fact that he got a wedge because the notification showed Jack's name instead of his.
    • Several of the questions in this round were easy for the players, being based on facts or topics they are familiar with, but still had problems with many of them:
      • In general, for most of the questions only a single person struggled to get the correct answer, such as Michael being the only to answer "Beowulf" instead of "Orpheus" in the first question and Ryan being the only one to answer "10 minutes" instead of 2 in the third question, leading the others to laugh at their misfortune.
      • Two of the questions were about the colour of Microsoft's logos, one of Microsoft Windows and one of Excel. Michael struggled with both of these, even thinking the answer to the Windows question was "orange", a colour not even part of the logo... but got both questions correct, with Gavin getting the Windows question incorrect.
      • Two consecutive questions were "Which of these foods are fruit?" and "Which of these animals mainly live in freshwater?" The entire group struggled with them, save for Jeremy, who selected obvious answers the others had missed whenever it was his turn, such as "Squash" and "Common frog", and while they ultimately got all of the answers to both questions, only Jeremy was able to get through both questions without being eliminated. Adding to the hilarity were Michael and Ryan's wrong answers for the latter question, with Michael panicking and picking "Marlin" for his very first answer, eliminating him immediately, while Ryan later picked "Anglerfish", which even Gavin knew was a deep sea fish.
    • In the aforementioned third question, everyone (except the British Gavin) starts laughing about how in rugby, the area players are sent into when they receive a yellow card is called the "sin bin", leaving Gavin bewildered that they have never heard of it until they explain that they only call it the "penalty box".
    • One of the questions was "Which of these roles has David Bowie played?" Jeremy immediately exploded into laughter upon seeing that one of the options available was "Princess Leia". Meanwhile, Michael found and picked the obvious answer... "David Bowie".

    Game shows 
  • Geoff, Michael, and Ray sit down and play Wheel of Fortune. Most of the video is Geoff alternating between laughing and groaning at the ineptitude of the other two.
    • During the $2000 Toss Up, Michael jumps the gun and accidentally chooses to solve the puzzle when only the first letter ("A") is shown. After a moment of deliberation, he enters his answer: ANALBEADSYUMM.
      Michael: The game said "A" and I hit "A"...things escalated too quickly.
    • The final puzzle literally solved itself via the "RSTLNE" and Geoff picking "GHFI" - yielding "Tiger & Tigress"
    • Part Two has Jack, Gavin and Ray up against each other - Geoff audibly refrains from blurting out the answer multiple times.
      Michael: Geoff, how you doin' over there?
      Geoff: I'm fuckin' hurting... on the inside. Trying to keep my mouth shut this whole time.
      Michael: We need to do "Geoff Face-Cams" from now on.
    • This gets even worse when Jack gets to the prize round. His clue was "Book Title", with "WALDEN" given by the game.
      Jack: Well, there's only so many letters I can pick. Alright, Balden, Falden, Galden, Halden... Halden? (Geoff can be heard wheezing from holding back laughter)
      Michael: Geoff's used to being disappointed by The Lads, but not Jack!
      (Jack guesses the answer with 3 seconds left)
      Geoff: Henry David Thoreau, you idiot! Jesus Christ!
  • Geoff, Michael, and Ray then go on to play Jeopardy!. At one point, the question shows a picture of a panda eating "its favorite food", and the point is to guess what its favorite food is...
    Ray: "I got this! I got this! I GOT THIS! EUCALYPTUS!"
    Michael: "What."
    • The best part is that Ray honestly did not know the answer was "bamboo".
    • During Final Jeopardy, Ray has a complete meltdown when the clue is revealed.
      Alex Trebek: The genus of this Asian animal is Ailuropoda, and its species name, appropriately, is Melanoleuca.
      Ray: "FUCK! I don't, that's not a word, right? Like...there's two fake words in there!"
  • "Let's Play Family Feud". Geoff and Michael vs X-Ray and Vav.
    • The first round asks for types of beans that would go in a salad. On one of Ray's turns, he runs out of ideas and types in "Rowan atkinson".
    • During the final round of the second game, the survey asks for things that pregnant women have trouble doing. Ray buzzes in first and tries to input "standing" but none of the pre-made answer match, so he hurriedly changes his answer to "walking". However, he picks "waking" on accident. Cue epic freak-out when "waking" ends up being the number two answer on the board (as "Getting Up").
    • One of the surveys is "Most men think that you should never interrupt a woman doing this." Gavin, ignoring Ray (who says "Talking on the phone") first tries "Cooking", but then switches his answer to "Reading" as Michael and Ray scream at him to put in "On the phone". Gavin inputs the answer anyway, and it comes out as number seven on the board. Ray's reaction:
  • "Let's Play Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
    Ray: (beyond pissed) True story: Tom never reached home that night because I beat the shit out of him in the street!
    • Gavin sums up his difficulty with the game.
    Gavin: I'm always suspicious of the question, though, 'cause I forget this is for... like, mong children.
    Ryan: The board is cleared...
    Michael: Alright Geoff, this is it. I don't know what's going to happen but-
    Jack: Alright, so now you get to pick a child to keep! (everyone laughs)
    Geoff: You belong to me now, Katie.
  • "Jeopardy! Part 2":
    • The triumphant return of EUCALYPTUS!
    • Jack, Gavin, and Ryan all get a question wrong. Keep in mind that this is multiple choice, and there are only three choices...
      • In their defense, whoever got the repeat wrong answer didn't expect the answers to move when they buzzed in (the spot they hit was where the previous try had the RIGHT answer.
    • For Final Jeopardy, Gavin shouts out an answer that ends up being different than the one he entered. His vocal answer was the correct one so he ended up losing everything.
  • "Let's Play The Price Is Right Decades"
    • For some reason, Ray's avatar had his eyes shut during all three games. Everyone else pointed this out.
      Ray: I'm just happy to be here. I can't see shit!
    • At the start of the game, there's a bid on a set of lamps. Due to their lackluster appearance, the bids are only around a $100-$200 range. Cue outrage when the lamps turn out to be almost $700.
    • During Magic Number, when the prizes are being shown (an oven and a sofa), the gang (Geoff, Ryan, Michael, and Ray) dictate their disappointment. And then this comment is made.
    • At the Showcase Showdown for the first game, Geoff got 40 on his first spin, and accidentally hit the "Stay" option instead of making another spin.
    • "'True Fitness Technology'?!"
  • Wheel of Fortune part three has Gavin receiving a message towards the start that says "Win Gavin".
  • Let's Play - Family Feud Part 2
    • The editor of the video, Kdin, gets in on the fun at Lindsay's request, angrily demanding that whoever edits the video prove that she and Mica were right about there being a spotted owl and spotted gecko when told it wasn't on the board. Kdin cheerily obliges, complete with Editors Note.
  • Let's Play - Family Feud Part 3
    • Ryan's avatar has giant wide eyes. It leads to this.
      Ryan: I can see you. I can see all of you. I can see what you're wearing today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
  • Let's Play - Family Feud - Part 4
  • Let's Play - Wheel of Fortune Jack Sajak
    • Gavin, Michael and Jeremy play the game while Jack claims to be the host. The video is edited with Jack's head pasted over Pat Sajak's.
    • One of the Puzzles is a 4-letter title of a TV show. The trio thinks it's either M*A*S*H, Monk, or Lost. Everyone completely loses it when it turns out "L" or "M" isn't in the puzzle. The title is Reba.
      • Jack actually gives the answer on accident, only for Jeremy to not solve it correctly.
    • The final puzzle has them all struggling as they try to guess what MONTRE_L E_POS is. Jeremy figures it out after he throws out a random guess. His soft gasp in realization is what sells it. The answer is MONTREAL EXPOS.
    Jeremy: It's the MONTREAL ESPOS!
  • Let's Play - Jeopardy Part 3
    • Jeremy, Ryan, and Gavin all take a stab at the trivia show.
    • Ryan ends up mispronouncing Merv Griffin's wife as "Mulan".
    • Jeremy's avatar having pom poms.
      • Gavin mocks Ryan for his unoriginal avatar. When Ryan mocks Gavin for his fictitious scar over his eye, Gavin proudly adds in the driving gloves for the car he doesn't have.
    • Gavin scooping up questions after Ryan and Jeremy eliminate the 2 wrong answers for him.
    • Ryan's collapse during Double Jeopardy. He first loses all his money on a Daily Double, then continues to miss question after question. At his lowest point, Ryan was $5200 in the hole and mathematically eliminated from Final Jeopardy. Ryan claims that they just killed him and dragged his body out back.
      • What makes this funnier is that, before he's booted out, he wins the mini-game and all three of them declare that the shirt he unlocked is his consolation prize.
    • At the very end, Ryan and Gavin are gobsmacked at the fact that Jeremy has so many achievements.
  • Wheel of Fortune Part 6
    • Near the end, they encounter a South Park-level puzzle - an Event with revealed letters of "TIGHT RA_E". Gavin notes that all of them were thinking the same, unfortunate, thing. The actual answer is TIGHT RACE.
      Gavin: (After making it TIGHT RA__) ...I'm nervous.
      Jack: Please no E. (Picks and reveals the E) Oh nooo!
    • Gavin manages to solve the final puzzle for Jack. Unfortunately, he figures it out when there are only 3 seconds left, and it's far too late for Jack to solve it.
  • RouLetsPlay - The Price Is Right
    • The gang is utterly flummoxed at the fact that the game just shoots through all four stages of the series (Contestant's Row, bonus game, Showcase Showdown and the Showcase) incredibly quickly and altogether.
  • Let's Play - Jeopardy Part 4
    • Jack and Jeremy call out Gavin for pulling out his phone's calculator in the math questions section. Not that it helps him after the first question — either Jeremy buzzes in or Jack and Jeremy throws Gavin off so badly he gets it wrong.
    • When told the answer "This Ancient Greek historian called Egypt "The Gift of the Nile".", Jack, Jeremy and Gavin express their disbelief over the names they're given - Xenophon, Thucydides, and Herodotus. Jack intentionally mispronounces their names — "Xenophone", "Thucy-dudes" and "Hero-dote-us".
    • During the answer "From the Latin for "Falling down", it's used to describe a tree that sheds its leaves annually.", Jeremy calls the word "Fugacious" "Fugalicious".
  • Let's Play - Wheel of Fortune: What is _RA_?! (part 8)
    • At the beginning, Jeremy buzzes into the first puzzle written up as _ILD_-GOOS_ __ASE. He doesn't know the answer and types in MILD-GOOSE TEASE.
    • One early spin, Gavin proclaims that he got in a beefy spin. He lands on Bankrupt.
    • One Mini-Game, they get the puzzle ____ _A_E. All three of them have no idea and type in "Guco Fapé".
    Jeremy: (As Gavin is entering it) Has that ever happened? That's incorrect and the next guy's like "No, I'd like to double down on that one."
    Gavin: (As Jack is entering it) Will it be funny a third time? Or will it be tiresome? Only the audience knows.
    • The story behind the title. The puzzle gets down to SALMON _RA_ & HERRING, and Jack has absolutely no idea, spinning and blindly guessing letters while Jeremy and Gavin are both anxious because they both know the answer. Eventually Jack hits a bankrupt and passes it to Jeremy. Jeremy hits Lose A Turn and passes it to Gavin. Gavin hits bankrupt and passes it back to Jack, who STILL has no idea. Jack makes another wrong guess, and passes it to Jeremy, who gets one of the remaining letters. Instead of then solving the puzzle, he spins again, landing on bankrupt and handing the victory to Gavin. Even better is that for his first spin, Jeremy said "Please don't bankrupt me". He hit "Lose a Turn".
    • In the subsequent minigame round they make it their goal to get through all their letter selections with as few correct letters as possible, picking the unusual suspects like Z, J and Q. Gavin successfully picks no correct letters. They joke about how Pat Sajak must be off-camera facepalming.
    • The next round starts off with a simple puzzle. Jack blurts out the answer while Jeremy is typing it. Made funnier as Jeremy is expecting him to make a joke, and Jack meant it as a joke.
  • Let's Play - Wheel of Fortune - Two and a Half Cars
    • The very first puzzle Jack gives it away as The Beverly Hillbillies. He promptly spends the rest of the round singing the theme song.
    • Jeremy and Jack get into dual tiebreakers due to landing on non-money spots in the bonus round.
    • In the second round, Jeremy and Gavin figure out the puzzle "Fish Tempura". Gavin gets a decent amount and a second 1/2 Car token and goes to solve it. Jeremy fucks around with Gavin's mind in trying to spell it, making him spell it as "Fish TempOra" and stealing the win.
    • During the third mini-game, despite Gavin failing to not get correct letters, the gang cannot solve the puzzle "Aches & Pains", with Gavin getting "Acped & Fridge", Jack getting "Ecanp & Trist" and Jeremy getting "Acnar & Shimp". Then the power goes out and they have to start all over!
      Jack: Depending on whether or not the editors get lazy...
      Editor: Fuck you.
    • The first mini-game of the new game, Jack and Jeremy suffer an Epic Fail as Jack hits the button way too soon and he scribbles out "Marracas Temporatacos" and Jeremy figures out the first word as "Magazine" but doesn't realize the second word is "Subscription" until he screws it up and writes "Temptarption" and only realizes it's "Subscription" after one last letter goes up and Gavin solves it.
  • Let's Play - New Wheel of Fortune - Where's Pat?! (Part 1)
    • Everyone's outrage when they realize that Pat's no longer the host, and that the new console's version doesn't allow them to be their own Xbox Live Profile avatars.
      • And the subsequent confusion when it emerges that somehow Ryan and Gavin are stuck playing each other's characters.
    • As Jeremy runs away into the lead, Ryan suggests to Gavin that the two of him should wait and beat up Jeremy after the show's over.
    • Gavin manages to solve one puzzle (Thing: Couture) without actually knowing that it's a real word. Ryan then looks the word up; it turns out that none of them have ever heard of that word before. Jeremy thought Gavin was just making up words and sounds, to which Michael whole-heartedly claims he was.
  • Let's Play - Wheel of Fortune - Gavin Goes Bankrupt (Part 2)
    • For some reason, Jeremy and Gavin's characters look the same and the game has put them in different spots.
    • During the first toss up, Jack buzzes in, realizing the answer was LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT. He gets it wrong when he misspells it as LANDSCAPE ARCHITECH and Jeremy can't figure out if he got right or not himself when he buzzes in.
    • During Jeremy's first turn, it looks like that Jeremy has avoided landing on Bankrupt, but, for some odd reason, the game counts it as landing on Bankrupt despite the fact that pointer isn't even pointing to it. A similar situation happens to Gavin later, where the pointer is the same amount out of the Bankrupt space, and it still counts as Bankrupt.
      Gavin: God damn- Game Grumps shit going on!
    • Jack completely and utterly gets all the letters to the first puzzle and, when the host approaches Jack's avatar and proclaims "To be honest, I wasn't sure if you were going to solve that one.", everyone starts laughing.
    • Gavin finally gets a turn... and promptly loses it on a Bankrupt Mystery Space.
      • Gavin is the first person up in the third round and promptly loses it on a Lose a Turn. In fact, the only money he ever gets in the episode is $1000 just for playing.
  • RouLetsPlay - Wheel of Fortune
    • Jack designed his player character to look like Caiti, so the game gives that character to Geoff.
      • Speaking of Geoff, this is his first time playing Wheel of Fortune, so Jack and Jeremy have to explain the fun rules to him along the way. Naturally, he walks away with $75,520, while Jeremy only got $3,000 from a toss-up and Jack got $1,000 consolation just for playing.
    • Two of the games are about specific baseball players, leaving everyone stumped.
    • Then they spin the barrel for the next game...
      Jeremy: We just played Wheel of Fortune, we're gonna roll this thing.
      Michael: With Geoff Ramsey on!
      Jeremy: And we're gonna- he left already. He fucking peaced the fuck-
      Michael: He took a trip to Egypt and he left.
      Jeremy: Half of his- oh yeah, he took his-
      Michael: Trip to Egypt. There was no editing here.
  • Let's Play - Wheel of Fortune - The Bankruptening (#3)
    • During the second round, Michael muses over the idea of the three of them showing up on the real life show and deciding to play by their own rules, making Pat Sajak go nuts.
    • The explanation for the title: At the start of the first round, Trevor makes the first spin and lands on Bankrupt. As they start talking about the Bankrupt spaces, Jeremy spins and lands on it as well. The gang is surprised by this and even more so when Michael lands on a Bankrupt space as well!
      • And then it gets worse. Out of the first fourteen spins, seven of them are bankrupt, along with two Lose-a-Turns and two wrong letters. Michael successfully spins three Bankrupts in a row.
  • RouLetsPlay - Skunk Stole My Hearing - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
    • For some reason, the game doesn't acknowledge that Alfredo's playing, simply listing him as "Player 4" when the others got intros.
    • The title comes from a question asking which sense does a skunk have the most impact on. They start debating how the picture has the most impact on their vision and how a skunk might actually go for the ears.
    • The guys are baffled by how Alfredo keeps getting softballed with questions, like "Who is the protagonist of The Jungle Book?" and "Which of these is a meat?"
      Jeremy: What do you have on Jeff Foxworthy?
      • One easy question has Alfredo about to answer until the rest of the guys start deliberately sabotaging him by treating the correct answer as obviously wrong.
    • One of the students claims her specialty is Geography and flunks out her team when she chooses the wrong state. And then she changes her specialty the next round. They decide her actual specialty is deception.
  • RouLet'sPlay - Who is Billy Zamboni? - Jeopardy!
    • Trevor is confused as to why he's listed as only being Level 0 when he's played the game, only to remember that it's because he played the other game.
    • One answer said "Not surprisingly, this magician claims as his favorite book the Charles Dickens novel that bears his name" with the answers being Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickelby and David Copperfield. Jeremy and Trevor get it wrong. Gavin gets it right, only for Gavin to stumble around in trying to explain the answer.
    • The title of the episode comes from the Double Jeopardy round where one answer asks for the name of the Inventors Hall of Fame inductee for his Ice Rink Resurfacing Machine. Gavin yells it out in a foolhardy attempt to stop Jeremy from getting the right answer, Frank Zamboni.
  • Gavin's Moonball - Wheel of Fortune (Part 4)
    • The beginning of the video goes a little like this:
      Jeremy: Wheel-
      Jack: Moonball!
      Jeremy: O- *thump* Ow!
      Jack: *laughs*
      Jeremy and Jack: Of!
      Jeremy: Fortune!
      Jack: Fish! Hey, we're playing Wheel of Fortune.
      Gavin: Moonball.
      Jack: Ow.
      *another thump and smash cut to no signal screen*
    • During the first round, Gavin lands on the $1 million space, but to actually get it to count he has to win the round. He gets a letter and then a vowel, but when his next letter doesn't score, he drops his controller, disconnecting it. Somehow when he reconnects it the game just quits.
    • One puzzle is a food item, SOFT PRETZELS WITH DIPPING MUSTARD. They spend about five minutes trying to figuring it out before Jeremy clues in about two minutes after learning the last word, with Gavin cluing in about a minute later. Jack, on the other hand, could not figure it out until the very end.
      Jack: Sobt? Soct? Soft? OH FUCK ME! [all three cackle] Now, what's the second word?
      Jeremy: ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!
    • Jack wins the game and is given the final puzzle. He's still figuring when Gavin blurts out the answer.
  • WHAT IS A POSITIVE SCORE? - Jeopardy Week #2
    • The players are Geoff, Gavin and Alfredo, and as the title implies, they... do not do well. Geoff and Gavin are just bad at general knowledge, and the latter is incredibly susceptible to peer pressure, but Alfredo takes the cake, admitting to buzzing in and answering without even reading the question and the ones he does read he gets wrong anyway. By the end of the video he's over $10,000 in the hole and pressing buttons on his controller whilst facing the opposite direction. But then again, the devious look on his face from the live action footage captured by Jeremy, suggests that at some point in the video, Alfredo simply decided he was going to troll Ryan and Jack.
    • Gavin buzzes in on a question about the state mineral of Colorado, asking what primary color it is. The choices of red, blue and yellow pop up... and Gavin was expecting something different.
    • Geoff and Gavin both flop on Final Jeopardy, so Jack makes them go into a new game and answer the $1,000 questions from the first round. They nearly both get beaten by the AI player.
  • HUNTING FOR THAT DAILY DOUBLE - Jeopardy Week #4 (Finale)
    • After having successfully called a Daily Double before it was picked in part 3, Jack does it again during Double Jeopardy. Twice. The second time he just about loses his mind. Gavin insists he plays the lottery when filming's over.
      Jack: (first time) I know the future! I know the future!
      Jack: (second time) *long scream of disbelief*
    • One of the questions given was who was behind The Writing's On The Wall and "Survivor." Surprisingly, Geoff doesn't know the answer and picks Gloria Gaynor instead. The rest of the room sings the song's chorus back to him.
      Geoff: I didn't know that, did nobody else know it either?
      Jack: No, no one else knew it.
  • YOU BROKE THE RULES - Wheel of Fortune
    • Jack and Jeremy play Wheel of Fortune with Bruce of Funhaus and explicitly tell him all of their in-house rules for playing the game. This comes back to bite them big time when Bruce figures out an answer and decides to just solve it instead of going through all of those letters and not risk landing on a Bankrupt or Lose a Turn space.
    Jeremy: Oh, Bruce, you got one letter left, man.
    Bruce: Oh, do I? (Jeremy: Yep.) Oh, no... oh! Never mind! (everyone laughs) I'm just gonna solve.
    Jack: Aw, no, you gotta spin, you shithead! You shithead! You broke the fucking rules! There's one rule in goddamn Wheel of Fortune and you broke it!
    Jeremy: You come to our house?!
    Jack: I need a spin for every fucking letter!
    Bruce: Jack, I need that money, I'm going the cruise!
  • TELL US THE ANSWER! - Wheel of Fortune
    • Much like the last two times Geoff played Wheel of Fortune, this is Geoff's first time playing Wheel of Fortune and has to have the rules explained to him. Also much like last time, Geoff wins handily.
    • The "couture" puzzle from an earlier game comes up again, and everyone slowly goes mad as they try to spin for all the consonants.
    • Once again, the game's tendency to bias spins towards Bankrupt and Lose A Turn comes up, along with the bug making it impossible to spin until the timer's wound down. The Hunters swear the game gets worse every time they play it.
      • In the final round, Geoff loses the ability to make any input whatsoever, making it look like the game's crashed completely until it's worked out it's just his controller giving up.
  • We're Short a Few Neurons - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
    • Jack can't get over the game's bad syncing that makes the contestant and host constantly talk over each other.
    • Matt completely butchers the first question about British colonies and ends his round immediately. He blames his character's old lady rambling off while Lindsay makes the excuse that she has dementia.
    • On Jack's turn, his first question asks what body part a dentist takes care of which only annoys Matt at the difference in difficulty between their rounds. He gets further annoyed when the game asks what profession would be interested in black holes.
    • The fourth round has all three players participate. Jack chooses an older man that Matt thinks looks like an anatomically correct version of the old man from the movie "Up".
    • Jack used his Phone-A-Friend lifeline to call his character's wife, and everybody laughs at the voice actress's bad imitation of an elderly lady.
    • The game glitches out and asks a question with blank answer choices which confuses Jack.
      Jack: Alright, take your time with the question. Don't give me those answers. (Game doesn't give him the answers) WHAT?! I've got no answers!

    Jackbox party games 
  • Let's Play Fibbage:
    • The point of the game is to come up with convincing false answers to real questions and then pick out the true answer from the other players' lies. Gavin puts forth a lie that must be censored. Twice. Both times, they censor it with a ridiculous sideways picture of Gavin.
    • Most of Gavin's uncensored lies are also hilarious, since it's clear he wasn't going for plausibility at all.Example  Another example 
      • Although as they get more and more into the game they all start putting the funniest rather than the most plausible lies they can think of.
    • For one question about a unique method of cooking duck, both Michael and Ray enter the exact same, highly implausible lie: Smegma.
      Michael: WE BOTH WROTE SMEGMA?!?!
      Ray: Oh, we did?!
      [Michael busts up laughing]
      Ryan: Double Smegma???
    • One of the questions asked what last name a Catholic student should have to get a scholarship into Loyola University. The answers that the players submitted are "Zolp," "Dunkelman," "Jones," "Mary," "Jesus," "Christ" and "Jesus-Christpope." Guess which one belongs to Gavin. It's "Jesus-Christpope."
      • While not as weird as the first one, both Geoff and Michael answered the same thing for what last name (for a Catholic student) Loyola University would grant free tuition for - "Christ".
      • Gavin winds up getting the right answer (Zolp) because he didn't know what it meant, so he just chose it for no reason.
  • "Lets Play - Fibbage XL": Gavin makes a typo when creating one of his lies, resulting in North Korean schoolteachers once being required to know how to "suck a kid's duck," which is honestly far funnier than what he'd intended to write. His excuse for the misspelling was that 'U' (what he hit) and 'I' (what he intended to hit) are right next to each other on the keyboard.
    • The question that asked what "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author Roald Dalh was buried with. Gavin and Ryan's answers have to be seen to be believed. Ryan's answer was "A full-sized inflatable Charlie doll in bondage wear," and Gavin's answer was "A mould of his wife's cunt."
    • The question "CELEBRITY TWEET! 4:32 PM - 22 May 2012 @lindsaylohan Tweeted: "______ is the best medicine." gets the answers Black dick and Big Black Cock. Turns out Ray and Gavin wrote those answer.
  • "Let's Play - Drawful"
    • The first picture has Gavin comment it looks like "a diddle monster". When he finds out Ryan's the one who drew it his cry is incredulous.
    • The first of Gavin's pictures is a plate, knife and fork with some odd shapes on it. Everyone gets it wrong, and it turns out that the answer is "I'm going to eat these puppies!". Gavin says that he didn't know how to draw tiny puppies and everyone proceeds to make fun of his terrible drawing.
      • One of the lie-answers? "hate crime". And it was Geoff's.
    • The rush to input lie-answers for a doodle of a skater saying BITCH! gets back "extreme supper ninja grind" and "offesnive skater". Also "jesus".
      Ray: "I don't know what's worse, the drawing or the spelling!"
      • And one of the misspelled answers was Ryan's!
    • Halfway through the second round Jack joins them on microphone.
    • One of Ray's drawings is a picture of someone on a bed with a load of what looks like random scribbling around it. Everybody in the room is thrown for a complete loop. Ray then comments that Geoff had to get up and take a closer look at it!
      Ray: Oh, I am so sorry!
    • One of Gavin's pictures was a picture of a guy in front of a box of sugar with a speech bubble that reads "IM AN OLD FUCK." Two of the answers are "Geoff" and "Geoff making it rain."
    • Hell, some of the answers themselves are utter gold.
      The Picture: A cat head below a taco that has "MEOW" written on it. Ryan's answer: "Discount Mexican food".
      The Picture: A guy looking at a book with a speech balloon reading "LOL". Lindsay's answer: "Gay baby's first playboy".
  • Let's Play Drawful Part 2:
    • Once again, no one can draw. Presented without context:
      Ray: (the artist) HE'S WEARING A KILT!
      Micah: What? That's a triangle!
      Ray: What do you think a kilt is?!
      Ryan: It's inverted! Why is the big part up at his hips?!
      Ray: Because he's wearing it, uh, however the fuck he wants to. Maybe you're wearing it wrong, ever think of that?
    • Gus gets a little optimistic about one of his drawings:
      Gus: This- this turned out way better- This is the best drawing I've ever made! Everyone is going to get it! It's fucking amazing! It looks so good! The- This is being recorded! I'm going to get a print-out of this! I'm-
      Ray: It's gonna be a shirt.
      Gus: I'm so happy about it!
      Ryan: Risinger was just in here. Where'd he go?
      Gus: Get him back in here! We're making a shirt!
    • The second-to-last drawing Crosses the Line Twice, which is reinforced by the reactions of the others.
      Ray: Jesus Christ!
      Lindsay: This drawing makes me sad.
      • There's also the fact that Lindsay, as their Fibbage lie, just flat out wrote "geoff ramsey"...
  • Let's Play Drawful Part 3:
    • The game opens with Gavin drawing a picture of a pizza, a cat, a house, and a gun. This is literally the answer, and no one gets it because the answer itself makes no sense. They made it into a t-shirt because of this.
    • The second round kicks off with a drawing of the alphabet. Linda writes "Random letters" as her answer, but the answer is "Alphabetical order". At the answers screen, she has this to say:
    Linda: I just have to make it clear that I wrote the random letters, but it doesn't mean in Hungarian we don't know the alphabet.
    *everyone else laughs*
    • One of the second round answers gets a lot of answers relating to fairies... and "Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!". The latter answer ends up being chosen by Gavin, likely out of curiosity. Turns out nobody wrote that one. The game inserted it thanks to Ryan and Michael writing the same thing, resulting in Gavin wasting his turn.
    • The second round of the game features Geoff stating he would give $1,000 to anyone who manages to correctly guess Griffon's answer. Gavin manages to pick the correct answer of "Geese" by sheer luck.note 
  • Let's Play Drawful Part 4
    • This is an "All Thumbs" round - everyone has to draw using only their thumb. In most cases the drawing quality isn't too greatly affected by this.
    • Similar to last round, the game inserts an answer because two people put the same answer. This time it's "Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!"
    • Ray's first drawing is such a mess that even he can't remember what it was supposed to be! Everyone except Michael answered correctly, because it was the only answer that made sense in the game's context.
    • Gavin has this to say about his drawing in round two, which has the word "FUCK" written clearly under it.
      Gavin: "Look, I got annoyed with my drawing; it's not a hint."
    • Michael's round two drawing completely throws most people off. Because he misread his prompt and drew something else instead, then hit enter before re-reading it and realizing he'd not actually drawn it.
    • A drawing with two ducks gets two answers that involve 'patty cake'. The second time Geoff reads it as "petty kacking". He then blames the alcohol for it when the others start teasing him.
  • Let's Play - Quiplash
    • Round after round, the group proves that Strange Minds Think Alike, particularly the first Round Three, where 4 out of 6 answers involved racism in some way.
      Gavin: We have, like, one mind.
      Jeremy: They're so similar! God damn...
    • The second game devolves into a volley of insults at Gavin.
      • The first of these was "Name the secret to a happy life" - with Geoff's answer being "Fucking Megnote  as Ryannote ". 75% of the audience agreed.
        Gavin: That's bollocks! That's the most-liked answer of all time!
      • Geoff quietly reassures Gavin that he loves him... only for his next answer to come up, making fun of "Gavin's dumb shitty nose that no one likes". 80% of the audience voted for it.
        Jeremy: This has turned into a different game. Just to watch Gavin and Geoff make eye-contact.
  • Let's Play Fibbage 2
    • Almost every player in the first game has Gavin in their name. Except for Jeremy, who didn't get the joke memo until he'd written his name.
    • The first question in the second round is "Michelle Joni operates a unique preschool in Brooklyn. All the students in the preschool are _____" One of the answers is "Scared of Michelle Joni", which sends Geoff into hysterics. That was Jeremy.
      • Another lie entered was "Inmates in for Life. Teddy Murder.", which Jeremy immediately says is Ryan's. He's correct, the second question in a row that someone correctly identified Ryan's lie as Geoff had called "Retire early on a government pension" as Ryan's on the previous question.
    • By the second question in the second round "Gavin Free" (Jack) is in the lead by nearly 10,000 points under the second place "Gavin D Free" (Michael). Michael, in disbelief, tells everyone to stop giving Jack his points, that's becoming the ultimate Gavin.
    • The question "On April 30, 2015 an art group in Brooklyn, NY hosted a very special fundraiser where for fifteen dollars, they taught people how to ____ each other." has one of the answers as "Sound". When Michael wonders how you could Sound each other, Jeremy quips that they'd just hit tuning forks against each other. The others just groan and tell him they'll tell him later.
    • One question uses a Jeff Foxworthy "You Might Be A Redneck" reference, prompting the entire team to tell the announcer to shut up.
    • The final question of the video asks for a very odd sport that holds a championship in Fenny Bentley, England every year. Everyone chooses cheese rolling which was Gavin's lie with Gavin choosing the real answer, toe wrestling, granting him the win after being in 2nd-to-last place and netting him an achievement for fooling everyone else.note 
  • Let's Play - Bidiots
    • An early piece sees a bidding war between Gavin, Jeremy and Geoff, who eventually wins by outbidding the others. It was one of his own pieces, that he forgot he did. To twist the knife further, Geoff bid All of his starting $3000 on the picture leaving him with no option but to take a loan.
    • The group is forced to restart the game when Ryan tries to screw another player (force them to bid), but can't choose anyone.
    • The second round begins with Geoff frantically trying to bid on a piece completely failing to realize he was already the highest bidder.
    • The screw mechanic is great the whole time. The screwed player (usually Gavin) always freaks out when they get screwed into bidding on a piece they don't want, especially when that bid is in the thousands of dollars.
    • Round 2 has a Visual Pun that even the group thinks is Actually Pretty Funny - Homer's Odyssey.
      • Also Plate-Oh/Plato.
      • The same round also has an Overly Long Gag involving pigs being the subjects of the paintings - of 12 paintings, half involved pigs in some way.
    • Late in the game, they learn that you can bid-up your own artwork then screw someone into bidding for it at a higher price for a larger profit. Jeremy tries do pull this on Gavin (again) the very next round, but it backfires horribly as Gavin doesn't have enough money left to bid, wasting the screw and leaving Jeremy stuck buying his own artwork at a loss.
  • Let's Play - Drawful 2 Part 3
    • Because the game shows the progress of drawing, one of Gavin's pieces draws on screen showing that he wrote both "FUCK YOU" and "DICK SUCK" before scribbling them over. Somehow four of the others still get it right.
    • Mica questions the text she gets when the others are guessing her drawing.
      Mica: "You drew this, it'll be over soon. Is Drawful going to murder me??"
  • Fibbage 2 with Avery Monson
    • The group is left in absolute shock when they learn that the New Zealand basketball team's nickname is "The Tall Blacks".note  Jack considers it more racist than "The Slaves".
    • The game concludes in a similar manner as the last session. Michael and Jack are tied, and even managed to give the same answer to the question leading into the final round, and Michael is absolutely paranoid he'll pick Jack's answer. His reaction upon doing so, while everyone else picked the correct answer, is a sight to behold.
  • Trivia Murder Party
    • After the second question, Ryan, Jeremy, and Michael are sent to the killing floor, where they answer a question, and the others will vote on the worst answer. The question is: Which candy pairs best with popcorn? Ryan is serious and answers caramel, Jeremy and Michael both go for joke answers, cunt-creams and feces pieces respectively. Michael dies
      Ryan: I didn't- I didn't realize we were going with fake answers.
    • The next round pits Jack against Gavin, where they have to solve as many math problems as they can in 30 seconds. Jack beats Gavin 15 to 4.
    • The second round goes very poorly, as nobody answered correctly on the first two questions.
    • In the video with Derrick Acosta as a guest, an extremely passionate argument occurs over whether or not magenta is considered a shade of purple. It makes up the last three minutes as the credits roll.
      Jeremy: I went to AN ART. COLLEGE. I took classes on this!
      Ryan: That explains why you don't know shit!
  • RouLetsPlay Quiplash 2 has some standout moments.
    • Lindsay wasn't paying attention during the quip-input phase and answered the Audience Play-Along question instead of the prompt she was given. Her answer was "Gallahad". No one buys her attempt to salvage the answernote :
    Lindsay: It's a mallard incorporated with the question!
    • Michael gets his first of four occasions where he and someone else enter the same answer.
      • The question was "The worst cocktail that ends in -tini." Michael's answer, which won, was a jab at Jeremy's height, while Jeremy went with "Mydikistini".
    • Near the end of round 2 Michael has it happen again. His answer, fishnetsnote , beats Lannan's fishsticks.
    • Jeremy and Jack's Drill Sergeant Nasty impression send everyone into hysterics.
      Jeremy: Fuck! Me! Fuck Me Hard!
      Jack: You call that a fuck, maggot?!
    • Round two has two instances of Strange Minds Think Alike.
  • Let's Play - Use Your Words
    • For some inexplicable reason, Jeremy is in full Nazi-mocking mode. As well, two of his answers are actually censored.
      Jeremy: I had one that was worse, I didn't do it.
      Everyone else: What was worse than that?!
    • The gang is able to root out all of the House Answers because theirs are far more mocking and vulgar than the House Answers. Except for one answer, which Ryan picks at the end.
    • The final round has the final task as "Make up a new British word for 'penis'." They immediately put a moratorium on "Gavin Free" as an answer.
    • Ryan ends up with a prophetic name as: the winner is "RyanForOnce".
  • Let's Play - Fibbage 3 with Tim Gettys
    • Similar to the first time they played a Fibbage game, Gavin puts a lie that has to be censored. Later Michael also puts a lie they have to censor!
    • The timer for the first round they play is much faster than they're used to, which leads to some misses, terrible spelling and panicking.
      Michael: "There's not enough... there's not enough time to spell check!"
    • Alfredo picks extreme stroller for his category. The others all react with confusion and bemusement that it's a category.
      • And then Little J gets a choice that includes Danny Frickin' Devito - he picks it.
    • Lindsay's name for the second round is 'WidleSawsage'. Jack has trouble reading it at first and so she reads it out herself. In a baby talk voice.
    • They get a question about what prisoners actually use for currency rather than cigarettes. The answer? MACKEREL
      Michael: "Who the fuck's trading mackerel??"
    • The ending
      Jack: "That was Fibbage, hey Tim Gettys fuck off."
      (the others burst into laughter)
  • Let's Play - Quiplash 2
    • The game hasn't even started and the moonshine is flowing, with occasional comments about the amount of alcohol they've drank.
      Trevor: [Jeremy's] moontarded.
    • Jack's impression of smokers sends everyone into hysterics.
    • One prompt asked what would be a use for a dirty diaper. Jack wrote "RT Life!", beating out Lindsay's "Lubricant". A tipsy Alfredo then comments that he can't get the image out of his head.
    • Michael and Jeremy prove that once again, Strange Minds Think Alike when prompted about how old-timey sailors passed the time.
      Michael: They fucked each other.
      [Jeremy's answer: "Straight up fuck each other"]
      • And thanks to a typo that Alfredo made on his answer, we have this gem:
        Ryan: A circles jerk is when you beat off to geometry.
    • Gavin's not in the video, so once again, insults and references to him are entered as answers. And once again, the audience picks those answers, costing points.
      Michael: The fucking stupid chat just loves seeing his name!
      Ryan: I got fucking quipblocked by Gavin.
      Trevor: Goddamnit! [Michael cackles] Audience, god damn you!
    • How do you summon Donald Trump? Jeremy wrote "Jyna Jyna Jyna". The whole room just bursts into hysterical cackling.
    • Jeremy's opinion on nudes as currency:
      Jeremy: There will never be a time when my dick can't get me a Twinkie.
    • Jeremy begs the game to not give them an acronym round as the final one. Too bad the game didn't listen and Alfredo snatches the game from him and Jack with the answer "Ladies Dickin' Ryan."
      Alfredo: Yeah, baby! I know what the audience likes!
      Ryan: You got the ladies to dick me to victory.
  • RouLet'sPlay - Vote for Grandma - Civic Doodle
    • In the final stage of the first round, Gavin gives up and blacks out the whole thing. He then draws a smiley face and writes "hello! FUCK" underneath instead.
    • In the second round, they get given the three heads project, where each stage instructs you to draw in a specific location. Everybody (including Lindsay herself) jokes about how Lindsay isn't going to read the instructions at all and just draw everywhere. Second stage? Jeremy misreads the instructions. And the game gives HIM the tiebreaker.
      • During the third stage, Gavin simply writes "is roulettesplay a good show? NOT ALWAYS!"
    • Even the game gets fed up with itself. The very last stage is a tie between Lindsay's rendition, which is as silly as the rest, and Jack's rendition, on which he's done the equivalent of Screw This, I'm Outta Here!, scribbled the whole thing out with black, and 'Let's Stop' written over the top. Jack wins.
  • We All Hate Gavin - Jackbox 5: Patently Stupid
    • It's a drawing game, so a lot of the images end up somewhat lacklustre, especially Michael's, who frequently gets annoyed at his fat fingers. It doesn't stop Lindsay from drawing a graphic representation of a vagina that needs censoring.
      • Gavin also draws something that needs censoring - a dick and balls wearing headphones.
    • During the first round, Matt chooses a prompt about only his dad ever showing up to his parties and 'invents' a bag of coke as a solution. The Investor/voting section only sees it get a handful of votes, but Matt says he's just happy to have sold some coke.
    • There's an entire round based on the prompt "I want to masturbate loudly, like I used to". Michael's invention is basically a Fleshlight that sets off a fire alarm when you "finish".
    • The last round of the second game is all about shitting on Gavin. Suggestions include a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, shooting him out of a cannon, having Dan show up, and a noose from Gavin himself. Of course, he claims it's a bracelet. Ryan (who suggested bringing Dan) wins the round, and Lindsay (who suggested the beating) wins the game.
  • You Don't Know Jack - The Jackbox Party Pack 5
    • It's a Jackbox trivia game, so naturally even the correct answers are pretty silly.
    • The 'screws' in the game are a literal Interface Screw for the other players. One of them pops up various options for changing your ingame username - Jack picks 'yes' for one and for the rest of that game is known as "The Anus".
    • Between the second and third games, they wonder if they could get Trevor in, but he decides to deal with emails instead. The following exchange occurs:
      Lindsay: Hey, Trevor, if I give you money from my wallet, will you get me a diet Coke?
      Trevor: You don't need to bring me money from your wallet.
      Ryan: They're right in our office, they're not very cold. Oh! Trevor, if I don't give you money from my wallet—
      Trevor: You go and get it! You're not pregnant!
      Ryan: He raises a good point. I could be working on a good parasite, you don't know!
      Jack: His name is Pubert. It's a fungus.
    • During one Jack Attack round, Jeremy makes a Call-Back to an old Assassin's Creed III video. The theme of the round was 'Boy Bands', and the band themed at that time was One Direction; Jeremy got Liam Payne right thanks to the argument between Ray and Jack regarding Ray's character (Ray kept saying his character was Payne when Jack thought it was Justin Bieber).
  • A Tale of Two Farts - Jackbox: Fakin' It - Deceitember
  • DANNY DEVITO PIKACHU - Fibbage 3 w/ Fiona Nova - Deceitember
    • For one of the questions in the first round, Gavin's lie is "Fog" (as an answer to a question about mispelling, implying that the word "Fag" was used instead). The following question shows a convoluted diagram for an interactive-_____ patent. The answer? For interactive fog. Everyone is bewildered—to the point that Jeremy and Gavin sprang out of their seats—because they thought that was somebody else making a Call-Back and so picked something else. Hell, Gavin thought someone else was responsible for that (his answer was "Muff Rolling", which Matt picked).
      Jeremy: are kidding me.
      Jack: No!
      Matt: I did, too!
      Jack: I thought that was a Call-Back!
      Matt: No fuckin' way!
      Ryan: Auh, and it makes so much sense when I look at it!
    • One question is about a racist school principal. The moment they've finished answering, both Matt and Jeremy put their heads in their hands. Hell, by the time Jack finished reading out the prompt, Matt and Jeremy were already Face Palming.
    • The title comes from a question in the second game, since everybody knew that Danny Devito had said that he wasn't going to be voicing the titular character in Detective Pikachu. Instead, everybody just writes what they want to. Gavin writes, "What does everyone think of this Fiona girl?"
  • YOU WENT SKINNY DIPPING?! - Jack Box: Fakin' It (#4)
    • In one of the rounds, the prompt asks to point to a person you'd like to know better. Geoff and Millie point to each other, leading Geoff and Fiona to coo at this Heartwarming moment, while Jeremy points at himself.
    • In the last round of the first game, the faker, Jeremy, is caught almost immediately. Why? The prompt for everyone else was "name a fruit". Jeremy, on the other hand was prompted to name his favorite vegetable. The look of resignation on his face when the answers are displayed just sells it.
      Jeremy: Th-they got seeds on the inside of 'em!
      Geoff: (completely incredulous) POTATOES?!
    • The players are desperate to find the faker after two divided votes leave them with no clues. Then the game pitches them an easy lob: "Point at someone shorter than you (or at yourself)". Jeremy almost jumps out of his seat in excitement and throws his arms open when the pointing happens, because the faker is the only person who would have any reason to not point at him.
      Jeremy: [triumphantly] IT'S GEOOOOOFF!! IT'S GEOOOOOFF!
      • At this, the faker tries to defend themself by claiming they were abusing the exact wording of the prompt ("Point at someone shorter than you (or at yourself)"), but Jeremy quickly counters that there's no way that Geoff would willingly pass up a chance to make fun of Jeremy's height.
    • In one round, the players have to raise their hand if they've ever gone skinny dipping. One of the people who raises their hand? Millie. Ryan, Jeremy, Alfredo, and Fiona are sent into hysterics while Geoff just gives her a look of pointed, knowing concern. This ends up being the video's titular moment.
      Geoff: We have a long car ride home. We've a lot to talk about.
    • When asked what the most romantic time of year is, Geoff answers Arbor Day. He wasn't the faker.
    • After being prompted to make the face you make when moving in for a kiss, Geoff stick his tongue out. The gang can't decide if he's the faker or just trying to mess up the game again.
      Ryan: That's the fucking Arbor Day of moving in for a kiss.
  • WHAT ARE WE LOOKING AT? - Jackbox 5: Patently Stupid
    • Ryan's first-round invention is the "Missle Horse Killa". Jeremy jokes that Ryan must have run out of space for his title... to which Ryan responds that yes, he wanted to write "Assassin", but he had to go with "Killa". It isn't until a couple of seconds after Geoff points out the misspelling of "Missle" that Ryan even notices it.
      • Then, during the funding stage...
        Jack: Is that supposed to be like the Ghost Face Killa?
        Ryan: Well, again, it was supposed to be Assassin, it just didn't fit.
        Jack: You could've said yes, and I would've been like "Oh, Ryan knows Wu Tang."
        Ryan: I am familiar with Wu Tang.
        *everybody else bursts into laughter*
    • Before the episode started, Lindsay spilled hummus all over her keyboard. Naturally, one of the market research prompts made by Jeremy is "I spilled hummus, everywhere!", which she picks for the final round. Straight out of the gate, Matt hits everyone with a belter: "Peantut Butter" (upon the reveal of which he realized he misspelled what he intended to write) and admits in the tagline that he has no idea what hummus is. Everyone bursts out into laughter, and Jeremy starts rolling around on the floor.
      Geoff: I'm so happy we hired you.
      • Then as the round goes on, we discover that a series of autocorrect and quick typing means that a number of people have misspelt something in their title or pitch, which just makes everything twice as funny.
  • Why Are They so Mad? - Drawful 2
    • Lindsay loves this game. She even continues her trend of using her drawing skills for evil and drawing images that need to be censored.
      • Also, Lindsay's username is "Pheeowhneugh", which is just "Fiona" pronounced really badly. Fiona is in the back of the room and it completely went over her head until Lindsay said it out loud at the end of the first game.
      • Her work culminates in a simultaneously awesome and funny moment when she succesfully draws Nightmare Fuel. Matt didn't get it because he picked the wrong one by accident; Jack took lots of prompting, had an epiphany, and still got it wrong.
  • Push the Button! - Jackbox Party Pack 6
    • The game is kind of like Deceit crossed with Fakin' It, so Blatant Lies and unsatisfactory explanations abound.
    • One of the added features is the 'hurry up' button, which increases the speed of the timer. Because this is Achievement Hunter and they don't pay attention at the best of times, this leads to a lot of captains losing their turn because they were distracted by shouting at the others. This is exacerbated in the second game where, owing to the addition of Lindsay and Fiona, the submit button is hidden below the player list and needs scrolling to get to.
    • In the second game, the humans get asked what the best thing to receive on Halloween is. The other three participants unanimously agree it's the large chocolate bars, but Fiona answers 'lollipop', and everyone immediately decides that she's one of the aliens. She's not.
      Michael: *rage quit mode* Fiona, what kind of answer is lollipop?!
      Fiona: It's a candy, you bitch!
  • Role Models - Jackbox Party Pack 6
    • For the first round, one of the options to vote for is Heist Jobs. Ryan gets excited, practically begging the others to pick it.
      • One of the roles to assign the others is Traitor. Ryan is assigned as The Brains, but Michael argues that he fits the Traitor role better. The others argue that Jeremy fits better.
      Michael: His whole heist was he betrayed us in the end.
      Ryan: Wait, did I betray people in a heist?
      Michael: Yes! "Alpha Two wins!"
      Ryan: That was just-I betrayed one guy!
      Jeremy: Yeah but he was all that was alive!
    • The first round has the game call Jeremy a quasi-coward, Michael says that the game called him four cowards. Jeremy threatens to break the computer just because the game called him a coward.
    • During the second round, the category is Game of Thrones houses. Everyone unanimously agrees that Matt's a Wildling, including himself.
    • Ryan's first role, Super Smart British Mega-Fighter confuses them all, but his second role, Evil Violent Turncoat fits him perfectly.
      Ryan: "Why am I British, Gavin?"
  • It Made Me Draw Farts! - Drawful 2
    • The title originates from Fiona. Her two prompts for the first round are "diamond shower" and "soy latte", and she not only interprets the two of them using Toilet Humor, she blames the game for making her jump to those conclusions. "Diamond shower" she interpreted as being the solid equivalent to a golden shower, and "soy latte" she draws as being imbibed by a person with lactose intolerance (and thus farting). Both of these make perfect sense to her.
    • At one point in the second round, Gavin's drawing comes up, and Jeremy leans over to show him his answer before submitting it. Said answer makes Gavin almost do a Spit Take, and he likens it to something straight out of ASDF Movie.
  • Book Questions Are Deadly - Trivia Murder Party 2
    • When Michael gets a question wrong in the first game, his survival minigame is to come up with a four-letter password. The only caveat though is that it has to be a real word, so when he types "UHOH" and the game rejects it, he has only a few seconds to come up with a new one. He writes "POOP" instead, which Lindsay gets almost immediately.
      • Everyone else also notes how their guesses were close to Michael's train of thought. Lindsay and Jack first guessed "DICK", Jack then guessed "SHIT", Gavin guessed "FUCK", Geoff guessed "FART"
    • They get to the final round, which is almost exactly the same as the first Trivia Murder Party's final round, and though Lindsay goes into the round with a lead, Ryan is able to overtake her right at the end. Then he runs afoul of the twist... namely, that in the sequel, you have to get all three answers correct (including the one that in the first game was exclusive to dead pursuers) to be able to escape. Gavin immediately mugs him and flees with the only clean sweep on a question about Grease 2. Even better? He had no idea there was a sequel and blindly guessed.
      • During the final round, one of the questions was asking for locations in Game of Thrones, with the answers being Westworld, Vaes Dothrak, and King's Landing. Michael messes up all 3 because he thought the question was asking for the location of Game of Thrones, and then realized he messed up further by confusing Westworld with Westeros.
    • Halfway through the second game, Jack suddenly notices that the audience counter has gone up to one. It turns out Matt read the room code over their shoulders and joined in.
    • Gavin's in the lead towards the end of the second game's final round, and Michael screams out that he's going to win by saying yes to all of the given answers, like he did in the first game. Which is exactly what he does.
  • Diabolical Deception - Jackbox 6: Push the Button! (#2)
    • Gavin answers a question about what the last book he read was, and he'd been sent one by Felicia Day, so his answer was "Is Felicia Day". Unfortunately for him, the actual question was "The coolest thing I did last weekend was..."
      Gavin: Not only did I get hacked, it makes me sound like an absolute... (interrupted as everyone bursts into laughter at his answer)
      Geoff: Gavin did Felicia Day - I'm telling Meg!
  • A Deadly Spelling Contest - Trivia Murder Party 2
    • Matt and Fiona face off in a drawing contest. The group unanimously declare Matt's drawing as the better of the two, but instead of voting for the best drawing like they were supposed to, they think that they're voting for the worst drawing because that was how the voting worked in the original Trivia Murder Party and accidentally vote out Matt.
  • Push the Button! - We're HORRIBLE Human Beings
    • Collectively the Hunters realize that the humans will never win a game of Push the Button, because the entire point of the game is to differentiate between the sane human answers and the bizarre alien answers - and that completely fails when they (but especially Lindsay and Alfredo) are playing, because the answers they give even when human are anything but sane.
  • Push The Button! - How Many Hacks Are There!?
    • One of the questions was "You want to provide encouragement during childbirth. The best thing to say..." and Jack boldly said "I can do that", disgusting practically everyone playing into accusing him to be an alien and killing him in the end. This was pretty unfortunate for a few reasons. For one, Jack's suspicion level was minimal at best and would have been in the clear had he not said that. Second, he kept saying "Any two idiots can make a baby", further digging his hole deeper amongst the crew and comment section. Lastly, Jack most likely read the question wrong and read "Making a baby" not "giving child birth", two very different things and Jack even admit in the end he probably did.
      • To add insult to injury, everyone picked him out of hate, not from suspicion. They were that disgusted with him and a sigh of relief can be heard when they got him.
      • Ryan said it best if Caiti had heard those words.
      Ryan: She will leap off that bed, fire the kid out of her just to propel her in your direction to strangle you with the cord.
  • Drawful 2 Custom Game - We Use Our Own Prompts
    • All the prompts are the guesses from previous Drawful games, which means that any of the ridiculous answers given could be the truth.
    • Geoff is first, and instead of his prompt, he just promoting his new podcast. The guess from Matt is "the shameless begging of a nobody".
      • Once it gets to Lindsay's turn, their drawing is also a promotion of Geoff's podcast, but the prompt they got was "roosterteeth's new shirt". Matt's guess for this is "merch that you'll see in a goodwill soon".

    Other party games 
  • Let's Play – Mario Party 8: Shy Guy's Perplex Express
    • The sheer amount of trouble that Gavin goes through in one episode. He walks into Bowser's express twice (causing him to get no stars), rolls three 1s from a Thrice Candy, gets his only star stolen by Michael after losing to Michael's duel minigame (with only a 1-in-6 chance of him stealing a star), and walks into Bowser's express a third time in the final round. To add insult to the injury, Michael enters the Lucky Space twice, and dueled Gavin on his way out from his second trip to the Lucky Space. One of his Bowser run-ins was someone hitting a Bowser Space when he was one space from the front of the train.
  • Let's Play - Mario Party 8: 50-Turn Extra Life Extravaganza
    • Near the end, Gavin makes a lucky Springo candy throw that jumps him directly to the bonus island with Lindsay. He takes 2 steps, and immediately after his turn Lindsay uses her Bloway candy to throw him off the bonus island and back to the start. Gavin gets completely broken.
      • Really, that entire part can be summed up with Michael's line right as he sees the Bloway candy.
        Michael: BLOW HIM! BLOW HIM!
      • Gavin had gone into the main AH office to make the throw - and hit Lindsay. And he was already down by four Stars on the leader, with nine; even Meg, third at the time, had eleven.
  • Let's Play - Mario Party 10 - Bowser Party
    • During the second game, a bunch of bad rolls allow Geoff to catch up to Michael, Lindsay, Gavin and Jeremy. During the Bowser mini-game, Michael tells the other four what to do and is shocked when the match is not what he thought it was supposed to benote , leading to Lindsay, Gavin and Jeremy being taken out in that mini game, leaving Michael in disbelief and despair as he's the last one alive.
  • Let's Play - It's Quiz Time
    • Because the others keep picking movie-related categories, Jeremy doesn't do so well.
      Host: Since this is apparently proving too tricky for you, Lil J, here's another game.
      Going into the final round
      Host: Lil J, did you drop your device down the toilet? Come on, you can still beat-
      Jeremy: I got two of 'em right!
      • This leads to a Running Gag involving her being smitten with Alfredo in Round 2.
        Jeremy: Like, she's nice to him!
        Alfredo: Yeah, you know, we got a little thing.
        Jeremy: For me, she was like - "Jeremy, you got five right. You fucking idiot."
    • One of the game's features is being able to tell the 'host' how to pronounce your username. Naturally, Gavin abuses this and has the host pronounce his username (Gavvle) as "Dickhead".
    • Jack's fury at missing the majority of the clues for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
      • And later, he's similarly pissed at missing a question about Fighting Games as they considered Def Jam Vendetta a sports game.
    • Ryan's bitterness at being repeatedly called the oldest.
      Ryan: She sassed me for being an old fuck.
      Ryan: Whose birth year is responsible for these questions?
      Gavin: Can we change the difficulty? Should we say we were born in 1952?
      Ryan: I blame all you young fucks.
    • Gavin's description of The Terminator:
      Gavin: Well it's a big metal bastard innit? He's metal, he's made of metal, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Let's Play - It's Quiz Time - All American Math (#2)
    • Jack's username is "Jack", pronounced "Gavin".
    • During the description round, Jeremy points out that pretty much every entertainment topic they pick has "American" as one of the keywords. Ryan promptly proves he wasn't listening by not saying the word and thus not getting that point.
    • The second part of the title comes from round two, where Ryan continues to show his Troll credentials by picking Math for one of the rounds. Alfredo fails to score any points.
    • Ryan gets confused when the questions keep referring to movies that came out when he was a certain age.
  • ROCKET MEN - Pummel Party (Part 1)
    • The LP starts with Jack being bitter that they're streaming Pummel Party instead of Tetris 99 like he wanted. It doesn't help that the minigames beat on him more often than the others.
    • Ryan describes the game as "Steam Mario Party" with murder.
    • The episode title comes from the guys getting rockets as prizes and using them on each other.
  • JACK HATES EVERYTHING - Pummel Party (Part 2)
    • Because of Jack's inexperience with the game and his bitterness about not being able to play Tetris, he gets bullied by the others during their rolls. Alfredo, especially, likes using his items on Jack.
    • Gavin shoots Ryan with a shotgun to get keys from him, and Ryan repays it back in kind on his turn.
    • In the final turn, Alfredo gets his hands on a shotgun, and because he and Jack are in the respawn space, he nails Jack in the face. Jack is furious while the others are in hysterics because when he tried to pull the same tactic on Ryan earlier, he missed.


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