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General reminder: All spoilers are unmarked on moments pages. You have been warned.

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    Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V - 2019 Episodes 
  • Lindsay Wins Again - GTA V | Let's Play
    • Once again, the Achievement Hunter team lets Lindsay have her wins. And once again, Lindsay proves what an utter troll she can be. Gavin sums up the experience quite well during the first race.
    • During the first race, the gang is utterly perplexed as to how Lindsay is flying so slow as an airplane. Turns out she has her landing gear down.
      • During the second lap, everyone starts bullying Trevor, leading him to tell them to "stop hitting [him], please" in his softest voice.
      • Speaking of Trevor, he bumps into Lindsay and is forced to wait... for quite awhile as Jack was still back in the airplane portion. He winds up not even finishing.
    • During the second race, things get really crowded around the tugboat area, ultimately leading to Gavin causing Lindsay to blow up during the airplane portion. Michael suggests that Gavin must die for the screw up. This was preceded by Jeremy hitting Michael and crashing, leading him to emit a VERY high-pitched scream and apologizing to the editor shortly after.
      Editor note: how dare you?
      • The same exact spot during the second lap leads to some hilarious carnage. Lindsay deliberately hits a checkpoint at the wrong angle, causing Michael to bump into her and send them both into the water. Geoff dives into the water to get Lindsay back into first, then respawns. Gavin realizes he's in first and goes to turn around, only to smash into Trevor, Jeremy gets stuck in one of the floating rings and Geoff respawns and causes Jack to run into them and both of them explode.
    • During the third race, Michael casually asks Lindsay if she could stop. A few moments later, because of the boat he's racing in, Jeremy sings out "Seal Team Tim!", leading Michael to tell him to shut the fuck up.
      • The race concludes with Jack close on the heels of Lindsay... only for Lindsay to brake, causing Jack to hit her and have to wait until he's in last place to cross the finish line. Turns out she only did it because she figured he would bump her across the finish line.
    • The fourth race ends with Lindsay somehow blowing up at the finish linehow? , causing everyone else to wait for her. Naturally, she comes in like an absolute maniac, swerving so erratically that she crashes into a wall. Gavin, coming up behind her at full tilt, barely follows suit with an assist from Jeremy's car... only to get sideswiped by Lindsay and subsequently forced to finish in last place. And everyone else freaks out because it almost looked like she managed to avoid the finish line and trick them into finishing ahead of her like last time.
    • In the last race, Gavin foolishly decides to pick his Faggio bike, thinking that the speed doesn't matter long as Lindsay is always in first. This becomes an extreme hindrance to anyone who touches Lindsay, because compared to everyone's bike, the Faggio is incredibly slow, meaning Gavin will always be guaranteed to be in dead last at any motorcycle section. Getting touched by Lindsay means you're gonna have to wait for Gavin to pass you.
      Michael: Come on Gavin!!! Christ, Gavin's the worst crutch now, you have to wait for the fucking Faggio to pass you!
      • Despite this, Gavin managed to place fourth in the final race due to Lindsay crashing, to the utter disbelief of Jack.
        Jack: Oh, she killed herself! (Lindsay starts laughing) How?! How?!
        Michael: God dammit...
        Trevor: Oh, no...
        Michael: I told you anything was possible!
        Jack: How do you kill yourself with a smooth tube?!
  • G.T. Aliens - GTA V | Let's Play
    • The video immediately kicks off with Trevor trying to shoot down Jack in a helicopter with the Up-n-Atomizer Ray Gun while standing on top of Jeremy's truck. Trevor gets a full second to realize that Jeremy is driving forward as Jack's helicopter starts to swerve from the shockwave, which dips down and shreds Trevor to pieces.
    • In general, the episode is spent trying to find creative ways to use the Atomizer's shockwave bullets for odd purposes, like Rocket Jumping or playing extreme "Red Rover" with oncoming sports cars.
    • It's another round of protecting the bounty target. Craziness ensues.
    • Geoff's back story for this is that he's essentially Willy Wonka.
    • For some strange reason, Trevor and Lindsay decide to go pantsless with their outfits.
    • While Jeremy rushes to replace his destroyed Chernabog by getting another, he manages to get it stuck between two columns a la Austin Powers.
    Jeremy: Don't worry guys, anti-air coming in.
    Jack: *Quietly* What does that mean?
    Jeremy: It means a Cherna- *Stops after he realizes he got stuck*
    • Geoff finally gets killed after 14 in game hours... by someone who got in via the back entrance. Michael instantly laments that he was just getting the blockade up too.
  • PULLING A BANKSY - GTA V: Deciphering Geoff (#2)
    • Geoff has a list of fourteen things that he previously wrote down, each being a separate idea, but since apparently the others didn't like the first one he picked, he asks Jack to just pick a number at random.
    Jack: Lemme go with lucky number twelve, Geoffrey. Number twelve.
    Geoff: Fuck. It's the one I didn't want to do today.
    • As Gavin isn't in game, Jack ends up calling muggers to go after Trevor. However, Trevor is first in the air in a car being flown by a cargobob, then stays atop the Maze Bank building to build their objective (the AH logo with cars) so the muggers all end up stood on the pavement by the building, looking upwards to everyone's confusion (although at first they don't quite suss that they're muggers).
    • Near to completing the replication of the A.H Crew logo, Jack unfortunately drops a green car upside down in the worse possible location. Michael straight up tell Jack he sucks for it. When Trevor's attempt to knocking the upside down car off the tower cost the crew a couple of cars in the process, Jack tries giving him flak for it, everyone agrees Jack was hundred percent responsible for it.
  • TINY TERRORS - GTA V | Let's Play
    • The gang decides to torture each other with the brand new RC cars to see what they can do with these little things.
    • The first victim is Gavin, who gets to see first hand these little monsters running him over to the amusement of the others. Not even the Up-And-Atomizer can save him!
    • The way they swarm over their victims with the RC cars leads to many comparisons to velociraptors, and later, when parking the cars under a truck, to cockroaches.
    • After torturing Jack, they decide to hop into the Titan and attempt to go to the Maze Bank and have a deathmatch. Trevor promptly explodes as they take off, killing the Titan.
    • Because Jack was responsible for transporting the RC cars up to the top of Maze Bank, he stood on the roof to cam it. But eventually Gavin decided he was bored with "Tiny Sumo"...
      Gavin: "Hey, guys? Guys? Uh... Raptor Mode?"
      (Pause. The RC cars start heading for Jack.)
      Jack: (blasting the nearest one with his Up-And-Atomizer) "Get the fuck away from me!"
    • The video ended with Raptor Mode bullying continuing on ground level, where Jeremy joined in the fun with a full-sized car, which was promptly called 'the T-Rex.'
    • After messing with the Titan for so long, Rockstar has added the brand new Babushka. The team seeks to see if they can stuff it like a Thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately they're completely unaware that Rockstar have already hit it with a nerf preventing anything from being put in the back, because players were exploiting it to transport additional mission cargo to gain money faster.
    • To Ryan's confusion, Gavin had put in a jet-assisted takeover system on the Babushka. To their hilarity, when Gavin accidentally sets it off, it "takes off on a dime", launching from the ground without any problems.
    • Jack spends some of the beginning lobbing proximity mines at everyone.
    • The gang starts off by trying to fit their cars into the Babushka. Despite the claims that the ramp is much better than the Titan's, everyone just glitches through. As well, Trevor's attempts to just walk onto the ramp are stopped by Matt and getting pinned by the cops.
    • After calling in a second, fresh Babushka to attempt the boarding, the gang learns that even the fresh one can't be entered in the back. As Matt throws a bunch of C4, Trevor fires the Up-And-Atomizer to try to get people in, killing Matt, Jeremy and Gavin. Trevor then tells Matt to stop throwing C4.
    • While they finally figure out how to stuff a Babushka, Gavin realizes that Matt hijacked his Babushka. He quickly boots Matt out, to his shock.
    • They attempt to just walk into the Babushka and take off. It works, but everyone just glitches out and are spat out by clipping. During this time, the camera focuses on Gavin's character and the strange purple patch in his model. He claims its his soul.
    • When they all decided to fit everyone in the Babushka on foot, Trevor, being nearly half way across the runway, begs for them to wait. As everyone patiently waited, Trevor finally makes it, only to walk right into the Propeller. Jack just laughs while Jeremy points out he could hear Trevor's body hit the ground and put two and two together.
  • GEOFF WINS - GTA V | Let's Play
    • The video is actually a Jack Bag... albeit one where the other players are all conspiring to allow Geoff to win each race, without letting him know.
    • The first race starts off with Alfredo sliding down the big hill on his hood in total confusion, eventually blowing up once he hits.
      • This is soon followed by everyone being dumped out into the ocean just out of reach of the checkpoint, killing their cars.
    • Geoff tries to be sneaky and take a shortcut. He grumbles that he ended up screwing up and missed a checkpoint.
    • During the second race, the gang gets stuck in a section with a colorful curve to it. They initially call it the "Crayola," but after Ryan flubbed its name, they christen it the "Crayrora." The Crayrora ends up such a hassle that Michael and Jeremy, the first to cross both sets, stop and do donuts in the road, giving commentary as if they're still racing, so Geoff can catch up. Naturally, they miss a checkpoint doing so.
    • After Geoff wins twice, he's disapproving of his victories and want everyone to dissuade him of the notion he can win. At first he asks if there are actually batteries in his controller or he's just watching a prerecorded video.
    • In the third race, Michael keeps repeatedly getting pop-up notifications from xbox.
  • BOMSTA LA VISTA - GTA V | Let's Play
    • During the final match, the team of Geoff, Ryan and Gavin are trying to kamikaze the trucks hauling the cargo that Jack, Matt and Jeremy are protecting. As everyone is busy smashing things all over the place, Jack watches as Geoff lands his plane, then suddenly eject, sending them both into hysterics.
      • The round ends with the three planes trying to destroy a single cargo truck cheekily parked a short distance from the goal by kamikaze'ing it over and over, but the bomber jets are apparently less destructive on crash than the Besra because the divebombs do nothing.
    • One round begins with Jeremy playing "first line of defense" by staying at the start with the anti-air turret and shooting down any plane that comes into view. Gavin then squanders their lead by taking a wide detour to go through an extremely short overpass.
  • CAR FIGHTS AND STROBE LIGHTS - GTA V: Offense Defense | Let's Play
    • Right off the bat, all three teams are handicapped. Ryan, who's about the only competent player, is teamed up with Alfredo, who's doesn't do well with driving games. Gavin, who's Gavin, is teamed up with Matt, who's drunk. Then there's Fiona, who's The Load, teamed up with Michael, who's been further handicapped by means of Fiona putting a voice-activated strobe light on his desk.
    • Gavin is being pursued by Alfredo, and is just a few feet before the checkpoint. He manages to hit the checkpoint, and immediately drives off the cliff. Alfredo charges straight off the cliff after Gavin, while Gavin respawns at the checkpoint, making Alfredo waste a bunch of time since he doesn't have the same luxury.
      Michael: He played you like a fiddle.
    • When the first round is done, everyone's annoyed to discover that no other Offense Defense missions are listed to be played next, so instead they play something else that was listed, Bombushka Run, a Rockstar gamemode which they discover after starting has a rating of 32%. Only the highlights are shown.
    • When they return to Offense Defense 1, they figure out that for some reason they had different vehicles set, so they switch to the Insurgent. At least... Alfredo and Matt do. Fiona isn't paying the slightest bit of attention and so is left with the Felon GT, and as a consequence Gavin plays most of the last round by himself.
    • After 30 minutes, the video 'ends', as Ryan needs to go. Since they don't know how much of the Bombushka Run match is going to go into the video, they decide to sub in Trevor and play another round. Said round never materializes, and instead the video ends with a few minutes of fooling around in freemode while Matt tries and fails to join the lobby, and with throwing moonballs at Fiona.
    • The glorious opening, with Michael and Geoff IRL dressed up as Sonic and Dr. Eggman. With Jeremy as bald Eggman.
    • The drive of this episode? Everyone's Sonic characters! Gotta go fast ensues.
      • Everytime one of them dies there is a sound effect from the games edited in. This is first demonstrated when Michael/Sonic accidentally beats Trevor/Knuckles to death.
    • As Michael/Sonic's "friends" arrive, we have Lindsay/Tails nearly crashing the helicopter upon arrival, Trevor/Knuckles mowing down Michael, Jack/Amy just walking around giving the thumbs up and Ryan/Shadow... playing the part.
    • Jeremy/Robotnik makes his grand entrance:
      Jeremy/Robotnik: (loud, reverberated laughter as he flies overhead in a helicopter plane)
      Michael/Sonic: Oh no!
      Lindsay/Tails: Oh no!
      Jeremy/Robotnik: (careens wildly past the group) Woah, overshot it! (corrects course)
      Trevor/Knuckles: Oh shit, it's Jim Carrey!
      Michael/Sonic: (talking over Trevor) He's drunk again!
      • To add to the magic, it's implied that Jeremy was in fact drunk during filming, given how his introduction to the group sees him slurring a lot.
    • When Jeremy/Robotnik shows up and starts taunting the heroes about his plans, Ryan/Shadow just pulls out a revolver and blows his brains out.
      Trevor/Knuckles: Oh my god!
      Ryan/Shadow: Whatever it takes!
      Trevor/Knuckles: The movie's over!
    • When Lindsay/Tails' helicopter begins smoking (after she almost crashes into a building in the city), here's how she announces it.
    • Early on, Michael needs to get "the Chaos Emerald" from on top of the Ferris Wheel while the others distract Jeremy/Robotnik. Sadly, the Ferris Wheel... takes awhile to get going.
      Michael/Sonic: Can someone start the fucking Ferris Wheel?! This is the opposite of going fast!
    • Throughout the video, Trevor keeps attempting to ram Jeremy's armored vehicles. Given the fact that he's playing as Knuckles, it's very in-character.
      Trevor/Knuckles: (is driving a minivan directly behind Jeremy/Robotnik's tank) You can't hit me, I'm too close. (tank fires; Trevor/Knuckles dies)
    • By contrast, Ryan/Shadow becomes a constant thorn in Jeremy/Robotnik's side and despite Ryan's unfamiliarity with the lore, is appropriately edge-lord the whole time.
      Ryan/Shadow: I'm coming for you, Eggman! Your grand-daddy did something bad to me or something, I don't know.
      Jeremy/Robotnik: He made you!
    • The appropriateness of giving the role of Shadow, an amnesiac, to Ryan, who neither knows nor cares about Sonic lore, was not lost on the fans.
    • Jeremy/Robotnik's second attempt to kill Sonic lasts a total of maybe five seconds before he hits a pole and flips over, destroying his second robot/Akula.
      Ryan/Shadow: Wow, Eggman went down like a bitch.
    • This forces him to hijack an RV to get back to his base, but his getaway is then almost foiled when RV's driver attempts pull him back out.
      Jeremy/Robotnik: Aw shit, this Hillbilly's kicking my ass! Wait, you don't understand, there's a hedgehog!
    • Michael/Sonic keeps finding increasingly convoluted ways to advertise his upcoming movie, complete with a shot of the film spinning into screen and the Sega sound.
      Ryan/Shadow: That is a perfect description for how that happened.
      Michael/Sonic: Wow, what an amazing turn of events...JUST LIKE THE FILM!
    • After Jack/Amy yanks him out of his tank, Jeremy/Robotnik tries to call in a new vehicle but calls the wrong minion. The camera cuts to him later flying a Deluxo to his new robot. Specifically, a Rimmy Tim'd-up Deluxo.
    • Whenever Michael/Sonic is with Jack/Amy, they exchange incredibly graphic sexual tirades and descriptions of them pleasuring each other. Lindsay/Tails repeatedly asks for explanations, while also trying to convince Jack/Amy to hook up with him instead.
      Ryan: Who knew Tails was an Incel?
    • Which later leads to this immortal exchange.
      Michael/Sonic: Amy, I say this because I love plowing you, but you need to go back to rehab!
      Lindsay/Tails: Sonic, you're a farmer?
    • At one point Ryan/Shadow shoots down Jeremy/Robotnik in his third robot/B11 Strikeforce. Instead of exploding or immediately crashing, the plane spins horizontally and crash lands. Jeremy/Robotnik ejects from the plane right as it explodes and lands unharmed. It's weirdly like a scene that could actually happen in Sonic.
    • Jeremy keeps hamming it up as Robotnik to the point that he eventually just sounds like a Pokemon.
      Jeremy: (as he ejects himself out of a plane before it explodes) Ha HA, ROBOTNIK!
    • The final battle between Michael/Sonic and Jeremy/Robotnik on the roof of the bank building. Ham and Cheese at its finest.
      Michael/Sonic: Excellent! They've distracted you just as planned, so now I've got all the chaos emeralds! And now I'm SUPER SONIC
      Jeremy/Robotnik: Oh, not Super Sonic!
      Michael/Sonic: GRAAH You can't stop me, I'm a super Saiyan!
      Jeremy/Robotnik: Sonic! Sonic, I...I...
      Michael/Sonic: It's time for my Ultimate Move!
      Jeremy/Robotnik: DON'T DO IT!
      Michael/Sonic: SONIIIC SPIIIIIIN!!
      (He does a single roll into Jeremy/Robotnik, who unpins a grenade and walks away)
      Jeremy/Robotnik: AAAGGGHHH! THE AGOONNYYY!!!
      (Both of them explode)
    • The fact that nobody can keep a straight face and are just cackling through the whole thing.
      Lindsay: [giggling] It's the stupidest shit and I love it!
    • In the opening few minutes, Jack notes that Michael sounds a little quiet, but Michael assures him that nothing's wrong. Twenty minutes and two maps later, it turns out Jack was correct - it turns out that a while before, Gavin used Michael's computer, so Michael turned the pop filter on his microphone around to the other side so Gavin wouldn't spit all over it. He then turned the whole microphone around so that for the subsequent recordings up to this one, he was actually talking into the back of the microphone and didn't notice.
    • The title of the episode comes from the second race where Ryan declares to Michael that they have to kill Lindsay as they try to push her car off the platform they were on. Michael takes it in stride.
      • During that same race, Lindsay ends up getting saved by the corner of the race track. This leads to Michael getting out of his car to get to Lindsay, Lindsay getting out of hers and the resulting chase that has Lindsay accidentally throwing herself out of a bus window.
    • At the end of the second map, Jeremy lands in such a way that it looks like he died by landing on his crotch. Lindsay takes this and runs with it, suggesting that a person could kill themselves by sucking their own dick, squicking the guys.
      • Michael gets his Dad Jokes game on when someone asks if catch up is on by asking "Is mustard on?". Lindsay pipes up with "Relish joke!"
    • The last map is entitled "Dixie Wrecked" and its description is one long innuendo.
      Jack: [as Jeremy reaches the end of the description] Wow.
      Gavin: You know that ninety percent of the effort was spent on that sentence, the rest was on the map.
      Lindsay: Absolutely. That was written by a seventy-five year old man.
    • The guys are replaying the Mugger Fishing game they invented.
      Jeremy: Hey guys, it's Mugger Fishing X.
      Ryan: Wait, what's the X part of it?
      Jeremy: Uh, that we're doing it again.
      • And straight off the bat they completely forgot what they learned last time - that muggers don't steal personal vehicles anymore.
    • Jeremy offers to get mugged to start the game, the muggers shows up and kicks Jeremy out of his car, but he doesn't drive off. Jeremy, confused, tries provoking him into driving away by simply taunting him and hitting the car, as soon as he gets in front, he is flinged off as the Mugger officially mugged him then drives off, running over and killing Jeremy in the process.
    • After respawning Jack and Jeremy run up to each other. Both of them have the same thought in mind as they simultaneously punch each other.
    • During the second run, Gavin catches sight of Jeremy's helicopter clipping the rooftop of a hospital and tumble end over end onto the ground and explode.
    • Towards the end of the video, they come up with a 'mugger challenge' - have the mugger steal the vehicle from the top of Mount Chiliad. Mugger #1 makes an attempt, but immediately gets the car stuck, and his chase is brought to a premature halt when Michael, attempting to free him up, flings him off the mountain. Mugger #2... doesn't show up. Eventually they just decide to heck with it and have Jack and Gavin drive off pretending to be muggers.
      • During that wait, they try to coerce a group of hikers to become muggers and a strange Non Sequitur from Lindsay devolves into the team singing songs about hot dogs.
    • Jack blows his car up almost immediately. Gavin, on the other hand, takes a 4x4, absolutely wrecks it on the trip down the mountain, but then keeps going for nearly ten minutes, while everyone else tries and fails to take it out. By the end it barely resembles a car any more. Indeed, the chase only ends when Gavin's golf cart of a 4x4 finally catches fire and explodes.
    • The longer Gavin lasts, the more the others gradually forget about the game and become solely concerned with making him die. Michael in particular loses it in hilarious fashion. Ryan claims that all the times Gavin had been mugged, he had absorbed their "mug" and became the ultimate mugger!
    • Jack's traditional opening scream is slurred so heavily it's unintelligible. When the others point this out, he doubles down and they wonder if he could just spend the entire mission talking like that.
      • Jeremy starts to come down with a similar condition later in the video. Gavin muses that the guys seem to be getting worse at their job as they're saying less actual words per video as the years pass.
    • They're running missions on Hard, which means they have only one respawn for the entire team. Before they even reach the mission area, Jack nearly crushes Gavin with his car and Ryan loses all of his armor to a casual bump from another player.
    • Gavin's contribution to the first mission is to sit in his car and nearly get blown up when he decides to ram a vehicle just as Ryan's shooting a missile at it.
    • One mission requires them to steal fire trucks. Upon hearing that Gavin and Jeremy each got one in their location, Ryan and Jack about face to go back to where they stole their single one and find another inside the station. Then Ryan uses the fire hose on a nearby NPC and speaks without thinking.
      Ryan: Jack, go get it! I'll keep this lady nice and wet- wait.
    • Stealing cars out of a plane, the guys keep parking their own vehicles inside and blocking the way out. When that's finally cleared up, Ryan nearly gets run over due to all the traffic and Gavin ends up flipping Jack and nearly Austin Powers him on the plane's exit ramp.
    • Jeremy tries to sneakily spy on the RV guards by hiding around a building. Jack parks next to him and plays his car horn loudly, periodically bumping Jeremy and shoving him around.
    • Despite pleas from everyone to wait for them to clear the path, Gavin keeps ramming into the RVs blocking his way and backing up. Ryan is nearly crushed and Jack is crushed under Gavin's Brickade.
    • After the above incident, Jack decides to ride in the Brickade's passenger seat as it means Gavin can't kill him. This proves prophetic as Gavin's insistence on off-roading leads to Ryan and Jeremy falling off the Brickade's sides, rolling down a hill, and getting flattened by the vehicle. Ryan once again escapes with a sliver of health while Jeremy dies.
    • The title is mispelled, poking fun at Ryan's inability to spell the same word in an episode of Patently Stupid.
    • During the first round, Geoff nails Matt, prompting him to go "Ow. Ooh. Eee." as he's shot. The other replies with the rest of "Witch Doctor".
    • Ryan kills Trevor at one point, leading to this exchange:
    Trevor: RYAN JAMES!
    Ryan: That's not my name!
    • The second round opens with this gem:
    Ryan: (singing) I can show you a bomb...
    Trevor: That's a different tale of Aladdin.
    • At the end of the second round, the Orange Team try to perform the same plan that got them to the end of the previous match and pair up. Ryan decides to hop on top of a trailer not realizing Jack was already hiding behind it. With his back turned, Jack climbs up and slashes Ryan, killing him and winning the match for the Purple Team, while leaving Orange scratching their heads at how Jack got past them. Jack in particular is left in hysterics, since from his camera angle it looked like he'd just decapitated Ryan.
    • The final round has Trevor ask who was Team Cap and who was Team Iron Man as they spawned at the Airport. Soon it devolves into declaring each other as various heroes nowhere near said combat zone.
    • The gamemode consists of three teams of two, flying planes the entire time. Five of the players are thrilled with their team members. Michael... not so much.
      Ryan: I got Jeremy!
      Jeremy: Hey, I got Ryan!
      Gavin: I'm up with Matt!
      Michael: (who's paired up with Lindsay) I'm fucked!
    • As it turns out, this doesn't matter much, because largely everybody has problems with maneuvering the planes, and Michael crashes into the ground as often as Lindsay does.
    • Then they switch to a different map... and they're still stuck together, while the other two teams got shuffled.
  • I'M A BIG THICK TRUCK - GTA V: Geoff Bag 7
    • It's another Geoff Bag (sorry, Grab Ba). A couple minutes into the first race, Ryan expresses confusion over the fact that he's still in first, despite the fact that he's not doing terribly well. It takes a few more question attempts from him before everybody else works out that he got dropped from the session and nobody noticed. Cut to Technical Difficulties, and a 20 minute recording session down the toilet.
    • At the beginning of the Bumper Cars 2000 map, Ryan bets on his team. Then he sees that his teammates are Fiona and Geoff. He lowers his bet.
  • TRON BUT IN GTA - GTA V: Deadline 5
    • Gavin accidentally set the game to "noon" so the map is in full daylight and everyone is blinded by the landscape. The powerups are also almost completely camouflaged against the background.
      Michael: Dude, I can't see the fucking collectibles!
      Gavin: We've never done Deadline at lunch-time before!
  • WE MAKE A CAR BALL PIT - GTA V: Free play
    • This is another Tales from the Internet type episode, where the Hunters attempt to recreate something they saw on Reddit - this time, that blocking a freeway on ramp in just the right way causes the AI drivers to freak out and drive off a stunt jump to their deaths below. Unlike the previous times they've done this sort of thing, it works immediately and even better than in the original GIF. Most of them spend the majority of the video in hysterics.
    • Geoff gets really mad at Ryan less than five minutes into the video for attracting the cops.
    • At one point, Jeremy obtains a helicopter, and decides to mincemeat Jack (who was filming) just For the Lulz. Then he lands, gets out, gets chopped up by the tailrotor which hadn't quite stopped yet, and respawns on the beach far away from any cars.
    • At one point, Jack grabs a semi truck and drives off the freeway in front of Trevor. Because Trevor is in first person and Jack landed so close to him, Jack and Trevor's characters end up making eye contact for a few seconds before the truck falls to the side.
    • While trying to clear up one of the many clogs of cars, Jeremy and Matt go up to the bridge while Jack hijacks the Rob's Beer truck and drives it up on the bridge. Not only does a big rig land on Ryan once the clog clears, Jack drives his truck off the bridge and on top of Geoff. Geoff pans up a split second before it lands on him, leading to a panicked "Oh, no!", sending everyone into hysterics.
  • 8 Player Offense Defense - GTA V | Let's Play
    • It's an 8-Player game of Offense Defense with Gavin, Lindsay, Geoff, and Fiona. The premise alone is bound to make you laugh.
    • From the very start of the video, the team pairings are a sight to see. Gavin and Fiona are teamed up, along with Ryan and Lindsay, and Geoff and Jeremy. The only ones who are content with their team are Matt and Jack.
      Fiona: Gavin is constantly with me, and I know he's suffering inside.
      Gavin: No, it'll be great!
      • And even then, Jack's handicapped, because at some point for some reason he turned his minimap off and has no idea where he's going. The best part is? Gavin's right. He and Fiona end up winning the first round.
    • The first round, all the Blockers find out they can pick their cars. After the game has already started. Meaning that everyone of them is inside cars fairly similar in size to the Runners... except for Ryan, who has a gleeful time viciously bullying everyone in his far larger armored car.
    • The way the first round ends. It's a close race for the finish, and Lindsay has everyone on her tail as she enters a tunnel. Except for one. Gavin is the only one to realize that everyone else was going the wrong way, so he just made a turn and started gunning for the finish line.
    • Fiona attempts a move that is almost a carbon copy of one Gavin tried to make in a previous video, by driving on parallel streets and attempting to cut the lead runner off at the intersection. She also fails, but where Gavin failed by driving too fast and shooting past too early, Fiona hesitates too much and fails by driving too slowly.
    • Jeremy's reaction when he realizes who his partner is in the third game.
      Lindsay: Jeremy!
      Jeremy: NOOOOO!
      • The best part? It happens again in the round immediately after, with Jeremy letting out a similar scream.
    • Jeremy is the first to get to the runners in round 3, he proceeds to miss all of them and ends up crashing into a building.
    • The end of the last round is just a mess as the runners take a lap round the quarry. Geoff is in the lead, but gets pushed off a cliff by his partner Ryan. Then Jack inherits the lead (after having spent most of the race at the back) with Gavin shortly behind him and Lindsay taking an unconventional route in third. Gavin then hits a rock and comes almost to a dead stop. It looks like Jack is going to take it for himself and Fiona... but then he tries to take a shortcut and gets himself wedged between a barrier and a rock, and both Gavin and Lindsay attempt to follow him. Gavin's the only one who manages to unstick himself enough to go the long way round and win.
      • The funniest moment in all of this is that Jack gets himself stuck... then the video cuts to his teammate Fiona who is also wedged.
  • Sky Scoop- GTA V: Freeplay | Let's Play
    • The whole gang's mission is to try to eject from their jets into the Titan's back entry, that alone can give you an idea of what you'll expect.
    • When Gavin lands his Titan, he specifically tells everyone to not touch him because it's such a pain trying to get another one every time. What happens? Trevor blows him up, much to Gavin's frustration and Trevor's bewilderment, as he was just standing around and waiting for his plane to arrive. Turns out, the wreckage of Trevor's previous Titan got in the way of Gavin's, and since it was Trevor's, the game blamed him.
    • At one point just after ejecting Geoff's monitor randomly decides to switch inputs, leaving him blind to what's going on. He manages to get it back just in time to crash into the ocean.
    • The actual 'video' is over in half an hour, since Geoff needs to go to a meeting and Trevor needs to go do something else, leaving only Jack, Gavin and Jeremy. They continue for only a few minutes before giving up. The rest of the nearly hour-long video contains exactly what you'd expect from an airport screw-around video - lots and lots of banter.
  • Diamond Casino Chaos - GTA V: Casino Update
    • Geoff, Jack, Ryan and Jeremy are exploring the new casino and testing some new cars from the update. Within ten minutes, Geoff and Jeremy have completely cleaned themselves out of chips (Jeremy through reckless betting, while Geoff spent everything on clothes). Jack, meanwhile, notably the only one there who's in the VIP club, is doing very well and proves why he's a member of the betting buddies by quadrupling his stack.
    • They attempt to do the co-op mission. They have to do it twice, because the first time, Ryan shoots an explosive barrel, right next to the NPC they have to escort - which then sets the motel and the NPC on fire.
    • After finishing the co-op mission, Geoff and Jeremy get stuck in infinite loading screens. Jeremy in particular gets stuck staring at the spinning loading icon for well over a minute, during which he loses his mind and the sound of a ticking clock starts playing.
  • Mugger Trick Shot - GTA V: Freeplay
    • The gang attempts to con muggers into doing random things. It doesn't go as well as you hope. Especially with no Gavin around.
    • Waiting for a mugger on top of the casino, Ryan gets bored and chucks a grenade into the pool where the rest of the crew is swimming and kills Jeremy. Twenty seconds later...
      Ryan: [annoyed] I just got three stars.
      Trevor: Well you did kill a man.
      Ryan: It's been awhile.
    • Geoff questions the funniest ways to get a mugger to mug them, and in trying to bring up that you get hit with Ragdoll Physics after getting mugged Ryan gets caught on a syllable and starts flubbing his whole explanation. That syllable is "rag". Geoff quips that he's "definitely going to mug Ryan at the library."
    • They attempt to lure a mugger up to the top of the crane. The idea is that the mugger will chase the victim to the top of the crane, obtain a parachute, mug their target and then parachute off the end. It ends up being much harder than this, mostly due to the fact that the muggers seem incapable of climbing past a certain point: every time they get near the top, they sprint right off the side!
    • They also attempt to make a mugger use a helicopter to fly up a foot or so to an area otherwise unreachable. The mugger proceeds to get into the helicopter... And then fly away, claiming he was unable to mug them.
  • Texans Roll Deep - GTA: V Casino DLC #2
    • While waiting for Jack to start the mission, Geoff gets driven into by an NPC. He then proceeds to terrorize that NPC halfway across the city until she flips her car.
    • Matt's finally able to start the mission, seven minutes into the video... but according to Geoff, forty-three minutes into the recording.
    • As soon as everyone spawns outside on bikes, an NPC car spawns immediately in front of Matt and runs him over.
    • The first stage of the second part of the mission is a car delivery. As both cars get closer to the destination (the vineyard) everyone notices that the GPS route is extremely long, and decide to take shortcuts. Matt and Geoff make it there easy. Ryan, on the other hand, drives his car along with Jack into a ravine from which the rear-wheel-drive Cognoscenti cannot escape, and then tries to claim credit for it when Jack manages to unstick it.
  • Car Bingo Challenge - GTA V: Let's Play
    • The first few minutes of the episodes sees Jack accidentally shoot Alfredo, apologizes and saying he took the shot for Ryan.
    • Jeremy spots a glitched NPC and calls Gavin to look at it. While looking away, the Brit is mugged and pulled out of his car. The mugger doesn't get far as Gavin had Austin Powersed the car in a way that he can get out but an AI can't. Gavin immediately accuses Jeremy of using real life distractions to make the mugging succeed.
    • Ryan was about to enter the Garage with a Car that took so long for him to get, only for Jack to blow him up with proximity mines at the entrance of the garage. Everyone agreed it was a filthy move to do, and Ryan swore revenge on Jack.
    • When Jeremy killed Geoff after he quietly begged him not to, he decides to go full "Jack" mode and camp at the entrance and blow Jeremy up. He has his chance with Jeremy surrounded by cops and other cars, shoots a grenade launcher, only for it to hit the cop car in front of him, killing himself only and somehow not causing a chain reaction of explosion. Jeremy was none the wiser to this whole thing.
    • Ryan and Gavin do end up getting revenge on Jack. Through sheer coincidence, Ryan sees Jack heading their direction and runs him over, but not killing him. Gavin, realizing it's Jack and he has a motorcycle, a vehicle he needs, decides to take it while Ryan shoots Jack. Jack complains it being unfair for them to take his vehicle, all the while Ryan explains why he of all people deserves it.
      • The only reason Ryan let Gavin take the motorcycle is because Gavin openly admitted that Ryan is his friend.
      • Jack had an opportunity to stop Gavin and pulls out a weapon; what weapon was it? The grenade launcher.
    • In the middle of the video, the audio mixer stops recording their voices, so the interim part of the video is summarized with clips and captions, which note which cars everybody gets, but also the fights that break out, and two clips of Gavin... being Gavin.
      Ryan runs into Matt.
      Matt shoots Ryan.
      Ryan dies.
      Matt steals Ryan's car.
      Matt dies.

      Jack gets a convertible.
      Jack has 7 of 10 cars.
      Alfredo gets a station wagon.
      Alfredo has 4 of 10 cars.
      Alfredo punches Jack.
      Jack runs over Alfredo.

    • While Gavin and Ryan team up against Jack, Alfredo briefly diverts from the challenge to hook up with a prostitute in his car.
      Alfredo: Hey, I'm in the middle of a competition, let's make this fast, girl.
    • Gavin recalls the time he took his Faggio scooter into a Cunning Stunts race, but phrases it in a very unfortunate way.
      Gavin: Remember when I took this Fajj into Cunnies, and it was-
      Jeremy: I hate everything about what you just said. That was- we might have to censor that!
  • Get in the Bus! - GTA V: Action Figures (1-20)
    • Gavin starts off the episode asking "What are we damn doin'?". Trevor tells Gavin to do it again, that they shouldn't start off with a "damn"...note 
      Jack: HEY, GAVIN!
      Gavin: What the #$%^ are we doing, Jack?!
      Trevor: No, no, no!
    • And then, seconds later:
      Jack: Hey, Gavin, guess what we're doing?
      Gavin: What's up, b***?
      • It's even better on the Rooster Teeth site, as without the bleep, Gavin's "fuck" sounds more like a bird's squawk.
    • On their way from figure 2 to figure 3, arguments break out, mainly over how they should travel between figures (Ryan wants to fly, but Jack keeps insisting that would be boring to watch), but also over continually getting a wanted level. Geoff in particular complains about somebody shooting from the car he's travelling in with Trevor and Matt... before realizing that it was him, because he thought he was driving when it was actually Trevor.
    • While everyone is commuting on the same transport to the next collectible, Gavin pulls out a hand grenade in the transport and elicits this brilliant little Call-Back to the Let's Play Live trailer.
      Jack: Brick, where'd you get a hand grenade?
      Gavin: I don't know.
    • Later in the video everyone decides to pull a Gavin and jump out of the vehicle whenever they pull up to the next location.
    • The return of "cool/call" in the form of "whores/Hawes".
    • When getting the action figure at the dam, Gavin keeps jumping out of Ryan's helicopter at the wrong angle, missing, and falling into the river instead.
      • This was prompted by a mugger, who basically reached into Gavin's pocket and took out $10000 as Gavin was diving off the front of the dam to avoid him.
    • The sheer fact that there are 100 collectibles to find, and in over an hour of recording they only manage to get through 20 of them.
  • The Magic Tool Bus - Action Figures (21-40)
    • Much like the previous episode, the video starts off with a condensed segment in which the audio mixer gives up the ghost again, and the editor turns up the snark. It covers about thirty minutes of recording... in which they manage three figures.
      Everyone gets back on the bus.
      The bus doesn't fit.
      Everyone gets off the bus.
      Guess they better start running.

      What did we just learn about buses, Jack?
      The boys get stuck in the tunnels.
      Desperate times.

      Ryan gets a van.
      Everybody gets in.
      But there's not enough room.
      Sorry Gavin.
      Sorry again.
      And again.
      Really sorry about that one.
      This is getting awkward.

    • Lindsay gets asked if she has a new bus (since Gavin got the old one stuck in the sewer). She replies in the affirmative. Upon being asked where it is a little while later, she comments that she was just being sarcastic, leading to the others complaining that they don't know her sarcasm voice. Eventually they conclude she's just a habitual liar.
      • Lindsay does eventually acquire a bus and is on her way to them but nobody believes her when she tells them.
    • Ryan complains about Lester's name being so far down the contacts list, meaning a lot of scrolling any time he wants to clear a wanted level. Trevor mentions that left and right on the d-pad act as page up/page down... and it turns out that nobody else was aware of this despite this functionality being in the game for years.
    • The next figure is in the train station. Gavin's first attempt in avoiding the stairs has him jump off the railing, land on the tracks, and die. The second attempt he trips on the stairs face first.
    • Gavin punches Lindsay as he thinks she's an NPC. Meanwhile, Matt gets disconnected from the rest of the crew, which immediately prompts him to do the same to NPC!Gavin.
    • At one point Trevor tries to make a whale noise. It ends up sounding more like a turkey call and the others (particularly Jack) mercilessly rib him for it, to the point where even Trevor admits that it was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Our Favorite Uber Driver - Action Figures (41-60):
    • Jeremy wants to drive a limo but Jack the bus driver continues his "bus only" tyranny and shoots out one of the tires. Jeremy retaliates by shooting out two of the bus's tires so they arrive at the first figure of the video with two crippled vehicles.
      • Throughout the video, Jeremy constantly seeks out limos or helicopters so he can be an Uber driver for the rest of the crew.
    • Some mercs called in on the party end up delaying Geoff so much that he doesn't leave the playground of the first figure until Ryan has already reached the next one.
    • At some point, Ryan tries crushing Trevor with his Helicopter on top of a bridge, but the helicopter doesn't really fit and is lopsided. Ryan steps out and is killed by the blades of the vehicle, Trevor somehow avoids it.
    • Jeremy arrives with a helicopter to speed things up. Geoff grenades it and all of the Hunters then claims it was meant for some NPCs.
    • Action Figure 44 is up in the Vinewood sign. Trevor suggests to "tap A" while climbing down the ladder so the characters can slide. Unknowingly to him, Geoff does it while climbing down the N ladder at the same time Trevor is climbing up, causing Geoff to lose his grip and fall.
    • Jack tries to blow up Ryan's helicopter because it's "in the way" and Ryan has to put him down and quickly fly away to keep it intact.
    • Trevor jacks a green station wagon, leading to everyone singing "Holiday Road"... but only the refrain since that's what everyone remembers from the movie. Jack repeats this every time they have an accident. Meanwhile Jeremy is worried because while waiting on his customers he drank every beer in his inventory and his screen has gone wobbly.
    • As soon as Trevor, Alfredo and Geoff retrieve the figure from the Prison watch tower, they all decide to jump off "Hardcore Parkour" style, only to die upon impact. Both Ryan and Jeremy watched it in all it's glory and agreed it was extremely hard to watch given how they just splattered on the pavement ala Rock and The Other Guys
    • Trevor is abducted by a Simeon job and sent on a lobby with a group of random players, including one named "Alfons". The crew, particularly Alfredo, think he's trying to replace them.
  • Ramping the Brickade - GTA V: Action Figures (61-80)
    • Once more Jeremy reprises his role as the Uber driver. Given he runs over his client Jack at the start of the episode he's probably still drunk, too.
    • Matt rappels from Ryan's helicopter to reach the first collectible. Gavin, in a separate heli, thinks that sounds cool and decides to jump out so he can go through Ryan's open doors, grab the rope, and rappel down himself. What actually happens is he gets blendered by Ryan's propellers and his abandoned heli nearly takes Ryan down too.
    • Ryan arrives last to the first figure and has trouble getting to it due to people being in the way, running when the door only allows walking, and the rest of the crew murdering him. He finally gets fed up and wipes out the rest of the crew so nobody can interfere.
    • The guys demand to know when Matt is getting his cough checked and he defensively claims he went to a "general physician". They immediately start checking if said "doctor" was in fact a veterinarian or operating out of a back alley.
    • As they're grabbing another figure, a mugger turns up to mug Gavin. Before he can do so though, Gavin joins the others in the back of a military truck. The mugger can't figure out how to pull Gavin out... so he climbs in himself. He ends up joining the Hunters for most of the journey to the next figure.
      • Then as they leave that figure, Trevor brings up that they should do a compilation video of the best muggings:
        Gavin: We should do a 'best muggings' video, since there've been some absolute corkers over the years.
        Ryan: Like that time someone got mugged off of the Vinewood sign?
        Gavin: What do you mean, 'someone'?! *Geoff starts having a laughing fit* 'Someone' my arse, Ryan!
    • While at figure #72 a mugger comes up, but in the chaos he falls on top of Gavin. The Brit manages to squirm his way out before stepping the mugger to death. Even funnier, the sidebar says that the mugger was actually going for Geoff, but wound up on top of Gavin anyway.
      Gavin: Who's hugging me? Who's hugging me?! Is that a mugger? (Starts stepping on him) Sod off! I'll kick you in the ribs, dick!
      • Similarly, immediately after #79 a mugger comes up on the group and Jack fails to react since Gavin's car was right next to him. He's stupefied when the mugger turns out to be going for him instead.
      Jack: Aw, WHAT? Who mugged me? I was sitting there like "Oh, here comes a mugger, I can't wait to watch Gavin get fucking mugged".
      Geoff: The tables have turned.
      Trevor: JDoolz?
      Gavin: The Shadelz have turned?
    • While exploring a house for collectible #78, Ryan complains that there are a bunch of interesting places to hide it, but it's probably just going to be somewhere boring like sitting in a dumpster. Matt then immediately finds it sitting in a dumpster.
  • Out in the Grapes - Action Figures: 81-100
    • Travel to the first figures is with Ryan driving an open bed truck and everyone else huddling in the back and periodically falling out to be crushed. Except Matt who dances the entire time and manages a completely graceful dismount when others are flung to their deaths.
    • The guys spend an inordinate amount of time wandering around the nudist cult and very specifically staring at the men's nether regions. They idly comment that the editor must hate them and a sub-title reading "Yup" pops up.
    • Ryan reaches the island where a figure is located first and proceeds to go redneck fishing to the dismay of the crew.
      Jack: Oh fuck! It's right next to me! [dodges a grenade]
      Ryan: I'm gonna git a fish!
    • Ryan calls in a luxury helicopter to evac the island which only has room for four of the six. Trevor gets his seat by blasting Gavin into the propellers while Geoff fires furiously at the helicopter with his machine gun.
    • The third figure is in what appears to be a water treatment plant. They only realize it's the military base after a tank starts blowing them away.
    • About halfway through the video they decide to speed things up by getting the Phantom Wedge and just driving through traffic rather than around. This unfortunately complicates matters as due to all the vehicular assaults they tend to find themselves dealing with half of the city's police when they reach their destination.
    • Searching for one collectable around a vineyard Ryan suggests that it might well be "out in the grapes". For some reason Trevor finds this hilarious and eventually everyone else agrees that the phrase might enter their wide AH vocabulary.
    • Next up is the Pounder Custom which... does not handle hills well at all. Ryan gives it the full beans but laments it only has a quarter can at best. The rest of the crew debates just walking to the figure.
      Ryan: This is a special vehicle.
      Geoff: I'll say. Definitely "special".
    • The guys start singing a snippet from "Baby Driver" while driving. As Ryan notes, they are driving nothing like Baby Driver.
    • The guys complete the collection and head to the comic shop to receive their prize: A ridiculous super hero costume. During the cinematic of receiving said costume, Geoff gets mugged.
  • Playing Golf with Cars - GTA V: Freeplay
    • Gavin spots a mugger and decides to avoid having the dump truck stolen by climbing out. His ragdoll then causes him to fall on top of the mugger, knocking him down. He then pulls out his gun to shoot the fleeing mugger only for it to autolock onto Ryan who was trying to help.
    • A motorcyclist doesn't die when bumped by their cars. The boys take offense and proceed to hunt the NPC down despite its surprising ability to evade them.
    • The plan for the video was to test out some stunts with a dump truck and rocket cars but less than ten minutes in they get distracted by a public event and go raid a police station.
      • Ryan gets there first and proceeds to nonchalantly walk into an office, pissing off all the cops. The guys rush to try and rescue him, arriving just as Ryan leaves a now depopulated police station.
      • The rest of the crew arrives at about the same time and proceed to queue up and wait patiently as they hack a laptop one at a time.
      • The boys lament that the police station will be locked up so they can't get inside once the event ends. Otherwise they could have done an impromptu Heist.
    • The fact that only one person can win the event results in multiple teamkills as they murder each other to steal the objective.
      • Jeremy kills Ryan only to be rammed by Jack's car and forced under his own car. He glitches out at near 0 health and "magically" appears standing up again, gunning down Jack. And then Ryan guns him down.
      • Jack tries to jack a car on the highway but is repeatedly run over by drivers who just don't care.
    • Gavin starts ramming people standing in line outside the player-owned bar.
      Matt: I can't help but notice that you killed everyone in front of my bar...
      Gavin: That was bad for business.
      Matt: ...and also have a bounty. [is run over and gunned down]
    • Gavin grabs a firetruck and Jeremy decides to use his car's rocket launcher to start a fire for Gavin to put out. He almost fires on Gavin, corrects his aim... and still shoots Gavin anyway.
    • After determining the semi-truck is too heavy for their use, they decide to kill some time by playing "golf" with the semi while Jack's still inside.
    • Matt breaks out his tiny three-wheel car and everyone else has an extended "bully" session where they do their best to crush it with larger, more powerful vehicles. Given how relatively nimble Matt's car is in comparison to theirs, there are definite shades of Gavin the Mugger to the pursuit.
  • We Make Tron Spooky - GTA V: Deadline
    • Why is Tron spooky? Because they turned off the lights in their office and they're calling everything and everyone "spooky".
      Jack: Ah shit, spooky off the area!
      • And then it gets "spooky" in a special way because they're playing Deadline in first person.
    • Ryan makes the mistake of talking about a couple who were obsessed with coffee enemas. It's not the topic that's the mistake but his stuttering attempt to find a verb form of enema (which is actually enema).
      Jeremy: Ryan's having a seizure.
    • Four people enter a tube, two emerge. Jack calls bullshit on Ryan inexplicably surviving his perfect loop through the entire tunnel.
    • The guys start discussing the merits of McRibs which leads into the topic of steaks. Ryan and Jack get into an argument when Ryan says he likes a steakhouse's butter and Jack starts "fake newsing" him by saying he was judging the steaks based on that.
      Ryan: [losing the round] I'm too busy... I'm thinking about butter. And McRibs.
    • Jeremy is so distracted watching a duel on his mini-map, he drives into the water and eliminates himself from the final round.
  • Jack Bag 8 - GTA V (later retitled Achievement Hunter: The Musical)
    • The title pegs the video as a Jack Bag, but it turns out that the GTA video is just a framing device for Achievement Hunter: The Musical.
    • "The Syncing Song" is a little acapella ditty played by everyone doing their video syncs.
    • "What Are We Doing, Geoff?" involves everybody clamoring for Geoff to tell them what game they'll be playing, with each of them giving out suggestions. Geoff stares into the camera with a dead expression until he finally tells them all to shut the fuck up.
    • "I'm Still in the Air" is a barbershop-type number led by Ryan, with Lindsay and Fiona on backup vocals, about how superior he is at GTA to everybody else. As the music fades away, Lindsay and Fiona get fed up, the former just walking off in disgust while Fiona dabs. Then, when the game returns, Michael slipstreams past Ryan right before the finish line.
    • "Get Sprunked" is a heavy metal song by Michael and Jeremy (but mostly Michael).
      • The lead in to Get Sprunked is great, too
      Michael: Uh, sorry Jeremy.
      Jeremy: What happened? (gets sprunked by Michael, sending both of them off the course) AAAAH!
    • "Team OG" is a country song featuring Geoff and Jack, playing off of how long they've been at Rooster Teeth and parodying Brokeback Mountain.
      Geoff: I wish I could fire you.
      Jack: I- I think the line is actually 'I wish I could quit you'.
      Geoff: Uh, what did I say?
    • "Hard 2 Breathe" is a boyband love song by the Dusk Boys (Gavin, Trevor and Alfredo), comparing the subject of the song to oxygen, and then very quickly getting Sidetracked by the Analogy. By the end of it Gavin's reading off definitions from Wikipedia.
      • Paying enough attention to the actual video, Gavin doesn't actually do any of the main singing, and spends most of the song choking.
    • Gavin hears something, and goes to the support room only to find the support staff singing "Gavin Is A Prick" over and over in the style of a gospel song while gleefully Flipping the Bird at him.
    • "Matt's Song" is a little ballad by Matt about his Butt-Monkey status (despite not appearing in the rest of the video). Then Gavin throws a Moonball and nails his webcam.
    • "Lindsay Wins" is sung by Lindsay. Rapping.
    • Finally, Jeremy sings a GTA Heist song called "Good At Being Bad" with live-action heist footage. At the climax of which Gavin gets mugged, with Ryan making the mugging call.
      • During the song we get the obligatory Gavin being Gavin moment, namely him trying to catch a pigeon while everyone else is doing their job.
  • We Hunt the RAREST Moped - GTA V: Freeplay
    • After the failure of finding a Faggio during the Car Bingo episode, the sole objective of the episode is to find and retrieve one of the little scooters. Partway into the video as they have yet to find one, Gavin proposes they turn it into a Golden Snitch like the Super-Charged Creeper in Minecraft.
    • Gavin spots a mugger and runs him over, then gets out to kick him to death. While still prone the mugger knocks Gavin over, steals his money, and then jacks his car.
    • The episode has some very disquieting discussions.
      • The weight of a million dollars is suggested, to which Ryan notes the weight of a dollar bill depends on how long it's been soaking up skin cells and body oil. Everyone is okay with this until he outright says you could juice a bill.
      • Discussing grapes and wine, the entire group decides Matt's feet would make the most disgusting wine to his resigned indignation. Geoff goes so far as saying they probably have hair as long as what's on his head.
      • Jack asks how long it's been since people used a trimmer specifically to trim their toenails. He explains this is because some people tear the excess nail off. The rest of the crew is furious at this mental image.
        Gavin Why don't you just keep [a nail trimmer] in bed, you disgusting animal?
    • Jack asks Gavin to hold still. Gavin waits, curious if he's about to be hit with an orbital strike only for a mugger to steal his bike and run him over.
      Jack: Yes! It worked!
    • With the failure to find a Faggio naturally, the guys order one each and prepare to race on the ground. Faced with it being slow and boring as hell, Alfredo spices things up by siccing mercenaries on Gavin. They need to restart.
    • Matt decides to cross-country the race. On a Faggio. Needless to say the others are waiting a long time at the finish line for him, during which Gavin tries to show off his bike tricks like an excited kid only to be burned to death by Jack's flare gun.
      Gavin: You prick!
      Jack: [laughing] You were on fire so long! That was beautiful!
      Ryan: Such a sad little "myoop".
      Gavin: Why would you do that? I think you broke my Faggio. [the Faggio explodes]
    • A single star causes a massive traffic pile up, ending with cars playing keep-away with Ryan's Faggio before he ultimately catches fire and is shot dead by a cop.
    • The second race gets off to a simultaneously high and low energy start. As Ryan cams from above, the guys start on a beach where their bikes can barely move surrounded by a half dozen angry cop vehicles.
      • Ryan uses his helicopter to spice things up by firing off missiles ahead of the racers.
    • Jack is in the lead and decides to keep it that way by tossing out proximity mines, blasting Matt.
      Jack: Not my fault you ran over it! [is killed by cops]
    • Jack shows up with a rocket car and gives Gavin a boost, making him the fastest Faggio alive.
    • It's down to Gavin and Matt with a Faggio until Gavin wipes out in a fiery crash. Which means it's now open season on Matt for the rest of the crew - whoever crosses the finish line with Matt's Faggio wins.
      • The final leg has Gavin steal the scooter from Ryan and Jack hop on the back, middle finger full extended. The two manage to last a few minutes until Gavin boxes them in on a staircase and Ryan rams the bike into oblivion.
  • Jousting with Million Dollar Motorcycles - GTA V: Free Play
  • We All Sprunk Down Here - GTA V: Cunning Stunts:
    • Chilled Chaos is the guest today and he fails to represent. And despite this he and Alfredo are still tied for last for a good while. Of five races, he DNFs four.
      • He gets lapped so hard during the first race he just stops trying and tries to hunt down 6th place so he can make them suffer too. Except Alfredo had also lapped him.
    • Gavin is catching up to Jack and calls him a slow bitch only to hit a wall mid-taunt and get slowed. Jack cackles and mocks Gavin for this only to also hit a wall mid-taunt.
      Gavin: That was known as the Alley of Karma.
    • After the first round had a lengthy sequence with the Deluxo only flying, Matt is baffled in the second race when the Deluxo sequence starts with it driving normally and the crew begins to mentally regress.
      Matt: Why is it the Deluxo, but it not flying?
      Jeremy: It has wheels.
      Ryan: You're right, it not flying. Sometime it roll.
      Matt: But could be fly. Why no fly?
      Ryan: Could be fly, but no fly.
    • In one of the races a jetpack can be used. Since the races don't seem to offer specific race outfits Gavin remains in his casual wear. Seeing a man wearing shorts and flip-flops manning a jetpack is weirdly funny.
    • The last race features an electric supercar, which doesn't make the same kind of engine noise. Everyone decides to "ASMR" while using it, making them uncomfortable as they're issuing threats while whispering.
  • We Play Bingo in GTA!
    • The intro, which Jack has to redo twice because Matt and Geoff need to sync their feeds. By the third time around, Jack's "Hey, Matt, what are we doing?!" can only be described as incoherent screaming gibberish.
    • As stated, the gang gets together to try and fill up a Bingo Card.
    • Somehow — somehowMatt did not put in a free space spot. Thanks to this, and his bizarre ruleset (1 - everybody's cards are different, 2 - somebody completing a space completes it for everybody else, like real bingo, and 3 - he himself who knows all of the challenges is playing) everybody else quickly begins mocking his setup and suggesting that the best way to win is to wait for somebody else to win it for you.
    • Jeremy has no pens to mark off his card with, so instead he marks completed spaces by stabbing them with a knife.
    • Ryan goes for an early lead with a "Skydive into a pool" space, only to parachute in rather than completing it in freefall. He doesn't attempt to clarify this for several minutes, and when he does Matt announces that that challenge is now 'uncompleted'. Michael angrily asks if anyone's got anything that can remove marker pen. This would later go on to screw Michael out of the win.
    • Jeremy attempts to get the "Pick Up a Lady of the Night" mark. He proves to not be Alfredo as everyone he tries to pick up runs... and and he mistakes an ATM for someone.
    • Poor Geoff accidentally calls himself off the radar instead of getting his wanted level removed. Then the others give him grief for how he pronounces Simeon.
    • One of the spaces is to take a taxi from the airport to the grapes, which Jack attempts. The first time goes awry as Ryan calls in mercenaries on him, kicking him out of the cab before he's even left Los Santos.
    • Matt gets into a cycle of respawning and exploding as he tries for a long time to score the challenge "fly a plane through the tunnel under Fort Zancudo". (Which, should be noted, was the subject of its own video a while back and nobody was able to do it then, either.)
  • The Diamond Casino Heist - GTA V: Heists Prep
    • During the cutscenes with Lester, Matt runs around in the background and phasing through everyone.

    Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V - 2020 Episodes 
  • Keycard and Drills - The Diamond Casino Heist - GTA V: Heists Prep (Part 2)
    • Because in the first prep part for this heist Ryan continued his trend of barely participating despite being the leader, he decides to hitch a ride with Michael to the prison bus. As soon as he gets there he walks in front of Matt and gets auto-meleed to death.
    • Upon getting the keycard, they have to leave the prison, and they do so in the prison bus again (apart from Matt, who jumped from the watchtower and went splat). They're moments away from getting out... then Jeremy accidentally aims a gun at a prison guard they named Earl and suddenly they all have four-star wanted levels. It takes them eight minutes to clear them.
      • They all split up and have varying ideas on how to clear the wanted levels. Ryan and Jeremy lose theirs fairly quickly; the video then cuts to Alfredo, who out of nowhere has managed to obtain a tank.
      • Matt's attempt at clearing his wanted level involves driving the prison bus into the middle of the lake, changing into his scuba suit, then hiding underwater until the cops to lose interest. The plan fails, however, because he can't change out of his mission-mandated guard disguise, leaving him to drown trying to wait out the police helicopters above him. He still immediately tries it again once he respawns, to similar results.
      • Jeremy loans Alfredo his Oppressor so Alfredo can fly to safety. Unfortunately what he forgot is that Alfredo has no idea how to fly the Oppressor in the first place so he immediately crashes back to the ground.
      • Ryan then gets impatient, steals Alfredo's tank, and gets himself another four stars.
      • Michael eventually has to come to Alfredo's aid, and finds him running down the street punching the air.
      • When the coast was clear, Jeremy owns up to the fact that it was his fault that it took so long. He just forgot that you're not supposed to aim your gun at Earl, and when Michael sees that they are already wanted, it sealed Earl's fate. Apparently, Alfredo didn't know about this and was heartbroken to hear he died.
    • Throughout the episode, Lester has been giving them instructions and what to do to avoid any troubles, and all they did was make the missions even harder due to killing cops and guards. They admit that Lester would be utterly disappointed with them.
    • At the end of the episode, they have a tribute to Earl with people at his funeral. Jeremy, Michael and Ryan are photoshopped in as attendance.
  • We Look GREAT Delivering Trash - The Diamond Casino Heist - GTA V: Heists Setups (Part 3)
    • The start of the video has Jeremy, Ryan, Michael and Alfredo all test various pairs between them with a relationship tester at the arcade. The Battle Buddies pair very well with each other, while no one pairs well with Michael.
    • The crew find another player named FrankLobster88 standing still and staring into space on the side of the road. To everyone's horror, Alfredo randomly shoots him in the head.
    • Alfredo later puts a bounty on Lobster, as the others joke that he has arbitrarily decided to make the man his nemesis.
  • The Heist Starts NOW - The Diamond Casino Heist - GTA V
    • The episode starts with a montage detailing all the setups the boys decide to do off screen because the prep work was simply too much.
      • One of the preps involved stealing NOOSE weaponry from their trucks, and they get a three star wanted level. Ryan asked why, and Jeremy is seen shooting at one of the trucks. Later Jeremy finds himself under the truck and blows up, sending him flying and yet he survived.
      • Ryan loses $12,000 and says it feels like the game doesn't want him to make money.
      • A very crucial piece of information is read out to the team on what they need to do to avoid doing the heist with just a pistol... so of course they failed to listen.
      • During their prep at the Fleeca bank, they find that there is another heist happening. Michael comes in singing that he'll save the day, only to blow himself up. Because of friendly fire probably being off, Alfredo is able to walk out the wreckage unharmed, but still catches on fire and escapes with a sliver of health.
    • Ryan proudly shows off the Model of the location they were going to hit, having spent $130,000 on it. Everyone questioned it due to the uselessness of it.
      • Made all the more funny since they were going to the Basement of the place, further solidifying the uselessness of the model.
    • Ryan accidently starts the heist whilst in the middle of adjusting each players cut, with him recieveing 40% and the others at 15% each. They start worrying that Rockstar will take the missing 15%.
    • The team finally make it to the casino and begin the heist. What follows is, in Michael's words, "a catastrophe".
      • Their first objective is to avoid arousing suspicion from the security guards. Jeremy immediately walks the wrong way, bumps into a guard and gets everyone gunned down.
      • On their second attempt they try to apply what they learned from the first time, only to alert security again within seconds and resort to shooting their way in.
      • When they finally reach the vault, Michael can't wrap his head around the new hacking minigame; as such, he is the only member of the crew not to pick up any money.
      • They make it out of the casino, only to find themselves running through open streets with the police shooting from all sides. They inevitably run out of lives, making this the first heist they've failed to complete within one episode.
    • When they quit the heist, the group spawns on an island in the middle of nowhere. They decide it's a punishment for their failure and christen it "Shame Island".
  • We Heist Again! - The Diamond Casino Heist (Finale) - GTA V
    • The gang all decide to actually try to coordinate their efforts this time, Jeremy suggest to be extra careful with the Finger Print hacking game or else the alarms goes off. Michael straight up says it's gonna happen, its not a case of if it will, just when in his books.
      Michael: The alarms are going off, let's not live in a fantasy world.
      Jeremy: Come on!
      Michael: I mean I'll try as hard as I can, but also let's live in reality.
    • As soon as they all enter the bug exterminator van, Michael gets hit by a car. While he doesn't take any damage, it's still a funny sight to see.
    • After getting the money and running away, Michael's health was low and, instead of the usual P&Qs, he drinks beer. Ryan tells him not to because he'd get drunk. Michael's screen gets woozy, but not because he's drunk, but for the gas that went off.
    • In the getaway vehicles, which were pretty weak, Ryan and Jeremy are doing fine, but poor Michael and Alfredo had all but one of their wheels popped off, leaving them pretty screwed had the wheels been in the wrong hands. Somehow, Michael manages to not only drive decently and off road as well, he actually loses the cops. They only got the wanted level again because Jeremy still had his when they jumped into the station wagon.
    • In the end, after the gang finally finishes the heist, their cut amounted to nothing more but pocket change to them, lamenting that the heist was more trouble than it was worth.
  • Scooters VS Tron Bikes - GTA V: Custom Game Modes
    • Matt uploaded maps other people made and everyone plays them. Calls immediately start to kill him and he's accused of coding a special cheat for himself in the first map.
    • The first map is in the prison and Ryan eventually gets a kill streak going on Matt. He immediately begins chortling at the fact that he's "dominating" Matt in prison.
      Ryan: You're my prison bitch!
    • The guys are playing a King of the Hill game type. Cue exaggerated Texan and Southern accents.
  • The Snails Meet Again - GTA V: Overtime Rumble
    • The second map had the return of the infamous "Slug Race", half the video is just Matt and Ryan slowly, but surely racing for the 5 point.
      Michael: Now, I put my controller down once again, and watch paint dry.
    • When both Matt and Jeremy scored 10 points total, Jeremy nearly blew up on Alfredo for supposedly getting a 1, but doubled checked and was reading the other team's score and calmed down, immediately laughing.
      Jeremy: I saw 11 points for you guys and thought it was us, and almost went off on Alfredo. I was outraged.
    • This little gem from Trevor and Michael.
      Trevor: Michael, Oh careful Michael, Michael careful.
      Michael: Say my name five more times.
  • Juggling a Tank With Rockets - GTA V
    • The gang is attempting to test the durability of the new Zhaba by hitting it with rockets and other explosive ordnance.
    • There's initial troubles with Jack constantly dying before he can get up to the parking garage. At one point, he makes it up and Gavin idly nails him with the Atomizer, which causes his car to explode. Ryan sheepishly admits he might have tagged Jack's car with an explosive round at that.
    • Jack has a rocket launcher and starts to aiming, when a mugger comes by and mugs him. After he kills the mugger, it turns out, he was sent by a snickering Gavin.
    • One of their attempts on the ramp is seeing if using C4 will cause the Zhaba to fly further. Their first attempt fails due to Jeremy slamming into the car decoration. The second attempt reveals that they'd only get a little nudge. And upon landing, they idly run over a mugger Jack sent to Gavin.
    • On going to Chiliad, Matt notices there's one of the destructible signal jammers on the side of the cable car building, and he instructs Gavin to destroy it so nobody accidentally targets it later on. Gavin obliges. Unfortunately for Matt, he decided to fly closer to actually show Gavin where it was, so he ends up dying in the explosion.
      Matt: Do I look like I jam signals?!
  • GTA V: Criminal Masterminds Trash - It Only Gets Worse From Here
    • As the title suggests, the Hunters' gameplay in this part is atrocious, so bad that they don't even consider it the first part of the new series. This video's failure is mainly down to Ryan:
      • At first, Ryan was killed escaping the facility and yelled "Bum Cheese", even though everyone agreed there was no point seeing that it was the first mission of the heist, so Bum Cheesing that early is more of a shame than a set back.
      • They complete the mission and find that the game didn't count it, only because Ryan forgot to set the mission on hard instead of normal. A terrible time was had by all. (For a bit of Foreshadowing, the editors zoomed in on the difficulty setting before that attempt started.)
        Gavin: Ryan? Can you be a little bit more on the ball?
        Ryan: D'you wanna- you wanna do it?
        Gavin: God no, I'm not on the ball!
      • When Ryan and Jeremy arrive at the coroner's office, they find a woman has parked her car in the exact same spot where they need to be. Ryan scares her away, but accidentally gets in her car trying to get in the ambulance, setting off the cops and ending the mission. During the next attempt, Ryan watches a car park in the exact same spot, and Ryan breaks down saying that the game is out to fail him.
      • The kicker to all of this is that, even after successfully finishing the Setup mission, on the correct difficulty, it still doesn't count, because they opted out of doing the Prep missions for the Setups, which, as they find out at the very end, are absolutely counted for the Achievement. Everyone is so exasperated that they've wasted almost two hours on one mission for zero progress that they just decide to release the video anyway just so they'll have something to show for their efforts.
        Gavin: This might be the worst start to any series, and I'm counting "Ya Dead, Ya Dead 2".
    • At the beginning, Jeremy begins mocking Gavin's outfit, saying he looks "Gross and Disgusting". One Youtube commenter put it best.
      Youtube Commenter: "You look like an idiot" he says wearing a purple blazer and a cowboy hat.
    • Jeremy questions Gavin's trademark "schwa"; Gavin takes it personally.
      Gavin: [joining the game] Join-schwa.
      Jeremy: Did that need a schwa?
      Gavin: ...Jeremy, don't be over here questioning schwa placement!
      Michael: No, I'm with him, I'm with him. Let him have the schwas, okay? That was- There was nothing wrong with that.
      Jeremy: [laughing] Gavin, I'm sorry...
      Gavin: Look, I'm not in charge of much in this room, alright? But let me be in charge of schwa.
    • While the other Hunters are busy failing, Alfredo is busy competing at the Siege International Tournament and winning. Michael clarifies that Fredo is AT the International as a special guest and not IN the tournament as a competitor, which inspires Jeremy to make it a goal to go to the World Series and play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with someone, just so he can tell everyone that he competed at the World Series.
  • GTA V: Criminal Masterminds Doomsday Heist Part 1 - Now We're Nervous
    • After the complete mess of a video put out last week, Ryan is being hyper vigilant of the difficulty level.
    • Gavin chooses a beige minivan as his heist vehicle, and later the group uses it as a "non-suspicious" vehicle to go to the shop and restock their armor.
    • When they get to the part where they take over the IAA base's defences, Ryan immediately targets and destroys Michael's armored car that they drove there in by accident.
  • GTA V: Criminal Masterminds Doomsday Heist Part 2 - Low Stakes High Tension
    • The crew are now in the prep phase of the heist, where it is safe to die without losing progress. You'd think they would have a chance to breathe right?
    • After delivering the RV they needed, Gavin gets dropped from the server, which in this case could possibly mean they'll have to restart the Crimmies run againnote . As this happens, Ryan presses the "Bum Cheese" button that immediately shuts off his console. The damning part is it wasn't really necessary. Everyone's faces when they hears this is that of pure terror. Michael couldn't believe not only that he pressed it, but he didn't call it out again.
    • The second part Mission has each member delivering a Stromberg, Gavin's the first to deliver his, but after he does, he is stuck in a blacked out screen. After a couple of minutes, he is dropped and the mission is dropped. Nobody blames Gavin, but he was all too ready to accept the blame.
    • Gavin looks to redeem himself and jumps out the chopper, parachutes to the Stromberg and steal it. He face plants onto it and blows it up somehow, killing him. The funny part is in everyone's screen but Gavin's, the Stromberg is fine. Gavin delivers an empty truck and the game counts it.
    • Jeremy spends so long trying to catch up to the truck with his assigned Stromberg because he was annoyingly fast. When he does catch up, he immediately riddles the poor fool with bullets and won't stop until Gavin brings up something important.
      Gavin: Jeremy, I know you mad, but try to get back to HQ as soon as possible because my connection can drop at any moment
  • GTA V: Criminal Masterminds Doomsday Heist Part 3 - Heist Hell
    • In what might be the most heartbreaking moment in AH crew's history, their Criminal Mastermind progress is reset and lost to time, all because Rockstar's extremely flawed system didn't recognize Gavin's progress for the start up screen. Michael screams in agony.
    • Ryan suggests that doing all in one day is their only option, and decides to do it on Friday the 13th. Jeremy dubs it "Crimmie Day".
    • The crew confronts the same problem that reset their progress and choose to go along with the mission to see if it is just a visual glitch. It is not, and progress is reset.
    • In their final attempt, when everything is double checked, to see if all the requirements were met, as soon as they step out, "Progress reset". Right then and there, the crew just give up, mentioning that attempt number 7 and possibly their 2020 attempt has failed. They also decide that Crimmie Day is cancelled.
  • One Of The Most Chaotic Game Types - GTA V: Scoot Scoot
    • As the title suggest, this was one of their most chaotic sessions ever, a grand time was had by all.
    • Speaking of time, the disclaimer said that the episode, somehow, was filmed on December 31st, 2020. This leads to everyone saying that the crew have mastered time travel, and quite fittingly have been using it for the most mundane purposes only.
    • During the first round, Alfredo is the first to obtain the Golden Scooter. As the other boys start shouting and going after him, he sings about how he's scooting along and being chased.
      Alfredo: ♪Scootin' around, this man wants to kill me♪ [Michael kills him with a hammer]
    • During the second round, they reach the abandoned motel and the Golden Scooter is near impossible to get on for either team because it's so crowded. As Trevor and Gavin try their best to get on the scooter on some stairs, Jeremy knocks Gavin up them. Gavin literally fell up a flight of stairs.
    • Alfredo seems to have taken Gavin's place as the provider of Noodle Incidents; numerous times during the video there's no cut to his screen for a long time until he suddenly makes a reappearance in a completely different vehicle.
      Gavin: Fredy's in a pickup!! [screams as a cackling Alfredo runs him over]
  • We Become Animals! - GTA V: Peyote Update
    • Peyote is in the game, and it turns you into an animal. The first thing the boys decide to do with it? Play in traffic, obviously. This is simple for everybody except Jack, who is turned into a cat and has to run the entire length of the highway because it can't get over the wall.
      • One Youtube Commenter laments of the fact that they missed a golden opportunity to call the episode "GTA V: Animal Crossing".
    • Jeremy ate the Peyote and transformed into a Cougar, and he spent the whole time hunting and mauling non-animal Matt to death, much to the latter's chagrin and the former's giggling delight. Jeremy even gets in the habit of roaring just before taking Matt down for that extra moment of terror.
      Matt: I got a wanted level for being mauled by a cougar!
      Michael: Just I see in the distance a man on the ground and a large cat fleeing the scene.
    • Cougar Jeremy attempts to get into Ryan's helicopter but instead bonks his head and knocks himself out.
    • Gavin finds out that they can walk backwards, promting everyone who was an animal at that time to do so.
      Ryan: (Laughs) It's a buncha moon walking dogs!
    • Absolute chaos ensues once they realize that as animals, they don't get wanted levels. Sadly, their attempts to perform an animal heist are blockaded by the fact that every store is closed.
      Michael: (in a newscaster voice) Two men, three dogs, and a coyote were chasing a man out of a convenience store! I don't know how else to describe it!
    • The Crew find that you can eat the Peyote underwater and transform into sea creatures. Jeremy and Michael became sharks, Gavin and Matt became Orcas, Jack a Stingray and poor ole Ryan turned into a Bass who they quickly decide to hunt as prey.
    • Jeremy managed to kill Michael as a Shark. To the surprise of everyone, this gives Michael the rare achievement "Out of Your Depth", because the game still counted it as a Shark attack.note 
  • Wait and Sprunk - GTA V: Open Wheel Races
    • Open wheel races in GTA differ wildly from regular races in that they simulate tire wear and body damage. What becomes quickly apparent is that not only did the racing Hunters not know that, but only Gavin has any knowledge of Formula One at all.
      • This leads up to him name-dropping Lewis Hamilton in the middle of the first race, and when nobody else knows who he is, he claims that Hamilton is Formula One's 'chief accountant'. Nobody calls him on this.
    • Matt spins out and regains control just as Jeremy comes around a corner. Matt proceeds to cheerily mount Jeremy's car with his, chatting happily with his horrified steed.
      Jeremy: He was like waiting around the corner like a mountain lion, so he could pounce on me!
      [Matt makes a mountain lion roar]
    • Gavin gets lapped by everyone else in the first race due to his tire choice and proceeds to channel his inner Ryan, mercilessly bullying everyone he encounters.
      Gavin: I was over a whole lap behind without even screwing around and then I just read "Sprunk" on the side of my car and thought "Ah, that's what I have to do".
      • As the race's conclusion approaches, Gavin turns around and tries to smash head-on into people who are about to finish. He manages to entirely miss Jack despite waiting specifically for him and passes through Matt's car when it fades out on finishing.
  • Juggernaut Egg Race - GTA V
    • This bit from the beginning:
      (Ryan is hiding out in an alley, waiting for his stars level to go away, when Jack pulls up in his Wastelander.)
      Ryan: Boy, there's a lotta cops looking for me. They don't know to look in alleys!
      Jack: (honking his horn) He's over here, cops! He's right here!
      Ryan: Gah, you're the worst wingman ever!
    • The gang attempts to start off their goofy game idea (by getting five stars and trying to keep it up like holding an egg) by shooting up everything that moves. What they don't realize is that the Criminal Damage event is about to start as they're pushing up their Wanted Level, leaving everyone confused and frustrated when their Wanted Level and Juggernaut armor disappear.
    • The teams are as follows: Jack and Ryan (Jack: "Same Voice!"), Jeremy and Matt (Jeremy: "Hive Mind!"), and Michael and Alfredo (Alfredo: "Where the fuck is Chiliad?!")
    • Michael and Alfredo suffer the most during this event. They get stuck near the tunnel when Alfredo suffers a long string of deaths by the police. This forces Michael to make a last stand against the police after their Wastelander blows up. He still dies anyway before they could make it to their replacement Wastelander.
    • The silent ad segment where Jeremy reads out the episode's sponsor, while Michael and Alfredo slowly make their way to the summit in their stolen police car.
    • The gang then attempts to do the same thing backwards and head to the airport. They get into teams of three with the remaining two Juggernauts. Unfortunately since the Juggernauts were already damaged by the police and were mostly on half health at the time, Jack and Jeremy both quickly die, making the entire thing a moot point. They still try to make their way to the airport though.
    • After Alfredo's team wins the race to the airport, Alfredo celebrates by taking off in an airplane with Jeremy, only to quickly crash it half a minute later. Cut to Michael running towards the airport as little pieces of airplane fall from the sky - and as he gets closer, the plane crashes to the ground nose-first mere feet away from him.
  • Scoot for Your Life - GTA V: Things get Weird
    • Prior to getting to the main focus of the episode, Matt comes up with another day of Mugger related shenanigans for them to use. This time it involves them getting a mugger into their Wastelander and protect them while they drive around the city causing havoc. However, muggers still can't steal personal vehicles, which Matt didn't get beforehand. note 
    • While the gang express their frustration over the mugger not getting into a Wastelander, the gang then follows the mugger after it mugs Gavin. They almost caught up to her when Gavin runs everyone over with his Wastelander.
    • In the first round, the Faggio constantly respawns in the same spot when it gets destroyed. Over the course of the first round, Shotaro bikes that the gang drive in pile up at the spawn point. It leads to anger when they can't get into the Faggio because they automatically get on the abandoned bikes.
      Matt: *Trying to get on the Faggio but gets back on his Shotaro* Dammit, other bike!
    • Once again the camera doesn't shift to Gavin's point of view for a long time. While the gang are fighting over the Faggio under the boardwalk, Gavin comes in with a car out of nowhere.
      Gavin: What's up dudes!
      Matt: I wondered why I haven't seen him in a while.
    • Later on, Gavin finds his way towards getting the Faggio. He sees Jack flying over him before he realizes he is on fire.
      Jack: *Jumping over Gavin* Hey Gavin!
      Gavin: Who's in the sky- *Shotaro catches on fire* AHHHH! I'm on fire! I'm burning! I'm on fire- *dies*
    • In the second round, Jack, Gavin, and Matt suffer glitches that makes them get softlocked in a respawn loop. In one instance when it pans towards their screens, the editor places in demonic ambiance.
      Jeremy: (creepy voice) There are no bikes in the blackness. [...] There is no scooter in the blackness. [...] (closeup on loading circle) There are no bodies in the blackness. [...] I'm trapped in the blackness.[...] There's no play areas in the black. [...] In the blackness, two plus two equals yes.
    • When the round ends, Jeremy and Ryan get into the loading loop. They then accept that the servers must be running crazy.
  • Offense Defense With Cabs - GTA V
    • In this version of Offense Defense, the goal is for the Defense squad to call a taxi to drive to the location, all the while team offense still use the same vehicles as usual. Things go as well as you expect.
    • Matt at first called the game Offense Cabfense, and everyone dumped on it, saying it was horrible. Matt challenged them to come up with something better. In the end, they just decided on Offense Defense With Cabs. Whether it's because it's a better name or they couldn't come up with one is up to the viewers to decide.
    • Once the gang reach Legion Square Alfredo's cabbie suddenly went off track, seemingly ignoring the fastest route to their destination. Upon reaching Mirror Park, the cabbie apparently kicks him out of the cab (and right into Jeremy's path, killing Fredo). After a few cabbies loop around and drop him at the same spot, he realizes the problem; he accidentally asked the cabbies to take him to that spot rather than the agreed upon waypoint.
    • While Alfredo was having his destination issue Gavin and Jack both get in the same cab, leading Ryan unsure what to do - if he rammed the cab he'd be hindering his team, but if he didn't then the other team is making headway. He ends up just following them cautiously.
    • Jack is on the LS freeway waiting for a cab because his former one got destroyed. He sees one drive by and tries to flag it down to no avail, leaving him rather annoyed until the others tell him Gavin was in it.
    • At the Grand Senora Desert Jack was in his cab within fire distance of the cops, when all of a sudden he is kicked out of his Cab because the Cab driver died. When Jack asked who killed him everyone decided that it was cops since they were still shooting. From a distance you see Gavin giggling his Brit ass off while running away with a sniper in hands, also agreeing.
      Gavin: Yeah, Dead-eye cop.
    • Jack then tries to get another cab, only to run into more trouble as he's kicked out this time for reasons unknown. He calls a third cab only to get run over by Gavin in a station wagon. Gavin then tries to get in the cab, but he's not having a good time either as not only does he run into the same can't-get-in-the-cab problem as Jack, the NPC drivers panicking run him over once he got booted out.
    • The crew decided that they all were fools for picking such a far location as the first round, and agreed it's the only round for the video.
    • Alfredo, with the play of the game, convinced everyone during a grace period that he was still waiting for his cab, while he was actually on the move. Everyone was either convinced or were too pre-occupied with the others to question this, letting Alfredo get far enough ahead to guarantee victory. Once Matt lets everyone in on this, Jeremy and Ryan freak out and leave the others to chase down Alfredo.
      Matt: Hey Fredo, we won yet?
      Alfredo: No, not yet.
      Ryan: ...Wait, is Fredo off?
      Jeremy: Wait, What?
    • Realising they can't catch up and the game is essentially over Gavin and Jack decide to team up, with Gavin being the driver and Jack being the passenger. Throughout this the two pretend Jack's still being driven by an NPC who is "hauling ass". The funny part? Jeremy doesn't realise it until the others point it out to him.
      • Once Jack and Gavin arrive at the destination, Gavin intentionally crashes into a gas station, killing both of them. Gavin is even seen attempting to bail before impact, but doesn’t get out in time.
  • How People REALLY Play GTA V
    • This episode mainly focuses on Gavin trying to teach Fiona how to play. Hilarity Ensues.
    • This tidbit, where Fiona confuses the word garage because of Gavin's accent:note 
      Gavin: Do you have a garage? I feel like we need to find that out.
      Fiona: A garage?
      Gavin: Yeah.
      Fiona: What the hell is- A garage?
    • When Gavin and Fiona walk out of their apartment, he accidentally keeps running her over. She's struggling to get up, but she ends up being pushed into her garage.
    • Gavin brings Fiona to Los Santos Customs to customize her vehicle, but instead of pulling into the garage, she rams into the garage door at full speed. After her car is customized, Gavin jumps off the roof in an attempt to land on it. He dies from the fall, but the game counts it as her killing him, even though she was doing nothing at all.
    • Gavin then wants Fiona to jump out of their Titan and parachute towards the Strip Club, but they forgot one thing...
      Gavin: And now press Y. *begins to jump out of the plane*
      Fiona: Gavin, I do not have a parachute! note 
      Gavin: You do don't you? Press A!
      Fiona: No I don't! *jumps out of the plane as well*
      Gavin: You don't have a parachute?
      Fiona: I don't! *dies* *devolves into hysterics*
    • Later, they are heading towards Ammunation. Gavin punches a woman, and then tells Fiona to kick her. Unfortunately, the auto targeting makes her hit Gavin instead. Fiona is quick to apologize, but she immediately starts corpsing.
    • They head into the strip club anyway. Gavin tries to lead Fiona to the private rooms to show how the strip club works, not realizing that they can't do stuff in there because of explicit content, leading to Gavin getting embarrassed. (On the RT site, the content is uncensored, revealing that they both got lapdances from the topless strippers.)
    • Gavin tries to teach Fiona how to pick up girls, but forgets that is something only male players can do. Fiona randomly honks her horn at female characters, even if they aren't hookers.
      Fiona: Hey, welcome to an episode of Chungschwa where we are here to...uh... figure out how to get hookers in GTA V. Let's go.
      Fiona: *sounding the horn like crazy* Hooker! *corpsing*' Hooker!
      Fiona: Anyways, remember to like, comment, and subscribe if you want mor- *more corpsing*
    • Finoa still manages to somehow get a hooker into her car. After some difficulty, she manages to get the services from her, despite being a female character.
      Fiona: Well, um... Gavin, we accomplished it, she is absolutely riding my (struggles not to laugh) invisible dick.note 
      • Gavin reveals to Fiona that she got the services directly behind the Los Santos Police Department.
    • The episode ends with Gavin driving a Stockade into a gas station, killing them both.
  • We're on PC! - GTA V: Stunt Jumps
    • The Hunters have moved to the PC version to do all of the stunt jumps in the game. Very quickly they learn that they Did Not Think This Through. Some of them had to make new characters, meaning that they're at a low level and don't have access to parachutes or the ability to call Lester to remove wanted levels. Gavin in particular hasn't even learned about stunt jumps and can't complete any of them. Meanwhile, Michael just repeatedly encounters a bug where the game is acknowledging that he's completed the stunt jump but refusing to count it.
    • As the Crew decides to complete the stunt jump at the Airport, Gavin (who volunteered to cam) goes on top of the parking garage. Ryan takes his turns and lands on Gavin, killing him instantly. Gavin was in first person, so were treated to every second of Ryan's car flying towards him.
    • Jeremy falls into madness as he began having trouble completing the second to last jump of the video. He tries repeatedly, but the game keeps giving him failure. It got to the point where Jeremy wished he could just hand the control over to someone else. It doesn't help when the occasional police force getting in the way of the ramp or he over jumps or flies sideways towards the ocean, further wasting his time and efforts.
      • At some point, a police boat washed up right next the jump. It was such a random thing, and how it was still possible to do the stunt, that the gang decides to leave it there.
    • The final jump was a risky one - fail and the sea takes the car. Everyone but Matt makes it, and on Matt's last try, he is so close to sticking the landing; that is until Michael shoots him with a rocket launcher, ruining his attempt, all the while the crew celebrates the ending.
  • Airdropping a Submarine Car - GTA V: Lesson 2
    • Gavin and Fiona return for another lesson in GTA. A lot of squeaking laughter and Hilarity Ensues.
    • Gavin's in a parking lot in his submarine car waiting for Fiona, and as she pulls in, she hits the wall of the lot and then his car. As they head to Los Santos Customs, he inadvertently loses her and she drives past him.
      Gavin: I'm driving in a submarine wearing a pink flashing suit!
    • Fiona has learned her lesson about pulling into the garage, but she needs to complete a three-point turn in order to actually pull in. She's also disappointed she can't repaint her car in chrome because her level is too low.
    • Gavin's plan for the video? "Helicopters and dicks." He plans on teaching Fiona how to pilot a cargobob and airlift his submarine car.
    • Surprisingly, Fiona is not too bad with hooking Gavin's car, under his guidance. She also manages to accurately deposit the car on top of the Maze Bank Tower. However, as she tries to land, she hooks the car again and accidentally drops it into the streets below, sending both of them in squeaky breathless hysterics.
    • Because Fiona's level is too low to buy a parachute, Gavin tries to see if she can pick one up but she can't see it. Then she accidentally walks right off the tower to her death.
      Fiona: It was just a series of wrong buttons pressed! I pressed all the wrong ones!
    • Miraculously, Gavin's car survived the drop as he gets a star for stealing another car to get to it. As he's driving, Fiona accidentally jumps out of the car as his wanted level rises and he heads for the ocean.
    • As they drive underwater, Fiona accidentally jumps out and drowns. Gavin then decides to embark on their "penis quest" and he finally buys his minigun, painting it gold.
    • Gavin tries to show Fiona how to smoke, but instead of pulling up the menu, she melee kills him with the butt of her gun.
      Fiona: Wait, is back not B? [Gavin bursts in laughter]
    • They return to the submarine car, but they don't notice that as they heading down the mountain, one of the doors broke off. The car then sinks and they're forced to head back to the mountain on foot so Gavin can call his Faggio.
    • Gavin and Fiona approach the cult compound with guns blazing and Fiona is disappointed that all of the cultists are not naked but wearing underwear.
      Fiona: It's a peepee quest!
      Gavin: It's a quest for peepee with Gavvy and Fifi.
    • After they get killed in a shootout with the police and respawn, they find themselves in a public racing lobby, quickly leaving as they joined.
    • Fiona and Gavin kill several cultists and are amazed that the dead bodies finally have their genitals showing and decide to take a selfie with one. Unfortunately, the police show up and shoot them before they engage in a shootout with the cult. Gavin successfully gets the selfie with Fiona in battle position and declares he's saving it to his Rockstar gallery.
  • There's Nothing Gentlemanly About GTA V: New Open Wheel Races
    • In another Matt's maps, they are back with the Formula race cars, with the apparent claim of saying "Don't worry, any damage to the car is just cosmetics." Unfortunately, all evidence during the first race alone proved the contrary.
      • If someone loses their spoiler, their driving will take a significant decline. When Gavin had this happen to him, Matt claims his "Cosmetic" reasoning and assumed Gavin was just a bad driver. It didn't take long for everyone to suffer the same fate.
      • It reached its climax when near the end of the race, Gavin's wheels popped, right at the end, costing him 3rd place to dead last. Michael laughs his ass off as he passes Gavin, all the while saying Matt really can't explain this "Cosmetic" damage. Gavin said it best.
      Gavin: Cosmetic my ass!
    • As the crew race through the entire set, they come to realize that every piece of the formula car is there for a reason. They learn this because they keep losing pieces of their cars thanks to the constant, albeit through some unintentional, sprunking.
    • At some point in the second race, Ryan's car just flies off course, practically costing him the race. Gavin says that a Formula race car is "a plane that you really don't want to take off." and he's not off on that statement.
  • The Tula is Really Cool - GTA V: New Yacht Missions
    • Despite Ryan setting the missions to hard difficulty, they're still given a team life, leading everyone else to think Ryan failed to set them on hard.
    • Jeremy's footage was involved in a terrible yacht accident.
    • At the beginning of a later mission, Gavin remarks that they've never brought the yacht's chopper back in one piece and that they should try to do that this time. Gavin crashed the helicopter in all of the previous missions.
    • Jeremy shares that Kat started a new job recently, so she has the unenviable task of explaining why her husband can be heard yelling in the background of her Zoom meetings. Gavin comments that it's much the same with Meg whenever they're both streaming, so it's typically both of them screaming over the others' screaming.
  • Building a Yacht Business 101 - GTA V: Yacht Missions 2
    • The group continue their debate over the nationality of the in-game captain, and Ryan brings up the commenters view on it.
      Ryan: In the comments, all the New Zealanders said he was an Aussie and all the Aussies said he was a New Zealander, so no one wants to claim this guy.
      Matt: He's a man without a country...
    • Matt goes on to theorise that the captain is half-New Zealander and half-Aussie.
      Ryan: He's like a Daywalker. ...A G'day walker!
    • On a mission to assassinate a rival, the target tries to escape in a helicopter. As the rest of the group gear up to give chase, Jeremy opens fire with his Widowmaker while the chopper is little more than a speck in the distance. He unexpectedly succeeds in shooting it down, leaving him sheepishly apologizing for the mission's abrupt ending.
    • As a result of the above, the rest of the video is dedicated to a stunt wherein the group ride a blimp as high as they can, then dive off into the sea.
  • Where Do I Look? - GTA V: Rockets VS Everything
    • Alfredo's character model looks incredibly like himself and it's disturbing.
    • In the second round with the third map, Trevor gets into Gavin's passenger seat then shoves him out of his car. Unfortunately for the Brit, Alfredo was driving right at that moment, running Gavin over immediately.
    • In the very last round, it comes down to Trevor and Matt, the latter of which was in a jet going too fast to aim. In the end, Matt crashes in the hopes of hitting Trevor and fails. Trevor decides to parachute off the platform, however, he hits the floor hard before his chute even opens, luckily for him, the game already gave him and his team the win.
      • The final screen shot was just Trevor's splattered body with "Winner" being displayed.
  • Blimp Trick Shots - GTA V: Airport Fuck Around
    • Jeremy is constantly trying to push Gavin off the blimp despite holding a bomb in his hands to discourage the bullying. Michael then runs him over with his flying car.
    • Jack tries to pick up Gavin over the water as he's standing on Matt's flying car. As Jack comes in, he accidentally bonks Gavin with the side minigun, knocking the Brit into the ocean.
    • While setting everyone up on the Blimp, Michael starts playing with his Laser gun, however, as he moves slightly to the left, the laser decapitates Gavin instantly, much to Michael's horror and amusement. From Michael's perspective, he really was trying to move above Gavin's head, but with the Blimp's wonky coding, it was a hopeless effort.
    • When the crew decides to dive from the sky off the blimp into Jeremy's tugboat, Matt somehow manages to fly through the boat itself, like he fazed through it. Gavin tries and you see his neck turn to jelly on impact.
    • They all decide to try diving into a residential pool, just to see if it's possible. Unfortunately for them they fall like normal instead of changing into a dive animation. Trevor, however, manages to fall into the pool without deploying his parachute. He hits the side of the pool where the fencing is, sending everyone into hysterics.
  • Let's Play GTA V Appreciating the Unofficial Achievement Hunter - GTA V: Mugger Games
    • While trying to get everyone to the location of the second game, The group begin repeating the phrase "The highway by the casino" a strangely large number of times. After this is pointed out, they spend a few minutes repeatedly saying it in different ways until Gavin questions why anyone is still subscribed to them.
    • It's only after the first round, and Jeremy points it out that they realize that "The highway a few meters north of the casino" would probably be more accurate.
  • One Minute Races - GTA V: Not a Fuck Around but Kinda
    • The idea is that everybody participates in a race in which they're required to switch vehicles every sixty seconds. In true Achievement Hunter fashion, ten minutes into the video they haven't even started yet:
      • They started outside the airport. Everybody quickly became bored while waiting for Matt to explain what they were going to do so they started shooting each other and the cops turned up.
      • Matt tries to set up the impromptu race, but can't because the server's decided there's going to be an event going on and impromptu races can't be started while it's active.
      • Everybody's lined up, just waiting for Matt to get back from his attempt to clear the event. Ryan attempts to take the opportunity to get the bounties on Michael and Jack. Michael moves out of the way, but Jack still dies, bringing in the cops again.
      • Matt finally gets back, at which point in an attempt to get Ryan the cops start shooting Trevor. Trevor dies, respawns, and immediately gets a star. He dies again, charges straight into a cop and gets another star.
      • Finally, just as they're counting down, Michael decides to be a troll and cries for everybody to stop, implying technical difficulties.
  • We're Our Own Worst Enemy - GTA V: Overtime Rumble
    • Alfredo and Gavin have a bad habit of ramming into each other, costing their team points.
    • The gang are also shocked when they see a picture of a tattoo a fan got of the Old Men which would later appear on AHWU.
  • Four Dogs In a Cargo Plane - GTA V: Peyote Update
    • The Peyote plant returns. In the first round, everyone turns into dogs and proceeds to maul a nearby woman who was jogging pass them. Matt climbs upon the hood of Lindsay's car and she drives a considerable distance with him until she hits a bump on the road and sends him flying to his death.
    • In the second round, everyone but Jeremy and Matt turn into dogs again. Matt is a crow while Jeremy is a chicken. The topic then dissolves into all the dogs wanting to eat Jeremy.
    • When flying in the air, Matt finds out that he can take a dump on everyone.
    • Jack arrives with a helicopter, but unfortunately, the animals can't get in. Matt learns the hard way by flying into the helicopter and dying.
    • The conversation switches to a politician with the last name Hogg that named his daughter "Ima". Lindsay says that as a troll, Lindsay loves it, but as a parent, she's livid. Gavin ponders the idea of naming his children "Sugar", "Fat", and "Buy One Get One". He then surmises that naming his child "Scott" wouldn't be too bad.
    • In the underwater part, Jeremy becomes a plain old fish as Lindsay and Matt become stingrays and Gavin a shark. Jeremy also isn't happy with his swim speed.
      • Matt then uses the opportunity to bring up Jeremy's "This is what a fish does" running gag.
      Jeremy: Oh no, I just noticed how slow I'm moving!
      Matt: This is what a fish does!
      Jeremy: (Horrified) This is exactly what a fish does!
      • They attempt to load the sea creatures into a Titan, but they die the moment they leave the water. So the gang tells Jack to simply ram the Titan into the water in an attempt to make Jeremy the first fish to get hit by a plane. He succeeds, only killing Jeremy in spite of them being in a group.
    • Lindsay finally transforms into a cat, to her joy. She excitedly shows this off to Jeremy who proceeds to run her over.
    • Jeremy isn't happy with most of his transformations of a chicken, a pig, and a fish. As one YouTube commentor described it, he became a buffet.
  • Cop Car Collection - GTA V
    • Everyone gets frustrated when they simply can't spawn the right numbered car. It gets even funnier when the numbered car they keep finding but don't need, suddenly becomes difficult to find once they do need it.
    • Gavin proposes getting the Dusk Boys their very own "Dusk-Copter", a helicopter that they can leave parked outside the office and never fly anywhere. Jeremy spends much of the video looking up the cheapest helicopters for sale; the first one he finds advertises itself as being "Virtually ready to sign off for flight" and "Cheap enough for spares".
    • Alfredro gets stuck and keeps crashing into a guardrail despite being in a flying vehicle. Michael even points this out.
    • Gavin finds a cop car with the number 5 on top of it. Michael jokingly tells the cops to kill Gavin. As soon as the words leave his mouth, Gavin is shot to death by the police.
    • Gavin's humiliation conga when he parachutes into the highway. First he hits a street lamp, then runs into a car, another car runs him over which for some reason causes his character to shoot the gun he's holding as he spins on the road, then the first car he ran into runs him over. Gavin was also talking in the middle of all this and kept making death noises mid-word with each hit.
    • Both Jeremy and Michael take notice that Trevor happened to have an 84 Cop Van and try to take it from him. Michael killed Jeremy on the chance that he had it (he didn't) and as soon and Michael takes Trevor's Van, Trevor blows everything up.
    • After following the chaos of Gavin shooting in a helicopter as he tails Michael, the camera immediately cuts to a quieter scene of an annoyed Jeremy in a turtled police car.
    • Alfredo doesn't really participate in the Let's Play but he does provide hilarious explosive content as he sabotages the other players, and even shows up in a tank at the end.
  • Cars, Carnage, and Cardio - GTA V: Deathrun
    • Near the end of the second map, Matt is waiting in a bin for the right moment to charge ahead. Lindsay appears in his screen faceplanting while casually saying "Hey buddy, what's up?" sending him into hysterics.
    • In the second round of the third map, Gavin bungles going through the starting tube and falls off the obstacle course. He tries to get back on with the other team's jetski which of course fails. The round ends with Lindsay, who's on the opposing team, and Gavin fighting it out over jetskis. Lindsay initially wins the fight over her jetski but Gavin clings on and manages to pull her off and into the water. It then ends in a swimming fist fight. Jeremy describes the scuffle perfectly:
      Jeremy: What is happening in this one?!
    • In the fourth map Jeremy realizes he forgot to pick up a flare gun which helps the players run up the Tower of Pimps Ramp. He gets an idea to get in one of the vans used in the obstacle course and proceeds to almost successfully back the car up the ramp and to the top. Jeremy later realizes his team can't win with Alfredo dead and Gavin off the course so he decides to jump off as well. Jack and Matt follow him down as Jack tries running Jeremy over. Jeremy successfully dodges each of Jack's attempts and manages to climb into the passenger seat and push Jack out of his monster truck.
    • Jack asks his team if they all have their flare guns. Lindsay attempts to stop and check but ends up diving off the course to her death instead.
    • Gavin and Alfredo both get the idea to get into the vans in an attempt to complete the obstacle course by driving. They then agree that it was a stupid idea and get out the cars to do the course like normal. But almost immediately both get the same idea to just drive the vans out of the way and clear the platform. All the while, Jeremy is trying to complete the course as normal, completely oblivious to what his teammates are doing until he's finally killed near the end.
    • Jack says a singsong chant to himself, and fate took it as a challenge.
  • And Everyone Died - GTA V: Heist Lite
    • In anticipation of a new heist coming to GTA Online, the crew embark on a heisting spree, robbing every convenience store in Los Santos. Gavin and Jeremy bring their Phantom Wedge and Apocalypse Sasquatch to clear the roads; naturally, chaos ensues, mostly due to their tendencies to hit each other as indiscriminately as they hit the cops.
    • The crew briefly discuss using 'Ya Dead Ya Dead' rules, but decide that they'll never complete the heist that way. Sure enough, Gavin dies at the first store by crashing his truck into a gas pump and exploding.
  • We Get Kicked Out of a Cartel Beach Party - GTA V: Cayo Perico Heist (#1)
    • The video opens with the crew discussing Gavin's latest car; Gavin doesn't remember where he got it, but they all agree that it is hideous. It is covered in dents and painted an unpleasant brown color with yellow neon lights which remind them of sewage. On top of all that, the horn plays Chopin's Funeral March, leading Gavin to dub the car the "Diarrhea Death March".
    • Gavin and Michael dancing in the casino while Matt and Jeremy are in a cutscene.
      • When Jeremy and Matt join in later Jeremy brings up his "this is what a fish does" running gag again.
    • Gavin, Matt, and Michael head to the submarine on a boat. Michael is unable to sit so when Gavin launches them upwards Michael falls out. However, he manages to land onto the submarine itself as does Gavin and Matt.
    • Later in the game Matt's character changes into a shirt with the letters "KM" on it. Gavin asks him what it stands for and all Matt could think of was "Kick Matt".
      • Jeremy is also displeased with the color scheme for the clothing that the game gave his character.

    Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V - 2021 Episodes 
  • Put Your Cookie Down and Get in the Plane - GTA V: Cayo Perico Heist (#2)
    • When Jeremy tries to board the submarine, Gavin trolls him by taking the helm and diving, repeatedly dunking Jeremy into the sea.
    • The crew attempt to steal an Alkonost plane from Fort Zancudo. Unfortunately, the plane takes some heavy damage on takeoff as Gavin runs over and destroys a hostile army truck on the runway. As such, the engines cut out just as Gavin arrives at the airport to deliver the plane. He glides it down for a landing, but it dies on the runway forcing them to start the entire mission from the beginning.
      Michael: NOOOOO! Wh-wh- that's- we've been recording for twenty-six minutes, and we didn't even start yet!
    • A recurring problem the crew find is that, while the heist supports up to four players, it seems to be littered with vehicles that can only seat three people, from the jeeps in the previous video to the Alkonost. Michael frustratedly points out the absurdity that the enormous plane only has room for three of them.
      • Becomes even funnier in hindsight when they use the Alkonost in the heist itself, and discover it has plenty of seating in the back.
    • As Gavin is stealing the plane for the second time, he decides to unnecessarily drop gas bombs on Fort Zanduco.
      Jeremy: I like that you were like, "We stole a plane. Might as well violate the Geneva Conventions on the way out."
    • After finally completing their first mission, Gavin, Michael and Jeremy spend a little time goofing around at the airport; being on the same crew disables friendly fire, which they take advantage of by blowing up each others' planes. It eventually culminates in Gavin getting his head stuck under the wreckage of a burning plane, screaming for help while Jeremy douses him in gasoline.
    • During another mission, the group are tasked with killing a group of people hiding beside a building. Rather than fighting them directly, they instead order Gavin (who is in a plane at this point) to take them out by ramming into them. Although the crash seemed to initially fail, the debris causes a chain reaction that wipes out everything.
    • Gavin and Michael are on their way back to the submarine to deliver the explosive charges by plane. Gavin has the bright idea to land his plane on top of the submarine, and nobody objects to it. Against all odds, Gavin lands it perfectly, shocking everyone. Not as shocking is the plane catches fire and explodes, and while Michael manages to deliver the charges, this somehow destroys the whole submarine, which disappears from existence. To Matt's chagrin, he has to make a new one.
  • Don't Worry About the Landing - GTA V: Cayo Perico Heist (#3)
    • From the very beginning, Jeremy hits Gavin square in the head with a snowball, sending him off the overpass.
    • Gavin brings up the fact that he's never set foot inside the Casino, shocking Matt. He was never in the Casino heist to begin with since they did it without him, to which Michael points out that that was intentional.
    • When Jeremy enters the hotel room during the first prep, the cutscene glitches out and shows one Rimmy Tim gently opening the door and another Rimmy Tim breaking it down.
      • One commenter basically called it "Rimmy, meet Tim".
    • After they kill all of the security guards in the hotel room, they begin to leave. Since they can't shoot the innocent bystanders Gavin tear gases them while Jeremy pours gasoline onto one poor woman for Michael to ignite.
    • Matt decides to approach a group of Merryweather operatives alone; he is given three missiles to the chest for his troubles. What makes the sequence even funnier is the fact that the missiles hit him in such order and quickness that Matt had no time to react. The best way to describe it was like he was hit with a combo in a fighting game.

  • How to Heist in GTA V: Final Lesson
    • Michael's joining Fiona and Gavin for heist shenanigans, but before he can do anything, Gavin runs him over in a fire truck.
    • Gavin invites Michael into his apartment to kick back and smoke weed, but he accidentally joins the waiting queue for the heist and then got kicked out, so he spends the rest of the heist spectating as a disembodied voice instead.
    • After dropping off Lester at his factory, Gavin gets into the Granger and before Fiona can get in, he starts to drive off without her until she manages to get in.
    • While the trio admire and discuss Paige's tattoos, Gavin suggests that if he was getting a neck tattoo, it would be of a hand choking him.
    • Gavin takes Fiona on his Faggio to steal the Kuruma, and she groans that he kept running them over last time and is appalled at his horn. After they successfully steal the car, she runs over the Faggio. As they return to base, they comment that Michael's voice sounds like the radio, so he starts singing "We Built This City" and "Don't Stop Me Now".
    • As they finally kick off the heist, Michael starts singing "Lose Yourself" as Fiona attempts to keep up with the lyrics. He pauses as they switch cars and resumes singing as Fiona discovers she has to hack the circuits, which leads to a montage as they approach the bank with Michael singing Linkin Park and Bon Jovi in between.
    • Fiona successfully drills through the box and as Gavin and Fiona flee the scene, Michael starts singing "Moving Out" and keeps singing as they successfully escape and complete the heist. As they say goodbye after completing the heist, Gavin rides off on his bike and into a palm tree.

  • One Day We'll Listen - GTA V: Cayo Perico Heist (#6) Finale
    • Finally starting the final mission, the team quickly come to realize that, for all the "prep work" they did beforehand, they are actually woefully unprepared for the heist:
      • The enemy still has air support, they are all heavily armed and even have a Juggernaut on their side, while each team member has only a shotgun, a machine pistol and a few grenades each.
      • The only entry point to the compound they found is the front gate, leaving them with pretty much no option but a full-frontal assault. With this in mind, they decide that they might as well attack in broad daylight too.
        Michael: "Hey, who's that approaching from a thousand yards away? I think they're gonna try to infiltrate the main gate."
        Gavin: They're gonna do a high-altitude-low-opening parachute jump, but land in front of the main gate.
      • The team mainly focused on acquiring vehicles, which are only used on the approach to the island, and they could only choose one of them to use anyway.
    • The video title comes from an incident when Gavin finds the objective locked in a safe. He can't figure out the combination, and the team assume that it is either a prep mission they skipped or an item they have to pick up somewhere in the area. However, after about five minutes of fruitless running around, Matt realizes that their mission control texted them the combination, and they just hadn't paid attention to any of the dialogue or on-screen prompts that told them this.
    • When the crew finally make their grand escape, Both Gavin and Jeremy, who are hanging outside the plane, ask Matt to barrel roll. Matt did as he was told and sends them flying into the ocean, only by chance did they complete the mission before either of them died.
    • While they do successfully complete the heist, Gavin realizes the Up-n-Atomizer can launch him over the walls so Matt, Jeremy, and Michael line up in front of the wall and they launch over with the gun as Gavin films them.

  • Playing With Guided Missiles - GTA V Airport F**karound
    • The episode starts with Matt being bullied by virtually everyone. He can't say what they're going to do (mess around with his submarine's missiles) as he's ran over, shot, blown up and stabbed.
    • Jack is so distracted watching the first missile flying that he doesn't see Michael at all and runs him over.
    • Gavin takes Trevor in a bus. As they talk, Trevor wonders if he's actually being kidnapped realizing Gavin's story doesn't make sense.
    • Near the end of the video, Booker (Jeremy's cat) messes with his audio equipment, which caused him to lose audio for the audience. We are left with the editor filling us in with what he's saying, which he only bothered to describe Jeremy's many screams.
  • The Dumbest Game Type We've Ever Played? - GTA V: Sumo
    • Briefly returning to the overworld between rounds, Jack finds a Faggio scooter and declares himself the long overdue winner of Car Bingo.
    • The entire discussion of Matt being a dehydrated man.

  • We’re Making Memories | GTA V - Offense Defense w/ James Buckley
    • At one point everyone gets wedged into a narrow passage and ends up blocking the way forward.
    • When the group enters free roam while Matt sets up the next game, Jeremy rolls up in a monster truck with a huge fist attached to the front.
    • During a round of Scoot Scoot, while everyone is scrambling to get on the scooter Gavin calls out that he's "Coming in hot!" a split second before he comes barreling into the group in an SUV which explodes and kills himself, Michael and Matt.
      • So many bikes end up piled up where the scooter spawns, that it's actually prevented from doing so after it blows up again.
  • Hooking Go-Karts on a Jet Plane - GTA V: Airport F***around
    • The simple fact that the Go-Karts, of all vehicles, proved to be one of the most durable cars in the game.
    • After Gavin's first jet blew up he goes to get a new one. The conversation turns to when Gavin met Jack. Gavin guessed it was around the time he had a testicular torsion prompting Jeremy to start singing the lyrics to "Twist and Shout".
    • In the end of the video, the crew decide to jam all their Go-Karts in the back of Gavin's Titan. As soon as they begin moving, Alfredo slides to the back and explodes within seconds, to the shock of everyone. The explosion causes the Titan plane to be FUBAR, leaving everyone inside stuck with no way out. Michael begins gassing everyone, Matt and Jeremy panic, and Jack is still laughing at Alfredo's spontaneous death.

    Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV 
  • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV Part 1:
    • Geoff having a blast (literal and figuratively) with the sniper rifle.
    • At one point, Gavin and Michael grab a car and attempt to jump onto the barge, bailing before they do. Gavin forgets to let Michael know to bail and they both don't. As they do, Geoff grabs a car and starts making his way down. As Michael and Gavin climb out of the water, Geoff completely misses the jump and mows down Michael.
    • Ryan nearly being mowed down twice in a span of thirty seconds, first by a hail of gunfire from Jack and, while watching Gavin bail from a helicopter and letting Ray die in it, Geoff nearly runs him over with a delivery truck.
    • Gavin's ineptitude flying a helicopter when they decide to go jump off "The Empire State Building", nearly leaving Ray behind.
    • Gavin's ineptitude flying a helicopter period.
    • When Michael gets to the top of the tower, he takes aim at the ladder as Gavin climbs up it. When Gavin reaches the top, Michael fires and Gavin oddly glitches out, but stays on the tower.
    • The others' inability to stay on the tower or reach the bottom safely.
    • Gavin dying when he leaps out of a helicopter a few feet off the ground.
    • When Jack tries to land on the empire state building and misses, the video cuts from him falling from the top to Geoff trying to unstuck his vehicle from between two pillars, a la Austin Powers, and then cuts back to Jack as he hits the ground.
    • When the gang is getting their helicopters ready for a free-for-all battle, Gavin, right after starting his copter, accidentally drives it sideways into Jack, causing the latter's copter to flip around, and ending up nose-first in a vertical position, with jack slightly struggling to get it back upright.
  • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV Part 2:
    • The gang plays a few rounds of skydiving Chicken. After the last round, Ryan notices that one of the copters they bailed out of landed perfectly on the ground.
    • A game of helicopter bowling goes awry when Gavin goes for his second pass, wipes out, taking out the helicopter's propellers. He hops out, heads for a car and finishes the job that way.
      • Ray attempting and failing to jump said car.
  • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV Races:
    • The very beginning, when the guys race off, Gavin pulls out a bazooka, quickly asks if they can use guns... then fires the bazooka, scattering everyone!
      • Made especially funny because the first rule Geoff made was "Can't blow each other up". Guess what the first thing is that Gavin does?
    • The return of Team Nice Dynamite!
    • At one point, Gavin and Michael pass by Geoff's car, with Geoff telling them to stop shooting as his car. A few seconds later, Michael wipes out, sending them flying.
    • During the first race, Geoff's vehicle is badly damaged, so he ditches it and hops over a concrete median to go get another one, and is promptly run over and killed by an NPC.
    • Another NPC moment happens during race #2: Jack (on a motorcycle) T-bones an NPC car crossing an intersection and goes flying.
    • After the race, the guys get a tip that they can respawn their vehicles. Gavin, who had quickly given up and went for a swim, wished he'd known that sooner.
    • During the third race, it goes completely Off the Rails when half of the AH guys lose their tanks and head for different vehicles: Geoff takes a delivery truck, Ray a motorcycle, Ryan a beat up car and Michael a normal car. Michael wiped out so badly that, as Gavin heads for the finish line, he actually laps Michael. Amazingly, Gavin's one of the only two to keep his tank and wins.
      • At the end of the race, Geoff runs over and kills Michael. Michael then respawns in his tank. His gobsmacked reaction is priceless.
    • Race Four and the Disaster Dominoes at the airport.
      Gavin: Michael, what happened?!
      Michael: [Utterly Deadpan] Did a frontflip, landed on my head.
    sees Geoff coming towards him full tilt in a car.
    Ray: Uh-oh.
    • Jack dying when he hits a wall at low speed while powersliding.
  • "Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV Destruction Derby".
    • How they came up with this? Geoff got bored, flew around and found the abandoned arena.
    • When Geoff tells everyone the rules and they go get their cars, everyone comes back with an SUV. Gavin attempts to get an Ambulance, but it doesn't fit through the gates and he, too, fetches an SUV.
    Ryan: He looks like a doberman trying to fit through a cat door.
    • What's amazing is that everyone expected him to get something stupid, like a bicycle or a scooter.
    • The first round of the Destruction Derby ends with Geoff winning by flipping and pinning Ryan under the stairs. Then, he blows up. They still give him the win even though Gavin was still there because his engine died on him.
    • As everyone's getting ready, Kerry attempts to fit the airport baggage truck into the arena. Doesn't work. Geoff drags along one of the baggage carts at first, but switches for a sports car.
    • While everyone's waiting for Gavin (again), Kerry races in with a scooter. Ryan suggests they just gang up on Kerry as Ryan and Jack drive closer to him, intimidating him... until Jack nudges him and they call him out on it.
    • The second match starts and everyone upholds their promise to take out Kerry. It takes a few hits to kill him. It ends with Jack blowing up one second before Ryan.
    • As everyone's trying to find motorcycles (They fail and opt for sports cars), they start discussing Kerry's name and they decide if, for whatever reason, Kerry ever married Halle Berry, he should take up her last name and be "Kerry Berry"
  • "Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV - Cops 'n Crooks Part 1"
    • Geoff and Gavin becoming The Load for their respective teams - Geoff because every time he becomes boss, getaway cars are halfway across the city and Gavin's hideous driving skills.
    • The second round has Geoff, Jack and Ryan looking for a car in a parking lot (irony). To their luck, they actually find one within a minute or two. Cue Michael, Gavin and Ray rolling up in a cruiser and opening fire, successfully mowing down Geoff, Jack and Ryan before they could even open the doors.
    Michael: It was like a mobster movie.
    • The third round Gavin, Michael and Ray have their get away vehicles be dump trucks Hilarity Ensues when they have to make a jump. A jump which lands them RIGHT IN FRONT of Geoff, Jack, and Ryan who promptly open fire while Gavin, Michael, and Ray scramble to climb out of their overturned vehicles.
    • During the fourth round, Michael had just killed Geoff and is moving on to find the boss. A few seconds later, Geoff respawns... and Michael promptly runs over him as he respawned nearby.
    Geoff: As long as the boss makes it, that's all that matters. Something you guys should remember outside of the game.
    Michael: Absolutely, Geoff. Outside this game *runs over Geoff*
    Geoff: OH SHIIT!!!
    • Ray becomes "Moto Cop" during the fourth round, hopping on a motorcycle and dispensing justice!
    • During the fifth round, Ray becomes boss and takes out Geoff, Jack and Ryan with a missile launcher. When Geoff asks where he got that, Ray just responds "I'm a good boss."
    • The fifth round turns into "Who can take out Michael the most?" as Geoff, Ryan and Jack attack Michael as Gavin leads Ray to safety.
      • On that note, how does Gavin lead Ray to safety? The two spend a large chunk of the game running on the train tracks, out of reach from the Gents. This leads to a beautiful shot where Michael respawns under the two of them as they're running past on the tracks.
    • The sixth round Ryan has a string of bad luck after killing Gavin as he's ran over three times in a row.
  • "Lone Wolf Biker"
    • Ryan becomes the Lone Wolf. Almost immediately after, he loses half of the competition - Gavin drives his car through a small hole in the highway barrier and flips, Jack hits a car and goes flying, and Geoff drives into the river.
    • As the gang is chasing Ryan through the bridge, Ray, Michael and Gavin try to squeeze through cars on both lanes. One car moves and a massive, bloody pileup ensues.
      • While they're chasing Ryan, Geoff ends up lost on the other island, unable to get on the interstate. He enjoys a decent amount of time by himself when Ryan dies and Geoff becomes the Lone Wolf.
    • At one point, Ray is the Lone Wolf and he leads the gang to a pier. Geoff flings himself into the water, Michael and Jack fail to make the jump to the pier and when Ray heads into the water, Gavin picks him off. When Gavin becomes Lone Wolf, he... lets out a victory cheer and runs into a tunnel. Michael picks him off 30 seconds later.
    • When chasing Michael, Ray slams into a car. He gets pissed off and shoots the driver... and promptly gets ran over.
    • At one point, Ryan takes over as Lone Wolf and an escape attempt turns into a set of Disaster Dominoes as he turns to miss Michael and barely dodges Gavin and Jack (who are in a truck), who clips Michael and, as Ryan races ahead, he passes by Geoff, who freaks out and bails from his motorcycle, which is ran over by Gavin's truck.
    • When Gavin becomes Lone Wolf again, Jack escapes from the truck while everyone's telling him to try to take out Gavin.
    • Another Disaster Dominoes event of epic proportions. Michael, who's the Lone Wolf Biker accidentally blows up a gas station and gets blown away, but lives. In front of Ray, no less, who promptly begins shooting at him, so cue shootout between Michael and Ray. Michael shoots Ray dead by the skin of his teeth, and gets back on his bike... Only for Gavin and Jack, riding in the same car, to run him over and kill him. So, for killing him, Gavin's now the Lone Wolf Biker, so Jack bails out and leaves Gavin to defend himself. So Ray, Michael and Jack each chase after Gavin, which causes him to collide into oncoming traffic. So we get a shot of all three of them just spraying Gavin's car with bullets, killing him. Then his car explodes.
  • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV - "Cops 'n Crooks Part 2":
    • The Epic Fail of the first round due to the fact that Jack was continuously updating the waypoint's location which unfortunately caused Ryan's GPS to tell him to go back and forth along the same stretch of road, allowing Gavin, Ray and Michael to escape.
    • The second round has Ryan showing off his poor driving skills by not only slamming into every car on a bridge, but also being stopped by a tree.
      • A little bit after that, Gavin, who had bailed on Michael and Ray and was driving his own cop car, comes across a stunt ramp. He thinks it's a shortcut, but...
      (drives off the ramp, only to see water.)
    • They can't even start the third round because they keep putting each other on the alternate team.
    • In the third round, the Gents end up losing due to both bad luck and Ryan's Idiot Ball. Ryan and Geoff have driven to the escape vehicle, a boat, but Michael and Ray have followed them. While trying to shoot the two Lads, Ryan backs off a ledge and falls to his death. Meanwhile Geoff has swum to the boat, but as he gets in, Ray (swimming) reaches the adjacent dock, and shoots Geoff point-blank through the windshield. Finally, Jack has been walking there under the bridge; Gavin ends up finding him after a fall, and mows him down.
      • During said round, about twelve minutes into the video, Michael notices a biker who suddenly pops off his bike after only a light tap from Michael's car.
    • The fourth round has Jack splitting up to chase Gavin while Ryan and Geoff take on Ray and Michael. Jack chases Gavin to the river, the latter of which hijacks a fishing boat. The others watch as Jack attempts a jump and watching his car spiral into the water. After Gavin kills Jack in the water and Geoff foolishly lets himself burn to death right at the end of the pier, it's down to Ryan and Gavin on speedboats. When Gavin finds the escape vehicle, Michael nearly has a heart attack as Gavin jumps the boat near the helicopter (actually wedging his boat under the tail), then attempts to kill Ryan with the copter. He almost sinks the chopper, but manages to win.
    Michael: (upon seeing Gavin crash the boat near the helicopter) Jesus Christ, man! (boat goes under the helicopter's tail) Gavin, you're gonna break the fucking helicopter!
    Gavin: Oh, I got us a chopper! (He gets in the helicopter.)
    Ryan: I feel like I'm in Miami Vice.
    Michael: Gavin crashed his boat into the helicopter.
    Ray: Oh my God, please don't break it.
    Michael: Please don't crash it, dude. All you got to do is go straight up, Gavin.
    Gavin: Wonderful style!
    Michael: All you got to do is go straight up.
    Ray: Uh, he's gonna crash it.
    Michael: He's gonna crash it. He's gonna try to—
    Ray: He's gonna eat shit. (Gavin starts flying towards Ryan. Jack chuckles.)
    Michael: Gavin, Gavin, please don't do it.
    Ryan: (strained) C'mon, go!
    Gavin: How do I run over Ryan?
    Michael: Just go up! Just go up in the air!
    Ray: Just go up!
    Michael: Just go straight up and you win!
    Gavin: I'm gonna kill Ryan!
    Michael: Just go straight up for the love of God...
    Gavin: (sees Ryan) There he is! (He flies downward towards Ryan.)
    Michael: (Gavin misses Ryan and flies almost directly into the water.) Gavin, DON'T CRASH THE FUCKING HELICOPTER!! (Gavin screams, Geoff laughs.) GAVIN!!!
    Gavin: SHIT!! (Flies up away of the water, then starts turning towards Ryan.)
    Michael: No! No-no-no-no-no, go straight up! (Result screen appears showing "Team One Wins".) Don't stop! (Realizes they win; Team Lads cheer.)
    Ryan: Whoa, no! Come on!
    Michael: Yes, yes! Goddamn it, man!
    Ryan: That is not an escape!
    • The fifth round finally has Geoff's team win a round. As they're waiting to load, Jack notices the escape helicopter's blades stop; the helicopter stays in the air... then drops.
    • To conclude the sixth and final round, Michael and Gavin manage to reach the helicopter, and the former gets in. Just before Michael takes off, Gavin, who has left the door open, starts shooting him, but he's able to fly away, leaving Gav on the helipad. Unsure what's going on, Michael asks:
    Michael: "WHY DID YOU GET OUT?"
    Gavin: "I was worried!"
    Gavin: "I thought maybe I could get more money if I killed you."
    Michael: "You piece of shit!"
    Gavin: "Michael, come back for me; I've been honest with you."
    • In the end, Michael does not return to pick up Gavin, forcing him into a Last Stand against the Gents coming up the staircase. He picks off Geoff with a pistol, but is shot and killed by Jack, ending the round in favor of the Gents.
  • In "Cops 'n Crooks Part 3", Gavin is a combination of The Load and a Troll for the Lads, singlehandedly costing them several rounds:
    • In the second round, Gavin automatically bails from the cop car and spends most of the round doing stupid stuff while Ray and Michael take out the Gents.
    • In the third round, the Lads (cops) are right behind the Gents, when Gavin crashes the police car into a highway sign support, flipping the car and allowing the Gents an easy win.
      • A little note about said crash? He flips it sideways into the support and gets it stuck at an angle there.
    • During a middle round, the Lads have all made it to the getaway speedboat. All three get in the boat, but Gavin fails to sit down and falls off when the boat accelerates. With two Gents in pursuit, he manages to swim out to the boat, and Michael & Ray return to pick him up... but he falls out of the boat again, and is killed by Geoff.
    • Later, the Lads have reached another getaway speedboat, and have an easy win; Michael has killed Ryan after he fell in the water, and Jack & Geoff are about to do the same thing. However, Gavin apparently thinks the video isn't interesting enough and beaches the boat, granting the Gents the victory as the getaway vehicle is no longer drivable.
    • Finally, during the last round, Gavin immediately drives the Lads' (crooks) car off a jump, and lands it on a ledge with nowhere to drive. The Gents arrive and instantly pick them off.
    • For the non-Gavin Idiot Ball-induced incidents:
      • In the first round, it's down to Ray against Jack and Geoff. Ryan's giving a play-by-play on Ray before uttering an "Uh-oh." — Ray has pulled out a rocket launcher and he uses it to take out Jack and Geoff and earn the win.
      • In the second round, Jack accidentally drives the Gents' car off the bridge and gets it wedged between a wall and a lamppost. A few seconds later, as Ray and Michael are chasing Geoff, they've realized they went in a full circle when they re-encounter that same car.
      • In the fourth round, Michael and Gavin reach the escape boat separately. Gavin reaches it from a bridge and plans to jump down from it to the boat. A string of bad luck hits him as he has to climb out from the passenger side door, gets hit by a car on the way out and, as he's trying to jump the wall, Ryan drives up and shoots him, Geoff laughing as he sees Gavin's body slip from the wall and hit the ground.
  • In "Co-Op", they try to do the Escort Mission on hard mode. To demonstrate how tough things get, Gavin (who was carrying the target at the time) gets blocked by a horde of police cars, and the blockade is worse by the time the others get there.
    • In the second attempt, the guys attempt to pile into one armored truck, but they find out that Geoff can't get in. Geoff constantly cries out to Gavin to stop driving over him, only to be ran over in reverse. When he tries to get in again, he's run over by a police cruiser, and even when he gets into the truck, he almost dies again when a helicopter falls right in front of him.
      • When the chopper crashes, the way that the entire team screams in perfect unison is a sound to behold.
    • During the second attempt, the guys get separated, but get Petrovic out of the airport, but then the cops catch up, Gavin dies and Ryan gets caught by a blockade of about two dozen police cars. Then Geoff and Michael catch up and crash into the blockade, and everything goes really off the walls as the action gets so intense that everyone suddenly drops frames, and Geoff is just laughing like a madman the entire time.
    • During the Bomb Da Base portion the guys arrive at the destination to receive a chopper, and Gavin starts flying it crashing it into around the area as Michael observes in horror. When Gavin gets it under control he starts flying only to get three feet in the air before the chopper hits a crane hook and breaks. What makes it even funnier is that the blades on the helicopter were the only thing that broke, in addition to the way it neatly landed straight up.
    • After the above mentioned chopper crash they all get new vehicles Gavin and Ryan get on a scooter then the two stop into a fast food joint.
  • "Cannon Ball Run"
    • During the second round, Michael reaches the first checkpoint and finds out first hand that the checkpoint dumps him in the water. Ryan and Geoff dive in next and Ray and Jack are plowed in by Gavin. Ryan and Geoff opt to swim to the next checkpoint.
    • When they reached the second checkpoint, most of them walk to it. When Geoff gets to the checkpoint and heads back, Ray drives in and Geoff is forced to jump out of the way... and into the water.
      • At that point, Ray brushes against Ryan and causes him to stumble around. Ryan questions if he ended up driving through a cloud of marijuana before he did so.
    • The third round starts with everyone getting ran over by Ray.
      • Near the end, Ryan wipes out on his motorcycle. As he gets back on and starts to drive off, Gavin runs into him. He gets back on and Jack runs into him. He tries a third time and Michael runs him over.
    • In the fourth round, Gavin reaches the checkpoint and causes a pileup because he gets out of his car in the middle of the small hallway leading to the checkpoint. Michael complains that it was "like a fucking car jungle" and, when they hit the checkpoint, he screams out "BACK TO THE VEHICLES!"
      • When Ryan reaches the second checkpoint, Geoff asks who's in first and Ryan replies that he was. Geoff's shocked because it was in his SUV. During this, you can hear Michael singing "Gotta go fast. Gotta go faster, faster..."
    • Michael manages to cross the finish line while his car's on fire. It slams into a wall and explodes shortly afterwards.
      • During that same round, Gavin is in second place leading up to the final turn. Then Michael flips Gav with his burning car, allowing Ray to take second place. Michael comes in third, and even Jack is able to pass Gavin (who had to abandon his car) and finish fourth. With just seconds to go, Gavin tries to hijack a car... which pushes him backward, ending any chance of him finishing. Then, out of nowhere, Geoff (who had fallen way behind) passes Gavin with less than a second left, putting Gavin in last place.
  • "Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV: Bike Bat"
    • Early in the first round, Gavin successfully flips a car on its side.
    • After Michael wins the first round the video randomly cuts to Gavin hanging out with three NPCs.
    • During the second round, everyone keeps missing a turn, getting to the point where Geoff is left behind and lapped.
      • Near the end, Gavin makes a critical error and ends up pulling a Rage Quit. As he's trying to get into a car, it refuses to let him do so, causing the others to laugh at the fact that a game called "Grand Theft Auto" refuses to let him steal a car.
      • A conversation about Ryan not reading the Rooster Teeth Employee Handbook.
      Michael: Ryan, you're our moral compass, you've got to know-
      Ryan: I am? We're fucked.
      Ryan: Yeah... (chuckles)
    • During the third round, Jack kills Michael in the beginning. Karma bites him in the ass as he smashes his head on a railing, has Ryan run over him and, for good measure, Michael drives up and smacks him with the bat.
      • Gavin screws up again and Rage Quit... by aiming for the barge once more. He misses it by this much
  • "Bike Bat Part 2"
    • The Lads and Gents decide to take advantage of the baseball diamond they're set up in. Ray begins running the bases on foot, prompting all five of his co-players to chase him down. Even with Ryan managing to run Ray over on a bike, it takes them five minutes to chase him down, with Michael and Geoff both dying before him due to Gavin's incompetence. It takes Ryan running down the fence Ray was climbing and Michael running him over on a second bike while he's down to finish Ray off.
    • After Gavin spends a minute insisting that players on bikes can't be killed by bats, Michael gets off his bike and lets Gavin on... and cracks Gavin in the head once to kill him.
    • Round two of Bikes vs. Bats, Geoff's screen shows Gavin driving past upside down.
      • This exchange at the beginning of the same round:
    Michael: "Fuck you Geoff. Sorry, love you... but fuck you."
    Geoff: "Well you didn't hit me, so if you're gonna-"
    Michael: (slams into Geoff and rolls over him) "What was that?"
    • After Bikes vs. Bats, the guys decide to go jousting at the airport. It takes four attempts to get Ray started for Geoff vs. Ray, after Michael accidentally kills him, then Gavin kills him, then Ryan tries to get his health down low (which was done for the previous four competitors), succeeds, then goes to drive off, only to have Ray die for no apparent reason.
  • "Wanted"
    • At the very beginning, Ryan initiates a set of Disaster Dominoes by running into Jack and killing his character. In the process, Jack's Rocket Launcher nearly kills Ray and as Ryan comes barreling down the road, he hits Gavin as he's trying to bail, causing him to die as his car crushes him.
    • Gavin spends the first ten minutes trying to find everyone as he's somehow spawned somewhere away from the others. He finally finds everyone where he unintentionally kills Michael.
    • At one point, Jack finds and tries to run down Gavin. Gavin fires a rocket launcher and kills Jack... only for Jack's destroyed car to flip into the air and take him out on the way down.
    • Everyone gets so lost that Geoff attempts to play Marco Polo, then everyone tries to use car horns to find everyone.
    • Geoff: "So you can mistake Ryan for a red light" note 
    • Geoff finds Gavin halfway through, forcing Gavin to run. Then, this exchange occurs:
    Gavin: Get in! Oh, that's not a car — what is this? Hey, I found a metal bo— UUUOOOOOHHHHH! [Explodes by Geoff's rocket launcher]
    Geoff: I found a... fucking British bitch.
    • Gavin sets up the initial match, which is everyone trying to take out everyone using rocket launchers. Gavin is the first to draw his weapon, the first to fire and the first to scatter everyone around him.
    • Partway through this initial destruction derby, Geoff is shot in such a way that he lands on top of a restaurant sign perfectly. His attempts to do this again don't work out as well.
    • At one point, Jack hops into a car during the flying of rockets. One hits his car, destroys it... but his character is still alive.
    • Their attempts to send people flying in very unique ways, including shooting at one spot at the same time, shooting a person while they're on a car and even juggling them.
  • "Cops 'n Crooks Part 4"
    • Michael, a crook, killed Ryan, a cop, in a police cruiser.
    • In the first level, Ray found a scooter, so he spontaneously started singing "Scooter Patrol!" When Jack was the boss, Ray chased him down on his scooter. After Jack's fiery car crashed onto the wall and blew up, with Jack dying via bullets, Ray yelled out "SCOOTER PATROL!" and did a wheelie.
    • In one of the rounds, Gavin, who was the crook boss, decides to escape by jumping into the water and swimming to his destination, including the strange sequence where he takes refuge on a buoy. Which eventually culminates in the cops swimming after (and unable to kill) him.
      • Hilariously, considering that the crooks lost every round in the Let's Play, Gavin's escape attempt was actually the most successful based on the fact that he survived the longest.
      Geoff: He's gonna stupid himself to victory again!
      • Coincidentally, Grand Theft Auto V (which was released the day after this video) now has sharks to keep players from swimming out too far, which means Gavin will be in for a nasty surprise if he tries this again in the new game.
    • At the start of one round (with Ray, Geoff and Jack as the cops), Jack, for seemingly no reason, doesn't drive the cop car... except he is. For whatever reason, Ray and Geoff were severely lagging that round. It gets even more bizarre when they actually do start moving, and the lag makes it seem like Jack keeps hitting everything and teleporting'.
    • In one of the rounds, Jack and Ray are running up the incomplete road with the ramp at the end in South Bohan. While Ray decides to go back down the road, Jack jumps off the end for his boss, and gets killed landing on a traffic light on the way down when the cops arrive.
    • In one of the last few rounds, Jack and Geoff (the boss) spawn near the same parking lot where they were slaughtered by the Lads in the first Cops 'n Crooks video. Jack immediately wants to leave, figuring that no good will come from it this time either. Jack gets into a convertible and waits for Geoff to join him. When Jack tries to ready the car, he accidentally hits Geoff in the hip. Who shows up next? Michael, Ryan and Gavin, all in a police cruiser, steamrolling towards Jack and Geoff. With Michael, Ryan and Gavin raining bullets in their direction, Jack starts firing back with Geoff caught in between, and the cruiser crashes on Jack's convertible as Geoff gets killed. Then, almost immediately thereafter, the guys realize that Geoff was killed by Jack. From that, they won the round anyway, because Jack got an extra 200 dollars from killing Geoff. Everybody is dumbfounded.
    Gavin: (amidst laughter) "Quick, they're gonna win! Kill the boss!"
    • The final round ends anti-climatically when Jack the boss tries to steal a car, only to fall over and get run over by the cops.
    • Jack, Gavin and Michael form a team, Gavin immediately names them Team Dynameat.
  • GTA IV: Witness Protection has some gems.
    • Within the first five minutes, Geoff has been killed by both of his teammates.
    • Right before team lads' turn as the cops, Ray and Michael agree to not let Gavin drive the bus. A second after Gavin asks why not, the game loads, and he immediately T-bones Ray, causing him to do a barrel roll. Right after that, when Ray recovers, Gavin pushes him into a wall. Ray and Michael reach a consensus: That's why he's not allowed to drive the bus.
      • Ironically, Gavin drives the bus halfway through the last round and gets the win for his team.
      • Only after nearly screwing them by ramming said bus and pinning it to a wall by parking his police cruiser under it. His utterly bewildered "why is the bus crooked?" when he then boards it, with the car still under it, and Michael's reaction is pure gold.]
    • Gavin later takes a wrong turn and gets completely left behind, leaving only Ray to defend the bus. Fortunately, by the time Geoff and Jack start attacking the bus, he pulls off a Big Damn Heroes moment, coming out of nowhere to send Geoff flying, complete with Batman sound-effect.
    • After Ray gets out of his car to grab a shotgun, Ryan comes out of nowhere and runs him over. Ray pulls the trigger while he's flopping over the hood, killing Ryan with a shotgun blast while he is being run over. Ryan's truly mystified reaction sells it.
    • Gavin then tries to jump from his car into a moving bus. It doesn't work out so well.
    • Geoff in the meantime gets repeatedly killed by Jack and Ryan again.
    • Jack is speeding his bike through traffic, passing Gavin and Ray and starts to comment on them. He's interrupted when a car crosses in front of him and he goes flying. His yell is absolutely priceless.
    • Speaking of Jack hitting traffic: Near the end, Jack respawns and is trying to rejoin the chase as fast as possible. He pulls off the highway at full speed... and winds up splattering himself across the broadside of the bus.
      • Gavin actually finds this so funny he has to stop the bus briefly because he can't see for crying.
      Michael: (amidst laughter) Gavin drive! Drive!
      Ray: Drive, drive, drive!
      Gavin: (in a laughter strained voice) I had to stop because of... I couldn't see! I can't see! His cartwheel across my screen... My eyes, I shouldn't be driving!
  • "Retro Play"
    • Everyone's completely caught off guard by how different GTA IV is to GTA V, especially how they handle
    • "Cops and Crooks"
      • Gavin's first action? Shoot the gas station, killing Ray.
      • Part way through, Gavin says he doesn't say bad words. Michael responds by saying that he's said "Fuck... the n-word..."
      • Also, 3 minutes later Gavin screams "What's up, bitches!" which, though milder, is technically still a bad word.
      • The second round ended the same way the very first time the Gents were the Crooks - taken out right off the bat.
      • During the third round, Gavin and Michael had cornered Jack and Geoff and are ready to take them out... and by sheer luck, their car slips from its stuck point and onto the road below.
      • Round four has Michael telling Gavin to get out of the car because he doesn't like his driving and takes over. He proceeds to run over Gavin twice and run into the Gents, with Ryan getting a headshot on Ray.
      • During the final round, Gavin sets his camera to focus over the police lights, then asks him to hit the sirens. Once he does, he starts humming the theme to The Naked Gun.
    • "Witness Protection"
  • "Hangman's NOOSE"
    • Geoff, Michael, Jack and Jeremy return to this game and this gametype... and forget how to play. Turns out it's the same as GTA V.
    • During the first round, Jack gets left behind and ends up taking a helicopter to fight off the other helicopters.
      • At the end, Jeremy, who was running decoy with an armored car, charges in with his trademark "LIL' J!" cry at the dropoff... and gets stuck in a sign.
    • The third round, due to some strange fluke, sends Jeremy all the way back to the airport. He is, then, forced to catch up to everyone, who is waiting for him at the dropoff point. Thanks to Michael and Jack, there are cop cars outside the baseball diamond, leading to Michael to start attacking them while Jack just opts to hang off of Geoff's car. Jeremy finally makes it as Michael and Jack die and respawn.
  • RouLetsPlay: Grand Theft Auto IV: Cops and Crooks
    • Geoff continues his streak of being unable to get into the getaway boat.
    • First round, Ryan hops out to get a rocket launcher, then the Gents corner Michael, who's driven into a dead-end. Michael escapes, mostly due to the fact that even though Ryan hopped back out to use the rocket launcher, Geoff, who's driving the cop car, throws it into reverse and pulls Ryan along the road with his open door.
    • One round sees the Lads flee to the ocean early on, and the Gents are so far back that it works.
      • Another round has Jack also flee to the ocean, but when his stolen boat reaches the getaway boat, he panics, dives into the water, and swims away from the getaway boat.
    • In a later round, Jack and Geoff are killed early, leaving just Ryan fleeing from the Lads. Gavin's closing in, making Ryan unable to spare the time to put a map marker down, so he just blindly drives towards the objective including going over the unfinished highway.
  • HE'S CURSED! - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks
    • As always when the group comes back to GTA IV after loads of time on V, the driving in this video is all over the shop.
      • Michael in general gets furious with Matt's driving.
    • The video title comes from Jack, who confesses that he's never liked this game mode ever and only pretended to because the others liked it. His reason is that he finds it unbalanced and swears that he's never won a round of it, no matter whose team he's been on.
    • In one round, Jack and Ryan are escaping as the crooks, Jack calls for Fiona to distract them. Cut to Fiona who's Austin Powersed herself.
      • In the same round, Matt, Michael, and Gavin are all in separate cars. Matt accidentally crashes into Michael and manages to flip him on his side, causing Michael to go into Rage Quit mode.
      • Matt's incredibly self-destructive driving sends Michael into a Heroic BSoD over the course of the Let's Play, starting with rage and eventually bottoming out into annoyed resignation. At one point Matt manages to set their car on fire just from driving it around, and when everyone piles out and switches vehicles said car explodes, which sets the new car on fire, and flips a third on top of Matt which kills him.
    • During one round, Fiona, Gavin and Ryan split up. As Fiona finally finds a decent car to drive and gets in, Jack, the Sole Survivor of his team, and Ryan arrive and Jack ends up rolling onto his roof and skidding right side up and driving into Fiona. When Ryan questions if Jack was upside down, Jack declares that "That's how I roll!"
    • Fiona at first agrees with Jack that the game mode sucks. Then she wins a round, getting a fantastic kill on Gavin and realises what the charm is.
      • The kill in question is hilarious. Gavin has split from the rest of his team and is being tailed by the opposing team. His car is riddled so much it sets alight, and Gavin ramps it up off a small ramp and tries to bail. The car explodes as the car is mid-air and Gavin is mid-leap, in a death Fiona describes as "cinematic".
    • A "One For All" match has Gavin, Ryan and Jack playing as the Crooks. Gavin gets to the helicopter first, with Ryan not too far behind. They then both lift off to go pick Jack up. They find Jack in a courtyard between some buildings, but in his haste to set it down Gavin manages to knock the tail loose which slams into Jack. Gavin then desperately controls the broken, but still flying, helicopter upwards as fast as he is able to, narrowly avoiding a smokestack in the process, while Jack watches from down below them in disbelief Gavin's still aloft. Both Gavin and Ryan escape when the other team mow the distracted Jack down.
    • Earlier in that round, Gavin comes across an unoccupied car that just slid in out of nowhere and confuses him.
    Gavin: There's ghosts-there's like poultergeese!
    Ryan: Poultergeese? I thought geese were poultry!
    • The next round has the same team as Cops. Ryan comments that Jack wonders why he keeps losing when he drives so badly. Jack takes a left turn and drives them into the sea, with Gavin having quickly bailed as the turn was being made in favor of getting a faster car.
    Ryan: Why have you done this?
    Jack: You gave me shit! "Jack your driving sucks!" Alright, I'll give you fucking shitty driving! God, people are gonna love me in this video!
  • Parkour with F-1 Cars - GTA V: Obstacle Course
    • Matt has chosen a wild racetrack that Michael, Gavin, Jack and Ryan have to race with him. As Michael succinctly puts it, it's thirty minutes of hell. Or rather, 55 minutes.

    Achievement Hunter Heists 
  • This sub-series of Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episodes are especially notable for their humor and sheer absurdness of it all, considering how much effort they put in to rob from 24/7 Supermarkets. That's right; they rob freakin' convenience stores, and they almost constantly mess them all up in the process!

  • Across all of them, the fact that they're robbing convenience stores, which net only a few thousand, yet are spending multiple thousands of dollars on vehicles, masks and other gear, meaning that they operate with massive losses. About the only exception was Lindsay's, due to the fact that they didn't get any 'real' money, but were acting as if they did get a load of gold. Lampshaded at one point by Ryan, when somebody asks how much they have made over the heists, that they are about a half million in the hole.
  • "Heist" combines a serious attempt at planning the greatest robbery in GTA history, tension-building devices such as "dead" players leaving the room or not talking, and the usual competence we've come to expect from the AH crew.
    • After the long live-action scene of the AH team plotting the robbery, it segues to their in-game characters doing the same in Michael's apartment. Where Gavin stops to take a drink and Ray decides to hit the bong, both to "calm their nerves".
    • The fact that even when they're scoping out their target, everyone's smart enough to discuss killing Gavin before he can screw things up. Sure enough, Gavin's idea of a getaway vehicle is a black SUV with untinted windows and a big Achievement Hunter logo on the hood. And he manages to drive off without Jack, and is killed when he stops to go get him.
      • Though if you look closely Jack was in Gavin's car, but got out on reflex, which ended up screwing both of them over.
    • After thirty minutes of planning and preparation, everything goes balls up quite quickly when a helicopter comes into play. In a panic trying to escape, Gavin drives away without Jack and is killed by the police, but when Jack tries to flee on foot, Michael accidentally...
      Geoff: "What's going on?!"
      Michael: "Bravo One and Bravo Two are down, we have lost Team Bravo! Something happened to Bravo One, and he, and he must've jumped in front of me, and it definitely was not my fault!"
      Ray: "YOU SHOT HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE! He has a Hawaiian shirt on!"
      Ray: "AND AN ELF HAT!"
    • A minor one amongst the chaos: Ryan accidentally drives the getaway boat onto the docks whilst escaping.
    • Then Ray and Michael are killed by cops after getting knocked off their motorcycle, leaving Ryan and Geoff alone in a speedboat. After a few false starts, the two escape the harbor and head to the rendezvous point with no Wanted level...
      Geoff: "Just you and I, Alpha Two. Well, on the bright side, your cut just got a hell of a lot bigger."
      Ryan: "We are clear of the cops, I believe. [...] Man, that was quite a take!"
      Geoff: "I had a feeling- Why are we stopped?"
      Ryan: "Alpha Two wins!" (hops out into the water, comes back, realizes something)note  "Shit! He took the money to the grave! All right. Viking funeral." (C4s the boat, cue Mass Corpsing)
      • Prior to the heist, Ryan does spot an armored car and suggests they hit that instead. Geoff blows it off as too attention-grabbing. Not like what they ended up doing was any worse.
      • Additionally, Ray lampshades how the plan probably wasn't worth it anyway, as they only grabbed $1123, which would have led to less than a $200 split between the six of them.
      Geoff: "Yeah but, Ray, Ray - it was tax-free."
  • "Gavin's Heist"
    • In the very beginning, Gavin reveals that he took pictures of where they were going to hit... and everyone questions why he took selfies.
      • During that, he wonders why they're all in black and white and Gavin breaks the Fourth Wall, saying that they were going to be in black and white... then a caption that reads Now in Technicolor! pops up.
    • Gavin's plan relies entirely on Confusion Fu.
      • One part of the plan is to blow up the gas station so that they could come in with fire trucks to distract the police. This requires them to wear yellow clothing, so they go to buy some - in a hilarious shopping montage with sweet background music.
      • While getting fire trucks, Jack asks if they could set a gas station on fire to bring a fire truck there. Gavin points out that's the place they're going to rob.
    • When they start hunting down the pieces, Geoff and Ryan spot a red dot in the air. True to glitches, Ryan shoots it.
    • As they get in position, Geoff's running gag of 'should I blow it yet?', even when Michael is still at the starting point, or just pulling into the gas station.
    • Like the last one, the entire thing goes balls up, but not by a helicopter - the C4 ended up despawning unknowingly and make everyone think they were too far away, making Michael panic when the police start shooting. Jack chucks a C4 and detonates the tanker from the roof, and Gavin proceeds to try to start hosing down the police, only to drive into a gas pump and blow up himself and Ray. Ryan's shot by police before he can leave the scene and Jack and Michael are taken out by police just as they near the meet up zone, leaving Geoff the Sole Survivor with no money at all!
      • A meta example. From here on, all of the heists hosts managed to survive their heists, or were one of the last to die at least. Gavin was the first to die in his own heist.
      • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" when they realize that Ryan's death means they can't get the Cargobob, and can't fly to the meet-up point.
      • Once again, using a motorcycle screws Michael over.
      Michael: Why do we always have the getaway vehicle be a motorcycle!? (Immediately gets plowed over by a cop car)
      • Geoff's reaction at the end manages to be both a Tear Jerker and a CMOF.
      • Though when he breaks character and asks 'is it over?' Triggering everyone else bursting out in laughter.
  • In "Ryan's Heist", the target may be more lucrative, an armored truck and a convenience store, but the ineptitude remains:
    • Ryan's admission pre-heist that his initial plan was Kill 'Em All.
    • Gavin ropes the others into kicking the hell out of Michael's 'chrome-mobile', Ray tries to leap it and Jack somehow ninja-kicks him out of the air.
    • When scoping out a subway station as part of the escape route, Geoff tries tossing a grenade down the stairwell. It bounces back and lands under their car. Soon, everyone is yelling at Geoff.
    • Part of the plan involves collecting three motorcycles before actually carrying out the heist. Everything about this goes badly:
      • Geoff finds the first motorcycle and has to drive partway up a mountain to elude the cops. When driving back down, he crashes into a tree, sending the bike skittering across the road and further down the mountain.
      • Ryan recovers the bike and drives away with it. Eventually, driving down another mountain, they launch off a ledge towards a road, and land directly on another car, putting Geoff temporarily out of commission.
      • Of course, no GTA V CMOF collection would be complete without Gavin. When he finally gets a bike, he decides the shortest way back to the city is directly over a mountain. He dies twice when speeding down, but is able to recover it both times. BUT WAIT! At the bottom of the mountain is a small stream, and Gav decides to try and cross it on the bike. Naturally, he sinks the motorcycle, and Jack has to try to fish it out with the Cargobob. Miraculously, he succeeds, but the bike is inoperable.
      • Finally, Gavin nearly gets shot by a motorcyclist trying to steal his bike. This causes a long delay, as Jack and Michael have to pick Gavin up and deliver the motorbike, indirectly screwing over the plan because the armored truck is traveling farther and farther away from the parking garage where the money is to be collected.
    • As the Cargobob lifts the armored truck, an NPC hijacks Geoff's car, yet another Spanner in the Works. He's able to get into Ryan's car though.
    • After the Cargobob is shot down, killing all of Chopper Team, Ryan and Geoff attempt to shoot open the armored truck. At one point, Geoff moves too close to Ryan while he's shooting and the game automatically forces the latter to melee him in the back of the head, killing him. Ryan just snickers while Ray is furiously calling him out.
      • Geoff, Ryan, and Ray's reaction to the afromentioned crash sounds the same as if someone spilled a drink on the floor. Especially Geoff.
    • Just the fact that everyone in the crew barring Ryan and Ray are killed within 15 seconds.
    • Ray, at the parking garage, decides after Ryan murders Geoff to bike off the nearby ramp. He crashes onto a roof, stranding him there for a while as he doesn't have enough health to jump down or enough height to deploy his parachute.
    • The grand conclusion of the heist with The R & R Connection as the lone survivors traveling down the subway:
    (Ray bips Ryan.)
    • After killing Ryan, Ray almost screws up his solo escape twice: first, he starts to run off without the money, only being tipped off by a background whisper by Michael, then he nearly gets run over by a subway train while discussing the failure post-heist. Still, he survives, netting a grand total of $455.
  • "Michael's Heist" has Michael aim for an even bigger target with the ineptitude still up there!
    • The beginning with the Live Action segments revealed that Jack is in jail at the moment, so they bring in Kerry (who is taking notes). When Michael attempts to start the revealing the plan, he tells Ryan and Geoff to close the curtains to cover the windows... only to find out their door has a glass opening.
    • Michael describes the plan as "trying to keep Gavin alive", since it's as much a challenge as successfully executing a heist. Sure enough, Gavin is the only person to die in the pre-heist, but he survives the real thing.
    • Kerry is in charge of flying the helicopter. Geoff is with him most of the time he is flying and describes it as 'scary'.
    • In preparation, Gavin buys a boat, then tries to leap into it from a helicopter hovering directly above it. Naturally, he instead crashes into the water and both vehicles explode.
    • Michael and Gavin are doing the actual robbing and parachute in from the helicopter to start in style. Michael almost lands on top of Ray. Gavin smashes into some stairs.
    • "Is that an alarm?" (shoots it) "Not anymore! Haha!"
    • Their plan to rob a bank hits a major snag - banks are "closed on Wednesdays" note  and he's forced to initiate Plan C and go rob a convenience store.
    • Ryan and Ray's deaths. The sad music, along with Ray's agonized screams, makes it both this and a strange Tear Jerker.
    • Michael and Gavin's journey in the tanks is as hilarious as it is awesome.
    • When flying away from the robbery scene, Geoff and Kerry's helicopter starts smoking. Kerry says that "it's like 4/19 up in here". Ray who is dead at this point starts laughing, causing Michael to remark that he "heard Ray from beyond the grave".
    • When trying to reach the getaway boat, Gavin decides to take the shortest distance and jumps his bicycle off the bridge. He deflects off some stairs on the way down and survives the fall. Naturally, he tries to get Michael, who's on foot, to jump off the bridge into the water. Michael chooses to go around.
    • Gavin's ineptitude at driving the getaway boat. First, when picking up Michael, he nearly runs him over with the boat. Then, he smashes into so many things that Michael, whose character is sitting down, falls out. Finally, in open water, Gav uses nearly every rock as a jump, badly scraping the bottom and making Michael fear that the boat will explode. It doesn't.
    • Unknown to either of them, Michael has a secret part of the plan he made with Geoff to kill both Ryan and Ray before the end. Geoff has put an ignition bomb in the car they're meant to use later in the getaway although neither make it that far. Ryan later reveals that he and Ray were going to explode the car, pretend to be dead, then tail everyone else to murder them and get the money.
      • And then there's another secret part to the plan that has Lindsay nearby to detonate a sticky bomb hidden on Geoff and Kerry's boat so the money can be split between her, Michael, and Gavin... except there's two boats and Kerry chooses the one Lindsay hasn't rigged to explode. Lindsay seems to panic and explodes the trapped boat anyway and Michael has to gun down Geoff and Kerry himself. Oh, and Gavin has no idea of this part of the plan, which causes him to absolutely panic, hop off the boat, and start swimming for dear life when Michael starts firing.
    • Geoff then gets revenge by sniping Gavin and Michael after he respawns. What makes it funny is Michael is dividing the money when Gavin suddenly keels over dead. Then Michael gets killed.
  • "Jack's Heist" - more heist, more hilarity!
    • As always the video starts with the 'real-life' planning stage. Yet Gavin, Geoff, Ryan and Ray are all doing gestures from the game. IRL. Then Michael joins in too. When the footage switches to the game, their player characters are doing the same gestures.
      • When they are cutting from Live to In Game, Ray drops his hands after doing 'jazz hands' for the entire intro with visible relief.
    • When assigning the code names, Jack dubs himself Overlord, then each of the others as Eagle 1, Eagle 2, ect, except for Gavin, who he just called Gavin because would just forget it anyway.
    • Somehow Jack's leaping from the Crew-Mobile launches his character up instead of sideways.
    • Part of Jack's plan involves everyone dressing in all-black. Ray... does not.
    • This part:
    Michael: (doing the jazz hands gesture while in the front passenger seat of the Crew-Mobile) "Look Ma! No hands!"
    (they crash into something)
    • Gavin puts his camera inside the vehicle and says that Ryan is staring at Jack's (female) character:
    Ryan: "Am I?"
    Gavin: "Yeah, you're eying her up evilly."
    Ryan: (jazz hands gesture) "Aaaaaa...!"
    • When shopping for masks, a man with a mohawk runs by the crew. Ray is not amused
    Ray: "Nice mohawk, asshole. You can't run from me." (chases man down and punches him)
    Ray: (after knocking off his glasses) "Yeah... knocked your glasses off. Is it bright on 'Planet Cool'? Fuck you... Flamejob!"
    • During the actual heist Geoff/Eagle One dies immediately when the clerk pulls a gun on him.
    • Ryan is being tailed by a police car while getting away, until Michael rams it from behind in his truck, mashing it into a wall and making it explode.
    • Jack lands a jet on the street so they can use it to escape. The take-off attempt is hindered by police cars all the way but they make it.
    • Somehow Ryan manages to bail out of the escape jet without meaning to. Even he has no idea what he was actually trying to do when it happened!
    • The second part of the plan involves parachuting from the first jet and stealing more jets. Gavin is parachuting in to steal a jet from the hangar and faceplants into the top of the doorframe, dying upon landing.
    • Jack and Michael make it to the end, then decide to go in their jets to go help Ryan who is being chased by police. Michael/Eagle Four dies when he walks behind Jack's stolen jet and the tailflame murders him.
    • Jack/Overlord is the only one who survives, having launched to try and help Ryan after accidentally killing Michael, then having his mission rendered null by Ryan finally losing his gunfight.
      Jack: OVERLORD WINS! (does a few rolls in the jet)
    • Overlooked at the end is that Jack is the only one who didn't rob a store, meaning that he survived with no money at all! But hey at least he got a jet.
  • "Ray's Heist" reached new heights of ineptitude.
    • The real-life part of the video takes part in a restroom. Why? Because Ray's been playing Watch_Dogs and is afraid of someone "hacking" any electronics in the room. Also he still can't access his apartment in-game so when it switches over to game footage they're all crowded into the bathroom of someone else's place.
    • The heist is codenamed WAFFLE: "We're All Friends, Friends Love Eachother" - Ray was dismayed to find out that "Eachother" was actually two words, making the codename WAFFLE-O.
    • During the real-life video part, Gavin picks up the odor eliminator spray and sprays it into the air, presumably to make the long visit seem 'convincing'. Everyone immediately starts choking.
    • Ray decides to go 'bongless'.
    Ray: Don't make that a shirt.
    • Part of the plan involves Geoff and Gavin stealing the armored truck. Yet neither of them seem able to get in, so Michael asks Jack to land so he can try. Jack lands on top of the Bifta Gavin's currently driving and Michael flops out onto the road.
    • You would think that Ray would have the most successful heist. Ironically, it's actually the least successful, as not only does everybody die, but not once did they actually obtain the money.
    • While Geoff dies unceremoniously, everybody else dies rather hilariously.
      • Ryan gets shot, but his body falls out of the helicopter, slams onto Michael's armored truck, and tumbles over the ground like a ragdoll.
      • Jack tries to deploy his parachute but does it too late.
      • Gavin panics under gunfire while trying to rescue Michael and ends up flipping the helicopter over Michael's armored truck and blows up screaming. Micheal couldn't help but laugh at this the whole time.
      • As for Michael, he tries to drive to a safe place, only to end up trapping himself at the Fort Zancudo military base. He tries to pull a Taking You with Me and blow himself up when they corner him, but he ran out of explosives from blowing up the cop cars chasing him on his way there.
    • Ray drives over to Micheal's wreckage and blows it open so he can take the money to the limo, but when he fires up his rocket launcher he accidentally blows himself up.
      • Ray: "Apparently, somebody mugged David's (Gavin) dead body. That's a little rude."
      • Ryan provides another point-of-view cam after he's 'dead' with the name on the footage being 'Ghost'.
        Ray: Okay... apparently I'm seeing ghosts.
  • RTX Live Heist:
    • During the pre-heist Geoff repeatedly manages to spawn with a wanted level.
    • The heist fails so spectacularly it boggles the mind. While in a tank, Michael inexplicably drives off the roof he's parked on and lands on Gavin, killing him. Keep in mind this is immediately after the heist begins.
    • The team manage to rob three stores, but only manage to get money from one of them. Ryan is unable to blow up the register in the first store and the third location didn't have any money to steal, so all total they only managed about $140 for the heist.
    • The rest of the team manage to make it to a Cargobob and take off, but when they attempt to hook Michael's tank they are unable to lift him, and the whole team dies in one giant fireball.
    Geoff: Where's Ray?
    Michael: He's sitting next to me.note 
  • "The Grand Heist" is a heist in which they all had a hand in planning.
    • During the real-life section of the video, they have 'security' on the door watching for listeners... it's Dan the Man! And he's tremendously in character.
    • The plan could potentially have them hitting up to four different stores. Gavin quips "Four stores and seven years ago?" which gets a smirk from the others and some proper laughter from Michael.
    • When Geoff points to the drawing of the Titan, Michael and Ryan point out it looks like a penis and "the meanest dildo ever" respectively.
    Geoff: "It goes in but it doesn't come out."
    (Everybody laughs)
    Ray: "It latches in."
    Michael: It's like a grappling hook."
    • Geoff initially planned to have Jack land the Titan, as he'd done it before. Jack then points out that he hadn't been the guy to successfully land the plane, Gavin had. Cue Gavin climbing up on the table and lying on the desk seductively.
    Gavin: The answer's right here.
    Geoff: If that's the answer, I hate the question.
    • Ryan refuses to leave Michael alone in the room after they're done planning because every time he does "I die in a fiery explosion".
    Michael: "To be fair, you always die in a fiery explosion anyway, but I see your point."
    • Gavin gets his character so drunk that he can't actually drive straight.
    • Riding in the back of the new "Dubster" vehicle, Ryan decides to see if he can still gesture and does shoving his middle finger at Gavin who is sitting opposite him. So Gavin retaliates with a jerking off gesture.
    • Once the group starts splitting up, most of the crew drives around, knocking over small shops, while Gavin sits in his box truck, singing a song to himself about his costume. They all stop talking just in time to hear Gavin say Just a bird in a van! and Jack spends the next several seconds audibly corpsing.
    • In order to get a ride to the mask shop, Ryan gets into a truck that Gavin is driving. Naturally, Gavin proceeds to crash into every little thing on the way. While they are driving, Gavin notes the truck sounds that signify the gear shifts but crashes right before he could say they had reached top gear. Ryan quickly follows with a Clarkson-esque, "And on that bombshell."
    • After a little confusion it's decided Ryan and Gavin will position two trucks they need later.
      Ryan: "Gavin, you know where you're going?"
      Gavin: "No, I'm following you."
      Ryan: "Shit, I don't know where we're going either."
    • During the Heist itself one of the store clerks runs for it and Ray guns them down. After Ryan is done robbing the place Ray points out he's missed the dead clerk's body. Ryan misunderstands and throws another sticky bomb onto the dead body.
    • The end is so very sudden and abrupt... after telling Gavin to keep flying higher and higher, he accidentally pulls up too hard and stalls. This wouldn't have been deadly - a stalled plane can easily be righted again in GTA - but by sheer, random coincidence, they hit a police helicopter on the way down and explode. Michael can be heard audibly slamming his hands into his desk.
  • "The Prison Job"
    • The mission is to spring Geoff from jail. When trying to get him out over the walls, Gavin suggests sending him another cake with another escape tool, leading to the gang jokingly suggesting they go get ingredients needed to make a cake. Then Michael suggest they try to smuggle Cooking Mama in to get Geoff out.
    • Ryan suggests sending Geoff a cake with a tool in it to help him break out of his cell. Ray hates this plan because cake. The gang argues about using a pie before deciding on "a pie shaped cake"
      • Best part is when Ray makes a noise of protest at the thought of cake, Ryan tells him that he's already been 'outed as a cake-eater.'
    • Gavin's parting words during the call to Geoff.
    Gavin: Hey, Geoff, make sure you don't— (suddenly ends the call) Alright, let's go.
    (A few of the other members laugh and follow Gavin out the door, except for Michael, who is staring at the camera.)
    Michael: What was he gonna say?
    (Beat, then he shrugs and gets up to leave as well.)
    • As Ray and Michael ride together to go collect vehicles, Ray sits in the passenger seat, doing the air thrust taunt while quietly saying "woo woo."
    • Ray standing on top of his tank, doing jazz hands shouting "WHO AM I" as Gavin and Ryan fly around him with the camera on the helicopter.
    • Geoff forgetting Gavin's name.
      • Later, he accidentally kills Michael and calls him Ryan.
    • Any time Geoff mentions his prison cellmate "Big Dong":
      Geoff: Get me out of here! My roommate - I mean, cellmate... he calls me Sexbutt!
    • Gavin and Jack's poor copter skills - Gavin can't land a helicopter while Jack can't hook Ray's tank with the Cargobob.
    • On the way to get Geoff out, Michael has to make a stop to look classy. The entire time he has to hunt down a store, Ryan's busy acting like the limo's computer.
      • Meanwhile, Jack gets his Cargobob stuck on an auto mechanic sign in front of the clothes store Michael is shopping in and blows up. The gang hesitates on whether or not it counts as a heist death.
    • The prison break itself... ultimately wasn't successful, but damn if it wasn't one of the most hilarious and climactic planned heists yet:
      • The first phase of the plan involves Jack airlifting a limo into and out of the prison with Geoff in tow (since Geoff rides in style and won't accept anything less). Jack struggles for a couple of minutes attempting to reattach the limo to his winch as the Cargobob gets peppered with bullets and left in a nearly-defunct state. Later on, the Cargobob sputters and dies twice, almost crushing and destroying the limo in the process.
      • The second phase involves getting the limo into one of the cars on a moving train. By now, the limo is severely battered and dented all over, and with no Cargobob to assist their ascent onto the train, Michael desperately tries to ramp the limo onto the train while it's moving. Needless to say, he doesn't have much success. It's made even funnier when Gavin looks behind him to see not only the limo trying to get on the train but Ray in his tank behind the train making their getaway this bizarre and completely obvious little convoy of vehicles.
      • In the third phase, the crew must jump from the train tracks to a boat in the river commandeered by Ryan and make a getaway towards the ocean. This is where the heist goes completely haywire. Gavin attempts to jump from the train into the boat, but dives headfirst into a support beam on the bridge and plummets to his death. The rest of the crew catches up and successfully lands in the boat just in time to see Jack jump from a high cliff and die from the fall.
      • While the gang is moving to phase three, Ray has a five-star wanted level. He's getting bombarded by the police from all sides, but because he's in a tank, he nonchalantly runs over cop cars while calmly saying "Excuse me, pardon me." Later, a cop car rear-ends him, and he calls out the police officer on his rudeness. This is all in the midst of shouting and freaking out from the other five members of the team.
      • With two men down and a five-star wanted level, Ryan, Geoff, Michael, and Ray rush out to sea only to be surrounded from all sides by police boats and helicopters. Ryan stops the boat so they can use heavier firepower. Michael pulls out his RPG and destroys a helicopter... which then slams into the boat, capsizing everyone and leaving them sitting ducks for the cops to pick off. Miraculously, Ray survives the encounter and drives off in the speedboat.
      Ray: (After Geoff dies) Ryan, it's just us! (Ryan dies) It's just me! The Puerto Rican survives! Yay!
    • At one point the group starts a conference call with Geoff who smuggled a phone in and is simultaneously using it to chat with the group and as an anti Big Dong device.
    • There's now a video up that proves that the initial phone call in the live-action part... took a while to film. Can be found here.
    • The outtakes video shows how close this came to being a let's fail.
      • Special mention to Ray shooting down the chopper Geoff was using to parachute into the prison with.
  • "Lindsay's Heist"
    • Lindsay is after gold which she suggests they use a port-a-potty to carry and smuggle it out. Cue an awful lot of poop jokes.
      • Part of what makes this heist so funny is that there is no gold in GTA. The footage of the team loading gold into the port-a-potty is all from outside the bank and even then, it's clear that it's just Geoff and Lindsay running back and forth across the bank lobby to the door.
    • Ryan is pretty sure given that Ray and he are causing heat outside the bank again, that they're probably going to die.
    • "I'm kind of an eye in the sky... I think I should dress as a bird. *pigeon noises*"
    • Michael attempts to punch Gavin... but hits Lindsay instead. She then chases him across the carpark wearing really tall stiletto heels. While Michael laughs like a madman.
    • Ryan looks out his window at one point and realizes that, since Lindsay's hanging out his side of the window, all he sees is boob.
    • Ray, then Gavin leap out/off of the Crewmobile... somehow Gavin's landing on Ray flips him into the air like a tiddlywink.
    • Ryan makes a very good point: why didn't they just get the Cargobob instead of trying to knock the port-a-potty into the truck? They just tell him to shut up.
    • Geoff has the job of blowing open the vault, which leads to this moment.
      Geoff: "Is it time to blow?"
      Lindsay: "Boom-boom... let's blow it."
      Ryan: "Time to blow!"
      Geoff: "I'm gonna blow it up!"
      (Beat, nothing seems to happen)
      Ray: "Aw... fu..."
      Gavin: "I don't see anything."
      Michael: "Fuck..."
      (suddenly big explosion)
      All: "OOOHHHH!"
    • Gavin spots a train before Geoff and Lindsay do. There's a few moments of arguing about whether they should land their Cargobob on it or not. Eventually they don't because it's going the wrong way, but minutes later Geoff and Lindsay hop on another train going the same way. Gavin calls them out on it.
    • Geoff throws a flare, aiming to get it on the train to signal where to land the Bob. He hits a bridge and the flare lands on the ground.
    • There's a point where everyone starts shouting. Michael gets a call from Dom which leads him to continue his part of the shouting with "NOT NOW DOM, NOT NOW!"
    • Gavin's first attempt at dropping the port-a-potty into the train car is not successful. His second attempt comes as they almost slam into a bridge.
    • A stopped cart manages to push Gavin off the train.
    • The heist is almost a perfect success, as they quickly get five of the six heist members onto the train. When Michael finds himself battling police officers for a car, Ryan jumps off after him, and Gavin is pushed off when the train phases through a stopped carriage. The three end up together and try to leap onto the train. Michael makes it, but Ryan is knocked back and crushed to death by the port-a-potty, and Gavin dies on impact with the train.
    • Ray, in spite of his usual dislike for memes associated with himself, throws in some Fuck Train references. This includes doing the Fuck Train while on another train.
  • "The Trojan Bar Heist"
    • Ryan's plan involves stealing a S.W.A.T. van and to do so, he decides to engineer a hostage situation. So, he decides to hit a bar in "North Whereverthefuck".
      • The second Ryan points to Geoff at the mention of a bar, Geoff is gone - spinning chair, papers thrown to the winds.
    • Gavin and Ray's attempt at scissoring.
    • During the set-up, Ryan is giving Gavin a lift to get weapons and ammo. Before they set off again to get Gavin's monster truck the Brit douses Ryan's car in gas. This sets one of the back wheel arches alight briefly when they set off again.
      • He also douses both his and Ray's Liberators with fuel. This means that for a bit Ray is fleeing from police with Geoff in a monster truck with a flaming 'mohawk'.
    • Then when they reach the Liberator, the combination of Gavin's habit of leaping from a still moving car and Ryan's handbrake turn puts Gavin under truck. In retaliation he drives his Liberator on top of Ryan's car a bit while he's re-inviting Jack to the game.
    • The discussion over codenames.
    • Michael orders in a plane and is preparing to collect Ryan and Jack... then to his absolute shock and horror realizes he was bought a one-seat plane.
    • After everyone else has died, Michael manages to get into a car, only to drive right into the water. He hasn't died yet, but Geoff and Jack are already laughing.
  • "Lil J's Heist"
    • Jeremy steps into the scene and gets Jack annoyed because he immediately goes out of frame.
    • During the discussion, Jeremy reveals the person who has been screwing them over, Kerry, by slamming down papers with him on it, causing Geoff to burst out laughing.
    • Ryan spends most of the meeting cutting up the photos of Kerry and making masks out of them, creeping out Michael.
    • Partway through, someone attempts to go into the room, prompting Jeremy to shout "GET OUTTA HERE! WE'RE HEISTIN'!" He, then, admits that he has no idea who that was he scared off.
    • Jeremy's code names for the team and their Borderlands style cut-ins:
      • Geoff - Scary Butt (Ok)
      • Gavin - Asshole Baguette (Right Up Your Ass!)
      • Michael - Savage Animal Idiot (Aw Sweet!)
      • Ryan - Daddy Cock (I Mean What Else...)
      • Jack - Water Choo Choo (Niice!)
      • Jeremy - Monster Truck (I Am Monster Truck)
    • They have a lot of trouble remembering these codenames, causing people to not answer they're being called, having codenames mangled and people refusing to respond to their real names.
      • Also Gavin's gets changed to "Anal Baguette" pre-Heist because Jack called him that on accident and they all agreed it was funnier.
    • Just this.
      Gavin: Daddy Cock!
      Ryan: Yes?
      Gavin: Oh, I wasn't talking to you, I was just thinking about something.
    • While preparing for the heist, everyone stops to get something to eat:
      Michael: (mouth full) Sorry, I stopped for a snack, I'll be there in a second.
      Jack: (ditto) Alright, Water Choo Choo is in a water boat.
      Gavin: (the same, unintelligible)
      Ryan: (same here) It's good we stopped to eat first.
      Jeremy: Asshole Baguette, get some fucking manners!
    • Jack seems to respond to half the things during setup with nothing but "Choo choo!"
    • While waiting for Kerry, Geoff starts shooting a Stop Sign, then worries that there might be another Heist going on as the store nearby has some action.
    • When they finally capture Kerry, Ryan declares he's going to punish him by making him look at his crotch the entire way.
    • When questioning why Kerry's gone silent, Kerry responds that he's just taking pictures. As evidence.
    • In a surprising change of events, they all die.
      • When they get to the boat, Gavin asks which end is the back. Just as Ryan's telling him to just put them down anyway, a police chopper explodes near the cargobob, killing them both, along with Michael and Kerry.
      • After Geoff and Jeremy bite the dust, Jack escapes the police in the plane. With a blown out engine.
    Jack: Bye, motherfucker! (Does an Evil Laugh, then the plane starts to go down) Ohhhhhhh shit. The plane's dead. Ohhhhh No. Oh no. (Crashes into the ground and explodes)
  • Achievement Hunter HEIST!
    • Ryan lays out plans for their next heist: robbing a mansion, gas station, bank, and casino. It's a promo for their new card game that will be shown at RTX.
    • As Ryan and Michael explain the rules of the game, Gavin pops in holding a hand held vacuum cleaner with a rubber chicken head attached to it. He sets off the vacuum to drown out everyone, despite stick a dry-erase marker into the chicken's mouth.
      Gavin: You cannot silence the chicken!
  • THE LAZER JOB - GTA V Heist | Let's Play
    • The Fake AH Crew needs money, but to get money, they need to sell a Lazer, but to get a Lazer, they need to steal one. So, the team is out of retirement!
    • The team names for the crew are hilarious:
      • Geoff and Jack are Tango & Cash, which takes Ryan ages to figure out what they're talking about.
      • Ryan suggests he and Gavin's team be "Boris and Doris", but Gavin comes up with the much funnier "Sneak and Beak", which sends Geoff and Jeremy into hysterics.
      Ryan: "We'll call ourselves, uh, Boris and Doris!"
      Gavin: "Or Sneak and Beak!"
      (Everyone cracks up)
    • During the planning, the map tilts off the blackboard, Geoff jokingly suggesting that now they gotta Cargobob the Lazer out of the ocean, before asking whether Ryan now intends to kill him first for being so noisy during the planning. Ryan's response is a moment of frozen silence.
      • And because the marks already added are now out of line with the map, they begin putting the same location on the board twice (once to line up with the map and the other roughly where it WOULD have lined up with the others) and upon Gavin's suggestion, linking them by "pertal". Michael notes that this makes it confusing for anyone not in the know.
    • Geoff's idea of "causing a ruckus" is to hit Fort Zancudo's sign, and then the guards, with a baseball bat. Unsurprisingly, this gets him killed.
    • Gavin has reached the Lazer, and both Michael and Jeremy are waiting to deploy flares. Michael makes an aside to Jeremy to be ready for when Gavin biffs it. In the next few seconds Gavin smashes straight through Michael and crashes into the fort's control tower.
      • On Jeremy's footage You can see Michael's body and the bulk of his jet-pack ejected from the explosion at comically high speed.
    • Eventually, the heist is an almost complete failure. Ryan grabs another Lazer, but it gets shot up by the military, and crashes before it reaches the tunnel; Jack then gets run over by Jeremy. Jeremy then just straight-up buys a new Lazer. Suddenly, it cuts back to the heist planning room, where Jeremy is nursing a fresh cut on his head and everybody else is covered in bandages, especially Gavin, who's completely mummified save for his nose, so they can re-plan and try it again.
      Jeremy: (rubbing his bruised head) Ow...
      Michael: (looking at Jeremy incredulously) Ow?!
      Geoff: Ow!
      • Because Gavin is completely wrapped, everything he says is muffled and the others pretend they can't hear him. At one point Ryan describes it as "Mumble mumble British muble mumble" and Gavin responds that Ryan flubbed "mumble".
    • The second attempt doesn't go any better.
  • THE SIDE GIG - GTA V Heist Lite
    • Because of a few problems in getting money, Ryan has picked up a few side gigs to give the team, currently down to him, Jack, Matt and Jeremy, some extra money by picking off some targets. It isn't until they find the final target that Ryan reveals they have to do this in seven minutes or the guy they hired to do so blows up.
    • They give the targets oddball codenames based on where they were: "Melanoma" for the guy at the pool, "Tortilla" (pronounced Tor-till-ah) for the guy in the car, "Bob" for the construction worker, "Orca" for the guy in the helicopter, and finally "Catwalk "for the last one (although they're not quite sure if it's the guy on the phone or the woman next to him that's the target).
    • The first death comes from none of the enemies they have to kill. Jack is instead ran over by a pedestrian vehicle.
    • Matt lands in a construction site and is attacked by the workers who use their tools to fight him.
    • Everything goes pear-shaped when, as Ryan tries to set his Cargobob near "Melanoma", "Tortilla" ends up hopping out of his car, falling to his death and starting off the timer.
      • Matt tries to shoot "Bob" off the building only to watch in amazement as he falls inward. Then, he realizes there's no way down safely.
      Matt: Hey, I have a problem- How do I get down from here?
      Jack: You know, is there a parachute up there?
      Matt: I think so.
      Jack: Then start looking.
      Several minutes later
    • Near the end with the retry Jack gets his plane stuck in the archway between two buildings. He then explodes.
    • The fact that their second plan was a lot easier than their initial plan. The gang mentions that by completing the mission they are now professional heisters.
  • Snack Heist - GTA V: Heist
    • The last few heists have been so terrible on their expenses that they couldn't pay for the room they usually use, shoving the entire team into the mail room. Even worse, their map was in there, so they had to use a handdrawn map. And they're so broke, they're forced to steal snack machines.
    • Due to not having the cash to pay for body removal, Jeremy declares that this heist... Must be non-lethal and involve zero murder. The boys are appropriately shaken, with Michael even flat-out asking if they're even capable of doing that.
    • With the loss of their heist room comes the loss of the game's map. Jeremy substitutes a poorly-drawn replacement on cardboard.
    Geoff: Anyone else think Los Santos looks like Mr. Driller with his dick out?
    • Because of their objective, Jeremy gives everyone names based on different snacks. Jeremy is "Pirate's Booty", Jack is "Mr. Goodbar", Geoff and Gavin are "Left Twix" and "Right Twix", and Michael is "Hot Fries". Special mention goes to Ryan who, as both a father and the guy shoving the snack machine into the tugboat, gets to be "Push Pop".
    • While getting their disguises, Ryan comes out with a strange get up that Gavin describes as his lower half being a "Scottish beach party" while his upper half is "Starship Troopers". Michael and Jack are the only ones to actually dress up like beachgoers. Gavin doesn't change his outfit at all.
    • After purchasing outfits, the groups call "heist" (the point at where perma-death starts) early since this one's setup doesn't require the crew to steal anything for prep. Almost instantly, Gavin decides to test the Atomizer on Geoff in his car. However Jeremy was in the blast radius and is nearly killed immediately. The heist was nearly ruined before it even began.
    • While waiting for Jeremy to get his tugboat to the pier, Michael, Ryan and Jack hop on the roller coaster while Geoff and Gavin hop on the roller coaster track. The roller coaster smashes into the two numbskulls, sending Geoff into the ocean. Keep in mind that, like the above bullet, perma-death was on at this point.
    • Of course, everything goes balls up when it's truly heist time as, when the cops starts pouring in en masse, Gavin's auto-aim takes aim at Geoff and kills him, giving him the nickname "Bad Twix".
      • Killing Geoff is something the rest of the crew refuse to let Gavin live down, and their taunting leads to him making massive errors, such as when he tries to provide covering fire during a non-lethal heist with his Stromberg's torpedoes.
      Ryan/Jeremy: (at the same time) THAT'S LETHAL!
      Gavin: Oh.....
    • Once they finally get away from the police, they try to flee the city. Turns out, Geoff owns the Yacht, and with him dead, they can't use the controls.
    • When the gang makes it to the yacht and get into the hot tub, their clothes keep switching from swimsuits to regular clothing. And to make up for killing Geoff, Gavin's avatar kills himself in the hot tub.
      Gavin: Hey Jack can you see me?
      Jack: I can.
      Gavin proceeds to kill himself
    • Ryan comments that he doesn't know what to do in this situation, he's never survived a successful heist before.
    • The ending, where everyone's enjoying their snacks, with Geoff all bitter at Gavin while bandaged up.
  • The Santa Heist - GTA V
    • As it turns out, the team let Gavin invest the money from the Snack Heist... by buying a small office, but a shitton of chairs! They're all broken. Ryan's collapses underneath him less than a minute into the live action segment.
    • It's Christmas, so they're gonna get big cash by finding and stealing Santa Claus' gifts, and kidnapping Santa!
    • The pairings get goofy names again. Michael and Ryan are Team Daddy AF (later changed to Sir Daddy and Daddy, later changed to Sir and Daddy, later changed to Baby Daddy and Mr Daddy), Matt and Jeremy are Team Cheer and Beer and Gavin and Jack are... Team Jack and Gavin, until Jack suggests Team Candy and Cane. Plus Alfredo, The Rookie, who they forgot to invite to the meeting.
    • Gavin tries asking Jack whether the helicopter is parked in a too obvious place but falls off a rooftop halfway through.
    • Things start going awry almost immediately when Matt, who's supposed to call in a Phantom Wedge, finds out that he doesn't even own one and hasn't got the money to buy one. Then, when everyone else is in position, Matt is conspicuously not, having gone to buy armor. Ryan angrily declares that he's not invited to any more Heists.
    • Constantly throughout the video while the others are shouting there are cuts over to Alfredo, who's just waiting at the beach in silence.
    • The actual Heist is a mobile disaster:
      • Ryan drives into the strip club to disturb Santa (played by Geoff)... only to find out that Santa's invisible and has to leave on his own.
      • Santa as it turns out is drunk, and swerves all over the road. The expected 'long and winding chase' gets interrupted first by a random AI driver who tries to kidnap Santa as well, and then by a train. Michael and Ryan get the cops on them early, and just as Michael calls them off Ryan starts shooting at them sending them straight back up to three stars.
      • After eventually knocking Santa's truck off the bridge, Santa flees, and the truck is faster than the drone they want to shock him with so Matt can't catch up.
      • Santa retaliates, by calling in mercenaries, an airstrike, and a backup helicopter (for which he earns an achievement).
      • Michael suddenly realizes midway through the truck run that he and Ryan forgot to change into their scuba suits. They pull over to do so on the pier approach... at which point Santa jacks the truck back.
      • They all make it to the pier (besides Jack and Gavin, who died in a fireball after the helicopter got reclaimed), and Alfredo drives into the water to pick Santa up. Santa then gets in Jeremy and Matt's technical instead, and has to be shouted at to get him into the Stromberg. Alfredo then proceeds to have no idea where he's going and drives around in circles underwater, all the time being berated by Santa who mentions a bunch of embarrassing gifts until Alfredo confesses that he helped kidnap Santa for not giving him an easy-bake oven.
      • Santa then hijacks the comms to berate Matt instead. Apparently he only ever asked for food and racist paraphernalia.
    • Eventually though, despite the loss of Jack and Gavin, the heist is a success, and Santa is delivered to the yacht, where he is demasked... to reveal Geoff. Jeremy then fulfills his contractual obligation by offing Matt, Ryan, Michael and Geoff, leaving only himself and Alfredo alive. He then lampshades the fact that the whole thing was recorded before the winter season was enabled in GTA Online so there was no snow.

    Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto 
  • Things to Do in GTA IV: "Last Action Hero" features the guys trying to bail from boats and cars to land on Geoff's speedboat... unfortunately, it doesn't end terribly well for them.
    • At one point, Gavin deliberately slows the shot down to show that he ended up bailing out his car in mid-air, only for Ryan to be run over by Gavin's car, for lack of a better expression.
    • Later, someone hits the wing of a plane and crashes, only to show one of the lads promptly being hit by a plane that is taking off. Then when that doesn't work they all try with coaches and promptly end up flipping over when they go out to sea.
    • The entire video basically consists of Serial Escalation as they eventually move to helicopters, at one point knocking Geoff off his boat, then sending him flying when he gets back on. Then Ryan accidentally hits somebody else and causes every single helicopter to crash, much to Geoff's amusement.
    • Ray and Gavin's "Pimp Mobile".
  • Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto IV: "AAA" has Geoff, Gavin and Michael helping stranded motorists the best way they can: violently.
    • A hilarious Funny Background Event happens around 0:28 where Michael suddenly loses control of his helicopter and dives backwards to the ground.
    • The Serial Escalation of how they "help" these people goes from using cars, to coaches, to helicopters.
    • Gavin still proves his ineptitude with helicopters as he completely misses the last person, slams into another car and destroys it and his helicopter. Oddly, he lives.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Front Flip for Style":
    • Michael starts off by doing flips on the ground, only to crash into a sign.
    • Later, he tries to jump from the top of a bus. He tries to get on, and the bus runs him over.
    • When trying to jump from car to car, he shatters a car's front windshield. The car moves forward, and he falls down, breaking the back windshield.
    • Finally, he does the Ultimate Front Flip for Style: flipping off a billboard onto a parked car. The car explodes on impact.
  • In "Things to Do in GTA V: Roof Boat", Lindsay's editing. Just... Lindsay's editing. For those who don't want to find it: at the 2:00 mark, there's a short clip of the dump truck driving over a hill which she uses virtually all of the editing effects to make it longer and hilarious. When they get to that part, Michael's on the verge of laughing right then and there because he knew what was coming up. Then, for the last few seconds, which is just him and Geoff in a boat driving around, it goes into slow motion and goes over Free Willy music.
  • In Things to Do in GTA V: "Splat":
    • Gavin Tempting Fate by flipping off Michael (for the record, Gavin, Ray, Jack, Ryan and Geoff were parachuting and Michael was flying in the plane).
      • Even funnier when you realise he was only doing it because he didn't have ammo to shoot like everyone else does.
    • Ray is the second to get clipped and he ends up spinning towards the ground. The video keeps switching between Ray's fall and everyone else before pulling a Gory Discretion Shot and Jack (who was taken out first and survived) watches Ray's body hit the ground.
    • Gavin taking a selfie as Michael nearly hits Ryan.
  • Things to Do in GTA V: "Blender X" has them dragging police helicopters through a wind farm....only to be destroyed by the windmill blades.
    • There is something absolutely hilarious about seeing Ray almost run over various other players...only to be followed by a half dozen police cars.
  • Things to Do in GTA V: "Stop That Train!":
    • The beginning, where everyone is lined up, ready for their first attempt to block the train... and Michael's still trying to find a bus.
    • In the first attempt, one of the buses flies some distance and crushes Geoff.
    • One attempt accidentally causes Michael to glitch through the floor, sending him plummeting:
    Michael: "Ulp! I'm going to Hell, guys. I'm going to Hell. I—" (Michael's character lands safely back on the ground.) "—oh, never mind."
    • Everyone running along the buses in the tunnel towards Gavin who's taking a photo just as the train plows through flinging buses into the air.
  • In "Things to Do in GTA V: Bad Santa":
    • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Gavin attempts to throw a grenade over a small divider, only to have it bounce off and nearly blow him up in almost exactly the same way that it happened to Caboose. Note that this is NOT the first time Gavin has done this.
      • Geoff unintentionally completes the reference later on, after trying to form a roadblock (by jamming his car across both lanes) to keep the Lads from reaching Ryan. When Michael and Ray zip by seconds later, not hindered in the slightest, Geoff exclaims "That was the worst roadblock of all time!"
    • At the start, they're taking a picture of their Christmas gear but as they're posing....a random car drives into their formation knocking half of them over.
      • Their group photo which ends up being 4 of them making jerking motions behind the person taking a selfie while Ryan points a machine gun at him.
  • Things to Do(n't) in GTA V - "Blender XX"
    • After their attempt to launch themselves via helicopter blades utterly fails, they decide to do so with motorcycles. As Michael is lifting the bikes up with the Cargobob, he spots a parachute item just floating in midair and begins speaking in a hushed mysteries host tone about it.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Bike Glitch"
    • As the boys are sending themselves up into the air on bikes, Gavin suggests that they try to jump off and land using parachutes. Michael decides to try, gets up in the air, jumps:
      Gavin: "Wow you did it immediately!"
Gavin: "Did you buy a parachute?"Michael: "I did not." (Screams down to the concrete.)
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Achievement Knievel"
    • During their attempt to jump buses, Gavin asks Jack to fly the jet low so he could jump it. However, Ryan sets off several C4 at the beginning of the jump, sending a bus into Jack's plane as well as causing a chain reaction of explosions that Gavin ALMOST makes!
    • During the second attempt, the entirety of Team Lads attempts the jump, but can't time it right. The last time, Ryan joins in unexpectedly. The Lads make the jump, but Ryan slams into the jet, sending him flying.
      Ryan: "I'm still in the air!"
    • Not only that, he destroys the jet and every single bus (killing Jack and somehow Ray in the process), and he survives.
    • Earlier in the video, Jack is in the jet testing how low he can get over the buses. Meanwhile, Geoff has climbed on top of the buses to get a better angle to film the jumps. On one pass, Jack clotheslines Geoff, sending him flying (miraculously, he survives):
      Jack: (oblivious to what just happened) "How close was that, Geoff?"
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Dish Jump" and its final 30 seconds of fast forward fails just attempting to do the stunt, including getting the motorcycle onto the dish, trying not to destroy the Cargobob, and a few random moments including Ryan punching Gavin and Gavin chasing a bunch of firemen, all played to the tune of "Trepak".
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Glug Glug Slam" provides a gem from Ray: After Gavin starts each of the previous rounds chasing Ray to his car, tossing him out and stealing it for himself, Ray takes a stand in the final round.
    Ray: "This is my car. You're not gettin' it."
    • The third round has everyone ganging up on Gavin, pushing him en masse into the water... except everyone ends up tumbling in, leaving Lindsay the only one left on the roof again.
      Michael: "Who won? Who won? Who's left?"
      Lindsay: "Am I the only one on the roof?"
      Michael: "Goddamn it!"
      (Most everyone laugh.)
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Cool Off" consists of the guys hanging out inside random businesses before Gavin blasts them from outside with a firetruck. Highlights include:
    • Geoff's narration. "You ever hang out with your friends inside a [random business place]...?"
    • Gavin first hoses down the guys inside a barber shop. Geoff's dead body lands in the chair, and Michael loses it.
    • After Gav sprays the clothing store:
    Ray: Ray wins again! Water's a bitch! (Gavin runs him over with the firetruck) Oh.
    • Everything Ray says in the gas station.
      Ray: Tuna!
      Michael: Don't drop the screw, Ray!
      Ray: Let me get the tuna! Definitely don't drop the screw in it.
      Geoff: I can't get up!
      Ray and Gavin: I... dropped the screw... in the tuna. (dies)
      Gavin: I almost said "Who dropped the screw in the tuna?"
      Ray: Nah, it was me!
    • The final business is outside the gas station at the pumps. Ryan sets a small fire to attract Gavin's firetruck. This ends badly.
      Geoff: You ever hanging out with your friends at- (the pumps explode, everyone but Gav dies, everyone starts cracking up) OH MY GOD!
      Michael: Yep. Yeeep.
      Ray: I think the fire was too close to the pump.
      Michael: So we're using that take, right?
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Fast Cash" has the crew going to a bank's ATMs where they simply drive motorcycles and crash through the doors. Yeah, this five-minute video Makes Just as Much Sense in Context...
    • The first minute of the video shows Jack, Ryan, Michael, and Ray air thrusting in a line facing the center ATM, with Ryan "docking" initially. Then Geoff just crashes into the room and immediately laughs upon seeing the synchronized thrusting.
    Gavin: "Things to do in 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'."
    (Geoff's laughing slows down as he loses his breath.)
    Jack: "Welp!" (Beat) "That's pretty much it!"
    Geoff: "Jesus Christ!" (Michael laughs) "That's the funniest fuckin' thing I've ever seen!"
    Jack: "We get paid to do this."
    • The video ends with a Call-Back to Cool Off as Gavin blasts everyone with the fire hose while they're at the ATMs. Complete with Geoff's "Don't you hate it when...?" commentary!
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Car Wash" ends with Lindsay getting power crazy with the video editing, essentially turning the last 30 seconds into an odd rap music video of sorts.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Teen Wolf" is a video where (most) of them dress up with wolf masks and blue suits and go surfing on top of a van.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "The Juggernaut" is a video where one team uses small cars to stop big rigs. It's as funny (and painful) as you'd expect.
    • At the very beginning, everyone races to get their cars. When Jack gets his, the first thing he does? Lower the roof.
    • Partway through, Jack laments the fate of his first car, whose form is crushed in and tires bow-legged.
      • In addition, his repeated complaints about AI's ramming him.
    • Near the end, an attempt to stop Ray somehow causes his trailer to glitch out, jackknife, fling itself through the fenced area, then roll on top of Jack's car.
      • Then Michael arrives, plows into the wreckage and T-bones Gavin's car. The Brit's scream is hilarious.
    • Later, Gavin's car catches fire, so he bails out... Only to be run over by Ray in his 18 wheeler.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Bottleneck" is a video on a special race track that involves weaving between some closely placed and very solid metal walls.
    • Thanks to the positioning of the finish point for the race and the placement of the walls around it, it leads to some finishes where the bike makes it through but the player does not. Even more hilarious is when some finish viewings show the player character splatted against the wall a la Wile E. Coyote.
      • At one point, Michael watches Gavin still in the back on the top track as he falls. Michael and Jeremy are shocked as Gavin hits the ground and suddenly catapults off the bridge due to wonky physics!
    • Rockets and tight spaces do not mix, as a number of times Gavin, Geoff and Michael use them usually end up with them dead or missing and allowing others to win.
    • At one point, no one can advanced past a bottleneck that is literally choked with their own corpses and flaming motorcycles.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Reverse Race" is a bike race into oncoming traffic, in which the winner is the last one to get knocked off.
    • Gavin is riding on the back of Jack's bike. After they're hit and knocked off, Gavin takes over driving with Jack on the back. Jack starts flipping off every vehicle they pass.
    Jack: Fuck you! Fuck you. Fuck you. (laughs)
    • After being eliminated Michael drives back and shoots at Gavin and Jack as they drive past. He is then knocked flying by a truck.
  • Things to do in GTA V - "Supercross" is another race with an obstacle course to start before a clear-run GTA race finish.
    • Geoff tells everyone that they must go over the obstacles. At one point Gavin somehow manages to take this too literally and goes flying over a lorry trailer (as opposed to up and through it). At least one person also manages to do this in each race.
    • During the set-up for the second attempt at the vehicle selection screen, a passing car manages to knock Ryan's avatar over for everyone (except Ryan himself due to the placement of avatars for each separate person)
    • During the second race, Geoff and Michael get stuck sideways between two train cars. Then other people join them and explosives get involved...
    • At the start of one race, everyone tries to get into a shipping container at the same time, somehow this causes all but one of them to get launched into the air. And then Ray hangs back at the start of another race to avoid getting caught in the glitch.
  • Things to do in GTA V - "Hilltop Hijinx"
    • At the very beginning, Jack gets in a few giggles by letting his cursor rapidly flip through the only two options he can choose on his menu
    • When they're getting ready for the first race, they come to find out that not only is Gavin's mouth still open, but Geoff's shirt is now a simple white t-shirt.
      • It gets hilarious at the ends of the races when Ryan, Geoff and Ray find their hair missing after they win.
    • During the beginning of the first race, everyone but Geoff hits a guardrailing and getting flipped off. Ryan decides to start shooting everyone. Karma hits him later on when Gavin runs over his head.
      • While Jack's climbing the hill, Ray rockets up and over the hill, leading to Jack busting a gut over it.
    • Second race: Ray discovers he has a boost. He promptly boosts into a tree.
      • Ryan fishtails his vehicle and calls it a backspin. When Gavin questions if he's playing tennis, Ryan promptly forgets what he said and wonders if Gavin's playing another game.
    • Final race and Jack decides to choose the Sandking. Biggest vehicle among the dirtbikes.
      • Ryan gives a nice summary upon seeing Jack's choice of vehicle:
      Ryan: All right, so we have four bikes and one giant fucking truck.
      • During one hillclimb, Ryan observes Jack's truck lightly flying over the hill, calling it Free Willy.
      • At the end of the race, Ryan attempts to RPG the others as they get close to the finish. However, he accidentally walks into the finish line and finishes the race. As the camera focuses on him post-race, Ryan vanishes from screen. Because Jack finished in his truck, and Ryan was in the way.
    • At one point (while passing a toll booth that's part of the map) Geoff makes it past the toll booth only to slam into the side of the road, knocking him off his bike. Immediately afterward Jack slams into him. Geoff's "Ow! OH!" as Jack runs over him has to be heard to be believed.
  • Things To Do in GTA V: "Water Glitch" has Geoff, Ryan, Michael and Ray showing off how fun it is to run with the odd glitch that somehow negates swimming.
  • Things to do in GTA V - "Animal Kingdom" is a video that has them all dressing up as a separate different animal (complete with animal masks!) and then basically stabbing each other over and over with knives. While making the animal noises.
    Geoff: "This is easily the stupidest thing we've ever done"
  • Things To Do in GTA V - "Downhill Slam".
    • When everyone gets into the dump truck, Ryan notices some wrappers in the trailer before realizing he was eating some candy bars before hand. Ryan, Geoff, Ray and Michael then proceed to litter the back of the dump truck, Ryan getting himself slam drunk.
    • As they're trying to start the event on Mt. Chilidad, Gavin drives the dump truck down towards a ramp. And wedges it there. When Ryan decides to grab a truck to push it down, he completely misses and starts rolling down the hill himself.
  • Things to do in GTA V - "Corpse Catch" involves a jet, an eject seat and a load of pick-up trucks trying to catch the pilot.
    • The entire premise of the event has Geoff ejecting from taxiing jets, and flinging himself into the air like a ragdoll.
    • The third round has a conversation about a sitcom Jack remembers with 'identical cousins'. It distracts Geoff so much he forgets to eject at the eject point.
    • Lindsay says that she and Ryan are like two kids in a class and she's the good one trying to listen while Ryan is the bad kid getting them in trouble. Ryan's response?
      Ryan: (doing a half-doughnut in his pick-up) "I'm passing notes!"
    • Geoff keeps reusing the third jet, even though the others (mainly Ryan) keep hitting it. Eventually this leads to a round where the jet stops working and all the pick-ups ram into it to keep it going and Geoff's eject just flops him over the side. Michael and someone else then start chasing him down still trying to 'catch' him.
  • Things to do in GTAV - "Some Form of Sport" is baseball with sticky bombs.
    • The video's title. Obviously whoever was editing was in an incredibly literal mood that day.
      Geoff: "Call it, like errr... 'Things to Do - Some Form of Sport'"
    • The video opens with Gavin picking a fight with a bunch of firefighters, who chase him into a store where they start a huge brawl with him and Ryan, who followed them in. It ends with Michael blowing them all up.
    • Ray's 'out'.
      Ryan: "Strike five! You're out!" (detonates the five sticky bombs)
    • Ray starts a one-man wave using the Jazz hands gesture.
    • Ryan gets his explosives mixed.
      Ryan: (pitches) "Fllnk! Oh no, that's a grenade run!"
  • Things to do in GTA V - Skee Ball
    • One of Gavin's attempts lands him in the 20 pointer basket, but due to how he flipped his bike manages to land in the 30 pointer. He gets the full 50 points for it.
    • Some of the crashes are quite funny with flipping over handlebars, rolling about the ground etc.
    • Michael goes wide on a shot, loses his bike and when he stands up, Gavin bowls him into the air making him flip.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Treadless
    • Geoff is very clear that this is Ryan's idea. He doesn't want to invoke the wrath again he says. Ryan says he was 'wrathless'.
    • The second race goes completely balls up when no one can make the jump, leaving Geoff breathless as he laughs himself silly. It gets even funnier when Michael and Ray hop out of their cars and start running for the checkpoint.
      • Case in point, all the Lads get distracted by explosives. It does result in a fairly awesome explosive jump towards the end though when Michael steals Gavin's car.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Hungry Hungry Cargos
    • Upon starting the game everyone but Gavin and Geoff have quite foggy weather. This leads to people not being able to see the scoring bins at first.
    • Geoff shows why he never pilots the Cargobob in other GTA V Let's Plays when he crashes his Cargobob into the ocean. 4 times. Granted, one of those he was forced in, but still.
    • Ray somehow hooks the ground. And when Geoff dunks the Cargobob a second time, Ryan runs over to Ray's Cargobob and promptly throws him out and takes it.
    • At one point, Ray tries in vain to lift off in a Cargobob. Neither he nor Gavin notice until later on in the video that the Cargobob is missing a rotor.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Unhungry Unhungry Cargos
    • The title card for this Things to Do says Unhungry Unhungry Hippos. Oops.
    • Geoff has trouble getting out his words to explain what to do, while Gavin and Jack fight over possession of a Cargobob.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Cargo Catch has two of the six players as competing cargobobs attempting to snag the others as they drive around in cars.
    • Due to Michael's aggressive play and some collisions the number of useable cars... plummets. Quite fast.
    • Lindsay keeps crashing into Geoff saying "I figure if they're going to take anyone, it'll be you." She is instantly hooked by Ray.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Skeet Shooting
    • Gavin makes a skeet shooting range. With him as the skeet. It goes as well as you expect for something involving Gavin and GTA V.
    • Gavin's crashes not only annoy the others, it annoys him. Even if seeing his feet flying over the fence is funny.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Flipped Off
    • Jeremy being a major Butt-Monkey in this video, especially when Ryan kills him at one point and everyone proceeds to run over him.
    • The team discussing what 2015 will be in terms of bullying. They decide that it'll be "Increase the Bullying", or "Bullies Without Borders".
    • Midway through, Lindsay's spawned out of her car and Jack ends up snatching her in the bulldozer shovel. He then proceeds to toss her out of the ring.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Stop That Train X
    • A revisit of the previous Stop That Train but with dump trucks. Their first attempt sees them trying to fit all 6 into the tunnel without catching the top of the tunnel... then the train arrives early.
      • Gavin gets trapped in the tunnel when the train arrives. He gets off to one side and avoids it but gets a great viewpoint. Michael was attempting to outrun the train and gets ploughed by one of the dump trucks. Ryan was riding it and goes through what he describes as a 'fiery blender'.
    • The glitching of the pile of ruined dump trucks during the first attempt.
    • The second attempt sees Gavin asking the others to line up in front of the line of dumps so he can get a good dramatic shot.
      Michael: "So, are you gonna cue us to run or...? When do we run?"
      Ryan: "How do we know?"
      Gavin: (seeing a train coming) "I mean... err..."
      Ray: (at the other side of the tunnel) "Train's here!"
      Gavin: "RUNNNN!!"
      (Michael, Geoff and Ryan all get flattened under the pushed dump trucks screaming, Gavin laughs)
  • Things to do in GTA V - Stop That Train XX
    • Pretty much the same thing as Stop That Train X, except the entire train track leading up to the tunnel is lined with dump trucks back to back. The train of course is unfazed. The resulting mass of glitched out dump trucks is priceless.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Big Boom!
    • The pile of vehicles leads to some glitches, including a 'talking' car (the front lid flapping up and down by itself) and a moving van that gets caught on the edge and starts flipping out, threatening Michael who gets caught near it briefly.
    • The 'grace' as each vehicle falls from the bridge... sometimes followed by an Achievement Hunter.
    • Halfway through Geoff 're-names' the Things To Do. So obviously we get another titlecard halfway through the video.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Bloodsport
    • As soon as the first match between Gavin and Jack starts, Gavin immediately turns around for reasons unknown, allowing Jack to literally kick his ass out of the ring and score the first point.
      Geoff: Gavin's 'show-my-ass-to-the-opponent' strategy didn't work so great there.
    • After Jack pushes Gavin out of the ring on the last round, he accidentally punches Geoff. Then an NPC bystander decides to randomly attack Jack.
      Geoff: "This turned into an Iron Man competition!"
    • Gavin gives the signal to start Round 2 with a gunshot to his own head.
    • Ray pulls out a grenade launcher and shoots at Gavin from the balcony... only for the grenade to bounce off the wall and blow himself up along with Michael.
    • While the final round between Michael and Ray is happening, Jack is beating up a car in the background.
    • Gavin throws a molotov so Michael can have full health for the final round. Then an NPC spawns in the middle of the ring and falls to the ground on fire screaming.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Parallel Parking
    • Dan's here, playing as Jack's character. When it's his turn to try parallel parking he asks the others how to brake as he wants to skid to a stop in between both cars. They tell him that it's A, but apparently Jack's controls are different from everyone else's, so as Dan approaches the two cars to try to park, he ends up careening right through the gap.
  • Things to do in GTA V - BMX Badass
    • Two words: Cavebob Spongeman.
    • After 20 minutes of continuous failure, Ryan exploits a small opening in the goal area to try and end the video. Of course, Geoff isn't having it and resets the map.
      Ryan: Let it be known I gave you guys an out.
    • Michael attempts to blame his increasingly bad performance on his bike "going fucking stupid".
    • As the video goes on they all seem to lose their minds a little bit and make wonderful noises of irritation and frustration, which also leads to a few amazing shots where one players snipes another off their bike while their target is moving.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Steamroller
    • The point of the Thing To Do. Geoff releases a load of concrete pipes to roll down a hill while the other 5 attempt to make it over them to the drop off point at the top on BMX bikes.
    • Geoff somehow falls through the world.
    • At one point Jack positions his camera to look behind him and cycles away from the falling pipes action shot-style. All the while Jeremy is stood on the rolling pipes just applauding.
    • Before the second round begins, Michael shoots Gavin dead as Ryan lands on his head, making it look like for a moment Ryan crushed Gavin to death. What makes this funny is Michael's facecam reaction to shooting him, giggling silently to himself.
    • Ryan's idea of a winner's taunt.
      Ryan: "Yes! I am the best salmon! None of you will reproduce like I do!"
  • Things to do in GTA V - Flare Fight
    • Given how much fun they had been having since flare guns were added, it was no surprise to see them do one focused on them. It was as crazy as expected.
    • After the second round, Gavin shows up in his car and runs Michael down.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Michael Smash
    • This is played on the PC version of the game. Early in the video, the game freezes and Ryan brings up the Task Manager. Gavin wonders why he used Ctrl + Alt + Del to do so, and points out he could bring up Task Manager immediately with Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Ryan is equal parts impressed and annoyed that it works.
    • The video involves using a mod that allows characters to send vehicles flying with punches and kicks, all while being invulnerable. At one point, Ryan tries to punch a jet that explodes and somehow manages to kill him.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Slippy Race
    • Geoff shows off a race in a small pond with cars, giving them horrible traction. Geoff is the first one out due to this!
    • This line:
    Geoff: Aw, fuck my face!
    Matt: Okay. Whatever gives me a promotion.
    • Last lap and Geoff declares it a "grenade run". Ryan then proceeds to kill everyone.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Flare Maze
    • Four words: "There's a black flag!"
  • Things to do in GTA V - Mount Killiad X
    • At the very end, Geoff invokes Loophole Abuse, kills Lindsay and gets the win for him and Jack, leading to this:
    Lindsay: "Interesting twist: Abraham Lincoln shot me in the head!" [Geoff and Jack burst out laughing]
    Michael: "Four score and seven years ago, I fucked that bitch up!"
  • Things to do in GTA V - More Killiad
    • During the second round, the team is stopped by a train. Jack is able to drive around it reaches the dropoff point... but had driven too far up, allowing Geoff to drive up and take it from them.
    • During the third round, Geoff gives the signal to start the race... and proceeds to forget to drive, Michael giving him hell when the round ends.
    • The round after that has Jack and Lindsay being stopped by a tiny tree followed Ryan and Matt ramming into them from behind.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Joust
    • Before Ryan and Geoff and Gavin and Jeremy prepare for their match, Geoff realizes they latter two never came up with a team name. Gavin gives the name "Jousteremy".
      • The second pass has their trucks slam into each other and Ryan taking out Jeremy. Michael and Jack realize Gavin's truck is nearly a goner and try to get him to go one more time. It blows up before they even get going.
    • The match between Geoff and Ryan and Michael and Jack ends with Ryan getting killed with the former's truck smashing the front.
  • Things to do in GTA V - BMX Badass 2
    • Geoff decides to revisit this course, claiming that he made some modifications to it to make it easier... however, it's been a year and he doesn't remember what those changes were.
    • Ryan attempts to revist Cavebob Spongeman and fails.
    • Geoff laments that, during the first BMX Badass, the editors didn't put in Gavin's crash under his boat. Gavin proceeds to attempt to recreate it every so often.
    • During their descent into madness once more, they discuss a better term for 'ejaculation' than "come". At one point, Ryan flubs a few words, making it seem that he has no idea how babies are made.
      • They also start discussing who would leave the company this time because of this map, noting that the last time they ran it, Ray left.
    • As Michael prepares to finally cross the finish line, Gavin swims up and declares himself his "fish guardian".
  • Things to Do in GTA V - The Floor is Wawa
    • Ryan getting frustrated when an NPC hits him, and realizing that he doesn't have a gun to shoot them with.
    • Later, Ryan is attempting to do the course in a box truck, but first one back wheel, then the other goes in the water, but hangs on there for a couple of minutes as he desperately tries to get it back on the platforms.
    • The guys having to deal with how badly the first platforms had been pushed out of alignment by their previous attempts.
  • Things to Do in GTA V Bumpy Race
    • The very first line, completely out of context.
    • The map is just a simple few laps around the race track... complete with items embedded into the floor courtesy of the Map Editor's new features. What follows is a mix of racing, some amazing aerial vehicles displays and quite a few crashes into objects not quite low enough in the ground to ramp off.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Blind Spot
    • Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy and Matt attempt to drive a racecourse with one person blindfolded and the other giving directions. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Almost immediately, Gavin takes a wrong turn while Geoff and Ryan ram into each other with their behinds, leaving Michael to scream "Stop running into us!"
    • Geoff has poor driving skills, sending him and Matt into a hotel parking lot at one point, then throwing themselves into a car wash, much to Matt's disbelief.
    • Gavin keeps hitting the same palmtree.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Sploosh
    • Things are almost as bad with Matt's first GTA map as they were with his first golf map.
    • At the very beginning, they notice Geoff is somewhat out of it. Jack asks him "Who shit on your puppy?", causing Geoff to snap out of it and question who would do that.
    • When they start and everyone save for Jack goes flying, Gavin asks Matt "You built this map?!" When Matt confirms, Gavin shouts out "Damn you!"
    • Michael is in the lead and reaches the land again.
      Michael: "See ya suckeeeers!" (smacks into a telephone pole)
    • As Gavin nears the end of the water portion, the screen cuts to Geoff's map where it looks like Gavin shot into the air while, on Gavin's screen, he's perfectly normal.
    • For some odd reason, Michael and Jack are just hanging out on the dock, waiting for someone to come by. We find out why when Geoff is the first one to join them: They booby-trapped the dock with mines, killing Geoff.
  • Things to do in GTA V - BMXXX
    • Another wonderful death trap created by Matt Bragg.
    • Everybody who hits the second checkpoint proceeds to fling themselves off the ramp to the ground below.
    • At one point, Michael mentions that it's probably a good thing thing that the map has to be completed before it can be posted online, only for Matt to say they didn't need to, leaving them to wonder if he made this track and not completed it.
    • For most of the race, Gavin and Ryan fail to get to the second checkpoint. Even attempts to walk across it fail. Only Gavin fails to make it in the end.
  • Things to do in: GTA V - Avalanche VS Snipers
    • The minute he sees the wave of vehicles headed towards them, Matt nopes out of there and leaves the ramp.
  • Things to do in GTA V - Bum Bait
    • Gavin asks Matt to recreate his "Bum Bait" ambush from Halo: Reach. He delivers on all fronts and the two gleefully revel in the chaos.
    • Matt and Andrew Panton ambush a player in a car wash and the boost from the car sends the player flying across the street.
    • Another ambush sends another player flying into the street and into an oncoming car.
    • The ambush is powerful enough to send two cars chasing each other and a fire truck flying.
  • Things to do in: GTA V - Shocker X
    • Electric shocks plus windmills. You do the math.
    • Jeremy gets hit with glitches twice in this game. First is when he ends up falling under the shockers, he gets warped to the ground somehow, second is when he manage to land in a safe spot in the obstacle, only for the game to warp him back to the ground.
    • Michael gets flung to the next checkpoint, and gets so disoriented he thinks he's been flung back a checkpoint and starts navigating through the level backwards.
  • Things to do in: GTA V - Rocket Reflect Tunnel
    • It's Jack, Ryan and Jeremy vs. Matt, Gavin and Lindsay, trying to protect a helicopter from homing missiles with flares. Hilarity Ensues. A lot of the hilarity comes from when it's Matt, Gavin and Lindsay's turn to deliver the helicopter. Between Gavin and Lindsay's poor driving and Jack, Ryan and Jeremy deciding to screw everyone over by attacking the motorcycles whenever they spawn, it's both hilarious and cringeworthy.
    • At the very end of the video, Michael steps in and reveals that Lindsay did not know how to deflect rockets with flares. No one bothered to tell her and she never bothered to ask.
  • Things to do in: GTA V - Miniguns VS Mini Coopers
    • The game itself is horribly unbalanced, so midway through the video, the minigunners decide to handicap themselves by turning their radars off. Geoff, seeing an opportunity, takes a tunnel that gets him to the other side of the ramps to try and catch the gunners off guard. This is hampered by two things: One, Matt sees him do it, and two, he exits the tunnel and instantly hits a bollard and flips over.
  • Things to Do in: GTA V - Criss Cross Crash
    • Have Matt Bragg build a Hot Wheels-style race track with crisscrossing loops. Throw in 30 people in Rocket Voltics, you do the math.
    • The gang breaks in the Super Mario theme song. Ryan and Michael then comment that Nintendo's going to take the money from the video.
    • One poor schmuck was about to pass Jeremy to a checkpoint...and gets T-boned out of frame, right in front of him. Jeremy comments that it was a Mach 13.
  • Things to Do In GTA V - Deluxe Bumper Cars (aka Nasty Booty)
    • The video opens on the typical joke that Matt builds every map, except this one. Only this time, Matt did actually build it. He admits later that most of the build time was spent putting a floor under the battle platform.
    • Gavin and Trevor start one round by beating the crap out of one of their cars. Then they attempt to fight over the non-damaged one which leads to Gavin falling off the platform and out of the round before it even starts.
    • One round has a spectator, who is put into the game next round. They decide he can't play. A team effort between Alfredo and Lindsay knock the guy off the platform before they even start the round, and they leave.
    • The title comes from jokes about getting Alfredo's booty.
  • Rimmy Tim GTA Garage Tour
    • The entire video is a montage of the Rimmy Tim vehicles that Jeremy owns - all fifty-eight of them. While Jeremy's narration's amusing enough, Gavin's reactions to the whole thing make it even funnier.
      Gavin: (after seeing the editing at the head of the list) There's categories?!
      Gavin: (after arriving at the Motorcycles category) Oh God, we haven't even gotten to planes!
    • While some of the vehicles have clever puns for names, Jeremy's name for the Vigilante is literally Tim Burton.
      • Others are just so out-there that Gavin is left stunned.
        Jeremy: This is the Weaponized Tampa! "Weaponized Tampa?" Wrong! More like "Tampa Bay Devil Rims".
        Gavin: (sputters) What is- what just happened?! What just happened?!

    Let's Fail 
  • Let's Fail GTA V: "Wrecking Ball"
    • Gavin is driving a Cargo-Bob with a car attached under it but accidentally drops it on top of the tower they are currently filming their "Things to Do". Gavin can't reattach it because it's upside down, leading to this exchange.
    Ryan: "Uh, I would leave." (Throws a grenade at the car.) "I would leave right now. I would leave right now."
    Michael: "Leave, Gavin."
    Ryan: "I warned you."
    (Grenade, car and Cargobob explodes.)
    Michael: "Uh, OK. Whoa! Alright, Ryan just decided to kill Gavin and himself."
    • Later, Gavin attempts to get another Cargobob, succeeds, and tries to pick up Jack, but blows it up from the attempt.
    • Gavin gets another Cargobob and succeeds in dropping off Ray and Michael. Ray tells Gavin to fly a good long distance before jumping off the Cargobob. Gavin follows Ray's advice, jumps off and parachutes safely on top of the tower. The Cargobob then lands on Ray's head.
    Ray: "You flew like six feet away from us."
    • Michael surrounding Gavin's character with gasoline and is sorely tempted to light it on fire. Gavin took 30 seconds to notice the trail before moving out of the way.
    • Michael is driving a HVY Dump Truck with Ray and Geoff, and asks Jack to pick it up with the Cargo-Bob. Jack does so and starts lifting it up. The Cargobob lifts it up a few feet before going "Nope", dropping it without any prompt from Jack.
    • Jack tries to lift it up again but due to it glitching, the Cargobob explodes, killing Jack, Geoff and Ray. The game then blames Michael for their deaths.
    • Jack successfully lifts up the Dump Truck again, but after a few seconds it starts going out of control, prompting both the Cargobob and Dump Truck to speed up and crash into the ground.
    • Ray taking a selfie while a Cargobob with a car latched on to it is bearing down on him.
  • "Let's Fail? - GTA V - Rallies" have our team hilariously trying to perform rally racing.
    • The first race had Ryan and Team Lads choose vintage cars over Jack and Geoff's modern day racer. They do surprisingly well for old cars.
    • The second race starts with Ray utterly confused as to why his character is standing outside their car while everyone else is inside. They burst out laughing as he and Michael lose precious time as Ray scrambles in. Then Ray ends up blind.note 
      • The gang is utterly confused and out of their element this time around, spending a good minute or two trying to hit two checkpoints they missed.
      • Ray and Michael end up doing a Rage Quit, parking themselves in front of a sightseeing sign and just fiddling with the controls. Michael? Pops in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and runs over people as Iron Man in a taxi.
      • Ray soon follows, popping in The LEGO Movie Game.

    Sunday Driving 
  • "Achievement Hunter Presents: Sunday Driving"
    • After a fairly quiet and calm beginning Geoff picks up Gavin and this conversation happens
      Gavin: "Eyo!"
      Geoff: "Hey! What's up dude?"
      Gavin: "(asked at the same time) How's it going...?"
      Geoff: "It's good man, how you doing?"
      Gavin: "Good. Y'know, casual Sunday."
      Geoff: "What you up to?"
      Gavin: (nonchalantly) "Ah, I was just beating the shit out of that car back there."
      Geoff: (laughing) "How come?"
      Gavin: "I was bored."
    • They go to pick Ryan up and upon arriving see two women NPCs fleeing the area. Geoff opts to follow them instead of picking Ryan up.
      • When they go back to Ryan he's standing in the middle of nowhere air-guitaring.
    • Later they've got one full car (Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, Lindsay) and Michael following behind in another car until he can call a bigger vehicle. While hiding in the middle of nowhere to wait for the police to go away Michael hits Lindsay killing her... and her corpse stays embedded in the grill of the car.
  • The Haywood Chronicles
    • Geoff gets himself stuck after he attempts to jump a bush on a bike.
    • Michael goes to pick up the AH Mobile and accidentally sends it to his other house, forcing him and Geoff to go and drive back over there to pick it up.
    • On the way to pick up Gavin, Lindsay's accidentally knocked off their car, but when they go to pick her back up, they're treated to a cop standoff that was caused by the knock off. Of note is that one car ends up running over a lady, leading to the police gunning down the driver.
      • This is followed by Lindsay getting knocked off again, leading to a strange comedic routine with Lindsay being unable to get in the car.
    • After Michael makes an amazing jump, they note that Gavin is still hanging on, using his right hand. They all figured what he was doing with it.
    • They pick up Ryan last and find him out in the middle of nowhere with a flare going off and wearing a red stocking mask instead of his usual black skull mask. Then it turns out that flare was calling in an airstrike, forcing the crew to book it.
    • During their drive, Michael ends up stopping and leaving the group to go buy a house. They end up going inside and getting smashed... except for Geoff.
    • At the very end, Gavin reveals that he doesn't want to do drugs because it makes him think more. They all decide when they do the next episode, they should just get Gavin drugged so he can start spewing things.
    • Just before the end slate, Gavin bails out of the car. Unfortunately, the car was about to cross an overpass, meaning Gav misses the bridge and plummets fatally down to the highway.
  • How Muddy Do You Like It?
    • They pick up Ray first and typically find him around the back of a building jerking off against a wall.
    • Geoff asks Jack to text Ryan to suggest he send up flares to help them locate him. When they do eventually locate him, Ryan continues to shoot flares at Geoff's truck and even from inside the vehicle when he's with them.
      • Then when Geoff talks about a show he's been watching recently on Netflix and mentions serial killing Ryan somehow flings himself out of the truck while it's going fullspeed down the road.
    • Geoff wants to end the video on a cliffhanger after Ryan and Jack jump out of the vehicle carried by the cargobob, cue The Stinger wherethey just crash into the side of a mountain and explode.
  • The Married Life

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