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     2013 examples 

  • "Campaign"
    • Michael randomly does a Meatwad impression while driving donuts over two large women which gets a big laugh from Kerry.
    • Michael's reaction to Chop mounting a male dog. And Kerry nearly misses the scene because he is checking the phone.
    • Kerry suggests calling Michael "Mikey" since one of the game's protagonists is also named Michael.
  • "Part 1"
    • After a long, offscreen period of getting a server set up, the AH crew quickly meets up at Ammu-Nation and shows off their personal cars. Gavin ends up getting out of his tiny purple car and immediately gets run over by the others making him the very first death in the Let's Play.
    • Gavin's car also gradually gets beaten up over the course of the video to the point that it's half the size it was at the beginning.
    Ryan: I think if I hit you a couple more times, I'll turn that into a motorcycle.
  • "Part 2"
    • During the first round of the Coke delivery, Jack is chasing the carrier and makes it to a bridge just in time to see Gavin's car launch off a mountain right beside the bridge.
    • Ray is up on a roof during one of the death matches and tries to jump over a gap to a walkway and slams into the outside of the handrail and flips onto the walkway.
    • Michael slows down to pick up Jack during one of the Coke deliveries and Jack jumps out of his car and slams head first into the side of Michael's car.
    • When everyone agrees to play a gametype called Water Sports, Gavin chimes in with "I love pissing on men."
  • "Free Play"
    • Gavin suffers from serious connection issues, thus his character is constantly being hijacked by the computer.
    • Early on, Michael robs a convenience store and escapes with Gavin. Gavin's issues take in and the computer hijacks Gavin's character, which hijacks the helicopter they're in. Michael can only watch in helplessness as he's taken out over the sea.
    • After failing to find tow trucks, Michael convinces Ray to do a fly by near his cool apartment building. As he does, Gavin, who had his car attached to Ray's helicopter, releases the attachment and Michael watches as the car plummets and explodes on impact. After trying to get Geoff to fly his helicopter at the building and leads to Michael dying, they all decide to throw things at the building.
      • One of those moments, Geoff parachutes towards Michael's window. As he does and hits it, Michael calls out to him:
    Michael: Hey, Geoff. [Flips him off] Fuck you.
    • Ray takes a sniper position on the roof to get a better recording location. While watching Geoff and Gavin approach in their parachutes, both Michael and Ray have the exact same idea.
    Michael: Just shoot their parachutes. See what happens.
    Ray: I wonder if that does anything.
    Michael: Put a fucking hole in it.
    <Ray shoots the parachute sending Geoff off course>
    Geoff: YES!!! GODDAMN IT RAY!!!
    • Michael later invites Geoff into his apartment. Geoff, naturally, walks over to the whiskey bottle and starts drinking. Later Michael and Jack steal jets and start firing missiles at Michael's apartment. Cut to Geoff's screen where his character is lounging on the couch while the ground shakes and explosions take place on the window.
  • "Duneloading"
    • Geoff gets a bounty leading to this exchange:
    Ray: Hey, Geoff. Do you have a bounty on your head?
    Geoff: Yeah.
    Ray: Alright. [Shoots Geoff]
    • Geoff later tries to take revenge by aiming a sniper rifle at Ray's head until Jack suddenly snipes Geoff in the head.
    Geoff: Thanks Jack.
    Jack: I thought you were a cop.
    • The fact that Lindsay plays the entire game with Gavin's character.
    • The Running Gag of everyone trying to climb into the truck bed at the same time, with hilarious results. Bonus points for when Geoff and Lindsay flop out of the truck bed in one attempt, followed by Jack tumbling after them from the driver's side when Ryan steals the truck from him.
    Geoff: I can watch six people trying to get into the truck all day long. It could be an entire two hour Let's Play.
    • At one point, Ryan kills Lindsay after she mentions that his character's mask makes him look like Hannibal Lecter. Cue Michael riddling him with bullets until his body is rolling along the pavement, with this priceless exchange.
    Michael: Ryan, you killed my wife! ...To be.
    Ryan: Well to be fair, she's currently wearing Gavin, so...
    Michael: That is true.
    Lindsay: Gavin is Michael's wife.
  • GTA V Co-Op 2:
    • Gavin ends up being a massive Troll during the first mission, to steal a certain plane from the airport. During the first attempt, he crashes a small plane into the target plane, destroying it and ending the mission; in the next round, he weaponizes a fire truck, smashing into the other guys' cars and killing Jack by repeatedly spraying him with the fire hose.
    • During a Gang Attack at a construction area, Gavin decides to climb a really long ladder. The climb is so long that the scene starts cutting back and forth between Gavin and Michael and Geoff. The awesome in-game music also unintentionally makes Gavin's ladder climb both epic and hilarious.
    • After briefly getting their car stuck in a random backyard (due to a failed attempt to get a Unique Jump), Jack and Geoff end up running over several overweight NPCs while searching for a street to get on.
    Geoff: We just rolled through the buffet line.
  • In GTA V Co-op 3, Gavin manages to launch his bike off a staircase and into a steel girder, killing himself.
    Gavin: [breathless with laughter]
    Michael: Gavin, what are you squealin' about?
    Gavin: I'm just happy nobody saw the way I died!
    • Ryan cuts back to it three times.
    • On another mission, Geoff, Ray and Michael are looking around a hangar for some coke. Michael steals a plane and flies onto the roof to look up there, but crashes the plane a bit and breaks the landing gear. The plane glitches and shakes around on Gavin's screen, which leads to this exchange:
    Gavin: Get back in there, Michael. That was amazing. It was like phasing-
    *Michael climbs on the wing and the plane glitches and shakes around*
    Michael: Ooooaaaooooh! *plane explodes* OOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAGH!
    • While searching for a car at the beginning, Gavin jokes about getting a "Supercar." Cue an Infernus coming down the road.
    Geoff: Dude, you said, "Let's get a "Supercar", and you immediately get a super car.
  • In "Let's Play GTA V: Titan Fall":
    • Everyone figures out the title for the Let's Play... and declare it too dumb.
    • In the beginning, Ryan attempts to launch off the skyward ramp and slams into the car attached to it. Ray does the same exact thing a few moments later.
    • Ray spends the first 2:30 just failing to do stuff with the motorcycle.
    • About a minute after, Gavin's wanting to get on with the show as Jack is racing around the airport, eventually hitting a plane to detonate it and himself.
    Jack: What the fuck happened!?
    Gavin: Way to eff everything up, Jack! When I do it, you throw a hissy! Now look who's doing it.
    • Then Gavin crashes a plane into the respawned jet. With a very confused Geoff dying in the cargo hold.
    • As the gang is trying to explain what happens with the Let's Play, Jack drives by the Titan, suddenly explodes and destroys the Titan, leading to Ryan to groan out "We are NEVER going to start..." note 
    • At one point, Geoff is sitting in the back of a Titan in first-person view while Michael, Gavin, Ray and Jack get inside the Titan on motorcycles. When the four realize they're in Geoff's first-person view they all flip the bird at him.
    • This perfectly-timed gem:
    Ryan: [trying to get into the titan] Open sessa-golf glub!
    [beat, slowly rising plane sound]
    [Jack comes zooming into the hangar, barely missing the titan and crashing and exploding into the ceiling.]
    • Around 18 minutes in, Jack is trying to pull out of the hangar in the Titan, only for the plane to glitch and bodyslam the ground for a brief instant, due to another Titan spawning into the space he'd not quite vacated.
  • "Train Hopping"
    • There's always something funny about watching the guys overshoot their marks and fly over the train.
    • Michael attempting to parachute onto the train... only to overshoot, turn around, and get hit head-on, bug-on-a-windshield style.
    • After Ray finally makes it onto the train, his car gets wedged between cars. He tries to get out, but his character starts doing so by the passenger's side, which would make him fall of the train. He freaks out accordingly.
      • And then, even though he did step out of the car to the ground, he almost causally turns around and climbs back on the train.
    • Gavin's surprise encounter with a river. Followed by a surprise encounter with Geoff's car.
    • Gavin's motorcycle suddenly bursts into flame, causing him to completely freak out.
    • Soon after Gavin finally makes onto the train, Ray throws a tear gas grenade at him, causing him to take damage and die.
    • At one point, Gavin's careless use of the grenades causes the others to wonder if he's like Jason.
    • Geoff's eternal fight to stay on the train. After being the second person to make it on the train, he accidentally falls off and dies. Several failures later, he finally makes it back on. When Gavin tries to get on the train, he knocks wood panels into the freight car Geoff is riding in, which hit him and glitch him back off the train. He then ends up getting lost in the desert trying to catch back up to the train, and soon after finally making it back on is accidentally killed by Michael.
    • One of Geoff's attempts to get back on the train fails spectacularly:
      (Geoff drives ahead of the train, leaps out and lands on the tracks)
      Geoff: Oops. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, get off the tracks. WAKE UP! (is hit and killed by the train)
    • At one point, Gavin drives full-tilt at a ramp. Except it turns out it isn't a ramp; it's just a rock.
    • Jack's car getting increasingly trashed as the episode goes on, until it's so damaged that the front end starts glitching through the world.
    Jack: "I'm in a submarine!"
  • "Splat X"
    • The first round starts off hilariously as Lindsay can't pop her chute, so she ends up smashing into the lake, Kerry is taken out by Michael instantly and Ray... is flying underneath the others.
    • After the first round, the guys rib on Lindsay for her inability to pop said chute, which is made even funnier with The Reveal that Lindsay hasn't even leveled up enough to unlock a parachute yet. Lindsay is in freefall when she discovers this.
    • As they get ready for Round 2, Ryan starts loading up the Cargobob with stickybombs for 'pyrotechnics' after they jump. This leads to repeated admonitions for Ryan to keep his fingers far from the 'D-pad' on his controller.
      • Later, as they talk about waiting for 'dawn', Ryan comments that he could light things up real well.
      Ryan: How about a false dawn?
    • In between rounds, Kerry gets up on top of the cargobob. Gavin, oblivious, gets in and starts it up...
    • Round 2 ends with a bang as both jets (Jack and Geoff) crash into each other, missing Kerry and Ray completely. Then Ryan runs on scene just as one the destroyed jets lands right near him.
      • Interestingly enough, this may have been intentional on Geoff's part: since Jack has already killed three parachuters and would automatically win unless, as Michael suggests, he "do something to stop Jack".
    • Gavin stands on Ryan's jet and they all explode.
      • If you look closely you can see Ryan's guns open fire as Gavin is climbing on the cockpit.
    • The final dogfight between Ryan and Gavin is interspersed with additional sniper fire on both jets from Geoff and Ray. Leading to this line:
  • "The Dump Jump"
    • As the gang is setting up for the event, Geoff shows off what they were going to do by making a long jump off a cliff. As they do, Jack comes to a stop near the edge, but Michael fails to and the two slam into each other and off the cliff.
    • While getting started, Michael comments on how they're classifying the video as a "Free Play" video, so they can avoid a "Let's Fail" video. Then...
      Gavin: Also... Gavin Free Play.
      Michael: Shut the hell up.
      Geoff: SHUT YOUR MOUTH.
      Ryan: Never that. Not at all. I'm gonna burn that part of the recording right out.
    • The gang starts talking about Ryan's descent into madness since the birth of his second child, leading to the following exchange:
      Gavin: "What were you like before you had the first one?"
      Ray: "He was James back then."
      (Everyone starts laughing.)
    • Ryan: "Oop, that's a tree!" "Oop, that's a fence!" "Oop, that's a mountain!"
    • At one point, Michael is attempting to follow Geoff over a few fences and bushes, and ends up succeeding in getting his car stuck on a bush perfectly thanks to the design of his buggy. Gavin saves him, then proceeds to toss him into a pool.
    • During one jump, Ray just misses the truck he was aiming at and flips towards Jack, Jack letting out a Girly Scream as Ray barely misses him.
    • Realizing that they can't jump into a semi trailer, they go and hunt down a dump truck. Geoff and Michael find one... then watch in horror as a car that hit it explodes and takes it with it.
    • Gavin's repeated stealing of Michael's dump truck, which eventually results in Gavin crashing his helicopter, leaving the truck floating in the air. Once it finally returns to earth, Gavin and an incredibly frustrated Michael, attempt to drive the immense truck through a series of narrow, winding streets to their destination, only for Gavin to run over Michael and the truck to inexplicably blow up.
    • When Michael does get a dump truck to the jump location, he stands on top of it to film while Gavin hovers nearby with a helicopter to get another angle. Despite Michael's repeated warnings, Gavin kills him with the chopper three times. Cue Punctuated Pounding.
    • At one point, Michael decides to hop on top of the dump truck after a few bad attempts to move it. As he gets there and pulls out the sniper rifle, he watches as Ryan makes the jump... and lands on top of Gavin's helicopter.
    • For some reason Ray saying "Beep beep I'm a jeep!" just tickles me.
    • The cops are a regular complication due to the gang's usual play style. Ryan ends up running down the hill to try to get away from them.
    Ryan: "You want my blood? Take my blood!"
    (The cops immediately headshot him.)
    Ryan: "Welp, they took my blood."

     2014 examples 
  • "King Geoff"
    Jack: Of course, it had to be a cop car...
    • When Jack notices he got Wanted Stars, he questions how he got those. When Geoff mentions that he's a superstar, it prompts everyone to start singing 'All Star'. Ray promptly screws up the words in the dumbest possible way:
      Ray: ...I ain't the sharpest tool in the ted. "[T]he ted," the shed, what the fuck... (cue mass Corpsing)
      • Made funnier by the fact that as Michael points out, Ray was riding in a taxi rather than driving himself while he was singing and thus had nothing to distract or disorientate him.
    • When Ryan is attempting to parachute onto the Wheel, he attempts to pull his chute, only for his character's phone to ring and his character answering it.
    • During the third event, Gavin had found a blue car and had made it back to Geoff, despite being chased by the police. Geoff stipulates that he needs to get into the car. Gavin hops out and Geoff gets in. As he does, he says "Don't blow up the car." The car blows up... because of Ryan. Geoff still gives Gavin the win.
    • Geoff tasks them to bring him a tractor. Gavin came up with a plan that was admittedly very clever in theory: airlift a tractor with the Cargobob, as opposed to just driving it all the way to the racetrack. The problem was that the tractor was unexpectedly heavy (the dump truck was easier to lift!), meaning he could only lift it a few feet in the air at a time and made the journey slower and more perilous than if he had just driven the tractor to the racetrack. He makes it anyway.
      Geoff: Yeah, but you can go as-the-crow-flies, Gavin.
      Gavin: That's true, as long as the crow doesn't fly over a hill.
      • Funny thing was is that Jack thought the same thing, too. Only, he ran into an unrendered tree and blew up.
    • Geoff then challenges the guys to get some facial hair at the barbershop (since Jack is playing a woman, he is allowed to pick a facepaint for his character). Jack reaches the barbershop first so Ray decides to kill Jack while he is sitting at the chair. Switch to Jack's screen where several rockets start exploding behind him killing the barber and setting Jack's character on fire...
      Ray: "Just blaze!"
  • "Rockstar Verified Part 1"
    • Meta example funny moment: in the credits for the video, many viewers noticed that the episode was written by "Michael Free" and "Gavin Jones"
    • The first race starts with Jack throwing his car off a dam and into a small balcony area, losing him precious time.
    Michael: Gavin committed suicide?!
    Geoff: [as he wins] That was karma, you cunt! That was a cunt-load of karma! Your cunt's full of karma, now!
    • There's also the same race. Both Ray and Michael miss a checkpoint that's on a bridge. Ryan misses the bridge.
    • During "Seal Team Six", Gavin is racing to get into his airplane:
    Gavin: This is scary. This is scary. Get in the car... er, plane. Whatever.
    Michael: Gavin, get in the car-plane.
    • All of this proves pointless as a Gavin panics, ejects... and flops face first on the concrete because he was too low to pop his chute.
    • Part way through the fight, Gavin grabs the Cargobob and flies around in it. Ryan thinks that Gavin's going to just hit people with it and blows it off... until Gavin lands the Cargobob on top of him.
    • Jack accidentally loses a wing and is spinning out of control. He attempts to eject... and to his shock, ends up ejecting when the cockpit is facing the ground, killing himself as he goes splat.
    • Gavin finds a tank and pulls a Big Damn Heroes to save Geoff, the two become "Team TP (Tank Patrol)."
    • The entirety of both LS Forum races.
  • "Plane Train"
    • One after the other, Ray, Ryan, Gavin and Jack all manage to crash their planes within just a few minutes of each other.
      • Ray is laughing at a bad poop joke Kerry made, causing him to not notice the enormous tower in his path.
      • Ryan is heading towards Jack, spins to avoid him, and slams head-first into Gavin, who was spinning in the same direction.
      • Jack, busy looking down, loses a wing when he hits a tower and immediately explodes.
    • While Jack and Kerry are racing back to the train, they're randomly talking before Jack freaks out at the sight of two army trucks violently humping each other. They go back to look at it again before Kerry suggests they just leave.
    • When Gavin and Ray are getting in a two-seater plane with the former piloting, Ray throws a sticky bomb on the plane "in case [Gavin] tr[ies] anything weird." As Ray runs to the passenger side, he runs into the propeller just as Gavin starts it up. Ray gets killed immediately, and the propeller throws his body back onto the spot where the bomb was at, which causes the bomb to explode on the body's impact with it.
    Ray: "What just happened?!"
    Gavin: "Did you- did you grenade it?"
    Ray: "I threw a sticky bomb on it, I didn't detonate it."
    Gavin: "Why?!"
    (Jack and Ryan laughs.)
  • "Let's Play GTA 5: Rockstar Verified Part 2"
    • During the first race, it's not seen, but Ray suddenly dies with things exploding around him. Michael, who killed him, insists that he just used a machine gun to do so. He spends the entire match saying that Michael killed him with his "nuke machine gun"
      • Jack gets fed up, Rage Quit, and sets himself up at the finish line to shoot at people
    • During their prison deathmatch, Gavin disappears and comes back with a bus and spends the whole match driving around, running people over, almost getting stuck or hijacked.
      • Michael is the only one who notices Gavin taking the bus at the beginning. Everyone else finds out when the bus comes up behind them or near them (Ray has two near misses and actually screams louder the second time). Cue the screaming...
      • What makes this even funnier is that Ryan suggests "five versus one - everyone against Gavin". Thanks to hopping into the bus, Gavin is the only one who doesn't die.
      • Ray gets annoyed when Jack stomps him, wanting him to stop stomping him with his elf shoes.
    • In another deathmatch on a bridge, after Gavin's helicopter stops flying, he runs up the bridge but jumps off when Jack shows up to kill him, he smashes into a beam and almost fails to use his parachute, Jack sees him on the ground and jumps off the bridge after him, only to find out that he doesn't have a parachute.
  • "Emergency Landing"
    • The beginning of the Let's Play is complete and utter pandemonium, with the boys' attempts to get everyone in Titans being complicated by (among other things): the natural complications of having multiple giant planes roaming around the same airport, Ray ramming Titans with other aircraft and knocking out the engines, Gavin, cop cars suiciding into stationary Titans and giving the pilots three stars, cop cars suiciding into stationary Titans and giving completely uninvolved people stars...
    • Jack starts doing "knife flights" (flying pitched to one side) and calls it out. Naturally, this transitions into Michael "mishearing" it and asking who's stabbing people.
    Ryan: "I haven't stabbed anyone!"
    • As they're on their way back to the airport from the mid-video hill landing, Michael has a little problem.
      *thud in the background of the audio, Gavin starts laughing*
      Michael: "Oof! No! No! God, no! It's so bad!"
      Gavin: "Every time!"
      Michael: "It's so bad!"
      Geoff: "Just happy it wasn't me this time."
      Ray: "Michael just spilled his Red Bull on his keyboard."
      Gavin: "Again!"
  • "Downhill Jam" has the boys... throwing themselves down a hill with various vehicles.
    • At the end, they manage to get buses on the hill and fling them down. At one point, Ryan is "filming" the group rolling down and watches in abject horror as Geoff's bus SOARS over his head.
  • "Almost Street Legal"
    • The gang quickly gets bored of using regular cars so, for their second race, they all choose luggage tractors.
      • Michael utterly dominating the race, forcing Ray and Jack to take up high-powered cars instead in frustration. He still wins.
    • The third round has them all taking up clown vans, except for Jack, who takes up an RV (and begins with random Breaking Bad refs) and Ray, who takes up a Exterminator Van (calling it his burrito).
      • Partway through, they start talking about dinosaurs, leading Ray to sing out a bit from "Reptar on Ice".
    • Their third race accidentally nets them two outsiders. The first outsider leaves very quickly after Jack messages him "Leave". The second... not so fast. Especially when the entire team is telling him to get lost.
      • What adds to the funny is exactly what they wrote as the messages
      Jack: What was your message, Michael?
      Michael: My message was 'would you kindly get the fuck out?'
      Kerry: Do you think when he saw it, he was like "Dad?"
  • "Enter the Dragonface" has Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Ryan and Ray induct Kerry into the Fake AH Crew with a hazing so nuts, it's crazy.
    • The entire time, Kerry is mugged by people. In fact, that's the very first round of initiation!
      • Round 1.5? Surviving a five-star wanted level.
    • The second round involves him playing Frogger. The first time, he makes it flawlessly. The second and third times? Ran over by Ryan and Michael. The final time? Chased by a mugger and ran over by Michael. He survives the last attempt.
    • The third round involved him parachuting from one building to the next. Except for Ray, who ended up missing the jump and faceplanting a few stories below. No one told him Gavin, Michael and Ryan would shoot at him.
      • After that round, Gavin and Ryan get into a fight, leading to them falling off the building. They proceed to parachute to safety... until they hit buildings.
      • Kerry gets mugged again after the round's over.
    • Attempting to start the fourth round, Michael ends up taking it Up to Eleven and hiring mercenaries... and accidentally sics them on Gavin.
    • Taking Kerry to the wind farm, Ryan's poor driving accidentally causes him to slam Kerry's car into the hillside and fling it down to the bottom, causing it to explode and having Kerry ask if that was part of the test.
    • And then another mugger starts chasing him.
  • "Demolition Derby Custom" is a Let's Play made up of 6 custom 'Demolition Derby' maps Geoff and Ryan have put together.
    • Around the second and third map the connection gets a little odd. This leads to things like people (most often Lindsay) popping out of sight of the others on their screens as well as a point when Gavin is down in the sea swimming yet Lindsay can see Gavin on top of the roof swimming in mid-air!
    • During the third map, they mention the film Stuck on You and make fun of Lindsay, who thought the movie was about two people glued together and not about Siamese twins. After that, Ryan misses a turn and starts to tip over. Michael attempts to ram into and goes over when he realizes too late that he was already going over. Followed by Gavin. And once in the water, Gavin's character starts flipping out due to the aforementioned connection issues
    • The forth map is called 'Dump Dodging' with five mopeds and a dump truck. Whoever gets to the dump first is the one the others need to avoid and last moped standing wins. When they try the map Ryan gets the dump and promptly squashes Gavin under his tire, causing Gavin's vehicle, the other four mopeds AND THE DUMP to explode. Needless to say they replayed the map later for a longer round. Before the round, Ray gets a message from Gavin. Ray looks it up and it's a picture of him making a ridiculous face
    • The last round came down to Ryan in a digger and Michael in a coach. While they're trying their hardest to push the other person off the roof the other four start climbing Ryan's digger in an attempt to ride in the bucket.
      • With Gavin and Ray in the bucket, Ryan decides to tempt fate by driving to the ledge and dumping the two of them out over the edge, then while trying to back away, runs over Lindsey, before being right about tempting when Michael is able to take advantage of the situation.
      • Earlier, after a chain reaction causes four of them to fall off the building, Lindsey and and Geoff continue to duel on the ground level trying to push the other into the water, while Lindsey proclaims that "I am the master now."
    • After losing the third round, Michael decides to take a few selfies, one is of Ray standing in front of Geoff and Lindsay's crashed cars doing the "fingering" taunt. After Geoff gets out and throws a grenade to end the round, Michael gets a once-in-a-lifetime shot of himself with an explosion just over his shoulder complete with the bodies of the others flying through the air. Michael's reaction sells it.
  • "The Most Dangerous Game" is a version of the same game the guys played in Minecraft.
    • During Geoff's explaination most of the guys are stood back to a pillar in a fountain but slowly lose interest and begin walking about making jerk-off and fingering gestures. And Ray does a humping action while circling the pillar.
    Ray: Woowoo! The Fuck Train has no brakes! Woowoo!
    • When regrouping for the second round Gavin ramps his stolen car up off some nearby steps and sails across Ryan's POV, bailing out about halfway across.
    Ryan: Whoa! ... Nice entrance Gavin.
    • The prey for the second round Ryan decides to make his get away from the others by stealing a cop car from the group currently gathered around the Achievement Hunters. Needless to say he had pursuers long before Ray did in the previous round.
    • Jack and Geoff are in a car and take a ramp. They crash into a building. Actually Jack's driving in general that round.
    • At the beginning of the third round Michael calls a mugger on Gavin. Before the mugger gets there, Ryan murders Gavin. This causes the mugger to pull Gavin's dead body out of the car he was sat and and then drive off, with Jack riding on top making the humping gesture for a short while as everyone else just watches in disbelief and laughter.
    • In general, just the ability for everyone to forget the rules of the game leading to some hilarious events such as Michael throwing a C4 on Ray's car just before he drives away
      • Jack uses C-4 to kill Ray and is immediately called on using a non-allowed weapon. He just says "exactly!"
      • Ryan shooting Michael out of the sky. You can just feel Michael's Tranquil Fury
      Ryan: *accidentally locks onto Michael's aircraft and shoots it out of the sky* Oh no!
      Michael: ...Alright. Well, why'd you blow me up, Ryan?
      Ryan: I am very sorry Michael.
      Michael: Ryan locked on and blew me up with a rocket. Is a rocket a pistol or a C4? Are we adding that in now?
      Ryan: I, uh...
      Michael: Ryan, I'M ALSO NOT THE GUY!!!
    • Gavin, Ray, and Geoff have tracked down Jack to the top of the bank in a helicopter. As they go in for the kill, Gavin crashes the helicopter into the side of the helipad and the ensuing explosion kills all three of them while Jack is completely unscathed.Moments later, Ryan and Michael race to see who can ram their jet into the helipad and kill Jack first. Michael wins by a few seconds and Geoff watches from the bottom as the remains of their planes tumble to the ground.
      Geoff: Oh my God, this is majestic.
    • Gavin sets a new standard for Epic Fail when he flees in a car, takes a wrong turn, drives the car straight into water, gets out and swims away.... straight towards his hunters It was apparently too funny for Geoff to handle and immediately when it happens, he can be heard exclaiming that he's gonna shit his pants.
    • During the final round, Geoff is the prey. Ray calls in a mugger and mercenaries on Geoff. At the end of the round, the mugger finally catches up to Geoff and pulls him out of his car, allowing Ryan to easily finish him off.
  • "Capture"
    • When the teams are setting up, Ryan, Gavin and Ray are still in their "fireman" outfits from "Gavin's Heist". Because Gavin and Ray are flanking Michael in the picture, they look like a boy band, which they call "The Backside Boys"
      • Ryan's yellow outfit turns out to be a problem as Jack and Geoff constantly shoot at him, mistaking him for Ray and Gavin.
      • At one point, Ryan's trying to ambush Michael, uttering "Don't see me, don't see me..." and when he pops up to attack, he finds out the wall's too high and the bullets hit it instead. Michael's vantage point, however, makes it possible for him to take down Ryan, though!
    • When they attempt round 2, they fiddle around with the options too much, leading to the awkward match up of Ryan vs. everyone else. Cue "Technical Difficulties"!
      • Gavin at one point tries to take out Ryan who is on the beach by coming in from the water on a jet ski. Ryan manages to take him out as he arrives, and his body ends up under his own jet ski, which Ryan promply jumps on.
      • At the end of round 2, Gavin saves Ray's life by running down Jack with a Mack truck... and allows Ryan to make the win by accident!
      • Round 3 splits the six Achievement Hunters into three teams of two. Geoff is paired with Ryan, Jack with Ray, and... Michael and Gavin. Gavin is excited to be playing as Team Nice Dynamite while Michael sounds like he's about to cry.
  • "Pirates"
    • While heading for the docks for their second game, things goes hilariously off the rails. Ryan launches his car into the pier. Soon after, Michael and Kerry arrive, but as Michael "compliments" Kerry's motorcycle, Gavin races up and slams into Kerry, sending the both of them into the water. As Kerry makes his way out, Michael calls in another mugger as Jack flings himself into the water as Ryan grabs the sub and runs over Gavin. Kerry ends up falling back into the water, the mugger landing on top of him and stealing more of his money and to add insult to injury, he drowns.
    • Later Kerry attempts to pick up Gavin by landing a helicopter on the piers. It does not go well.
    • Gavin decides to take a break to admire some sunbathing ladies on the beach... and then Jack randomly walks into frame air humping one of the ladies.
    • During the frenzied dogfight on the water Ryan and Jack have hi-jacked a police boat and picked up both Kerry and Gavin as passengers. Michael decides to join them... and gets into the wrong police boat.
    • This quote:
    Kerry: "Ray, no! The fuck train's in my mouth!"
    • At the end Gavin takes aim at the back of Ryan's head through the sniper scope and shoots both Ryan and Kerry who had happened to run in front of Gavin just as he shot.
    • Gavin finds a woman by the pier smoking. He punches her in the face.
    Gavin: "Smoking is bad for your health!"
  • "Wacky Races" - exactly what it says on the tin.
  • "Phat Stackz Part 1"
    • The first mission they play is a 'hit the drug deal' type mission. The first time they attempt it, when they get to the point where they need to hack the laptop Michael barrels right in. The enemies' gunshots cause Ryan to leap off where he'd been hanging onto the outside of the crew car and dying. The shouting and confusion of this then leads to everyone else but Michael bailing from the car and either dying on impact or getting shot.
      • The second time Ryan leaves an explosive behind that wrecks two cars and almost catches the crew car with Michael, Geoff and Gavin in the blast. His "You guys okay?" is suitably sheepish.
      • When taking a position on a hill to get sniping range, a spectator player spawns in standing on Gavin's back. Gavin is more confused than usual.
    • There's a glitch where death leaves the player stuck in their death location, but invisible. At first it's only affecting Gavin, later on Michael.
      • Then Gavin learns that he can use his 'ghost mode' to shoot enemies who are spawning near him...
    • When they get to the hangar they clean up quickly and Ray grabs the coke, then they begin to fight the enemy reinforcements...
    Michael: "Oh Ryan, you're getting shot in the back dude."
    Ryan: "Shit...!"
    Geoff: "... By me. Sorry."
    Ryan: "Oh..."
    • Ray parachutes to land in a pool. For some reason his landing causes his character to bounce on the surface and flip before splashdown.
    Ray: "I bet you didn't expect a backflip!"
  • "Water Sports"
    • A glitch in the map-maker causes Geoff's map description to read: "It's terror on the not-so-seas in this point to point GTA speedboat race"
    • Entering the first map:
      Gavin: "Who's the bald git in front? ... Where's my hair?!"
      (the others laugh)
      Gavin: "Someone stole my hair for my birthday!"
      • Even more, the others keep making fun of his character's odd expression.
    • One map proved near impossible due to the fact that you had to hit a out of the way ramp to cross over a platform with a jet ski. During one attempt, Gavin just gives up, hops off his vehicle and starts running.
    • The final map of the Let's Play is a hellish maze called Corkscrewed. That area, underneath the docks, with all the wooden supports holding it up? They have to navigate through there. With speed boosts.
  • "Cops n' Crooks"
    • During the first round, Geoff proceeds to get his team's car stuck in the shopping mall area allowing Michael's team to make the win.
      • After flying to the bank building to finish the round, during the landing, Michael attempts to make a "dramatic landing" by leaping from the chopper... and completely overshoots the building! He lands on a little ledge partway down and Gavin makes a few attempts to pick him up again, one involving the helicopter falling sideways off the ledge.
    • Gavin's avatar still has the open-mouth issue...
    Ryan: "Gavin, close your mouth!"
    • During Michael, Gavin and Ryan's second turn as the Crooks they all manage to make it to the helicopter and are over the bank building. Gavin jumps out to parachute down, while the other two opt to land the vehicle safely on top. The helicopter just beats Gavin down and the Brit is killed by the blades just before the round is won.
    • Then their second round as Cops somehow turns into a reversal with the Crooks chasing them!
      • The chase eventually ends up under a bridge where Ryan systematically eliminates each of the opposing players one by one... and then he and Gavin almost get crushed by Jack's falling helicopter.
      • Then Gavin gets into the copter and flattens Ryan...
  • "Phat Stackz Part 2"
    • Upon starting a mission and going down to the road to get to their vehicles, Ray manages to get run over by an NPC-driven raised truck.
    • In between missions Gavin is ramping his Bifta up off hills. He then realises he's headed for a river and bails mid-leap, smashing into the ground and dying... then his Bifta lands on top of him.
    • Starting another mission Ray is running for a Faggio which then gets knocked flying by Michael's crew-mobile. When Ray complains:
      Ryan: "You can't commit crime on a Faggio!"
      Ray: "Watch me!"
    • A mission requires them to steal some ATVs, taking them up a mountain. Ryan wonders why the mission log says they've arrived at "the race location"... then the leaders of the ATV race launch off a cliff on their left and smash over the front of the crew-mobile's bonnet.
      • Then they try to get a bunch of the ATVs down the mountain. Important word there is try...
      • Geoff manages to drive his ATV into the water just as Michael delivers one to the drop-off point. They fail the mission. Cue rage!Michael.
      • Their second attempt also ends in failure when Michael drives his ATV into a sewer grate and manages to get it stuck in the bars.
  • "Path to Insanity"
    • The object of the episode is to see who can max out their Mental State (a measurement of how crazy you are) first. Less than halfway into the video, Ryan wins. Gavin declares that Ryan doesn't count because he's already crazy, and that the second person to max out their insanity is the winner. The rest of the guys agree without hesitation.
      • In fact right at the beginning of the video when Ryan's explaining what the point of the let's play is, Jack's immediate reaction is "Okay, you win."
      • There's also Ryan's growing concern as the video wears on over how fast he filled his bar compared to the others...
    • Gavin starts off by getting into a car and immediately running over Geoff. Ryan tops this by killing everyone with a rocket launcher... before getting blown up by a grenade Geoff dropped before his death.
    • Ray breaks one of Ryan's killstreaks, and reactions are priceless.
      Ryan: (talking to Gavin) "I dunno, that is a really weird mechanic — OH SHIT! Ray's in a tank!"
    • Followed soon after by:
      Ray: "Run, Kerry, you're free!"
      Kerry: "No!"
      Ray: "Psych!"
    • This:
      Ryan: "Gavin, you need to pick up your landing gear."
      Gavin: "Oh do I? There we go... how-how are you looking at my landing gear Ryan?"
      Ryan: "I'm sniping you!"
    • Gavin finds a fire truck, and finds that you can use the firehose againnote . So he does.
    • At one point Jack and Kerry charge at each other in cars. Kerry somehow manages to use Jack's as a ramp and goes flying.
    • Just the serial escalation of destruction and the mad glee in all their voices as the video wears on.
    • At one point, Kerry gets mugged. Too bad that he had no money this time.
    • Basically, the whole video is the Fake AH Crew going freaking berserk and it is glorious.
  • "Merica"
    • The sight of the Fake AH team running around in humongous, America-themed monster trucks compared to Ray's tiny Smartcar with luggage (which he calls the "family car").
    • Gavin starts on the themed motorcyle, and goes to demonstrate the tire smoke for Michael.
      Gavin: Michael, check out my tire smoke.
      Michael: Yeah.
      Gavin: It's red (Gets interrupted by Ryan plowing through him in a Liberator)
    • Ray demonstrates the new firework launcher:
      Ray: "Happy new year!"
      (launches a firework, kills Gavin and Jack in a split second)
    • When the team's trying to get onto the pier to start their race to Mt. Chiliad, the gang finds out their monster trucks are too big to get up on the stairs. Ray's "family car" on the other hand, isn't!
      • And trying to get lined up for the race nearly throws Gavin and Geoff into the water. Then Ryan drives in, wipes out on the hot dog stand, nearly throwing him and Ray into the ocean, then Michael comes barreling in, finally throwing poor Ray's car into the ocean.
        Gavin: "Who thought starting a race would be so much fun?"
        Ray: (in a dejected voice) "Now my bags are wet..."
    • The team declares that Gavin is no longer British, that he is a full-fledged American.
    • During the race to Chiliad, Gavin ends up throwing himself into a river. When his engine floods, he decides to hop out and is swept out. When the race ends, he declares that their next Let's Play should be white-water rafting.
    • When the team decides to throw their monster trucks down the side of Mt. Chiliad, Michael ends up tumbling head over heels for a good few minutes and is just awestruck over it. They end up splitscreening it to show the whole thing in its entirety.
    • Michael and Gavin start acting out the footage from a movie trailer on the side of the mountain, with Gavin marching through rainbow-colored explosions provided by Michael's fireworks launcher. It's both equal parts epic and hilarious.
  • "Easily Distracted"
    • Their discussions about everything
      • They talk about Liam Neeson and how the next Taken movie will be him forgetting what he needs to do because he's so old.
      • Everyone talking about Pingu and how it sucks... except for Gavin, who liked the episode where they made too much popcorn
    • While admiring the sunset, Gavin accidentally smashes his controller on the desk, causing him to hit Y and bail from the Titan.
    • Gavin getting mugged. Over and over again. Especially when he gets his airplane jacked, he steals it back, then another mugger steals it from him again, and the original mugger stabs him to death.
      • Then after that, Gavin accidentally kills himself two times in a row by walking into the plane's still running propellers. Gavin is completely ignorant that the propellers killed him and thinks a bug causes him to die when he goes near the plane.
    • Gary the mugger. He pulls Gavin out of Geoff's car so he can ride with Geoff instead.
    • During one of the attempts by Ryan to land a Titan on the dump truck, he chokes, misses the truck, smashes into Geoff's car, runs over Ray and nearly runs over Lindsay. Ray shoots him with the sniper gun in frustration.
    • Ryan is walking down the runway and sees Geoff's only-partially controlled Bifta thundering towards him on a collision course side-steps and gets sent flying by Lindsay who was coming towards him for the same reason from the left.
    • Eventually Ryan manages to land his dying little biplane on the back of Michael's dump truck, achieving (one) of their objectives. They all cheer til Ryan notices that the plane is now on fire. What then follows is amazing. Ryan tries to escape his plane while Michael is trying to drive the also-battered dump fast enough to make the plane fall off. Then Gavin barrels in with a Titan to try and swipe the plane off, crashing into the little plane and upending the dump, sending wreckage flying towards Ray who is standing on top of a tractor being a camera man. Miraculously, he SURVIVES!
  • "Free Play Sky High Part 1"
    • Geoff's colorful commentary about John McCain.
    • Michael and Gavin get to the airport and see Jack in a Titan and they both race after it...
    Gavin: "Jack! Open the door!"
    Michael: [idly throwing a sticky bomb] "I'll drive in!"
    [Bomb explodes]
    Jack: "Alright...whoa!"
    Michael: "FFFFFFFF... ohhhhhh...!"
    Geoff: "What happened there?"
    Jack: "Michael exploded me."
    Gavin: "What happened?"
    Michael: [sheepishly] "I didn't think it would reach." [everyone laughs]
    • Michael scolding Geoff when he says "We could blow up the whole God damn world with this Titan."
    • Jack has grabbed a Titan and it seems everyone else wants to re-ground him. Coming out onto the runway he's surrounded by Michael's Bifta trailing a line of chasing cops and as he turns to avoid hitting any he almost runs into Gavin as the Brit tries to land his small stunt plane in front of him. Then Ryan misjudges the angle he's bringing his own Titan and crash lands nearby, causing debris to hinder Jack. Once he gets off the ground he is tailed by Gavin until Geoff (still 'tipsy' from AHWU #224) flies his helicopter directly into the front of him, causing a big explosion that Gavin manages to survive and fly through.
  • "The Cargo Tank"
    • The entire point of the Let's Play is playing a weird sort of aerial dogfight with cargobobs holding tanks that are shooting to bring down the other two teams.
    • The Let's Play begins with Michael climbing into the passenger seat of Ryan's car who is immediately shocked when he pulls a prostitute out of the passenger seat before climbing in. Ryan quickly explains that he had honked his horn to let Michael know where he was and the nearby prostitute got in. Besides the incredulous reactions from Michael and Jack, Geoff chimes in by threatening to tell Ryan's wife followed by Ray threatening to tell his kids. Jack gets his female character to climb on top of Ryan's car only to fly off when Ryan starts driving away. Michael, meanwhile, simply comments that another whore got kicked out of the car.
    • Geoff is dropping frames like mad. The others (especially Ryan) make some comments about how it couldn't possibly be his new 'bin' (expensive new computer) that is the problem...
    • Ray descends from the sky to grab Geoff's tank for another round. Gavin and Ryan are flying overhead... and Gavin manages to jerk loose and toss Ryan's tank towards Ray and just about misses the cargobob Ray's flying.
    Ryan: (in a sing-song voice) "Hel-lo, my name is... (notices he's sailing towards Ray, voice back to normal) Oh god Gavin!"
    • After dying Ray respawns on the ground and the carcass of his Cargobob lands on top of him.
    • At the end of a round Team Love N Stuff (in the Air!) are the only ones flying, Ryan asks if Gavin can crush anyone with him/his tank. Instead Gavin flies out to sea and makes Ryan a submarine.
    • Ray's tank lands in a swimming pool. He drowns.
    • Discussing whether the video name should be 'Cargo tank' or 'TankBob' Ryan says that it should be the former because "TankBob sounds like Bob the Builder's evil cousin."
    • Ryan suggests they do a 'Ceiling Drop' to end: two Cargobobs and two tanks go up as high as possible then the tanks get dropped at the same time and fight all the way down to the ground. The two pairs are Team Same Voice and Plan G. When the time comes, they count down and then Jack releases Ryan, but Geoff forgets to release Gavin and in his panic bails from the Cargobob instead much to everyone's amusement.
      • Then Jack dives in his Cargobob and mows his fellow Gent out of the air.
  • "CarDuckEn"
    • The first twenty minutes are a hilarious exercise in futility, as the group tries to gather all the vehicles needed to assemble the eponymous CarDuckEn (a motorcycle placed on a pick-up placed on a truck placed on a Dump, and a Cargobob to assemble it all). Unfortunately, their destructive tendencies (as well as the muggers the others send after Gavin) lead to the replacing of said vehicles several times:
      • A mugger steals the truck from Gavin, leading him to chase it down in the Cargobob. However, the Cargobob grabs onto the trailer of the truck and glitches it out, causing it to fall onto its side on the ground and explode.
      • While fetching a flatbed truck, Ryan jackknifes into the railing, detaching the flatbed trailer and flipping it completely over. This leads to a bit of a delay as Gavin's cargobob tries to pick it up (he can't), Michael tries to use the dump to roll it over (it just loses a wheel) and then Ryan starts pushing it down the road, eventually flipping it a fair distance away. The whole time Ryan is pushing the trailer into the distance, he's promising again and again, "Flip it over, we'll be good." Even though the flatbed is clearly a lost cause at this point.
      • Gavin carries Michael in the Dump with the Cargobob, airlifting him back to the airstrip where the others are assembled. Gavin being Gavin, he ends up dropping the dump truck by accident, and Michael bounces the dump truck around before landing on his wheels. He then suggest Gavin lift him as high as possible so he can see how many spins he can do on the way down, as Gavin lifts again Geoff tells them not to do it so Gavin lets Michael go and promptly flattens Geoff and the box truck he had just brought back.
      • Lastly, when they pause after finally retrieving all the vehicles, Gavin goes to land his Cargobob — on top of an explosive barrel. Which detonates.
    • After achieving their objective they decide to have Geoff drive down Mt. Chiliad with the others in the back of his box truck, but they need a new truck. As Michael is trying to blow up the old one, he hears Geoff go "Oops." then a rocket whizzes past him and hits Jack flying nearby in his Cargobob.
      • Interestingly, both Geoff and Ryan were in the helicopter - was it Geoff who did it or did the Mad King get trigger happy?
  • "Flight Schooled"
    • The sheer number of jets the AH crew goes through in this video.
    • Gavin drives his bike into a gun store, gets gunned down immediately, and forces the store to close on Michael and Geoff while they were still shopping for parachutes.
    • After this, to get revenge, Jack starts chasing down Gavin with his car while singing the jaws theme. Gavin looks behind him to see what's going on... and gets plastered against a wall by Michael.
    • To prepare for the Let's Play, everyone buys a fighter pilot outfit. Except Ryan decides to replace his helmet with his signature skull mask.
    • Gavin and Ray attempting to 'touch tips' with their jets.
    • Gavin accidentally flies off in Michael's jet at one point. He attempts to land it so he can swap it for his own jet, and apart from accidentally scraping the ground with the wings, he succeeds. Michael hops in and the jet immediately dies before he can even take off.
    • The continued efforts to call in personal vehicles that's hindered by them always respawning in hangers that already have titans in them, resulting in the vehicles always having to be moved around, much to Gavin's chagrin.
    • Ray realises that the jets can go pretty fast in reverse, and tries to take off backwards. He ends up flipping the jet upside down and crashing.
    • Gavin's test to see if it's possible to eject from a taxiing jet results in a fantastic scream and another explosion. Jack in particular finds it hilarious.
    • At one point, the guys try to line up in formation and fly off through the city. To help the jets respawn, Ryan blows up a nearby titan. Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of the police. What follows is spectacular. At the same time, Gavin is trying to take off in a luxor. As he starts leaving the airway, a police car nicks his left wing, sending him careening towards the guys in all their jets. They all promptly die within seconds.
    • Ryan and Jack have a brief exchange, calling back to the "I'm still in the air" meme.
      Ryan: "It still flies, it just has no landing gear. So.... I'll just be in the air."
      Jack: "So, Ryan's still in the air?"
      Ryan: "You can - god damn it...."
    • Within five minutes of getting his jet, Geoff manages to crash into Ryan.
    • Michael spies Ryan attempting to take off in a plane. He gets out his rocket launch aaaaaaand... Gavin comes out of left field and accidentally blows him up with a car.
    • "Oh, a Simeon vehicle, COOL!"
  • "Free Play Skyhigh Part 2"
    • When the gang decides to try to pull stunts, Gavin races back to get a Titan. At that point, he notices a mugger coming up to toss him out of the Titan. Once he's tossed out, Gavin gets back up, walks back in and tosses the mugger out instead.
    • Gavin suggests that they begin experimenting with stunt, first flying 'a right angle' (one flat plane with another knife flying touching wing tips), then three flying a more box-shape and then they "jump a motorbike through it"!
    • Flying about in stunt planes later on in the video, Michael flips upside down:
      Geoff: "Oh Michael, sweet moves."
      Michael: "You like that Geoff?"
      Geoff: "I did."
      Michael: (calmly) "I'm going to crash now." (trying to right himself but still calm) "Here it goes." (crashes) "I crashed."
      Jack: (laughs) "That's some good commentary Michael."
  • "Flight Missions"
    • The entire time, Ryan constantly says to reassure himself and his teammates "I'm still in the air!", which he curses loudly whenever he says it.
    • Gavin has a complaint about the new missions... well, sort of.
      Gavin: "God, this is just too epic for me to say anything!"
    • The end of the first round, Michael gets the "flag" and promptly loses a wing, crashing into the water, surviving and getting the winning point. The next round, Ryan's the first to get the "flag" and he promptly dives into the water, forcing Geoff to put up a "no water" rule.
      • The best part of it is everyone else diving in after him and Ryan's 'defense'.
        Geoff: "Really? Really?! We're going to do that this let's play??"
      • Geoff is the next person to get the "flag"... he promptly takes his jet and keeps going.
    • While waiting to start up the next game, they start talking about Ryan's modeling days. During that, Gavin asks the strangest question of all: Did he "tap that puss?"
    • During the second "Air Force Zero" mission, Ryan gets missile lock on Gavin (the target)...
      Ryan: (serenely) "Hi, Gavin."
      Gavin: (nervously) "Hi, Ryan."
      (Ryan follows Gavin for several moments, until Gavin attempts to fly under a bridge, and dies.)
      Ryan: "Yup. Figured that would happen if I waited long enough."
  • "Bike N' Chat"
    • During the prep they're all gathering at the roof-top half-pipe. Gavin drives up in an ambulance ramps it off the half-pipe, which sends him sideways off the roof and kills both him and Michael who is currently down at street level.
    • At one point a fire truck rolls up and two guys jump out and walk down an alley and then turn around to get back in the truck which starts driving off without them.
    • Geoff gets clotheslined by the firetrucks when on the halfpipe and then gets run over by Gavin.
    • Ryan gets a mugger sent after him and goes psycho.
    • Jack takes out half of the group by dropping a firetruck onto Gavin's bike, he then decides to start a game of throwing stuff at them.
    • There is a pile up of vehicles on the half-pipe which explodes, killing a handful of the Crew. Geoff's only response?
      Geoff: "I DIDN'T KILL ANYBODY!"
    • Doing a stunt where someone on a bike would jump off the roof and get hit by a passing jet, they keep doing it until Michael finally catches Gavin in mid-air...
      Michael: "I got him! I got him! (laughs)"
      Geoff: "Holy shit, you got him!"
      Gavin: "Did anyone get an angle on that?"
      Geoff, Ryan and Ray: "...No."
  • "The Most Dangerous Game X"
    • The gang is just so utterly lost trying to find Ray, who has somehow found an awesome bunker inside a sewer near the railroad tracks. At one point, Michael starts singing the theme song to Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?.
      • How Ray found this spot is just as funny - accidentally falling into a hole while running away from the gang.
    • This line from Ryan which comes out of nowhere and we never get to see his camera:
      Ryan: "I think that hobo's on fire..."
    • Ryan has his turn as the target, sets off and is immediately hit from the side by a car.
  • "Action Team News Part 1"
    • During the first part, Team Gents is the first to realize they need a Cargobob to be able to flip the dump truck. Cue Jack taking an incredibly long time to get to the location on a ATV. When he gets there, everyone's complaining about where he is. When he responds that he's in a place that he's never been before, Gavin mutters under his breath "A woman's vagina?"
      • During Team Lads' attempt to flip the dump truck, it looks good... except that it's right under Ray and it crushes him... then crushes Michael before he can save the picture.
  • "Action Team News Part 2"
    • Jack gets excited to 'bring the news' to the other Gents.
      Jack: "Here comes the news!" (drives the Gents' news van over a hill and almost lands on Geoff)
    • During one segment, the Gents and the Lads are racing towards the military base with their vans being carried by Cargobobs. During the race, Gavin is racing to catch up with the Gents and is just bewildered that he is. As Ryan and Michael are talking smack, the Gents' Cargobob turns and leads to them being rammed by Gavin, killing Team Gents and forcing Team Lads to wait. Gavin is just utterly gobsmacked that it happened and both groups giving Gavin hell for it.
      Gavin: "That was 100% an accident!"
      Michael: "You have the whole sky!"
      Gavin: "Why did you slow down?!"
      Jack: "I wasn't slowing down! I was going the same speed the whole time!"
      Gavin: "Then, how did I catch up!?"
      Geoff: "I'm gonna fuckin' forfeit a fist up your ass! [beat] Hey, audience? If this takes a year, I apologize. If this is a seventeen-parter, I forgot we were playing Gavin Free."
      • Ryan then picks up their new van.
      Ryan: "Ohh, now our van's all clean and new... no personality! I'm gonna run it into something."
      • Then Gavin tries to defend himself
      Gavin: "They were in my immediate front of the sky"
      Jack: "We were in front of you so we were responsible for getting out of your way?"
      Gavin: "If you're running behind somebody and they stop to tie their damn shoelaces, it's not your fault if you run into their damn spine"
      Michael: "It actually is. It's always the person who hits the other person's fault no matter how shitty the driver is in front of you"
      Gavin: "I'm talking about running."
      • Geoff's retort is that people running 'don't explode'.
      • The debate about whose fault it actually was caused them to put up Jack's point of view as a separate video! Can be found here.
    • Afterwards, when the Gents finally secure another helicopter and catch up to the lads, Gavin immediately runs into them again.
    • The conversation in between the two crashes is also hilarious. The topic shifts to cereal, and Gavin expresses disgust at the idea of drinking cereal milk, kicking off a three-minute Seinfeldian Conversation with everybody else.
    • Jack manages to drop a grenade really near their news van and runs away muttering "Shit shit shit..." just before it explodes, killing both Geoff and Ryan.
      Jack: "That was... uhh... Welp... my bad."
      • When a new van needs to be spawned, Ryan goes to get it and ends up hopping into the Lads' van, asking Michael to take him over to it. Michael obliges... then finds out that the van was parked just 315 feet away and Ryan decided to be lazy.
  • "Fly 'n' Chat Mystery Play"
    • Geoff decides that they're not going to tell us what they're doing. Hence Mystery Play. note 
    • Ryan goes to land a jet on the runaway at the airport at night, only to realise Gavin is right in front of him. He only just clears the Brit who had no idea Ryan was behind him. His next attempt takes the landing gear off the Besra.
    • Ryan's attempt to flip his jet upside down during one of his attempts leads to him smashing into a building in front of Geoff who loves it.
      • Then one of Gavin's attempts sees him bouncing his corpse off it. Geoff loves that one too.
    • Ray has an attempt that crashes his jet and sees his corpse go sailing upwards.
    • The talk about the new iPhone leads to this:
      Gavin: "Let me drop your phone right now Ryan."
      Ryan: "It's already broken... [Beat] Ha! I pre-dropped it bitch!"
    • Ryan's discovery that he's not everyone's arch-nemesis.
      Ryan: "I thought I was killing at an optimum level..."
  • "Halloween Havoc"
    • Ryan accidentally sends everyone to his garage instead of kicking them out of his apartment.
      Ryan: "Look at all my cars!"
    • They go to get masks and clothing for costumes. Ryan simply takes his mask and facepaint off and dresses normally. Gavin doesn't even recognise him. Makes no difference to his actions though.
    • They gather to show off their costumes, and someone asks "Where's Ryan?" Cue Ryan's arrival in a car that knocks them over.
      Ryan: "I've arrived!"
    • They play 'Boo', seeing if they can make Non Player Characters scared. It begins with knocking them down, then knives get involved, the cops arrive and suddenly rockets appear...
    • They arrive at the golf course lake to play 'Bobbing For your Lives', Jack is killed and while they're waiting Ryan shoots off a firework that knocks over Michael and Gavin. The fire it leaves behind catches Geoff, then Gavin, then Michael on fire causing them all to jump into the lake... then Jack arrives in a pink car and launches it into the lake, off of the one rock that Geoff was climbing up to get out of the lake.
      • And the fire keeps on burning!
    • Gavin douses the Crew-mobile in gasoline. Ryan shoots it to set it on fire before they set off in it. It doesn't end well.
  • "Super Stunt"
    • All of the attempts to jump the helicopter and jet is both brutal and hilarious, watching the Lads slam into the helicopter and get diced by its blades.
    • The team starts talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate child, which veers off into talking about trying to remember the name of the movie Junior. However, Gavin's accent gets in the way, making it sound like he said Juno instead!
    • A bit of unnoticed Tempting Fate at the end:
    Geoff: We've gotten a lot better at driving and flying.
    Gavin: (drives a plane, on the ground, slowly, into a rock and blows up)
    • Geoff getting knocked over repeatedly by coming into contact with the tail of the chopper.
  • "Monster Truck Madness"
    • Geoff declares that this Let's Play is so American, that Gavin couldn't participate.
    • While setting up for the match, Michael discovers he's still "invisible" (wearing all black). Ryan declares he looks more spookier than he does.
    • After losing his truck, Ray respawns and gets run over at the same time hitting an explosive which sends his body arcing up into the air.
    • During the match, Jack is flipped out of the ring, leaving "Team Same Desk" (Ryan and Lindsay) left. When Jack attempts to get back in by driving over the fence, the gang has a good laugh over how he looked - like a whale breaching the water.
    • While he and Jack are bullying Lindsay Ryan stops thinking about what he's saying:
      Ryan: "Lunch money, Lunch money! I want your milk!"
      Lindsay: "... Uhh..."
      Geoff: "What?"
      Michael: (about to laugh) "God..."
      Ryan: "You know, like..."
      (the others start laughing)
      Ryan: "... I can see how could have been misconstrued! Lunch room, lunch room milk."
    • Later Geoff says that there's a "lot of things you can do with animals" and the others tell him he's stolen Ryan's line. They then revisit the milk slip-up earlier and talk about scaring animals into giving them milk. Ryan simply comments you need to be quick enough to get the pail under them.
  • "Crazy Taxi"
    • There's an actual 'plot' to this Let's Play. Jack apparently owes the Lads money and is trying to make it back with taxi fares. On the other side... Ray owes Geoff $20.
      • Then there's the bonus round: a limo and three helicopters.
    • Ryan gets on top of a helicopter's blades and asks someone to turn it on. Gavin obliges, turning Ryan's avatar into a red mist before flinging it off towards Ray.
    • Jack gets 'good behaviour' money just as he's running over a dead cop.
    • They begin to talk about triangles, and Gavin asks Ryan his favorite edge of a triangle. Ryan says the hypotenuse, Gavin approves while Jack says that's not an edge.
      Ryan: "Jack, stop being obtuse."
      (minor groans and laughs)
      Jack: "You're just being acute."
      (more groans)
      Ryan: "Ahhh... it got worse...!"
    • When describing the 'fare' to Jack Geoff calls Ryan an 'angry science nerd'.
      • Ryan changes his typical skull for his raccoon/'friendly' mask.
    • Jack decides to turn the taxi rides into an episode of 'Cash Cab'. All while ignoring the Lads who are doing their best to stop him getting anywhere.
    • When the Lads are having their turn as 'taxi', Gavin as dispatch contacts Ray and asks how he's doing and at that very second Ray falls off the bridge.
      Gavin: "I'm sorry I asked."
    • Ryan's mind wanders a bit.
      Michael: "It's Officer Rye-bread! Cheese it!"
      Ryan: "... I like Cheez-its."
    • Geoff puts on a strange voice to pretend to be a fare. Jack as dispatch tells Ryan "apparently you're picking up Beetlejuice."
    • Ryan comments that the bonus round might actually be quite easy as the limo is really fast and the copters can't really hit him while he's not in the open. Gavin seems to take that as a challenge and dive-bombs Ryan just as he finishes making his point. He died on impact but it worked and sent Ryan flying!
    • In the Alternate Takes video of this episode, Geoff tells a story of when Gavin and Griffon fell asleep while watching rom-coms with a pizza in the oven and he awoke to what he calls "eighty-six thousand pounds-worth of smoke".
    • Again from the Alternate Takes, Ryan flubs a couple of pronunciations and the rest of the guys start ribbing him for it. Gavin is inevitably pulled into the argument and everyone else starts saying that he has no right to be talking about flubbing words, what with his Gavinese and all. Indignant, Gavin tries to defend himself... and immediately proves everyone's point for them.
      Gavin: "I have more word-knowledge vocabulary th-"
  • "First Person Free Play"
    • Ryan and Lindsay are in the same car, with Ryan driving into all sorts of things and speeding through traffic. Lindsay says Ryan had said he'd take her for a casual drive, Ryan responds "This is casual for me!"
    • Three words. First-person Fuck Train.
    • The new perspective puts things in a new light for them all.
      Ryan: (while shooting police) "I mean I'm still doing it but it feels meaner!"
    • Driving in first-person is fun. Being a passenger in first-person is terrifying.
      Ryan: "Tree! Bush! Sky!"
    • Jack lands a helicopter on a slope to pick up Ryan and Geoff. Ryan gets in fine, Geoff takes a tumble before he's able to get in.
      • Then, as they're taking off, Jack gets a phone call and accidentally throws himself out.
    • Being in first-person seems to make Jack somewhat giddy. He takes plenty of opportunities to shoot, blow up and otherwise hurt his fellow AH members.
    • Geoff tries to take off in a seaplane, missing the runway, bumping across the scrubland and almost hitting a train.
    • Ryan parachutes into an antennae.
    • Geoff starts an event on top of Mount Chiliad. For some reason Ray's car starts upside down.
  • "Top Fun Times"
    • As the group wait for the game to start, Gavin inexplicably manages to get several Achievements, including ones for reaching level 50 and 100 online, even though he's only level 41. Ryan is particularly salty about this.
      Ryan: I worked for it Gavin. You got it for free!
      Gavin: It's my last name!
    • Upon seeing his avatar's face and open mouth Gavin leans back from his mic and shouts "Close your mouth!"
    • Gavin somehow manages to stupid his way to victory twice, using such incomprehensible strategies (mostly involving crashing into things.) He's so unable to stay on the road - or on his bike - that he foils all Jack's attempts to lock onto him and Jack eventually crashes his jet in a (failed) attempt to kill him.
      Jack: Where the fuck'd he go? You were supposed to be right in front of me! You had a straight road, and yet somehow you were gone!
      Jack: I'm going to park this plane, get out, and murder you.
      • After repeated crashes, Gavin comes to the sad realization that his bike is now broken... which leads to him hiding in a large metal shipping crate, causing everyone spectating him to go nuts. Meanwhile Jack, who can't see a thing from his jet, is just blindly strafing the city.
      Jack: Where the hell is he?
    • In a call back to the "making a triangle with three 90-degree angles" momentnote , Ryan states "I don't care how you bend those numbers, you can't make a triangle." This prompts Gavin to say you can make a five sided triangle.
      Lindsay: (confused) That's... called... a pentagon...
      Ryan: (deadpan) No, Gavin.
      Lindsay: What?
    • Lindsay loses her hair.
      • And Jack spontaneously gains a shiner.
    • When teams switch and it's Ryan and Gavin on bikes they set off towards a hill and Gavin tells Ryan to go straight over it; next thing he sees is Ryan's avatar go flying across his first-person pov.
    • The "polka" version of "Get Low"
    • When Gavin first takes to the air, Jack sets the survival over/under at a minute. Gavin survives... for about a minute fifteen... and that's largely because they hadn't found the others until then.
      • And even then, Gavin died because he accidentally knocked off a wing and began spinning to his death... and he didn't know what was going on.
      • Unfortunately for the runners, that leaves them alone with Ryan.
        Geoff: (Watching Jack get blown to pieces) Aw, shit. I forgot: Ryan's competent. OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING-
  • "Things We Did"
    • Jack shows why he's the pilot ace of the team by flying low enough to the ground to knock out Ray's feet from under him without crashing into the ground. Twice.
      • Then he keeps himself in the air with only one wing.
    • The first activity they try, Bottleneck Race, is actually easier in first-person to their surprise. Doesn't stop them going splat though.
    • An attempt to play Frogger goes awry when Ryan gets a star, resulting in a massive traffic pile-up on the freeway.
      • Bodies pile up on the freeway and NPCs just drive over them.
      Jack: Everyone's just running over these dead bodies!
      Ray: Well there's a traffic jam, you gotta get through it.
      Lindsay: They're just like "Ooh, speed bumps!"
      • At one point Jack is observing a policeman NPC who is striking a pose while looking down at another dead NPC as if he's proud of what he did. Then a random truck moves forward, knocking the policeman over and Jack loses it completely.
    • They do a Downhill Jam. Ryan and Ray get a bit too close to the edge and start early, both chorusing "No no no no no!" as they slowly lose control of their momentum.
    • Ryan collects a helicopter in first-person mode and instantly crashes it into a telephone line.
    • Ray doing the air hump taunt while watching a train pass by.
      Ray: Look! I'm just like you. Father? (cracking up laughing) Is that you?
  • "Tales From the Internet"
    • Not even ten seconds into the Let's Play and Geoff proceeds to run into the tailblades of Lindsay's helicopter.
    • Their first activity involves Jack driving towards them in an army jeep. Their first run gets complicated when Michael finally reaches them in the AH-mobile and drives with Jack down the beach.
    • Ghost Ray finally breaks into another series as Michael's camera starts seeing Ray's character in a dead position, moving as Ray moves around. When Michael tells them what he's seeing, Ray starts running around the beach making shapes as Michael freaks out.
      Ray: "I'm makin' a square! Ghost geometry!"
    • On the way to the second activity, Ryan and Lindsay hold on to the outside of the Achievement Hunter mobile, which is being carried by a cargobob. Halfway there they fall off and Ryan is killed. The game blames Michael (who was at the wheel of the car) for his death.
    • Lindsay repeatedly failing to ramp her bicycle into a pickup truck for the second activity, something which Ryan, Geoff and Michael had flawlessly done prior. She takes so long in doing so that Ray (who was a mile and a half away) is able to catch up to her.
  • "Santa's Delivery Service"
    • This Let's Play is Gavin's idea. However besides the basic concept he's forgotten all the details so asks Geoff to tell him so he can tell the others.
    • As with last year they get festively dressed. Also as with last year, it takes a few attempts to get the group photo .
    • They start singing Christmas carols. Gavin starts the 'Batman smells' version of Jingle Bells and the other five join in enthusiastically.
    • The 'presents' they deliver are live grenades. The first delivery sees Ryan get stuck on the chimney and get blown up. As Jack's POV shows it was a very dramatic shot of a penguin trying to escape the explosion.
    • Gavin attempts to take a stunt plane to make one of their deliveries but Ryan who was in the distance and also running for it decides "Nope." and uses his rocket launcher to blow up plane and Brit. They then joke then when Geoff told them "Don't kill." earlier, all Ryan heard was the second word.
      Gavin: (angry) "RYAN!"
      Ryan: (cheerfully) "Merry Christmas!"
      • He then flies over another one to give to Gavin, but has trouble stopping when he lands and clotheslines Gavin's character with a wing.
    • The Gents' attempts to land a boat on the house results in a couple of Epic Fails. First Jack picks up a submersible and puts it down in the street for Geoff to get into. The instant he gets in, a car bumps it and causes it to explode. Then Jack tries to go pick up a speedboat and somehow drowns the cargo bob.
  • "Crime Lord"
    • Geoff is once again adamant that this idea is Ryan's. Not his, Ryan's idea.
    • Ryan blows up the cars before they start. The wreckage of one rolls into Geoff and Gavin's POV on fire and makes Jack laugh before it sets Gavin alight.
      • As they all start to explode and such, the crew are all yelling as they run for cover, and Michael quips "Yeah, I'm the loud one."
      • Once again Ryan manages to set a fire that just won't go out, on top of a puddle in the rain no less. Gavin's attempts to douse the flames with a cop car just ends up giving the car flaming wheels and eventually blowing it up with Gavin inside, which the game credits Ryan with as a kill.
    • Yet again, Gavin gets mugged. The mugger, however, chose to strike in plain view of a shotgun-toting police officer, and is immediately shot for his trouble.
    • Ryan's attempts to get them on track by saying "Crime Lord!" only to be ignored.
    • As Ryan explains the mission, Geoff interprets the name as "Time Lord", prompting everyone to start singing the Doctor Who theme.
    • One of the crimes is "kidnapping". Jack invokes Loophole Abuse by using the Cargobob to steal a car.
    • One of the crimes is "soliciting", Geoff gets to the 'transaction' stage before anyone else and so his POV has a big black bar with 'CENSORED' written on it blocking the deed. Then Geoff says "Millie, if you're somehow watching this on Youtube... Daddy's playing cards" and the text changes to 'CARDS'. Then he accidentally initiates the transaction again, and the bar reads 'ACCIDENT'.
      • When Gavin's trying to get a prostitute, he goes "I'm white, if you're into that."
    • When Ryan declares one of the crimes to be "second-degree murder", everyone immediately starts killing indiscriminately. This forces Ryan to change the challenge to "first-degree murder" and declare that one too easy.
    • The endcard is much smaller at the end of the video for some reason.

     2015 examples 
  • "Tales From The Internet 2"
    • When the others express confusion over the title of the Let's Play Ryan says that he took some 'editorial licence' with the title of the first "Tales From The Internet" video.
    • The first stunt they try uses a tank and an army transport and attempts to exploit a glitch to launch them both into the air. The attempts end like so:
      • The first attempt sees Michael's turret fire launch the transport extremely high into the air.
      • The second attempt kills Geoff, Gavin and Ryan without any launch... then Michael attempts to backup and sends both vehicles flying.
      • The third attempt works perfectly. It sees Gavin flying through the air with the debris, getting hit by the transport, landing without dying then getting flattened by the debris of the transport landing on top of him.
    • Geoff asks Michael if it's possible to hit people in the head with the tank's gun turret. Yep. It is.
    • The second stunt sees them jumping from a helicopter and aiming to go through the hole of the Liquor Hole sign.
      • Ryan's first attempt has Geoff look away from where Ryan's coming in to look at the hole... then turn back just in time to see the broken body on the roof before it despawns.
      • At one point Jack does a really steep drive with the cargobob and only just manages to arrest his momentum before he hits something.
  • "Bingo"
    • At the very start of the Let's Play Ray goes into hiding and starts playing San Andreas.
    • Following their bet from the Minecraft episode of the same name, Ryan goes double or nothing on his bet with Gavin not to flub any words. He loses again.
  • "Tow Truckin'"
    • Michael: "I GOT THE WEED!"
    • Hey, that bet? Ryan loses again. Not even two minutes in.
    • They figure out how to tow people, then proceed to start a tow truck train. When that fails, the game glitches out, dragging Michael into a bunch of trees while Ryan, who doesn't seem to have anyone hooked on in his screen, is just flabbergasted by it.
      • Meanwhile the three-man train of Geoff, Jack and Ray proceed to do the stunt jump into the airport while still attached. Then Ray starts snaking at the very end of the line, ending up upside down between the two Gents.
    • The delayed result of Ryan's yelling "That's a grenade!"
    • When they restart the map Jack once again shows off his skill with flying vehicles and crushes Ryan with a blimp.
    • With the restart, they all run to the tow trucks, and every time Geoff gets to one, one of the others grabs it. Gets to the point that he and Michael literally fight over one. One of the guys suggests blowing up the last one so that Geoff is left without one.
    • As the crew start their journey to Mt. Chiliad, Geoff attempts to get into three tow trucks, only to be beaten to the punch each time. By the time Michael grabs a fourth, Geoff is fed up and manages to pull Michael out of the truck and take it, only for Michael to reclaim it moments later and forcing Geoff to grab a fifth truck
    • The crew tries to make it to Mt. Chiliad, with Gavin asking what the odds are all of them will make it. They're all rather optimistic. tl;dr: They failed.
    • The very ending of the video. They're finally able to link up all six of their tow trucks. Now, throughout the video, these tow trucks glitch out badly with the strange physics they have. When Gavin tells everyone to floor it, it only takes a second for it to glitch epicly, sending everyone flying and causing Ray and Jack's XBoxes to crash.
    • Ryan's account isn't working, so he's forced to use Michael's account for this.
    • Geoff becomes a major Butt-Monkey during the second race, stuck at the mountain due to bad luck and Ryan being a troll.
      • At the end of the match, Gavin, who loses his 1st place position and is stuck at the very end, opts to just walk off the bridge when the timer reaches 0. Due to good timing, there's this excellent picture of Gavin with one foot off the edge.
    • The third race has the gang racing on walls. Most of the time, Ryan's being flung into the airport thanks to the Laws of Motion.
      • At the beginning, Geoff warns everyone not to make him laugh TOO hard, or he'll poo his pants again. At the end, Gavin attempts to invoke this by sneaking over to Geoff and hopping on him. Geoff promptly flings him onto the floor.
      Gavin: "Poo! Poo!"
    • In the EXTREME jumps map there's a jump that requires them to land on a suspension bridge. Ray and Geoff both miss first time, Jack and Gavin stick their first attempts (albeit with some bouncing off the metal beams by Gavin) and Ryan... overshoots. Completely and totally.
    • Video description example. The last few weeks the AH video descriptions have contained a link to sub to the channel entitled FREE EDGAR. Here it seems Ryan got to change it after posting because for this video it reads "Edit: NEVER FREE EDGAR"
  • "AC130 or Airbus"
    • They manage to assemble at the airport during the night. Ryan would rather do it in the daytime, but doesn't seem overly bothered. Gavin pipes up and says "If you want me to have an accident that resets our progress, let me know."
    • They're trying to fly a Titan with a tank on top. The tank though is just too heavy, and explodes the Titan. The second attempt goes much the same way and Ryan decides to leave the plane before it explodes. He leaves, goes through the 'down the stairs' animation... and as soon as his foot hits the tarmac, the Titan goes.
    • Quote presented without context:
      Gavin: "I can't get my nose up."
      Ryan: "That's because you're stuck in me."
    • Geoff finds Gavin's motorbike and starts using it to get around the airport. What he doesn't know is that Gavin rode to the airport on the bike and abandoned it when it was almost too damaged to ride anymore. The bike sets itself and then Geoff on fire, Geoff bails out and dies, the bike explodes and slams into Ryan's bus, setting the front tire on fire.
    • Michael and Ray spend a while trying to get their tanks through the airport gate. Ryan eventually joins them and jumps into Michael's tank as he goes to get a car from inside the airport to make the gate open, which he manages to do. Ryan then eagerly drives forward, completely ignoring the tiny car in front of him and crushes it with Michael still inside.
    • Jack goes to pick up Ryan inside another bus. The Cargobob 'carried vehicle in different places for each viewpoint' bug happens again. Ryan asks what Jack is doing and says that Jack doesn't have him and to just 'drop him'. Jack complies... and Ryan teleports to end up at the bottom of the river.
    • A conversation about whether a blimp can be considered a kite.
    • The build-up to the final stunt:
      (Michael and Ray have been discussing Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Anniversary while Gavin flies toward the Maze Bank Tower)
      Gavin: Alright guys, shut up!
      Ryan: Gavin, what are you doing?
      Ray: Are we still doing this? We're talking about Pokemon!
      Gavin: Drive! DRIVE!
      (Gavin's titan crashes into the building, killing him but propelling the bus carrying Ryan, Ray and Michael onto the roof and to a stop)
      Michael: OK...
      Ray: Wow, we landed!
      (everybody laughs and cheers)
  • "Chopper vs. Chopper"
    • Kerry returns, the poor Butt-Monkey.
    • At one point the two teams are involved in a gun battle on the highway. Michael shouts to Kerry to grab the puddin and go while he holds off the other team. Then Ryan puts an immediate end to the latter part of that plan by landing his helicopter on top of Michael.
    • Ray exits the helicopter to go grab the puddin and walks straight into the still-moving tail rotors.
    • When it's their team's turn to take helcopter, Michael tells the other two that one of them needs to die quick so they can spawn a second helicopter. Game begins, they spawn... and Michael is minced by the helicopter's blades immediately.
      • Then during the second set it happens again.
    • During the first round of the second set, Jack spawns with no weapon. So in typical Jack-style he decides to drive flipping everyone off. In fact, throughout the game all of them favour their middle finger as a weapon whenever they're out of bullets.
  • "Cops N Crooks" - the second version of the gametype map
    • The first can be summed up as everyone running around in circles desperately trying to figure out what the hell they're supposed to do.
    Ray: I think we are losing, but I cannot confirm that.
    • During the third round, Michael makes a wild dive with the helicopter and in pulling up the tail rotor sends an unfortunate lamppost flying much to Gavin's amusement.
    • The team consisting of Michael, Ray and Geoff decide to take out the planes the other team needs to win. Michael does it by diving the copper directly into the planes, which results in the chopper flailing about on top of the planes for a while; while Ray and Geoff pop out and get minced by the rotors. Then the helicopter blows up, taking the planes out.
    • In each of the three levels, Geoff, Gavin and Ray are respectively murdered repeatedly by an NPC. Geoff and Ray are able to catch on quickly, but Gavin is shot and respawned in a police car over and over while trying to get back in his helicopter, resulting in a massive pile of police cars by the helicopter.
  • "The Fleeca Job" - Team Nice Dynamite decide to try out the finally added Heists. This turns out to be hilarious.
    • Michael carries Gavin in a cherry picker, only for Gavin to glitch out. At one point, Gavin's upside down, his legs sticking out of the cherry picker.
    • Gavin (in Geoff's skin, due to his profile spazzing out) drives Michael and Lester to the heist point by going off-road.
    • Gavin repetitively leaving without Lester in the car. He then wonders if he can put Lester, who is already handicapped and needs a cane to walk, in a wheelchair.... and reverses into Lester sending the man flying backwards and everyone else laughing.
    • Michael, Gavin and Ryan busting a gut at the fact that the bank's camera already spotted their car.
    • While heading to steal the Kuruma, Gavin and Michael initially set out in separate vehicles (motorbike and car respectively) Gavin attempts to get into Michael's car, but is unable to as Michael's car is locked. By the time Michael has unlocked the car for Gavin, Gavin has gotten back on his bike and sped off.
      Gavin: "You didn't let me in!"
      Michael: "I love you. You're the best. I love being on a team with you, Gavin."
    • When they finally get to where the Kuruma is, Michael and Gavin drive completely around the parking garage, through an alley, and back out to the street to find the entrance.
    • Gavin's driving, which is even crazier than usual. On the way to the heist while Michael is hacking, Gavin drives off a cliff and onto a stairwell, knocking a door off their armored vehicle. Michael is not pleased when he gets out of the hacking.
      Michael: "Oh, come on! What?! You dumb shit!"
      Gavin: "What? What are you talking about?"
      Michael: "I'm looking at my car now!"
      Gavin: "Oh, you just reacted to that, yeah."
      Michael: "Cause I just got done hacking. This is the thanks I get for a successful mission? You prick."
    • Michael and Gavin's first attempt fails spectacularly when Michael realizes too late you can't shoot civilians.
      Ryan: "Don't shoot the people! Don't shoot the people!"
      Michael: "Oh, whoops."
      (everybody laughs)
      Ryan: "Really?!"
      Michael: "You were too late! The guy was dead and-"
      Ryan: "Why'd you just murder everyone?!"
      Michael: "That's what you've ever fucking done on our heists before, Ryan?!"
      Ryan: "Didn't you listen to Lester?!"
      Michael: "No..."
      Gavin: "After all that, Michael's the one who ruins it!"
      Michael: "That's true."
      Gavin: "Unbelievable. Who saw that coming?"
      Michael: "In a fraction of a second, I yelled "Heist" and I shot the fucking teller."
      Ryan: "It's a heist, it's not a murder!"
    • Gavin, who's job is to keep the hostages down, begins yelling at the NPC hostages. It starts with him yelling thing that would actually scare somebody such as, "Stay down bitch!" then cheerful and happy words.
      Ryan: "'Bup-badoo' is not scary!"
  • The Prison Job Part 1
    • Geoff's bowtie and Gavin's sunglasses vanish.
    • When Ryan is giving Gavin a lift Gavin asks Ryan to knock over a motorbike driver for him. Ryan does so and continues throughout the video.
    • During the fight at the hangar, Ryan shoots off a rocket that just barely misses the others. He is unrepentant.
      Ryan: "What? I didn't shoot you did I?"
    • Ryan is the one who takes the Valum while the others hold off the enemies. He makes great progress until he hits a shipping container with his wing.
    • When Ryan says that he's in the air, Geoff takes the chance to go "Still?"
      Gavin: "Are you in the air?"
      Ryan: "You know, almost."
      Gavin: "Ryan, I can see you parked on the end of the runway."
      Ryan: "Shut up, we're good." *takes off* "Look, there, I'm in the air."
      Geoff: "Still?"
      Ryan: "Ah, goddamn it..."
    • Gavin buys a gold-tinted flare gun - the Flaregun of Pimps and shoots it into the air just as the mission ends.
    • Ryan clarifies:
      Ryan: "I have the creepiest smile on my face... in the game."
    • On their way to steal the bus Gavin wedges his Bifta next to Ryan's car and somehow gets a boost from it as well as sending Ryan's car over the concrete divider.
    • As the gang begins to hijack the bus, a prisoner runs off of it and into the highway. He is promptly ran over by a police car.
    • Later Gavin ramps his Bifta off a rock and goes sailing through the air, watched by Ryan and Geoff.
    • Gavin drives the bus up onto the train tracks, making the others really concerned about a train coming.
    • Gavin also drives through the hills, through a community of poorer people, crashes through the fence of the community, over another hill, finally back onto the highway, then goes onto back roads, and ends up flipping the bus onto its side after flooring it around a turn.
  • The Prison Job Part 2
    • Ray and Geoff have to steal a police car. When they call for one and it arrives, Geoff wastes time pointing at it and the car drives off.
    • Ryan continues to knock over bike riders for Gavin (including one where he spins the car round and knocks the NPC over with the rear end) and begins to admit he's liking it too.
    • Ryan and Gavin are on cranes over their objective and decide to parachute down to their objective together. Gavin faceplants on top of a shipping container while Ryan slips through a gap between two of them.
      • Then they both have trouble leaping a gap between two of them.
    • Ryan forgets that they're doing a Heist
      Ryan: "Where are you-? (falls off the container towards an enemy) OH NO! Oh god no! Oh no... (Wasted) Ohhh..."
      Gavin: "You died?!"
      Ryan: "I died."
      Gavin: "Ryan!"
      Ryan: "I mean- (makes death noise)"
    • The two teams have a little argument about who has the tougher job. The minute Ryan says to Geoff and Ray that they're not being shot at, a police NPC pulls a gun on Geoff.
      • Geoff dies from this. While Gavin is in disbelief Ryan is overjoyed that Team Love N Stuff didn't die this time.
      Ryan: "It wasn't us!"
    • The last part of the heist has everyone in suits. Gavin randomly asks Ryan if he'd like to one day dress in suits and go to pretend to buy art at a gallery.
  • The Prison Job Part 3
  • Humane Labs Raid Part 1
    • Ryan attempts to start the raid off with a rollcall, for which the other three ask why when their names are all onscreen. Then Geoff comes on-mic, causing the Lads to all ask where he came from and Ryan to go "See? This is why we needed a rollcall!"
    • Ryan starts singing "Electric Avenue" and Gavin talks about the unique sounds used in the song, comparing them to the sound of a go-kart that fell in a drain.
    • Their first attempt ends when Ryan accidentally throws a flare towards the contact they're supposed to be meeting and causes the deal to be 'compromised'.
    • Michael is driving them to the second part of the mission and chooses to enter in style, ramping their car up and over hills and rolling to a stop in the area their targets are located in.
    • Third part of the mission sees them attempting to steal a jet. When they get the one they're after, Ryan enters it and the others run for other jets to protect him. Ryan almost ends the mission prematurely when he blows up the jet Gavin's running for and almost Gavin at the same time.
  • Humane Labs Raid Part 2
    • Ryan tries to take a short cut through the back door of a facility. Goes about as well as expected.
    • During the first attempt of the helicopter escape, Michael gets killed when Gavin, who was piloting, might have been able to prevent it, but said he didn't hear what Michael was saying:
      Michael: "I am the closest to you in the room! And it's coming through your fucking headphones!"
      Gavin: "I tuned you out by default."
    • The tangents they get into while having the long drives between objectives during the next stage.
  • Humane Labs Raid Part 3
    • The episode opens with Ryan flubbing a line.
      • And Gavin's reaction to it is wonderful.
        Gavin: "Ryan... close your mouth, put your shoes back on and think before you speak."
    • The others ask Ryan to cut the reward more evenly, which leads to Ryan trying to justify keeping his 55% cut compared to everyone else's 15%. Gavin jokingly mentions that Ryan can have his cut. Ryan obliges, and reduces Gavin's cut to 0%.
    • While on the way to board the Valkyrie, the team spends time firing flare guns at random vehicles, and set a few bikers on fire.
  • Series A Funding Part 1
    • The video description reads:
      Michael, Geoff, Gavin, Ryan and sometimes Batman attend a fancy yacht party for Trevor!
    • Geoff's "Trevor voice", which has been described as sounding more like the Joker, Christian Bale's Batman, and a demon and Gavin saying that he's being sexually assaulted in the ear.
    • Gavin is briefly distracted by his character having somehow gained very tight-fitting jeans.
      Gavin: I think between heists, I got gay.
    • Gavin mentions, "Michael made me feel funny earlier." Geoff and Ryan jump to the natural conclusion...
    • The sheer number of fails during the raid on the boat, involving near about all of them.
      • The best arguably being when Gavin decides to descend rapidly towards the boat but misjudges the time he should pull up to make it look amazing. This results in the helicopter team dying in a fireball but Michael at least admits that it was a hilarious thing to watch.
    • At one point Ryan and Michael enter a room from opposite sides and inadvertently end up in a firefight with each other.
    • As they are finally making their escape, Gavin almost clipping a building.
    • The return of the flare guns.
    • As Gavin is landing the helicopter on a rooftop, Ryan jumps out early and takes fall damage that brings him down to half health. Worried he can't jump to the ground without dying, he stands at the edge of the roof to eat and recover some health. Gavin attempts to push Ryan off the roof, misses, and flings himself off the roof instead.
  • Series A Funding Part 2
    • The video description makes a callback to last week's.
      Geoff, Ryan, Gavin and Michael (Batman got busy with that whole Superman business) continue cleaning up the city in part 2 of the Series A Funding Heist!
    • Gavin convinces the others to use the large pickup that Geoff brought for the last Sunday Driving. He then follows them on a bike and despite being slower gets ahead of the others. While Michael is driving. He gets run over.
    • Michael and Ryan have far too much fun riding on the back of the garbage truck.
      Michael: "Gangstas fo' liiife!"
      (They both shoot their guns off everywhere)
    • More flare hijinks. Including setting firemen on fire.
    • "They don't pay me to think, they pay me to garbage".
    • One of the missions sees them making a run in vans with enemy bikers coming at them. Gavin and Ryan are in heaven.
  • Series A Funding Part 3
    • Another biker gets run over. This time it's Gavin.
    • The team is being thrown around on the road because their cars are so fast.
    • Michael aquires a vehicle after crashing his own into a river.
      Michael: I got a minivan. This woman just gave it to me.
      (Drives away, leaving a bullet-riddled corpse behind)
    • In an example of perfect timing, while Geoff and Ryan are waiting for Michael and Gavin to arrive. Ryan announces, "I think I hear Gavin!" only for Gavin to immediately zoom in from offscreen and run him over.
    • The rendition of "Don't worry, be Geoffy."
    • When they complete the mission to hijack some weed the cutscene has Ron refer to 'Tina'. Ryan cries "God damn it I just found who Molly was! Who's Tina?!" and Geoff loses it.
    • During the final mission, Gavin sees that Geoff's character has such a large neck and it quickly devolves into mocking George Lucas.
  • "The PC Grind"
    • Kerry, who is playing on Lindsay's account is described as looking like the visual representation of the brown note. Because of this he's nicknamed 'Brown Note/Orange Note'.
    • The first thing they do is go to rob a convenience store. All six of them pile in at once and point guns at the clerk.
      Michael: "Ever been robbed by six people at once??"
    • At one point Jack is driving a car with Matt and Kerry in it slowly forward, just enough to keep Jeremy from getting in while he jogs after it. Then as they go down off a bridge Jeremy starts running in mid-air.
    • Michael hits Ryan in a racer with rockets. His car goes to the moon.
    • During a race we switch over to... what would be Ryan's point of view. If Shadowplay hadn't been recording his desktop instead of the game window.
    • Gavin's not about to make strange statements but we do get this gem from Jeremy about his jet's missile warning system.
      Jeremy: "No! I heard it! I heard the doot-doot!!"
  • "Freeplay Hydra"
    • Partway through the video, Geoff and Ryan get into a discussion over socks, mainly how Ryan doesn't understand spending more than a couple bucks for socks when it's something that goes on your feet. Geoff decides to buy Ryan a nice pair of socks in order to change his opinion. Then it extends out to the rest of the Hunters.
    • Michael ends up crashing his Hydra at one point. On his way to get his, Gavin runs over Michael just as he respawns.
  • "Series A Funding Finale"
    • Gavin comes out with one of his pieces of wisdom.
      Gavin: "The sky is a bigger place than the floor."
      Geoff and Ryan: "... Huh?"
      Michael: "He's right; the sky is a bigger place than the floor."
    • During the truck driving part of the mission, Gavin is manning the gun turret on the back of the armoured van. While shooting bikers one the of the corpses somehow makes the van go flying, throwing Gavin out with a scream and making the van do a flip.
    • Gavin has been complaining about his character's walk cycle throughout the set-ups, and he learns something new at the beginning of the finale:
      Gavin: "I've still got my walk. I dunno how to get rid of it."
      Ryan: "Apparently that's an option now. Look, they added Walk Style."
      Gavin: "Oh, there's a walk style?"
      Ryan: "Yeah, if you hit the back menu there's actually a walk style."
      Gavin: "Oh, yeah!...Walk Style: Femme?! Who did that? And it's greyed out; I can't change it. I'm locked in to Femme."
      Ryan: "It goes with those pants."
  • "The Pacific Standard Job"
    • While shooting enemies on the island Geoff's character falls forward and literally seems to faceplant into the water.
    • Escaping from the island Michael is unable to sit down and gets shot to death. On the screen of the others when this happens his body goes flying straight up confusing Michael for a moment as to why they're all laughing so hard until they explain.
  • "The Pacific Standard Job" part 2
    • The crew seem fascinated with Jack's (female avatar) tight pants.
    • In their first attempt, Jack is immediately taken out by a car while crossing the road. On their second attempt, Ryan offers to hold Jack's hand when they cross.
    • Ryan accidentally hitting Jack at one point with the minigun.
      Ryan: "Don't be a wuss."
    • Ryan's excuse when he's killed.
      Ryan: "I was just hit by a really hard shot."
    • Geoff needs to use the bathroom really badly. He even asks Michael not to use language like "Shitball soup"... so obviously both Michael and Jack persist in doing so.
  • The Pacific Standard Job Part 3
    • As they leave the area with the bikes they are stealing Michael comments "I was kinda hoping someone would get hit by a car". He then hits another biker crossing his path, sending him flying off his bike. This would be funny in itself, if not for the fact that he is knocked flying further through the air by one of the other Hunters. Finally, he smacks into a car to end his journey, dying on impact.
    • On a future attempt:
      Geoff: (as they drive around taking out enemies) "Okay, so there should be one more..."
      (suddenly a guy appears from around a corner, getting hit by the car)
      Jack: (gleefully) "There he is!"
    • On another attempt, all is going well as the Hunters are shooting everything up, until one of the bikes randomly explodes offscreen, bringing the mission to an abrupt end.
    • The sheer number of tries it takes to complete this part of the job. Michael dies, then Michael dies, then Geoff dies, then the aforementioned bike explodes, then Geoff dies, then Michael dies, then Geoff dies.
  • The Pacific Standard Job Finale
    • The confusion over whether they can call the security 'bad guys' when they're the ones robbing a bank.
    • Ryan obviously has no idea what to call a group of bikers.
    • Poor Michael ends up falling victim to an act of God on one of their failed attempts. Geoff has fallen off of his bike and Michael has stopped next to him to provide some covering fire. This wouldn't be noteworthy if Michael wasn't lagging out a little. The cops are already blinking around all over the place from his perspective, but as he takes out the passenger of the cop car and is attacking the driver, the car warps a few feet closer to Michael and randomly blows up in his face. Somehow Geoff is left unaffected. Heist over, back to the start of the chase.
    • At the end when parachuting to the dingy they decide to see who can land on it. Ryan misses, Geoff pushes Michael out of the way to land with a faceplant while Michael ends up in the water and Jack lands perfectly then falls backwards out of the boat.
    • After the heist is over, they struggle to figure out something to use to perform an ending segment. It leads to Ryan shooting Geoff with a flare to light him on fire only to have karma bite him in the ass as he is knocked by one panicking civilian driver into another, with the whole thing devolving into chaos as Michael miniguns Jack to death.
  • Free Play Ill Gotten Gains
    • Geoff noting that he and Mica had never done a video together, only for her to correct him… And then be proven wrong and that he wasn’t in the one she was thinking aboutnote .
    • Ryan nearly crashing his jumpjet by shoving the nose of it into the first floor of a building he was trying to land next to.
    • Ryan is riding with Mica and Michael when he tried to use a sticky bomb on a car chasing them, and accidently puts it on their own car.
      Geoff: Where are you guys?
      Michael: We were close.
      Ryan: A little bit here, a little bit there.
    • Mica and Ryan end up opening fire on each other, and then getting into a ‘you started it’ debate.
      Mica: (after killing Ryan) You started it!
      Ryan: I did, I de- wait, you pointed the weapon first.
      Mica: Hey, hey, it was a friendly point of weapons.
      Ryan: That was- there's no friendly pointing of weapons! What kind of...
      Mica: There is totally friendly pointing of weapons.
      Ryan: You have never handled a gun in your life.
      Mica: That is actually super false.
      Ryan: Super false?! I'm pretty sure Lesson 1 was "don't point a gun at friendly people"!
      Mica: I mean...
    • Michael steals a fire truck, and Mica joins him, and they are trying to get Ryan in it too, but it takes a few moments before he figures out what they are talking about.
      • Later, Ryan pulls out his flare gun so that he could set NPCs on fire so that Michael can try and put them out.
    • Geoff buys one of the new cars from the DLC, and puts the ‘cheetah’ livery on it, with yellow neon ground effects, much to the horror of the others.
      Mica: What is that monstrosity?
      Geoff: Tasteful.
    • Just as soon as Geoff gets there, a mugger Jack set on Geoff grabs him, steals a dollar, and tries to drive off in the new car.
      • They set a mugger at Mica, though she proved savvy enough to have emptied her pockets before.
      • Muggers continue to be called on each other.
      • When the one Geoff sets on Ryan and Michael, they utterly destroy it, with Ryan molotoving him, and Michael using his minigun to roll the burning body down the street.
    • The ‘gunfight’ between Mica and Ryan continues when she comments that she needed to ‘shoot somebody’, and Ryan sees that as a valid reason.
  • "GTA V - DLC Missions"
    • Jack gives Jeremy some grief because his car's tires are not bulletproof and Jack only finds this out because he's driving in it.
    • Everyone making fun of Geoff's character looking like Abraham Lincoln.
    • During the second event, Jeremy and Michael go to steal a set of cars and Jeremy picks the one furthest back, forcing Michael to pull him out of it.
    • While starting the third game, Jack somehow gets a kid talking in his headset. Everyone automatically declares it's his childhood talking to him.
  • "GTA V - Alphabet Assassins"
    • Right in the middle of a mission, Geoff gets an Xbox achievement, only to realize that it is one for the Batman game they played in a totally different session. A few minutes later, the same thing happens to Jack.
    • Gavin taking out the boss that kept escaping by helicopter by accidentally ramming him with a jump jet while trying to shoot him down.
    • Michael comes crashing into a firefight, and offhandedly tells Geoff, who is his passenger, that he can begin shooting any time now.
  • "GTA V - Chopper vs. Chopper X"
    • Everyone laughs as Matt's character drinks his soda on the character set screen, then watches as it floats away.
    • The first round is full of Poor Communication Kills, mostly because no one even read the instructions, leading to Jack, Matt and Jeremy leaving the suitcase and Michael, Geoff and Ryan taking the suitcase and winning.
    • The "balls".
    • The second and third rounds is nothing but burning cars and bodies piling up as the two teams fight to get the "balls".
    • During the third round, Jeremy lets out a very Gavin-ish Girly Scream.
      • Also, in the third round, Michael gets the "balls" and hijacks a motorcycle. As Geoff and Ryan cheer him on, we get this:
    Ryan: Go, gogogogo, Michael!
    Geoff: Go go Michael—!
    Michael: [singing] --Rangers! Dun nuh nuh nuh...
    • Michael tries to end the third round with a "no-chute landing", jumping out of the chopper into the target. He lands just outside the target and dies.
  • "GTA V - Bounty Hunters"
    • Ryan is the first to get a bounty and everyone goes nuts trying to catch him:
      • Geoff attempts to leap off into the water duct from "Hasta La Vista", only to realize too late it's too tall of a jump and goes splat.
      • Gavin decides to use a Harrier Jet to chase Ryan. He decides to be sporting and not use missiles or guns. He hits a pole on his dive and dies.
      • After Gavin gets the kill, Michael kills him by ramming into him.
    • Jack is the second one, but his bounty is so low, they tell him to just kill himself and get something better.
      • In his hunt for Jack, Gavin encounters a motorcycle and proceeds to orgasm as he runs it down. It gets worse when the bike explodes and makes his firetruck front flip.
      • Geoff runs into a tree, causing him to yell "TREE! FUCKING TREE!" Ryan declares that it's a druid's wet dream.
      • Gavin's reasoning for not being in the last four Let's Plays? He forgot (to renew his green card).
    • Michael gets the next bounty... with Gavin sitting in the passenger seat. Gavin flubs this easy kill.
    • Two Technical Difficulties strike in a row - first Ryan is dropped, then Gavin is forced into a Heist.
    • While trying to get another Jack bounty, Michael realizes his in some slum area and mentions that it's like Midgar down there. Gavin questions if that's where Mogar lives. Jack mutters that's where Thor lives.
    • With a bounty on his head, Jack waits in a dead end and covers the access road with explosives. Oblivious to the danger, Gavin comes racing in. The bombs detonate, and...
      Gavin: What the hell was that?
      Jack: How did that not fucking kill you?!
  • "6-way Ahasta La Vista Part 1"
    • At the very start Geoff mistakenly says "traces" instead of "chases". Cue ribbing from the others.
    • The second round (in which Michael, Ryan and Jack are in trucks and Geoff, Lindsay and Gavin are on bikes) ends in a massive surprise victory for the truck team, when Geoff (the last surviving biker) pedals into the gas station end point, only for Jack to crash into a fuel dispenser, blowing it up and killing Geoff as he gets off the bike.
      Geoff (not realizing he's been killed): WE DID IT!
      Lindsay: Son of a bitch!
      Lindsay: You were so close!
      Jack: You didn't capture it! You did not capture it!
      Geoff: I WAS THERE!
      Jack and Ryan: (in stereo) You didn't do it!
    • In the third round, Jack (on a bike) hides from Geoff in a garden, knowing Geoff can't run him down there. Geoff resorts to waiting for him to move.
      • Then immediately thereafter Jack, Michael and Ryan are all kicked from the game, shutting it down and giving the win to everybody.
    • In the last round, Gavin attempts to escape from the trucks by jumping in the water, only to be caught under Geoff's submerged truck and drown, crediting the win to Geoff.
    • Then on Gavin's "Wasted" screen, it shows Geoff drifting down the lake, with his character's top hat sticking out the water!
  • 6-way Ahasta La Vista Part 2
    • The game starts with Technical Difficulties with Gavin!
    • The first round has Gavin hunting Michael and Michael is able to psyche Gavin out and fling him down a hill. A few moments later, Michael goes down that same hill, allowing Gavin to kill him.
      • Lindsay is able to pull Geoff and Gavin away from Jack and the two kill her, with Gavin describing it as being like two lions hunting a wildebeest.
      • Jack gets the win due to a series of mistakes on Ryan, Geoff and Gavin's team with Gavin getting stuck in the graveyard (and apologizing for disturbing their rest) and Geoff flinging himself off the boardwalk.
    • During the second round, Gavin proudly boasts that he has 3 kilometers to go. Ryan's quick to scoff at that with a dismissive "Kilometers"
      • Michael catches up and starts to flatten Geoff, but he refuses to go down, making Michael question "How are you fucking still alive?!". Also Michael keeps running over Geoff's bike to taunt him.
      • At the end of the round, Jack is able to run down Gavin, but doesn't kill him. Gavin evades Jack enough to get his bike and have Lindsay, who spent the entire round way behind, finally arrive and finish the job, declaring "You bitch! I've been waiting all video for that!"
    • During the third round, Jack and Lindsay take a shortcut, not expecting Ryan to follow and knock Lindsay off her bike, killing her. When he gets his semi stuck in the fence, he declares it was Worth It.
      • Geoff plays the same game Michael did with him last round. He botches it big time.
      • Gavin chases Jack down an alleyway only to realize that it's a parking deck and his semi's way too big too late.
  • "GTA V - Kamikaze":
    • In one round on the first map, Gavin attempts to do a Badass Boast by declaring that someone was going to "eat a cock", but as he completely misses, the "a cock" goes completely high pitched, leading the others to ask what he was talking about.
      • Also, Ryan, who lands his airplane on its nose in a handstand-like pose at one point, then scoops up Michael (yet still doesn't kill him) in another.
    • In one round on the second map, Ryan is able to kill Gavin without crashing by slicing through him with his wing without touching the ground. Ryan is happy about this until Geoff points out that this technically means that he's "still in the air". He immediately nosedives out of spite.
    Gavin: [to Jack] So, when you said "hold Right Bumper", I hit Right Trigger and came to a complete halt and— [Ryan hits him]
    Ryan: BOOM! [Gavin Noises]
    Michael: Nice, Ryan! Just Mica left!
    Ryan: I'm even still flying!
    Mica: [At Michael's revelation] Again?! Goddammit...! [Michael misses] Nonono!
    Geoff: Wait, Ryan, are you still in the air?
    Jack: Wow, Ryan!
    Ryan: [indignant] NO! Y'know what? No.
    Gavin: He's going nosedive just to spite you. [Ryan does exactly that]
    Ryan: Straight into the ground. I am down!
    • This exchange:
    Mica: [dodging falling planes] "All three of ya'll missed me." [realizing Ryan is coming for her] "No, no, no. No, no, no, no."
    Ryan: [dive-bombing directly onto her] "YES!"
    Mica: "NO!""
    • Later, Ryan tries to crush Gavin while he stops to catch his breath under an overpass, but misses and is send skidding down the road upside-down. Miraculously he survives, but as he's crawling out of the wreckage, Gavin rides by and runs him over with his bike.
  • "GTA V - Maximum Multiplayer"
    • The guys end up organizing some races with things open to the general playerbase, with races having 27-29 players. Just the sheer chaos is hilarious. And with the second race being a GTA race with traffic and wanted levels, it soon became more players against NPCs. The initial moments of the GTA race, as Michael put it, resembled the premonition scene of Final Destination 2.
  • "Let's Play GTA V - Titan VS Dump"
    • While getting set up for the next round, Ryan is confused over what airplane Gavin is in, thinking he somehow picked up a Titan:
    Gavin: No, I'm in a Duster, you fool.
    Ryan: "You fool"?
    Michael: He called you a fool. I heard it!
    Ryan: You called me a fool?!
    Geoff: I'm sensing tension from the incoming beat down!
    Ryan: I'm coming for you next.
    • During the second round, Jack crashes his plane, but doesn't die. He sees Ryan coming up and starts chasing him, begging him to run him over, declaring that he's Tienanmen Square'd Ryan. This continues even after Ryan is knocked off onto the highway with Jack chasing him in a car, just trying to get him to run him over.
    • Ryan attempts this to take a shortcut through a car shop's parking lot. His efforts are stopped when half a dozen Titan carcasses end up plugging the exit.
    • Michael, for whatever reason, attempts to parachute onto Ryan's dump, only to bounce off with a backflip the moment he touches it. Geoff promptly goes after Michael as he's trying to catch up to Ryan on foot.
  • "Let's Play - GTA V - Hunting Pack" - It's AH vs. Funhaus as they attempt to try out this new mode.
    • During the first round, which involves a Taco Truck, Ryan comments that they finally can chase down a taco truck and Jack isn't here.
      • They also comment on how Spoole is the Gavin of Funhaus. This leads to what their Portmanteau Couple Name would be, since it would be "obvious" that Gavin and Spoole would be shipped.
    • During the second round with the fire truck, Gavin (in the fire truck) and Ryan (one of the attackers), get into a shoving contest:
    Gavin: Eat nobs!
    Ryan: No, You eat nobs!
    Gavin: You're the one nibbling on the side of my nob!
    Ryan: I AM the one nibbling on the side of your nob.
    • During that same match, Ryan comes to the realization that they were playing Juggernaut. Geoff is at first indignant at them stealing their game type, but concedes they did better in a defeated tone after Michael points that out.
    • Near the end of the match, the attackers attempt to pin Gavin by the sides. He points out that it looks like he has a set of training wheels.
    • In an odd but appropriate coincidence, Geoff's turn as driver has him driving an alcohol delivery truck to a bar. Naturally, as in all matters relating to alcohol, he succeeds in reaching his destination.
    • At one point Ryan and Michael play 'rock paper scissors' (off screen), and they went through several attempts before getting a winner.
    • The final conversation of the video:
    Geoff: I liked it better when, uh... when I was winning...
    Gavin: Say it! Say it! You liked it better when you were on my team! Say it!
    Geoff: LET'S STOP!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Free Roaming
    • At the beginning, they're playing a King of the Castle game and Ryan is the King. He gets to the castle point and, in his best Nora impersonation, declares "I'm King of the Castle~!"
    • They talk about Queen Elisabeth and what sort of power she really has as Queen of England.
    • Their attempts to get into the Luxor and fly off.
      • Their first attempt goes south when Ryan, wanting the bounty on Jeremy, fires a rocket at his car, destroying it, the plane, and everyone around. Michael is pissed, declaring "This is why we can't have nice things!"
      • The second attempt gets just as bad as the plane is somehow damaged and, with everyone on board, it plunges into the sea. Most notable is Jeremy's POV, where he sees Ryan race out of the cockpit mere moments before the plane crashes.
    Jeremy: Uh— the windshield...! I see... badness!
    • During the Bail Challenge, Gavin spots a large hill he wants to bail from. Excitedly, he declares "Oh, this might be good. This might be good" before he hits a tree that kills his momentum. Michael and Ryan turn on their Sarcasm Mode with the former asking "Was it good?" and the latter asking "Are you in first place?"
      • After said event, Michael ends up in the military base and proceeds to steal a tank. During his rampage, he finds Geoff and proceeds to run him over while he's in his car. Once Michael pulls away, everyone's in complete disbelief that not only is Geoff still alive, but his car has been crushed into the ground.
    • Gavin gets a delivery truck just as Geoff sends a mugger after him. As Geoff tries get in, the mugger catches up to Gavin and pulls him out just as Geoff gets to the truck again. In a strange turn of events, Gavin gets up, pulls the mugger back out, attempts to get back into the driver's seat, only to be blocked by Geoff, who causes Gavin to slump to the ground.
    • As the jet conks out again, this time at altitude, they all go to bail out, but Gavin had just started to drink from the built-in champagne, and the game insisted on him finishing the animation sequence before it would allow him to bail out of the plane.
      • Earlier, as he was drinking, the game switched from him using a glass to him drinking straight from the bottle.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - On The Prowl
    • The team discuss the wonders of Roman numerals... and are confused as to why "3" isn't written as "IIIV" like 8 is written "VIII".
    • During Jeremy's turn as the truck driver, we cut to Jeremy's footage after Ryan rammed into a tree and Gavin smashed into him. Or it would have, had Technical Difficulties not set in.
    Jeremy's footage was 7 seconds long. His computer was summarily executed.
    • Gavin and his story about fire trucks. When he tries to make a sound as to what fire trucks made in England, they tease him about it sounding like a donkey.
    • Gavin ends up seeing a biker as he drives the truck. Naturally, he runs him over and very nearly tips his truck onto its side in doing so. This almost certainly would've cost him the match. As he does so, he ends up mentioning his Achilles' Heel and accidentally grosses himself out.
    Gavin: Aww, he's gonna be toast! Wet toast! *splats the biker* Oh, ew.
    • Gavin driving the fire truck, and wins yet again.
    Geoff: He's like an idiot savant idiot!
    • When it's Geoff's turn to drive the fire truck, he proceeds to go off-road, gets stuck by a hay bale and, when it explodes, his body flops onto Gavin's car.
    • They decide to give Jack, who wasn't there the first time, the chance to drive the truck, and immediately everyone suggests the one with the taco truck.
    • Geoff and Gavin are paired up again for the final match and Gavin declares they're "The G Team". Cue everyone singing The A-Team theme.
  • GTA V - Snipers vs. Stunters
    • Jeremy proves to be both The Ace and the troll in this game, many matches being declared by him sniping Jack while, early in the game, he idly pushes Gavin off of the platform they're shooting on.
    • Once everyone figures out how to knock people off the platforms, the cars go from looking like Free Willy to being downright terrifying.
    • Near the end of the game, Gavin finally gets onto the platform and decides to hop out and beat people senseless. Thanks to perfect timing, once Gavin's car door pops open, Ryan shoots him, blowing him out of his car.
    • The Stinger:
      Michael: "Can we not have Jeremy and Jack in the next one?"
    • The outro while Jack is telling viewers to click on different options, Geoff and Jeremy launch on ramps over Jack while Michael does an Unnecessary Combat Roll... then Gavin yelps as his car goes careening over Jack's head.
  • GTA V - User Map Play Day
    • Jeremy completes a jump down from a skyramp to hit a checkpoint then faceplants directly into the front grill of an oncoming truck.
    • Towards the end of one race an archway formed of tanks gets blocked up by oncoming traffic which leads to a number of crashes and amusing Wile E Coyote moments.
    • During the last map of the video Geoff misses his shot and goes "Doh" to which some of the others respond "A female deer." Then Jack provides a brilliant next line.
      Jack: "Ray, a guy who no longer works here!"
  • GTA V - Splat X (again), another AH vs. FH match
    • As the gang attempts to get into the sky, Bruce and Gavin hop into the same helicopter. However, since they're in different teams, the two of them start tossing each other out.
  • GTA V - Slasher
    • After a predictable first round of Ryan killing everyone, the second one starts and ends a lot better.
      • Jeremy attempts to blind Ryan using the flashlight. All it does is get him and Geoff killed.
      • The round ends with Ryan trying to kill Jack, who is hiding in the corner by the bookshelf. However, everyone's caught off-guard when Jack fights back, killing Ryan.
    • During the first round of the new game, Jeremy is able to kill Ryan, then plucks off Michael who gives away his position by hitting the wrong button and turning on the flashlight.
      • Immediately after, Geoff has to suppress screaming as he opens the door to the stairwell and immediately about-faces after seeing slasher Jeremy in front of him. Jeremy doesn't even notice and goes looking back down the stairs. Everyone else is trying their damnedest not to let him know he just missed Geoff.
    • Ryan and Gavin get into a discussion about light and how it works.
    • Ryan's second round as the Hunter gets cut short when Michael beats him senseless.
    • When Michael is fruitlessly searching for the others, he gets pissed off and shoots at a wall. He misses Geoff's head by a foot.
      • When the Hunted is able to get to fight back, Jack and Ryan spring up from their hiding spots... only for Michael to bip them both instantly.
      Michael: BOOSH! BOOSH! EAT SHIT, IDIOTS!!!
    • Geoff's turn as the Hunter ends rather quickly at Jack's hands, but just before it does Geoff states he needs to use his creepy voice. Everyone immediately assumed he would use his Trevor voice from the Heist series.
    • When it's Gavin's turn, Geoff decides to dive into the water. The game gives him a ring out for his troubles.
    • Jack's turn as the Slasher on the boat has him discover they have a machete as a weapon. He uses it to first kill Jeremy.
      • Gavin panics when he sees Jack coming at him and throws himself off the boat.
  • GTA V - Lowriders
    • No one can stand Lamar, especially given that he won't shut up. In fact, when Michael gets to him, the video quickly fast forwards through his entire scene.
    • To unlock the lowriders, they have to play through a mission first. The mission requires four people, and the Hunters split into groups of three plus two random players. Both randoms drop out during the mission.
    • The real fun comes from when they finally get their Lowriders. Even if they're in pain with how much it costs.
    • When Geoff is showing off his Lowrider to Michael, he drives by and somehow is able to get airborne.
    • The gang laughing at the fact that Ryan chose a van instead of a car.
    • When Geoff discovers how to pop open all of his car doors, he finds it the funniest thing ever. He finds it even funnier when he finds out you can still drive with them up.
    • When Gavin shows off how to jump straight up, the others attempt to jump over each other. It becomes a total disaster.
    • The video ends with the Hunters all lined up and popping open their doors all at the same time. Then a random player blows up everyone with a well-placed rocket.
  • GTA V - Offense Defense
    • First words of the Let's Play:
      Geoff: Fuckin' Mine
      • He claims he had Star Wars on the brain. They don't buy it.
    • The first race has Michael and Geoff bullying Jeremy while Gavin essentially prevents Ryan and Jack from getting far.
      • At one point, Michael hits Ryan so hard that he goes flying into a hayfield.
    • Ryan loads up the anime girl mask. He claims that these eyes miss nothing.
    • Second race starts and Gavin ramps off a hill, proclaiming "SHORTCUT!" He gets himself stuck in a tree.
      • Ryan chases Michael into a large ditch, telling him to get in the hole, prompting Gavin to ask "Edgar?"
      • At another point, Michael respawns and is able to squeak by a Gavin bullying... only for Ryan to Dynamic Entry him, telling him to "GET BACK IN THE HOLE!"
      • At the very end of the second race, Gavin is just inches away from the finish line when Ryan spins him around. Gavin drives backwards in a panic to finish.
  • GTA V - Slasher 2
    • Michael forgot to record, so scenes where he would show up are replaced with snarky messages. Michael doesn't find this out until 16 minutes in, after his awesome kill streak.
    • The first round ends with Ryan barely killing Geoff only for a panicking Gavin to round the corner and walloping Ryan with one hit.
    • During the very start of the next round, Jeremy finds the flashlight button and shines it on Jack, who perfectly times it to give him two thumbs up. For extra hilarity, the video zooms in on Jack's character.
    • After two rounds of the machete failing to make things terrifying for the hunted, they switch out for the shotgun once more and sends everyone into a panic as Michael mows down everyone.
    • Geoff opts to hide in a stall. TWICE.
    • Jack as the slasher is terrible as he can only kill Ryan before everyone gets Shotguns. He ends up missing Gavin twice... then Gavin loses Jack when he gets the shotgun.
    • Gavin's round has him wasting bullets just to open doors. Geoff compares this to the episode of The Simpsons where Homer gets a gun.
    • During Jack's second round has Gavin, Michael and Geoff in the stairwell, with Gavin telling them of "Emergency Plan Alpha", which is essentially "jump the railing and fall to the bottom". When Jack bursts in, they do this, but only Geoff survives.
    • The last rounds is essentially Jeremy overwhelming the Slasher in the dark.
    • The end has Geoff advertising RWBY. When Michael and Gavin say that they're in the series, too, Geoff says that he's the only in the company who doesn't have a part in the show. note 
  • Offense Defense 2
    • The first round has Jeremy ineffectually trying to stop Michael from winning as Jack and Ryan bully Gavin and Geoff. Jeremy seemed to have finally snapped, Jack jokingly thinks he's getting fired for how much he bullied Geoff and Geoff is steamed.
    • In the second round, before even the first checkpoint, Michael pushes Gavin, both of them defenders, into the hillside, flipping Gavin airborne. A few moments later, Geoff roars out "BIIIITCH!" as he rams Jack, sending the two of them into the river. Immediately following that, Ryan respwans where Jeremy is, causing Jeremy's car to flip.
      • When everyone's busy messing with everyone else, Ryan snaps at Gavin for not going after Jack, who has a commanding lead. Cue everyone going "You Eediot!"
      • Gavin finally catches up to Jack and Michael and attempts to t-bone them, but his timing is so poor, he misses by drifting between the two and gets launched into the lake at the end of his road.
    • By the midpoint of the video, Geoff and Ryan have descended into Villainous Breakdown, crying out "YOU....!"
    • When the third round starts, Geoff tells Ryan to channel his "inner serial killer and his outer serial killer"
    • Near the last stretch of the last round, everyone decides to gang up on Geoff who's in the lead, as soon as Jeremy sees Michael (Who's in second), he calmly says he has no beef with him and ask him to step aside, Michael proceeds simply by seeing how big Jeremy's car is.
    • The game ends very close with everyone trying to stop Geoff from finally winning. Gavin ends up squeaking by at the very end.
  • GTA V - Running Back
    • Jack is the first to become the Beast. They quickly paint him as the Beast from X-Men.
      • During his run, Jack someone lands his car perfectly balanced on a guardrail.
      • The ending has the gang finally catch up to Jack with Geoff trying to run him over, only for Jeremy to blow both of them up. Then it turns out this wasn't the game at all!
    • Once the gang figures out how to play the actual game, it devolves into The Hyena-level hilarity as Jack, Jeremy and Michael pin Ryan against a bridge and Matt and Geoff can't get their teammate freed, leading to Ryan blowing up.
  • GTA V - Adder Addiction
    • During the setup of the first race, Ryan's surprised his car is somehow in the air, while Jack's is in the water.
      • When Jeremy finishes, he lets out a Gavin-esque "FAP!" When Ryan thinks he's still racing, Geoff says he's still fapping out there.
    • During the second race, Jeremy starts humming a song, which Lindsay recognizes as being from High School Musical, embarrassing him. In his defense, though, he didn't realize it was from there. They all, then, discuss wanting to bang Zac Efron.
      • During one jump, Jack gets his car into a nice spin, getting Ryan thinking they were talking tennis, which devolves into a discussion of Prince of Tennis, which they all decide sounds like a reality TV series than an anime.
    • Laser-Guided Karma is in full supply in the third race as Jeremy and Ryan screw people over and get it in revenge.
  • GTA V - Offense Defense 3
    • At the very beginning, they flub the name of it, calling it "Office" Defense.
      • This is followed by everyone, for no real reason, suddenly doing the THX hum.
    • In the first race, Jeremy and Matt try to take a shortcut over a hill. They both hit a tree.
      • Geoff finally gets his first win the same way Gavin got his way back when.
    • During the second round, Geoff's able to pounce on Jeremy's car by sheer luck.
      • Jeremy takes such a commanding lead that Michael and Geoff take an Enemy Mine just so the others can catch up.
      • Everyone finds that the NPC are working against the players this time.
    • During the third race Jack's controller dies mid-event.
    • Both Jeremy and Matt have trouble with guard rails during the video.

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