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    Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV 
  • "Cops 'n Crooks part 1" has one round where Team Lads (Ray is the boss and Gavin and Michael as his bodyguards) are running from Team Gents (Geoff, Jack and Ryan are police officers). Ray and Michael are in a car (Gavin's in a different one, due to his abysmal driving skills) when suddenly Team Gents ram them into a fence. Ray jumps out of the car, and gets hit by Team Gents' car but he survives. Michael screams at Ray to flee while he struggles to hold him off. What does Ray do? He waits for Team Gents to kill Michael and then proceeds to blow up their car with an RPG. Then with the coast clear, he hops in Gavin's no longer useless car and drives away.
    • Later during the same round, Ray and Gavin decide to continue their escape on the train tracks while Michael keeps the Gents occupied. Despite the 3:1 numeric advantage and the fact that the Gents are sporting Assault Rifles to Michael's pistol, Michael still manages three kills to four deaths - and keeps them distracted long enough for Ray and Gavin to escape while still managing to reach the escape point before the round ended.
    • During the first round with the Gents as the crooks, Jack is the boss and ends up getting away from the initial gunfight, putting a large gap between himself and the Lads. However, Ray is able to catch up to him on a motorcycle after several minutes, and takes him down, giving the Lads the victory.
    • In another round where Team Lads are the cops and Team Gents are the crooks with Geoff as their boss, The Gents had just made it to Charge Island where their escape boat was docked and Jack and Geoff jumps off the western part of East Borough Bridge into the water below to get to the docks. Just as they arrive, Ray tries to take them out right at the docks, but gets blown away by Ryan with an RPG. However, as soon as Geoff gets in the driver's seat of the getaway boat, Michael arrives at the docks in the nick of time to take him down, barely winning the round for Team Lads. Michael even kills Ryan afterwards and survives an RPG blast from him.
    • In the first round where Team Lads are the cops, in a surprisingly coordinated effort they ambush Team Gents pretty much instantly and spray them to death, winning the round more or less instantly.
  • "Cops 'n Crooks part 2".
    • Team Lads manage to win the first two rounds, all escaping in the first one and gunning down everybody in the second- in this case, Gavin got two of the three kills. In the third, while Gavin almost ballses it up, he manages to get in a random boat and gun down a pursuing Jack, while Geoff ends up burning himself to death by accident. Gavin then outruns Ryan and gets into the helicopter, narrowly claiming victory.
    • In one of the rounds, Team Gents recovers from a BRUTAL Curb-Stomp Battle with an epic escape, with Jack and Geoff getting into the copter unmolested and Ryan pulling off an epic You Shall Not Pass!. In the following one, they track down Ray with relative ease and corner him on a bridge, utterly annihilating him, and while Michael gets away, Gavin is not so lucky, forced into a Last Stand in which he eventually gets shot to death.
    • In an early round with the Gents as the crooks, Geoff proves that he should not get into a getaway speedboat, again. As he gets into the speedboat, Ray climbs onto the dock and shoots him point-blank through the windshield.
    Geoff: "NOOOO!! NOOOO!! Every time I get in a boat!"
  • "Cops 'n Crooks part 3".
    • In the first round, Gavin hilariously manages to balls it up for the team by both giving away their position and driving like an idiot. However, it doesn't stop Ray from being competent again. He ambushes Ryan with a machine pistol and downs him pretty much instantly, using the pedestrian vehicles as cover. As Team Gents finish their admittedly impressive Curb-Stomp Battle against Gavin and Michael, Ray waits for them to pull up and utterly annihilates them with an RPG, roasting them alive in their car.
    • In the following round, Ray and Michael take advantage of Geoff's bad driving and waste Jack, blow Ryan up in his car, then pursue Geoff and utterly murder him.
    • In round 3, Team Gents escape easily, without firing a shot at the Lads, thanks to Gavin doing what Geoff did the previous round.
    • Round 4. Michael is unarmored and outnumbered, but with some good aiming he guns down Geoff and Jack quickly, denying them of two team members and their cop car. This is, however, followed by Ryan running Gavin down without breaking a sweat, then tracks down Michael and is only foiled from destroying him and the escape boat owing to a pedestrian ramming him.
    • Round 5. Gavin accidentally headshots Jack when Team Gents tries to ambush them again, but eventually Team Gents corner him and gun him down. Even when they do, he briefly forces Ryan off of their boat, causing them a bit of panic.
    • Final Round. The Lads take a wrong jump and wind up cornered. Team Gents rolls up to the edge in the car, simultaneously exit while readying their weapons, and Jack utters a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.
    Jack: "Murder Squad, let's do this."
  • In "Cannon Ball Run", Michael scores third place in the final round. Why does this qualify? He was in a flaming car that exploded a second after he drove over the finish line.
  • "Bike Bat Part 2". Ray ends up becoming the victim of a manhunt after deciding not to run into a melee. The other five try hunting him down... and Ray manages to stay alive for a damn long while, simply by letting the others interfere with their own efforts.
  • "Witness Protection" has a few:
    • Jack taking a jump and landing on the highway safely.
      Jack: "This is not a good place to goooooo!"
    • Ryan drives into Ray, launching him into the air. While in the air, Ray (likely out of panic) hits his trigger and fires his shotgun... and lands a lucky shot, killing Ryan.
    • After getting lost and left behind, Gavin comes out of nowhere and runs over Geoff, sending him flying.
      Gavin: "WALLOP!"
      • Making it even better and more unexpected is that Gavin's capture crashed earlier on, so his screen isn't shown for the viewers to tell where he is. And earlier, when the last we heard or saw of Gavin was seeing in the corner that he died, he says something that throws us off even more while still being believable:
      Ray: "Gavin, where are you?"
    • The Lads manage to win a round as The Lost with all three witnesses dead.
      • The kicker? Near the end of that round Jack was able to kill Michael while trying to deal with all three Lads. Who gets back first? A freshly respawned Michael.

    Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V 
  • "Free Play": After several failed attempts in VS #31, Gavin, Michael and Jack finally hijack a jet and get away from the military base without being blown up.
  • "Co-Op Part 3": Michael pulls off one of the greatest One-Man Army clutches in Achievement Hunter history, completing the entire second half of a mission the gang has already failed at three times singlehanded with low health. Highlights include Michael:
    • Running through the middle of a crowd of enemies and spinning around in a slow circle to both dodge their bullets and eliminate all of them with carefully placed shots.
    • Staggering up a flight of stairs at a snail's pace due to having only a sliver of health and managing to reach body armor moments before enemy reinforcement arrive.
    • Barely dodging several missiles from a pursuing helicopter, only to turn around, fire a single missile, and destroy the pursuer instantly without any fuss.
    • Parachuting down to the final objective to the cheers of the rest of the team.
  • "Train Hopping"
    • Michael makes the jump onto the train on his first try, well before anyone else.
    • Gavin, who's had a hard time making the jump, almost makes it. He then leaps out of his car to get on the train, finally.
    • Gavin parachuting onto the train, completely sticking the landing. For contrast, Michael, who jumped along with him, overshoots the train, turns around and hits it head on, dying instantly.
    • Jack lands a chopper on top of the train. Ray steps out onto the boxcar. Jack flies away.
    • For the finale, the boys set it up so that Gavin, Michael, Jack, and Geoff can all parachute onto the train together. Only Gavin makes it and Michael flies a fighter jet into the train instead.
  • "King Geoff": The fact it was an incredibly close race, reaching a three-way tie between Gavin, Michael and Jack before Jack finally wins.
  • "Rockstar Verified Part 3" has the three-on-three match end with Geoff, Ryan and Michael close to winning (24-23, victory at 25) when Ray pulls off two headshots and wins it for his team.
    • Michael Takes a Level in Badass during the Let's Play, racking up the most kills in both Deathmatches and winning the final race. He ends up winning the entire Let's Play by a point.
  • "Emergency Landing": Not only is Ryan able to land a Titan onto the golf course without wrecking it, he's able to take off afterwards with no problems.
    • Michael lands a Luxor on the freeway, drives it through a bending tunnel just barely bigger than the jet, and is able to take off out the other side.
    • Gavin lands his Titan on top of the mountain, takes off after picking up Michael and Jack and then lands again on a slope. Unfortunately it puts him in a position where he's got the engines full throttle just to stay put. To take off he'd need to execute a J-turn in a small amount of space and then take off without crashing into the mountain on the other side of the road and he does it perfectly.
  • "Enter the Dragonface" has Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Ray, and Ryan initiating Kerry into the Fake AH Crew with a variety of hilarious and utterly near-impossible challenges... but with the exception of parachuting from one building to the next (where Kerry had the disadvantage of being shot at and not knowing which building he was supposed to go to), he succeeds every challenge.
    • In the "Frogger" challenge, Kerry makes it the first time flawlessly. The next two times, he gets killed by the others. The fourth time, he gets run over, but still survives and makes it. (And on his third attempt, he practically made it, but was killed at the very end.)
    • The final challenge (well, final actual challenge), he pulls off so flawlessly that the others are left genuinely amazed. He's supposed to escape from "enemy territory" with a four-star wanted level, with no assistance from the others and no clue where to actually go. He leaves without anyone coming after him.
    • Also, throughout the video, Kerry is constantly getting attacked by muggers. However, pretty soon, he catches on and starts running over the muggers with cars as they approach - or, on one occasion, turns around and shoots the mugger with a shotgun before he even gets hit. He only gets successfully mugged once after this, and that was because he was in a car waiting for the others to pick him up via Cargobob, so he couldn't move.
  • Cops N' Crooks is back thanks to a fan remaking it in GTA V, and it is glorious.
    • First off, we have the fact that this is a huge Curb-Stomp Battle, with Michael, Gavin, and Ryan winning every single time.
    • In one round, in part due to Ryan's poor navigation and Geoff taking a circuitous route, the Crooks (Jack, Geoff, and Ray) are able to convince the Cops that they're heading to an entirely different target then they actually are.
  • Cops N Crooks (the second one)
    • Carrying the loot, Ryan jumps out of his cop car on the way back to base due to a joke by Michael. On foot and without a vehicle, he hides under a bridge and guns down all of the Crooks, including a dive-bombing helicopter. Sadly his moment ends when teammate Gavin gets into the downed chopper to fly them both off and accidentally eviscerates Ryan with the back fan. Ryan can take on cars, bikes and choppers on foot, but not Gavin's incompetence.
  • Chopper vs Chopper
  • Path to Insanity
    Geoff: I hit down to look and I saw Kerry's level. He's level 17.
    Kerry: Yeah. (right before Kerry guns down Ray while he's climbing a ladder.)
    • Jack spends most of the match attacking in a jet. Ray manages to nail him by calling an airstrike in Jack's direction.
      Ray: "OH, DID I GET YOU WITH MY AIRSTRIKE?!" Jack: "You got me with an airstrike!"
      • Ryan was just down the street, saw the hit, and almost got hit by the debris of Jack's jet screaming past his position.
  • "Easily Distracted"
    • Ryan managing to get a dying little plane that had previously cut out before up into the air and high enough to land on the back of Michael's dump truck and complete their objective was pretty cool.
    • The ending might have been a complete Disaster Dominoes, but it was an absolutely awesome one.
  • "Crazy Taxi"
    • Jack being Crazy-Prepared and bringing with him a bunch of notes and questions for the express purpose of turning his taxi drives into episodes of Cash Cab.
    • During the bonus round Gavin does a typical Gavin-technique of dive-bombing Ryan's vehicle with his helicopter. Even though he died on impact and had to get another helicopter it still makes this list because it left the previously undamaged limo with a lot of damage that even had an effect on its turning ability making it a Crazy Awesome action.
      • What truly seals it as an awesome moment is that just moments before Gavin dive-bombed him, Ryan was stating that he would likely have an easy time since the limo turned out to be much faster than he had anticipated and the Lads' could only ram him with helicopters for this round (a rule imposed by Gavin), which he felt was a trivial threat. After the hit, not only was the limo's speed advantage completely neutralized due to Gavin wrecking the back wheel, but Ryan was much more intimidated by the Lads' attacks and was audibly worried when Gavin rejoined the fray.
      • It becomes even more impressive on the alternate take: Gavin had been in the dive for a good 10 seconds, before Ryan had even started his temptation of fate. And he doesn't, noticeably, alter his trajectory the entire time and hits perfectly. That's an impressive feat on a stationary vehicle - and that vehicle was definitely not stationary.
  • "Top Fun Times"
    • Gavin's stupiding himself to victory twice. Unlike Ryan, Lindsay and Geoff, who all shot for the goal, Gavin used incredibly weird idea to escape, including trying to swim upstream and trying to bob and weave through buildings that his chasers proceed to slam into things. It's only when he tries to play straight (and the others get wise to his craziness) that things turn against him.
      • Made even awesome-er and funnier when you realize that when Jack tries to suicide bomb him and fails, he stopped right in front of a STOP SIGN.
  • "AC130 or Airbus"
    • At the end of the video, the crew manages to place a bus on top of a Titan and successfully take off towards the city. As the others are talking, Gavin flights straight at the Maze Bank Tower and screams at Ryan (who is driving the bus) to start driving before smashing into the top of the tower. Somehow, the Titan's forward momentum propels the bus forward just enough for it to land on the helipad and then come to a complete stop, parking perfectly on the very top of the tower to the disbelief of the crew.
      • Actually, if you pay close enough attention, it becomes a little more awesome: the only reason why the bus didn't fly off the helipad was because Gavin managed to (indirectly) aim the plane so that the bus hit the railing of the helipad's stairs.
    • It gets better, after everyone is celebrating that it was done, Jack comes flying unprompted and knocks the bus off the building. It did not blow up.
      Ryan: (after the bus lands on its wheels) Wheels. Down.
  • Let's Play - GTA V Heists - Humane Labs Raid Part 3
    • Gavin shows off some real skill with the attack copter in this episode, playing pilot to Michael's gunner well enough for the both of them to keep the security under control and then afterwards dodging quite a few inbound missiles by moving forward fast enough to lift the tail rotor out of harm's way just in time for them to zip by.
      • The entire team get one for being able to coordinate their efforts well enough to clear the heist on their very first try, and they're finally able to claim as such unironically.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The PC Grind
    • Even with a fresh low-level character Jack is still a piloting ace. During a jet race he gets hit with a missile up the thruster, but keeps himself in the air and continues to race and take other people out until he loses his tail and can't control his jet anymore. Even then he doesn't go down straight away.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - On The Prowl
    • Of the eight rounds that the boys play, whichever team Gavin's on wins the first seven. He's also the only runner to get his vehicle to the destination.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Snipers vs. Stunters
    • Jeremy and Jack end up being the best of the bunch, the two of them either being the one who snipes all/the most or the one who knocks off people.
      • This includes sniping people while they're in the air.
      • Naturally, the duel between them as the last players standing on either team during Round 7 is several minutes of tense awesomeness and lucky escapes. This (along with the Offense Defense matches mentioned below) cemented Jack as The Rival to Jeremy.
    • The way in which Geoff wins Round 2. Thanks to some botched attempts at Team-Killing from Jeremy, Geoff and Jack are the last Sniper and Stunter left respectively. With three minutes left on the clock, Geoff manages to NAIL Jack's tire, causing him to flip over and wedge himself perfectly under a large metal crate. With his car stuck and upside down, Jack has to leave before it explodes. But he can't, since doing so will make him a sitting duck for Geoff's rifle. Eventually, Jack decides to bail. ...right as the car explodes.
    • Round 10 is incredible for the team of Michael, Jack, and Ryan, the stunters. Until this point, the stunters have only won by landing on the snipers' platform and ramming them off. This time, Jack knocks Gavin off while sailing over the platform and Michael lands his car directly on Geoff's face before running down Jeremy.
    • Gavin's You Shall Not Pass! in the final round. With Jack sailing directly towards him, Gavin refuses to get out of the way and snipes Jack just before the car runs him down. And Gavin survives.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Slasher
    • Cornered by the Slasher (armed with a shotgun), Jack lashes out with his flashlight and ends up beating him to death.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Offense Defense
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Yacht Party
    • In a moment to rival even the Maze Bank Bus, Ryan manages to land a titan on the yacht's helipad
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Sumo part II
    • During game 2, Matt and Ryan force a 3-way tie by taking 2 straight games. The last round comes down to Michael and Ryan. They eliminate each other in Sudden Death but the win is given to Michael and Gavin.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - CockPit
    • Up until near the end of the Let's Play, Trevor does not own a Besra. When he does get one, Michael and Ryan decide to try and shoot him down with guided rockets and miniguns. Trevor pulls off some amazing moves and avoids all of it.
  • Let's Play: GTA V - AHasta La Vista Revisited
    • In Part 3 of 4 - Round 3, Gavin's faceoff with Geoff; then near the end it took Jack, Geoff, and Trevor to kill Gavin.
      Trevor: "'Scuse me boys!"
      • What makes Trevor's ambush of Gavin even funnier is that he did the same on Michael.
      Jack: "I won't kill you Michael." Trevor: "HEY BOYS!" Michael: "Ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow. THAT was perfectly timed!"
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Car Catching
    • The boys set out to ramp vehicles and catch them on the hook of a Cargobob. They settle on using one of the vertical take-off ramps near the airport. They manage it ten minutes into the video. With Gavin. Driving a box truck. Ryan then follows it up with a supercar ten minutes later.
  • In the first round of Let's Play: GTAV, Deadline 2, Michael is trapped between Gavin's trail and the wall (If you hit a trail, or your bike stops, you immediately explode). So what does he do? He drives up the wall like something out of the matrix, and lands safely on the other side of the trail!
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Cunning Stunts 6
    • Ryan, Jack, Michael, Jeremy, and Lindsay finish a race, in that order, within one second of each other. This doesn't mean that Ryan was a second before Jack, who finished a second before Jeremy. This means that Ryan in first place was less than a second ahead of Lindsay in fifth place. Ryan beat Jack by one-fortieth of a second. Gavin was only a few seconds behind them because he had fallen off his bike on contact with Jeremy at a previous intersection.
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Special Cunning Stunts
    • The second race, using the rocket cars, is another close finisher, the difference again being one-fortieth of a second. Having been neck-and-neck with Michael for the last part of the lap, Gavin slipstreams his way into victory.
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Rocket Bikes
    • The rocket bikes are awesome full stop, but there are a couple of moments with them:
    • Michael and Jack both landing their titular rocket bikes on top of the Mobile Command Centre whilst it's moving.
    • After having jumped from the top of Mount Chiliad, Jack makes it halfway down the map before having to touch the ground.
    • Jack manages to land his bike on top of the Mazebank Tower with nothing but the power of his bike. It's likely Gavin would have made it up too if he hadn't glitched into the FIB building.
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Pacific Standard: Heist - Criminal Masterminds (Finale)
    • This entire video series consisted of Michael, Jeremy, Ryan and Gavin going for the hardest challenge in GTA, to complete every heist, in order, setups included, on hard mode, with the same team and with no deaths. THEY DID IT.
      • Along the way they did have to bail twice; Michael called one in a Humane Raid setup and Ryan wordlessly jumped ship thinking an exploding chopper had killed Gavin and Jeremy. Michael's notably made the intro to a Best Moments compilation:
      Gavin: (in the Prison Break finale) "The codeword, and this is a test, is..." Michael: (during the Humane Raid setup 'Key Codes') "BUM CHEESE! BUM CHEESE!!!!"
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Chopper vs. Chopper
    • The final thing they try with helicopters and the rocket bikes is an impromptu race between five of them with Ryan chasing them in a Buzzard, shooting guided missiles at them. Everyone quickly falls victim to Ryan's assault, except GAVIN who once again shows his ability to avoid rockets in mid-air by ducking, dodging, swerving and loop-de-looping his flying bike over and over. True he didn't always stick his landings during this, but even Ryan commented a few times just how impressive Gavin's performance was.
  • A great moment for Gavin in Special Cunning Stunts 3, where in the third race, following an intense back and forth race (Which was a Moment of Awesome all by itself), he manages to get his third first-place win.
    • The race immediately after is arguably even better especially the nail-biting last few seconds, which ends with ANOTHER come from behind victory, this time from Alfredo, who had been doing TERRIBLY up to that point.
    • And of course you have the final race. Which is another intense back and forth duel for the lead, culiminating in not only another come-from-behind win for Alfredo, but thanks to finishing only 1/100 of a second behind Geoff in third, while Jeremy ended up in fifth, Gavin wins the entire playlist.
  • Let's Play - Geoff Bag sees a round come down to just Jeremy (in a monster truck) and Gavin (with rocket launcher). As Jeremy barrels down the ramp towards Gavin, Gavin pulls off a very similar You Shall Not Pass! to the one he got in Snipers vs. Stunters against Jack. He stands his ground, destroys Jeremy and action rolls under the giant tires of the vehicle just before it can hit him. As the Lad himself said, it might very well be the most cinematic thing he's ever pulled off in a GTA game.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Transform Races: Transformers in Time (#3): Three of the five races are won by Gavin and he goes to take another playlist.
  • Let's Play - Geoff Bag 3
    • The first map is intended to be a walking parkour map, but nobody read that part of the description, so they actually clear half of the map with the bikes they start with.
    • The last map is similar, but everyone knows what to expect now. That's not the awesome part. The awesome part is Andy, who after a lot of difficulty by the others on one particular section due to the way GTA characters walk, switches on first person mode and breezes through several obstacles after that. He successfully clears multiple sections on the first try, and passes the 'blender' segment by accident after Matt pushed him in.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Bogdan Problem: Prep - Doomsday Heist (#4)
    • Just the fact that the Hunters managed to complete the prep missions with some public players hell-bent on killing them is awesome in itself, but hats off to Gavin at 45:45. Jeremy is off the radar and approaching the base with the last Stromberg, while Gavin and Michael are flying their Oppressors and another player is trying to take all of them out with a jet. The other player gets a missile lock on Gavin, who's out of boost, so he bails from the bike, one rocket goes underneath him, and a second threads the needle between his avatar and his parachute.
  • Let's Play - Geoff Bag 6
    • Lindsay successfully finishes two of the races on her own. The first race, she manages to cross the finish line into sixth place with literally a second left. On her second race, she finished in third thanks to a very difficult ramp that only she, Michael, and Jack managed to clear.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Rear Access
    • After many failed attempts, Jeremy manages to fly his Oppressor into the open rear hatch of Gavin's Titan.
    • Gavin finally, legitimately this time, reaches level 100.
  • Hate Tunnel - GTA V: In a community race, Lindsay successfully comes in seventh on her own because she managed to pull off a difficult jump that even the guys had some difficulty with.
    • And a meta one for the designer of the final race track in the vid, as the group spent over a half-hour on the course but never got bored due to just how chaotic the design kept things.
  • The Greatest Mugger Who Ever Lived - GTA V
    • Pretty much all of the muggers would count as awesome, due to being random NPCs that manage to somehow outpace the entire crew for a few minutes at a time. Special mention goes to one of the first muggers, who evades the crew on a chase, then simply gets out and stands in front of them. He then very nearly defeats Ryan in close combat before being brought down. Any NPC who can almost beat down The Mad King is worth a mention.
  • Let's Play - Blimp Country - GTA V
    • Ryan uses an Ultra-Light to land on Gavin's Blimp for the ending. He just barely manages to bail out of it and run onto the Blimp as it slides off.
    • Gavin bails out of the Blimp with everyone still on it. As it falls everybody but Ryan dies from the impact. Instead, Ryan's character is thrown off from the explosion, flies several yards away, pulls his chute, and lands safely on the ground.
  • G.T. Aliens - GTA V
    • The episode ends on an awesome explosion. Matt and Michael are driving towards Jeremy, Ryan, Jack and Trevor who are standing in a line firing the ray guns at them to try and knock the vehicles away from their current course. Michael meanwhile is bored and on the previous run already started throwing explosives. What happens next needs to be viewed in slow motion to be fully understood - Since he's in front, Matt takes the first hits, causing him to lose control and start rolling. As he does so, Michael throws his stickybomb, which latches onto the underside of Matt's car. In the next half a second, the underside is facing the shooters, and Ryan manages to hit the explosive dead-on. This makes Matt's car explode and veer to the left, wiping out Jeremy and Ryan, while Michael's car gets caught in the blast, also explodes, and veers to the right, splitting to the other side of Jack and Trevor.
    • Near the end after a long wait of trying to get a mugger to arrive, Jack and Gavin decide to just play the part and drive off Mount Chilliad, Jack blows up immediately, but Gavin survives. In a twisted bit of irony, Gavin becomes the mugger and does a hell of a job getting away from everyone. Even after his car starts becoming a mess to the point it barely resembles a car, Gavin manages to escape everyone's car, especially Michael's Deluxo and Jeremy's fast car. It took Gavin's car blowing up to put an end to it, but he managed to not be captured and gave the previous mugger a run for his money.

With the elaborate planning and teamwork, it's no surprise there's plenty of awesome moments in Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V's Heist episodes.

  • In the original Heist, Geoff and Ryan have a very smooth getaway, successfully fleeing on their boat with no Wanted level. Then Ryan's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder kicks in...
  • "Gavin's Heist" ends up going completely balls-up, as might be expected with anything led by Gav. However, there are a couple "wow" moments:
    • The plan involves detonating a tanker between two gas pumps to signal the crew to bring in the fire trucks. The guys load up the tanker with 30 sticky bombs before heading to the gas station, leaving Michael to make a precarious drive with a cumbersome vehicle Made of Explodiumnote . Yet he maneuvers the truck in successfully.
    • The whole thing ends up a snafu because the guys are too far away to detonate the sticky bombs, causing them to disappear from the vehicle. With the police firing on Michael, Jack manages to salvage the plan by throwing a single sticky bomb from his vantage point, a roof where he's waiting with the getaway bike, directly onto the tanker, blowing it up.
  • "Ryan's Heist":
    • Jack fishing a drowned motorcycle out of a stream using a Cargobob. The only context needed is "Gavin".
    • At the end of the video, Ryan tries to kill Ray like he did Geoff in the first heist. Ray has one thing to say about that.
      Ray: "Don't you fucking do it." (shoots him)
      • Plus, in true Mad King fashion, Ryan dies laughing.
      • And on a lesser, but still positive, note, Ray leveled up to Kingpin ranking!
      • What may have clued Ray in to Ryan's plans was Ryan repeating what he said when he team-killed Geoff in Geoff's heist.
    • The fact that this Heist is more-or-less the first "successful" heist as someone in the Crew actually got paid. (Ray gaining $455 from killing Ryan.)
  • "Michael's Heist" shows how much Michael can be a Magnificent Bastard as he plans out a heist that ends with him being able to pluck off Ray, Ryan, Kerry, and Geoff and gives money to himself, Gavin, and Lindsay.
    • Just the fact that this heist is the first that is a complete successnote , complete with the planned deaths of The R & R Connection and Team O.G. 2.
    • Also, the fact that Michael was able to keep Gavin alive throughout the entire heist is something to commend in itself.
    • Michael and Gavin survive a five-star wanted level, the former for over ten minutes.
    • Despite a major delay in the plan, (Michael and Gavin couldn't get any money from the bank, so Michael had to rob a convenience store instead) the rest of the crew managed to work together and hold off the police long enough for Team Nice Dynamite to grab the money and get to their tanks to make their getaway.
    • Credit must be given to Michael for how he planned this- he had three plans overall in the event of each one failing, and In case Ryan and Ray managed to survive distracting the cops, their escape vehicle would have an Ignition Bomb (For those who haven't played Online, this is a feature for your car where if someone enters it, it detonates the car) planted by Geoff. Later, when he reveals that he intended to knock off Kerry and Geoff, he had Lindsay plant a Sticky Bomb on the boat they were meant to use to escape- once Michael arrived, she'd detonate. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong boat, so Michael had to shoot both of them, but even still his plan otherwise went off perfectly- well, outside of the bank not being robbable thanks to Rockstar not finishing the Heist DLC, but anyway.
  • "Jack's Heist":
    • Michael uses his semi to crush a police car against some security bollards, causing it to explode.
    • The fact that the Fake AH Crew was able to escape Fort Zancudo with two fighter jets.
    • Jack actually being able to land a jet in the middle of the city intersections in order to pick up the rest of the guys.
      • Also, Jack being the first Sole Survivor as leadernote  is an accomplishment. This really was Jack's Heist! (Too bad he got no money out of it.)
    • Although it ended in vain, Ryan holding off the cops for several minutes at a time was something to behold.
    • Ray's heroic You Shall Not Pass! moment. He stays behind on the ground, fending off the heat to give the jet enough time to successfully take off. He doesn't make it.
    • Really, Jack's Heist plays out like a real action movie. Geoff is the Sacrificial Lion. Ray pulls the aforementioned You Shall Not Pass! moment. Ryan gets separated from the main group and gets into a major car chase. Gavin dies by accident. Michael is dying, but gets to his jet just in time. You don't know if he'll make it into the air, but he does. Jack makes a perfect landing. Michael's is less graceful, but he makes it. Jack and Michael decide to help Ryan, but their hubris gets the better of them almost immediately when Jack's jet turbine takes out Michael. Then Ryan gets shot by the cops. Jack goes off none richer, but for one new fighter jet.
  • Inverted in "Ray's Heist". Somehow, AH's ace gamer manages to create the least successful Heist in the series thanks to everyone's mistakes. The only "real" awesome moment was that Ray succeeded in his secondary goal of having the Crew avoid killing one another, by getting themselves killed by everything else, including themselves in the process.
  • "The Grand Heist": Despite its abrupt ending, special mention has to go to just how spectacularly Geoff's idea of suspending a tank from a Cargobob worked. Every time Michael shoots down a helicopter, everyone cheers.
    • Ray, Ryan, and Geoff successfully rob all four targets, shedding a low Wanted level after the first three almost effortlessly.
    • For the first time, everyone reaches a 5-star wanted level on a heist.
      • Furthermore, almost all of them would have escaped... if the cops hadn't kamikaze'd them.
    • Michael getting really into character as his Mental State level rises, resulting in him becoming a Crazy Awesome Laughing Mad Tarantino character.
      Michael: WOOOO! [shooting down a police helicopter] BOOSH! THESE ARE MY SKIES, MOTHERFUCKER!
    • Despite the others doubting his piloting abilities, Gavin successfully takes off in the Titan, and weirdly enough their failure wasn't a result of incompetence.
      • Well, mostly. The plane stalled because he tilted it too far upright, but it wouldn't have been deadly if the police hadn't been tailgating him.
  • While not an official one, this video which dubs the audio from the Heist videos over the heist scene from The Dark Knight counts given how:
    • A) Michael tweeted it.
    • B) The audio chosen manages to fit in seamlessly.
    • And C) By having Ryan be The Joker, it manages to give Ryan a successful heist (with the Bonus of backstabbing everyone without consequence).
  • "The Prison Job"
    • Ray's rampage in the tank. For several minutes, he survives a 5-star wanted level by just barreling through and blasting everyone and everything standing in his way.
    • The sheer scope of the prison-breakers' plan, which includes, but is not limited to, the use of a limo, a tank, a train, and a boat.
  • "Lindsay's Heist"
    • The most successful heist to date, where Geoff, Michael, Ray and Lindsay split the money four ways.
      • It should also be noted that it would have ended with everyone alive if not for glitches; Gavin was knocked out of the train because it ran through a stopped cart (that apparently affected nobody else), which led to him dying as he tried to get back on; Ryan got run over by the port-a-potty glitching on his screen only and hanging outside the train. If neither of these had happened, Gavin would still be on the train and Ryan likely would have managed to get on.
    • Gavin managing to drop a port-a-potty from a smoking, nearly-destroyed cargo bob onto a moving train in two tries.
    • Gavin at one point is attempting to parachute onto the train, as the train is disappearing into a tunnel. He pulls it off at the absolute last possible second.
    • A meta example: this heist, being the most successful so far, is like one big "fuck you" to people who irrationally hate on Lindsay.

    Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto 
  • Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto V - "Front Flip for Style": Michael's last one has him leaping from a billboard onto a parked car and blowing it up.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Friendly Fire": Michael and Geoff basically manipulate a military base into killing each other, through clever planning which causes the military to take heavy losses - and neither of the players have to fire a shot.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Blender X": Goeff, Ray, Michael and Gavin all plan on entering a prison, get four wanted stars each, then lure the helicopters into a windmill farm and survive as long as possible.
    • Ray was the first one to get four stars and the last one to survive with a time of eleven minutes. In contrast, Michael died while still inside the prison, Geoff survived for two minutes and twenty seconds, while Gavin did three minutes.
    • At one point, Michael runs into a horde of police officers and starts mowing them down without any cover.
  • Things to Do in GTA V - "Stop that Train!": The image of the AH crew running along the top of a literal wave of buses being pushed by the implacable train.
  • Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto V - "Achievement Knievel": Team Lads jumping over ten buses and Jack in a fighter jet!
    • Ryan, coming in just behind the Lads, hits Jack's jet, which explodes, kills Jack, destroys the buses (which kills Ray in the process) and sends Ryan's car spinning in the air. He lands safely.
    • Awesome enough that the moment was repeated five more times, from everyone's different perspectives.
    • Earlier, they get a similar shot via liberal use of sticky bombs and, again, Jack's plane exploding in mid-air. Both shots are glorious displays of Stuff Blowing Up.
    • This was such an awesome moment that Rockstar Games commented on the YouTube video to call the moment at thirteen minutes the "money shot".
  • Things to do in GTA V - Skee Ball sees Gavin score 50 points by landing his character in one bucket and his bike in another. Geoff gives him both the 20 and 30 points because he was impressed that Gavin managed to do it.
  • Gavin managed to out-PC Ryan, just by simply pointing out that Ctrl + Shift + Esc is an easier way of bringing up Task Manager than Ctrl + Alt + Del. It's worth pointing out that, as it's eloquently described:
    Geoff: Ryan got out-PCed by a Mac user...
    Gavin: Dude, I used to be a PC guy. Suck it. Suck it.
  • Things to do in GTA V - "Kamikaze with Funhaus" has James's killing of Gavin wherein he crashes the plane into the ground in front of Gavin, survives the crash landing with the plane intact, trips Gavin off his bike with the crashed plane, and smacks Gavin in the face with a pistol.
  • Gavin being an absolute monster in Rocket Race. Racking up many kills one stands out in particular. He purposely crashlands his helicopter onto road while slides into Jack and Lindsay's Jeep destroying it and killing both of them. He is rightfully called an ace at this game mode and is also called "Terror Gavin".

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