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  • Let's Watch - NBA 2K17 - The Prelude
    • At Jack's insistence, they name the character SQUEEEEPS, pronounced Squ-eeeeeeeps!
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    • They decide to scan Geoff's face for the character - except Geoff has unplugged his Kinect, the last person in the office to do so. There is a delay while they find one and try to get it to work.
    • The resulting MY Player scan does NOT look like Geoff at all. The reveal sends Jack into one of his laughter fits.
    • There is a mass of unskippable cutscenes at the beginning of the video. Geoff manages to exit before it's all finished and auto saved the first time, leading them to have to watch it all again. It takes fifty minutes before they get into a game overall.
  • Let's Watch - Worms W.M.D. - Campaign Part 9
  • In the Let's Watch of ''Edge of Nowhere", Geoff unsucessfully tries to blast a monster with a shotgun. He misses, and alerts the monster, which cues a Scare Chord, prompting Ryan to say this:
    Ryan: You hit the fucking orchestra!
    • The guys discuss the increasingly gross sound effects the creatures make as they're disemboweled via pickaxe.
      Gavin: I think all the sound design for this game was done with mac 'n' cheese.
  • Let's Watch P.T.
    • Throughout the first half of his run through the game, Geoff's solution to the game scaring him is to walk backwards through it.
    Ryan: "Geoff's asshole met every darkness"
    Michael: "Do you think that, in real life, the demonic monster would just be walking backwards behind him saying "Damnit, turn around already!"
    • Geoff's astute observation as to the nature of the...thing in the bathroom sink; "It's the Reedus Fetus!''
    • Lindsay makes an interesting prediction of her future;
    Lindsay: "This is it, this is what my future is!"
    Ray: "Your future is Norman Reedus in a haunted bathroom with a fetus?"
    • Jack's very odd fears involving bathrooms;
    Jack: "Oh, there's a toilet in there!"
    Ryan: "Why is that a scary statement?!" (imitating Jack) "Oh no somebody forgot to flush, there's a floater!"
    • Another odd fear of his is bugs, he has a mini freak out upon seeing them crawling up the wall the first time and keeps mentioning every time he sees them.
    • Jack's interesting take on a suspended fridge dripping blood, accompanied by a crying baby.
    Jack: "It's a party now!"
    Michael: "It's a party, it's a fetus frenzy!"
    Ray: "This is like me when I play The Sims and get the fridge stuck in the ceiling. It's really bizarre."
  • Let's Watch: Slender: The Arrival
    • This time, it's just Geoff subjected to playing the game, with the (less-than) helpful backup of Michael, Ray, and Jack.
    • The video starts out slow but really gets going around 20 minutes in when Geoff encounters a living charred body. When he turns to leave, a picture of children playing flashes on the screen. How does Geoff react?
    Geoff: "(panicked screams)"
    Michael: "Geoff is such a treat when he goes to housewarming parties." (imitating Geoff) "AHHHH...what a lovely family"
    • Later they theorize that the (distinctly female) scream that they are investigating was in fact made by another Geoff from the future.
    • At one point, Geoff hears some very distinct rustling, and concludes it's coming from the player character. While standing still. It takes him another minute and another pause before realizing:
    Geoff: "That's not me!" (begins spinning in circles)
    • Geoff is trying to find the last note on the porta potty:
    Michael: There's bound to be a porta potty up here.
    Ray: If you had to shit, where would you go?
    Geoff: In my pants, Ray.
    Ray: Alright, that's... damnit.
    • While trying to start the generators in the mines, Geoff gets caught by the hooded person chasing him and enters the fetal position.
    Jack: "Geoff, your feet were tapping on the floor!"
    • During their second encounter, Geoff's bravery quickly turns to fear.
    (Geoff rounds a corner and comes face to face with the thing chasing him)
    Geoff: "Oh, AH, YEEEEEAH" (spins the flashlight all over the room before turning and running away)
    Jack: "I like that you focused the flashlight on the floor"
    Michael: "You hit all over the floor and then screamed 'yeah'"
    Geoff: (whimper) I'm getting really bored guys. Getting really bored.
    Michael: Do you start to tear up and shake when you're bored?
    Geoff: Yeah.
  • Let's Watch - Until Dawn (Part 7)
    • Geoff is handed off the controls since Ryan is absent. You'd think this would be a good thing since Geoff appears to be more familiar with the controls on the PS4. You would be wrong.
      Michael: I don't think you're gonna be able to press X any differently here.
      Jack: Welcome to the next forty minutes, everybody.
      • A few minutes later, Geoff is being chased by a wendigo and has to choose between two paths to get away. Geoff chooses to just stand there, allowing the wendigo to catch up and pounce him. In all fairness, it wasn't intentional... Geoff just forgot to hit X.
      • Later on Sam finds the hallway where Mike was attacked, and Michael hopes he's still there being mauled by the wendigo. He is; Sam rescues him.
      • Things go from bad to worse really quickly when Geoff gets Ashley killed by investigating the strange voice in the trapdoor. Then he takes controls of Chris... and gets Chris killed because he deliberately avoided the door this time around.
        Michael: Remember when you checked that door?
        Jack: Remember when you didn't check that door?
    • Later, once Ryan mercifully takes control from Geoff, he encounters a scene where Sam and Mike have to wade through a freezing underground pool of water. Once the cutscene ends, he makes them go back into the pool, and comments on the pointlessness of that option.
    • Minutes later, their reaction to the "full mental jacket" line.
      Lindsay: Thanks, Barbara.
    • Jack spends most of the Let's Play complaining that no one ever thinks to turn the lights on. When Mike and Sam return to the lodge, Sam finally turns the lights on...and Mike immediately flicks them back off.
  • Let's Watch XCOM 2
    • It's Ryan, Michael, Jack, Jeremy and Gavin in XCOM 2. Ryan's controlling the game, and each person gets their own character and gets to tell Ryan what they want to do. The game is set to one of the highest difficulties, and of the 5, only Jack and Ryan are familiar with the XCOM franchise. What could possibly go right? Highlights include:
      • Gavin and Ryan arguing over 'the hump'.
      • Gavin panics over a "giant pigeon" that was actually just very close to the camera.
      • Ryan's evolving assessment of their chances:
      Ryan: This is Legendary! It's scary!
      Ryan: (a few minutes later, after Gavin's first kill) Yeah, Legendary ain't nothin'.
      • Gavin's character being killed. One of the aliens later revives Gavin to fight for the aliens. Zombie!Gavin seemingly spares his friend Micheal in order to go after Ryan, and also fails to even injure any remaining troopers before the alien controlling him dies and Gavin dies with them.
      Gavin: I'm free! I'm free. I'm going to Disneyland! Haeegh!
      Ryan: Ah, He barfed on my shoes on the way out! Goddammit.
      • The end of the video. With only Jack and Ryan still alive, an alien (one of the last 3, in fact) shows up and mind controls Ryan. Jack tries to Overwatch and protect himself, only for Ryan to burst through the window, rush down Jack and kill him with a sword. Several comments on the video show no surprise that Ryan survives, or that he's the one to get a team-kill.
  • Let's Watch - The Park
    • The guys all start singing "It's a Small World After All" when the on one of the park's rides.
  • Let's Watch – Layers of Fear + Unboxing
    • Geoff is once again the player with Gavin, Jeremy and Jack watching. This means an awful lot of Geoff just refusing to look at anything that could be scary.
    • At one point while they're all involved in the game there is a loud noise that startles them all. Ryan tripped.
    • Turning on the lights at one point, Geoff spins around to find a painting right in his face and yelps. Then he registers that it's melting and screams again along with everyone else.
      Gavin: "We were scared before the scary part!"
    • Ryan comes to stand behind them at one point. No one notices until Jeremy sees him in the webcam footage and startles himself.
    • At one point, Gavin tries to distract himself by singing a song about "Friendly things, like milkshakes!"
  • Let's Watch - The Culling
    • Towards the end of the game, Ryan goes into panic mode when he's getting attacked by two people, with Jack loudly giving advice - both genuine and sarcastic - right behind him. After Ryan inevitably dies, he unleashes his frustration to the camera. Here it is in both animated and live-action form.
      Ryan: You wanna hear the dumbest advice any human has given another? Invite Jack Pattillo over! He's just gonna shout stupid things.
      Jack: Killed you with your own knife, Ryan.
      Ryan: "Arrrgh! Arrgh, just do something! Oh no, you're holding the wrong thing! Arrgh, I'm so much better! Arrgh, remember that time I choked to death on poison and killed myself three seconds into a Let's Play? Arrrrrgh!"
      Jack: Alright, let's stop.
      Ryan: Only it's fatter! (Everyone bursts out laughing, including Jack)
  • Let's Watch – Layers of Fear Part 3:
    • This part early on as they approach a table with a painting over it.
    Gavin: "What was that, in the picture? Oh, it was just a picture..."
    Jack: Oh, there's a table in front of it. You should look at it."
    (Geoff looks down at the table)
    Jack: "... The picture, not the table."
    • Someone sends Gavin a stuffed unicorn to keep him company during scary games. He keeps it on his shoulder for the entire rest of the video.
    • Geoff abandons his "ass-first into danger" approach after a ghost snaps his neck while he's walking backwards down a hallway. He tries looking straight down, then straight up, and then spins in circles.
    • Michael's idea for a Vine ghost that only haunts you in six-second increments.
  • Let's Watch - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    • Ryan is at the controls for this one and, against all expectations, he swears that he will finish the demo as non-lethally as possible. Any chance of him actually doing that, however, go right out the window when he finds a concrete saw to throw at someone.
    • Ryan's phenomenally poor aim with the saw. Or any thrown object. Or his pistol.
      "Quick, shoot around him!"
    • The rest of the "pacifist" run goes exactly as you'd expect from Ryan: using guns at every opportunity, double tapping enemies that he's already knocked out for no reason and panic-Typhooning every time he gets flashbanged, all while maintaining that each and every kill was "Non-Lethal". And as for stealth...
      Ryan: I am the night! I am the darkness! I am... *Ducks out of cover to shoot an enemy over 20 feet away with his taser* ...missing that guy, I'm missing that guy. I'm ah...
    • "Some guy down there is nonlethally killing everyone!"
    • Another unrelated to the nonlethal run is when Ryan comes to the climax.
    Ryan: It's an arms deal.
    Game shows a cutscene of a man selling cybernetic arms
    Ryan: It's literally an arms deal!
  • Let's Watch - INSIDE Part 2
    • They decide that the zombie-like people figures around the level you can control with helmets are called 'Husks'. During a section that requires gathering a large army of them, all three of the watching Hunters (Ryan, Jack and to a lesser extent Jeremy) all start going "Husk, husk, husk..." with the occasional other words such as "Ow" when Michael pushes a large cage of them off a ledge at one point.
    Ryan: *as Michael is trying to free the minecart husks* Husk Lord is mean!
  • Let's Watch - INSIDE Part 4. The reactions to the blob monster are hilarious.
    "Where is your society now? THE BLOB IS FREE!"
  • Let's Watch - Hitman - Bangkok
    • Thanks to a rumour Gavin heard, they spend the first part of the video scouring the map for a coconut. The moment they find one, they steal it and run from the bar.
      • They then find one of their targets a minute later. Ryan saves it and then attacks the man from behind with the coconut.
    • At the end, Ryan tries to kill two security guards at the exit with a remote breaching charge. All it does is make a small puff of smoke.
      Ryan: Really? Really!?
      Gavin: That was no Rainbow Six breach!
      • It's here that Ryan realizes that the breaching charge could've been used on the doors in the game earlier instead of shooting a fire extinguisher.
  • Let's Watch - Telltale Batman: Episode 2 (Part 1)
    • After Bruce finds out everything that happened that night with his parents, as well as the truth concerning his parents' position of power, Bruce decides to go confront Falcone. Ryan declares that he's going to go get his other kidney, a Call-Back to the previous episode where Batman shoves Falcone into a piece of rebarb and Ryan declares that he got a kidney with that.
    • A good part of the video is the game (and Michael) reminding Ryan of just how brutal he ended up being with Batman in Episode 1.
      Gordon: (about Falcone) Batman practically tore him in half.
      Ryan: (dismissively) No, I didn't.
      Michael: Yeah, you sure fucking did! Even he knows what's up! (starts chuckling) Practically tore him in half! (Descends into laughter)
      Jeremy: Did you see what he said? He's like, "He's helped us in the past, but he's getting pretty out of control."
    • Ryan's surprisingly brutal run earned him the title "The Way-Too-Dark Knight" in the comments of the video.
    • When trying to decide to alleviate Falcone's pain or not, Ryan pauses the game and Michael and Jeremy try to act as Shoulder Angels for Ryan. Too bad they both agree on putting the pain on Falcone.
    • They end up getting Catwoman mixed up with Black Cat, ultimately calling her "Felicia Kyle".
  • Let's Watch - Gal*Gun: Double Peace
    • The video opens with the guys being baffled that the game's DLC is $90, and it's just to see underwear. Jeremy comments that it's easier to google anime tits than to pay for it.
    • Throughout the video, the guys think the game's for Funhaus.
      Jack: All right, Kovic, press the button.
      Ryan: I believe they said, "What the fuck, Japan."
      Jack: We've been Funhaus, my name's James Willems, that's Adam Kovic, Lawrence Sonntag, and that's Elyse in the back.
    • Michael is amazed that there's a "Hentai Fiend" option for the Featureless Protagonist.
    • The game needs the player to use the love gun on certain body parts, prompting Ryan to call it "Sexual Predators: The Game".
    • Jack and Ryan summarize the gameplay quite succinctly:
      Jack: What the fuck are we doing?
      Ryan: I don't know!
  • Let's Watch - Hitman: The Surgeons
    • Gavin starts the mission off with Agent 47 in disguise as a nurse, which leads Jeremy to start riffing on the portmanteau "murse".
    • Eight minutes into the video, a drunk Michael jumps into frame and starts chucking things at Gavin before wandering off screen. The video was filmed shortly after that week's Off Topic, which accounts for why he, Jack, and Bruce were so drunk.
    • Two minutes later, Jack and Bruce drunkenly stumble in and plop themselves behind Ryan. The two spend the rest of the video talking and singing ska songs very loudly so they drown out the others' conversations.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman (2016) - The Pharmacist
    • Turns out Gavin did this already — took him three minutes: walked in, bipped her, and left.
    • Ryan did the Gary Busey mission and lost - he found him, followed him around and died. The way Matt talks, it sounds like Gary himself did in Agent 47.
    • The first nine minutes is of Ryan absolutely failing at being stealthy (or being competent, for that matter). His first attempt is blown when he kills someone in plain sight, drags the body into a room and is shot to death. His second attempt has him killing his target automatically and being forced to quickly cut off the game so that he didn't lose it when he's killed automatically. He spends the rest of the gameplay trying to rein in his Video Game Cruelty Potential antics just to do this.
    • At 32 minutes in Ryan restarts the game and it begins with Agent 47 immediately choking out a female model.
  • Let's Watch - Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location (Part 2)
    • The Funtime Freddy faceplate jumpscare makes Gavin jump and spill his drink all over the computer. Being Gavin, he immediately takes a photo of it.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman - Hokkaido
    • While wandering, Ryan finds a sauna. He immediately cranks up the heat and locks the door, triggering a cutscene. Then he asks himself...
      Ryan: "(laughs) ...Why did I kill these people?"
  • Let's Watch - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
    • Geoff slowly walks down a corridor after declaring that he won't walk backwards anymore because 2017 is the Year of Baby Steps. Then he rushes around the corner while screaming.
    • At the point where Mia pulls out a chainsaw and starts advancing on Ethan, Geoff starts screaming, "THAT'S MY WIFE! THAT'S MY WIFE!" One has to wonder what Griffon thought of that little ad-lib.
  • Let's Watch - The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Remastered
    • The first two minutes of the video are Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, and Ryan singing and/or grunting along to the game's main theme. Gavin can't stop corpsing, Ryan interjects in all the wrong places, Michael's mic is later found to be unplugged, and Jeremy leads the gang in singing along to a Mondegreen of the "Dovahkiin" chorus:
    • Their player character is a red-painted Orc who, they decide, somewhat resembles Hellboy, and he is thusly dubbed "Ron Ferlman."
  • Let's Watch- Mass Effect: Andromeda
    • Jeremy's rendition of Ryder- Ryder Ryder, a guy with a blond afro and skin condition that makes him look like a demented clown.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman Elusive Target: The Fugutive:
    • Ryan has to infiltrate a hospital and kill one of the patients. The problem is that they don't know which patient is the target, only that he's there for reconstructive facial surgery. Ryan's solution is to just murder anyone with bandages on their face and hope he eventually kills the right one.
  • Let's Watch - Far Cry 5:
    • Ryan is the one at the controls, and he starts with a baseball bat painted in the colours of the American Flag. He immediately introduces his AI partner to it.
    • After liberating the town, Ryan finds a sniper rifle upstairs in the bar, next to a closed door. After noticing he can't get through the door, he tries using his repair tool on it. This sets fire to the whole bar. He promptly denies any responsibility and attempts to burn down the bar again just to prove he couldn't have done it.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman: Patient Zero - The Source
    • Gavin goes first and chooses his loadout. He decides the clown outfit is the perfect starting outfit.
    • Gavin's 'successful' attempt sees him lobbing a fire extinguisher into the room with both targets and shooting it to blow one of them up, THEN he scales the outside of the building to retrieve his sniper rifle, climbs back down the outside, shoots the other target and then flees the scene sniper rifle on show and people shooting at him. The others are amazed that he pulled it off.
    • Ryan's go sees him throwing a wrench at two glass jars on the front desk to smash them. When the second one doesn't quite break a nearby guest tells Ryan that he throws like her (i.e. like a girl). Ryan lobs the wrench at her.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman Elusive Target: Chef
    • Gavin's attempt sees him lure a security guard away to try and shoot him. He misses a few times before finally managing to headshot the guy. This pops up an achievement: 'Master Assassin'
    • Gavin decides to try and use the explosive phone to try and take down his target, throwing it in their vicinity before leaving. They all then discuss how it works and Ryan notes it'd be disappointing if this worked and notes that at least he was in the room when he murdered the target. The moment he's done saying that there's a distant boom and the target is checked off as dead.
  • In Let's Watch Crash 3: Part 3, Jeremy, Michael, and Gavin spend several minutes discussing their love of cheese, with it becoming Serious Business as to the types they prefer.
  • Let's Watch - Dead by Daylight: Ryan vs Funhaus
    • Ryan is clearly relishing his role as the Trapper with Michael and Gavin gleefully serving as his lookouts.
    Ryan: [singing] ♫One, two, killer's coming for youuuu...♫
    Ryan: See this choppy thing? I'm gonna put the choppy thing in them!
    • After James is captured, Ryan thinks he might escape as he carries James to the hook.
    Michael: You gotta have more confidence in yourself as a killer.
    • Michael starts complaining that Ryan isn't killing them fast enough.
    Ryan: You gotta give them some room.
    Michael: Okay, but I just want them to die, that's all!
    Ryan: I know, but you gotta give them some room!
    • Each time he captures or injures one of Funhaus, he greets them with a singsong "Hello~!"
    • Adam is captured:
    Ryan: Chomp chomp! Nom nom nom! Right this way, sweetie, I got something pretty for you!
    • After he hangs Adam:
    Ryan: [smugly drinking his Diet Coke] I like to hang them out to dry a bit, it makes the skin looser.
    • He captures Elyse in the second match:
    Ryan: Hello beautiful!
    Michael: You're a monster! You're an animal!
    Ryan: It feels so good to be so bad!
  • Let's Watch Shadow of the Colossus
    Michael: (as Ryan) Hey, I’m gonna teach you a lesson for existing! C’mere!
    • When Ryan gets to the first boss that fights back (the third Colossus), he has a lot of trouble getting him to attack him in a way that would allow him to climb. He eventually gets frustrated and decides to just let one of the stab attacks land - which Wander manages to tank.
      Ryan: I'm alive, but my spine is broken.
      • And when the Colossus finally makes the correct attack that allows the player to climb... Ryan promptly falls off the sword and into the dirt.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman Elusive Target: The Twins
    • Although Geoff's not in the video, he can be heard off screen joking around and cackling (even farting once).
    • The fact that the targets have a very familiar last name...
    Gavin: You think there's a third Narvaez brother?
    Ryan: I mean, I feel like we've met him, sure.
    • Ryan rings the doorbell to an apartment, then aims his sniper rifle at the door and waits for the inhabitant to open it. Ryan misses five times, from about five feet away, before he finally makes the shot.
    • After Ryan successfully completed the mission, Gavin takes over...only to discover he actually completed it already because it's an old mission. They're baffled that the top player finished it in 47 seconds.
  • Let's Watch - Genital Jousting: Story Mode (Part 1)
    • The very premise of the game, where the characters are sentient penises. The guys can barely hold in their laughter and have an endless supply of dick jokes.
  • Let's Watch - Hitman Escalation - The Adamoli Fascination (#4)
    • During Ryan's go, the scenario descends into a slasher movie, with 47 in a Clown Suit chasing the target through a crowded area with a saber, before chucking it into the guy's face in broad daylight. This is essentially the exact opposite of how a round of Hitman should be played, and it is amazing.
    • During Jeremy's turn in the escalation he wants to take out a security guard by pulling him in through the window. Ryan explains that he can but the game decides to have the security guard slide to his left and Agent 47 clip through the wall to strangle the guard. This sends Gavin into hysterics.
  • Let's Watch - House Party
    • In Episode 1, Ryan consults the controls menu when stuck. Whatever he was trying to do about is forgotten immediately when he discovers the command "Press 1 to masturbate when your penis is exposed". Cue Michael, Lindsay and Jeremy immediately egging Ryan on to do this immediately. Which he does. Facing a wall.
    Jeremy: What, on the wall? On the wall, Ryan?
    • The Youtube video is censored, so you don't see the character's dick when Ryan pans down. Instead, you see a little censor bar of Gavin.
    • They then get the brilliant idea to get naked in order to encourage Brittney to leave the study. This doesn't work. Then Michael suggests they get close to Brittney (who is sitting down). When Ryan pans down, it turns out that Brittney's mouth is right at dick-height.
    Michael: This can't go on Youtube!
    • Geoff arrives at this moment, and Jeremy gleefully tells Geoff the masturbation function. Geoff immediately demands to see it. Naturally, the Gavin censor is replaced with a Geoff censor when Ryan pans down.
    • Michael at one point suggests that Ryan should try "finishing" on Brittney, which Ryan refuses to do. When Geoff arrives, he also suggests this, with Michael and Lindsay backing him up. Ryan then makes a file called "don't do this" and walks towards Brittney. One Technical Difficulties screen later, and Jeremy has his head in his hands, as Ryan tries to get back on track as Michael and Lindsay gleefully celebrate.
  • Achievement House Hunters - House Flipper - Let's Watch
    • With Ryan playing, he, Michael, Lindsay and Alfredo look through various houses and pick one that Alfredo liked that had two stories.
    • While visiting the house, they notice a bunch of dirty feet and Ryan says there's a story to it. Alfredo backhandedly mentions that a murder must have happened, only for them to run into a bloody crime scene, shocking them all.
    • Ryan cleans out a small room and Michael suggests making it like a jail cell. He searches for things to make it like that, finds the Survival option and starts putting in guns. And a bag of rice.
  • Vespa Job (The Lyndon Gyration) - Hitman Escalation (#5) -Let's Watch
  • Let's Watch - Dino DNA - Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC
    • Matt wonders if people lived during the same time as dinosaurs. Alfredo immediately bursts into hysterical laughter while Lindsay takes a deep sigh and face palms her mic. Ryan just shakes his head while repeatedly muttering "Matt, no..."
    • Matt is also baffled that developing the dinosaur hybrid would cost over a million dollars. Alfredo and Lindsay crack that Matt should start a GoFundMe and see what he can make with fifteen dollars.
  • Elusive Target: Sean Bean (The Undying) - Hitman 2 - Let's Watch
    • While Gavin is being debriefed on the level objectives, Alfredo, who's busy editing in the background, turns around, sees the camera, and briefly dances in his chair before turning back to work.
    • Afterwards Gavin tosses a moonball high over his shoulders and it ends up hitting Alfredo in the background. Gavin mentions that his moonballs almost always end up hitting him.
    • Gavin has to disguise himself as a Kronstadt Engineer so he snipes one in the coat check from twelve feet away. Ryan then points out that disqualified Gavin from getting the "Silent Assassin" achievement.
    • When Gavin reaches the meeting room to kill his target, he shoots him dead before Sean Bean even gets the chance to say his second recorded line.
    • Gavin starts his escape by running outside and walking in between the security guards with the gun still in his hands! He then proceeds to drop the rifle right in their line of sight.
    • After killing a scientist after messing with the fusebox, his corpse begins to slowly fall off a ledge. Gavin manages to change disguises mid-fall.
    • At the end Gavin decides to kill a smoking security guard. He misses several times and decides to escape at the nearby helicopter when the guard shoots back.
    • The Bongo Man scene during Ryan's turn at the end.
  • Wingin' It In Mumbai - Hitman 2 - Let's Watch
    • After finding a merchant's cart with spices, Gavin wonders if they sell any rapeseed, and Jeremy and Ryan don't believe that's a thing.
      Gavin: As a kid, you'd never drive past giant rape fields? (as Jeremy double face palms behind him) I'm serious!
      Jeremy: I- Okay, great!
      Ryan: Are you serious?
      Gavin: Look up rape field.
      Jeremy: No!
  • WE RUINS CHRISTMAS - Thief Simulator (Pt 4) - Let's Watch
    • The Running Gag of every door and window hitting Ryan in the face.
    • The first nighttime robbery they commit has one of the tenants coming downstairs and raising the alarm. Ryan then runs into a room full of closets and opens some before bolting back out past the tenant and out of the house. Then while running he is persuaded to enter ANOTHER house, only for a tenant of that residence to enter too and force them to leave again.
  • A FROG IN THE POCKET - Hitman 2: Whittleton Creek - Let's Watch
    • When they start the game, Agent 47's shadow is missing everything between his neck and his waist.
      Jeremy: Your shoulders are a vampire!
    • Ryan is very distressed that he can't make Agent 47 ride the springy animals in the children's playground.
      Ryan: Why wouldn't they give us that moment of joy? Why wouldn't they let him sit on it, just once?
      Lindsay: Because adulthood is misery.
      Ryan: This man has never had a happy thought! They literally cut out his emotions! Let him ride the springy thing!
    • Gavin drops a rake onto the sidewalk so that a jogger steps on it and knocks herself out.
      • Later on the game alerts them that her body has been found.
        Jeremy: This woman's been raked.
        [Gavin turns to him with a concerned look on his face.]
        Jeremy: With a very clear "K"!
    • Gavin manages to be alone with Janus and chokes the old man out. A guard approaches and Gavin decides to hide. After Janus is reawakened, Gavin chokes out the guard then immediately right-hooks Janus.
    • Afterwards Gavin spends a good three minutes dragging the unconscious man's body around as he looks for a place to throw him over. He eventually throws Janus over a stair railing twice and even then he survives!
  • MANNEQUINS AND JUMPSCARES - Layers of Fear 2 (Part 2)
    • It's a horror game and Geoff is playing, so Trevor naturally forced Alfredo and Fiona to sit in with them. The sheer terror radiating from them is a sight to behold.
    • One puzzle needed Geoff to position the mannequins and props at precise points and after he succeeds, he gingerly approaches one of the mannequins...only for the head to fall off. All four scream in terror as Alfredo nearly falls out of his chair while clutching Geoff's leg.
      Geoff: We all shit our pants, right?
  • Detective Sad Eyes - The Sinking City - Let's Watch
    • In a fight with one of the Lovecraftian creatures Geoff sets a bear trap on it. Unfortunately he did it in the wrong order. He set the trap on the closed door, walks up to the door to open, and when stepping back into position, he accidentally steps into the bear trap and losing about a third of his health.
  • Going Back to Math Class - Thief Simulator (Part 18)
    • Ryan manages to break into an security office and comes across a whiteboard covered in math functions. Naturally, since he's The Smart Guy and Trevor is a former engineer, they discuss how poorly written the math was and how to solve them. Jeremy, who's not as mathematically inclined, just face palms and freaks out in his chair. Geoff even tells Ryan and Trevor to shut up off-screen.

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