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     2016 examples 
  • GTA V - Relay Race
    • While waiting for their partners to come back round, Ryan tries to get the other two to 'dance' their cars with him via the hydraulics.
    • The main highlight of the video is the round of Offense Defence they play at the end which features in no particular order:
      • Lindsay and Michael managing to throw Ryan's car into the air where it rolls twice before landing.
      • This manages to 'startle' Jeremy off the road.
      • Lindsay as a Blocker bouncing past Jack.
      • Jeremy rejoins the action having been behind for a few minutes, takes a hill too fast then skids on his front bumper into a ditch.
      • Geoff is a Blocker. This gives him the opportunity to troll the Runners and even brings out his Mario WiiU laugh.
      • Jack takes a massive shortcut. Doesn't work, he explodes.
      • The guard rail manages to screw over all the Runners again.
  • GTA V - Extraction
    • During the first round, Jack suffers from a case of Failed a Spot Check as they drive around the entire area where Ryan is and completely and utterly miss the airplane in the middle of the road until he drives into it.
    • During the third round, Ryan gripes that they put the bodyguards on the far end of the mountain. Geoff goes into Baby Talk to taunt Ryan.
      • Ryan goes back into Villainous Breakdown again when Jack ends up dying when Ryan and Jeremy's copter explode
    • During the fourth round, Jeremy notes the potential Curb-Stomp Battle between two motor bikes and Geoff with a 50mm machine gun.
      • At the very end, Jeremy flips and crushes Geoff.
    • Gavin comes in for the remaining rounds. He's not a game changer at all.
    • The fifth round has Gavin in the helicopter. He nearly takes out his own teammates at one point.
    • Gavin and Jeremy team up to extract Jack as the "Team Little Britain Extraction Company". They charge him 37 dollars for a successful extraction.
    • Jack is briefly confused as to who's on what team. The attacking team tries to take advantage:
      Matt: We're in a car, we're coming to get you.
      Jeremy: ...Wait, what do you mean you're coming to get- THEY'RE COMING TO KILL YOU, JACK!
      Geoff: Nono, don't listen to him, he's on the other side.
      Jack: Who the fuck am I looking for?!
      Geoff You're looking for Geoff and AxialMatt.
      Jeremy: NO! Jack, they're... trying to trick you...
      Gavin: Who do you trust more, Jack?
      Jack: Uhh...
      Gavin: Do you trust me?
      Jack: Can I choose not to answer that?
      • When Jack gets to their truck, Gavin floors it, causing Jack to faceplant as he hadn't got in.
      • Gavin also freaks out and nearly wrecks when one of Jack's shot flares lands near him.
      • Gavin offhandedly mentions that he had fun driving the armored car; Geoff embarrasses him by drawing attention to it.
      Gavin: Well, I mean now you've called attention to such a nothing statement that I feel-
      Jeremy: Gavin, it's not nothing!
    • When Gavin, Jeremy and Geoff are on a team, they try to come up with a new name. The best they can come up with is "Team g (Lower case "G")".
      • As Gavin is driving to rescue Ryan, he tells Geoff to let him know when he's going to hit something, but phrases it as "when he hits something". Geoff takes him literally.
      • Ryan hides in a bush at first. When everyone starts failing at trying to save him, Ryan decides to just try to extract himself.
      • Ryan realizes the safe zone is prison. Jeremy jokes that he's actually an escaped convict. Ryan wonders if it was like hitching a ride with Dog the Bounty Hunter.
    • In the final round, Team Little Britain Extraction Company reunite to rescue Geoff. A comedy of errors ensue including:
      • Gavin nearly flipping the truck at the start.
      • Gavin going off road and just as Jeremy proudly declare they're closing in on Geoff.
      • Gavin actually flipping the truck, spilling Jeremy out
      • Gavin freaking out and speeding away from Geoff when he tells them to stop. Takes him a good minute to remember he's the good guys.
    • Geoff uses a "coded message" to hide from Jack, Ryan and Matt. Matt finds him instantly.
  • GTA V - Achievement Hunter vs. Funhaus
    • The ineptitude of Team Funhaus is easily highlighted during Running Back as they just cannot get through Team AH's defense, mostly because the Funhaus guys have never played this and they're turning against each other.
      • Special note goes to one round where the Running Back car is stuck on the railing of the bridge and it proceeds to roll itself over the edge, sending a watching Geoff into hysterics.
    • Once more, Slasher turns into a Michael-delivered Curb-Stomp Battle, with everyone questioning why they're not using their flashlights to fight Michael.
      • Special note goes to Spoole, who can't figure out how to duck, spends the entire event cramming a cookie in his mouth and yet somehow is able to last an entire round by himself before getting shot down.
      • During one round, Gavin starts doing Morse code with his flashlight while James and Jeremy scare the bejeezus out of each other, each one thinking the other was the Slasher.
    • After terrible losses going up to Top Fun, Funhaus complain that Achievement Hunter plays this all the time while they "do work". This ends up leading to a painful Curb-Stomp Battle when Laurence finally tears through the AH team. They claim that he's finally "doing work".
      • Adam's plan? Just hiding in the parking garage. Then, he can't get out of it.
    • Gavin ramps his car up the ramp outside the airport claiming that he's taking the fight to Funhaus.
    • Adam has the smart idea of just taking a car and hunting the guys down in it. In a surprising Out-Gambitted move by Gavin, he kills Adam and takes his jet. Though James ends up taking out the jet, Gavin somehow Gavins his way to victory against Funhaus!
      • It goes further then that: When Gavin gets shot out of the jet, he wanders around in foot for a bit, before deciding that the best vehicle to get in is a a slow-as-hell pickup truck. By this point, he's the only runner left against James and Spoole in jets. When driving under an overpass, he accidentally bails out of the truck, while James crashes his jet elsewhere. He finds the truck utterly destroyed, and manages to live long enough for Spoole to crash his plane into a crane. Bonus points for the collective groan of pain from everyone when Michael realizes who's left.
    Michael: It's Gavin vs. Spoole!! [cue mass groaning]
    • Gavin does it again in a later match. He gets the bright idea to hide in a clothing store. Except it's closed. Instead of getting back in his car, he keeps running on foot, claiming he's safer, to Michael's protests. Once again, he finds himself the last man standing. He continues to (ineptly) drive a hijacked car through a parking garage, hiding from the jets. He waits for a break, floors out an exit heading for what he thinks is a nearby alley... only to discover, to everyone's amusement, that he was headed for a dead-end wall at the back of a parking lot. And then he does it again in a different parking lot. Where he, yet again, decides to bail out.
      • Oh, but his adventure isn't over yet. After bailing out, he decides to hoof it across open hilltops towards some houses. He goes for a dive in a swimming pool, finds he can't hide in the house itself, and keeps ineptly walking around the neighborhood, punching in mid-air, to everyone else's continued laughter. Soon, Adam crashes his jet leaving it, once again, down to James and Spoole against Gavin.
      • To continue this nonsensical odyssey, Gavin decides to take cover behind a low wall and start taking potshots with his pistol at the jets, runs down the road, finally finds a car, decides to waste time shooting the window open to make it easier, drives across open space up a hill, gets flung backwards after trying to climb a too steep incline, narrowly misses being hit by a homing missile, and finally comes to an end when, after sailing off a cliff, he explodes on impact
  • GTA V - Every Bullet Counts
    • During the first round, Jeremy somehow ends up on the roof of the house, then suddenly drops down and takes out Ryan for the win. Michael's view shows that they were running virtually side by side.
    • Jeremy going from competent to Gavin in the span of two rounds as he opts to just melee people. Jeremy claims its because he doesn't trust his aiming skills. Michael retorts that he shouldn't trust his melee skills, either. It gets to the point where Jeremy does try to kill Michael, but he either can't hit him or Michael proves to be Made of IronExplanation .
    • During the third round, Ryan suddenly starts talking about Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and that he doesn't understand how Aaron Carter could be in the song.
    • While setting up the fourth round, Ryan and Jack start discussing boats. It turns to the face cam of Michael just staring there in disbelief.
  • GTA V - Snipers vs Stunters 2
    • The AH crew is joined by Malik Forte, who has the misfortune of being the first stunter killed every round.
    • In particular, the first kill of the first round, everyone's excited to get the video underway...
      Trevor: I have no roof so there's no protection, that's great.
      Michael: Yep, okay, and here they come...
      Jeremy: Got Malik.
      Ryan: Are you kidding?!
      Malik: That's a warm welcome, gee whiz!
    • Ryan complains about the sniping controls in GTA V...
    Ryan: "If you look in your settings, the dead zone for first-person sniping is all the way up."
    Jack: "What, the Christopher Walken, Stephen King movie?"
    Jack: "Anyone? I think Geoff might get that one."
    Geoff: (off-mike) "I got it, it just wasn't funny."
    • As usual, the snipers keep shooting out the stunters' tires...
    Jack: (after his tire is shot) "Aw, you son of a bitch! All right, fuck you, I'm doing it anyway."
    Jeremy: "Yeah? Bring it on, Patillo."
    (Jack's attempt at hitting the ramp sends him spiraling off-course.)
  • GTA V - Every Bullet Counts II
    • This time around, Geoff replaces Jeremy and, for the longest time, suffers his same fate in getting shut out of matches. He's certainly humble about getting his first victory.
      • Not to mention everyone else silently dying with laughter when Geoff is not happy he keeps losing every fight he's in.
    • The facecams also return and we're greeted with such moments as a close up on a Tranquil Fury-laden Geoff, Jack with Jeff Goldblum's hair and Geoff's screen popping up whenever he burps.
    • Trevor's hilarious editing skills, combined with Jack's surprisingly wild antics during the video, make some of the best moments of the entire GTA Let's Play series, such as Geoff singing off to the side while Jack, slowly rising from the bottom of the window, performs his best impression of an epileptic. Then, this happens:
    Michael: OH! Through the window!
    Michael: 'till the bullets drop down your...head.
    Beat, a few laughs
    Jack, in a comically large face cam: AAAAHH SKEET SKEET SKEET!!!
  • GTA V - Yacht Party
    • Jeremy forgot to record. The editor lets him know by being snarky.
    • The game starts out with Gavin stealing the keys to Geoff's brand new yacht. While he does this, Ryan uses the Cargobob to steal Michael's hiding spot, Jeremy and Ryan run into each other in the air and Michael has to fetch the "limo" farther away from the apartment.
    • Gavin "flashes" Jack and Ryan his crotch. Jack gives it a thumbs up while Ryan starts "tickling" him.
    • The gang reaches the airfield, only to get out too far. They decide to "walk classy".
    • The black Luxor suddenly exploding when Michael tries to get to it. Both Jeremy and Ryan deny responsibility.
    • When the gold Luxor finally arrives, Jack decides to make a crash landing. On Jeremy.
    • Gavin, Jeremy, and Ryan are in the cabin of the Luxor. All are alternating pouring champagne and smoking, then Ryan complains about Jeremy hogging the bottle. Gavin mentions that he's alone on the other side, goes to pour himself a drink...and then starts drinking straight from the bottle.
    • As they get to the yacht, Ryan attempts to pass Jack a drink. Instead, Ryan gets up and throws himself out the plane.
      • When Michael lands the Luxor, Gavin jumps out and promptly flops into the water.
    • The gang starts getting into a fight in the Jacuzzi, ending when Gavin lands the helicopter on them. When it explodes, Ryan's shocked that it blew the clothes back on him.
    • The gang just try to ramp boats onto the yacht.
    • Jack finally gets Gavin to "Titanic" him... only for Michael to start throwing flares at them, turning an homage into near-homicide.
      • The gang then starts singing "My Heart Will Go On"
  • GTA V - 'Til Death Do Us Part
    • After one match, Elyse, playing on Geoff's account, downvotes the map they were on. The gang calls out to Geoff to tell him what she did, and you can hear Geoff reply in the background "What?! Goddammit!"
    • Adam and Elyse decide to refer to each other as their Patronus.
    • In the final match, Ryan gets himself stuck as his character continuously climbs and descends a ladder. And once he finally gets off, he promptly throws himself off the platform, leading to Lindsay and Jeremy getting the win.
  • GTA V - Every Bullet Counts (Funhaus)
    • Bruce's rules for playing the rounds, such as hatchets only or only fighting him with fists. All it does is confuse the others.
    • At various points, you can hear Geoff (and Michael) laughing in the background. In addition, Geoff is visible in one of the Funhaus face cams, often coming close to falling off the couch laughing.
      • Gus also appears in the face cams at points, which zooms in on him completely.
  • GTA V - Sumo
    • The first set of games is terrifying and hilarious as Jack, Jeremy, Ryan and Michael are in supercars trying to push each other off a roof. Thanks to their design, they tend to just throw themselves off.
    • Poor Ryan spends most of the Let's Play as the Butt-Monkey of the group, being flinged off every time he turns around.
    • Two matches, the concluding match included, end with Jeremy throwing himself off along with his target. Jeremy turns out to lose both rounds.
    • Another set of matches has everyone choosing different cars. Jack is the only one who doesn't choose a large truck - he goes with a Bifta.
    • During one round, Jeremy starts chanting "I am monster truck! I am monster truck!", especially when he's trying to save himself from a ringout.
  • GTA V - Offense Defence with The Creatures - the introduction Let's Play with The Creatures as official AH members
    • During the first round, James is utterly confused as to why Alecks is constantly ramming him when he's his teammate.
      • Midway through, Gavin demolishes Jack, allowing Michael to slip through... only for Michael's game to crash and put them out of the game. What makes this even funnier is that you hear Michael curse at the game, pound on the table... then calmly tell Gavin they lost.
      • Jack is able to catch up and zip past for first. Ryan tries to block Alecks, but ends up tossing himself into the ditch below.
    • During the second round, James gets a confirmation that Michael and Gavin is part of the Green Team... only to notice a split second later that Michael's on his tail, ready to bully him.
      • A few moments later, all three Blockers end up slamming into James, sending cars flying.
      • Gavin tries to catch up at one point with Dan right behind him.
      Dan: (singing) Gavin is driving down the road...!
      Gavin: I'm being sung at here!
      • Michael and Alecks bully Jordan so hard, they throw him into a refinery and cause an oil tank to explode.
      • Gavin tries to take a shortcut to get a hold of the tenth checkpoint, only to be stopped by a guardrail.
  • GTA V - Sumo Part II
    • The first round begins with Matt knocking Jeremy off, only to drive backwards off the roof. A few moments later, Gavin declares "The odds are in our favor." a split second before he flies off the roof.
      • When its down to just Jack and Ryan, Ryan keeps telling Jack to stop and let him put his top down. Jack refuses.
    • During the second round, Ryan attempts to form an alliance with Jack so they can take care of Michael and Gavin. Jack's response is to grab Ryan's car and toss him off, declaring "Fuck your alliance!"
    • Jack wins two rounds by poor aim from his opponents - Ryan bounces off of Jack's car and falls off one round and Gavin completely misses the second.
    • At another point, both Gavin and Michael (who are teammates) go both miss their target and fly off the roof.
    • For game 2, Jeremy goes with the Voltic. He spends most of that round getting eliminated early because he can't stop his car. His frustration continues to grow as the game goes through more and more rounds.
    • At one point during game 3, Gavin's Bifta dies, forcing Michael to fight off both Matt and Ryan. When sudden death comes, Matt pushes Gavin to the edge of the circle and let's the shrinking circle do the work.
  • GTA V - Right On Track
    • Michael spends the first few moments of the video going through a bit of hell with a campfire setting him on fire followed by getting knocked around by Ryan's VOTL jet.
    • Partway through, Jack, Jeremy, Gavin and Ryan all have flying vehicles and promptly lose them all - Jeremy's helicoptor nearly shoots down Jack's jet before crashing into Gavin's Titan, followed by Ryan's VOTL catching up to Jack, getting target lock and blowing up his jet with a missile.
      • Jeremy respawns from that, steals a car, falls down a steep hill and dies. Gavin sees the moment while he's trying to steal a car while Jeremy respawns and sees his car come to a stop.
    • Gavin gets mugged again.
    • Michael lands his helicopter, but blows up. He's able to get back onto the train, but as he catches up to Jack, they both get clotheslined by a train signal, knocking them off.
    • As everyone catches up to a second train to keep Jack's car set, Jeremy catches up in a motorbike and gets squashed by the train, flinging him off, but tossing his bike right onto the train.
    • Gavin lands Geoff's boat onto the train, but it's off. They try to knock it in, but Jeremy knocks it off. They try again and get it in even better until Michael crashes his helicopter, ruining everything.
  • GTA V - Every Bullet Counts (Kinda Funny ver.) - Greg, Tim, Colin and Nick take a spin on this game style
    • The camera constantly zooming in on Greg licking his teeth.
    • During the first round, Greg hides in Danny Tamberelli's room and challenges Colin to come fight him in a duel. The two fail to shoot each other and have to deal with the door.
      • The second part has Colin fighting Greg again and Colin's shocked at how fast Greg's beating him to death.
      • It gets down to Greg and Nick and Greg wants another showdown in Danny's room. Nick agrees, but hides in the girl's bedroom, attempting to ambush him. The other two try to call him out. Greg decides to take him out.
    • During the second round, Nick and Colin encounter each other and they miss each other with their bullets. As they try to melee each other, Nick's character gets turned around and, moments before he's struck down, he brings up the thumbs up emote.
    • By the third round, Nick, Colin and Tim get tired of Greg winning, so they team up to take him out. Even though they do take him out that round, it's only once and he wins again.
    • They get into a conversation over 90s boy bands after Tim gets his Nicks mixed up.
    • During the second to last match of the last round, Colin tries to escape from Greg and ends up climbing up on a table. Greg shoots him, causing him to land ungracefully on the ground and die.
      • During the final match, it's down to Nick and Greg after they take out Tim and Colin. They bring out their machetes and strike each other at the same time. Greg is cheering, thinking he won and comparing it to Superman and Doomsday coming in for the final punch only to find out the game counted Nick as the winner.
  • GTA V - Snipers vs. Stunters 3
    • During Game 1, Michael attempts to invoke Loophole Abuse by hopping out of his plane and parachuting down to the platform to kill everyone. He ends up going in too fast, skids across the platform and dives off the edge to his death. Then, Gavin accidentally falls off trying to watch Michael fall.
  • GTA V - Cloud Down
    • The first leg of both games give Jack and Ryan so much trouble as they cannot cross it for the longest time, ever in the case of the first game. It doesn't help that the area is so small that they keep bouncing off of each other.
    • Near the end of the first round, Jeremy is Hoist by His Own Petard as his quad cannot wheelie, thus he can't make it over big humps. Thankfully, the checkpoint is at the bottom, so he jumps off the building to it.
    • The last leg of the second round becomes a madhouse as Michael and Jeremy develop a little game with it - see who can make it to the end without falling off their bike. It soon devolves into a montage of crashes, smashes, Rapid Fire Nos and groans. In total the time between second place and third place is twenty-three minutes.
    • At one point, Michael zooms past Jack down the mountain, and reveals he has the mariachi band horn on his bike, even getting a quasi-doppler effect in the process.
  • GTA V - Jack Bag
    • Geoff screams "Let's Play!" at the very beginning.
    • First race has everyone cramming into the small hole where they have to be launched off of to wall ride.
      • Video zooms in on Gavin's car falling off at one point, punctuated by one of his trademark yelps.
      • Ryan suffers as he gets lapped while he's stuck on the wall run.
    • Upon seeing two dome structures together, Jeremy proclaims that they look like tits. The others are confused as to why he thinks that.
      • Jeremy notices that Geoff's plane isn't doing too well, prompting Geoff to comment that his face isn't doing too well. Jeremy wishes that he could kill him for that... only for Geoff to hit the bridge.
      • One of Gavin's gibberish sayings prompts the entire team to start singing "Hooked on a Feeling".
      • Somehow Gavin loses a tail rudder and spends most of the flight confused on how he did it.
    • The gang gets into an argument over if someone in one of the Aladdin movies chopped a piece of wood in half.
    • Jeremy misses a checkpoint during the 8000-feet dive in the "Windmill Madness" race, leading to a moment of motor-mouthed panic:
      "Oh... fuck! IhiteveryoneexceptthefinishlineandnowIcan'tpullupMYPLANEISDEAD!" [crashes]
  • GTA V - Finance and Felony Free Roam
    • The description for the Tugboat
    • Gavin steals a Luxor and lands it in the street. Jeremy in a monster truck sits on Gavin's wing and forces him to crash.
    • Fun times with the Brickade armored truck. Things include:
      • Landing planes/helicopters on it.
      • lining six of the up side by side and plowing through traffic.
    • Jack and Michael try landing Cargobobs on Geoff's tugboat. It almost causes them to capsize.
    • Jack standing next to Geoff in the Tug and giving him thumbs up. Geoff freaks out seeing Jack
    • Ryan tries landing a Titan on the Tug. it doesn't end well.
  • Let's Play – GTA V – VIP Free Roam
    • During the pan around of his new office Geoff makes a long, low sound of longing for about three minutes.
    • The Lads are riding around in a firetruck and attract some unwanted attention from the police. Towards the end of this encounter Gavin (in the driver's seat) is mugged and the mugger drives off the fire truck with Michael and Jeremy in tow. Despite Gavin's cries to come back both Michael and Jeremy manage to ride with the mugger for a good few minutes thinking the other is driving.
    • The CEO styles forces the Gents (led by Geoff of course) to be dressed "like Apple" according to Ryan - something he's not too pleased about when he realises that he can't dress any other way because of it.
      • Later on his top spontaneously gains a graphic that says "Knife After Dark"
    • The Gents are on top of the Maze Bank when the Lads are flying in via Jeremy's helicopter, and Ryan being Ryan he pulls out the rocket launcher. He misses but Gavin bails in a panic, leaving Jeremy to trigger an auto landing on the helipad to avoid Ryan's continued attacks. Geoff then jumps off the building to prove he is 'extreme' (and to possibly go after Gavin) only to realise he has no parachute. Ryan who does follows him to try and "save" him but hits a ledge on the way before he can pull his 'chute; then Jack jumps down and faceplants against the same ledge. Next Gavin co-ordinates with Jeremy to jump off the building in the right direction so that the other Lad can see him go sailing past the window.
    • Because the things they wish to try are only available in a public match they attempt to all get into the same one. The numerous cuts indicate that this took a while and some of the cuts are completely nonsensical to the Let's Play like one with Gavin simply saying "I'm excited about lunch".
    • While trying to get everyone together, Ryan notices a player leaving with the name "RWBY Chibi".
    • Ryan gets dropped. He cannot get back in. He is not impressed.
    • Gavin manages to knock over a helicopter onto its side by backing into it with a car.
    • Trevor takes over for Ryan for a bit.
      Trevor: "I have no idea what's going on; Ryan told me to be him for twenty minutes so I started heading to Stage 5."
      • As he still can't seem to get in the same game as everyone else, he spends his time making Ryan's character more... 'friendly'.
    • The gang is talking to Jeremy about his marriage the weekend prior. However, as they're talking, Jeremy keeps growling at different Non Player Characters, weirding out the rest of the team.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Grotti Racing
    • Gavin can't play, so Andy takes over. However, Gavin's XBox is forced to do a 10 Gig update, thus their plans are scuttled. The video goes back and forth with his progress.
    • Ryan challenges Michael to a race when he gets his Grotti. He easily learns that Michael's Grotti is so much superior than his regular car.
    • Once everyone gets a Grotti, they start heading towards the airport to test a theory. It soon becomes a test as to how far they can launch themselves off ramps.
      • Jeremy is the first to see this, hitting a ramp on a bridge and landing on the other side of the freeway. When the game tells him that he failed the jump, he snarks out "'Stunt Jump Failed', my ass! I crossed that entire city."
      • Jeremy, Michael, Geoff and Ryan start launching themselves off of the large ramp billboard in the airport. The Grotti's speed sends them flying.
    • While racing across the airport, Jeremy attempts to tag some cops with a sticky bomb, only to fear in his horror that he tagged Jack when he zipped by.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - CEO
    • The gang starts by playing a rousing round of Don't Cross the Line. When Gavin joins in, he's facing away from the screen, leading to Jeremy to comment on how well he's playing.
    • Jeremy gets plastered on whiskey.
    • While trying to go down to the street, Gavin somehow ends up on the roof. He quickly makes his way down by parachute.
    • After another rousing Technical Difficulties, Jeremy and Gavin end up on the roof. Gavin intends to parachute down, but doesn't realize until the end that his parachute is just decorative and not an actual one.
    • The gang is hounded by one "PossessedStone" (who is actually a member of the Rooster Teeth subreddit). He ends up giving several of them lifts as the game goes wrong.
    • The same helicopter blows up their armored vehicle twice, wiping out the team in the process.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Power Play
    • Gavin is the first to get the Beast mode and sounds horrified when he kills with one melee attack.
    • Jeremy yells "Bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa!" every time he gets the Beast power-up.
    • Mica is killed just feet from a Beast power-up, much to her consternation.
    • Gavin spends a little too long admiring his kill's weapon.
      Gavin: Is that a shotgun? [Beast-mode Jeremy runs right up to him] AHH!
    • After the third round Gavin comments their team had a good start at least, to which Michael responds they did until Gavin forgot how to play.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Power Play: An American Werewolf in 'Murica
    • Gavin's first rule is "make sure Jeremy doesn't get the Beast mode" - he hates his "Bwa bwa bwa!" noise.
      • The first time he gets the Beast, Jeremy does the sound very quietly so it takes a bit for the others to realize.
    • Twice Jeremy is confronted with someone in Beast mode, only for them to run out as they get close, leading to Jeremy to knock them out easily.
    • Gavin finally discovers the Beast mode's jumping ability... only to tumble out of the sky as it runs out in midair.
    • Gavin, while stuck in Inverted mode:
    Gavin: Stop it! Stop it! I'm just running in idiots! (beat) Circles!
    • Michael hits Gavin with a rocket launcher just as they go in the Zone, leading to a cinematic shot of Gavin's body being launched into the air.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts
    • Everyone does their voice syncing mentioning other people - Jack with Ryan, Ryan with Jack, Gavin with Mica (who isn't even in the LP), Geoff with Jeremy and Michael badly impersonating Gavin.
    • Everyone starts off with impressive cars. Ryan just loves his Burger Shot car.
    • At the end of the first race, Gavin just Rage Quits and drives off into the distance.
      Gavin: I've lost my way.
    • Gavin feels like he's made a big mistake when he chooses a dirt bike over all the other trucks. Amusingly it actually works to his favor as most everyone who tries to take him out ends up wiping out while he zips away.
    • Jeremy compares Geoff's continuing defiance of trying to win to The Brave Little Toaster, confusing Ryan, especially when he talks about the vacuum cleaner trying to kill itself.
    • In the third round the first loop-the-loop causes everyone to start screaming in confusion and fear.
    • After avoiding a gap in the course, Jeremy says don't go the middle while Jack jokes there are boosts in the middle. Geoff and Gavin end up following the wrong advice at the same time.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts 2: The Sprunkening
    • The video starts with Michael C4ing Jeremy's car. Worth losing $20k.
    • The first round starts out with predictable Gavin fail:
    Gavin: Keep up, bitches— (everyone zooms by him) Oh, well, alright then.
    • Gavin's impressed by the fact no one's flown off the track yet. Geoff is the first one to go.
    • Jack ends up getting booted out. Thankfully Gavin, who bet on Jack, gets to keep his money.
      Ryan: So apparently you bet on a horse, the horse ran the fuck off, and you got your money back.
    • They do the stage "Duel". They don't duel. Mostly because the cars they got just sucked.
      Geoff: [suffering in his hearse] Why did the game let me make this decision?
    • The third race puts them all in cars bearing the word "Sprunk". They quickly turn it into an adjective and use it to replace every curse word.
      Jack: Don't sprunk meeee!
      Ryan: Why did you sprunk me so hard?
      Jack: You sprunked me!
      Gavin: Stop sprunking each other.
    • During the fourth race, Gavin knows he's going to get a DNF, so he hops off the track and gets to the finish line. He tries to go out like a hero and pull off a wheelie. The DNF hits as he falls off, so it freeze frames at him falling backwards.
    • In the final race, the gang keeps calling the tunnel capped with tires the "tire anus". The second such tunnel is named "Penetrators 2: The Re-Anussing".
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts Part 3: The Fast and the Free
    • Once again, Gavin gets stuck with the Sanchez for the first race. It screws him over again, leading to another Rage Quit.
      • Jeremy quotes a song from Linkin Park and Michael mentions the album it came from, confusing everyone.
      • During an early part of Gavin's Rage Quit, he lands on the road below, loses his bike and dies standing up. At the very end, he makes the landing and just drives off.
    • During the second race, Geoff keeps shouting "WHO'S GOT MY BASEBALL?!", annoying everyone.
    • During the third race's beginning, the first drop off catches everyone off-guard with Ryan and Michael going off road and Trevor smashing head long into the divider.
      • A few minutes later, the gang is launched across a mountain range:
      Ryan: What zip code is this?!
      Gavin: What state is this?!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - CockPit
    • The entire first minute or so is nothing but arguing over Madonna and Evanescence after Trevor starts singing "Like a Prayer" and "Bring Me to Life".
      • Ryan cannot pronounce "Evanescence".
      • It quickly devolves into a weird mashup of songs between the two.
    • Trevor finds a plane and starts flying it. Turns out it was Jeremy's and Pegasus isn't happy he took it as they reclaim it in the air.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts 4: Days of Blunder
    • Matt has custom horns on his racing cars that plays 'Flight of the Bumblebee,' and he spends every car race with the horn button permanently held down. Jeremy manages to stay in first or second simply to stay away from Matt for the entire race.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Fun Times with Etika and Lannan
    • Most of the Let's Play's beginning is Geoff running through the video using various Australian slang in an attempt to see if Lannan can recognize them. It's something of a Cringe Comedy moment.
      Gavin: He's done more Australian than he's done British in all of his life.
      • The gang latter makes fun of him by wondering if Geoff'll ask Etika about American slang.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Titan Centipede
    • The opening scrawl:
      "In March, Funhaus joined Achievement Hunter to record a GTA V Let's Play Free Roam. After reviewing the footage, everyone swore that the video would never be released. Then, someone said "Fuck it."
    • Michael and Adam failing to attack each other.
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Toppest of Funs
    • Jeremy has one terrible round during the second map. First he manages to ram Michael to death before they've even taken off, then accidentally ejects himself from his jet when he's exchanged out his smoking first one for a new second one.
      • It's funnier when you hear Jeremy straight up say, "I've made a Mistake." moments before blowing up Michael, knowing that it was far too late for him to do anything by that point.
      • Meanwhile Ryan decides to tail Gavin's jet in his little stunt plane. Then tries to dive-bomb Jeremy as he lifts off his third jet, just missing and taking himself out.
    • Geoff gets a victory by flying his small plane full force through the end point and into the back wall, exploding.
    • During one round, it's down to Gavin (in a damaged plane) and Jack, leading Gavin into the windmill fields, intending on leading Gavin into one of the blades and killing him. Jack's instead killed by the blades.
  • Let's Play: GTA V - AHasta La Vista Revisited
    • Whenever Trevor drives the tractor trailer, he starts humming The Terminator theme.
    • Geoff makes his feelings known.
      Trevor: "I Geoffed it."
      Geoff: "... I don't like that that's an adjective."
    • When Geoff is chasing Gavin, Gavin is so horrified by how close he is to him, he starts screaming "COOOOOOOCK!"
    • Jack misses Michael because the Lad made a turn.
      Jack: "I had a bee on- A bee..."
      Michael: "Jack had a bee on me; get it off I'm allergic!"
    • Jack parks his truck on top of Michael's bike, taunting him about it, but then relents, telling him, "Don't worry, I won't back into you or anything." Michael runs out to get his bike, and immediately gets run over by Trevor. This sends Jack into hysterics due to how perfectly it was set up.
      Trevor: Hey boys!
      • Trevor then proceeds to do exactly the same thing to Gavin.
    • When watching Ryan verses the full 3-person other team, Gavin comments that the map looks like "Marbles having a fight".
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Offense Defense with Steven and Reina
    • Trevor asks Steven to confirm themselves against Jeremy, "Cut your hand and shake mine, blood brothers" before falling off the road and into a ditch backwards.
      • Then later on when this is brought up about how Steven didn't, Trevor gets his sentence tangled.
        Trevor: (in a stilted robotic way) "You didn't cut your hand and shake my blood hand."
    • At one point Jack is being blocked as runner. Trevor, his teammate sails up from behind and attempts to give Jack a boost tap to get him away and back into the race. Only he does it way too hard and Jack sails off the road, down a cliff and into the ocean below. You can hear Geoff in the background losing his shit at this too.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts with GameAttack
    • Since Gavin's not around, Craig and Jack take over for his Rage Quit shenanigans. Jack decides to just try the gliding ability with the motorcycle when he does.
    • At the end of the first race, Craig attempts a stylish slide into the finish, but somehow completely miss the finish line!
    • During the second race, Jeremy is somehow able to mount Ryan's car. Cue cheesy porno music!
  • GTA Cunning Stunts with Achievement Hunter (GameAttack's half of the video)
    • It's Geoff and Jeremy teaming up with GameAttack and even though it's only two members, there's plenty of sprunking!
    • During the first race, Shaun and later Craig end up getting lapped up, so they decide to screw around with everyone. This ultimately leads to Geoff getting DNF'ed.
    • Since the team is using Achievement Hunter's accounts, this means they're also using their set ups. Shaun ends up with Jack's set up, which not only suffers from a left-listing controller, but a falling apart TV.
    Shaun: What? What? Black screen, oh no!
    Geoff: Racist.
    Jeremy: (between chuckles) Oh! Oh! Also, Shaun?
    Shaun: What do I do?!
    Jeremy: He's getting Jack's screen!
    Sam: Give it your wallet and run back!
    • During the third race, Chad ends up knocking Jeremy off the ramp and gloats about it. A few minutes later, Laser-Guided Karma hits as his controller (re: Ryan's) dies on him and his character comes to a complete stop, letting everyone else pass him as he curses Ryan.
    Ryan: (off-screen) What kind of idiot gets in his car and forgets to check how much gas it has?
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Car Catching
    • Geoff is conspicuously absent throughout 3/4ths of the Let's Play until almost the 45 minute mark where he drives past Jack in his 3-wheel cycle, screams, races to and misses Jeremy and hits a bush, flipping over. He proceeds to spend the next minute or so driving around like a madman and screaming until he hits a column and dies.
    Jack: "Hey, Geoff's here!"
    • Moments after that, Jack and Gavin try to take off in a plane by ramping up the vertical take-off ramp. They fail, so Gavin gets out... just as Jack's reversing, leading to him tripping up and getting shredded to pieces by the propellor. Cue The Hyena.
    • And moments after that, Gavin has a police officer inside of him.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Bike Bat Returns
    • Jack is setting up a ramp to see if he can jump it to the roof. Ryan decides to try and blender Gavin who is near the edge by the makeshift car ramp with his cargobob. It goes spectacularly wrong.
    • During the set up, Jeremy is atop the roof they'll be using along with some of the bikes. As Jack is depositing another bike, Jeremy starts to throw molotovs at the cargobob, missing Jack's helicopter by miles. A little later he finds out while trying to stand all the bikes up that he didn't miss Jack's bike.
      Jeremy: "Err, Jack? Your- your bike is still, like, on the map right?"
      Jack: "Err..." (checks) "Err, no; looks like it's gone."
      Jeremy: "Oh, that'd explain why I can't stand it up..."
      Jack: "Great."
      Jeremy: "Err, Gavin don't- don't tell anyone but... I was trying to hit Jack's cargobob with a molotov, and I kept missing... it wasn't until I looked down that I saw that I'd lit his bike on fire."
    • Geoff asks for a pick-up. Both Ryan and Jack in their cargobobs come and it all nearly ends in an explosion.
    • All three of the Gents have a hard lock game crash at the same time.
    • At one point, Jack hooks up Jeremy's motorcycle while Jeremy's on it, only for the bike to glitch up and throw Jeremy to his death - and he lands directly on Geoff's bike while the owner's sitting on it, thoroughly spooking Geoff.
    • All of the bikes are lined up on the roof, as are all of the Hunters apart from Gavin and Jack, who are preparing to bail out of a Cargobob and parachute down. For added effect, Jeremy decides to blow up the copter as they descend away from it. Jack and Gavin jump out, so Jeremy fires a rocket - and nails Gavin.
    • Ryan discovers you can interrupt the swinging animation by frantically tapping the trigger. Once they're all lined up they spend a good half minute just all doing that and laughing at how silly it looks.
    • After Geoff wins, Gavin asks the others what they should do to end the video. Cue Jack riding too close to one of Jeremy's proximity mines, replete with a cinematic shot of Jack's corpse flying off the building in flames.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Christpunchers: Second Coming
    • The episode begins with Gavin ringing up the door to the Christpuncher's base, but because he isn't an official member, he just stands out there waiting to be approved. Ryan and Jack make fun of how pathetic he looks.
    • Gavin's Christpuncher look, which puts him in a TRON-like bikersuit... while riding on his Faggio.
    • The gang attempts to perform a mission, but it glitches out on them. While they're waiting for the timer to run out, Jeremy, Gavin and Michael go around and harass a store.
      • The best bit of it is Gavin's question, which sounds amazing out of context.
        Gavin: "Are we robbing this place by accident?"
    • As Jeremy and Gavin are fleeing the cops on the former's motorcycle, they do what can only be described as a conga routine on the bike. Of course, Jeremy cracks up in hysterics.
    • As you'd expect from a video where everyone is on bikes (most of the time), there's a lot of crashes and attempts to get through small gaps that don't quite work out.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Deadline
    • Sound level checking.
      Geoff: "'Sound fine'... I'm twice as loud as everyone else."
      Geoff: "Watch this... Ahh!"
      Jeremy: "Check this out; Ahh!"
      Jack: (deep breath) "AAAHHHH!!"
    • The ending:
    Geoff: Well, there you. Deadline. Everybody won one. (cut to Gavin in a lake in the rain on his Faggio) Except for Gavin.
  • Let's Play - GTA V _ Sky Bike
    • While Jack and Gavin were preparing their planes for a skit, they both got too close to each others respective planes and, with the smallest touch, Blew themselves up. Jack couldn't help but laugh himself silly on how spontaneous it was.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Non-Stop Bike
    • Gavin narrates a Flashback in which, during the set-up before the episode began, he spun his bike into a stop, lightly nudged Jack, and sent the latter straight backwards through a gap in the wall into the ocean.
    • The amount of trouble Jack has getting his bike up Chiliad.
      • At one point he's trying to get his bike onto the skylift roof. Geoff's sad horn is pressed every time he misses.
    • During the first-person race Gavin lands near the airport gate. He then attempts to go through the barrier and the Bike Glitch happens, launching him skyward screaming his head off.
      Gavin: (confused) What the fu- (realises where he is) Wha- (begins screaming)
      Michael: What's happening to you? (looks over at Gav's screen) Holy shit Gavin! How did you do that?!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Import/Export 2
    • Two words: Public game.
    • Gavin grabs the vehicle they need to take for their mission, and is confused about why he can't seem to drive it. Suddenly he's able to and the car takes off like a rocket, complete with a wonderfully high-pitched Gavin scream.
    • In said public game, Gavin and Michael are racing to catch up to and protect Ryan. Just as it seems they might be catching up to him, Gavin gets dropped from the game. He responds by smashing his controller on his desk.
      Michael: "That may have been legit the most pissed off I've ever seen Gavin react in a GTA video."
      Gavin: "It was just like, I'd finally got to Ryan, it was all about to, like, come together, and I just left."
      Michael: "He stood up, took the controller, and it was a winding sledgehammer swing, like it went all the way behind him, up in the air and then down on the desk."
      Ryan: "I heard the furious pounding."
      Gavin: "My controller exploded."
    • After the public game fun, there was an argument about whether to cut that part of the video. After breaking for lunch, they returned to continue in a private game, but discussed whether to leave the argument in.
      Ryan: "Look, creative people have differences."
      Michael: "Right. But why do we argue?"
    • Once the AH crew discovers the fun of the Rocket Voltic, they start experimenting with what they can do with it, especially when they realize its launch capabilities— both for launching itself off ramps, and launching people.
    • Ryan has an idea, and is so excited he can only gasp. Geoff immediately understands what he's trying to articulate.note 
    Gavin: Well, to be fair, we're having a rough time...
    Ryan: Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Pick... pick up... Geo— Gavin.. pick up... Pick up Geoff! Pick up Geoff!
    Geoff: (big gasp) Pick me up! Pick me up right now! YES!

     2017 examples 
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Import/Export 3: Escape Escort
    • The episode begins with facecams, showing off Jeremy's ceiling high desk from "Jeremy Gets A Raise". Jeremy is scared shitless of being so high. The positioning of the face cams on the screen makes it look like Gavin and Michael are looking up at Jeremy and Jeremy is looking down at them.
      • Just as Jeremy gets to the top, Ryan suddenly reverses the crank to drop him down a couple of inches, scaring him. And once he's high enough, Michael points out that Jeremy isn't 'close enough' to the desk, and they keep asking if he wants them to move him.
      • Ryan doesn't have a facecam, so it's a picture of him with his mouth gradually opening and sticking out his tongue.
      • Halfway through the video, pizza arrives, so another camera view appears in the form of Gavin's phone camera.
    • Michael complains about Geoff's inability to really research GTA stuff.
    • They make it "canon" that Rimmy Tim is Jeremy and that everyone knows he is, but they play along that he isn't.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Import/Export 4: Breakdown Recovery and Cleanup Op
    • Upon landing the chopper in their first attempt at the first mission, Ryan warns everyone not to walk backwards into the tail rotor. Gavin immediately walks backwards. Fortunately the tail rotor had stopped by then.
    • The first mission doesn't seem to take long to complete. Until Gavin reaches the destination, and discovers that the Wastelander doesn't brake so well.
    • Between missions, Jeremy gets covered in silly string.
    • In the second mission, while on the amphibious quad bike, Gavin discovers a boat ramp and decides to enact a James Bond moment. Cue him ineffectually slamming into the boathouse doors.
    • Jeremy just being The Load in general.
      Jeremy: Pipe bomb! (throws pipe bomb, it bounces off Ryan's head and blows Jeremy up)
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Jack Bag 2
    • During the second wall run-type race, Ryan is confused at the fact that, despite being sprunked so many times, he's not in last place.
    Ryan: How am I not in sixth?
    Gavin: Because I am in the game.
    • During the third round of the first Snipers vs. Stunters round, Ryan is knocked down from his perch, but by sheer luck, survives. Everyone proceeds to hunt him down and run him over.
    • During the third race, the gang realizes they can drive on water.
    Jeremy: (as he drives on the water) Okay, also? We're Jesus.
    Jack: We're Jesus?
    Jeremy: I just want to let you all know that, today.
    Gavin: Oh, my God, I got Jesus Wheels!
    Jeremy: Yep!
    Ryan: What?
    Gavin: Look at this! This is great!
    Ryan: What does that mean?
    Jack: Oh, fuck, I'm Jesus!
    • Part of said track involves driving through a wall, which baffles everyone. Gavin then proclaims he's "Super Jesus".
    • In the final round of the last Snipers vs Stunters game and round, Geoff (as last man standing for the stunters) gets into a plane and everyone knows it will not end well.
      • Geoff proves absolutely unable to gauge distance talking constantly about how close he was to hitting the platform when he's several wingspans above it.
      • It ends worse than expected when Geoff clips a telephone pole, bounces off into an inverted position, and crashes into the side of the snipers platform while trying to pull out.
      • In the first round of the last Snipers vs Stunters game; Jack, Ryan, and Gavin win. Jack runs off the edge in celebration.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Coast Guard Duty
    • It's another mission and, even without Geoff, things go completely pear-shaped.
    • At the very beginning, Michael and Jack hop out of the helicopter. Jack promptly forgets which buttons do what for diving with the chute out and promptly fires his machinegun as he crashes to the ground. They have to fly all the way back.
      • And when they get back there again, Gavin barely jumps out before the helicopter spazs out, flips around and slams into the ground, killing Ryan, Michael and Jack. As they go for round three, they wonder if the rides are getting shorter, but Michael just says the arguments are getting longer.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Verified Cunning Stunts
    • As the second lap of the first race begins, Michael (in 5th) is just the right distance behind Ryan (in 1st) that the two collide in midair when the track crosses over.
    • Geoff is leading for most of the first lap of the first race, until he reaches the loop-the-loop, where he decides to use his horn, which sends him careening off into the sea. He regains the lead after the moment just above, which he retains until he reaches the loop-the-loop on the second lap. Three times in a row he nails the one spot on the ramp which completely arrests the movement of his car and leaves him sideways on the ramp.
      Ryan: That is gonna go down in history as one of the hardest Geoffings that has ever occurred.
    • A conversation:
      Ryan: "Once you have children, you'll understand."
      Matt: "Well, I guess I'll never understand."
      Geoff: "You know he's a virgin. Why'd you have to make fun of him?"
      Matt: "I live with a woman, Geoff, shut up!"
      Jeremy: "That means nothing!"
      Geoff: "I lived with my mom till I was 18, I never fucked her."
      (The guys all laugh.)
      Matt: "You sure? You're from Alabama."
      (The guys react. "DAMN!")
      Geoff: "Touché."
      Matt: "I'm from South Carolina. It's not much better."
    • Collectively, Geoff, Gavin, Ryan and Jeremy sprunk Michael and Matt in the opening section of the third race. Karma immediately strikes as they all completely miss the first hard left-hand turn.
    • One track has a cross-over point that inevitably led to sprunkings. In this case, Geoff got sprunked by Jeremy. Twice. Jeremy acknowledges that it probably cost him that race, but decided it was Worth It.
      Jeremy: HI-YAA!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Deadline 2: Thin Dead Line
    • Talk of Gavin needing to renew his visa comes up and Michael starts baiting him about whining he's going to be deported every year. The debate gets heated until Ryan steps in to offer a solution.
      Ryan: Let's fix this problem right now. Will you marry me?
      Gavin: What?
    • Ryan gets distracted by shopping. He continues to inform the others about what they could all be buying through the video.
    • The tension of a head-to-head racing towards each other leads to this unique cry of panic.
      Jeremy: "Ooohhhh; Merry Christmas!!"
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Mario Bag
    • The races are in GTA mode, which means that everyone has access to their weapons. And sticky bombs. Especially sticky bombs.
    • During the third race, Geoff manages to get in the lead during the second lap and bellows in triumph as he crosses the line... only to see it's three laps. He's so annoyed he manages to sprunk himself into the side of a building and loses the lead and race to Jeremy.
    • Jack and Ryan take a dominating lead in the third round when they're the only ones to get past the wall-driving portion... which means they have a new challenge.
      Ryan: Here's the problem, Jack. You know what you and I are going to have to do?
      Geoff: Finish.
      Ryan: Get through them.
      [cut to Jeremy seeding a tunnel with sticky bombs]
      • Michael eventually gives up and just stands on the ground shooting rockets at the people still trying. He feels this is the right choice as Geoff descends into just shrieking "Fuck" over and over. "Geoff, please. You're a father." "FUCK!"
    • The last map is a rocket launchers vs stunters map, and the last round comes down to Geoff (with the launcher) against Ryan. Once again Geoff reaches "I'm gonna shit my pants!" levels of The Hyena, as Ryan manages to elude Geoff's abysmal aiming whilst on foot.
      • Earlier in that same map, Matt misjudges a ramp and manages to fling himself out of the arena completely.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Jetsta la Vista with Bruce
    • Jack tries to imitate Geoff. The rest of the AH team beg him to stop.
    • Ryan kills everyone but Jack in the first round and he begs the others to take the last kill for him.
      • Jack makes it to the end, but for some reason it still refuses to register when he dives into the pool.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Achievement Knievel 2017
    • What begins as an attempt to scale up their Things To Do eventually turns into a comedy of errors, Simeon vehicles, cops, disappearing vehicles, muggers, and broken Cargobobs.
    • The whole crew got new capture cards before the video, and some of them installed them. Gavin installed his, and immediately it broke.
    • Ryan and Michael carefully park two jets nose to tail. Michael then gets into a car, gets a one-star wanted level, and the cops just smash the jets out of the way.
    • Jack calls in a mugger on Gavin, and gives himself away by giggling; in a panic, Gavin accidentally takes a picture of the incoming mugger. In retaliation, he starts sniping at Jack. Jack, in his plane, bounces across the airport before mowing Gavin down, sending them both into hysterics.
    • Michael licks the lid of some hot sauce.
      Michael: *chokes*
      Gavin: Michael!
      Geoff: What's going on over there?
      Gavin: He licked the lid of his sauce!
      Michael: I licked the lid of the Diablo sauce, and it was really hot.
      Ryan: Why?
      Michael: 'Cause it was just sitting there and it looked so good.
      Gavin: You couldn't help yourself.
      Michael: I couldn't help myself.
      Gavin: You're like a kid who licks a battery.
    • Gavin climbs on top of a car, and proclaims himself to be on an 'un-muggable surface'. Jeremy promptly rams him with the nose of the jet he's flying.
    • Geoff tries to get the others to cut Gavin some slack... while sitting on the mug target menu for the timer to expire.
    • Jack eventually suggests re-naming the episode to "Airport Screw-Around No. 8."
    • Towards the end when Ryan is once again in a car that's been thrown high by the aircraft Jack's flying.
      Ryan: "Wheeeee~!"
      Gavin: "Where are you Ryan?"
      Geoff: "Say it Ryan!"
      Gavin: "Where are you??"
      Ryan: "No! I refuse!!"
      (everyone starts laughing)
      Jack: "He's still in the refusal."
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts 6
    • During the first race, Jeremy attempts to use the flying motorcycle glitch when Jack uses it. It wrecks his chances.
      • Gavin mishearing Jeremy telling him something leads to a discussion on cum.
      • Lindsay mispronounces "baguette" as "bagget"
      • Gavin asks if windmills always have mills attached to them.
    • While setting up for the second race, Jack mentions that the option "Catch Up" is on. Gavin replies "Is mustard on?"
      • The crew proceeds to bunce each other pretty good this race, the high speed and sharp turns flinging them all over the place.
      • Gavin admonishes Lindsay for her language, warning that the baby is going to learn the "F word" before the "M word".
    • At the start of the third stage, Michael PITs Ryan and Jeremy, leading Ryan to cry out "Stoooooooooop you cuuuuuuuuuuuunts!"
    • A conversation about Alien: Covenant somehow turns into one about Aaron Carter.
      • Talking about Prometheus Ryan mentions the problem was it was a story about the "space cowboy" rather than Xenomorphs. Gavin protests that term and everyone else mocks him for not knowing what the creature was called... until he points out it's "space jockey" at which point everyone agrees with him. Thinking he's wrong is more or less instinct at this point.
    • Michael trying to not that a race that Lindsay doesn't DNF in is a win, but somehow calls it "Windsing", leading Jeremy to call her "Windsay Jones".
      Ryan: There's a... fucking... thing!
      Jeremy and Lindsay: Yeah?
      Michael: What's it look like? Describe it.
      Ryan: Looks like a wall. Feels like a wall. Hurts... like a wall.
      • Ryan ends up messing up and laments that he's going to be in sex-th place.
    • During the fourth race, one of the crossing paths causes Jeremy to slam into Michael with Michael somehow able to stay on the track. He repeats this on the second lap, when this time he slams into Gavin, causing the latter to flip over forwards, whack his head on the track and immediately die.
      • Gavin somehow finally learns of Michael and Jack being Team Betting Buddies. Gavin then decides to form a team with Ryan called "Bike Buddies" as an Evil Counterpart to them. Jeremy accidentally takes out Gavin and forms with Ryan to be "Battle Buddies" with Lindsay declaring that she's a Lone Wolf.
    • During the final race, Ryan tells Lindsay to not bunce him, but she declares that they're on the same team, Team Same Road. This leads to Jeremy calling it "Team Track" and Lindsay one-upping it with "Team Car".
      • Thanks to a move by Jeremy, Gavin ends up stuck in sixth and tries his best to catch up, only to miss a jump and fall straight to the ground - his screaming lasts for 8 seconds. The camera cuts to Lindsay's screen to see Gavin's car drop from the sky right past her. After he respawns, Gavin just leaves the race and goes to Trevor's airport.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Criminal Masterminds: Part 1 - The Fleeca Job
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Prison Break: Setup - Criminal Masterminds
    • Once again there's some characters getting into vehicles funnies as during the first mission Gavin and Jeremy attempt to get into the back of their vehicle unsuccessfully.
    • Ryan gives Gavin a lift during the second part of the mission. Typical GTA Love N Stuff things happen.
      Michael: "Did you guys hit a biker? Coz I found a bike in the road."
    • Michael gets behind the wheel of the stolen prison bus while the other three hold off the cops between themselves in two armored vehicles. Michael manages to roll the bus and the others find him turtled on his side unable to get back on his wheels.
    • Gavin gets so nervous about the cop part of the third setup (his heart rate increases to 98 at one point) that he has to pull up the last time they did the heist to see how Geoff managed to get killed doing it.
    • Jeremy grabs a drink in the apartment and somehow the animation glitches out and leaves a glass hovering in midair, causing Gavin and him to break out into hysterics upon seeing it.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Prison Break - Criminal Masterminds (Part 3)
    • Gavin gets himself onto the stealth team, then realises he doesn't have any silenced weapons... Except he does. And proceeds to equip the silenced sniper rifle during the mission without realizing it. And then asks if enemies would be able to hear him.
    • Gavin forgets the word for gazebo/pagoda and fishes around for it.
    • After Jeremy kills all the guards at the mansion with exceptional stealth, he just pulls out a shotgun and rushes their actual target. And due to an odd despawning glitch, it looks like the guy evaporates when he gets shot, to everyone's amusement.
    • Michael plays the Guard role in the actual heist at the end and almost manages to mess the whole thing up by jumping off a walkway.
    • They make it through the heist, getting to the very last part... and Ryan upon landing his damaged, smoking helicopter somehow loses the tailrotor. This fails the mission at the very last second it could, throwing them waaaaay back in the mission with little body armor remaining. They decided to stop capture so they could re-setup everything and try again later.
    • At one point, Jeremy and Michael need help taking out a guard in the prison. When Ryan blasted a rocket from the helicopter for ariel support, he hit him, Michael put it best.
      Michael: You hit exactly the guy we were looking at. He just got wiped off the face of the earth.
    • On the second go around they make a few of the same jokes that they did on the first successful one. All while commenting that they can't believe they are doing this again.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Humane Raid: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 4)
    • For the first time in the series they have to 'bumcheese' it. Michael (the one in danger) manages to quit to dash before he dies, Gavin and Jeremy manage to quit games or switch them, Ryan goes to yank out his powercable and in the process knocks his Diet Coke all over his keyboard.
      • Then he can't find the power cable because he yanked it out that hard in the panic. And his webcam stops. And Gavin's input is also fucked. Basically cue Technical Difficulties!
  • Let's Play: GTA V - Humane Raid: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 5)
    • While Ryan and Gavin are off shooting and killing scientists, Michael and Jeremy are busy shooting the chimps.
    Jeremy: Monkey see; monkey dead.
    Michael: Monkey scream; monkey do.
    Ryan: What did you do to the monkeys?!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Humane Labs Raid - Criminal Masterminds (Part 6)
    • Right near the end, Ryan goes to shoot the flare to show where they were, and Michael says not to shoot their chopper. Sure enough, the flare's decent lands on top of the main rotor and stays there for over a minute, with Michael and Gavin panicking that it was about to take them out.
      • Extra funny for people who play GTA V regularly and know flares can't damage vehicles unless they set the tires on fire.
    • Jack is in the office and decides to cut the audio so the four don't have to themselves. Shame the video wasn't over yet...
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Series A: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 7)
    • This is the heist with the trash truck setup (which has two of the crew hanging off the back of the truck). They all decide immediately that they're not doing that one until last.
    • The moment when, under questioning from Gavin, Jeremy has the realisation that he can't remember what form of 'Rimmy Tim' name he gave to his armoured car.
    • During the yacht part of the mission, Team Boston Tea Party are in the helicopter and after some run-ins with a few police helicopters, Gavin decides to take them way up. Like, above the clouds way up. You'd expect this to be leading to some spectacular 'chopper cuts out and they start falling' happening, but no. Instead they almost fly too high and leave the missions early. They get back down but then Gavin cuts the engine to have them descend much quicker and thought you'd once again expect it to go wrong, it's not until they are trying to lead the final police helicopter that something untoward happens. A rocket that is shot towards the enemy seemingly sends it crashing straight into Gavin and Jeremy and Ryan immediately just shuts off his Xbox, without even shouting bumcheese. Turns out Ryan's angle just made it look like a spectacular movie-style crash when in reality the police blew up mere inches away from Gavin and Jeremy. Cue the redo!
      • Then during the discussion about whether it was the right call or not:
      Ryan: "I saw it hit and no one was saying anything, so I was really confused."
      Michael: "No, they went AAUUUGHHH!"
      Ryan: "Yeah, I mean Gavin was screaming..."
      Gavin: "But that happens!"
    • Jack makes a callback to last video.
      Jack: "Tell me when to cut audio guys."
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Series A: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 8)
    • They have to do the dreaded Trash Truck setup this time. Their fear quickly becomes noticeable.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Rocket Bikes
    • The gang decides to try out the brand new vehicles instead of doing the Gunrunning missions as Ryan and Jeremy are out of the office at the time. What happens is nearly an hour long video of mayhem and craziness.
    • Everything starts when Michael gets the Oppressor motorcycle. As he learns he has built-in machine guns, Jack tells him he wants to see him fly. He becomes totally giddy when he actually does fly. Then proceeds to run into a wall a split second after his first landing.
    • Gavin gets his Oppressor and automatically proceeds to get it stuck on a rooftop, forcing Jack to go get it for him.
    • Michael suffers poor timing as he boosts as Matt drives near him, causing him to launch off his car and smash his head into the overpass.
    • While still attempting to get Gavin's bike down, Michael decides to see if he can wall drive up to it. He proceeds to smash into the wall and watch helplessly as his turbo-boosted Oppressor rockets away and crashes a few blocks down the street.
    • While Geoff is showing off the inside of the mobile command centre vehicle to Michael, Matt is outside asking to come in. When he is ignored, he gets bored and decides to 'steal' it - getting into the cab and driving off. Geoff then gets into the turret interface and is alarmed to find them moving, so starts shooting which in turn causes Matt to freak out because everything starts exploding around him.
    • Matt christens the command centre vehicle the 'Mobile Oppression Palace'. Jack quickly dubs it the M.O.P.
    • At one point Matt notes that he is surprised that he still has his original bike while everyone else had already lost theirs at least once. Shortly after this, a midair boost sets him alight and he burns to death before he hits ground.
    • Gavin glitches into the FIB building and finds out that the entire section dealt with in the single player (in "The Bureau Raid") is fully modeled in the multiplayer, complete with the gaping hole in the side of the building... But only from Gavin's point of view. He asks Geoff to fly over to where he is and see if he can see the hole, which he can't, and if he can see Gavin throwing sticky bombs at him. He can. Of course, Gavin blows him up.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Pacific Standard: Heist - Criminal Mastermind (Finale)
    • While trying to decide who gets to be what, Gavin wonders if he should be someone other than Crowd Control. When they suggest Hacker and Ryan reads off what it does, everyone, even Gavin, says no.
    • Ryan's caught off-guard by Geoff laughing off-screen as he's watching a video of a UFC fighter having a Potty Emergency in the middle of a fight.
    • The plan calls for them to simply punch out security guards, and so Ryan and Jeremy do so. Gavin follows them down the stairs and alerts them that one of the guards who was just hit is getting back up. Ryan's character then turns around and literally bitchslaps the guy back down.
    • As soon as they are done, the first thing Ryan does is call a mugger on Gavin.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Exit Strategy (Mobile Operations #2)
    • The video's beginning.
      Jack: "Hey Ryan! What're we doing?"
      Ryan: "I don't know."
      Jack: (same enthusiastic tone) "Alright!"
    • The first mission ends and technical difficulties follow soon after, as only Michael gets returned to GTA Online while Jack, Ryan and Jeremy get dropped. Before normal service (and the second mission) is resumed, there are two cuts in to the setup - Jeremy and Ryan falling down a mountain, and then Jeremy makes a discovery in the public session.
      Jeremy: Wait a minute. Other people in... What the fuck...?
      Ryan: What you got going on over there?
      Jeremy: Fucking Panton's in here.
    • He then drives to Andy's apartment and buzzes to be let in. Andy refuses it, so Jeremy retaliates by blowing up a woman on the street outside with a 40mm cannon.
    • After completing most of the second mission at the airport, Jack and Michael take their truck and gun trailer over one of the airport jumps. Predictably, things end badly.
      • After this they all agree that they should not take that jump again on the way out. This time all four of them do it.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Risky Rocket Runway
    • The general goal of the Let's Play is to use a Titan to 'refuel' the Oppressor's jet engine while in the air. In reality, the video is pretty much 50 minutes' worth of the Hunters getting sucked into Titan propellor blades.
      • This video also has facecams so we get to see Jack's losing it quite a few times after certain spectacular failures or killings.
    • Gavin discovers (to his disgust) that Jeremy has Rimmy Timmified his Mobile Command Centre.
    • Ryan, Geoff and Michael run into trouble trying to get to the airport. Ryan in particular is trying to get his bike out of the impound lot, and at one point activates his boost straight into a lamppost, which kills him instantly.
    • Jack brings his Titan in to land, unfortunately while Geoff is underneath him. The landing causes an explosion that kills them both and sets Jack's laughter off again.
      Jack: "I may have landed on Geoff."
      Geoff: "May have?!"
    • They start trying to land atop of the parked Titan so Jack can carry them all into the air, and all of them (except for Gavin) are having issues not overshooting. Ryan finally manages it by hitting Gavin's behind which sends Gavin rolling forward into the propeller blades. Then almost immediately after Jeremy comes in, swerves to miss Ryan and gets minced in the other blade set.
    • Jeremy sends a mugger after Gavin. Gavin at that point is on his bike on top of Jack's Titan, so the mugger climbs into a Luxor and almost instantly explodes.
      • An earlier mugger call sees Gavin and Jack parked near the gate. For once Gavin sees the mugger coming and as he is on his rocket bike panic hits the boost. We then get Jack's camera viewpoint as Gavin whizzes past, throwing the mugger into the air.
  • Let's Play - GTA V -Chopper vs. Chopper
    • Gavin gets mugged twice early in. The first time, the mugger casually strolls up to him while he's staring at his bike, and Gavin had no idea until it was too late. The second time is even better: Gavin had summoned a Hydra to kill Ryan and the mugger hijacks his vehicle in mid take off. This actually has a double whammy of killing Gavin via impact with the ground while the mugger steals the Hydra.
    • Michael flies his bike straight into Ryan's chopper, which knocks him off the bike but doesn't kill him. He then pulls a Moment of Awesome by pulling out his parachute and sticking the landing. He's instantly flattened by Gavin.
    • Everyone reacts with glee when they realize that thanks to the Oppressors being insured, every time a player destroys one that isn't their own they spend $20,000 on the insurance. At the end, Ryan asks for a running total of how much he's spent over the course of the video. It runs above two million dollars.
    • Right at the start of the impromptu race that ends the video, Geoff forgets to open his wings and boosts straight into the side of an exploded SUV, dying instantly.
      • Moments later, Ryan takes out Jeremy and Matt with the same missile. They then proceed to spend the next several minutes fighting each other, before Matt takes off in the wrong direction and Jeremy is forced to run for a minute and a half while he waits for the timer on his mechanic to run out.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Overtime Shootout
    • The first round has trying (and mostly failing) to land on circles on the water. Mostly because they keep aiming for the big points instead of playing safe.
    • Ryan's first go has him jump in the air and just parachute down from there.
    • Despite using his own account, Alfredo is using Jack's controller and he can't deploy his chute.
    • At the end of the first round, Alfredo only needs to score two points to win. Geoff demonstrates his sportsmanlike conduct.
    Geoff: No pressure here, Alfredo. We're not a competitive group. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, we're just gonna support you either way.
    (Alfredo misses the 4-point platform) AHAHAHA YOU SUCK! (Alfredo lands on the 3-point platform, but is teetering) Flip it over and lose! Flip it over and lose, you suck! GO BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO YOU SUCK!
    • Before the second round, they realize Alfredo isn't part of a team yet. Gavin suggests putting him with Ryan to make "Team Love Sauce and Stuff", but everyone calls it "lazy".
    • During the second round, Gavin makes his attempt, cuts his chute... then proceeds to pop it again, missing all of the platforms.
    • During the third round, Geoff chokes so badly during his second jump that he just sails completely over the platforms and keeps going. He's so embarrassed that he hides under his desk.
    • In the fourth round, Jeremy is on course to land on the 4 point platform. He's on his final approach, cuts his 'chute... and immediately gets sideswiped by a wind turbine.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Special Cunning Stunts 3
    • This entire Let's Play could be renamed "Alfredo's Let's Fail". Just because he's an awesome Rainbow Six: Siege player does not translate to being an awesome GTA V player.
      • During the first Blazer race, he misses a checkpoint, doesn't notice, and by the time he falls off the track anyway he's forgotten the button to restart at the last checkpoint and doesn't ask loud enough for the others to hear him.
      • During the first Voltic race, he keeps forgetting he has a jet engine.
      • He actually wins in the second Blazer race, leading him to do a lap of victory around the office.
    • It's Ryan's turn to mess up in the second Ruiner race, as he fails the same long glide jump the first time on each lap.
    • While racing in the first Aqua race, Gavin and Jeremy end up next to each other, their characters positioned so that...
    Gavin: "Our bums are in the air, Jeremy! Look at our bums! Okay, from now on, we're the Bum Boys."
    Jeremy: "No."
    Jeremy: "I have a problem with our new name—"
    Geoff: "No, you don't!"
    • At the end of the race, Gavin is racing neck-and-neck with Jeremy for second place (as Alfredo got some good slipstreaming just before the final jump and cleared the stop sticks without needing his parachute). Both of them cut their chutes to land... and Jeremy immediately T-bones Gavin, which sends them both veering off into the wall just before the finish line. By the time Jeremy's managed to unstick himself, he's in fifth and screams bloody murder because thanks to Fredo's win, Gavin won the playlist by six points.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Overtime Shootout: Early Rumblings
    • Trevor subs in for Jeremy. Michael would be fine with this did the game not choose to fill Jeremy's spot on his team with Geoff.
    • True to form, Geoff starts off his first run by completely missing all of the platforms. He gets better at it.
    • The Rumble map they play at the end is constantly crazy, as cars either collide and knock each other off the platform itself or teammates open their parachutes too close to each other and send both of them into the ocean.
    • Apparently the reason why they didn't play the Rumble maps first was because Ryan 'didn't like them'. Geoff asks if that was because he always lost. (Until that point, there were very few Rumble shots where Ryan didn't fall off or miss the platform.)
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Geoff Bag
    • Michael tells about how Geoff told him about the Xbox One X being available for preorder, annoying Ryan who thinks he's probably already missed out on them.
    • In the first round of the first game, Jack hops onto a flatbed tow truck with a car parked on it, attempting to go down with both. All it ends up doing is getting him struck dead on by Ryan.
      • This is followed by Geoff completely missing the ramp, landing on the wall.
    Michael: You missed the ramp, by the way. Holy shit.
    Ryan: Yeah, you did. Where's that going to put you, exactly?
    (Michael hits Geoff's car)
    Michael: Dead.
    Geoff: (at the same time) You're dead.
    • Ryan seems annoyed when he finds out that Trevor was sitting at his desk.
    • In the second round of the first game, Ryan and Gavin have a bit of a problem trying to get up the ramp, annoying everyone.
      • Michael attempts to use a firetruck to hit people. He lands on his side, allowing Geoff to kill him.
      • After Gavin and Ryan get up to the top, they hop into a turret truck with the idea of getting Gavin to shoot them dead. Not only does he fail to hit anyone because of speed and the cannon's inability to aim downward, Geoff takes them out.
    • In the third round of first game, Geoff and Jack attempts to use the flatbed again. They both die.
      • Ryan is so preoccupied by trying to blow up the truck that Jeremy kills him.
      • Gavin is unable to evade Jeremy, prompting a freaked out "Oh, SHIT!" from Gavin.
    • In the final round, Gavin attempts to use a bus as a decoy. All it serves is being a Spanner in the Works for Ryan,
    • In the second game, the gang argues over the NES Controller and the Game Boy showing up in the background.Explanation 
      • Jeremy uses the monster truck in this go-round, claiming he couldn't help it. This comes back to bite Jeremy when Gavin is able to kill Jeremy and Action Roll under it for the win.
    • During the second round, Michael compares him and Gavin going down in the same time to something out of Power Rangers Turbo... only for Gavin to get killed a split second afterwards.
    • During the third round, Ryan, Gavin and Michael attempt to use decoys. Gavin pushes a hot rod down, leading to its nuked corpse skidding to a halt on the platform. This is followed by Gavin, who dies as he rams Geoff, exploding due to his own rocket.
      • Then Ryan and Michael push down all their decoys. Doesn't work. At all. Even worse, Michael hitting Jack doesn't count at all!
    • During the final round, Jack and Jeremy accidentally get into the same car. Jack attempts to get out, but ends up sprawled out on the ground.
      • Geoff is able to hit Michael... on his screen, but for some reason, he wasn't.
      • Jeremy accidentally hits Jack, causing him to sail over Gavin.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Smuggler's Run
    • Ryan crashes his glider into Geoff's seaplane then spends time trying to get from the water and into the turret in the back. This attempt ends when Jack tries to swipe him off with a jet wing and blows up the seaplane.
      • Then when Jack and Geoff respawn, Jack greets Geoff with a punch. Geoff responds with bullets.
    • Ryan discovers that he can't be killed by the others who he hired as associates. He immediately tells Jack and Jeremy to knock him down to have fun with it.
    • Gavin's not in this episode, so Jeremy mugs Geoff instead. Geoff retaliates with a mugger of his own.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Cunning Stunts feat. Robbie Kay
    • Michael's webcam isn't working, so whenever the it switches to his view it's a picture of him in full Rage Quit mode. Which changes frames every time it cuts to him.
    • Robbie's British, so everyone immediately starts trying to get Robbie to call out how un-British Gavin has become.
    • They start talking about getting other actors playing with them. Idris Elba gets mentioned, and Geoff says that he'll gladly suck Idris Elba's cock... cue a cut to his webcam to reveal that Millie's sitting right behind him, unimpressed.
    • The third race is a bike race. Everybody starts with high-powered motorcycles... except for Gavin, who in the time-honored tradition starts on a Faggio.
    • At the start of the fourth race, Michael gets battered by everybody else's jet wash, so he doesn't have enough speed to make the first jump on his own. Geoff is in pretty much the same situation. In mid-air, they both activate their jets and crash into each other, sending Michael spinning backwards and Geoff flipping, ultimately to land upside-down and explode.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Motor Wars
    • Geoff begins by deafening everybody else as he syncs his audio.
    • It's Player Unknowns Battlegrounds in GTA. Though he gets warned immediately that the parachute mechanics aren't the same, Alfredo immediately hits the ground and pancakes.
      • The other teams don't do much better. Lindsay releases her parachute far too early, so she goes splat too, while Ryan... lands on top of a telephone pole. Which he can't get down from. This leaves each team at one person remaining, instead of the 2v2v2vTrevor they had at the start of the round. Geoff, who survives, only does so after whacking his shins on a concrete divider and smacking his head into the road.
    • Later in the first map, Geoff and Jeremy are having a standoff, the former in a vehicle turret, the latter on foot. Just as it seems that Jeremy can't escape from the situation, Jack arrives in another vehicle... and Jeremy immediately pops him and uses his vehicle to escape.
    • We get a nice Call-Back to CockPit as Trevor starts singing "Like a Prayer" before Jeremy starting singing "Bring Me To Life"
    • During the second round, Ryan spots Jack and Lindsay coming down the road, prompting him to yelp "Oh, shit, Geoff; it's the Libyans!" When Lindsay and Jack die to them, Lindsay says she was distracted by his "labia" joke.
    • At the beginning of the third round, Geoff and Ryan collide in midair during their entrance, sending Geoff swinging wildly in his parachute. He has just enough time to get out an "Oh no" before he faceplants into the road and dies.
    • Geoff and Ryan riff on the "throwing a hotdog down a hallway" nature of their vehicle in the mountain tunnel, leading to this:
    Alfredo: "Come on! Team Micropeen!"
    • Another round ends with Alfredo vs Trevor. Despite the fact that Alfredo was responsible for the deaths of everybody else (except Jeremy, who was on his team, and Lindsay, who ran herself over), he does so on foot.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Transform Race
    • During the first race, the gang is caught off-guard at the fact that the race has laps, causing Ryan to shout out "Oh, shit, it's a lap race!" With a picture of a Lapras on the corner.
    • Alfredo gets sprunked and spins out completely, leaving him briefly incoherent with rage. Geoff tells the rest to "Check the stove, the sauce is boiling."
    • Going into the second race, Jack insists that they go for three laps, and Geoff caves in to the peer pressure. Big mistake.
      • During the race, Jack decides to brake check Jeremy, causing him to ram into his car.
      • Jeremy suggests that they should do some sort of 20-lap race, leading to everyone to cringe at the thought of a Fuel Part 4.
      • They later see if the lap count can even go that high. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" when they find out that, not only can it go up to 20, it can go even higher.
    • Jeremy, Ryan and Matt are so close together for a good part of the third race that Jeremy and Matt end up taking each other out.
    • In the fourth race, Geoff is begging everyone not to sprunk him, that he'll end up sprunking himself. The guys compare it to a victim trying to talk their way out of being murdered by offering to do it themselves. Jack ends up powerbombing the both of them into the water with their planes.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Slasher 3: Spooky Edition
    • Geoff leaves his face cam off for a portion of the video, so his corner box is an old picture of him grinning.
    • Both Geoff and Alfredo are terrified of this - Geoff because he's Geoff and Alfredo because he's not used to the darkness as well as Ryan's creepiness.
      • When Alfredo finally plugs Ryan, he cries out "Boom, bitch!", leading Geoff to claim it'll be his first T-shirt.
    • During the first few playthroughs, Jack routinely stands still in a given spot, holding his character's thumbs up. Eventually, when Jack is the shooter, he makes a pact with the others that if he finds people doing that, then he'll spare them. Ryan does this behind a door that Jack opens, but Jack doesn't notice and kills him. Cue this outburst from Ryan, which sends the other guys into hysterics.
    • After that round, Michael is the killer, and Geoff and Ryan end up in the same room. Geoff being Geoff, he shines his flashlight at Ryan...
    Michael: "Oh, I see a flashlight over there."
    Ryan: (to Geoff) "You fuck."
    (Michael kills both of them)
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Transform Races: Transformers 2: The Sequel (#2)
    • The thumbnail is an Animorphs style image of a jet turning into a motorcycle
    • Ryan decides during the first race that sprunking everyone else is much funner than actually going for first. This inevitably leaves him at the back of the pack... with Geoff. He immediately starts trying to sprunk Geoff, simply because he's closest, and only stops after Geoff convinces him to go for #4 instead.
      • Near the end, Ryan lands his plane on the racetrack, attempting to take out Jack. Jack rams into the plane head on and is left unharmed - Ryan dies.
    • During the second round, Ryan discovers that if he slams the belly of his Besra into another player's just so it will kill them but leave him unharmed. He does this first to Alfredo and then to Matt, raising concerns Ryan may need to be put down.
      • Then Matt attempts to do this to Jack and only blows himself up.
    • During the last race, Ryan quickly catches up to them and starts singing the Star Wars theme with lyrics about how he's going to sprunk everyone.
      • The finish, in which Jeremy nearly sprunks himself by getting too low to the road, Ryan and Jack skid across the finish line after smacking the ground and Geoff getting fifth when Alfredo comes in too low and loses all momentum as he hits the ground and skids into sixth.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Offense Defense: Sauce Party (#8)
    • This being Alfredo's first time playing this game mode, the rest of the team mocks the poor guy and gives him hell just by being in the car the entire time.
    • Near the end of the first race, Geoff is trying to find Jack, who is in first, before Jack jumps down from a cliff, crying out "Spider-Man!" before Jeremy hits him and flips him. Ultimately, Jack's car dies on him and Michael has to push him to the next checkpoint.
    • The third race is hilarity unbound:
      • Alfredo gets back at all the bullying by preventing Jack from catching up and helping give Jeremy the win. At one point, Jeremy's confused as to why Alfredo is off-road until he see's Jack's icon pop up and he quickly tells him to carry on.
      • When Ryan sees Geoff on his hood, he has an exasperated tone as he asks "What are you doing?" However, the others take the tone as the of an Irish accent and run with it.
      • Jeremy gets to the end and waits, letting Alfredo attack Jack as much as possible.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Transform Races: Transformers in Time (#3)
    • Lindsay's performance ranges between hilarious and cringeworthy. Highlights include mashing buttons on her controller to try and open the Ruiner's parachute, missing a checkpoint but obliviously following everyone else anyway, and being lapped. By Gavin.
      • Not just Gavin, either. She takes so long that, by the time she finishes her first lap, everyone else has completed the race. Naturally, she DNFs. In fact, she DNFs on every race, ending the playlist with a score of zero.
    • Part of the first race involves a Terminator-esque journey up the storm drain in a truck, then back down it on a bicycle. Everyone (except Lindsay) is right together as they approach the bike transform checkpoint, then Jack forces Trevor into a wall which blocks the entire road, allowing Michael to run away with the lead.
    • Early on in the second race there's a split in the path. They manage to split 50/50 without even noticing the split the first lap.
      • Gavin then describes the following parts of track as 'a clown's trousers'.
      • Ryan's not around, but they still manage to blow each other up in the Besras anyway.
    • The third race is constructed around a giant dragon. Early on in the lap the course flies near the head then curves away; everyone is expecting the course to go straight into its mouth, which throws them all off, especially Gavin, who's forced to fly too high.
      Gavin: I missed the... bloody arse!
    • One of the vehicles in the fourth race is the sailboat, which is extraordinarily slow. Michael still manages to miss a checkpoint in it.
      • Most of the construction sections in this race are orange and purple; Jeremy declares he has found his race.
        Jeremy: (describing an orange and purple tube) By the way guys, just so you know, this is what the veins in my body look like.
    • Gavin has a hefty lead in the second lap of the last race; then he spots Lindsay in front of him, still on the first lap, and breaks out into hysterics.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Geoff Bag 3
    • Geoff calls out his own "What are we doing Geoff?" and his attempt to answer himself is stopped when the others, originally stunned into silence for a second all start laughing.
    • The first race has, as part of its description, "NO SHOOT NO GUN PLZ!!". The gang runs with it, crying out the phrase whenever someone gets frustrated and starts shooting.
      • The first race proves to be utterly frustrating as the team would spend several minutes at a single obstacle and, being stuck with bikes not designed for stunts, makes them wonder if they missed a description stating that they could get through it without being on the bike entirely. They did, which the editor points out. Thanks to this, in a 55 minute video, the first map takes up half of the runtime.
    • The third map turns out to be a deathrun-style Last Team Standing, which once he's figured out what's going on Geoff decides is pretty fun! His team gets a second run, and he runs out into the open and stops, allowing Jeremy to jump up and crush both Geoff and Andy in the same blow.
    • Map four is another parkour, done properly this time. Obstacle one is a series of jumping platforms between wind turbine blades. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Also of note is that due to the way two of the first platforms are places before the turbines the vast majority of their characters all stumble and end up faceplanting into the second platform.
      • At one point in this first section Ryan catches a blade at an odd angle, and starts running up a vertical wall. It doesn't last, he falls, and gets annihilated by another turbine blade on the way down. He later clears the section by getting launched into the checkpoint.
      • Eventually, Jeremy reaches an underwater section. He dives in, swims forward, passes under a wall, and instantly gets electrocuted on the electricity transformers hidden on the other side.
      • Another obstacle is a 'blender' made of a vertically-facing wind turbine and lots of giant soccer balls.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Bat Car
    • Rockstar added the Batmobile (Vigilantemobile) to the game. The entire video is just screwing around with the car.
    • The video starts by everyone ribbing on Geoff being a bad friend when he mentions how he wanted to take Jack to go see Thor: Ragnarok, suggesting that all Geoff would do is take him to see it, give Jack twenty dollars to tell everyone that he went before leaving.
    • The video's title comes from the fact that Ryan just absolutely refuses to call the Vigilantemobile the Batmobile, preferring to call it "Bat Car". They keep flip flopping between that, Batmobile and Vigilantemobile. They also flip flop between Batman and Vigilanteman.
    • After finally deciding what they're going to do, Geoff tries to start an impromptu race. By the time he actually manages to start it twenty minutes into the video, all of the hunters but Ryan have managed to destroy their car by boosting it into the ocean at least once.
    • The impromptu race takes them all the way to the top of the map. Well, eventually, anyway. Ryan, Geoff and Gavin end up in the ocean again, Michael gets his car wedged vertically into a house's side alley and Jack gets his car wedged on some stairs. Gavin almost wins, but then he boosts directly into a gas station and blows up. He respawns just in time for Geoff to knock him down and claim the win.
      • To finish this race off Jack drowns his car in a river.
      • In terms of financial gain, Jack is the actual winner of the race, as he ended up paying the least in insurance costs.
    • As everyone lines up for a second impromptu race up Mount Chiliad, Jack is hurrying to catch up, and manages to get his car wedged again, this time into a bridge support, sending him into hysterics.
      • While this is going on, everyone else is lined up, waiting for the off. Ryan starts shooting rockets into the distance to pass the time. Then Gavin forgets his car doesn't have a horn, and boosts straight forward. Ryan nails him.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Transform Races: Rage of Extinction (#4)
    • The entire first race (which is a good quarter of the episode) is nothing but the gang ripping the Transformers movies a new one.
    Ryan: (to the theme of The Transformers'') Transformers! No one fuckin' cares!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Data Breaches: Prep - Doomsday Heist (#1)
    • As Geoff, Ryan, Jack and Gavin prepare to do this, Geoff tells the story of how some of them went to Rockstar, got to see the new Heists, decided not to tell anyone... only to find out Jeremy had already tweeted about it!
    • Ryan attempts to start the first Heist, kicking off the first Technical Difficulties when the missions ended up locked.
    • Despite being the CEO, Ryan is incapacitated throughout most of the first part, having thrown himself into the river and floating downstream. When they complete the mission, Geoff turns up the Sarcasm Mode Up to Eleven over his leadership skills.
    • Because the setup missions have to be done in the chaos of the freeroam world, Geoff ends up making an enemy out of a rival CEO, leading to a desperate chase to get the ambulance to the drop off point. The CEO proves to be a hinderance through the rest of the LP.
    • Michael makes a cameo to pick up Ryan and deliver him back to HQ. Because of the car he's in, they quickly cut back to Gavin running around in the HQ to save the surprise and all you hear is Ryan's sounds of joy. Then Jeremy kills him when he arrives.
    • During the third prep mission, first Geoff and Ryan and then Gavin and Jack are visited by a friendly non-combat player with a jetpack. Gavin ends up borrowing the jetpack and buzzing Jack in the control tower.
    • Shortly afterwards, as Gavin and Jack try to navigate their way out of Zancudo, Jeremy hits them with an orbital strike. In retaliation, Geoff calls in a mugger on Jeremy.
    • When all three missions are completed Ryan laments that he's the CEO, but he was present for hardly any part of the prepwork.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Setup: The Data Breaches - Doomsday Heist (#2)
    • The LP starts up with a comedy of errors caused by Ryan's desire to get body armor, which includes Gavin, Geoff and Jack going down into the base followed by Jack and Geoff going back up the same time Ryan goes down.
    • When they start the mission, Jack points out that Ryan is a paramedic and still wearing his facepaint, making him look like a pediatric clown.
    • Geoff and Jack gets to the helicopter landing point and Geoff decides to stand out in the open, dying. When Gavin complains about how far he had to drive and worried about having to do that again, Geoff replies "Ask yourself this: "Do I give a shit?""
    • Gavin and Ryan are shocked at the power of the helicopter Geoff and Jack retrieved.
    • During the second mission, Gavin ends up dying while they're trying to hack, leading to Jack laughing his head off as his door pops open and he just rolls out.
      • During their second attempt, as Jack and Gavin meet up for the second part of the mission, Jack activates his Deluxo's hover device and proceeds to run over a fisherman in front of Gavin.

     2018 examples 
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Setup: The Data Breaches - Doomsday Heist (#3)
    • Geoff is replaced with Jeremy. He's promptly in awe of the fact he can get free snacks.
    • The mission they start off with requires complete stealth. They have to restart when Jack ends up firing a flare gun.
    • The gang are able to get to the servers and are going swimmingly... until Jack proceeds to alert the cops to their presence. Then, in the middle of hacking, Jeremy, having completed his hacking, accidentally runs into Gavin, pushing him away and causing him to lose progress.
    • During their escape attempt in try 4, Jack notices a helicopter and decides to shoot it down. It wasn't until it explodes does he realize that he took his firework launcher out instead of the rocket launcher.
    • On the way to finish the mission Gavin asks about jumping out of the helicopter, leading everyone but Jack to do it. Fortunately they're close enough to the landing strip for everyone to drift over... and Gavin manages to get himself minced by the helicopter's blades when it's suddenly where he was hoping to touch down (fortunately it just throws him clear of the vehicle rather than killing him).
    • While preparing for the next step, Ryan is the only one to dress up in the heist gear as Jack, Gavin and Jeremy are still in their usual costumes. Gavin declares that he's from the future... if the future was 1980. Jeremy, however, can't figure out why his costume pieces keep disappearing.
    • Gavin gets to the base assault first, and gets out his sniper rife. Then Ryan arrives, and runs him over. Then Jack arrives, and runs him over. Then Jeremy arrives, and misses.
      • Once inside, Gavin decides to take a shortcut and jumps out of a window. A little bit later, Gavin decides on more shortcuts and throws himself over railings and down stairwells.
    • At the end, everyone mans turrets and drive off the army using cannons. After successfully routing the incoming hostiles, Ryan discovers the turrets also had machine guns.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Bogdan Problem: Prep - Doomsday Heist (#4)
    • More prep work in public sessions - five this time, though at first they only think it's four - and this time there are some players out intent on making the Hunters' life hell.
    • Just as they get started with the first prep mission, they get pizza. They realize they can't eat pizza and play the game. Cue Pizza-cal Difficulties.
    • One other player accidentally kidnaps Jeremy, driving off in an APC with Jeremy inside.
    • During the second attempt at the second prep mission, Gavin picks up the bag after Michael gets shot down. What follows is some of the most incompetent Oppressor flying that he's ever displayed.
      • And it's not just Gavin - everybody shows a sudden inability to fly the Oppressor properly. Crowning this off is Jack, who not only hits a wind turbine and just goes straight up, but eventually hits a lightpole, falls off, gets back on his bike, and promptly hits another lightpole on the other side of the street and falls off again.
        Jack: Are you just in the sky, not moving forward?
        Gavin: Who, me?
        Jack: Yeah.
        Gavin: Yeah, I went straight up.
        Jack: Oh.
        Michael: Ow.
        Jack: Go north!
        Gavin: *hits a chimney and falls off* Ah, shit...
        Ryan: Gavin, what's happening?
        Gavin: I may have been rolling across a rooftop.
        Jack: God da- Gavin, you haven't moved anywhere!
        Gavin: Shut up, I'm going!
        *20 seconds later, Gavin hits a tree*
        Michael: Gavin, are you, like, making an escape?
        Ryan: He's making an escape, yeah.
        Gavin: *Corpsing* Tell you what, my bloody Oppressor's making an escape.
    • The riot van arrives! It rolls up, rocks onto two wheels, then comes down again on top of Jack.
      • In the mad rush to get the riot van away from the other players trying to destroy it, Gavin, Michael and Jeremy are forced to leave Ryan and Jack behind. Gavin keeps knocking Ryan off his bike with the water cannon, then when Jack finally catches up and clings to the side, he gets scraped off on a barrier as the van avoids a roadblock.
    • Once again, Ryan, the CEO, has limited participation in the prepwork for the heists he's paying for, partly because everyone can start down in the city where the objective is while he's in the base, but also because he's not immune to incompetency with the Oppressor either, as multiple times he hits the ground at a wrong angle and his bike goes out from under him. This eventually reaches its peak when he arrives at the docks for the last prep mission, hits the roof of the sheltered dock, and his bike goes flying into the ocean.
    • At one point, a random player kills almost the entire crew. Coupled with one of them engaging the riot van-driving Crew in a helicopter, and another sending down a bombing run on Michael, the other characters make this video seem like a Michael Bay movie on crack.
    • One of the preps requires taking out drivers in trucks, then stealing the trucks and taking them to the base. Not normally much trouble, except Jack's truck is heavily glitched, phasing through the wall and shrugging off gunfire to the point that Jack is left helpless and bewildered.
    • Gavin is trying to make his way to an objective, and is being followed by another random player on an Oppressor. After getting stuck in traffic, he wonders aloud of the other player would let him borrow the bike. They do. Which Gavin then repays by accidentally driving it into the water and destroying it.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Bogdan Problem: Setup - Doomsday Heist (#5)
    • Ryan regrets springing for a bunker so far from the city.
    • Gavin really wants to jump onto the Avenger from the walkways.
    • To get to the foundry for the second setup mission, Ryan and Michael hop in Ryan's Vigilante, while Gavin jumps on his Shotaro and Jack grabs his Entity. Gavin then shows that he hasn't learned from his poor motorcycle driving during the prepwork, hits an incline at just the wrong angle and gets flung high into the sky.
    • Ryan and Gavin park their vehicles right in the middle of the foundry. This proves to be costly... for Jack, who accidentally blows them both up from the water tower.
    • While on their way to La Mesa Gavin decides to make coughing noises while simultaneously spraying the water cannon. He then says that a "sneeze" should involve both cannons. He and Ryan do so causing he and Jack to crack up.
    • When it comes to the third setup mission, Gavin instates himself as the driver of the riot van. He then proceeds to run over Michael and Jack almost every time they get out, and during attempt #2 at burn site #2, he manages to get the van perfectly wedged on top of a concrete barrier, so perfectly wedged that it catches fire and gives up.
      Michael: He wedged and destroyed the indestructible car.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Bogdan Problem: Heist - Doomsday Heist (#6)
    • Right out of the gates Jack and Gavin crash their Strombergs into a fence.
      • Then, while the other three eventually regroup on the road, Gavin, as usual, tries to take a shortcut by going straight over the mountain.
    • The first attempt at the setup mission comes to a halt as it's Michael's turn to beach his vehicle on a rock and break it.
    • Just attempting to finish the actual heist is a comedy of errors. Since the Avenger can't pick Michael and Ryan up directly from the water, they have to go to shore to do it. On getting there, Ryan gets in, but then Michael's character spends so long flailing in the water trying to get in that the Avenger counts as being destroyed, and they have to do the mission all over again. Take two, Gavin's flying, and there's a very long flight down to the airport. When they get there they fail the mission at the last possible second, so they have to do the flight again. Gavin blames Ryan and Jack for being trigger-happy and blowing up the Avenger. Ryan, Michael and Jack blame Gavin for screwing up the landing. The funny thing is, Gavin is kind of correct, as the reason they failed was because Jack destroyed Lesters' car in the hangar.
      • The attempts to pick Michael and Ryan up from the ocean in the Avenger are also pretty funny. At first they don't even know if it's possible and so Jack has to land the plane in the water but attempt to keep it from submerging which makes the water team's task of getting in pretty difficult (Michael does manage to get in at one point but then hops straight out again). Eventually Michael and Ryan get on top of the plane and they attempt to get to land with the two of them on top, flailing about. Eventually they both slip off and Gavin gets a wonderful view of the both of them plummeting to the water, fortunately opening parachutes to save the game's possible aversion of Soft Water.
    • Since they blew up Lesters' car on arrival at the airport, the end of the cutscene just has him climbing into an invisible car.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Doomsday Scenario: Prep - Doomsday Heist (#7)
    • During the intro cutscene Gavin notices one character drop his cigarette but on the logo and gets annoyed, being a Brit however he refers to it as a "fag-end" much to the amusement of the others.
    • Everybody's on their way to the first prep mission, and Ryan gets dropped from the online servers.
      • This happens again to Michael later on, and the NPC suddenly finding itself in control of his tank drives it directly into the lake.
    • Jeremy and Gavin are in Jeremy's flying vehicle joking about being two flying eyesores in the air. When Gavin asks if the car would stay afloat if Jeremy leapt out, Jeremy does so. And then:
      Gavin: "Oh god, you're not gonna live through that!"
      Jeremy: "Yeah I will, look at me." (character makes to pull chute) "Lived!" (Hits the mountainside before chute is pulled, burst into laughter)
    • Jeremy gets stuck in the base, and Gavin decides to steal his Deluxo. Jeremy waits until he's high in the air before kicking Gavin out of his vehicle, letting him plunge to his death. This happens a second time later on.
      • Also the first time it happens the video basically stops as they all try to get Jeremy's car DOWN from it's slowly descending floating position in the air.
    • At one point, Ryan is besieged by cops while on foot near the base. He runs around for several minutes, lamenting that he can't find a car. The camera cuts away from him for a moment. When it cuts back, he's piling into a police SUV, with a pile of bodies sitting next to it. Given Ryan's memetic psycho reputation, this is COMPLETELY in-character.
    • This episode was recorded shortly after Christmas, so Michael's character is wearing some generic clothes, as the Santa outfit got removed. Then Jeremy summons his new tank, and discovers that the Christmas vehicle decorations haven't been removed - so the tank is covered in Christmas holly on top of its Rimmy paint job.
    • Approaching the base at the end of one of the prep missions, Gavin bails out of Jeremy's car to avoid getting sucked down into the base - completely forgetting that he's the one carrying the bag in the first place.
    • Jeremy finishes off the video by showing off the new huge jet (Rimmy Timmified, of course). Gavin spends the entire time trying to snipe it down. The jet eventually does explode - when Jeremy drops it on top of Gavin.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Lindsay Wins
    • The entire Let's Play is basically the guys feeling so bad for Lindsay's poor race record that they decide to give her an entire set of races so that she can win and the rest of them can't. Between Lindsay's poor driving skills in GTA and everyone else trying to be poor, this proves... problematic, especially given that the other Hunters keep picking vehicles that are faster than hers, and that it doesn't take long for Lindsay to start abusing her newfound power. Special note goes to the rule that if anyone makes physical contact with Lindsay in-game, they must immediately drop back to last place. No distinction is made between if they hit her, or if she hits them.
      • Race 1: At the end of the first lap, she stops and starts pedalling backwards, forcing everybody else to do the same.
      • Race 2: The approach to the finish line is approached by Ruiner parachute. At the last second, Lindsay veers away from the finish line, and Michael and Ryan both cross the line before they realize what's going on. This has the side effect of making everybody else lose money on the betting. In the rage that follows, Lindsay proves she can be The Hyena as much as everybody else. Now in animated form.
        Lindsay: Are y'all ready for this shit?
        Ryan: (as he and Michael cross) Oh, no!
        Michael: Wait, what did I get?
        Jack: (as Lindsay starts cackling manically) Michael finished! Michael finished!
        Michael: GODDAMMIT, LINDSAY!
        Jack: Oh, I lost 1100 bucks, too!
        Geoff: Oh, I did, too! I lost 1000 bucks!
        Jack: (as Lindsay laughs even more and Gavin screams) LINDSAY'S THE ONLY ONE WHO DIDN'T BET! LINDSAY DIDN'T BET!
        Geoff: LINDSAAAAAAAY!
      • Race 3: Poor Besra flying means that everybody's constantly overtaking her. What makes this hilarious is that Lindsay realizes early on that hitting the checkpoints when the airplane icon is red means you lose speed. She quickly trolls the guys by hitting them wrong, which leads to moments where the guys have to stop quickly or land to stop their overtaking.
      • Race 4: Helicopters. Lindsay's helicopter piloting is so horrendous that everybody gets stuck in a tube for a few minutes, aside from Gavin (who took a different route), who waits for her at the transform checkpoint. As soon as she reaches it, she intentionally crashes into him, forcing him all the way to the back.
        Jack: It's like a drunk baby is piloting that helicopter!
        Gavin: How am I still in first?!
        Michael: I think you know how.
      • And just to be The Gadfly, Lindsay intentionally sideswipes Gavin upon reaching him, forcing him back to 7th place.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Doomsday Scenario: Setup - The Doomsday Heist (#8)
    • The gang admires their outfits for this round, with Gavin calling his strange headgear "quadnoculars" and Ryan making fun of Gavin's pants, saying that he just put extensions on a pair of shorts.
    • The gang have decided that the characters are purposely ignoring Lester, Lester knows this and he just keeps talking anyway.
    • Ryan's driving and sense of direction is atrocious at the beginning, obliterating Gavin's Faggio, then somehow getting himself stuck at the horse racetrack.
    • Jack reveals that one of the earlier setups that they managed in one or two tries, Funhaus tried playing and just kept failing.
      Ryan: We're better than someone?
    • Their first failure - Michael finds himself ambushed by a group of invisible juggernauts and quickly flips on his heat vision goggles (the "quadnoculars") and runs into a wall. Said wall was actually a propane tank, which is promptly shot and blows up in Michael's face, causing Michael to "die in thermal"
    • The next attempt Gavin starts shooting his firework launcher and when asked why he's shooting fireworks (instead of doing something useful) Gavin says he doesn't have rockets to shoot.
      • This compounds when Gavin starts nailing a helicopter with the fireworks and Jack also starts shooting off his own firework launcher.
    • They start the second setup in much the same way they started the first, with Gavin getting on his Faggio, Ryan immediately ramming it to knock Gavin off, then the Faggio exploding after being rammed a second time.
    • Their attempts to protect Agent ULP throw up many funny points including:
      • They park up and stop at the beginning of the protection part before realising they need to actually be protecting on the move.
      • At one point thanks to two enemy vehicles exploding and a ramp car, the missile vehicle goes flying leading Gavin (who's driving) to cry "Where am I??" when he lands.
      • Ryan gets wedged under the missile vehicle while it's parked, turning it a full 180 degrees round. He loses a tire too.
      • Michael complains about how an NPC on a golf cart just sped past them because they're being forced to go so slowly. Ryan responds "No he didn't" and caps him.
    Michael: Well, he did, you just killed him.
    Gavin: How'd he die?
    (Michael uses his ramp car to fling the golf cart high into the air and off the road)
    Michael: Car accident.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Doomsday Scenario: Setup - Doomsday Heist (#9)
    • Michael boasts how clean the AH offices are at the moment, but since there's no face cams, we'll just have to take their word for it.
    • Once again, the missions start off with Gavin getting ran over.
    • During the drive to the objective, Michael jumps his car quite high, prompting Gavin to mention that he jumped the American flag like Free Willy. This ends up prompting Jack and Ryan to start singing Michael Jackson's song for that movie.
    • Their first attempt fails because Ryan and Michael decides to bully Gavin while waiting for Jack. Gavin tries to get back at them by lobbing sticky bombs at them, but he ends up getting blown up himself. Even worse, Jack arrives just as the game over screen drops.
    • In the second round, when Lester tells them that the vehicle they have is an all-terrain vehicle, Jack takes it literally and sends the car airborne, tossing Michael and Gavin out of the gunner seats.
      • Freeze-Frame Bonus: They're going so fast that when Gavin's thrown out, he slides ahead of the car, and the car rolls over and he gets smacked square in the crotch with his own machine gun.
    • As they get to the airstrip, Gavin notices his bike had respawned. Jack immediately takes a detour to go there.
    • In the next mission, Ryan starts it off by calling everyone "baby Banes". In the background, Jeremy punches Gavin's chips.
    • True to the Running Gag, Jack molotovs Gavin's scooter.
    • Gavin kills himself again by poor explosive placement. Ryan follows suit by pulling a Leeroy Jenkins. When talking about this, they mention Ryan never gave Jack shit for any of his stunts, leading to a flashback effect on screen as if they were actually going to try to recount all of that.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - The Doomsday Scenario: Heist (Finale)
    • The episode starts with the team talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), which descends into accusing Jeremy of being racist.
    • Jeremy continues his descent into Rimmy Tim madness as he introduces the "Rimmy Sky" (which he promptly destroys because he wasn't paying attention) and the "Rimmy Time" (which he claims was either that or "Back to the Tim").
    • Speaking of the Rimmy Sky, after it crashes, Gavin somehow survives the crash and gets temporarily stranded on a rocky island. Michael compares it to Lost.
      • A little earlier, as Jeremy and Gavin fly the Rimmy Sky to join up with the others, they notice there's a random online player who got in with them. Jeremy kicks them out of the plane.
    • Geoff gets himself pinned under a plane in the water. Which was stationary at the time, mind.
    • While trying to get the module back to the base, Jeremy gets indignant at Gavin's actions and proceeds to kick him out of the Rimmy Time, despite Gavin trying to warn him that he had the module. Then Jeremy goes and cuts Gavin's chute, causing him to hit the ground and die. As Jeremy goes to get the Module, Michael plants a C4 on the Rimmy Time, but Gavin takes the car instead. Ryan, catching up from his own flying failures, fires a missile at someone, only to find out that he stopped a mugger sent in from another player. Then, Michael detonates the C4. Made even funnier by the fact that, as there's no friendly fire between the crew members, Gavin survives and is left bobbing right in the middle of the lake with no easy way back.
    • At one point, Michael turns to sneeze, only to realize too late that Jeremy's in the way.
      • Speaking of Jeremy, since he's not part of the main heist crew, he pops in every now and then to offer hints.
    • They get to the main heist, and there's so much death they have to start a death pool where each time a player dies they have to pay a dollar to the others. The overall loser is Gavin, who after having swapped a dollar with somebody, then has to pay the others 33 cents each.
      • The first death in the finale? Jack C4'd Gavins' Faggio, killing himself in the process.
      • Even funnier when you see that the C4 didn't even destroy the Faggio, as Gavin getting on it somehow stopped it from being destroyed.
      • When the assault on the main launch facility starts, Gavin leads the way... straight into a room full of hostiles. He lives just long enough to regret his decision, doing a full 180 before getting utterly riddled with bullets.
      Gavin: Ooooh, that's a dollar for me! That's a dollar- [dies]
      • Michael caps the first death of the actual mission when going to destroy cargo. He unloads a machine gun into it and blows it up, which is the intended action, but stands too close to it and gets blasted out the door and into the opposite wall. Jack breaks.
    • Near the end, they each have to get on orbital cannons, the targeting for which moves really slowly. Everybody else has already destroyed their targets by the time Jack reaches his, and he immediately fluffs his first shot.
    • After they completed the heist, Ryan waits for the others in front of the observatory by pouring gasoline around the spawn points. Meanwhile, Geoff is offscreen and throws a moonball...and hits Michael right in the face.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Geoff Bag #4
    • The first round is RPGs vs. Insurgents. Most of the deaths here aren't caused by the shooters hitting and killing the drivers, but the shooters killing themselves with splash damage hitting the drivers at close-range. Despite everyone warning each other of it. When it's done, they realize how short that match lasted...
    • ...which leads us to our second race, Astro Dust. Because Geoff just chose events from how popular they were, he never bothered to test drive them, thus everyone gets incredibly frustrated at such a high-skill race such as this.
      • At one point, Matt pulls a Rage Quit and tries to live in a nearby trailer home. Then blows himself up at an Ammu Nation.
      • As Jack FINALLY reaches the end, he asks if this race was a lap race. Cue a "Who's That Pokemon?" clip.
      • They actually have to stop filming to go do Off Topic because they didn't realize they weren't doing a pre-recorded episode until 26 minutes after the show was supposed to start.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Jetpack Joyride
    • The video starts with two long-winded audio syncs by Geoff, Matt ejecting Lindsay out of his Deluxo by accident and Gavin's disappointment at his rocket pack blowing up. The others take pity on him because he sounded like a little kid who dropped his ice cream.
    • Ryan explains the difference between voyeurism and exhibitionism to Michael.
    • Gavin failed to buy any of the optional armor for his jetpack. He repeatedly finds out that without it, the jetpack is Made of Explodium, as it starts smoking when Matt lightly kicks him in the head, and later blows up after dropping two feet onto a stationary vehicle.
    • Geoff has lots of ideas for this video. He has so many that by the time everyone's actually ready he's forgotten most of them.
    • All of the first 'Splatpack' game, especially when people get eaten by Ryan's Avenger. Including this gem from Matt:
    Matt: Oh, no! That's me you see! Eeeee!
    • Jeremy turns off the thrusters on his Deluxo and flattens Gavin.
    • Pretty much the entire video can be described thusly:
      Geoff: *while Michael chases Matt's burnt-out Deluxo as it skids on its roof across the runway* You guys are a fucking walking nightmare.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Geoff Bag 5
    • One of the races has them racing a tight course in large Dune trucks... except Michael missed that and picked something else instead. Fortunately the map-maker was savvy enough to put in a transform point at the very start that turns vehicles into the Dune.
    • At one point the course goes under a low bridge, and Geoff is in the lead. He clips a rock and ends up with the vehicle standing vertically against the bridge, effectively blocking off half of the track. What follows is a giant pile-up as everyone can't stop in time and ends up crashing.
      • Lindsay is last, and seeing what's ahead does as Lindsay does:
        Lindsay: (charging forward) Cannonball!!
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Geoff Bag 6
    • Jeremy asks what the name of the first race is, but doesn't get it. When Geoff proceeds to smack into a windmill and goes airborne, Lindsay declares that the name of the race is Don Quixote.
    • The second race has everyone blasting their horns all at the same time, leading Jeremy to muse that the neighbors are probably out there screaming "Shut up!"
    • The fifth race is nothing but a long-winding ramp twice, leading to everyone driving slowly and carefully or knocking everyone off. Thanks to Geoff getting stuck, Lindsay manages to finish in third.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Stunters VS Snipers with Buckley and Lazarbeam
    • The way GTA avatars move end up killing almost everyone at least once. Lindsay walks off in the first few seconds.
    • At one point during the first map, Lannan gets a tire shot out, so he goes to ditch his car and get a new one. He decides to get out while hurtling towards the new cars, and unsurprisingly dies when he hits one of the stationary vehicles.
    • The second map is a strange loop where everyone is trying to smash the others while on their roofs. This either leads to the snipers getting bowled over or the stunters becoming sitting ducks as they are effectively turtled if they don't have enough speed.
      • At one point it's Michael and Matt as Snipers vs. Buckley and Lannan as Stunters. Matt warns Michael that the Stunters are targeting the ramp behind him, which Michael blows off by saying they won't take him out from behind. The very next run of the cars, Lannan does just that.
      • Near the end of the second map, Lannan gets the wonderful idea of hijacking an abandoned car and using it as a roadblock. Ultimately, it's down to him and Michael and Jack and Michael ends up getting out of his car, leading to a spectacular chase with Lannan and Michael trying to either take possession of the car or meleeing them to death, leading to Lannan winning when he takes over the car and drives off finally.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - More Stunters VS Snipers with Buckley and Lazarbeam
    • Second round: Matt lands on the sniper platform and beats Jeremy to death with a golf club. Lannan then steals his car.
      • Before even realizing that Matt was behind him, Jeremy said that he could hear people under him.
    • Third round: Jeremy gets shot out of his car. He instinctually looks right to see Michael's monitor and congratulate him - but then everybody is absolutely stunned when they realize Lindsay got the kill.
      Lindsay: I'm gettin' laid tonight!
      Michael: By who?
    • Fourth round: It's down to one against three, after Michael and Lindsay got shot out of their cars and Jack landed on the sniper platform but rolled, leaving himself a sitting duck, and Lannan walked off by accident, and Matt can barely make any progress without his tires popping. He then proceeds to launch himself perfectly, hit Jack's exploded car, push said car into Buckley, knocking him off, and then reverse into Alfredo and Jeremy.
  • Let's Play - GTA V - Rear Access
    • Gavin's got a gold-plated Titan. The others want to see what things they can do with it. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Early on, Ryan's trying to get into the Titan, but Gavin isn't opening up the door. Once he does, he opens it... on top of Ryan.
      • The scenario is repeated later, only with Jack instead of Ryan.
    • Jack tries to gently nudge Gavin's Titan with his plane. Instead, they both blow up.
    • They try to cram as many cars inside the Titan and take off with them. Instead, the Titan blows up, causing Michael's Deluxo to get "glitched into the ground" (In reality, the Deluxo is simply missing both its' front wheels) and Jack entombed in the smolding wreck of the Titan. Even worse, once Michael gets the Deluxo out, it flies like a man possessed as it proves to be uncontrollable due to the aforementioned missing wheels.
    • At one point in the video Trevor buys an Oppressor. When he tries to get his mechanic to retrieve it, he finds out that he already owned one.
    Michael: "Why? They're a fucking fortune!"
    Trevor: "Yeah..."
    • Gavin gets a third Titan and tries to get everyone to join inside the back. Everyone arrives and Jack, seeing the helicopter Trevor arrived in, goes to blow it up with a grenade launcher... only to destroy the Titan and kill everyone inside it.
    Gavin: "Alright, is everyone in?" (shuts the door as Jack takes aim and fires)
    Jack: "Oh, shit!" (everyone dies)
    Gavin: "WHY?! WHY JACK?!" (Jack starts dying laughing) "SON OF A BITCH!" (Gavin bird noises)
    Ryan: "Why, Jack?! Why?!"
    Jack: "I was going to blow up the helicopter and the door fucking shut in front of me!" (Gavin pounds desk as Jack resumes dying of laughter)
    Trevor: "It's almost like... oh, god... "
    Geoff: "Why don't we have face cams?!"
    Michael: "And the Tucker Award goes to Jack!"
    Ryan: "It wasn't me!!! It finally wasn't me!"
    Geoff: "I am imbued with a rage!
    • During the video, Geoff realizes he never bought an Oppressor himself. He buys one, drives it back to the airport... and dies near the airport gates due to a proximity mine. One he had placed earlier.
    Geoff: "I finally got my motorcycle and I blew myself up!"
    • The finale: they decide to try to put Oppressors inside the Titan and attempt to take off, dumping everyone out. Once again, Jack ruins everyone's fun by triggering his rocket boost, killing the door. When they try again, they just slam into the door, causing everyone to die. As it turns out, this causes Gavin to finally reach Rank 100.
  • GTA V - Jack Bag 3
    • While Michael is telling Ryan about how awesome Iris's nanny is, Jack leads the others in a (actually very good) rendition of "Never Gonna Give You Up". They insist that the editor leave it in.
    • The gang spend about five minutes talking about eating literal shit.
    • Ryan asks if the first race is a lap race. He's reminded that there would be a second timer... and that other Pokemon would fly around.
    • Jack ends up Tempting Fate when he asks to raise the lap count to two for race two. Seeing as the second race has a massive tunnel that goes into heaven...
      • At separate points, both Jeremy and Alfredo come loose from the wall and fall down near the entire length of the tunnel screaming as they fall. 'Fredo in particular begins almost immediately and carries on until the others insist he reset.
  • Charging the Wall - Let's Play - GTA V
    • It's a Let's Play involving the Community! Hilarity Ensues. Along with lots of screaming.
    • The first race literally deadlocks everyone because of oddly working checkpointsnote  and ridiculous stunts.
      • One stunt involves a wallride. Thanks to a particularly painful bottleneck, it's hard to get it just right to get enough speed and make the jump.
      • Michael hits the spot, completes the ride, but because he didn't have the speed, he's back at the start of the wall, breaking his spirit.
      • While they're waiting for the race to finish, they ask Jeremy if Rimmy Tim has any rivals. Michael claims that it's any other color, Jack proclaiming "red, green and blue", which Jeremy applies to The Dusk Boys.
    • The second race, Atomic Speedway, is so plain and boring, everyone calls it Baby Speedway.
      • Matt makes the mistake of picking the 3-wheeled Raptor. He gets lapped so badly that he gets lapped by the car one position ahead of him.
    • The last race has the guys climbing a spiral of disconnected ramps around a skyscraper on motorcycles. The guys are not happy with their tendency to drive off to the side, especially Michael.
      Jack: I'll tell you this - you think you're there, and there's more. There's so much more.
      • At one point Michael is stuck in the middle of a pack, with Jeremy right behind him. Jeremy hits the gas too hard and sprunks Michael off, earning the nickname "Ryan Jr." Soon after, Jeremy gives into peer pressure and sprunks another player off intentionally.
        Jeremy: You were telling me to do it, Jack, you're the devil on my shoulder!
        Jack: That was such a dick move. That was amazing!
      • Later on, Michael manages to catch himself from a fall on a lower part of the spiral to praise from the rest. And then his wheel gets stuck in the gap between ramps and he jitters off the spiral.
      • Matt's luck is awful, as he picks just the wrong moment to scratch an itch, causing him to drive off the platform.
  • Stop That Train Triple X - Let's Play - GTA V
    • Without Jack around to do the "WHAT ARE WE DOIN', GEOFF?!" cry, the group wonders if they should do so, which devolves into talk about if they had their own theme song while Gavin whistles the Off Topic theme.
    • Jeremy, Michael and Ryan decide to get to the other side of the tunnel they always use by driving through it, with Jeremy's large vehicle in the front. Too bad they forgot to ask Gavin and Geoff, on the other side, if the tracks were clear. A train meets them about halfway and Jeremy can't stop and reverse out in time, which leads to all three and their vehicles being pushed backwards out of the tunnel.
    • The gang's plan? Try to stop the train this time with their Mobile Command Centers. However, Ryan has the hardest time trying to call his. He finally gets it when he seemingly steps in and out of Gavin's own, though it also seems like he gets it when Gavin slugs him in the face.
    • Jeremy proceeds to get his own Mobile Command Center wedged up on a guard rail.
    • When Michael asks if they should play Red Dead Redemption 2 when it comes out, Ryan suggests that they should play No Man's Sky when its multiplayer comes out, leading to the group to blast that suggestion down because, as Gavin so eloquently puts it, the game was a "shitty lie".
  • Deadline 3: The Tron-iest - Let's Play - GTA V
    • The title of the episode comes from Michael describing Deadline.
    • During the first game, Gavin gets trapped in Michael and Ryan's Tron-lines. Since Ryan is orange and Michael is purple, Rimmy Tim's colors, Gavin claims that he's trapped in a "Rimmy Tunnel".
      • During that same round, Michael and Ryan have a hard time trying to get a power up on a bridge, either jumping over it or falling off the bridge.
    • During the second round, Lindsay takes out Gavin, leaving him frustrated and uttering "Shit, shit, shite", leading Lindsay to ask if that's the UK's version of "Duck, Duck, Goose", the two of them giggling over kids playing it that way.
  • Midair Sprunk - Let's Play - GTA V
    • It's a transforming race along with a Community Race. Which means plenty of problems for everyone.
    • One of the racers uses something like Jeremy's Rimmy Tim colors, leading to Trevor calling the player "Rimmy Prince"
    • During the first race, they wonder if they should attempt a "Lindsay Wins Community Race".
    • During the second race, Gavin complains that the tracks made just aren't sprunkable. He proceeds to wipe out in the sky by smacking one of the rings.
      • Alfredo ends up jumping on people's heads and right off the track at the beginning while another player suddenly launches into the sky, Lindsay claiming that someone took the "Jesus take the wheel!" idea a little too far.
      • Ryan ends up falling off the same turn three times, twice in a row the first lap.
      • Near the end of the race, one of the racers glitches out and becomes this humongous cloud of transformation smoke that can be seen in the distance, persists into the winner screen and is shown in the arial view of the city.
    • During the final race, Ryan is so far behind, he decides to go into full bip mode and starts off by ramming into Trevor.
    • Alfredo's plane lost an engine, so he takes a page from Ryan's book and positions himself at the end of a tunnel, so that when an unfortunate soul rams into him, it killed them both.
  • Human Hotdog - GTA V - Deciphering Geoff
    • Thanks to Geoff's severe Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!, five minutes of the video passes before he's able to get around to the intention of the video.
    • Said intention of the video is to try and interpret Past Geoff's scribblings in an old notebook. All he wrote was 'GTA V - Human Hotdog'. Nobody's got any idea what he could have meant.
      • Jack's first interpretation involves the cops. Ryan points out that would be more like pigs in blankets.
      • Ryan's first involves using Trevor's ass cheeks as the bun and Jack as the weiner.
    • Matt gives Jeremy a lift across the map to fetch a vehicle for another idea in his flying car. The car suddenly bursts into flames in mid-air and the two panic as they try to figure out whether to bail now or wait until they're closer to the ground while risking it exploding midair.
    • Lindsay, who's off-screen, trolls Geoff by spamming him single letters at a time. She briefly hops onto a mic to tell him that he needs to read the letters too.
      Geoff: I was bitching earlier about how I had like forty Slacks. I just looked and I have 250 Slacks from Lindsay.
    • For the last 20 minutes of the video, the guys proceed to try to re-enact Rocky fight scenes to varying quality.
  • It's Raining Vigilantes - GTA V
    • It's "Rear Access", but with Vigilantes. Explosions and car drownings ensue.
    • At the beginning, while waiting for Jeremy to get the ramp car, they try to get into the Titan while it's low on the ground. Ryan proceeds to boost into a cop car, ram into the Titan, cause it to explode, entombing Ryan inside it, who also explodes.
    • When Jeremy finally gets the ramp car, he proceeds to run into Ryan's new Vigilante. Thanks to amazing timing, Ryan hits the thruster just as his car is standing straight up, rocketing him into the sky.
    • On one attempt Ryan manages to boost straight into the bottom of the Titan as it passes overhead. This forces the Titan's nose down and it slams into buildings before Gavin can correct.
    • There are multiple occurances of "that's not the horn!" boosting in this video. Gavin comments that at this point, someone could probably make a compilation video.
    • The guys eventually decide to try the jump from the roof of the garage rather than the ground level ramp. Using said ramp to reach said roof, muscle memory kicks in and roughly half the time they hit their rocket boosts and go hurtling across the airport rather than landing.
    • Ryan arrives on the roof for another attempt to find Jack and Matt lined up and waiting.
      Ryan: Oh look at this pantheon of winners.
      Jack: ...Fuck you. The fuck!?
      Jeremy: That was brutal.
    • Just as Gavin makes his pass and three of the boys hit the gas, Jack jumps up from below and lands directly in front of the ramp, ruining the attempt for everyone else.
    • On two back-to-back passes Ryan manages to bounce off the top of the Titan.
  • The Vespucci Job - GTA V
    • Ryan, Jack, Jeremy and Geoff try out this brand new 3-v-1 mode which pits three high-powered police cars against... a teeny, tiny Vespucci. Personal hells ensue.
    • Geoff is the first one to go and immediately, he's bullied hard by the other three. Ryan even proclaims "You gonna pay for the things you done did.", which a lot of the fandom has taken as getting revenge for "Super Mario Bros. jUly"
    • During Ryan's turn, Geoff ends up being a very inefficient police officer as he ends up attacking everyone on accident.
    Geoff: I didn't hit you!
    Jack: Yes you did!
    Jack: If only we had video footage-
    • Geoff uses this as a point of in future rounds when the others hit him.
    Jeremy: Oh man, it's a shame I did that once. It'd be a shame if I did it like, eight times-
    Geoff: I DID IT TWICE!
    • Ryan also has the misfortune of spawning near the border of the play area and turning around, not knowing that he was at the border, leading to Geoff knocking him out of it.
    • During Jack's turn, Geoff rams into a barrel, sending him flying when it explodes on him.
    • The final round is terrible. Despite Jack and Ryan telling Geoff that he needs to start going into the alleyways, all of his checkpoints seem to be on the streets, allowing Jack, Ryan and Jeremy to effectively bully him. At the start of his turn, the three manage to pin him in the first twenty seconds of the round. This leads Geoff to Rage Quit after he's wedged onto a small brick fence and telling Trevor to schedule some meetings.
      Geoff: I DON'T LIKE YOU OR THIS!
    • Geoff's final turn has him getting pinned twice in a row, with the other three just cackling at his misfortune.
      Geoff: Can I ask you a question? Did you guys do something to my controller to make me not go as fast as you guys?
      Jack: I mean you're in a shitty car, it does go as fast as we do.
      Geoff: You guys seem to be doing okay!
      (Geoff gets pinned by Jack, Jeremy and Ryan)
      Ryan: Here's the thing. You gotta get away from these open streets. They're death for you.
      Jack: You gotta start hitting alleys and shit, man.
      Geoff: I don't get a chance! I'm on the- (Gets hit by Jeremy, his car getting forced onto its side and pinned against a building)
  • Hate Tunnel - GTA V
    • It's another community race, expect a lot of crashes.
    • During the first race, Gavin, out of nowhere, asks Lindsay if she's ever pulled out a tampon and swung it in the air over her head. Jack immediately asks Gavin the same question, only for Gavin to say it just wouldn't work with him. A few minutes later, Gavin asks the same question, but replacing "tampon" with "used tampon tied to a drill". Jack immediately proclaims that that sounds like another Slow Mo Guys video with Jeremy chiming in with "There Will Be Blood", Gavin finishing it with "Everywhere".
    • Lindsay, much to everyone's surprise, finishes in seventh. Michael even got up from his desk to watch her screen, and Gavin mentions that she was playing against real people.
      Lindsay: Do you doubt me?
      The guys: YES!
      Gavin: I doubt you every day, Lindsay!
      Lindsay: [as she crosses the finish line] Well guess what, motherfuckers, you can SUCK MY CLIT!
      • Gavin then asks whose controller got swapped with Lindsay's console.
    • The second race starts with Michael driving into the back of Alfredo and telling him to actually drive. Alfredo sprunks him in retaliation.
    • When they all get to a certain point:
      "TUG BOAT!"
    • Between sessions, Jack's game crashes, so he has to restart it and re-invite everyone else. Gavin is connected to a public session just long enough to be mugged for $10,000 before he gets yanked out to the lobby.
    • The third map is a 'joust' map. This means it's specifically designed to have groups of people running in opposite directions down the same roads as much as possible. Hilarity Ensues. To give an idea of the insanity, Lindsay spent most of the first lap in third place.
      • And as a kicker, Jack didn't know he defaulted it to 4 laps, and it takes around 7 minutes to finish a lap. The race itself lasts for a little over half an hour.
        Gavin: Thanks for watching GTA: The Movie.
  • Cruising the D - GTA V
    • Gavin and Jeremy leads the gang into trying to fly airplanes through the "D" of the Vinewood sign. Explosions Ensue.
    • Jeremy kicks off the episode with "What's up, bitches?", in which Gavin responds with "What's up, b—Lil J? ...and bitches."
    • Matt kicks off the explosive goodness by slamming his Besra into the D, misjudging its size.
    • Matt gets into a plane at the airport and takes off...only for Pegasus to reclaim the plane by kicking him out midair.
    • After Jeremy and Gavin both die and respawn, Gavin walks up and accidentally punches Jeremy. Jeremy responds by flaring him.
    • Alfredo spends the first eight minutes of the Let's Play completely lost, getting stuck in the gates outside the airport.
    • Alfredo's first successful attempt at flying through the D was his plane just limply falling through the space.
    • When Gavin volunteered to cam the next attempt and climbed the D for it, unbeknownst to him, Ryan had called a mugger on him. While the mugger was waiting to get him, Jeremy spotted him and as soon as Gavin got to the top, the mugger started climbing. Jeremy alerts Matt and Alfredo, who start cackling, knowing what's about to happen. A suspicious Gavin asked what was so funny, only to be mugged and thrown off the D, killing him and sending everyone into hysterics.
      • The mugging was mentioned as the best mugging ever on Off Topic #137, and as soon as the video aired, the comment sections on the RT site and YouTube dubbed it "The Best Mugging of Gavin Ever".
    • When Jeremy, Gavin, Matt, and Alfredo are all riding the same helicopter to get their planes, Jeremy decides to jump. Except he was the pilot, leaving the guys to crash and burn, with Gavin only realizing it too late.
      [Jeremy jumps out the helicopter]
      Gavin: Are you the driver?!
    • Gavin shooting both Jeremy and Alfredo with an Orbital Cannon, an expensive feature in game, even as Jeremy dies, he laments saying it being such an expensive death.
    • The finale has Gavin, Jeremy, Matt and Alfredo deciding to take a Luxor through the D for a finale. That leads to a hilarious comedy of errors which include:
      • Jeremy nearly crashing the helicopter into the Maze Bank Tower because he was too busy watching the others.
      • Jeremy's inability to land the helicopter in the hangar.
      • Matt doing loops and slamming the Luxor into the ground.
      • Matt getting attacked by the person he's mugging.
      • Gavin killing everyone by slamming the car into a bunch of tankers
      • Ultimately the gang is able to finally get into the air and, as they end the video, They slam into the O.
  • The Greatest Mugger Who Ever Lived - GTA V
    • What starts out as a muggers-in-fast-cars hunting experiment quickly derails and becomes an examination of mugger pathing and crashed cargobobs.
    • The first mugger eventually just gets out of his car and just stands there, at least until Ryan provokes him.
    • In a moment that's both hilarious and awesome, Ryan provokes the above-mentioned mugger by running in swinging at him. The mugger's response? He ducks under the punch, jabs Ryan in the gut, then starts stabbing him. The gang is flabbergasted that the NPC got the drop on Ryan, though as Michael and Lindsay point out...of course he's got a knife, he's a mugger.
    • After working out the problem with cars, Jeremy steals a car, then patiently waits for Ryan's mugger to come up. Somebody comes up and yanks him out of the car... only it's not the mugger, just the guy he stole the car from. The actual Mugger #3 turns up 30 seconds later when Jeremy gets knocked over by an NPC.
    • Said mugger from above leads them on a merry chase for the next 25 minutes. Highlights include:
      • Driving out of the city, then back in along the coastal road
      • Abandoning the car when there's a multi-cargobob pileup behind him
      • Climbing up to the top deck of a parking garage and stealing a new car from there
      • Being unable to leave the parking garage, driving around in circles from the top deck to the deck below and then back up
      • Abandoning that car when he gets stuck on Jeremy's blown up cargobob, leaving the parking garage entirely by the stairs he came up from, and stealing a news van
      • Eventually meeting his end when Matt goes ahead of him to try and catch him, Matt's cargobob dies, then the mugger is killed by the following explosion.
    • While the above is going on, Jeremy gets a notification that his cargobob's been stolen. While everyone else chases the mugger, he goes after his cargobob, only to find that whoever stole it has flown it far out of the map's limits.
  • Big Blimpin - GTA V
    • The episode starts with Trevor watching on top of the Maze Bank Tower as Ryan, Jack, Michael, Jeremy and Lindsay rise into view with their blimps.
    • Ryan, Jeremy and Jack decide to bully Trevor and try to drag his blimp into the ground while Michael bullies a helicopter. Trevor escapes while the helicopter explodes.
    • First order of business: landing a person on the blimp. Trevor tries first, overshoots and ends up dying, giving Jeremy the kill because he ran into his blimp. When Ryan goes next, Jeremy starts shoving Trevor's blimp off the building.
    • For some reason, Pegasus thought Jeremy was stealing his own blimp and kicked him out.
    • Lindsay starts musing that she wishes she could shoot her rockets off while they're forming the runway of blimp. when others are confused she corrects to 'flares' but the others still don't believe her. She then shoots them off and surprises everyone by knowing something they didn't.
    • During the attempt to put cars on Lindsay's blimp, her blimp explodes, but Jack, who had been on the blimp since he landed on it, somehow survives and rides empty air all the way down unharmed.
  • Ragdoll Runway - GTA V
    • At the start of the video, Gavin is nervous: he's being told to run from one end of the runway to the other, get in the plane and take off, but he has no idea what's coming at him. He finds out immediately when Michael nails him with a taser shot from the brand new drones at the word go. All of the races is everyone trying to get to their designated aircraft and take off while being attacked by these drones!
    • As it turns out, while muggers may not be capable of stealing players' personal vehicles anymore they can steal blimps, as the Hunters find out when one jacks Gavin out of his blimp and takes off with it.
    • Jeremy tries to do another one of his emotes in front of Ryan and Trevor, but Michael electrocutes him before he does.
  • Blimp Country - GTA V
    • The video starts with Jeremy's tank dragging down Ryan's blimp. This is followed by Gavin getting mugged on top of a blimp.
      • Due to a bug in the game physics, the instant the mugger touches Gavin to pull him out of the car, Gavin dies with Jack (who is driving the blimp) getting credit for the kill.
    • About 49 minutes in Jack manages to somewhat land on Gavin's Blimp with his Besra. Unfortunately for him, he forgets that it has an ejector seat and is promptly shot out of his jet, sending Gavin into hysterics.
    • A minute later Jeremy crashes his plane into Michael's Luxor which then lands on his head just as he respawns.
    • For the ending of the video, Gavin suggests everyone stand on the Blimp and then suicide jump to race down the falling aircraft. Jack falls off prematurely. His character happened to be dancing at the moment, and ended up doing a salute just before she falls to her death.
  • Geoff's Big Losses - GTA V - Hunting Pack Remix (Part 2)
    • A win for the Defenders and Runners is made funny when Gavin, a Defender, hits one of the Attacker cars and ramps up over it which leads to him flying off the map and leading to his victory yell turning into a terrified scream.
    • Gavin realises that if he wins with Geoff on his team, then Geoff will be able to get a discount on the new Declasse Scramjet. And so he deliberately drives off a cliff to his death.
      Gavin: Geronimoooooo!!!
    • A couple of rounds later, with Jeremy driving the delivery truck and Geoff on his team, he plays the game as intended, all the way up to the end. Jeremy points out the goal to everyone... and deliberately drives around it and off the edge.
    • The final round, Ryan declares that they're all going to play the game fairly with no sabotage, which Geoff doesn't believe at all.
    Gavin: Jeremy and I have gotten our shenanigans out of the way...
    Geoff: NO YOU DON'T!
    (Gavin and Jeremy laugh)
    Gavin: I wish I could've seen you there-
    • Gavin, Jeremy, and Ryan win the very next round. You can hear Geoff's distant screaming and hitting a chair right after. Trevor immediately chimes in that he now has an excuse to get rid of it as well as having to re-sync because the chair hit his computer.
    • When it's Geoff's turn to drive the van, it's briefly assumed that because of how pissed he is, Trevornote 's going to wind up getting demoted. Geoff clarifies that what is actually going to happen is that, until he wins, this is the only thing they will do. He even outlines this into having every video they release from that point only being this, even if the video is meant to be a Things to Do, or a Minecraft video, or so on. So naturally, Geoff loses again.
      Geoff: Tune into part 3, right now!
  • Jack Bag 4 - GTA V
    • The last map is a very difficult wallriding map. At the very end, Gavin, who's in third, stops just short of the finish line to allow Michael to keep his dignity and avoid a DNF. Michael promptly clears the last wallride in one go, Gavin drives forward into the finish line - then Michael's car lands on the roof of a building a couple of blocks from the finish line. A building which has crenellations that prevent him from getting anywhere near the finish line.
      Michael: (as he's falling, to Gavin) Thanks boi. Let me have some dignity. (twenty seconds later) DAMN IT, NO!
  • Salty Trap Door - GTA V
    • Throughout the entire video, Geoff is once again heavily bullied. He cannot understand why everyone on Matt's team just can't die while they pick him off first. Early on, Geoff yells that he shot Jeremy with "all of the bullets on Earth", in which Jeremy proclaims the he needed to shoot him "with all of the bullets on Mars", too.
    • Geoff describes the lovely weekend he had with Millie and is furious that he had to come into work and suffer so much, and Jack tries to cheer him up.
    Jack: It's the sour and the sweet. We're making the sour so when you get to spend time alone with your daugher...
    Jeremy: That's diabetes, Geoff!
    Geoff: I'LL TAKE IT!
    Ryan: Then you get a shot and you're fine! They give you an insulin pump, and you go about your day!
    Jeremy: And then you're fine! I don't know why people complain about it all the time!
    Ryan: Every now and again your foot falls off, and you keep going!
  • Dropping Hot Death - GTA V
    • Geoff decides the gang should revisit Jetsta la Vista, updated for 2018. Thankfully, Geoff is spared bullying.
    • For some strange reason, Geoff keeps mishearing people, thinking they're saying "clit" and telling them to stop. Jeremy mocks him at one point and tells him to stop saying "sex".
    • Jeremy has somehow mastered the bike bunny hop. Everyone else just crashes into walls.
    • In one round, Michael finds himself trapped in the back yard of a house. Jack misses Michael and breaks the wooden gate, allowing him to escape... only for Ryan to slam into him a split second later.
    • During one part, Jeremy is confused as to why he keeps respawning in the bottom of the ocean. It's only when Geoff joins him that he realizes that he spawns in with a bike and the bike drags him to the bottom.
    • One round ends with Jack's death. Unlike everyone else's deaths, Jack just slumps over his handlebars, the bike turns and hits a wall, tossing him off.
    • There's a brief intermission with Trevor expressing surprise that someone like Vegeta could have a wife and a kid.
  • Jack Bag 5 with the Community - GTA V
    • They're playing with a bunch of fans, so there's plenty of rage to go around.
    • As Lindsay approaches the finish line in the first race, she gets overtaken by a number of others, as she's using a not-so-fast bike. In the second before she hits the line, somebody else passes her and turns to give her a middle finger for good measure.
    • The winning team for the snipers vs stunters map gets a female character performing the victory emote. Trevor points out that it was just a bunch of guys watching a girl dance.
    • Lindsay is the last person in the office to reach the finish line of the last race, and the DNF timer is ticking. Ryan tells her she can do it... then stage whispers that no, she actually can't. Within the next second she's finished.
      Lindsay: Say that again, Ryan.
      Jack: Oh, fuck you, Ryan!
      Ryan: *still in a stage whisper* I didn't believe it was her.
  • We Are Monster Truck - GTA V
    • During the Sudden Death of the final round, it comes down to Michael, Trevor and Ryan. Ryan was the biggest threat because his car had the push power and was simply tougher than everyone else, Michael questions why that car was actually the default since it was just too strong, at least compared to everyone else's pick. Michael and Trevor tried teaming up, but once Ryan knocks Michael out...
      Jeremy: Trevor it's been Valiant.
  • Coming in Hot - GTA V with Daniel Fabelo
    • The video starts off with Jeremy attempting audio sync... when a sudden POP goes off in the background: someone superglued Geoff's Diet Coke onto his desk and it exploded when Ryan nailed it with a moonball. Geoff quickly pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! as Alfredo goes to do surgery to repair the can enough so it won't leak.
    • During the round where Geoff is the Stalker, Gavin and Jeremy hide behind the same barrel. When Geoff finds them and kills Jeremy, all Gavin can do is confusingly look at Jeremy's body before he's killed.
    • When Gavin is the Stalker, he runs into Jeremy, who proceeds to bob, weave, jump, hug the wall and everything else under the sun to keep Gavin from shooting him.
  • Too Fast Too Dead - GTA V w/Chilled, Ze, GaLm and Tom
    • It's Geoff, Trevor, Alfredo and Jeremy against the Derp Crew in the new version of Sumo. Explosions ensue.
    • In the first round, Chilled is quickly killed off, much to his dismay. Unfortunately, it's by his team-mate Trevor, who's colorblind and couldn't tell who was who.
    • During the first two rounds, Trevor picks the Toredo, which is much more powerful than the other cars, leading to everyone trying to (and failing) to defeat him.
      • He also wins the first round in the second map too. This leads to everyone ganging up against him during the second round.
        Tom: Trevor protecc, he atacc, but most importantly he still attacc.
        Galm: I don't see color, I just see Trevor.
  • Protecting Mr. Dooley - GTA V
    • Geoff has decided to put a big bounty on one of them and the rest try to protect them. Geoff had suggested Matt, but since Jeremy's character stumbles into the room drunk off his rocker, Lindsay chooses him instead.
    • As everyone leaves the Christ Puncher's conference room, Alfredo briefly takes it over to begin a meeting to take over the world with chipmunks... before Lindsay re-enters the room.
      Lindsay: "Are you talking to chipmunks again?"
      Alfredo: "Oh shi-" (runs out of the room)
    • When everyone goes to get outfits to look the part, Alfredo is finished first and comes to realize, once everyone else gets snazzier looks, he doesn't know how to dress himself.
    • Their first attempt goes wrong almost immediately since the only preparations they had were picking out their outfits. This leads to a random player on an Oppressor laying into the van Jeremy and Geoff are in with missiles with the rest of the team unable to stop him. The rando even manages to reload his missile supply four times during the chase, which would require him to land his bike, get off, then make a phone call during which anyone could have easily killed him. The only reason the whole thing lasted as long as it did was because the van had a ludicrous amount of armor on it.
    • For the second attempt, everyone agrees to stick Jeremy into the abandoned coal mine and block the door with various vehicles. During that entire time, Geoff manage to be killed 4 times, 3 of which were by Jeremy.
      • During the second attempt, Jeremy somehow gains a star despite having done nothing. Geoff then suggests Jeremy remove his wanted level.
        Jeremy: (thinks about it for a second) No.
      • During this attempt Matt is in a hovering bike vehicle acting as a chase down and kill agent. At one point while racing back to the mine and the others, he whizzes up a mountain and clocks another player who was stood on the cliff edge.
  • Come Out To Play - GTA V
    • Geoff gets a doozy of a death as three bikers end up running over him in rapid succesion, causing all the bikes to pile up on top of him, and causing Jeremy to panic.
      Jeremy: "Officer down! Officer down!" (runs past a fire hydrant as the sounds of the bikes get closer) "SAVE ME FIRE HYDRAN-" (Jeremy gets run over)
    • After Matt Bragg gets run over, we get this small gem.
      Matt: "Tell my wife... I..."
      Jack: "You're not married!"
  • Sweaty Palms and Dented Wheels - GTA V: Sumo Remix
    • Geoff has the misfortune of being the first death in the first round by being outside the ring when time runs out for the first countdown. Geoff demands that everyone bully Trevor, the one who put him out, for it, accusing him of having a better car (when everyone is equally in poor handling.)
    • The second match comes down to Jack and Trevor in a dangerous game of chicken. It gets so bad that they psyche each other out and are both taken out.
    • During the second match, Both Geoff and Jack (Who are in the same team) see that the safe zone is right next to two ramps and both decide to ramp of one end to the other, both fail to make the jump and fall to their deaths, leading to their team being eliminated from the round, Michael, Trevor and Jeremy are laughing their asses off but commend them for going out like champs.
    • In the Youtube version, they have a commercial in Ryan's home for Ohama Steaks, which has Jeremy constantly guzzling down drinks, Jack walking around with thumbs up, Michael waving... and Ryan complaining that it seemed like Geoff wasn't listening. At the end, Jeremy gets so drunk, he blacks out and wakes up in the hospital.
  • Scram Jam - GTA V
    • The basis of this episode? Reverse Jesta la Vista. Hilarity and flying cars ensue.
    • Because of how light everyone's cars are, hitting the boost sends people flying all over. This includes Lindsay Austin Powers-ing herself and Jeremy getting himself stuck in a tree.
    • Ryan tries to figure out the difference between Jam and Preservatives. When Gavin tries to introduce Marmalade, Ryan tells him not to - he's already confused as it is.
    • A discussion of holiday-related weight gain (this was recorded post-Thanksgiving) causes some bewilderment from Ryan, when he considers the crew's different body types:
      Ryan: "How are we all the same weight?"
    • The news that Spongebob Squarepants creator Stephen Hillenburg passed away is, in itself, far from funny. Then comes Ryan with some Black Comedy.
      Ryan: [To the Spongebob theme tune] Whoooo lives in a coffin under the ground?
      Gavin: Jesus, Ryan! Let him go cold first!
      Lindsay: [Also to the Spongebob theme] He's rotten and corpse-y and worms all around!
    • During the second plane run with Ryan, everyone's near-misses lead everyone to call Ryan the "Greased-Up Ram Jet Guy"
      • Ryan's Rasputinian Death is a sight to behold. Michael hits him, causing him to drop out of the sky, only to bounce back up into the sky by bouncing off of Jeremy's car. Then, Jeremy clips his wing, causing him to gently drop out of the sky and get stuck upside down, leading to Gavin to jump into the fuselage.
    • Their next run is vs. Gavin in a Titan. While they wait for him to arrive, Ryan ends up losing his car in the reservoir north of the city. He calls in a new one, which spawns nearby on the eastern side of the reservoir.
      • His first attempt to get out of the area and towards where Gavin will be flying sees him end up going the opposite direction entirely, landing on the reservoirs' western bank instead.
      • His second attempt sees him boost into and then back out of the reservoir, landing roughly where he had started from in the first place. Oh, and his brief time in the water made his car unusable.
    • While waiting for Jack to get his second plane, Gavin, Lindsay and Jeremy line up beside each other. Jeremy goes to pull out his flare gun and aims at Gavin, who is busy launching rockets. Jeremy accidentally triggers his car's boost, which knocks Lindsay into Gavin and away and Gavin, who just hit the fire button on his car, ends up blowing up because his rocket was homing onto Jeremy's flare (though it could also be because the collision meant his car was nose-down when he fired). And for extra humiliation, Gavin respawns beside the jail and is mugged.
    • In celebration of Red Dead Redemption 2, the Hunters decide to "reenact" the game on GTA V.
    • Gavin sees a sign for "The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain" then goes silent for a bit. Jeremy worries he was having flashbacks.
    • Ryan, being Ryan, decides to enter a store where some of the Hunters are dressing the part, drive his motorcycle around, then proceed to rob the place and shoot the cashier, forcing Gavin and Jeremy to go elsewhere to finish dressing.
    • When it was just Ryan and Michael on the train, Jeremy decides to mess with them and use his Oppressor Mk II to not only ram them at top speed (which is incredibly fast), but to shoot them as well. Michael had the idea of retaliate and shoot fire work rockets at him, and despite how far Jeremy was, manages to shoot Jeremy off his bike in the air and falling to his death. He does it again, only this time Jeremy takes him out after Michael shot the rocket.
    • The Hunters return to the Overtime Rumble gamemode they tried out in mid-2017 and boy have things changed. You know you're in for a good time when the team made of Jeremy, Lindsay and last time's load Geoff is constantly outscoring the team consisting of Michael, Ryan and Matt.
    • This time's load is shared between Ryan, who doesn't realize he has to tilt back to go farther with the parachute and so keeps falling short of the platforms, and Matt, who keeps going for and falling off of high-scoring platforms.

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