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    General — part 1 
  • Geoff and Michael playing co-op in Saints Row: The Third has Geoff refusing to use weapons, opting to instead punch everyone they meet in the dick.
    Geoff: I'm declaring war on genitals.
  • Jack and Joel's "guides" to finding skulls and terminals in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Highlights include Cortana and Master Chief bickering over a terminal (with 343 Guilty Spark as referee), Joel failing to obtain a skull after showing multiple failed grenade jumps, and Halo exploding after picking up the last skull.
  • Let's Play Trials Evolution. The ending is priceless. For those who haven't seen it, Michael has been screwed over time and time again by people, bailing across the finish. (Not to mention the original Trials is the game that frustrated him enough to start doing Rage Quit). At the end, every person except Michael bails at once and misses the finish line- Michael goes from rage to joy immediately:
    Michael: (amidst laughter) Did all of you idiots bail out? All three of you bailed? I won by default.
    • That's not to say that the rest of it wasn't funny either. During their second game, Gavin finally gets the hang of bailing, taking the win from behind each time, causing Michael to rage. It doesn't help that Michael is usually ahead for the whole race.
  • Gavin (and Geoff's) "Pissing Off The Preacher" video for Skyrim. Video Game Cruelty Potential at its finest.
    • Gavin takes it up to eleven with his "Puddle Pile" video, in which he kills 70 people with an electrified puddle. It even earned him a Shout-Out in the game itself with his gleefully smug face in the thumbnail. The reason he's especially smug about it? He beat Jeremy's Fallout 4 video to a million views on Youtube, not helped by Geoff egging the audience on.
  • In the Max Payne 3 Let's Play:
    (Ray is complaining that Geoff is killing everyone with grenades)
    Geoff: Sorry dude, I have a good arm. What do you want? (Immediately throws a grenade Caboose-style into the wall he's hiding behind.) AAH! AAAH, FUCK, BLEW MYSELF UP.
  • In the Skyrim Olympics, Gavin and Michael both do okay in the archery. Ray, on the other had, misses the board entirely. Twice. He then takes his bad aiming further when he throws his shotput cabbage into a random corner. Thankfully for him, he made up for it with his second shot.
    • Ray joking that the British flag was Scotland's.
  • Michael and Gavin playing Slender has to be seen to be believed.
  • Ray and Michael get their brony on.
    • The ending, showing the Twilight Sparkle-themed armored player getting beheaded, elicits a Big "NO!" for Ray and Michael. Michael storms off to demand why Ryan put that there, while Ray notes how interesting it looked.
  • This Is: Lego Lord of the Rings. As Michael and Fragger discuss the game, Gavin is trying his best to annoy Michael. Halfway through the video, Gavin begins screaming as Michael attacks him. Michael returns a short time later with "Sorry, had a phone call."
  • The Hidden: Source Let's Play. It's practically another "Trouble in Terrorist Town" scenario.
    • Everyone is picked off until only Jack remains. Then he starts freaking out and shooting everything
    Jack: Oh, I think I just hit something!
    Ray: You hit a lot of things.
    • Geoff's attempts to both trying to help the other guys find the Hidden/create more paranoia
    Geoff: No, he's over by the box! A box moved upstairs!
    Ray: *looks around the room full of crates* A box huh...
    • Ray's constant use of the "Do you even lift" picture is pretty funny. The funniest time, however, is when Ray goes to put down the picture and immediately gets killed by the Hidden. Or when he stops and is killed just to spray it. Even better is how the YouTube video the picture came from was flooded by so many comments regarding the Let's Play the owner disabled comments.
      • The guys are enamored with their sprays in general — to the point that they each put down their spray on a single wall, and dub it "the spray wall". In the middle of laughing at each other's sprays, Geoff spots the Hidden, and panics to the point that he can't get the word out.
    Geoff: Oh, there's the fezza—!!
    (everyone starts screaming and shooting everywhere)
  • Let's Play League of Legends, in which the AH cast demonstrate that none of them have any clue how to actually play the game.
    Gavin: I just punched what looked like Gyarados in the face. *gets obliterated by Baron Nashor*
  • Let's Play Dead Space 3 demo: At one point, Jack and Michael have to fight monsters in a room containing a giant spinning drill. While blasting monsters, Jack runs directly into the drill and gets shredded.
  • Let's Play Hawken: Michael accidentally pulls out a map in the middle of a fight, and Kerry comes back with a great one-liner:
    Michael: Oh, I opened my map! NO! SHIT!
    Ryan: There's a map?
    Michael: I opened, like, a, uh, a HUD screen in the middle of the fight. (explodes)
    Kerry: At least you know where you died. (everyone laughs)
    Michael: Oh, some random dude fucked me up. Goddammit.
    Geoff: That's funny, Kerry. That could go on a shirt.
    Kerry: Thank you.
    • Ray's attempt to hide and heal. Kerry finds him immediately (though accidentally). His tone is just hilarious (at 30:35)
    Ray: You don't see me. I am one with the wall. I am INCOGNITO (Kerry blasts him to death) Alright, you saw me.
  • Most of the background AHWU events.
  • Let's Play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
    • Their names. Ray's especially, as he constantly refers to himself as the "Grand Poobah of Penis."
    • Michael distracts Gavin, who's aiming his bow at him. Jack sneaks up behind Gavin and kills him.
    • Michael discovering that he can chop off other players' arms... and heads.
    • Michael decapitating a corpse, and later, Geoff de-legging another body.
    • In team play, Jack kills Ray twice without realizing it, until first Michael then Ray points it out.
    • Three of the AH guys kill an enemy at once, leaving a bloody torso on a bench.
  • Let's Play World of Warcraft consists of mostly Gavin's incompetence:
    • Gavin is trying to figure out how to make his character dance. Ray tells him to "press Enter and type '/dance'." Gavin types "slash dance."
    • Gavin forgets to turn in a quest to get a new one. He nearly completes the next quest before realizing he never actually got it, so he has to walk across the map, turn in the last quest, and redo the first one. With Jack's guidance.
  • Let's Play Moonbase Alpha is hilarious mostly cause of the Microsoft Sam like voice that reads out the comments.
    Voice: (in Monotone) It's not gay if it's on the moon.
    • The ending is the most hilarious part of the let's play it consists of the guys typing in a single letter repeatedly as the voice reads them all at the same time.
    Michael: This is how it ends?
  • Let's Play X-Men Arcade:
    • With only three enemies to go (Juggernaut, Mystique disguised as Magneto, and Magneto), Jack has 249 kills and needs one more to get an achievement. Of the other guys, Michael is the most encouraging towards Jack and hopeful that he'll get it. Guess who gets all three kills...
    • During a cutscene, the guys meet Kitty Pride. Geoff comments on her pants, and Gavin comes out of nowhere with a weird comment.
    Geoff: Nice pants, jackass. (In a weird voice) "Hi, guys! Look at me!"
    Gavin: Look at that sweet cameltoe! (Everyone else laughs)
    • Gavin is The Load of the game. He spent the entire game doing the jump attack and missing almost every time, despite the fact that the screen would be covered with enemies. He used an attack that wasn't the jump attack a grand total of three times. The second-lowest score is approximately 170 kills; Gavin ends with fifteen.
      Gavin: Spike attack!
  • The reveal of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play channel. Highlights include:
    • Ryan waving in the background before he, Ray, Michael and Gavin dropping back down into the ground.
    • Gavin somehow cutting Geoff's thumb... then, Geoff shows it off to Jack.
    • As Jack is giving off the schedule, you can see Gavin stand up, back to the camera then sit back down, and Michael failing to stand on his head.
  • All of the Bad "Bad Acting" in Let's Play Wednesday.
    • At the very beginning, Ray crumples up his script when he realizes that he doesn't actually have any lines. For the rest of the video he just stands there giving confused reactions to Gavin and Michael's "performance", while occasionally messing with their scripts.
  • Let's Play Survivors Beta 3 (basically a Slender rip-off) has Michael's constant dying. In one round, Michael dies about 30 seconds in. At the end, they have found 10 of the 11 "lists" and are looking for the last one... only for Michael to die, without warning, inexplicably, 10 seconds before Ryan finds the final list and the game ends. And he was the only one to die.
    • At one point, Gavin was the only one left alive. He remains the only one alive...for almost four minutes. The others (who can sometimes see the creature on their screens after they die) have no idea why he hasn't died a hundred times over as he's attacked at least 10 times. When he finally does die, he's not even ripped apart.
    • When all players are killed, the message that appears is "Your are all DEAD".
    • Geoff's continuous bluster about how the game isn't scary at all. Guess who ends up screaming the most in this LP?
      Michael: "It's not as scary in a group. I feel protected by Geoff-"
      Geoff: "OH, WHAT WAS THAT?!"
      Ryan: "Whoa! Whoa, what?!" (everyone starts panicking)
      Michael: "Nevermind..."
    • In the second game, they've decided to split into two teams. Ryan takes about five steps...and loses Geoff.
    • Ryan's constant griping about the lack of textures on many of the buildings in the game.
    • In the behind the scenes video, we see that, when Geoff freaks out, he also flails his arms in shock and when he dies, he gets pissed off and throws his headsets on the ground.
      • Also, when Gavin flips out in shock, he does throw his mouse.
  • Gavin gets his finger stuck in his desk.
  • Let's Play Mass Effect 3 Podcast Crew: Gus manages to load into the match. No one else does, leading to Gus panicking and trying to save everyone, who are just standing there.
    • Burnie wanders into Collector territory and is downed.
    Burnie: "Do I hit A to die faster?, or..."
    • Burnie fires a sniper rifle at a Collector who's ten feet in front of him, tapping into his inner Church, he misses the head of the trooper several times before it's killed by Joel.
    Gavin: "I saw you literally make an outline around that guy's head."
    • Everyone's reaction to the Praetorian. Especially Joel and Gavin's attempts at explaining it to Gus.
    Joel: "Big trouble. Big big trouble."
    Gavin: "Ohh, you weren't kidding!"
    Gus: "Whatcha got?"
    Joel: "Big trouble."
    Gavin: "Praetorian."
    Gus: "Whatcha got??"
    Gavin: "Praetorian."
    Gus: "What?"
    Gavin: "Praetorian."
    Gus: "What does that mean?"
    Joel: "It's like a big car. A walking car-"
    Gavin: "Like a laser eye beetle. Dung beetle of death."
    Joel: "Dung beetle of death."
    Gus: "What?" (walks in to the scene) "HOLY SHIT!"
    • The top rated comment on YouTube sums it up nicely.
      Caboose, Church, Simmons and a Creeper play Mass Effect 3. The galaxy is fucked.
      • And the really terrifying thing is that Joel (Caboose) is the most experienced with the game.
  • Things To Do In Red Dead Redemption: King of the Mountain is a King of the Hill-style game, where the guys gather at the highest point of the map and try to punch each other off the mountain. But the hilarity starts before they even begin: While Gavin tries to reach Michael at the waypoint, he falls down the mountain and dies twice.
    • Later, when Geoff, Michael, and Ryan are trying to make their way up the steep cliff path, Gavin starts shooting them from the top. However, he falls off and dies, his body sliding down the path past everyone.
    • In revenge, Ryan later shoots Gavin dead while he is trying to climb the mountain.
    • After Geoff finds a high peak with an incredibly sheer drop, Michael agrees before chucking throwing knives from that point. About 30 seconds later, he steps straight off the mountain and dies.
    • In response, Michael predicts that Gavin will fall off the cliff before he makes it back up the mountain. His prediction is proven correct.
    • Before their third round, Michael jumps off a short drop near the KOTM peak. His character grabs his head and stumbles around... right off the cliff, something Geoff's character had almost done earlier.
    • Just before that round starts, Ryan sticks a throwing knife in Gavin's hand. Everyone comments that Gavin is now Wolverine.
  • Ryan's buzzer prank. Gavin was the victim solely because the prank necessitated cutting a hole in someone's desk and Gavin's was already damaged.
  • "Things To Do In: Red Dead Redemption - Horse Joust
    • Before the round begins, everyone grabbing a horse. Gavin can't find one and is forced to ride a donkey, leading him to ask "Why do I have to be the one riding an ass?"
    • The first round begins and the first to fall is Gavin, thanks to Ray killing his donkey and Michael stepping on Gavin's head.
    • The first round ends with Ray and Jack mutual killing their horses, followed by Jack winning.
  • Trials Evolution - Achievement PIG #64 has the entire video of Jack and Geoff talking about Jack's experiences in Canada without talking once about the game. Seeing as Jack won handily, it's not a surprise.
  • Part 2 of Michael's Full Play of State of Decay is an hour of hilarity because he's drunk. However, he comes off as sober because Gavin is absolutely blackout wasted. Gavin spends the entire time rambling about Scousers, coins, and random tangents, freaking out to the theme song of The Bill, and even rolls around on the floor singing "Dayman".
    • The intro is the two of them drunkenly singing "Believe".
    • Frequently during the video, Gavin knocks his headphone cable out. Then about 43 minutes in, he knocks them out again, then there's a 'clink' in the background of the audio...
      Gavin: It sounds like shit at the moment. It sounds wet.
      Michael: What sounds wet?
      Gavin: My headphones.
      (short interlude in which Michael crashes a car)
      Gavin: You gotta plug my headphones back in, 'cause all I hear is moist.
      Michael: Oh my God. So...
      Gavin: *Gavin whine*
      Michael: ...the end of your headphones was in a glass of water. Is that why you were hearing moist?
      Gavin: It wasn't water.
      Michael: Yeah it was, it was in this glass of water!
      Gavin: It's not water.
      Michael: Yeah— oh, no, you're right, it's not. It's not water, hang on.
      Gavin: My headphones were plugged into whiskey. My ears were getting drunk.
  • Let's Play Skate 3:
    • Gavin's player character is an obese blue-haired person wearing a wife-beater.
      Ray (when it's Gavin's turn): Fatty McBiglarge is going.
    • Gavin's second attempt at bailing from the quarry in Hall of Meat mode. He tries to press the instant-bail button combination (both triggers and click in both sticks) but he instead ends up landing a 180 coffin air from the cliff to a nearby building on complete accident, lets go of his board, and smacks into the floor and flops around a bit.
      Ray: You landed the trick and threw the board!
      Geoff: That was the most unintentionally awesome move ever!
    • Geoff's third attempt at bailing from the quarry. He skates forward toward the cliff... and hits a 2-inch pole and loses all his momentum without bailing.
      Jack: You found the one pole to hit.
    • Then during the docks level, Geoff flies off the starting area only to hit... lag, completely throwing him off-course.
    • Immediately after this, Gavin gets another fail when he runs off the starting zone.
  • In the Let's Play for Fuel, the gang orders pizza and realize that they don't want to stop to go get the pizza to have. So, they get Lindsay to get it. Then, when they find out she put it in the kitchen, the gang has to decide whose going to fetch the pizza before everyone else steals it away. Thus, Ray makes the sacrifice and grabs the pizza. Then, he opts to go get everyone drinks and napkins and, while he's gone, they quickly turn his car around to face the other direction to confuse him.
    • If anyone had seen the end of the almost two-hour long Let's Play, then they'll know about who won Geoff's present for completing the drive first. Michael won a picture of Geoff to put on his desk.
    • At around 40 minutes, there's a discussion on barrels where Ryan snarks off to Gavin.
    Gavin: Imagine a barrel, Ryan. And that's what you're looking for.
    Ryan: "Imagine a barrel", alright. Let me think reeeaally hard.
    Gavin: What's the most impressive barrel you've ever imagined?
    Ryan: I can't say I've ever imagined a barrel.
    Gavin: You've never thought about a barrel in your head? You've only ever seen them and not thought about them?
    Ryan: In what frame of reference would I be in that all of a sudden I thought, "I need to picture a barrel RIGHT now."
    Gavin: Yeah I mean, there must've been a time where you were thinking about a barrel, but you couldn't see a barrel.
    Ryan: No, there must not have been a time where I was thinking about a barrel. I never put anybody in a barrel, I never stored anything in a barrel, why would I have a barrel? Until we had this conversation, I think this is the most times I've ever said the word "barrel".
    • Around an hour and a half in, Jack starts talking about his trip to Mianus, Connecticut, which slowly devolves into Jack and Gavin making puns revolving around the name. Then after Geoff tells them to stop, Ray starts adding "In Mianus?" after every comment.
      Michael: Back to the game then. (proceeds to drive up a tree) I'M ON A TREE! I RODE UP A TREE!
    • Near the beginning (8:50), the gang tries to figure out how they're gonna format the Let's Play - either in multiple parts or in one long video. Geoff, then, declares that it will be one long video, prompting a cutaway to one of the video editors, who flips off the camera with the caption "FUCK YOU" in big bold green letters.
      • Later on (1:23:55), Jack mentions that they should make sure the editors have no means of hurting themselves with. Cut to the previous editor giving another a knife... then a gun... then a crossbow.
    • At one point (1:39:33), Gavin is so into the game, we cut to show Ryan balancing objects on Gavin's head, ending it with a can of Diet Coke. He balances it. Ryan's Xbox had frozen, taking him out of the running.
      • Ryan somehow managed to foresee it coming when he got an achievement during the run.
      Ryan: "Newton was Right, After All!", achievement.
      Geoff: You got an 80-yard jump or whatever? note 
      Ryan: No, this is a different one.
      Gavin: You fell.
      Ryan: Yeah. Nice playing with you guys...
  • "Let's Play Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
    • During the fourth wave, Gavin reveals that they can enter the house and decide to barricade themselves in there. However, when Gavin opens the door, he completely misses the doorframe, thus jumping into the wall.
      • A few moments later, Ryan throws some dynamite into the doorway way too close, knocking him and Geoff down and taking out Michael.
    • While they're waiting to start the next game, Gavin and Michael start punching it out. Michael's caught off guard as Gavin's character leaps into the air.
    • In the middle of the second game's first round, Michael muses that, if a Zombie Apocalypse happened in real life, they could handle it. He, then, shoot's Gavin's character in the head.
    • As they start the final round, the gang muses what Jack and Ray were doing. At first they surmise that they were giving each other handjobs. Geoff corrects it by saying that Jack was giving Ray a handjob while Ray was just playing video games.
      • At the end, It's down to Michael in Sudden Death. As he's running to keep the horde away from him, Gavin tells him "Keep running - soon, enough time'll pass and it'll be GTA, then you can get a car."
  • Every time Gavin does a Five Facts. Most notable is the Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game which Gavin never played.
    • They had to do the intro three times because Gavin keeps yelling "CLOSE THE DOOR"
    Ryan: When you're trying to think of hard math, was "long division" really the hardest math you could come up with?
  • Let's Play: Cloudberry Kingdom. While Ray and Geoff are gone, you'd think it would be fairly peaceful. However, the crazy platformer easily creates chaotic hilarity with menacing lasers, spike walls, etc. Michael varies from being a screaming lunatic to being the only one left alive.
    Gavin: We are losing our minds!
    • "I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes...!"
    • Part 8 ends with them all sticking their avatars between two bouncy blocks and just enjoying it after the torture that was the last few levels.
    • Ryan gets the hiccups.
    • Level 273 gives them jetpacks and only moves when they do. This leads to a lot of hesitation and running forward only to fly back to the start to avoid lasers. Also:
      Gavin: "I don't even know where... where would we go?"
      Jack: "Right?"
    • Gavin and Ryan's Seinfeldian Conversation going from standard questions to Gavin just straight up asking Ryan if he owns certain things in his house.
  • "Red Dead Redemption Races":
    • Ray kicking a goat in the nuts, which quickly escalates into all the guys chasing around animals to abuse.
    • Gavin's horse always stopping, falling or bucking him off before he crosses the finish line.
  • Red Dead Redemption: Bear Puncher:
    • The name kinda says it all. The AH gang trying to beat a bear to death with their bare hands. The group runs through the snowy forest after every bear they find like a bunch of madmen until they come to the realization halfway through the episode that it is, in fact, impossible to punch a bear to death. They then spend the remainder of the episode derping around the world farming XP.
      • Just the sight of six angry cowboys hauling ass after a grizzly trying to beat it to death. The entire crew continuously lampshades the absurdity of it.
      • Special mention to Gavin, who manages to fall down a mountain....right into a bear, who immediately mauls him to death, before proceeding to gut Michael right after.
      • Geoff's comments throughout the first half of the video are either incredibly punny....or gut-bustingly hilarious.
      Geoff (after punching a bear): Come here bitch, I'mma show you human ingenuity.
    • While the rest of the group fight bandits after giving up on the bear, Gavin instead leaves the group on the back of his donkey, Mervin. Periodically, the episode will cut from the action with the main group to Gavin and Mervin trotting leisurely and serenely along a road, a cliff, and eventually a railroad track. At least, until the two fall off a bridge and drown.
  • Any of the videos with Joel and Adam playing horror games, with them just constantly bickering, getting lost and getting attacked.
    • In Outlast, Joel is relatively calm while Adam is constantly screaming and snapping at Joel. Props to all the times they spend hiding in the lockers.
    Joel: Okay, I'm going to open the door (horrendous scream of someone being tortured or killed) I'm gonna keep the door closed.
  • Assassin's Creed 4 leads to many hilarious moments, often when one person either murders an unsuspecting victim or escapes their pursuer just in the nick of time.
    • Gavin as "The Dandy" is absolutely hilarious, especially whenever he or someone else says "The Daaaandy!" in a mock British accent.
      • The fact that Gavin, who's actually British, adopts an even more British-sounding accent when he says "The Daaaandy!" is a moment in and of itself.
      • In the third round of the second part, Geoff claims the Dandy before Gavin can. "Someone out-Dandied me!"
      Gavin: Who the hell picked the Dandy?!
    • Gavin spends a lot of the second part on the roof. This either allows him to swoop down from above, or causes him to get stabbed from behind unexpectedly.
    • Ryan's reaction at one point to Gavin killing him:
    Ryan: Why would you do that?! You got blood on your cuffs! The lace is ruined!
    • At one point, two people get caught between the doors throughout the map, freaking out for several seconds until they open again.
    • Gavin starts off the third round in the second part by finding a fiddler and dancing to the music. This allows Ryan to easily find and kill him.
  • RT Noire: Joel sets audio of him trying to find out where his stapler went to video of La Noire, with Jack as the primary suspect.
  • "Let's Play Goat Simulator". Drunk Michael and Gavin playing for the very first time.
    • Their... odd way of complimenting Joel.
    Michael: You know what I hear about Joel Heyman? That... like, the most common thing?
    Gavin: What?
    Michael: Enormous penis.
    Gavin: And huge! And, like, really good, sort of... just everyday activity and hair.
  • "Let's Play Starwhal: Just the Tip Part 2"
    • Each player chooses their rider for their Starwhal. This makes it easier for the viewer to know who is controlling each but the tiny bodies and large heads just look ridiculous.
    • Geoff making some very high-pitched noises of caution that make him sound like a very cautious ghost. Michael especially seems to find it funny.
    • "Do you ever wiggle your tip for a bigger surface area?" Oh Gavin...
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8. Ryan's completely incompetent at Mario Kart.
    Ryan: *referring to his car* It, uh, doesn't turn very well.
    Ashley: Well that's because you're Metal Mario. Metal Mario is heavy.
    Ryan: Why didn't anyone tell me that?!
    Ashley: You picked him because he looked cool.
    Ryan: He was shiny...
    • Here we have what is probably one of Gavin's most creative non-curses:
    Gavin: (Gets hit by a shell) OH, COCK-A-DOODLE BOLLOCKS!
  • "Let's Play Speed Runners". The use of the CLAW.
    • In one of the rounds, Ray grimly predicts that he's going to get fucked by the spikes. The round is then over immediately because everyone BUT Ray managed to impale themselves. They all break out laughing and mutters about the "classic Ray move"
    • The same level has Michael use the Claw powerup to snag Ray... only to land on the aforementioned spikes, giving Ray the last win he needed on the level.
  • The "Ryan The Slide Guy" video. Ryan goes down a slide. That's it.
  • "Lets Play - The Forest"
    • During the opening cutscene the airplane Ryan's character and the character's child are riding starts to plummet from the air. Ryan's reaction to the child? "You're not wearing your seatbelt!"
    • While getting his bearings, Ryan sees the headless shadow of his avatar.
    Ryan: "Uhh, guys? I don't think I survived the crash!"
    • Ryan's first approach of the natives with a tennis ball.
    Ryan: "Sports fans?" (throws the ball at them, they begin to run towards him) "Not sports fans!" (turns and runs)
  • "Lets Play - The Forest Part 2"
    • While exploring the beach they find a dead and naked human body. Ryan decides to give it a little 'tap' with the fireaxe.
      Ryan: (raising the axe) "So can I...?"
      (he hits the body, it explodes)
      All: "Ohhhhhhh!"
      Ray: "My god!"
      Geoff: "Gross! Jesus!"
      Michael: "Shit!"
      • Then Ryan picks up half a leg and freaks out even more.
    • While sitting by the fire and examining his avatar-hand, a wild bird comes and lands on it. It then glitches out and CONSTANTLY keeps coming and 'landing' there before flying off for the rest of the video. Eventually they nickname it Claurice/Gavin.
  • "Let's Play - The Stomping Land"
    • When they all finally manage to come together in one place a dinosaur attacks their camp. Ray tries to revive someone on the ground and instead discovers that it's possible to tie the legs of another player and drag them around behind you.
    • Near the end, somehow, other people join their game. Geoff and Lindsay get kidnapped.
      • The best part is the resulting banter. The players react with dismay when they realize no one is coming to save them.
      OneEye: No friends? Is anyone going to save you?
      Michael: You can have him.
  • "Let's Play - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II"
    • The Hungarian alcohol having such a horrible taste that Geoff turns red, Gavin can't stop coughing, Jack looks pretty sick after drinking it and Michael basically doesn't react at all.
  • "Let's Play - Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark"
    • Jack almost immediately works out how to transform to vehicle mode and jumps Geoff and Gavin in car-form. Then Gavin transforms too and they do a few jump stunts just before the first enemy wave.
    • A classic Gavin line:
      Gavin: (shooting an enemy) "Oh! Bloody car came out of nowhere... what's the speed limit in this room?"
    • Jack is serious.
      Jack: "I will shoot you, then roll out!"
    • The team name "Team Congress" is decided upon for the team-up of Geoff, Jack and Gavin. This leads to a brief discussion of 'the old days' when they worked together and Gavin reveals that there's a Vimeo video out there somewhere of Geoff with 50 pieces of gum in his mouth.
    • Gavin is downed and Jack drives over there in car-form to revive him.
      Jack: "Here I'll heal you, uber!"
      Gavin: (makes what only can be described as a 'delighted Gavin noise')
    • Gavin activates flame jets, wonders why they don't seem to be responding then yells when they turn on directly behind him all of a sudden.
    • Gavin reflects that this Let's Play is what it'd be like if AH had never hired anyone else, then turns to see a large enemy transformer behind him and screams.
  • "Let's Play: Trine 2"
    • Jack is playing as Zoya the thief, and on assigning skill points sees an ability called "Frozen Arrows" and starts singing "Let it Go" in a high-pitched voice. Then they all start laughing because Jack's singing caught Gavin off-guard and he sprayed some of the whiskey he was drinking across Jack's desk and some got up his nose.
  • Let's Play - Samurai Gunn
    • After Michael starts an ungodly win streak, Michael starts questioning if this is how it feels to be Ray.
  • Let's Play Payday 2 Part 2:
    • Ray decides to distract a guard by chatting up a hooker who is invisible to Gavin leading to Ray and Jack standing in an alley trying to show Gavin where the hooker is while a security guard stares at them.
    • Ryan gets arrested while trying to sneak up on a guard and put on his mask on the third play through.
  • Although it was removed from their main YouTube channel, their video in Forza 4 has quite a few moments of hilarity in it. They play Car Soccer, Lads vs. Gents. In the first game Michael, Ray, Gavin, Jack and Ryan pick cars with a good balance of maneuverability and speed. Geoff picks the Hummer H1, because they've got damage set to 'realistic'.note 
    • Skip to 17:21. Once Geoff smashes into Ray to immobilize him and ends up also flipping himself, he simply does not stop laughing for over a minute. It's amazing.
  • Let's Play - Evolve Big Alpha
    • The Hunters follow Ryan's 'dog' Daisy to find Jack!Goliath. The first thing Jack does when cornered? Eats Daisy.
    • This quote:
      Ryan: "I have one one job! Follow the dog and drop harpoons! ... That's two jobs, but counting isn't one of my jobs!"
    • Jack chases Geoff:
      Jack: "Where'd Geoff go? Come here Geoff. Why are you running from me?" (uses his fire breath to toast Geoff flying in front of him)
      Geoff: "You sound close... also I SEEM TO BE ON FIRE!" (dies)
      Jack: (laughing) "'You sound close'."
    • Part 2 Ryan goes Zen
      Ryan: "I'm a confusing beast, To hunt The Ryan you must understand The Ryan!"
      Lindsay: "I will never understand The Ryan."
      Ryan: "And thus you will never catch The Ryan."
      • This follows on from Jack asking him what his monster name is and Ryan just answering "Ryan the Monster...!" which quickly turns into a trailer for a feel-good movie.
    • Ryan takes the fight to the Hunters.
      Ryan: "I'm hurting people! I'm hurting people! I can't stop hurting people!!!"
    • This.
      Ryan: "Use your ears... look; the clear mating signs of a monster..."
      Lindsay: "Yo, who wants to fuck?"
  • Let's Play - Trials Fusion: Community Supercross
    • Jack crashing at the end of the first course leads to a Funny Background Event:
      Jack: Goddammit! I got excited 'cause of the finish line!
      Michael: You got excited because you saw Ryan in a kilt.
      Ryan (in background): Hey boys!
    • Moments later, Jack nearly gets to the end of the first race and accidentally bails prematurely, disqualifying himself and leaving Michael, Ray, and Geoff to attempt to finish the race. It proves so difficult for them that they essentially do a group Rage Quit and bail themselves.
  • Let's Play - Kirby's Return To Dreamland
    • During the opening cutscene Ryan starts doing sound effects... at least for all the blinking going on.
    • They discover it's possible to ride on another player's back. This inevitably leads to a totem pole.
    • They decide to see if Michael as Kirby can eat the others.
      Michael: "I'll stand on the left..."
      Gavin: "Eat all of us. Free lunch!"
      Ryan: "How does it work?"
      Gavin: "Oh god."
      Ryan: (as Michael is trying to suck them in) "I'll go in... no."
      Michael: "I can't eat you... hold let me try shaking it..."
      Gavin, Ray and Ryan: (as they're sucked in) "AAAHH!"
      Michael: "Yup, there we go."
    • Gavin begins eating Michael when he changes to Kirby too, resulting in a 'suck-off' that Ryan gets caught in the middle of.
      Ryan: "I'm deep in the pink!"
    • Gavin deciding to constantly try to eat the other three guys, then Michael gets fed up and eats him and walks into a death pit with Gavin in his belly.
    • Ray and Ryan kissing as Dedede and Meta Knight.
  • Let's Play - Assassin's Creed Unity Co-op
    • Ray starts off the video revisiting one of his Old Shame catchphrases in a funny manner.
      Ray: "Just blaze." (smokebombs the area)
    • Ryan expressing disappointment that their second mission is to rescue someone from a guillotine instead of watching it happen.
    • They get downed.
      Ryan: (very close to bleeding out entirely and making a load of death noises) "Bleehhh... Bleeeeeeeeeeh." (Geoff runs up to him, Ryan dies, in same tone of voice) "You let me die."
      Geoff: "You up?"
      Ryan: (still in the dying voice) "You let me die."
      Geoff: "I was holding B."
      Ryan: (STILL in the dying voice) "You didn't hold it hard enough and now I'm deeeeeeead!"
    • Geoff encounters an odd bug where he can't attack the enemies around him, but they aren't attacking him too. It fixes later when he runs inside a building, but then two dead enemies merge into one enemy while being stabbed (there's even a slow-motion replay in case you didn't notice first time).
    • Ray is not fond of Théroigne de Méricourt's default speed.
      Ray: She's just talking, she's walking, and she's taking her sweet-ass time.
      Lindsay: Ask her about her likes and dislikes!
      Ray: She fuckin' dislikes walking at a reasonable speed.
  • Let's Play - Assassin's Creed: Unity Heist
    • During the heist Ryan accidentally does a hay bale leap while trying to drop onto a balcony to take out a sniper. A minute later Ray leads a crowd of enemies past the bale and Ryan starts picking them off one by one.
      Ryan: "I'm the deadliest bale of hay ever! Stab!"
    • Ryan finds one of the highlighted chests but is left dealing with a room full of enemies, asking why the others aren't there to help him. When they eventually show up, he's won.
      Ryan: (sarcastically) "Oh thanks guys, glad you could make it."
      (gets message "Cannot interact when there is conflict nearby")
      Ryan: '"Cannot interact when there is conflict nearby... Guys! We need to resolve our differences. We gotta bury the hatchet."
  • Let's Play - Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Part 2
    • The game freezes at the 7 minute 30 second mark. The four of them are too distracted talking about Dante's Peak to notice, so whoever got to edit the video gets to have a good long on-screen snark at their expense.
      It's been pretty dark here for a while huh?
      I wonder when they'll realise the game froze
      Let's give it a minute and see where this goes
      Surely they've figured it out by now right?
      Any minute now... I'm sure of it...
      Almost there... I can feel it...
      There we go! Finally! Thanks for that Ray
      Activating Technical Difficulties in 3, 2, 1
      (cue Technical Difficulties)
  • Let's Play - Vindictus
    • When they start the mission there's a cutscene that introduces us to each of the four player's characters... only Ryan's is too busy picking up a pumpkin and so the screen just focuses on his back as he bends down to grab it.
    • Each boss battle ends with freeze frame close-ups of their characters. They can either be epic or funny, depending on what everyone happened to be doing at the time.
    • Ray discovers the dance button.
    • Early in the video, Jack claims that running is done by pressing E twice. Later on, Ray discovers running is actually done using W. Attempts to call out Jack leads to even more confusion, as Jack claims E is used to run backwards quickly only to be immediately corrected again.
      Ryan: Today I learned Jack is dyslexic.
    • While progressing through a level Ryan triggers a trap and is sent sprawling backwards by a flying log.
  • Let's Play - I Am Bread
    • Gavin gets extremely upset about Michael's slow reaction times.
      Gavin: "Michael! It's like the slow man..."
      Michael: (laughing) "You take that back! Don't ever call me that again! "It's like the slow man...""
    • In general, the Personality Swap between Team Nice Dynamite in this Lets Play. Michael is calmer and more interested in having a good time, but has difficulty with his controls and causes most of their failures, while Gavin is confident and co-ordinates most of their strategies, but gets more frustrated and shouty each time they fail. They even lampshade this at a couple points. It all culminates near the end when Gavin almost rage quits on Michael.
    • At one point they plummet to the floor from the kitchen counter and try to progress anyways by scaling the fridge. After many tries, they finally almost reach the top... only for the freezer door to swing open with them still stuck on it, sending them all the way back to the counter they started on. Adding insult to injury, right after they hit the counter top, the door slams shut.
    • An attempt sees them reach the top of the fridge, but then glitch a corner of their slice through the side of the container on top. After some struggling they manage to get free... only the fixing of the glitch sends the bread slice flying across the kitchen and Michael only just attaches them to the opposite wall when they hit it.
    • Towards the end, Gav and Michael have finally put together a solid run in Level 2, making it to the top of a bookcase. They try to drag a videotape with them, but their grip runs out; they are able to land on a ledge next to a trash can, where they presume the tape landed. While climbing up the wall, they see the tape landed on a shelf, blocking their way up. As such, when their grip runs out, they plummet directly into the trash can, which empties their health to zero and ends the run.
    • Gavin gets really upset that getting egg on the bread automatically makes it inedible. Apparently, it's not even an issue with the gameplay for him; he's incredulous that people who are "meant to be English" don't like Eggs on Toast, when England invented it.
  • Let's Play - #IDARB
    • They start off the video trying to figure out who actually has control of the menu so they can start the game.
    • Less than ten seconds on the clock and the Gents are leading 20 to 10. The Lads have pretty much given hope when a goal raised their score by six points. Cue Epic Freakout and a mad dash for the ball.
      Ray: OH, WE WOULD'VE WON!Explanation 
  • "Let's Play - Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris"
    • Partway through, the gang has no idea how to climb up a wall and it takes a bit of trial and error to figure it out. Once everyone's done, then the game tells them what to do, which annoys Michael.
    • At one point, Ray poses a quite infamous question "Dude, imagine if she had breast cancer in this game?Explanation 
  • "Let's Play - I Am Bread Part 2" brings back Opposite Team Nice Dynamite.
  • "Let's Play - Evolve Beta Part 1"
    • The return of Ryan the Monster. Who just wants to eat and becomes an angry Cookie Monster.
    • Ray takes his turn as monster and after a huge battle gets to the stage where he can evolve and so runs. He leads the other four around a tall stone pillar, sneaking so that they don't realize he's right back where they were just fighting and as they decide he's long gone, evolves to the next stage.
  • "Let's Play - I Am Bread Part 3"
    • They make a mad dash for a high up shelf, which sees good teamwork and some amazing bread flipping... they just reach the shelf as the grip runs out. Only, the momentum carries them too far and they bounce off the edge, falling to the floor below.
      • The monumental amounts of fate tempting they did right before this happened. Especially Gavin stating that "It's not the end of the world if-" right as they plummeted. He retracts his statement.
    • Another good Gavin quote: "I pictured that in my groin." And then a few seconds afterwards: "I just sympathised with bread!"
    • The bread, once again, gets dunked right into the sink. Gavin doesn't even stay in the room this time.
  • "Let's Play - Lethal League"
    • The sheer panic whenever someone manages to pull off a power move with the ball.
    • At one point so many people pull off power moves with the ball (each person intercepting it immediately after the last one) that the colour completely drains from the screen.
  • "Let's Play - Dying Light"
    • Michael's surprise when he seems to hit the mother-lode of coffee.
    • Ryan's inability to jump on a roof.
    • When Geoff searches a payphone, he's surprised to find 19 dollars in there. Then, Michael reminds him that calling long distance cost a lot.
  • "Let's Play - Saints Row IV
    • The duo that started Let's Play are back in the fourth installment of Saints Row. And now, Geoff gives even less of a fuck about his religion where he can only dick punch.
    • Their first action? Synchronized jumping!
    • Michael spends the entirety of the White House cutscene laughing at his character. When Geoff sees it, he says it looks familiar.
    • In part 11, Michael Once again says 'Let's get the fuck out of here' right before his character.
  • "Let's Play - Dying Light Co-Op Part 2"
    • Night falls and it's every man for himself as the zombies get stronger and terrifying.
    • Gavin picks up a hissing propane can and asks Ryan if it's gassing him. You can guess what happens next.
      • Gavin insists Ryan triggered it by hitting it, so later he finds another and has Michael hit it to see if it'll start hissing. Yup. It does. And their panicked reactions see Gavin throw the can at Michael and Michael fall off the building.
    • Ray fights a zombie, and when Michael comes to help the zombie on his screen is glitching out big time so it looks like its break dancing or possessed.
    • They get trapped in a fenced off area in the dark with a lot of zombies.
      Gavin: "Tits! Tits! Tits!"
      Ryan: "Why are you screaming 'tits'?"
      Gavin: "There's a woman in a bikini down there."
  • In the first episode of "Fuck This Game", Team Nice Dynamite do Five Nights at Freddy's 3, which is more of the same from what we saw in the Play Pals for Five Nights 1. Yet it's still hilarious.
    Gavin: "We should think about nice things. Like, when you get a pony and it gallops through the meadow — WHAT WAS THAT?!"
    Gavin: I don't like a game where you have to defend yourself with the giggles of children.
    • The way that Michael childishly whines "Ow, I bumped my knee!" after hitting his knee on the desk after a jumpscare is just funny for some reason.
  • While there are a lot of examples in their Helldivers Let's Play (various friendly fire incidents, people being killed by falling pods), the crowning moment would have to be the ending. Geoff recently died a few seconds before the dropship arrived to extract them all. He gets called back and everyone wants to wait for him, except that the dropship starts a countdown to leave as Geoff is inbound. Cue Ryan and Ray and Lindsay running into the dropship as Geoff tries to make it, leaving him behind on the world as he screams "YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! THIS IS JUST LIKE PLATOON! I'M WILLEM DAFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE!"
  • "Let's Play - I Am Bread Part 4"
    • The starting position in the bathroom level is above a full sink of water. This means that Gavin's gag reflex becomes an extra obstacle, something that Michael takes a little bit of mischievous pleasure in prodding every now and again. Plus, the very first thing they do is fall into the sink.
  • "Tales From The Borderlands: Ep. 2 - Atlas Mugged"
    • The Gents play the game by rolling a four-sided die to let chance determine their choices.
    • The first thing the Gents do when they get to play is investigate a lunch tray. Upon seeing a spork, Ryan immediately assumes they'll use it to gouge out someone's eye with it. The Gents are equally disturbed and amused that he turns out to be right.
    • Ryan gets obsessed with the fact that the camera angles really seem to like Rhys' shoes...
    • At one point the dice has them say nothing when Vaughn removes his shirt and ties it on his head, exposing a naked chest. When the caption "Vaughn will remember that" pops up they all laugh.
  • "Achievement Hunter VS The World: Block N Load"
    • Ryan gains a high point of the map over the enemy base in one round and proceeds to completely bombard the other team, confusing them to his amusement.
  • "Let's Play - Fuel Part 2"
    • The only reason they're doing this again is because the community wanted it. The vinegar levels are high in this video. From Geoff in particular.
    • They reference a conversation they'd been having earlier about whether cats have appendixes. Ryan decides to call his wife to ask but she doesn't answer. She calls back and Ryan proceeds to have a slightly awkward but adorable conversation with her during the video of which we only hear his side. She confirms that cats do not, asks if the conversation is being recorded and does not give permission for her voice to be in the video.
    • Jack gets stuck at a spawn point on a steep cliff that is right over a lake, and can't get out.
      Michael: (sarcastically) "Man, I forgot how much fun this game was..."
      Jack: (dying again at that moment) "FUCK!"
      Gavin: "That was great timing...!"
      the Vine guy from the meme: (during the Best Bits compilation video) It was at this moment that he knew... he fucked up!
    • In a slight twist from the last video, everyone's game BUT Ryan's, sans Jack's, ends up crashing at one point, leaving Ryan as the only viable person left to obtain the achievement. He doesn't get it.
      • Geoff was the first to fall, and tried to bail out on the rest of the video only for the others to make him stay and restart. Gavin experiences a connection problem at about the same time.
  • "Let's Play - Towerfall Darkworld"
    • Arrow firing sound effects.
      Ryan: "Boing! I mean, thwap! I mean boing-thwap!"
    • In one game Jack wins the round with an explosive arrow, but somehow also kills himself before the round ends. The replay shows that an ordinary arrow that he shot at the beginning of the round was knocked loose by the explosion and looped round to the top of the screen to fall onto him.
    • In one round Gavin seemingly gets taken out early by an explosion only to win the round at the end by finishing off Geoff by dropping on top of him. In reality he was hidden at the other side of the screen at the same time he picked up a camouflage powerup, and he exploited the fact that it seemed as if he died by waiting until the others had fought themselves down to just one before attacking.
  • "Let's Play - The Ship: Part 3"
    • Brandon's back. That should tell you all you need to know, but here are a few highlights:
      • Brandon starts the game completely frozen in place and unable to move because his chat window is open. He doesn't notice this for a solid three minutes.
      • Once he starts moving, in his frenzy to find a weapon, he starts dancing for no reason and talking to a random police officer. When he finally DOES get a weapon, he pulls it out and gets arrested instantly. His reaction is so priceless that they put it in the Title Sequence.
      • Brandon inquires on how to get out of the brig:
      Brandon: Do I sneak out of jail? Do I gotta blow a guy to get out of here?
      • At one point, Brandon gets desperate enough so as to ask his quarry if he is dead yet. He keeps mispronouncing the name Joanna, to which Jeremy retorts:
      Jeremy: Jo-wanna die? Come here!
      Geoff: HAHAHAhahahaha-not funny.
    • Max tries to ambush Michael outside the prison... without a weapon. Immediately afterward, Michael falls asleep in the middle of the hallway.
    • And Brandon graces us with this gem.
      Brandon: That's a headline you never want to see. "Captain Murderstab has been released on parole."
    • Michael gets stuck in a bathroom stall for several minutes, only finally getting out when he realizes he can't open the stall door while brandishing his axe.
  • Funny in a very dark way, but when playing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Michael and Gavin stumble across a cemetery while Mandus's kids ask if they can take a stone egg home. Michael mimics Mandus's voice, saying that of course they can take it home and he'll bury their corpses in the cemetery. This happens to be more or less exactly the twist of the game.
  • "Let's Play - The Ship: Part 4"
    • More Brandon antics!
      • At one point early on, he questions what fun is it to kill people when you don't hear them scream. He didn't realize his target, who he had just killed, was the AI player.
      • A few moments later, he kills Geoff and declares that he's going to undress his character. Geoff declares he is creepy as fuck.
      • Brandon later buys his character a pretty dress and starts begging people not to take it when he dies.
    • Geoff takes to hiding in a closet and shooting anyone who comes near.
      Jeremy: Found him.
    • In one round, Michael is constantly harassed and he starts lobbing wallet bombs before shutting himself away. His hilarious retort ends up being used in the intro.
    Michael: [Between laughs] Fuck off! Fuck off! Who else wants some?!
    • Everyone keeps congregating in the Amber Room.
      Ryan the fifth or so time it happens: Well, we've congregated here once again...
  • Let's Play Towerfall Ascension Part 3 has one line that sticks out.
    Gavin: This game invents new noises for me.
    • At another point Gavin basically imitates Scatman John.
    • And the Running Gag of having no clue what the Prism Arrows do.
    • Gavin, on the verge of victory in the second round, fires a bramble arrow at Jack to secure the win... only for Jack's bramble-laden corpse to come falling back down on Gavin, costing him the win.
  • Let's Play - Alone in the Dark
    • Ryan and Michael dealing with the highly buggy controls and HUD. Gets to the point that Michael, while dead, was able to view Ryan's HUD from his own observer mode, so he could tell Ryan what his health and other stats are.
  • Let's Play -Cloudberry Kingdom Part 10
    • Gavin and Ryan play a game the latter called 'Home Go Fish.'
    • Jack asks if people would like a video only containing one level, Michael's response: "We're about to find out."
      • After they beat the level.
  • Let's Play - Star Trek
    • Ryan and Michael cannot, for the life of them, figure out who is playing Kirk and who is playing Spock. So, they refer to each other as "Kirk-Spock" and "Spock-Kirk"
    • They spend a good minute or two discussing that the recent season of Game of Thrones would have been better if it ended with one of the characters taking the hour-long shit that they took in the books. Then, it goes into discussing why phasers can't make people shit and that Lindsay once told Michael she'd like to have the power to make people shit their pants.
    • They keep checking each other's vital signs and are quite proud of being healthy.
    • The stage they're in has a pattern that exposes them to the heat of a nearby star and proceed to yell in pain when struck.
    • During one puzzle, Michael is mesmerized by one trap door shooting flames and ends up getting killed.
    • Ryan's gobsmacked reaction to not only wondering where all the Vulcans are coming from, but one of the females there is wearing high-heeled magnetic boots.
  • "How I Spent My Summer Vacation By Geoff Ramsey" shows us that Geoff went to Hawaii on June 12... and spent the time past the 14th playing Fallout Shelter, as we're shown Geoff at different places, mesmerized by the game.
  • "Let's Play - ARK: Survival Evolved: Building Home Base" has Team Gents making home base for future Let's Plays. You think it would be easy, but not for these guys.
    • Ryan is just horrified at Geoff's character, which has big meaty legs, suggesting that they could start a fire by rubbing his thighs together and that turkeys don't have drumsticks that big.
      • Also, Geoff's character's name? "GavinInFiveYears"
    • There's a running gag with their characters constantly pooping. At one point, Jack accidentally makes his character EAT the poop.
    • While attempting to kill a large turtle, Geoff dies and Jack decides to lure the turtle back to base so Ryan can help him. He builds a slingshot which does jackall on the turtle except make it chase him.
    • Jack eats a bunch of narcoberries, which causes him to pass out. Ryan promptly grabs his character and drags him into the house.
    • More Technical Difficulties - they get their asses kicked by triceratops.
    • At the end, Ryan decides to kill Geoff's character with the idea of cooking it.
  • "SpeedRunners Gameplay - the Stream Team"
    • At one point, Gavin sneaks in behind Jeremy, Matt and Trevor and ends up tripping over himself, catching the trio off-guard.
    • During a run in the city, Trevor's character fires his grappling line and it hooks nothing, making his character look like he's gliding on one foot.
    • At one point, the gang sees a "Gavino Free" on the chat and Matt promptly kicks him out, thinking its a troll trying to pretend to be Gavin. Turns out, that really was Gavin as he explains in a GTA Things To Do - everyone thought he really was a troll.
  • "Let's Play - Star Trek - Part 3"
    • When the video starts up, the duo is having a hard time dealing with the Gorn boss. One upgrade screen discovery later, and it's a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Ryan's horrified and disturbed questioning as to why Vulcans keep dying in the game.
    • At one point, Michael is battling a Gorn and is able to get his Phaser back in the cutscene. He proceeds to shoot the Gorn dead, then initiate the action, making him shoulder throw an invisible enemy.
    • At one point, they have to make an orbital strike. As Ryan is trying to figure it out as only Kirk can do it, the Gorn fly in and blow up where they are, making the both of them think that Ryan called an orbital strike on themselves.
    • Their ineptitude in trying to fire and keep shields on the Enterprise up at the same time.
  • The Podcast Crew's Lets Play of Capsule Force: Miles and Kerry get an early lead putting them at 7-2 in a game of first to ten, Gus then declares its going to be a Cinderella Story and they're going to pull it back. And sure enough, they do and it comes down to sudden death with both sides at 9. Miles and Kerry narrowly snatch final victory, leading to Miles' humble victory speech while Blaine starts smashing everything within reach.
    Miles:"Cinderella Story my ass, bitch! Guess what? The shoe doesn't fit! She spends the rest of her life cleaning fucking floors cause that's how the real fucking world works! Eat my asshole! Eat Shit!"
  • "Let's Play - The PainStation
    • Gavin's match with Michael goes too quickly because his pain tolerance is not up to snuff.
    • Michael and Ryan take their punishments with complete and total stride.
    • When Geoff and Jack play, Geoff is on the verge of just bolting out in pain. Even more, his whippings are the worst of the bunch.

    General — part 2 
  • Let's Play - Star Trek Part 5
    • After scanning a Gorn, Ryan comes to realize their weakness is their dicks. He quickly becomes Geoff and begins blasting them in the dick.
      • When female Gorn shows up, Michael declares that there's a reason they're here - they have no weaknesses because they have no dicks! Ryan thinks they're just there for their manparts.
    • Ryan gets distracted by Spock's "man glutes".
    • Michael is finally able to fully revive Ryan, who proceeds to Kirk roll and blow up a turret.
    • During a cutscene, Kirk and Spock briefly get into a firefight. The scene doesn't render properly, and Spock is left firing an invisible gun.
    • At the very end, they find out they need a power core to power up the room that they're in... despite Ryan having grabbed and hugging one a few minutes prior. Ryan then starts musing if they can use Spock's "power core" to power it up.
  • Both Lindsay and Ryan were in the Lets Play of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, where they both avoid speaking in character yet still manage to confuse the other players. Even better is that Ryan's character, Peter Port, is the mission provider. At points his direction isn't very clear, leading the others to pester Ryan about what he said.
    (Ryan's and Kara's characters speak for the first time in the game.)
    Michael: Shut up, Kara. SHUT UP, RYAN!
    Ryan: What the hell?
    Lindsay: Ryan! Oh my God!
    Jeremy: Ryan’s talking to us!
    Ryan: Why am I talking to myself?
    Lindsay: Make the Let’s Play about yourself, why don’t you?
    Michael: (imitating Ryan's character) Hello! Welcome to my game that I made! Ryan Haywood!
    Ryan: Is that what I sound like?
    Lindsay: Yeah!
    Michael: Well, it’s your fucking voice, so, yeah, that’s what you sound like.
    Ryan: Look, I’m not used to it!
    Jeremy: (mocking Ryan’s instructions in the game) Go investigate, you fucking pricks!
    Michael: (imitating Ryan in a nasally voice) Who is that? Why did they make me sound like a nerd?
  • Let's Play - Super Mario Maker
    • It's Achievement Hunter vs. Funhaus with Screw Attack's help (and probably the only reason why we're getting this)
    • During round two, James grabs a Mystery Mushroom and becomes Dr. Mario. Gavin, for some reason, calls him "Scientist Mario".
      • James' gameplay, period. The man dies twenty times before he finishes.
    • During Gavin's gameplay, he grabs the P-Block and proceeds to kick it down into the pit. The first thing out of Michael's mouth is "WHY?!"
    • When Bruce beats Gavin flawlessly, Michael tells Gavin "You're a failure." before Gavin cheerfully declares "I suck!"
    • The revelation that Jeremy never played a Mario game before. And he still beats Bruce!
      • Jeremy's first real go? He hops into the Koopa Clown Car... and proceeds to hop right out of it and to his death.
  • Let's Play Hitman BETA
    • Gavin, Michael, Jack and Ryan have somehow saddled Michael's mom into joining in. She provides quite a few chuckles, as well as a bit of a bloodlust.
    • Ryan questions why Agent 47 hasn't invested in an AR Code instead of a barcode by now.
    • Ryan and Gavin spend at least half of the Let's Play trying to get through the tutorial.
    • During the free play of the tutorial, one of the items Gavin grabs is a remote explosive. He promptly plants the explosive behind the technician and detonates it, sending him flying. When the dust settles, the guy is dead, hung on on the wall.
    • The duo has a hard time fighting with unconscious bodies around because Agent 47 will instead stop to snap their necks.
  • Let's Play - Dad Beat Dads
  • Let's Play - Fuel Part 3: Off the Road Again
    • The crew is on PC this time. They planned to use racing wheels, but got the wrong kind. Gavin still commits.
    • For food this time they get sandwiches, with Geoff getting a salad. Jack and Gavin both went for chicken parmesan while Jeremy (who didn't compete in either of the previous two Fuel videos) plans to try a "Big Kahuna".
    • It takes a while for Gavin to realize his webcam (which they're using this time) never started. When it turns out it doesn't work at all, Gavin proceeds to use his phone for the job.
    Gavin: DIY webcam!
    • Despite the switch to PC for this attempt, someone still suffers a game freeze. It's Michael again.
    • All of Team Gents happens to be in the area they're trying to reach. Geoff (who never got there in the first go and was the first freeze in the second) gets there first, Ryan (the only casualty of the first and the sole survivor of the second) follows (actually getting the achievement this time), and Jack (whose attempt in the second go ended halfway at the namesake part of the Big Cauldron's Edge sector - he was Ryan's sole competitor left) overshot.
    Ryan: (shocked at the achievement's points) IT'S ONLY FIFTEEN GAMERSCORE?!
  • Let's Play - Super Smash Bros 4 (8 player smash)
    • Its Screw Attack vs RT, first round ended with Lindsay winning by sudden death.
    • During the matches, Chad kept winning, it went to the last part where one of the fighters hit a bomb and killed both themself and the other person, letting Chad win again.
  • Star Trek - Part 8
    • The episode begins with Michael trying to shoot the creature flying in the background while Ryan uses his sniper scope to look at Sulu up close.
    • Michael and Ryan flip out when McCoy wastes their time when he decides to join them in their flight, only to suffer from acrophobia and run off.
    • Ryan keeps crashing into the same cliff during the flight suit portion, but ends up making it when Michael talks about getting their alcohol stores restocked.
    • While Ryan is crossing a set of cliffs, Michael is busy sniping anyone attacking him. When one shot sends a Gorn airborne, Ryan incredibly asks "What did you shoot him with?! Gummi Berry Juice?!
  • Brawlhalla - Mogar Vs The Mad King
    • Ryan's comment on the Mad King skin he's using for the video.
      Ryan: "I do wear myself quite nicely... (almost seductively) Hello~"
  • * Let's Play - Overcooked - Part 2
    • At the end:
      (as they enter the Onion Cabin)
      Ryan: "Oh, we're gonna have another chat."
      Jack: (exiting) "Nope."
  • Let's Play - Overcooked - Part 4
    • Ryan's old-timey voice makes a return. Jeremy starts doing it too, then Jack.
    • Ryan manages to somehow glitch his character into the middle of a level when they're about three-quarters through. This ends up working out for them, as he is forced to read out the orders which leaves the others more time to prepare, wash and serve.
    • Jeremy sums up their last attempt at one previously completed level.
      Jeremy: "There was a little breakdown in the ranks in this one if I remember, and Michael started throwing vegetables into the street in protest."
    • Jack somehow manages to throw a fry basket outside of the level. They all try to get it back, dying over and over.
  • Let's Play - Overcooked Festive Seasoning
    • On the first level the edges are an icy lake. Ryan gets dashed into by one of the others and lands in it, waiting the 5 seconds to respawn. As soon as he does, he is dashed into again and falls back in. It almost happens a third time with Ryan screaming in protest.
      Ryan: "AAHH! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Please, for the love of God, let me live!" (When he actually gets pushed in by Gavin later) "Oh no! Why you bastard?! I had a plate!"
    • Their first go at one level sees them quickly lose one of their two plates. They don't see it until near the end - it was under one of the chopped potatoes lining the sides of the workstations.
    • In the third level:
      Gavin: "Was that not ready?"
      Jeremy: "No! I was chasing it with spuds!"
    • This:
      Gavin: "You want to be a snowman with a flamethrower?"
      Ryan: "Yes!"
    • The flamethrower level devolves into Jeremy and Gavin doing nothing but cooking several turkeys and sending them along to Michael and Ryan in massive amounts.
      Michael: "(laughing) You made too many turkeys! We weren't ready for them yet!"
      Michael: "There's too many turkeys!! (laughs again) It's nothing but fucking turkeys!"
  • RouLetsPlay - Starwhal
    Jeremy: That could not have been more in the testicles.
  • Let's Play - Overcooked Festive Seasoning Part 2
  • Let's Play - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Mega Battle
    • The description for the video? The lyrics to "Go Go Power Rangers" rewritten to deal with Achievement Hunter. And it works!
  • Let's Play - Astroneer
    • Gavin and Michael find the button to let them point. They start pointing at each other, exclaiming "You!"
    • The game's constant glitching, causing them to fall through the floor at the worst times.
    • Jeremy attempts to dig to the core of the planet. He eventually finds an Astronium deposit and begins to worship it, claiming that he's found God. He then tries to convert the others. Apparantly, by Cunning Stunts 6 he's been unsuccessful with Jack.
  • Let's Play - Astroneer: Get Trucked!
    • At the very beginning, we see Gavin's character die, then suddenly spring back up and hold its arm out like a Nazi salute.
    • The gang gets annoyed at Jeremy constantly falling down the hole again.
    • Strangely, Gavin seems well-versed in the game now. It unnerves them, but they beg him not to go back into "old Gavin".
  • Let's Play - Finding Bigfoot
    • Ryan reading the bad English of the intro screen.
    • Jack accidentially killing Jeremy when he meant to shoot him with a tracking bullet.
    • Anytime Jack uses the flaregun.
      • One particular funny moment is when Jack is attacked by Bigfoot while in the camper, shooting him with a flaregun.
  • Let's Play - Star Trek: Bridge Crew
    • Geoff forgets to turn on his camera, thus his screw is nothing but a MS Paint-drawn picture of the crew in front of him.
    • Ryan is a little annoyed that a female NPC keeps looking at him. It turns into something of a Love Triangle when Jeremy notices him.
    • Ryan promptly freaks out when he sees the name "Kobayashi Maru"
    Ryan: Oh, shit! It's the Kobayashi Maru! No, no! That's bad! That's real bad! We're gonna die!
    Michael: Oh, no.
  • Let's Play - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
    • The spectacular Running Gag of Jeremy finding a gas mask and incessantly talking like Bane.
  • RouLetsPlay: Mari0
    • They last played Mari0 five years ago. To put that into perspective, Michael was 25 and Jeremy was watching them while he was in college. And it turns out they're still just as hopeless at playing it as they used to be.
  • Let's Play - White Noise 2
    • During the second game, Geoff finds some incense and lights it at Ryan's suggestion. As he does, he sees the outline of the monster and promptly freaks.
    Geoff: (big gasp) It's ri-ri-riiiigh...!
    Lindsay: (as the monster, Evil Laughter) Yes, Geoff? You wanna finish that sentence?
    Geoff: (more stammering)
    Ryan: Yeah, Geoff? Where's Geoff? Where are you, Geoff?
  • The RouLetsPlay for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 ends with a lot of laughter from Geoff, who reveals that the ball he pulled for the next game... was Rainbow Six Vegas 1.
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Race 1
    • Gavin's Mii has a strange protrusion for his big nose, which everyone makes fun of.
      Ryan: Gavin, I think you need to to see a doctor about that face tumor.
    • No one can understand Lindsay — when playing GTA Races, she's The Load, yet when she's playing here, she's awesome!
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Race 2
    • During the second race, Alfredo experiences some technical difficulties, prompting a massive Freak Out because he was vying for first when the game fucked him over.
      Michael: Did your controller die? What happened?
      Ryan: No, his screen just went dark.
      Michael: Oh, you got Geoffed!
    • Also in the second race, Michael releases a green shell as he crosses the finish line, hoping it would screw over whoever was behind him, namely, Gavin. Lindsay hits it, and a giggling Gavin snakes by her into second place.
    Lindsay: Gavin. Free. I swear to God. Come over here so I can choke you!
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Race 3
    • They brought Matt and Andy in to replace Ryan and Jack, and Andy immediately takes the first set.
    • First race of the second cup, Alfredo's screen blacks out again - and despite the shouts of protest from him, Michael didn't even realize until three laps later when he saw Alfredo come last.
    • The last cup ends with Jeremy dodging past a stalled Lindsay into third place of the race, and therefore into third on the cup ladder - and he thumps his desk so hard in triumph that he turns off all his equipment.
  • Let's Play - Sea of Thieves: Pirate Skirmishes
    • Jeremy, Gavin, and Michael start using pirate accents and try to stay in character (it's a game about pirates so the determination to exclusively use pirate accents is justified). Jack... goes Jamaican.
    • Once Jeremy discovers how to get and start a mission, he gets the others to kick it off... and leaving no one at the wheel, sending their boat dangerously close to a rock formation.
    • Michael convinces Jeremy to open up his menu and cast the deciding vote on tossing Gavin into the brig, causing a Big "WHAT?!" from Gavin over it.
      • Following this, Jack goes down into the brig and waves at Gavin, who is stuck in jail holding a cannonball.
      • The explanation? Jack claims Gavin can't be trusted with the weaponry.
    • Michael and Jack have a short argument about whether the ship is heading East or West before Michael realizes that he's looking at the map upside down.
    • Gavin is "shanghaied" by the live-action department, and is replaced by a substitute:
      Jack: We've lost our first mate Gavin-
      Geoff: HOWDY, Y'ALL! It's me, Pirate Geoff!
      Jeremy: Aww, no...
    • The crew decides they make very poor pirates, as they keep damaging their ships by lowering anchor while going at full speed.
    Captain Shortbeard (Jeremy): Well, we ended with ninety-six doubloons and only lost three ships.
  • Let's Play - Human Fall Flat: Learning to Climb
    • It's multiplayer Human Fall Flat, as previously played by the Play Pals! Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
    • Everybody made photo skins. Gavin is a wizard, Ryan is an astronaut, Jack and Jeremy forgot to mirror their skins (additionally, Jeremy is a penguin) and Michael is Garbo Man.
      • There's a dumpster in the second level, so they spend about five minutes trying to open it and get Garbo Man inside. Then they promptly drag the dumpster out into the void.
    • Gavin and Ryan go into a cave and find little green glowing cubes, which they immediately name as gods.
    • In what's also a Moment of Awesome, Gavin, Jack and a crate are left hanging over the void and the other Hunters launch a rescue mission. They make it. Ryan then grabs Gavin and drags him into the void anyway.
  • Let's Play - Friday the 13th with Criken, Tomato and BedBananas
    • Everyone decides to roleplay as their characters, giving them odd personalities. Special notice goes to Trevor, who plays Mitch as an out-of-his-mind stoner, and Michael, who plays Sned as a stereotypical nerd. In the last round, Criken plays Jason as a park ranger.
    • Ryan's first appearance in the video is him breaking down a door singing the Oompa Loompa song.
    • In all three rounds, someone kills one of their fellow counselors by shooting them out of Jason's hands in a botched rescue attempt.
    • The end of the last round is pretty funny — Tomato, as Tommy Jarvis, is the only one left against Criken's Jason. While Criken knocks down a door, Tomato sets up a bear trap inside. This is instantly negated as Criken steps around the trap and grabs Tomato, who stabs him with a penknife, runs back inside and steps into his own trap.
      Criken: See, that's why you have to have a license!
  • Let's Play - Hand Simulator - Wild West
    • Jeremy almost immediately throws his gun on the floor, and spends the rest of the first round admiring his character's biceps.
    • The first kill? Gavin has his gun cocked and aimed at Lindsay, and while attempting to push it away, Lindsay pulls the trigger herself.
    • Every time Gavin successfully fires, he drops his gun.
    • The fact that it never gets to the last man standing, as everyone either fumbles their guns onto the floor or runs out of ammunition.
    • Then, the last round? Someone suggests that to win you have to be the first to kill yourself.
  • Let's Play - Sea of Thieves - The Lying, The Wench, and The Cannon Load
    • Jack, Michael, Ryan and Jeremy are back, and they're still doing their pirate voices. Their camera views are also marked with their pirate names as well as their actual names, so Michaels' is labeled 'Peg Pecker' Michael, for example.
    • Ryan seems to have a bit of trouble staying on the ship.
      • And later, thanks to a kraken attack, Ryan's the only one left on the ship, and can't figure out how to stop it.
    • Michael discovers the grog barrel on the ship. Things get wavy and very, very green.
    Ryan: You threw up on the map!
    Ryan: Ahh, you threw up in me face!
    Ryan: Oh, you made me drunk with your vomi-and it's on me face again!
  • Let's Play - Sea of Thieves - Skeleton Fort Scallywags
    • Ryan still keeps falling off the ship.
    • Ryan and Michael each pick a cannon tower to assault. Ryan finds a lot of skeletons, but clears them quickly. Michael climbs into his tower, immediately gets distracted by some lootable barrels, then turns around and is completely surprised by the fact that Ryan was telling the truth.
      • Ryan then tries to join him by firing himself from the other tower.
      Ryan: I'm comin'! Peg Pecker! Here I— I missed!
    • As they're battling the skeletons, Jack finds a barrel of gunpowder, so he decides to be a Combat Pragmatist and drops the barrel amongst some skeletons before running away and shooting it. However, he failed to notice that both Jeremy and Michael were right next to the barrel too.
  • RouLet'sPlay - Overcooked
    • The players are Gavin, Lindsay, James Buckley, and Lannan. Naturally, chaos and Hilarity Ensues when Gavin is the most competent of the four.
    • During one round where Lannan delegates tasks, Buckley goes into his Gordon Ramsay impression as he berates Lannan.
    • Lannan doesn't know what a fire extinguisher is.
    • Michael describes the video as "the foreigners and Lindsay", then describes her as "a foreigner to Earth".
    • Michael spins the tumbler...and it pops out Kerry's name, making him spin it again.
    • Poor Buckley is just bewildered by the moonball chaos, especially after he got hit by Lannan.
      James: I was just walking past, listening to my Will Smith CDs, then I saw all this shit happen. It's crazy.
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Mario Kart Mapril (#3):
    • The topic of the early 2018 Texas mailbomber is brought up, and Lindsay says that when she and Michael heard that the news about the guy's death, she called her parents - but her first thought was not to assure them that she's not dead, but to say that she's not the bomber.
    • Alfredo wins the first race by dropping a green shell and knocks not only Michael back from first to seventh, but also knocks Jeremy into sixth place.
      Alfredo: [cackling] This was gonna fuck up someone's day!
      Michael: Alfredo's face is going to be in Jeremy's hands when he's strangling him to death.
      Alfredo: If he can reach that high.
      Jeremy: Alright, saving every weapon.
    • Like the previous two videos, a lot of the video is spent listening to Michael rage about Matt constantly owning them at almost every single race. He gets so annoyed he suggests that Matt gets all his luck by offering sexual favors to the devil.
      Michael: It's the only explanation. Every night he draws a pentagram in his apartment, summons him, and just sucks him off, and he's like "You'll never lose, Matt." I swear to God.
      Matt: Thanks, Satan!
    • Gavin had this to say after Matt finished so far ahead of everyone else that they were getting Bullet Bill powerups in 4th place.
      Gavin: Racing Matt's like trying to eat a... salad with HIV dressing. (Everyone reacts, including Matt laughing incredulously)
      Ryan: A weird direction to go with that.
    • Now in animated format, with the HIV dressing comment triggering some required Brain Bleach for the animator.
    • Michael goes nuclear at the end of the last race when he reaches first place...only to be taken out by a blue shell from Ryan and lightning strikes him. He subsequently ends up losing not just the race to Matt, but ends up placing third in the set.
      • Ryan, meanwhile, is just pleased as punch that he scraped through in front of the highest-placed NPC driver.
        Ryan: Know your place, Dry Bones!
  • Let's Play - Viscera Cleanup - Blew It (Up)
    • Ryan apparently suggested this game as a nice 'quiet' one they could play while podcasting. Nope. Within two minutes, Ryan starts yelling at the others for knocking things over and leaving footprints on his nice clean floor.
    • They discover early on that some barrels when placed into the incinerator explode and leave scorch marks in the area. Since they have to stack those barrels neatly anyway, this isn't too much of an issue. Until Michael lets his mind wander and accidentally throws one in. He panics, closes the door to try and contain the blast but Jack immediately throws it open to try and pull it out and the barrel explodes massively. This catches the stacked barrels behind the incinerator alight too, then explode and pretty much the entire room is covered in scorchmarks by the end of the chain reaction.
      Michael: I went up, put it in and went "Oh my god!" and then I closed it to try and contain it and someone ran up to it and swung it wide the fuck open and then it blew up the room.
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Mario Kart Mapril (#4):
    • After winning almost all of the tournaments, Matt's kryptonite is finally discovered: Baby Park. Which is a basic oval.
      • Mitigated slightly by the fact that he's not having issues with track itself so much as he is struggling to avoid every other player's items littering the very enclosed track.
    • Gavin defeats Matt in the final race, with the final tally putting Matt in third behind Gavin and Michael, who respectively take first and second. While Michael brags about his statistics, the camera quickly switches over to Matt's stats...which shows that he has 45 more wins than Michael.
  • Let's Play - Deceit - The Old Man and the Millennial
  • Let's Play - Mario MAYker #1
    • Gavin, Michael and Lindsay decide to continue with the Mario-themed Sundays with Super Mario Maker, this time adding in a drinking game, taking a drink after every death.
    • Every time Lindsay plays, they fast forward. And they fast forward a lot.
    • The last map has Michael trying his damnedest to complete a 20-second race to the finish and dying over and over and over again. It gets to the point where Gavin declares that "Rage Quit is back!", especially since he convinced Matt to give Michael a "real bastard level".
  • Let's Play - Mario MAYker #2
    • Lindsay is replaced with Ryan and Jack. Competence levels are still the same.
    • After Michael finally beats the level they were stuck on last video, they get stuck on a new stage. Thankfully, this one has checkpoints.
    • Jack really dates the video with comments over the Bill Cosby trial.
    • Gavin is confused by the heartbeat effect, Ryan teasing that it's Mario's heart finally going out on him.
  • Dynamite Gets Rid of Everything - Let's Play - Viscera Cleanup Detail #2
    • Less than a minute in, Trevor finds some TNT and blows everyone up.
    Trevor: Guys, I have dynamite. (lights TNT in a fireplace) I lit... I lit the dynamite.
    Ryan: Um...
    (Everyone explodes)
    All: WOAH!
    Jack: WELP.
    Ryan: What did you do?!
    Jack: He got us an achievement called "Thunder Cannon"!
    Jeremy: To be fair, he apparently did say he lit the dynamite...
    • They're cleaning up Santa's Workshop after an elf massacre, and the incinerator is the workshop chimney, so things fall out a lot, mostly bloody buckets. At one point the floor in front of the chimney is just black.
    • This conversation between Jeremy and Ryan
    Jeremy: Wait, you threw Santa in the fire?
    Ryan: No... I wouldn't do that.
    Jeremy: Yeah, you would.
    Ryan: I would do it at the drop of a hat... I would do it for $3 and a Snickers.
    • More antics with TNT, usually involving the bucket dispenser.
      • The first time a dispenser spits out a lit stick of TNT is for Ryan. Ryan grabs it and panics, sending the others running. He tries to dispose of it in the fire which doesn't work and somehow lights a number of others and sets of a minor chain reaction that kills a number of others, while Jeremy watches from the safety of another room and Jack downstairs in the stable is confused.
        Jack: "What are you guys-? There's smoke coming downstairs, what did y'all do?!"
      • A short while later, Ryan oversees the 'safe' disposal of more sticks of TNT that were in the back corner of the office. First couple blow up and people get out of the way. Third one, Alfredo stands slightly too close and gibs. Fourth one is a bigger stick, which knocks furniture everywhere. Then the last one blows Ryan up... who was standing in the office.
      • Half an hour after beginning, things are starting to look pretty good. Jeremy cleaned up the office, and forbids anyone from going in there and messing it up, and the main workshop and entrance hall are almost clean. Then Jack goes to get a bucket of water, and the dispenser spits out a lit stick of TNT. He fails to articulate it in time blowing up most people in the room and igniting a box of TNT Alfredo had been collecting, gibbing him right after, leaving the room just as bloody as it started.
      • Then another lit stick falls out of the dispenser. Ryan grabs it and screams he'll take the hit and tries to run into the starting room... only to get wedged in the door with Trevor.
        Trevor: "Ryan! You ran towards- 'I'll take the hit' and then you shoved it in my mouth!"
  • Let's Play - Matt's Maps are Sadistic - Mario MAYker (#3)
    • There's facecams, so reactions to gameplay are bound to be funny, especially The Reveal below.
    • After the guys clear the first map, Matt shows them how he cleared it in less than 40 seconds: he simply flies under the airship, only ducking to avoid a sawblade.
    • The absolutely priceless reveal that Matt secretly hid a Yoshi in the first half of his second map, with Larry's help. And then he cleared it without the Yoshi.
      Matt: I'm not doing it that way anymore. (reveals a Yoshi egg)
      Jack: WHAT.
      Gavin: Son of my arse!
      Ryan: You...dirty whore!
      Michael: YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! Motherfucker!
      Jeremy offscreen: Where'd he get that from?!
      Michael: He hid one in the clouds!
    • While Matt is playing through the level, Gavin steps behind him and pressed several buttons on the Wii U game pad on the couch to freeze and kill Mario, ruining Matt's attempt. The same attempt also had Gavin and Michael miming insults at him behind his back.
  • Community Maps - Mario MAYker (#4)
    • The first map is a Pac-Man maze. And we find out that Alfredo is also not a platformer player!
    • The second map is another one of Matt's Nintendo Hard map selections. The gang gets stuck in a platforming hell climb. When Gavin finally sees the top, he chokes, causing Jack to start yelling "GAVIN, STOP PANICKING!"
      • Michael hits the top on the first go... and promptly dies immediately after, making him climb it again.
  • I Found This Leg! - The Forest (#1)
    • Michael, Jeremy, Ryan, Lindsay and Jack take up another survival and crafting game and, like with Minecraft, tend to stumble and goof off along the way.
    • Upon seeing the airplane they were in and how nice they have it, Michael instantly jokes that the airline they're flying isn't United.
      • When the plane starts to crash, Jack's last words are "I just wanted to see Black Panther!"
    • Part of the hilarity in this video is everyone grinding their current actions to a halt just so they can hunt down and kill an animal that lands near them.
    • Michael has a problem with constantly stepping into their campfire and Lindsay has a habit of somehow ending up bloodier than before.
    • During the second day, Jeremy finds out that, by chopping up the body parts of the cannibals that infest the woods, he can collect them, leading to the title quote when he pulls out a leg. He proceeds to kill a bird with it before throwing it into their campfire.
      • Even more, once they find out that they can cook the cannibals, they proceed to eat them.
      • Then, Ryan discovers one can make decorations out of human skulls and bones. Everyone proceeds to try to try to contribute to it.
    • Bear in mind that The Forest is supposed to be a horror game. Given the crew's immediate descent into Lord of the Flies style madness, it might actually be more frightening for the cannibals.
  • Choppin' Wood and Eatin' Legs - The Forest (#2)
    • At one point the camera, with almost perfect comedic timing, jumps from Jeremy hanging severed legs on a drying rack to Jack geeking out over building a gazebo. Nothing has ever so eloquently encapsulated the behavior of the AH crew quite like this.
  • Meat Buffet - The Forest (#3)
    • Jack continues to build the base while everyone else descends into the cave to kill "the Octomom." While they stumble around in the dark, Jack knocks out checkpoint after checkpoint, leading to this exchange.
    Lindsay: It must be fucking delightful when Caiti comes home at the end of the day and the house is just awesome because of Jack. Like there's snacks everywhere...
    Jack: And all the campfires I leave around the house.
    Jeremy: Yeah, when she comes home carrying seven arms.
  • Zero Sanity - The Forest (#4)
    • The guys get very uncomfortable when they compare sanity numbers and realize that while most of them have numbers in the 90s, Jeremy has zero. Given they believe it's from eating human flesh, they start wondering just how many people Jeremy has eaten. He gets uncomfortable and claims he's just a stress eater.
  • Demonlition Derpy - Wreckfest
    • The video can be summed up as eight people wrecking each other in wacky cars while maniacally cackling.
    • Jeremy's first car is two Volkswagen Beetles stacked on each other. He spends most of the round flipped on his side.
    • Jeremy's second car pick is a lawn mower. Naturally, he gets blown up.
    • The gang decide to play an all-lawn mower round...except Trevor, who gleefully picks an industrial harvester, and destroys everyone.
      • At one point, Trevor's harvester is tipping to the side, so Jeremy, Lindsay, and Jack try to tip it over more, and end up getting squashed under it.
      • As the timer runs out, Lindsay tries to ram Trevor's harvester and just only "dinks" it.
    • The lawn mowers blow up with a single hit, so naturally everyone just keeps blowing up in the actual lawn mower round.
      • Gavin pauses to point out that one of the NPCs is quite ugly.
    • The gang race in three-wheeled vans and get so preoccupied with gleefully taking each other out, that Geoff skates by and wins the race.
    • In the second race in another car, Alfredo spins out of control and immediately causes a pile-up, dealing damage to everyone.
      • Jeremy tells Gavin to stop in a precise location in the crossing and tries to ram him, but misses. Fortunately, Jack does it for him.
    • The final race are stacked Beetles, so everyone tips over all the time. Gavin, in particular, kept going off the track and wrecking the grounds.
      • Geoff squeaks into the lead in the middle of the race, which prompts Ryan and Lindsay to try to jinx him by saying he'll win. Gavin promptly rams into him and takes him out of the lead, granting Jeremy the win, claiming it's because Geoff farted on him again.
  • Everybody is a Liar - Deceit
    • Thanks to the game's strange mechanic of not letting people know if the Infected player is dead, it leads to many, many player kills.
    • In the first round, Alfredo and Michael - both Infected - die because of the gassed room they were in. However, since Lindsay was taken down earlier and revived, they weren't sure if she was Infected either. This leads to Jeremy, just as Lindsay catches up to him and Ryan, to inject her character with a lethal injection, Ryan shooting her on the ground, then running away with Jeremy crying out "Battle Buddies!"
    • During one round, Jeremy gets his hands on an item that lets him learn if another player is innocent or not with Jack's help and uses it in a bid to remove suspicion from Jack, only to lie about the result and get Jack killed by everyone else because Jeremy was one of the monsters the whole time.
      Jeremy: lied to me.
      • Later in the very same round, Jeremy and Ryan are left against Alfredo, who they know is one of the monsters. They manage to obtain the lethal injection, and Ryan lets Jeremy grab it stating that “All you gotta do is stab him in the neck”. Jeremy does exactly that to Ryan to win the round.
    • In the final round, Jeremy's ability to accuse and lie to the others finally bites him in the ass when Alfredo, as one of the monsters, drinks a blood bag right in front of him and then accuses him of lying. Jeremy vehemently accuses him back, but no one believes him because Michael, the other monster, also accuses him. Ryan and Jack, still feeling the sting of betrayal, are skeptical, so Jeremy is quickly killed off.
  • The Finale - The Forest (#11)
    • At the beginning, the gang is swimming under water when Ryan, Michael and Lindsay notice how low their air supply is. They're confident that they'll just get another container filled in when the old one runs out. Lindsay learns first hand that that's not possible.
    • When the gang finds Megan and Jeremy is sucked into a cutscene, the rest of the crew rushes forward and begins trying to chop Megan to pieces. They truly have embraced the Savage lifestyle.
    • At the end of the game, when given the choice to either destroy the machine or bring down a plane to help revive Timmy, Ryan enthusiastically declares "Bring down the plane! Bring down the plane!" When they do so, they cheer a bit when the plane crashes in front of them, leading to massive Corpsing when Jack declares "DIE, MOTHER FUCKERRRR!"
  • Finish the Fight - Star Trek (#11 - Finale)
    • It's the day after Extra Life '18, Ryan has two kids, Michael has one and two-thirds and they are back to finish Star Trek.
    • The game's audio glitches out badly, leading to sound effects and voices to just echo all the time. Despite this, they opt to keep going as restarting just doesn't seem to be an option. It gets to the point where, during a cutscene, there's now trippy effects and smoke all around to replicate the experience.
    • The very end: Ryan and Michael have beaten the game, watched the credits and are preparing for the epilogue... then Lindsay busts in and ruins the moment by revealing Stan Lee's death.
  • Soulcalibur VI Tournament with Super Best Friends
    • The first match is Trevor vs. Woolie. Trevor has absolutely no idea how to play and, as Geralt, gets his ass beat by Woolie's Siegfried. To add insult to injury, Woolie keeps attacking Trevor's fallen character.
    • The third match is Lindsay vs. Alfredo. Shockingly, Lindsay takes Alfredo to the cleaners, with Alfredo claiming that he was distracted.
      • In the background, you can hear Michael use his "Yang voice" to cheer Lindsay's "Ruby" character.
    • The winner of the whole thing? Pat, who manages to eke out a victory over Micheal with one of his wins being a Ring Out. Everyone is incredibly salty over this with Geoff even comparing Pat to Ted Cruz due to his scumbag tactics. Pat on the other hand approaches his victory with dignity and respect.
    Pat: Y'all suck! Y'all is babies!
  • Friends Don't Lie - Deceit with Super Best Friends
    • The first two rounds are quite painful as Michael, the most suspicious of both Jack and Jeremy, is the first to be struck down and no one can, or is willing to, heal him because of his constant accusations.
    • During the second round, Jack decides not to change and instead guns for every light source and wastes everything. Unfortunately for him he's playing with Woolie and Pat, who are far more Genre Savvy than any of Achievement Hunters and quickly catch on when he gets the camera and wastes every photo "for funsies", gunning him down when they realize he's trying to waste every limited light source.
      Jack: I never turned once, and those fuckers were just there like, "Oh you took a photo of us" and they fucking murdered me!
      Pat: AND WE WERE RIGHT!!!
    • During the third round, the entire team is totally untrustworthy of Jeremy because of him being infected the last two rounds. Ryan calls him out at one point early on and everyone gangs up and fills him full of lead. When it turns out he was innocent, Ryan admits that he was just eating chocolate and when Michael asks why he did it, he replies that "he had to go".
  • SKYNET THERAPY - Viscera Cleanup Detail #3
    • Jack has to leave halfway through the video. Before he goes, he decides to have a little fun with Alfredo (new to the game) by telling him he wants to show him something. He then grabs a barrel and sticks it into the incinerator.
    • The gang finds themselves in a high-tech facility full of robots with blue bioshields that they can walk through and a door that they can't which they decide must be the end of level door. Towards the end Alfredo is using the sniffer and is picking up some mess somewhere in the area of the door, which leads to furious mopping before they decide they've done enough. Michael opens the door... turns out the sniffer was right - there's another corridor and few rooms beyond the 'end of level' door.
  • ROBOT HIGH FIVE - Override Mech City Brawl
    • The video starts with Jack, Ryan, Jeremy and Lindsay going through the main story trying to control a mecha part on their own. This leads to a lot of confusion and crazy moments.
      • Early on, Ryan declares that they don't need to block. Immediately after, he wants blocking.
      • Jack is in control of the right arm. He constantly prepares charged shots, which he constantly calls "high fives" (thus the name of the video.)
    • At the last stage they play in the main story, they end up trapped in the ruins and are unable to get out. They try to use the thrusters to escape but fail... until Ryan sees an opening and heads for it. Turns out there was a ramp leading out.
  • MATT DESK MOON BALL - SSBU Tournament (Pt 1) - Smash Month | Let's Play
    • As soon as Gavin starts his first fight, he turns around and walks right off of the stage.
    • Early on Geoff makes a new rule that every time someone is eliminated, they get to go into the main room and throw a Moonball at Matt Bragg's desk. After every round the video cuts to the security camera footage of each Moonball throw. The editor eventually adds silent movie-style piano music and Title Cards with commentary on the throw.
      • Andy, in particular, just straight up chucks his moonball right into Matt's desk.
    • The entire Geoff vs. Ryan fight, which mainly consists of an utterly terrified Ryan begging Geoff to leave him alone.
  • LITERALLY THE WORST MAP EVER - Mario Maker - Matt's Maps March:
    • The video begins with Michael literally writhing on the floor screaming with anger and frustration, with Matt apologizing. It turns out they had just played through one of Matt's insanely difficult Mario Maker levels, and completed it on what would have been a triumphant high-note (Ryan had discovered an unintended shortcut that allowed him to snap the level in two and finish it with ease), only to find out Matt had screwed up and the gameplay wasn't captured. Michael describes it as "the ultimate Matting," as he (inadvertently) trolled them outside the video.
    • It comes to light that, in order to help Michael get through the map the first time, Ryan basically became his personal trainer, getting him to do a pump on his weights in psyche him up. And yes, Ryan did develop an accent in this role.
    • When they are playing it again, Matt seems legitimately remorseful over his actions, then asks if he commits seppuku during the video, if anyone will clean the blade off. Jeremy shoots down the idea, "because seppuku is honorable".
    • Matt reveals he had a narrative in mind for his map, and everyone gives him shit for making fanfiction.
      Matt: (in regards to the Koopa Troopa and Goomba following the Chain Chomp room) They keep that ship running. One's the pilot, the other's, like, the scout.
      Michael: And when do you have sex with them in your fanfic, is my question.
    • At one point Matt points out that Michael is tring to break the controller. Michael corrects him that he is trying his hardest ''not'' to break the controller.
    • Michael is pissed off that Matt didn't put a checkpoint in the Yoshi room, only for Matt to point out that Mario Maker only allows for two checkpoints max.
      Michael: (is back at the ship part) WHERE'S THE SECOND ONE?!
      Michael: Oh fuck, I forgot...
    • Out of nowhere, a water barrel that had been lodged in the ceiling for several months, falls down and startles everyone. Michael snarks that even the ceiling is killing itself.
    • Near the end of the New York subway level, the crew reach a saferoom and are instructed to close the door behind them. However, Gavin isn't paying attention, so he wanders outside the safe room as the door is closing, trapping him away from the crew and leaving him at the mercy of a Heavy zombie.
    • At the start of the game, Ryan declares that he's going to play the entire game by lying. It's not uncommon for him to be blown off or accused of being one of the infected.
    • During the third round, it's down to just Matt and Alfredo. They're trying to figure out if the two of them are the infected and believe Lindsay and Ryan have died as there was a mass kill-off earlier. Alfredo believes that Matt is an infected and hits him with the lethal injection. Turns out Ryan had went silent and used the opportunity to kill Alfredo and win the match.
    Alfredo: Matt, is Lindsay alive? (Matt stays silent, then stammers) Matt, it's you. (Stabs him with the lethal injection. Cue roaring.) OH, NO, IT'S NOT MATT! NOOOOO! I MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE!
  • Achievement Hunter University - The Sims 4
    • In preparation for the University expansion pack to Sims 4 coming out, Lindsay and Fiona decide to create the Achievement Hunter team in the game. While a lot of it is just generic Sims interactions, there's some parts of it that are very accurate, most of all being:
      Michael: *talks to Gavin for two seconds*
      Michael: *VERY ANGRY*
    • The girls discover that they can only make a maximum of eight sims per "family", so they combine Trevor and Alfredo into one character, nicknaming him "Trevedo". The sim's first interaction in the game was just standing and thinking for several minutes for actually moving, causing Lindsay to comment it was two souls fighting for control.
    • They instruct Jack to go swim in the pool for a bit. He never puts his clothes back on.
    • While most of the Hunters are easily recognizable, it turns out they made Ryan so forgettable they always take a few seconds to realize who it is when they see him.
  • The Rise of Mr. Skippy - Raft: The First Chapter (New Update)
    • Trevor attempts to impress the crew with some scientific trivia, only to severely let them down:
      Trevor: Guys! I'm gonna blow your minds! We're in the North hemisphere! You know how I know?
      Jack: How do you know?
      Trevor: The moon is, uh... up right...
      Ryan: You went from sounding real smart to real dumb.
      Jeremy: Trevor, that was so disappointing!
  • The One Where "Off Topic" Fiona Shows Up - Astroneer
    • 27 minutes into the video, a very drunk Fiona, fresh off the Always Open takeover episode, barges into the room with Sarah running in behind her. Fiona proceeds to yell at the guys for not being on the set and drunkenly asks Gavin why he ran away so quickly as Sarah carries her out of the room.
    • Not even two minutes later, Fiona barges back into the room with Sarah right behind her. She then runs to Jack's desk and asks why he hung up on her when she called him to "pick her up from school" while Sarah tries to carry her out of the room again.
    • The end of the video shows that after Sarah managed to get Fiona back to her desk, she immediately bolted for the door for her second round.
  • We Get TRIGGERED by Red Shells - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Mario March
    • During the last race of the first cup, Jeremy decides to troll Gavin by standing hunched over his shoulder the whole time wearing his old man mask. Gavin completely fails to notice him right up until after he crosses the finish line, at which point he stretches and punches Jeremy in the face.
  • Can We Defuse a Bomb on a Ladder? - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    • Gavin and Jeremy are back playing KTANE, only this time with the Self-Imposed Challenge that all of the manual pages are stuck on the office wall at varying heights. Jeremy, who's scared of heights, is the one on the ladder. Just to be a Troll, Ryan stuck the Maze module page as high up as he could reach from the top of the ladder, and he stuck the Password module page sideways.
      *the very first module of the very first bomb*
      Gavin: We've got the horizontal wires, Jeremy.
      Jeremy: *scans for the page, spots it high up* ASS! *moves the ladder*
  • Gavin's First Animal Crossing Island and It Sucks - Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • It's Gavin's first time playing Animal Crossing and it shows. Fiona essentially spends the entire video giggling at his obliviousness and trying to teach him how to play. She practically burst into tears laughing at his messy house, including a duplicate DIY recipe left in a corner.
      Fiona: You just can't play the game if your pockets are full like this!
      Gavin: Look, I'm all bloody thumbs with this game.
    • Fiona points out he has no bells, to which he then responds that he keeps them in the bank to avoid getting mugged like he does in GTA.
    • The reason Gavin leaves an empty can next to the bonfire by his house? So that homeless folks who come across fire can have something warm, eat some beans, and leave. So Fiona convinces him to give the can to Teddy the villager, which backfires as Teddy gets offended and hands it back to him. He then buries it in a hole, which prompts her to point out that he buried his rocks on her island and got her to send them back to him.
    • Fiona compares their Vitriolic Best Buds friendship to Team Rocket, to which Gavin responds that they're maybe more like Kenan & Kel. This reference flies over her head and disappoints him, as she was a toddler during their heyday.
    • Fiona asks Lindsay if they can visit her island, and as they're flying into Lindsay's island, no one notices she has a dead Yamcha next to her house or that her island flag is the Umbrella logo.
    • The first things Gavin does when he steps onto Lindsay's island? He bows in apology and pulls up weeds. He then drops 2,000 bells on the ground as payment for taking her fruit.
    • Lindsay invites them into her house. After they admires how pretty her kids' playroom is, he follows her into another room, which turns out to be an occult room, which surprises them into silence.
      Gavin in chat: jesus of nazereth '[Surprise reaction]'
    • To finish off the video, Gavin goes fishing and fishes up another empty can. He then plops it by the bonfire.
  • Gears Tactics - Why Shoot Gun When Gun Can Squish?
  • Trash Gavin Gets Fab in Animal Crossing New Horizons
    • Gavin shows off to Fiona the changes he's made to his island, including apparently trapping his villagers on a cliff, causing one to move away.
    • Fiona is bothered by the tackiness of the Bunny Day room and they discover that Gavin accidentally left a stack of turnips to rot because the Bunny Day arch hid it from view. He then trolls her with a room that he designed just for her: a porta-potty with dirty construction flooring.
      Fiona: I hate it, it looks like a dirty street in New York!
    • Fiona shows her island off to Gavin and as he tries to nap on her pool chair, she blocks him from getting up. She then shows off her onsen room to Gavin, nicknaming it "the sex room" and then shows him her "weenie" costume and then her "racism" costume, which sends them into hysterical breathless laughter for a solid minute.
    • Fiona has a gravestone at one end of her island, dedicated to "my friend Bob" and in trying to pick an appropriate reaction, accidentally makes her avatar laugh instead.
    • The two of them sit on a bench and turn around to face other, bursting into hysterical squeaking because their avatars' feet are touching.
    • Gavin convinces Fiona to drop her ladder, and runs off with it. She threatens to ruin the video with her "racism" costume.
      Fiona: [giggling] Gavin, I swear to God, I'll bring out the racism. I'll bring it out, I swear. I'll ruin this video!
      Gavin: I can still see you!
    • Gavin discovers the Able Sisters shop and as he tries on the clothes offered, looks like a Rummage Sale Reject. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough bells to buy Fiona's suggested costume.
    • Fiona and Gavin visit Freya's house and as they sit down, she tries to convince him to play Club Penguin as Freya walks back and forth in front of them.
      Fiona: If you're not playing, we don't get views. Does that make sense? Do you understand my marketing perspective?
  • Can You Ghost On The First Date? - Table Manners
    • Fiona and Ryan play a physics-based Dating Sim. Hilarity Ensues as Ryan is married and Fiona has never used dating apps and has to walk him through the dates. They also come up with the portmanteau name "Fiyan".
    • Ryan immediately skips the first potential date, only for Fiona to notice the second candidate looks almost like the first.
    • The clunky controls cause Ryan to knock everything over and spill everything, and the date still wants him to feed her a brownie. The date is still impressed and still gives him a 3-heart rating.
      Ryan: Dating in the modern world is very different than I remember.
    • Ryan changes the language settings to French and ends up restarting the date. He subsequently almost sets himself on fire trying to light the creme bruleé.
    • Fiona discovers Ryan can talk and flirt with dates on the app so she talks him through the different dialogue options and she convinces him to block the first date.
    • The next date's named Gavin, minus the beard and nose. They talk to him first and the first dialogue option was asking if Ryan is an axe murderer. He confirms it as a joke and subsequently gets blocked.
    • Ryan attempts to make small talk with the second date over the app, but the dialogue baffles him, needing Fiona to translate. After he nearly blows it with the date, Fiona convinces him to block her.
      Ryan: [The dialogue: Ay bb wuu2?] The fuck does that mean?!
    • The third date takes place on a boat, with the additional challenge of the table and boat sliding left and right. Ryan then burns his hand over a candle and then brushes his hand all over the date's face, blowing the date, causing Ryan to block him.
    • The fourth date was a success, but when Ryan attempts to make small talk on the app, the dialogue immediately went to oral sex, which offends the date and he gets blocked.
      Ryan: Somehow small talk went straight to oral and we got blocked!
      Fiona: [hysterically giggling] How did that happen?!
  • 60 Enter, Chaos Reigns - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
    • The irony of Alfredo, who absolutely cannot play platformers, is the one talking the boys through the mini-games and having the grandest time. His enthusiasm is quickly followed by Michael, whose years of Rage Quit platforming has finally given him a battle royale game he can actually be good in.
    • In the very final match, Alfredo, Gavin, and Michael are facing off with seven other competitors on the Hex-a-Gone. Much to everyone's gleeful surprise, Alfredo wins the game.
  • Murder Mansion (Alpha)
    • The usual GMOD Murder is now on Core, so the gang gets brand new mechanics to play with.
    • Poor Matt is confused as to if all the clues are all Terriermon. So much so that Alfredo gets to murder him.
    • During the second round, Gavin-as-the murderer discovers that they now detect heartbeats instead of footprints. Despite hearing this no one realizes Gavin's the murderer until Gavin ends up murdering Jack and everyone has guns.
  • You're In Our Care Now - Surgeon Simulator 2 Multiplayer
    • Ryan, Trevor and Jeremey spend a long time - about seventeen minutes, according to Jeremy - waiting in the lobby while Alfredo struggles through the tutorial, with only Alfredo's screams of anger giving any indication of his progress. When they finally reach the first surgery together, Alfredo takes out his frustration by tearing the patient limb from limb with his bare hands, killing them in seconds. Jeremy compares it to a zombie attack.
  • We Promised 9 People - Among Us
    • After promising it on a preceding Off Topic, AH gets Larry in to play with them.
    • Trevor with a subtle dig: "I'm stuck in the cafeteria with Jack, which means I'm gonna starve."
    • Late in round one, Larry relaxes a bit, "I'm alone here." While ghost Jack is following him.
    • During round one, Lindsay is one of the impostors, but she doesn't know how to play. Michael coaches her from off-screen, but it still leads to some problems for her team:
      • She accidentally reports Trevor's dead body immediately after his death— actually as Alfredo was killing him— leading to Alfredo getting voted off.
      • Later, she's on the verge of losing from task completion, so she is told by Michael that she needs to kill someone. Problem was, the first person she saw was Matt, who was with Gavin and Jeremy, who immediately caught her.
    • In round two, Jack was ejected by vote, with Fiona casting the deciding vote. He immediately guilted her with a heartbroken "Fiona..."
    • In round three, Larry spots impostor Fiona kill Trevor and freaks out, channeling his inner Patrick Star. "Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh!"
  • Big Brain Vent Play! - Among Us
    • Matt, heavily suspicious of Lindsay, declares that he's going to give her the opportunity to kill Gavin so he can get some "evidence." Right on cue, Impostor Chad pops by and murders him.
      Matt: That's not how most detective work would normally go, you don't wait for your killer to kill. You use your pre-evidence—
      [Chad strikes]
      Matt: Oh my god, it wasn't-! It was Chad! I'm the evidence! Nooo!
    • Gavin calls an emergency meeting with a question for Lindsay; Lindsay assumes he is suspicious of her for following him and is quickly forthcoming with an explanation.
      Gavin: Lindsay, go ahead.
      Lindsay: Yeah, okay, so, I know you know it was me tailing you, here's the thing: I was working on Upper Engine for a little bit, I come down to Lower Engine where I pass Fiona and I go "Okay, Fiona's just chilling but she's not moving" and I go "Okay, maybe she's AFK"...
      Fiona: I know, I was looking at Gavin.
      Lindsay: Right, yes, you were, you were looking at Gavin, yes, and that's why I was like "Hang on, why are you watching Gavin? Maybe Fiona's waiting for the kill. I'm gonna tail Gavin for a second 'cos he's alone and make sure he doesn't die." And I followed him into the cafeteria and broke off away from him and left him the fuck alone, did I not, Gavin Free?
      Gavin: Not what I was asking, um...
      [Lindsay and Fiona burst out laughing]
      Fiona: What a beast!
      Lindsay: That needs to be in a movie! "Perfect defense!" "Not what I wanted, but thank you."
      Fiona: She made a full monologue and you said "That's not what I asked!" What an asshole!
    • With time running out and the crew's tasks almost complete, Imposter Chad panics and kills Fiona right in front of Gavin and the camera that Jack was watching.
      Gavin: That was like committing the murder in front of the jury.
  • We Loot Our...Friends? - Rust
    • Michael, who's playing for the first time, is separated from the rest of the group. He comes across a house with the sign "Lumi Lounge" hanging on it and finds nothing in it. He then laughs as the live chat tells him it's Kaden's house he found.
    • Since the boys are playing on Funhaus's server, Jeremy comes across (Funhaus) Lindsey's house. He also finds her avatar sleeping, so he steals her clothes, some of her stuff, and replaces what he took with seeds.
    • Jeremy and Michael reunite at Achievement Hunter's base and Jeremy discovers he's being shot at by two people on a boat. He scrambles to hide as he believes it's Lindsey exacting revenge on him robbing her. Michael tries to placate them and bursts out laughing when he discovers it's actually Aaryn and Jarren trolling them.
  • The Secret Villain of Pokémon Snap
    • With New Pokémon Snap just around the corner, Matt and Jeremy decide to play the original Nintendo 64 game. The twist? Jeremy is in full Heel mode, and he gets final say over what photos Matt submits, so no matter if he's taken the best shot of a Pokémon in the world, if he's taken even one duff shot of it, it's going in.
  • A Sappy Stardew Love Story
    • It's Trevor's first time playing Stardew Valley, and he's already messed up by accidentally randomizing his avatar and has to go back and redesign it.
    • Trevor meets Penny and offers her sap. Naturally, she rejects him and he tries winning her back throughout the video.
    • Trevor's first time fishing reels an eel in, much to Ky's disgust.
    • Michael is heard screaming loudly in the background, prompting Ky to ask if he's okay.
  • We Shouldn't Have Cut That Wire - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    • Team Chungə has returned and they've decided to attempt to defuse a bomb. Hilarity Ensues.
    • On the first puzzle, Fiona mistakes the lambda symbol for sigma, confusing Gavin and causing them to spend four minutes figuring out what she meant.
    • Fiona defuses the final puzzle by luck; she just clicked on it before Gavin finished explaining.
    • Gavin briefly zoned out on Fiona until she had to remind that the timer has started on the second bomb. Since the manual pages are out of order, Gavin scrambles to decipher the manual and they succeed defusing the second bomb with literally 11 seconds left.
    • Fiona and Gavin swap places, with Fiona deciphering the manual for him. Before they begin the next puzzle, she immediately declares that the room is disgusting.
      • After successfully defusing the third bomb, Michael pops in and mentions that it smells like someone had just taken a shower, while Fiona reiterates that she thinks the room smells awful.
    • Fiona is at the helm again and this classic exchange occurs after Gavin asks her if the serial number contains a vowel.
      Fiona: The serial number contains a vowel? Yes.
      Gavin: It does?
      Fiona: Yeah, "T" is a vowel.
      Gavin: What?
      Fiona: What?
      Gavin: Did you say "T"?
      Fiona: Oh no, "A"! [They collapse onto the couch in hysterics]
  • True Co-op is Sharing the Controls - Poppy Playtime
    • Alfredo and Trevor play a horror game and split the controls between them. Hilarity Ensues.
    • They also make it a point that they are the "Game Friends", and are completely distinct from another certain AH duo series.
    • Alfredo gripes about horror games and confuses Freddie Prinze, Jr. for Five Nights at Freddy's. After reading the synopsis of the first chapter, he proceeds to call it Five Nights at Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s.
    • As they first enter the factory, they spot a cassette tape that's labeled upside down. Instead of walking around to see it, they both tilt their heads to see the label.
    • One of the first puzzles involves the colors of a train. Trevor can't tell if the first car is green or blue.
    • They finally encounter Huggy Wuggy and as they run into the vents, Trevor comments that the sounds didn't really scare Alfredo, but then the monster appears right behind them, causing them to scream and die.
  • Our Randomizer Got Randomized - Super Mario 64 Randomizer Part 5
    • Because the last save file for this particular randomizer got reset, Michael has to practically start all over with the levels.
    • Michael finishes a level and as he jumps into the next random one, he hopes it's not Tiny-Huge Island...which it turns out to be. He angrily Face Palms as Matt bursts into laughter.
  • Can We Get 1,000 Links On ONE Bus In Snakeybus? – Challenge Accepted
    • Alfredo mentions that his father who he barely knows is a bus driver, which he learned when he ran into him at work. This leads to a very long exchange of absent father jokes.
      Joe: "Hey, Dad, ya remember this house?" "Sure don't!"
    • Michael caps off the exchange with a dead father joke.
      Michael: If my dad was driving the bus, it would be taking me to the River Styx. Okay? I know exactly where he is, at all times.
      Matt: Gotta be honest; did not expect this conversation today. It's a game about driving a bus...
  • WE FOUND THE TINGLE STATUES! - Wind Waker Randomizer Pt. 7
    • Throughout the entire gameplay, Michael has been without a sword to the point where he hopes each chest he opens contains a sword. Unfortunately for him, as he played through this episode on Dragon Roost Island, he ends up collecting all five Tingle statues instead. Matt bursts into hysterics as the last chest opened revealed the last Tingle statue.

    Ultimate Chicken Horse 
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse - The Impossible Level
    • About halfway into the video's third round, Gavin and Michael are the only ones left alive to finish the level. Gavin has already completed the level... or so he thinks. Instead, he simply ran under the flag; that particular level requires you to jump into the flag. Which nobody notices until Jack tells Michael to jump for it, handing him the "first" bonus points instead of Gavin.
    Jack: Hey, Michael, do me a favor and just go ahead and jump for the flag?
    (Michael jumps, and his character starts dancing, signifying he's actually finished the level)
    Jack: There you go. Michael just got first.
    Gavin: (Anguished screaming as everyone else laughs)
  • Player Collision is ON - Ultimate Chicken Horse (#28) | Let's Play
    • It wasn't until the start of the final round of the episode that everyone notice Alfredo was on a handicap, meaning all of his wins would only amount to 70% of the points he earned. Everyone heard him complaining about it, but no one believed him, plus he didn't even win a round in the previous game, so it was never brought up until he won one in the final game. Michael says it best.
    Michael: Alfredo, it's probably good you didn't finish last game, because you never knew that you were boned from the start.

    Dead by Daylight 
  • Let's Play - Dead by Daylight
    • Ryan is the murderer and complains about typecasting. Despite this he lives up to the role.
    • Jack spends most of his time as a victim hiding in a shed. It proves ineffective against Jeremy.
    • Jeremy hangs Michael from a hook and places a bear trap where he'd land when getting off. He taunted Michael to try and escape only for Michael to succeed and Jeremy accidentally get caught in his own trap.
    • When it's down to Jeremy stalking Michael, Jeremy begins cooing his name, asking where he is. After winning, he celebrates by stepping in his own bear trap yet again.
    • Gavin completely misses Michael while stalking him, despite being out in the open. Michael comments they were essentially holding hands in the forest. Gavin then starts singing a little song and giggling.
      Michael: You ever hear a monster come up behind you and go [girlish giggling]?
    • Gavin takes Michael down a second time and loses him, as Michael hides in the tall grass while prone.
    • As the victims get closer and closer to escape, Gavin sounds less like a killer and more like the victim as he starts screaming in worry and fear. His frustration when his latest victim breaks free, blocks his path, and frees another guy from a hook is palpable.
  • Let's Play - Dead By Daylight 2
    • The face cams as people barely dodge the killer are fantastic.
    • Michael is less than thrilled when Jeremy apparently stabs him three times while performing first aid.
    • Jeremy asks if there's a sound when the cloaked killer becomes visible. At that instant he sees a cloaked Michael and starts screaming, which the others identify as the sound when he decloaks. Michael becomes creepy and amused as Jeremy runs into the "death basement", telling him he's going the wrong way.
      Jeremy: The basement's bad! I thought it was a path under like... And then I got down there, saw four hooks, and heard the heartbeat and thought "Well, this is bad".
    • As the killer approaches and tense music increases: "Where is the orchestra!? Where are they hiding!?"
    • Matt has no luck once Michael finds him, running in circles, vaulting back towards the killer, and getting hit as soon as he's pulled off the hook.
    • Michael wishes he could hear survivors's heartbeats or them shitting their pants; all he has to work with is Jeremy's "Aaaaah..."
    • Three people try to save Michael while he's meat-hooked and flub it, resulting in him dying even faster.
  • Let's Play - Dead by Daylight Part 3
    • Andrew hasn't played a PC game in more than a decade. The name for players like him is "bait".
    • The comedy of errors that was the first round's end. Ryan is able to strike down Jeremy, but is too far away to hook him, so he drops him and goes after Jack. The same thing happens and Ryan decides to go back to Jeremy. By this time, Jeremy has crawled from the spot where he was dropped and is crawling towards Jack in a vain attempt to heal. Ryan finds Jeremy again and goes to hook him, only to get snagged by his own bear trap. Jeremy is able to escape, heal Jack and make an escape to the exit.
    • The second round shows Jeremy's sadistic side as he strikes down Jack as he attempts to rescue Ryan, then makes him watch as Ryan dies.
      • Also, Geoff becomes a Dirty Coward and refuses to rescue his teammates and proves to be a Doom Magnet as he ends up leading Jeremy to the others on two separate occasions.
    • During the third round Trevor realizes he can help two others with repairing a generator when it's half done. He promptly causes the generator to explode four times in three seconds, reducing the generator straight back to zero and forcing everyone to run away.
  • Let's Play - Dead By Daylight with Etika and Lannan
    • Lannan not only keeps up with his rivalry with Gavin, but also picks up Geoff's Dirty Coward antics by hiding and refusing to save his companions. This costs him numerous times.
    • The first round Etika is completely silent. They forgot to hook up his microphone.
    • Etika gets himself killed because he races past Michael-as-the-killer and doesn't realize that the killer and survivor views are different.
    • During the round where Lannan is the killer, Gavin is so caught up in trying to explain his home country's strange hatred for all things Australian that Geoff scares the shit out of him.
  • Dead by Daylight - Last Breath DLC
    • The players are Ryan, Gavin, Jack, Jeremy, and Geoff. Geoff, as before, is a Dirty Coward and is the first one caught in nearly every round.
    • During the first round, it's down to Jeremy and Ryan. Jeremy makes a mistake trying to start a generator and makes an escape. However, in his escape, he hops through a window with Ryan right there and somehow does not get caught. Everyone's on bated breath before Jeremy escapes.
      Jeremy: Y'know, I can make mistakes, Gavin...
      Geoff: Jesus CHRIST, Jeremy!
      Gavin: Jesus...!
      Jack: (mockingly) 'People make mistakes'.
      Geoff: How the fuck are you even still alive after that?!
      Jeremy: People make mistakes. And we learn from them and we move on very quickly.
    • A brief sing-along:
      Geoff: "Take a look, it's in a book..."
      Ryan: "I can kill any guy..."
      Geoff: "Anyone you can kill, I can kill better..."
      Jack: "I can kill anyone better than you..."
      Ryan: "No you can't."
      Jack: "Yes I can."
      Gavin: "No you can't!"
      Jack: "Yes I can!"
    • In the last round, Geoff is not the first one caught, but just as the team has activated the last generator and are making for the exit, Gavin (the killer) rounds the corner and attacks, downing him. The animation of the Nurse after doing so is one of slumping shoulders, as if even the killer was ashamed at his failure.
  • Let's Play - Dead by Daylight - Of Flesh and Mud DLC
    • When Gavin is the killer he downs Michael, but leaves him to chase after Ryan. After he kills him, he runs back to hunt for Michael who he can't find despite being right next to him. Gavin runs around in circles within Michael's sight for almost two minutes until Michael just bleeds out, while everyone else laughs at him.
      Gavin: Where are you Michael?
      Michael: Crawling around.
      Gavin: [while two feet from Michael] Am I anywhere near you?
      Michael: Yeah.
  • Let's Play - Dead by Daylight with Dodger
    • Dodger's Cute and Psycho little girl's voice as she plays the killer is both hilariously dissonant and goddamn terrifying, and the Achievement Hunters spend their time scared half to death.
      Dodger: Aww! You guys can hear my heartbeat? I think it probably means we're s'posed to be the best of friends.
      Dodger: [about to hook Geoff] H'mm, I need to let the blood drain before I can eat you.
      Geoff: I didn't sleep last night, I'm definitely not sleeping tonight!
    • Geoff, being Geoff, kept offering helpful advice to Ryan.
      Geoff: Ooh, Ryan, be careful, the monster's on your screen!
      Ryan: Geoff, you're the worst.
  • Achievement Hunter Live Stream - Dead by Daylight - Jigsaw DLC
    • Thanks to some bad timing Geoff catches up to Jeremy and tries to heal him, only to run and leave him to die at Dodger's hands once she shows up. This leaves Jeremy disgruntled enough for this action that he asks Ryan not to save him, thus, when Geoff gets captured and hung, we get this golden moment:
      Geoff: Help is not coming for me, is it?
      Ryan: Ah, well... I kindaaaa... Battle Buddies, y'know? The bond... that exists between us.
      Jeremy: Thanks, Ryan.
      Geoff: I DIDN'T HURT HIM!
      Ryan: And, I'm just gonna... (gets up, heads for the exit)
      Geoff: Jeremy's just being a bitch!
      Ryan: I ain't gonna kill ya, Geoff... but, I'm not gonna save you, either.
      Geoff: (stammering) I tried to save you! I kept the monster away from you!
      Ryan: BYE, BIIIITCH!
  • Let's Play - Dead by Daylight: Leatherface
  • The Killer Clown - Dead by Daylight
    • The video opens with the gang contemplating different hand gestures, with Lindsay helpfully demonstrating on her cam.
    • Jeremy's the first to go as the Monster Clown killer, naming himself "Ticklepinkies."
      Jeremy: I hung them up by their pinkies.
    • Ryan's the second the go as the killer, and he immediately goes into a Creepy High-Pitched Voice, creeping out everyone.
  • THE PLAGUE - Dead by Daylight
  • WHO'S THAT DEMOGORGON - Dead By Daylight
    • Jeremy is trying to figure out how to voice the Demogorgon monster and asks what it sounds like in Stranger Things. Jack responds that it says "Demogorgon!" like a Pokemon. Cue Jack's camera feed popping up and skittering around the scene every time he shouts "Demogorgon!"
      • He later applies the same logic to the survivor Nancy, constantly squawking "Nancy Wheeler!"
    • In the third round, Jack helps Gavin recover after he gets downed. Gavin immediately throws a pallet in his path as he flees, leaving Jack at the mercy of Ryan the Demogorgon.
      Jack: Well, fuck you, then!
    • Ryan passes Gavin in a narrow doorway and doesn't see him at all. Gavin compares it to two coworkers passing each other in the office.
    • With the exit open, Jeremy starts to heal Trevor so they can rescue Gavin from a hook. Unfortunately, Ryan emerges from a portal right next to them, scaring them so much that they run straight out of the exit and leave Gavin to die.
  • Chains of Hate - Dead by Daylight | Live Gameplay
    • Before the gameplay even starts, Fiona notices Gavin's already screwing around in the in-game chat.
      Gavə: asl?
      Gavə: anyone around here sexy or want to bang?
      AxialMatt: hellz yeah, I'm dtf
    • After noting the name of one survivor, throughout the episode the guys discuss just how incredible Steve is. Not the survivor in particular, just Steve in general.
    • Fiona tries to convince Ryan not to kill her by offering to be his wife. He proceeds to hook her, explaining that this is their honeymoon.
      • Matt frees Fiona and gets hooked, with Ryan informing Matt he is now Fiona's replacement as wife.
      • Next round he informs Gavin that he's the wife now and clarifies that anyone on the hook is the Deathslinger's bride.
    • Trevor hooks both Gavin and Fiona in the murder basement, with Fiona dying first. As Gavin squeals and cries for help, Ryan and Matt both agree that Gavin and Fiona share a special bond and would want to die together.
    • Gavin once again wanders into the basement while pursued by Matt the killer and gets hooked. Trevor is completely disinterested in helping while Matt offers to let him go for a bribe, then decides to take the money off Gavin's corpse instead.
  • They Nerfed Pyramid Head's Skirt - Dead by Daylight with Meg Turney
    • During the first round, Michael walks into Lindsay's room and stands next to them, distracting them from working in the survivor objectives.
    • On Meg's first round as the Killer, she promptly kills them all.

     7 Days to Die 
  • "Let's Play - Seven Days To Die"
    • Jack is the first to run into zombies and a dog zombie is the first to attack. When the zombie dog attacks, Jack questions if the dog is punching back.
    • Jack and Ryan are the first to meet up and they get to see what they look like. Jack promptly punches Ryan in the face.
    • Jack and corn. Seriously, he just enjoys it.
    • After getting their house, they proceed to tear a chunk of the floor out and Gavin hops in with a shovel and starts digging. When he digs plenty far down, they realize they can't get him back out. Jack comments that he looks like "baby Jessica down the fucking well."
  • "Let's Play: 7 Days to Die Part 2"
    • When talking about his job as a pool digger, Ryan brings up the time where, when in rural Alabama, he was helping put up a display tent in a Walmart parking lot, only for a tornado to start up and almost kill him.
      Ryan: Sorry, Geoff.
      Geoff: (understanding) No, it's no problem, I've almost died in a few Walmarts in rural Alabama myself.
      • Ryan was lifted ten feet up into the air when trying to grab the tent, only for the tent to come down and smash through a car window. Everyone decided to go hide in the Walmart following this.
        Ryan: Then we decided "Fuck the tent, fuck the, the... the pools, let's just go inside." Went to the bedding section, seemed like a good place to end it all.
    • Their reactions when they realize the zombies can dig. After spending an hour building a trench to trap them.
    • At one point, a deer Ryan is hunting runs into the house and starts jumping around. Jack lampshades that animals are still attracted to Ryan's house.
  • "Let's Play: 7 Days To Die Part 3"
    • Ryan reveals he used to be a professional model. Everybody proceeds to mock him throughout the rest of the episode. Upon revealing he once posed in a magazine, Geoff begs the Internet to go find the image for him to laugh at.
    • The pipe bombs.
      • Ryan gathers everyone to watch him throw one at the zombies in the trench. Nothing happens. That night, Geoff has just moved away from maintaining the fortifications for a moment when it suddenly goes off. A big portion of the front wall goes, wiping out their defensive strategy.
      Ryan: "I'm so happy."
      • The first time Gavin uses one, he lights it indoors and panics when he doesn't know where to throw it. He manages to kill himself and take out a chunk of the kitchen.
      • The second time, he panics when he sees a zombie indoors and throws a bomb inside, though it doesn't cause any damage and fails to kill the zombie.
      • The third time, the gang are fighting a horde and he decides it's the perfect time to use one. Rather than throw it, he runs straight into the mob while holding onto it and is killed. When he revives and makes his way back to his equipment, he picks up the pipe bomb and it immediately blows up in his face.
    • Ryan manages to make helmets for some of the team, and Gavin eventually wonders whether they're bullet-proof. Ryan immediately points a rifle at Gavin's head and kills him.
      Ryan: "I think Gavin forgot that he was also wearing a helmet."
    • Their attempt to build a Tower of Pimps in-game leaves them with an L-shaped block that they ultimately decide to leave as-is and dub "The Tetris block of Pimps" and "The Tower of Planks".
  • "Let's Play: 7 Days to Die Part 4"
    • Gavin, in his infinite wisdom, disobeys the classic Minecraft golden rule "Don't dig straight down" and ends up stuck in a deep 1-block-wide hole under the house. Ryan ends up spending half the Let's Play just trying to get him out.
      • Ryan tries to throw a pipe bomb into the hole. It just bounces around the opening and nearly kills Ryan.
      • At one point, Gavin tries to shoot his way out of the hole.
    • The physics engine makes itself known.
      • After Ryan and Gavin escape the pit, they come across a bridge and try to cross it. Cue random pieces of wood falling out from under Ryan and Gavin.
      • While walking on top of a factory, the roof collapses under Geoff. He lands on a support beam, only for that to collapse and send him plummeting to the ground.
      • Near the end of the Let's Play, Gavin tries to create a watch tower on one of the houses. Due to the weight of the stones being too heavy to support, the whole roof collapses on Michael, Ray and Ryan.
      • In the last minute of the video, Ryan, Ray, Gavin, and Michael all decide to return to the bridged house when Michael mentions he has a cooking pot (so they can cook food and eat and etc.). Just a moment prior to their return, they had blocked off the ladder so that the zombies couldn't climb up and attack them on the second floor. Things were fine until the zombies started destroying the blocks that were the base of the second floor. Cue group Oh Craps when the floor collapses underneath the AH members. Ray is cornered and killed by the awaiting zombies, Ryan dies from fall damage, and Gavin ends up trapped in a ledge just out of reach of the zombies as Michael who escaped back across the bridge just watches in disbelief laughing. Geoff and Jack, in a different location, calmly decide to just hang out.
  • "Let's Play - 7 Days to Die: Survival Day One"
  • 7 Days to Die: Gavin Joins the Game (#3)
    • Michael has run through the night to the city to retrieve the backpack from last episode's death.
      Michael: "I'll be honest, made it to the city - not a single zombie."
      Ryan: "It's a quiet night."
      Michael: "Yeah, hopefully I can get my shit and come back..."
      Ryan and Jeremy: (to the tune of Silent night) "Qui-iet night~"
    • Gavin's description of how he chose to 'wrestle' Lil J earlier.
      Gavin: "I attacked him as a pencil would."
  • 7 Days to Die: Wanderers Near and Far (#7):
    • Gavin somehow starts running out of oxygen while up to his knees in water. He continues to run out of air even while standing on dry land. He assumes that his game has glitched out somehow, so he quits and rejoins to see if that fixes the problem. When he re-enters the game, his character drowns immediately.
    • Jeremy is about to freeze to death, so he builds a campfire to keep himself warm. He promptly sets himself on fire. Ryan points out that at least he's warm now.
      • Gavin is in a similar position, but he builds his fire at the bottom of a small hidey-hole and has nowhere to run when he also sets himself on fire.
  • 7 Days to Die: Treasure Hunters (#9):
    • For his video/audio sync, Geoff decides to jump up and down to the 1-2-3, prompting the editor to add in a note asking what the hell kind of sync it is.
    • This episode was recorded on the same day as Flinchless Bouncy Doo, AH HAP Battle and Minecraft Episode 275, so we finally get to hear Geoff's reaction to the creeper blowing up in the chicken farm: 'Eh, it'll happen.'
    • Jeremy spends the whole episode digging a huge hole in the side of a mountain to look for a treasure chest. He does eventually find it! It turns out it was one block away from the surface the whole time.
      • Speaking of which, shortly before the chest is unearthed, Michael kills a zombie and finds six silver nuggets on it. Jeremy promptly trumps it by opening the treasure chest and finding 25 silver nuggets, along with 28 gold nuggets and two raw diamonds.
  • 7 Days to Die: Night Time Terrors (#10)
    • Jack's infected, but the timer he sees in his menu seems to indicate that he's got two and a half hours left, which he thinks can't be right, since that's what it said the last time he looked. Then he looks again, and sees that's just the time it takes for that stage of the infection to progress, and he's actually got ten minutes.
    • Nobody's paying attention to the clock so everybody (except Geoff) gets stranded out in the wild in the middle of the night.
      • Though a little later Geoff is paying too much attention to his menu to notice the zombies coming up on him and he shrieks loudly when he does notice.
    • Jack and Gavin scale a skyscraper, and eventually find an office with two gun safes. The floor collapses under them, dropping them into a room with a few zombies, some spikes surrounding an empty dumpster, and the words "DIE BITCH" painted on the wall.
  • 7 Days to Die: Mysterious Signs (#11)
    • It's been a while since they've played 7 Days, and they can't remember where they were when they logged out. In particular, Jack is amused to find that the first thing he sees upon logging in is "DIE BITCH".
    • Gavin gets into a fight with a zombie, and there's a barrel of gas in between the two of them. Gavin swings for the zombie with his stone axe, hits the barrel, and dies in the resulting explosion.
    • Jack continues up the tower he and Gavin were climbing after Gavin dies. At one point, most of Jacks' dialogue consists of the word "Oh", followed by an expletive. Ryan calls it "Danger Tourettes".
  • 7 Days to Die: Oregon Trail #1
    • The description alone.
    Five survivors, Geoffro Geoffediah Geofferson, Rybediah, Brandeen, Snaggy, and Cleg Dixon, set off on a journey to the south west in search of Oregon, a paradise in the apocalypse.
    • Except for Snaggy (Jeremy), everyone is speaking in a Southern redneck accent. He apparently joined the group after mourning the loss of his buddy Dooby Scoo. Cleg Dixon (Michael) caught him eating dog food.
      Snaggy: Like, I would do anything for a Snaggy Snack!
    • Rybediah (Ryan) ponders his inventory.
      Rybediah: I sure am carrying a lot of useless garbage.
      Brandeen: My name is Brandeen!
    • Brandeen (Jack) is killed in the game and when she's revived, she starts commenting about worshiping the Devil and Lord Haywood.
    • Snaggy dies after being bitten.
      Cleg Dixon: Lord, if you can find in your soul to bring that hippie stoner piece of shit...
    • At the end of the video, Cleg Dixon offers Brandeen her padlock that she had before she died. She has this to say:
      Brandeen: Aw Cleg, you remembered! Cleg, you will be the last to die.
      Cleg Dixon: Oh my god.
      [Everyone is in hysterics as the outro music plays]
      Michael: [laughing] Jack, that was amazing!
  • WHO STOLE MY BIKE?! - 7 Days to Die (Part 1)
    • Jack digs into a wall, and when he breaks through, he's startled by a portrait on the other side staring back at him.
      [Jack sees the face and screams, while Alfredo laughs in the background]
      Jack: That scared the shit out of me!
      Ryan: What'd you run into there Jack?
      Matt: What?
  • Can I Play with You Guys? - 7 Days to Die (Part 4)
    • Gavin's game kept crashing as he tries to join the group, so while the others are playing, he pulls up Paint 3D and doodles a sad face with "I can't play with my friends :(". He starts dicking around in the program with a picture of an otter, leading to increasingly laughter when the others notice.
      • Their conclusion why Steam refused to let him play? It was Matt's computer so obviously Steam was detecting all his cheating programs.
    • Jack discovers that this game has an answer to his Minecraft nemesis: Drop zombies. As Jack panics, Geoff can be heard cackling in the background.

    Mini Golf Games 
  • Let's Play- 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2
    • Geoff's first turn sets the tone for the rest — he manages to get his ball stuck on the railing, nearly glitching the game out entirely.
      Michael: Is that the fastest ever to technical difficulties?
    • Millie interrupts to ask Geoff to get her a drink:
      Millie: Daddy, get me a drink!
      Geoff: Get- what?!
      Millie: Seriously!
      Geoff: Daddy’s working!
    • And later when Geoff misses a hole:
      Millie: Aw Daddy no
    • Things do not go very well for Geoff in episode 2.
    • Ryan takes a pretty good first shot in hole 6, and ends up perfectly set for a birdie. However, Michael starts yelling at him, telling him to use his mine powerup. He does... right on top of himself.
      • Heck, the entirety of Hole 6 in Part 2 is a Funny Moment, particularly because Geoff nearly dies laughing.
      Ryan: I'm very susceptible to peer pressure!
    • Part 3 features the continuing frustrations of Geoff.
      Michael: The lack of commentary makes it sound like he's not saying anything, but he's saying everything with his face.
    • Early on in part 4, the group mentions a face-cam that's recording their reactions during the game. When Ryan notices it, he immediately flips the bird. Also doubles as a Brick Joke, due to the above comment from Michael in part 3.
    • Part 4: After a string of bad luck in the previous episodes, Geoff manages to land an incredible shot on the third hole, netting him an eagle. He flips out so hard that he falls backwards out of his chair. The best part? The whole thing was recorded in real time, and there was even an instant replay!
      Ryan: That's probably the, uh, concussion talking.
    • Also from Part 4, pretty much the entirety of Hole 4, with a few notable highlights:
      • Michael gets an incredibly lucky second shot that places him right next to the hole... just before Ray zaps it off course with a powerup he already had active. You can audibly hear Michael holding back his fury.
      • Funnily enough, this exchange on Michael's next turn:
      Michael: (noticing he's back where he started) You fuck...
      Ray: Just do it again. You did it the first time, how hard can it be?
      *Michael does almost exactly that*
      Ray: See?
      Ryan: REALLY?!?
      • Later on, Ray hits too soft and misses a putt a mere few inches from the hole, causing him to throw his controller across the room. This was also caught on video and replayed in slow-motion; Michael and Geoff's slowed-down laughter just add to the hilarity.
    • The final hole in Part 4 also sees some funny moments:
      • Ray sees how everyone is hitting their ball down to the left and taking the safe path, so he decides to shoot that way too... only for the ball to bounce off the rocks and into the guaranteed hole-in-one slit, earning him an Eagle.
      Ray: See, I was just kidding, I was going for the slit the whole time!
      • Just afterward, Ryan hits his second shot toward the glue powerup and is randomly bombarded by spears out of nowhere.
    • Part 5 sees Geoff sink a Birdie where the hole seems to suck his ball in. Michael makes a joke about a magnet switch hidden under Jack's desk and they all run with it throughout the video.
    • Michael plays his Bomb powerup when his ball is slowing down its roll near Ray's ball. For some reason the ball keeps rolling until he's way out of range before the fuse finally runs out.
    • Part 6 and Ryan's wearing a duck mask like his character in real-life. The video description says that Ryan has "officially lost it and become a duck".
    • The end of Hole 3 which involves Geoff, Ryan, some trolling that doesn't quite pay off and a LOT of oil power-ups. While not show, Geoff laughs when Ray does a literal Spit Take during the mayhem.
    • The next hole has further chaos involving the lightning powerup, with the best being between Michael and Ray.
      Ryan: You just ran down the field and mugged him and did nothing else for yourself!
    • The final hole has Ryan attempting the Hole-In-One option and finally succeeding — on stroke sixteen.
      Michael: Ryan is like a fucking dumbass robot, he just like, keeps fucking going for the cheese and getting shocked and he's just doing it over and over and over again.
      YouTube Comment: Ryan's Wife never has to worry about him leaving her because he stays committed.
    • It was so funny that he made Geoff shit his pants.
      Geoff: Ohh... Jack, I'm sorry I shit all over your chair.
    • On the same hole, Geoff (whose run of luck in previous parts has not carried over) attempts to sink a tap-in put while sneaking past a mine Ray dropped right next to the hole. He does not hit the mine. But the ball is moving close enough to it - and slowly enough - that it sets off the mine right before dropping into the hole, and gets blasted out of bounds.
    • Part 7 and Ryan's still a duck.
    • The end of the fourth and final hole sees Ryan and Michael coming to blows when Geoff's fire powerup blocks the hole for two turns. First Ryan tries to block Michael, then Michael uses his bomb powerup which throws Ryan out of bounds. Ryan then goes on the offensive, smacking his ball into Michael's and sending it down the slope only for it to come back and be hit by a spider to the other side of the part of the course, down a ramp. Best part is that last move is captured by the in-office camera and it's shown in the corner of the gameplay footage so we see Ryan jumping about in joy as he completely messes with Michael.
    • Part 8 has Ryan using a shock to knock Michael out of bounds. He then keeps apologising for doing it, but the others totally aren't buying it.
    • Ryan tries to go for a hole-in-one shot that involves the ball riding across a set of gears. His first shot gets the ball onto the first gear but there's little power behind it so the gear juggles the ball a bit before it rolls back onto the course itself.
    • Ray has a shot that has to travel past a landmine. He makes it without setting it off but then hits Geoff and rolls back towards the mine... which blows him back towards the hole!
  • Let's Play - 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures - New Round
    • The courses in this episode were all made by Matt. Naturally, one of them is shaped like a dick.
      • Even better, the only powerups on said course are jizz and blowing.
    • After a long series of blunders trying to get past the second hole, Geoff's ball suddenly glitches and can't be hit very far. This leads to a situation where his ball ends up coming to a dead stop in the middle of an incline.
      Geoff: I don't even know... I'm gonna fire Matt.
  • Let's Play - Golf with your Friends
  • Let's Play - Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 4
    • Having suffered three straight fourth-place finishes in the previous three videos, Geoff is determined to turn the situation around. In the second hole, he hits a suction tube which drops his ball right next to the hole. He also hits a Ball Buster along the way. It's a Ball Swap, which swaps his ball with that of another player — and the needle stops on Michael, who was back at the start of the hole after having fluffed his first shot.
    • The third hole sees Geoff's first shot leave his ball next to a wall, and the over-the-shoulder camera means he can barely see where he's aiming. He still makes it, though. He hits a Ball Buster along the way. It's a Small Sweet Spot buster. Which he hits himself with. His next shot is a little better - he hits the ball straight into another suction tube. The tube ends directly at the hole! The ball bounces out. Jack loses it.
      • To add insult to injury, Michael does the exact same thing but his ball goes in.
        Geoff: GOOD FOR YOU!
    • These all lead to jokes that Geoff would be committing suicide over how much the game hates him.
      Geoff: Here's my suicide note: "It's okay, Life, I didn't like you either!"
  • Infinite Minigolf: Matt's Crazy Customs
    • Matt made some custom maps. They range from crazy difficult to just unwinnable. It gets so bad that at the end of the last hole, both Gavin and Jeremy report Matt for griefing.
      Matt: *describing the eighth hole, which nobody bar him is able to finish* This entire hole is just difficult, that's all I'm going to say.
    • The first hole is just a flat melee, full of props and a speed-boost right off the tee which traps the player's ball in a birdcage.
    • The second requires activating two powerups almost immediately, and contains a second path, which Michael and Gavin both take, which renders the hole unwinnable.
    • The third is just a plinko map which isn't too bad.
    • The fourth is a mess of suction pipes.
    • The fifth is a three-route hole, one of which doesn't work and the other two require very precise powerup uses.
    • The sixth is basically a flying course with a hole with a tiny bit of green surrounding it and below tons of flying drones.
    • The seventh is a highway including an out-of-control monster truck which knocks everybody's ball off the course.
    • As mentioned above, nobody bar Matt even reached the eighth hole, which was full of traps including a suction pipe section for which the purpose was just to dump the ball out of bounds. Jeremy gets stuck in said section.
    • And the ninth one is just a dick and balls with glue everywhere.
      • Gavin finally makes it up to the hole, and his ball is just about to fall in when he activates his rocket powerup, sending him straight into the glue on the other side.
        Michael: The best part is, as soon as it happened, Gavin in disbelief looked down at his own controller.
  • Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - Halloween Mansion
    • Geoff's ball ends up the slightest nudge away from the hole, so naturally his next shot is almost full power and sends him almost all of the way to the back of the hole. He responds by getting up and kicking boxes in rage - one of which contains all of the bouncy balls that Jack picked up.
    • Trevor accidentally makes a Spoonerism:
      Trevor: I landed in the medge haze.
    • One hole requires hitting the ball into a steam vent at the right time to launch the ball into the second part of the course. Alfredo mistimes it, and gets his ball stuck on the vent - where it goes straight up every time the vent activates and doesn't settle before it happens again.
    • Due to a bug, after the second end podium screen, Ryan's view of the leaderboard shows that everybody else disconnected, giving them ten strokes, which put him in joint second place with Jack (though he actually got joint sixth with Alfredo). He refuses to acknowledge any other result.
  • Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - More Matt Maps (#6)
    • Another set of maps made by Matt, and in the same vein as last time, they're all incredibly difficult. To make matters worse, Matt left the stroke limit at 20, so the maps just keep going on and on. Geoff ends up with an average of 15.5 strokes per hole. Gavin reports Matt for griefing again.
    • At the end, as the winner, Ryan gets to play Matt's special map, one which the game wouldn't permit him to upload: A course covered in physics-obeying snowballs, which all react when the golf ball hits them, and which immediately causes the game's framerate to drop immensely.
  • Fore Honor - Golf With Your Friends - Pirate Cove (#5)
  • Fore Honor - Infinite Minigolf - Matt's Ghoulish Golf
    • Matt reveals that, since people reported his maps, he got banned for two days. Given how generally buggy the maps were (three people got stuck in cauldrons on map 3, Gavin somehow got stuck off the course on the next map, etc.), it's not hard to see why.
      Gavin: And now I'm down here! Matt - Matt, get up from your desk, come over here and explain yourself!
    • Ryan declares he doesn't want to get dragged to hell. When the others start commenting that sounds odd for him, Ryan clarifies he doesn't want to go back to hell.
    • Gavin hits his ball into an area that should be out of bounds, but isn't, trapping him off the course. He begins yelling at Matt to come over and explain himself.
      • When Gavin gets stuck mid-animation on the next hole, Matt blames it on Gavin.
    • Geoff starts off strong, but since this is Geoff and he's playing a golf game, it goes downhill after the first couple of holes, and the others point out they keep forgetting to turn on Geoff's webcam. As Geoff becomes increasingly frustrated with hole 8, Jeremy picks up a camera and starts filming - just in time for Geoff to stroke out and then take his anger out on an inflatable unicorn, which he kicks around the room.
      • It gets worse. Matt describes the 9th hole as 'the hardest one he's ever made' - requiring careful timing to cross bridges, otherwise a vine knocks you off and you have to get back to the start of the bridge - and Geoff gets stuck in the first pit. He makes increasingly loud hooting noises that make everyone's ears hurt, then tops it off by smashing his controller.
  • Fore Honor: Matt's Pirate Peril
    • Geoff starts the episode stating that he's in a good mood and is going to have a good time. He doesn't make it past the two minute mark before he starts screaming.
    • This episode has a webcam set to observe Geoff. It's just as glorious as anticipated. Another stroke out resulted in him leaving his desk and climbing into the mail cart. Alfredo, who had been doing even worse than Geoff, just looks sadly at the camera.
      Alfredo: When does the bullet that is this game, exit the chamber and into my head?
  • Golf It! (#10): Rainbow Cannonballs!
    • The Geoff-cam returns and Ryan is in full bipmaster mode. The editor has a lot of fun.
      • Ryan comments at one point that he's just good at what he does. Geoff mutters that so was Hitler.
    • Ryan gets his ball stuck in a hole just before the actual hole and can only watch as his ball bounces but always rolls back into the pit. The others declare he is in bip hell where he belongs.
  • Ryan's Big Bipper! - Golf It! (#12)
    • Geoff proclaims that he's going to have a nice calm game and not get angry. Ryan tests that patience very much. Not just on Geoff, though, on everyone.
    • The simple fact that Geoff has a face cam prompted a lot of eager comments.
      • When Ryan keeps trolling everyone, Geoff notices it seems he hadn't went after Alfredo. Though Ryan says he did (once), Geoff is wondering if it's Alfredo's birthday or something and he's being nice. As Alfredo slips into the lead, though, Ryan refocuses his efforts.
      • As a result of this, Geoff comes second by one point, only missing out on first owing to some putting slip-ups on the last hole. His look of triumph on his webcam, while Alfredo is in the background of the shot looking forlorn, is a hilarious contrast.
        Geoff: SILVER MEDAL!! YEAAAH! Oh my God! It's like I got a blowjob from GOD!! That was amazing!
    • On one hole, it's just down to Ryan and Lindsay needing to get into the hole. Ryan tries to knock her away from the hole, but his actions end up letting her fall in.
  • Driven to the Edge - Infinite Minigolf (#10)
    • In a change of pace, Ryan's not in the video to bip people. Unfortunately, it's another custom Matt Bragg course, so everyone does horribly and stroke out anyway, including Matt himself.
    • The courses have robotic arms that take the ball back to the start, causing outrage from everyone.
    • The editors have a lot of fun with Geoff's facecam. He throws and hits things, walks away from his mic, and Trevor can't help but make faces behind him. At one point, a drone flies around the golf course with Geoff's facecam pasted on top of it. At the end of the video, he just flips off the camera.
    • Once again, Gavin reports Matt for griefing. Matt reveals that the game's developers actually reached out to him in concern over the amount of reports they've gotten about him. They later decide to write a Strongly Worded Letter to Matt to air their grievances.
      • Gavin's report simply says "shitty". Geoff also reports him and writes "he's a human fart".
    • Michael and Gavin manage to get stuck underneath the map together. Matt claims that it's not his fault and it's just a bug in the game, shortly before he and Jeremy get stuck in the exact same spot.
      Michael: Hey guys, we're all down here! This thing Matt's never seen before, we're all down here Matt! Including you!
      Matt: I can't be blamed for this game fucking up like that.
    • In the final course, Gavin gives up and pulls up Matt's Rooster Teeth wiki page. He proceeds to write "He sucks at making golf maps and should be banned from xbox live". Said edit was temporarily removed as vandalism, then re-added once the site's admins learned that Gavin was the one responsible for it.
  • Jack The Bipper - Golf It! (#15)
    • The video opens with the guys playing up their old Let's Play intros.
    • The first two minutes is rife with technical problems. They realize the course they picked was played before, and then lost the server connection, and then Matt can't access the first course, forcing him to restart the game. And yes, they play the classic "Technical Difficulties" theme.
    • The editors continue to have fun with Geoff's facecam, like him simulating fellatio, and superimposing Goku going Super Saiyan over him.
      • He's so angry after a Jack bip that he throws things at him, with Trevor savoring the rage like his coffee. His bitterness carried over into AHWU #429, where he angrily sprays everyone with air freshener.
    • Jack starts doing poorly, so he and Ryan swap roles as the bipper. He proceeds to wreak havoc on everyone, and thanks to that, Ryan ties with Geoff for first place, while Jack got 170 strokes. Ryan takes offense when Jeremy says that Jack is a more frustrating bipper.
      Jack: Ryan, I understand now!
    • As the guys discuss the rankings, Geoff is heard off-screen wreaking destruction on a bucket.
  • Things to Do in Fortnite - FOREtnite Golf
    • The video opens with the guys killing other players so they have space to play golf.
    • Jeremy and Ryan start commentating on the golf game, when Alfredo finds a llama.
      Alfredo: Guys, there's a fucking llama!!!
      Matt: Oh shit, a llama? Hang on.
      Alfredo: I'm opening this bitch. [Matt runs him over in a golf cart]
    • It's a two-person match between Matt and Alfredo, or as Jeremy called him, "Alfred O".
    • Matt lines up a Ryan shoots him. As he lines up another shot, Jeremy builds a stand over the ball.
    • Matt lines up another shot...and Ryan runs over the ball, carrying it with him.
    • Alfredo does his victory dance on top of the golf cart as it's driving around.
    • Alfredo tries to hit Jeremy with the ball, but he constructs a wall just in time.
    • There's not a lot of time left for them to play, so they return to normal gameplay. They still get third place after getting killed off.
      Ryan: [spectating the player who killed them] Loot my stuff, prick, you get nothing!
      Ryan: Third place ending, that's a birdie on this level.
  • World's Hottest Minigolf - Golf It! (#19)
    • Ryan's not present for this episode, so there's a debate on who should take over his bipping duties. Geoff remarks that he hasn't done it since he did it to that other guy back in 3D Ultra Minigolf.
    • The last hole throws a Spanner in the Works. Alfredo goes into it with a two-stroke lead over Michael. However, the hole features a gravity switching mechanic that didn't appear anywhere else in the map, and just whacking the ball as hard as possible (as it would appear necessary to do) has a Red Herring where the ball lands near the previous hole. Michael and Alfredo spend so long not understanding how the hole works that the former gets ten strokes and the latter strikes out. Alfredo immediately loses his shit when it becomes apparent that he lost first place to Michael and Trevor.
  • Root Canal the Video Game - Fore Honor - Golf It! (#20)
    • There are face-cams for Geoff, Michael, and Alfredo this time around.
    • The very first hole sees Ryan resume his bipping duties, eventually running out of time because he was so focused on it. His ball, fittingly, is black and wearing a skull ribbon.
      Ryan: I'm gonna stroke out. Ohhh, you know what? That's bad for you guys.
    • The turning point of the video is hole 5.
      Jack: Geoff is in second place! Good job, Geoff.
      Geoff: Hey Jack - shut your mouth.
      Ryan: Wait, what? What?!
  • PROBLEM HOLES - Golf It! | Fore Honor
    • Ryan's username has changed slightly - he's now Golfer Roger Davis, since it's the detective's day off.
    • The 11th hole ends with Ryan encountering a Game-Breaking Bug, resulting in him getting twelve strokes because he couldn't get back on the course.
      Jack: Our worst nightmare just happened.
      Alfredo: Here comes the bloodlust.
      Jeremy: The Joker paint just arrived on his face.
      Ryan: You wonder how I got these bips?
    • Gavin is using a nonstandard character in his username, "Gavə"note  Ryan doesn't believe how it's pronounced, so after the first game finishes, Gavin pressures him to ask Google.
      Ryan: Okay Google, how do you pronounce an upside-down e?
      Google: That's pronounced "An upside-down e."
      (everybody bursts out into laughter)
      Jeremy: That sarcastic bitch!
  • The Ultimate Crossover - Golf With Your Friends
    • Jeremy's computer can't cope with the maps when his ball is rolling. The framerate stutter gets so bad that Jeremy's agonized wails start stuttering as well.
    • On a particularly rough uphill map, Ryan and Jeremy reach the hole first. After summarily bipping Jeremy off the green, Ryan proceeds to guard the hole to make sure nobody scores this round.
      Ryan: I have bad news for all of you. Hey, Geoff.
      Geoff: [after getting bipped] Ffff... Fucking Ryan! God! Dammit! You piece of shit!
      Ryan: [repeating] That's what I'm here for.
      Geoff: I hope you die! I hope you die alone and... impoverished!
    • Matt spends half the episode being the absolute worst of the players until the rest of the crew finally look at his screen and realize he's been playing wrong for fifteen minutes.
  • Slowest Golfer Gets TASED - Golf It! | Live Gameplay
    • The boys have created a challenge for themselves: the last one to get to the hole gets tase-fisted by Fiona and later, Sarah. By the end of the gameplay, Matt got tased over a dozen times.
    • Ryan also gets tased but to diminishing effect as he doesn't react to his last tasing.
    • At the end of the gameplay, because Alfredo was manning the cameras, Michael and Jack force him to get tased as well.
  • Punished by Custom Courses - Golf It!
    • The first set of courses played are less golf holes than they are precision driving courses. Ryan is especially fond of them because he doesn't need to bip anyone; the maps bip people for him.
      Alfredo: This is like the Dark Souls of golf.
    • Gavin somehow was under the impression that the first few holes were for practice and wouldn't be scored, leading to him accidentally stroking out for one of them.
    • The ninth hole starts with a "relaxing" tour of waifus, including Burger King Saber, professional League of Legends player Sneaky in crossplay, and a JoJo character in drag. Obviously, the hole is a trap.
    • One hole is essentially a free hole-in-one as the game nearly plays itself. Despite this, Lindsay manages to mess up at the end because she doesn't understand Ryan when he uses the word "middle".
    • The second course is Harry Potter themed, so when they get to Snape's classroom, Jeremy and Lindsay imitate Snape.
      Jeremy: Gavin Free, we have a celebrity. Tell me, how many frames would you find in a wormwood?
      Lindsay: Put your hand down, Hermione. No one gives a shit.
    • Ryan bips Alfredo; a while late they are again near each other. Alfredo pleads to be spared another bipping, saying he has a family.
  • Black Holes Make Us Sad - Golf With Your Friends
    • Ryan's name for the course is A Friendly Bipless Player.
    • Ryan manages to reverse bip Jack a few times, with Jack accidentally knocking Ryan's ball into the hole and damaging his own score.
    • Jeremy is not a fan of the slamming pistons on some maps.
      Jeremy: What is this, Galaxy Quest!?
    • Ryan actually lasts about half the video playing nice until he times out on one map without reaching the hole. Next round he proceeds to massacre the other balls with non-stop bips only to accidentally blast Trevor across the map and into the hole.
      Matt: Yeah, he's gone full evil.
      Ryan: Ah, I'm out of shots.
      Jeremy: Isn't your name "Friendly, Bipless"?
      Ryan: Well, but then life got rough.
    • Jack is about three inches away from the hole on his last stroke. He fluffs it.
  • We Get Hardcore Soup'd - Golf With Your Friends
    • Jeremy gets constant notifications from a person liking all of his achievements which only annoys him. Matt then joins in on the fun.

    Sports Games 
  • In their Let's Play of the London 2012 Olympics, Gavin takes much amusement from the fact that his archer has been named "Mark Nutt". After hearing Gavin yell the archer's name every time he takes a shot, Michael gripes, "He's going to be shouting that for the next three weeks." Hilarious in Hindsight because it's been six years and Gavin still yells "MARK NUTT!" every time archery comes up.
  • "Let's Play MLB 2K12" is a 30-minute CMOF. Gavin, the Brit, knows nothing about baseball and nothing about the game's controls, and his deadpan mangling of the entire game, including the player's names, is so laugh-inducing that it results in Geoff shitting his pants in the middle of the game. Highlights include:
    • Gavin always throwing the ball to home base - and no other base. (This was caused by not knowing the correct controls and Geoff refusing to tell him the right ones; Gavin lampshades this at one point.)
    • Geoff's... "unorthodox" method of stealing bases. Namely, to run before the pitcher has even started his windup. Because Gavin only throws to home plate, he always succeeds.
    • Gavin's interpretations of the baseball field. These include asking what the bases (the "bags," as stated by Geoff) are filled with, the "staple" (the coach's box), and "Home Base" being a British patio furniture store.
    • The entire sequence leading up to Geoff shitting his pants. Geoff has asked Gavin to stop making him laugh for exactly that reason, and when the moment comes and Geoff has to leave the room, Michael comes in laughing like a madman.
      Gavin: Would that be the first time that someone's ever left a commentary to go and, uh, sort out the fact that they pooed their pants?
      Michael: Not the first time in anything I've ever been in, but I think Achievement Hunter first.
  • Let's Play Madden 2013. Considering how Gavin doesn't know anything about American football, it goes as well as expected. It's filled with hilarity from Gavin being kicked out of the game to "Nice hair, douchebag".
    • "Why is there a guy wearing an upside down traffic cone?"
    • "What's a play?"
    • "Run to the touchdown."
    • One of the CPU players randomly tripping over his teammate.
    • "How do I play as Trey Wingo?" (ESPN)
    • When Gavin first heard of J.J. Watt: "J.J. what?"
    • When Ben Roethlisberger's name came up, it was spelled as B. Roethlisberger (as is customary ala the Last-Name Basis principle). Gavin saw that and said "Bro-th lis-leh burger."
    • When Gavin couldn't figure out how to punt the ball, Geoff called timeout two seconds before the play-clock ran out. Yeah, you read that right. "I had to call a fuckin' timeout for you!!"
    • Some guy with long hair drinks Gatorade. Gavin is not impressed: "Nice hair, douchebag."
      • Better yet: that guy was Troy Polamalu.
    • To be clear, Gavin got kicked from the game for going offsides 3 times... on the first 3 plays. And he didn't simply jump the snap; he was running all around the field like... well, Gavin.
    • Those first three plays really must be seen to be believed. Watch as he runs ten yards past scrimmage, loops around behind the quarterback, and almost manages to get behind the line again on the other side, all before the ball is snapped.
    • The conversation they had before starting the game over. Geoff didn't know what the fuck to do as Gavin was kicked from the game, and was laughing hysterically in the background while Ray and Gavin talked.
    Geoff: (To Gavin) Gavin, you're offsides! Stop going offsides before they fucking count the...
    Ray: Gavin got kicked from the game!
    Geoff: He—(Bursts into uncontrollable laughter) Are you serious? What the fuck do I do?!
    Ray: I don't know. You're the boss...
    Gavin: I'm in the menu... there's someone talking in my ear now... (Geoff laughs his ass off in the background) I got Trey Wingo chatting at me now.
    Ray: Dude— Trey Wingo...?
    Gavin: Who's Trey Wingo?
    • Gavin complains that the game doesn't make sense to him, then Ray tries to get him to understand by comparing it to soccer, to which Gavin replies "There's no kicker in soccer, you donut!"
    • When Geoff said it would be a miracle for Gavin to survive the first quarter without getting kicked from the game, Ray quipped with "First quarter? How about the first fuckin' possession?"
    • Ray's opening kickoff return: fumbles the ball at the three, but recovers it, then backpedals into his own end zone, allowing the AI to score a safety on him. And then he recovers his own safety kickoff, giving him and Ryan the ball back and frustrating the opposing team of Gavin and Geoff.
    • The final play of the half. Ryan hits a wide-open receiver in the open field. He's running for a touchdown when Ray takes over, and runs him out of bounds after time had expired.
  • "Let's Play Madden 2013: Super Bowl Special":
    • Geoff throwin' out one of his colorful battle taunts. "I just shoved my football up your dick!"
    • Gavin. From not knowing what a running play is to calling out his plays out loud... just... Gavin.
    • Ray repeating his kickoff returning gaffe from the first Madden LP - with the same result.
      • Even better: Ray moved slightly away from where the ball was going to go, so he had to jump towards his end zone to gain possession. By the time he got up, eight Niners had already made it to the Ravens' end zone; the Niners got two extra points on the safety.
    • When #84 Randy Moss (who's 37) scored a touchdown, Ray said "That's not actually his jersey number, that's his age."
    • Gavin struggling to say the correct terms for American Football.
    Gavin: How do I play, uhh, how do I do playing... was it, running, what?
    • Two footballers randomly glitching out at the end of a play. A 49er was thrown to the ground by a Raven, who fell on top of him in a position that looked like they were pulling off the 69 (yeah, that 69). It didn't help that the Raven was bobbing his head erratically the entire time.
    • When Gavin misheard one of Geoff's battle cries.
    Geoff: "Look at that juke!"note 
    Gavin: "You can't just yell 'Look at that Jew'."
    Michael and Ryan: "JUKE!"
    Gavin: "Ooooh!"
    • At the end of the first half, Team Lads (Gavin, Michael, and Ray as the Baltimore Ray-vens) has 2 seconds to try a Hail Mary. Gavin takes a knee.note 
    Ray: "I'm gonna tell you right now, he's gonna take a knee."
    Gavin: "Who's - what?"
    (Gavin takes a knee, exactly as Ray thought.)
    Gavin: "What happened?"
    Michael: "What did he just pick?"
    Ray: "He picked Take A Knee."
    Michael: "We have two seconds to score in the half. *in a very good imitation of Gavin* TAKE A KNEEE!"
    Gavin: "What's that knee? What are you on about? What is everyone talking about?! I'm the captain, all right!?"
    • This turns into a Brick Joke at the very end of the game:
    Ray: "Gavin, pick - remember that knee play you picked before?"
    Michael: "Remember that knee play that fucked us at the end of the second half?note  Do that again."
    • Of course, this being Gavin, he manages to call a pass play. It works anyway.
    • The crew making fun of Manti Te'o (who's not in either of those teams, by the way)
    Jack: "Which is the one with the fake internet girlfriend?"
    Ray: "Uhhhh, Ray Narvaez. "
    • Ray making fun of Gavin's statistical performance as a quarterback. "Like, 2 for 1."
    • Ryan getting called out for being The Load in one particular instance.
    Geoff: "Who's picking our defensive plays?"
    Ryan: "I am."
    Geoff: "Okay."
    Jack: "Oh."
    Michael (who's on the opposing team): "You're fired."
    • Gavin running out of position and through the 49ers' perimeter, before the play even began.
    Ray: "Goddammit, Gavin!"
    Geoff: "What the fuck?"
    Gavin: "Uh, I made a mistake!"
    Michael: "Please be ejected from the game."
    • When they line up at the line of scrimage, Gavin had a guy that lifted his arm out like he's ready to pounce on his opponent. Gavin notices it, moves him to the side and says "I'm like a crab!"
    • Ray making fun of the Gatorade-drinking guy, except with a twist.
    Michael: "That was actually the other team, Ray."
    Ray: "Man, are they thirsty."
  • "Let's Play WWE '13" might be one of their funniest Let's Plays yet. Special mention goes out to the intros; as each chose to create their own wrestler. Each person, though, has something of their own to contribute.
    • Geoff plays as the Corpirate, a corporate pirate who is also a wrestler. He is the only who knows how to play and ends up in the role of the Monster Heel. Naturally, Geoff starts bragging about his prowess and; sounding like he is cutting a Heel Promo.
      Geoff: (While choking out Michael) "Is your Spidey-Sense tingling? Is your Spidey-Sense tingling?! Oh, I just fucking broke your little fucking weak neck."
      Geoff: (After choking out Jack the second time] "You can't beat Wall Street! You can't beat Wall Street!"
      • The best part went unnoticed by the gang. At one point during the Corpirate's intro, he looks into the crowd and shakes his head disapprovingly, with Geoff pointing out that he saw something he didn't approve of. The camera pans to show the area he had been looking at, and sitting in the front row is an NPC that looks exactly like real-life Ray!
    • Gavin: The fact that his character is a green alien with broccoli hair, white briefs, a horn on his nose and Rhino ears. His name is Player, and he turns red when he gets mad. He, like Ray, is pretty bad at the game.
    Gavin: "I tried to make a Creeper at first but it very rapidly got out of hand."
    • Ray insists his character (a sombrero wearing luchador) is his father, Papa Brownman and whenever he starts getting hurt, he starts yelling "DADDY!" He also has a Running Gag that he tries to jump from the top rope and always fails.
    • Ryan: Ryan's character wears a Gorilla suit to the ring and has a ridiculous moustache and goatee. Also, his backstabbing gets him the nickname Benedict Arnold.
    • Jack: His character's (Beardo the Magnificent) intro and appearance leading everyone else generally being hesitant to fight him.
    • Michael: For essentially being Spider-Man and using a lot of web based attack names. Also for being the smallest person out of the six.
    • What makes Jack and Ryan's stand out is the fact they use the Diva entrances for their... rather burly men.
    • Geoff concludes the intros with: "All right! May the best...whatever the hell we are win."
  • One year later, the gang delves back into the realm of wrestling with WWE 2K14. Once again, they make their characters and the results are... out there. They prove that Strange Minds Think Alike.
    • Geoff revisits the Corpirate with the "Yarrgarita", claiming that the Corpirate is on vacation.
    • Ryan and Jack, once again, create burly men with diva entrances.
    • Surprisingly, Gavin and Michael create the same type of character: blue-skinned guys with massively disproportioned body parts. And tails. With names that get censored. note 
    • Ray creates Mr. Diddlez, who wears a towel and a paper bag over his head. He also has two watches because "it's always time to diddle".
    • Thus, as Michael gives the game away before the reveal of his character, the group realize that they've got two dudes in towels (between Geoff and Ray, someone's dick's coming out), two weird fat buff dudes, and two abominations. They all agree that they should have done a tag-team match.
    • During the first match, Geoff is shocked that, near the end, his character is taken out by chance. Gavin fires out that "He spent too much time on vacation and not enough time in Wall Street."
    • The first match dragging on for ten minutes because Michael and Ray's characters just absolutely refused to get thrown out of the ring. Despite Michael not touching his controller.
    • Ryan grabbing a ladder and yelling out "YOU CAN FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AT THE HOME DEPOT!"
      • Followed a few seconds later by him getting hit with the steel steps being thrown in the ring.
    • Ryan's Failed a Spot Check as he didn't realize they weren't playing a Ladder Match for the second round, they were playing a Briefcase Match.
    • The entire time Gavin perches his character on the corner and starts cooing like a pigeon before leaping out and missing the other wrestlers.
    • At one point, Michael gets to the briefcase and hangs on for dear life as the ladder is yanked from under him. Sadly, he doesn't pull it down, even as he's shouting that he's on the briefcase.
      • Also, Ray pulls Jack, who Michael was racing to get to the briefcase, off the ladder in an attempt to help Michael.
    Ray: I helped you out! You were supposed to win! You were the chosen one!
    Michael: I tried, Ray, I tried!
    • Gavin somehow reaches under the stage and pulls out a sledgehammer. Which Michael immediately steals and starts whaling people with. And later, Gavin finds a folding chair.
    • At one point, Gavin gets a little fed up and decides to take his character and leave. Then he comes back and takes the stairs.
    • And then he comes back and takes the ladder too.
    • Ray quickly notices and "runs" after Gavin. Since neither of them know how to sprint, they both adopt a strange waddle which makes the whole chase absolutely hilarious.
    Ray: Wait Gavin, I need that!
    Gavin: No, I'm setting up my ladder and climbing out of this place.
    Ray: Gavin, come back..!
    • At one point, Gavin randomly decides to trash the announcer's booth.
    • Jack climbing a ladder in the corner of the ring, and falling off onto the steel steps that were outside of the ring.
  • "Let's Play Madden 25 Super Bowl Special" features the Seattle Lads against the Denver Gents. Having not played the game for a year, it's no surprise that Gavin is still bad at quarterback. However, what's surprising is that Jack is worse, throwing seven interceptions (Actually eight, but one was called back due to a penalty) before switching controllers with Ryan, who throws three more.
    • He doesn't just switch controllers with Ryan: after throwing pick #7, he leaves the room in shame, then comes back and takes Ryan's controller.
    • After the third one, Geoff claims that Jack won't rest until every Seahawk has an interception.
    • Before the forth one, Ray accurately predicts how Jack's next INT will go. Afterwards, Geoff losses his shit trying to figure out why they would be throwing with 40 seconds left in the half.
    • After Ray catch's the fifth INT, he immediately does a little hop. Ray blows it off by saying he was jumping for joy.
    • When Gavin was about to pass the ball, his character faked the pass and ran instead. Gavin's reaction, we shit you not, was "How did I throw it to me?"
    Michael: "How do I throw it to me?" You didn't let go of the ball!
    • Ray's reaction to a particularly poor punt by Gavin.
    Ray: Nice kick, asshole. Leave your wheelchair in the locker room?
    • Two rather underplayed moments both occur after the Gents tempt fate.
      • After having thrown six interceptions, Jack is told by Geoff that he might as well keep playing since he can't possibly do worse than he's already done. Jack immediately throws his 7th and final interception before he Rage Quits.
      • Towards the end of the game, Michael manages to injure Peyton Manning, and everyone agrees it's the best thing to happen to the Gents the entire game. Their replacement quarterback proceeds to throw the 10th and final interception for the Lads.
  • The entirety of Let's Play FIFA 14 is a colossal comedy of errors thanks largely in part to the fact that none of them know how to play.
    • Ray in particular has a hard time during the game, going off-side several times and then completely missing the one free-kick of the game.
    • The game ends in a tie because no one could score a single goal.
    • The highlight reel is literally nothing but fouls and missed goals, and more the former than the latter. It's like the game itself was facepalming.
  • Their World Cup Let's Play. Despite what the thumbnail and title say, it's not in FIFA 14: it's in Madden 25, with the Atlanta Germans vs. the Tennessee Argentinians.
    • At one point, Ray refers to Argentina as "Argentinia", leading to Deadpan Self-Deprecation.
    • Ryan is the captain for Argentina, and on one play, he can't figure out how to switch away from a punt block formation. Cue an easy touchdown pass.
  • Let's Play - NBA 2K15
    • Gavin once again proves to be The Load of the team, in more ways than one:
      • For the first four minutes of the game, Gavin has offscreen technical issues, resulting in him not being able to move his player and giving the opposing team a huge lead right from the get go.
      • Believe it or not, it gets even worse when he actually starts playing; he spends a good two minutes traipsing around out of bounds on the other side of the court, and later on, he figures out the button to set a pick, which results in him spending half the game walking around holding his junk and getting knocked over.
    • Somebody calls two timeouts the very moment the second half starts. Guess who it was.
      Gavin: I was testing buttons, it might've been me.
      *collective groan*
      Ray: Alright, hit A. Test the A button.
  • "Let's Play Madden NFL 15: Super Bowl Special"
    • The gang does a coin toss to choose teams. Ray calls out "Tails for anal!"
    • The very first play of the game has Gavin run into Michael, causing his character to stumble and fall.
      Ray: Run forward and don't fumble the ball. (The Gents kick the ball out and run toward The Lads' side)
      Gavin: Look at the camera angle!
      Michael: Ray, don't go soft on us.
      Jack: Whoo-hoo! It's the Super Bowl!
      Gavin: Which one's me? I'm this one! (Michael catches the ball)
      Ray: Go straight. (Gavin runs backwards and runs into Michael just as he starts to move, causing him to stumble to the side)
      Geoff: (Without missing a beat) Hahahahahahahaha...!
      Ray: Oh my god! Oh my god...
      Michael: Was that Gavin? (Falls over)
      Ryan and Jack: (Michael tries to get back up, but Ryan tackles him before he does) Whoa!
      Michael: Yeah, that was Gavin.

    • When the Lads' team has to punt, Michael gets incredibly confused and makes a terrible punt.
    Michael: [when he realizes his mistake] DAMMIT!
    Jack: That was the worst kick ever!
    Michael: I dunno how to kick!
    Geoff: Pretty... pretty good field position.
    Michael: FUCK!
    Ray: Shout out to the local middle school team for making it to the Super Bowl.
    • Ray, after being Team Lads' coach, takes over for Gavin in the last minute of the game. He then scores two touchdowns within the last minute.
  • Let's Play - NHL 15
    • Ryan figures out how to knock people over before a minute passes in the game, and immediately declares it as the best game ever.
    • Geoff manages to smack the puck straight into the midsection of the ref.
    • They sometimes lose track of the puck when all the players gather together in a scrum.
    • This:
      Ryan: "Bring the pain, and the funk, and maybe the noise..."
  • "Let's Play NHL 15 Part 2"
    • Geoff gets LOUD as they finally figure out who to play and he and Jack wipe the floor with Michael and Ryan. Until the end, that is.
    • At one point, Geoff and an NPC gang up on one of Michael and Ryan's players and Geoff yells out to "Fuck 'em, fight 'em and kill 'em!", prompting Jack to ask "In that order?"
    • Geoff finally gets his hockey fight and pummels Ryan senseless... then he swaps to another character and loses to an NPC.
  • After a two year hiatus, the gang returns to wrestling with "Let's Play WWE 2K16".
    • Gavin's character, "DURRRRRRRRRR" is another monstrosity as Gavin had a lot of fun with the character creator. The gang also ribs him over his armbands, which look more like water wings.
    • Michael's character's name is censored out, but he says it's "MummySantaSexSlave" and it shows. They're equally horrified when the character opens his mouth, which Michael claims shouldn't happen.
    • Ryan's character, Phil, is another green monstrosity, but adds in the diva entrance for good measure. When Michael claims he looks like he's wearing Jennifer Grey's shirt from Dirty Dancing, Geoff declares "Please put Baby in the corner!"
    • Jeremy's character is "Rimmy Tim", a luchador-type character with tons of pyrotechnics for his entrance. They all agree that his budget was largely spent on the entrance.
    • Jack's character is "McDeath", which is an almost faithful recreation of Ronald McDonald.
    • Geoff's character is Sloth, claiming that the Corpirate had other business to attend to and sent him instead.
    • At one point, Gavin's curiosity gets the better of him and he goes to investigate the rest of the stage, pulling back the camera and forcing the others to play far away.
    • When the match starts, they only have two ladders. By the end of the match, they end up with four and they can barely keep one in.
    • At one point, Gavin's character tumbles off the ladder and onto the floor and he's dumbfounded as to how he did it.
    • To stop Michael from getting the suitcase, the team pushes the ladder over, sending him flying, which puts Geoff in stitches over how funny it was.
  • Let's Play - Euro Fishing - The Angriest Fishermen
    • The title refers to Jack and Geoff, who between them over the course of three maps catch one fish (Geoff did it). By the midpoint of the third map, when Jeremy's made two catches already, Geoff resorts to begging the fish to bite, while Jack just rage quits and goes to check email.
  • The Rooster Teeth and Funhaus boys and girls participate in a WWE 2K16 tournament, and once again, much of the humor is derived from the custom characters.
    • Round One features Ryan, Geoff, Jeremy, and Bruce.
      • Ryan makes another of his patented monstrosities; "Kabuki Reject", an obese, pale skinned man with very little clothing, strange makeup, and several wounds.
      • Geoff comes as "That Kid From Up", but grown up. It takes him a while to muster the energy to get into the ring.
      • The legend returns; Jeremy is "Rimmy Tim Evolved", (jacketless, winged and haloed), with Geoff explaining to Bruce that it's Jeremy's fantasy character. They suggest that Jeremy come to RTX as Rimmy Tim.
      • Bruce comes as "Blornka", prompting dog-like sounds from Bruce and Geoff commenting that Bruce essentially came as himself.
    • Round Two features both Matts, James, and Trevor.
      • Matt Peake (who Geoff immediately identifies based on his character) comes as "Madmatt", shows up with signature floaties, flippers, and headphones.
      • James comes as "Tris Renoit", a man in a red leather jacket that for unspecified reasons has armpit holes in his jacket, American flag underpants, and a motorcycle helmet, both to protect his face and hide him from the cops. He's wanted for double homicide, and when implied that it runs in his family, James claims that he doesn't have a family anymore. And then he ditches the helmet for the fight anyway.
      • Matt Bragg's character is the truly impressive "El Mustachio", a luchador-themed character with an impressive mustache preventing him from wearing a mask, bull horns, rather large thighs, and the letter "R" emblazoned on his stomach. Matt's accent sells it as he disproves Geoff's query of the "R" standing for "retard" by declaring that it stands for "respect".
      • Trevor comes as Popeye. Cue the group wondering if the fans will get it, and at one point, a very good impression of the Sailor.
    • Round Three features Adam Ellis, Kerry, Gus, and Elyse.
      • Adam's character, "Beef Erikson", enters the ring before Adam shows up to the game. Gus snarks that Adam isn't with them because he's in the fucking game, since his character is effectively himself in Viking getup. He points out that the buckles on Beef's chest are in the same place as Adam's nipple rings, prompting an interesting conversation between him and Geoff.
      • Kerry comes as "El Ano", a ripped fat dude with a fox tail, red horns, prominent nose, and a fishnet top. He tries claiming that it's Danny Devito, but quickly gets shouted down.
      • Gus comes as "DTF Furry". He admits that he'd initially made himself, but then decided that that would be boring. Kerry cuts in with, "So you continued making yourself!" and Ryan agrees, with Gus deciding that it's his rave outfit. Gus had proceeded to enlarge one of his arms (his jerkoff arm, with SPANK helpfully tattooed there), give himself a horn and a fox tail, and a "SAWFT" tattoo above his camo briefs. By this point, the recurring guys realize that a lot of people have just been using the default intro pose because they didn't realize that they could change it. The similarities between Gus and Kerry's character prompt Geoff to wonder about slashfics between the two.
      • Elyse is "Guac Lesnar". She didn't get a lot of time to customize, so she simply enlarged one of her (male) character's arms (same reason as Gus) and gave him a prominent nose with markings around it. Ryan wonders how a human got into the match, and Gus notes that it's odd that it was Elyse who had the most normal character.
      • Gus wins the match, prompting Ryan to comment that they probably won't be seeing him in the final. As it turns out, they had already played the third round and Kerry had won, but they'd lost the footage so they agreed to play again but let Kerry win, and Gus had thrown that under the bus. After explaining this, they cut to different game footage where Kerry does indeed eventually win.
    • Round 4 features Adam Kovic, Michael, Lawrence, and Lindsay.
      • Adam's character "The Jooce", is O. J. Simpson post-acquittal, which he has to clarify since he knows he's pissed off a lot of people. And then he strips for the match and has the tattoo "i did it" on his chest.
      • Michael is East Coast Mario, with a cape and upside-down mustache.
      • Lawrence came as himself, "The Law", down to the outfit. He also ditches his pants (in-game) for the fight, prompting Michael to warn him to keep his pants on IRL.
      • Lindsay comes as The Mask, with a permanently raised eyebrow, though she called her character "Bruce Almighty". It weirds the others out.
      • Adam runs off with the ladder and back up the ramp in the middle of the match, craning the camera out. Michael admits they didn't think they'd have this problem because Gavin wasn't playing.
  • In "Let's Play - NHL 18 Threes - Sabotage! (#2), Geoff, Ryan and Jeremy are utterly dominating their first opponents, with Geoff getting a hat trick. They reach the first Intermission and Ryan quits the game. Geoff is so HEARTBROKEN
    Ryan: (after doing the above action) Oh, wait... Oops.
    Jeremy: What?
    Ryan: I don't think I was supposed to hit that.
    Geoff: I lost my connection to the other players...
    Jeremy: I've lost my connection to the other players...
    Ryan: I think I hit the wrong thing.
    Geoff: (in total disbelief) Ryan!
    Jeremy: NO!
    Ryan: I think I quit the game!
    Jeremy: NO!
    Ryan: (incredibly sheepish) H-Hey, who wants to fight those Oil Kings, huh?
    Geoff: But, we won...?
    Jeremy: No, the game ended prematurely. (Geoff makes a dying whale noise)
    Ryan: That was not a resume, that was a "quit game" button...
    Geoff: ...rrrrRyan...
    • To make it funnier, Ryan repeated the action to quit the game THREE TIMES before actually doing it.
  • We Created Monsters - WWE 2K18
    • The team is back to the world of wrestling and their monstrosities are hideous again!
      • Michael created Garbomanman, which he claims is Garboman bonding with a human man a la Venom.
      • Geoff created the Nundertaker, who was supposedly on Achievement Haunter. However, since the game won't let you fight girls against guys, he had to make her a man and make him feminine as possible.
      • Jeremy created Pikachu, who looks really freaky.
      • Ryan created Narwhal, who comes into the ring wearing the brightest outfit he could find... but is missing a chunk of his face. The gang suggests that Ryan ran out of points to make his character, so he removed it to get more points.
    • For the most part, none of them know how to actually play (to the point where help tips keep popping up!), so most of the match just depends on them furiously mashing buttons while the game decides that no, Geoff's actually going to punch thin air rather than Michael.
  • The guys play the official video game for the 2020 Olympics. Ray returns to join in the fun.

    Gang Beasts 
  • "Let's Play - Gang Beasts"
    • This one has a lot of Running Gags.
    • The game starts with Geoff and Ryan immediately walking their respective characters to their deaths, leaving Michael and Jack to fight atop moving trucks. Both of them proceed to get killed when they slam into a road sign.
    • A series of matches take place on a Ferris wheel. The first match ends when Geoff falls through the floorboards in the surrounding area and into the ocean below. The final match has Michael win by getting stuck on one of the Ferris wheel carriages as everyone else eliminate themselves.
    • A fight set in a factory consisting of nothing but giant fans results in Michael and Jack glitching out and basically humping the floor.
      Jack: I'm fighting Nicki Minaj!
  • Let's Play - 8-Man Gang Beasts
    • The entire let's play features the sheer insanity of 8 players from Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and Screw Attack fighting each other.
    • Every match on the truck level features several people walking off the trucks to their deaths, including the very beginning where everyone loses a stock.
    • At several points in the video, Gavin's overall strategy to survive basically amounts to being thrown by one of his opponents and just refusing to let go of them.
    • During one round on the Incinerator level, Craig appears to have been eliminated early, only to reveal himself from his clever hiding spot in the storeroom. Then he goes to join the fray and almost immediately jumps into the fire pit.
    • In the subway level, Bruce deliberately gives the win to Jeremy by holding Geoff on the tracks so the train can hit both of them... but he has to wait for roughly 30 seconds, leaving plenty of time for the group to laugh about the situation.
      • Immediately after that, it's Jeremy vs. Michael - Jeremy proceeds to knock Michael out in one hit and throw him on the tracks.
        Michael: Oh, fuck, he knocked me out. Jeremy knows how to fight! Jesus! That was- it was over in two seconds! He punched me in the face and threw me out like trash!
    • And the final level, Grinders, Gavin and Craig survive what would otherwise have been their demise in the second round because Geoff's body had literally stopped one of the grinders from turning.
  • Let's Play – Gang Beasts with Kinda Funny
    • During the Wheel level Nick falls victim to the pier's loose planks, leaving his sombrero hat atop to mark where he fell. Somehow this manages to wedge him there and keep him in the game unable to do much but scoot back and forth.
    • During the fan level Greg and Nick start on the gangway over the large fan, both falling in when the floor under them collapses. A minute later, the large fan FLINGS Greg's body into the air across the field and straight into one of the right hand smaller fans.
    • The Ice Level sees Nick's sombrero once again somehow wedge him still in the game but unable to get back on top.
  • Let's Play - Gang Beasts with Game Attack
    • Ryan's use of the 'flying kick'.
    • The ongoing theme of the 'Holidays', with Matt (and sometimes Shaun) being Christmas, Jack being Halloween and Chad claiming Cinco De Mayo.
      • Matt seems to have taken on aspects of Jack's Axe-Crazy Santa from a former video too!
    • Jack makes his character 'cry' when he's the only one left safe while waiting for the round to end.
    • At one point midway through a round in the Subway level the train at the back enters and gets stuck coming off the tracks for a second before it continues.
    • During the fight in the turbine area, Matt catches some air with the giant fan. With the way his character is hunched over, he says "Ho ho ho!" as if he's in the middle of masturbating.
  • Let's Play - Gang Beasts: Head Trauma
    • During the second round, the team attempts to try to scale the billboard while trying to screw each other over.
    • During the third round, Trevor somehow is able to shove Geoff into the small building and later gets Gavin stuck in there. They both get out, though, thankfully.
      • The match following that has Geoff snatch Trevor's hat off his head and run off with his arms in the air in victory.
  • Let's Play - Gang Beasts - Officer Quiff
    • The title comes from Gavin's character, which he named his character's skin.
    • Ryan constantly plays up his hobo skin as being this immensely powerful being due to being a hobo. This is mostly due to the fact that he's just unable to be thrown out a lot of the time.
    • Jeremy is dressed in a teal blob suit. He says he's playing as 'Toothpaste'.
      • The very last stage they play he changes to a flight stewardess outfit. It takes him about fifteen seconds to even notice this and he's baffled as to why he's not toothpaste anymore.
    • During their first trip on the trucks, Jack hides on the cab while Gavin clings to the truck door while holding Jeremy. Gavin's begging Jeremy to grab the truck and stop punching him, ultimately leading to Jeremy falling off.
      • Even better, they don't know Jack is hiding until the end, when he then pops up with a cheery "Hello!"
    • During the very first match of Round 2, it's down to Gavin and Ryan. Ryan grabs Gavin and tosses him off and thinks he's won. Just mere moments before he jumps off in victory, Gavin shouts out "I'm on the door!", leading Ryan to cry out "Oh, no!" as he realizes he just gave Gavin the win.
    • Jeremy gets a win on the wrestling ring by pushing everyone under the ropes.
    • The first visit to the ice platform stage:
    Jack: Michael, truce. (Michael headbutts Jack and sends him off, cue The Hyena)
    • During the last match of Round 2, Jack ends up breaking the gondola him, Gavin and Lindsay were on, leaving Gavin clinging on for dear life. With Jeremy the only other person at this point, he makes the decision of jumping over there and try to pull Gavin off and take the win. He completely whiffs it, forgetting to jump and falling straight down.
    • During the second visit to the Containers stage, Ryan performs a Taking You with Me on Jeremy by cutting the wires of the blue container. As the Container hits the water, Michael's fallen body suddenly launches out of the water thanks to the water physics.
    • The gang is so annoyed at how the last match ended they do a one-round match effectively playing limbo on the trucks.
  • Let's Play - Gang Beasts - Granny Games
    • The Incinerator stage sees Gavin and Criken quickly smash up the office on the ground level, including Gavin ripping off one of the doors. Later on Criken decides to use said door as a weapon wrestling style... only the smashed glass goes with it floating in the air as the door is waved about in what Gavin calls a 'glass tornado'.
      • The stage ends with Criken, Banana and Tomato all fighting on the upper-level as Bear-Michael stands back and watches. The first three launch themselves off the upper-level and end up sliding into the incinerator as a mass while Michael is laughing his ass off.
    • On one of the fights on the Roof level Michael and Jeremy are having a titanic tussle which sees Michael being knocked out a lot but Jeremy not being able to lift and throw him well enough to get him off the edge of the roof. It ends when Jeremy suplexes Michael through the skylight.
    • On the Blimp stage it comes down to Banana, Criken and Michael. As Banana and Michael wrestle each other they fall off the blimp to the cameraside and Criken throws his hands up in celebration... only to slip off the blimp the other side. He still wins - he managed to grab on the other side just out of sight and when the others express confusion at the game saying he won, he manages to pops back up into view briefly, with the editing also putting his name back on screen briefly as he does.
    • Near the end of the video, Bedbananas and Tomato decide that their characters are in some forbidden romance, moving away from the others when they can to make out.
    • In the Buoy stage, Gavin immediately hops over to the buoy and crams himself inside the buoy's "cage", prompting Bedbananas and Tomato, the last two left, to yank him out.
    • In the Vents stage, it looks like Criken has just tossed out Bedbananas, but when the fans kick in, everyone's shocked as his body hovers back up, his name floating back up on the screen as he does.
  • Let's Play - Gang Beasts with Dodger
    • The game decides to be an utter troll the first two rounds, with half the players getting knocked out in the first round when the fans lift everyone up, then dropping them all down the fan shaft save for Michael and Trevor and the second round has the blue truck smash headlong into a sign pole, taking out Gavin, Trevor and Jeremy.
    Trevor: I've been killed by the camera. I've been killed by a drunk driver. I'm out here just trying to fight people!
    • After three sub-par matches, Dodger comes roaring back with the fourth round leading to a Taking You with Me against Michael with the editing having Michael and Dodger's nametags lifting up into the air... before Dodger's comes back down and on her character's rear, proclaiming her the winner.
      • During that same round, Dodger's Angrish gets raspy and squeaky enough as she's trying to get rid of Michael that Lindsay tells her she's turning into Ruby.
    • During round five Ryan and Trevor (hobo and oompa loompa respectively) are having a massive fight just outside the office. Michael and Dodger watch from inside the office and Michael makes a phonecall.
      Michael: "Hello? Hello, 911? There's a hobo fighting an Oompa Loompa outside my house right now! I swear to god it's outside my house and I've never seen anything like it."
    • The sixth round has all of the eliminations being done by Taking You with Me — someone would try to through someone off the railing, they'd hang on and cause the railing to break and take both of them down.
    • The seventh round is down to Ryan, Michael and Gavin. Michael makes a pact with Ryan that Gavin shouldn't get a win and they try to throw him off. Gavin accidentally throws himself off instead.
    • One round in the warehouse level nearly ends with Michael tumbling into the incinerator with Ryan on his back, but Michael manages to slip out of Ryan's grip as he tumbles in. Ryan then clamors back out of the fire pit and almost gets back into the fight before Michael headbutts him unconscious and back into the flames.
    • During the Blimp level Gavin grabs hold of the tail fin to save slipping off. Lindsay comes up behind him and grabs hold to try and pull him off and somehow ends up managing to hold herself up in the air by just her arms.
    • The last round of the first match is down to Jeremy, Dodger, Michael and Trevor. Jeremy is hanging on to a ledge, Dodger on the bottom of the stairs and Michael and Trevor duking it out on the stairs. After Dodger falls, it looks like it's down to Michael and Trevor, until the stairs suddenly give way in the middle of their battle, seemingly leaving Jeremy the Sole Survivor and the winner. However, Jeremy actually died from his fall to that ledge, giving the win to Michael, who fell slightly after Trevor. This left Jeremy desperately asking his character to wake up.
  • Dukes Up, Hats Off - Gang Beasts with Rahul Kohli
    • Rahul Kohli of iZombie graces everyone with his presence and ends up being "mustard" - a yellow version of Jeremy's "toothpaste" costume. Jeremy immediately calls him "brother". This comes back to bite him as, in the first round, it's down to the two of them and Jeremy ends up hanging to the bottom of the platform he was on, shouting "Help me, brother!". When Jeremy falls, Lindsay proclaims "Long live the king."
    • During the second round, someone grabs the burger hat off of Gavin's character and proceeds to toss it right into the grinder.
      • When Gavin falls in, he starts crying "God Save The Queen!"
      • Lindsay gets her cape stuck on a a grinder and it pulls her in. You can hear Jeremy shout "NO CAPES!" and Lindsay proclaims "I should have listened to Edna..."
  • Gimme Your Hat! - Gang Beasts
    • The first round has an attempt to ring someone out cause Ryan get to stuck on a girder by his beard.
    • Their visit to the construction site sees Gavin getting stuck in the pipe to the side of the building.
    • In the fans map, Trevor gets knocked off early on, only to re-emerge when the fans start blowing upward. Not to be deterred, Michael throws him off again... only for Trevor to appear again when the fans blow up for a second time.
    • At the end of the elevators map, Ryan commits suicide by cutting the cables on his own elevator, while on the other side Trevor and Gavin are left hanging from the cables as their elevator drops too.
  • Dr. Hobo MD - Gang Beasts
    • The title of the video comes from the beginning, where Ryan changes his skin from the normal hobo to a doctor. He spins a wonderful tale of how his victory in the last episode lead to him getting an education and cleaning up his life.
      • The best part of this is seeing everyone correcting themselves from 'hobo' to 'doctor' after having gotten used to Ryan's regular skin. They eventually all seem to settle on 'doctor hobo'.
    • Before the game starts, Jeremy gets his hand stuck in the chair.
    • Gavin continues his antics of trying to climb every single map they play.
    • During the match in the lighthouse, Gavin proceeds to hop onto the light and hang there. The match ends with Michael performing a Taking You with Me against Trevor by headbutting him while running off the edge while Jeremy tosses Gavin off, sadly proclaiming "Toothpaste sad."
    • During the third round, Ryan gives us this wonderful Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    Ryan: Four out of five doctors recommend you go to Hell.
    • Trevor makes a point of flinging every hat he gets his hands on across the map.
  • WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL - Gang Beasts
    • So Ryan is back to being a hobo, as he'd apparently been the subject of a malpractice suit after he'd amputated the wrong appendage.
    • The final round has Ryan vs. Jeremy.
      Hobo!Ryan: No, personal hygiene is hobo's nemesis!
      Toothpaste!Jeremy: Have fresh breath!
  • THE YOUTH VS. HOBO - Gang Beasts
    • The title comes from a round where Fiona just refuses to be knocked out of the ring by Ryan's hobo. Their struggle also provides a bit of insight into Ryan's home life.
      Ryan: Why won't you go to sleep?! It's like I'm at home with my own kids! GO TO BED!
  • Get Off Your Nan - Gang Beasts
    • Jeremy is out this time around. It doesn't make the rounds any easier.
    • Ryan's changed his character again, this time he's a "pre-hobo" or "probo".
    • During the second round of three-matches, Trevor picks the old lady skin and claims he's Gavin's grandmother. Even worse is that Trevor just keeps getting Draws, frustrating everyone, including Michael.
      • This leads to a match in the ring. Michael is just sure that they can get a point here. Sure enough, Trevor somehow is able to get a countdown started and Michael, frustrated by it all, throws himself out of the ring just so they don't get another draw!
  • It's a Barnyard Battle Royale - Gang Beasts
    • Five players this time around, with four of the players being animals (Michael - Bear, Fiona - Chicken, Lindsay - Cat, Trevor - Bull) and Jack who is playing as the 'Farmer'. They quickly joke that they're just playing out an animal revolt against the farmer.
    • At one point it's just Trevor, Fiona and Jack left on the Roof map. Fiona has hold of Trevor and convinces Jack to grab the other half, and they try to pull Trevor apart.
    • On the Subway map, Trevor gets hold of Fiona and then disposits her in the bin to keep her safe. Fiona stays put but eventually grabs hold of the bin and starts scooting along to try and get into the fight, laughing the whole time.
    • At one point Trevor accidentally refers to himself as a bear while fighting Michael. This leads to a video-long Running Gag where Trevor says he is a bull who wants to be a bear.
    • In the Ring, it's come down to Jack, Fiona and Trevor again. While Jack is fighting Trevor, Fiona grabs Jack's hat and walks over.
      Fiona: Jack, your hat. You want it back?
      Jack: Yes!
      (Jack's character then socks Fiona in the face, and Jack bursts out laughing)

    New Super Mario Bros. U 
  • Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 1. Geoff with the Game Pad, claiming to be helping the other four, is pure gold.
    Gavin: I love how you can see the circles where Geoff is tapping and that he's gone mental with it
    • He manages to use the platforms to turn the clockwork corridor into a literal meat grinder until the guys find a hidden path to bypass the gears.
    • Also the part where he pops the newly revived players' bubbles over lava, killing them before they even got to play. Once again, Ray is the only survivor.
    • The part where they all get their own Yoshi to ride on a level involves Jack accidentally using Yoshi to eat Gavin.
    • The majority of the commentary in the video is some variant on "God Dammit Geoff".
  • Let's Play New Super Mario Bros U Part 2:
    • When Nabbit steals Toads stuff from the Mushroom House, Jack has a very interesting take on Toads' reaction.
      Jack: (in some kind of accent) THAT MOTHERFUCKER JUST STOLE MY STUFF! KICK HIS ASS FOR ME!
      • Then when they enter the level to confront Nabbit:
        Gavin: "Didn't expect to see US punk!"
    • Ray constantly killing the other players because he wouldn't wait for them to catch up, as he feels they're moving too slowly:
      Jack: Ray just murdered Gavin and I.
      Ray: Did I? Oh well then...keep up.
      Michael: You murdered me, RAY!
      Ray: I'm sorry. It was either you or me!
    • Geoff continues his reign of terror:
      Geoff: Hey, call out if you want me to do anything specifically.
      Jack: Stop playing.
      Michael: Please don't kill us!
      Gavin: Just put the controller down and leave the room!
    • Gavin respawning after previously running out of lives. He is so excited that he nearly falls to his death right away.
    Gavin: [singing the Mario themesong] Da da, da, da dAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!
    • Once again, Geoff proves especially lethal on the vertical climbing sections. The part where they have to pass the Smashing Hallway Traps of Doom is priceless.
    • The Dry Desert Mushrooms level. Not only is it the first time they actually lose a level, but Geoff actually manages to kill all four of them in the first ten seconds of the stage.
  • "Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 3" and Geoff is still a maniac with the gamepad.
    • At some point near the end, Gavin returned in a bubble, then he hit a wall and died less than a second after respawning.
    • At another point, Gavin is the only one capable of tanking a hit to enter a pipe. He gets hit... without landing on the platform. Almlst immediately, he gets killed by a Goomba.
    Gavin: "I'm back—"(dies)"—NO!" (Everyone else bursts into laughter.)
    • At the end of a very excruciating ghost level:
    Geoff: We did it!
    Ray and Michael: Shut up.
    Jack: Fuck you!
  • "Let's Play - New Super Mario Bros. U Part 4"
    • Most of this Let's Play consists of the guys tackling the underwater levels. Coupled with Geoff's incessant trolling, it goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • You may notice that Jack isn't quite as talkative in this episode. That's because Jack is actually absent from this recording. The guys get Ryan to take his place instead, but play it off like he's really Jack throughout the whole video, as a nod to Team Same Voice. The screens before each level also say 'Not Jack' instead of 'Jack.'
    • Gavin eventually figures out how to pick people up and throw them. Naturally, he trolls the ever-living crap out of everyone.
      • At one point, the guys come across a big sea urchin enemy on a water spout. Gavin chucks everyone straight into it, killing Michael and Not Jack.
      Not Jack: Gavin, you shithead!
    • Gavin sees a Blooper in one of the underwater levels and insists on calling it a 'scrodge.' For some reason, Michael seems to take offense every time he does this.
    Gavin: Wasn't it called "scrodge?"
    Michael: No, it was not called "scrodge."
    Gavin: Was it not called a scrodulous?
    Michael: ...Shut the fuck up.
    • Later...
      Ray: Oh, blooper! (Gets hit by it and dies) ohh, you fucking white fuck...
      Gavin: It's not called a blooper, it's called a scrodge!
      Michael: Shut. The hell. Up. You. Asshole.
    • The guys eventually find a block with four 3-Up moons hidden in it... and Ray grabs every single last one of them.
    • Geoff cheerfully gives the others encouragements... while simultaneously hindering their progress.
  • Four Years Later - New Super Mario Bros. jUly (#5)
    • Michael, Jeremy, Ryan, Jack and Geoff return to this wonderful game for more hilarity (and Geoff-trolling)
    • As they're setting up the game, they realize how long it was since they last played the game: Jeremy watched the previous "Mario Bros. U" video in college, Ryan only had one kid, Michael and Jack weren't married, and Geoff was.
    • Ryan is playing the yellow Toad, which was Ray's character the last time they played, which boasts 40 lives. Ryan loses all of them and more by the end of the video, with almost half of those losses from one stage alone.
  • A Disgusting Strategy - Super Mario Bros jUly (#9 Finale)

    VR the Champions / VR Gameplay 
  • In general, anytime they bonk something in reality and hurt their hand.
  • Job Simulator
    • The end of the episode has Gavin screwing around with the copy machine, which eventually leads to him attempting to copy his face to see what the player character looks like. It results in him copying his brain. One screaming fit later, he hurls it into the distance.
  • Surgeon Simulator: Meet the Medic
    • The episode begins with Michael questioning why they named their new segment that. Gavin just says there was no one else around to disagree. When Michael finds out that Jeremy agreed with the name, Michael says he doesn't get a vote!
    • Geoff wet willys Gavin.
    • Gavin proves just as bad here as he was in the old game as his first real action is to shove things into the Heavy's mouth.
    • Michael discovers the Ubercharge device and figures out how it works. He's so awed by it that, once he charges up the heart, he declares "I HAVE THE POWER!"
    • Michael goes into a panic and starts trying to CPR the Heavy.
  • Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality
    • Several humorous moments comes from Part 6 during the eye and teeth transplants in space. First when Michael jabs both scalpels into Bob's eyes then starts slapping him back and forth, this was enough to actually kill the patient and Gavin even has a minor Spit Take with his drink from how unexpected it was. Not a few moments later, this is followed by Michael jokingly sticking the handle of a scalpel into Bob's eye, causing the physics to explode and stretch the patient's head across the room, killing him instantly. The last moment comes from the revelation that you can continue to tug on Bob's lower jaw in the teeth transplant, allowing you to stretch it incredibly far, the two of them freak out and scream when this happens.
    • Gavin tells Michael that ER got an "update" allowing you to feel when a bottle of Orange Burst hits you before tossing an empty plastic bottle at Michael, missing the first time with him knowing what happened. The second time, Michael feigns surprise that he got hit by the Orange Burst floating in micro-gravity.
  • Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine
    • Everyone starts loudly and badly singing the Star Wars theme.
    • When Han Solo starts speaking, Ryan mentions it sounds almost like Harrison Ford. Jeremy replies that it's "Farrison Hord".
    • When Stormtroopers arrive, Gavin starts swinging his lightsaber wildly as they shoot, leading Ryan to comment that this is the trials of the most spastic Jedi.
    • Jack references a trope!
    • During the credits, Gavin starts messing around with the controls, having the lightsaber spun around, swinging it around and around, then finally committing seppuku with it. It doesn't help at all that, as Jeremy points out, Gavin's "dying" while the triumphant music is playing in the background.
  • Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades
    • Boomskee demonstrates exactly why nobody in the video should be trusted with hand grenades.
      • Jeremy has both a moment of hilarity and badassery when he accidentally grabs the pin of a grenade, releasing it's spoon. After yelling out "I pulled the pin!" in a scared, high-pitched voice, he grabs the grenade and rolls it up the ramp, managing to take out some blocks.
      • In Jack's turn, he blows up a stack of yellow blocks, the brief disappointment at missing the red blocks turns to panic when one of said yellow blocks was heading straight for him.
  • Emily Wants To Play
    • Both Jack and Gavin are adamant in not playing this game. Jack even proclaims that he could have a heart attack from it!
    • The first four minutes is of Michael wandering around without sound. After three "Technical Difficulties" signs in a row (including one sang by Jeremy) they get the sound working just in time for Emily to kill Michael, bringing him to his knees in fright!
      • During the second night, Michael figures out what to do and lasts quite while until the lights go out in the kitchen, he panics when Emily giggles and he's jumped.
    • Ryan's turn has the doll show up in the same spot four times in a row! He tries to fight it, show it away, prevent it from giving him a blowjob and then telling her to get a move on. He gets way too cocky and she's able to jump him.
      • Ryan's second round has the gang point out that the doll looks like she's dabbing. Ryan tries to do it at the same time when she swaps positions at one point, leading Jeremy to point out he nearly died by dabbing.
    • Gavin is absolutely terrified of playing this game, huddling up in the corner and essentially just wants to run away from it all. When Gavin gets caught, he throws off everything and marches right out the building.
  • Dead Hungry
    • Jeremy is surprisingly adept at the game, as he's throws burgers, pizza, and other fried foods at zombies in order to return them normal.
    • Ryan initially does a dreadful job. However, he eventually realizes that he can just throw individual ingredients to stave off or even satisfy the zombies. Cue Ryan madly flinging burger ingredients at zombies like there's no tomorrow.
    • Eventually, Ryan further discovers that you can feed and stack all sorts of things in the burgers, even normally inedible objects! He goes into an auction speaker-like spree as he starts throwing random shit together. Such things include:
      • Towels
      • The clock
      • An invoice
      • A Maneki Neko
      • A Lantern
      • The entire cup of soda
      • Casette tapes
      • The ketchup and mustard bottles
      • The spatula
      • A fan blade
      • A sake jug
      • A cutting board
      • And so much more...
    • The kicker to all of this? The game even has names for burgers using these absurd ingredients! For example:
      • Sneeze Cannon Burger = Pepper shaker
      • Wiper Hand Tossed Burger = Towel, Pizza
      • Choppy Leafy Burger = Cutting board, Lettuce
      • Idaho Twin Tail Seedy Burger Supreme = Fries, Tempura, Fries, Tempura, Mustard bottle
      • Splatter Dairy Gristle Healthy Burger Supreme = Ketchup bottle, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, 2 Patties
  • Drunkn Bar Fight
    • The main comedy of this game is derived from the absurd Ragdoll Physics, as KO'd patrons are sent flying or practically have seizures when they're on the floor.
    • The playthrough opens to Mad King Ryan himself completely wrecking shop as he chugs down two beers, spontaneously grows larger, and starts punching poor schucks aside left and right, and even Offhand Backhands a guy across the room.
    • Gavin, in contrast, immediately gets his ass kicked before he can even throw a punch, with the player model falling into the splits for some reason. And then he gets his ass kicked immediately again. His third attempt goes a little better, but at some point, he phases through the bar itself. His inevitable third defeat comes from behind, but as his character goes down, the guy he was trying to fight has a ragdoll seizure on top of him and appears to be dry-humping his head.
    • Michael's turn can more or less described as the Joisey Rage in its natural environment. Nothing is safe. On top of wrecking the bar, he also starts wrecking the office starting with Geoff's poor monitor. He starts stuffing patrons underneath one of the tables and kicking them back in whenever they try to escape, and at one point, he goes after someone behind the bar, punching the bartender out of the way to get to him! The video ends with one of his victims stuck wedged between his legs, making it look like he's riding the poor guy like a horse, and the sucker punching him once he's free.
      Michael: Man, now I have to go to Real Life after this?
  • Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality
    • Ryan hatches a baby alien from an egg.
      Jeremy: It's adorable, Ryan!
      Ryan: *picking up a hammer* It's real cute.
      Trevor: Oh no...
  • Gorn: Visceral Reality
    • Jeremy discovers a way to increase the damage he does to the enemies
  • Duck Season
    • Most of the video consists of Geoff sounding bored as he plays through the game but it all pays off in the end when the dog kills him in the "Dead" ending, he freaks out so bad that he winds up tossing one of the Vive controllers at Jeremy across the room.
  • We Are Legion - The Exorcist: Legion VR (#1)
  • Snakes And Babies - The Exorcist: Legion VR (#2)
    • Geoff spends most of the game scared out of his wits, but about fifteen minutes into the video, he sees... something that scares him so much that he lets out a prolonged scream, complete with a Big "NO!". The rest of the group insist that they saw absolutely nothing and laugh their asses off, claiming that, whatever it was, Geoff's scream scared it away.
    • Geoff later gets swarmed by snakes, and predictably he spends the entire segment jumping around in panic so much that he can barely keep the reticle on them to destroy them.
    • As Ryan introduces the video, his young daughter pipes up with "Did it start yet?", making the others chuckle.note 
    • She pipes up again towards the end... while Ryan is crouching on the ground and aiming his in-game gun at an enemy.
      Olivia: Daddy?
      Ryan: Yes, Olivia?
      Olivia: I love you.
      Jack & Jeremy: Awwww.
      Ryan: I love you too. (stands up, shoots bad guy) Pew.
  • SCARED OUT OF MY MIND - Shattered Lights
    • It's Alfredo's turn to run the terrifying gauntlet and he is scared out of his mind. The greatest freak out is at the very end, when the monster finally gets Alfredo. He's so terrified that when he collapses on the floor, the VR headset is tossed off of his head. Ryan comments that that was the first time anyone has ever "fallen out of VR".
  • Secrets Outside the Room - Five Nights at Freddy's Vr: Help Wanted (#3)
    • While trying to start Night 5, Michael accidentally restarts Night 4. Rather than quit through the pause menu, he elects to just walk out into the hallway, which triggers Foxy's jumpscare and scares the life out of him.
    • Jeremy improvises a bizarre song to encourage Michael:
    Jeremy: This is the one, eh, eh!
    Michael's gonna get it done now, eh, eh!
    He's gonna get out, it's gonna be great,
    He's gonna not be late for any other job that he's got,
    'Cause he's not gonna be dead!
    This is gonna go straight to his head!
    He's gonna get Bonnie gone,
    He's gonna get all of this shit on
    And then it's gonna be Five Nights!
    It is gonna gonna be Five Nights!
    Might he make it? Yes! [laughs, stops singing] I dunno what- I'm just- I'm losing it, dude. I am fucking out of it-
    Michael: Good thing sound isn't important here.
  • The Most TERRIFYING Puppet - Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted (#4)
    • In a repeat of the previous episode, Alfredo ends up starting the second night of the first game while trying to play the second game. Michael and Jeremy tell him that walking into the hallway automatically quits the game; he does so, with similar results.
  • Let's Play Baby Hands VR: Don't Eat the Crayons!
    • Michael and Alfredo are going to watch Joe play the game Baby Hands in VR. The kicker? Joe's wearing an inflatable baby outfit, complete with baby bonnet and pacifier. Hilarity Ensues
      Michael: You have two da-das, Joe.
    • The only reason Michael has even heard of the game is because his own daughter wants to play it and demanded that he get it.

    Git Gud 
  • Git Gud 8: Blood Orchid Gud
    • After one game, Jack manages to get MVP, so his character is posed front and center, flexing an arm.
      Jack: "Did I just get MVP?"
      Alfredo: "Yeah, you did."
      Jack: "What's up?!"
      Alfredo: "Flex it, baby!"
      Jack: "I GOT GUD, MUTHAFUCKA!"