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There are over 9000 memes in Dragon Ball. Some examples:

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    Dragon Ball 
  • "Therefore, every May 9th will be celebrated as Piccolo Day." Explanation 
  • ALL OF THEM?! Explanation 
  • "This isn't over yet. It'll continue for a bit longer." Explanation 

    Dragon Ball Z 
  • Toriyama planned to end it at the ________ arc. Explanation 
    • New life was breathed into this after Anonymous got Oprah to say "over 9000 penises" on live TV.
    • This is also combined occasionally with Disgaea, thanks to the game actually letting you level up to 9999.
    • Even World of Warcraft has gotten in on the act by adding in an achievement called It's Over Nine Thousand! It's not widely known at this point since getting to 9000+ achievement points is easier said than done. However it is in there.
    • The King of Fighters eventually caught on as well.
    • When the SH Figuarts was announced, a number of American fans suggested that it include a scouter-crushing hand accessory. The distributor, Bluefin, agreed, and the figure will indeed come with it.
    • One of the most common instances of vandalism at The Other Wiki is to add Vegeta's line, or some variant or reference thereof, to the article for 9001.
    • Anti-Idle: The Game has several references to the number 9,001; most notably, the original level cap was 9,001, until it was raised to 9,002 in a later update.
  • "I hope my body can take it." Explanation 
  • "You retard."note 
  • "This isn't even my final form!" Explanation 
  • Vegeta is a Fountain of Memes even by the standards of such a memetic series, "Over 9000" is only the most popular.
    • "I'M A WARRIOR! Not some... VARIETY OF FLOWER!" Explanation 
    • Servant woman, bring me a drying cloth!! Explanation 
    • "SAD FOR YOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!" Explanation 
      • "You understaaaaaaaaaand?"
    • "I do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups. And I drink plenty of juice."
    • "Being a hero is highly overrated."
      • "Meh."
    • Vegeta vs. Paperclips
    • Holy cosmos that's one whopper of a lizard!
    • If Ocean Vegeta wants your opinion, he'll give it to you!
    • "Whoa! Mondo cool!" "Yes, that's right boys. Mondo cool." Explanation 
    • This itself is likely a borrowed meme, as it was a catchphrase of the Jaleel White Sonic the Hedgehog, also seen in Archie Sonic.
    • Get away from me, Kakarot! I'd rather lose my body than have anything to do with you! Explanation 
    • Vegeta: Father of the Year. Explanation 
    • "That one was free." Explanation 
    • "¡Insecto!" Explanation 
      • "¡Ay! No sólo me robó las células, ¡también mis diálogos!" ("Oi! Not only did he steal my cells, but also my dialogues!").Explanation 
    • "Verme insolente!" Explanation 
    • "O miserável é um gênio!" Explanation 
    • Vegeta's Technique Explanation 
  • "Vou te comer."Explanation 
  • Piccolo went from being usually The Stoic who sometimes snarked to quite the memetic snarker in the Latin American Spanish dub of Z, due to his LA voice actor Carlos Segundo's memorable ad-libs:
    • "¡Mamá!" ("Mommy!") Explanation 
    • "¿Te digo la verdad o seguimos siendo amigos?" ("Do I tell you the truth or do we keep on being friends?") Explanation 
    • "No me molesten, ¡el que esté verde no significa que no esté maduro!" ("Do not bother me. Just because I'm green does not mean that I'm not ripe!") Explanation 
    • "Es un color ecológico." ("It's an ecological color.") Explanation 
  • ...Imma. Chargin'. Mah. Lazah. Explanation 
  • "OH SHIT! Explanation 
  • "En ese momento, Cell sintió el verdadero terror." ("At that moment, Cell felt true terror.") Explanation 
  • "No cabe duda que es un estúpido." ("There's no doubt he's a moron.") Explanation 
  • "Are they still on Namek?" Explanation 
  • HFIL. Explanation 
    • "I'll send you to the next/another dimension!". Explanation 
  • "SA-TAN! SA-TAN! SA-TAN!" Explanation 
    • In the manga, this is also all debuting interpserced with the lead up to and merger of Piccolo and Kami, aka God. And there's multiple lines about God and the Devil becoming one, and how Earth doesn't need God right now.
  • The "Yamcha pose". Explanation 
  • "HURRY UP GOKUUUUUU!" Explanation 
  • "If they set that android free, it will be the end of all of us! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Explanation 
  • "Você não é tão bom assim. É um fracassado." Explanation 
  • The Ginyu Force pose. If there's a team in a series, someone has drawn them in this pose.
    • To be more specific, Ginyu's pose has been mercilessly parodied. Explanation 
  • Japanese women teach their sons how to masturbate! Explanation 
  • NEXT TIME, ON DRAGON BALL Z! Explanation 
  • In the Portuguese dub, when the episode is ending, there's "Não percam o próximo episódio, porque nós TAMBÉM NÃO! YES!" Explanation 
    • Really, the whole dub is endlessly memetic. It's not hard to find clips of a lot the fourth-wall breaking and pop-culture referencing the show does. Like this one. Explanation 
    • How many actors do you need for a good dub? Ten at the most, apparently.Explanation 
  • "Thank you Goku I will take this bean without hesitation." Explanation 
  • I'm just saiyan. Explanation 
  • Mocking the show's Spoiler Title format, especially when the preview for the next episode is spoiled by the next episode's title. "Frieza Defeated!" is the canonical one.
  • Principal Skinner.Explanation 
  • "Your father [Bardock] was an average fighter, but a brilliant scientist!" explanation 
  • (A crossover meme with Sailor Moon): ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)explanation 
    • Sean Schemmel's scream as Goku transforms, which goes on for two and a half minutes, has also seen its fair share of memeage.
  • The piano of deathexplanation 
  • What if Peter Kelamis portrayed Goku as Rolf? explanation 
  • "Let's fight somewhere empty."explanation 
  • Vegeta’s hilarious screaming in the Portuguese dub of Dragon Ball Z, translated as "AIIIIEEEE" by fans.
  • Daily Dose/Dr. Piccoloexplanation (NSFW) .
  • "I'll say this plainly. It's no use. I can't defeat him."explanation 
  • Funi Leaksexplanation 
    • "Hey, look at those faggot-ass clothes!"explanation 
    • "Apply the sacred ointment, Popo."explanation 
  • But can he beat goku tho?explanation 
  • "The Horror Won't End"explanation 
  • Don’t fuck with Dragon Ball Fans, we haven’t watch the show/can’t readExplanation 
  • Goku's Racist Evolutionexplanation 
  • Curse of thumb Poseexplanation 
  • First of all, I am Vegeta, Second of all, you’re not Vegeta, Third of all, you wanna be Vegeta, But you can’t be Vegeta because I’m VegetaExplanation 
  • Prowler GokuExplanation 
  • 164cm 56kgExplanation 
  • Kakarot, the Discord server messages leakedExplanation 

    Dragon Ball video games 
  • "You're going to give me some pleasure right?" Explanation 
  • "Okay planet, give me that stupid energy!" Explanation 
  • "Hey! It's me, Goku!"Explanation 
  • "The Big Gete Star enabled me to cheat death! How could this be!?" Explanation 
  • The Masked Saiyan definitely isn't someone named Bardock at all, really.Explanation 
  • "Time to make the donuts". Explanation 
  • "This is the Stance!!!" Explanation 
  • "YOU NEED TO BE STOPPED." Explanation 
  • YEAH! Explanation 
  • Cooler with a gun Explanation 
  • The Cell Yell Explanation 
  • This video of Goku’s Dragon Ball Fighter Z lobby character dancing.
  • "Bring it on, Gohan."Explanation 
  • "Once I revert to an egg, I must bury myself underground for three years. There my form matures."Explanation 

    Dragon Ball movies 
  • Let that child alone! Explanation 
  • Space Warriors Explanation 
  • Broly (and his movies), for the Japanese fanbase at least, is a goldmine of memes.
    • \デデーン/ Explanation 
    • "10円!!" Explanation 
    • "DOOR!?" Explanation 
    • His power is maximum. Explanation 
    • Broly CuloExplanation 
  • One of the most memorable moments in any Non-Serial Movie is the point where Super Android 13 hits Goku right in the dragon balls.
    • Actually preceded by Return of Cooler where Metal Cooler kicks Vegeta in his; once people realized this, it became just as memetic.
  • "Don't you lecture me with your $30 haircut!"Explanation 
  • "Frieza decided to train for the first time in his life." Explanation 
  • Hhmm, If I don't eat rice, the power won't come! Explanation 

    Dragon Ball GT 
  • GT stands for "Goku Time". Explanation 
  • Professor Omega explains the workings of positive and negative energy. Explanation 
  • "Old Man Krillin is unbeatable." Explanation 
  • Vegeta's mustache. Explanation 
  • Nobody can beat him when he's Super 17! Explanation 
  • Reject godhood, return to monke. Explanation 

    Dragon Ball Super 


  • The Goku and Vegeta Show Explanation 
  • Gohan is the Saiyan Yamcha. Explanation 
  • Is Broly back? Explanation 
  • Now we know where the budget for Episode 5 went.Explanation 
  • 4chan's /a/ board, particularly their /dbs/ (Dragon Ball Super general) threads, have produced many, some of which are detailed here. The memes got complex enough to get their own wikis.
    • "X-sama... I kneel."note 
    • Enter CHADREN.note 
    • Toeipedros vs. Toyotards.note 
    • Ningen / Zamasuposting. Explanation 
      • ZAMASU! Explanation 
    • Gohan Blanco. Explanation 
      • GOKU BLANCO. Explanation 
      • GOHAN BLANCO. Explanation 
    • El Hermano de Jiren Explanation 
    • YabbapostingExplanation (NSFW) 
  • "What If?" YouTubersexplanation 
    • What if X was TRAPPED in the Y and BETRAYED?explanation 

Battle of Gods Saga memes

  • This still of Goku has been making the rounds lately. It's not actually Off-Model, being an in-between frame designed to make the animation look more fluid, a common technique in Western Animation. Here it is in gif form. Subverted after it was revealed that it came from Episode 5, which upon release became infamous for being absolutely Off-Model in many scenes.
  • Yeah, sure. Let's go see Yamcha. Explanation 
  • "Beerus eat a Snickers"Explanation 
  • "Yamcha, no!" or "It's Yamcha's fault if the world's destroyed"Explanation 
  • Vegeta cooking for Beerus in Super sparks some jokes from Jump Fans by renaming it "Shokugeki no Vegeta".
  • "Broly Cameo!" Explanation 
  • Super Saiyan Please? Explanation 
  • WHAAAAAAAAT? Explanation 

Resurrection 'F' Saga memes

  • Whooooo-iforgotmytractor-ooooooaaaa-thathurt! Explanation 

Champa Saga memes

  • Goku and Vegeta with full on beards was quite popular among the fandom to the point that some wished Goku kept it.
  • "We are the evil Universe!"Explanation 
  • KONO HIT DA!!! Explanation 
  • Goku is faster than time! Explanation 
  • Popo is Zeno's dad. Explanation 
  • He is speaking the language of gods. Explanation 

Potaufeu Saga memes

  • Vegeta chewing on a pacifier. Explanation 

Future Trunks Saga memes

  • Future Trunks is suffering. Explanation 
  • Future Trunks with blue hair dye! Explanation 
  • Super Saiyan Power Rangers! Explanation 
  • Gowasu the GodTuber Explanation 
    • With the revelation in the Tournament of Power that there's a GodPad, there have been all sorts of God websites, apps, and devices that the fandom have come up with.
  • Turles is now canon! Explanation 
  • Everyone referring to Goku Black as "that Black guy" has led to a lot of jokes about how Earth's mightiest heroes are racist.
    • Trunks stopping the soldiers from shooting Goku in the dub with "Hold your fire! This man isn't Black!" became one because of how completely off it sounds out of context. Given that the dub airs on [adult swim], this was very likely intentional.
  • Goten is Black.Explanation 
  • West Supreme Kai is Goku Black. Explanation 
  • SUBARASHII! Explanation 
  • Hakai!Explanation 
  • Goku is a lip virgin. Explanation 
  • The Evilest Bro-hug in the Universe. Explanation 
  • "Vegeta-sama! That's why!" Explanation 
  • SON! GOKU!! Explanation 
  • YOU AGAIN TRUNKS!!? Explanation 
  • "PRAISE AND ADORE HIM!" Explanation 
  • Zamasu did nothing wrong! Explanation 
  • Deleto/Deleto Blue Explanation 
  • "The world is beautiful! But the ugliness of mortals soils that beauty." Explanation 
  • Zamasu needs to learn from Super Buu. Explanation 

Universe Survival Saga memes

  • FEMBROLY!!! Explanation 
  • Goku's the villain! Explanation 
  • Android 17 ranging the hell out of that park. Explanation 
  • Android 17 reached godhood by fighting poachers. Explanation 
  • Make Gohan Great Again! Explanation 
  • Tails, God of Destruction Explanation 
  • Princess Cabba... Explanation 
  • Tingly back Explanation 
  • Teleports behind you / Get LostExplanation 
  • If X achieves Y, I'm done with Z! Explanation 
  • Mentor/Mentee Christmas Saving Wave of Love! Explanation 
  • This is the true power of the No Fap! Explanation 
  • Tien is the new Yamcha. Explanation 
  • One-Punch Jiren Explanation 
  • Dr. Rota is called a doctor because... Explanation 
  • Hit's gonna do his job! Explanation 
  • Jiren glaring at things. Explanation 
  • Jiren Facts. Explanation 
  • "X" is still in the tournament; that's just their clone in the stands! Explanation 
  • "It's neat, so it's safe". Explanation 
  • Ultra Instinct "X" Explanation 
    • Ultra Instinct Shaggy Explanation 
    • Ultra Instinct Roshi Explanation 
    • Autonomous Ultra Instinct Explanation 
  • Goku DripExplanation 
  • Bouncing CauliflaExplanation 
  • Ribrianne outlasted X! Explanation 
  • Vegeta getting pushed off the arena Explanation 
  • Android 17, MVP for Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power. Most Assists. Explanation 
    • Give that man a boat! Explanation 
    • OHOHOHO STOPS Explanation 
  • "Contestant Hit of the 11th universe is eliminated." Explanation 
  • "Fuck them dragons" Explanation 
  • "I'll ignore that." Explanation 

Granola Saga memes

  • The "punching bag" form.Explanation 
  • Black FriezaExplanation 
  • Frieza gaining a substantial amount of power after a light workout Explanation 
    • Toyotaro pressed the "Five Minutes 'Til the End of the Arc" Button Explanation 

Latin American Spanish dub

  • "¡Vuela, pega y esquiva!" ("Fly, Hit and Dodge!")Explanation 
  • "Borra este video o cancelarán X." ("Take this video down or they'll cancel X." Explanation 
  • "Adrian Barba sang it better." Explanation 

Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite

  • Goku fighting with and against characters from across the franchises Fortnite had collaborated with.
  • Goku hitting the Griddy Explanation 
    • Similarly, Goku using a gun is also pretty ridiculous for a character known for using martial arts.
  • “They nerfed Bulma”Explanation 

Zamasu: The internet is beautiful! But the ugliness of memes soils that beauty.