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The main cast at the end of Dragon Ball Z, from the cover of Daizenshuu 7.

The Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of characters, who have taken place in many kinds of stories, ranging from the canonical ones from the manga, the filler from the anime series, and the ones who exist in the many video games.

Many of these characters range from inspired by Eastern literature and cinema, aliens from outer space who can destroy a planet with a finger, artificial humans and time travellers, gods of creation and destruction, angels and demons with masks, machine mutants, dragons and people from real life reborn as Yamcha.

And lastly, some of these characters range from the One-Shot Character, to complex characters with many alterations, to Troperrific recurring characters.


Major Characters

Ancillary Characters

  • Supporting Cast - Characters who play a supporting role in the franchise who first appear in the original Dragon Ball.note 
  • DBZ/GT Supporting Cast - Characters who play a supporting role in the franchise who first appear in Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT.note 
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  • Tournament Characters - Characters who are involved with tournaments.note 
  • Future Trunks' Timeline - Characters from the timeline that Future Trunks is native to.note 
  • Other Characters - Characters who either only appear in filler, movies, and specials.note 
    • Saiyans - Characters from Planet Vegeta before their genocide at the hands of Frieza.note 
      • Bardock/Burdocknote 
    • Namekians and Dragons - Characters indigenous to Planet Namek and the dragons they oversee note 


  • Original Series Villains - Villains who first appear in the original Dragon Ball.note 
    • Red Ribbon Army - Mercenaries and machines that wear the Red Ribbon brand.note 
    • Demon King Piccolo
  • DBZ Villains - The villains of the Dragon Ball Z series.note 
    • Frieza's Empire - Members of Frieza's empire, introduced in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.note 
    • Dr. Gero (Android 20)
    • Cell
    • Majin Buu
  • DBZ Movie Villains - Villains introduced in movies.note 
    • Brolynote 
    • Cooler/Coola
  • GT Villains - Villains who only appear in Dragon Ball GT.note 
  • Moro

Multiversal Characters

  • Multiversal Characters - Characters from the greater Dragon Ball Multiverse introduced in Dragon Ball Super.note 
    • Universe 7note 
    • Universe 2note 
    • Universe 3note 
    • Universe 4note 
    • Universe 6note 
    • Universe 9note 
    • Universe 10note 
    • Universe 11note 
    • Zeno
    • Goku Black
    • Zamasu/Zamas
    • Galactic Patrol and Prisoners - Characters who appear in Jiya, Sachie-chan Good, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, and members and prisoners associated with the Galactic Patrol in Dragon Ball Super.note 

New Media Characters

  • Dragon Ball Heroes - Characters from the 2010 video game.note 
    • DBH Villainsnote 
  • Dragon Ball Online - Characters from the online video game.
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Characters from the 2015 video game.note 
  • Fusions (Video Game)note 
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ - Characters from the 2018 fighting game.
    • Android 21note 
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Rosternote 
  • Dragon Ball Legends - Characters from 2018 mobile PVP fighting game.note 


Alternative Title(s): Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai