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Ho Yay / Dragon Ball

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Because fusion always has to start with the groins!

  • Goku and Vegeta embody this to a sometimes hilarious degree.
    • Their Fusion Dance. Does This Remind You of Anything?
      • The entire Fusion Reborn movie was loaded with this. The characters' lines didn't help the case.
      • To further that thought of fusion between Goku and Vegeta, it doesn't help that the Potara Earrings they wear in the anime causes them to rise up and connect... at the crotch!
    • Just to get some insight on Goku and Vegeta's relationship. The only thing Vegeta wants in this world is to fight and win against Goku.
      • After Goku and Vegeta's first fight, Krillin is poised to kill Vegeta, and Goku begs him to let Vegeta live. The original Funimation dub had him talking about compassion and mercy, but in the original version (as well as the more faithful Kai dub) shows that fighting Vegeta excited him and got his heart racing to the point he wanted to fight him again in the future, the danger he posed be damned. It makes it sound like the fighter in Goku basically fell in love at first fight and wasn't willing to see the man he loved die.
    • You know when Vegeta finally gets his showdown with Goku and start talking about how he felt humiliated? He sounds like a bitchy ex-girlfriend. Goku's moaning sounds a little...too loud.
    • In the manga at least, the only reason that Vegeta went Majin in the first place was so that he'd have to fight Goku, which he only did because, as he complained to Goku, after his day on Earth is up, Vegeta would never see him again. The way Vegeta says it makes it seem like the prospect greatly upset him.
    • In the manga, when Vegeta makes his Heroic Sacrifice, his last thoughts are of Trunks, Bulma ... and Kakarot.
      • This is kept whenever Majin Vegeta uses the attack in the games, too.
    • This is easily Vegeta's gayest moment. "Like he ever would care about me..."
    • One of GT's most suspicious moments. They're supposed to be talking about fusion, but between them putting their hands on each other's shoulders and Vegeta's blushing face it sounds like Goku is trying to talk Vegeta into having sex with him
    • In the Non-Serial Movie Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, Vegeta hilariously shouts "Kakarotto Wa Ore No Mono Da!!" when Android 13 is beating his rival to death, and charges in to protect Goku. The context of this sentence is "Kakarot is MY PREY, hands off him", but "Ore No Mono Da" is usually used by jealous ex-boyfriends to say "belongs to me".
    • In the anime, during the Frieza fight, Goku starts having visions of Vegeta's spirit who is... for no explained reason either half-naked in pants and shoes or totally naked. (Vegeta is totally naked in the uncut version but has pants and shoes in the edited US broadcast version of the show; and at least the Dragon Ball Z Kai version has his naked bottom waistline obscured by mist so as to keep him modest at all times.)
  • In the anime, when Krillin tries bribing the Turtle Hermit with sexy magazines, we see that among his stash is a bodybuilder's magazine. Probably inconsequential considering Krillin is a martial artist who had a Napoleon complex at the time, but the fact that he stashed it among his wank-bank can lead to certain assumptions.
  • Trunks and Goten from Dragon Ball Z are Heterosexual Life-Partners (minus the heterosexual part), and their behavior spills into Ho Yay (such as dancing close together without music or any other apparent reason). It's unsurprising given that their fathers seem to have some repressed 'feelings' for each other.
    • To say nothing of "Go forth, my Goten, and fetch the candy!" ...or that time in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly where Lord Jaguar's dog-like pet Hei licks Trunks' butt and he tells Goten to stop it... Or... well, really, Trunks is subject to a lot of ho yay.
    • Don't forget that during the Buu Saga, when Trunks and Goten were asleep, Trunks accidentally put his foot on Goten's head. Goten's response? Licks his leg! Trunks starts laughing.
      • Put the two entries together and it appears that Goten likes licking Trunks. Subtle.
    • Ahem... "dance"? Hoo boy...
      • According to Dragon Ball Online, they're still together, teaching martial arts, well into their 30s.
      • In the second Dragon Ball GT ending, it begins with all the various married couples being shown together: Goku and Chi-Chi, Gohan and Videl, Vegeta and Bulma, Krillin and Eighteen…and then cuts right to Trunks and Goten walking along, in the same style. Apparently the creators consider them "life partners" after one fashion or another.
      • Perhaps it's safe to assume they're officially a couple now?
    • One of the first bits of information released about Dragon Ball Super stated that Trunks and Goten "fuse all the time."
      • In one of the DB Super endings they are still shown sleeping on one bed, they must be sleepy after they do their "Fusion Dancing" together.
  • According to the published character bios, Tenshinhan's favorite food is jiaozi, and Chiaotzu's favorite food is tenshindon, the foods the other's name is a pun on. Yes folks, they like eating each other.
    • These two are definitely more than just friends. When Chiaotzu makes his Heroic Sacrifice, Tien almost start crying, and then furious, but when Goku died for the first time he didn't really care, since the Dragon Balls could bring him back. He even said that when he avenged Chiaotzu, he would join him and then they'd never be apart.
  • There's also the fact that most of the characters in the show are male and more importantly nearly all the fighters are male and the entire plot of the show (especially when you get to DBZ) revolves around guys with big muscles beating the crap out of each other while causing varying degrees of clothing damage.
  • In addition, there is a ridiculous amount of random crotch-shots in DBZ, especially of Vegeta.
    • Who usually wears tights (and on one memorable occasion a pink shirt).
  • Jeice and Burter got plenty of it. There's even a point when Burter says that Goku might look better than Jeice if the latter wasn't so red and short. So, apparently Jeice is Burter's type. The only response Jeice gives to this is a smile.
  • There exists a Trunks/Gohan doujin anthology that actually takes a couple pages to detail all the ho yay moments between the two characters.
    • Most of the Ho Yay between those two involves Future Gohan and Future Trunks, during the bad future where Androids 17 and 18 were in "Destroy All Humans" mode. The Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks movie has plenty of Ho Yay for those two.
  • You could argue that Krillin and Juunanagou (aka Android/Cyborg 17) have a little of this going on during the Android Saga. When the Z Fighters break into Dr. Gero's lab, 17 and 18 stare down the Z Fighters and generally scare the crap out of them. Then 17 keeps using a "come hither" gesture at Krillin to come a little closer and come into the lab with him...oh and 17 kind of has this creepy smile going on while he's doing it.
    • We all know 18 is into Krillin too (considering they end up marrying each other), so maybe Krillin is just an android/cyborg magnet.
  • Goku and Krillin get some of this throughout the series, but a notable moment is during the Buu Saga when Goku asks Krillin to come to the afterlife with him, instead of asking his wife Chi-Chi.
    • Not only that, Krillin's death at the hands of Freeza was what triggered Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation, especially because at the time it seemed like Krillin couldn't be wished back to life. Later on during their fight, Freeza uses an attack similar to Krillin's Kienzan (Destructo Disk), which really makes Goku pissed.
  • There's nothing particularly suspect about Mr. Satan's friendship with Mr. Buu at first... until they get naked in a hot tub together.
  • Yamcha and Tienshinhan's rivalry back in Dragon Ball had plenty of Ho Yay. They make plenty of suggestive-sounding comments about kicking each other's asses.
    • Tienshinhan's decision to "leave Yamcha behind" in Resurrection of F and how fondly he looks at Yamcha in both the opening and new ending of Dragon Ball Super is enough to make one wonder if something is going on between them or if it's all one-sided.
  • Dende's farewell to Gohan, anyone?
    • The Abridged series took this and ran with it.
  • In the Distant Finale of Dragon Ball Z, Trunks is horrified to discover that his opponent (named Otokosuki, or "man-love") looks Manly Gay but acts Camp Gay and is positively thrilled that Trunks is such a pretty young man. Also when he sees Goten he releases heart marks.
  • In the bath scene in episode 3 of Dragon Ball Super, Whis tells Beerus that Freeza was defeated, causing him to stand up in shock, accidentally flashing Whis, causing him to blush.
  • In Super, Vegeta's comment that Goku seems to enjoy fighting with Hit more than him sounds pretty much like a jealous lover thinking their boyfriend is showing interest in someone else.
    • Goku certainly doesn't help things, as he literally tries to set up a date (to fight) with Hit that comes off as someone who's desperately trying to hook up with someone they like. Hit, while ignoring Goku's increasing desperation to set a date, fondly smiles at Goku a few times in contrast to his serious and stoic persona.
    • Like with Dende farewell, Dragon Ball Z Abridged took it up a notch in a short parody where Goku hiring Hit is akin to a man cheating on his wife with a prostitute.
    Vegeta: And there he is! After 15 years I don't excite you anymore, is that it?!
    • Repeated when Vegeta sees how Goku and Freeza are able to fight in harmony against Jiren.
  • Goku Black, to truly astonishing levels at times. It's a surprise Ambiguously Gay isn't on his character trope page. To start things off, Goku Black in general is truly excited to hurt or be hurt by other people, causing him to give comments and looks of anticipation of the upcoming battle and asking for more from his opponents, Goku in particular is the biggest receiver of such comments with Black saying, "This body wants you" And so on and so forth, more often than not with a grin on his face, and at least on one occasion, licks him lips while preparing himself to take on Goku once more.
    • The examples go on and on with Black actually, as the very first thing Vegeta does when the latter arrives in the future is teleport towards him and... calmly trail his fingers up the other's throat to his chin with a smile. This is not an attack like he could have done, he did this for his own amusement. He later refers to Vegeta as an appetizer, and calls Goku the main dish.
    • This doesn't BEGIN to cover Black's relationship with Zamasu. He's shown to have formed a rather long embrace with Zamasu when they first met after agreeing to pursue the same goals. The two are also shown to be perfectly in sync, covering each other and performing combined attacks not unlike a Battle Couple would. They also are shown to be living in a log cabin where the two enjoy tea and each other's company for no other reason than they want to. That's not even getting into the ecstatic glee they have on their face when they're about to fuse. Or the fact that despite how highly stubborn the two are, they frequently listen to and agree to what the other says.
  • Episode 16 of Super has Whis essentially checking out Vegeta's body after the latter came back from training and even called him handsome when they were leaving Earth to Beerus' place.
  • A very rare Les Yay example appears in episode 92 of Super, as Caulifla refuses to join the tournament unless Kale joins as well, making it clear that the two are close. With some people questioning why someone as meek and fragile looking as Kale would join Caulifla's gang, the revelation that the two are quite close makes it come off as a lesbian supporting and partaking in her girlfriend's interests.
    • Taken even further in episode 93. Kale literally blushes at the sight of Caulifla going Super Saiyan, but when Cabba does it she looks so disinterested. Then when they're trying to bring out Kale's hidden power, Caulifla is clearly upset at trying to hurt Kale's feelings in order to trigger her into Super Saiyan form, and Kale becomes a Clingy Jealous Girl because she's afraid that Cabba is stealing Caulifla away from her. It escalates into something like Murder the Hypotenuse when she transforms into Super Saiyan Berserk and tries to kill Cabba. It literally took Caulifla reassuring her that she didn't like Cabba, as well as complimenting her, to calm her down... and into Caulifla's arms with them both smiling peacefully.
      • Caulifla even holds her bridal style.
      • All of Super episode 100 is MAXIMUM Les Yay for Caulifla and Kale. First of all, just as Kale is about to be taken out of the tournament, Caulifla swoops in and saves her — not unlike how Krillin saved Eighteen in the episode before. Then after beating on the two people who hurt her protege, Caulifla gives Kale some encouraging words of how much she believes in her, even lifting her chin up gently, to which Kale smiles and holds her hand. And then, when Kale goes Super Saiyan Berserk, what triggers her transformation? The fear that Caulifla and Goku were getting a little too close while they sparred. And she relentlessly hunts after him in order to Murder the Hypotenuse. But after getting knocked out by Jiren Caulifla catches her again, and when she's discussing with Hit what their next plan is, she's casually tying Kale's hair up for her, before carrying her away to safety. Honestly, with the Pride Troopers and Ribrianne being shoutouts to Super Sentai and the Magical Girl genre, it wouldn't be far-fetched to say Kale and Caulifla are such to the Yuri genre. Especially if you take Kale's context of Onee-sama to that of Maria Watches Over Us and Strawberry Panic!.
      • And then in episode 101, Kale is seen repeatedly blushing every time Caulifla compliments her, who continues to spout her belief in her protege. And then when they're outnumbered by the Pride Troopers and it looks like Caulifla's done for, she looks back at Kale and swears to protect her... which prompts Kale to finally control her super saiyan form, and the two end up taking out nearly half the Pride Troopers left in a combined attack. Battle Couple, much?
      • 114 pushes things even more with the two holding hands in a romantic fashion several times and dialog that sounds like it could be used for a love confession. Their fight scenes in this and episode 113, showing the pair to be incredibly in-sync when it comes to fighting, further the Battle Couple impression.
      • Episode 114 has Caulifla completely unintimidated by Kale's Berserker state (which she'd transformed into after getting amped up during the fight against Goku), and managing to break through the madness even as Kale is crushing her hand by delivering a heartfelt speech about how Kale is the only one Caulifla wants to fight beside her in what could almost be a Love Confession. This brings Berserker Kale to tears and allows her to finally control her immense power to its fullest extent without the rampaging insanity. When Kale once again tells Caulifla that she'd follow her into battle anywhere, Caulifla rebukes her, because they're doing this together now. They've come a long way from merely being teacher and student, or boss and underling. Romantic or not, at this point they're partners.
      Caulifla: You're the only one who can fight by my side, Kale. You're my precious protegee, and the best friend I've ever had!
      • Finally, the two use Potara earrings to fuse, with all the Ho Yay connotations that fusion has, into the ridiculously powerful Kefla.
    • In episode 131, after the universes are all wished back, the first thing Caulifla does is run over to Kale and hug her.
  • And then in episode 102, Dragon Ball actually gives us our first confirmed lesbian characters, as Vikal and Kakunsa from Universe 2 are a couple, and even Heles herself declares their love is the face of Universe 2.