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Pilaf Gang

     In General 

Pilaf Gang (ピラフ一味, Pirafu Ichimi)
Click here to see the Pilaf Gang in Super 

A group run by Emperor Pilaf that tries to obtain the Dragon Balls for Pilaf, so he can Take Over the World.

  • Adaptational Early Appearance: In the original manga, they aren't introduced until Goku and friends have collected six Dragon Balls and reached his castle (Chapter 18). In the anime, they show up in the very first episode and acquire the Dragon Ball that they have in the manga. For the rest of the meta-arc, their various exploits in attempting to acquire the other Dragon Balls are depicted.
  • Affably Evil: Both Mai and Shu are decent enough and only do bad things under Pilaf's orders.
  • Ascended Extra: While we only first meet them near the end of the manga's first arc, the anime introduces them in the very first episode and has them around as reoccurring villains from the start, even showing how they got ahold of their Dragon Ball. In addition, they are also secondary antagonists for the first few episodes of the Red Ribbon Army arc, before being easily defeated by the Red Ribbon Army, and they make one last appearance shortly before Goku and Chi Chi's wedding, whereas in the manga they were never seen again for the rest of the manga's original run after being betrayed by King Piccolo. They come back in force during Super and remain important to the plot until the Universe Survival Arc.
  • Blind Obedience: Mai and Shu follow Pilaf's orders without question, despite his stupidity. Even he complains about it sometimes. They all do really care for each other though.
  • The Bus Came Back: After being completely absent from Dragon Ball Z and if you don't count GT, the Pilaf gang makes their canon return in Battle of Gods. They get on the bus again during the Tournament of Power, but return during the party in the ending montage.
  • But Not Too Evil: After their appearances in Dragon Ball, they're definitely this. After Majin Buu exterminated humanity, Porunga resurrects all of those killed since the day of 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, with the exception of the truly evil ones. The gang comes back, so they can't be all that bad.
  • Butt-Monkey: They take a lot of Amusing Injuries like being thrown off of a moving airplane by King Piccolo, or in Mai and Shu's case being punished by Pilaf.
  • Edible Theme Naming:
    • Pilaf is named after rice pilaf.
    • Shu and Mai's names are two parts of shumai, a type of Chinese dumpling.
  • Expy: All three are based on the Space Patrol Squad of Dr. Slump.
  • Fountain of Youth: Super reveals that they managed to gather the Dragon Balls and wish for restored youth not long before the Android Saga. Unfortunately for them, they don't specify how young they want to be and end up being regressed into babies. In Future Trunks's timeline, it ended up being the last wish made on the Dragon Balls before Piccolo and Kami died.
  • Goldfish Poop Gang: After the first arc of Dragon Ball, the gang's only purpose is to randomly show up and get their butts kicked.
  • Harmless Villain: After their first defeat they stopped being a real threat to Goku. The most they do is just annoy him.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The gang hung around Capsule Corp early on in Super to be in a position to swipe the Dragon Balls when they come into play again, but eventually just stopped caring and actually started helping around the lab. They're actually as happy as everyone else is when Bulma gives birth.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Although Mai and Shu are both more competent than Pilaf, that isn't saying much since Pilaf is a Psychopathic Manchild Genius Ditz, who isn't half as smart as he thinks he is. Shu tends to be dimwitted, while Mai is smarter, but is held back by her more stupid comrades.
  • Iron Butt Monkey: Being kicked off their airship by Demon King Piccolo only causes them to hit the ground Wile E. Coyote style.
  • Karmic Jackpot: Even though they're forced to help Sobert and Tagoma revive Frieza, they kept them from using the second wish to bring back King Cold by wishing for a million Zeni. They used the money to have a feast.
  • Laughably Evil: They can never catch a break nor do they really deserve one. Watching them fail in all their endeavors is half the fun of watching them.
  • Made of Iron: All three of them were forced to jump out of their airship above cloud level by Demon King Piccolo without parchutes when they outlived their immediate use to him; the Rule of Funny alone saved them, rendering them dizzy and bruised in craters rather than splattered and dead.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: It's not noticeable with Pilaf, who was already a Manchild to begin with, but the gang act much more like children after being de-aged.
  • Mugging the Monster:
    • A Filler from the first series has Mai and Shu take Chichi hostage. She beats them up the moment she realizes they're actually serious.
    • Mai holds Trunks at gunpoint and demands the Dragon Balls in Battle of Gods, having no clue how powerful Trunks or the other characters at the party are. The cast thinks it's all a game.
  • Non-Action Guy: All of them are in Super due to being children and not being ki-using warriors. Pilaf specifically requests that Trunks never spar with them again.
    • Mai averted this by trying to kill Gohan in the Battle of the Gods version, but was ineffective and almost got Videl killed instead.
  • Odd Friendship: The three of them get along surprisingly well with Trunks, despite still being wannabe villains.
  • Older than They Look: All three of them are this thanks to an accidental wish on the Dragon Balls sometime before the Android Saga that turned them into babies (they've grown into children by the time of Super). In the present timeline they are a few years older than Bulma, and Mai's future self is in her 70s or 80s but looks as old as she was when Goku was a small child.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: The group provided this even when standing next to King Piccolo - even when the Piccolo arc was the darkest the series had ever been at that point.
  • Post-Final Boss: The gang is this in the Fortuneteller Baba arc. After Goku faces off against Baba's fighters, including his temporarily resurrected grandpa, Pilaf & co. are revealed to be holding the last Dragon Ball, only to get quickly defeated by Goku. The anime has them put up a decent fight, but at the end, they were still easier to beat than any of Baba's fighters.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Mai and Shu are definitely not really evil and are content with not taking over the world or hunting Dragon Balls; they always just followed Pilaf's orders.
  • Redemption Promotion: In Super, the gang eventually starts outright helping the heroes, and have gotten more screen time since than they got from the King Piccolo saga onwards.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: More or less what Demon King Piccolo does to the gang, being the ones who sold out mankind to the devil for world conquest after they had outlived their usefulness (though he does "spare" their lives).
  • Shoo Out the Clowns:
    • Their last appearance in the Dragon Ball franchise before Battle of Gods (not counting their cameos shortly before Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding in the anime and in GT) is being betrayed by Demon King Piccolo, whose arc was the darkest the series had ever been at that point.
    • They're completely absent in Z, the part of the franchise best known for changing the tone of the franchise from a martial arts comedy to a Shonen fighting action series.
    • Inverted in the Future Trunks Arc. While this portion of Super is one of the darkest and most depressing stories in Dragon Ball's history, this arc is where they have their largest amount of screentime in Super and most plot importance due to being Present Trunks's friends and both versions of Mai's relationships with the two Trunkses.
    • While the Universe Survival Arc has its fair share of comedy, there is more of an air of tension. This leads to them not appearing after the arc starts, along with Goten and Trunks who get this trope enforced on them in-universe by Vegeta.
  • Small Role, Big Impact:
    • In a childish and monumentally stupid move, the Pilaf Gang released Demon King Piccolo from his imprisonment in the Enchanted Rice Cooker sealed in the deepest ocean-trenches in a desperate final bid to take over the world. Though this had the fortunate side effect of toughening up young Son Goku as a warrior to heights he never would have achieved before, not to mention allowing Piccolo Jr. to come into existence to slay the Saiyan invader Raditz and save the world.
    • They only appear in the very first episode of GT, as well as a brief scene near the end of the Baby Saga, but it was them rediscovering the Black Star Dragon Balls that kick-started the entire first arc, as well as Goku's becoming a kid again.
    • In Resurrection 'F', the gang were the ones who gathered the Dragon Balls so that Sorbet and Tagoma could revive Frieza. They also stop them from reviving King Cold by stealing the second wish and in Super the third wish.
  • Team Rocket Wins: Maybe not a complete victory, but throughout the entire series, the gang are by far the most successful villains when it comes to successfully gather/wishing upon the Dragon Balls. While Pilaf's wishes either tend to backfire or be ridiculously small in scope compared to other villains like Garlic Jr., he has still managed to gather the Dragon Balls no less than three (four counting GT) times.
    • They are some of the few to get their wish for youth and have it turn out well even if being reduced to infancy was an accident. Not only do they get to be young again, their quality of life significantly improves after moving in with Trunks's family.
  • Terrible Trio: Together with Pilaf.
  • Undying Loyalty: Mai and Shu to Pilaf despite his abuse. Even when wished back to being children, they still stick by Pilaf's side.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Sure, Pilaf insults the other two a lot, but in the end, the other two are the closest thing to friends each one has. The three even grow old together. And then young again. Eventually, Pilaf even starts showing the "Best Buds" part as much as the "Vitriolic" part.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: After Demon King Piccolo regains his youth, he kicks the gang off their own airship. Apparently, their reward was "not dying."


Pilaf (ピラフ, Pirafu)
Voiced by (Japanese): Shigeru Chiba
Voiced by (English): Dave Mallow (Mystical Adventure), Michael McConnohie (DB) (Harmony Gold dub); Don Brown (DB 1995), Dean Galloway (DB 2004) (Ocean/Blue Water dub); Chuck Huber (Most media), Mike McFarland (Mystical Adventure) (Funimation dub); Sharon Mann (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub); Tom Fahn (Bang Zoom/Toonami Asia dub in Super)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Yamil Atala

"I am a brilliant researcher and an unrivaled mastermind... with a special knack for devious behavior."

The first villain in the original series, a short midget with dreams of... what else... taking over the world. After Goku and friends ruin his original attempt and destroy his castle (thanks to Goku's Great Ape form), he appears a few more times as a minor annoyance, but he plays an important role in reviving King Piccolo in the hopes that he'll be allowed to share in his global conquest; Piccolo betrays him as soon as it's convenient. Then he's never seen again... at least not in the Z series. He makes an appearance in GT though, actually kicking off the entire series.

He, as well as his lackeys, return in the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F movies, where it's revealed that the trio got-de-aged by Shenron previously. Likewise, they reappear in Super, where they get recurring (if minor) roles.

  • Ambiguously Human: He's very small, blue-skinned, and has pointy ears and no nose. It's never stated what he actually is, nobody comments on his appearance, and nobody else like him is ever seen besides some resembalance to Garlic Jr from the movies and a non-canon filler arc.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: It is never explained what Pilaf really is, and nobody comments upon him being a cyan-skinned midget with pointed ears and no nose. Then again, the general population in cities is shown to consist of human-animal hybrids, different colored aliens, etc. Even some of the major characters (Tien with his three eyes, Oolong being a pig-man) are not commented upon. Word Of God is that there are human-type, animal-type, and monster-type earthlings. Pilaf is one of the latter.
  • And Then What?: Shu asks Pilaf what exactly will he do once he takes over the world. Pilaf never thought that far ahead.
  • Arc Villain: The first major one that was not a Villain of the Week, but it would be a while before an actual Big Bad that could fight would appear.
  • Ax-Crazy:
    • Pilaf's first response to any form of failure is a gratuitous DEATH THREAT. He is childish compared to the madness of the Z series such as Frieza and Buu.
    • In the anime, he once threatened Shu with a chainsaw for breaking wind in his presence...when it was Pilaf himself who actually farted!
  • Bad Boss: In Dragon Ball. In an early episode, he had Shu physically restrained and nearly sliced him up with a chainsaw simply because Shu wouldn't take the blame for Pilaf himself farting. By Super, Pilaf has actually undergone Character Development after realizing the depths of Shu and Mai's Undying Loyalty to him and engages in Pet the Dog moments toward them more often.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For:
    • In his appearance in GT, Pilaf finds the Black Star Dragon Balls and summons Ultimate Shenlong with the intent of wishing to Take Over the World. Before he can, he idly says it would be nice if his enemy Goku were a little kid again. Ultimate Shenlong interprets this as Pilaf's wish and turns Goku into a child, leaving the still-powerful Goku to mop up Pilaf and his gang.
    • Reversed in Battle of Gods where Pilaf wished for youth, feeling that there'd be no point in ruling the world if they would not live long afterward. In response, Shenron turns him and his minions into children.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: He pictures himself as the main villain, but is more of a whiny, spoiled brat. It would be a while before any really evil villains showed up.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: He acts like a spoiled child and throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.note 
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: His tirade against Mai's scat joke in the manga has him state that the manga-ka is trying to make Dragon Ball a bit more sophisticated than his previous work.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Pilaf has a really bad habit of doing this. Even with his PTSD of Goku, he still tries to fight him for his Dragon Balls. And he tries to treat King Piccolo, the freaking demon king, like a mook.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: His favorite way to deal with his subordinates when they fail him, like threatening to cut them in half or striking them with lightning. He also tried this with Goku and the others by attempting to burn them alive in a heated cell.
  • Comically Missing the Point: He thinks Mai is referring to "something else" when she talks about the "sack between [Goku's] legs", when she's actually referring to the sack that contains Goku's four-star Dragon Ball.
  • Death Trap: How he likes to deal with his enemies. Some of his traps include closing walls and tormenting his prisoners with a giant pinball maze.
  • Dub Name Change: He is renamed Oculi in the Harmony Gold dub.
  • Epic Fail: Pilaf has used the Dragon Balls no less than THREE times, and yet he is still not the ruler of the world. At least, in the first case, you could say he was thwarted by Goku and his friends, but the other times, particularly the second, he had no such excuse. For instance, he summoned Shenron to grant them youth - to rule the world longer. He does. Likewise, they summon Shenron again when the Dragon Balls can make 2 wishes true, they are coerced into resurrecting Frieza by Sorbet, what he uses the second wish on? World domination as he's always dreamed? Immortality? Frieza's remains in the sun? Or a banquet? If you chose a banquet, then you've accurately described Pilaf's Skewed Priorities. Truly, a man too stupid to take the opportunity to Take Over the World is definitely a man not deserving of it. There's also his GT appearance which saw him accidentally say the wrong thing "I wish you were a kid again so I could REALLY teach you a lesson!" while in front of Black Star Shenron. We all know how that ended up.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: He sets King Piccolo loose in the hopes that he will either be able to control him or mooch off of his conquest. As soon as Piccolo doesn't need him anymore, he punts Pilaf and his gang off of their own airship.
  • Evil Overlord: Thinks he is this. He really is not.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Pilaf reacts with disgust when he learns from Bulma that she thought he would strip and violate her in order to garner information as to where the Dragon Balls were. He also reacts with disgust at some of Demon King Piccolo's actions, but wisely keeps his mouth shut.
    • Even he thinks that tossing a baby (Pan) out the window of an in-flight mech is a horrible thing to do.
      "I'm a villain, not a monster!"
  • Genius Ditz: Has invented a Dragon Radar-proof box so nobody could track what Dragon Balls he got his hands on (unless you go to a seer), and improved on Bulma's Dragon Radar. He is also the most successful at tracking down the Dragon Balls outside of Bulma, something that Sorbet notes. And he's still a ditz. In Super, he also helps Bulma with the time machine's programming to allow it to work, with the Manga version even modifying it to be able to travel between the infinite parallel timelines and futures, something which causes Bulma to state she has "a long way to go".
  • Genre Blindness: How could he not see that Demon King Piccolo had no intention in giving him half of the world or even a fifth.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He loses his temper easily and yells at others for their failings, even when it is mostly his fault.
  • Hidden Depths: Pilaf, of all people, is apparently very competent at computer programming.
  • Honor Before Reason: In Dragon Ball Super, despite the three of them having been starving for several days, Pilaf refuses to take any food from Bulma's party out of pride and orders Shu and Mai to do the same. He quickly changes his mind when Goten and Trunks bring them food, seeing it as an offering.
  • Horrible Judge of Character:
    • Mai questions whether it was a good idea to trust Piccolo in the first place after being betrayed.
    • He seems to have learned his lesson since he didn't trust Sorbet and Tagoma but is forced to work with them. He even asked outright if they planned to kill them once they weren't needed anymore. Luckily for them, despite being part of Frieza's group, they are much nicer than King Piccolo.
  • Hypocritical Humor: He tends to be the first to chew out his minions for acting too low-brow, but will himself often sink to similar low-brow and childish behavior himself.
  • Jerkass: He is an asshole, but unlike most villains, he cannot do anything about it. He mellows out considerably after becoming a child and moving into Bulma's, but his motives are usually still villainous.
  • Large Ham: Pilaf knows how to make math fun. When he, Trunks, Mai, and Shu are taking a math class, Trunks is asked to answer a math problem. When Pilaf notices Trunks failing to correctly figure out the problem by not following the order of operations, he gives the answer himself in the most over-the-top way possible, breaking out to sounding like he's trying to sell something.
  • Lethally Stupid: Who thought it was a good idea to release the devil who nearly caused the genocide of humanity last time? It says something when his minions actually had doubts about it.
  • The Napoleon: He is short, a recurring theme in the series.
  • Never My Fault: He blames all of his mistakes on his minions, even when they're clearly his fault.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: He's a spoiled, Ax-Crazy brat, but has none of the physical power to exert it.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense:
    • Given all the stuff he has built (his castle, flying fortress, death traps, and all his machines) he obviously has no cash flow problem. How he comes into such funds is never stated.
    • Subverted in the canon movies where he and his crew have fallen on hard times and work more than a few day jobs, despite being able to find the Dragon Balls almost as easily as Bulma. Shu also wished for one million zeni to stop King Cold from being revived.
  • Self-Deprecation: Pilaf has expressed his hatred of Doctor Slump (created by Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball), saying Shonen Jump became much more sophisticated after its cancellation.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He fancies himself as an evil overlord but frankly, both Demon King Piccolo and Frieza have him beat in intelligence and brutality. He also uses the title of emperor, but Shuu and Mai appear to be his only subjects.
  • Smug Snake: Thinks he is much smarter and cleverer than he actually is.
  • Spoiled Brat: His whole motivation is based around sheer bratty entitlement.
  • Starter Villain: The first villain to last longer than a single episode and not become a good guy, but truly evil villains would not show up until near the end of the first half of the series.
  • Stupid Evil: Most of his schemes are petty revenge and rely on the latest gimmick at the time which backfires as Goku becomes more and more of a badass.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: He believes this, although his subordinates are (slightly) smarter than he.
  • Take Over the World: His life motive.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Due to his pettiness, he treats Demon King Piccolo like a Mook, and is lucky to only get thrown off his airship as a result.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom:
    • Or near-doom, at least, after releasing Demon King Piccolo.
    • In Resurrection 'F' they help revive Frieza with the Dragon Balls.
    • In the Dragon Ball Super bonus chapter, he collected the Dragon Balls to make a wish at the same time the surviving characters were hoping to use them to stop the Androids, only to bungle his wish and end up de-aging himself and his minions into babies moments before Piccolo is killed, thus killing Kami, rendering the Dragon Balls useless and robbing the heroes of their last chance to save the planet, leading to Future Trunks' miserable future.
    • And in GT, he unintentionally caused the Earth to explode a year after using the Black Star Dragon Ballsnote  - even if he had made his original wish, he wouldn't have been able to rule over the Earth for that long anyway.
  • Villain Decay: He was never very competent, but he came close to killing Goku and his friends in the first story arc and was only foiled because he didn't know about Goku turning into a Great Ape. He also gave Goku a somewhat decent fight at the end of the Red Ribbon Army Saga. By the time King Piccolo shows up, Pilaf is little more than tech support and he disappears altogether in Z. In the canon movies and Super the heroes don't even recognize him anymore (although they are stuck in kids' bodies).
  • Yes-Man: To Demon King Piccolo. Piccolo sees right through it.


Mai (マイ)
Voiced by (Japanese): Eiko Yamada
Voiced by (English): Melodee Spevack (Harmony Gold dub); Teryl Rothery (DB 1995), Debbie Munroe (DB 2004) (Ocean/Blue Water dub), Julie Franklin (DB), Cynthia Cranz (Mystical Adventure), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Tenkaichi Budokai 3, Battle of Gods, Resurrection F, and Super) (Funimation dub); Jodi Forrest (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub); Julie Maddalena (Bang Zoom!/Toonami Asia dub in Super)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Carola Vázquez (DB), Susana Moreno (Battle of Gods, Resurrection 'F', Super)

"Pilaf, may I remind you that we don't have time to shop today?"

Pilaf's female minion. She always works with Shu and, although she is intelligent, the two of them always manage to fail their objectives. She is a rather beautiful Asian-looking woman, who always resorts to weaponry and technology; her serious tone (most of the time) is a foil to Shu's comic personality.

  • Accidental Pervert: When she mentions the "sack between the boy's legs". Pilaf is Comically Missing the Point and thinks Mai is referring to "something else" when she actually means Goku's sack that contains the four-star Dragon Ball.
  • Adaptational Badass: In Dragonball Evolution, her movie incarnation actively fights Goku.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Mai's eyes were black in the manga, but blue in the first anime series and was changed back to black in Battle of Gods/Super. This led to a Series Continuity Error when, in a flashback to the King Piccolo saga in Super, it shows Mai with blue eyes, despite the black eyes being overall consistent with manga.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Mai has a weird case of this. In the manga, she had no make-up, but the color editions gave her eyeliners, and the first anime gave her eyeliner and lipstick. She loses the make-up as a child in Super, and her future version reasonably doesn't have any to wear either. She's still seen as extremely beautiful from both Trunks's viewpoints and in the English dub, Goku tells Future Trunks that her future version is cute.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She is taller than both her boss and her coworker (to a downright silly extent), she is calmer and more mature, and she has long dark hair.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • In the live-action movie Dragonball Evolution, she appears acting as Piccolo's dragon.
    • In Super, she gets a future counterpart.
  • Badass Longcoat: Mai has a long military coat on, but it's subverted in that she is a bumbling villain.
  • Characterization Marches On: At the start of the manga, Mai was introduced as a semi-competent lackey to an incompetent villain. When she gets reintroduced in Battle of Gods (and by extension, Super), she's easily as silly as her boss and Shu, enough that she goes along with their shenanigans. This is not helped by the fact that all of them were de-aged into children.
  • Co-Dragons: With Shu to Pilaf in the original series.
  • Dub Name Change: The Harmony Gold dub renamed her Femina.
  • Everyone Has Standards: When the gang accidentally kidnaps Pan in Super, as their mech was exploding, her only concern was Pan's safety.
  • Evil Counterpart: At a certain point she was one for Bulma. Bulma was a girl who was looking for the Dragon Balls to be able to have a boyfriend (although it was something absurd, it wasn't wrong), whereas Mai looked for the Dragon Balls to make her boss Pilaf become the king of the world. Bulma was a smart girl but she had her moments when she could act something ridiculous, and Mai was a girl who acted in a more serious of the Pilaf gang but in reality, she was clumsy as the rest of her comrades. Although Bulma had a great interest in men and romance (which was the reason why she wanted to ask for a boyfriend), Mai has a very conservative view of romance and in previous sagas, she showed no interest in any man (except in Super where she showed interest in Future Trunks).
  • Oblivious to Love: Poor Present Trunks's love-struck behavior just comes off as weird to her. She does seem to like him, though.
    • Averted in the movie versions; Mai is open about Trunks being her boyfriend at the end of Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F.
  • Only Sane Man: Mai compared to the rest of Pilaf's gang. She tends to point out all the flaws in Pilaf's plans.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Mai has been shown to be somewhat proficient in firearms and hand-to-hand, but the setting of Dragon Ball being as it is, her combat record hasn't exactly been stellar.
  • Pet the Dog: In an episode of Super, Mai, Shu and Pilaf have accidentally kidnapped baby Pan in their new fighting mech, and it's going out of control due to Pilaf angrily smashing a button on the control panel. As they all scream in fear of their lives, Mai claims she doesn't care what happens to Pilaf, Shu or herself, just let the baby survive.
  • Precocious Crush: On Future Trunks. Of course she's actually much older than he is, but she currently has the body and brain chemistry of a child.
  • So Last Season: In Battle of Gods, Mai threatens Trunks and Son Gohan with a gun... which would've been ineffective even at the start of the series, let alone now. The entire cast laughs, thinking it's a skit. The only actual danger came from the fact that Gohan didn't control the ricochets and Videl, pretty much one of the few people there who could actually be injured by them, did indeed get injured.
  • Stalker with a Crush: To Future Trunks. She stares at him from the bushes while he's thinking about Black, though she's too embarrassed to talk to him directly. This is partly a result of Trunks having held her hand beforehand, being glad she's all right, and talking about how much her Future counterpart meant to him - being Older Than She Looks, the hand-holding definitely made an impression on Mai, semi-similar to Present Trunks's "bold" approach.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Mai dwarfs her teammates, who only come up to her knees. This remains true to a lesser extent when they're all de-aged, as Mai's a full head taller than both Pilaf and Shu.
  • Token Human: Mai is the only regular human in the group.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Her elderly self in GT very well invokes this.
  • Wasteful Wishing: When Sorbet summons Shenron, she wishes for "the world's best ice cream". In her defense, she hadn't had any for a while and prevented one of the wishes from being used for bringing back King Cold as well as Frieza.

     Shu / Soba 

Shu (シュー, Shū), originally Soba (ソバ) in the Japanese manga
Voiced by (Japanese): Tesshō Genda
Voiced by (English): Dave Mallow (Harmony Gold dub); Doug Parker (DB 1995), Jonathan Love (DB 2004) (Ocean/Blue Water dub); Chris Cason (Most media), Brian Thomas (Mystical Adventure) (Funimation dub); Jodi Forrest (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub); Tom Bauer (Bang Zoom!/Toonami Asia in Super)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Ricardo Hill (DB), Luis Daniel Ramírez (GT), Miguel Ángel Leal (Battle of Gods, Resurrection 'F', Super)

"Are we gonna retreat?"

An anthropomorphic dog and Pilaf's ninja lackey. He and Mai usually work together to carry out the work of their short-tempered boss.

  • Adaptation Name Change: Word Of God is that the anime producers asked Akira Toriyama to name Pilaf's henchmen, and, forgetting he'd already named the dog fellow "Soba," Toriyama rattled off "Shu" and "Mai." Toriyama decided to roll with it and he became "Shu" in the manga too.
  • Co-Dragons: With Mai to Pilaf in the original series.
  • Dub Name Change: The 1995 dub of the Pilaf Saga gave him the name "Shao" for whatever reason. Bizarrely, he's back to being Shao in the Funimation and Bang Zoom! dubs of Super.
  • Funny Animal: He's a walking talking dog who dresses like a ninja.
  • Hidden Depths: Shu is a ninja after all. He watches Future Trunks doing image training and tells Mai how it works.
  • Ninja: Shu is a ninja dog. While depicted as incompetent most of the time, as shown in the Future Trunks Saga, he has knowledge of the basics.
  • Wasteful Wishing: He wishes for 1 million Zeni when Sorbet summons Shenron. While better than what Mai wished for, he could have wished for almost anything. At least he stole the second wish from Sorbet, preventing King Cold from being revived.


The Red Ribbon Army

See Dragon Ball Red Ribbon Army

The Crane School

     Master Shen 

Master Shen (鶴仙人, Tsuru Sen'nin, "Crane Elder")
Voiced by (Japanese): Ichirō Nagai (Most media), Hiroshi Iwasaki (Kakarot onwards)
Voiced by (English): Robert Axelrod (Harmony Gold dub); Chuck Huber (Funimation dub); Clark Robertson (Elder), Jonathan Love (Teenager) (Blue Water dub); Paul Bandey (AB Group/"Big Green" dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Carlos Segundo

Master Roshi's rival and Mercenary Tao's older brother. Tien and Chiaotzu's original teacher, the Crane Hermit has his students enter the 22nd World Martial Tournament in order to show up Roshi, hearing how far Goku and Krillin went in the previous tournament. When he hears that Goku defeated Tao, he changes his plans and tries to get his students to kill Goku and company. However, his interference in the final match causes his students to make a Heel–Face Turn, and he is sent flying by Roshi's Kamehameha wave. He shows up at the next tournament with his brother but is forced to flee when his ex-prize student easily beats Tao.

  • Avenging the Villain: When he learns what happened to his brother, Tao, he swears revenge against Goku and the Turtle School.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Shows up at the 23rd tournament seeking revenge on the Dragon Ball gang, but is quickly chased off after Cyborg Tao is defeated by Tien.
  • Cain and Abel: Dub Text in a flashback of his paints his relationship with Tao as such, with Shen's inexperience with teaching and Tao's arrogance in his skills causing friction to the point that even a bowl of rice would force them apart (though it doesn't stop Shen from trying to kill his brother's executioner). This later gets contradicted during the 23rd World Tournament where they are shown teamed up to get revenge on Goku and Tien and he's all but encouraging of Tao's awful actions during his match with the latter.
  • Cool Shades: Is never seen without his sunglasses.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: It is implied that seeing the cruelty of King Piccolo and the defeat of his master is what sent him down the path of evil.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: He's the one who teaches Tien the Spirit Cannon/Kikoho, much to Roshi's displeasure.
  • Depending on the Writer: It's somewhat open-ended in the manga, but in the anime, Roshi implies in his recounting of Demon King Piccolo's reign that Shen became the cold cut-throat he is in the present due to seeing Mutaito being defeated by the tyrannical monster and losing all faith in righteousness. During Goku's training in the past via the Time Room on Kami's Lookout, however, Shen is depicted very much like a detestable jock who forces himself onto a girl he and Roshi competed for long before the Piccolo War ever occurred.
  • Dirty Old Man: Attempts to grope Bulma, much to her disgust. Creepily, he isn't affected by the well-placed blow from his potential victims like Roshi is.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Word Of God says that he and Mercenary Tao were killed in an unknown incident (only described as "an evil deed" they were committing) and haven't been brought back to life.
  • Dub Name Change: The name "Master Shen" is invented for the English dub. In the original Japanese version, he is only ever known as Tsuru Sen'nin or "Crane Elder." Harmony Gold's dub gave him the name "Lord Wu Zu"
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Genuinely cares for his little brother and wants to avenge his death.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He knows well enough about the terror of Demon King Piccolo to never even consider releasing him, even with his desire for revenge.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: When he sees Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha all wearing the Turtle School uniform despite having surpassed Master Roshi, he accuses the three of being his puppets. He completely fails to understand that they're doing so because even though they're stronger than Master Roshi now, they still respect him.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Muten Roshi. Both trained under the same master, are Living Legends, are Renowned Selective Mentors who expects only the best out of their students and will put them through Training from Hell, and both are perverts. Shen becomes corrupted by King Piccolo after he beat and humiliated his master, turning him into a cynical, cold man who abuses his students and trains them to be assassins instead of helping people.
  • Evil Mentor: To Tien and Chiaotzu along with his brother. He trained Tien and Chiaotzu to be cold-blooded killers.
  • Evil Old Folks: He is as old as Roshi, maybe older, but is morally corrupt and petty.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Turns to evil after his master was defeated by King Piccolo. One filler episode after Piccolo's death implies that his bad streak was there long before the Demon King's reign and his mentor's defeat pushed him over the edge completely.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He orders Chiaotzu to paralyze Goku during his match with Tien in order to give his student an easier time killing him, but Tien's martial artist pride flares up and causes him and Chiaotzu to turn on Shen. His disrespecting of Tien's sense of honor likely did more to disillusion the latter from the killer's path than any of Roshi's "come walk in the sunlight" speeches ever did.
  • It's Personal: Enters the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament to show up the Turtle House. Then he learns that Goku killed his younger brother and then it becomes personal.
  • Jerkass: Tries to turn his students into assassins and then attempted to kill them when they disobey his orders.
  • Jerk Jock: Long before King Piccolo came around, a filler episode during Goku's training with Kami shows that an 18-year-old Shen was already pretty bad to the point he kidnapped a girl that he and Roshi competed for when she turned him down and lured his "friend" and Goku into a trap that nearly burned them to death. He even had a possé that supported his every choice.
  • Living Legend: He is very well known within the martial's community and is seen as Master Roshi's equal and rival. Although his Jerkass personality isn't as well known, and Tien says he's weaker than Roshi, though not to Shen's face.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Gets Chiaotzu to use his paralysis on Goku when the latter is fighting Tien, but this only triggers a Heel–Face Turn in both of his students.
  • Master-Apprentice Chain: He is a student of Mutaito, one of the only survivors of King Piccolo's massacre after Master Roshi:
    • Mutaito → Master Shen → Tien and Chiaotzu
    • Mutaito → Master Shen → Tao → Tien and Chiaotzu
  • Moral Myopia: He swears revenge against Goku for killing Mercenary Tao, who happens to be his younger brother. Goku counters that Tao attacked him since he was hired to kill him and he only defended himself. He doesn't care.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: In a Hoist by His Own Petard moment, if he hadn't let Tien know about his letting Chiaotzu paralyze Goku during their match, it is possible that his students would've continued on their dark path and wouldn't have betrayed him over disrespecting Tien's pride.
  • Older than They Look: Implied to be the same age or older than Roshi, meaning he too is at least 300 years old.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Technically, one of his students wins the tournament. They have left his dojo by that point thanks to his petty ways.
  • Renowned Selective Mentor: He's about as picky about his students as Master Roshi and is also a legend in the Martial Arts world. As far as we know his only students are his younger brother, Tao, Tien, and Chiaotzu.
  • Revenge Myopia: He swears vengeance on Goku for killing Mercenary Tao, his younger brother, not caring that, as Goku pointed out, Tao was a Psycho for Hire who was not only hired to kill him, but also killed one of his friends, and Goku was acting in self-defense.
  • Rival Turned Evil: He and Roshi used to train under the same master. He turned to darkness after his master was humiliated by King Piccolo and left to die on the ground.
  • Rival Dojos: With the Turtle School.
  • Sadist: Likes seeing other people in pain and passes this tendency to his students.
  • Shadow Archetype: He's a shadow of Master Roshi. He represents what Roshi would be like if he becomes corrupted.
  • Training from Hell: His training style for Tien and Chiaotzu. Unlike Roshi, he neglects to give them a rounded education, and Chiaotzu pays for it during his fight with Krillin when Krillin outwits him with a grade-school math problem.
  • The Unfought: None of the main characters fight him. The closest is when Roshi knocks him out with a single Kamehameha that sends him flying out of the arena.
  • Victory Gloating: Does this after Tien beats Yamcha at the tournament.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: After Tien knocks out Tao at the 23rd tournament and literally hands his brother's unconscious body to him, he flies off and is never seen again (not even in the anime, unlike Tao).
  • We Used to Be Friends: Roshi and he used to be good friends who trained under the same master before he turned to evil.

     Mercenary Tao 

Mercenary Tao / Tao Pai Pai (桃白白, Taopaipai)
Click here to see Cyborg Tao 
Voiced by (Japanese): Chikao Ohtsuka (DB, video games up 2010), Yukimasa Kishino (DBZ, video games from 2017 onwards)
Voiced by (English): Michael McConnohie (Harmony Gold dub); Scott McNeil (Z), Doug McKeag (DB) (Ocean/Blue Water dub); Kent Williams (Most media), Christopher Sabat (Z ep. 128 only) (Funimation dub); Ed Marcus (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Gerardo Reyero (DB eps. 58-60), Pedro D'Aguillón Jr. (rest of DB), César Soto (Z)

The brother of the Crane Hermit, a mercenary and assassin hired by the Red Ribbon Army to collect the Dragon Balls for them. Swift and merciless, he is the first human character to hand Goku a defeat outside the World Martial Arts Tournament. After some training though, Goku manages to return the favor and Tao accidentally blows himself up when a grenade is kicked back at him. He returns later as a cyborg but is quickly defeated again despite the upgrades. Makes a few more appearances in filler of the Z series.

  • Arm Cannon: His Super Dodon Ray.
  • Backstab Backfire: Get blown up by his own grenade when he attempts to throw it at Goku when his back is turned.
  • Badass Boast: Tells Blue he'll kill him using only his tongue. He delivers.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Shares this role with the Crane Hermit during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. He would have been a powerful and dangerous opponent... three years earlier. However, since Goku and the others battled King Piccolo and were forced to become stronger from it, he is hardly a Warm-Up Boss for Tien.
    • In Dragon Ball Online, he is the leader of the new Red Ribbon Army, unfortunately for him, he is also the leader of the weakest faction of the game. (They are levels 22-30 in a game where the maximum level is 70.)
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: After becoming a cyborg, he possesses a retractable blade hidden in his left hand.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: For a Professional Killer, he's pretty damn careless. In their first fight, he shoots Goku with a Dodon Ray but doesn't bother to check Goku's body and make sure he's actually dead. Unsurprisingly, Goku is still very much alive, and while Tao is attending to other matters, trains with Korin to become strong enough to defeat Tao.
  • Broken Pedestal: Even after his Heel–Face Turn, Tien still admired and respected Tao, who was his former master. During the Piccolo Jr. Saga, Tao resorts to a Blade Below the Shoulder to attack Tien, breaking the tournament rules in the process; Tien is absolutely disgusted by this, declaring that Tao has cast away his honor and pride as a warrior by resorting to such tactics.
    Tien: What respect I have for you has now turned to pity! You have no honor!
  • Cain and Abel: A flashback from Master Shen in the 22nd World Tournament paints Tao's past relationship with his elder brother like this, with Shen saying that his arrogance and the latter's inexperience with teaching led to infighting between them and caused them to lose all contact. However, this is only in the English dub. Canon events in the 23rd World Tournament show that they get along rather well and that Shen is completely supportive of Tao's behavior in killing Tien.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He's a Psycho for Hire who delights in his sadism and cruelty, to the extent that after forcing a tailor to do a week's worth of work on his destroyed uniform in three days, he refused to pay him on the grounds that doing so would ruin his reputation as a cold, ruthless assassin. Tao then reconsiders and decides to offer the man "payment" in the form of doing what he does best: killing someone. When the man declines, not wanting anyone dead, Tao shows his offer wasn't optional by killing him with a single finger to the head.
  • Child Hater: He mentions in volume 8 of the Dragon Ball manga that he hates children.
  • Climax Boss: He is the toughest enemy Goku fights in the entire Red Ribbon Saga, including Gohan, Sr. Master Roshi didn't even believe Goku when he says he killed Tao.
  • Clothing Damage: Compliments of Goku's Kamehameha. His clothes get damaged again during his rematch with Goku.
  • Colourful Theme Naming: After a color. "Taopaipai" roughly translates to "Peach-White-White."
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • His "fight" with General Blue. He easily dodges all of Blue's attacks, No Sells his paralysis technique,note  and kills him using only his tongue.
    • How he beats Goku in their first fight. Goku returns the favor in their second match.
    • After his return as a cyborg, he takes Chiaotzu out without breaking a sweat. He's then defeated with a tap and a punch by Tien during the tournament.
  • Curb Stomp Cushion: Despite him getting out of his league with Goku in his rematch, Goku admits that Tao had gotten stronger (keep in mind his only improvement was a result of climbing up Korin's tower), implying that the fight would have been much closer if he hadn't screwed himself out of Korin's training.
  • Cyborg: He is rebuilt into one after Goku kicks his own grenade in his face. He also becomes even more powerful, but it doesn't really help him since the cast greatly surpassed him by the time of his return.
  • Dirty Coward: Considering the fact that he promises that he will change just to keep Goku from killing him, and as soon as Goku lets his guard down, he attempts to kill him with a grenade, it's pretty reasonable that he qualifies as such. He also uses dirty tricks against Tien in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, like pulling out a knife hidden in his robotic arm.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Word Of God stated in an interview that he killed Mr. Satan's master and beat Mr. Satan to the brink of death for making fun of his hairstyle.
  • The Dreaded: He is feared by everyone since he is the world's greatest assassin, capable of killing someone who is Immune to Bullets. Goku defeating him was so outstanding that Master Roshi initially didn't believe Goku (though Goku was wrong about killing Tao). One of the guides states that Mister Satan became the coward he is because Tao came to his master's dojo, and brutally beat up everybody including himself and his master. From then on, Satan swore only to challenge people he knows he can beat, and is still deathly afraid of Tao.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Word Of God says that he and the Crane Hermit were killed in an unknown incident (only described as "an evil deed" they were committing) and haven't been brought back to life.
  • Dub Name Change: The short-lived Harmony Gold dub made him "Tao Pei." The Funimation dub called him General Tao (due to mistakenly believing him to have been a member of the Red Ribbon Army) and then the more proper Mercenary Tao.
  • Evil Is Petty: For starters, after forcing a tailor to do a week's worth of work on his ruined uniform in three days, he refuses to pay him on the grounds that doing so would ruin his reputation as a cold, ruthless assassin, and kills him instead (he offers to "pay" him by carrying out a contract killing on anybody of his choice, only for the tailor to quite understandably balk at that). Not only that, but Word Of God is that in the past, Tao killed Mr. Satan's master and beat Satan himself within an inch of his life simply because the two made fun of his hairstyle.
  • Evil Mentor: To Tien and Chiaotzu, next to the Crane Hermit.
  • Expy: His appearance is based from the villain of the '78 Jackie Chan movie Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.
  • Failed a Spot Check: How he missed the 4-star ball and the fact that Goku was still alive after getting nailed in the chest with a Dodon Ray.
  • Finger Gun: His Dodon Ray technique, via the Crane School of martial arts.
  • Fingerpoke Of Doom: His introduction has him killing General Blue with his tongue. He later uses this to kill a tailor after he asked for his payment.
  • Gratuitous English: What kind of assassin goes around with "KILL YOU!" written on his clothes?note 
  • Gratuitous Hawaiian: "Aloha!"
  • Greed: Implied by the fact that he charges a very hefty price for his services; normally, he charges ten billion Zeni per kill, but when Commander Red approaches him, he gives him a 20th anniversary discount of five billion.
  • Hate Sink: He seems to have been made with the intention of being loathed by the viewers, starting with the very fact that he's the first human who killed someone good in the cast. After murdering Upa's father in front of him and defeating Goku in battle, he laughs at Upa and tells him that he's lucky that he's still alive, meaning that he has absolutely no problem killing children. One of his worst offenses has got to be when he forces a tailor to overwork on making an outfit for him in about three days...which he rewards by killing him. When he returns to Karin's Tower to look for the one Dragon Ball he neglected to find, he grabs Upa and throws him against the tower (fortunately, he was saved by Goku).
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Throwing a grenade at Goku was a bad idea.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Tao is the first example in the franchise, being a Professional Killer and Psycho for Hire who delights in his sadism and cruelty. Among other things, he kills Upa's father Bora in cold blood, forces a tailor to do a week's worth of work on his ruined uniform in three days, kills said tailor rather than pay him for his hard work, and openly admits he'll kill anyone, man, woman, or child, as long as he gets paid.
  • Informed Ability: He states that he has become much stronger after being converted into a cyborg. This isn't really shown since Tien easily defeats him and he only beats Chiaotzu since he was shocked to see Tao alive after being confirmed dead six years ago.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: He tries to surrender to Goku and when his guard is lowered, throws a grenade at him. Goku simply kicked it back at him.
  • Jerkass: Besides being a Professional Killer who has no problem killing a child, he also killed the tailor because he had the nerve to ask to be paid for doing a week's worth of work in three days. What with his fee being ten billion Zeni per assassination (except when it's his 20th anniversary as an assassin, in which case he "only" charges five billion), it isn't like he lacked the money. He also murders Bora, a friend of Goku, for no particular reason.
  • Kick the Dog: See above. Killed Bora and the tailor, also attempted to kill Upa. None of this was for any real reason, other than to emphasize how merciless he is.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: The only known victim of his that won't be mourned is General Blue, a petty, horrible boss who had his men executed for minor offenses and (in the anime) was strongly implied to be a pedophile.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Before him, nobody good had died onscreen and nobody bad had ever defeated Goku, and his cruelty is played seriously. However, as soon as Goku got stronger, he's relegated to a joke and it would not be until King Piccolo that a villain would be playing for keeps.
  • Know When to Fold Them:
    • He doesn't even try fighting Goku in Z when he comes for Tao's employer for one of the dragon balls, he only stalls him with puzzles, followed by running away and giving him the dragon ball once Goku beats the puzzles fair and square.
    • He immediately quits his fight against Gohan once he realizes who he's the son of, knowing that it was far too much effort and a fight he could not win.
  • Lack of Empathy: Coldly murders Bora for no good reason and tells Upa that he's lucky that he did not decide to kill him. Roshi even stated that Tao has nothing resembling a conscience, and he's 100% correct on that matter.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The first villain in the series to be truly faster and (initially) stronger than Goku.
  • Master-Apprentice Chain: It is heavily implied that Tao was trained by his brother the Crane Hermit and helped train Tien and Chiaotzu: Mutaito > Master Shen > Tao < Tien and Chiaotzu
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: He's so furious that Goku's Kamehameha ruined his outfit, even though it didn't actually harm him, that he dispenses with his Just Toying with Them style of killing and blasts him with a Dodon Ray.
  • Never Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight: Subverted, as he does get himself disqualified but the illegal weapons are the only way he managed to hurt Tien, however insignificantly.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: His murder of Upa's father Bora is what leads Goku to actively seek out the Dragon Balls and destroy the Red Ribbon Army.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: He takes out his targets fast, often with one-hit kills. When Goku proved to be resilient to blunt blows, he tries to pierce his heart with a Dodon Ray. His only mistake was not bothering to check Goku's body.
  • Not Quite Flight: When he wants to go somewhere, he just throws a pillar and rides it to his intended destination. To make it clear, he throws the pillar, and then leaps onto it while it is in flight.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • Has a complete breakdown when Goku proved to be stronger than him.
    • It happened again when Tien proved to be his superior at the 23rd tournament.
  • Oh, Crap!: He gets one when Goku kicks his grenade back at him.
  • Only Mostly Dead: A fairly ridiculous example as Goku clearly saw him being blown up into nothingness.
  • Pressure Point: How he kills General Blue; by jabbing a pressure point in his temple with his tongue.
  • Professional Killer: The best in the world.
  • Psycho for Hire: He charges 10 billion Zeni per kill, but nonetheless loves killing people. Hell, the very first thing he says to Goku is "Pleased to kill you."
  • Razor-Sharp Hand: And feet. And fingers. And tongue.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: And will kill you if you dare say otherwise.
  • Really 700 Years Old: He's almost as old as his brother Shen, who is about the same age as Master Roshi.
  • Sadist: BIG TIME, although not as sadistic compared to other villains in the series. Most of his actions are motivated by money.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: His reaction to finding out Gohan was Goku's son (Filler only).
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: An In-Universe example; Tao likes to attack using only one appendage, especially one that isn't normally very robust. His Establishing Character Moment comes when he kills General Blue using only his tongue, and in his first fight against Goku, he uses mainly his ponytail.
  • The Sociopath: He fits the bill in several ways. Tao is utterly cruel and merciless, has no qualms against killing women and children for money, takes open pride in being a Psycho for Hire, and as stated by Master Roshi, has nothing resembling empathy or a conscience.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In Dragon Ball Online, he manages to survive until the year 1,000.
  • Stoic: Remains cool and professional as he is killing his target.
  • Third-Person Person: He often refers to himself as "this Taopaipai" in Japanese, an indication of his inflated ego.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Despite there being no visible remains after he got blown up, somehow he was brought back as a cyborg.
  • Vanity: Went to the tailor to get new clothes after Goku destroyed his outfit. As he puts it, "having torn clothes wasn't befitting". It ends up costing him since he didn't return to Korin until three days later, giving Goku time to climb the tower and become strong enough to defeat him.
  • Villain Cred: In the dub. As mentioned above, under Card-Carrying Villain and Evil Is Petty, he has a reputation as a cold, ruthless assassin, and outright refuses to pay the tailor who repaired his outfit on the grounds that doing so would ruin said reputation.
  • Villain Decay: He really gets hit by this. When he was introduced, he was a ruthless and renowned assassin who easily beat Goku. Even in their rematch, he still gave Goku a tough fight. By the time he returns during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Tien beats him with just a tap on the shoulder and a punch to the gut. He gets even further reduced if you count the Z fillers where he runs at the mere mention of Goku's name.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: His transformation to cyborg did increase his strength, but by the time he reappears his old student Tien is so powerful he goes down in one shot. By the time he makes his brief appearance in Z, he knows he's completely outclassed and flees at the mere mention of Goku.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Once Goku proves to be his superior, he loses it and is reduced to pulling I Surrender, Suckers to try to kill Goku. He has another one when fighting Tien at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and he proves to be much stronger than him. By the end, he pulls a knife on Tien, leaving an everlasting scar on his chest.
  • Villains Want Mercy: Begs for his life when Goku overpowers him and then tries to blow him up with a grenade. Subverted in that the begging was all a performance to get Goku to lower his guard and leave himself open to the grenade attack, rather than a genuine plea that he went back on after it was granted.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Before Tao, Goku was easily beating the Red Ribbon Army. Even their best, General Blue, only got ahead thanks to his paralyzing technique. Tao came and not only beat Goku, but utterly destroyed him with no effort.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Is turned into a cyborg after he's nearly killed by Goku.
  • Weak, but Skilled: He's the World's Greatest Assassin, knowing many crafty techniques, but by his return in the 23rd World Tournament he's so physically weak compared to the current characters that he got one-shotted by Tien, and that's before his reappearance in filler episodes of Z, where planet busting has become the standard.
  • Whole Costume Reference: Nigh-identical in appearance and personality to Sheng Kuan, the main villain of Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.
  • The Worf Barrage: The Super Dodon Wave, despite being a stronger Wave-Motion Gun version of the Dodon Ray, never once successfully deals damage to anyone. Granted, it was used only once in the manga, but even then was blocked by a simple kiai.
  • The Worf Effect:
    • After easily taking out Goku in their first fight, he's utterly outmatched in their second.
    • He returns as a cyborg more powerful than ever...and gets one-shotted by Tien.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He stated that he would kill anyone, man, woman, or child for the right price. He also did not hesitate to attempt to kill Goku, even though he is 12. He also tells Upa that he's lucky to still be alive.

     Tenshinhan / Tien Shinhan 

     Chaozu / Chiaotzu 

The Demon Clan

     Demon King Piccolo 


Tambourine (タンバリン, Tambarin)
Voiced by (Japanese): Ryūsei Nakao
Voiced by (English): Dameon Clarke (Funimation dub); Tony Binns (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Humberto Solórzano

Tambourine was King Piccolo's second-oldest son at the time he was released from his imprisonment and the longest-lasting of the three named sons who engaged in combat (Piano lasted longer and seemed to be older, but he never fought before Goku killed him by throwing his father at him), he is by far the evilest and sadistic of the three, he was ordered by his father to hunt down and kill any martial artists who participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament to prevent him from being sealed, he becomes Goku's arch enemy for the first half of the saga because he murdered his best friend Krillin, he stole his Dragon Balls, and he destroyed his Kinto'un cloud. After these events, Goku faces off against him and loses. He eventually faces off against him again for a final showdown and Goku kills him with a Kamehameha.

  • Adaptational Jerkass: After he kills Giran while the latter was terrorizing a village, he strikes an innocent villager for trying to shake his hand in gratitude. In the original, he merely tells the shaken but still alive villager not to touch him. In the English Dub, he claims to have killed the villager for fun.
  • Asshole Victim: He killed Krillin and several other innocent people for fun, and even bragged about his murder of Krillin to Goku's face. He more than had it coming when Goku killed him in the rematch.
  • Ax-Crazy: Likes killing way too much.
  • Berserk Button: Being touched whether in aggression or gentleness really seems to annoy him. He only stopped playing around with Giran after the latter got in a decent tail whip on him, putting his claw through the giras' side. When a grateful villager came out and thanked him for riding his home of Giran, the demon crossly cut the hapless bear down for the same reason.
  • Big Little Brother: He is a tall gargoyle-like Namekian and is the second-oldest of Piccolo's present-day spawn, but his elder brother Piano is shorter than even their father's shins.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: There's his arriving on Yamcha in the anime only shortly after slaying Giran. When Piccolo recalls him to go after Cymbal's killer, the gargoyle demon is literally centimeters from running the crippled Yamcha through. Instead of finishing his target while he's still around, having only found him through contrivance, Tambourine basically goes "Just wait right here and I'll be back for you" and leaves Yamcha alive. Even assuming that Tambourine wouldn't return after finishing his other business, Yamcha and the others could've easily relocated to a new area and he'd never find them again. They don't do that and this close-call is never referenced again.
  • Breath Weapon: One of his signature moves.
  • Calling Card: At the sight of his murders he would place a piece of paper which the Demon Symbol on it nearby.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: In the flashbacks, Roshi and Shen are fighting dozens of Piccolo's sons who look just like Tambourine, but are much easier to beat.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Inflicts fatal ones on King Chappa, Pamput, Bacterian, Man-Wolf, Giran, and Kuririn. Many were single stroke battles.
  • Dirty Coward: Acts like an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy when in control of a situation, but when Goku beats him senseless in the rematch, he tries to make a break for it.
  • The Dragon: To King Piccolo. He is Piccolo's most powerful child before he regained his youth.
  • The Dreaded: As revealed in Super, Krillin is terrified of him decades after his death; seeing an illusion of him in the Forest of Terror freaks Krillin out more than illusions of far more powerful villains like Frieza and Cell.
  • Early Installment Character-Design Difference: It's hard to notice, but when Goku finds him at the end of Chapter 135, his head lacks the spines he is normally depicted with.
  • Evil Feels Good: He really enjoys his work of murdering people.
  • Evil Laugh: A creepily high-pitched cackle that he lets out every time he makes a successful kill; heard best after he slaughtered King Chappa plus all of his students.
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: He is very raspy in the English dub. It is basically Dameon Clarke using an even scratchier version of Cell's imperfect form's vocals.
  • Eviler than Thou: He kills Giran while the latter is in the middle of terrorizing a village of helpless storybook animal people. Giran was certainly no saint, but he did help Goku out in an earlier filler, and seeing him go down so brutally emphasizes who the real monster is.
  • Family Theme Naming: All of King Piccolo's children (Tambourine, Drum, Cymbal, Piano, Piccolo Jr.) are all named after musical instruments.
  • Fantastic Racism: In the English dub, he frequently flaunts his superiority over human characters.
  • For the Evulz: His favorite hobby is killing people, and he takes sadistic glee in killing people and causing as much pain as possible.
  • Green and Mean: He is a demonic Namekian, of which are all colored green to an extent, who is shown killing at least fifty people during his tenure and has an intense disdain towards humans. He fits like a glove.
  • Hates Being Touched: To the point, he'll kill anybody with extreme prejudice who dares to lay a finger on him regardless if they're defending themselves or mistaking him for Kami-sama.
  • Hate Sink: Between killing people For the Evulz and gloating about it to their loved ones and being a smug coward, Tambourine goes well out of his way to be as loathsome as possible in the short amount of screentime he has. His prolonged beating and murder at Goku's hands was nothing short of satisfaction.
  • Hero Killer: Aside from murdering many of the recurring martial artists, Tambourine was the first villain in the history of the franchise to KILL Krillin.
  • Kick the Dog: Gloats about his murder of Krillin to Goku's face.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Immensely downplayed if not outright subverted with some of his victims. Pamput and Bacterian certainly weren't sympathetic in their spotlight arcs, but they certainly didn't do anything bad enough to warrant being sadistically murdered by a demon and sent to limbo. Man-Wolf had already made peace with Master Roshi/Jackie Chun after the former helped change the latter back into a human and King Chappa, while possibly resenting Goku for humiliating him in the preliminaries, is only shown to be strict at worst to his students but never abuses anyone. Played somewhat straighter with Giran who was terrorizing a village of innocent animal people when Tambourine came to whack him, but even then, Giran was shown in an earlier filler to help Goku and Nam solve the latter's water shortage problem as a sign of respect for the former beating him in their tournament match, so even his death comes off as more pitiful rather than deserved.note  Averted completely with Nam and Krillin, who are both good people who most definitely didn't deserve to be killed.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A demonic alien gargoyle, specifically.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Is on the receiving end of one of the most brutal beatdowns in the series, courtesy of Goku. Goku even stopped short of beating him to death because he wanted him to suffer longer.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Very effective and cold-blooded when killing, often killing his victims in one hit.
  • The Noseless: He has no visible orifices, similar to his little brother Drum.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he realizes that, in his second fight with Goku, he has no chance at all at winning. Gets another one when he looks back while trying to escape and sees Goku about to fire a Kamehameha right at him.
  • Our Gargoyles Rock: Bears a resemblance to a Namekian gargoyle.
  • Psycho Electro: It's not his main power, but he can electrocute people to death, as Bacterian found out the hard way.
  • Psycho for Hire: His character profile lists his hobby as killing people, which is also his job. It's expanded on in the English Dub, whereafter he kills Giran, a bear person who Giran was bullying tries to thank him, and Tambourine promptly cuts him down, openly admitting to the bear's son that while Giran's murder was him doing his job, he killed the father just for fun.
  • Reused Character Design: Inverted in the anime; where Master Roshi's account of Piccolo's original reign showed a similar-looking spawn, albeit with lighter skin and red-colored pants, before Tambourine himself formally appears.
  • Sadist: Much like his father, he enjoys killing people and causing as much pain as possible.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Tries to fly away when he realizes that he's outmatched by Goku. Goku doesn't let him get away.
  • Serial Killer: Of at least 50 people, including Krillin.
  • Shock and Awe: He electrocutes Bacterian to death this way. Cymbal is later shown using this ability when he fights Yajirobe.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Mainly killing Krillin ended up impacting him to fear death, even after he was wished back alive.
  • Smug Snake: Acts confident and cocky when he's in control. The moment Goku proves stronger than him and is ready to kill him, he breaks and runs for his life.
  • Smug Super: He is utterly convinced of his power. Most of it is justified since he easily kills the best fighters on the planet, most with a single strike like Krillin. He also scoffs at Goku when he challenges him again since he easily defeated him earlier. Then Goku beats the shit out of him and he tries to run away once he realizes that he can't win.
  • Superior Species: Shares this attitude with his dad. It's more pronounced in the English versions during both of his fights with Goku.
  • Theme Naming: Piccolo and his minions are all named after musical instruments. Guess which one for him...
  • This Cannot Be!: His reaction when Goku beats him senseless during their rematch, right before he attempts to make a break for it.
    Tambourine: How can we of the warrior tribe be defeated by YOU?!
  • Villainous Rescue: Killed Giran as the brute was terrorizing a village, but makes it obvious he didn't do it for them when he attacks one of the thankful villagers afterward for extending his hand to him.
  • Warm-Up Boss: After Goku recovers from his fight with Tien, he easily beats Tambourine into submission and then atomizes him with a Kamehameha.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: In the anime, he has Yamcha, who's still recovering from his match with Tien, at his mercy and is about to run him through when King Piccolo contacts his son and orders him to put the killing of martial artists on hold in order to avenge Cymbal's death. Instead of quickly finishing off Yamcha, Tambourine abandons the fight wholesale and vows to return for him later. Ignoring the fact that Yamcha and the others never attempt to hide away nor mention this incident again, it wouldn't have killed Tambourine to spare another minute just to finish things with his prey since he only found Yamcha by total happenstance and would probably have issues tracking them down afterward.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Kills Krillin without any remorse and brags about it to Goku before beating him until he lost consciousness.
  • Would You Like to Hear How They Died?: He takes the time to brag about how he killed Krillin to Goku's face.


Cymbal (シンバル, Shinbaru)
Voiced by (Japanese): Daisuke Gōri
Voiced by (English): Brad Jackson (Funimation dub); Dean Galloway (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Ricardo Hill

Piccolo's third youngest son. He is by far the weakest of the three sons who engage in combat, but he is still more than a match for the winners of the martial arts tournaments... not that it matters, as Tambourine murdered most of them. He was assigned to find the Dragon Balls by King Piccolo. While searching for one, he came into conflict with Yajirobe and Goku. The former engaged him in a brief fight that ended with him being cut in half and eaten. His death caused Piccolo to send Tambourine to investigate.

  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Invoked. His father created him to search for the Dragon Balls, so it's only fitting that he looks like a dragon.
  • Big Little Brother: He's the second largest of King Piccolo's spawn seen in the present and is only the third oldest plus the second-shortest lived.
  • Bowdlerise: Yajirobe's eating of him was removed from the English broadcast. Instead, a scene of Goku losing his patience with the fight was added that depicted him vaporizing Cymbal's bifurcated body with a kamehameha.
  • Breath Weapon: Like his big brother, Tambourine.
  • Butt-Monkey: Goes through a rather hard Humiliation Conga in his brief time alive, one that ends with Yajirobe eating him.
  • Curb Stomp Cushion: He at least manages to hit Yajirobe a few times.
  • Dark Is Evil: His skin is the darkest green we see on any namekian, demonic or otherwise, and he's just as bad as his parent and siblings.
  • Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: In the anime, he makes a pun on Yajirobe's name "Shinjirobe" ("shi" means death in Japanese). The English dub didn't include this. Instead, it has him muse that Yajirobe is a "good dancer" for dodging his lightning blasts, which is what King Piccolo told Master Mutaito long ago during their initial fight.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: His voice is appropriately deep for a creature of his size, voiced Daisuke Gōri no less (who'd later voice his little brother Drum). Brad Jackson also gives him a suitable rasp in the Funimation dub, though not to the same extent as Tambourine.
  • Family Theme Naming: All of King Piccolo's children (Tambourine, Drum, Cymbal, Piano, Piccolo Jr.) are all named after musical instruments.
  • Green and Mean: Like his father and brothers, though his skin is a much darker shade than any Namekian we see either good or bad within the series.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Yajirobe cuts him in half at his waist.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: He's a demonic alien dragon spawned to resemble the latter due to his purpose in seeking the dragon balls.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Technically speaking, he is a dragon-shaped Namekian.
  • Prehensile Tail: He is based on a dragon.
  • Reused Character Design: Inverted. Like with Tambourine, a similar-looking spawn to Cymbal appears in Roshi's flashback to Piccolo's reign two episodes prior to his debut. While Piccolo only saw fit to model Cymbal's appearance after a dragon due to finding out about the Dragon Balls, to be fair, several others of his spawn in the flashback also adorned draconian features.
  • Shock and Awe: His ki blasts resemble lightning.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: Once Yajirobe stops fighting hand to hand and pulls out his sword.
  • Smug Snake: Talks big, but is quickly cut down by Yajirobe and eaten.
  • Theme Naming: He's named after a cymbal.
  • Warm-Up Boss: He can kill any normal human, too bad he fought someone who was on Goku's level.
  • The Worf Effect: He basically existed solely to make Yajirobe look cool.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He had no problems threatening Goku with violence upon coming across him and Yajirobe...not that he gets the chance, mind you.
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: He's utterly stupified to see Goku and Yajirobe playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will fight him.


Drum (ドラム, Doramu)
Voiced by (Japanese): Daisuke Gōri
Voiced by (English): Bob Carter (Funimation dub); Dave Pettitt (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Yamil Atala

Piccolo's second youngest son, Drum was born at a time when Piccolo's power was at its peak, which made him much more powerful than Cymbal or Tambourine. When Tien attempted to trap Piccolo with the Evil Containment Wave, Drum defeats him in short order. Just as Drum is about to finish Tien off, Goku makes the save and kills Drum with a single kick to the head.

  • Acrofatic: Despite being obese, he managed to dominate Tien prior to Goku defeating him easily; in particular he liked Flash Stepping in front of Tien to block him from getting to Piccolo himself and behind him to attack.
  • Alien Blood: His blood is not only purple, but he is the first Namekian who bleeds purple. Although in some scenes, his blood looks pink.
  • Asshole Victim: Goku's dispatching him via busting his head was harsh, but given how nastily he tormented Tien during their brief battle, it's safe to say no one besides King Piccolo will miss him.
  • Big Little Brother: By far the largest of Piccolo's spawn seen in the present, but is also the second-youngest, counting Piccolo Jr.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: He doesn't have a snout, none visible anyways, and yet Tien punching him hard enough around that area makes him bleed purple blood...and this was a while before it was revealed that King Piccolo and his demon clan originated from an alien race.
  • The Brute: The strongest of the demon children, barring Ma Junior. Notably, he pretty much just pummels Tien, not even resorting to energy attacks or anything fancy.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's got a sickenly deep set of pipes courtesy of Daisuke Gōri (who also voiced his older brother Cymbal). Bob Carter and Dave Pettitt followed suit in the English dubs of the series.
  • Eye Scream: Goku kicks him in the face so hard that his eyeball pops out.
  • Family Theme Naming: All of King Piccolo's children (Tambourine, Drum, Cymbal, Piano, Piccolo Jr.) are all named after musical instruments.
  • Faster Than They Look: He's a big fat guy, but able to Flash Step.
  • Fat Bastard: As evil as he is obese.
  • Flash Step: His specialty. Despite his size, he could move fast enough to escape Tien's three-eyed sight, though evidently not Goku's.
  • Four Is Death: Drum is the fourth demon Piccolo spawns in the present and also the shortest-lived.
  • Green and Mean: Has green skin courtesy of being a demonic Namekian. His small tenure showed him delighting in the pain he inflicted on poor Tien, so there's that.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Despite his massive size, Drum's pretty fast, able to get behind Tien faster than he can react. In fact, his speed was the most dangerous thing about him.
  • Nasal Trauma: Tien, in the anime only, socks Drum's face hard enough to make him bleed. This is despite the fact that Drum has nothing resembling nostrils.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: He is a demon that comes from an alien species.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Delivers one to Tien but is given one of his own by Goku.
  • The Noseless: He has no visible orifices, similar to his brother Tambourine. Yet, somehow, Tien made him bleed around the area where a nose would have been. Weird.
  • One-Hit Kill: By Goku. He hit him so hard that one of his eyes shot out.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: He doesn't really resemble any reptile from real life or real-life mythology, unlike his older brothers, though he's still just as unrepentantly evil.
  • Taking the Bullet: In the anime, he shields Piccolo from Tien's Evil Containment Wave.
  • Theme Naming: He's named after a musical instrument.
  • Warm-Up Boss: For Goku at least. He exists just to show how much stronger Goku became after drinking the Ultra Divine Water.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He's born in the 154th chapter/118th episode and dies in the very next issue/installment.
  • The Worf Effect: Tien was Goku's equal at the end of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. He gets easily curb-stomped by Drum, although he performs a little better in the anime. When the new-and-improved Goku shows up, he takes Drum down with one kick.


Piano (ピアノ)
Voiced by: Masato Hirano
Voiced by (English): Sonny Strait (Funimation dub); Corby Proctor (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Ernesto Lezama

The oldest and weakest of King Piccolo's children, but also the one who lasted longest (besides Ma Junior). Demon King Piccolo created the pterodactyl-like Piano to serve as his attendant and majordomo. Piano was accidentally killed when Goku punched Piccolo so hard that he fell on his son and crushed him.

  • Accent Adaptation: He is the only one of King Piccolo's sect to be given an obvious accent in the dub, namely a British one.
  • Bald of Evil: Zigzagged, as the crest makes it not so obvious, Piano actually has very small hairs growing on the sides of his head. He is the only Namekian (outside one of Yajirobe's fantasies in Z) to show any signs of hair.
  • Camp: He has a wonderfully over-the-top English accent in the Funimation dub, courtesy of Sonny Strait. Think General Blue on helium.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: In the original version, Piano is killed when Demon King Piccolo lands on him. As such, he does not make any sound when laying on the ground. In the dub, however, he whimpers feebly (though he is still motionless), which could indicate that the impact merely left him severely injured instead of dead. Later on in the fight, King Piccolo powers up, causing a small earthquake that causes Piano's body to sink into the rubble and disappear. In the original, this just got rid of his already dead corpse. In the English dub, this is what actually kills him and not his father falling on him.
  • Dies Wide Open: His expression of fear remains after Piccolo collapses on top of him...fatally.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He can barely utter "What have you done to him!?" after Goku starts wailing on his dad during their rematch, showing that his loyalty is sincere if nothing else. He also mourned his brother Tambourine after Piccolo sensed he had been killed.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: He looks like a small, wingless, humanoid pteranodon.
  • Evil Brit: His accent in the Funimation dub is best described as Alfred Pennyworth on helium.
  • Expy: Of Baramos, another pterodactyl headed cloaked humanoid from Dragon Quest III. The game was drawn by Toriyama and during the same year as the King Piccolo Saga.
  • Family Theme Naming: All of King Piccolo's children (Tambourine, Drum, Cymbal, Piano, Piccolo Jr.) are all named after musical instruments. He even snarks about it in the English version to his dad after the latter hatches Cymbal.
  • Flight: The only real power he displays is levitation.
  • Green and Mean: He's a far lighter green than most of the evil Namekians we see and even with his status he's still pretty unpleasant to anybody not named "Piccolo".
  • Little Big Brother: Piano is the eldest of King Piccolo's children seen in the present, but he is also the shortest. He doesn't even go up to his pop's kneecaps.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A demonic namekian with a head shaped like a pterosaur.
  • Non-Action Guy: He stays out of combat to advise his dad.
  • Number Two: To Piccolo. He mostly acts as an advisor and gives Piccolo information about the world.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Resembles a humanoid pteranodon, and while he's no fighter, he is no less cruel than his father and brothers.
  • Servile Snarker: Though he is still completely loyal to his father.
  • Shapeshifting: In one of the NES RPGs, he shapeshifts into Goku to fight.
  • Squishy Wizard: He displays a few non-combat powers but easily goes down after Piccolo lands on him.
  • Theme Naming: Like the rest of Piccolo's family, he is named after a musical instrument.
  • Undignified Death: His little brothers got bifurcated and eaten, blown apart, and dismembered respectively. Piano got crushed under his father when Goku socked the demon king hard enough to send him flying over to towards his son. Piccolo himself barely seems to register his death before pressing on with the fight.
  • The Unfought: He never gets a true fight and is last seen getting crushed by King Piccolo.

     Piccolo Jr. 

Independent Villains


Pteranodon (プテラノドン, Puteranodon)
Voiced by (Japanese): Hiroshi Otake (DB ep. 1), Kōzō Shioya (DB ep. 29), Keiji Hirai (Dragon Ball: Origins)
Voiced by (English): Richard Epcar (Harmony Gold dub); Doug Parker (BLT/Ocean dub); Brad Jackson (DB), Phil Parsons (Dragon Ball: Origins) (Funimation dub); Dave Pettitt (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Mario Sauret

A giant pteranodon who kidnaps Bulma shortly after she meets Goku in the wilderness. He has the honor of being the first antagonist fought in the whole franchise.

  • Adapted Out: He is removed from the movie retellings of the first arc; namely Curse of the Blood Rubies and The Path to Power.
  • Blatant Lies: Goku finds him with Bulma and he quickly agrees with the kid's guess that he's a friend of the terrified girl now screaming in his tail...and he then proceeds to tie Goku to a tree so he can have some one on one time with her. Even Goku quickly sees through him.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: The one who tried to eat Nam freely admits as much when Goku tells him he looks shady.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When Goku realizes he's been had, the pterosaur wastes no time rubbing it in:
    Goku: (now tied to a tree) "Gosh, I think he was lying."
    Pteranodon: "You're a regular einstein. See ya!" (takes off with Bulma)
  • Evil Sounds Deep: The first of many villains in the franchise to have deep pipes.
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: Another first for several villains in this franchise. Brad Jackson's take, in particular, has an oily snarl to it that he'd later use for Cymbal in the King Piccolo arc.
  • Identical Stranger: Others of his kind appear throughout the anime, the most prominent example being the one from a filler episode just before the Red Ribbon Army arc who captures and attempts to eat Nam. Goku stumbles across them and kills the pterosaur in the same fashion as he did with Bulma's captor. The only way you'd know they're not the same individual is that their Japanese voices are different.
  • Oh, Crap!: In the manga when Goku gets up to him and just before the boy slams his Power Pole onto the beast's head.
  • Prehensile Tail: He holds Bulma in his tail at first while tying up Goku.
  • Ptero Soarer: He's on the chunky side for a hollow-boned pterosaur, but otherwise completely Played Straight.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His pupils in the anime are red in color. That coupled with his yellow sclera make his malevolence obvious.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: He plans on having Bulma as his meal and resorts to trickery to keep Goku out of the way.
  • Starter Villain: You don't get much plainer than this guy. Even Goku at the very start of the series could defeat him effortlessly.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: Goku asks if he's Bulma's friend? Sure, he totally is. He just wanted a private conversation with her to the point that he ties Goku to a tree. Goku, in the dub at least, quickly saw through it.
  • To Serve Man: Absconds with Bulma to devour her. In the original version, he cackles that he enjoys the taste of human flesh. The one who grabs Nam in the Roaming Lake filler also fully intended to eat him as well as Goku once he comes along.
  • Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness: His sclera in the anime are colored yellow in addition to his red pupils.

     Bear Thief 

Bear Thief (山賊熊, Sanzoku Kuma)
Voiced by (Japanese): Masaharu Sato (TV series), Takahiko Sakaguma (Revenge of King Piccolo)
Voiced by (English): Mike Reynolds (Harmony Gold dub); Michael Donovan (BLT/Ocean dub); Dameon Clarke (DB), Bob Carter (Revenge of King Piccolo) (Funimation dub); Steve Olson (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Carlos Magaña

A bear thief who attacks Goku and Bulma while they're escorting Master Roshi's Turtle back to the ocean.

     Monster Carrot / Boss Rabbit 

Monster Carrot / Boss Rabbit (兎人参化, Toninjinka)
Voiced by (Japanese): Hiroshi Ōtake
Voiced by (English): Ian James Corlett (Ocean dub); Duncan Brannan (DB), Bill Townsley (Dragon Ball Origins) (Funimation dub); Byron Close (Blue Water dub)
Voiced by (Latin American): Ismael Castro

The leader of the Rabbit Mob who can transform living beings into carrots with a single touch. After he turns Bulma into a carrot, Goku, Yamcha, and Puar defeat him and the Rabbit Mob. Goku forces him to change Bulma back and he sends them to the moon as punishment.

  • Adaptation Name Change: In the original version of the manga, he is named Tō-Ninjinka ("Tō" being the Chinese reading of the kanji for "rabbit"). The anime, however, rendered his name as Usagi-Ninjinka with "Usagi" being the traditional Japanese way of reading the kanji. While they both mean the same thing, it's surprising that such a misreading occurred when it was made clear in the manga to be read as the former "Tō".
  • Cool Shades: Never seen without them.
  • Funny Animal: A rabbit man, he is. Or as Oolong describes him in the dub "a reject from an Easter parade".
  • Fragile Speedster: He's got an impressive jumping ability that he uses to chase Goku, but one good whack to the head and he quickly surrenders.
  • Killer Rabbit: Thanks to his gang and magic touch.
  • Logical Weakness: He has to actually touch people to turn them into carrots. Goku gets around it by beating him senseless with the Power Pole.
  • The Magic Touch: His ability to turn any living being he touched into a carrot.
  • Moon Rabbit: Monster Carrot’s fate pays homage to this Chinese myth.
  • Non-Action Guy: Relies on his thugs for muscle. Carrot never threw a punch against Goku or Yamcha.
  • Plot-Irrelevant Villain: The only impact his lone episode has is Bulma's change of outfit.
  • Smug Snake: Acts like a big shot since no one can touch him without turning into a carrot and he threatened to eat Bulma if Goku didn't allow himself to be beaten up by his men. He gives up the moment Goku hits him.
  • Squishy Wizard: No doubt he’s quite formidable, but he’s defeated quite easily by Goku, Yamcha, and Puar in part because they didn't allow him to touch them directly.
  • Story-Breaker Power: He has the ability to turn anyone who touches him into a carrot. Touch this guy in any way and you're produce. Thankfully, he isn't all that strong and gives up just by being hit by Goku's Power Pole and is never seen again since he can easily take out people who don't know about his power.
  • A Taste of Their Own Medicine: In the anime only, Puar turns into him and tries to touch him. He panics and desperately warns her to stay back before Goku whacks him over the head.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: So Monster Carrot and his goons were placed on the moon by Goku, but didn’t Master Roshi/Jackie Chun blow up the moon?. He and his minions are seen on a panel from the Dragon Ball Super manga when Merus passes the moon.

     Pirate Robot 

Pirate Robot (海賊ロボ, Kaizoku Robo; 番人ロボット, Bannin Robotto)
Voiced by (Japanese): Kentaro Tone (Dragon Ball Heroes)
Voiced by (English): Brice Armstrong

A powerful robot who attacks Goku, Krillin, and Bulma in the Pirate Cave.

  • Ambiguous Situation: Is he really just a robot performing his last assigned duties i.e. keeping intruders away from the treasure? Or is he really just as malicious as the pirates who made him hence his seemingly taking time to kill Goku and the others? Given his Implacable Man status and (in the anime only) surprising adaptability, it wouldn't be crazy to assume the latter.
  • Arm Cannon: His left arm contains a machine gun and flamethrower.
  • Cool Sword: Carries a huge one with his right arm until Krillin breaks it off fairly early in the battle.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: His red pupils are the first thing that the heroes see within the shadows before he emerges.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Let's just say he's a lousy shot.
  • Implacable Man: Or robot. Smashed into a wall? He shakes it off. Shot with a cannon? He can tank it. Run over into a pool? He's waterproof and can shock you with his tail. It took Goku going for broke and plunging downwards from off a building to finally destroy the damn machine.
  • It Can Think: Implied through his quick adaptability to Goku and Krillin's fighting style and dogged persistence in killing them and Bulma for their intrusion. Whether he's simply performing his last assigned duties overzealously or is purposely dragging out the battle out for some sense of gratification is never made clear.
  • Killer Robot: Gives both Goku and Krillin quite a run for their money. He manages to hurt Goku more than the Red Ribbon Army generals outside of Blue.
  • Made of Iron: Or steel in this case. It takes multiple hits from Goku and Krillin, and also tanks getting shot with a cannon and Bulma hitting him with a truck without a scratch. It takes Goku jumping off a building and crushing its skull in to take it down.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: He's got some vicious pearly whites for an apparently non-sentient machine.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: He's a skeletal robot resembling a xenomorph constructed by pirates in days long past that utilizes both a blade and at least two firearms.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: He first observes Goku, Krillin, and Bulma from the shadows and rolls out so quickly that the gang initially thinks he's a ghost.
  • Playing with Fire: Under his machine gun is a flame thrower he switches to once he runs out of ammunition.
  • Prehensile Tail: His tail can coil around his opponent to give them a nasty electric shock. This was only in the anime.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His pinprick pupils are red in color which adds to his scary factor.
  • Shock and Awe: Can conduct electric shocks through his tail.
  • Shout-Out: His appearance is a pretty blatant homage to the xenomorphs, much like Frieza's third form.
  • Silent Antagonist: Makes no vocalizations in the Japanese anime, though Dragon Ball Heroes does give him some.
  • Sword and Gun: He wields a sword alongside his Arm Cannon.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Is The Voiceless in the original dub, but the Funimation dub gives him four phrases: "Arr, mateys!", "Walk the plank!", "Yo-ho-ho!", and "Shiver me timbers!" He got a Japanese voice eventually in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Sword and Gun: A huge blade in his right hand with his left limb being a literal machine gun. He loses the sword to Krillin fairly early and mainly resorts to shooting from then on.
  • Talk Like a Pirate: Does this in the Funimation dub, as you’d expect.
  • Xenomorph Xerox: The shape of the robot's head and body calls to mind the iconic aliens similar to Frieza's third form from much later on.

     Demon World Demons 

Shula (シュラ, Shura)
Gola (ゴラ Gora)
Melee (メラ Mera)
Shula voiced by (Japanese): Toshio Furukawa
Shula voiced by (English): John Burgmeier (Funimation dub); Ryan Luhning (Blue Water dub)
Shula voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Humberto Solórzano

Gola voiced by (Japanese): Daisuke Gōri
Gola voiced by (English): Mike McFarland (Funimation dub); Steve Olson (Blue Water dub)
Gola voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Carlos Segundo

Melee voiced by (Japanese): Masako Katsuki
Melee voiced by (English): Cynthia Cranz (Funimation dub); Allyson June Smith (Blue Water dub)
Melee voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Belinda Martínez

Three demons who live in the Demon World. Shula is presented as the King of Demon World and kidnaps a princess, Misa Kress, to be his bride. He holds a party/tournament in her honor which is open to all, including an intrusive Goku who enters the Demon World to save the princess. Gola and Melee guard the gateway between the mortal and demon realms with the latter allowing Goku access to stir up some trouble and get the princess out of there. Goku encounters Shula and fights a few demons before doing battle with the king himself. Though he technically is never formally defeated, Shula's wedding plans are foiled when Goku uses the resulting confusion from the backlash of his Kamehameha to take back Misa and seal the gates to Demon World forever.

  • Acrofatic: Despite Gola being very large he is just as athletic as Goku.
  • Allergic to Routine: Melee is implied to be bored out of her mind with the repetitiveness of her guard duties and so allows Goku to crash Shula's party after seeing his fighting prowess against Gola in order to liven things up.
  • Ascended Extra: Despite being filler characters who all appeared in only one episode, they get three levels dedicated to them in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.
  • And Now You Must Marry Me: Shula kidnaps Princess Misa and forces her to marry him.
  • Benevolent Boss: Shula invites Gola and Melee to his party even after they fail to stop Goku from escaping.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Gola is the big guy while Melee is the little guy or girl in this case.
  • Blow You Away: Shula's Demon Spiral Fist gathers a small cyclone around his arms and can blast others from a distance or up close. It no selled Goku's Kamehameha wave fairly easily.
  • Canon Foreigner: They were all created for the anime.
  • Chaotic Neutral: Melee agrees to let Goku see Shula after holding his own against Gola in order to stir up some trouble after being bored for scores of years with routine. Otherwise, she takes her guard duty seriously.
  • Co-Dragons: Gola and Melee both act as guards for Shula.
  • Cool Crown: Not the Demon King Shula, but Melee has a blue crown adorning her head.
  • Cool Sword: Shula used his to wedge the gateway between the Demon and Human Worlds open. Otherwise, he's never seen using it and the weapon is now being kept as a trophy by the Kress Royal Family. Melee also has one, but she never uses it even in Dokkan Battle.
  • Dub Name Change: Mera became Melee in the English dub. With Shula and Gola, it was a little less complicated.
  • Evil Redhead: Melee has red hair, though she's less evil and more Chaotic Neutral.
  • Fat and Skinny: Gola is the fat while Melee is the skinny.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Melee is tiny compared to the incredibly large Gola.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Gola is a big guy but can keep up with Goku's speed with little effort.
  • Meaningful Name: Gola is derived from "gora" which can mean "strength", and he relies mainly on brute force. Averted with Melee's original name Mera which means "burn"; she demonstrates no fire-based abilities
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Shula is derived from "Shura", which literally means "carnage". Does that sound like somebody you would willingly associate with? Also, Melee is a French term "brawl" whereas her Japanese name Mera means "burn".
  • Ninja: Melee's main weapon is a kunai knife attached to a red string.
  • Noble Demon: Shula doesn't punish Gola or Melee even after finding out that they willingly let Goku past the gate to wreck his wedding to Misa and sealed Demon World off from the human realm. He actually finds it amusing and invites them back to keep the party going. Melee herself only allows Goku entrance after seeing him fend off Gola despite being (seemingly) human.
  • Playing with Fire: Averted with Melee. Her Japanese name Mera means "burn", but even in Dokkan Battle, she displays no flame-based abilities.
  • Smurfette Principle: Melee is the only female demon we meet, assuming that the one who disguised itself as Misa wasn't a female.
  • Spell My Name with an S: Shula and Gola are corrupted in English from the Japanese names Shura and Gora. Due to the Japanese alphabet's lack of any "l", "th", and "v" sounds, this was a side effect of Funimation's translation.
  • Terrible Trio: All three of them are the only demons worth mentioning that Goku meets while in the Demon World.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: Shula and Gola are the two guys while Melee is the girl.

Movie Villains

     King Gurumes 

King Gurumes (グルメス 大王, Gurumesu Daiō)
Click here to see Disrobed Gurumes 
Voiced by (Japanese): Shuichiro Moriyama
Voiced by (English): Mike Reynolds (Harmony Gold dub); Garry Chalk (Ocean dub); Jeremy Inman (Funimation dub); Paul Bandey (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Marcos Patiño

The villain of the very first Dragon Ball movie, Curse of the Blood Rubies. Gurumes was a human king who discovered cursed Blood Rubies on his land, which mutated him into an obese monster with an insatiable appetite for rich foods. Gurumes oppressed his people to gain more rubies and sent his minions to find the Dragon Balls so as to wish for food to satisfy his hungernote , which brought him into conflict with Goku and friends. Gurumes was defeated when Penny, the village girl who brought Goku to fight him, wished on the Dragon Balls to undo all the harm caused by the Blood Rubies. This restored peace and stability to the kingdom and restored Gurumes to his human form, allowing him to enjoy life again.

  • Anti-Villain: In context, King Gururmes' goal with the Dragon Balls is to wish the hunger that destroys him; thus freeing himself of his corruption. Logically this could have wished away the Blood Rubies that caused it like what Penny ends up doing.
  • Evil Overlord: Becomes this after he finds the Blood Rubies.
  • Expy: Gurumes only appears in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies, a retelling of Goku's origin, with Gurumes replacing Pilaf. Like Pilaf, Gurumes is an inhuman king who wants the Dragon Balls for purely selfish reasons.
  • Fat Bastard: Continuously eat and still complain about being hungry.
  • Gonk: Even in his human form, Gurumes is obese and covered in warts.
  • Greed: His motivation for wanting the Blood Rubies and the Dragon Balls.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The only movie Big Bad to reform.
  • Horror Hunger: Eats endlessly, but can never become full.
  • Meaning Ful Name / Punny Name: Gurumes = Gourmet
  • One-Winged Angel: Right as Goku encounters him, Gurumes mutates even further into an even bigger, less human monster.
  • Villainous Glutton: His only motivation is sating his hunger. His emblem even has a fork on it.
  • Was Once a Man: Turned into a monster by the curse of the Blood Rubies.

     Pasta and Bongo 

Pasta (パスタ, Pasta) and Bongo (ボンゴ, Bongo)
Bongo (left) and Pasta (right)
Pasta/Raven voiced by (Japanese): Mami Koyama
Pasta/Raven voiced by (English): Edie Mirman (Harmony Gold dub); Teryl Rothery (Ocean dub); Kate Oxley (Funimation dub); Jodi Forrest (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub)
Pasta/Raven voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Isabel Martiñón

Bongo/Domo voiced by (Japanese): Gorō Naya
Bongo/Domo voiced by (English): Michael McConnohie (Harmony Gold dub); Robert O. Smith (Ocean dub); Jonathan Brooks (Funimation dub); Paul Bandey (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub)
Bongo/Domo voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Mario Sauret

The two henchmen of Gurumes. Bongo is a large man with a three-section staff and Pasta is an attractive female gunslinger.

  • Amusing Injuries: Bongo seemed to have survived being flattened by Gurumes as he's seen lying unconscious near Pasta in the ending.
  • Brains and Brawn: Bongo is the brawn and Pasta is the brains.
  • The Brute: Bongo is the brawny enforcer who
  • The Bully: Bongo is seen bullying villagers in the beginning.
  • Dark Chick: Pasta isn't a martial artist but she's competent in battle.
  • Dub Name Change: In the Ocean dub Pasta has her name changed to Raven. Her name is changed to Mallia in the Harmony Gold dub. Bongo also had his name changed to Domo in the Ocean dub.
  • Expy: Similar to more competent versions of Shu and Mai.
  • Evil Redhead: Pasta. Strangely, one of her English names (Raven) refers to black hair.
  • Fighting with Chucks / Bifurcated Weapon: Bongo uses a three-section staff against Goku.
  • The Goggles Gotta Go: Pasta manages to stun Yamcha once her cap and goggles are knocked off.
  • Greed: Both are Only in It for the Money.
  • Thanks for the Mammary: Yamcha accidentally grabs Pasta's breast in a fight.
  • Theme Naming: After food (“Bongo” is a reference to “vongole” - clams).
  • Samus Is a Girl: Yamcha didn't realize Pasta's gender until her goggles and cap were knocked off and he touches her chest. Seeing this activates Yamcha's fear of women and he retreats with the gang.
  • Something about a Rose: Pasta holds one up after she shoots down Bulma's plane.


Lucifer (ルシフェル, Rushiferu)
Voiced by (Japanese): Nachi Nozawa (Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle), Katsuji Mori (Super Dragon Ball Heroes)
Voiced by (English): Mike McFarland (Funimation dub); Paul Bandey (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): José Lavat

The villain of the second Dragon Ball movie, Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle. Lucifer is a demon nobleman who rules the titular Devil's Castle in the distant Devil's Hand mountains. When Goku and Krillin petition Master Roshi to become his pupils, he first tasks them with bringing back the beautiful Sleeping Princess (on account of him being a dirty old lech). When Goku and friends get there, Lucifer and his army capture them just as he finishes his plan to destroy the sun, using the Sleeping Princess — which turns out to be a huge gemstone — to power a gigantic ray gun. After a fight, Goku's Kamehameha knocks the cannon out of alignment, pointing it right at Lucifer, destroying both him and his castle.

  • Anachronism Stew: He lives in a medieval castle, builds a futuristic laser cannon, and watches black-and-white television.
  • Anime Hair: It's all spiky much like Dracula Man's, but looks more similar to Goku's do.
  • Blood Lust: He ties up Bulma with the intent to suck out her blood to start the ceremony.
  • Bishōnen: Complete with Leiji Matsumoto eyelashes!
  • Cool Shades: Which he wears to protect his eyes from the sun.
  • Death Ray: His sun-destroying cannon.
  • Demon Lords and Archdevils: Daizenshuu 7 clarifies that he is demonic god of some sort. However, he has NOT been officially recognized as a Makaioshin as some would mistakenly have you believe.
  • The Dragon: His is a giant red demon named Ghastel who fights Goku and Krillin.
  • Evil Plan: To use a giant cannon to destroy the sun and plunge the Earth into eternal darkness that demons can use to run amuck undeterred.
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: Even while using his gentlemanly face, Lucifer's cords have that slight tinge of a rasp.
  • Game Face: That Bishōnen face of his is not his real face. He uses it to disguise his true intent.
  • Horror Hunger: He's a vampire; they suck blood. It comes with the territory. The only reason he "needs" Bulma's blood is for refreshments for his demon army.
  • The Igor: His assistant, a hunchback named... Igor.
  • Informed Ability: Daizenshuu 6 claims him to be an expert in hand-to-hand combat on par with Goku. He spends no time in the film demonstrating such and instead mainly relies on his army to get things done. Possibly handwaved with him being busy working on the ceremony that will destroy the sun.
  • Legions of Hell: He has an army of weird-looking demons and monsters at his command.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Comes across like a rich gentleman with refined taste.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Bulma should have taken his name "Lucifer" as the first inkling not to trust him,
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Lucifer is pretty blatantly inspired by Dracula as portrayed by Bela Lugosi.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His eyes glow when he's angry.
  • Satan: His name, though he doesn't bear much resemblance to the Christian Lucifer other than being a demon.
  • Sinister Shades: Wears shades to protect himself from the sun's glare.
  • Vampires Are Sex Gods: Easily manages to charm Bulma with his handsome face.
  • Villainous Widow's Peak: Again, like his fellow vampire Dracula Man, though he is very much a villain playing for keeps.
  • Wicked Cultured: Paints himself as a sophisticated gentleman who invites Bulma to a grand feast...only to reveal upon arrival that her blood is the main refreshment for the reception.

     The Mifan Empire 

Mifan (ミーファン, Mīfan)

A nation in the distant east in the third Dragon Ball movie, Mystical Adventure. In the Alternate Continuity of the first three Dragon Ball films, Mifan is the home of different versions of various characters:

  • Emperor Chiaotzu: The naive but kindhearted child ruler.
  • Tien: Chiaotzu's best friend, torn between his loyalty to the emperor and the treacherous Tsurusen'nin.
  • Tsurusen'nin: Chiaotzu's prime minister and Tien teacher in the martial arts, plotting to usurp the throne.
  • Tao Pai Pai: This world's version is acting as Tsurusen'nin's assassin and enforcer.
  • Lieutenant Blue: An alternate General Blue, captain of the palace guard and a loyal servant of Emperor Chiaotzu. Still executed by Tao.
  • Sergeant Metallic: Same as the Red Ribbon android, only working for Tsurusen'nin now.
  • Pilaf, Mai, and Shu: Not villains, but engineers who create a working Dragon Radar for Shen—who then has Tao kill them.

In a very loose retelling of the Red Ribbon and Tien Shinhan Sagas, The Crane Hermit has Tao collect the Dragon Balls, planning to use them to conquer the world after killing Chiaotzu. However, Tao is killed once again by Goku, Tien rebels against his villainous master, and the day is saved.

  • Alternate Continuity: A 'what if' story to the original Dragon Ball.
  • Death by Adaptation: Pilaf, Mai, and Shu, as opposed to the mainstream series. Also, while Tao Pai Pai and Tsurusen'nin both survive their defeats in canon, here there's a very likely chance that they are dead since there's no indication that they survived and the Dragon Ball movies don't continue after Mystical Adventure.
  • The Empire: When under Tao and the Crane Elder's command.