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Perverted Pig

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He really wants to pork.
Piggy met Baby in a disco bar
Baby said, "What a cute little piggy you are"
When he took one look at her rocket tits
He smiled real wide and said, "Baby, you're it"
—"Piggies", Oingo Boingo

Sometimes, pig characters are portrayed as dirty, in the physical sense of the word. But sometimes, it's their mind and morals that are filthy. It usually happens when the character is an anthropomorphic pig, rather than a more realistic one.

This trope stems from the human tendency to associate bodily cleanness with purity of mind and soul. Therefore pigs, who are often stereotyped as messy animals, are often thought of as lecherous, perverted and promiscuous. Sometimes that results in nothing more than a fondness of dirty jokes and comments; in other cases, the pig may go much further.

This trope is also in effect when perverted human characters are characterized as being pig-like or consistently compared to pigs. Note, that this does not mean just being called a "pig" as an insult by other characters; the work itself has to make the comparison either in character depiction or theming.

Orcs in most Standard Japanese Fantasy Settings are pig-based, taking after older Dungeons & Dragons concept art. They are also commonly depicted as lusting after and/or capturing the women of "weaker" species like humans and elves to mate with.

This trope is almost predominantly male, but female examples are not unheard of.

For a trope about pigs being literally dirty, see Messy Pig. Compare Brainy Pig, Full-Boar Action, Gluttonous Pig, Housepet Pig, and Sinister Swine for other pig Tropes.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Onigiri from Air Gear is a noted lech who (at first) is absolutely reviled by every female character because of his perverted ways and is often likened to a pig, by friends and foe alike. However, his perversion works to his immense benefit because his depravity allows him to be the only rider of the Smell Road, a road that utilizes his sweat to cause illusions and distort enemies' ability to ride. Notably, this only works against female riders: whereas Onigiri's battle level is normally below average, against female riders his level rises to that of a King. His battle shadow is always some version of a giant decorated war hog.
  • Oolong the little Pig Man from Dragon Ball is dirty in mind if not in body. It is even mentioned that Oolong was expelled from kindergarten for stealing his teacher's underwear. When he briefly turns into Bulma, the first thing he does is cop a feel on himself, much to Bulma's dismay.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Inverted with Hawk the pig, who's the most likely to reign in Meliodas' perverted antics rather than participate in any of them himself.

    Comic Strips 
  • Liberty Meadows: Dean is a former fraternity house mascot rescued by Brandy, who behaves like a stereotypical Fratbro. He is a lecherous, sexist pig with a drinking problem and an addiction to cigarettes. A Running Gag him hitting on various women in bars, only to have them beat him for his boorishness.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Mandy (2018): Invoked by "Fuck-Pig", a member of The Black Skulls who gruesomely murders people by raping them with a codpiece that has a knife on it that he uses as a dildo.


    Mythology and Legends 
  • The Alexander romances describe an encounter with a Pig Man. They attempt to lure it into a trap using a beautiful woman, which seems to work. Unfortunately, things take an unexpected turn when it snatches up the woman, carries her off and eats her alive.
  • In Norse Mythology the Vanir gods Freya and Freyr are strongly associated with boars. They are also associated with sex and fertility, and even comitted incest (for which Loki mocked them for).
  • Classical Mythology had the Crommyonian Sow, a large female pig slain by Theseus (and according to one classical interpretation, was actually a human prostitute and robber nicknamed "the sow" for her immorality).

  • The song "Piggies" by Oingo Boingo is about a man known as Piggy, who is shown to be quite lecherous. At the beginning of the song, Piggy meets a woman known as Baby at a disco bar, and immediately becomes drawn to her because of her "rocket tits".

  • Qwerpline enforces this trope in episode 14, "High and Dry", where the old Nsburg farmers' market is hosting the Big Pig F**k-off. Initially a cooperative breeding initiative among Therpston county farmers to promote strong stock among their pig drifts, it evolved into a "much beloved annual family event and betting opportunity" as to which hog will sire the most heirs.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Miss Piggy in The Muppet Show is sometimes a Rare Female Example. Not so much with her attempts to woo Kermit, in which she sees herself as a romantic heroine, but when she turns her attentions to male guest stars she often comes across as more lascivious, most notably in the Rudolf Nureyev episode, where she performs the "Wolf" section of "It's Cold Outside" opposite an uncomfortable Nureyev's "Mouse", while in a sauna.

    Video Games 
  • Randall "Randy" Tugman from Dead Rising 2. He's a psychopatic internet sex addict who wears a fetishized pig suit. Randy is obsessed with sex to the point that he uses the zombie outbreak as a chance to "marry" any attractive woman he sees.
    Visual Novels 

  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: Downplayed with Teruteru, as his character model (short, chubby, notably pinker skin tone than the other students, small black beady eyes, and an off-model circular round nose) more suggests the characteristics of a pig rather than outright evokes them and he isn't directly compared to a pig in game, but add this to his Lovable Sex Maniac and The Chikan nature and he fits the bill.

    Web Comics 
  • Squigley the anthro pig from Sinfest loves low-brow jokes and porn.

    Western Animation 
  • Spanky Ham from Drawn Together is a web animation pig known for his crude and obnoxious humor, and worked as a promoter for an adult entertainment download website (an "internet download pimp", in his own words) before getting hired onto the show.
  • Life's a Zoo: One of the contestants, Jake, is an anthropomorphic pig. One thing that can be said about him is that he is Sleazy with a capital "sleaze". He regularly hits on Minou (though to no success), and is revealed in "Self Helpless" to have a blow-up sex doll that he named "Nina".