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The original manga:

     Pilaf/Goku Saga 
  • There are a lot of CMOF in the first story arc, which makes sense since Dragon Ball was originally a gag manga. To name a few:
  • Goku and Bulma's first meeting. Bulma hits Goku with a car, sending him flying several feet into a tree. Goku gets up unharmed and bench lifts her car and throws it. Bulma gets out of the car and Goku thinks she's a monster and Bulma shoots him several times. That's right, in their first meeting Bulma tries to kill Goku twice.
    • Later at Goku's house Bulma tries to convince Goku to part with his 4-star ball by allowing him to feel on her. Keep in mind, Goku is 11.
      Goku: What do I care about seeing your dirty old fanny?
      Bulma: (outraged) IT'S NOT DIRTY, YOU RUDE LITTLE BOY!
    • Also from the very first episode.
      Bulma: They're called Dragon Balls!
      Goku: You mean some poor dragon-
      Bulma: No! Not that kind!
    • This line from the dub, when a Pterodactyl makes off with Bulma with the intent of making her dinner.
      Pterodactyl: Hey, don't be such a downer, baby! I'm in the mood for a Happy Meal!
    • Just before that, he tells Goku that they have dinner reservations and then ties him up. Goku's first musing?
      Goku: Gosh, I think he was lying.
      Pterodactyl: You're a regular Einstein. See ya!
  • Goku discovering television for the first time.
    Goku: Oh, no! That guy is trapped, and he's trying to break the glass by playing that horrible music!
    • Add the time when child Goku tries to have a bath with Bulma. Even funnier, Goku didn't even know what a bath was at that point.
    • Bulma's earlier freakout about Goku's tail being real. She thought it was fake up to that point.
    • After Goku annoys Bulma one time too many, she angrily states that he couldn't possibly be from Earth...
    • And later that episode when Goku takes off Bulma's panties and discovers that her "balls" are missing.
    • And that's just the set-up for a gag later on. When they meet Roshi and discover he has a Dragon Ball, he says he'll only give it up if Bulma shows him her panties. Bulma reluctantly agrees and lifts her gown, not realizing she's not wearing anything underneath. It's not until later when they get back to the capsule house that Bulma finds her panties on the floor and has an epic meltdown.
  • The eternal phoenix....dies from food poisoning.
    Roshi: Come to me...Immortal Phoenix!!
    (Nothing happens)
    Bulma: Was that "Immortal"...or "invisible"?
    Sea Turtle: Sir, if you'll recall the unpleasantness with the tainted birdseed...
    Roshi: Gaaa, that's right!! We lost the poor feller...
  • Bulma trying to ride the Flying Nimbus after Goku warned her that only a good/pure-hearted person could ride it. She fell right through.
    Bulma: But why?! Why?! Why?! Is it a sin to be too beautiful?!
  • Goku getting hit on the head with a hatchet causing a giant bump to form. Then, Bulma's plan to lure Oolong out by dressing Goku as a girl. Yes, she got Goku into a dress and he's not happy.
    • When Goku asks what Bulma is going to do in their plan against Oolong, the teen girl ducks into a house and says she'll be praying for Goku. With Friends Like These..., who needs enemies?
  • Oolong hitting on a disguised Goku and him turning into a handsome young man (he was originally an ogre), which immediately gets Bulma to come out of hiding so she could flirt with him. While Oolong is distracted by Bulma, Goku sneaks away to pee. Oolong sees him and freaks out that Goku's a boy. Goku is bewildered by how Oolong finds this out. He thinks his tail gave him away.
  • In order to intimidate Goku, Oolong turns into a giant robot and threatens to dunk him into a bowl of hot soup. While Oolong is making threats, his thumbs slips into the soup, burning him.
    Oolong: (Yells in pain and begins blowing on his thumb) Look what you made me do!
  • Bulma tricking Oolong into eating a "swee-trot", which causes digestive distress when Bulma whistles, which she uses to keep Oolong from ditching them.
  • Oolong trying to get Bulma to wear him after turning into panties. She reacted the way you expect.
  • Goku asking Oolong, a pig, does he like bacon when he was about to hunt for food.
    Oolong: What are you, brain dead!?
  • Goku poking Yamcha in the eyes and then slapping him across the screen. Made funnier in the manga since Yamcha literally broke the fourth wall.
  • In the English dub of the anime, while Oolong is hiding behind a rock, he hears a rumbling sound behind him. He turns around and sees that it's just Bulma, asleep and snoring on the ground.
    Oolong: Geez, I thought that was an earthquake!
    • And when Yamcha, who was in the worst stage of his fear of women, sees Bulma naked. His face is priceless.
  • In their rematch, Goku knocks Yamcha's tooth out, much to his horror.
  • Chi-Chi hysterically running away from a dinosaur that's trying to eat her and screaming for help, only to turn around and very easily behead the thing with a single slice of her blade...while still yelling for someone to save her.
  • Yamcha and Puar accidentally knocking her out directly after this. They soon realize that she's the daughter of the Ox King, who will most certainly kill them if they just leave her there. When she wakes up, Yamcha pretends to be in love with her to keep her from telling on them to her father and flees as soon as he's able.
  • Chi-Chi pushing Goku off the Flying Nimbus after he patted her on the crotch to confirm her sex.
  • When Chi-Chi first meets Master Roshi, she can't believe such a pervy geezer could possibly be the Master Roshi, so she decides to test him by throwing her helmet blade at him. He fails, but convinces her by showing his driver's license. For the rest of the mini-arc, Roshi wears a giant band-aid on his head.
  • In order to fly from his "Far Side" Island to Frypan Mountain, Master Roshi rides a spinning creature called Baby Gamera. In the manga, when he finally arrives, he starts throwing up from all of that spinning!
  • Roshi blows up the mountain he was supposed to save with his Kamehameha. The group has to point out to him that the mountain is gone.
  • Oolong allowing Master Roshi to put his face into his breasts as a transformed Bulma.
  • Boss Rabbit's car.
  • Bulma being turned into a carrot and Goku monologues about not liking carrots.
  • Even more hilarious once Goku is revealed as a Saiyan as Goku's real name, Kakarot, is a pun on Carrot.
  • This exchange between Goku and Boss Rabbit after Goku hits him with his Power Pole:
    Goku: Hey, you better change her back or I'm going to whack you again.
    Boss Rabbit: Whack me again?
    Goku: Yeah, whack you again.
  • As the heroes approach the seventh Dragon Ball, Oolong (Who was forced into coming by Bulma) asks her what they're going to wish for. Bulma's answer does not put him in a good mood.
    Oolong: Waitaminnit!! Y'mean I've been risking my neck to help a chick find a boyfriend?!
    Bulma: Not just a "chick"... Me! You should be proud to contribute to such a worthy cause!
  • The group being lured into a trap by following arrows painted on the floor. Even Pilaf's group is surprised that they were so dumb.
  • When Pilaf's group realizes that one of our heroes has the last Dragon Ball, Pilaf wonders where it is.
    Mai: Perhaps between that man's legs...
    *Pilaf and Shu look at Mai, then Pilaf looks away*
    Pilaf: We do not appreciate that sort of humor.
    Mai: I'm sorry, sir. (Holds up some poop on a stick)
    Pilaf: Or Dr. Slump references! After all, some manga artists strive to make their work dignified! If you think we're going to pander to our audience's love of pee-pee kaka humor simply to boost the sales of this Dragon Ball comic, you are sorely mistaken!
    • When Pilaf taunts the heroes in their cell through a TV screen, Goku mistakes it for a window until Yamcha corrects him.
  • Pilaf's "torture" of a captured Bulma: he blew her a kiss, and then blushed. While his gang and Yamcha treated it as a rape attempt.
  • When Pilaf has captured the heroes in the first Dragon Ball hunt, he has their cell gassed to knock them out. He then comes in to gloat... and passes out himself.
  • When Pilaf has Goku and company imprisoned, he reveals that their cell's glass roof is to slowly roast them in the hot sun.
    Bulma: What do we do...?!! I didn't bring any sunblock! Oh, my complexion!!
    Oolong: You're not gonna die quietly, are ya.
  • When Goku is telling Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar about the monster that killed his grandfather, along with destroying the surrounding landscape, he's asked what kind of monster it was. Goku replies that he didn't see it, as he was asleep at the time. Oolong's response is hilarious.
    "You slept through your house being destroyed? What are you made of?"
  • This is more of a Hilarious in Hindsight sort of thing, but after Goku transforms back to normal...we have this:
    Oolong: "So what's the deal? Is Goku some kind of alien?"

     Tournament Saga 
  • Goku eating all the food in Roshi's refrigerator when he made the mistake of telling Goku to help himself since he was busy watching one of his videos.
    • He first gets Roshi's attention by screaming in his ear. And when Roshi goes into the kitchen, he’s startled to find that Goku even ate his last stick of butter.
      Roshi: I've been RANSACKED! Where'd you put all my food!?
  • Goku's efforts to find Master Roshi a girl and Krillin's grand entrance:
    • Master Roshi told Goku to bring him a beautiful girl. Goku first brings him a gigantic and pudgy powerlifter, and then a mermaid who slaps him for his perversion. For obvious reasons, Roshi later pairs Goku with the savvier Krillin for the search.
      • This gets funnier after Dragon Ball Super reveals that Saiyans are attracted to strong women: to Goku, a powerlifter and a girl that swims all the time are beautiful.
    • Krillin rows up to Roshi's island, does an epic leap, complete with flips... And lands directly on his head, burying it in the sand completely, while the rest of his body squirms.
      Roshi: ...Who's the goof? Better help him, kid.
  • When Krillin tries to ride on the Flying Nimbus and falls through, Roshi figures his new pupil was holding out on him. As it turns out, Krillin came to the island with a veritable collection of smutty magazines (plus one gay magazine).
  • Goku telling Krillin how he figures out who's a boy and girl. Krillin quickly tells Goku that he's a boy.
  • The first time Launch transformed into her bad side in front of the group, she pumped Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi full of lead.
  • Krillen's attempt at fooling Master Roshi that he found the stone with Roshi's signature on it which he and Goku were sent to find.
    • After finding a random stone and attempting to imitate Roshi's handwriting, Krillin brings the stone to Roshi who after examining it...just chucks it right at Krillin's head!
      Master Roshi: Nice try, lame-o but that's not my handwriting!
  • Goku and Krillin trying to dodge a swarm of bees and out-swim sharks during their training. Not to mention the milk run from hell and all the rest.
    • Special mention to the time when Goku protests over this kind of training and asks Roshi why won't he train them in fighting techniques. Roshi counters that he'll teach them when they have enough strength to move a large boulder, and to prove his point, he pushes it a bit, with a huge effort. Goku then goes off to move a similar one, and when Roshi tells him to stop or he'll get hurt, he easily pushes it a few good feet. Krillin even comments "He's definitely NOT human!" which makes it even more Hilarious in Hindsight because years later he turns out to be right.
  • When Krillin explains to Goku about the Tenkaichi, we see a number of strange fighters including a Bruce Lee Clone, a gorilla with boxing gloves, and a humanoid Ptero Soarer. The last of which actually enters the Tournament (it's Giran hidden in the shadows).
    • As Krillin details how hard the tournament is, the Bruce Lee Clone fights the gorilla, wins, makes the V-Sign... And is promptly left with an Ash Face by his next opponent, a Kaiju.
  • The sorting:
  • Before the tournament starts, the chief priest of the martial arts temple, a dog, gives a few words to the public:
    Chief priest: Woof!
    Announcer: Thank you.
    [general Face Fault in the public]
  • Krillin is able to fight the legendarily stinky Bacterian opponent unhindered because he was drawn without a nose. What makes it even better is that Krillin was losing before Goku pointed this out to him.
    • And then defeats him by farting in his face.
    • The announcer and several monks wearing gas masks throughout the entire fight and people cheering Krillin on so they could get that guy off the stage. And when Bacterian's defeated, the monks waste no time cleaning everything and spraying perfumes.
      Oolong: Smells like we got here just in time.
      Paur: It smells like we should have been late!
  • Yamcha's attempts at exposing Jackie Chun as Master Roshi.
  • Before Nam's fight with Ranfan, Goku finds a giant plate of meat that Giran is eating from and decides to help himself. Giran starts eating more quickly, and he and Goku basically race to see who can eat the meat more quickly before Goku swipes it to offer some to a hungry Nam.
  • Nam's fight with Ranfan. Monk versus Fanservice.
    • And at the end, Jackie Chun takes the chance and feels up the fainted Ranfan.
      Jackie Chun: Please step back, everyone, I'm a doctor! Okay... let me just... check for a heartbeat... (gropes her ass)
      Announcer: (Annoyed) Excuse me, sir? I think you should wait inside.
  • When Goku and Giran are about to start their match a downpour starts coming down, resulting in a rain break... And Goku and Giran facing each other in fighting poses for a while.
    • From the dub: Giran storms into a bar, giving everyone present pause, and marches up to the bartender and asks: "Got Milk?"
    • After the rain break ended and Goku doesn't show up, the other contestants start looking for him. He was... taking a nap under a tree, causing Krillin and Yamcha to fall down, while Chun flying, with Ranfan looking. Then at the tournament stage, the reason why he wasn't there immediately:
      Goku: (happily) I was taking a nap!
      [the audience Face Fault when they find out he was serious]
      • In the anime, when the match officially begins, the audience goes from Face Faulting back to cheering on the fighters in an instant.
    • Giran calling foul on Goku when the latter avoids a ring out with the Nimbus... And being in the right.
    • The reaction of those who have seen the Great Ape when Goku's tail regrows, and Giran's face when he sees Goku hanging from his arm with said tail.
    • After freeing himself of the Merry-Go-Round Gum and seeing he was back at full strength by kicking down a wall, Goku prepares to fight Giran... Who produces a white flag and forfeits.
  • Right before Krillin's match against Jackie Chun, the announcer interviews both Turtle School kids. Afterwards, Chun wants an interview too, but the announcer refuses. So Chun takes his microphone and sings, with Goku dancing along. Watch here.
    • Also, the interview itself due Goku's naivety. When asked if his tail is real, he pulls down his pants and moons the audience to show, yes, he does have a monkey tail growing out of his butt!
  • Krillin and Jackie Chun going over step-by-step what happened during a fight sequence that was too fast for the announcer to see.
  • While fighting Nam, Goku improvises a new technique that works by spinning so fast that Nam couldn't see the punches coming. Nam is forced on the edge on the ring, Goku comes close... Then stops and falls down due the dizziness from spinning so fast. And Nam's nearly loses due the Face Fault nearly making him fall out of the ring.
    • Nam's face when Goku recovers from his strongest attack, and his reactions in general.
    • In episode 25 of the anime, Roshi asks Nam to pose as him standing in the crowd to trick the suspicious Yamcha. It works, leaving poor Yamcha sputtering.
      Yamcha: (to Goku and Krillin) Guys, I was wrong! Master Chun isn't Jackie Roshi!
  • Before the finals, the announcer tries to interview both Goku and Jackie Chun. Goku gives him a pragmatic answer, and Jackie... Is sleeping while standing..
  • After the tournament Roshi offered to treat everyone to dinner. Unfortunately for Roshi, Goku is hungrier than usual after his four-hour fight and eats the entire restaurant out of food and he still wasn't full. By the end, Roshi spends almost his entire prize money feeding Goku.
    Narrator: Looks like Goku got to spend the prize money after all.
    • Y'know, this could explain why Roshi forfeited the next tournament and stayed the hell out of the one after that.

     Red Ribbon Army Saga 
  • Nam trying his Tenku Pekeji Ken on a flying opponent.
  • Pilaf's PTSD every time he sees Goku.
  • Pilaf opening a window in his flying fortress, while it's still in flight.
  • Goku blackmailing Pilaf to give him the 4-Star Ball (which was fake) by not helping him when he was falling to his death.
  • Chi-Chi and Goku's second reunion. Chi-Chi is happy to see Goku and Goku doesn't really care. Best part, when talking about getting married Goku asked what she's talking about only for Chi-Chi to say that he knows but is teasing and accidentally sends him flying into a tree when she slaps him.
  • While Goku is going north searching for a Dragon Ball he starts complaining it's too cold, and the robot piloting the plane he's on declares his superiority to Humans as robots don't feel cold... Until he's too frozen to continue working.
  • Suno's reaction when Goku tells her of the Dragon Balls, how they can summon a wish-granting dragon... And Oolong wished for lingerie.
  • Goku 'hiding' from Red Ribbon Army soldiers in the bathroom. He gave himself away by flushing the toilet and the soldiers filled the bathroom with machine gun bullets. Goku is stunned, but walks out and asks if one of the soldiers was Suno's dad.
  • Goku leaves Suno's house to beat up White's army and rescue the village chief... Then runs back because it's too cold.
  • Goku versus Metallic. Metallic, the first robotic warrior of the Red Ribbon, is somewhat stronger than Goku and just won't stop even after losing his head to a Kamehameha, Goku is in trouble... And then Metallic stops. Turns out they hadn't recharged it since last spring...
  • During Ninja Murasaki's fight with Goku, he leaps into the air, but landed his ass on Goku's carefully positioned Nyoibo. His painful reaction: PRICELESS!!!
    Goku: Now we both have a tail!
    • The entire 'fight' with Murasaki was him being Goku's plaything for several episodes. Goku could have literally ended the fight at anytime, but he was having too much fun to bother.
    • White's commentary. Including such things as pointing out that Murasaki may have formidable ninja skills (and he does have them) but is also an idiot.
    White: Purplenote're skills are unparalleled...but your brains are unpardonable...
  • When he's dropped into Buyon's den, Goku does a backflip and lands on his feet... Then Eighter crashes on him.
  • Anime only: after the fall of Muscle Tower, Murasaki is stalking Goku, using his tree camuflage (correctly, this time) to avoid detection. Goku falls for it... And takes a leak on him. This is only the start of his newest series of disgraces, that include:
    • falling in a frozen lake due landing on a place where Eighter had damaged the ice. He nearly drowns to avoid detection;
    • tripping and falling down a mountain, becoming a giant snowball in the process and continuing his descent until he hits a tree;
    • he steals Goku's knapsack, and Goku, unable to reach him due the ninja's snowmobile, fires a Kamehameha. He misses, but causes an avalanche that buries Murasaki, allowing Goku to recover his lunch (he had left the Dragon Balls at Suno's house);
    • after coming out of the snow, Murasaki swears revenge... Then the bomb that used to be on Eighter's heart lands on his face, courtesy of Goku throwing it in a random direction, and explodes. At least it was the end of his suffering...
  • Goku's city adventure:
    • When Goku arrives, he proves he does not belong there: he gets lost, takes a cab but has no money to pay for it, doesn't understand that people don't know everyone despite living in the same place, gets a load of money by defeating a Bruce Lee Clone who was offering it to anyone who could defeat him (and ends up soiling himself), some losers try to rob him, and finally he gives a bunch a money to a random stranger for giving him information-namely, that he should ask a cop.
    • Metro West has three persons named Bulma. That is, named after the bloomers.
    • That poor cop and Goku being exposed to Bulma's house. Especially the pets.
      "Dad takes in lots of abandoned cats, dogs and dinosaurs from all over."
    • Bulma's mom stepping on Bulma when she was showing Goku her shrink watch. By the Dull Surprise reaction from everyone, except Goku, this isn't unusual.
    • The cop's reaction to the Kinto Un/Flying Nimbus and Bulma shrinking herself before they both fly away riding a cloud:
      "R-Rich people make no sense at all..."
    • The cop then rides away on the scooter that has just been fixed by Bulma's father... Except it had been fixed too well, and is now incredibly fast. Hilarity and Crash Ensue.
    • At the amusement park:
      Park worker: Tickets, please.
      Goku: Oh, so you are Tickets? I'm Goku! Nice to meet you!
    • Master Thief Husky was hired by the Red Ribbon to steal Goku's two Dragon Balls. Posing as a fortune teller, she mentions he has two balls inside his clothes, and asks to see them. Come on, guess what balls Goku shows her... The dub has a great ending joke about it:
      Goku: That was great! You knew all about me!
      Oolong: Not all about you, just the private parts!
  • Vs. Blue:
    • When Goku goes underwater to search for a Dragon Ball, Bulma pulls out the capsule case and notices there's only one capsule in there, and Bulma realizes she took her dad's case. She decides to have a little faith in her dad and throws the capsule… but out pops a ton of porn. Goku thinks its weird how all these people have their clothes off even though they're not taking baths, and she yells that kids aren't supposed to look at that. She then tears up all the magazines.
      Goku: This is weird... they're all naked, even though they aren't taking baths...
    • Another dub has a different but equally funny one:
      Goku: Gosh, how sad. These girls must be poor. They can’t afford clothes.
    • When Bulma has a run-in with a couple mooks, they propose her to do something fun. Realizing what they mean, Bulma tries to gain time for Goku to return by listing a few things that could be fun, such as hide-and-seek, video games, and then, when she has nothing else to list: "Something really perverted that you can't do in a gag anime meant for good boys and girls... ?!"
    • Bulma tricking the two mooks down a cliff... And them accidentally climbing on the other side.
    • Master Roshi using Bulma's shrinking watch to spy on the girls:
      • First time it's on Bulma herself, who's on the toilet. He arrives when she had finished and on top of that, falling into the toilet as Bulma flushed it. Needless to say, he stank very strongly after that.
      • Second attempt is on Lunch, who he tells to take a shower before preceeding her in the bathroom. She instead decides to vacuum it, catching him as well as the dust.
      • The third time he prepares Lunch a hot bath, and goes to convince her. Except she's cooking and has pepper in her hand, and his attempt at convincing her leads to her getting a nose-full of pepper. A sneeze later, he has to cook up a ridiculous story that finally gets him on the Blonde Lunch's less evil side and even to massage her shoulders... Then he tries to massage her front. After that he has to cook for her, but he's a Cordon Bleugh Chef, and by the time Lunch sneezes again and he can try again to get her to take that bath the Red Ribbon attacks.
    • When some mooks are sent to Kame House to get the Dragon Balls...
      Captain Dark: Tear the house apart! I want those Dragon Balls!
      Master Roshi: And I can see why. You're obviously lacking in the ball department.
    • In general, the confrontation between Roshi and Lunch not taking the Red Ribbon seriously and Dark growing more pissed off at every word. Right up until Roshi decides he has enough and beats them up.
    • The last soldier standing was keeping Lunch hostage, and seemed about to force Roshi to surrender... Then Kame holds some leaves near her nose, and she uses them to sneeze. And he insults her for sneezing at such a moment. Roshi had to save him from Bad Launch's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown...
    • And the final punchline: Roshi forcing the first recovering soldier to take away his companions.
    • While the group is walking in a dark cave, Bulma tells Krillin to go first and light the way with his bald head.
    • The portrait of Red and Black, with their respective sizes swapped.
    • This exchange:
      Goku: Hey I know what you are. All those legs. You're a... spider!
      Octopapa: I'm an Octopus!
      Goku: Oh. Nice meeting you. Bye.
    • Goku frying the giant octopus with his Kamehameha and then casually eating it.
      Goku: This isn't bad. It taste a little like chicken.
    • Bulma seeing Blue for the first time, falling for him... And then dry-humping him. No wonder Blue was grossed out...
      • Later, after Krillin was defeated, she tried to seduce him. After that obviously failed due conflicting sexual preferences, she claimed she was a guy.
    • Blue's freakout at Krillin kicking him in the face.
    • The terrified soldier who decided to disguise himself as supplies to not get beat up by Goku, Krillin and Bulma when they came for food at Blue's base. Then Commander Red called... And Goku answered while believing it was the radio that was talking (he didn't know about radios yet).
      Commander Red: Do you have any idea who I am?!
      Goku: Who?
      *Beat. Red and Black have priceless looks*
      Commander Red: RED! COMMANDER RED!
      Goku: You yell too much! Jerk!
      *Goku 'punches out' the radio*
    • The Doctor Slump crossover. For Goku and General Blue it is like they entered Cloudcuckooland with all the bizarre stuff happening around them. By the end Goku had taken a 'abandon all logic' kind of mentality from the whole thing.
      • Blue taking Arale hostage... And wondering why her family isn't taking him seriously, with Senbei being worried for him. Then he tries to kill Goku... And Senbei tells Arale to play a rough game of pro-wrestling with him. He got knocked all the way to Egypt...
      • And while the above happened... The local police, freaking out about the Red Ribbon being in town, stumbles on Nikochan and mistake his spaceship for the Red Ribbon.
  • Vs. Tao Pai Pai:
  • Vs. Red Ribbon's main base:
    • Roshi is using Bulma's Goku-searching drone to spy on a girl who's undressing on a beach... Then Bulma deactivates the receiving antenna to augment the signal. After the image returns, Roshi can still see the end, she takes off the panties... And that's when Roshi finds out the girl was gone and he was now spying a man.
    • After picking up Roshi and the others to try and help Goku against the Red Ribbon, Yamcha asks where is Krillin... And has a priceless face when Roshi replies he's swimming to go shopping.
    • It's impossible not to laugh at the horrified faces of the soldiers during Goku's whole rampage. There's one instance where a sniper tries to shoot Goku, and the bullet hits him in the cheek, causing him little more than a slight annoyance:
    Goku: That hurt! I'll be back and you'll pay for that!
    Soldier: (ducking under the wall) No, no, please no!
  • Baba/Pilaf segment:
    • When Bulma suggests that something may have swallowed the missing Dragon Ball, Oolong quips that nobody would be that stupid. Becomes rather funny when King Piccolo (who is rather smart) does just that.
      • Which becomes even funnier in GT when Goku tries the same thing and almost chokes to death on it.
    • Yamcha and Krillin getting new clothes for Goku. They dressed him up like a school boy that rivals the outfit that Chi-Chi makes Gohan wear to Namek. Goku is not amused, but Yamcha, Krillin, Puar, and the audience are.
    • Krillin thinking Upa is a girl and telling Goku how cute he is. This is somewhat understandable since Upa is a pretty boy, but Goku of all people corrects Krillin. This is the same person who couldn't tell a boy and a girl apart outside of touching them. Krillin is left very embarrassed and, for the record, Goku never checked Upa, he just knew he was a boy.
      • After Goku makes fun of Krillin for mistaken Upa's gender, he strips in the middle of the street. Yamcha tells him to get a room and Upa just looks away. Goku then scratches himself, which really sets Yamcha and Krillin off.
    • Fortune Smeller Baba.
    • Krillin's fight against Dracula. Goku even asked Krillin how he lost so easily.
      • Puar and Upa (both non-fighters) beat said Dracula with a combination of garlic, a holy cross symbol, and Puar turning into a fly swatter and knocking him out-of-bounds. Goku promptly declares them being stronger than Krillin.
    • When Baba brings out her second fighter, our heroes mistake a cockroach for him. At least until it's revealed it's an Invisible Man.
      • After the initial problems, Yamcha managed to pinpoint his opponent's location by hearing him move. Cue Baba covering him by singing horribly.
      • Krillin's counter to that? Cheering for the Invisible Man... And then, as expected, he thanked him, even after Yamcha started beating him up. Baba couldn't believe that anyone would fall for such a trick, and had to tell him to shut up and finish the fight.
      • Krillin final and decisive trick: having Master Roshi nosebleed on him after lifting Bulma's shirt up.
      • Why are Roshi and Bulma there? Because Krillin sent Goku to bring them there, so he tracked them down and kidnapped them from a plane... Leaving Oolong and Good!Launch on board, and none of them can fly it! Bonus point for Oolong having said that nothing good ever happens when Goku shows up.
    • Goku being his kid self at Baba.
    • How about this exchange of dialogue, just before Yamcha's fight with the Mummy?
      Mummy: (laughs evilly) Pain and suffering are all you have to look forward to now!
      Yamcha: Whatever! Anyone ever tell you your mummy dresses you funny? *Twinkle Smile*
    • Akkuman's face after he nearly falls in the acid, and the ones he makes when the Devilmite Beam fails on Goku. Especially after the second time shows it wasn't a fluke.
    • They ask Grandpa Gohan if he would like them to use the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life, but he declines because, "I've got a lot of friends, and most of them are brunettes!" Master Roshi excitedly exclaims, "Save some for me!"
    Yamcha: (Teasingly) Such a surprise, Master Roshi...that one of your students would be obsessed with women...
    Master Roshi: Oh, shut up!
    • This bit between Pilaf and Goku:
      Pilaf: "Pinky swear!"
      Goku: "I don't want to swear!"
    • Pilaf and his gang setting Goku's pants on fire in an effort to grab his tail (which had been pulled by Gohan). Goku gets Shu to give him his clothes.
    • Baba saying she feels one day Goku will save the world... And Bulma replying "I wouldn't be surprised".
      • Becomes funnier with Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, as it establishes that one of Bulma's friends first came to Earth to thwart Goku's "invasion". Sure, she apparently never linked the description of the Saiyan to Goku (assuming Jaco or Tights ever told her how they look alike), but still funny.
    • When Yamcha asks Roshi to take him as a pupil the old master is initially unwilling... Then Bulma says she'd visit from time to time and try her new swimsuits, and his answer changes dramatically:
      Roshi: "Well, when can you start?"
      *Everyone but Yamcha has a Face Fault. Yes, even Baba*
    • Master Roshi gives a poetic and meaningful speech to Goku that moves the rest of the cast near tears. Goku completely misses its meaning, and ask Roshi to start over.
    • During the goodbyes, Goku tells Bulma he hopes she'll have calmed down when they meet again, while Krillin says he'll be taller than Goku.
    • Yamcha's horrified face when Roshi tells Goku to do his journey around the world on foot, followed by asking if the training regime was really that harsh. Poor boy... He has no idea what's going to hit him.
      • As an answer to the above and Baba's barbs, Master Roshi makes everyone run back to his island so they can get a taste of what it's like to be Goku. This includes Bulma!

     Second Tournament Saga 
  • Training journey events:
    • Goku stumbles on a tigerman that's about to eat a little girl, so he ask if he can eat the rice balls the girl had dropped trying to struggle. He was really hungry.
      • After being saved anyway (after Goku ate, of course), the girl, who was searching for a strong fighter to save her village, recruits bribing him with the promise of more food.
    • "There's a monster with a head for a crotch!"
    • The crew of a ship sees something in the water approaching at high speed. They pull hard at starboard, and, also thanks to the unknown object changing course, avoid a collision... Then they see what it was: Goku, who needs directions for Papaya Island. The crew was too shocked to do anything but point...
  • Bad Launch's problem when on planes: she's always tempted to hijack them.
  • After Goku arrives at the temple and registers, Roshi offers to treat him and the others to all the food they can eat. Then he remembers just how much Goku eats...
  • Episode 87 of the anime, Chiaotzu calling Krillin baldy. When Krillin points out that he's bald too, Chiaotzu takes off his hat and reveals one strand of hair. Tien is very embarrassed by this.
    • Goku being surprised that the announcer knew what number he would pull (he was the last person to draw). He reached into the drawing box and called the man a genius. Tien is quick to tease Yamcha and Krillin about this. Chiaotzu doesn't understand what Goku did wrong, causing Tien to nervously tell him to be quiet.
  • As Roshi is apparently lost, the Crane Hermit decides to help Bulma and the others finding him by having the tournament staff make an announcement for a disappeared 300 years old pervert with a head that is bald and shiny. Jackie Chun's reaction when Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha recognize him from the announcement is priceless.
  • During "Yamcha vs. Tien", Yamcha briefly gets the upper hand in the match.
    Tien: [on the ground writhing in pain]
    Yamcha: What? What was that? I'm sorry, I can't understand you. I don't speak pain!
  • Before the start of the second day of fights a number of fans is seen admiring the fighters as they come in, with some fangirls squeeing when Panput shows up... Then Goku runs by holding his crotch needing to pee NOW and asks one of the monks where's the nearest toilet.
  • Jackie Chun's "fight" against Man-Wolf. It can't even be called a Curb-Stomp Battle, Man-Wolf is so outclassed. Chun wins by making Man-Wolf fetch a bone he tossed out of the ring.
    • Man-Wolf hates Chun because he's a reverse werewolf, and as Chun destroyed the moon he can't turn back into human anymore. How does the problem get solved? Jackie Chun hypnotizes him into believing that Krillin's head is the full moon. The announcer promptly nicknames Krillin as "Full Moon Krillin".
    • Tienshinhan's WTF face when he sees it actually worked.
    • Everyone's reactions when they see Man-Wolf's human form.
      Jackie: I take it there are no mirrors where he comes from.
      Krillin: Maybe he should grow a beard.
    • Back in the 21st Tournament, one of the lesser things the announcer had called Jackie out for was that werewolves wouldn't be able to transform anymore.
  • Episode 90 of the anime has "Jackie Chun" mention Chiaotzu's ability to fly being a specialty of the Crane school. It becomes a bit Hilarious in Hindsight when he dismisses the technique as "nonsense", considering most of the more powerful fighters who'd came later in the franchise all know it.
  • Krillin beating Chiaotzu by forcing him to do some hard math problems. Namely, what's 4 plus 3 and 9 minus 1 (Chiaotzu needs both his hands open to use his psychic powers), and then punching him while's he's trying to solve them. Made better by Chiaotzu, after failing to do the first one and getting punched, demanded to know what's 16 plus 27, only for Krillin to answer instantly and make his second question.
    • The reactions. Master Shen declares that he should have taught him math too, when Krillin's bragging of his superior intelligence Bulma asks him what's 130,000,000 plus 904,203,271 to take him down a peg (cue Luminescent Blush when he's forced to admit that Bulma's smarter), and then we're treated to Master Shen teaching Chiaotzu some basic math skill Training from Hell-style.
    • This also becomes a Brick Joke when you remember that studying was part of Master Roshi's training program for Goku and Krillin.
    • Another Brick Joke: during the match with Tenshinhan, Jackie Chun uses the After-Image Technique to create eight doubles, and Chiaotzu immediately starts counting them with his fingers until his master yells at him to stop.
  • Pamput's manager had tried to keep Goku from fighting his protegem but Bad Launch interfered...because she had promised Goku an ice cream and didn't want to waste it when she saw him going away on a car. Oh, and in the hurry to get to Goku, she stole the ice cream.
  • Pamput's attempt to impress Goku breaks down a wall. Cue complaining from the announcer... And Jackie being happy that now it's easier to watch the fights.
    • All of Pamput's misplaced arrogance. Especially because he knows that Goku is the last Tenkaichi runner-up, and still thinks he can win.
  • During the fight between Jackie Chun and Tien, Launch sneezes and becomes Bad Launch. She starts yelling and firing her gun into the air. Cue both Jackie and Tien's WTF? faces.
  • The Crane Hermit realizes Chun is actually Master Roshi. How does he confirm it? A telepathic message saying there's a beautiful girl cheering on him right behind him-and seeing him react when Jackie turns and has a bemused look when the girl turns out to be not so beautiful.
    • Shortly after Tien was told of his opponent's real identity we have this exchange:
      Tien: In return, I'll show you something really interesting.
      Jackie Chun: Would it happen to be a dirty book?
  • Right before the final match people discuss about who will win, and one fan says that Tenshinhan will because he has three eyes. Said fan has only one giant eye.
  • Tien's sudden squeaky voice and ridiculous look when he announced and used the Volleyball Attack.
  • Right after the Volleyball Attack, Goku announces that, since Tien can obviously take it, he'll now fight normal. Muten Roshi and Krillin wonder since when "normal" applies to Goku.
  • After realizing the Crane Hermit is having Chaotzu cheat and paralize Goku, Launch attacks him with a hammer. Her slow realization she's bitten more than she can chew when he blocks the hammer with a finger is priceless just as him showing that, in Dragon Ball, Slapstick Knows no Gender.
  • Tien offering to treat everyone after Goku refused to take half of the prize money. Krillin laughs that Goku will get to spend his share after all.

    King Piccolo Saga 
  • After getting his butt handed to him by Tambourine, Goku search for food to recharge himself. What follows is a Humiliation Conga where a piece of fruit tried to eat Goku then spit him out in disgust, Goku being beaten up by a kangaroo and her baby, and finally launching himself on a giant roasting fish only to get burned in the butt by the fire that's roasting the fish.
    • After dealing with the fire, Goku devouring the fish... With the BGM being the one used for when Goku's annihilating an enemy or getting the upper hand in a fight.
  • The Imagine Spot of Krillin coming back to life as a zombie.
  • As the gang is discussing what to do with Piccolo, Muten Roshi says "light gray". Some brilliant fighting strategy? No, the color of Bulma's panties. And she nods before fully catching up what he said.
    • Everybody's looks when observing Bulma's violent reaction.
  • The Pilaf gang trying to entertain King Piccolo with a porn book. Piccolo of course ignores them... Because he's sleeping with his eyes wide open.
  • In the dub when Goku and Yajirobe first notice Cymbal flying towards them:
    Yajirobe: What an ugly bird.
  • Cymbal the Butt-Monkey:
    • Cymbal comes to pick Yajirobe's Dragon Ball, but he's considered so threatening that Goku and Yajirobe play rock paper scissors to determine which of them gets to fight him-Goku because he admitted he's a friend of Tambourine, Yajirobe because he wants to eat him.
    • During the game Cymbal tries to scare them saying he works for King Piccolo.
      Goku: Never heard of him.
    • Cymbal's face when he realizes he's been cut into two.
    • The worth ending to the whole Humiliation Conga: Yajirobe goes through into eating him (much to Goku's disgust). And, just to humiliate the poor demon a little further, Cymbal wasn't filling enough! At least he tasted good...
  • Goku looking at Yajirobe eating Cymbal with the same horrified face people have when they see him eating.
    Yajirobe: You ain't gettin' any.
    Goku: I don't want any.
  • Yajirobe's Imagine Spot of what Krillin should look like-that is, himself but bald and noseless.
  • How does Tambourine find the Kame House? Easy: he got lost, so he stopped to ask for directions... To the relocated Kame House. Bonus point for flying down just after Oolong said there was no way Piccolo's henchmen would find them there and Bulma agreeed with him.
  • This bit of dialogue between Yamcha and Tambourine:
    Yamcha: That must make you King Piccolo's yes-man.
    Tambourine: Yes- I-I mean, uh, well you don't- shut up!
  • When Tambourine shows up to avenge Cymbal, Yajirobe agrees to let Goku fight him... But calls dibs on eating him. And when it appears Goku has beaten him to death in the first exchange, he immediately reminds him of it, even licking his lips at the thought.
    • His enraged reaction when there's nothing to eat due Goku disintegrating Tambourine. He had even already prepared the fire to roast him...
  • During Goku and Piccolo's first fight Goku is being beaten badly and held by Piccolo by his shirt. While Piccolo gloated, Goku bites his thumb, causing his only injury to him. Piccolo even sucks on the wound like a small child.
    • Shortly after Goku tries the Kamehameha. Cue a priceless Oh, Crap! when Piccolo thinks it's the Mafuba, and an even more hilarious face when he realizes it isn't.
  • It's hilarious to watch the mighty and terrifying Demon King Piccolo cower every single time he sees an electric rice cooker. That situation is the perfect encapsulation of early Dragon Ball: a deathly serious, murderous, megalomaniacal ancient demon's only fear is something as incredibly mundane as a rice cooker.
  • Yajirobe's completely off-mark Imagine Spot of Karin/Korin as some kind of monster, and later of the senzu beans, that Goku had described as "wizard food", as any kind of food that a stereotypical wizard made appear with his magic wand.
    • Also, his reaction when he sees the senzu beans: rant about it being not tasty at all while he eats a few handfuls... And then get a Balloon Belly so great he almost becomes a ball himself. He also gets a stomacache.
  • Anime only: during the search for the Ultra Divine Water, Yajirobe and Goku get separated, and Yajirobe suddenly finds himself standing before a large and horrifying lizard. A few moments of silence later, Yajirobe starts salivating and gives chase to eat the poor lizard.
  • Yajirobe taste-testing the Ultra Devine Water is a little dark, but hilarious to watch with him thrashing about and Goku looking on, now having some hesitation about drinking the water wholesale. The icing on top is Yajirobe's wheezing afterward that the stuff is plain-old poison.
  • Piccolo takes the throne as King of the World and makes a worldwide broadcast about how from now on all government and law enforcement are abolished and his army will kill anyone who tries to fight against crime. All Launch has to say is "That doesn't sound so bad."
  • Yajirobe believes he can ride a Kinto Un/Flying Nimbus... So he jumps on Karin/Korin's massive one from on top of the tower. Good thing he's tough...
  • How Bulma's parents react at King Piccolo's announcement he's coming to destroy Metro West. All of it, starting from them being so happy that Bulma doesn't live there that it takes them a while to realize they are in Metro West.
  • When all of the Dragon Ball gang are heading the city in King Piccolo is located to aid Goku and Tien in fighting him, Bad Launch for the first time shows eagerness and willingness in fighting with the Dragon Ball gang against a major enemy, mostly due to the fact she wants to protect Tien as she loves him. Launch then suddenly sneezes, reverting her to her "Good" form, much to Dragon Ball's gang horror and disappointment, and then asks: "Are we going on a picnic?"
  • Yajirobe comes to King Castle to watch Goku's fight, but is torn between his sense of self-preservation and the fact Goku still owes him a lunch for disintegrating Tambourine. He ends deciding that Goku will win but there's no need to rush... Then Good Launch fires a missile at him by accident (she didn't even know he was there).

     Piccolo Jr./Third Tournament Saga 
  • After learning about Piccolo Jr, Goku is excited about their fight in three years time and ready to start the training... And then asks where's the bathroom, as he needs to take a leak. Cue surprised faces and Face Fault from Kami and Popo.
  • Shortly after being resurrected, Roshi asks Bulma to let him feel her in celebration for the victory.
  • When his students ask him to train them for the next tournament, Roshi replies he has nothing more to teach them except how to woo girls, and suggests they go on training journeys. They accept his suggestion... But Krillin also takes him up on the wooing lessons.
  • During Goku's training, he had to fight a doll of himself that was kicking his butt throughout the entire day. When he finally managed to land several decent hits and knock it out, Mr Popo casually revealed that the doll was out of energy and that's why he beat it. Goku's so stunned by the news that he collapsed and fell asleep on the ground.
  • After not seeing him for three years, what is the first thing Muten Roshi asks Oolong? If he's been collecting girl panties as usual all the time. Oolong promptly Lampshades the question... Just as he and Launch share a Luminescent Blush.
  • And how does Roshi greet Bulma? By feeling her up, of course!
    Roshi: My, my, my— Look at you! You've really grown up, haven't you!?
    Bulma: (Elbows Roshi in the face) Hands off my butt!!!
    Roshi: Physically, at least...
    Bulma: Same to you!
  • Everyone seeing grown up Goku. None of them recognized him until he took off the turban and revealed his signature hair. Bulma quickly starts falling for him and looked quite disappointed that Chi-Chi claimed him first.
  • Episode 135 "Battle of the Eight", has the poor Tournament Announcer Freak Out when he recognizes Krillin. Who the poor man saw die right before his eyes. Krillin just laughs it off, explaining that he is in fact not a ghost to the frightened man.
  • Everything Shen does until he drops the facade.
  • How can we forget when Goku learns the identity of the Cute Bruiser he was fighting in the last Tenkaichi Budokai — Chi-Chi, who has definitely grown into an attractive woman. And nearly everyone else goes WTF with him too, with the exception of Oolong (who figured who it was early). Then, after remembering her and his promise, and originally thinking a "bride" was something you ate, he asks her to marry him anyway. He spends the next several minutes of the episode having no clue why she's being so affectionate.
    Goku: Live together!? With you!? When I said this was I conscious!?
    • His proposal:
      Goku: *very casually* So, shall we go get married then?
    • Of course, we all know he figures it out eventually (see his sons Gohan and Goten). Except for kissing... he never quite got that.
    • Just the fact that Chi-Chi apparently never thought to mention it herself.
    • Krillin's reaction to the whole thing:
      Krillin: Marriage! It means your life is practically over!
  • Bulma finding out that Yamcha claimed to be in love with Chi-Chi. He wasn't. He was just saying stuff because he hit her and learned later that she was the daughter of the feared Ox-King.
  • During the 23rd World Tournament, after Yamcha is easily beaten in the first round for the THIRD time in a row, all Puar has to say in the dub is "Yay, Yamcha survived!"
    • Not to mention cracking his nuts against Shen's head.
  • Everybody's reactions as they learn that Goku had been wearing over 100 kg during his fight with Tien-and moving at amazing speed. Especially as it is contrasted by Goku being too busy enjoying himself without the weights to notice.
  • When Piccolo turns into a giant, while everyone else freaks out in terror, Goku is amazed and asks how he made his clothes grow with him.
  • Piccolo's reaction when Goku flew into his mouth to save Kami.
  • Episode 146 of the anime, Goku getting into Piccolo's face with a huge grin on his face, before jumping away and letting Piccolo's own energy ball hit him.
  • Bulma calling the Announcer out as he's still making a play-by-play while Piccolo prepares the Hyper Explosive Demon Wave.
  • Tien creates a hole in the ground so everyone can avoid Piccolo's Fantastic Nuke. When Kami tries to talk Goku into hiding with them, Bad Launch just punts the green deity into the ditch.
    Launch: Move it, old man!!! (BOOT) I don't know if you're God or not, but get your butt in there!!!
  • At the end of his fight with Piccolo, even as he's struggling to stand, Goku still manages to stun even his toughest opponent to date.
    Goku: It's a good thing you aim as badly as you missed my vital organs.
    Piccolo: ALL OF THEM?!
  • Episode 148 of the anime, the Mass "Oh, Crap!" when Goku gives Piccolo a senzu bean.
    Yamcha: (sarcastically) That's just great! Maybe you two can become best friends!
  • Roshi in general. When he's not being the Old Master, he's nothing but a walking fountain of funny. Even in the Toonami dub, which censors most of his pervyness, it's hard not to laugh at the scenes he's in.
  • In the anime filler episodes after the tournament, Goku and Chi-Chi need to make a new Bansho Fan to put off the fire on the Ox King's new home, and for it they track down the egg of the Fire-Eating Bird. Who pops up to try and steal the egg? The Pilaf Gang, of course. And before they recognize Goku (and run away screaming in terror), they try and take Chi-Chi hostage. Emphasis on try.
    • In episode 149 of the anime. While everyone else is preparing the decorations for the wedding, Chi-Chi is trying to teach Goku ballroom styled dancing. Naturally, he's very clumsy at it.