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Fasha is NOT Goku's mother, but is the mother of Raditz.
Just throwing it out there. If anything (since Saiyans age much differently than humans) she looks like she's about Bardock's age. She's got black hair, which could have been cut short to aid in battle - or passed on by her as a recessive trait even though she exhibited the dominant short hair.
  • Partially Confirmed Word of God says Goku's mom was name was Gine.

Ironically, the Saiyans' Zenkai ability is a defense mechanism, not an offensive feature.
That's how it's so inconsistent. When Vegeta first demonstrated his Zenkai ability, he went from 18k to 24k; higher than Goku's kaioken 3x boost , when he got beaten to near-death one more time by Zarbon, he went from having the tar beaten out of him to kicking his ass. After he instructed Krillin to nearly kill him, he was indeed stronger than form 3 Frieza but was no match for his final form.

While training in 100x gravity, he kept putting himself in near-death, but on Namek he was only as strong as Ginyu, who was more than 4 times weaker than first form Frieza. Goku was so worried about fighting Frieza before he healed, and then conveniently became as strong as initial final form Frieza.

During their fight, Perfect Cell was no match for a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan; after blowing himself up in a desperate attempt to defeat him, his power increased so drastically that he can stalemate with a Super Saiyan 2-powered Kamehameha.

By these speculations, a saiyan's ability to get stronger from recovering a near-death state is because, just in case they encounter a similar or same threat, they would have enough power to deal with that problem.

  • IF what you were saying were true. Then it would mean Zenkai protects a specefic method of being injured similar to how an antibiotic protects against a certain illness. Zenkai improves the saiyans overall health.

  • If this is true it would possibly be an example of Fridge Brilliance. After the Cell saga Goku trained in otherworld (and if anime filler is considered) fought with opponents like Pikkon etc. while Vegeta trained on his own. Goku was able to reach higher levels of power because he had an opponent and Vegeta didn't. Goku wanted Buu to come back to life so he could have a challenge AND continue to grow.

  • Jossed: If the Zenkai really was a defense mechanism, then when Gohan was nearly killed by Frieza in his second form, then his power should have shot up to over a million. And we never see Vegeta getting hurt by Frieza in his third form; in fact, he completely ignores him in favor of Piccolo and Gohan.

Cell would have accepted defeat if Goku became a Super Saiyan 2
Cell expected Goku to be the strongest of the Z fighters, he even offered him the opportunity to get a senzu bean so the fight could continue. Had Goku accepted Cell's offer he eventually would have received power boost to reach Super Saiyan 2 (granted he didn't die first). Because Cell predicted Goku was the biggest threat he probably wouldn't have gotten as angry as he did with Gohan (who was a "CHILD!!!!") if he surpassed him.

  • Jossed, it's not in Cell's genetic nature (ex. Vegeta and Frieza's Pride) to be so understanding, if anything he'd be more mad.

Frieza never transformed past his base state for fear of Ginyu stealing his body
Ginyu was always seeking a stronger host and Frieza was always around, but Ginyu knows the Changeling race well, having worked for King Cold for years and years. The reason Ginyu never took Frieza's body is because he was waiting for him to transform into his most powerful state first. Frieza knew this, so he stayed in his "base" form.
  • Jossed by simple logic: If Frieza was so concerned about Ginyu taking over his body, he would have killed him before he became a threat, plain and simple.

Vegeta's growth was stunted due to insufficient rations.
Raditz and Nappa were fully grown when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, but Vegeta was still a child at the time. Frieza felt he was still valuable as a soldier, but he was afraid of what Vegeta could be capable of when he grew up, so he made sure that Vegeta was never well fed. That's why Vegeta is so much shorter than the other saiyans and half-saiyans.
  • Jossed. Raditz was confirmed to be the about the same age as Vegeta in both official guides and in DB Minus. Plus, Bardock wasn't elderly when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, so Raditz couldn't have been fully grown at the time. Plus, Vegeta's height is inconsistently draw in the series (to the point were he's often depicted as only slightly shorter than Goku, especially in Super).

Raditz and Goku have different fathers
Sayians don't mate for life, and polygamy is the norm. Raditz and Goku are brothers in the Saiyan sense, as they have the same mother. If you bring movies into it, Turles can be Goku's patriarchal bro.
  • Jossed. Dragonball Zero confirmed that Goku and Raditz share the same mother and father, and Bardock and Raditz acknowledge each other as father and son in the video games.

The reason why Future Trunks never mentions the events of the Buu saga... because in his timeline, it simply didn't happen. Either the Androids killed Babidi before he could awaken Buu, or more likely, the Z warriors of that timeline simply couldn't provide enough energy to awaken Buu, especially after the Androids wiped most of them out. It's unlikely that the Androids would have survived if Buu were awakened, and even if by chance Buu and the Androids chose to coexist, the Androids would not be Trunks' biggest concern when he went back to warn Goku about the bad future.
  • Or alternatively, the enormous ki being put out by Cell and Gohan was felt throughout the universe, and that's what attracted Babidi to Earth, so it has yet to happen in Future Trunks's timeline, which means he's quite literally screwed as he has yet to face Dabura and Babidi, much less Buu.
  • Jossed, it does happen in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.
  • Jossed, as Dragon Ball Super reveals that Trunks stopped Majin Buu from awakening in his timeline, which happens after he kills the androids.

Bulma buried herself under technology to make up for not having her dream boyfriend
Jossed by Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. She buried herself in technology long before puberty, even proving herself to be a better engineer than her father while she was still a child.

Vegito/Gogeta not appearing in Battle of the Gods was no coincidence.
Just as there are no mistakes in martial arts, there are no mistakes in martial arts anime/cartoons apparently. If Vegito/Gogeta were to appear in BOG then it would be just another "turn the tables around curbstomp retaliation" like the battle against Buu or even the ending in non-canon movie "Fusion Reborn" or the appearance of SSJ4 Gogeta in the non-canon franchise gt. Even though it would of been really satisfying seeing another appearance from Vegito or even the first canon appearance of Gogeta beat the shit out of a villian that thinks their invincible such as beerus, that would of defeated the point of the film hence its name "battle of GODS". If Goku and Vegeta did fuse(then of course beat the shit out of Beerus and Whis) that would take up all of the creative room that was meant to introduce the new saiyan transformation(ssjgod). It's clear that Akira regrets ending the series after the Majin Buu saga and that's why there's Gt, a couple of DBZ movies after the Buu saga, and let's not forget the shitload of DBZ video games including that online DBZ games. So he decides to make a movie about the series even going as far as introducing a new saiyan transformation into it, he's pretty much trying to pull the series out of retirement (not cancellation), and to add to that there is a new DBZ movie coming out in 2015. While some fans are in denial in the face that Vegito is stronger than Beerus here's this. Vegito beat Buu(han) and Super was more or less equal to SSJ3 Goku plus he had Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan who was way stronger than Vegeta (Before BOG in which he got that rage boost against Beerus) seeing as he completely dominated super Buu before he started assimilating people so if you're going to be all mathematical about this shit, Buuhan after absorbing all of those people should of kicked Vegito's ass not the other way around. The reason being because Vegito got a power boost from the earrings also an additional power boost because Goku and Vegeta were rivals as stated by Elder Kai. So Vegito is going to have a hell of a lot more power than just Goku and Vegeta otherwise he wouldn't have been able to defeat Majin Buu but completely dominate him as well. For those fans who are still feeling "skeptical" about the subject Beerus can't defeat SSJ1 Vegito/Gogeta, let's just be generous and say Beerus can defeat SSJ1 Vegito/Gogeta, but is it possible for beerus to defeat SSJ2 or even SSJ3 Vegito Gogeta? Point proven.
  • Brutally jossed, especially with regards to pre-god fusions being stronger than Whis.

     Part 1  

Saiyans are a Time Lord weapon.
Created during the Time War, out of Time Lords. Think about it, their powers map to the Time Lords pretty well. The Zenkai, getting stronger after almost dying, is like a more combat-focused version of regeneration. Goku reads Krillin's mind the same way Time Lords can read minds, and has had psychic conversations with the likes of Vegeta. Time Lords can sense their kind, and Saiyans seem to have a natural skill for sensing Ki, which would logically be higher in their own kind. Now, how and why were they made? Well the why is simple: armies of Super Saiyans at max power to fight in the Time War, or Oozaru, or Super Saiyan Oozaru for that matter. It's canon that morals flew out the door quite early on in the Time War, to the point where there was no real difference in the Time Lords and Daleks, morally. As for how? The Rani, of course. If they brought back The Master, they certainly would give The Rani unlimited resources. Tell her to build the perfect soldiers for the Time Lords, give her all the innocents she wants, and let her get to work, and Saiyans make perfect sense.

The Black Star Dragon Balls aren't so overpowered because of how powerful the Nameless Namekian was.
They're so overpowered because he was a raging asshole. Think about it, Kami and Demon King Piccolo were one being. But while Kami/Piccolo was pretty much God/Satan, Kami has pretty much always been far, far weaker, as well as an inept god. Despite the fact that his main set of Dragon Balls were used to take over the world and then mostly forgotten about, he still thinks they're a good idea, for some reason. He certainly doesn't do much in the way of God stuff, despite sitting around on his watchtower all day. Kami, all in all, is a pretty weak guy, especially compared to Piccalo. Now, he kicked his evil out, creating Piccolo, to become the guardian. Piccolo is the much more effective and skilled one, as well as generally more of a person. So, rather than kicking his evil out, he really just split the good off, and such, Piccolo is actually the majority of the Nameless Namekian. This is also why, when they become one again, it's Piccolo's traits that reign. The Nameless Namekian was, at his core, mostly evil, and the splitting off of the evil was actually splitting off the good.
  • This honestly make so much more sense. Kami was a rather puny god, and Demon King Piccolo's personality was much more... existing. Kami's two-dimensional, but the first Piccolo has goals and ambitions and hopes and plans and like actual ideas. That said, Demon King Piccolo was an idiot. Youth? That's it? You have the Dragon Balls and your wish is youth? I get the plan: be young so you're strong enough to take over the Earth. Too bad that's a stupid plan. Instead, wish that you had gotten Kami's job rather than Kami. As in, retroactively. Congratulations, you've won. Any more wishes you need? Well, you've got them. Foes? You won via retcon. Nobody even knows. No, I posit an alternative. They didn't just blow up the world they were used on because he was a dick. They do that because he's a stupid dick. The Black Star Dragon Balls aren't more powerful. No, they're shitty prototypes that the Nameless Namek lied about because he was embarrassed. We've seen two normal sets of Dragon Balls, and it's quite obvious which are the superior ones: The Namekian Dragon Balls, especially post-Guru. They already had the extra wishes and the ability to bring back someone who has been brought back, and the post-Guru set also can do mass revivals. It's quite obvious that Earth's Dragon Balls are inferior. Even Dende was able to make Earth's Dragon Balls better. Dende was able to add more wishes to them with little effort. Dende. Kami is centuries old. Dende is only like Gohan's age. Also, they're smaller and Shenron is smaller. Whether it's the size of the balls of the skill of the Namekian, Earth's Dragon Balls are crap in comparison to Namek's. The Black Star Dragon Balls are probably an earlier attempt at crafting them, and they turned out so badly that they messed up coordinates and also blow up the planet. Chances are, the Nameless Namekian kept them around for Plan B: Fuck This Planet. Because he was also a raging asshole. After splitting, he was still incompetent, but he was also far weaker and not a dick. The main set are probably the best Kami can even do. That is, the best Kami can do is worse than Dende.

The Other 11 Universes Hinted by Beerus, The God of Destruction

Assume the above guess about the other 11 universes is correct, now speculate on the gods of destruction.
  • Bleach: Sosuke Aizen, because this was basically his goal anyway.
  • Naruto: Madara Uchiha, because he can force incredibly powerful demons to do his bidding just by looking at them.
    • Wait, did I say Madara? I meant Kaguya.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kaname Madoka; She fits this job like a warm pair of slippers. Not only did she single-handedly destroy a dark and sad universe without hope, but recreated it into a Kinder and Gentler Place; much like Beerus' purpose in the Seventh Universe.
    • And as of the Rebellion Movie, Akemi Homura, who plays this role straighter and darker than Madoka.
  • One Piece: The Sea Devil, the entity whose all his/her/its super-powers are reincarnated in the Devil Fruits. That, or the local version of Davy Jones.
  • Shaman King I'm going to have to say Hao as he is intent on destroying humans. And for the god of creation it would have to be one of the first gods which have yet to be named.
    • Beelzebub God of destruction is definitely Lord En.
  • Hellsing - do we even need to say it? Yes? Oh fine, Alucard.
  • Negima: It's kind of a tossup between Jack Rakan and Evangeline.
  • If we're getting into the suggestions as well, Fairy Tail would probably be Acnologia, while Neon Genesis Evangelion would be Shinji after the Zeruel fight, especially if we're going off the Rebuild of Evangelion path.

Beerus was just trolling everyone about blowing up the Earth
  • He hardly seems that committed after he had some time to cool off about the pudding, and at the end he just destroyed a rock.

The reason for Goku's uncanny ability to learn new techniques is actually because the severe brain injury he suffered when he was a baby turned him into an acquired savant.

Despite a lot of the posts on here, there is actually no proof that any of the other saiyans have this same ability to learn techniques that they have only seen once before. In fact even Vegeta seems surprised at Goku's ability to adapt and learn, and in Battle of Gods, Beerus comments that Goku is a prodigy.

It has been proven that severe brain injuries can lead to the development of savant-ism, and the concussion Goku received as a toddler was bad enough to alter his personality. This would also explain the fact that Goku is a bit slow compared to the rest of his family members. In exchange for stunted mental and emotional capabilities he gained an innate ability to learn moves after only seeing them once. This could also explain why his body just knew how to fight at the same level of his God mode in the movie.

Goku was promoted to Master of the Turtle School after he returned from Namek
That's why he took on the role of wise mentor over Big Good, take on all comers benevolent Blood Knight and became so concerned about who'll protect the world when he's not around.

Super Saiyan forms are unleashed based on the loss of a loved one like the Sharingan in Naruto and become more powerful
When Goku lost Krillin, he was so devastated that he turned into a Super Saiyan due to the feeling of loss. When Saiyans lose someone they care about deeply, their anger causes their power to become twice as strong. Trunks became one when he lost Gohan and Gohan became one when he saw Android 16 die. It's Fridge Brilliance at its greatest-when protecting someone we love, we tend to be strong.
  • Explain Vegeta.
    • Vegeta loves his pride. By being unable to become a Super Saiyan after Goku, this was a serious wound to his pride. Thus, it enabled him to become a Super Saiyan.
  • This is simply false. Gohan became a Super Saiyan through training, he went SS2 when he saw 16 destroyed. Vegeta became a SS roughly through sheer will and Gotten and Trunks just developed the power by competing with each other. Neither had known any loss. Also Comics can say whatever they want but we don't see a lot of Uchias and the ones we do see seem to flaunt that "rule". Madara gains the Sharingan by losing his best friend, not to death or anything just because and Sasuke gains his not from the death of his entire family but rather in the middle of a fight with Orochimaru.
    • Actually, through numerous flashbacks we find out that Sasuke actually unlocked his sharingan the night his family died. But because Itachi knocked him out, he forgot about it, and didn't reveal it again until his fight against Orochimaru. Anyway, it is not the sharingan that is unlocked through loss normally, but the Mangekyo Sharingan. And that rule was never broken.
  • It doesn't has to be the only requirement. But it's pretty clear that until the Buu Sagas retconned the series, the power was fueled by powerful negative emotions. You needed either a Rage Breaking Point or cross the Despair Event Horizon in order to trigger the transformation.

Some of the filler anime scenes are actually canon.
Akira Toriyama just didn't add them because he wanted the series to end quickly as possible.
  • That's not how canon works. Canon is the original work. If it is not part of the manga, it is not canon. The guidebooks aren't canon, the anime isn't canon, the movies (including battle of gods) aren't canon. Not because of quality, not because of who made them, but because they aren't part of the original work. The only exception to this would be an if the Author, in this case Akira Toriyama, explicitly stated that something else was canon. Akira Toriyama has never done that.
    • No, you are dead wrong. There are many definitions of canon across all other works of fiction. DBZ, for some odd reason, has inspired many manga worshipers who prefer that so much over the anime that they insist on calling that canon. It's plain delegitimizing the anime, claiming that it is not real or that it is not as important as the manga is. The anime is just set in a different continuity, that's all, but it is still canon. Canon does NOT describe original work alone, that's just one part of it, and you seem to be selectively tweaking the word to support your argument. In DBZ's case, since Toriyama worked on the movies and the filler scenes and the new movie, they are canon, period, although the movies, like the anime, are set in a third, separate continuity, with the exception of Dead Zone. That's also the whole reason DBGT isn't canon, because Toriyama did not work on it.
    • He has recently done an interview adding All There in the Manual / Word of God details to the DB universe, with said details including Beerus being the irritable God of Destruction who locked Old Kaioshin inside the Z Sword. So yes, one can infer from this that he does consider it canon.
    • Actually, canon is whatever the property owner considers to be part of the work's continuity, regardless of whether he made it or not; this generally includes any parts of the series that they actually worked on by default, and can also include things from other sources, if the IP owner likes them. If a work has multiple forms, then they may all be part of the same canon, or each may have their own canon The first Bardock special retroactively became at least somewhat canonical when Toriyama included Bardock in the manga, for example, and Battle of Gods (which Toriyama worked on, making it canon) made Yo! canon.
    • I'd say canon is more of a personal concept rather than a solid truth. Sure, the IP owner has their official canon, and official canon works will follow it, but that's hardly the end of the works in the fandom. Firstly, there's some fandoms that have multiple canons due to reboots/multiverses/IP owner + creator disagreements and other things. For example, Star Wars Legends Canon vs. new Canon. The fandom and fanworks don't fall in line behind the canon. Everyone brings their own personal opinions of what should and shouldn't be canon to the fandom, and helps create other people's. Furthermore, since people, including those of a fictional nature, can be viewed vastly differently by different people, it's hard to establish a "canon" personality just from that. Sure there's some things people tend to agree on, but, to use another example, some people see Snape as hero, and other as basically a wizard MRA who just so happened to join the good guys in guilt, but was still a dick. Furthermore, if a franchise lasts long enough, fans can end up running the canon, like in comic books or Doctor Who. And, of course all of this can overlap. Rather than interpreting canon as a solid thing, I see it as far more fluid, evolving, changing and very subjective.

Why Super Saiyan 3 Goku's energy could be felt throughout the Universe.
Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Super Buu were able to open portals in reality with their screams, and Goku was doing a lot of screaming when he transformed.

Kami was, is and will always be the strongest in the universe
Ok, follow me on this one.First we have to summary mr Popo's power. He was (in filler at least.) able to take on Goten and Trunks in their super saiyan forms. I mean they defeated him but he was able to succesfully dodge and block almost all of their attacks and a powerfull kick barely did anything to him. The only reason they defeated him was probably because he didn't fight back. Popo mentoined that not even Goku was as powerfull as them when he fought him after defeating king Piccolo. But because kid Goku was not even close to even near even 1 percent of Goten and Trunks's power levels, it was hinted that to mr Popo their power levels were not very different to him and only used a little more power then when he fought Goku, hinting that he was supressing his real power. Popo said Kami was more powerfull then him and that he was very weak compared to Kami. Kami was only defeated by Piccolo because he (Kami) was possesing an everyday weak human who couldn't possibly take all that power without exploding, so he put as much power in the human as he could and was of course holding back so he wouldn't risk his own life.When he fused with Piccolo he only gave the latter as much power as his (Piccolo) limits could take at the time. The remaining power was givin to Shenron.
  • Follow up inspired by the above: by accepting a position as one of the gods, Kami limited his ability to directly interfere in the mortal realm. His ki became godly ki, but the amount of ki he was allowed to convert back into regular ki in order to interact with mortals was severely limited. Just like Kaioshin: Piccolo could sense Kaioshin's enormous ki (because he used to have godly ki himself), and others couldn't because mortals can't sense godly ki. Kaioshin wasn't impressed because the mortals were stronger than him, he was impressed because they were stronger than the amount of ki he was allowed to use on Earth. Fusing with Kibito made him think he would be allowed to use his full powers on Earth, but Old!Kaioshin told him that, no, Buu would still obliterate him (because fusing didn't remove him from his position within the pantheon, so his powers would still be constrained). The only gods allowed to use their full ki when interfering in the mortal realm are the gods of destruction, which Kami was not.

The Super Saiyan forms multiply the resting base power of the user
Resting base power is, quite simply, the power level the user has at rest. Contrast to an active power level which is the energhim y used during a fight. Using the Kili system from the Buu saga Super Saiyan 1 Goku produced 3000 kilis, based on the x50 multipler this would mean Goku's power level at rest was 65 kilis. Also, Babidi said that 300 Kilis could destroy the Earth. Goku reflected a blast from Vegeta with that power in the Saiyan saga meaning Goku's active power range reaches at least 300 kilis.
  • This explains why a battle weary Goku reached a higher level of power in time to fight Frieza. It also, if true, would confirm Piccolo's comment that Vegeta (during the android saga) might have been stronger than Goku. Vegeta's resting power is probably higher than Goku's because he wasn't as experienced with hiding and reading power levels.
  • So using standard multiplers (if X=Resting Base Power then Super Saiyan 1=(X)(50)).
    • A Mastered Super saiyan has full access to their Active Base power range once transformed.
    • Ultra Super Saiyan forms lack the full access. In so much that, while than can increase the base power output, it feels unnatural and places more stress on their bodies.
Saiyans and Humans had a common ancestor or better they are actually the same species that simply evolved a little differently because of different planetary and survival conditions. DBZ genetics obey Lamarck
First of all, they can produce fertile offspring which is the textbook if and only if condition for being the same species. The only difference between the two is the tail and whatever it does. And the fact that the Saiyan genetics that have evolved towards fighting and attaining more and more power. Humans on the other hand have adapted themselves to a life of peace on earth and therefore evolved more towards using their brain and technology. It's said in the series by King Vegeta that the Saiyans were not the original inhabitants of planet Plant. They got there somehow. They adapted to the 10x gravity of that planet, which probably had a significant say in their evolution. As for humans, it's possible they had a tail at some point which they must have lost over time as the genes went recessive. Perhaps in the Saiyans' tree the tail genes became dominant and then mutated to give the tail the ability to transform them into giant apes.

Also there's more to support that point. Under training (especially gravity training) humans have also performed just as well as Saiyans and probably would have been even better had it not been for the Saiyans' Zenkai abilities and Super Saiyan levels. The humans' power levels after training on the lookout were much higher than Goku's stint at the lookout back in Dragonball. While the fight against the Ginyu force is filler, Tien, Yamcha and Chaoutzu did better against them then Vegeta. And it must be mentioned that both are big eaters when they burn a lot of energy.

Even in Real Life while humans are still one species, there were are very distinct groups with unique characteristics among them.

  • To make the guess more wild, it's likely that earth suffered a Dark age at some point when humanity degraded to a much lower level of civilization due to some apocalypse (or a World war between bloodthirsty ancient human ancestors). Some humans escaped and traveled to planet Vegeta, lost touch with their home civilization and themselves degraded to the Stone age in their attempt to adapt to the harsh conditions on the new planet. The native Tuffles too could have inflicted heavy losses against these humans, destroyed whatever tech they had and forced them into the wild where they struggled to survive for a long long time (Reminds me of what happened in Larry Niven's Ringworld). Over time humans on earth again became technologically advanced and evolved to lose their tails and their fighting genes (Super Saiyan genes became recessive to the point where they went vestigial). For Saiyans it was just the opposite. They adapted to the wild, over time probably forgot their own history and turned into savages and evolved into fighting machines under the 10x gravity and gained the ability to transform into apes and their Super Saiyan genes became dominant, but dormant. Thus humans split into two groups, but other than certain genes evolving to becoming dominant and others becoming vestigial, they are in fact the same species.
  • Also their genetics are extremely compatible to the extent that their offspring are much more capable then either pure Saiyan or pure human. Perhaps the recessive vestigial Super Mode genes in humans combine with the dominant and active Super mode genes in Saiyans and get activated as a result, giving offspring like Gohan, Goten, Trunks or Pan much stronger genes (or the Super Saiyan genes occupy more of their genetic makeup), giving them more potential. On the other hand the tail genes are weakened over time and they die out. As well as the genes responsible for personality, which explains why only pure Saiyans possess the fighting lust.
  • DBZ genetics seem to suggest that Lamarck Was Right. Perhaps after a few generations of very powerful human fighters having their own offspring, those humans' own Super genes will be activated enough to become dominant and we could see the first Super Human transformation, which would be the icing on the cake.
  • In Dragon Ball Online, humans are shown to be able to go Super Saiyan, so them having a common ancestor is pretty plausible.
  • DBZ follows mendelian genetics, with one exception. Powerful fighter have powerful children. this is because each cell has its own ki, including haploid cells. So when really powerful Goku and really powerful Chichi have sex, it produces really powerful Gohan, because he got a big helping of ki to start off with. Also, the humans in DBO are descended from saiyans. Humans have no super gene, tail gene, or zenkai gene of their own. Hybrids inherit those only from their saiyan parent, which is why hybrids get smaller zenkais.

Half-Saiyans and the defense mechanism guess

Related to the above guess, the reason why Half blooded Saiyans are so strong is both because the inherit the "immunities" from their parents as well as the fact that their saiyan immune response over compensates for their (relatively) weaker bodies.

Zenkai is a form of inbuilt Unlock Potential in Saiyans whose real purpose is to unleash enough potential for a Super Saiyan transformation to become possible. And Goku got there first thanks to his Kai-o-Ken
Ok, this is a big one, and it needed a lot of thought, so stay with me on this. Has anyone found it odd that the Saiyan's healing abilities go to bizarre extents once the Saiyan's power level and intensity of training go beyond a certain level and then vanish? Take a look at Namek Saga. Vegeta and Gohan's powers were improving dramatically after the fight with the Ginyu force. Vegeta's power went up by about 40%-50% after the Saiyan saga and the Zarbon fight, but then it went up 10x after he recovered from the fight with the Ginyu force to over 500,000 and then at least another 4x as he was at least as strong as Frieza's third form (though it wasn't enough to fight the 4th). Gohan (apart from Guru unlocking his powers) nearly surpassed Frieza in his third form albeit briefly.

Now a Saiyan's power level needs to be beyond a certain threshold to properly access the Super Saiyan form (a few million or so). Take a look at Goku. After repeated healing and training his power level went to around 90,000 (w/o Kai-O-Ken). But then it went from around 90,000 to 3,000,000 (as per official Daizhenshuu Guides) after the fight against Ginyu. That a 33 fold increase!. You wonder if even Guru could have achieved that. That's followed by Goku finding more and more reserve of power up to a 20x Kaioken and then he lost it and became a Super Saiyan.

After that it's never works like that again except once in the Cell saga where Cell seems to have used it to come close to Super Saiyan 2 (well almost, as Gohan did beat him with one hand down and his power cut in half). It didn't seem to work like that the first time when he swallowed a Senzu Bean, (though it must have done something as his 100% power was strong enough to awe Goku). It's plausible that since Cell didn't need Zenkai for reaching Super Saiyan levels it just worked on boosting his power closer to Super Saiyan 2. Now after Cell was destroyed, it seems to have stopped working on him too as in the Otherworld he was floored by Pikkon. And by this point if healing even works at all on Goku and co., its effect is negligible.

Something about the way Zenkai behaves at that point strongly hints that it actually modifies the Saiyan's body or activates some genes to prepare them for the next stage in evolution and handle the enormous power of the Super Saiyan form. The huge increase in base power is a direct consequence this and the Zenkai essentially works like an inbuilt Unlock Potential ability to boost the Saiyan's power to that threshold where the power level is high enough for the Super Saiyan transformation to happen. The Super Saiyan power only comes when there's a need for it and if there's any need for a Saiyan to push his power level beyond 6 digits, it probably sends upgrades their healing to unlock potential mode because there are very few situations which can push a Saiyan that far.

Goku's increase of 33x was probably because of his frequent use of Kai-o-ken up to 10x (with 20x in reserve) which activated his healing early on to handle such enormous boosts in power. Goku attained the transformation more easily than Gohan or Vegeta and this troper is sure the Kai-o-ken would have definitely had a role in that.

  • Although in Goku's fight against Pikkon, he lasted a lot better than Cell did, although he wasn't Super Saiyan 2 material. And Goku did mention that it was working on Gohan while training, more than what it was on him until Gohan actually managed to match Goku. However, Goku and Gohan were both Super Saiyan by this point, and their healing was working like it normally does - nowhere near overdrive like it did in the Namek saga).
  • It might be that because Goku was dead, he had an unlimited energy supply. He could even combine Kai-O-Ken with Super Saiyan against Pikkon.
  • Wouldn't that mean Zenkai would stop functioning completely after the Saiyan has achieved super saiyan level because it's already served it's purpose, because YOU said Zenkai is to help the saiyan achieve super saiyan level. Zenkai does infact help a saiyan achieve super saiyan but that's not it's main purpose. Zenkai is to help a saiyan compensate for recovered bodily damage to ensure increase their chances of survival. Broly for example was naturally adept, and it's most likely he didn't receive that many injuries in his life time other besides that petty stab wound meaning he really didn't need zenkai to be at super saiyan level because he was already there, but he still has the zenkai ability because he is a saiyan.
  • It never worked again the way it had in the fight against Frieza, which suggests that at that point it goes from a Healing Factor to an Unlock Potential power.
  • This reaches Fridge Brilliance when you remember that the Kaio-ken places an extreme amount of stress on the user's body, enough that they will literally explode if they go too high. Zenkai triggers every time a Saiyan recovers from near-fatal injuries, which could easily include "barely being able to keep m power from blowing myself up". When Goku trained on King Kai's planet, he probably didn't trigger any Zenkai power-ups due to the nature of the Other World and being dead. When he was training to be able to push it to x10 and x20, Zenkai probably triggered each night, while he slept the training off. He was basically in a constant state of Zenkai, which caused his body to think, "Hey, if he's almost dying every day, something BIG is going to happen". This could easily lead to the aforementioned 33x power-up.

The exponential power growth stops beyond a point where new levels are needed.
Goku's Super Saiyan form (and his base form) weren't that much stronger in the Buu saga. At the very least, not anything like what he had improved in the Cell saga. Discounting GT, it's possible that once a level has been mastered, the increase in power goes back to normal levels and is no longer exponential, which is why new levels have to be thrown in to keep the exponential power growth going. Maybe that's why Piccolo said that Goku was feeling a little depressed 10 years after the Majin Buu saga had ended. He probably had mastered Super Saiyan 3 by that point and didn't have much else to master so his power growth had moved off the exponential track and was back to a relatively slow and linear rate.

Ultra Super Saiyan 1 and 2 are a failed attempt at Super Saiyan 2 because of poor control over Super Saiyan
Well that's seems obvious why Trunks and Vegeta couldn't ascend. They hadn't properly mastered the form like Goku and Gohan did, so they just ended up bulking up their bodies.

Mastering Super Saiyan has a direct impact on the base form's power.
After Goku's time in the hyperbolic time chamber, his base power was stronger than Frieza's level. His base and Super Saiyan forms didn't become significantly stronger by the Buu saga and if the TV special was to be believed, Goten and Trunks were a little stronger than Goku was while fighting Frieza on Namek in base form, so Goku's base must be stronger. Goku and Gohan spent most of their time in qualitative training mastering the Super Saiyan state after which their power went up astronomically. Assuming that the 50x multiplier still holds, it's possible that the base form too was strengthened proportionately.

The Hyperbolic Time ChamberRoSaT is supposed to represent a black hole
Just think about it. A black hole's gravity is so great, that not even light can escape from it. The RoSaT has a 10x greater gravity than Earth, and everything looks white because it is pulling down light. Time dilation, or time going slower or faster than usual, is also believed to happen in black holes. There are also odder, but plausible scientific theories saying that black holes act as wormholes, so the entrance to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber could be a wormhole to an alternate dimension, which the RoSaT is stated to be.
  • Except time passes faster in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber than on the outside. In close proximity to a black hole, time passes slower than it does far away from the black hole. Inside a black hole, time as such loses its meaning and becomes a spatial dimension.

The scouters are powered by mini-creepers
They know the direction, proximity, and strength (creepers have to distinguish between humans and sheep). Also a massive shift in power level makes them think they're less than an atoms width away from a target and explode. Plus its the kind of stupid macho thing a Saiyan scientist would do.
  • I thought Frieza's mutants made the scouters?

Goku's massive advantage over Vegeta is because he trains much more efficiently
In the Buu Saga, Vegeta blames Goku for being more born talented for why he Can't Catch Up, but when you think about it, Vegeta's training is rather crude and just about as brute force as it can get. In fact most of his improvement probably comes from Zenkai healing and we aren't even sure if he got to SSJ2 only because of Babidi or whether it simply boosted his SSJ2 power. In fact Vegeta only seems to indulge in brash over training for the most part, and if you know what that means, you'd wonder if he'd have improved at all if it weren't for healing genes.
  • In fact that remark of Vegeta's is particularly striking because till the Cell Saga believed he was the born talented one. If anything, that probably means Vegeta did take a level in humility after all.
    • An of course, as Super 17 says, "It will only make [him] stronger!"
  • This is all but proven when Vegeta clearly notices in the Cell Saga that Goku and Gohan are comfortable in their Super forms and then returns to training and doesn't attempt the same thing, though as the Buu saga proves Goku might have been wrong about how much energy transforming wastes.
    • In Goku's defense, he did say he didn't have much time to practice SSJ3.
  • This really has as much if not more to do with Goku's own trainers than Goku himself. When left to his own devices on the trip to Namek, Goku's training is virtually identical if less intense than Vegeta's; turn up the gravity, blast self, heal with beans. The difference is that Goku's doing it in a controlled environment with a more efficient healing method compared to Vegeta who was increasing his power at the time by getting his ass kicked and thrown into a pod. Beyond that, Goku has always had the benefit of older, wiser trainers who teach him useful techniques like the kao ken. Vegeta was probably left to train himself. It's also likely that Vegeta did get to SSJ2 on his own; he seems confident in that he could take Dabra, who was nearly as strong as Perfect Cell (and thus out of reach of anything short of a SSJ2). While Vegeta's confidence in his abilities and the reality are often not the same thing (see his fight with Frieza, Android 18, and Perfect Cell), this was said against an enemy who he was observing fighting at full strength, giving him a better estimation of their abilities.
    • I'd say you need to give credit where credit is due here. Goku was still weaker than Vegeta after being trained by King Kai, Mr. Popo/Kami, Korin, Roshi, and Grandpa Gohan. It wasn't until he started training on his own that he surpassed Vegeta. Granted the Anime and Movies imply he learned SSJ2, dragon fist, and SSJ3 from Grand Kai but we really can't say that's true for certain.
    • Keeping with the 'credit where credit is due' idea, though, training with all of those different masters would have been what taught Goku how to train himself when he was on his own. Of course, when he's solo training Goku is usually trying to just build up his sheer level of power rather than learning new techniques (which he seeks out teachers or opponents for), and the best way for a Saiyan to do that is, indeed, to recover from as many severe beatings as possible. Being able to distinguish between the benefits of different kinds of training is something he would have learned from having many different teachers, though.
  • And Goku takes sufficient rest. That is just as important as training hard, because the real improvement happens during the recovery phase.

Chi-Chi was severely traumatized from Goku's fight with Piccolo Jr.
Think about it, watching the man you loved since childhood begin beaten to death by the reincarnation of an enemy said man fought when he was a child. That's enough to make you give up fighting forever, never letting your kid get involved in martial arts and developing the opinion that being smart is the only way to survive.

Piccolo is Batman
A bad-ass gruff character who is surprisingly good with kids.
  • Plus he traveled the Earth as a kid.
    • Dear lord. You're right...
  • He's also an orphan.
  • Surprisingly good with children? Where the hell are the goal posts on this standard? Piccolo threw Gohan at a mountain, nearly starved him to death and left him fighting dinosaurs for survival when he was like six. Add that to the fact that he clearly couldn't read that Gotenks was playing around despite how much he was over acting the part and I'd feel comfortable saying he knows close to nothing about kids. He just likes Gohan and likely always will.

Vegeta's base form has a higher strength limit than Goku's
Let's face it, Goku relies on his super saiyan forms a lot more than Vegeta. So, the theory is that Goku puts energy into his super saiyan forms, while Vegeta only uses them when he needs to. So, Vegeta will train more in his base form, and Goku's base form, and probably even first SSJ form, will be no match for Vegeta's! Problem, Goku-fans?
  • Nope. The transformations are straight up multiplications of the "base form," ergo if Goku's super saiyan transformation is stronger than Vegeta's, then Goku's base is stronger than Vegeta's current form when he killed someone.
    • But they never straight up fought in Super Saiyan form, at least not the same level. Goku always was a step up from Vegeta's current form when he killed someone. He was SSJ when he fought Frieza, and SSJ3 when he fought Buu, and didn't even kill Buu with his own power.
  • Who ever came up with that whacked up theory must be a huge Vegeta fan.
  • Goku relies on his Super Saiyan forms a lot more because he's usually pitted against the Big Bad. Threatening his own safety fighting in his base form when he could power up early on would be the DBZ equivalent of Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight. The only times we see him consciously avoid leveling up is when he has a specific intent - i.e. not defeating Buu so the surviving fighters on Earth could learn to shoulder the burden of Earth's protection. Besides, this theory would only really stand if Goku never trained in his base form, which is a bit of a Logic Bomb since earlier arcs showed us that attainment of higher power levels could only be done through the strengthening of the previous form, allowing the fighter to reach the breach of its potential before ascending. Hence, SSJ2 comes after a body becomes properly trained to SSJ1, which in turn would imply that the base form must be consistently strengthened, as well. Given the power he exemplifies in the Buu arc, it's obvious he doesn't take very well to the idea of "resting in peace."
  • Plus, the few times it's been speculated that Vegeta might have surpassed Goku's at-the-time-strength in an arc, Vegeta has definitely been transformed. He also has a bad habit of over-estimating himself, which means that, unlike Goku, he starts off a lot of his fights with a lower form than he should, as a sort of condescending middle finger to his opponents.
Cell was holding back
Four words. Goku And Piccolo's Cells.
  • ...Uh? Please elaborate because you're not making sense.
    • Simple. Cell was holding back while he died fighting Gohan. He has both Goku AND Piccolo's cells, so that is one factor holding him back. Vegeta's cells, as well, and even though Vegeta doesn't really like Gohan, He wouldn't kill him at the time the cells were taken from him.
      • Simply having the cells would be irrelevant unless he was also stated to have some form of genetic memory which would allow Goku and Piccolo's feelings of affection for Gohn to matter. And if he had that then he probably wouldn't have been such a monster.
      • While normally genes don't affect memory, in Dragon Ball Z they obviously do, especially in Cell. Thus why Cell knows all of the techniques of those whose genetic material he is composed of. Maybe Cell is not an actual individual, but a mental mash-up of those from whom his cells were taken.
      • It's fairly obvious Cell gets personality traits from the people who's genes he has. It would explain his Blood Knight tendencies. That being said, he also got cells from Frieza and Vegeta, the first of whom hated Gohan and the second rather enjoyed punching him.
      • This would actually make sense. Its hard to gauge the gap between Cell and Gohan but Cell has Saiyan DNA and Tien DNA. I can't imagine that a four armed Oozaru wouldn't have gotten him through.

Half saiyans EAT their tail during birth
Stay with me here, there is a story behind this. Gohan is only half saiyan, and unlike most other half saiyans, he has a tail. One other thing I noticed is that Gohan seems to be less of an eater than other half saiyans. So, in the womb, most half saiyans run out of nutrition and instinctively... Consume their tails. Gohan had enough to last, as he did not require as much nutrition as the others, and so he kept his tail when he was born. The reason full saiyans do not do this is because the female saiyans' body is already built to support a saiyan fetus, human females... aren't.
  • Chichi would be strong enough to support Gohan in her prime, but not as much when she was pregnant with Goten (not to mention she'd be emotionally unstable with Goku's death and everything). Makes sense. But could also be that Chichi and Bulma wanted to prevent any future troubles (as they've notices how powerful saiyans could become) and just decided to cut their tails.
    • Cool story, bro, But I doubt it. Remember Gokus Tail? It was torn, ripped, and cut off thrice, and only when Kami himself got it off did it stay that way. Chichi and Bulma almost definatly could not pull that off. (Hehe)
      • Gohan's never grew back once his was gone. Why would other half-Saiyan's tails?
      • It did. Remember, Piccolo yanked it off after destroying the moon when Gohan transformed during that one year of training for the Saiyans. It grew back spontaneously when Vegeta unleashed his fake moon to transform which leads to Gohan's transformation to Great Ape which helps win the battle.
    • Perhaps Goten and Trunks did have a tail once, but it was removed shortly after their birth, as suggested above, and it never grew back because perhaps Bulma found out a way to prevent the tail from growing back and shared it with Chi Chi. Maybe Bulma visited Kami himself and had him do to Trunks what he did to Goku to keep his tail from growing back, and later the same was done to Goten, this time by Piccolo, who had by then fused with Kami. The reason why Gohan's tail did not get the same treatment might have to do with the fact that it was not until Goku fought Vegeta that he discovered that the Saiyans become giant monkeys during the full moon. By the time Goten and Trunks were born, Goku already knew the dangers a Saiyan with a tail could present, so nobody was worried about Goku being upset or intrigued by the suggestion of his son having his tail removed.
    • Maybe the tail stops growing back after a Saiyan achieves Super Saiyan status? Gohan's tail never (to my knowledge) grew back after he went Super Saiyan, and Vegeta, though he seems to think his tail is going to grow back, doesn't get his back either. Goten and Trunks both ascended at ridiculously young ages, so if their mothers removed them at birth, it could be that they just never had the chance to grow theirs back before they couldn't anymore. Especially if the regrowth requires some kind of impetus, like moonlight, which they wouldn't get a lot of exposure to (what with the moon being gone and all.)
    • Alternatively, it could just be that the tail doesn't always breed true in hybrids.

Cell now has his own species
They're called Seru-jins. It has been happening since Cell was created. The reason is, every time Cell is damaged, a single leftover cell is enough to regenerate him. So, the second Cell's skin was created, the skin cells that fell off (it happens like, every time everyone moves) took root in the ground and mended themselves with atoms in the ground. When they finally grow, each Seru-jin will be a different color, with different abilities based on the element of atom they mend with.
  • Probably not. Cell's regeneration is probably programmed so that the "from a single cell" thing doesn't kick in if there's already a Cell walking around. Otherwise they'd be too busy trying to prove which Cell is strongest to get anything else done. Or he simply doesn't shed skin cells and just reabsorbs them into his body.
  • Cell can't regenerate from just any cell. He has a core group of cells from which all other parts grow, and can only regenerate if the core isn't damaged.

Krillin was severely abused as a child
Several fanfics, in fact, the vast majority of all Krillin angst fics, focus on the topic of Krillin being horribly abused by his father. Often, his mother has died naturally, or more frequently, been KILLED BY HIS FATHER. This actually makes a considerable amount of sense; in DBZ Kai, as he prepares to fight Frieza, he says "It's times like these that I really wish I had a mother to call." However, this doesn't have to mean she was killed, but keep in mind that Krillin is only in his 20's when he says that, so she wouldn't be dead from old age. Most fanfics on this topic involve Krillin running away to the Orinji temple and then to The Kame house.
  • It's a fact that Krillin was bullied at the temple, but there isn't a shred of evidence that he was abused by his parents. He never mentions them in the manga so we can assume they are dead, but the series stays neutral on the subject otherwise.

Super Saiyan Transformation is all about the tail
I wonder why I'm the only one who thinks this and ignores most of the psychobabble. Evidence: The tail is a huge energy battery. The tail is needed for the massively disruptive Oozaru transformation. It's very important and no traditional Saiyan voluntarily loses it. EVERY SINGLE CANONICAL SSJ HAS BEEN MISSING A TAIL.Think about it - Saiyan bodies store much more Ki than ordinary bodies, with the tail SPECIFICALLY being a ki sink. Missing the tail, the high amount of power in the main cast needs to go to their bodies - instead of the tail - starting the process of SSJ transformation. The legendary super Saiyan probably had SO much energy it overloaded even the tail's capacity naturally.Makes much more sense than some mumbo jumbo about pure hearts. also matches the half-human hybrids powerups- Gohan had a tail during the important formative years, while Trunks's and Goten's were removed at birth.
  • Most likely not. The original design for a super saiyan three had a tail, and it was a sign of power.
  • I don't think so. When Goku was turned back into a kid in GT, He got his tail back, and he was still able to go SSJ, SSJ3, AND SSJ4. Also the SSJ4 transformations have tails.
    • First, GT's place in canon is, at best, debatable. Second, Goku had already become a Super Saiyan by that point, and had been using the form for decades. It's established that once a Saiyan makes the transformation, they can do it any nearly any time he or she wishes. And on that note, yes, female Saiyans could, theoretically, make the transformation. Toriyama said that Pan would have had the ability if she had sufficient motivation, like her grandfather and father before her.
    • Or, the reason they grow a tail in SSJ4 is because it's a battery. They generate so much energy, that they would be to powerful if they didn't have a tail in that form.
  • I doubt it, the creator himself admitted he just forgot about the tail by the time Trunks and Goten rolled around. Also the control art for Broly from Akira Toriyama specifically mentions that it doesn't really matter whether or not he has a tail. While Broly isn't cannon he was designed by the creator.

Saiyan Power is derived purely from HAIR
While I've noticed a lot of hair based comments on this page, I felt this couldn't go explicitly unsaid - that a Saiyan is powered by hair length, style, and/or color, especially the higher levels of Super Saiyan. Think about it... At the start you have Goku with his huge, spiked afro, and he's the most powerful we've seen. Then you have Vegeta who has that wild mountain of spines, and the widow's peak so large that Everest goes flaccid in it's green tinged inadequacy. After that, the next Saiyan we've seen was Nappa, whose only hair was on his tail, and Goku defeated him handily. Raditz doesn't count, he was just an Anticlimax Boss and I'll explain why below. This theory only applies to full blooded Saiyans and not half or quarter Saiyans like Gohan, Trunks, or Pan.
  • Now, let us observe the various Saiyan transformations, starting with their full moon monster form. Self explanatory, an enormous ape, covered in hair that is BROWN. The Super Saiyan one even had the extra hair to form the Super Saiyan spiked hair of doom. After, we discuss the Super Saiyan transformation itself. In the first stage, the hair spikes all the way up and become gold (an important Saiyan color), Vegeta has this hair style naturally which can explain why he gives Goku, who had MORE hair in their first fight, so many problems. In the Super Saiyan 2 stage, hair gets longer and bigger. In Super Sayian 3, well...they of course get much, much more hair, and lose their eyebrows. Now, According to the theory so far, this mean Raditz, who was basically just a Super Saiyan 3 with black hair and eyebrows should have destroyed Goku. But that's just it, his hair was not blonde/gold, and he had EYEBROWS. Perhaps this acted as a sort of power inhibitor, which would also explain why Super Saiyan 3 gives the utterly stupid fashion statement of lacking eyebrows. All Raditz had to do was shave off his eyebrows! So close...
  • Now, and lastly, I'll talk about Super Saiyan 4, the most powerful form we've seen yet. Or that I've seen yet anyway... The hair is definitely longer, but not quite as long as in the previous incarnation of the legendary Super Saiyan, however! They compensate by growing red FUR on everywhere but the major muscles, but hair can't grow on steel so that's okay. Not only this, they also grow back their tail, which only exists in this form, even if the Saiyan in question has had his tail pulled out instead of cut, removing it, supposedly, forever. I guess forever means "unless they need space for the extra hair."
  • It actually still works with the Super Saiyan God transformations. Red hair, blue hair.

Garlic And Garlic Jr. Are Namekians
Simple. Take a short Namekian, remove the antennae and muscles, recolor sea green, and add spots and wrinkles. What do you get? Garlic Jr
  • More like the combined evil of Namekians made flesh, like Piccolo Daimaho/King Piccolo.
    • Garlic and Garlic Jr. are Makyo-seijin.

They're still on Namek, and it's All Just a Dream
  • I don't think Dragon Ball is like Bleach...
  • Why Namek?
    • Because it's all 'what should have been' flashing before Goku's eyes during the last few seconds of his life before Namek explodes, of course.
      • Usually people imagine NICE things when their deaths are impending. Being killed by the very next Big Bad doesn't seem like that.
      • Knowing Goku, finding the most worthy opponent may be the happiest moment of his life.
      • This would mean that fighting is more important that food.
      • …it's Goku.
  • More importantly, WHY would they still be there?

The Ox-King was going to whore out his daughter.
Consider: When they first meet Chi-Chi, she's being sent by the Ox-King to get a favor from Master Roshi. And Chi-Chi's wearing... Well, it's quite a silly outfit. And the Ox-King knew what Roshi was like. So, the logical conclusion is that the Ox-King was willing to let Roshi have his daughter in exchange for the turtle master's services.
  • This is a children's cartoon, you freak!
    • Absolutely CANNOT unsee!!!
    • Aaaaalternatively, Ox King naively hopes that Roshi has standards, Chichi is TWELVE in that arc. Or he has faith in her ability to throw that head blade. Which she did. And it was awesome.
    • But the Ox-King didn't know what Roshi was like. Roshi made it a point that he didn't want the Ox-King to know about the deal with Bulma, meaning he didn't want Ox King to know. Plus Turtle was surprised at Roshi's pervertedness when he first heard of it. Wouldn't that mean Ox King doesn't know?
      • Backed up by the fact that Roshi used to be able to ride the Nimbus, which only pure-hearted people can ride. Considering Grandpa Gohan's and the Ox-King's ages, it's possible that Roshi was different when he was training those two.

Vegeta is in denial of his father's death.
This is quite obvious. Now, Vegeta is very vain and power-hungry. It's strange that he refers to himself as "The Prince Of All Saiyans", since he's technically the king because his father is dead. The obvious conclusion? He's in denial. What confuses this troper about this idea is that Vegeta acknowledges that he and Goku are the last full-blooded Saiyans.
  • Perhaps another way of filling it in is that Vegeta considers himself unworthy of the title of King as he isn't the strongest, but has enough respect for his bloodline to call himself Prince.
    • Or he could still be Prince Vegeta because he hasn't had a coronation, so he can't claim the title of King.
    • Another alternative is that the Saiyans were a Principality, like Wales- Prince was the title of the ruler, not the heir to the throne. Frieza would have allowed them to keep the title as long as they submitted to him.
    • Nope, his father was King. King of the Saiyans under Freeza's overlordship of the entire universe, mind you, but King nonetheless. I think that the above theory about lack of a coronation sounds right, not to mention there's no longer a Planet Vegeta to be King of. By the way, I've never quite figured this out: are we supposed to assume that King Vegeta was weaker than Bardock? The movie implies that, but never comes out and says it.
    • Alternately, King Vegeta was the Prince of All Saiyans at the time of his death, and his name was King Vegita (Bejita-O), like how Fuhrer Bradley's first name was "King".
    • Vegeta is the Prince of a race that consists of four people. Eight if you include the movies. He could declare himself King at any time because, hey, not like anyone can stop him. But as vain as Vegeta is, he probably realizes what a petty, pointless act that would be. In fact his vanity is probably what stops him from doing it; he knows he'd look like an immature child calling himself king of the sandbox at the playground.
    • For what it's worth, it seems like it would be very in line with Saiyan custom for accession of the throne to involve, if not full-on Klingon Promotion, then some sort of ritual combat to ensure the Saiyans always had a strong leader. Maybe being 'Prince' was a birthright but you couldn't call yourself King unless you defeated the previous king or challenger(s) to the throne. This presents two possibilities:
      • Because King Vegeta was never defeated in battle by Prince Vegeta, the younger being a child and off-world at the time, the title remains forever vacant, OR:
      • The title was usurped by Frieza since Frieza was the one to kill King Vegeta. This would partly explain the Vegeta we know as of Planet Namek being so motivated to kill Frieza more than dynastic sentiment or even anger at the destruction of his home planet, which are not Saiyan things, and certainly not (at the time) Vegeta things. Killing Frieza to regain a right to his title is definitely a Vegeta thing. Which actually feeds into the WMG below.

Alternatively, Saiyans only recognize Authority Equals Asskicking and Goku is King by right of conquest

(The line of "succession", as it were, went like this: King Vegeta -> Freeza -> Future Trunks -> Cell -> Gohan -> Buu -> Goku -> Beerus.)

Early on, Vegeta called himself the Prince because he really did want the throne and was actively working to defeat and/or kill Goku. Eventually Character Development settled in, but he kept the title out of habit/pride, though eventually he dropped it altogether.

Turles is a clone of Goku.
Hence why he looks exactly like him and says they're of the same mold. This editor had a much more elaborate theory when he was younger, but has since forgotten it.
  • Well, here's a more elaborate theory I just thought of; Turles is a clone created by Frieiza, because he saw that Goku will not finish his mission to rid Earth of sentient beings. Furthermore, Frieza gave Turles information about the tree so he had more of a chance of beating Goku.
Clearly Turles is Goku's cousin...maaaaybe half brother, kinda depends on Saiyen's/Bardock's views on infidelity.
  • If I recall correctly, it's stated that most low-level Saiyans resemble a basic archetype, which is why Bardok, Goku and Turles are virtually identical. Presumably a remnant of some sort of clan/serfdom system they had before they became mercenaries.
    • You are correct. Additionally Turles is older than Goku and Frieza did not know anything about Goku until the Frieza Arc. Lastly, Turles isn't even canonical (the only time when he could've arrived on Earth is after the Saiyan Arc and before the Finding Namek Arc but when he arrives he fights the whole Z team even though most of them are dead) so don't bother with theories.
      • Actually, the film could easily fit within the three years training for the Androids' arrival.
    • Like in Brave New World.
    • The only problem with considering anything about Tree of Might 'canon' is that Goku seemed unable to go Super Saiyan during the movie, or had never even heard of it. The most he could to was Kaio-Ken, which seems to place this movie in a weirld ALT!Timeline where nobody had a reason to go to Namek and use their Dragon Balls, thus everybody was present even though Goku had at this point trained under King Kai, and thus knew techniques like the Kaio-Ken and Spirit Bomb - which, in the timeline, meant that he had returned to fight Nappa and Vegeta, then almost immediately left to go to Namek...and Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha were dead. Which kinda screwballs the roster for this movie. Still doesn't invalidate the idea that "lesser" Saiyans had a smaller pool of people/genes to choose from, or perhaps even using cloning for low-intensity needs.
      • Also, Turles being created by Freiza? He hates Saiyans, for one, and if Freiza knew about the Tree of Might, why in the hell would he let anyone but himself eat its fruits? Just seems rather out-of-character for him.

     Part 2 
The Saiyans took a job with Frieza not for the destruction, but for the food
Look at how much even a half-blood Saiyan eats. Assuming human population growth rate- they can interbreed, so it should be fairly similar, albeit somewhat slowed by constant destructive warfare- their food needs would outstrip the productive ability of any one planet within a couple generations, and, although they were shown landing on Planet Plant in spaceships, it was clear that they couldn't actually build any on their own. As a result, when Frieza came to them with a job offer, they accepted not as an excuse to destroy other worlds, but in order to send off excess population to keep Planet Vegita's population at carrying capacity, and get sufficient food for the expatriate Saiyans.
  • This is what I believe too. Once Vegeta realizes that Freeza destroyed his planet and his people, he stops being evil and joins the good guys.
  • Just a side note, I remember King Kai in the dub making a joke about how many Saiyans it took to build a rocket ship. The Saiyans must have been able to build a starship, but it probably took a long time and was primitive by galactic standards.
  • Well, other than the filler and DBGT, there's no indication that Saiyans came from another planet or stole their tech. I personally prefer to think that some Saiyan scientists looked at the night sky and dreamed about punching the stars in their mouths. Not to mention the possibility of finally having a city that wasn't blown up by some overpowered brat having a temper tantrum.
  • Given the existence of galactic empires like Frieza's, it was probably a matter of time before somebody stumbled upon the Saiyans, regardless of their personal potential for technological advancement. Either way, there are numerous benefits to being employed for the galaxy's Big Bad, including access to the products of galactic trade... Not to mention the ability to redirect their natural aggression onto species other than their own. It's just that there are major drawbacks to working for the universe's Big Bad as well. Like being blown up.

Cell Saga SSJ2 Teen Gohan is stronger than Buu Saga SSJ2 Goku or Vegeta.
This is mostly my own impressions from the anime/manga, so feel free to dispute them thoroughly, but a) look at how easily he dispatches his enemies, and b) look at the fact that the whole deal with him is the huge power boosts he takes from his dual heritage.

  • Firstly, Goku and Vegeta had a total of seven years non-stop training to surpass him, while Gohan didn't. It's not too much of stretch to consider that they surpassed him in strength in that time. Also, Gohan's opponents were Cell and his "children", who in comparison to Gohan were punching bags, well the former was. The Cell Juniors were more like exploding pinata, which was all simply to imply that Gohan achieved an unrivaled state of strength. The same thing was done when Goku first turned Super Saiyan, so your argument pretty much lays out like that. And finally, it ignores the statements from both Goku and Vegeta upon turning SSJ2 that "You're stronger than Gohan when he first fought Cell." Nuff said.

Goku was in Super Saiyan form during Goten's conception.
Most Saiyans have extreme difficulty breaking the Super Saiyan barrier, but Goten and Trunks can do it easily. What do they (and, significantly, not Gohan) have in common? Their fathers could go Super Saiyan already. Now, maybe Lamarck Was Right, but Occam's razor suggests a kinkier explanation. When Goku goes SSJ, his hair color changes, so his DNA must change as well, potentially passing on different characteristics. And if you were Chi-Chi or Bulma, wouldn't you want to try it?
  • Most probably not. Trunks can go SSJ easily too, and Vegeta most likely wasn't in SSJ form at the time of his conception. He may have been capable of going SSJ, same as Goku, but he wasn't doing the deed in SSJ state, so to speak.
    • Vegeta probably wasn't Super Saiyan when Future Trunks was conceived, but due to the extra training he was doing due to knowing about the androids coming, he was Super Saiyan when Present Trunks was conceived, which is why he finds it so much easier to turn SSJ then his alternate time line self.
      • False. Future Trunks turned SSJ at a very early age as well.
      • Not nearly as early as the main time line's Trunks. Remember his training with Future Gohan?
  • Also Chichi hates SSJ form, I doubt she'd let Goku do it like that. Unless he forced her. Which is a whole new issue.
  • Bra also doesn't seem to be able to turn into SSJ easily — or at least has far too little interest in fighting to even try. Which might lend credibility to this theory.
  • Also, it is stated that Goten was conceived before the Cell Games, and Goku was in SSJ pretty much permanently at the time...
  • To me, it just looks like half-breed Saiyans have an easier time turning Super Saiyan, but the results are less spectacular. And in Super Saiyan form, Goku probably couldn't hold a turkey without roasting it, so just forget about makin' love.
    • But remember that the only available time for Goten's conception was during the several days before the Cell Games (see above), during which Goku was in permanent, but also "normal" SSJ, without radiating any violent energy. So Goten pretty much HAD to have been conceived while Goku was in a semi-permanent SSJ state.
    • I agree, it seems like it may be due to Heterosis - when creatures breed with similar genes breed, the offspring is similar to the parents. When varying creatures breed, the offspring can turn out better due to a wider selection of beneficial genes. Although it's extremely weird how humans can breed with saiyans considering how horses can't even breed properly with zebras. My guess is that humans are descended from Saiyans who used the technology of other races and evolved into being more peaceful due to the Earth being an easier place to live on.
      • Or, alternately, Saiyans are descended from humans taken from prehistoric earth by aliens and genetically enhanced into biological weapons of mass destruction....
    • According to some theorists, notably among the Dragon Ball wiki, the half-saiyans transform with greater ease due to inheriting the saiyans' fighting potential as well as the human capacity to release their emotions (saiyans tend to suppress anything other than anger and bloodlust). And since the SSJ transformations depend on extreme rage...
    • Also note that it is only in the anime movie that Future Trunks' SSJ transformation was triggered by his grief and rage over Future Gohan's death. In the manga he was already able to transform, and the events that triggered his transformation is in fact not ever mentioned. And really, Gohan wasn't subjected to all that much emotional stress during his transformation sequence either, not when compared to what Goku and Vegeta went through. Then consider all their ages: Future Trunks (anime movie) - 14, Future Trunks(manga) - younger than 13, Gohan - 11 (physically 11.5-12 counting subjective time), Future Gohan - unknown, but implied to be soon after Goku's and the other Z-fighter's deaths, which would be mid teens at the latest. In short all the half-Saiyans in all the time lines all made SSJ at ridiculously young ages.
  • This theory (that SSJ transformation ability is inherited in a partly Lamarkian fashion) also potentially explains why Pan did not ever transform into SSJ, despite several instances of extreme emotional stress/rage that might have caused such a transformation. At the time she was conceived, her father had undergone the Elder Kai's manipulation and did not need to transform to access his full power. Couple that with the fact that Pan appears to be at least as strong as a low-level SSJ1, on par with Goku when he fought Freeza (note how easily she disables and captures Dr. Gero/Android 20 in one scene), and how her ki aura turns SSJ gold when she powers up, and it raises the possibility that Pan inherited some part of the "mystic" transformation from Gohan, enabling her to access SSJ level power without physically transforming.
  • This ties in with the WMG of the tail-SSJ connection above. We know Goku hadn't gone SSJ prior to Gohan's conception, but had by the time of Goten's. Vegeta had the capability to go SSJ when Trunks was conceived. We also know we never see a SSJ with a tail. Perhaps the removal of a Saiyan's tail begins a BIOLOGICAL process that results in the ability to go SSJ . This change could be passed on to offspring. Goku had lost his tail a good while ago when Gohan had been born, but had yet to complete the process. Thus, Gohan has an easier time going SSJ than Goku or Vegeta because he started somewhere in the middle of the process and the tail prevented it from progressing. By the time Goten was conceived, Goku had completed the SSJ process and passed his new genetic sequence more fully onto Goten. The reason Vegeta was able to go SSJ so comparatively soon (compared to Goku) after losing his tail was because he was in more near-death experiences. Its canon that Saiyans get a chunk stronger after almost dying, possibly pushing them along the SSJ process, but further, he was HEALED alot more. Indicating a higher rate of cell division. Goku regaining his tail in GT (a slow time consuming process) started a new biological process that allowed for a SSJ4 state. Baby replicated this process within Vegeta after seeing it in Goku.
    • Nice explanation but mostly likely NOT. The whole SSJ transformation was already a legend among Saiyan culture. Vegeta briefly pictures a gold SSJ Oozaru rampaging per the legends he was told and no Saiyans prior to Goku (who was not on his native planet) ever let their tails be removed. So there is reasons to believe that SSJ could be achieved by Saiyans with tails intact but it was so rare that it became something of myth and legend.

The dinosaurs, talking animals & other weirdness are the result of the Dragon Balls.
People who have managed to collect all seven in the past wished for them.
  • Dragon Ball takes place in Earth in the future. In the future, genetic experiments created talking animals and brought dinosaurs back to life.
    • Either that, or some time before the story, a furry got a hold of the Dragon Balls and wished that everyone with his same fetish turned into the kind of animal they are attracted to.
      • Super establishes that there are multiple universes, and multiple Earths. Earth 7 is obviously not OUR Earth in any timeline; who is to say that only ONE species can become sapient at once per planet? Perhaps Earth 7 had several different species come to sapience, without humans interfering with it, or killing off what they might have seen as intelligent rivals, as our Earth's humans would undoubtedly do (what do you think would happen if someone caught chimps or raccoons or even, say, rats - creatures with hands - making tools? It would not end well for the new tool users.)
Dr. Briefs collected all the Dragon Balls sometime in the past.
Think about it: in order to create the Dragon Radar, he must have had contact with them before, right? Plus his inventions do things that blatently defy the laws of physics. This could be the result of a wish granted by the Dragon.
  • Bulma found a dragon ball in her basement to make the radar — presumably someone just randomly picked it up or bought it as a fancy jewel. No wishes had previously been granted in 100 years, I think the manga says this.
    • Going off of the above theories, he's hundreds of years old and collects the Dragon Balls every few centuries because the more often the Dragon is summoned the more widespread the knowledge of the Dragon Balls and their wish granting abilities will become. Bet at some point he wished himself immortal and spent centuries lying low, slowly nudging mankind in the direction he wanted, mastering the laws of man, unraveling the mysteries of physics, to built an unseen empire that encompasses the globe and allows him to construct a business monopoly that no worldly power will ever be able to challenge. Oh, and at some point he wished for immortality and everlasting youth cause hey if you're going to live with someone forever they might as well be super-hot right?

Dr. Briefs is some 753 years old.
He collected the dragon balls 700 years ago and wished to become immortal, then spent some time collecting them so he could become a magic-powered inventor. When someone tried to wish away his power 101 or 100 years ago (but could only turn him into a harmless old fool thanks to the various power limits of the wish-granting system), he stole one of the dragon balls to keep anyone from ever being able to collect them all and properly word a wish to defeat him once and for all (possibly also as a way to tell if there was a changeover between Kamis, to renew his immortality). When he lost his immortality thanks to the power switch and the dragon balls being remade, he either realized His Time Had Come and should live the rest of his life as a mortal human, or got distracted by the hot wife, the loads of cash, and the capsule full of porno mags.

The Earth of Dragon Ball is our Earth in a far future
The main series of Dragon Ball Z shows that the English language exists, and William Shakespeare has existed, on the Earth of Dragon Ball. If we go by the 12th movie, then Adolf Hitler existed on the Earth of Dragon Ball too. If historical figures from our past existed there, it means that the planet where Dragon Ball happens is indeed ours. The Earth of Dragon Ball is more technologically advanced than ours, with flying cars, sentient androids and hoipoi capsules, which means Dragon Ball is set in the future (dinosaurs and sentient animals can be explained with advancements in genetics). How far in the future? Well, all of the dates there have 3 digits (the story happens after "the year 700"), which means the calendar has been reset about 700 years before the story. In our reality, a problem with dates is bound to happen in the year 10000, when software coded to process years with 4 digits will consider the year 10000 (5 digits) as a year zero. People might realize that resetting the calendar is easier than fixing the software, so the year 10000 will be considered as the new year 0, and Dragon Ball actually occurs around the year 10700.
  • The official map of the DB world shows that it, first off much smaller then our current world. And second, and most importantly, that it is a COMPLETELY different shape than ours. A much more likely theory than the "700 years since we just restarted the calendar" is "it's been 700 years since we used all those bombs to blow the world into a different shape".
  • The fact that the continents are shaped differently could mean that continental drift eventually reshaped the Earth, which would make the setting over 100 million years in the future...or it could just be some sort of terraforming, or people with dragon balls wishing for the changes.

In the live action movie, Piccolo killed Pilaf and took control of his army
How else do you explain the fact that Mai is there, but NOT Pilaf?
  • Makes sense to me.

Pink is a royal colour for Saiyans.
That's why Vegeta didn't mind wearing the shirt.
  • Perhaps he never understood the whole concept of "blue is for boys, pink is for girls", being an alien and everything...
  • Real saiyans wear pink... Because of the stains on their skin of the blood of their enemies! (They never fought nameks or vulcans.)
  • Problem is, he DID mind wearing the shirt. He acted disgusted - unless we're talking about the manga, where it's never mentioned - because it's in black and white, of course.
    • He mostly did mind wearing human clothes, if we take in consideration he was one hell of an arrogant prick at that time (okay, just slightly less after that). He didn't really care about the color, what was unnerving to him was to wear such fragile garment. Also, remembering the other shirts he had to use, he doesn't have what we call "fashion skills".
  • Vegeta isn't even shown wearing pink in any of the manga materials. It's just an anime addition by a gender-confused staffer, trying to project his/her own insecurity on Vegeta. How's that for WMG?
    • ...Are you being serious? I'm disappointed and ashamed, here I thought tropers were more evolved than that
    • Lovely.

Lunch was the first Super Saiyan.
It's a bit of a joke, but she becomes a mean, strong blond haired, green eyed girl when she sneezes, she might be Akira's Super Saiyan prototype. Then, he pretended to forget who she was to avoid people pointing it out. Didn't work, though.

Nameks are Plant Aliens
They're green, they live on water, air, and sunlight, can regrow lost segements of body and are capable of self-fertilization. Alone, these don't mean much, but together...
  • That's pretty much a given, Namek orbits crazily around three Suns... That's why they are so strong.
  • Actually, Word of God in the recent (Japanese only) guidebook "Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume" says that Namekians have enzymes in their bodies that turn water into nutrients.
    • Which is exactly what plants do. And of course, this is coming from the same guy who said tails are a recessive trait even though Gohan had one, and the fact that he has a daughter demonstrates he doesn't have a monosomy disorder.

Piccolo really didn't understand that human-like beings like Gohan actually needed food.
He thought that getting their food from other plants and animals was just laziness, and instead of just beiing kind of soft leaving the apples for Gohan, he was being really, really, uncharacteristically kind.

Fasha is Videl's mother.
She could have gone to earth to find her son (whom fan-theories say is Goku), and had a nine-month-stand with Hercule. This kind of explains why Videl has (supposedly) Charles Atlas Super Power greater than any other human (even Krillin was the only other non-magical human who could actually fly, if I'm not mistaken), when her father (the "strongest man on earth", which probably wasn't a completely empty boast) was hardly more than a Joke Character. (This also adds a bit of Squick to Gohan x Videl... A lot of squick if you consider GT canon.)
  • The similarity is amusing, but Fasha is clearly killed just days after Goku's birth, long before Videl was conceived.
    • Plus Fasha was on a different planet the day after Goku was born. That's some impressive recovery if she really is the mother.
  • Why a lot of squick if GT is canon? If you mean Pan, her first appearance was at the end of DBZ, not in GT.
    • Even if there was a possibility of Fasha being Videl's mother, Toriyama nuked that rumor that Fasha is Goku's mother by revealing Gine, Goku's real mother.
  • Alternatively, she wasn't a Saiyan's offspring, but some sort of superhuman experiment, and her mom was a hot scientist. How such hottie could get with Hercule Mr. Satan and have a cute daughter is yet to be explained.
    • What's love got to do with it? She chose him because of his claims to be the strongest man, as part of her plan to breed a Super-Soldier. After selecting the proper chromosome matches for her brains and his brawn, plus possibly some Saiyan DNA she found lying on some battlefield, Videl was the result.
      • She could even be Dr. Gero's daughter, and planned to take over the world with a super soldier, but probably didn't expect to be a labrat for Gero's heart virus (look theories below, and you know he'd be capable). After she finally got used to her family life, she suffered the same symptoms, dying when Videl was a kid. Tear Jerker indeed.
    • Nitpick, but Krilln isn't the only ordinary human capable of flight. Yamcha is, too. Of course, that doesn't detract from your point.
      • Riff e Tensinhan as, supposedly, everyone else from the same school.
      • Tien/Tenshinhan had a good chance of not being human. Didn't recall Yamcha flying, though it seems that he had in Z.
      • Yamcha flew all the time in Z, check out the android saga.
      • Tien is stated clearly to be a human who gained his third eye through "attaining enlightenment". He and Chiaotzu apparently learned it as a technique from the crane school (Roshi's rival). By the end of Dragon Ball and the beginning of Z, most of the Z fighters at that time possessed the ability.
  • Another possibilty may be that Videl is actually Fasha reborn as a human with no memories of her past life... After all, you do have Kid Buu reincarnate as Uub at the end of Dragon Ball Z, who's to say that it hasn't happened before (it also seems to be the natural process for those who were not totally evil)? The main difference between the two cases is that Goku made the request for Uub to retain some of his past life's fighting skill and potential (at least I think that's the case), while Fasha's memories were wiped completely before she was reborn as Videl. But, on some sort of subconcious level, she remembered certain details... That's why Videl was able to learn how to use her Ki to fly so fast!
    • If such is the case, Fasha's memory wouldn't need wiping. When a person is reincarnated as another after death, all memories and knowledge of their previous life disappear permanently. That's why no one can remember ever having any past lives. If Fasha was reborn as Videl, she wouldn't remember her past life anyway.

Nappa was once the most powerful Saiyan.
More powerful than Goku, Vegeta and Broly combined, he was actually the first to reach Super Saiyan status and ascend to nigh-godhood. Then he got so powerful that his hair fell out. And that was the end of that.
  • Ten dollars says someone thought you were serious before they read my bullet point.
    • I thought he was serious till he got to the point about the hair falling out, lol.

Android 17 is also a girl, but with her voice (and perhaps body) modified to sound like a man
It would explain the extremely slender built, and the lack of Clothing Damage. Lack of eyelashes? Flea from Chrono Cross was a (supposedly male) transvestite and had lashes, so, a female transvestite that disguises as male might miss hers. She's just a low-voiced, flat chested girl. Gero himself wanted the girl to be modified into a guy, because a duo of twin girls wouldn't look as menacing as a boy and a girl. Also, Toriyama is known to joke with this sort of stuff, if he revealed it to be the true canon 25 years after everything, it would be hilarious.
  • #17 and #18 were originally human twins, brother and sister, who were forcefully turned into androids by Gero.
    • Not to mention the fact that 18 calls him brother at one point.
      • Maybe she just respects his gender-identity choice?
    • She doesn't just call him brother, she repeatedly teases him for being a man - liking cars, never wanting to ask directions, etc.
      • That would be pretty ruthlessly funny if he had been made into one against his will, no?
    • Makes sense, since they seem like regular street youths but most of the other androids are stylized somehow, with few exceptions including Gero himself, who is confirmed as a former human.
  • Remember, it was only in the anime that #17 has a male voice. Maybe in the manga Toriyama intended for them to sound the same—after all, they look exactly the same except for the hair. And #17's bandanna could be covering up some cleavage...
  • Oh my god, you mean there's a strong guy in Dragon Ball who doesn't have 24-inch pythons unless he gets fused with his clone from hell in an alternate continuation? EGADS!

The "heart virus" Goku dies of in the alternate future is a biological weapon made by the Yardrats.
Remember, Goku arrived one of the Ginyu's ships. The aliens may have assumed that he was the herald to a full-scale invasion and made the appropriate (secret) counter maneuvers.
  • Alternatively, they gave it to him unwittingly. Their ancestors had long since developed immunity to it, but Goku hadn't and had the bad luck to be physiologically similar. The end result was much the same as if a 12th-century native american was transported to Europe during the Black Death- guaranteed infection with something that he had no resistance to.
    • I buy this theory. It also explains why he's the only one who fell sick.
    • If we take in consideration that it happened around the same time that Gero's mosquito spy was collecting DNA, Gero would be responsible for this; because who is much of a coward to plan such things and knows genetic engineering enough to make a virus that would affect a saiyan?
      • This troper finds it unlikely considering the differences in the time line. Goku dies to the virus earlier, the more powerful Androids are sent out. Likely Gero fearing Goku learned of the plot and was secretly training as Goku isn't making news or around any more. Goku lives and makes some news, the weaker but "safer" androids are sent out thinking Goku was still weak.
  • Remember driving instructor? He was coughing all the time... Or Vegeta, he was surprisingly tired in the late Freeza arc. Aliens are ruled out, Goku never infected any of his friends, and a virus was still active 20 years later (so they worked at medicine).

The "heart virus" Goku dies of in the alternate future is caused by the attack Devilman used on him when he was a child.
When Devilman used the devilmite beam on goku, he was a child, & his heart was pure. But, who's to say that the effects of the beam didn't wear off immediately afterwards? The devilmite beam might have been permanent, & Goku's purity didn't last forever. During his battle with Frieza, Goku became enraged (which caused him to become a super saiyan) after he found out that Frieza killed his best friend & his entire species. The devilmite then took effect, but the beams grew slowly, because Devilman wasn't manipulating them. Eventually (about a year after he went SSJ) the beams grew large enough for Goku to start feeling them. The beams then shredded Goku's heart, & he died before they could destroy anything else.

Frieza's death caused problems only slightly more preferable to the ones it solved.
We're talking about an empire that may span dozens, if not hundreds, of planets. We're talking about a creature that was so powerful that nothing could challenge him. So now that he's gone, the universe is suddenly facing a massive power vacuum. Numerous people will be competing to fill that vacuum - many of them probably a little whacked, others completely insane, and still others just dumb and selfish with no clue what it takes to rule properly. And each of these people will have their supporters, some looking for a free ticket to power and status, and others showing cultlike devotion to their new master and his grand destiny. Bloodshed for years. Huge-scale anarchy. Err, maybe Vegeta taking over wouldn't have been so bad?
  • It wouldn't happen because almost everyone that wanted to take over when Freeza eventual death would happen was working for him and died. The only one that wanted such thing is alive after his death is Vegeta (who pretty much redeemed himself); or, if you take in consideration Sealed Evil in a Can, Buu.
    • Two problems. The first is that power levels for better or worse seem to make a lot more difference in who wins a fight than inteligence or talent. So once the Ginyu force and Frieza were wiped out Zarbon likely could have taken command with little trouble. Possibly less trouble than the Captain Ginyu since all the flashbacks suggest that Zarbon and Dodoria are the next in command regardless of their power levels. The second being that Frieza couldn't be everywhere at once and since it's implied that the Saiyans are well above the rank and file (and lets be honest Raditz wasn't all that powerful by any scale used in DBZ) the elimination of Frieza, King Cold, the Ginyu Force, Zarbon and Dodoria and Cui all at once is an enormous vacuum.
    • Why assume that the only megalomaniac villains out there are the ones we see? Surely, some reasonably powerful people are going to come crawling out of the woodwork when they get their chance?
    • If you count GT, then Dr. Myuu and his Machine Mutant Empire would count as one such villain.
  • Freeza's empire is stated in the Anime dub to have slightly over 40 planets, sometime in the early Namek Saga. That's a lot of worlds, but considering that the average world has no Saiyin-level Chi-users, and the number of powerful individuals who died around the same time as Frieza (anyone left after that struggle would have to be too weak for the Ginyu Force, and probably weaker than Zarbon or Dodoria), no war would have resulted which a lone Z fighter couldn't wrap up on a dull weekend. Most likely Vegeta, during his stint of away-from-Earth training which ultimately got him a Super Saiyin form. Though, of course, he would have just killed any warlords, and said he was coming back later to rule their worlds. Maybe people are still out there, trembling in fear at the though of his return...
  • The show is pretty coy in describing what Frieza and his henchmen are exactly, but they were far from civilized. They knew nothing of technology and power levels, yet somehow they had really impressive technology and power levels; sometimes they called themselves "mutants." I'd figured they were bio-engineered soldiers, and the real bosses were on some other planet.
  • The 2008 special explains that Abo and Cado took over, so no real problems. Plus, by the end of the special, they're friendly with the Z fighters, which is probably good news for their empire. Obviously not canon, but it is an explanation.
  • Vegeta was shown at one point beating up on The Remnant of Frieza's forces on the occasional world, so it looks like the individual planets were simply allowed to go free (if Abo and Cado didn't take them back).
    • Must be filler. After the Frieza arc the DBZ team had no further access to spaceships, and the only ones who ever space-travelled after that were Goku and Dende.
      • Dr. Briefs almost certainly still has the blueprints for the insanely upgraded version of Goku's spacepod that he built for Goku, and IIRC, Bulma herself modified Piccolo's ship for human use, so those plans should still be rolling around as well.
    • Have we neglected Cooler? Or King Cold? Frieza's older brother and father, respectively? They most likely have control of his empire now.
      • Not... terribly likely, given that King Cold was killed by Future Trunks about two minutes after Frieza, and Cooler was killed in the movies. He may have gotten sorta better, but wasn't in any condition to do any ruling. And was killed once and for all anyway.
      • Not to mention Cooler is movie-only.
    • The empire is at least double 40 planets - The planet Vegeta stops at before going to Namek is #79. This issue is actually adressed in Dragon Ball Online as the main villain of the game takes leadership over the remains of Freeza's forces.
    • The way I figured the empire worked, and this is taking Cooler into account as movie-only or not, his movie doesn't really contradict anything and fits nicely within the series timeline, is that King Cold is the actual ruler of the overall empire. Frieza and Cooler, despite Frieza at the very least being stronger than Cold, are subservient to their father but left to operate more or less autonomously, given their own territory to have power over. Within Frieza's territory, he has decided to keep the existence of his father and brother secret and propagate the belief among his followers and subjects that he is the ruler of the universe, partly out of ego and partly so no one gets the idea of trying to instigate a war between the three factions. After Frieza's defeat on Namek, Vegeta began taking a metaphorical sledge hammer to Frieza's empire as he searched for Goku in space while King Cold was having Frieza healed and repaired. After Frieza and Cold die, Cooler assumes control over whatever's left of Frieza's holdings as well as what territory Cold ruled personally, assuming such territory existed. This explains the gap between Frieza and Cold dying and Cooler showing up. Upon Cooler's death, the scenario presented by this WMG took place, but earth was left alone either due to obscurity or because if you have five people each stronger than your newly deceased evil overlord living on the same planet and apparently content to remain there punching each other, you leave them the hell alone.
  • If you go by one of the comedic mangas, there is someone else to take over-Furiza, Frieza's son. Presumably the Changelings are being led by the regent, keeping the hell away from the Saiyans.

Nappa is alive.
During the Namek Saga, the Z warriors wished that everyone killed by Vegeta would come back. Well, guess who killed Nappa?
  • No, they did NOT. They wished that everyone killed by Frieza and his men would come back; as Tien and Yamcha didn't immediately come back to life, the argument that Vegeta and Nappa counted as Frieza's men at that point is invalid.
    • Ah, but Vegeta hadn't turned truant by that point (unless he did, but that's not the point of this page). Sure, he didn't like Frieza, but I doubt that matters. I like this one.
      • Vegeta spefically didn't count. Even if Vegeta's body count on Namek had been chalked up to Frieza, it's mentioned that it's not when all the survivors are wished back to Earth and Vegeta laughs about it. The wish was to return to life all those Frieza killed and it was extended to include those killed by his actions. When Vegeta was on earth he wasn't acting under orders. Given how broadly the wish was made it's not impossible that the Ginyu are alive. It was Frieza's fault they were around, Frieza did put them in the situation that got them killed and apparently death by heart ache is considered murder.
  • And his hybrid son (or daughter, whatever) will appear in the next DBZ movie as an important plot point. If they made Vegeta's long lost permashota brother in this recent movie, why not Nappa's kid?
  • If you follow the GT anime canon, he had to have died. Otherwise, Vegeta couldn't have killed him again during the Super 17 saga.
  • The Namekian villagers that Vegeta killed didn't even come back with that wish. And since he keeps telling us that there are only two Saiyans left, I think it's safe to say that Nappa is still dead.
  • Even if Nappa came back, it wouldn't be for the best. Nappa was paralysed due to his injuries-if he didn't die of exposure, the government would've taken him away-possibly involving dissection.
  • Nappa does get revived, just like OP said, in Dragonball Abridged.

Women can become Super Saiyan, but...
It takes a different trigger to do so. Men are transformed by rage (Goten might be the exception, as Vegeta probably irritated Trunks enough to SSJ him on purpose), but Pan (if GT is to be taken in consideration) doesn't seem to transform into one, even when absurdly enraged. Perhaps, their trigger is an emotion that transforms women into monsters, like rage does with men. Scorn, deception, and absolute despair are good options to take in consideration.
  • It isn't rage; otherwise Vegeta would have done it long, long ago. It's something like freeing your mind, if I remember it right.
    • It was overwhelming rage + a pure heart (Vegeta claimed he used pure evil) + sufficient amounts of power. Unless you're over a level of power that Vegeta never approached until late into the Frieza saga, you just can't transform into SSJ.
    • But of course Pan was easily that strong (she pwns Dr. Gero/Android 20 in one scene, for example).
  • Alternately, possibly Pan really hasn't ever gotten angry enough. For while she has definitely gotten very angry (and had her fair share of despair too), she was never in a situation where she was desperate angry - ie in the back of her mind there was always the possibility that her grandfather or father or uncle, etc would save her.
  • Super Saiyan is a super powered evil side. Just being enraged won't cut it. There needs to be some extreme hate.
  • Some Fridge Logic, though I'm not sure if it counts in the DBZ universe: Blood. Remember, Pan is only a quarter saiyan.
  • Women probably can become Super Saiyans but you need to have at least as much Saiyan blood as human blood to go Super Saiyan. That's why Pan never went SSJ, she's only 1/4 Saiyan.
    • So why, in the "100 years later" episode, are both Goku Jr (Pan's grandson) and Vegeta Jr (Vegeta's great-great-grandson) able to transform into Super Saiyans?
  • Pan can be dealt with by looking at a subsequent WMG - she theoretically 'inherited' (read: stole) the Mystic Powerup from Gohan when she was concieved. This would explain why she never turned Super Saiyan, despite being able to fight on-par with her Super Saiyan 3 Grandpa.
    • She also can fight with the golden Super Saiyan ki aura suggesting either she can access Super Saiyan power without a Super Saiyan transformation (as per theory above) OR she can and does change into a Super Saiyan, but female Saiyans don't change their hair color when they transform! Of course the ki aura color thing could just be the GT animation team screwing up.
  • Word of God has it that he just couldn't decide on how to draw a female Super Saiyan and left it out. Something about the hair. I'm not seeing it, though

Saiyaman is the result of the repressed trauma that Gohan endured at the hands of the Ginyu Force.
(*pose*... *pose*... *Large Ham rant*... *poses some more*)
  • Repressed trauma? Perhaps he thought that if they weren't so evil, they'd be awesome. And thinking about that, in DBverse, it seems like all TV programs are superhero shows, fighting tournaments, baseball... And the News.
    • You forgot aerobics.
  • I'll buy this one, since Piccolo also traumatized Gohan pretty bad (to train him in Goku's absence), and notice that the Saiyaman costume has a turban/cape thing going on...
  • In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, in the character reference, its implied that, indeed, Gohan was probably thinking of the Ginyu Force when he got the idea, but it also says that he was inspired by them, not traumatized.
    • It's possible he thought they were cool, he was only 6 at that point, young enough to still think that tokusatsu was cool.
      • Maybe he got into tokusatsu later on, since at the time they were weirding him out.
  • My personal theory is that the Saiyaman outfit is a tribute of sorts to some of the Z-fighters and clothes from Gohan's past. The green tunic thing is from Bandit Yamcha or could also be from Tien and Chiaotzu, The body suit, boots and gloves resemble those from Saiyan armor, as already mentioned the cape and turban are from Piccolo, and finally the sunglasses are from Master Roshi
  • Another possibility; he's emulating campy superheroes to catch up on the childhood that he really never got a chance to have. Seriously, from ages 4 to 11, he did absolutely nothing but fight and train. As an awkward teenager, he's using his real superpowers on Earth to act out the childish fantasies that most boys would have had before but he never got a chance to.
    • Now the question becomes: How did he talk Videl into joining the whole Sentai Superhero thing?
      • Well, in the movies, she's one of the few (read: 2 or 3) people that think his poses and speeches are actually cool, so maybe she has a secret geeky side she never shows to anyone except him? It would make her character more interesting if they would explore that. Perhaps she's a tokusatsu buff, and knows a LOT more about all the various Super Sentai series than anyone would expect a martial artist to?

Saiyans are to the Time Lords as Romulans are to the Vulcans.
Romulans are a violent warrior race and look similiar to the Vulcans. Vulcans are a logical observational race. Saiyans are a violent warrior race and look similiar to Time Lords, yet there's the difference of the tail. Time Lords are a logical observational race. Saiyans just go through regenerations differently (super saiyan state) or sometimes not at all.
  • If they are related, the divergence must have been much, much farther in the past than the Vulcan-Romulan split, judging by physiological differences. I read somewhere that the Vulcans and Romulans diverged around the time of Christ, and all their differences are cultural, wheres Time Lord-Saiyan differences are in many respects genetic, indicating time for divergent evolution.
    • Perhaps the Time Lords banished their more violent members eons ago, before inventing TARDISes, and sent them all to a random planet in space pods, the random planet just happening to be inhabited by Tuffles? This would, of course, imply that Time Lords originally had tails, and it is the Saiyans who are the physically closer to the ancestor species...
      • This would imply that Time Lords can go Oozaru at some stage. Maybe Gallifrey has something to do with Blutz waves?
Vegeta is American.
Think about it! His attacks have English names in Japan, his Big Bang Attack causes Nuclear Explosions, he's the most arrogant person in the series. There's no doubt he's more American than Bandit Keith.
  • Alternately, everyone in Planet Vegeta were Americans. Most of them happen to have vegetable names in English, only slightly modified.
    • Lol, possible. But Word of God has it that Vegeta was given English moves so as to seem more alien to the Japanese audience.
      • Like Americans.
      • Okay, seriously, please stop stereotyping us Americans. I hope you don't really believe that, because I am an American, and I certainly don't want to be labeled as arrogant warmonger like so many foreigners seem to do.
  • He's from Space America, like Jeice is from Space Australia.

Most Saiyans are (or were, briefly) alive
During the Namek saga, they wished for everyone killed by Freeza and his men to come back to life. Freeza killed the Saiyans. So after the wish, they all reappeared, only to find themselves floating in empty space.
  • On a related note, this means the heros of the show commited at least one count of genocide, since those saiyans would have then died horrible deaths in the vacuum of space. I say at least one count because I doubt that it was the first time that Frieza destroyed an enemy's entire planet.
  • Wasn't the destruction of the Planet Veget well over a year before the wish was made?
  • Additionally, this is how Tarble (as well as some of the other Saiyans in the not-quite-canon movies) is both a) still alive despite the "only four Saiyans survived" story and b) why he doesn't look nearly as old as he'd have to be to survive Freeza's Saiyan purge. It works like this: Tarble is sent off planet, probably somewhere between the ages of five and ten. Freeza destroys Vegeta-sei and presumably hunts down most of the off-planet Saiyans including Tarble. Twentysomething years later, the Dragon Balls revive everyone killed by Freeza and his men, including Tarble. Since Tarble is off planet, he survives, learns of Freeza's death, and decides to go native rather than purging the planet for the profit of a dead tyrant. Ten or so years later we see him in the recent special, married to one of the aliens he was assigned to kill.
  • Except that Tarble probably had those genes that make people look younger for more time than they should, or is probably Vegeta's half brother through genetic manipulation or something. He probably was a servant of Freeza as well.
  • This is impossible. One of the restrictions on Kami's balls was that if you were reviving multiple people who fit into a category, only those who died within the past year are revived. Vegeta blew up twenty-some-odd years ago, and the wish was made on Kami's Dragon Balls, so the Saiyan people were past their expiration date (unless someone wanted to revive them one at a time).
    • True, although there's still a good chance that they'd blown up another planet within the last year, as well as the filler bug planet Nappa and Vegeta blew up. This is why, when handling Kami's balls, you must be careful.
    • Resurection of F shows that actually yes, people can be brought back even after a year. It's just that their bodies aren't restored at all when it happens (which is why Frieza came back in itty bitty pieces instead of whole like basically every other resurrection shown). So it's possible the Saiyans were brought back, but it would have lasted all of a second at most since their bodies were vaporized.

Garlic Jr. is related to Pilaf.
  • Surely I am not the only one who finds their resemblance a little odd.
    • This troper also noticed how similar they look. But preferred rather they aren't related.
    • They're the same species, but Pilaf is a noseless mutant, like Krillin.
    • They're both voiced by Chuck Huber in the English dub

Hell's name is really HFIL.
  • The Hell you see on the show doesn't look like the one from "Fusion Reborn." Sure they may be connected to each other (since the bad guys escaped from this Hell), but Gaz and Moz's section of Hell is really known as the Home For Infinite Losers.
    • The Hell in "Fusion Reborn" was altered by Janemba. In the movie Goku is shown falling into what looked like floating red gelatin, only for the camera to pan to a sign reading "Blood Fountain" showing that it was previously that established landmark. At the end of the movie it all went back to normal. As for the name HFIL, this troper's theory is that the censors just took the word HELL and lopped off the bottom portion of the letters, leaving H F I and lowercase L.
      • That's correct. Go watch the uncensored version of the Funimation dub (Remastered). Their shirts read HELL.

Piccolo's Heel–Face Turn Only Became Possible With Goku's Death
Piccolo was originally birthed for one purpose: To kill Son Goku and avenge Demon King Piccolo. That was his sole driving ambition besides taking over the world. He could do nothing else but train and work for that moment. However, once Piccolo killed Goku and Raditz, his directive was complete and that compulsion was gone. From that moment on Piccolo was free to do as he wished, and in that time period immediately after he grew close to Gohan, which was the primary factor in his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Sorry, this isn't WMG, this is canon.

The reason Gohan can go Super Saiyan in GT is because he passed the 'Mystic' powerup down to Pan.
Think about it, though this does draw from the above WMG of Goku was in Super Saiyan form during Goten's conception to an extent. The 'mystic' powerup that Gohan recieved from the Grand Old Kai is something that no one really knows how to explain and also circumvents the whole point of the Super Saiyan powerup. Rather than going level 1/2/3, they just draw out the needed strength so long as their body was trained to handle said strength (ie: their max strength is always there if they need it). For some reason, Gohan no longer has this in GT, instead being forced to use the traditional power scale of Super Saiyans.

Meanwhile, Pan is running around the universe, beating the crap out of villains that most DBZ characters would have a hard time with... and is even out-performing her grandfather at times. About the only way to explain this is that she somehow 'stole' the powerup from her father when she was concieved.

  • I thought something similar. Pan had a golden aura sometimes (might be animation error), and golden auras are usually Super Saiyan ones, or, in Gohan's case (at Buu's Arc), Mystic Saiyan. The Mystic power probably passed down to her, indeed.
  • It's never stated in canon that Gohan can never go SSJ again. Although he went Mystic instead of SSJ when asked to, it doesn't say anywhere that SSJ has been overwritten or erased for good.
    • As of Battle of Gods, it's outright confirmed that he can still transform if he wants to.
    • But what clearly was done to SSJ is it was rendered pointless, due to Gohan having a better (ie. "less taxing") way of accessing his power. This is apparently no longer the case in GT, whereas Pan, as said before, is running around doing things on par with a basic level SSJ .
    • It could just be that only Gohan can use his Mystic power. Now, who was in control of Gohan's body during the Baby arc? Certainly not Gohan. Furthermore, it's possible that being under Baby's control basically "broke" the Mystic power-up, either turning it off for good or getting it permanently stuck on a x49 or lower setting; both cases would force him to go back to SSJ transformations. Another possibility is that Baby erased everyone's memory of the Mystic form when he couldn't use it, although this brings up a question of why Goku never mentioned it, since he wasn't controlled by Baby at any point.

The Super Saiyan transformation is the same thing as Shinobu Sensui's Sacred Energy.
The similarities? Both require a tremendous level of power in base form, they both require the user to go through a personality change of sorts, both have a golden aura, and both grant the user ridiculous levels of power. The only difference between the two is that Sacred Energy doesn't change the eye color of the user. But maybe the hair and eye color change is just a Saiyan trait.

Dende is an avatar of Haruhi Suzumiya.
He is made the new Kami-sama of Earth for a reason.

Goku was able to continually surpass Vegeta because he drank the Divine Water
Goku drank the Divine Water in Korin's Tower in order to defeat King Piccolo. It changed him from being a lowly C-Rank warrior to probably an A-Rank Warrior. Guru's raising of Gohan's and Krilin's potential probably had a similar effect.
  • Interesting, and entirely possible! That would explain why Krillin pulled far ahead of the other humans after the Namek saga.
    • Now that I think of it, if Lamarck Was Right biology applies to the Dragon Ball universe, than young Trunks and Goten should've easy surpass their fathers, and maybe Vegito for that matter, if they put any serious effort into training.
  • You mean the divine water he drank before his fight with King Piccolo? Because the 'divine water' in Korin's tower was just ordinary water.
    • Right, that 'Divine Water', the one that's potentially fatal. Not the ordinary water that Korin normally guards.
  • All the kami water did is give him a power boost. The reason why Kakarot was able to easily surpass Vegeta is because he had more battle smarts. Even though Vegeta trained more and violently then Kakarot, Goku trained smarter and more efficiently than him. A good example of this is when Vegeta was on Namek getting his face pounded in and Goku was training in 100x gravity, who do you think suffered more Goku or Vegeta, I believe that one's so easy it doesn't need to be answered because we all know the answer, but answer this to your self who came out stronger. Goku's training was no walk in the park either but he did it at a steady pace or at least steady for him since we all know how energetic Goku is. Oh yeah do you remember when Kakarot came out of the hyperbolic time chamber stronger than Vegeta (because he mastered the Full Power SSJ instead of the Ascended SSJ form) because he recieved better training than him and it was because he trained (worked on his strength and speed) instead of torturing himself.

The "Ultra Divine Water" was actually just poison.
According to Korin, no one had managed to drink the ultra divine water and survive. Indeed, after Goku drank it, he almost died. But he recovered, and came back stronger... now, with hindsight from later episodes, what does that remind one of? Zenkai. So all the water did was almost kill him; it was the zenkai that made him come back stronger.

King Chappa and Mr. Satan are one and the same person
A supposedly strong fighter, losing to a little kid (Goku), King Chappa couldn't stand the embarassment, and changed his name to Mr. Satan. He later went on to win the world championship.
  • Plus it's actually stated that King Chappa has won the tournament at least once before Goku showed up.
  • It also supports the post above about how Mr. Satan had a child that looked nothing like him.
    • Mr. Satan's actually the same age as Krillin; Chappa's twenty years their senior.

The Earth of Dragon Ball Z is a lost Harem Planet for saiyans.
But whoever made the weak saiyan-like beings either made them too weak to stay physically intact, or was killed for daring to suggest weakening the descendants of saiyans before telling them where the planet was. Human/Saiyan hybrids go Super-Saiyan more easily than pure Saiyans because their genetic material was collected not too long after (or sometime before) the last Super Saiyan (possibly even from a branch of its family), and divergent evolution allowed the humans (who could not turn Super-Saiyan) to keep the Super-Saiyan gene more readily accessible and the Planet Vegeta Saiyans killed off most bloodlines that could access the Super-Saiyan form below a power level of some fifteen thousand due to Power Incontinence and a Berserk Mode. This is how Gohan, Trunks, et. al. could be conceived.
  • Except this theory buckles when you look at how Kakarot was sent to Earth to conquer it. His being sent to Earth seemed like a routine mission, not some attempt to cover up a planet of genetic abominations.
    • Also, Saiyans aren't a civilized race, they probably didn't even know space existed until Frieza found them.

Every lifeform is decended from Cell.
Work with me here. We know know as Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock (or whatever the official title will be when it hits the US) that it is possible in the Dragonballverse to literally get knocked into last week. Frieza did not kill Bardock he knocked him one thousand (or more) years into the past. Gohan likewise may not have killed Cell instead knocking a being with the DNA of every known species all the way back to the beginning of time.

Earth is one big Mystical Fount of Power.
Saiyans who live on earth for a long time can access Super-Saiyan form more easily, but not as easily as Saiyans (or half-Saiyans) who were born on Earth. Their power incline is much steeper than normal Saiyans and other species for this reason, even if they do start out stronger. Most humans are just immune to it.
  • It could be something in the sun, or in the moon.
  • Earth does have an unnaturally large moon relative to other planets. Raditz even comments on this in Dragon Ball Z Kai. Perhaps the large size emits enough "flux waves" to increase Saiyan power even if their tails are missing. This is assuming the moon was wished back after Piccolo blew it up.

Saiyans reproduce like Xenomorphs.
They find (or make) a convenient hole in a member of another species, or if Fasha is canonically "female" a breeding member of their own, lay a fertile egg-thing, and let it grow until it can tear its way out of the host or the host expels it. Human females happen to be right in the comfort zone where they can expel the parasite before it kills them but after it is big enough to survive on its own, and (assuming it is implanted via the right orifice) has a ready patch of nutrition-transferring tissue that keeps it from sucking stuff out of more sensitive organs. They may take on the characteristics of the host, like the Xenomorphs, which would explain the power increase rate of human-Saiyan hybrids and Trunks' hair. However, it's more likely that earth is a "big Mystical Fount of Power" and Trunks just happened to have a funny hair color like Broly.

Frieza is an alternate-universe version of Batman.
Assuming that his actual parents are dead, and King Cold is his subordinate (very nearly canon) and parental figure ("king" being a given name like King Vegeta is guessed to have on the JustBugsMe page). He can breathe in space, he goes from a less bulky physique than most (but not all) beings of similar power, getting more and more bulky before dropping into a physique not extremely dissimilar from his original form but with a Sculpted Physique (literal to the trope for Frieza, literal to the title for Batman). His rival is a humanlike space alien who got sent to earth before its home planet was destroyed, became more powerful than any of his own species, met many others despite being Last of His Kind, and notably indulged in Superdickery. His (back to Frieza/Batman) fighting style includes manipulating his opponents and allies based on how he thinks they think, and while for most of Frieza's run he doesn't rely on tools, he does use his spaceships and chair in his first form and eventually a mechanical contrivance to fight despite being incapacitated and very nearly killed by a much stronger opponent. The two most significant differences between Frieza and Batman are that Frieza merely ended up weak compared to the other fighters, and Batman usually puts his skills on the side of justice instead of the side of making himself more money.
  • So…if Batman ever got selfish…The DCU would become something akin to a Hell on Earth? Honestly…I believe you.

Beerus is the reason Frieza wanted the dragon balls so badly.
The REAL reason Frieza wants immortality is so he can take on Beerus. In his narcissistic mind, he believes he can challenge the god of destruction as an immortal and win. He hates the fact he is taking orders from another being.

     Part 3 
Future Bulma didn't actually build a time machine - she built a machine made to travel through to alternate realities!
Ok, so this idea came to mind while playing one of the video games, but bear with me.

Future Bulma's time machine (calling it this for the moment) lets Future Trunks travel back in time to warn Goku and everyone else about the Androids coming up in three years - not to mention the heart virus that will kill Goku. This in itself makes some sense with time travel, although Trunks seems to acknowledge that it will make an alternate timeline rather than change the future when he leaves for home.

Cue three years later, Trunks returns. Now, if this was really a time machine he had, Future Trunks would have traveled back to the exact same day that the Androids showed up, with Goku long dead and the other fighters being slowly wiped out. He has no way to logically travel down the timeline he created!note  And that's assuming Trunks was able to return to his timeline in the first place! After all, if we use Back to the Future theory, Trunks just made himself an alternate 1985 where Goku's still alive, the Androids and Cell are gone and Biff rules Hill Val... right. You get the idea.

So, really, the only way for this to make any sense is for "Future" Trunks and Bulma to believe that this is a time machine, while Bulma (obviously distracted by the world ending around her) wound up crossing some wires somewhere. Thus, instead of time travel, she really breached the walls between dimensions. This is how Trunks can keep visiting the other 'timeline' he created, without being stranded in a future he accidentally made.

This also has the side-effect of making Cell a trans-dimensional threat, which changes very little in terms of how things play out.note  The Cell that tormented the cast for most of the plot arc is a Cell from an alternate universe where the Androids slaughtered nearly everyone, but Trunks barely won a final fight with them. The Cell that Krillin and "Future" Trunks destroy while sitting in his fetus form is the Cell of this world, a Cell who will now never come to be. Finally, the Cell killed by Future Trunks in the epilogue is a Cell from a similar world to that of the Cell Gohan killed, but one who came into a world nowhere near as decimated thanks to Trunks killing the Androids much sooner because of his vastly increased strength earned from his time in our reality.

So! To sum up?

Trunks traveled through dimensions, not time, which is why he was able to come back for return visits and still avoided screwing up his own timeline. There were three versions of Cell because of this, but this changes nothing and helps further explain why DBZ "time travel" is so screwed up anyhow.note 

Am I insane, or does this actually make sense?

  • I'm with you, this guy is a genius!
  • You're not insane, just wrong. Trunks did travel through time the first time, but in affecting the past, he automatically created a new dimension. There is no way for Trunks to travel back to his own past timeline, because in that past time line Trunks did not travel into the past. Because if he had, then that future wouldn't exist. Make sense?
    • Actually, its canon that any time-travel they commit also is interdimensional travel as well, since Trunks notes that there are several things in the main Z timeline that are different from his own (like their Androids being ridiculously stronger than his own or Goku falling from his disease at a different time).
      • Precisely. There is no way to travel into your own timeline, so in that sense only interdimensional travel is possible.

Dragon Ball Z was suppose to be Dragon Ball The Next Generation
Nowadays many viewers wondered why did Akira Toriyama became such a Master in Demoted to Extra when it came to just about any DBZ character whom was from DB. (Well, except for Goku, even though Akira seemed to have tried to do that. Namely on how later on in the series Goku has been accused of trying a little too hard to get the younger fighters to take over his role.) Its no secret that Gohan was suppose to have taken over the role of "Earth's Hero" and Main Character from his Father. (In which plenty of fans have wished that the show ended on the Cell Saga so Akira might have actually got his wish.) While DBZ did have its fair share of new characters, Goku never did lose his role as Earth's main protector. And despite on how they have been hit with the "Demoted to Extra" trope (some a lot more than others) it was still pretty much the adventures of Goku and his friends.

But in Akira Toriyama's defense its an interesting idea to try to come up with a "Next Generation" a bit more gradually. Cause often enough when a franchise tries to use that idea we get a bunch of new characters that come out of nowhere, in which we might not even be certain if we are in the same continuity anymore. (But its generally due to the story having a time skip when that happens though how much of a time skip can often vary.) The story would often like to claim that these characters would have any connection to any previously established character, even though the story never actually mentioned their existence until now. Akira tried to avert this by getting Gohan to one day take over his father's role gradually. But sadly DBZ is probably quite the example on how that kind of idea can go wrong. So in other words Akira might have succeeded in truly getting Gohan to truly take over his father's position as Earth's Main Defender if he did it right from the start.

  • Word of God says, mostly, yeah. Executive Meddling and negative fan reaction (the Japanese really REALLY like Goku) forced him to keep bringing Goku back time and time again.
  • In support of this is the fact that while Goku in DB was a legitimate Kid Hero who saved the world many times over, adult Goku in DBZ was actually not much of a big hero (and even in some ways a subversion of the hero concept). Consider: he didn't save the world from Raditz alone (enter Piccolo), he didn't save the world from Vegeta and Nappa alone (enter Vegeta's own Bad Bossness, Gohan, Krillin, and Yajirobe), he didn't save Namek from Freeza (no one did), he actually endangered Earth by provoking Freeza, and he didn't protect Earth from Freeza afterwards (Mirai Trunks did), he didn't save the world from the Androids (turned out it didn't need to be done, or maybe Krillin did by showing enough compassion to No.18 to prevent them from going evil), he didn't save the world from Cell (unless guiding Gohan to it counts), he had a chance to save the world from Fat Buu and didn't do it (Mr. Satan did by befriending Buu), his plan to save the world from Super Buu by teaching fusion to Goten and Trunks failed miserably (failed to take into account that the kids weren't emotionally mature enough to pull it off), and his contribution to stopping Kid Buu was as part of a team effort (along with Mr. Satan, Vegeta, and the entire population of the earth).
    • Fascinating, I'd never thought of it that way before. So the only time he truly saved the world all by himself was when he beat Piccolo Daimaou all those years ago. All part of the Shonen Jump mantra of "friendship and effort" or whatever, I guess.

Buu is a mutant/primitive/evolved/enchanted/whatever Kirby.
Let's review the facts, shall we?
  • Both are pink.
  • Both are stretchy and can partly shapeshift.
  • Both can eat much more than seemingly possible.
  • Both can take the appearance and powers of people they eat.
  • Going by this theory, that means Bibidi is a…ah, screw it. That's one time that meme won't apply here, cause time has nothing to do with it.
    • Alternatively, Bibidi managed to bridge the dimensional gaps to Popstar and got Kirby's DNA. He gave it a new form through his own magical abilities, and likely used samples from Dark Matter in order to ensure Kid Buu would be a total psychopath.
  • Maybe it's the opposite-Kirby is a fragment of Buu that somehow escaped.
  • Not too strange actually; Toriyama claims that Muscle Tower is based on the video game Kung Fu.

Super Saiyan 3 draws power that originally would have come from a Great Ape Transformation
Due to it's quick energy consumption (I'm going by official manga here, not GT), it isn't that far-fetched an assumption that SSJ3 is a compacted version of the Golden Great Ape of a SSJ2. My reasons? Well, at least in the anime, we see the image of an Oozaru as Goku completes the transformation, and in the English dub, he says that the energy required to become a SSJ3 has to come deep from within, sort of indicating forcibly drawing out the power that originally would have come from becoming a Great Ape while in SSJ or SSJ2 (I'll assume that the power increase sort of...decreases as the person gets more powerful).
  • Perhaps supporting this, the SSJ3 transformation results in more prominent browridges and a slightly more sloped forehead, which are features reminiscent of earlier hominid ancestors of humans - ie halfway back to transforming into an ape.
  • In the anime I think

Reacoom is the announcer in Dragon Ball Z Kai.
Reacoom is really the announcer. He talks slowly when recapping previous episodes because he has trouble reading his cues. He couldn't announce for the beginning of episodes 30 because he was busy getting ready for his fight with Vegeta, nor episode 31 because he was in the middle of it. (he was able to announce the end of episode 30 because the fight was put on hold for the next week, of course)
  • I like to think that the announcer in Dragon Ball is Captain Ginyu.

There's only been one saiyan recorded in the last 3000 years that wasn't in close contact with humans for years before his transformation, and that's Broly, who had a Slave Crown and a parent who made the normal Saiyan Training from Hell look like Training From HFIL. Goku was raised by humans, and even needed his best friend being killed in cold blood before his eyes to snap and go Super Saiyan rage in his mid-twenties. The incredibly powerful Prince Vegeta was raised by the punk kid who enslaved and later destroyed his entire planet (and I mean "his", being Prince of All Saiyans), then got surpassed by some punk serf-class guy who lived most of his life on a backwards planet with almost nobody above level 5, and spent a few years using mystical and technological training weights to push his rage at, probably, Goku being more powerful. This was when he was at least over thirty (unless I drastically overestimated his age), but he had exposure to humans for a much shorter time than Goku. Gohan, a half-human and raised (mostly) by humans, has emotion-based power boost, turned Super Saiyan when he was eleven and Super Saiyan 2 when he was 12. Trunks and Goten were SS-capable by the age of ten, and while Goten had (almost definitely, I don't remember the timeline) been conceived after Goku was SS-capable, Trunks required Training from Hell anyway- Goten just needed a human family. That included Chichi (as did Gohan, until he was five).
What have the Saiyans not had that the DBZ Saiyans and Half-Saiyans had in droves? Human associates. Human associates that taught them (and other alien characters) to repress emotion until it bursts out of their ears like steam, have violent outbursts at any expression of their species' traditional pastimes (and then switch completely to encourage this in a younger sibling), let illogical sequences of thought and action slide as long as they sound okay, shoot dogs for fun and lack of profit, and (though this is usually the tipping point after years of buildup of the Human Bastardry) watch their weak human friends die like flies. Saiyans just kill things for food, release of aggression, money and at least sometimes honor, which humans do all the time plus those other things. The only beings in the series that are worse than the average human mercenary (on a wider scale) are the Card Carrying Villains that originate from Earth or other dimensions anyway.
Therefore, DBZ humans are the most evil, loony species in existence (at least on average, since some humans are only evil or loony), and bring out the worst in even Saiyans.
  • Except most of the humans in the series weren't that bad.
    • And who's saying that?
    • You underestimated Goten and Trunks. We see Goten become a Super Sayan at 7 (almost half his older brother's age when he first did it and around 1/3 or possibly 1/4 of his father's). Trunks did it a 8 (around 1/4 of his father's age when he first did it). This is assuming they'd just did it within that year. Then, shortly after Goku first became SSJ3, They did the same (though they were fused, do it may not count completely).

Captain Ginyu was never in his original body.
When Ginyu says "The stronger this guy is, the better," during his battle with Goku, Jeice immediately understands, realising that Ginyu is about to use his body swap technique. Although it's possible that Ginyu simply told the others about it, it seems more likely that they have seen him use the technique in the past, perhaps more than once. Who knows how many bodies he went through before coming to the horned, purple one that we see in the series?
  • This is actually widely believed by fans, and is pretty much fanon / almost canon. However, if you follow the GT canon, Ginyu gets sent to Hell and is reunited with his recognizable purple body. This could just be for the viewers' sake, or in GT he really was the purple guy. However, if you don't follow GT, the above theory looks very acceptable.
    • Alternatively, the purple guy who came from Hell in GT was actually the frog in Ginyu's old body?
      • What did the frog do to deserve being in Hell?
      • In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it says that Ginyu was originally the same race as Jeice and Sauzer.

Bulla is far stronger than she looks.
She's Vegeta's daughter; I refuse to believe that anyone with him for a father would not be expected to at least be able to put up a fight (however pitiful). More likely, she received training when younger and just lost interest as she got older. That would explain how she is capable of flight.
  • It's hinted that she's capable enough of carrying her own shopping bags without any effort, but she doesn't want to look manly doing so.
  • Vegeta doesn't think much of women. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't bother to train her.
    • He doesn't care about most women, but he DOES care about his daughter. He probably at least taught her self-defense.
    • Also, the fight with #18 completely dispels the notion that Vegeta doesn't know that combat-capable women exist. Not only did he fight her as a Super Saiyan, refusing to go easy on her because of her gender, she kicked him around anyway. Bra may not be a cyborg, but she's something even better in his eyes: a Saiyan princess. He would make sure she knows self-defense.

Only females/genderless beings can use the more traditional way of magic.
The one Granny Uranai, Kami-sama and the Kai use, by seeing the future through a crystal ball, making enchantments, these things. Thet's why it doesn't receive too much attention in the series... And might explain how super-Saiyan level guys can be afraid of their wives. About the Kais, they're probably as genderless as the Namekians, and the body differences which would usually be gotten through gender are actually the form that makes them feel most comfortable, if not with some limitations (like a random baldiness, or short legs). The explanation is that too much testosterone would make this sort of ability rather blurry... About Master Karin? He might be neutered. And about Son Goku, if he accepted being Kami-sama, he'd probably be castrated as well (even if it'd be only magically). Ugh.
  • The old Daikaioushin seems to certainly be male and non-neutered, if his Roshi-esque antics are anything to go by. Similarly, Buu is pretty magical and shown the hots for at least one girl, although its questionable that there's anything underneath his pants...
    • Going by Dragon Ball Online, Buu created a wife for himself, in order to create the majin race.
    • The old Daikaioushin accidently fused with a witch at one point, granting him unique powers.

Hercule/Mr. Satan and Senbei Norimaki were part of a cloning experiment.
Hercule was designed to be the strongest man, while Senbei was made to be the smartest. Both worked somewhat. Hercle, while outclassed by the rest of the cast, is probably the strongest man to not use ki. Meanwhile, Senbei created one of the first androids, albiet one that needed glasses and had some issues with common sense.

Tarble looks so young because the planet he was sent to is so very far away
Tarble spent most of his life in cold sleep. He heard of Frieza's defeat shortly after it happened, but it took him another several years of travel to get to earth.
  • So, a male Ayeka, huh? Wow, that explains everything.

Saiyans have a collective source of energy from which they draw their transformative powers.
After Frieza killed off all the saiyans but four (or maybe nine or ten, if you count the movies), it became incredibly easy to go to higher levels of power, passing Super Saiyan and going to Legendary Super Saiyan (when you reach SSJ the hard way first) or SSJ2+.

Gogeta had actually turned Super Saiyan level FIVE in Dragon Ball GT.
  • Seriously, why else did his hair randomly turn red?
    • Unlike the others, SSJ4 has no standard hair color. you'll notice Vegeta's hair is also a different color in SSJ4.
  • Does black and brown make red?

Android 16 either still wanted to or still would have tried to kill Goku if he had lived.
When they finally meet face to face, he tells Goku that he was created to kill him, and that he should not forget that. In the pre-Kai dubbed version, he says that he simply chose not to. We know that Gero had filled his head with nothing but info on Goku. And that out of all the Androids, he seemed to be the one most devoted to the mission (besides 19, and naturally 20). So why didn't he do it? First off, he could still prioritize. Cell was a more immediate threat, and while he was programmed for one specific task, and while he might not be able to go against that perogative, he could still choose when and how he went about it. This is important to my second point. His two most notable acts are both against Cell. Mainly trying to stop him from absorbing 17 and 18, and then trying to self detonate in order to kill him. But he's only supposed to fight Goku right? That's why he even refused to do anything else. Well, whose cells does Cell happen to have? He used this fact to reinterpret his primary mission. Since the opponent he was fighting happened to have the Dna of the opponent he was supposed to kill, he could accomplish what he wanted to do (save his friends, and the world) while accomplishing what he had to do (Kill the spiky haired guy). This even ties into his second attempt to take Cell down. Who was one of the guys within the range of his self destruct device? Son Goku! That's who. If it had worked he would have literally killed two birds with one stone........ and Mr. Satan. I suspect he knew he would not be able to beat Goku, but couldn't go against his programming competely, hence his words when they first met. He was warning him that even if they beat Cell, he himself would still be a threat later.

There is a good reason why Hercule hasn't learned Ki Contol yet
Hercule hasn't learned Ki Control yet because he would be too overpowered if he did. He manage to survive attacks from Cell and Kid Buu, both who were above Super Saiyen level. He even manages to stand up and recover within the same episode. If he can already survive blows from both of them without ki, imagine how strong if he had used Ki.
  • Cell wasn't even trying, and Kid Buu was being mentally held back by Fat Buu. He's more like the strongest roach alive. He might be able to surpass Yamcha, if he's lucky.
  • If Hercule were so powerful then he would have learned Ki Control as a mater of course.

Pan, as well as her descendants, are actually all 1/2 Saiyan
Now, this may sound a little odd, but just go with it for a second. When a child is born, he/she receives 1/2 of their mother's DNA, and 1/2 of their father's DNA. This process is, normally, random, which provides a good mix n' match of traits from both parents. However, because half of Gohan's DNA is inhuman, it's entirely possible, and even likely depending on how 'insistent' Saiyan genetics are, that Pan received all Saiyan DNA from him. If that's true, and she found out about it, Pan might have gotten Bulma to mess around with any pregnancies she might have had, which would lead to her only passing on Saiyan DNA, and so on, and so forth, leading to Goku Jr., who is still capable of becoming a Super Saiyan.
  • Jossed by genetics. If this theory were valid, she'd be a boy.
    • Not necessarily. There ARE female Saiyans, so their genetics have to be close enough that you can derive either a male or a female.
      • Gohan has his X chromossome from Chichi and his Y chromossome from Goku (there's no ohter way around). He passes his X (Chichi's) chromossome to Pan and so does Videl, hence Pan is a girl. Since Gohan's X's chromossome is entirely human, we could either assume that a female born from Gohan is less Saiyan than a male son.
      • Except you're confusing sex-linked traits, carried on the sex chromosomes (the X and Y chromosomes), with with traits carried on the autosomes (all the other chromosomes). Species is not a sex-linked trait, it's the result of a specific combination of genes on a specific arrangement of chromosomes that an organism has. There might be Saiyan-specific genes that are carried on the Y chromosome that Pan wouldn't have inherited (that female full Saiyans also wouldn't have), but that doesn't mean she has any less Saiyan DNA than a hypothetical son of Gohan's. An offspring's always going to get half of each parents' DNA (Except in the case of nondisjunction, in which case the offspring would either not end up being viable and getting miscarried or, if they were born, would probably have many serious medical issues.). The only way for Pan to have been half Saiyan would be if Gohan and Videl decided to make a designer baby and add another quarter set of Saiyan DNA from another Saiyan.
    • We can't joss this simply because Pan is a girl - since prior to Gohan, as far as we knew, there had been no Half Saiyan Hybrids. It could be that the Saiyan genes get passed down regardless of gender; hence the reason why even though Goku Jr. is even less Saiyan than Pan (Pan should be 1/4th, since Gohan was 1/2, and Videl was 100% human, so unless Pan or one of her descendants hooked up with a Saiyan who somehow survived Freeza exterminating the Saiyans, Goku Jr. would, at most, be 1/64th Saiyan), he still possesses the ability to go Super Saiyan.

Vegeta learned how to sense energy after being shot in the eye by Goku
To make up for losing sight in one eye.
  • But he heals completely! It probably takes way longer than that to learn a sixth sense, even if you sorta need it. And even if he did learn, wouldn't he just forget it after his eye heals?
    • Well, yes, but Vegeta's very gifted. He could've noticed that it could be done, and when he lost sight in one figured out how to do it. From what we see on Namek, Vegeta did learn it, this just seems the best reason.
    • It's strongly implied in the anime that Vegeta learned to sense ki during his Beam-O-War with Goku's Kamehameha due to the visuals being depicted when Vegeta is telling Dodoria about it on Namek. Also makes a lot of sense when Vegeta later jumps over Krillin's Kienzan; by that point, he knew how to sense ki. The only reason he couldn't sense Yajirobe was his power was so low.
  • According to a WMG below saiyans have sharigan and this could be what helped him to learn to since energy, or perhaps it was the creators' way of moving the story along.

Dabura was a nice guy and benevolent king with a few dickish habits and desires before Babidi majin'd him
Which is why he ended up like he was after death. Once the evil magic controlling him vanished with death, he became a nice guy again. The fact that his species is called and looks like demons is mostly irrelevant and he was a Noble Demon, and he had some standard Disgaea-ish demonic tendencies, not overall harmful but still dark, which was enough for the evil magic to take hold of. All in all, its the only possible explanation for how within hours of his death, he was a total Flower Child.
  • This troper thought the same thing. But the Demon World is often viewed a horrific place. It could mean that 1) Dabura pretended to be an evil while among the other demons or 2) these demons are not that evil and prefer to be left alone until Babidi came along.
  • I thought it was more that they sent him to heaven instead because hell would've been a reward instead of a punishment, only he went native.
  • The Heroes/Online/Xenoverse portrayals of Demon World's powerful inhabitants don't exactly lend to the theory that they're misunderstood-but-nice people. That said, Dabura's Affably Evil demeanor even without the heaven thing hints that he did maintain a sense of honor. He may be a king of evil, but he's still a king, and damnit, there's a dignity that comes with that. Besides, projecting strength and valor to your underlings is a good way to inspire loyalty. Not every Evil Overlord's gotta be like Freeza. There's a reason Towa tries to avenge his death in Xenoverse and even revives him with full autonomy in Heroes despite her own ambitious nature, after all.

Raditz was, is, and always will be the most powerful fighter
Raditz had hair with a length that rivaled goku in SSJ3, so my theory is that Raditz was able to transform into an SS at a very younge age, due to being constantly beaten to near death due to his weakness. after his 105th or so loss, he became sdo enraged that he became a super sayan. He kept this hidden so that he could train more and allow himself to be beaten in order to become even more powerful, but eventually he reached the point where a normal sayin couldnt do any damage to him. He knew that Vegeta or Nappa could damage him, as well as Frieza, but they would have killed him, and he would have not been able to come back since he didnt know about the dragon balls. So he went to earth to have Goku, whom he knew would be strong enough but not kill him, to beat him senseless, but he didnt expecct Gohan and Piccolo.Now, it could be said that Goku was, at birth, one of Frieza's minions, and he never really formally quit. That means that when all people destroyed by Frieza's minions were brought back to life, so was he, twice as powerful as before, with a powerlevel now exceding 1,000,000. He then used a time machine to go to Trunks universe and get killed by Cell. Then he was brought back to life again in Fusion Reborn. After he was killed once again his powerlevel was well over a billion and he could become SSJ4. he then killed king yenma and went off to train in the world, waiting for the day goku would be strong enough to stand a chance against him
  • Raditz was killed by Piccolo, not Goku, who had nothing to do at all with Frieza, and it had been more than 1 year after his death so he wouldn't have been revived anyway. Natch.
  • Piccolo’s full five-minute charged Special Beam Cannon is enough to kill even a Super Saiyan, the attack is never used again in the series because it takes a ridiculous amount of time to produce.
  • Nice try, Raditz.
  • So, you're saying Raditz is a masochist, who just coincidentally happens to have the Zenkai racial trait, which is why he goes around looking for people to beat him to death so he gets stronger? You have a very strange mind.
    • I bet that the reason he's so weak is because of the exact opposite of this theory: he's picked on weaklings so much he hasn't gotten the faintest of zenkai boosts or proper training.

18 is, somehow, related to Mrs. Cleaver
Seriously, how many people would actually engage in hand-to-hand combat while wearing pearls?

Kaio-sama/King Kai is the narrator. (In the Japanese version.)
Both are played by Joji Yanami, besides King Kai is a God of sorts. Why wouldn't he be able to narrate the story? (This kinda falls apart in the dub where Sean Schemmel is King Kai, Brice Armstrong narrates Dragon Ball, Kyle Hebert narrates Dragon Ball Z, Andy Chandler narrates Dragon Ball GT and Doc Morgan narrates Dragon Ball Z Kai.)

Saiyans & Nameks are polar opposites
It's actually really obvious when you think about it:

  • Saiyans are barbaric, & Nameks are peaceful

  • Saiyans are always hungry for power, & Nameks have a source of unbelievable power (Dragon Balls) at their fingertips, but only use them in case of an emergency

  • Saiyans are super powerful humanoid aliens, & Nameks are stereotypical green telekinetic aliens.

  • It can safely be assumed that all Saiyan tech comes from Frieza's army, but the Nameks can create spacecrafts that can travel an entire galaxy in a month (although it is possible that they wished for these materials from Porunga [kami/piccolo was from the dragon clan, after all])

  • Saiyans transform into giant monkeys, while Nameks have the ability to grow giant.

  • Saiyans are Big Eaters while Namekians don't need to eat
    • Also supporting this theory: Saiyans possess the ability to breed with other races that are at least somewhat humanlike, whereas Namekians multiply via asexual reproduction.

The Black-Star Dragon Balls can grant literally any wish, & more than once
Seriously, if Kami made these things when he & Piccolo were one, then they must be more powerful in some positive way (blowing up the planet in a year if they don't get collected in a year doesn't count as positive).
  • I love how you felt you needed to point out that blowing up the planet isn't a good thing.

Vegeta's ancestor was the last super saiyan before Goku
One of the Vegeta's became the strongest saiyan warrior & unlocked the power of the super saiyan, & the other saiyans re-named their planet after him & made him their king.
  • Nope, the planet was named after Vegeta's father after he led the Saiyans to victory in the Saiyan-Tuffle war.
  • I think there was some throwaway scene in the anime where Vegeta recalled something which he referred to as a 'Super Saiyan,' although it more strongly resembled a golden Oozaru. Perhaps his dad?

Yamcha is a werewolf.

Future Trunks is Ranfan's husband.
It's not that far-fetched. After going back to his time and defeating the Androids, Trunks decided to go back further in the past, to a time when Goku is still a kid and the rest of the Saiyans haven't arrived on Earth yet. He ended up being romantically involved with Ranfan in the past and eventually married her. That's why Ranfan's husband is also named Trunks.
  • Where does it show Ranfan married to someone named Trunks?
  • Damn you! I just thought of that same theory and pulled up this page so I could post it, only to find it at the very bottom of the page...

GT was something dreamed up by Pan
Its just an extended dream Pan had one night. Giru is a stuffed robot she's holding onto while sleeping.

Tarble's wife is the same species as Abo and Cado
Why were they attacking that particular planet? It was their home planet, and maybe one or both of them had a thing for Tarble's wife.
  • Alternately, she's from the same civilization seen on Planet Plant in Episode of Bardock. Although, this does raise the question of how they escaped everything that happened in that world…

Tien never forgave Nappa and Vegeta for the deaths they caused.
Tien and Chaotzu show up less and less as the series went on. While the other Z-fighters could accept Vegeta's presence, they could not.
  • Its particuly telling in "Yo, Son Goku And His Friends Return", pretty much everyone shows up but Tien and Chaotzu.
    • Actually, they stop showing up because Tien and Chiaotzu are loners by nature. Tien told everyone on Dende's Lookout after the defeat of Cell that they'd probably never see him again, and only showed up again temporarily in the Buu Saga to help Goku.
    • They actually did appear in the side-manga Yo! Son Goku... was based on, but they didn't show up in the anime special because Tien's voice actor died two years before.

Mr. Popo can defeat anyone in combat, but can't fight.
We've seen him be able to take on kid Goku and Gotenks in a one-on-one fight (although he did lag behind Gotenks a bit) Being a genie, Mr. Popo has the ability to raise his power level to be equal to or greater than his oponent, but he can't/doesn't want to actually fight.
  • He never fought Gotenks, did he? I remember him defending himself against Goten and Trunks for a couple of seconds, and that was filler.

Kid Buu is at least the second most powerful form of Majin Buu
Okay, I know people can't seem to agree on which is the most powerful form of Buu, so I just though I'd stick this up and see what people think. When Super Buu is changing back into Kid Buu we get an explanation from the Supreme Kai about what's happening, and about midway through Old Kai specifically says that absorbing the other Supreme Kai's made Buu weaker. So every form he took after absorbing them (Fat Buu, Old Buu and Super Buu) was weaker than Kid Buu. This doesn't include the other absorbtions though, so I think the order goes like this:

Super Buu (With Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo),Kid Buu,Super Buu (with Gotenks and Piccolo),Super Buu,Old Buu,Fat Buu,

  • This troper says kid Buu is and always will be the strongest Buu. What is more dangerous than a kid full of temper tantrums, and a power level that surely exceeds millions. Every thing he absorbs, dilutes the unstable kid within him, and if it's something good, it mixes the emotions and feelings with his own, except being so purely evil he does not get affected much by the minor feeling of every single individual.
    • Doesn't mean he can't have a lower power level than any other form of Buu, though. Maybe the idea is his pure lack of restraint more than makes up for any actual deficiency in power potential compared to the other Buus.
      • That seems to have been the implication. Super Buu (or possibly Fat Buu, but I don't think so) is the most powerful form, but he can actually think rationally (more or less). Kid Buu lacks in power, but is more a personified force of nature than a sentient individual, and just does whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants, and what he wants is to kill you. It's not a decrease in power that made him weaker, but an increase in intelligence to the point where he can actually think about what he wants to do instead of acting on instinct. A feral puppy can be more of a threat than a fully grown tame dog.
  • Possibly Kid Buu is Kirby and he absorbed the anti christ thus, mixing Kirby's weak minded goodness, with the evil that is the Antichrist.

The reason Trunks' sword worked against mecha Freeza but not goku is becuase it only works against people with mechanical body parts.
  • It was specially designed to kill the future androids, and it tore through mecha Freeza like butter, but it didn't work when king cold used it against him, or when he used against goku becuase neither of them had any android parts. the reason it broke on the present androids is because they were just so strong they overpowered it.
    • So it was a +10 against metal sword?
  • WAY WRONG!!!! Sorry, I meant is this correct based on the Hirudegarn movie, where the sword was given to trunks by that one purple alien, who had it forged to defeat a giant mystical Holocauser.

Future Trunks, by killing Freeza, is responsible for all the differences between his timeline and the main timeline.
  • Presumably in Future Trunks' timeline Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport back to earth, turned SSJ, and squished Freeza and his father. Now if we add the supposition that Goku's heart virus is alien in origin and he contracted it while in space, perhaps in Yarblat, and consider that turning SSJ seems to accelerate the onset of the disease, then going SSJ to fight Freeza that second time would be the trigger that activated the heart virus, leading to Goku's death. This explains why Goku didn't get the heart disease until much later in the main timeline.
  • Now Dr. Gero initially designed the Androids solely for the purpose of revenge against Goku, so how would he most likely react when he gets word of Goku's death from his bug probes? In all likelihood he would reprogram his half-completed Androids as instruments of world domination rather than tools of personal revenge. This would explain why the Androids in Future Trunks' timeline are more evil and indiscriminately destructive.
  • Without Goku as a template/goal to aim for during the final two to three years of Android development, Dr. Gero lacked the motivation and/or the combat data to make his Androids stronger, resulting in weaker Androids at the end. Dr. Gero is more confident in his ability to control these weaker Androids (erroneously so, of course), and so he does not shut them down and never makes Android 19.
  • This could make sense, but since Goku wouldn't have gotten there for a few hours and I don't see Frieza and his father just staying there where they landed for that long...
    • First, Goku knew Instant Transmission. He states he was about to make his move when he sensed Trunks and decided to sit it out. Even if that weren't the case it's hard to know two things, how much stronger Vegeta got in the time gap, it's plausible that between him, Gohan and Picolo that they could have survived maybe not a few hours but who knows. Frieza is also quite sadistic and I can see Frieza choosing not to kill them so he can do it in front of Goku.

Future Trunks was wrong about the Androids being much stronger than his Androids in the main timeline.
  • Future Trunks has never seen the Androids in his timeline use their full power. They like to toy with their victims, and they've been toying with him all this time. The only people who have ever seen Future 17 and 18 use their maximum power die soon afterwards. The main timeline Androids, being more honorable and less sadistic, use their full power in their fights.
  • Alternately, the Future Androids started out just as strong as the main timeline Androids, but, having destroyed their creator, they have had no maintenance on their cybernetic parts for all this time, and have slowly become weaker as those parts wear down.

The Androids of Future Trunks' timeline are not more evil (and the main timeline Androids are not more good) than their counterparts. The Androids in all timelines started out exactly the same in ethical alignment, but diverged afterwards.
  • In the original unaltered timeline, the Androids are activated and find themselves unchallenged in terms of power. This sense of absolute power and entitlement corrupts them and they become increasingly evil and chaotic over time.
  • In the main story timeline, due to the actions of Cell and the heroes' responses to those activities, the Androids get to experience what it is like to be overpowered, to be hunted, to be terrified. They also (in particular Android 18) get to experience what it is like to have someone else help them, protect them, and support them, in some cases (Krillin and Android 16, for example) unconditionally. This experience gives them insight and empathy into how regular humans would regard them, and that empathy allows them to become good.
    • Not quite. The first time everyone fights 17 and 18 is well before Cell first appears, and they're easily overpowered by the Androids. However the Androids spare them in the main timeline, while they killed them in Future Trunks's timeline. This seems to indicate that they're already more benevolent than the ones Trunks battled.
      • Although, they were activated in a different time and situation. The androids of the present kill Gero, fight the Z fighters immediately afterwards, then go to find Goku, after which all the life-changing stuff happens. I'm guessing that in the bad timeline, they awaken, find Goku dead, kill a bunch of normal humans and go nuts.

Piccolo's merge with Nail didn't include Nail's soul
In DBZ, souls definitely exist. Nail told Piccolo that if they merge, he won't put his personality into him. Therefore, I think it makes sense that Nail's soul was seperated from his body, and went to King Yemma to be processed. (Obviously, he'd go to heaven) Nail's body, and the power it possesses, went to Piccolo. Others may have thought of this before I did, but I don't see it mentioned here and there has been some discussion to what happened to him when the merge happened.
  • How do you separate the personality/character from the soul? New Piccolo knows and cares about Dende, showing that Nail is still alive within him somehow.

Guru didn't unlock ALL of Gohan's potential
Either he sensed EXACTLY how much potential Gohan had and thought it wise not to unlock all of it (what with Gohan being so young, he might not be able to handle all that power) or he simply was not able to unlock all of it (which would require someone a LOT higher up on the spiritual food chain, like a Kai).
  • Or he could only unlock what was currently being held back. With Gohan it's clearly cannon that he was fighting beneath his actual strength simply because he didn't believe he could be stronger than Goku in the Cell Saga. The same thing happens again in the Buu saga with Mystic Gohan. The kid just has mental blocks that keep him from fighting at 100%.

Saiyan Eyes have the same characteristics as the Sharingan
Just a heads up for anyone who has never seen Naruto; the Sharingan is an eye technique used by certain ninja (namely the Uchiha clan and a few select others) that has three main abilities. 1) It gives the user an edetic memory allowing the user to copy and physical or chakra based technique (chakra is bascially ki) 2) It essentially puts the world into HD to allow the user to follow any movement no matter how small. 3) It grants the user powerful hypnosis. I propose that not only do Saiyans have eyes that mimic the Sharingan, but that there is also massive canon evidence supporting it.

1) Ability to copy any technique: It is offically stated that it took Master Roshi fifty years to develop the Kamehameha wave from scratch, after seeing it performed only once, it took Goku minutes to not only learn it but master it to the level he was able to destroy a car - only his small ki level was stopping him from having the capability to destroy a mountain as Roshi had done. Fast forward to the 23rd World Arts Tournament and, despite only ever having seen it performed twice, Goku was able to perfectly mimic Tien's Solar Flare. It should be noted that whilst both Krillin and Yamcha both eventually learn these techniques, its only after being taught by Master Roshi and being taught by Tien respectfully. Later on, Goku learns the Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb from King Kai in a matter of months, which according to the latter, he was the first person to ever achieve this feat - and apparantly the last, given how Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu all endured the same training yet were somehow unable to learn these techniques (it's very unlikely he wouldn't have at least attempted it)

2) High Definition Vision: Given the insane speeds Saiyans fight at, as well as repeatedly being shown that they are capable of picking up very minute details, this theory is completely confirmed. One counter-argument however, is that the humans have also been shown to possess the capability to view fights at super speed. But in fact... they really don't. Naruto is capable of seeing things at massive speeds, but the Uchiha will always see things that little bit faster; just like Goku will always see things that little bit faster and clearer than Krillin.

3) Hypnotism: This one is the hardest to prove, and certainly Saiyan eyes have nowhere near the mesmerizing power of the Sharingan. But I believe there is proof that Goku and Vegeta have a very subtle hypnotic ability that they themselves don't realize they possess. Firstly, Goku has always had an unbelieveable ability to convert his enemies into friends - despite usually doing little more than either beating them up or giving them a stern lecture. Yamcha was a cowardly thief, Krillin was an a-hole, Tien was sadistic, Piccolo and Vegeta were world destroying conquerers. All of which became, at the very least, close allies or friends. Then there were all his other friends he aquired thoughout his travels. True, it helps that he is one of the friendliest people in the world; but he was still able to win over entire villages, even if they didn't particularly like him. Secondly there is Vegeta. During his days as a fully fledged Saiyan warrior he never had any time whatsoever for eye contact - he just killed or tortured people, and some of his most passionate haters were Bulma and the Z-Fighters. Come the time skip, where he was living at Capsule Corp enough to look her in the eye... suddenly she was overcome with passion enough to want to conceive a child with him, and every Z-Fighter had forgiven all the terrible things he did apart from Tien (It could be argued that, being a Triclops, he would have a certain immunity to hypnotism, enough to shake off Vegeta. Indeed, by the Buu saga, Tien had apparantly distanced himself from them - able to forgive righteous Goku but not enough to forgive psychotic Vegeta.) By GT, he nearly everyone had grown to respect/love him (Tien still absent) as well as Bulma actually wanting to produce a daughter with him. Remember how Future Bulma and Trunks pretty much thought he was a jerk, whereas present Bulma and Trunks loved him? - they experienced decades longer making eye contact with Vegeta than their future selves ever did.

4) Misc. Evidence: During the initial stages of the Great Ape transformation and beyond, a Saiyans eyes change colour into... Sharingan red. If it wasn't for the lack of Sharingan tomoe encircling the iris Goku, Vegeta and Gohan would have been dead ringers for Uchiha.All in all, proof for the Saiyan Sharingan is irrefutable.

  • A Saiyan's iris isn't really emphasized, I believe that you are just another Naruto fanatic and are just making up nonsense to make everyone in the Naruto universe seem like they are part Saiyan. Because we all know that Dragon Ball Z will kill Naruto.
  • I've always suspected that the Rasengan is actually the same as Yamcha's technique, the Spirit Ball. It works in a very similar way, and has very similar variations.
  • Call me crazy, but maybe Kishimoto saw how all the fighters could learn techniques ridiculously fast and track super speed (although in DBZ they sense it when it's too fast to see), and decided to base the Sharingan on that. It wouldn't be the first thing he based on DBZ, after all.

Dragon Ball takes place in Shadowrun's Sixth World
Futuristic technology, widely present magic and a rather large metahuman population first just make it look like a regular [[fantasy kitchen sink]] world but a lot real historical figures, events and cultures are referenced in the series. To the citizens of Dragon Ball Earth, they might be ancient history.On this earth, the Awakening in 2011 also must have reshaped the world a lot more radically than in [[Shadowrun]], resulting in a very different looking world map.

Chi-Chi is jealous, envious and afraid of her family
She has to know that any of them can wipe the floor with her. Yes, go Big Head Yell, throw objects, fume and rage—cool. They obey her because they love her; They fear her temper because of that love, it makes them upset to see her upset. She has them by the heartstrings, but in no other way. Her way of handling or mishandling them goes back to the final tournament of the original DB. She shows up, wants to surprise the boy she loves, figures to give him a good fight at worst, which is fair. Goku was always strong, but he wasn't making super-geometric leaps when they were kids. But she shows up, and not only does he not recognize her, he brushes aside her combat challenge, one she has prepared for likely for years, under the tutelage of a great fighter, her own father. From the start she realizes even the hint of physical control of any sort is out for her men, and must therefore keep herself tsundere to handle it all.
  • Very likely; from a female perspective I have to say thats often how it works in real life. I can honestly say every single one of my boyfriends has been stronger and larger than me; but a loud voice and a little love goes a long way.
  • Alternatively, her family did their best to keep her happy to keep the food coming. She is known for her fantastic cooking abilities and saiyans (and half-saiyans) being what they are, consume A LOT of food. If Chi Chi is not kept happy, the food may stop coming which would be a fate worse than death.
    • Most times, it wouldn't be so inherently unequal. With application and leverage, many times a size and strength advantage can be alleviated. In Chi-Chi's case, this is impossible, which is sad. Release her, Yamcha or Mister Satan in our world, and they would kick most ass without powering up. Her firstborn flew through a tree unharmed within weeks of his birth. Her younger son achieved a genetic milestone while not yet 10. Most grandmothers don't have their little ones making worldwide flights before kindergarten. While she can be obnoxiously tsundere (The Kai cut of her after the Saiyan arc doubles this), it is her way of keeping from going Super Nutso Level 5.

Namekians have a stunted sex-drive
It always bothered me why the Namekian civilization is so small despite the fact two hundred years had passed since the near-extinction of their species. Given the amount of healthy adults and given that we've already seen King Piccolo could lay at least half a dozen eggs in a matter of days, their population should at least be double what we see. Then I realized that Piccolo Jr, Kami and Dende have all shown no interest in starting a family either (in fact it could be argued that neither did Guru or King Piccolo. Guru had no choice and King Piccolo was only interested in using his mutated children for war). During Frieza's invasion, we saw no more than ten kids maximum. All things considered, Namekians appear to have the sex-drive of a Panda. Only reproducing when they have no other option. It could be theorized that without the biological impulse to have sex like humans do, Namekians have no inclination to reproduce and may in fact find the whole subject a taboo.
  • Or they may be going for quality, and not quantity. There are fewer children because they want each child to have the most love and attention while growing up.
  • They don't have a sex drive. They reproduce asexually.
    • In this case I interpreted sex drive as reproductive drive.
    • Although that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have sex. Some all-female species of lizard need sexual stimulation from another lizard to stimulate egg production; maybe sexual stimulation forms an integral part of Namekian reproduction. Oviously, Namekians wouldn't need sexual stimulation to reproduce, as evidenced by Piccolo Daimao's producing his jacked-up mutant offspring by himself, but it might be necessary to produce healthy, normal Namekian children. Piccolo might be a special case since he's Piccolo Daimao's reincarnation and already having a soul thing may be enough to keep him from being a mutant. Maybe sexual stimulation is necessary to properly create baby Namekian souls then and the normal soul keeps them from being mutants? Eh?
  • My guess: Guru is a Namekian Queen. He was feed with the arcane Namekian Royal Jelly so he developed his size and power. Without Namekian Royal Jelly, a Namekian is only able to spring off degenerated Namekians like Cymbal, Tambourine and Drum. This theory is backed up on the canon fact that there are different castes. Mostly we see worker Namekians, with a few warriors and a Queen. They also have the wise/magician type, who has some fighting capabilities but mostly rely on their intelligence and powers, like Dende's healing.
    • There are only 2 castes of namekians. Warrior and Dragon. There are only 2 Warriors in the entire series. Piccolo Jr. and Nail. All other namekians we ever see are Dragon Clan.
    • Namekians are utterly sexless; Dende (at least in the manga) seems to be utterly confused at the concept of "male" and "female". Given that they can seem to reproduce at will, it would likely be a good survival method to culturally limit breeding to just the one in charge at the moment, with no one else being allowed to breed (as in wolf packs, where only the alpha pair is allowed to breed), so as not to overpopulate their world too much. This one is not sure whether or not if the reason for their planet having an environmental collapse was mentioned or not, but even if they don't eat, they may have overpopulated themselves, leading to a disaster. Given that this would have happened in Guru's lifetime, as the last Namekian (that he knew of, The Nameless Namekian already sitting on Earth wondering what to do) this "cultural rule" might be brand new with him. Given how much control they have over the creation of their offspring (as evidenced by Demon-King Piccolo's kids), it wouldn't be hard to make them kind of automatically realize the need for this kind of rule. Dende follows it, because he doesn't see himself as having authority/permission to reproduce, while Piccolo, well, he probably remembers what his previous self spawned. Also, he had Gohan, which might be good enough for any desires of having progeny.
The Super Namek are the ones who multi-class.
Based on my theory (just above) about Nameks having different castes, like in a beehive, I can guess that Super Nameks, like Slug or the nameless one that became Kami-sama and Piccolo Senior, were the ones who developed the abilities of different castes. That would explain Piccolo's power to create objects from thin air, like Gohan's Namekian suit, Gohan's first kimono and sword, or the hourglass he gave Super Boo while he was waiting for his fight against Gotenks.

The Super Saiyan transformation is a Viral Transformation.
It's supposed to be extremely rare to the point that Goku is the first Super Saiyan in thousands of years, yet once Goku transforms, every other surviving Saiyan (except Tarble and Paragus) is able to transform. My theory is that Super Saiyans have a passive ability to accelerate other Saiyans' transformation (and thus require less of a "push" to make the first transformation) just by being near them. Thus, once Goku first transformed, other Saiyans required less of a push to make the change, to the point where Goten who had spent his entire life around a Super Saiyan (Gohan of course) was able to transform without even trying.
  • Or maybe it only affects babies.
  • Or the transformation to super saiyan occured through years of saiyan babies getting stronger.
    Vegeta said saiyans, after being wounded, come back as strong as whatever wounded them, well maybe the strength is passed down and dormant in every child, making the first saiyan relativly weak compared to the last saiyan.
  • If Goku got a lobotomy, then by some manner of Saiyan Strength, was revived to the point of not being a vegetable anymore, would he have physcic powers, considering a lobotomy is a surgical interruption of one or more nerve tracts in the frontal lobe of the brain: used in the treatment of intractable mental disorders.
    This is mentioned because to come back stronger from a brain ailment would have to be ¿physcic? powers, right?
    • Goku was able to read Krillin's brain by touching it on Namek. So it's pretty much canon that he already does have psychic powers.
    • He also communicated telepathically after being beaten nearly to death by Vegeta and his own Kaio-ken x4, because talking hurt too much. ...Or at least he did in one version, I'm not sure if it's the same in every version.

What triggered Goten's first transformation.
Goten was a REALLY colicky baby.
  • Goten first went Super Saiyan when he was sparring with Chichi; and he didn't even realise until she pointed it out. Possibly he was trying to make his mother proud by becoming stronger but he was doing it subconsciously?? That's my guess.

The Other World we see is one of many
Each galaxy has its own Other World with its own Kais watching over it.
  • Wasn't it sorta canon? Like, they had East, West, North and South Kais.
    • I thought it was East, West, North and South quadrants of one galaxy.
      • They've been referred to as both galaxies and quadrants. "Quad" means "four", of course, so the "quadrants" reference is just as easily applied to the four quadrants of the universe as opposed to just alternate parts of a galaxy.
      • This is canon. The Kais watch over a quadrant of their own galaxy, with kais in other galaxies watching their own quadrants. The Kais answer to a Grand Kai, who watches over the whole galaxy. The Supreme Kais watched over different quadrants of the universe and answered to a Grand Supreme Kai before he was devoured by Buu. However, there is only one Other World.

The younger you are the easier it is to go Super Saiyan
Explaining Goten and Trunks
  • This theory is very obsolete and more importantly absurd. Once someone has achieved the SSJ form it becomes encoded in their genetics. That's why Goten was born a hell of a lot stronger than gohan, because Goku was a Super Saiyan at the time. I don't think Goten off all people has a warrior spirit.
  • Besides, if this were the case, Goku would've become a Super Saiyan when Tambourine killed Krillin.

Yamcha noticed that Future Trunks was Bulma's and Vegeta's son, thus, sacrificing his relationship with Bulma to help saving the Universe.
It was claimed that Yamcha cheated on Bulma, thus, making her break up with him and marry Vegeta. Now, if we remind that Yamcha never was really good with girls, we can say that cheating would be an extremely difficult feat to him. What if he tried to cheat on purpose, because he couldn't bring himself to end his relationship with Bulma (after all, he still loved her)? Now, the question would be: why? Then, we remind that, as a thief, Yamcha tended to be more perceptive than the majority of the characters. By seeing a purple-haired kid who became super saiyan, and by noticing that Vegeta was also a saiyan (and that Goku would never cheat on Chichi, because it's Goku we're talking about), he put the pieces together and reached the conclusion that Vegeta would end up banging his girlfriend, somehow. But why Bulma of all people? Because she, perhaps, was the only female (besides his mother) Vegeta ever knew. Not to mention that the Prince of Saiyans would be too awkward to ever get another girlfriend (it's Vegeta we're talking about). Also, the fact that a powerful warrior is also the heir of a family of scientists makes saving the world way more practical. In the end, Yamcha went the smart and selfless way and made sure it'd be easier to Vegeta and Bulma to be together; after all, the Universe was more important than his romance. Actually, it wouldn't be surprising if he, by himself, suggested Vegeta to stay at her house, with the allegation it'd be big enough, they'd invent advanced training equipments and they'd be rich enough to buy tons of food to him (after all, he knew about Goku's extensive meals). Maybe Bulma also noticed he did it on purpose, after she was already married to Vegeta (it'd explain why they weren't really in bad terms with each other, after the short timeskip). Or perhaps this troper is giving too much credit to Yamcha's smarts.
  • I've always suspected this, given how completely out of character it was. Yamcha's character was always a cross between Goku and Vegeta. He's arrogant, prideful and enjoys training for long periods of time alone, but is also quite kind hearted and genuinely loved his girlfriend. It's just unacceptable to me that Yamcha would sleep around. Also, in the original Dragon Ball Yamcha always was the cunning and pereptive one until he was nerfed by the time by the King Piccolo saga rolled around.
    • Wrong, sirs. Yamcha started cheating before future Trunks existed.
    • True, Bulma gets upset with Yamcha about his flirting with other city girls in Dragon Ball which leads to her ditching Yamcha and going to search for the dragon balls after the first World Tournament and the beginning of the Red Ribbon Army arc.
    • Now, now, I believe things are a bit more complicated than that. I don't think there has been a single instance of Yamcha openly flirting with another girl. And, as Bulma's Mom explained during the Red Ribbon Army arc, Tsundere Bulma got jealous of Yamcha's status as a Chick Magnet. Of all the times they fought and "broke up" we only get to hear Bulma's side of the argument which boils down to insult Yamcha/throw a temper tantrum; without mentioning she's not above laying her eyes on other men (Goku, General Blue, Zarbon). Finally, the only evidence of Yamcha's "infidelity" comes from Future Trunks' testimony. Info which clearly he got from Bulma, who might as well have said that in order to save face.
    • The only time I can ever remember someone accusing Yamcha of cheating was a pre-22nd Budoukai-vaguely-Red-Ribbon-Army-ish episode where a thief or soldier flirts with him, he looks incredibly uncomfortable with it. Bulma misinterprets the entire scene, and refuses to wait for an explanation before going off to adventure with Goku. Yamcha is cocky, yes. He's proud, a bit devious in his early appearances, but while I'm not sure I'd say he was deeply in love with Bulma, it's clear the two of them cared about each other, and the whole "Yamcha cheats on Bulma and she runs crying to Vegeta because he's so understanding" scenario has never really rung true. It is a gross disservice to all three characters. It would have been much more believable if it had been written as "Bulma got fed up with Yamcha going off to train all the time and got with Vegeta because, hey, he stays close to home and he's not all bad." And furthermore, it's also just... not very like Toriyama. It actually sounds really out of place in a series like Dragon Ball.

    • To add to the immediately above, Bulma and Yamcha just had frictiony personalities anyway, and would likely be the sort of couple that would just not get along after so long; also there's the matter of Yamcha being something of an underachiever, which is something which would bother Bulma. Perhaps Yamcha showed interest in another girl (whether misinterpreted or not), giving Bulma an excuse to dump his sorry ass. Then along comes Vegeta, who is now staying at her house (despite the fact that the first time they met, he [i]threatened to kill her[/i] - but in the anime, he came off as pretty pathetic when he came back to Earth after dealing with Freeza's forces. In fact, he came off as a stray. They would have eventually gravitated to one another, eventually. Bulma already thought he was cute (and discovered he was a prince); as for Vegeta, Saiyans _are_ at least semi-social creatures. They seem to do fine on their own, but appreciate and perhaps prefer company.
    • Bulma has a confrontational personality with EVERYONE, not just Yamcha. Yamcha and Bulma dated and were each other's first loves, yes, but she is also egotistical, self-centered, and hypocritical. Though they dated for years and were likely committed when together neither was exactly mature enough to shoulder the responsibility of an adult relationship. It's not unlikely that both saw other people during the "off" phase of their on-again/off-again relationship. It's just during one phase of separation Bulma had a one-night stand or ongoing fling with Vegeta that resulted in Trunks.

Dr. Briefs and his wife are actually Brief and Panty.
It'd be hilarious if it was true, after all, Bulma's mother DOES look a bit like a curly-haired Panty, not to mention Dr. Briefs' name. Bulma's hair color (taking in consideration the manga, where it's purple)? Comes from her mother's side. After all, her possible aunt Stocking has a weird hair color which can only be defined as upper-purple/lower-pink... She was conceived when Panty still was powerless, explaining why she doesn't have any outstanding angel powers... But still explaining why she's resistant (and convincing) enough to go to bed with Vegeta. There, I think I created the craziest theory WMG could ever have.
  • Damnit, you beat me to this one. On top of the above, the names fit between the two settings, especially given that Panty is confirmed by Word of God as Bulma's mom's actual name, she's got (roughly) the same hair color, and she's still a flirt even if not to the ridiculous levels of her hypothetical younger self. Brief is secretly rich so that explains how he can afford all the inventions he makes and the fact that he's got his own company, and given what the articles of clothing in question are, their kids (Bulma and Tights) fit into the Panty and Stocking theme as well — Bulma probably taking the Japanese buruma over the English bloomers due to its closer fit to the type-of-underpants theme, not to mention it sounds closer as a romanization, while tights and stockings are both worn on the legs in a similar fashion. The only part that doesn't match up as far as I can see is why or how Briefs went from red hair to more of a light blue.

The cataclysm on Namek was caused by overuse of the Dragonballs.
Elder Kai warns out heroes that misuse of the Dragonballs could cause terrible natural imbalance and Namek, the planet of the balls origin, was devastated by natural disaster during Guru's time. It isn't unreasonable to link this event with Elder Kai's warning.

The Kamahamaha Wave and Dodon Ray were inspired by the Masenko.
The only Earthlings to create energy waves were Roshi, Shen and their master because they learned how to use Ki by watching King Piccolo.

Saiyans are from Earth.
North Kai mentions that Vegeta still wasn't the true home planet of the Saiyans. Perhaps they can breed with humans because they have Terran origins.
  • I considered the possibility that the saiyans started out as a tribe of humans that loved fighting and got their hands on the dragonballs and wished for the powers that made them into saiyans, but unless the super-saiyan legend was invented out of whole cloth, the timeline doesn't fit, because Vegeta dates the last super-saiyan as having lived long before Kami created Earth's dragonballs.

Namekians are related to the Martians of the DC Universe.
Okay, so this is probably spawned from my intense appreciation of these two characters and lack of sleep, but whatever. As a lot of people on the internet (and pretty much anyone ever) have seemed to

Ginyu actually survived the Namek saga.
The wish used with the Namekian Dragonballs was for that everyone but Frieza and Goku to be transported to planet Earth. Given that Ginyu was technically alive during this, only trapped in a frog, he would logically be included in "everyone" (hey, the wish didn't differentiate between Namekian and human, why would it ignore a sentient frog?). As for why he hasn't shown up, Ginyu is savvy enough to stay far away from Goku and company. As for why he appeared in Hell, it was due to not being resurrected in the Buu saga or more likely, Ginyu's supposedly original body is actually another he took. Ginyu may have either been stuck in the frog's body and soon died due to its limited life-span, or found another body and fled far away to retire.
  • Actually in the anime Ginyu is shown on earth now as a leader of a group of frogs in a local pond.

Cell unintentionally saved Goku's relationship with his family.
Goku had Gohan go up against a complete monster and showed no inclination to step in. Gohan is shown as very gentle and probably hated being in that situation. Also Chichi has always been so protective. I'm not saying they would have hated him but they would have been mad and in Gohan's case, I believe there would have been a significant strain between them. But with Goku dead, it shocked them so they forgot/forgave any resentment they felt towards Goku for that instantly instead of it taking time.

Gohan didn't get his intelligence from Chi-Chi, but Goku.
Let's face it: even though Goku isn't exactly the smartest person around, this might only be because of his brain damage. For all we know, if Goku hadn't bumped his head and his personality was more or less the same...
  • Gohan does strike me as smarter than his mother, (not that she's stupid or anything) and since it's canon that Goku smacked his head hard enough to completely change his personality... you have a very good point.
  • Vegeta did claim that Goku's father was a brilliant scientist. We aren't exactly shown this at any point in the anime or manga, but maybe Bardock did science-y things between planetary conquests.
  • Actually, that was just the early Funimation/Ocean dub.
  • Goku is actually pretty smart as long as he's not out of his element, the problem is that he's always out of his element, except when he's fighting. He's actually a pretty good tactician, as seen in his fight with Frieza (remember the underwater decoy ki things?). Remember, he had no formal education, and spent a good deal of his childhood on his own. If Chi-Chi homeschooled him, and he agreed to it, it'd solve his main problem just like that.
    • I'm gonna actually suggest a bridge between this and the possibility that Gohan's brains come from his mom: Saiyans breeding with other races increases more than just strength, it also increases other attributes, with what attributes get increased depends on what race the Saiyan breeds with (in the case of humans, it's intelligence; maybe perhaps a Saiyan breeding with one of Zangya's race would result in a Saiyan who's both stronger and more charismatic). As for why Goten doesn't have Gohan's intelligence? Simple: Gohan got the brains of the family.

The Super Saiyan Transformation is a type of Sacred Energy seen in Yu Yu Hakusho
  • As described by Sensui it takes years of dedication to gain this power, something that Vegeta classifies for as he tried to attain it since he was a kid, but it also has to come from a powerful desire to change the world around you. Goku is under the opinion that the trigger for a Super Saiyan transformation comes more from a need than a desire: Goku needed to transform against Frieza in order to be powerful enough to defeat him, and to protect Gohan and Piccolo. Vegeta needed to transform to save his life from being ended on that planet being bombarded by asteroids. Gohan needed to transform out of a need to save his loved ones, a need that even went so far to lead to his Super Saiyan 2 transformation. That powerful need is what activates the Super Saiyan transformation because only Sacred Energy has the power to meet that need that you so desperately need to meet, the criteria of having a desire to change the world around you is met by all of these characters.

The special abilities of the Saiyans were granted to them by supernatural beings thousands of years ago as a gift
  • As noted by Vegeta during his fight with Goku the Saiyans had reached an echelon of power that even the greatest overseers of the universe, namely the Kais, couldn't have possibly foreseen. With that in mind it seems highly unlikely that some genetic fluke gave the Saiyans the power to transform into Great Apes, become stronger through near-death experiences, and reach the Super Saiyan transformation that increased their power dramatically to the point that the Super Saiyans of legend were, "an invincible warrior race", and "the strongest warriors in the universe", according to Vegeta. There had to have been some supernatural entity that either created the Saiyans or enhanced them with those characteristics long ago, because you would think millions of years of evolution would have given the Kais something even greater if it really were a freak accident.
  • Although Vegeta is not the most reliable of narrators where Saiyans are concerned.

Inspector John Maclane has Saiyan Blood in his veins.

Well, it makes sense if you consider the following statements.

"The stronger the enemy, the stronger we become."
"When brought back to life from the brink of death, our battle prowess multiplies exponentially."
"You Saiyans are a warrior race at heart, yes? You love battle above all else!! The stroner the opponent, the greater the joy."

Now, let's take a look at Johnny.

  • He was basically a glorified shopping mall cop. Then along came terrorist veterans of the fiercest battlefields of 1980's Earth.
    • He was absolutely shredded into a bloody mess by these bastards, barely coming out in one piece after each confrontation.
      • And yet he not only (barely) survived, but DEFEATED all of them.

  • 3 years later, the hero of Nakatomi Towers is able to dispatch multiple veterans of the Persian Gulf War completely unscathed. It takes a master Martial Artist like Colonel Stuart to actually bring him down, and even then only barely.

  • Another 3 years later: FIVE Veteran soldiers + Jonnny in an elevator = 5 Dead Veteran Soldiers and one PERFECTLY FINE Johnny.

  • FIFTEEN years later? Kills a helicopter bristling with heavy-artillery by ramming a car into it.

Johnny faces progressively stronger opponents, gets shredded into pieces each time, somehow comes back alive and is stronger afterwards.

Just in time to face the next EVEN MORE powerful opponent.

And as his Saiyan nature awakens by Die Harder the ONLY times he's shown to be happy is when he is in battle brutally killing enemies: He is otherwise bitter angry and morose ALL the time, like Vegeta or ANY Saiyan who is deprived of a strong enemy to fight for extended periods of time.

The Original Super Saiyan knew Elder Kai

  • Elder Kai claims to have encountered a Super Saiyan 4 at one point in the past when he sees Goku in that form, a Super Saiyan 4 can only be attained if one gains control of the Golden Great Ape form, and the only Super Saiyan mentioned to have maintained his Super Saiyan power in the Great Ape form was the Super Saiyan of Legend spoken of by Vegeta when he witnesses Goku fight the Ginyu Force. This implies that the Super Saiyan 4 transformation was attained by the Original Super Saiyan and that Elder Kai was the one who knew him before his demise. Anyone with that level of power would be accurately described as the most powerful warrior in the universe, a characteristic that Vegeta gives to the Saiyan in question.

Cell is without any doubt stronger than Dabura.
The prove. Before Adult Gohan turned super saiyan the first time, before Vegeta fought Pui Pui and before Gohan fought Dabura it was stated by Vegeta and agreed upon by Goku that Gohan had way more power when he fought cell. Yes Gohan was a super saiyan 2 when he fought Dabura, he assumed that transformation shortly after he got owned in his SSJ1 form. He mastered the full power super saiyan form so that explains why his hair was white blond when he first transformed while fighting, then when he powered up his hair sharpened along with his eyes and his hair turned golden instead of white silk so that's a plain give away right there. The reason why Gohan wasn't able to step on Dabura is because his body got much weaker over the seven years of solstice. Many fans debate whether if Gohan was in his SSJ1 or SSJ2 form while he fought Dabura that's why no one knows if he stronger than Super Perfect Cell. The long awaited truth is as stated many times previously is he was in the Super Saiyan 2 form but he was much weaker than he was when he was a preteen. Gohan did put up a good enough fight but he didn't have to go against anything as monstrous as Cell did that's why he wasn't clobbered. Dabura is still pretty strong even stronger than the average super trained super saiyan 1, also Vegeta states that Dabura is pretty strong and he's also stronger than super saiyan 2(slacker) like Gohan, but he wouldn't be able to fair against a pumped up super saiyan 2 like Goku or Vegeta. Dabura's basically in a league in between Perfect Cell and Super Perfect Cell.

The Original Super Saiyan is Bardock.

The Androids were not weaker in Trunks' timeline.

Their internal power sources had just weakened, causing a drop in strength. In fact, it was probably intentional. Cell was weaker than the mainline 17 and 18, and was only able to beat them after he had absorbed several thousand humans. Humans that probably wouldn't exist in the future when he was scheduled to wake up in a scenario where 17 and 18 win. Why would Dr. Gero create an 'ultimate android' that was too weak to overpower 17 and 18 and achieve his perfect form? He designed their powers to decrease as time went on, so they'd be strong enough to survive but too weak to beat Cell once he awoke.

  • Doubtful. One of their features is an infinite power source. Judging Cell vs mainline 17 and 18 isn't fair to cell, the reason he had to absorb people was because he had to transform back into his larval form. We know from his story that the reason he came back is because HIS Trunks had killed his androids and we also know he killed his Trunks. The only problem being we don't know if that Trunks killed them via training or killed them via getting his hands on the off switch.

The Androids of Trunks' timeline were the way they were because Goku died.
In the main timeline, while they did kill Gero like the future timeline, they also stated that they wanted to kill Goku. But since Goku died of the virus in Trunks' timeline, and the Z warriors proved less of a challenge than they did in the main timeline, they simply got bored and killed people for fun. Goku to them was like Ahab to Moby-Dick.

Vegeta was a virgin at least prior to the Frieza saga.
Because Frieza did not want the possibility of Saiyan half-breeds overthrowing him someday-if an entirely different species(humanity) is capable of producing a hybrid, there's no telling what a Saiyan may be able to breed with. This may also have been implemented with spyware in the scouters. Plus, being a racist dick, he felt like frustrating Vegeta's sex drive. This may go to explain where Vegeta gets a lot of his anger from. Plus it makes Frieza's Karmic Death even more fitting.
  • Or, Vegeta just never got laid because he was so freaking uptight and channeled his frustration into mass-murder instead.
    • There is little to no evidence of him being a virgin prior to Namek. The idea that his anger issues stemming from sexual frustration doesn't work either because his personally didn't change at all after being with Bulma and having Trunks in the Android/Cell arc.
  • I heard a theory that he was deflowered by Bulma while unconscious, while he was in that hospital; I believe it's said at some point that Bulma often visited him there?
    • Personally I take Team Four Star's explanation for where Trunks came from as canon. Let's face it, even if it wasn't completely hilarious it would still fit their characterization at the time.

Launch is a non-comedic parody of a super saiyan.
For starter when she changes or better yet transforms she turns into a blonde, considering the fact that the super saiyan transformation naturally taints one's heart with evil Launch's blonde transformation turns her into a Jerkass, both blonde transformations increase one's strength and finally both blonde transformations have the capability of being "tamed". Example being Goku and Gohan achieving the Full-power super saiyan form completely negating the negative side effects of the SSJ transformation including the attitude problem and Launch being able to put a leash on her own self when in her blonde state.

The Dragonball universe is an alternate version of The DCU, if not a Bizarro Universe outright.
And each of the characters is an alternate version of a DCU character:
  • The Saiyans are a Bizarro Universe counterpart to the Kryptonians. Both are dead races, and both have someone to blame for that(Brainiac is implied to have caused the destruction of Krypton, and Frieza exterminated Planet Vegeta). However the Kryptonians are cold and logical, while Saiyans are passionate and prideful. Goku is the Bizarro Universe version of Superman-both heroes, but Goku is chaotic where Clark is lawful. While Kryptonians gain their power from the yellow sun, Saiyans get it from the moon/their inner rage. They're also incredibly powerful. Vegeta is actually Christopher Kent, who was raised to be just like his daddy King Vegeta-a stark contrast to his alternate father, General Zod. Non is Nappa.
  • Frieza is the Bizarro Universe counterpart to Mongul-which one, we're unsure. Like the Mongul line, Frieza is bald, stands toe to toe with our heroes and utterly ruthless. The key difference is that Mongul was raised in a warrior environment, while Frieza was raised in an intellectual enviornment. As a result, Frieza has a calm and regal manner. Unlike Mongul, who's basically a Blood Knight that wants to essentially prove himself in the ring by taking over, Frieza sees conquest as a business.
  • In the Dragonball Universe, Bruce Wayne didn't lose his parents to a mugger. Without the motivation to become Batman, he focused his playboy antics into wrestling. He become the almighty Mr Satan. Both he and his Badass Normal counterpart Batman are memetic badasses, but Mr Satan is more memetic. Catwoman grew up normally, and eventually married Mr Satan(yes, I'm a Batman/Catwoman shipper)-this led to Dragonball's answer to Helena Wayne: Videl.
  • Dr Gero is actually Professor Ivo. Much like Ivo, Gero was interested in immortality and created a being designed to assimilate qualities of the world's most powerful people. In the DCU, it become the android Amazo. Likely due to more time being taken with its development, Amazo's counterpart Cell became much stronger.
  • The Namekians are Martians. They survived the cataclysm that befell Mars long ago by migrating to planet Namek. Their differences with the Martians come from many millions of years of evolution and genetic engineering, so it would be easier to survive. At some point, their civilization collapsed, which is why they aren't as advanced as they should be.

Mr. Popo is a Majin
The first Kami created Popo using the same kind of spell that created Majin Buu. However, because this Kami was less skilled at magic than Bibidi (and/or because he wasn't trying to take over the universe), Popo turned out far weaker.
  • You have a good point, I have some evidence to back up said claims, He dresses very similarly to how Buu does, it is outright stated that he is immortal, which is rare in the DBZ universe, also he is supposed to be a Genie or something, wheras Buu by Word of God is stated to be inspired by a Djinn, which in modern culture has translated to "evil Genie" type spirits, there is also the fact that Mr. Popo has seemingly no trouble fighting people who, generally, should be way above his skill level, and is usually cited as being stronger than he looks, along with the fact that he never takes off that damn turban, bet there is a head tentacle under there.

The big 3 take place after Dragon Ball Online.
There was a massive event that caused the history to split - possibly similar to the Trunks event. It caused massive eartquakes that altered the landscape and caused a flood in one timeline. Luffy, Ichigo and Naruto are all the technically the same person and actually a descendant of Goku. And Zoro, Sasuke and Rukia are a descendant of Vegeta.Also, the True History refers either to events of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Online.
  • Maybe the split wasn't caused by Time Travel, but Goku and Vegeta's battle alone was so epic, it caused weird things to happen to reality itself.

Grandpa Gohan knew more than we think.
He knows about the existence of Saiyans. He somehow knew that Goku turns into Oozaru and didn't really tell anybody (except Kamesennin) that Goku is an alien. Why? Simple - he knows something that we don't. He knows about Saiyans. Maybe he found information about Freeza's army in the space capsule he found Goku from.

Goku's "heart virus" was actually a heart attack caused by all the food he eats.
Earth food just ao happens to be far fattier than food on any other planet, so Saiyans usually didn't get heart conditions as a result of their enormous appetites. But Goku's been eating Earth food in gargantuan amounts since he was a baby, and as a result his arteries are ridiculously clogged. That heart medicine is actually a miracle medicine that unclogs the arteries. Vegeta and the half-Saiyans probably ended up getting a "heart virus" later in their lives, humans probably adapted to be able to handle fatty foods better, and Namekians live in water so Piccolo and Kami never had a problem with it.

Massive squick alert: Gohan is the real father of both Goten and Trunks.
Gohan and Bulma sparked up an /ss/-o-iffic affair some time after the events on Namek, but stopped after Bulma wound up pregnant, and she started dating Vegeta as a cover to prevent the scandal that would erupt from the daughter of a large corporation's president having the baby of someone not even ten years old yet. Then later, after the Cell Games, a grief-stricken Chi-Chi started noticing how much Gohan looked like his late father, and well... This is also why Goten and Trunks can go Super Saiyan at such a young age: they inherited some of Gohan's near-infinite power.
  • I'm sorry, but I have to stab you now. That, or get all the Brain Bleach in the multiverse, and just hope it's enough.
  • Explain who a nine year old is capable of producing sperm.
    • Simple, he's a Saiyan. Besides, real world kids are known to have sex that young, however squicky we think it is.
      • OBJECTION! While it is physically possible to have sex before puberty, it is not possible to produce sperm before puberty.

The potara earings don't exactly "fuse" said fusees, instead they take the traits of the weaker fusee and gift them to the stronger one.
This explains why Vegito is primarily Goku instead of Vegeta. Instead of taking the traits of both fusees and making one mixed up being the potara fusion assimilates the weaker fusee with the stronger one, another example being. Remember that time Surpreme Kai and Kibito fused? Who did Kibitokai mostly resemble, definitely not Kibito that's for sure. Kibito Kai had almost none of Kibito's traits save for the height and the hair, Kibito completely dissolved in Surpreme Kai's subconcious that's because he was stonger, also Kibitokai acted nothing like Kibito because as stated earlier the potara fusee takes more after the dominate one. Elder kai had so much of well "Elder Kai" in him you could never tell he was fused with a rusty old had. Last but sure as hell not least is Vegetto. Vegito acts more like Goku considering he fights with more technique instead of just fighting sloppily and wildly like Vegeta, he also is shown to be able to think clearly and conspire even in the middle of a fight such as he tricked Majin Buu into absorbing him and he always keeps his cool or at least more than Vegeta can.
  • Since when is Vegetto mostly Goku? Hell, his very name comes from a combination of Vegeta and Kakarotto, Goku's birth name that no one other than Vegeta uses.
  • Vegeta's actually a very good strategist and analystnote , his main problem is that he's often too arrogant to actually bother with fighting intelligently. As his character page puts it, "the cunning gets turned on when the arrogance gets turned off." Goku's also a good tactician, so Vegito has a double dose of this.

     Part 4 
The Kaioken is an altered version of the Super Saiyan transformation.
While training Goku in the otherworld, King Kai somehow realizes that there's a super mode lying dormant in the Saiyan genome. King Kai can't unlock the transformation directly, and Goku doesn't yet have the combination of power and determination to transform on his own, so King Kai comes up with a workaround: the Kaioken, a ki technique that expresses the Super Saiyan "genes" without actually triggering the transformation. But since Goku's not strong enough to handle the full transformation, he can only use fractions of its power for a few seconds at a time, and it puts tons of stress on his body to do so. Thus, as Goku becomes stronger, he can access more of the dormant Super Saiyan power (up to x20), and the usage of the Kaioken puts him on the fast track to unlocking the real thing.

I present this theory to patch up a bit of fridge logic. First of all, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chaotzu all train with King Kai, yet they never use the Kaioken or Spirit Bomb in canon. The Spirit Bomb at least requires a pure heart (and all four of them were villains at some point), but unless King Kai's just a dick, there's no real reason he shouldn't have taught them the Kaioken, unless, as the theory suggests, it's a Saiyan-only technique. And, after Goku becomes Super Saiyan, he never uses the Kaioken again (save for a Super Kaioken in the Otherworld Tournament filler arc), since it's inferior to the real thing.

By GT, Hercule is sick of living a lie.
Hercule has become responsible for maintaining the masquerade by dealing with the press to keep the knowledge of the Z Senshi from going public. But he's sick of lying to everyone and just wants to retire. The only person he can trust this legacy to is Pan, because she can actually do the things that he pretends he does, but because she's his granddaughter, she wouldn't break the masquerade. If anyone else defeats Hercule, he'd be revealed as a fraud, and the whole thing breaks down, but if Pan defeats him, then it's just that he's getting old and it's time to pass the torch to his granddaughter, who has now surpassed him. Nobody would be too surprised by that.

The Dragon Balls are Poke Balls and the dragons are Pokemon's equivalent of Exodia
Totally making this up, but I thought it would be funny. Exodia had unlimited power so it took 5 cards instead of one to contain him. The eternal dragons are just so tough, that it takes 7 pokeballs to hold them.

Baby went to Heaven
When all of the villains escape from Hell, Baby is (thankfully) nowhere to be found. This troper likes to think that Baby was never evil, but had started out as a wellintentionedextremist who lost his way and went insane. In the afterlife, Baby had atoned and been forgiven and was reunited with his deceased race, the Tuffles.

Just like Goku, Tarble suffered a head injury when he was a baby.
It's kind of hard to believe that the king of all saiyans can produce mean fighting machine like Vegeta, but also make something more obsolete than a low class warrior. The truth is Tarble was born with the saiyan mentallity and instincts just like any other saiyan even Goku, but one day he fell and hit his head on the ground and lost all of his saiyan characteristics even the will to fight, because this happened at Planet Vegeta and everything is ten times heavier and ten times harder so Tarble suffered a worster head injury than Goku. His father discovered what happened and knew he now couldn't live the life of a saiyan because his mind wasn't strong enough for it, however he possessed some feelings for the boy unlike most saiyan fathers just like he did for Vegeta so King Vegeta tries to give his youngest son a way out. He sends him to the most distant most serene non-violent planet in the universe so he'll never face the challenges of a stereotypical saiyan life. Tarble's wife(the planet's native) did look very harmless and that's how everyone on Tarble's new home planet is, except for those two single villians.

King Vegeta executed Vegeta's mom.
Because she is the cause of Tarble suffering amnesia. King Vegeta is very unforgiving as shown when he oblitherated a soldier for a mistake in Frieza's flashback. The story is one day while Mrs. Vegeta's mom was holding her new baby she screwed up and dropped her new born son and erased all of his saiyan characteristics, Vegeta(King) overwhelmed that his wife destroyed his new born son's saiyan mentallity executed his queen for accidentally pacifiying his new son. Goku's mom was most likely a nobody and wasn't all that important so Vegeta didn't bother to mention her while talking about all the damage Frieza's done while talking to Goku, it's even possible that she died before the saiyan genocide. Vegeta's mom however definetly died before the fall of the saiyans that's why he only said his father was killed by Frieza, because his mom was dead long before the death of the saiyan race. With saiyan pride and royalty and all that bullcrap, The ROYAL saiyan king's wife would not be considered a nobody, being how saiyan elites mostly mingle with in their own social class Vegeta's mom was probably if not the best or at least one of the best woman on that planet, she's the planets king's wife. Even though King Vegeta is very heartless he would at least have some feelings for her wife despite the fact that he killed her just like he had feelings for his two sons he tried to protect. Meaning that Mrs. Vegeta was hot sh#t on that planet just like King Vegeta and his oldest son, until she died that is when she dropped her newborn son and erased all of his saiyan instincts pissed which pissed her king off so bad he turned her into space dust, just like that soldier he killed before he tried to attack Frieza.

Why Tien and Yamcha weren't brought back by the wish to Shenron near the end of the Frieza Saga.
When the heroes wished that everyone killed by Frieza and his henchman would come back to life, their friends notably stayed dead. While Krillin and Chiaotzu's lack of revival can be explained by them already having died once, Tien and Yamcha still should have been brought back, right? WRONG. Neither of them were technically killed BY one of Frieza's henchmen. Yamcha was killed by one of the Saibamen, who seem to have exclusively served the Saiyans, and as for Tien... technically, Nappa didn't kill him. Tien used up all his energy trying to hurt Nappa, meaning that he brought about his own death.

Hercule was actually a Gohan/Videl shipper the whole time, but he didn't know it.
He told Videl she wasn't allowed to date anyone who couldn't beat him in a fight, presumably as soon as she started to get interested in boys. While he would never publicly admit it, he knew there was exactly one boy in the world who fit that description and was anywhere near her age: the kid who really beat Cell. Thing is, though, he never actually found out that the kid's name was Gohan- he and the TV crew though gohan (rice) was their lunch order. Later, he thought that everybody from the Cell Games was dead because they seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet, until they showed up at the Tournament 7 years later, and he doesn't recognize Gohan right away, either.
  • …honestly, this is more Fridge Brilliance than a WMG. I think it's worth putting on there.

Saiyans have a much shorter gestation period than humans.
It's the only way to salvage some semblance of reason from the Writers Cannot Do Math.

Hercule actually does have super-human strength.
It's just that it manifests as super-durability rather than offensive power. After all, the guy survived blows that would have killed men stronger than him.

Namekians used to be capable of sexual reproduction.
You don't get clans in a species that reproduces exclusively asexually. However, somewhere along the line, something changed that caused them to reproduce only asexually, whereas they used to be capable of both.

Vegeta is Kendal's dad.
In the tv series, he's missing his father. I think Vegeta because he is more likely than Goku to cheat on his wife (if he cheated- it may have been before he married Bulma), and when Kendal gets angry , his hair will sometimes become blonder, meaning he went super saiyan.

Dragon Ball is based on the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Goku: Gluttony - He loves food and eats so much, he talks about food at inappropriate times, like when he was about to name Gohan as a baby.
  • Vegeta: Pride/Envy - His pride has gotten everyone into deep trouble. He is also jealous of Goku because he feels that he is better than him
  • Chi-Chi: Wrath - Chi Chi is easily angered by people around her. The littlest provocations causes her to get very angry.
  • Master Roshi: Lust - He gropes women and reads magazines that feature naked women.
  • Goten and Trunks: Sloth - Most of the time, they would rather sleep than train for serious matters. There were times that they were supposed to be serious, but were acting immature and lazy.
  • Everyone was guilty with Greed when it came to the Dragonballs, as everyone overused them so much, that the dark dragon, Black Smoke Shenron, was created in Dragon Ball GT and Goku had to talk about how people shouldn't rely on the Dragonballs so much.

  • Also, for the villains:
    • Frieza: Greed - Wants to hold onto his empire forever, so he searches for the Dragonballs
    • Cell: Pride - He's a Smug Super who was created to best the greatest fighter in the world.
    • Broly: Wrath - His being an Omnicidal Maniac is because he's pissed at his terrible childhood. Dr Gero also counts, due to the extreme measures he takes just to get back at Goku.
    • Babidi: Sloth - Gets everyone else to do his dirty work for him.
    • Buu: Gluttony - He loves candy and eating, even getting power from this.
    • If you want to stretch it, Vegeta pre-Heel–Face Turn could be Envy, though Guldo could also fit. None that seem to fill Lust, though (thank God).

Super large chi blast have gravitational pull.
That's why the bigger they are the more harder they are to dodge. In the DBZ universe or in any world anyway size doesn't matter, speed and strength does, am I right? Just like a big enemy is at a disadvantage rather then a small strong enemy. A bullet can move so fast that it can't even be seen yet the fighters on this show dodge them and catch them like nothing, yet they can't dodge a big enough kamehameha or any other super big energy blast. Raditz can catch a bullet at point blank range but yet he couldn't dodge a kamehameha wave from far way, does that even add up. Saiyans can move at blinding speeds and can dodge approaching projectiles or melee attacks with a minimum of effort, energy blast might be strong but they don't move that fast so why can't a saiyans dodge that. Kid buu getting hit with the spirit bomb doesn't count because he didn't even try to dodge it, also it was very far away and it wasn't approaching him that fast, he had no problem dodging majin buu's chocolate beam so I think he can dodge a slower attack. Bardock as high as his power level is should be able to move at super speed, however he couldn't dodge Dodoria's mouth attack, maybe he felt like a deer caught in the headlights or he was being sucked in by the large anti-matter beam that was intent on killing him.

Kid Buu wasn't evil... at first.
Kid Buu basically had the mentality of a young child, if not an outright infant. The reason why he became such a complete psychopath was because, right after being born, Bibidi got him to destroy things. Having pretty much no knowledge or understanding of the rest of the world, like all infants, it's understandable that Kid Buu would think that he's supposed to destroy things-equating to being an Omnicidal Maniac with such an undeveloped mind. This may go to explain why Kid Buu expressed little to no devoloped emotion beyond "blowing stuff up is funny"-he's had no experience of the rest of the world, and by the time he starts absorbing the Supreme Kais, destruction has been imprinted as a sort of instinct. Kid Buu was able to be reincarnated into Uub because he wasn't created immediately as evil-not having any memory of his life means that any imprinting of "I want to destroy because its all I know" is gone.
  • This actually seems supported by a conversation Mr. Satan has with Fat Buu at one point.
    Mr. Satan: "Why do you run around killing people and destroying our cities?"
    Buu: "Buu was told to! Bibidi told Buu to kill people. Babidi said to destroy. Buu not know what else Buu can do."

Battle of Gods will involve an Enemy Mine between the Z fighters and Pilaf's gang.

Super Saiyan God makes Goku more powerful than Ultimate Gohan
Considering the name literally has God in it, it makes Goku equal to Beerus, who completely toyed with Super Saiyan 3 Goku.
  • Well, SSJG Goku was very far above Ultimate Gohan and was not equal to Beerus. Beerus was never using more then 70% of his power.

"Ultimate" Gohan was a temporary power-up
Old Supreme Kai might have pulled out that latent power, but the years of peace and inactivity by the time of "Battle of the Gods" leds to Gohan's power falling back down to what it was before Old Kai powered him up.
Goku really did get that heart virus on "Yardrat".
He said he ate a lot of food there that's how he probably got it, well that's a theory what I'm about to say isn't. In Future Trunks's timeline Goku fought and defeated King Cold and Frieza and more than likely he assumed the SSJ form. In the timeline we all know Trunks fought Frieza and his father, and Goku stayed a super saiyan for less then a minute. Which one do you think is harder that or killing the strongest warrior in the universe and his son, it doesn't matter if your strong enough to beat the both of them your still going to have to put some muscle in it.Goku using his super saiyan form to destroy the two took up a lot of super saiyan energy, to the point where'd it increased the virus meter for the heart virus he all ready had. Everyone even Vegeta said "The super saiyan transformation will only make your heart virus worst" so that proves he got it before he'd even come to Earth. I don't know where some fans got the absurd "Goku got his heart virus on Earth somehow" theory, that should be a WMG. Trunks saved goku the effort of having to use his Super saiyan transformation in the current timeline and speeding up the development of his heart virus. That's what Piccolo meant when he said "that boy just visiting changed the future".

The Dragonball world is not Earth(Terra) but a colonized planet.

King Kai does know Instant Transmission.
The reason why he never taught it to Goku is because he didn't have enought time to. After the suppossed death of Frieza, Frieza came back to earth to get his revenge only to be finished off for good by Trunks; after that Goku arrives telling everyone what he was doing during his one year absence. Goku stated he learned a lot during the year(emphasis on year) he was gone, correct, also he stated that the technique he was going to use(instant transmission) was very hard to do and it was the signature thing he learned during his abscence before explaining how to use it and demonstrating it. The point is? It took Goku a long time to learn this technique. Now to answer another mind boggler, why didn't King Kai even bother to teach Goku this technique? Because he didn't have enough time to. During the saiyan conflict Goku had around one day to get back to earth, being that the instant transmission is a difficult technique it would of took Goku at his current state a hell of a lot longer than one day to master let alone learn how to even perform this technique. If Goku had choose to learn this technique to reach the check in station instead of just run there like he did, by the time he'd arrive on Earth T'is would of been to late. King Kai can't perform this technique despite his knowledge on how to perform it, because he doesn't have a high enough mental capacity. Yes apparently it takes a strong enough mind to perform such a feat as well, to best explain this the example of the time Goku(kid gt) will be used. Goku knew how to perfectly use the technique through out the series, but when he is turned into a kid he can't use it anymore due to his decreased brain power resulting from being turned into a kid again. King Kai knows how to perform this feat but can't because he isn't strong enough to use it, just like he knows the Kai-oken and the spirit bomb but can't use it himself, yet he can teach those techniques to someone else just like he did to Goku.

Saiyan's have super corrosive stomach acid.
That is the real key to there insatiable appetite, except in the Oozaru form they just have big stomachs in that form. I don't think there stomachs don't stretch out the more food they eat like a human stomach; or it's just super compact like a human stomach, because do you think there bodies could even hold a stomach having all that food. Think of the saiyan digestive system working like this, "throwing ice in the lava" the more food that goes into the stomach the less corrosive their stomach acid becomes to the point where it can't digest for a while, then the saiyan stomach starts holds food like a human stomach until it's full, it probably stretches out a little however. Saiyan stomachs can probably synthesis nutrition at light speed when there stomach acids are in instant digest mode. Did you also notice a saiyan's stomach doesn't look all that big when it's full, so just keep acount of that.

The majin seal is a sly reference to the "Mark of the beast".
It provides power greater than money in the DBZ universe and you are inclined to worship the entity that gave it to you.
  • Look up the Sigil of Lucifer. See the shape it makes at the bottom. Seem familiar?

Piccolo hates Raditz so much because his brother (Goku) killed his father.
He thought that would make everything better, which is killing Goku's brother. Heck, I believe if Goku lived through that ordeal and there were no future threats he would of stopped hating Goku a lot less anyways. Piccolo was scared of Raditz when he first meet him but when he found out he was Goku's brother he developed a bloody vendetta towards him, "family member for family member" as Piccolo would say. You'll notice Piccolo starts liking Goku when he starts fighting his brother, in his mind he's thinking "I don't have to do anything to get my revenge, as long as someone important in his bloodline dies I'm happy". When Piccolo killed a family member in Goku's bloodline he(in his mind) felt like he got even.

Broly is distantly related to Raditz and Goku.
It's already been established in the very early Buu saga that a super saiyan can produce an offspring that posseses the inate ability to transform into a super saiyan as well without any special training, eg. said offspring being Trunks and Goten. With that being said in order for Broly to be so powerful and assume the SSJ transformation at such a young age just like Goten and Trunks he would of needed someone in his family tree to be able to become a SSJ. It's safe to say that it definitely isn't Paragus, so who could be. Bardock of course. If the "Bardock is the legendary SSJ" WMG and the "Episode of Bardock Special" are canon that is. In the DBZ canon it's said that the legendary super saiyan destroyed themself because they couldn't control all of that enormous power of theirs and self-destructed oblitherating their home planet in the process. In the "Bardock father of Goku" movie it's been established that Bardock did not master the great ape transformation(losing all self awareness in that state), also him being a super saiyan and all also meaning he would be a SSJ great ape and he couldn't control his overwhelming energy leading to it eventually consuming his whole body in a fiery explosion. Some time before his untimely REAL death he had another child and that child had the SSJ genes in their genes. After some generations later Paragus was born but the bloodlined had thinned out so badly that he didn't possess super saiyan abilities but he still had them in his gene pool, his son Broly inherited all of the SSJ traits in Paragus's gene pool thus explains the second coming of the legendary SSJ.
  • Slight problem: While Goku was able to transform into a Super Saiyan when Goten was conceived, Vegeta didn't turn into a Super Saiyan until after Trunks was conceived.

Master Roshi's real name is...
Goten. Master Roshi is actually a title, and Goku did name his other son after a father figure XD

Frieza and his father are demons
In Dragonball, Demon King Piccolo was a namekian who decame demonic do to his evil. Frieza and his family are the same, just with a differing starting species

Super Sai Yan God is Ascended Mystic Sai Yan
An impossible form achieved through a ritual, it doesn't bare the normal Super Saiyan look instead looking normal with Super Saiyan hair, a form unlocked to combat an ancient evil who's pwning everyone else. Am I talking about God or Mystic?

The Super Saiyan transformation really isn't all that special, Goku and Vegeta aren't prodigies, and the godlike power levels they gain aren't all that hard to achieve to the average Saiyan.
The problem is that the Saiyan's own culture and society, as well as influence from the Planet Trade Organization before Frieza killed them all, held them all back from their true potential.

-No emotional attachments. Goku's key to transformation was the despair from losing Krillin, and how the same would happen to all his friends on Earth and countless other species if he failed. Vegeta's was his desire to surpass Goku. Gohan's was his need to make his dad proud of him. In Saiyan society, this kind of emotional attachment didn't happen. Vegeta didn't give a rat's ass about Nappa, Raditz, and Kakarot early on, despite them being the last of his dead race. Bardock didn't care about his son until he started seeing him in visions, and I'd bet he completely forgot Raditz existed. Saiyans just didn't care enough about anyone but themselves to have a "need" to transform.

  • Actually, in the manga Bardock cared of both of them. Then again, he admits he's pretty strange for a Saiyan and guesses it's his wife (a pacifist) rubbing off on him.

-Saiyans hardly ever fought at their own level, thus they hardly ever improved from their fights because of it. They just fly off to planets full of weaker species, genocided their race, laughed at their inferiority and ran off. Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta all lost their composure when they think they might be outmatched. Raditz freaked out, Nappa fought sloppily and Vegeta decided "fuck this planet and everything on it." Weightlifters don't get stronger by lifting the same weight all the time, and gamers don't get better by sticking to easy mode and noob servers. When Vegeta started fighting opponents who were actually threats to him on Namek, he gained power very rapidly.

-The Zenkai, or power boost from recovering from injuries, is hardly ever taken advantage of. Of course, this blends with my previous point of Saiyans never actually fighting people equal to or greater than them. And I highly doubt a Saiyan beat down when genociding a planet would be allowed to heal and gain power from it, either. And when Nappa lied broken at Vegeta's feet, Vegeta killed him, saying that a "crippled Saiyan is a useless Saiyan," and it's likely it was standard practice to execute damaged Saiyans before Frieza blew their planet up. If Nappa somehow recovered from his injuries, (I don't know how effective the PTO's healing tanks are) I'm sure he would get a substantial power boost out of it. Possibly even stronger than Goku was at the time. Minus the Kaio-Ken of course. Even then, Goku's love of challenge and Vegeta's massive pride (they're both kind of idiots, choosing honor over reason whenever possible) kept them from abusing the Zenkai to overcome any problem they had. Except that one time with Frieza. I give Vegeta a pass for that one, though. Frieza's some scary shit.

-Saiyan Hierarchy keeps the "low-class" Saiyans down. Vegeta tells Goku that no amount of training could bring Goku up to Vegeta's level, and he probably beat this into Nappa and Raditz's heads whenever possible. The low-class Saiyans don't have the motivation to train and surpass the elite and nobility, and thus, the elite don't feel any reason to improve themselves to keep the lowly commoners in check. If Nappa and Raditz were to train hard enough to approach Vegeta in terms of power, Vegeta would probably train several times as hard just to keep himself ahead of them. Assuming he doesn't get angry and kill them first. Bardock and his crew pretty much said "lol fuk dat shit" and became much more powerful than their "class" says they should be, with Bardock "rivaling King Vegeta" in terms of power. This of course, is what causes Frieza to see the Saiyan's potential and wipe them out before they became a problem. Smart man, too bad he was too much of a proud dipshit to finish off Vegeta and Goku when he had a chance.

So, tl;dr:-No emotional attachments. No real challenges, and no improving from losing a fight. Hierarchy keeps the low class down, and keeps the royalty from improving as a consequence.

But wait! Why doesn't Goku become super powerful in Dragonball? He obviously has emotional attachments, lost fights and improved all the time, and he didn't let anybody keep him down! Why wasn't he a Super Saiyan by the time he hit puberty? Because he didn't need to. His motivation in the Piccolo saga, for example, was "become strong enough to defeat King Piccolo." And he did. Then it was "become strong enough to defeat the Saiyans," "Become strong enough to defeat Frieza," and so on. It wasn't until late in the series that his motivation was "Become as strong as it was physically possible for him to be, then become more powerful than that." Vegeta had a desire to get revenge on Frieza, sure, but Frieza and his henchmen did a good job at keeping Vegeta down. When Vegeta found out about the Dragonballs, and gained a desire for immortality, that his motivation to defeat Frieza was rekindled, and that's when his power grew. Once Frieza was killed, his sole motivation from then on was "Become strong enough to defeat Kakarot." And with Goku's motivation of "Become as strong as you possibly can, and don't stop ever" is when their power levels grew to the godlike ridiculousness that it did.

In short, Raditz didn't have to be as weak as a Saibaman. He could probably ascend to Super Saiyan just as easily as Goku did if hea had the chance. But the Saiyan's ass-backwards culture and his own inferiority complex kept in check by Vegeta and Frieza kept him from getting any better.

The reason that Super Saiyan are a legend instead of commonplace is because that are too quick to die.
Saiyans already love fighting, but when they go Super they are quite punch drunk. They get into fights all the time to prove how powerful they are until the moment they die. What does this mean? Dead Super Saiyans can't have kid Super Saiyans and a planet of Super Saiyans or greater can not be achieved.

Banishing "weak" Saiyans to far-away planets was actually a long-term strategy to preserve the Saiyan Race
Bardock was not first to have the foresight about Planet Vegeta's destruction— So the Saiyans sent their strongest warriors to far off planets, but wrote them off as "weaklings" so as to not arouse Frieza's (or anybody's) suspicions. Goku and Tarble are the only ones that are "out in the open", but there are thousands of such undercover Saiyans out there, working slowly and covertly to take over the universe. They all take orders from Vegeta, who after all is the prince of all Saiyans, and is far more level-headed and strategical than the arrogant facade he puts on. Similarly, the whole Goku-Vegeta rivalry is a play-acted smokescreen to fool the humans. Same goes for Goku's unrealistic levels of naivety and niceness— essentially a cover for his work as Vegeta's top enforcer.
  • Interesting theory. It does tie in with Vegeta calling himself the Prince of all Saiyans, but then again, so does being an arrogant prick. No real evidence one way or the other, so it's quite possible.

How Cell was able to regenerate even after his head was blown up, even though he said the regeneration was because of a core in his head.

The Super Saiyan God form we see in Battle of Gods isn't the true Super Saiyan God.
Because the ritual used the the unborn Pan as the final Saiyan (and because Pan obviously wasn't a Super Saiyan at the time), they weren't able to create the fully-powered Super Saiyan God, which is why it looks so... lacking, it's basically the divine version of the False Super Saiyan form, and it had such a short time limit because like the False Super Saiyan, it's unstable. If they had used a sixth Super Saiyan in the ritual Goku would've become truly omnipotent and could've beaten Beerus.

If they make a sequel to Battle of Gods, there's really only three options as to who the sixth Super Saiyan would be: Pan, which would make GT non-canon once and for all (since Pan never went Super in GT). Bardock, somehow retrieved from Planet Plant in the distant past, or Tarble, the only surviving Saiyan to never go Super (though how he does it is a different matter).

  • Or they could build a time/universe machine and double up on Trunks.

The scientist hired by Shen to rebuild Mercenary Tao was Dr. Gero.
And Tao is Android #10.

Goku isn't stupid at all.
He's just uneducated. Growing up as an orphan living off the land, he never learned how to be a parent either. Yet, whenever he encounters something he knows stuff about, he actually uses sound logic. It was Goku's idea to track down Raditz by using the Dragon Radar to follow the dragonball on Gohan's hat.
  • This theory is entirely plausible. His dumb decisions are part naivety, part a desire to go with whichever option is most likely to lead to a badass fight, and part a lack of education. Add in the canon blow to the head as a child, and it all adds up.

Toriyama would have kept writing if his editors hadn't kept trying to make him write things he didn't want to write.
Toriyama still writes manga to this day, so he clearly still enjoys it, since he doesn't need the money. But try to take his artistic control away and he says Screw This, I'm Out of Here!.

Frieza wasn't any stronger (and possibly even weaker) when he became a cyborg.
Look at his cyborg form-its rather gaudy and looks like it was hobbled together. Not to mention that Frieza had a)been bisected and b)had a chunk of his head blown off by the Namek explosion, followed by floating in space half-dead for a year. He would've been in such serious condition that King Cold only had enough time to keep him alive, and had to delay the power boost for a later date. Saying he was more powerful was a motivational lie to build his confidence up. Cold went with him in order to weaken Goku for Frieza to kill him.

Chi-Chi doesn't really hate Super Saiyans.
She hates blonde hair because Chi-Chi is Japanese and coloring your hair in Japanese culture is seen as something only "punks" do. Blondes in Japanese culture are usually seen as "delinquents," which may be the reason why she cried over her Gohan becoming a "punker," and why it was a Running Gag for her to use the word "delinquent" in a video game.
  • That's actually exactly what the original dub suggest: In the japanese version, she straight up cry about how her son became a delinquent when she discovered how he could become a Super Saiyan. But the western side of the dub made it so that she actually called her child a "monster" in that particular scene, leading a whole generation to believe that Chi-chi is much worse of a mother than she really was.

Beerus was originally from Earth.
Whis offered the job of God of Destruction to Goku after Beerus died, implying that it was more of a title than anything, and was open to anyone who was strong enough (in other words, you didn't have to be born as a god to obtain the position). Furthermore, talking anthropomorphic animals, including cats, are native to Earth in the DBverse. Beerus was just a mortal cat-person who became strong enough to become the God of Destruction. This is also the real reason why Beerus decided not to destroy the Earth.

Beerus, along with any prior God of Destruction, is The Man Behind the Man for the entire series.
As established, Beerus is the God of Destruction. He is also the most powerful being we've ever seen on the show. Why? Being the god of destruction, Beerus may get more powerful depending on how much destruction has happened(or maybe he's just naturally Badass and wants to wreak destruction equal to his own). The Dragonball series is full of beings capable of destroying planets, with heroes and vilians making that seem like simple fistfights. Beerus is responsible for such beings evolving, also endowing them with the ability to maintain that power without killing themselves. Furthermore, the Dragonballs exist because of him. Why? If death wasn't cheap the universe would probably have been wiped out a long time ago, and the ability to bring people and planets back from the dead allow the cycle of destruction to repeat. Majin Buu was the result of Bibidi trying to summon Beerus into the physical plane, and might be considered the Messiah of Destruction to Beer's "God of Destruction" status. Beerus started this relatively recently, and thus the Supreme Kais were caught completely off-guard.

The reason there are so many Super Saiyans...
It was a response to them being eliminated. While they normally appear once every 1000 years, 2 Full blooded saiyans managed to become Super Saiyans otu of the handful that remained in order to increase their odds of survival.

It's because of the interaction with humans. Goku managed to develop into a righteous warrior due to the humans (and hitting his head) which made him pure enough. Vegeta, after witnessing the strength Goku had (and after being beaten by humans and Goku) managed to develop rage to the point of awakening. The human/saiyan hybrids were of course due to being raised on Earth/just being part human.

Frieza terrorized Planet Namek because he didn't want to be under his father's or brother's shadow anymore

Cell's evil acts were all because he felt plagued by the imperfections of humanity

Majin Buu turned people into candy because he had an deep void of emptiness that he could never fill or achieve complete satisfaction

Hirudegarn destroyed everything in his path because he was sealed away for so long, that modern-day society is no longer recognizable for him

Cell's later motive of destroying world after world came from a miniature existential crisis.
From Cell's perpsective, he'd spent his entire life listening to Dr Gero (essentially his father) talk about the grandeur of his goal-to reach perfection. When he completed this goal, Cell was left with a kind of emptiness: he had completed his life-long goal and didn't have anything else to do but rub his ego by proving its' validity. With nothing to strive for, Cell decided to go out with a bang. His Saiyan cells compelled him to not just take the easy way out, but to pick a fight with everyone until there's nothing left. His Frieza cells gave a sense of sadism to the whole ordeal. After killing off everyone, Cell would use the last of his power to blow up the universe in itself.

Discounting GT, Trunks eventually marries Mai, from the earlier Dragon Ball series
In Battle of Gods, which is apparently canon, Mai and the rest of the Pilaf gang reappear as children, due to an accidental wish they made on Shenron sometime back (now their bodies finally fit their minds), and Bulma thinks Little!Mai is Trunks' girlfriend. Trunks, not wanting to look lame, agrees to this. By the end of the movie, he and Mai are sitting in a tree together. Make of that what you will, but it's entirely possibly they got married after growing up.
  • Goku probably recognised the three of them but didn't tell anyone, too. After all, they very nearly killed him when he was a kid, so their faces are probably permanently burned into his memory. He didn't say anything because all his enemies end up BFFs or dead, and they were so far below his power level that they could only be a threat if they managed to get their wish. And probably not even then, considering how they already got at least one wish (and probably more, considering how Dende souped Shenron up), and just wasted it.

Recoome had a relationship with Tarble similar to the one Nappa had with Vegeta.
In Raging Blast 2, Everyone with a unique opening comment with Tarble is either surprised that he even exists or don't know who he is aside from the fact that he's a sayian... Except for Recoome, who not only knows who Tarble is, but knows him by name. Maybe before joining the Ginyu force, Recoome was tasked with being Tarble's bodyguard. When Captain Ginyu came across him and saw the potential he had, he was reassigned to the Ginyu Force and seeing that Tarble wasn't going to harden up over time, King Vegeta decided to send him to a distant planet and focus on his prodigy elder son.

Cell is an incarnation of AM, the supercomputer from I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.
Both are all powerful artificial beings who choose to toy with humans out of sadism when they could just destroy the Earth outright. Both also speak very dramatically and seem to get off on manipulating people by using their character flaws against them. Finally, they're both beaten due to underestimating their opponent's potential to overcome their own weaknesses.

Cell's ability to create Cell Juniors makes use of Androids 17 and 18's reproductive systems.
Because Cell just wasn't Squicky enough yet.

The Androids weren't responsible for bringing humanity to the brink of extinction in Trunks' timeline.
Rather, Goku's heart virus was, and it was only Bulma's swift work at developing an antidote that saved humanity from extinction. Goku was patient zero, having picked up the virus on Yardrat, and he started spreading it when he got back to Earth. Because of the latency period, it was able to spread into a pandemic before Goku even got sick, leaving no one the wiser until Goku falls ill and dies within days. Bulma, eager to find out what killed the mighty Goku, took blood samples from his corpse, and just in time, for no sooner than she takes these samples, other people start falling gravely ill with the same symptoms. Bulma manages to develop a cure, but not before the virus has devastated humanity.

The androids aren't actually any more evil than they were in the main timeline; the difference was that there was nobody to stop their rampage. Krillin might have been able to talk some sense into 18, but 17 killed him before he got that chance. Ever since, they've been having their way with humanity that had already been nearly wiped out by a pandemic. Their casualty figure wasn't all that large, but humanity could ill-afford the losses after the heart virus pandemic. Trunks blames everything on the androids because they're basically the Boogie Man to him- they killed his father when he was a baby, they killed his mentor, and they are continuing to terrorize the planet with their senseless violence.

Goku expected Frieza to attack him rather than use the energy he gave him to escape.
Goku just doesn't believe in attacking a defenseless enemy. He fully intended to kill Frieza, but only in a fight, not an execution. The fact that Frieza proceeded to survive getting blasted that hard AND being on Namek when it exploded was an utter shock to him.

Pikkon is Namekian.
We only know what Dragon-clan Namekians look like. Presumably, the extinct clans were noticeably different.

The Fusion Dance stunts the performers' growth.
Notice how in the newest movie, Battle of the Gods, Goten and Trunks are basically the same size as they were in the Buu Saga, despite being a few years older. At their age, there should be at least some difference in height after a few years, yet there's no visible difference. It's possible that due to the mechanics of the technique, the two will remain the same height until they hit a growth spurt, at which point they will both grow the same amount. Due to Gotenks' successful fusion, their bodies are now linked; any change that would affect Gotenks will either happen to both of them, or to neither. While normally, both would grow as they age, the two of them can now only grow if they both grow equivalent amounts, so that Gotenks isn't negatively affected. As they have grown in the Distant Finale, it's possible that a growth spurt can break through this limitation. This would also raise a question: if their heights are linked, how so? Are their exact heights linked (in which case Trunks will always be exactly 6 cm taller than Goten), or are their proportional heights linked (in which case Goten will always be exactly 95.348837209302325581395348837209% as tall as Trunks)?

...Of course, even if this isn't true in-universe, it is out-of-universe. They didn't grow, quite simply, because the artists and animators didn't have an answer to that question and/or didn't want to have to redraw all three characters. Even if it doesn't have this effect in-universe, the Fusion Dance has stunted their growth by giving the staff Gotenks to play with.

(Note that this only applies to the BotG universe. It's clear that no such limitation exists in the GT universe, and it obviously doesn't apply in Future Trunks' timeline because Goten was never born there.)

  • Jossed by Jaco the Galactic Patrolman: when the title character describes the Saiyans, he also states they have very long childhoods until a growth spurt brings them to adulthood.

Saiyans are actually mutant carrots.
This is why Goku is the first Super Saiyan since the days of legend, he is carrot in both body and name. Just because there aren't enough crazy theories on this page, and because it would explain their Theme Naming.

Corollary: Frieza's species is based on bunny rabbits, and he actually ATE all the other Saiyans. He kept Raditz around as a snack, and none of the other Saiyans remember it properly because, let's face it, the thought of a galactic conqueror eating your whole race one at a time, and then blowing up the planet, is a lot more horrifying and traumatising than him just blowing up the planet.

Jaco of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman is one of Frieza's race.
The poses done by Ginyu were part of Frieza's cultural heritage, but even Frieza thought that Ginyu was taking it a little too far.

Tights Briefs was the Shonen Jump employee who interviewed Goku.
According to the epilogue of :'Jaco the Galactic Patrolman'', Tights goes on to become a writer. One day, her sister tells her about the monkey-boy she traveled with on her adventures, and she decides to investigate.

There is a Future Videl and Future Pan.
The video game Shin Budokai: Another Road detailed the Majin Buu Saga in Future Trunks's timeline. Amongst the many plots developments that occurred in the game (which included Future Gohan being restored to life by Future Old Kai), it was also revealed that Future Mr. Satan had survived the Androids and he in turn plays a pretty active role in the fight against Future Majin Buu. The fact that there is a Future Mr. Satan would lead to the natural conclusion that there is a Future Videl.

And the fact that there is a Future Videl would mean that there would be a Future Pan.

Future Gohan died in the year 780. Pan was born in 779, so she could’ve been born in the alternate timeline as well. It would make sense that Future Gohan would have some form of companionship other than Future Trunks. He may have met Future Videl under different circumstances than in the main timeline, and it would not appear that any relationship he had with Future Videl would have been long term. Maybe Future Gohan couldn’t allow himself to remain with Future Videl because of his life’s goal to kill the Androids, and also he probably wanted to avoid staying with her out of her own safety. So he broke things off with Future Videl for her own safety and so he could focus on training Future Trunks…while probably not aware she was pregnant.

This would also make sense as to why Future Videl is nowhere to be seen in Another Road, despite her strong sense of justice and being a skilled fighter even before meeting Gohan. By the time of that game Future Pan would still be a very young child, and so Future Videl would want to protect her daughter and what she believed to be the last living thing of Future Gohan. Videl also spent most of her life believing that her skills were inferior to her father’s (though she wised up to the truth in the main timeline), so she probably thought Future Mr. Satan could handle everything. So she stayed out of the fight for Future Pan’s sake.

Future Gohan spent his whole afterlife in Heaven reliving his murder over and over again because he couldn’t let go of the rage over his death, so it’s not so far-fetched to think that he doesn’t know he’s a father (and why he didn’t bring up his fatherhood to any of the main characters in Another Road). And because his best friend was a teenaged boy, it would also make sense he wouldn’t divulge details about his personal life to Future Trunks.

Just based on the fact that there’s a Future Mr. Satan, and Pan was born early enough for Future Gohan and Future Videl to conceive her, it’s entirely possible that the two do exist, and Future Gohan had a far bigger family waiting for him after he came back to life.

Had Cell become Perfect in the Bad Future, he would be weaker than the one we know.
The Androids of Trunks' timeline were weaker than the main timeline, and Cell basically had the same timeline up until Bulma started the Timey-Wimey Ball. Even if Trunks was gone long enough from his time for his Cell to absorb the Androids, Trunks may have been able to defeat him anyways. On the flip side, if Cell was allowed to mature in the main timeline then Dr Gero's computer would've made him significantly more stronger due to the presence of both stronger Androids and the Z-Fighters.

Saiyans were genetically engineered by the Tuffles
It seems (in canon) that there is contradictory information as to whether the Saiyans were a separate species that developed naturally on Planet Plant alongside the Tuffles, or invaders/refugees who came to the planet from space. I'd like to propose a third option - that a group of Tuffles developed the Saiyans, Dr. Gero-style, to be the perfect killing machines. Since the Tuffles were good with technology but physically weak, and living in the Crapsack Universe that is DBZ's playground of villains and genocidal maniacs, they needed people with muscle if they were ever going to expand their infrastructure to other planets, or even just guarantee the safety of their own little corner of the universe. So a group of mad scientists got together and designed the Saiyans. When it seemed like the project was a success, the new group were introduced to the public as 'aliens' who were being allowed to colonize the planet in exchange for their loyalty and military services. Of course, it wasn't long before it became apparent that the whole thing had Gone Horribly Right, the Saiyans turned on their makers, and the rest is history.

For extra bonus points, one could even speculate that the Tuffles, during the initial stages of their project, discovered that their own genetics were ill-suited to the kind of modifications they were attempting. So they started trying to use alien genetics, and eventually found success with some samples from a group of aliens who looked conveniently Tuffle-ish and lived on a far-flung little blue planet way out in the middle of nowhere...

  • Which would explain the genetic compatibility of Saiyans and Humans.

Dr Gero making rebellious teens into Androids 17 and 18 wasn't as dumb as it seems.
For his Cell project, though. You saw what happened when a properly trained Trunks "battles" his perfect creation. Imagine if the Z-Fighters were still alive, or even a majority of humanity was around when Cell wakes up, he'd become the new Raditz. Solution? Off the Z-Fighters, and androids with the kind of power that 17 and 18 have were the strongest thing in Gero's arsenal. Perhaps Gero wasn't confident in his own power, and wanted to make sure that when Cell awakens its threats are gone. Teen psychobots with attitude can make sure the job is done.

Goten and Bra hook up
Just to put together the blood lines of Goku and Vageta
  • By extension, Trunks and Pan could also hook up for the same reason.

Why King Cold didn't transform.
Everything we've seen of Frieza and Cooler suggests that the freaky alien genotype fourth form is the species' true form, yet King Cold didn't have any signs of transforming. Remember that the first three forms are restraints to control their power. Also keep in mind that King Cold is in what looks like his second form, yet on the Z-Fighter's reader was comparable to Frieza. Frieza and Cooler must've inherited her forms from somewhere, so unless there's a much more powerful mom King Cold is holding back a phenomenal amount of power-so much that he can't yet control it. Had Trunks let him transform, King Cold would have enough power to beat him, but would be so uncontrollable Trunks would outmaneuver him anyway.

Tuffles, Saiyans and humans all come from the same planet.
The Earth of Dragonball isn't anything like our Earth, and the three species have both an uncanny similarity and(at least in the Saiyans' case), can interbreed. They all used to be part of the same genus, living on the same planet. Then the Original Super Saiyan happened, destroying the planet. The surviving Tuffles decided to use their superior technology to escape, and a bunch of Saiyans scrounged up the technology to chase them. There were two planets they decided to colonize: the ancient Planet Plant, and the strange place they would later call Earth: Those Saiyan maniacs blew up the Earth. Which explains why "Earth" doesn't look like ours. The magical creatures and weird stuff on "Earth" are the native inhabitants, and King Piccolo's slaughter destroyed any evidence that the Tuffles and humans were the same species. The other aliens looking completely human(like Recoome) are other former inhabitants of the original Earth, who may or may not remember(or care) where they came from.

The Majin state enhances the subject's emotions and loosens inhibitions, and the mind control thing is a separate spell.
The first thing is why Vegeta hugs Trunks for the first time after he becomes a Majin (something Vegeta would normally never do even though he does love Trunks), the second is how Vegeta is able to resist Babidi's mind control without losing the power of the Majin state. Babidi created the Majin transformation spell to make his minions more powerful and discovered that the transformation came with side-effects that would make the subject become wild and unstable (which is probably why he never thought to cast it on himself), so he created the mind control spell to counteract that.

The Androids were unable to be sensed because...
Dr. Gero programmed their systems to channel their 'infinite' energy through their self-destruct mechanisms, thus ensuring their destruction should they rebel, and in effect 'cloaking' them from ki-detection. His own new body, he simply equipped with a non-exploding variant of the same. This is the reason they could infamously detect Super 17 much later on. When these devices were removed, 17 and 18 were no longer a threat, and no one really tried to sense them because there was no need to find them anymore, and they thought it was pointless anyway. When young Goku knew Eighter, he did not yet know how to sense Ki.

Goku's son is also his grandfather.
Despite eps and arcs set in the afterlife, we never again see Granpa Gohan after the end of DB/Pre-Timeskip. While he could easily avoid reincarnation, Granpa asked to be born again as DBZ Gohan, to again be part of his grandson's life—and on a perverted level, be, err—fed by Goku's wife.

Ki users are able to metabolize food at an atomic level.
It's the only way to explain how they're able to produce such a high energy output from such ordinary fuel. All those ki blasts are the result of fusion reactions within the body. All characters that can use ki in the Dragonball Verse metabolize on both a chemical and an atomic level, but as they grow in power, they become more efficient at doing so on an atomic level, as well as more reliant on it. It's the energy equivalent of building up muscles.
  • If they could derive metabolic energy from nuclear fusion, then they wouldn't need to eat to obtain energy at all; water would suffice for fuel, and it would work better than food.
    • Then maybe Saiyans and humans are just less efficient at it? At the very least, you've added support to the idea that if not everyone, Piccolo at least has a nuclear metabolism.

DBGT is canon despite WordOfGod however Akira Toriyama is decanonilizing it so he can bring back DBZ explaining the "Battle of Gods".
As many DBZ fans dislike Dragon Ball GT it perfectly fits in the Dragonball timeline. The reason why GT is becoming obsolete is so DBZ can be revived and brought into a new direction.

Which if confirmed would justify his unjustified acts of injustice.

Announcer Dude is immortal. long as the Strongest Under the Heavens Tournament exists, anyway.

     Part 5 
The reason why there is no direct power up from SS3
Yes I know, the GT-exclusive Transformation is called "Super Saiyan 4" but it is not a direct power up from SS3, since you can't just reach it via powering up. It requires a tail and transforming into a great ape. It's also completely different from the usual gold-colored Super Saiyan forms. Now if you look at the new forms, Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (or Super Saiyan Blue) you will also notice that they are not direct 'next tier' upgrades to the SS3 form but rather a new base form and a god-empowered SS1. And the reason for that is simple. While a SS4 (or 5, or 6 or even 7) that is a direct upgrade from SS3 could exist, the simple fact is that SS3 suffered from an immense amount of energy drain. Thus any further upgrade down this line would exponentionally increase in the amount of ki it consume, to the point it would become unsustainable for more than, say, a minute or two. Directly powering up the base Super Saiyan form is a dead end because of that.

Cell could have transformed further had he trained.
In Revival of F, Freeza decide to not slack of and train. The end result is a newly empowered Freeza who can almost keep up with the new godly Super Saiyans. Now consider this: Cell is a chimeric being composed of some of the strongest fighters in the universe including Freeza. In his Perfect Form, Cell was miles ahead of Freeza. The thing is, he too decided to sit on his laurels and consider himself the strongest in the universe meaning he never reached his true potential which was probably ridiculous considering Cell is a combination of Namekian, Saiyan and Freeza's race amongst other things, giving him a range of abilities far beyond members of the respective individual races. Given proper training, it is possible that the Freeza/King Cold side of Cell would have allowed him to transform into something similar to the Golden Freeza form. Either that or reach his equivalent of Super Saiyan 3, considering how Cell is visually implied to transform into a Super Saiyan (it's just that he's bald, so we can't tell).

Ki dyes your hair.(Taken from the discussion of this page)
  • I've always wondered why Saiyan hair turns yellow during super saiyan transformations. I then remembered something about surpassing a characters bodily limits.

So my thought is this, the hair sticks up straight during SSJ to maximize surface area, while the hair doesn't change pigmentation in and of itself, but has it's own independent (yellow) aura of energy (Ki) bleed. All this is to prevent the overflow of Ki from destroying a Saiyans body for the duration of the transformation. This also explains the variation in hair colour depending on how much power is being used, and Why SSJ 3 grows more hair (and why it's so wasteful, it literally wastes a significant portion of the users Ki).

This doesn't explain the SSJ 4, however, nor the Oozaru, although the latter could be explained as the result of an entirely unrelated transformation that is also built into the Saiyans.

  • Given that a pure Saiyan's hair never changes except when they transform, their hair clearly isn't just made of dead skin cells like human hair. There could be something to your theory.

Super Saiyan God isn't actually a powerup
But rather a different form. Beerus couldn't actually be harmed much by non-god characters. Think about Beerus having an 'God Shield' ability, and if any non-god attacks him, he only takes Scratch Damage. Super Saiyan God is just a way for Goku to deal God-type damage, which explains why he was able to fight Beerus in normal Super Saiyan after he absorbed the God mode. This also explains why the other characters were dealt with by Beerus equally quickly, despite some characters being stronger than others.
  • I've seen this idea posited before, that Super Saiyan God is a form that "inducts" a Saiyan into an entirely new sublime tier of power as opposed to being just another exponential powerup by itself. And the truth is, it actually seems to be backed up not only by the differences in Goku's fights with Beerus in the movie from before and after he became a Super Saiyan God, but Vegeta's outburst of rage over Beerus hitting Bulma. With that moment, Vegeta was the first character to deal Beerus knockdown damage in the movie (and quite possibly the first character not named Whis who ever did that to Beerus), and even got Master Roshi remarking that for those few seconds he had finally surpassed Goku. And if you watch the scene carefully, there was a slight red aura covering Vegeta's body in that moment which was not seen at any other point in the film. It's entirely likely that his rage at Beerus for hitting Bulma and his powerful need to shake off his fear of the God of Destruction to avenge this foul allowed Vegeta to subconsciously tap into the God tier of power.
  • As a followup to this, Super Saiyan Blue has no actual connection to Super Saiyan God beyond both forms' use of godly ki. The former is achieved when a Saiyan transforms into a Super Saiyan by using godly ki instead of normal ki, thus turning him into a mortal with godly ki (and explaining why it's so damn stressful on the body; it's doubtful that mortals are supposed to be able to "wrap" themselves in the power of a god); while the latter actually turns the Saiyan into a full-fledged god.

Dr. Gero once acquired some form of Imported Alien Phlebotinum, which he and his supercomputer would later use for the creations of his latter androids, running from 13 to Cell.
You wanna tell me how else the chief scientist of an entire army that got stomped by Son Goku when he was a kid could create two handfuls of beings that could be threats to Goku years after he became strong enough to humiliate and even destroy the most terrifying galactic real-estate warlord that ever lived?

The Dragonball universe is an alternate universe where the world wasn't destroyed by Majin Buu's resurrection
Think how powerful Buu is. The Dragonball equivalent of the GODS were unable to defeat him. And think about the amount of coincidences that had to occur for Goku and company to be that strong in the first place. Goku and company were hinted to be the most powerful fighters in the entire universe, but that wouldn't have happened if 1. Goku hadn't arrived on Earth or didn't get brain damage, and 2. If Vegeta, Frieza and Cell hadn't been after them so they had to get stronger. If none of these things happened, it would be likely that after Babidi revived Majin Buu on Earth, he would have killed Babidi, and nothing would be able to stop him from destroying the entire universe.
  • A couple problems with this theory. First the gods in Dragonball are lightweights by most standards. Vegeta at the time that he entered the story is more powerful than god, Kami and Piccolo, and God King, King Kai. Also if Vegeta, Frieza and Cell hadn't come to Earth forcing Goku to get more powerful there wouldn't be anywhere near enough power on Earth to revive Majin Buu. Remember Spovavich trained SSJ2 Gohan of most of his energy and that was only enough to half fill Majin Buu. Knowing what we do about power levels notably that your average human has a power level of one. Assuming Frieza wasn't lying his second form had a power level of over one million. SSJ2 Gohan was leagues more powerful than Frieza. Draining every single person on Earth wouldn't be enough to resurrect Buu.

Beerus immense power is why he sleeps so much.
Just do the math here. Every super powerful being(that wasn't created through artificial means or supernatrual means like Cell and Buu) have some sort of biological weakness. Saiyans need to eat ridicolous quantities of food, their weak spots are their tails and they revert back to normal when their tails are severed. Namekians are sensitive to high pitched noises as a side effect of their enhance hearing and their regeneration ability while not having any negative side effects takes a whole lot of stamina to use, and those are just the races weaknesses that's shown not unlike Frieza's race or even Dabura's race. While Beerus can pack down the calories he can't do it like a saiyan. Just think of Beerus like a handheld piece of technology with a super huge battery that can hold an enormous amount of power but depletes it quickly and can't be active again until it's battery is at least full(hence him not wanting to get up afte 39!!!!! friggin years of sleep.

Beerus is not the God of Destruction however it's Whis.
It's a fact that the administers of the universe are kais and beerus looks nothing like a kai but the same can't be said for Whis. To add to that God of Destruction means your a god and gods are immortal. Before the BOG movie ended Whis asked Goku did he want to become the god of destruction after Beerus DIES(after natrual causes of course being that there was no one else besides Whis himself that was stronger than Beerus but he would kill him because he cares about him too much), which is funny because Gods can't die natrually being immortal. Beerus and Whis are a lot like Goku and King Kai except that Whis is a whole lot stronger than King Kai and Whis is more like Beerus's nanny rather than a mentor like KK to Goku. Whis is shown to have a remarkably gentle nature in spite of his immense power and doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about causing harm like Beerus and all of the other villians in the series, but it's his job to ensure a level destruction so he pretty much let's Beerus do his dirty work for him, and Beerus is more than happy to ablige because it gives him an excuse to justify his acts of evil.

How will Frieza still be at all a threat when revived in the upcoming Battle Of Gods 2?
Because Dende's Shenron can grant 2 wishes. The first will be used to revive him but the second? Well it's hard to see Frieza giving up the chance to wish for the immortality he was introduced seeking in the first place.

There is a 'God' form for each race, and each one has a different method of unlocking it
Taking into account the fact that Frieza can match Goku in his prime now, he's clearly had a boom in power. Take into account the poster for the movie, with Frieza wreathed in a similar aura to the Super Saiyan God form and a caption that says "Allow me to show you...... My further transformation!!!!" it makes it seem that there's a connection between Goku's powerup and Frieza's. Either this was somehow wished up through Shenron (or just the knowledge of how to tap into the power was wished up) or Frieza picked up the knowledge while in Hell.
  • Also at least one of the human warriors will find a 'God' form of their own.
  • Toriyama said that Supreme Kais are born from a tree, though...

In terms of power Beerus is to the other Gods of Destruction as Raditz is to Nappa and Vegeta.
Beerus is shown to be a super arrogant prick even in villain standards and he did say that there are universes with warriors stronger than him, but him being the smug bastard he is he wouldn't go into detail of how the other Gods of Destruction are stronger than him. Remember when Dragonball ended and then DBZ began, Raditz showed up and he seemed nearly invincible just like BEERUS and WHIS in the movie, but then it turned out that Raditz was literally microscopic in terms of power compared the other villians later in the series. Beerus being as malevolent and power hungry as he is clearly rules over his sector with an iron fist and feels no remorse for his misdeeds just like other villians the series and if he could he would take over other universes and rule over them just as he does the seventh universe, but he doesn't because those gods of the respective universe would make him sorry even if he tried so Beerus just stays in his own section in the universe and pretty much bullies everyone in it. Making sure to avoid other universes in fears of getting into a confrontation with someone stronger than him.

If it wasn't for Beerus and Whis displaying their level of power, Goku would have slacked off and gone into a state of lapse just as Gohan did after the Cell Saga.
In the BOG movie when we see Goku "training" on King Kai's planet he is completely slacking off instead of doing any sort of productive training whether it would of been his usual conditioning training or just simple warm ups. It's clear that after the defeat of Majin Buu Goku thought that there was nothing beyond him and as we see in BOG when he was so called training on KK's planet he wasn't taking his training seriously anymore. The reason Goku pushed himself earlier in the series is because there were foes(that he was aware of) that were stronger than him and this was his primary motivation to train hard so he could defeat any villain threatening the Earth or just about any part of the universe for that matter. For example the reason why he did that 100X gravity training was not only to surpass Vegeta but also defeat this "formidable opponent who dwarfed Vegeta" in terms of power and so on. Before Raditz came and threatened the Earth Goku was seen taking it easy and just living a normal life, but after Raditz gave him a harsh reality check that there are a realm of strong opponents out there Goku started training to his hearts content to become the strongest he could be. After the defeat of the universes greatest terror(at the time) which being Majin Buu and Goku unlocking SSJ3 Goku once again thought there was no villian in the universe stronger than him. Unlike Vegeta who is seen keeping up his vigorous training regimen. If Beerus wouldn't have showed up Vegeta would of eventually surpassed the Goku who was apparently slacking off. Just as Goku and Vegeta surpassed Gohan after the Cell Saga.
  • The problem with this theory is that they never surpassed Gohan. Mystic Gohan was more powerful than SSJ3 Goku and that is pretty much undisputed. Mystic Gohan is heavily implied not to be an increase in power it's instead a matter of Gohan fighting at 100%. Basically Vegeta was wrong about why Gohan was 'weaker' than when he faced Cell. He'd lost his killer instinct which honestly that kid does everyday.

If Goku couldn't achieve the SSJ God transformation he would of just ended up fusing with Vegeta again.
He did say that Beerus could beat a fusion between him and Vegeta, but he was most like referring to the fusion dance because it last for only thirty minutes and it would of took a fused Goku and Vegeta to defeat Beerus and most likely Whis. It's very implausilble to say Goku would just Bend over and let Beerus just destroy the Earth when there was a way to stop him even massacre him and Vegeta, well that's just a whole other story but with a little bit of coaxing Goku could most definitely Get Vegeta to put on the potara earrings again and fuse.

The SSj4 in the non-canon Gt series was not actually "SSj4".
It was more like another branch of super saiyan just like assj and the regular SSJ1 branch. It doesn't look like the regular SSJ and of course doesn't work like or is achieved in the same manor as the regular SSJ transformation because it's not related to normal super saiyan transformation. Goku just dubbed it super saiyan 4 because of the simple fact that he thought that it was.
  • YES! Completely agree! This is literally my only problem with the "Super Saiyan 4" state—the name doesn't make sense.
    • EDIT: In hindsight, while "Super Saiyan 4" doesn't make sense conventionally for a form that looks nothing like the previous Super Saiyan iterations, it works perfectly for an "ultimate Saiyan" considering who brought it to fore. Goku, the one whose last physical keepsake of Grandpa Gohan was the Four-Star Dragon Ball. Furthermore, the other person to achieve this form in the actual _GT_ series is none other than Vegeta, and thanks to the Super: Broly movie, we know his full name is Vegeta the Fourth. The number four is intrical to Goku and Vegeta's legacies as a marker of who they are, so it becomes a perfect fit as the name of a form that sees the two of them overcome their primal instincts as Saiyans and master them for their own purposes as Earth's protectors. And everybody else who grabbed that form from the video games just has to follow suit.

Broly is a mutant.
It's the only logical explanation for his power. 10000 from birth, the Sickly Green Glow to his powers, the atmospheric color warping and Sucking-In Lines implying he actually siphons and condenses energy from the atmosphere around him on top of his Saiyan abilities, the Super-Toughness / Made of Iron / Implacable Man deal to where you have to either puncture or vaporize him to actually hurt him, and even the complete and total lack of mental direction to do anything but lord his power or use it to destroy, as if he's totally and irrevocably consumed by the power itself as well as whatever source of agitation he wants to use it to destroy (such as any trace of the baby that cried next to him for days when he was born)…
  • Well, his canon counterpart is a mutant so... confirmed?

Mutated Namekians used to live on Namek together with non-mutated Namekians.
They were a minority, though.

The Gods Of Destruction were created as replacements for Buu.
According to a recent interview, Buu has existed since the beginning of time, and existed in cycles of hibernation and rampaging. Also he was apparently corrupted by mortal evil, and was originally at the very least True Neutral. Likewise the Kais create planets, and Gods of Destruction destroy them to maintain the lifecycle of the universe. Originally this was Buu's function, however either due to his corruption or because Bibidi "stole" him for his own use, the powers that be instead created the Gods of Destruction as a more reliable replacement.

Depending on whether Episode of Bardock was canon, Beerus either exacerbated Freeza's fear of the Super Saiyan legend or caused it in the first place.
We know that according to Battle of Gods Beerus had somehow directed Freeza to eventually destroy Planet Vegeta, and it's implied he did so out of irritation for King Vegeta's feast which he found lackluster. However, his morality as a character is established as being just as much completely alien as it is jerkass, whereas Freeza was absolutely gleeful in his Supernova genocide and general racism against the Saiyans. He was clearly not Just Following Orders. Beerus probably got into Freeza's head from behind the scenes and increasingly instilled the message "these Saiyans are getting troublesome, you know the legend, you're gonna have to put them down sooner or later so they can't rise up against you" as time progressed and the Saiyans got stronger, protecting his de facto pupil in destruction at the time. The feast was probably the last straw, upon which he proceeded to convince Freeza that the King was losing his reverence and an uprising was imminent. He was right, so Planet Vegeta went kaboom.
  • Taking in consideration information from both Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Minus, he was already toying with the idea due to fear of the Saiyan rebelling (plus the off-chance the Super Saiyan and the Super Saiyan God turning out to be no mere legend), but didn't go through it until Beerus told him to, probably because he found them useful in spite of the threat he believed they posed.

Old Kai was the East Kai of his generation.
He keeps it a secret because he doesn't want to be associated with Kibito Kai more than he already is.

All Namekians use their stomach as a pocket occasionally.
King Piccolo was just more "Oooh, see how weird I am!" about it.

Planet Kaishin is a Genius Loci and the source of all magic, the one used by the Dragon Balls included.

Kaioshins can see into the mind other versions of themselves in different timelines.
But only if they learn how to do it.

The Ascended Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan, and Full Power Super Saiyan forms are meant as an Unlock Potential leading up to the Super Saiyan 2 transformation.
In the same vein as an above WMG, just as Zenkai boosts are designed as a unlocking mechanism for Saiyans to build up levels fast enough to reach the Super Saiyan transformation, the next three forms, Ascended Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan, and Full Power Super Saiyan serve a similar purpose as a branching device to prepare the Saiyan's body for the awesome power of the Super Saiyan 2 transformation, with each one building on top of the other, and you cannot change into Super Saiyan 2 without first achieving those three levels.

Katas was Namek's Bulma.

Everything we know about Saiyan Culture is a lie
The evidence ranges from one hundred percent cannon to taking a bit of stretching to get to but lets start wtih the fact that everything we know about Saiyan culture comes from an Unreliable Narrator , Vegeta. He was a child when he was taken and raised by Frieza so how well Vegeta's actual grasp on his own society is questionable at best. It's not like his father was planning on giving up his son or his planet getting blown up and thus instilled him with tons of history. There are however specifics that are very odd.
  • Saiyans are not native to Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans we see in the flashbacks are wearing animal skins not the typical Saiyan Armor. In the war with the Tuffles they are being held off because they lack technology. So how were these cave people sending babies into space when they hadn't even invented the car yet?
    • Simple. Representatives from Freeza's army (in the anime said reps were the Arcosians, but it's never clarified in the manga) gave them the technology after they beat the Tuffles with the power of the full moon.
      • That's obviously true, but it's seems implied that King Vegeta is the first and the planet is named after him. Saiyans hadn't been sending their children out for hundreds or thousands of years the way various Earth Cultures have. They've been doing it for a few decades. Despite the Bardock's lack of attention it wouldn't surprise me to find out that either strong saiyans were the ones actually sent out or weak saiyans despite any elite trash that Vegeta was taught actually get stronger faster. Given that near death experiences make saiyans stronger it seems safe to presume Goku had a lot more of those growing up than even Raditz and certainly Vegeta probably never got one until Goku was so kind.
  • If the Saiyans are the elite unite in Frieza's army why is everybody from the lowest grunt wearing it? And if they are trash that isn't respected why are Frieza and the Ginyu wearing the armor. The armor being able to grow and shrink doesn't mean it was designed with Saiyans in mind. Zarbon and Frieza can both transform, for that matter so can Master Roshi and Piccolo. It's not exactly a rare ability in the Dragonball Universe. Also looking at it it seems probable that the armor was actually modeled after Frieza.
    • The armor is NOT exclusive to Saiyans, it's a trademark of the entire organization. The Saiyans are not the elites of the organization, they're basically top-quality grunts and mooks whose power and potential for growth Freeza fears will eventually overtake him.
      • That was the point, but it is always referred to by Vegeta as Saiyan Armor not PTO armor. Which leads back to the troper's origial point that so much of what is claimed about the Saiyans would make a lot more sense if it came primarily through people who didn't know, didn't care or wanted to confuse him.
  • If we treat Episode of Bardock as cannon the Super Saiyan legend is actually a legend of Frieza's people that got passed down to the Saiyan's not the other way around. Obviously the movies are of questionable cannon however.
    • The Father of Goku was inducted into the canon by Toriyama, Battle of Gods was outright created as canon, Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return is implied to be canon through the reference in Battle of Gods, and Episode of Bardock hasn't really been stated either way. That's about it for canonicity regarding the movies.
  • We're told that Saiyans were an evil and blood thirsty race but the few examples we're given don't really support that claim at all. Given how power levels function in DBZ Raditz can claim all he wants that he was picking up his brother because he would make the coming battle easier but that's bullshit. Any battle Vegeta couldn't win by himself Raditz and Goku wouldn't even effect, nor would Raditz. He traveled for two years to get his baby brother and Vegeta let him go because there were only four Saiyans left. Bardock and King Vegeta clearly love their sons and their entire race. For all the talk about Vegeta being cold to the rest of the Z warriors by the time the Buu Saga rolls around it's clear he's spending more time with the group than Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo or Chousou. He also bonds with Future Trunks very quickly. All things considered they don't seem to be a whole lot worse than humans. They are a lot stronger than us on average but there's no reason to think the Red Ribbon Army wouldn't have been every bit as bad as the Saiyans if they had access to the raw power.
    • I feel like some of this is a stretch regarding Bardock and the King, but I'm not completely sure exactly what I think there. Until the recent manga revealing Gine, it was thought that Bardock couldn't have cared less about Kakarot prior to seeing the vision of him fighting Freeza because all we'd seen was Bardock scoffing at Kakarot's dismal baby power level, and no hints are given that he thought any more of Raditz either canon-wise. On the other hand, King Vegeta, while a jerkass, has been shown to have some care for his sons. Prince Vegeta was not only treated as his protégé, the kid was also part of his motivation for rebelling against Freeza; and as spelled out in Yo!, he did spare Tarble the horrors to come by exiling him to another planet rather than, say, killing him for dishonoring the royal family name, when it was clear the boy was too weak (either physically or in terms of "heart vs. stomach") to do anything meaningful. That said, I can't deny that they do hold their race in high regard, even if their crews and mates are the only ones that ever really got to see it much.
    • Also, you might have a point in that the culture of death and plundering associated with the Saiyans probably came directly from Freeza, as it was after all his army that gave them the refined reach and civilization that allowed them to flourish—under the service of his space pirate empire. Had this been offered to them under more benign conditions, they'd still be ferocious warriors—after all, Saiyans do undeniably value battle and power foremost on a natural level; this is even evident in Goku and Vegeta nowadays, and they're clearly the good guys—but they most likely wouldn't be a race almost exclusively filled with cold-blooded killers. If Saiyans were just naturally evil and it had nothing to do with the culture they were raised in, then Kakarot would've never become the warm-hearted Son Goku after getting dropped on his head and being raised on Earth as a clean slate by a kindly old martial artist in the woods. Again, the only part of Goku's personality that remained the same as it would've if that had never happened is his love of battle and power and food.
    • Their reputation for being bloodthirsty warriors may have to do with their tendency to be Blood Knights. The reputation for being evil is clearly because they're members of an evil organisation; they're the race most likely to be sent to conquer or destroy any given planet, so it makes them look like they're constantly lusting for battle. As to Vegeta becoming one of the good guys, that also proves that they're not evil by nature, but by nurture; that, or that Humanity Is Infectious. It also enforces the "bloodthirsty warrior" reputation, in that his rivalry with Goku is the catalyst for his redemption; while redemption may earn life for some people, it earns another chance to be the strongest fighter for Vegeta. Their entire friendship, and Vegeta's mellowing out by extension, stemmed from Vegeta's desire to surpass Goku.
    • Cabba and the Universe 6 Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super are mercenaries of justice working under Frieza's Good Counterpartnote  Frost, seemingly proving this particular bullet point.
    • As for the Red Ribbon Army thing: oh, they would've been just as bad for sure. The Bad Future versions of 17 and 18 are all the evidence we need to be able to tell that.

Namekians who cry a lot also tend to be physically weaker than more collected Namekians.

Namekians don't differentiate eating from drinking.

Cell's ability to create Cell Juniors comes from Piccolo's cells.
Think about; Cell's act of spawning several Cell Juniors seems very similar to Namekian reproduction, and like Piccolo Daimaioh, he is telepathically linked to his creations.

Puar is God of Destruction. So is Karin.

Bardock and Gine will be shown in Fukkatsu no F in a flashback, or at least will be mentioned by Frieza.

Frieza will survive events of a movie one way or another.
Maybe he will escape to a different dimension/universe.

Frieza will not be the main villain of a movie, in a form that there will be someone behind him and his resurrection.
This person will probably be Sorbet, Whis or someone else.

Whis is the God of Destruction of The Multiverse.
It was mentioned that there are in fact 12 universes, and Beerus is the god of destruction for the DBZ universe(Universe 7). Perhaps Whis is the equivalent of Beerus on a large scale-he controls acts of destruction throughout all universes, training and electing a representative for each of the 12 universes. Whether or not Whis answers to the God of Destruction for an even higher megaverse is unknown.

  • Only one major problem. Beerus said that Whis was HIS attendent and when Goku asked Beerus was Whis the strongest he said "it depends on which universe" meaning Whis just like Beerus only has power over his own respective universe.

King Cold's true/higher form has a headcrest.
So far, there's no clear source as to where Cell gets his headcrest from. Since we've never seen King Cold's true form, it can be assumed he has something like it.

Androids 17 and 18 are based on Obotchaman and Arale.
If Dr. Slump is still canon, it's possible that Dr. Gero found out about Arale, Dr. Slump and Penguin Village, either from some report given by General Blue or just because every scientist knows every other scientist's address. If he learned how Dr. Slump created his robots, he could then take the knowledge and use them to improve his own designs, explaining how they were able to keep up with Super Saiyan-level combatants, as Arale was strong enough to split the earth in half by punching it. This might also explain why the androids are a dark-haired boy and a fair-haired girl, something that seems innocuous but could be indicative of a connection.

To go a bit darker, and less likely, it's possible that the two of them ARE Obachaman and Arale. This would mean that at some point they became adults and cyborgs. This could be either because they wanted to grow up and get new bodies or just through application of the Rule of Funny. It would also mean that Gero was somehow able to capture them and erase their memories, giving them a new identity as twin siblings. And also dying Arale's hair. For reasons.

Going a bit meta, I wonder if Toriyama didn't originally intend for the two androids to be Obotchaman and Arale, but backed off after the character designs were made because of possible fan outrage.

There is an entire world of Saiyans still out there
And they are stronger than any of the Saiyans we see. We know that Saiyans are not native to Planet Vegeta and if the stories are true that they send their weak to distant planets it's plausible that every Saiyan we've seen are descended from a group that were exiled for their weakness. It would explain how a space faring race was running around in animal skins. The average person alive today couldn't, without a fair amount of books and tools at their disposal, even successfully recreate Medieval society, much less modern. Either that or Vegeta's telling of the last Super Saiyan was the fate of the real planet Vegeta and Saiyans can breathe in space.

A big-ass theory on why mastering the base Super Saiyan form is more efficient than using stronger forms like SS2 or SS3
Warning: Incoming Wall of Text.

[Note that this was a reply to someone else's theory, posted on another forum; for context, see here.]

I think it's more that Super Saiyan becomes more like a second "base" form, and the various enhanced versions are just raw power increases. In the Cell saga, not only were two enhanced SS1 forms introduced (Ascended Super Saiyan & Ultra Super Saiyan), but Goku & Gohan trained to the point where they could maintain their base Super Saiyan forms with virtually no ki drain (Full-Power Super Saiyan form). The two ascended forms show that the base SS form can increase its power output without having to actually transform. Not only is the FPSS form mastery over the SS state (to the point where they lose all of the inherent restlessness and aggression, and gain the ability to control their power level as easily as in their base states), similar to how extensive aerobic training lowers your heart & respiratory rate while you're at rest, but according to Vegeta, when he was sensing FPSS]= Goku & Gohan, they felt the same as if they were in their base form; their aura also calms considerably when in the [=FPSS form, compared to a standard SS aura. (In the anime, mastering the SS form and gaining the FPSS state also allows a Saiyan to use Super Saiyan power without actually transforming out of their base form, suggesting a much deeper bond between the two forms than one just being a transformation of the other.) Furthermore, Goku absorbed some of the Super Saiyan God state into his base and SS forms, letting him stand roughly on par with Beerus without being a god himself anymore (and possibly internalised the ability to transform into an SSG, as well), which suggests that it can be enhanced. (And if you want to stretch things a bit, the movie implies that SSG is a base state transformation instead of a Super Saiyan transformation, seeing how it more or less just gives the Saiyan a red tint, without the bio-electrical discharges or face/hair changes associated with SS transformations, has a much calmer aura (no jagged edges at all), and doesn't explicitly require energy from Super Saiyans (while the others transformed, Pan likely didn't have access to any SS transformations, not being born yet); if this is true, the SS state absorbing some of the SSG form's power implies that SS is treated as a base state (at least for FPSSes). [Furthermore, the SS form causes a MUCH more drastic change in power level than any other form (SS is 50x base state, SS2 is 2x SS, and SS3 is 4x SS2), possibly suggesting that the other forms aren't full-fledged transformations on their own, and merely based on the amount of ki fed to them.]

Further support for this would be how natural transformation is for Trunks & Goten, and how they barely have any of the standard SS aggression until they go SS3 Gotenks. This actually links into another interesting theory; since tails are recessive traits for half-Saiyans, and the only half-Saiyan we've seen with a tail (Gohan) required much more effort to achieve his Super Saiyan form (and how his tail stopped growing back once he finally did get it), it suggests that tails actively interfere with the process. Seeing how tails cause Saiyans to transform into Great Apes, this may suggest that the Great Ape form is a corrupted SS state (as evidenced in one of Vegeta's flashbacks in the Frieza saga). There's a definite link between the two types of transformation; when Future Trunks goes Ultra Super Saiyan, Krillin thought he was turning into a Great Ape, implying that USS has a very similar energy signature to GA; similarly, in the anime, Goku's first onscreen SS3 transformation includes imagery of a GA, hinting at a connection between the two. (GT supports this, in that Super Saiyan 4 is basically a Golden Great Ape in a human body, and majorly increases the Saiyan's aggression, although that show's not exactly canonical.) I'd guess that the tail acts as a conduit or amplifier for emotions (both positive and negative), keeping a transformed Saiyan from concentrating enough to maintain an SS state, or even realising there is one. It's already been proven to actually interfere in the transformation process; note how tailed Saiyans require visual stimulus in the form of a full moon to transformnote , while a Saiyan without a tail is able to transform under their own power. Goten and Trunks, not having tails, were able to transform before they were even 10, and as stated, are much less aggressive in their transformed states. While Goten was conceived after Goku acquired his SS transformation (and thus Goku's ability to transform may have had a hand in Goten's ease of transforming), Trunks was conceived before Vegeta left for his SS training. Therefore, even if it plays a role, the parent Saiyan's access to the SS form doesn't determine how easily their half-Saiyan child can transform. (I'm not sure how Future Trunks' difficulty in initially achieving SS ties into this. Perhaps in that timeline, he was born with a tail?) So, basically, if they had a tail (regardless of whether they still have it), their rage has to hit a breaking point, and push past what the tail can handle, before gaining the ability to transform into an SS instead of a GA. [If we use GT to support this, then a Saiyan whose tail is forced to grow back after achieving an SS form retains the ability to use SS forms, and it seems to amplify both their energy and ability to handle energy while transformed (Saiyans with tails are stronger than average Saiyans, assuming neither has access to any SS transformations; Kid Goku can only retain SS3 for a few seconds until regrowing his tail, thanks to his deaged body's lessened ability to handle the energy, but can keep it much longer after the tail comes back), which can theoretically be extended to amplifying other things, as well. Perhaps this energy amplification is the entire reason that the tail corrupts SS states: SS states have both inherent power and inherent aggression, so an amplified SS state would likely have amplified aggression as well, very possibly more than a Saiyan could consciously handle while retaining a humanoid form. If so, then a tailed Saiyan would only be able to transform into an SS if they had already mastered the Super Saiyan form, and thus it didn't have its inherent aggression and unrest. Otherwise, the heightened emotions would corrupt the transformation, preventing them from using it naturally, and regressing them to a more bestial state when they artificially stimulate it.]

Of course, all we have is speculation until they give an official reason, and these aren't incompatible theories. The whole "Great Ape is a corrupted Super Saiyan form" thing would easily tie them together, as does the SS state's flame-like hair (corresponding to an SSG's flame aura).

...Something else I realised while typing this up: Super Saiyan 2 and 3 probably aren't even additional transformations to begin with! Remember the two ascended forms, Ascended Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan? They use energy to increase the SS's strength, and merely beef up the base SS state's muscles. Similarly, SS2 and SS3 are just powered-up variations on the basic SS form, focusing more on increasing the energy output instead of physical bulk (SS3 especially, which majorly increases ki utilisation, at the cost of insane ki consumption). This may suggest that both Ascended/Ultra and SS2/SS3 transformations are variants on the same technique, expending ki to magnify aspects of the base SS state. If this is true, then it stands to reason that any further 'transformations' would just drain their reserves too fast to be useful, and that training SS2 and SS3 states either wouldn't be useful, or would only be useful up until they master them. This would also explain why both Ultra Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3 are associated with the Great Ape form, in that they're both variants of the same thing (pumping oneself up to the point where it immensely increases their abilities, but also has immense drawbacks). [This also suggests that Saiyans use their hair as either ki repositories or ki magnifiers, instead of it just being made of dead skin cells, which ties into pure Saiyans' hair only changing if they transform.]

Power Dyes Your Hair will become the new Power Makes Your Hair Grow in regards to any and all new Super Saiyan forms.
Considering the Super Saiyan God transformation only dyed Goku's hair red, and in the newest movie, Saiyan's who master the Super Saiyan God power can use their base Super Saiyan form on top of it, but instead of gold hair, their hair becomes blue, it seems that may be where the transformations may be heading. As such, characters having multicolor rainbow hair will be the new joke with Super Modes instead of characters turning into walking balls of hair.

Akira Toriyama will live just long enough to be invited to the White House to meet the President.
He's now in his early 60s. If he lives another 20 years, he'll be in a world where a huge demographic of middle-aged Americans grew up on his work. In his 80s he'll be invited to come to the White House and shake hands with the President of the United States...who will be deeply honored to meet the man who created Goku, his childhood hero...

Broly didn't hate Goku just because of the crying.
I saw this idea elsewhere and liked it enough to put here. Broly did hate Goku for the crying, of course, but less for the crying itself and more for what Broly associated with the sound. His memory may be impossibly good, but he was still a very tiny infant at the time everything went to shit for the Saiyans. What happened to him that day? The kid got stabbed, tossed into a waste dump with his father, and then had a planet blow up right next to/on top of him. That's a lot for a baby to go through. So, naturally, he went completely bonkers. His actual memories of the time come from a mind way too young to really understand what was happening, and his perspective is coming from an extremely broken mind. He remembers all the pain, fear, and anger he felt back then, but instead of realizing these events were unrelated to each other, Broly pins all of those negative feelings on the event that (to him) started it all; Goku's crying.

TL;DR Broly hates Goku not only because of the crying, but because he also associates the crying with getting stabbed, literally thrown away, and nearly being vaporized via planet explosion.

"Godly" ki vs normal ki.
Ok there have been a crap ton of debates of whether this godly ki makes you immune to normal ki and this Vegito couldn't hurt Beerus even if he went SSJ3 so it's about time end it. Before I state out the obvious answer let me just put out everything that all DBZ fans so know because the obvious really isn't so obvious to those who just don't want(emphasis on want) to see the truth). Just to be generous to you Beerus fans I am not going to include the Kaios including King Kai and say that they fit in the God category considering the fact that they were able to sense Beerus's awakening and only those with "Godly" ki can sense others with it and the fact that Cell a normal ki user was able to kill him. During the Buu saga right around the time Elder Kai got released from the Z-sword, Elder Kai stated directly that the guy who sealed him up in there(Beerus) was not as strong as Majin Buu which is funny because of this "normal ki can't hurt godly ki" nonsense. If that were true why did elder kai(a KAIOSHIN by the way) state that Beerus was not as strong as majin buu during the time he sealed him up in the Z-sword? Another instance is when Vegeta was pummeling Beerus. Beerus said that normal ki has NO affect what so ever on Godly ki, however when Vegeta overcame his fear of Beerus and also got mad he not only surpassed Goku(who was at SSJ3) but was able to harm Beerus, even though he didn't do any major damage to him or leave any ugly marks on him he was still able to cause him pain hence him whincing and even spitting up a small amount of blood. Now let's not get distracted by Vegeta's amazing feat of strength and get right back to the subject shall we? Beerus said that normal ki can't do nothing to a god ki user and later on in the movie this little so called "fact" is proven obsolete. Yes Beerus was holding back a great amount of power when Vegeta was beating him up but that's besides the point. Vegeta was still able to hurt him without the use of godly ki. Now if Beerus said that normal ki has little, ALMOST no effect on a godly ki user or something similar to that now that would be a whole different story, but judging by Vegeta's little fit Beerus was wrong. Now if what beerus said was true then the battle between enraged Vegeta and a heavily surpressed Beerus should of went something like Hercule versus Majin buu or something because hey a normal Ki user would have NO effect on a godly ki user. The reason why Beerus was able to kick everyone's arse was for the simple fact that he was that much stronger than him. Vegito(base) or hell even Buuhan could did everything Beerus did. Now what I will say is that a single Godly ki is more powerful than a singular unit of normal ki and this is how. Akira Toriyama stated that Golden Frieza has a power level of 100 quintillion; notice how he didn't mention godly ki Akira just gave a number just like any other power level, and after Goku lost his God form and he was fighting Beerus with regular ki Beerus said that "he absorbed that transformation into his body that's why his power level didn't DECREASE DRASTICALLY"(watch the movie), not Oh you still have some of your God ki. Think of God Ki as the American dollar and normal Ki as Pesos. America's richer than Mexico right not because it uses a different form of currency but because it's currency is worth more right(1 dollar equals 7 pesos or something like that), or when the Z-team was in Babidi's spaceship and there power level was measured in Kili's instead of the scouters unit of power measurement. So think of God ki as premium fuel and normal Ki as regular. Another instance is when Goku was fighting Beerus and he was annoyed because he said he was fighing with his FRIENDS POWER NOT HIS, he didn't say anything about Godly ki. When Goku went SSJgod he pretty much did the same thing Buuhan did but the only differences are that Goku had Vegeta and an unborn fetus if that counts for anything, and that Goku had his energy converted into a different unit of power instead of just having a ton of normal ki hence why Krillin couldn't sense him. So saying SSJ God Goku is stronger than Vegito is like saying Buuhan is stronger than Vegito and we all remember Vegito destroying him.
  • It's possible that no one with godly ki had ever encountered someone that didn't have godly ki, but was still strong enough to hurt them, and thought that correlation implies causation. That, or standard boasting & arrogance. Considering that godly ki is implied to just be a type of ki so powerful it's beyond most beings' ability to sense, kinda like ultraviolet light being outside of our visual range, this makes sense.

Humans have just as(if not more) potential for greatness as Saiyans
"Resurrection F" has Golden Frieza, proving Saiyans aren't the only race to have massively stronger forms. Despite being hybrids, Gohan, Trunks and Goten aren't diluted because of their human DNA-in fact, they're arguably even stronger than normal Saiyans!(Gohan's hidden power, Trunks and Goten able to go Super Saiyan at such a young age). This all suggests that, despite being outclassed by the Saiyans, Earthlings can be just as strong as them. So why aren't they? Simple-it's harder. Thanks to racial traits like Zenkai, it's a lot easier and/or faster for Saiyans to get powerful than it is human beings. There's also the fact that the Saiyans are a warrior race, giving them more motivation and reason to improve. Thanks to the Saiyans landing on Earth, humanity can learn how to better train themselves, and one day catch up. We may even have a super form like Golden Frieza and SSJ, it's just that we haven't figured out how to unlock it.

The Saiyans Always Chaotic Evil state is a result of the Original Super Saiyan.
The absolute earliest thing we know for sure about Saiyan history is the presence of the original SSJ 1000 years ago, who was ultimately overwhelmed by his power. We've seen what non-Super Saiyans can do, so whatever rampage the original SSJ went on must have been horribly damaging to the Saiyans at the time. As a result, the planet they lived on was devastated. The original Saiyan home world was a wasteland Death World because of this, forcing them to adopt a "survival of the fittest" code to survive. Some Saiyans who didn't fit this code/were descended from those who hadn't embraced this warrior culture still existed(for example, whoever may have been the original Super Saiyan God), but by the time of the Saiyan-Tuffle War the only remnant of whatever original ideas for peace they had remained only in Goku's mother Gine. Only with the death and/or redemption of all home-grown Saiyans could the "dog-eat-dog world" culture of the Saiyans die out. The Tuffles may have even been part of the same society over a millennium ago, representing what the Saiyans were.

We will see spin-off material from Toriyama.
Like "Dragonball Minus", it'll serve as an official Expanded Universe. It could include the following:
  • Adventures of the Saiyans while they were working with Frieza, before he exterminated them(or aftermath stories with the adventures of pre-DBZ Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz)
  • What Future Trunks was up to after we last saw him
  • The fate of the Saiyans who, like Goku, were launched away from Vegeta as infants
  • Life on Namek before the Great Drought, and a possible origin for the Dragonballs
  • A background for Dr Gero, and what happened to Androids 1-7 and 9-12
  • What Goku was up to in the Otherworld in the seven-year time gap, and how he unlocked Super Saiyan 3
  • A Day in the Limelight for Krillin, Tien and maybe even Yamcha

Goku's heart virus was a bioweapon
The culprit? The Galactic Patrol, who, having finally perfected a virus that worked on the Saiyan and knowing that one of the remaining ones was stronger than Frieza but not his character, decided to off him before he went on a murder spree across the universe. The cure comes from Jaco finding out and growing disillusioned with his superiors, and giving it to Bulma so she could bring it to the past as a giant fuck you to them.

Beerus created Majin Buu

So we now know that Bibidi actually didn't create Majin Buu, but that it already existed and Bibidi tried to summon and control it.

We also know that Kid Buu, for no reason whatsoever, loves destroying everything that comes in its way, and that there are spells to summon and seal it. Before the events of the series, it is the strongest character in the Dragon Ball universe, bar Beerus and Whis.

Talking about Beerus, he's very lazy and he'd rather spend time sleeping or eating than destroying planets, and since he (Let alone Whis) is so much more powerful than Buu, what's stopping him from creating a much weaker, but still very powerful, monster that would destroy planets for him as he wishes? (Preferably when Beerus's asleep). After all, he could effortlessly take Buu down if he went out of control.

That is, Beerus and Whis maybe just lost track of (Or forgot about) him by the time Kid Buu became Fat Buu (And therefore unrecognizable for them) and got sealed by the Supreme Kai.

The Turtle Hermit doesn't age
He used to have a pet Phoenix, and when he first met Goku he intended to have it grant the kid eternal life before remembering it died of food poisoning (hence giving him the Kinto Un). He may well have had the Phoenix grant him eternal life.

There are other Saiyan survivors still around
Dragon Ball Minus reveals that Frieza timed the destruction of Planet Vegeta before the Saiyan could all return there, and we don't know how many didn't get back in time to be killed.

Why Frieza didn't go through with the destruction of Planet Vegeta until Beerus told him to do it, and even then left survivors
The Galactic Patrol's bioweapons could kill his armies and even him, but not the Saiyans. He needed them.

Broly's stupidly high power comes mainly from Zenkai boosts.
We know Broly doesn't train. While his incredible birth power of 10,000 and Legendary Super Saiyan strength certainly helped, it shouldn't be enough. After all, Frieza would've been even more ludicrously stronger at birth, yet was still 120 million until he made some gains. Rather, Broly is such a beast because in addition to this freak mutant power, he has the zenkai. He was freaking stabbed as an infant and almost got destroyed by Frieza's explosion. We know Zenkai boosts can grant massive boosts in power(Goku went from 90,000 to 3 MILLION), so you'd expect the same from Broly. There's also what other great powers may have hurt Broly at some point. Make no mistake, he'd be powerful for a Saiyan without them, but probably on pre- Revival of F Frieza's level of power rather than in the Perfect Cell range we saw him in the movie.

Chichi is actually another Saiyan, or at least of Saiyan descent
According to Jaco, Saiyan have ludicrously long childhoods before a sudden growth spurt brings them to adulthood... And her and Goku are the only ones who looks like children when teenagers only to suddenly grow to adulthood in less than three years.
  • This could also explain Gohan's tail. Gohan is the only half-Saiyan to have a tail. His brother doesn't have one, Trunks doesn't have one, and Bra doesn't have one. If the tail is actually a recessive gene, they it could have been passed down throught Chichi's family without anyone ever having one. Goku would have the gene for tail from both of his parents, while Chichi only has one. Gohan inherited the tail gene from both pparents, so he was born with one. Goten only received the gene from his father, so doesn't. Since Bulma is 100% human, and has no tail gene, neither of her children with Vegeta can have a tail.

Majin Buu is a true immortal.
The original Majin Buu/Kid Buu has been retconned into being a timeless destroyer, as if he's some innate part of the universe. Which is odd that something like that could be killed, or hasn't already been killed by one of the many strong fighters throughout the eons(like Beerus thinking he's too psychotic to live). doesn't stick. As an inherent part of the cosmos, Majin Buu cannot truly be killed, at least for good. He will always return. Thankfully, it still hundreds, if not thousands of years for Buu to come back from death. One of the reasons behind his reincarnation into Uub is to give Kid Buu the experience of humanity, so that he doesn't just try killing everything again. Alternatively he's technically alive in Fat Buu, and his survival is the only reason why Kid Buu has stayed dead.
  • The "hibernations" Buu goes through might actually be periods of time where he tries to revive himself from complete obliteration. It might go to explain how the universe can still exist for so long without someone putting him down for good.

Cell has Buu's DNA.
Dr. Gero's computer was looking for the cells of every superhuman warrior to grace the planet, including the aliens Goku, both Piccolos, Kami, Tambourine, Cymbal, Drum, Gohan, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Freeza, King Cold, and Trunks. Now, which planet was Majin Buu sealed away into?

Consider exactly where did Cell get his unique abilities of absorbing people and taking their attributes. Neither Namekians, Saiyans, or Frost Demons have ever been shown to be able to do that. Only Cell and Buu. And although Namekians are known for their Healing Factor,it's nothing compared to that of Cell.

Perhaps Dr. Gero found Buu years before Babidi, and based Cell's programming on that. Neither Gero nor Cell himself could ever comprehend exactly what was Buu supposed to be, and they Cell assumed that everything he had was inherited from the aforementioned warriors.

  • I'm pretty sure that whatever Majin Buu is, he doesn't have DNA. It's possible that Gero added other DNA(why else does Cell look like an insect), or mutated existing DNA for his purposes. Namekians can "absorb" other beings through fusion, so its possible that was re-purposed to straight-up assimilation.

Namekians are pacifistic by nurture, not nature.
Every Namek that currently exists was raised/the descendant of, asides from the Piccolo family, Grand Elder Guru. While Always Lawful Good now, they were just as capable of being at fault like humans before the cataclysm. The Grand Elder is the last remnant of his culture, and because of his kind heart managed to raise his children to be good. While Kami says that the darkness in his heart comes from humanity, it's possible he was pure before meeting people not because it's a racial trait, but because Katas raised his son to be kindly(Guru does speak well of him, so Katas would've been a nice guy).

Freeza is a clone of his father.
Freeza's second form looks almost identical to King Cold, minus some coloration differences and less "bio-armor." In addition, we know from Toriyama was "born of King Cold alone", which most likely makes Cold a Truly Single Parent to Freeza. Freeza is in fact a clone of Cold, with the few differences in appearance being mainly down to Cold being a lot older; Freeza's race may lose bio-armor and change somewhat in coloration(in Cold's case, get a brighter shade of pinker and green/bluer "gems" as time progresses). Cold and Freeza are described as hybrids, meaning at least Cold has two biological parents. Either King Cold can asexually reproduce as part of his mutant powers, or he had himself scientifically cloned. Whenever a mother is mentioned may refer to the surrogate the developing Freeza was placed in, or King Cold having a wife who's treated as a mother by Freeza. Cold did this in order to have an innately powerful child, and treats Freeza as a regular son(minus the genocide business.) If you count him, Coola looks relatively different from his father/brother because unlike Freeza, he has a mother. This diluting of the powerful mutant genes would explain why Cold prefers Freeza, and Cooler didn't surpass Freeza until he obtained his 5th form.

Turles is Goku's uncle.
We know from Bardock/Goten and King Vegeta/Tarble there is precedent for Saiyan relatives to look very similar to each other. Saiyans take a lot longer to reach old age than humans, so Turles could have been in Bardock's generation while still looking like an evil Goku. Turles is in fact the younger brother(or half-brother, considering most Saiyans mate for convenience) of Bardock and thus Goku's uncle, though since most Saiyans are aloof when it comes to family, he doesn't care that much. Being Bardock's brother, Turles would've been suspicious of Freeza, explaining why he was independent.
  • Turles was definitely in Bardock's generation, since he is described in one of the Daizenshuus as having been "a first-rate fighter" before Planet Vegeta's destruction, just like Bardock and friends. That said, he knew when traveling to Earth that Goku was Bardock's son and Gohan his grandson. If he had direct familial relation to them, you'd expect he would have revealed it to influence them the way Raditz did, even if he didn't feel any familial affection for them. He's also described as "having an interest in" the "famously brave Bardock" in said Daizenshuus, which implies they were more likely to have been colleagues than family. Being suspicious of Frieza because of what happened to Bardock is probably dead accurate, though.

Dr. Briefs' first name
It is either Boxer or John (as in Long Johns).

Practically everyone knows about Frieza, and with very few exceptions are utterly terrified him. But almost no-one knows King Cold even exists. Despite fighting Frieza for decades, the Galactic Patrol has not made one mention of his father. Vegeta, a protege of Frieza himself and one of the top members of his army, was surprised at learning he had a father out there. Only a few people other than King Cold are confirmed to know him; all according to King Cold's plan. In spite of Cold's massive power, even he needs to look good for other people. Or maybe he can get around that, but while his son loves the image of being the devil incarnate, King Cold likes being seen as respectable. Compare to the Boltons; the father and son are just as evil and deadly as one another, but the father needs to be presentable while the son gets to be the on-screen psycho. To the perspective of the rest of the universe, King Cold is just some run of the mill ruler of his people, who isn't interested in the galaxy. In private, he's just as power-hungry as his son.
  • So that makes Frost King Cold's younger counterpart, then?
  • A Villain with Good Publicity still has publicity, which seems to fly in the face of no one knowing King Cold exists. Accounting for the DBS retcons, I think it's more likely he was a Villain With Good Publicity who withdrew completely from the public eye after ceding power to Frieza, and with Frieza being Frieza, most people just figured he was "poisoned by his enemies".

The entirety of Dragon Ball is a hallucination.
Goku suffered a pretty severe concussion upon reaching Earth. What if, instead of suffering a personality change, he just went into a coma?

The heart/general torso area is a biological weak point for Saiyans.
  • To where a good hit to it, even by someone not as powerful, can end up severely affecting, if not neutralizing altogether, the ability to fight. There’s a repeated pattern of this – Vegeta ends up dying when Frieza Death Beams him right through the heart (which, to be fair, would probably happen to anyone), Raditz’s end comes when Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon hits him in the stomach – only after Gohan’s headbutt dents his armor. Broly, who for all intents and purposes was Dragonball Z’s Physical God before Physical Gods were cool, dies once when a well-targeted punch from Goku hits him directly in the torso, and then again when his heart explodes when he is launched into the Sun. In ‘‘Resurrection F’’, Goku, who is in Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, and even when fatigued, obscenely powerful, gets knocked out almost instantly by a ray gun to the heart by Sorbet, who was several magnitudes weaker and using the equivalent of a pea shooter against a tank. Cell, given his Saiyan genetics, may have had this same issue to some degree. He reacted noticeably badly to most body shots – particularly in his final form. This may have been the reason that Saiyan armor was invented in the first place – so that a lucky shot to the right spot by a weaker enemy couldn’t put Saiyans completely out of commission in a battle.
    • That makes a lot of sense, actually. Considering that due to zenkai, anything that doesn't kill them literally makes them stronger, that they're willing to exploit this if it's necessary (case in point, Vegeta getting Krillin to all but kill him so he'd get a zenkai boost, because he wasn't strong enough to fight Frieza), and that their Hyperactive Metabolism appears to help them heal faster than humans, it's entirely plausible that they subconsciously lower their defenses specifically so they'll take near-fatal damage and get a zenkai boost, under the logic that as long as the threat can't immediately kill them, they'll be strong enough to conquer it next time around.

Frieza's Human Alien soldiers are human.
They're UFO kidnappees, or descended from them, or bred or even cloned from them as a slave race. They're more desirable for that purpose than the Saiyans were because their power levels only increase from training and don't experience unexpected jumps, and they rarely have innate weird powers like transforming or Body Surf-ing. The large numbers of them are responsible for spreading Japanese/English/whatever language our heroes understand throughout the galaxy.

In addition, Recoome is a genetically-modified human, an experiment to produce a warrior who could beat any Saiyan of the time but will never be strong enough to threaten Frieza. But humans just don't naturally have such high power levels, and without access to rare or even supernatural training, the only way to create a warrior that strong involved turning him into a giant.

  • Alternative take on this; we know that the world of Dragonball has gone through at least one apocalyptic event when King Piccolo first razed the world 300 years ago. We're not given a state of how advanced the world was when Master Roshi was born, so it's possible that humans were already travelling into space by then. With contact from Earth lost those explorers decided to embrace that alien side, forget their origins and eventually Freeza came around.

If Gohan was a human, he'd have been born with a vestigial tail.
When breeding with humans, Saiyan tail genes are recessive; this means that normally, a half-Saiyan hybrid shouldn't have a tail. Since Gohan does have one, we can assume that due to an uncommon, but benign, genetic abnormality, he has a vestigial true tail. [Every human has a tail for about 4 weeks during development. Most of us lose them while we're still fetuses; uncommonly, however, some humans keep their tails due to a genetic quirk. These tails can be either pseudotails (in the wrong location) or true tails (in the right location), and are known as soft tails, as they have no vertebrae (but are otherwise normal).] However, as pure Saiyans still have tails, he inherited a set of "tail" genes from Goku which filled in the gaps, giving him a mostly-normal Saiyan tail. It appears to be less resilient than a normal Saiyan tail, though, as it only grew back once (if I remember correctly). Normally, if a human is born with a vestigial tail, it's removed; however, in this case it wasn't, whether due to Goku thinking tails are normal or them just not going to a hospital like regular folks would.

Broly was defeated by a Chekov's gun; His execution
Think about it. Even when they were all working together, the Z gang couldn't even scratch Broly. So why would combining their energy make such an absurd difference? I posit a different hypothesis. Goku took the extra energy to break through Broly's scar tissue. Brooke's execution probably caused him to develop a scar, and the combined energy attack held just enough energy to break through the scar tissue and destroy him from the inside out.

Majin Buu is the Anthropomorphic Personification of destruction itself.
He's been around for time immemorial and tries to kill everything he can simply because it's there. Rather than being a "god of destruction", Buu is destruction, the very force itself given life. Of course, as the manifestation of a natural force it makes him completely unrestrained and near-mindless. The Gods of Destruction exist in part to give reason and control to destruction; as petty as he can be Beerus at least contains destruction.

King Kai never taught the Kaioken to anyone but Goku, because the others never passed his test.
To receive King Kai's full training, you had to make him laugh. Piccolo is humorless, so wouldn't even try. Chaotzu, Tien and Yamcha could try to make him laugh, but Piccolo would always be in earshot. Once Piccolo had been resurrected, it seems that the rest still hadn't managed the feat or just didn't care enough to keep trying.

Dr. Slump is a more benign fey realm split off from the main DB earth.
It occasions interacts with DB earth, but a weirdness censor is in place to prevent anyone from noticing it.

the fusion dance and potara earrings are designed to make the resulting fusion more arrogant on purpose
all fusion characters act very confidant in themselves with Gotenks being infamous for it, Kibito kai thinking he would be a great help in the battle with super buu, and vegito having and\ Awesome Ego. Fusion is meant to make the resulting fusions full of themselves for emotional stability. they combine personality traits with physical traits and skill. two sets of memories mixing and most fusees being concerned about the fusion being permanent may hinder the result. the fusions have increased egos to focus their personality traits, distract the fusion from existential conflict, and make them instantly ready to take on any opponent sense the ingredients for the fusions probably wouldn't have the confidence to take on their current foe.

Frieza's army is relatively incompetent on purpose.
He's a paranoid psychopath and tyrant. Like many in his position, the Emperor of the Galaxy wanted to make sure no-one would have the guts to try and overthrow him, or subvert him to even the slightest degree. Also, as a high-functioning coward and bully he's afraid of those with Villainous Valour who wouldn't be cowed. As for the lack of proper training? He's afraid they might get more gutsy; being abnormally powerful mutants they aren't too much of a concern. Given how none of the non-Saiyan Freeza Force thought of turning traitor, to the point of considering reviving him, it worked. Still, there are exceptions. With Captain Ginyu and the rest of the Ginyu Force except maybe Jeice, [they're mercenaries and thus loyalty isn't an issue when you're one if not the wealthiest people in the universe(plus even if its not a Villainous Friendship he and Ginyu are on good terms). The Saiyans meanwhile sparked a rare interest in Frieza; fascination in their power, subconsciously letting them becoming stronger than he'd usually let the get. That, and he loves their violence and bloodlust, even if he considers them beast for it. Even if he thought otherwise bravery is etched into the Saiyans' DNA and would be inconvenient for the lazy Frieza to crush. This backfired and he decided it was a bad move. The only reasons he never tried to crush the courage out Vegeta is because he knew that was impossible, and he wanted the Prince of Saiyans to be like him. It's unfortunate for Sorbet that he never thought of bolstering the courage of the remaining ranks and gave them proper training, or else there'd never be a need to bring back the worst evil Universe 7 has ever known.

A treatise on power rankings i.e. Why Power Levels are Bullshit
Toriyama has gone on record saying he regrets the introduction of power levels to DBZ, and it's pretty easy to see why. They were introduced to showcase Gohan's massive hidden potential and then sort of got away from him. But they still work so long as one takes into account this simple notion: Power Levels represent a person's raw Power, but not their Skill at using it. In support of this, let's look at Frieza. By the man's own admission, he had never trained a day in his life, had no idea how to actually fight, and couldn't even control his power without resorting to power-limiting transformations. He made the claim that his second form had a power level of over 1 million, but this didn't stop a PL 300,000 Goku from being able to go toe-to-toe with a final form Frieza at 25%, despite the fact that logically Frieza's final form ought to, even at 25%, still be stronger than his second form, otherwise why the Hell would you use transformations to begin with? Even with Goku using the Kaioken to keep up, he couldn't possibly have been able to do such a thing unless there was a considerable difference in Skill. The reason Frieza was such a humongous threat was because his raw power was so overwhelming that even the Z Warriors' vastly superior Skills couldn't bridge the gap. He was just too fast, too strong, too tough. He was the Hulk to their Captain America, or the Superman to their Batman. When faced with overwhelming, earth-shaking power no amount of skill can prevail.

The early DBZ fights also support this notion; Nappa had at least twice as much raw power compared to the Z Warriors, but Krillin and Piccolo were still able to hold him at bay for a considerable length of time because Nappa was a mediocre fighter at best and Krillin and Piccolo have literally entered martial arts tournaments. Goku had issues matching Vegeta when he finally arrived because Vegeta is actually a good fighter and so the difference in Skill was minimal. The late DBZ fights also support this notion; recall that after Majin Buu was first summoned, Gohan said that he thought that he could take him, indicating that he thought Buu's Power wasn't that much different from his own. Unfortunately for Gohan, Buu doesn't feel pain, regenerates like mad, and doesn't tire. Kid Buu, despite being the weakest form in terms of raw Power, still managed to beat down Goku and Vegeta because of these reasons plus the fact that he was so damned unpredictable.

Dragon Ball Super is starting to showcase this a bit more with the Tournament of Power; raw power was a consideration when Gohan and Goku were considering people for the tournament, but they also considered experience and skill to be just as if not more important, and settled on Krillin and Master Roshi due to the former having all kinds of crazy attacks and the latter having experience and tricky techniques.

The natural animals of planet Sadal in universe 7 were HUGE
There can't be any other reason saiyans manage to survive without ruining the ecosystem if the animals they hunter were smaller than their houses. Sadal has less gravity than planet Vegeta so more of these big animals could exist and give Saiyans who likely didn't have the time or resources to farm or discover how to farm before they got to the much heavier vegeta

Think about it; Majin Buu is made out of a gummy-substance, as is Princess Bubblegum (hell, it's literally in the name). Majin Buu made a family with someone by the name of "Miss Buu", so Princess Bubblegum being a descendant of Majin Buu isn't too far off. In her words, she's "50% human DNA and 50% 'bubblegum DNA'". If we're getting technical, bubblegum doesn't have DNA, so she's probably a crossbreed between a majin and a human.

Super Buu and Evil Buu were aspects of Buff Buu that had been otherwise suppressed after Kid Buu absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai

Buff Buu is stated to be what happened when Kid Buu absorbed the South Supreme Kai, but many fans were confused about the default Super Buu form. I believe it to be the closest thing to Buff Buu, just after countless years of having been suppressed by the Fat Buu personality. Like the South Supreme Kai Super Buu seems to be quite muscular (though not as much as when the Buff Buu personality is fully expressed), and has slightly greater intellect than Fat Buu or Kid Buu. He also seems to be primarily concerned with battle and challenges; the South Supreme Kai appeared to be a warrior of some sort. When Fat Buu lost the battle and was reabsorbed, it allowed the Buff Buu personality out and gave it access to its former aspect's power. When Fat Buu is removed, Super Buu briefly assumes the form of Buff Buu. So really Super Buu is just Kid Buu + South Supreme Kai + Grant Supreme Kai. The power of Buu plus some of the muscles and combat personality of the South Supreme Kai. If Buu had never absorbed the Supreme Kai, he would have eventually digested the South Supreme Kai and completely absorbed all his aspects and the result would be something similar to Super Buu in personality and appearance.

SSJ4 Gogeta's hair was red because he was at or approaching godly power

Omega Shenron's power was stated to be able to eventually, over time, destroy the entire universe through the spreading of his negative energy. That puts him at low-end universe-busting, considering he could do it, but it would take a long time. SSJ4 Gogeta utterly eclipsed him in power, though, such that he couldn't even see or sense his movements unless Gogeta wanted him to. It stands to reason, then, that SSJ4 Gogeta is definitely above low-to-mid-tier universe-busting in power, possibly even high-end considering just how huge the gap was. One of Super Saiyan God Goku's first major feats? Nearly destroying the whole universe in just three clashing punches. The scaling lines up pretty well!

Dr Gero designed Cell with no actual purpose.
For a brilliant inventor he's remarkably absent-minded in things, particularly the android twins. Due to his pride as a Mad Scientist he felt creating the Ultimate Lifeform and ultimate fighter would be a great scientific achievement even at the murder of thousands, it's just his Revenge Before Reason mindset led him to not think ahead of "prove to everyone, especially Goku, I'm better than them". While he may have had a goal eventually, he was killed by the androids before he could think it up or right it down. The reason Cell is so unhinged is because he was never given a directive beyond becoming perfect. Once he achieved that, there was nothing for him to do but listen to his instincts; the Saiyan instinct to fight, and Frieza's sadism. Oh sure, Cell claims Dr Gero made him to be the end of all things, but asides from saying this after getting a screw loose from his near-death encounter, any admiration he has of the man is solely the fact his research led up to him. It's not like he cares about his other inventions or the Red Ribbon Army, and may not be aware of any android besides the ones he's meant to absorb. Had Dr Gero survived the androids long enough to meet Cell, he'd probably kill him shortly after becoming perfect out of outrage for having no greater plan to him.

Old Kai isn't naturally a Dirty Old Man, it's the fusion's fault.
He's perverted because of the witch he fused with, not because of Rule of Funny. While the Kai side was obviously dominant given he looks like an elderly Kai and isn't intersexed, he did inherit her elderly appearance(though due to time passing, it might fit his actual age now) so he might have inherited some of her personality traits. Kais and Kaioshin, being born from fruit, probably don't have or need much of a sex drive. That came from the mortal witch, which is why Shin was confused at his perverted behavior despite most non-villainous old men having some perversions; Kai can't naturally be perverted.

Cell killed Future Trunks to get back at him for future events.
Hence why he targeted him out instead of Gohan, Vegeta or someone else. A version of Trunks was responsible for him having to go back in time in the first place by deactivating the androids. Since absorbing them and becoming perfect is literally Cell's meaning in life and would have remaining unable to fulfill such meaning if it weren't for Trunks' time machine, chances are he hates him more than any other of the Z-Fighters, or at least until Gohan humiliated him. Of the people to kill in order to make his entrance as Super Perfect Cell, he chose Trunks instead of anyone else because he still holds a grudge over the one from his timeline and wants him dead again before anyone else. It's possible he strangled the Trunks of his timeline to death instead of just ki blasting him because he wanted his death to be extra-painful for initially ruining his life.

Goku got the idea of mastering Super Saiyan from Gohan's troubles with the form.
During their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan was staying into SSJ a lot by himself and having trouble dialing his ki blasts down enough for the little things such as roasting some meat. As he helped him refine his control, Goku noted that Gohan was slowly becoming better as a SSJ in general... And, being a fighting and training genius, Goku realized what it would lead to.

Future Trunks is misinformed about how Bulma and Yamcha broke up.
The idea that Yamcha cheated on her seems implausible given she's the one who jumps to conclusions when women are interested in him, plus when we see them in the Android saga and afterwards Bulma and Yamcha seem to be on good terms. Keep in mind this is after the guy who ordered his death got her pregnant, so there can't be much bitterness between them. Future Trunks has a skewed perception of his father, and was let down by how much of a prick he was (until he started becoming a better man). He'd also be biased to Bulma who wouldn't want to mention she often flirted with other men. Because of his bias and is implied to be born out of a casual fling, he assumed something bad must've happened between the two for what led to his conception. The ladies' man might even come from Future Yamcha becoming a playboy in the short time after the break-up but before the androids kill him. Future Bulma went along with Trunks' assertions, probably because she doesn't want to admit she got knocked up by a scumbag(also why she whitewashes Vegeta). As for Goku, he assumes Yamcha did cheat on Bulam, it's just not his nature or business to interfere.

King Cold can transform. It's just that he doesn't need to.
Even in his "second" form, King Cold is described as being similar in power to Frieza. Consider that Frieza's second form is far weaker than his true form, and it's stated that Cold is in general slightly weaker than Frieza. Someone like Cold should transform immediately after seeing Frieza die if it gives him a significant boost in power, however it's unlikely that the horned form is his "true" form since Frieza was apparently reproduced asexually by Cold and the other canon member of their race(Frost) follows similar transforming conventions to Frieza. So King Cold's normal form shouldn't be the horned form. So what gives? Frieza states the different forms were an attempt to control his power. Since Cold is older and more experienced, he has long since learned to control his forms and doesn't need them as power suppressants. Transformation doesn't increase or decrease his power at this point, if Cold did it would just be a waste of time in combat. Why does he choose the horned form? First, intimidation. He's naturally huge, so making himself even larger and demonic-looking would benefit him. Second, it helps distinguish himself from his son. The latter is probably the out-of-universe reason Akira Toriyama made Cold after his son's second form. Of course, since Frieza is likely a clone of his father(due to being asexually reproduced) King Cold could train and get a form that actually benefits him, however the Frieza clan are Brilliant, but Lazy and the Pilaf Gang wishblocked Sorbet and Tagoma.

Namekians are among the oldest, if not the oldest race in the universe.
Old Kai apparently knew about the Dragonballs and warned the Namekians not to use them. Old Kai has been sealed for 75 million years, so either he has some psychic presence in the sword or the Namekians have been around a really long time. The more demonic offspring King Piccolo sires may not just be because of his demon powers, but some sort of genetic memory causing him to bring back evolutionary precursors of the current Namekians. Namek may not even be their original homeworld, and they migrate every few millennia or so when something bad happens. Guru's knowledge of the original Super Saiyan and Saiyan history could hint at either interaction with the two races through interstellar travel, or his generation's Namekians were from a nearby planet before moving to Namek. However the near-extinctions(the last one so severe Guru was the only survivor left on Namek) and the massive breadths of time has destroyed most of the historical records, and they've long forgotten their history. Only the Kaioshins have been around enough to know this. New Namek is one of their former homeworlds, having had millions of years to recover from what kicked them off in the first place, which is why they adapt to it so easily.

Goku's survival is the reason why the androids were different from Trunks' timeline.
Goku got the heart virus six months later from the Cell and Trunks timelines, who died from it before the androids attacked. As for why, it could be that fighting King Cold and Frieza in those timelines somehow worsened his immune system to the virus. Dr Gero doesn't know about Super Saiyans, so the change couldn't have been from Future Trunks killing them. With Goku's death, Dr Gero felt comfortable being able to take on his friends as he was. He made Android 19 for this purpose, which is why he doesn't exist in Trunks' timeline. Since 19 apparently helped put his brain in Android 20's body, some other process must have done it in Trunks' timeline. This may have given 17 and 18 an opening to rebel earlier than was planned, which is why Future Trunks didn't know Dr Gero was an android-17 and 18 killed Gero right before he was ready to combat the Z-fighters. They also didn't bother opening 16's capsule, so he was never awakened or discovered in Trunks' timeline leading to his further confusion. Just in case 19 and him weren't enough for Goku, Gero made sure to upgrade 17 and 18 to be more powerful. Also make them less aggressive so they wouldn't go berserk and kill him. They weren't berserk anymore, but had every reason to off him anyway. It's possible that Dr Gero also upgraded and altered Cell, so that when he emerged his genetic make-up, personality and power would've been modified. Present Cell would've been stronger than the Cell we know out of a response to Goku, just like Android 17 and 18...unfortunately for him, his counterpart revealed where he was developing and Future Trunks made sure he couldn't further develop. The stronger androids could have been problematic for the more well-known Cell because he'd be expecting weaker androids seeing as how he's weaker to a foe about the same strength as Present 17. Fortunately for him he got enough humans to eat so it becomes a moot point.

Super Saiyan run off a shared power source
Sorry if someone already said it. This page is a case of Too Long Didn't Read.What I'm basically saying is that the less Saiyans there are, then the more likely they are to become super and vice versa.It explains why there had only been one super Saiyan in thousands of years when they were a thriving race but now that they're near extinct they all can do it. Cabbage in Dragon Ball Super comes from a universe where Saiyans still thrive and has never heard of super Saiyans, but shortly after he's removed from his universe, he learns to transform.

The Makyans (Garlic Jr. and his minions) are from Universe 9
  • The Makyo Star, the home planet of the Makyans, is mobile and moves from planet to planet, conquering them.
  • Universe 9 is a very rough universe where only the strong survive, the kind of place where a planet that lives by conquering others would thrive.
  • Garlic Jr. possesses the power to open portals to other dimensions, IE the Dead Zone. In theory, he or someone else could have brought the planet into a different universe with the same or a similar ability.
  • All of the Makyans, like the Universe 9 Tournament of Power fighters, are named after spices. Basil, Garlic, Ginger, Lavender, Bergamo, Salt, etc.

Freeza's Race is the Metamorans
  • Freeza's race has no official name, and we have no idea what Metamorans actually look like. In DBS's Resurrection 'F' arc, it's confirmed that Freeza definitely knows what fusion is (well in the dub anyway). Granted, Freeza's lived a pretty long time and has probably seen a ton of techniques; plus he's had soldiers working under him of numerous races, and some of them could have used fusion. But Freeza doesn't seem like the type to interact directly with his soldiers too often, and he probably wouldn't be on the battlefield with them if he could help it.
  • The root word -meta, which means to change (ex. metamorphisis); could serve as an allusion to their transformation abilities.

Cell was supposed to be Dr Gero's Body Backup Drive.
Based off the Dragon Ball Fighterz. Dr Gero's android body was inferior to 17 and 18 and could only get stronger by absorbing energy-17 and 18 could train. Cell is able to both absorb energy, get stronger and with absorbing 17 and 18 have infinite stamina. If Dr Gero wanted immortality, wouldn't he make a better body for himself? Perhaps he did, and Cell was his better body. Given Cell wouldn't be finished until over twenty years, he needed to make sure he'd be alive and ambulatory until the project was completed. This is why Gero never gave Cell any further purpose upon becoming perfect; he was meant to be his vessel. If Dr Gero becomes Cell he not only has a superior body, but would get the pleasure of absorbing the android twins personally. And ironically, he would gain the DNA of his most hated enemy.

When Dr Gero was "killed", his consciousness was downloaded into the Super Computer, who ended up being Killed Off for Real by Future Trunks and Krillin. This is why the wish to bring back the people everyone Cell and the androids killed when an android crushed his skull; 17 eliminated his organic components, but Trunks and Krillin finished him off. As for Cell and Future Cell, how come they don't have Gero's consciousness? The good doctor has a habit of underestimating the will and individuality of his creations, and Cell had a will of his own strong enough to reject him.

Mr. Satan's Attention Whore tendencies are a coping mechanism for losing his wife.

Trunks is a Time Lord.
Because... time travel? Come on. Too obvious. I think it's clear Bulma had Time Lord DNA, so Trunks would be part Time Lord, part human, and part Saiyan. His new rage form that was never explained obviously has something to do with his ancestry from Gallifrey.

Cooler's "base" form is actually his "Golden" form.
When we first meet Cooler, he's in his "third transformed state", which we all took to mean his original, basic form, comparable to Frieza's fourth (and original) form. When comparing Cooler's "normal" form to Frieza's fourth form, the two even look somewhat similar. But! Frieza's fourth form looks much more similar to Frost's true form, and Frieza's first, second, and third forms very closely parallel Frost's first form, King Cold's only known form, and Frost's "assault" form, while the form that Cooler's "base" form most closely parallels is... Frieza's Golden form. Note in particular the head shape, the brow ridge, and the bio-armor around the chest and shoulders.

Why, then, would Cooler describe this as his "third transformed state"? Well, first, why would he describe it like that at all if it was the form that required absolutely zero transformations? But more than that, I think the answer is found in Frost. Remember that Toriyama once described Cold and Frieza as mutants of their race, explaining both their borderline–incalculable strength and the fact that they were evil. Frost is much nicer than Frieza (at least in the manga), perhaps establishing that he is not a mutant and his strength comes from training rather than being born with it. Frost, notably, does not possess an equivalent to Frieza's second form, and his equivalent to Frieza's third form is called his "Assault Form". I think that most members of Frieza's race only have the squat, first form, which severely limits their natural power; the third form, which helps them channel their ki more efficiently; the fourth/natural form, which removes any limits on their power at all; and an equivalent to Frieza's Golden Form, which is the only transformation they have that actually increases their ki. I think that Frieza's second form was a form invented by his father, King Cold, as a kind of half–way pressure valve release for his power — Cold didn't want to release all of his power, but needed more power than the minuscule first form would allow him. I think, therefore, that Cooler in his "third transformed state" because it's not his natural state, but rather his equivalent to Friza's Golden Form. Remember that Frieza knew he could achieve his Golden Form before he began training to achieve it, and that he specifically described it as him having chosen to make it gold, implying that other members of his race might have a similar form that is not monochrome. I think that's what Cooler's "base" form is: he's mastered the equivalent of Frieza's Golden form in an effort to try to match Frieza and King Cold's monstrous strength (the theory being that Cooler isn't a mutant, and so is not nearly as naturally strong, which also explains his Card-Carrying Villain tendencies which don't tend to vibe with his actual actions).

Fridge Horror sets in when you realize that this means Frieza might have as many as two more forms he could unlock, both of which come with dramatic power increases... if he knew everything that his brother had achieved.

Piccolo's power-up from absorbing Kami was not so much a power-up, as the shedding of physical weakness.
Kami was an old man who was somehow not subject to King Piccolo's revitalization from his Dragon Ball wish. One of Kami's concerns when Ma Junior joined the fight against Vegeta was that Kami himself could physically die before the fight was over, thus killing Piccolo as well. Of course, it ended up going the other way when Piccolo's death resulted in Kami dying as well, and he was resurrected along with Piccolo by Porunga.

Hence, the split was not—and never was going to be—a complete split. King Piccolo could've easily not produced Ma Junior, and allowed Kami to die as well, but he didn't. Or maybe he thought Kami would die, but making Ma Junior filled the void left by King Piccolo's death, allowing Kami to live on.

Anyway, Kami's advanced age also could've served as a nerf on Piccolo's strength. From the very beginning, when King Piccolo was revitalized by the Dragon Balls, that nerf from Kami could've assisted with Goku defeating him. It also could've nerfed him against Radditz, Nappa, Freeza, and Android 17. (Not so much against Android 20.)

When Piccolo re-fused with Kami, it eliminated Kami's aged body, thus allowing Piccolo to utilize his full potential.

A Majin Buu equivalent exists in every universe.
Buu was retconned into a being that has existed since time immemorial, having absorbed the evil elements of mankind. As such, it seems he's some innate being that comes with the universe. Since the other universes follow the same laws of physics and for the most part the same divine/mortal structure, a Buu equivalent should exist in each of them. The reason why it's not mentioned is because either the better mortal levels in 10 of the 12 universes means there is less evil for that Buu to absorb and thus isn't as dangerous so it can exist without much problem, or more likely that the gods of destruction weren't as lazy as Beerus. Because Universe 9 is a Crapsack World the Buu would be even worse/more powerful, however because Sidra hesitates to destroy things rather than just be lazy he may have been more responsible and destroyed his Buu. Alternatively, Buu has some sort of important function in absorbing evil from the rest of the universe, so they are kept alive in the higher ranked universes while Sidra took out his Buu early leading to the Crapsack World. This also means Universe 7 will get a lot more evil in time, unless Fat Buu or Uub can function the same way.

The reason Krillin has no nose? He's a Monster–type Earthling.
Earthlings in Dragon Ball come in three different flavors: Human–type Earthlings (like Yamcha and Bulma), Animal–type Earthlings (like Oolong and the King of Earth), and Monster–type Earthlings. According to an interview with Toriyama, Monster–types apparently comprise approximately 7% of the population, and Emperor Pilaf is specifically name–dropped as one. And what are Pilaf's primary characteristics? He's blue, short, and has no nose. The WMG is that Chaozu and Krillin are also Monster–types, explaining their lack of noses and their comparatively–ridiculous height. Krillin appearing Caucasian is just one version of Monster–type skin color, the way that regular humans can appear Caucasian, Indian (like Namu and, arguably, Oob), or black (like several background and one–shot characters), or how Oolong can look like a regular pig but the King of Earth is blue, like Pilaf.

King Piccolo's aren't mutated Namekians — they're Poko Monsters.
This one comes from Dragon Ball Online. There, Dragon Clan Namekians (the magic–using type, as opposed to Warriors like Nail) are divided into two sub-types: Dende Priests, who have healing abilities, and Poko Priests, who spit up eggs containing monsters to fight for them. Just like King Piccolo. Therefore, the only Namekian King Piccolo ever gave birth to was Piccolo Jr. The rest were just summonable monsters that Piccolo created as minions, not true Namekians at all.

When Namekians fuse, the persona of the base Namekian is retained, but the personality of the other Namekian is retained.
Hence why Piccolo began acting more like Nail after they fused (stoic, blue oni, as opposed to his original Blood Knight, Hot-Blooded, Jerkass personality), and began acting more like Kami after fusing with him (smiling, non-combatant, living on the Lookout, being friends with Mr. Popo).

Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might takes place in the same Alternate Universe as "Beautiful Treachery", and is a direct sequel to that story.
The sixth Daizenshuu describes Tree of Might as taking place in a period of time after Goku's arrival on Namek, but before his fight with Frieza, a scenario that is impossible to accommodate in either the original timeline or in the future timeline of Trunks. But in the What If? story "Beautiful Treachery" from Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Goku travels to Namek and leaves without having his decisive battle with Frieza or becoming a Super Saiyannote . Vegeta is killed by Zarbon and Dodoria, which explains his absence from Tree of Might. And Piccolo is revived but does not fuse with Nail, explaining why he is stronger than Saiyan Saga Piccolo in Tree of Might but still not as strong as the Piccolo who fought Frieza.

Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might takes place in a different Alternate Universe from the WMG above.
And it's one where Goku arrived for the battle with Vegeta after Piccolo sacrificed himself for Gohan, but before he died from Nappa's attack. Thus, Goku was able to use a senzu bean to save Piccolo, and together, Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan were enough to force Vegeta to retreat. This leads to Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest, where Gohan remembers Piccolo sacrificing himself even though Piccolo is still alive. At the beginning of that movie, Gohan and Oolong were looking for the dragon balls to revive their friends, but the villain got them first. Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might takes place after everyone was revived, and Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug takes place after that.

Katchin / Klangite is degenerate iron from a black dwarf star.
Katchin is the densest material in the universe, so much so that even Ultimate Gohan couldn't cut it without specific, dedicated research on the topic (as stated had been done in Dragon Ball Online). In the real world, though, the degenerate matter of neutron stars would be hard to top for the title of "densest material in the universe", since it wouldn't even take a swimming pool full of the stuff to outweigh the moon, and it would just take a large swimming pool to outweigh the Earth. A black dwarf, meanwhile, is what would remain after a star has cooled down all the way, and would this be presumably a similar material, if not even more heavily compressed. And scientists guess that, atomically speaking, it would be predominantly iron since any heavier element begins to cost energy to fuse rather than creating it. If one wanted as dense of a metal as possible, one can assume that it would be a rather good source for it, and there not being any black dwarves for quintillions of years due to stars taking so long to get to that point wouldn't be much of a problem in a universe where time travel at least exists. Katchin being solid black in appearance lends itself to this.

Cell was an incomplete project.
We never know why Dr Gero created Cell, and we only have Cell's word on it. For something that wouldn't be complete for over 20 years, the project is clearly lacking in what to do after gaining ultimate power. Beyond Revenge little of Dr Gero's goals are revealed, so he may have had a grander goal for Cell like creating a bio-android empire however he died before he could program it into the computer. Even Android 17 and 18 could've been unrelated to the Cell project who initially didn't have a plan to become perfect, but Dr Gero modified the computer's instructions to incorporate them in when he realized it would solve the rebellious android problem and empower Cell. After 17 killed Dr Gero, his computer only had the instructions left to nurture Cell into a perfect state without making sure to give him a goal afterwards, or make sure certain personality flaws don't crop up. Other things, like how Dr Gero needed a computer to continue the work after his death despite turning himself into an unaging android, could suggest that the good doctor's plans didn't have as much foresight as we're lead to believe.

Gero will be creating artificial gods in Hell.
Unable to let go of his hatred of Goku, even in death, Dr. Gero has abandoned trying to create androids. Instead in utmost secret, is creating a new line of Artificial Gods deep in Hell. Eventually, he creates a being like Beerus, but not dependent nor life-linked to a Supreme Kai. Of course, its mission to erase Son Goku backfires. Artificial Beerus views all independent life existing and living separately from it, as a sin, it becomes a God of the Dead that desires to assimilate all souls into it.

The ogre's name is Janemba.
The ogre that was transformed by the world's evil was named Janemba to begin with and after the transformation all he could remember was his name. He was shouting one thing he remembered.

Saiyans and half-Saiyans' physical growth scales to some degree partly from genetics and partly with how much mortal danger they are exposed to as a child.
  • If you notice, the children with Saiyan heritage that encountered an unusual amount of violence in their youths - Gohan, Future Trunks being the prime examples - hit growth spurts somewhat faster than was the case for the ones that experienced long periods of peace or at least their own lives not being at risk (Goten, present Trunks, and even Goku himself, who lived a relatively serene hermit martial artist's life for basically all of his preadolescent years). Compare Gohan at the point where he fought Cell aged 10-11 (accounting for an extra year in the HTC), and present Trunks in DBS aged about 12-13 - or, for that matter, Goku at the same age in DB.

Tarble was born prematurely.
Would explain his small size even into adulthood and comparatively weak power despite all indications being that King Vegeta was strong as far as the Saiyans of the time went, and Saiyans pass some of their strength to their children.

Tarble being sent off-planet wasn't (exclusively) because he was judged as weak...
Even if that were the case, he still could've been sent to conquer a planet upon growing older. It just would have been a weaker one. But Tarble would've had to have been born, much like Goku, not long before Frieza became the Saiyans' overlord. Vegeta was constantly in the field, implicitly also a political hostage of Frieza to keep his father in line. So between those two facts, something happening to Prince Vegeta was not entirely off the table. If that were the case, King Vegeta would have been left with no heir. Unless he purposely sent a younger son Frieza didn't know about far away from the planet, just on the off chance something happened...


Tarble was a bastard.
  • Given that Bardock and Gine's pairing for love is noted as exceptional for Saiyans, it's not hard to imagine the race being prone to sowing a wild oat or two.note  Maybe King Vegeta is one of the few Saiyans who actually did maintain the appearance of a monogamous union for the sake of his dynasty. But like other Kings, his royal status didn't preclude him from getting a little side action. In fact, it probably made it much easier. So he knocks up a random low-class Saiyan girl (or maybe not? Maybe there was another, erm, compatible race out there) and out pops Tarble. He's not strong at all but he's also King Vegeta's blood, which makes him a walking inconvenience. So he sends Tarble to a backwater planet to get him out of his spiky hair.

Akira Toriyama was going to write the story that originated "Dragon Ball Z" as a separate manga
After writing all he could about the quest of young Son Goku and finishing it with him, now an adult, finally managing to win the Martial Arts Tournament, Mr. Toriyama would let him rest and start his new project, a Fist of the North Star-inspired Space Opera about grim-looking tough fighters. However, either he was uncertain about his chances of success and decided to put his well-known characters in his new story, or "Shonen Jump" editors begged him to keep writing about Goku and friends, and, having been offered a much higher paycheck for continuing the "DB" saga, he agreed.

Probably my second hypothesis is the correct one, given how forgotten almost all the DB original characters get. There seems to be no place in this story for Yamcha, Poal, Oolong, Master Kame and Bulma (except, in her case, as the sudden love interest of the regenerated villain). Kurilin exists only as the tag-along sidekick, and Tenshinhan and Chaos are there only for the villain mop the floor with them to show how strong he is. Piccolo is a demon in DB (vulnerable to spiritual prisons and all), then is suddenly an alien in DBZ. All the fun is scraped, except for some few scenes between the fights. The characters' variety of powers is taken away, giving its place to ever-growing energy rays. Even the titular Dragon Balls are almost forgotten from the Cell arc on.

All in all, this looks a lot like Mr. Toriyama was putting his old characters in a story which wasn't planned to feature them.

Marron has a nose at the end of Z and in GT because...
Marron's parents wished on the Dragon Balls to give her a nose so she wouldn't be bullied in school.

Goten and Trunks's young age made it easier for them to unlock the SSJ transformation.
  • By the time the two are introduced ages 7 and 8, both seem to be able to not only be able to transform but know what it is and can do it at will, implying they've known how to do it for some time. From what we know of the initial SSJ transformation, it requires a certain amount of power to reach the threshold and an emotional catalyst to break it. Small children are liable to rage at anything because they don't regulate their emotions well and don't have the maturity to know the difference between something that's worth actually getting angry at and something that isn't. An anime scene implies that Goten unlocked it when he lost his cool for a second while training with Chi-Chi. For all we know, Trunks could have unlocked it when his mom told him to go to bed early. Alternatively, the boys could have each unlocked it play fighting with each other. But the thought that Trunks getting pissed enough to go Super Saiyan because he didn't want to go to bed is much funnier.

Master Roshi gave Goku The Talk.
  • Romantic affection seems lost on Goku even up to the days of Super (and, to be fair, it seems that Saiyans aren't naturally wired for it), but... obviously he knows the mechanics of reproduction because he's got two kids, the oldest one being born not long after he and Chi-Chi were married. So who clued Goku in to how to make a baby? It wasn't Grandpa Gohan - Goku was far too young at that point. And he probably didn't learn during the time he spent with Kami because Kami's race don't reproduce like that. The most likely scenario, then, is Goku, while training at Kame House, came upon Roshi's, erm, magazine collection, which probably left him with a few questions...

King Cold and Frieza are the result of eugenics.
  • Both of them are naturally strong without ever having trained. While little is known of their species, official author comments state that they're mutants with abnormal power and cruelty for their kind. Perhaps a reason for this cruelty and lack of power was an end result of trying to breed the most powerful of their race. Given they were the result of a clinical, cynical means of making a powerful member of their race, it led to the family lacking the emotional warmth and pretty much guaranteed ASPD to be rampant in the bloodline. One of the reasons why King Cold was so flippantly able to suggest Future Trunks replace his son for a job offer is because he had Frieza under the mindset of a powerful heir instead of an actual son.

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